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For the last 9 years, we’ve had a pretty barebones newsletter system on Smitten Kitchen; new recipes/posts arrive in your inbox the morning after they’re published. They’re pretty fugly; little has changed in the last decade except more recently the unsubscribe button disappeared (I don’t understand why, either!) and rather tacky ads showed up (no, we didn’t place them nor do we make a dime from them, yuck). For some time, as newsletter technology has vastly improved, I’ve been dreaming of creating a better email, one that is a true weekly digest of all the delicious new and worth revisiting cookery on Smitten Kitchen and at last, that day is here!

Here is a sample of what you’ll receive if you sign up:

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Just like the old newsletter, the new one is free and we would never share, sell or use your email address anywhere else. But unlike the old newsletter, there’s a lot more to see — not just new recipes, but seasonal picks and weekly archive highlights, carefully tailored to what we all want to be cooking right now. Ads, if any (there are none at this time), will be more tasteful, and should you grow tired of me (nooo!), a one-click unsubscribe will be easy to find.

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