look what we baked!

Jacob Henry, born 9/17/09 at 11:30 p.m.. 7 pounds, 0 ounces and 19.5 inches, all of them exceedingly cute.

Of course, we immediately tried to eat him. Because he has CINNAMON SWIRL hair.

chicken legs!

And tiny CHICKEN LEGS, that we will happily dip in barbecue sauce.

But mostly because he’s the sweetest smelling thing we’ve ever cooked up, and I think equally smitten with us.

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2,729 comments on look what we baked!

  1. Emily

    Oh Deb! He’s so darling! Congratulations a million times over! And good timing with those snickerdoodles- just in time! I hope everything went smoothly.

  2. Katie M.

    Oh my goodness he is too adorable! I jumped up and down and started clapping on my way to a recipe. Congrats!!! Savor this time. I hear they grow up fast. ;-)

  3. bludab

    Congratulations! He is adorable; thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your life at this special time. As someone whose babies are growing up too fast, I’ll take all the pics of tiny tiny toes I can get! Enjoy these first precious days!

  4. JenW

    Congratulations! He’s so beautiful! Lots of hair, just like my kids…did you have lots of heartburn too???? Hope all went well. Enjoy your new family addition!

  5. OH MY GOD, DEB! I hope this doesn’t sound odd, as I am a stranger, but I clicked on over here and literally jumped with excitement when I saw those little baby legs!! Congratulations, you too! He is absolutely, completely, totally beautiful. You two must be in heaven. Congrats!

  6. Emily

    My goodness, he’s beautiful! Most (like pretty much all) babies have an adorably sweet shrunken alien thing goin’ on, but not your Jacob. He’s just beautiful!

  7. Jenn

    Congratulations Deb and Alex! He is absolutely beautiful and will add immeasurable joy to your lives. I hope you’re recovering well and enjoying every minute. All the best to you all.

  8. Congratulations!! What a handsome baby! (I hardly ever say that about newborns–you done good, Deb.)

    Hope you’re well. Take care, and try not to eat the little guy. ;)

    Before the pictures loaded, I only saw the title of the post, and I thought it was going to be about a dish you and Alex collaborated on, and well, I suppose it *was* about that, but I wasn’t even thinking :-) Jacob is just perfect, thank you for sharing a photo of him with all of us.

  10. Amy

    He is absolutely perfect. Congratulations! What a cutie. Everyone around me seems to be having their babies and I still have four weeks to go. It’s making me crazy! But so happy for you all. Enjoy those chicken legs and all the rest of him, too!

  11. Kate

    aw, he’s so gorgeous, congratulations! I had an equally scrumptious little man 19 days ago and he already seems so much bigger then he was at birth. Enjoy every single second and BON APPETIT! ;)

  12. LIZ

    Mazel Tov! What a way to start the new Year! Blessings for the new family.
    I imagineJacob will only have home -made baby food. I made my daughters all of their baby food and now have the pleasure of making it for my Grandchildren!
    Enjoy every tiring second. I’m sure your best cooking inspirations will come during those early morning hours as you pace the floor wishing Jacob would sleep!

  13. heather em

    wow, congratulations. i know this may be hard to believe, but i think that is possibly the most beautiful baby i have ever seen. well done! :) so happy for you both!

  14. Cindy

    How lovely. You are such a wonderful baker! Congrats and happy forever. He is such a bright looking newbie! Love your blog and all you have cooked up. It’s all simply mahvelous!

  15. Arielle

    Oh, he is absolutely GORGEOUS! Words barely describe his beauty. Congrats and all the best to the three of you – enjoy your recovery and your first moments with your baby!

  16. “May your precious little baby boy
    Fill your lives with happy days
    In so many new and special
    Countless little ways

    Your lovely bouncing baby boy
    Will bring you so much pleasure
    And over the years will give you
    Such memories to treasure” (anon)

    Congratulations and many many blessings…. Jacob Henry is beautiful!!!

  17. To be honest, your burst of posts recently made me think maybe you were having that last burst of energy before labor. So not totally surprising to me. But awesome. He’s beautiful, welcome to motherhood. :)

  18. Congratulations! He looks amazingly beautiful! Eat him now while he is still tender and sweet! They get tough and bitter quicker then you think! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  19. tae

    He is so beautiful! And you must be so relieved to finally have him out of your body and into the world! Congratulations!

    p.s. have you had your celebratory drink yet?

  20. Hi Deb,
    I don’t comment often but I do read religiously since you’re pretty much my blog idol. I have been checking frequently for this happy update. He is beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy the wonders of motherhood. It really is the best thing you will ever do.
    :) Annie

  21. maire

    Oh Deb!!! How wonderful! Congrats to your new family of 3! He is beautiful and I hope you are all doing smashingly. May you have so many lovely ordinary, culinary, and extraordinary adventures to come.

  22. Janice

    congratulations!! i’ve been reading your blog for over a year now (silently, never left a comment even though you’re one of my favorite blogs! sorry!) but i couldn’t resist the adorable cinnamon swirl baby hair! congrats again!

  23. Oh he really looks delicious!
    And born on my beloved Father’s birthday!
    Drink in the smell of his beautiful baby head…that spot right on the back of the neck…
    Nothing in the universe smells as good as that..
    My second baby is Jacob as well…
    Mazel Tov..
    L’ Shana Tova…
    Wishing all the love in the world to your new family of three!

  24. Rachel

    Oh My God, delicious baby goodness! Congratulations, he’s beautiful. Enjoy it, it FLIES by! Mine is 6.5 months now, it’s shocking. <3

  25. Well, how could you not want to just gobble him up! You’ve baked up some amazing things on here, but this is your very best work by far! Congratulations on your little family! He is gorgeous!

  26. margo

    Deb I always enjoy your creations…this one is the best ever…delightful and delectable.Congrats to you and Alex…Welcome to the world Jacob….

  27. liz

    while previous posts have nearly moved me to tears with their deliciousness, i actually teared up at this one! congratulations!!! he’s gorgeous, and so lucky!

  28. Susan

    He is adorable! Congratulations to you both..and to the Grandparents. It won’t be long before those tiny little hands will be grabbing cookies from the cookie jar!

  29. claire in AZ

    OMG! He’s beautiful! Everyday for the last two weeks as I’ve opened your blog I’ve thought “Baby???” and today … “BABY!!!!”. Enjoy every moment, Deb!

  30. meanders

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful, and I love all that hair! Chicken legs–ha ha–don’t worry, he’ll plump up soon! Hope everything went smoothly and that all the baked goods worked their charms.

  31. Michele

    I don’t know why, but I thought you had another month to go. I was so surprised to see this post. I have never seen such a perfect little baby face. He just looks so content to be here. Congrats!

  32. Kelly Dwyer

    Congrats! hope the brownies and snicker doodles helped ease the pain and get you the extra attention you were hoping for!! Im sure the nurses appreciated your thoughtfulness of baking something w/o chocolate!!

  33. Liz in Canada

    So I usually say “aw, what a cute baby,” while inside I’m thinking “is he/she supposed to look like that…?” Not this time; he’s perfectly wonderfully adorable. Congrats to you both.

  34. Biggest congrats on your little boy — I’ve been following your blog since 2005 (and possibly earlier, I just can’t cross reference any earlier), and I’m so genuinely happy for you guys it would shock most people I know (I tend not to like the littles). While I will desperately miss your fantastic recipes and gorgeous photography, you definitely deserve a maternity leave! Best wishes!

  35. tina

    this is one of the cutest babies i’ve ever seen! must be all the good food momma was eating :) congratulations & thanks for all the recipes!

  36. Oh, what fantastic news! I got chills reading your post because he is just so completely perfect. His sweet little face is just heart-melting. Best of luck to you in the next coming days and weeks. I hope he sleeps through the night starting NOW!

  37. Susan

    Congratulations – a delicious bun and I love the cinnamon swirl! He looks like he’s saying “what are you going to bake for me, Mom?”. All the best!

  38. The most precious menu, I mean, birth announcement I have ever enjoyed. The most beautiful little guy baked. Thank you for sharing with your blog friends. Congratulations to you all. He is the best thing you’ve ever cooked up. You’ll never know another love like that.

  39. Alisha

    He is so BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. I just want to put him and sweet little soft serve swirly head in a cone and eat him. CAVITIES!! GAH! Savor every second, though. You never knew the meaning of “time flies” before.

  40. You always have great recipes, but this time you’ve outdone yourself. You really did create a masterpiece. A precious child and lovely, lovely photos – that sweet sweet face and that swirly hair photo just made my day (after a rotten afternoon spent at the emergency room tending to a sprained ankle.) Now take some well deserved time off. Best of luck to you and your family.

  41. dru

    Congratulations, Jacob Henry is a name that goes back a long way in our family, may your young man live long and enjoy the name. The new car smell lasts a long time. . . enjoy it.

  42. Lisa

    Oh! So beautiful he makes me get all teary. Congratulations, Deb and Deb’s Honey — your new addition is your most beautiful success yet. =D

  43. Robin

    Congratulations and welcome to Jacob! He is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen (except for my own two, of course ;) ) Enjoy the babymoon!

  44. Joelle

    Mazel tov!

    Told you it was a boy. I hope everyone is resting up and healing well…those Snickerdoodles and brownies will go far!

    So…what’s the menu for the bris?

  45. Nan

    What a little miracle man! I’m so happy for you and Alex and for your MOM’S…the only thing better than being a mom is being a Grandma! I hope all went well and you’re okay – he is adorable – and has HAIR!!! So, so cute! Congratulations!!!! So now you can finally tell me what colors!! I can’t wait to get started on his quilt! xo, Nan

  46. Emma

    Oh my, he is just gorgeous! Congratulations to you both! The face, and the hair, and the legs… sigh… he’s just perfect. You make me want babies, Deb!

  47. CONGRATULATIONS! What a great looking little man, and he’s got no idea how lucky he is. I’m a little envious of the kitchen smells he’s going to have memories of. Best wishes for all of you.

  48. Stephanie

    MAZEL TOV!!!!! And a beautifully sweet and happy and healthy new year!

    I was on your site following the honey cake recipe! (Made your Challah last night!) Accidentally closed it out and, good fortune good fortune here’s what comes up!

    He’s absolutely edible!

  49. Alyxherself

    Yes! The day after my birthday! yay!!!!!!!! the best looking boy child since my son :)
    So very, very happy for you all.

  50. Kristen

    Congratulations Deb and Alex! Little Jacob is an absolutely ADORABLE little guy. I am so happy and excited for you both! He is just beautiful! I wish you all so much happiness with your new little addition!

  51. I love those names…exactly my great grandfather’s names…good solid names…and what a cutie he is! Wow….look at that perfect hair! Oh congrats a thousand times over! take time now to enjoy…..the world should stand still for you now…this is YOUR time…together…you and your son!

  52. Dijana

    Just born and so much personality in his eyes. The best (and worst) is yet to come. Much love and happiness to all three of you. (AND who said that one plus one equals two. Tsk, tsk, tsk.)

  53. Angela

    Congrats to everyone, especially Jacob Henry! You will have the best birthday cupcakes of anyone in school!

    That newborn baby smell is… I can’t think of the right word but it’s intoxicating.

  54. He is SO precious! I love his hair…and his little face! Babies that come when they’re supposed to are SO different from preemies, which is what I’m working with this month in the NICU. To me…he looks huge. :-) Congratulations!

  55. congratulations! what a beautiful and peaceful face and countenance emanating from this new little person. I am a lurker up until now – love your blog, thank you for sharing all your richness with us here.

  56. Cat

    A blessing to you Jacob – may your life be peaceful and full of laughter!

    Congratulations Deb – do ask if you need internet help.

    He’s v. handsome.

  57. Amy

    De-lurking to say congratulations! The cinnamon swirl is perfect, but beware as he gets older that it doesn’t cause all kinds of havoc on a haircut laying down right. I speak from experience!

    Such a handsome little man– snorgle his feet and the back of his neck until your home rings with his laughter. It’s the best sound in the world.

  58. Stiffler

    congratulations to the new parents!
    awesome head of hair.
    let us know if the nurses enjoyed your baked goods.
    i’m wondering what kind of birthday cake post we will see here in about a year from now.

  59. Mary

    What a beautiful baby! I’ve been curious how you would handle the baby announcement; have always loved your posts, your humor, and your photos. This one beat all expectations! :)

  60. Oh, the joy of checking in to see what’s new and to find the ultimate recipe! He’s beyond beautiful! What a treat to see him!

    I know you have lots of advice coming every which way but just one more….be easy with yourself in these first few weeks (months?). Don’t rush to start posting. Just enjoy this amazing experience. We’ll be here when you are ready to come back :)

  61. Kirsten

    Oh my goodness congratulations! He does have cinnamon swirl hair! Our is coming later this year, and I’ve loved reading about your food journey through pregnancy. So glad he healthy and you’re well. We’ll be happy to have you back to ourselves eventually but enjoy your new little one now!

  62. What an angel! He’s gorgeous, and I’m so happy for you two! I never thought I could have so much love for someone until I had two of my own children. Congratulations Mommy! (and Daddy :))

  63. Oh yay! FINALLY! God I never thought that little guy was going to make an appearance. How adorable. Cute right from the get go! Congratulations and enjoy this wonderful time together.It’s a part of your life you’ll never forget.

  64. Elizabeth L.

    Oh so sweet! He is the nicest-looking newborn ever!

    Only advice–sleep when he sleeps. Do Not Post! we’ll all be here in a while when you come up for air.

  65. Shauna

    Oh my gosh, he is just so dang adorable!! I am so happy for all of you – what a wonderful gift as Fall approaches!! While I am a bit biased about September birthdays (having one myself!), I must say that he looks to be just about the cutest September baby I have ever seen. CONGRATS!!

    Now – get off the computer and get back to showering love and attention upon that baby!! (In between your naps, of course!)

  66. gail

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love the pics. Congratulations! Enjoy every second. It all goes too fast….you’ll forget the bad stuff and remember the good!!

  67. Bobanda

    Oh my! Congrats! He is the most adorable just-born baby I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE the name Henry. I had a hunch when I checked the post that this was the one, and as always, you fail to disappoint! All the best to you all!

  68. Congratulations! So much hair! Good to take pics of it all now, cause they don’t tell you it falls out and then slowly comes back. What’s up with that!? Enjoy Jacob! They grow-up so fast!

  69. Wait, your baby. Is here? But didn’t you just get pregnant like a week ago? Haha, time flies (I’m sure not fast enough for you). Great to see you posting – much quicker than I’d imagine, even just for an announcement. :)

  70. PC

    What a wonderful start for a sweet new year! Mazel tov!

    And incidentally, Deb, I have been using your challah recipe weekly ever since my fiancé started rabbinical school. Everyone thinks I’m a natural-born rebbetzin now! (Unfortunately, this means I can’t credit you for my skills, so I am doing that here!)

  71. Hall

    Congratulations!!! It seems so fast, like barely a blink since your last post. Did the nurses like the snickerdoodles and cheesecake brownies?

  72. Donutty

    there are long days and nights ahead and even if you don’t feel particularly beautiful remember that you are the perfect mom for this little treasure.

  73. dana

    we are all smitten!! and look at all that hair!! my goodness! (my daughters were pretty bald.)

    your best recipe ever. and not to be recreated by anyone.

  74. erin

    Congratulations! I kept checking back every day like, “did she have the baby yet? how ’bout now? now?” Cinnamon swirl hair indeed! He is so cute!

  75. I hope you enjoyed your bourbon shot after delivering such a handsome little bundle; he has a beautiful face and head full of hair. I’ll be sure to enjoy a Jameson in Jacob’s name. Congratulations to you, Alex, and the rest of your family! The post title was great, by the way.

  76. Congratulations!!!!! He is truly beautiful. Although I must say your post brought up a terrible nightmare from my childhood. When I was 7 I dreamed my grandma was barbecuing my baby brother’s little chicken legs for our dinner. I couldn’t even look at her for weeks! I’m so happy for you guys, praying you get the sleep you need :)

  77. MK

    Cuddle up with that babe and enjoy every minute.
    I remember making fresh raspberry sherbet the day before my first was born — busy busy busy.
    But getting to know this new person in your life will take time and patience and sleeping when he sleeps — adapting your rhythms to his.
    Throw the idea of “back to normal” out of your head and life will be good! You are headed toward a new normal — and it’s a wonderful journey.

  78. My dear Deb, he is totally delicious. I even got tears in my eyes. I used to call my grandsons “deliciously naughty” when they were little.

    I hope all are well and snuggled up together. Nella

  79. Nicole S.

    Congratulations, he’s gorgeous! And the fact that his cinnamon swirl hair matches his announcement on this blog – too poetic for words.

  80. How wonderful! Mazal tov! What a sweet gift for Rosh Hashana. Wishing you all the best for a sweet, healthy and happy New Year with your new addition! He is absolutely adorable!

  81. Sweets by Jas

    Congratulations Deb and Alex and wishing your new born Jacob a warm welcome to his new home! Happy Rosh Hashana as well! May you all be blessed with great health and lots of love!

  82. Grapeful

    “But mostly because he’s the sweetest smelling thing we’ve ever cooked up, and I think equally smitten with us.”

    The sweetest quote ever. Hope he inherits your kitchen and photography talents!

  83. arlen

    Thank you Thank you for sharing this special time with us. Jacob is so lucky to have you both as parents. Congratulations ! I’ve been waiting for the right time to comment. And this is it! “Deb had her baby” is going on my calendar.
    Congratulations your baby is so beautiful.

  84. Congrats from the mom of another Jacob! You are embarking on an amazing journey! Enjoy even the tough and sleepless moments–because you will blink and he will be 1–and then you will blink again and he will be taller than you are!

  85. Rebecca

    Deb and Alex, Congratulations! Deb, I’ve been following you since the iVilliage days, and you really are a role model to many of us. Mazel tov, shana tovah and best wishes for a year (and life) filled with joy and happiness.

  86. Julia

    Oh, he is the most adorable baby! He has the same birthday as my younger brother, so i will be thinking of him too every year and send the best wishes! Deb, your website is incredible, i loooove it!- thank you for sharing all these wonderful posts!

    All the best for the young family! Many greetings from Vienna

  87. Kim

    That might just be the loveliest baby I’ve ever seen on my computer screen. Stay out of Oklahoma for a while or The Pioneer Woman will want to keep him!

  88. Oh Deb, he is the cutest little cinnamon swirl-headed baby ever. He’s just gorgeous! Congratulations, Mazel Tov, and what a freaking PERFECT New Year’s gift. Shana Tova to your whole family.

  89. Rochelle

    Welcome, little one! He is stunning! Stunning. He’s definitely the best thing you and Alex have concocted yet. He looks soulful and wise.

    I look forward to reading about this new chapter in your journey that you have been gracious enough to share with us all these years. Cheers from this long-time reader in Seattle!

  90. Beyond precious! Congratulations proud mama and papa! Welcome to parenthood, officially! his swirly hair reminded me of my son’s when he was born…it’s a minor battle to comb swirled hair.

    Best wishes!

  91. Rachel

    Adorable baby. Can’t get over how much hair he has (more hair then I had when I was 1 year old).

    But I can’t help but wonder – did your bribes work?

  92. Delia

    Congratulations to the three of you. I know you’ll be filling his belly with yummy things in the years to come as he fills your heart with a love you’ve never known!

  93. Geri

    Congratulations on your recent delivery…what a handsome and healthy baby boy! I send my best wishes to you both enjoy everything about him forget us for awhile you have your hands full now. We can wait to chat later…LOL God bless you all!

  94. Monica

    Oh, the baby smell … I do miss that! (Mine are 8 and 10 now.) My favorite thing about the front carrier was being able to smell (and kiss) their little heads so easily. Enjoy!

  95. cheli

    why why why did you have the cutest baby everrrrrr???? he is adorable, incredibly beautiful! congratulations!!!! i hope you have the ebst time with him…

  96. Collette

    What a cute little baby! And that hair–my 2 year old still doesn’t have that much hair! But he did have what we referred to as chicken drumstick legs, also good fried.

  97. AussieYank

    Fantastic news – thanks for sharing. Make sure to add kid food once you’re cooking for him. Our kids will love it as much as he does. He’s truly precious.

  98. Doris

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Congratulations and well done! – Jacob is truly gorgeous. He will lead you on a most amazing journey. Best wishes for much happiness and joy. p.s. I follow quite a few blogs and have never seen such an amazing reader response. 568 comments in a day!!! You are all very special. :-)

  99. evie

    He’s just beautiful. Congratulations Deb and Alex! Look at that full head of hair and those clear eyes! He’s is precious, your little pea out of the pod!

  100. awww Jacob is so adorable…when i was born my parents said i had chicken legs haha i did…it was funny i weighed barely 3 lbs so it must have looked like a little baby chicken..:) but Jacob is so so sweet and such a beautiful baby.
    congratulation to you all!!


  101. L Z

    He is ADORABLE!!! And so tiny!


    How did the bribery brownies and cookies go over??? I’m sure the nurses were just as enamored with the baby as the baked goods!

  102. HE’S GORGEOUS! Congratulations, I am so, so happy for you! and totally in awe of your ability to blog and be pregnant at the same time. I have two children, and my blogging is inconsistent at best. Good luck, keeping up with it! We love your recipes! But most of all: ENJOY THIS TREASURE!

  103. sharan

    omg omg omg omg omg omg.

    i’m not longer a lurker. &it wasn’t even a fantastic recipe that pulled me out of it.


    please don’t eat him ):

  104. nana in the kitchen

    Over the past year I have drooled, oooed and aahed over your recipes, pictures and posts, but never cried with joy as I do tonight over your latest post–I am so happy for you; many kisses to the sweet “bun from the oven”.

  105. Kelsey

    He is the most precious thing ever! He’s definitely one of the cutest babies I’ve seen and I have three nieces that he’s competing with ;), plus I also work around a ton of babies!

  106. Lisa

    He is beautiful, congratulations! Just wait until he is a teenager, him ( and his frinds) will love having a mom who can cook and bake like you. Enjoy every single moment with him, even the crying ones. It goes by way too fast and don’t ever wish any stage away. Enjoy every moment to its fulliest.

  107. So cute, especially that cinnamon swirl hair. Lots of congratulations to the three of you.

    You’ll have to save this post to show Jacob when he’s older – how lovely to have over 600 people from across the globe writing to welcome you into the world!

  108. Amanda

    SUCH beautiful pictures, with a mom and dad who can cook (and shoot) like that he is a lucky one alright – congratulations, hoping for the best for all of you! Amanda

  109. Sue

    Welcome little Jacob! What a BEAUTIFUL little boy. And that head of hair…ohhh…I can just smell him! :-)
    Congratulations…you have 24 hours to ohh and ahh and then it’s back to the kitchen for you…just kidding. Enjoy every minute…they are each and every one priceless!!!

  110. Congratulations! Having read your blog/tweets for a while I was wondering when you would deliver. He is so adorable! And the hair is indeed cinnamon swirl. Imagine that!

  111. robyn

    Congratulations! Jacob is amazingly beautiful! Hope you and Alex are enjoying every moment – from the late night feedings to just sitting and staring in wonder.

  112. Hazel

    Like many, I’ve been a lurker for quite a while, but am delurking to say congratulations! He’s just gorgeous, I’m so happy for you! :) (Greetings from Cyprus in the Mediterranean, by the way!)

  113. Oh my GOSH!!! He’s beautiful!! LOVE that cinnamon swirl hair! I hope YOU are doing well and had an “easy” (if there ever was one) delivery! So happy for you both—your heart is forever in his hands~

  114. Dawn

    Oh my GAWD, Jacob is GORGEOUS!

    I’m not a cook — I only come to your website to look at the beautiful pictures of food (I mean, I am Jewish after all — I enjoy food; just can’t MAKE it well) — but I had to comment this time.

    I have NEVER seen a more gorgeous baby. They’re usually all scrunchy-faced and stuff, but Jacob is handsome at birth. He’s going to steal many hearts with that face.

    Congratulations! Mazel Tov!

  115. Leighann

    Oh! What a New Year’s present you just got! Congratulations to you and Alex on sweet Jacob’s birth.

    p.s. You get your glass of wine yet? ;-)

  116. Barbara

    What a cute kiddo you have. Usually newborns aren’t so attractive the first few days – but yours is absolute perfection. Enjoy this amazing time of discovery and bonding with your son – its something you will always treasure.

  117. Celaine

    The Adventure Begins for Mr. & Mrs. Smitten Kitchen
    Watch for details of the happy couple as they discover the
    eating habits of toddlers, young children and teens. Gone the
    spinach-feta pancakes with creme ganache with a squeeze of
    lemon. No more hacked caprese unless it is dolled up with
    hearty franks. Boxed mac and cheese, fast food chicken
    nuggets, and bland as cardboard animal crackers will be the
    norm and preferred by the young smitten kitchen. Good luck
    kids…….I just love this blog. :)

  118. Debbie B

    Congratulations!!! He is beautiful! I can’t believe you used all cooking food terms to announce and describe. Please get your rest and enjoy! Love Deb

  119. gimletgirl

    Congratulations!! Welcome, Jacob!
    When my son was born, he had similar swirl – we used to refer to the center of it as “where Evan starts.”

  120. Diane

    OMG…that’s just wonderful. You can’t cook something any better than that. Look at all the hair…and the beautiful eyes. Congrats!

  121. JC

    Many, many congratulations to you. Hold him, sniff him and never put him down. Pull up his blankets just to touch his tiny feet. May every moment be burned into your memory!

  122. Linda Susanna

    Congratulations! Taniah! (Malay) Gong Xi! (Chinese) and domo omedetou gozaimasu! (Japanese) on this very, very happy occasion, Deb and Alex! Welcome and God bless, Jacob! Best wishes to the joyful grandparents too!

    XOXOXO all the way from Malaysia.

  123. Jen

    He is adorable! Congratulations and thanks from sharing his arrival! I see baby food recipes on the horizon! Enjoy these early beautiful days together.

  124. Archie

    Long-term lurker here…congratulations on your gorgeous new baby! I love reading your blog…this little one is very lucky to have a mum like you!

  125. Deb, congratulations! Now, watch out for all the mommy bloggers who are going to try to bombard you with parenting “techniques” and will tell you that your parenting is incorrect, even though you’re an excellent parent. I guess it’s jut one of the things about blogging, you’ll hear everyone’s opinions, but the best part is that you’ll take everything with a shaker full of salt and use what you think is best. I think your son is going to be a lucky person! He’s got an awesome mom who bakes! Too bad my mom can’t bake for her life, and now refuses for me to teach her because she doesn’t want to learn how to bake from a 17 year old.

    Oh, never do that to your son. If he knows how to do something that you don’t- let him at least try to teach you. Us teens are actually smart sometimes. :)

    Anyway, have a great time with your son!

    Oh, and don’t forget to have a drink! I remember you saying how annoying it was that you couldn’t drink, but I think you overcame that urge by baking / cooking up some delish recipes!

  126. ines

    oh my goodness, he is the sweetest, loveliest little boy and the swirl atop his dear head reminds me of my son when he was born. enjoy all his little bits. congratulations!

  127. Tama

    ADORABLE! Congrats on your little “muffin man”. I thought your photography was great but now I see it truly is the subject matter that is beautiful.

  128. Erin

    Oh he is so gorgeous! As a first time pregnant woman, I’ve been having so much fun reading about your preparations for your little one. Congratulations to you and your whole family!

  129. Wow. That is some sweet smitten LOVE….What a beautiful baby…
    Truly, I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog- I read it a few tim