Virtual Events

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – 7pm ET

Feeding the Family: A Culinary Conversation with Jacques Pepin and Melissa Clark, with the Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore.

This event is free. RSVP online to receive an invitation to the online event. [More details + RSVP Link]

Sunday, November 22, 2020 – 1:30pm ET

Brunch with Deb in the Smitten Kitchen, a conversation with television host Teresa Strasser, from the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture (CJC).

This event is free, but if you feel so inclined, a donation will help the organization have more free events like this. RSVP online to receive an invitation to the online event. [More details + RSVP Link]

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  1. Jean MacInnes

    Please consider the Book Revue in Huntington, Long Island for your upcoming book tour. They do great book tour stops, are well organized and a much loved local independent book store.

    You have a large fan base here and while we could schlep into Manhattan as I’m sure that will be a stop (and I went to one for your first cookbook), we’re a little less chaotic on the North Shore ;)

    Still smitten,

  2. SallyT

    REGISTERED! I saw you speak five years ago when you did a cooking demo near Boston, as part of your promotional tour for the first cookbook – I was the only person who brought kids, including a small baby. Cannot wait!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

      1. deb

        If only you knew how badly I wanted to go to Montana. I’m a bit at the whims of the publishing universe (and book markets) for touring but if the opportunity arises, I’d never say no.

  3. Stefana Dunca

    Deb, I’m coming to the west coast from Romania on December 13th! Any chance you’ll get back there too? (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes)

    1. Niki Steckler

      Want to meet up in PDX before the signing? Alycia proposed this in the book launch thread comments and I’m suggesting Clyde Common two blocks away and hoping Deb might be able to join us? Fingers crosssd!

  4. Roz Hines

    Atlanta! Yippee! Do you know where yet? I hope it is my Barnes & Noble on Caroline Street. Please let me know the date as soon as you can.

  5. Brittany H

    YAY! Tickets purchased for the 12/1 NYC event! I got two of the first SK book signed (one for me and one gift) after waiting 4+ hours in Chicago, and it was totally worth it. So excited this time get to see you AND David Lebovitz talk!

  6. Georgette

    Any chance you might eventually a few more cities such as Phoenix in winter? Changing Hands is an indie bookstore with a good vibe and a restaurant as part of its small complex. Just sayin’…

  7. Hillary

    Congrats! I pre-ordered my book a while ago from Amazon and can’t wait for its arrival. Wishing St. Louis, MO was on the list, but maybe a future date or another book will lead you to St. Louis! I met you after your first book/cooking demo in St. Louis which was a really fun event.

  8. Sarah Anne

    Congratulations, Deb on your new cookbook and tour! I am excitedly waiting for my pre-ordered copy of your new cookbook. Please consider adding Charlotte, NC to your tour. I would love to meet you.

  9. Shirley Effner

    On your first book tour you visited Anthropologie in Montclair, New Jersey, which
    is sooooo close to home. Can’t you fit in a little visit? I’d even have you for dinner beforehand. (Or take you out to dinner.) Montclair has some fabulous restaurants.)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on your new cookbook!
    PS – I’m serious about dinner.

  10. eliza

    Congrats on the book, I’m so looking forward to reading it!! Would love to see you make a stop in Napa again, or even Sonoma county – it’s hard to get down to the city on a weeknight, and we have a lot of food lovers up here!

  11. 11/1 in Philly and 11/2 in DC doesn’t leave you much time for a visit to Lititz, PA, America’s fresh farm market hub, and Travel Magazine’s “Coolest Small Town in America.” If you came in on 10/31 I could introduce you to the farm market Martha Stewart just HAD to shop when she was in town, and the Lancaster Central Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers market in America. Fresh everything! And maybe even a book signing at an extremely cool indie book store.

    Just how cool is it here? Check this out:,000-sq.ft.-vertical-greenhouse-to-bolster-Lancasters-less-fortunate

  12. Ann Brody

    Please, please come to the Disney/Orlando, FL area between 11/1/2017 and 2/25/2018. Thanks!!!! Would love to meet you in person. Ann the RVer.

  13. Sydney

    I’m so excited to hear this, Deb! I have been slowly cooking my way through your blog for about 6 months now (although I am a longtime reader). The Brookline Booksmith is approximately 500ft from my apartment. See you in Boston!!

  14. Lauren

    Well if all these requests are any indication of our collective love/respect for you and what you do…then you should feel very happy that you have made so many of US happy through the years. I’m in CT and will “take the train in” as we say. See you in NYC at some point!

  15. BetsyD

    Wonderful! You need to come a little further south, though, to NC! Congrats on what looks to be an exciting book tour. Looking forward to the cookbook!

  16. Hendy

    as a fan in London UK, I would just like to point out that the link to the UK tour dates took me only to US ones. I clicked on it whilst reading your broccoli sausage bake recipe.

    1. deb

      Ah — it’s probably because I’ve updated the book tour page since then with new/current dates. At the time, I was about to go on a UK book tour (the recipe was published in 2013), but there isn’t one planned at this time for the next book. Regardless, I’ll remove the link. Sorry for the confusion.

  17. Chani

    SO EXCITED TO HEAR YOU’RE COMING TO MINNEAPOLIS!!!! I will keep checking back, but could you please post on your blog when the new dates are added??

  18. Kim

    Deb, congrats on the upcoming publication date and book tour…this is most exciting news! Will cross my fingers that a stop at Chaucer’s Books in Santa Barbara will be added between the SF and LA signings, please-please-pleeeeease! Can’t wait to read, cook and bake your newest oeuvre from cover to cover. Enjoy the limelight!

  19. Juliet

    From the Vroman’s Pasadena website, it looks like they require purchase of the cookbook in order to get up to 3 outside copies signed. Not sure if that’s not applicable in this case but it probably should be noted on here so people aren’t surprised.

    I’m still super excited to see you again and cannot wait for the new book!

  20. erglu

    When I first started reading your blog in 2006, I was living alone in an apartment with a teeny galley kitchen, in walking distance to the Brookline Booksmith. But 11 years have past and I’m in St. Louis with 3 kids (and a much larger kitchen). Still following you. So. . . Please add St. Louis to your book tour!

  21. Please come to San Diego! Warwick’s, the oldest continuously family-owned and operated bookstore in the United States hosts events like this all the time! At this time their event calendar on their website shows free from Nov 15 through Nov 29. Come on down after Nov 19 Los Angeles!! I would love to meet you and thank you in person for all of the wonderful recipes my friends and family have enjoyed over the years.

  22. Tish Bialecki

    Would hope that you would come to do a book signing somewhere in Charlotte North Carolina I’m in South Carolina but I could get there would love to get 3 signed cookbooks

  23. Shaina Sims

    Please please please can you maybe think about adding Grand Rapids, MI to your tour?? Can’t wait for your new book to arrive at my doorstep! I have been like a kid constantly checking amazon to see how many days are left before it’s released 😆

  24. Libby

    Please please please come to Atlanta! We will treat you so well and give you watermelon rind pickles and boiled peanuts (both of which are much better than they sound!!!)

  25. Linda

    I’ll buy the book just to get that marbled chocolate cake recipe. Lost mine years ago.
    I know Dayton isn’t a big city but you have lots of followers here.

      1. Elise

        February in Miami would be wonderful!! It’s beautiful and sunny. I love your book and can’t wait for the new one to come out. Thank you!!

  26. Hi deb!

    My name is Erin lampel and I am a baker and owner of companion bakeshop in Santa Cruz, ca. You will be doing a book signing soon and we are so excited! I’ll be making some goodies from your new book for people to enjoy at the Bookshop Santa Cruz event. Are there certain recipes you would recommend? Thanks! Last but not least, we would love to have you stop by our bakeshop for breakfast on Saturday before your signing, if you are around! Let me know 💗

  27. Bonnie Coffey

    please let me know when you will be coming to Minneapolis/St Paul. I have your book pre-ordered and I’d love it if you could sign it.

    Deb you are a great creator of ingenious ways to eat well!

  28. Christine

    Deb, None of these are near Denver. We adore you out here ( I know because I checked with everyone)! We have red carpets just waiting to unroll for you. The Tattered Cover Book Store is a national landmark that needs to add you to its list of appearing authors! Or you could just swing by Boulder and save us all the trouble of heading to Denver… Pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top…

  29. Oh my goodness I am TORN UP that I missed out on the DC tickets at sixth and i! If anyone has a spare ticket to sell, please feel free to reach out to me at the email address that my name above should link to. It would seriously make my week if I managed to get my hands on one!

      1. Claire

        Hi Deb, I went to the website linked for Montreal, and they don’t show it listed in their upcoming events. Do you know if they’ve already removed the details of your event, or haven’t yet posted it?

  30. LindaD

    Just bought two tix for the November 17 event in San Francisco. Bringing a friend to celebrate her birthday — what could be better than meeting Deb and getting the new cookbook signed?!?!?!?!? Looking forward to it is an understatement!!

  31. reshmaadwar

    So excited you’re coming to Maplewood for the book tour!! (I was recently thinking: Deb has 2 kids..I wonder when she’s going to make the move to Brooklyn West, aka Maplewood!)

  32. Oh, Deb. I used to live in Denver but moved to Salt Lake City last winter and I, sniff, won’t get to see you on this book tour. I’M SO SAD. Personally I don’t think both Denver and Boulder need you the way I need you in Utah. I think you should ax Boulder and come see the girl who feels like the ONLY Jew in all of Utah (okay there are a few of us, but really, we’re scarce). Anyhoo, I’m so darn happy for you! Have a wonderful time on your tour!

        1. deb

          Sorry, the listing still isn’t live on their site and I had expected that it might be ASAP. But, this one pretty straightforward: Saturday 12/16 at 5pm and it’s a regular signing (no chatter or anything first).

  33. Alice K.

    Some of the “more details” links above do not work. But in true Deb fashion the broken links takes us to a page with chocolate cake!

  34. miche bacher

    Is there any possibility of arranging a talk at Boulder JCC while you are in town? Anyone we can speak with about this?

    Thank you,

    Miche Bacher

  35. Nicole

    I had a question about the Boston stop. It says free and open to everyone but it’s marked as sold out does that mean we can’t just show up?

    1. deb

      I’m sorry for the confusion; it’s almost the opposite. It’s an open signing and there are no tickets. The RSVP system is just so they have an idea of how many people might show. Once it hit a certain number, it told everyone they were waitlist only. However, we are converting the waitlist to full RSVPs. We know that the number will be less than RSVPed as of course many people will find they cannot make it as the day approaches and don’t want anyone to miss out because of this. I hope that makes it less confusion.

  36. Courtney

    Ah was so hoping you would make it Phoenix, AZ on your book tour. I used to live in LA and got to be part of stuff like this but Phoenix gets nada. If you ever make it to the desert, Bookman’s, Old Town Books (in Tempe near ASU) or even La Grande Orange, a local restaurant and boutique with my favorite cookbook selection in the city would all be great places for a book signing!

  37. 2Alexs

    Excited about all the cities, but a little concerned about how tired you might be? Anyway, my brother lives in Austin (I live in OC & PHX) & wanted him to stop by the book store. I tried to describe your profession, other than Blogger (gross & inaccurate, imo). On-line Chef? Cook? To me, you are so much more that. You’ve inspired my husband to prepare amazing dishes for me. We’ve worked through multiple recipes from your first cookbook and look forward to the second one.
    Take care, and wash your hands!
    Sandy & Alex

  38. Heya Deb!
    Any chance that when you are in Portland you will be driving down to San Fran? If so would love to have you visit us here at Camas Country Mill in Eugene and maybe see our farm, flour mill and bakery!
    I know its a long shot. But wanted to extend the invitation nonetheless.
    Thank you for doing good things!

  39. Karin

    Has there been an update on the book signing in Naperville, IL? I went to your book signing/demo in Wheeling, IL for your last book, and am looking forward to this!! I just want to make sure I don’t need any pre-sale books/tickets ahead of time.

  40. The ‘more details’ link for your visit to Sur La Table on 4th Street in Berkeley, CA is broken – my friends and I want to come, can you please post the details – I called the store and they didn’t know much! Thank you! My book came to day and I can’t wait to crack it open tonight!

    1. Bonnie Coffey

      Oh Deb! I just received my copy of Smitten kitchen Every Day and am completely smitten with this book. I can’t wait to have you sign it when I come to Mpls. Until then, I’ll be cookin’.

      Bonnie C Sent from my iPhone


  41. So Sorry you won’t be coming to North Carolina (say Raleigh, Charlotte or Asheville). I was in NYC (East Village) for 5 weeks but the timing was wrong.
    Can’t wait to get the book. Good Luck & Best Wishes, Jayne

  42. Mollie

    Does the Montreal event require us to buy a copy from the store? I already bought my copy because I couldn’t wait but would love to get it signed!

  43. Jeanni russ

    Do excited for you!! Loved seeing you in lake zurich several years ago and your first book is a go to for me in any event daily or celebration. Love to see you at william sonoma in the chicago suburbs!!

  44. Lourdes

    Has San Diego already been mentioned? Any chance you might make your way down after Los Angeles?? ;) Would love to buy your second cookbook and meet you in person at the same time! Have loved every recipe I’ve made from the first cookbook and from the site I’ve ever tried. Many have inspired other recipes which are on a rotation at our household :)

  45. Sarah

    Hi Deb! We met at yesterday’s book signing in Naperville IL. Thank you for pulling forward those of us with babies. Not necessary, but appreciated! It was hard to properly express my love for your blog and book(s!) when so many others were also waiting for the same opportunity but please know all your hard work is so so appreciated and I get such joy out of your writing, photos (those babies of yours!) and recipes. Thank you!

  46. Valerie

    How long are you typically at a book signing? I would love to meet you in Vancouver, but I don’t know if I can be there by 2.
    Thank you!

  47. Valerie

    Looking forward to your Vancouver stop this weekend. Do you know how long you will be at the Chapters on Sunday afternoon? I am not sure if I will be able to get there right at 2.

  48. Kristin

    So happy you’re coming to KC! Just reserved my copy of the book, can’t wait! (And hope you get a chance to try some BBQ while you’re here!)

  49. Kelly

    Hello, I told my husband weeks ago that I wanted your book. He bought it at Sur La Table in Berkeley yesterday and asked you to sign it. You personalized the intro page for me. The chocolate cake debate will continue at our house, but that just means we keep baking until we come to a resolution. :-) Enjoy the rest of your tour, happy thanksgiving, and thank you for writing smittenkitchen.

  50. Shannon

    Hi Deb,
    You have a very big following in Salt Lake City. We would love for you to visit!
    The Kings English bookstore is an awesome place to host you.

    1. deb

      Thank you! I was there in 2013 for my first book tour, didn’t make back to SLC for my second book — maybe for a 3rd? (But not writing one right now, sorry.)