skirt steak salad with blue cheese

In case you were wondering what it is like to be the Smitten Kitchen Baby, it turns out that you get steak and (sweet) potatoes for dinner on the eve of your first birthday, and then pancakes for lunch (or you will when mama stops talking to the internet and makes them for you). You can sleep as little as you want, wake as irate as you please and you will still be zerberted on your ample belly once the sun comes up, hours later (sigh). When your nose starts running, you can wipe it on mama’s nightgown (as usual) and she won’t even suggest that if you had licked fewer fence posts and swing chains and let fewer little girls pull your hair and give you kisses at the park, that maybe you wouldn’t have caught another cold. When you sneeze, someone will say “Aw, gesundheit, little boo boo!” And when you refuse to nap at the Strongly Encouraged Nap Time, your humble servants parents will sigh, shrug and present you with your first gift.

The steak wasn’t actually for the baby, by the way; we were going to wait until he was old enough to hold a beer before making it part of the dinner routine. We actually thought we’d treat ourselves to a little something-something as a pat on the back for keeping a tiny human being alive and occasionally dressed appropriately for the weather for a year but the baby expressed such a keen (read: loud and pointing) interest in That Thing Sizzling On The Stove that he was given a taste. And then another, and another until I was relieved I’d accidentally bought too much.

thunderstorm outside, steak inside
catalina-ish dressing

I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat steak on the eve of my first birthday. I’m late to steak and even later to skirt steak, but we were selected to put it on the grill at in-laws a couple weeks ago, and were frustrated that we couldn’t get the gas grill hot enough to get the deep, sear and inner-outer color contrast we wanted. I ventured a guess that it could be pulled off easily a very hot cast iron pan and sure, our apartment (and baby) smelled like a steakhouse for a while, but it worked! especially love this dish because it reminded me that steak doesn’t have to be a heavy, overly indulgent meal, especially when paired with pretty cherry tomatoes, spicy arugula and a bright vinaigrette. And blue cheese, because to quote one of my favorite commercials of all time, “Is it healthy? Of course it is; it’s a salad, isn’t it?”

steak salad with blue cheese

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Skirt Steak Salad with Arugula and Blue Cheese

I attempted an interesting-sounding retro salad dressing from this recipe and found it… inedible. I then made it a second time with no lime juice, a little bit of lime zest, half the balsamic vinegar and half the sugar and we found it… passable. (Well, I found it passable, my husband liked it.) If you’d like to make Catalina-ish dressing, that’s how I’d suggest going about it. However, to my taste, next time I will make this with a sharp mustard vinaigrette with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a little steakhouse touch I love in salads like this, recipe below.

Serves 4

1 pound skirt steak, trimmed of excess fat if necessary, halved crosswise, at room temperature
1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil
1 pint (2 cups) cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup (about 4 ounces) crumbled blue cheese
1/2 pound baby arugula
Vinaigrette (below)
3 tablespoons minced chives, 2 thinly sliced scallions or 3 tablespoons finely chopped red onion, for garnish

Pat steak dry and season on both sides 1/2 teaspoon salt and many grinds of black pepper.

In a cast-iron skillet: Heat skillet on medium-high to high and add olive oil. When oil begins to shimmer, place steak in skillet and do not move it for 5 minutes. Turn it once, and cook for another 3 minutes for medium-rare. You may need to cook your steak halves separately, depending on the size of your pan.

On a grill: Prepare grill for direct-heat cooking over hot charcoal or high heat for gas. Oil grill rack, then grill steak, covered only if using a gas grill, turning once, 4 to 6 minutes total for medium-rare.

Transfer steak to a cutting board and let rest, loosely covered with foil, for five minutes. Arrange arugula on a large platter. Thinly slice steak on the diagonal, across the grain. Arrange over arugula, then toss halved cherry tomatoes and blue cheese over platter. Add vinaigrette to taste, then sprinkle with chives, scallions or red onion. Serve with additional vinaigrette on the side.

Steakhouse Mustard Vinaigrette
1 tablespoon coarse Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons wine vinegar
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1/2 teaspoon honey
1/3 cup olive oil

Whisk ingredients. Season with salt and pepper and adjust ingredients to taste (usually more Dijon and vinegar for me).

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245 comments on skirt steak salad with blue cheese

  1. I find this kind of salad to be wholly fancy-pants. I think it’s something to do with steak feeling like a treat and so the act of putting it on a regular old salad seems…decadent.

    I love it. With extra bleu cheese please. Oh and happy birthday to the little one!

    1. deb

      P.S. I promise that unless it is a unspeakable disaster that the next post will be a birthday cake. We’re celebrating with the family this weekend, after Yom Kippur.

  2. Lori

    Happy birthday to all of you! (I have a 16 month old and know very well it’s as much of a celebration for you as it is for him!). My son has loved steak, and nearly everything else, since he was 8 months old- have at it!

  3. Jacob is one lucky little boy. And his curls are absolutely ridiculous. This looks so delicious. I love the pairing of arugula with steak–i bet its pepperiness compliments the steak really well. I recently found out that I’m allergic to moldy cheese (my lip quivers) so I think I might swap it out for goat cheese or something.

  4. Kathy in St. Louis

    Hooray for sock monkeys, curly hairs, and cans of Crisco! Way to conquer the first year, Jacob, and congrats, Deb and Alex!

    Steak in salad is one of my favorite things — it’s so naughty-and-nice. So is this it for your holding-onto-summer dishes, Deb, or will you surprise us with a few more?

  5. Oh boy I can’t wait to see Jacob’s 1st birthday cake! (hint*hint) The sock monkey present is so cute – you might have to sew his name label on the monkey’s ear when he goes on playdates! Happy Birthday! This year seemed to just FLY BY – well for me at least!

  6. Dee

    Happy Happy First Birthday to Master Jacob! And yay, now he doesn’t have to steal anyone else’s sock monkey. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Laura

    Deb, I can’t believe I have spent a full year gasping over jaw-droppingly, heart-achingly cute photos of Jacob, but I will use the occasion of his birthday to officially thank you for keeping us all drooling over him all year long. I have made 5 or 6 recipes from your site this year (and they were all wonderful), but I have never – never – missed a photo of your adorable little man. Happy birthday Jacob!

  8. Joan

    Happy first birthday, Jacob! May you eat many more delicious meals w/mom & dad. Love that you got your own sock monkey! Deb, thank you for sharing your life with us. I believe we are all – truly – smitten.

  9. Sandy W

    Congratulations on surviving your first year of parenthood – whew!!!
    One down, seventeen to go! Seriously, you’re doing great!

    Thank you for making my email inbox a happy place with every post, recipe, and photos.

  10. Jenna

    Happy Birthday Jacob! I hope you and your family have a lovely day; it’s been fun sharing in your first year. Enjoy, you gorgeous little man!

  11. Lindsey

    I make something similar to this, but southewest-style (because in my house, everything is better with jalapeno and lime). I usually use flank steak, and let it sit in a mixture of lime and lemon juice, jalapeno, scallions, vinegar, and olive oil (and sometimes a splash of tequila) for 15 min before grilling. Then I put it on a salad with scallions, cherry tomatoes, and a vinaigrette made with red wine vinegar, lemon and lime juice, a little bit of mustard, honey, and olive oil. If I can get a crumbly mexican cheese, I add that to the mix.

    I know the lime-steak combo sounds strange, but its a favorite at my house!

  12. I was just thinking about making a salad JUST like this one! Obviously great minds think alike, and I am glad to see your post bc I think I like your dressing better than the one I was planning to use. Also, I see you have an Epicurian cutting board; I have one too, and I LOVE it! Mine is the large one, slate color, but I have been thinking of getting one like yours for a while now… Maybe next time I need retail therapy. :)

  13. Ang

    Happy 1st Birthday Jacob! My little boy just turned 1 yesterday. I found your blog just before I had him and it’s been great seeing him and my son grow through the year. Great blog and I hope Jacob feels better and has a wonderful birthday :)


    I can’t get beyond that kid to get to your recipe! Just kidding. 3 of my favorite things, Deb. Arugula, steak and blue cheese!

    YUMMY! What a great Friday night dinner!

  15. This looks fantastic. I love indoor steak but that steak-house smell kinda kills it for me. I feel like it sticks around for days! But this does look like a very yummy first birthday dinner. My mom has an adorable picture of my first birthday in which I am busy planting my face in my grandmother’s chocolate cake!

  16. Krista

    Happy Birthday!
    Ooooh, if using the grill, I think I’d throw the tomatoes on there, too. A favorite addition to (hanging onto) summer salads.

  17. Michelle

    Once again, Deb, you have made me irritated at my husband who is vegetarian and recently diagnosed lactose intolerant. But, since your babe’s liked it so much, maybe I will make this for me and my 4 and 2 yr old anyway.

  18. Susan

    Happy Birthday, Jacob! (Trivia! ~ It’s also Citizenship Day, formerly(?) known as Constitution Day!) That steak was good, eh? Wait ’til your Mama presents you with the birthday cake. Oh, baby…can’t wait to see those pictures! Have fun with your other biggest fans, your grandparents, this weekend, li’l buddy.

    Congrats, Deb and Alex on getting through the first year. Fun, hmm? Can’t wait to see more birthday pic’s.

    Oh, the salad! Looks excellent. I love steak in a salad, it’s such a nice contrast to the crisp delicate greens and makes such a filling meal.

  19. Happy birthday, Jacob! And congrats to the parents for making it through this first monumental year of parenthood!!! I was wondering what you’d be doing to celebrate today, and I think skirt steak paired with arugula and blue cheese is definitely festive. Cheers to the whole family!

  20. Jacob is so stinkin’ cute! Almost makes me want one of my own. I said almost!

    Thanks for posting a great vinaigrette recipe. Whenever I make my own, they’re just not up to par. And thanks for the excuse to pick the last of the cherry tomatoes from the vine (instead of just giving them to the gophers as an early fall gift).

    Thanks for being great, Deb :)

  21. Wow – I can’t believe it’s been a year! I used to click over hungrily just for your gorgeous recipes, but now I click over knowing I’ll also be satiated by the sight of your gorgeous baby (not as gorgeous as my own two, mind you, but a close third for sure). Happy Birthday Jacob – don’t let anyone steal that precious sock monkey from you!

  22. Pam P

    Happy Birthday Jacob! Tell your mama we are so grateful that she shares you with us. We love her wit and humor, we adore her recipes, and we would stick around for the food pictures alone, but she added you to mix a year ago and the smitten became the bestest place on earth! You liven up the place like nothing else could. Have a fabulous birthday! Much love to you, the cutest baby ever (remember we are not to tell my incredibly cute nephew that I said that. it’s our secret, ok? It’s just that he is 4 now and still very, very cute, but no longer a year old like you are and he never had your hair!), and to all of your family! Can’t wait to see your cake.

  23. Sarah

    Happy Birthday Jacob! And I’m with you Deb, when our little one turns 1 in February we are getting a babysitter and going out on the town to celebrate keeping her alive!

    Quick question on your vinaigrette: what kind of wine vinegar, red, white, champagne, etc.?

  24. We used to open a bottle of bubbly for us to celebrate and make a cake for them and yes they could jump right in if they wanted. What a lovely age. It is amazing our kids survive fence posts and swing chain and all those things in between too gross to mention.

  25. The cuteness of the boy and the tastiness of the recipe are foregone conclusions. What I want to say is: that’s the most adorable salad platter I have ever seen! I covet a look-alike and will be searching for it.

  26. Have mercy on my ever living soul, is he cute. I think I have his female (slightly older) counterpart here. They would make quite and angry, sleepless couple at some point! She is 2.5 and wakes us up, yelling every day around 4 am. For her ladyship, that is sleeping in late. Sigh.

    I will be making this for dinner tonight. Mr. Smith loves, loves, loves steak and blue cheese. I will be serving it with some lovely homemade french bread that is rising now!


  27. I love skirt steak salad with bleu cheese but I never think to make it myself, only order it in restaurants, so thanks for posting to make me realize I can do this at home too. And happy birthday to Jacob! I made your Perfect Birthday Cake last month for my twins’ first birthday, and I’ve been waiting to see what you were going to bake for Jacob. Maybe I should make my little ones some steak…

  28. What a beautiful child you have! And I love that you’ll be able to tell him about “when he first tried steak.” (My parents love to tell me about when I first ate ice cream.)

    And the salad looks delish too.

  29. Eliza

    Cocktails and Cake are typical for first and second birthdays in our house. Congrats on surviving a year of insane cuteness. I wish you all many more!

  30. Allison

    I am not the kind of person who writes comments/ makes comments, but I have to say this for my sanity because I am bursting at the seams and cannot take it anymore,…”ommmmmmgggggg your-baby-is-the-cutest-baby-in-the-whole-freaking-world-i-adore-him.” I’m not sure what the exact chemistry of it was, but your baby boy is seriously one of the most adorable children on earth. Right up there with cherub angels. I’m sure he’ll only grow cuter with age! Happy 1rst Birthday Jacob!

  31. Lynn in Tucson

    Knife? Check. Cutting board? Check. Skirt steak? Check. Side of bleu cheese? Check. That photo could have been taken in my kitchen!

    Happy birthday, little one!

  32. Everything I see on this blog makes me thankful that there’s actually something worthwhile to read on the internet. Thank you.
    I tried (and fell in love with) your southwestern brisket last fall, and this new steak recipe may be the 2nd steak thing I cook. Ever.

    I have a request — I’m a student and I’m always looking for more spectacular crock pot recipes. Now that the weather’s finally turning its back on us again, would you be willing to find another one that you love?

  33. m

    Yum! I just had a skirt steak salad recently that I LOVED. It was perfect because I love steak, but not the overall heaviness that comes with a steak meal, but like you said, steak doesn’t have to be heavy! Yay for steak salad!!

  34. e

    So glad that the youngster loves his sock monkey… no need to resort to thievery now. Congratulations on surviving the first year, Mom and Dad!

    One question, and probably a ‘duh’ one at that: When you say “halved crosswise”, what do you mean? Are you cutting it through the middle, horizontally?

  35. Julia

    Wow, it goes without saying that time REALLY goes by fast; it seems all so recent that Jacob came into this world a little munchkin. And he still is, just with more curls (and monkeys!). Happy birthday to him!

  36. Those baby pictures are so cute!

    Whenever we have steak I always save some of my piece so that I can have a steak, blue cheese, and tomato salad the next day. Your vinaigrette recipe sounds delicious, I have a goal of making more of my own salad dressings.


  37. misseesippee

    Happy Birthday Jacob! Congrats Deb for making it a year!
    (BTW, I knew you’d give in and buy him a sock monkey.)
    Love, love, love skirt steak. I can’t wait to try it!

    1. deb

      misseeesippee — It was handmade! A gift from the friend who’s daughter had the sock monkey he tried to steal in the first place. :)

      e — Good point. The idea is to cut across the grain, and to get it small enough that you could fit it in a skillet or manage it easily on a grill.

      The platter — Ugh, I can’t find it online anywhere anymore. When Martha first started her line with Macy’s, it was part of it. Like $17 (I have a compulsion where I tell people what things cost) and it’s pretty dinky (lightweight) but definitely cute. Shaped like a leaf.

      Sarah — I use a lot of red and white wine vinegar. I might splurge (a little, I’m still generally cheap) on something I’m using for salad dressings because I want a milder flavor. Some of the cheaper brands are so acidic, even a tablespoon tastes too aggressive. In general, I find white wine vinegars more mild, and champagne vinegars even more so.

  38. Jen

    We have been making similar such adaptations recently on a “steak cobb” but we have served it with a creamy ranch dressing and some sliced avocado and hard boiled egg (the more traditional route than your take, I suppose). It was very tasty and a great way to use up our 1/6 of a cow that is hibernating in our deep freeze–already butchered, not actually a 1/6 of a cow!

  39. This is bringing back all kinds of memories for me, as it’s a similar recipe to the last thing I cooked, waaaaay back on July 19 of this year (gosh, where has the time gone?) — Flank Steak Salad with Roasted Shallots and Goat Cheese. There is just something so decadent and delectable about a perfectly cooked steak tossed together with tangy, melty cheese and the greens of your choice. Love it!

  40. Lexa

    I love all of your recipes and all your pictures, but especially today! That steak looks so juicy and delicious, I’m drooling just looking at it!

  41. This looks absolutely delicious. I don’t eat much meat – but this recipe has me thinkin’….My poor, deprived carnivorous husband and son will kiss your virtual feet when this makes it to the dinner table.

  42. Megan

    Thanks for sharing! We have a restaurant in Milwaukee that serves a similar salad but with an asian vinaigrette and pickled red onions – its amazing!

  43. Rhonda

    Happy birthday to the little monkey. He is so drool worthy but you never take those pictures! Ah, steak salad one of my top dishes, you just can’t get it wrong. Well except for icky dressing. Catalina is one of those dressings that sounds good but just doesn’t make it taste-wise. Your mustard sounds yummy though with either red or white wine-comparison time.

  44. Rose

    Happy Birthday to Jacob! And congratulations to Mom and Dad for a wonderful first year! Here’s a toast! I love a good steak salad, and this looks beyond good. I’ve never made one myself, but this might give me the incentive to do so. AND I checked out the Real Men of Genius 12 thousand calorie Taco Salad Inventor video. Hilarious!

  45. Brenda

    Happy 1st birthday Jacob! Thanks Deb, for sharing him with us. He is absolutely beautiful and delicious. And the steak looks that way too.

  46. Sharilyn Unthank

    Salad looks and sounds absolutely delish as are all of your recipes and I agree with the others, I used to come to your site for the recipes but now am not sure which is my favorite part…pictures of that cute little boy and watching him grow up so fast or the ever yummy recipes!! Hope the New York tornadoes did not affect you or your birthday plans!

  47. HUGE HIT! The dressing, the dressing, the dressing. I want to take a bath in it!

    I used gorgonzola instead of blue cheese. We will definitely be adding this to our frequently made list.

  48. Well, I won’t be partaking in the steak, but happy birthday to Jacob. That’s too funny that he liked it – you may have a true American in the making. Hubby gave our 12 month old a piece of his at a restuarant, she chewed it around for a bit, then spit it out…to dada’s dismay and vegetarian mama’s pleasure. :)

  49. Happy First Birthday Jacob! Thank you Deb, for sharing your precious son with us. I have been an avid reader of your blog long before Jacob arrived. I refer to your recipes on a regular basis and if I ever want something to smile about, I just look at one of your photos of your beautiful son. It gets me dreaming of grandchildren!
    The skirt steak salad looks divine. I can’t wait for the birthday cake and hopefully some pictures.

  50. One of my favorite salads is a maple and blue cheese number topped with maple-glazed steak. Something about steak on salad makes my skirt fly up. I like the addition of the arugula here with a side of Jacob. Those curls are to die for.

    Happy birthday, Jacob!

  51. Wow, that’s a beautifully appetizing photo. Makes this wishy-washy vegetarian want steak. Just a note: I think you’re missing a word in the third paragraph. “especially when paired [with] pretty cherry tomatoes”
    Looking forward to cake!

  52. My mouth literally dropped open at that first picture – it looks so delicious. This recipe seems like a good way to finally say goodbye to summer produce (those tasty orange cherry tomatoes) while also having something meaty and filling for fall with the steak. I know what I’m having later this week.

    Happy birthday to your little one! It really doesn’t seem like it has been a year since we first read about his cinnamon swirl hair. :)

  53. pam

    the salad looks delicious, but not quite as delicious as that precious baby of yours. thanks for sharing him with us this past year…he is absolutely adorable!

  54. Ebeth

    Deb, our babies were born within two hours of each other. I am up late, putting the finishing touches on birthday cake for the party we’re throwing tomorrow. The cake looks a mess, but after the baby gets into it, no one will be able to tell the difference anyway. (Besides, we have a strict “shut yer eyes, and quit yer bitchin'” policy regarding baked goods in this house.)

    That salad looks fantastic. My husband doesn’t eat red meat, but I may have to make this for myself anyway.

  55. ATL Cook

    I’ve been searing London Broil extra rare and slicing on the bias to top salads. Still in the mid 90s — salad weather.

    My DS had a head of hair like that; still does at 40.

  56. Being a somewhat reluctant meat (maybe that’s too strong, I mean I like meat, just not, you know, more than vegetables) eater myself, putting it in a salad is my idea of great – thanks for the reminder.

  57. linda

    deb, you have treated us to a funny, cute, sweet & just adorable year of jacob…thanks for sharing. happy first jacob!

    a new birthday cake recipe in the works…i’m in!
    turned your best yellow layer cake (with your instant fudge frosting & topped with confetti sprinkles) into cupcakes & served to the delight of 5 little boys after dinner last nite.

  58. My youngest is 12 and looking at the photos of the unwrapping brings back lovely memories – but they seem 112 years away. Enjoy every minute. Have a large amount of the most fantastic stilton to use up so this was great timing.

  59. Nima

    I am a looooong time lurker. But I love your blog, style of cooking, and have included so many recipes from this blog in my usual mix. When you had a baby around the same time as me (my little guy just had his 1st birthday), it was so exciting since I just had mine. And then I saw the sock monkey. My little guy’s favorite favorite favorite snuggly toy is his green sock monkey-for naps, bedtime, and general dragging around.

    I remember when I first had the baby and felt there was no time for enjoying cooking, but your blog has continually been an inspiration!

    What year, eh? congrats to you and your family! from a cooking, working kindred spirit mother of a one year old boy with a sock monkey in cambridge, ma.

  60. Kim in MD

    Has it really been a whole year since that cinnamon swirled hair gorgeous baby was born? He is just the most beautiful baby ever! Happy 1st Birthday, Jacob!

    This salad looks incredible. My husband will love this!

  61. NicM

    The salad looked fantastic and then a mention of my favorite commercial too? “I don’t see no lettuce…” Happy birthday, little heartbreaker!

  62. Happy First birthday Jacob. Today you are a man!! (well today you ate steak). I think that skirt steak is such an underrated piece of meat. It deserves more attention as it is so flavourful. Thanks for highlighting it.

  63. hmmmm! this looks very delicious!
    is baby arugula the same as baby spinach? i’m not sure if we have the former where i live. maybe i’ll try spinach or rocket if i can’t get arugula. thanks for the recipe!

  64. Jean Marie

    Steak salad is good but what I really want is a piece of birthday cake and a sock monkey of my own. Is there anything cuter than a little guy in overalls?

  65. paulette

    One of my favorite salads to order when dining out–I have no knack for
    cooking steak.
    But I always have to order dressing on the side–I abhor an overdressed salad.
    Sock monkeys rule.

  66. No matter how many sure-fire dressing recipes I have or even love just the splash of vinegar and wine, I’m always looking for another dressing recipe. Why is that? I love that you tinkered with this one and I will add it in for lunch ‘cept I have leftover steak – we’ll see. Deb, (I know I’m new but hope we’ve moved past Miss Smitten), I check every few days for your new posts. Thank you for always engaging.

  67. I never comment, though I read your blog religiously and make your recipes often. But I had to tell you how thrilled I am that you call them zerberts too! I thought it was just our family! Happy birthday to an adorable little man, and make sure to give him an extra zerbert from a Mommy who does the same with her 2 boys!

  68. Docrock

    Jessie – rocket and arugula are different names for the same thing.

    My parents have pictures or at least memories of giving us juicy steak for our first birthdays and watching the juices run down our chins. I think it is a great tradition!

    Happy Birthday to Jacob and Happy New Year to all of you.

  69. I made this tonight – although I used sirloin not skirt as I can’t get it in Dubai. The balance of all the flavours was delicious. I really like the mustardy dressings with the stilton and steak.

  70. Jennifer

    Zerberts! I still zerbert my cousins, when I can sneak them in. They’re 21. But I’m sure your little baby’s belly is much more fun :)
    And Sock Monkey!!

  71. I used to work at a restaurant that served a salad similar to this. It had avocado on it and a mustard-tarragon dressing. I ate it all the time (only because I had friends in the kitchen who would make it for me for free).

    If you like tarragon, I would add it to the dressing.

  72. Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

    I can’t believe I actually have all the ingredients for this in my house. I am having this for dinner tonight, while I care for other people’s infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. The babies and I will be sure to say a little toast (with breast milk or formula, or IV fluids) to little Jacob! Congratulations on his first year and thinking he has so much to look forward to as one of the best fed babies in the world!

  73. Sandy

    I hope Jacob’s birthday cake is the chocolate layer with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache that you posted a while back… I made it for my daughter’s second birthday 2 months ago, and I cannot stop thinking about it!!

  74. Alldeb

    Happy Birthday big guy! Deb, watch your calendar as before you know it, he will be 15 like my son! I can’t believe it and neither will you. He is so adorable, no matter my mood, I log on to just smile at his gorgeous face. Was there a cake?

  75. David Walker

    We made this tonight for dinner. It was a big hit and we’ll probably make it again. We had fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden that were very good. The recipe couldn’t have been easier. We have a vegetarian boarder and we substituted grilled portabello mushrooms to good effect. Thanks for a great dinner!

  76. Oh, heck, I’ve got skirt steak, tomatoes and arugula in the fridge. I’ll be getting thee to a grocery tomorrow for a little Maytag blue! Heck, yeah…

    A very happy birthday to the Cutest Baby Ever. (I’ve got three. I don’t say that lightly.)

  77. Ashleigh

    your son is so adorable!! and yay for sock monkeys!
    we always keep heaps of extra skirt steaks in the freezer so I’ll have to try this tonight ;)

  78. How funny – I posted a flank steak recipe last week over salad that is one of our family’s favorites! Is skirt steak and flank steak the same thing? We love flank steak because of how well it marinates and how tender it is after it is bbq’d. I can’t wait to try your dressing recipe as I have never had luck with them. And I so admire your food photography~
    Have a fabulous Sunday and by the way, when did your newborn become a one year old?!?

  79. JanetP

    Happy first birthday, darlin’! And congratulations to you and hubby for making it through the year, humor and sanity intact!

    I had lamb kebab on top of Greek salad last night for my own birthday. Pretty good (well, the lamb was overcooked) — I love that kind of combo.

  80. barG

    Great recipe. And in this order Happy Anniversary and Happy First Birthday to
    Jacob Henry. Congratulations. Love his expression last pic holding his sock monkey. Look forward to your recipes and JH updates.

  81. I can’t believe he’s already a year old!!! Crazy! He’s adorable :) :) And now I know exactly what I want for dinner. This looks out of this world incredible!

  82. shev

    Happy Birthday, Jacob! And Happy Birthing Day, Deb! Mazal Tov on bringing this beautiful boy into the world!

    (and thanks for that ad – OMG I am laughing so loud :)

  83. Happy belated birthday to little Jacob! My little newphew turned one the very same day as Jacob so I will always remember Jacob’s birthday! Wonderful job you guys have been doing raising Jacob! He is such a sweetheart! My newphew, Lucas, wants to eat everything that we do! He is such a glutton he only takes formula milk when being fed with a spoon from a bowl! That way he thinks he is eating more FOOD and not just plain old milk. Oh that kid is so spoilt and loved by the family!

  84. Have Mercy.

    Made this for dinner tonight, with the recommended worcestire + dijon in the dressing. The platter, my dear, was absolutely wiped clean.

    Good heavens, this is good.

  85. laurie

    Happy Birthday to Jacob and Shanah Tovah to your family. Do you have any special dishes that you make for the break-the-fast? If so, please share!

  86. I was planning a dish nearly identical to this for dinner this week, the only difference being that my recipe did not include blue cheese.

    I’m going to pick up some blue cheese tonight!

    Happy birthday to the Blogosphere’s cutest one year old!!

  87. I made it – slightly altered with ingredients at my fingertips. I think the worcestershire sauce adds a brilliant kick to the dressing and, as charged, heightens the beef flavor. My 16 year-old daughter approved without an eye roll or a pick at the plate.
    I confess I must have become a sick blogger or stalker, but yesterday at Target with my son I saw a sock monkey jack-in-box and flashed a thought to SK – like you and I are lifelong friends. The toy was so cute I almost bought it but then I imagined the eye rolls. Ah to have a baby without opinion…

    1. deb

      Sherri — That sounds so cute.

      I mentioned earlier, but the sock monkey is homemade — a gift! I think that’s the best kind of sock monkey, old-school. :)

  88. Jessica

    I have a weird aversion to arugula (sinful I know) – do you think this would work over any more “normal” lettuces? Butter? Romaine? Red leaf?

  89. Julie

    Made this last night and it was fabulous! Apparently, nine- and seven-year-old boys love it, too. Delicious vinaigrette..I think I might be adding Worcestershire to all dressings from now on.

  90. My boyfriend and I made this last night, and it was SO delicious. I loved the vinaigrette – added extra worchestershire and mustard – and sauteed some onions and shallots to add to the salad for a perfect, beautiful meal. Thanks!

  91. There’s a rancher at our neighborhood farmers’ market who raises yak, elk, and buffalo along with his cattle (though presumably at a polite distance), all grass-fed and free of chemical tinkering. Your recipe inspired me finally to take a walk on the gamy side — he was out of elk skirt steak, but a sirloin tip worked out well, rich enough to stand up to a pungent blue cheese. Delicious, and the perfect transitional meal as summer tips over to fall. Thanks!

  92. tinytim

    ok…this was the main course for my big super nice date tonight. Yum! I marinated the steak, though, in some peppercorn marinade before throwing it on the grill…8 minutes on one side, 8 on the other for perfect medium with a touch of pink inside. Everything else was done to recipe and it was perfection. My date even took a picture of the big meal and sent it to her friend….yah baahhhhby! Delish!!! I do believe we are getting serious now!

  93. Liz

    I know I’m so late to the party that you probably won’t even have the chance to read this but I had to tell you how much I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this recipe. And I wanted to tell you about a modification I made – I live in England where, after a wet summer, our tomatoes are peely-wally to say the least. So, I roasted them at a low temperature with some s+p, a sprinkle of olive oil and a couple of unpeeled cloves of garlic. I made a vinaigrette with Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar and after I’d sprinkled the roasted tomato over the rocket I deglazed the roasting pan with the vinaigrette and smooshed the roasted garlic into it. Yeah, baby. It’s turned VERY chilly here over the last week, and this lent this beautiful salad an autumnal air that went down VERY well with a nice, full-bodied red wine. YUM. Thank you so much.

  94. Isabelle

    This was delicious and quite easy. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, when I went to grab my cast iron skillet it had some rust in it so that was a whole other project, but worth it! Guess I will have to reconsider skirt steak after this turned out so well.

  95. umm, con el hambre que tengo. acabo de ver esta ensalada y perfecta para esta noche ;). he puesto un post en mi blog y el enlace que enlaza a tu blog ;).
    inglés es mi asignatura pendiente, espero que el traductor sea mas o menos correcto. me encanta tu blog, haces unas cosas buenísimas, enhorabuena ;)


    umm, with the hunger that I have. I just saw this salad, perfect for tonight. I put a post on my blog and the link that links to your blog ;).
    pending English is my hope that the translator is more or less correct. I love your blog, do some great things, congratulations ;)

  96. Laura

    Hi Deb, I got a hankering for this salad that I had remembered seeing here…I made it and used your suggested dressing–So delicious! We were gasping in wonder throughout dinner. I sauteed a chopped up delicata squash in brown butter as a side ( TRY IT!) Then I made the connection that you served it on the eve of your beautiful boy’s first b-day, and we were having it on the eve of our daughter’s first b-day, too! Its a suitable reward for a years’ worth of lost sleep, right? Many thanks to you.

  97. michelle

    Great description about chain link fences. What is it about the bottoms of shoes and metal handrails (or anything else really) that requires a taste. Def. making this for dinner tonight. On another note, ever thought about doing a once a month/quarter (whatever) moms and babies who love food get together? It would certainly be the best tasting chaos around!

  98. Kayla

    I know you already think this because you’re the momma BUT you may have the worlds most adorable child. Someday when I decide to bear a child I hope they are half as darling as yours is.

  99. I’ve been reading your site for .. well, a couple years now if not more and chime in when I see fit, but am always impressed with your concoctions and photography (LOVE the monkey cake, by the way … I am a huge believer in home made birthday cakes … I ask for color, flavor, and animal and go from there …) ANYWAY :: my question is about steak. I cannot ever seem to cook a steak properly. It’s either not cooked enough or over cooked, rubbery or tough respectively… I have tried high heat, low heat, grill, cast iron, you name it – I’ve tried way-too-expensive meat and maybe-not-expensive-enough meat and everything in between – is there a secret to cooking the perfect steak or am I doomed to fail ?

  100. Shiveta

    Made this for dinner tonight, and it was perfection – first time using arugula for anything, ditto for skirt steak. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  101. Love the look of this healthy food. Will keep this on tumblr to refer back to as a reference. It’s colourful, healthy and I am sure is delicious. Thankyou.

  102. Kristin

    This was a delicious salad. I especially liked the how the bleu cheese offset the tanginess of the dressing.

    I did think, though, that a marinade on the meat would have been nice. Any recommendations?

  103. Lisa

    Deb, ran across this one today, as I and making your roasted tomato with grilled cheddar soup. Coincidentally, I bought skirt steak at the market today, with another recipe in mind, but now we are having this tomorrow. I love, love, love your recipes, your writing, your pictures. I only found you a few months ago, but I have already made several of your recipes. I’ve done the Zuni Cafe roast chicken and bread salad twice, the zucchini fritters, tomato salad with crushed croutons, and the corn, buttermilk and chive popovers. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful addition to my world!

  104. Zana

    Please, share the recipe for Cute-Little-Boy like this! :)))

    I’m discover your blog a long time ago, when my friend send me a link with request for NY Cheesecake, which is really special, and outshines from the sea of NYCC cakes.
    You have very edible pics, what camera type you use?

    Best regrads,

  105. Sarah C.

    This salad has long been a favorite in our house. The flavors of peppery arugula, steak and blue cheese just go together so well. This past weekend we decided to go a little crazy and put it onto a pizza. I must say it translated quite well! Besides, why eat something so healthy when you can add a little extra cheese and bread?!

  106. Virginia

    This was so simple but SO delicious. We just added a little more vinegar and honey to the dressing. I guess this makes the meal a little less healthy but we also popped some trader joe’s baked onion rings into the oven to eat on the side :) Thanks Deb- this is going to become a new go-to recipe!

  107. carol

    Had this for dinner tonight. It was enjoyed by all. It was delicious and felt almost a diet dish if you are careful how much dressing and cheese you use. Thanks for a great recipe!

  108. stephanie

    deb, i just discovered the mustard vinaigrette from your cookbook and i’ve already made it three times and also decided i must also have arugula in the fridge 24/7. friday night we couldn’t decide what to have for dinner (i do meal plan but come the weekend i can’t be bothered) and i had a big pile of The Salad alongside a little pile of soft scrambled eggs, with some parmesan shavings and croutons in the salad because they were in my apartment. and the girl was happy.

    i made extra dressing and stuck it in the fridge, but whenever i put olive oil based things in there, they turn into a solid block. not frozen, just solid. is this normal? what is the best way to un-solidify it? i see all the time people make their own dressing and keep it in a cruet in the fridge, so what gives?

    anyway, putting this steak recipe on the rotating menu so i can have more excuses to make more mustard-y dressings and eat more arugula piles. thank you! (love the “weeknight dinner” category!)

  109. deb

    stephanie — Some olive oils solidify in the fridge; there’s nothing wrong or bad about it and it will loosen once it warms up a little. Hope that helps.

    Btw, here’s some more of the “science” on it I pulled from a forum that doesn’t have the original source:

    Fats and oils are made of a combination of three kinds of fatty acids: saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. If there are enough saturated fatty acids, the fat is solid at room temperature or colder; heated, it usually melts. If a monounsaturated (single) fatty acid dominates, the fat is a liquid or an oil at room temperature or warmer, but it will partially solidify when it is chilled. When polyunsaturated (two) fatty acids dominate, the fat is a liquid and inclined to stay so even when it is chilled, because it has a more mobile molecular structure.

  110. stephanie

    thank you deb!

    i pulled it from the fridge and it actually did loosen up fairly quickly on the counter, even in my freezing kitchen (no radiator in that room) in boston in february. :) although…it was damn near 70 degrees outside yesterday. (WHAT. EVEN.)

  111. Miranda

    I feel dumb for asking this, but do you think it’s possible to deliver this meal to a friend who is recuperating? As in, could I package the steak, the salad, and the dressing separately… Would it be awful, not eaten immediately?

    1. deb

      Not everyone is bothered by lukewarm or room temperature steak. I am sure a friend who cannot cook for him/herself would be happy for any delivered meal. I’d pack everything separately. You’re a nice friend!

  112. aislinnrebecca

    This was totally delicious and (temporarily) fulfilled one of my biggest pregnancy cravings for steak! We served it with grilled red onions on top and oven fries on the side, as Deb’s instagram suggested a couple months ago. I will definitely make this again for an easy company lunch! Bonus: it went from grocery bag to table in 30 minutes–a lot better than my other major pregnancy craving for homemade lasagna!

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template.

  113. Tatiana

    Made this for our dinner today (Labor Day) and Dear Husband practically inhaled this. We both loved it. I liked it because as slow as I am in the kitchen I was still able to get this to the table in under an hour even with the addition of roasted sweet corn. Winner, winner! Thanks again for another great dinner recipe.

  114. Neel

    This was really tasty and EASY/QUICK TO PREPARE. I skipped the vinaigrette recipe and used some store-bought balsamic vinaigrette and it was perfect…the salad was actually even perfect without any dressing! I used minced red onion as a garnish and it was very tasty.

  115. Sophie Lafferty

    So delicious!! Every component in this salad perfectly complemented each other, and the whole thing came together in 30 minutes, including making the dressing.

  116. Jennifer

    This was delicious!! Cooked the skirt steak in the cast iron skillet. The whole thing came together super fast. Easy and satisfying weeknight dinner!

  117. John

    This salad *always* under-promises and over-delivers. So unassuming and easy to pull together, so much wow when you bite into it. Thank you again Deb

  118. Mary Inchauste

    This recipe was delicious! Easy & fast! Selected this recipe after purchasing some nice skirt steak, and made the recipe as written with the delicious dressing! Due to downpour, we elected to make it inside, using my cast iron grill pan, heated up to very hot in the oven. Seared it on both sides, then let it rest before slicing. I apologize to Deb for not trying it before. I’ve tried so many SK recipes & loved every one! How did I miss this one before now?

  119. Janet

    This was a good light meal. The blue cheese and steak is a great combination. I followed Deb’s timing instructions – 5 minutes on one side, 3 on the other. Next time I will do a tad more, as the steak was rare rather than medium rare. I also made the mistake of using balsamic and found the dressing very sweet as a result! I served this with tiny roast potatoes. My MIL pretty much thinks I’m a genius cook but most of the things I make are just me following SK directions!

  120. Carol F.

    I made this tonight exactly as written with the addition of some English cucumber. While skirt steak is not typically a cut of meat I like, it was on sale at Whole Foods so I bought it and grilled it for this salad. An easy super delicious Friday night dinner served with challah and strawberries. I will make this again.

  121. Connie O’Brien

    Sorry….this is probably not where this comment belongs. Don’t know how else to communicate. I continue to look for good “hand held” appetizers (translation: To keep some distance with Covid) for parties. In other words, no one else has to touch a spoon, etc. you touch it, you take it! Could you gather your recipes in a file!!

  122. I am going to make this tonight for dinner because…it sounds scrumptious. But what began to draw me into this recipe was your, absolutely, amazingly darling and hilarious prose at the beginning, which made me laugh out loud. Perfection.
    I so enjoy your blog and the wonderful recipes that you share with us all. Thank you.