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The first time I made breakfast burritos the way I like them — that is, the eggs softly scrambled and never dry, busy with vegetables, and nothing terrifying like hot, wet lettuce inside, second only to eating them in front seat of your car in an Austin parking lot on a chilly morning, a Topo Chico in the cup holder (i.e. maybe not exactly the way I like them, but real life requires compromises, or so you adults keep telling me) — I felt woundingly betrayed. It seemed like every cooking website on the internet made them seem so simple, but there I was with separate skillet-fuls of bacon and greens and mixed vegetables and eggs, and then more bowls than I could count for assembly. We were going to have them for an “easy” breakfast-for-dinner that night; dinner was spectacularly late and everyone was hangry and ate my 90 minutes of prep in less than 5, further insult to injury. Never again, I vowed, never.

mostly what you'll need

Fortunately I vowed this on Instagram Stories, which means that my DMs were quickly filled up halfway with “Me too!Why does everyone lie about how easy they are?” and the other half with suggestions of ways to make them more efficiently and intelligently.

diced potatoesi have strong opinions about how peppers should be choppedinto the ovenroasted vegetables

1. Always make double or triple so you can freeze all that you don’t need right away. It’s a bit of work but future you thanks you so much, no seriously, future you that is so tired one day, even picking up a slice of pizza feels too much a burden remembers that you stashed these in the freezer and is so verklempt with gratitude, it’s writing your name across the sky right now.

2. We are going to one-pan sheet pan just about everything, thank you The Kitchn for this brilliant idea. In the oven, you can roast everything you need; I even used it to wilt/crisp the greens, and warm the beans, and then mix all the toppings together to scoop into the tortillas. I suspect if you were enterprising enough, you could also make pockets to bake the eggs in but soft-scrambled them on the stove and didn’t even mind because everything else had gone so swimmingly.

toss your greens right on topthe spinach wilts quicklywarm the beans on the traysoftly scrambled eggs

3. There is no recipe on earth that will work for everyone. I am not listing the potential things one could stuff inside a burrito, breakfast or other, because if we had time to read such drivel, we wouldn’t be eating food one-handed. Below is the way I like mine. Maybe you need avocado in yours — that’s fine, but I do not love the texture once frozen and defrosted — or roasted or rehydrated chilis or hate potatoes; the beauty of making your own, be it breakfast burritos or whatever else you don’t have enough of in your life, is that you get exactly what you want, exactly the way you want it.

a heap of fillingsroughly the ideafoil around the bottom firstbreakfast burritos


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Breakfast Burritos

  • Vegetable or another neutral oil
  • 2 large yukon gold potatoes, diced small (about 1/2-inch cubes)
  • 1 small red onion, chopped
  • 1 large red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 to 2 jalapenos, or to taste, chopped small
  • 1/2 pound sausage (breakfast or another variety you like) removed from casings, crumbled into chunks, or bacon
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 5 ounces baby spinach (I use a package from salad greens section)
  • 1 3/4 cups black beans, drained and rinsed (from 1 15-ounce can)
  • 12 large eggs
  • 8 burrito-sized flour tortillas
  • Salsa, homemade or prepared, to taste
  • 1 1/2 cups coarsely grated sharp cheddar or Monterey Jack (or more, to taste)
  • Pickled jalapenos, fresh chopped cilantro, hot sauce, avocado or guacamole, sour cream, or other fixings you like (as needed)

Prepare vegetables: Heat oven to 400 degrees. Coat your largest baking sheet thinly with oil. Arrange your components — potatoes, pepper(s), onion, sausage or strips of bacon — in different parts stripes down the pan. (This allows you to rescue some items sooner if they cook faster.) Coat with another glug of oil, and season the potatoes and peppers well with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Roast for 30 minutes. The bacon and sausage should be cooked through and crisp at this point; you can remove them and set them aside. Use a thin, large spatula to lift and turn the potatoes and peppers; return them to the oven for another 5 to 10 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. When potatoes are tender, scatter spinach on top, return to oven for 5 minutes; it will wilt quickly. Use your spatula to mix all of your roasted ingredients together. Scatter black beans over (this will warm them), crumble or chop bacon, if using, and return it or the sausage to the tray so everything’s in one place.

Prepare eggs: Whisk your eggs together in a large bowl until lightly beaten. Season well with salt (I use 1/2 to 1 teaspoon kosher) and many grinds of black pepper. Heat your largest frying pan over medium-high heat. Once it’s hot, add a bit of oil to the pan and heat it too. Once the oil is hot, add your eggs. Let them cook for 20 to 30 seconds before beginning to move and turn them in spatula-wide sections. When eggs are mostly cooked but still a tiny bit runny, scrape them into a bowl. The residual heat of the eggs should cook them to about the 95% mark; they’ll finish cooking as you warm your burritos.

Assemble burritos: Place a large square of foil on your counter. Place first tortillla over it. [I find mine are soft enough to wrap without tearing from the bag, but if yours are not, lay it on a pan in the probably still residually warm oven for a minute or two to soften (but not dry out).] Eyeball about 1/8 of the vegetable mixture and scoop it into the center, followed by a little salsa (I use 1 to 2 tablespoons per burrito), 1/8 the eggs, cheese to taste, plus whatever fixings you cannot live without.

Roll the burrito tightly by folding the sides over the filling then rolling from the bottom up. Wrap in foil the same way; folding the foil first over the ends of the burrito (ideally forming a “cup” at each end to catch drips, although my kids just see this as a challenge).

If eating right away: I rewarm the foil-wrapped burritos on a tray for 5 minutes in a 350-degree oven. (This is just to get everything hot again and melt the cheese.)

To freeze: Place foil-wrapped burritos in a freezer bag and press all of the air out. They will keep in the freezer for 2 months.

To warm from the freezer in the oven: I place the foil-wrapped burritos on a tray in a 350-degree oven for 30 to 40 minutes (turn over halfway) to heat them through. Depending on how cold your freezer is and how packed the burritos are, it could take more or less time. To check, press a toothpick through the foil into the center of a burrito and pull it out; if the toothpick feels warm or hot, the burrito is heated. If it’s cold (it will be clear if it’s cold), it needs more time.

To warm from the freezer in a microwave: Remove foil and microwave for 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 minutes, turning burrito over halfway. I find microwaves range a bit in defrosting times so you might find you need more or less.

To defrost in the fridge and warm in the oven: If you’re a plan-ahead type, you can let it begin defrosting in the fridge overnight. I heat these the same way I do frozen ones, but check 10 minutes sooner. I highly recommend not leaving burritos in flour tortillas in the fridge for more than a day; the wetness of the fillings can make the wrappers mushy or soggy.

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146 comments on breakfast burritos

  1. GV

    This sounds soooo good, I feel like making it even though I am not a particularly big burrito-fan…. My significant other will be super-happy. Thanks Deb.

  2. Every time I make breakfast burritos, I find that the eggs weep and the whole thing turns into a drippy sad mess. Yet when I BUY a breakfast burrito, that doesn’t happen. What am I doing wrong? Have you had any experience with this? Anyone have a magic cure?

    1. rcrosw8

      I read in a recipe once (for sheet pan scrambled eggs) that eggs weep when they’re over cooked. Maybe Deb’s tip to just undercook a bit is the key.

    2. Fiona

      “Undercooking” should help, as well as moving the eggs around a lot in the pan. I’d also recommend salting your eggs 10-15 minutes before you cook them. I swear by J Kenji Lopez/the Food Lab’s scrambling techniques and I’ve never gone back to another way since.

    3. If you cook the eggs too quickly at a too high heat, the proteins separate and the liquid weeps, but if you could them slowly, they get custardy and don’t weep. Or try Kenji’s technique, which I think makes the corn starch or whatever bind to the proteins.

  3. Sarah

    Great idea:) thx for the tips. One weird trick we incorporate in ours for potato flavour with some texture is we use Alexia Garlic Herb Tator Tots cooked and slightly squashed. Great especially for ones that will be reheated:)

  4. I always have burritos in the freezer for quick meals. The one thing I’ve found helpful is to dump all the prepped ingredients into a big bowl and mix before dividing it into the tortillas. That ensures a more even distribution of everything and helps prevent bites that consist of all beans, cheese, etc. However, I don’t like eggs in burritos so I don’t know if they would handle being mixed as well.

    1. Adrianne

      That’s exactly how I make mine, and so long as I soft scramble the eggs separately from the veggies/meat, then I can mix them into a bowl and portion them out so each tortilla has just the right amount of filling. I make these all the time for my hubby, and my trick is to have at least the sausage or bacon cooked the day prior (I plan for it and make a ton). Then it’s just prepping and cooking the veggies and then the eggs, which makes it seem easier. Sometimes I make the tortillas while I’m waiting for the veggies to cook, but more often than not, they are store bought.

  5. Charlotte in Toronto

    Great idea to freeze them. I love having pre- made stuff in the freezer for those times when I’m just to lazy to stand at the kitchen counter and do anything. Thanks Deb :)

  6. JP

    I haven’t even read this yet but I am SO EXCITED you posted a recipe for these! I have been hoping you would. I know there’s plenty out there, but you always anticipate and explain little glitches, etc., and so I’m looking forward to trying this out some time next week! Thanks!

    1. Cath

      That’s how my husband does it! Gluten free tortillas don’t really hold up to being rolled, so he started doing it out of breakfast-for-dinner necessity.

  7. I have never wanted a breakfast burrito this much in my life and I am hurriedly dashing off a grocery list and contemplating Trader Joe’s on a Saturday afternoon because I absolutely must have these in my freezer yesterday. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A WIZARD? (I have no idea what we would eat without you.)

  8. Kriss

    Silly question…… but we always add a healthy splash of milk or half & half to our scrambled eggs when whisking. Would they separate/curdle after being frozen? Better to skip the dairy & just do them plain? TIA

    (Sorry if this is obvious. Food science is not one of my strong subjects.)

    1. Kate

      Hi Kriss,
      I often add milk or cream to my scrambled eggs, too. I haven’t frozen breakfast burritos recently, but have frozen many a homemade quiche…which always have a lot of dairy in them, and it’s never been a problem (ie texture is always great, and no curdling/separating issues). Bet it’ll be fine:0)
      Deb: thanks for the cooking inspiration. I love having ready-to-eat homemade food in the freezer, and these will be delicious.

  9. Sarah Ondrejka

    “If we had time to read such drivel we wouldn’t be eating things one-handed”, LMAO. Deb I need breakfast ASAP after early AM swims and work, something substantial. You are brilliant, as always

  10. Maureen Dudgeon

    Instead of saying I really should make this I really did. Terrific. Easy. An 8 oz package of Morning Star Farms vegetarian sausage worked just fine.

  11. sinaasappeljetzt

    Deb, that toothpick-hack for finding out if the frozen burritos are reheated is genius! As is roasting everything on a sheet pan. Thanks for sharing!
    Sina from Germany, where breakfast burritos are fairly unknown and usually low on vegetables…

  12. Laura

    I’m not embarrassed that I have three different tabs open right now with Smitten Kitchen recipes going on! I got all of the ingredients for this recipe in my CSA share this week but the tortillas and cheese. It was the perfect post to find this morning in my feed.
    Eating these for dinner with apple cider sangria which will be followed by Mom’s apple cake (perhaps for dinner and breakfast tomorrow!)
    Thanks Deb. You never fail me!

  13. Future Me does love to dive into the freezer for burritos when I’m trying to get us out the door, pronto, usually to the airport or similar, with a lasting breakfast. But yes, they’re tons of work. One tip I learned from somewhere — maybe Marc from No Recipes? — is to warm the burritos from the frozen state in the microwave but then finish them in a dry, hot skillet. This way the raw tortillas not only cook but also brown and crisp up. Game changer, here. That means I wrap burritos in waxed paper first, then foil, but remove the foil for the microwave and then the waxed paper for the skillet.

    1. Jess.

      That’s how we do it, too (except we use a buttered skillet, instead of a dry skillet, because butter). I wrap each burrito in waxed paper, then store them in the freezer, inside the ziploc-type bag the tortillas came in, to reduce waste. xox

  14. Rob Montemayor

    If you where in Texas and had a Breakfast Burrito, and the person or restaurant that sold you your item called it a breakfast burrito. Well they should be kicked out of Texas or slapped in the head. They are called breakfast tacos not burritos!

      1. Sarah

        Yes but in Texas we don’t eat breakfast burritos! That’s what he was trying to say. Or we don’t in Austin at least, can’t speak for the rest of the state.

        1. I can second this.
          Breakfast burritos are a good indication of out of towners. Even the massive, definitely overloaded even if they were making 3 tacos instead of 1 Don Juan from Juan in a Million is listed as a taco.
          And people worried about egg drip aren’t using enough salsa. ;)

    1. deb

      I definitely don’t have a favorite. I think these were Mission? Which are, you know, not very special and full of unnatural ingredients. But they do the job.

      1. kristin

        Have you tried Tortilla Land? Their corn are a bit soapy but the flour are on point. They take a tiny bit of extra work bu SO worth it!

  15. Janis

    Try this instead: Spread mashed avocado or guacamole on crisp tostada shells you’ve heated briefly in a microwave. Top each with a poached, fried or scrambled egg; a little shredded cheddar; and red or green (preferably) salsa. Fast and easy (although not portable), and so good you’ll wonder what you saw in burritos!

  16. Laura

    Another lovely post that is as much SK food-prep-strategy-with-endless-possibilities (my veg will scream for cumin, chili powder, and oregano) as it is SK recipe. Thank you, Deb. I’m thinking, though, that using a pen thermometer and baking/reheating to a given temp rather than using a toothpick to assess reheating could yield more consistent warmer-upper results. Deb, might you have an internal burrito temp in mind? Or, has anybody tried this? If so, please share your results!

  17. KellyG

    Austinite here. Let me start by mentioning that I am a long-time reader, and I love this site and use your recipes frequently. But, even though I hate being “that person,” I have to correct a few misconceptions. First, burritos are a California invention. In Austin, we don’t eat breakfast burritos, we eat breakfast tacos. And breakfast tacos never have lettuce on them. In fact, I’m trying to think of any vegetable at all that I might have seen on a breakfast taco, other than salsa or guacamole, and I can’t really think of any. (Potatoes and beans don’t count as vegetables, of course!)
    Breakfast tacos can’t be frozen successfully, or even refrigerated and reheated. But the beauty of them is that you DON’T make them yourself. You stumble out of bed, and on your way to work or whatever you have planned for the day, you stop at Taco Xpress, or Torchy’s, or Taco Shack, or Mi Madres, and 10 minutes later, you walk out with coffee and your hot, tasty, made-to-order, and vegetable-free tacos on freshly-made tortillas. It’s like stopping at McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin, except, you know, GOOD.
    Breakfast tacos are not, in any way, a traditional Mexican dish. Most likely they were first served in Austin or possibly San Antonio in the 1970s. So I am not claiming that you can’t put anything you want into a taco (or burrito). And, putting aside the horrifying reality of packaged tortillas, I’m sure that these burritos are delicious. But they are not anything like what you’d be eating for breakfast in Austin!

      1. KellyG

        We Texans have to stick together, or before you know it, some Yankee will recommend putting BBQ sauce on your smoked brisket from Franklin’s!

      1. KellyG

        Hah! Well, TBH, El Primo makes some pretty good tacos–breakfast and otherwise. It’s just that Texans get a little cranky when someone confuses our favorite foods with something from California!

    1. Sarah

      I’m from Austin and I never had a breakfast burrito until I moved to Chicago!

      My favorite breakfast taco is bean and cheese or potato and egg, so not hard to make at home necessarily but it’s the salsa and the tortilla that makes or breaks it so you will never beat the taco from your corner place with fresh salsa and freshly made tortillas.

      These do look good though. I wish someone would make me a freezer full of them.

    2. Audrey

      This comment made me laugh out loud. I’m also an Austinite, love Smitten Kitchen & had all the same thoughts while reading this. Thanks for the laugh!

      1. Donna Hill

        Adding a bit of rice to the filling mixture (if you skip the potato) will soak up any moisture. Not a fan of frozen eggs myself, I do a veggie filling and instead of whole beans I use refried. I love a good breakfast burrito, CA native, so yeah.

    3. Marge

      Another Austinite here. I scrolled all the way through just to see if someone commented on this! Not to worry, Texans are quick to correct but fast to forgive.

    4. Lourdes

      I’m from California and can say that yes, the breakfast burrito is from California. Don’t quote me on this but I think they started in the old roach coaches or “food trucks” that fed construction workers and early morning laborers. Personally I think you are making them too complicated. Spinach? That’s kinda fancy. You fry the potatoes in a pan, when they are done put set them aside. In the same pan (without potatoes) put in onions, peppers (if you want, I would skip them) or just drop a dollop of salsa, then crack an egg or two and scramble in the pan. When that’s done set that aside with the potatoes. Heat up your flour tortillas in the same pan until they are soft, stuff them with eggs and potatoes, then put them back on the pan so the outside gets crunchy. You get the hang of this and it shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes. Enjoy!

  18. Made these today, my future self will be grateful. I found using my blender to whisk a dozen eggs made them very fluffy. I opted for butter (1 tbsp) for the eggs and spray for the veggies.

  19. Maria

    Regarding weeping eggs – and general soggy breakfast burrito sadness. The ingredients must be cool before you roll them up if you are going to reheat them.

  20. Tara

    I wrap my burritos in parchment paper (can be reused for new batch of burritos). They keep well in the freezer. When I microwave to re-heat (2 1/2 minutes), I soak a paper towel and wrap the burrito up before sticking it in to heat. Keeps the tortilla from drying out, burrito is nice and soft. (h/t Buzzfeed, I think)

  21. This is a great recipe! Let me say two more things: breakfast is great for dinner. These could be smothered in a chile sauce (green or red, homemade or in a jar).

    Flavor variations: you might toss in some toasted crushed cumin, or some chopped garlic. Or even slivered basil.

    I froze a bunch of the roasted veggies (without egg or sausage) thinking they could be either burrito filling, or a lovely side dish to go next to a roast chicken, another in-a-hurry dinner.


  22. hope

    Deb! Love that you are featuring my fav breakfast (tied with bacon egg rolls, Aussie style). I grew up in New Mexico and a breakfast burrito is staple! My fav and would be easy to make and not take 90 min – large tortilla, frozen hashbrowns (the grated type), scrambled egg, bacon, cheese, (hatch) green chili + red chili. nom nom nom

  23. Michelle

    When you recommend heating the tortillas over a pan of residual warm water – I don’t see anywhere in the recipe calling for a pan with water.

    1. Laura

      I think you misread – Assemble burritos: Place a large square of foil on your counter. Place first tortillla over it. [I find mine are soft enough to wrap without tearing from the bag, but if yours are not, lay it on a pan in the probably still residually warm *oven* for a minute or two to soften (but not dry out).]

  24. Kat L

    Wowzers. Just ate them for dinner. 12 yo approved of that plan: “spinach has no place in my breakfast.” The eggs were perfect. They did take forever to heat in the oven. I definitely must have over-stuffed them. Next time I’m doing the microwave-to-dry-skillet method.

  25. Sarah Heat

    To my mind, the faster way of doing it would be: saute your meat if you’re having it, remove to pan into paper towel lined bowl. Saute onions and peppers in the little bit of oil left in the pan. Use a potato that is already baked (instant pot, microwave, leftover) and add to the pan. When done, push all components to the side of the pan and wilt greens next to it. Cook the eggs in a separate pan.
    I really think, though, that the thing that makes it time consuming (and delicious!) are all of the components. And that you’re going above and beyond to make it delicious instead of just using frozen potatoes, cooking some eggs, and calling it good.

  26. Nicole

    One other brilliant tip from the kitchn- when assembling put a dry ingredient down first like the cheese to lessen the likelihood that the tortilla gets soggy (looks like you did cheese last but maybe that’s just for the pic)

  27. Your blog is amazing and I love your recipes! This is something I will have to try this weekend. We’re having a road trip and we’re staying at a motel in the middle of nowhere. We can freeze them at home and warm them up in the microwave we have in our room. These breakfast burritos will be an excellent quick breakfast in the car before we head back. My wife will love it!

  28. Nikolai

    Sounds fantastic! I’m going to make a pile of vegan & non-vegan ones (for the S.O) tomorrow for dinner & freeze the rest.

    The use of spinach seems ingenious: no. soggy. lettuce. Spinach is one of those things that is good in many different ways, so it should be delicious!

  29. Lauren

    I’ve tried to make so many breakfast burritos and never had any success. These are so good! I just made them the other day and they are going to be a staple in my house for sure. I love the veggies and how easy everything comes together. I’m so happy I made the double batch like you recommended.

  30. Kim

    Thanks, Deb, for another perfect recipe! I’d let my CSA egg share stack up a bit and this was a great way to preserve the excess. I utilized a trick from Melissa d’Arabian and sliced off pseudo-lardon from a frozen pound of bacon, frying it up on the stove top and adding more flavor to my eggs by cooking them in a small amount of the rendered fat. Your toothpick tip yielded perfectly warmed burritos!

  31. Brenda

    These are an absolute game-changer on busy mornings! Full disclosure: I swapped in a sweet potato for one of the Yukon Golds. When I started the recipe, I could’ve sworn that I had a can of black beans kicking around, but I didn’t, so I just used a can of chickpeas. They were still delicious! I bet they’ll be even better with black beans.

    My kids and husband, who are, let’s say, “veggie-averse”, love them, though they have requested more sausage in the next batch.

  32. Just put all these ingredients in my grocery order. Thanks to the person who suggested Alexia Tater Tots- note, Alexia has titled them “Potato Puffs”, so if you’re searching online, go by the brand name! So excited to put these in the freezer! If I love them, I’ll make a batch or two near the end of my pregnancy. This is perfect new baby in the house food.

  33. Delicious! For others with limited freezer space: I went ahead and roasted all the “innards” and froze them flat in a freezer bag; ready for future me to mix with eggs and put into tortillas!

  34. Agatha

    A vendor at a farmer’s market we go to used to have breakfast burritos that seemed very much like these. They were absolutely wonderful. She heated them by placing them in a George Foreman grill type thing (still in their foil wrappers). It flattened them out a little but they were big and were probably easier to eat flattened slightly. The vendor is no longer there and I’ve been missing her burritos. This is perfect.

  35. Shana Durham

    These look good! I make batches of burritos for my busy college students, it’s so easy for them to heat one in a microwave before they run out their doors, and they fill up your tum post-bar-crawl, I’ve heard! You need to try this twist, and I’m begging you – this is not really hot like it sounds – is to put a line of sriracha and a line of honey down the length of the filling on the tortilla. (This is a trick I learned on epicurious with a breakfast sandwich and it is SO GOOD.) Plus, you don’t need to pry it open after heating and put salsa in, and it doesn’t make it wet or drippy. My girl likes hers with a whole wheat tortilla, turkey sausage, soft eggs, roasted sweet potato, onion, and cheese, and I make hers on a smaller-size tortilla to make the carb count smaller. And of course, the magical sriracha and honey which completely MAKES IT.

  36. Oh my gosh. I made these on Sunday afternoon and now I’ve eaten a breakfast burrito for the past 2 days. My pregnant self has never, ever, EVER been happier. I’m going to make a double batch before the baby comes!!

  37. Cassie Sue

    To add additional flavor, and make them a million times easier to fold up. Take the tortilla and place it direction on your burner with the heat on low. Flip it after about 30 seconds (it’s hot, so don’t burn yourself, tongs are helpful). And char it a bit on the other side. That’s how my husbands grandmother (directly from Mexico) does them and they are SO tasty!!

    And I noticed someone else mentioned soyrizo. It’s awesome! Tastes just like the real thing….BUT NO GREASE!! I love it in things like this.

  38. Kelly

    Deb to the rescue again! We have now made these twice and they are unbelievably delicious. Using smaller soft taco size burritos, we are now the proud owners of 24 mini burritos, all wrapped and waiting for a Saturday morning where we don’t want to cook. The second time around we added some leftover grilled ribeye steak and corn and used all of our CSA tomatoes on fresh salsa. So very good. My future self is already excited to have them again!

  39. Gretel

    I made a double batch of these and loved them!! My bacon didn’t get crispy in the oven for the baking time and I overcooked my eggs by accident, but otherwise, I love these. I recently transitioned from being a stay at home mom to working as a tutor 30 hours a week in a high school and have to be at work at 7:15, so these burritos fuel my day!!

  40. Claire Hansford

    Looooong time fan, first time commenter. We made these this evening (yay breakfast for dinner!) and I think they’ve changed my life.

    I am thrilled to have some in the freezer – a real gift to our future selves.

    We used vegetarian chorizo in place of sausage/bacon, but otherwise ingredients were almost to the letter. It’s hard to get large tortillas here in the UK, so they came up a little small. Size is also an issue for the oven/baking tray arrangements we have (boo London flats), so I used more pans than I’d have liked, but I have zero regrets.

    Thank you Deb, for this and for all the other times I should have commented but didn’t.

  41. Carrie

    These were delicious. I made mine with Uncanny Refried Beans, Alexeggs with cheddar mixed in, baby spinach, Uncanny Refried Beans, and Alexia hash browns. The beans and hash browns had flavor, and some spice, so I didn’t use salsa. Next time I will increase the eggs and decrease the beans and hash browns a little bit. I will also probably wilt the spinach before adding it because the bulk of the raw leaves made it a little harder to roll. I’m sure I’ll microwave one at some point, but they are SO GOOD coming out of the oven.

  42. Diane K

    Thank you! I just made breakfast burritos a few days ago – they are a bit of a hassle, but I love them so much I just deal with it (and I usually make them for dinner). I haven’t figured out reheating them in the microwave, so I generally don’t freeze them, but I’m definitely going to try the sheet pan method.

  43. jasminedbyrd

    Just finished shoving another burrito down my gullet. I’ve been anti breakfast burrito for many moons because I don’t care for salsa on my eggs. I made these on a two week meal planning whim and they have been a lifesaver! Dinner after a day of meal prep? Breakfast burrito. Lunch after a four hour car ride back from a weekend in Maine? Breakfast burrito. Breakfast at my desk because I drank too much French press coffee and I’m feeling a little queasy? You guessed it. I’ve got two more to tide me over until the next meal prep day and I can’t wait to make them again!

  44. Ah yes, great ideas here… my daughter is on a burrito quest at the moment and I have been making them a fair bit but terribly plainly. So many thanks from over in Australia, where our breakfast burritos will be eaten at the time your afternoon ones are. So glad to read they can be frozen.

    Next plan is for my wee lass herself to read this post and start to cook them herself. She is 12, so I think she could start to try these. Do you reckon 12 is an ok age to cook these? I might shadow or help the first time?

  45. Cindy Westby

    Have made these twice now – with great results. Love the sheet-pan batch method. They are infinitely adaptable and even the EGG freezes/reheats well!! Bravo! xo

  46. T

    Deb! These were so good! I doubled the mix, but nixxed the onions and increased the eggs slightly to make 10. I am now going to make an extra batch and stock the freezer before the baby arrives. Thank you x

  47. Vanessa

    These were amazing! The only change I needed was that I found two sheet pans necessary for the roasting to get everything sufficiently spread out. I used a soft breakfast chicken sausage, and just cut it into pieces with scissors without removing the casing. This made a great brunch meal for friends!

  48. KJB

    I made these last night and they were divine. I made them with a local bacon instead of sausage (per the options) and without peppers (hot and sweet) and shallots instead of onions. I added smoked paprika to the potatoes and beans since I don’t have any tolerance for spicy food. I put avocado and yoghurt on the immediately eaten one, but not the frozen. I figure I can make some sort of dip for them when I pull them out that I dollop on before each bite. The dozen ones are going to be a godsend in the next six weeks while I get through the rest of the term.

  49. Anna Goldberg

    These came out so good! I mixed and matched what I put in, but having these in the freezer made me so much happier about life, I can’t even tell you. I’m going to make another round tomorrow, mixing it up again so we don’t get bored. Thank you!

  50. This is the best food for someone who is currently on a diet. Thrilled to try and make one of these soon! One question, can I use other salt aside from Kosher? Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Deb!

  51. Marybeth Sullivan Kass

    Made a huge batch of these for my friend to serve to her family, all the groomsmen and other guests who were staying in her house on the morning of her son’s wedding. Wrapped and froze them early in the week so all they had to do was heat them on that hectic morning. Except for the bride who said they were soggy, all the other young people kept seeking me out to say thank you and say how delicious they were. Took some liberties with the recipe since the nearest store was over a half hour away and any ingredient I forgot at home was replaced with something in the pantry or fridge. Made some vegetarian which were a big hit.

  52. Having recently discovered that eating eggs at breakfast really does fill me up for hours, I am now so over scrambled eggs and omelettes that I am ready for something else. I don’t have time to do a mega prep and cook every day so your tips on freezing stuff are just the encouragement I needed.

  53. I love the “chop up extra while you’re at it” tip. Totally applying it to the rest of my life. You’d think it’s common sense, but you’d be surprised how much time I’ve wasted prepping veggies and washing dishes in small portions over the past year. My future self is thanking you!

    On a side note, as an absolutely rookie chef with no oven (just a stove) – how do you think this would turn out if I just grilled everything in a frying pan?

    Thanks so much!

  54. Jane

    Hi Deb, been reading your blog for years but compelled to comment now.We’ve just had these for dinner (with 6 more safely tucked away in the freezer) and they were AMAZING. I’m due to have my first baby in two days (eep!) and have been cooking my way through your freezer friendly section all week in preparation – with so much on the other side unknown there is something so reassuring about having granola bars and dinners for days safely squirrelled away. So a massive massive thank you!

  55. ConnieC

    Wow, Deb, these were great!

    Threw a bunch of stuff I had on hand in as well. Fed a starving crowd of 7 and froze 8 more. Can’t wait to eat them again! Count me as one of your biggest fans! Thanks for all the great recipes, and love your personal take on all things!

  56. Just found this recipe and I love how you break it down on if we want to freeze them and giving the explanation. Can’t wait to try them!

    Wendy, Little House Simple Living

  57. Michaela Flayer

    Wow! These breakfast burritos are so delicious and we’re so easy to make! I opted out of the meat (vegetarian) and dairy (lactose intolerant) and they were still unbelievably flavorful! Thanks for created such a great recipe!

  58. caitlintriall

    I made these yesterday and they turned out beautifully — my yield was slightly higher because I used smaller tortillas. I chickened out and only used one jalapeno, but I will definitely add another (maybe two) next time to give the burritos a bit more of a kick. I may also season the potatoes a little bit more (maybe paprika or another kind of chile, like ancho?) or sub for the honey and chile-flake roasted sweet potatoes from elsewhere on this site. I will make a habit of these for busy weeks! Thank you, Deb! <3

  59. Roz S.

    Very, very delightful. I did not stray much from the recipe as written, except for having to use ingredients on had (e.g. regular russet potatoes instead of Yukon). Since I made these to eat during lunch for the week, I portioned ingredients for four burritos and saved the rest for use at another time (with the exception of the eggs, which I will make fresh next time). Served with fresh cilantro and sour cream.

  60. We had out-of-town guests who had to leave early in morning, so I made these the day before and popped them in the refrigerator. The morning of their departure, they had delicious breakfast burritos with hardly any work from me. I put out a few different kinds of salsa (mild to hot), sour cream, and some grated cheese for a diy burrito bar situation. Everyone was happy…especially me because all of the prep was the day before!

  61. Science Chick

    I’m on my 3rd batch this summer. One batch was vegan, with scrambled tofu, spuds, beans, green chiles, and fresh sweetcorn. Today’s batch had turkey sausage, spuds, black beans, roasted red peppers, Romano cheese and eggs. The sheetpan roasting of the veg (and, if you’re using it, bacon or sausage) is a game changer. Frankly you don’t have to fuss with the sections, either. Roast the spuds 10 or so minutes, then add fresh peppers, sausage tidbits and onions. Thank you, thank you for making this easy and flexible! It’s keeping me in tasty, reasonable breakfasts!

  62. Delia

    I was a little hesitant about the freezing and microwaving for this recipe, as I was sure the tortilla would be a sloppy mess, but I was (very happily) proven wrong!! The flavors and textures held up well, and the recipe was SO easy! Definitely something I will make again!

  63. jen

    This is my second time making these (clearly I like them!), and I’ve made them 2 different ways – roasting the ingredients in the oven and then the other time sauteing on the stove. and it was so much quicker to make it on the stove, but definitely required my attention the whole time unlike when making them in the oven. Both times, I’ve doubled the recipe to make 16 burritos, so we have a bunch in the freezer. But double the ingredients to prepare makes for a much longer prep time. With a baby, having something we can throw in the oven on a Saturday or Sunday morning and forget about it while we play with him, but then still have a delicious and hearty breakfast that tides us over until mid-afternoon, is such a welcomed comfort. So it’s worth the effort, but maybe I’ll make them next time on a day off from work when our little guy is off at daycare to allow myself the ability to just do one thing at a time.

    When heating them up from the freezer, I find it takes double the time in the oven to reheat them – so it’s more like 1 1/2 hrs at 350. And I don’t add anything other than what’s listed in the ingredients list (because I like this combo), but it makes for a solid frozen burrito that takes a lot longer to warm up. Thus, this is only a weekend breakfast item, not the quicker weekday breakfast I’d thought it might be. But like mentioned above, this works for us, too. I expect I won’t go long without any stocked up in the freezer at any given time. So good.

  64. Sam

    These are fantastic. I follow the recipe pretty faithfully but have tried several kinds of sausage, salsa (I prefer homemade salsa verde) and cheese (go for pepper jack!) and always blitz the many eggs with an immersion blender. And I usually end up with more burritos than the recipe says; maybe I’m not filling them enough, but they seem pretty full.

    I’m usually neither a burrito person nor even a breakfast person, but I’ve now made these at least five times (usually in double batches) and love having them in the freezer. Emergency office lunch? I’ve had far more of these than I can count. Hiking lunch? OK, so anything tastes great after climbing a mountain, but these are phenomenal and hold up to getting knocked around in a backpack. Long cross-country drive? Way better than road food, and they warm nicely on the dashboard and are easy to eat while driving.

  65. Katie

    I made this to shake up my quarantine-work-from-home breakfasts. I made everything as directed but did not add salsa as I didn’t have any. (I just add loads of hot sauce while eating it, as I always do with any burrito, heh.) They’re quite satisfying! I warm them in the oven (again, having the extra flexibility of working from home, though I suspect I could figure out how to adjust a normal morning routine around this), and they are nice and browned and toasty. Sometimes it takes a tad longer than 40 minutes. The toothpick tip above is genius and has saved me multiple times.
    I’m probably gonna do another batch!

  66. Sandra

    We have been looking for an easy way to make breakfast burritos for years. This was the perfect solution. We really liked the sheet pan cooking method and the layering with the spinach and warming the beans on top.We made a triple batch and separated out some for veggie as I do not like sausage in my breakfast burritos. I also used an instant pot worth of the black beans instead of the can and ended up using about 5 cups. We ate some right away for brunch and are freezing the rest. We had about 26 in total, plus some leftover fixings that we will put intortillas over the next few days. Very grateful to have these burritos over the next couple of months in the freezer :-) they turned out beautifully.

  67. Bonnie

    This is such a great make-ahead recipe! I just finished assembling my second batch for my son & daughter-in-law who just had a baby. They are loving them! First batch was with breakfast sausage, second with chorizo. I use half whole eggs snd half carton egg whites for extra protein. Recipe is so flexible! I wrap and stash in ziploc bags, freeze, and deliver! Thanks, Deb!

    1. deb

      This will depend on the fattiness of the bacon or sausage, but for .5 pound sausage for me + all of those vegetables, it wasn’t an issue.

    2. Jovanna

      I just made these last night and they were great! I only had a 1lb frozen package of sausage on hand, so I just cooked it in a skillet separately while the veggies were roasting, then combined it all once everything was cooked. It worked fine!

  68. Kristin

    Love breakfast burritos and it has to be made with chorizo and rice, not potatoes. All the other stuff is fine. So would you crumble the chorizo and cook it on the sheet pan with the rest of the ingredients?

  69. Catherine

    A sacrilegious question – has anyone tried replacing the tortillas with British style pancakes / crepes? Would it even work? I don’t like eggs but I do eat pancakes…

  70. Jill

    I made these when I had a couple of friends over, and then still had leftovers for the freezer. Win! I made them as directed and the eggs turned out great—not weepy at all. I forgot the spinach and added the soy chorizo from Trader Joe’s. When I had one from the fridge a couple of days later, it still wasn’t soggy. Haven’t tried one out of the freezer yet. There was a good amount of prep work, but worth it!

  71. Rachael

    Great way to make burritos! I prepped these for a cabin weekend with friends and we threw them on the grill in the morning.
    I swapped the salsa for a sauce I made with Mexican crema and TJ’s taco sauce – very good.
    Next time I plan to add some more seasoning to the potatoes.

  72. Maddie L

    Delicious! Great for meal prep. My only change was adding a bit of cumin and oregano to the potatoes and I would definitely recommend.

    Also, my tortillas were too small and I had leftover filling and eggs. So, if you want to use up all the filling, I highly recommend buying BIG tortillas. Trader Joe’s Homestyle are just not big enough.

  73. Colette

    oh man, why did I wait so long to make these?!! These are wonderful. I used white kidney beans and a mix of peppers, yukon potatoes and spinach w/ 1 Tablespoon of salsa in each. My friend gave me fresh eggs yesterday too and I used the dozen here. I feel so great about having a quick healthy meal for me and my son to have now. I will be making these again.

  74. Jen B

    Deb – We’ve made large batches of these burritos regularly since the spring of 2020. We’ve also made batches multiple times for families with new babies. Thank you for this flawless recipe. Our freezer is never without these!