chocolate olive oil cake

Two weeks from today, my second cookbook, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant & Unfussy New Favorites will be leaving warehouses* to reach bookstores or perhaps your front door (if you’ve preordered the book) and I cannot believe it’s so close now. Last month, I shared the trailer for the book and told you all about the book tour that begins the day the book comes out and I promised additional cities would be added. Today is the day! The book tour page — see it in full right here, or click on the image below — now includes Minneapolis, Atlanta, Montreal, Kansas City, Denver, Boulder, Tulsa, Maplewood NJ and an additional book signing in New York City, in addition to the events already planned in Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles.

The book launch will be right here in New York City two weeks from tonight at Barnes & Noble Union Square. Amanda Hesser of Food52, New York Times, and James Beard Award-winning fame and I will chat, and a book signing will follow. Prepare to spot all sorts of Smitten Kitchen Family Members, eager to share stories about what a terrible cook I was as a kid.

Will you come say hi? I hope you do. I hope we get to hang out.

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Finally, just a tiny update: The 92Y event with David Lebovitz had been listed as sold out but they moved it to a bigger room and now it is not. (Yay.)

* If you follow @smittenkitchen Instagram Stories, you might know I flew down to Maryland to personally visit them in their temporary home a week and a half ago.

Now, about that Chocolate Olive Oil Cake.

chocolate olive oil cake

A year or so ago, I got really obsessed with the idea of making a chocolate olive oil cake for fall. Why is it a fall and not a spring or summer cake? I cannot answer this. I can only tell you that I made one I’d read a lot about but ended up underwhelmed. I’ve been asked before what I do when I bake something that comes out all wrong and I think it’s important that I eradicate any thread of an esteemed opinion you might have left for me with this: I have a tantrum. I stomp out of the kitchen in a huff, or at least the mental equivalent of it, and I’m crabby and cranky and resent the recipe that should have been better and the loss of time I could have been doing anything else. (Like cleaning out my closet!) (Let’s pretend I wouldn’t make 100 other cakes before getting around to it.) When I get past that, I rarely take another stab at it again the next day; we need some space. It’s usually “later,” i.e. whenever the craving strikes again or I think I have a fresh way to go about it. This time it took a year and it was a little of both.

more cocoa than is traditionalalmost one-bowlchocolate olive oil cakepoof!

The craving arrived because it was fall, which again, I cannot explain but it might have something to do with the subtle, earthier quality olive oil imparts in chocolate, especially when flecked with sea salt. It feels fall-ish, even if the weather outside is defiantly summer-ish. Separately, someone told me about his family’s go-to chocolate cake that’s made for every birthday that’s plush and perfect and never fails. The recipe had the title Wacky Cake on it. I had never heard of a wacky cake. It turns out I’m among the few.

tall, plush, vegan chocolate cakeready to meltpouring the glaze onchocolate olive oil glaze

Wacky Cake — a.k.a. “Cockeyed Cake,” if you’re a Peg Bracken fan, which really, who is not, or Depression Cake — is a single-layer chocolate cake that’s has 7 ingredients, all of which are in your kitchen right now, and takes 5 minutes to put together. Some versions are even mixed in the baking pan. I am completely burying the lede here, but it’s also vegan, as in, butter and milk-free and — this is the crazy part — egg-free as well, no flax eggs or canned bean liquid required. The chocolate glaze here is not traditional, but I couldn’t resist; it too is vegan if you use dairy-free chocolate chips.

Typically, it’s fairly thin and the proportion of cocoa powder to flour is relatively low; it yields a brown cake, but not one chocolaty enough to please the likes of me. I increased the proportions of the cake to make it taller and tweaked the cocoa to be more dominant and ended up with a nearly pitch-black cake. Typically, any oil is used but I found in this cake the perfect chance to realize my chocolate olive oil cake dreams in a cake I think we should all stop what we are doing and make right now. Because if there are people out there whose Tuesdays are not improved by a thick slice of perfect chocolate cake, well, I haven’t met any.

chocolate olive oil cake

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

  • Servings: 8 to 12
  • Print

The cake base is vegan and makes for an excellent layer cake. The glaze is vegan if you use dairy-free chocolate chips. I made it with water, not coffee, and can promise you it’s still full of flavor. With coffee, I’d probably be in heaven.

  • 1 1/2 cups (195 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup (60 grams) unsweetened cocoa, any variety, sifted if lumpy
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 3/4 cup (150 grams) granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup (145 grams) dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cups (355 ml) water or coffee
  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • Glaze
  • 3/4 cup (135 grams) semisweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons (10 grams) cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons (45 ml) olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon (20 grams) light corn syrup (for shine)
  • A pinch or two of flaky sea salt

Make cake: Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line the bottom of 9-inch round cake pan with a fitted round of parchment paper and coat the bottoms and sides with nonstick cooking spray.

Whisk together flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt and granulated sugar in the bottom of a large mixing bowl. Add brown sugar and olive oil, and whisk to combine. Add water and vinegar and whisk until smooth.

Pour into prepared pan. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until the top is springy and a tester inserted in the center comes out with just a few sticky crumbs (but not wet or loose batter). Cool the cake in the pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes, then cut around it with a knife to ensure it is loosened and flip it out onto a cooling rack to cool the rest of the way.

Make glaze: Combine chocolate, cocoa powder, olive oil, corn syrup, and salt in a medium bowl and microwave to melt, in 15 to 30 second increments, stirring between each until just melted. Whisk until smooth. Pour over completely cooled cake and use spatula to gently nudge it down the sides.

Cake keeps: At room temperature for 2 to 3 days and up to a week in the fridge. On day 4 in the fridge, ours was as moist as day one, basically a miracle.

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950 comments on chocolate olive oil cake

    1. Kit

      Delicious! I thought I ran out of AP flour while I was measuring it out, so I added about 25% rye flour. I think the cake is a little bit gummier than it would be with all AP, so I wouldn’t do it again unless I was in a pinch. And I did end up finding more flour when it was in the oven, so my substitution wasn’t even necessary. Still tastes great! I also sprinkled a bit of flaky salt across the top after glazing it.

  1. Lisa C

    You are going to be in Houston (where I live) on my birthday! I told my husband that I want to come see you as a part of my birthday-date with him! Deb, a new cook book, and then a yummy dinner someone else cooks for me?! Happy Birthday to ME! :)

    1. Maggie

      Deb is the birthday queen! I will see her in Austin the day after my birthday! Happy birthday Lisa, fellow Scorpio and Smitten Kitchen lover! :)

      1. Tracy

        I see a lot of comments on falling cakes.
        You need different pans. The standard cake pan depth is often too shallow to accommodate most batter recipes. The Fat Daddio pans are really the best baking pans and are inexpensive—featuring much larger depth. To improve baking, check out pastry chef sites for professional baking tips to up your baking game.

        I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow. Another great tip is to add powdered milk to cake and cookie recipes.

  2. This cake is super simple and delicious! There is somthing about the olive oil that makes this recipe stand out. I am definitely going to start using olive oil in more of my recipes. This is a keeper! Can’t wait to get your latest book :)

  3. Oh this is going straight to the top of my to-cook queue! I do wonder, but can’t imagine you haven’t heard tons about it…have you ever made the Maialino olive oil cake recipe? A different structure and direction with orange and milk and eggs, but this makes me want to fiddle and swap in some cocoa powder there to get all of the above.

  4. karen

    Thank you so much for admitting that even you have recipe difficulties and your reaction is not always mature. I moved recently and my oven and I do not get along at all. Burnt on the outside and raw on the inside pumpkin bread is not edible. So I had a 15 minute rant about how I hate my oven and basically acted like a two year old. Your blog made me laugh and brightened up my mood. So I hope you have a wonderful day and remember you made someone else’s attitude much improved.

    1. Abesha1

      I have recently stated to my husband that if I’d learned to cook on the stove I’m using right now, I’d think I was a terrible cook!
      I have a whole new level of respect for people cooking on less than *perfect* stoves… otherwise known to most of the world as, a typical day.

  5. Margaret

    Cake looks amazing. Can we please talk about those cookies on the book tour dates — are they really the kind that they sell in packages with jelly in the middle and is it as much of a messy project as I am imagining?

    1. deb

      I actually *only want to talk about those cookies.* 1. They’re the kind they sell. 2. They are bonkers easy to make at home and taste 1000x better. 3. They’re one of the recipes I’m the most excited about. 4. It’s not that much of a mess, promise. 5. I’m not actually sure why I’m numbering this. ;)

      1. libbyo28

        I made this on a whim after an insatiable need for chocolate hit. The cake is GREAT — moist and rich and such a beautiful dark color — and it absolutely scratched the chocolate itch. I didn’t, however, love the glaze, as the olive oil taste was, to me, quite powerful. I think subbing butter for olive oil (not sure if a butter substitute would work for those wishing to keep it vegan) would’ve made for the perfect glaze — just a thought for other bakers.

      2. Rosella

        The cake turned out okay. I wouldn’t have used extra virgin olive oil as the flavor was strongly pronounced. So I decided to use canola oil in the glaze . I measured every ingredient exactly,weighed the chocolate chips and yet the glaze was not pourable nor smooth but a bit grainy. I reheated in microwave in 15 to 20 second increments and it did not “pour”. Idk what went wrong 😫

        1. 1. The point of an olive oil cake is to taste the flavor of the olive oil. If you don’t want to taste it then an olive oil cake is not for you [personally I don’t like it so I’ve never made one]. 2. It sounds like your chocolate seized. To fix seized chocolate you can add a teaspoon of boiling water and whisk, adding one teaspoon at a time until it’s smooth again. Sometimes you have to add too much and it ruins it for the particular recipe but you can try to find another way to use it.

          1. Abby

            This cake is wonderful! Moist and not too sweet-perfectly chocolate-y. My boyfriend declared it the best cake I have ever made. Substituted coffee for the water and omitted the glaze and used a dusting of powdered sugar. I actually made this in a pie tin as I didn’t have a cake pan and it worked fine- took 35 mins in my oven.

        1. Sarah F.

          Hi, what type of olive oil did you use to make this? Does it need to be fancy/high quality or will any average olive oil still taste good? Also, how do you get the top of your cake flat?

  6. Nancy

    Wow, thought baking with olive oil was always a no because of it’s flavor! But question, would this work with swapping flour for gluten free blend? Thank you for all your recipes. Your recipes have often been my go-to.

      1. Helen Cave

        I have made a wacky cake recipe numerous times using gluten free flours and the results have been fine. I would imagine using GF flours in this recipe would also work well.

        1. Tori Dipple

          A bit late to the party, but never mind! I made this with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 baking flour and it turned out really great

          1. Juliann Murphy

            I can’t wait to try GF
            My husband recently celiac
            So I’m trying swapping out flours in different recipes.. sometimes successfully sometimes not!!

          2. Laura Bair

            Oldie but I think goodie! I listened to you and dropped everything and made this cake. Currently teasing me with chocolatey smells from the oven

        2. Susie Kirkwood

          I made this for my vegan parents and sisters family last Thanksgiving and I usually hate baking vegan but this O M G. It’s so delicious- thinking of doing it as a bday cake in a week, do you think it would work as a layer cake? Maybe homemade jam in the middle?

          1. Sara

            Glaze calls for cocoa powder- is this unsweetened cocoa powder used for the cake or hot chocolate powder? I used hot chocolate pwder and glaze came out grainy so I’m assuming I chose wrong. Cake is great and can’t wait to try again!

              1. Tara

                My cake is falling in the middle. Am I underbaking?! I even have the toothpick coming out just as you described! Any tips for avoiding a fallen middle? Thank you!

                1. Jane Burke

                  Mine fell too. I followed the recipe to the letter and a toothpick was clean so I’m assuming it wasn’t under baked in the middle. I wonder what went wrong.

        3. Heather Oppenheimer

          I had already baked 40 dozen various kinds of cookies and mini tarts for Sukkot and 2 upcoming bar mitzvahs. But I saw this recipe and HAD to make it immediately for our Sukkot parties starting tonight. Made it as mini cupcakes. I have always had good experiences with your recipes. and this was no different. BTW, you are right, coffee is perfect in it. Thanks!

          1. Julie

            I was looking for something chocolate for succot tonight and I am following Heather’s lead and making individual cakes of this! drooling!

    1. Hillary

      Please let us all know the results if using gluten free flour blend! I am curious. I have a son who is allergic to eggs and wheat – so would be wonderful to swap out the flour. Wonderful this cake has no eggs!

      1. tbschlaf

        Same here! I am searching for a dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free cake for my allergic son’s first birthday. Fingers crossed that this one works – it looks amazing!

        1. Crystal

          I made this, delicious. However, I recommend using the parchment paper. I tried oil and flouring the pan B/c I had no parchment, and the cake stuck fast to the bottom of the pan. I also recommend using two pans. Mine bubbled over the single cake pan.

          1. Brynn

            Same, I didn’t have parchment paper on hand so buttered heavily instead, and it still got pretty stuck on the bottom. Luckily the top still looked nice, so just went with it :)

      2. Cheri

        Made with GF flour, Pamela’s all purpose, and worked out great! And used the coffee instead of water and topped with a dollop of whipped cream instead of glaze..delish. For years I have made a vegan chocolate cake in a bundt pan and it is my kid’s favorite. That recipe did not call for olive oil or coffee and I love those two changes!

        1. I mistakenly used baking powder instead of baking soda and the cake was still fabulous. I used coffe instead of water and to the glaze I added some excellent flakey Malden salt. So yummmy!!

      3. Jessica

        How high is your 9″ pan that you used? Mine is a regular cake pan/pie dish height, but it completely overflowed. (It also took 15 minutes longer to bake than the recommended time, but it did turn out delicious!)

        1. Whitney

          Same thing happened to me! The batter was very wet, and the pan quite full, so I was worried it would overflow. It did. Luckily I put a sheet pan underneath to catch the mess. Not sure what I did wrong!

    2. Happy to report I made this with gluten free four (Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1) and it was perfect! I also used 1 cup of coffee, a half cup of water, rather than 1/5 cups of water, and that, too, worked beautifully. Thanks, Deb, for sharing this, and congratulations on birthing your new book :-)

        1. tbschlaf

          I made this with Bob’s GF flour too. I had to add about 10 minutes of baking time and even then it seemed a bit underdone, or maybe the texture was just off. Bria, was the batter quite runny when you made yours? And did you use the GF flour with the blue label? I’m pretty new to GF baking so I don’t know all of the tricks. Thank you!

          1. SB

            Even with regular (wheat) flour the batter is runny and many people commenting needed a longer cooking time (mine cooked for 40 min), so it may not even be related to your GF flour.

            1. Katherine

              I am so 2 yrs late to this party but I made mine gf and cooked it 42 min it passed the test with the cake tester and then in fell like a house of cards.. it was also delicious but it was not pretty…

              1. Rachelle Wilson

                I made this and it turned out beautiful and delicious, but I had to add 20 minutes to the bake time, so it was about 50 minutes in the oven.

    3. Kat

      There’s a nigella chocolate olive oil cake recipe that is pretty similar to this (except I think it includes egg) that uses almond meal instead of flour, and it’s delicious!

      1. Beth McLennan

        I was just coming here to ask the same thing. We just cooked this recipe as cupcakes at altitude (one mile high) and they are a gummy, raw, and sunken disaster :( I have never had a Smitten Kitchen recipe turn out like this.

        1. deb

          These might not work well as written at an altitude. I live at basically sea level so I haven’t tested these higher up, but these tips from King Arthur are solid. A cake without eggs that’s fairly “wet” will be particularly sensitive to height. I believe that in most cases, you want less sugar, less liquid, and less leavening to adjust for height but go with the experts at KA, not me in NYC.

  7. Looks fantastic and easy! Is the corn syrup in the glaze a must? I have everything but, and would love to make this to surprise my kids…kind of a “Yay it’s Tuesday and not Monday” kinda cake. Thanks!

    1. Meredith Frazier

      The link for personalized books seems to not be right. Really want to send it to my husbandas a ‘buy this for my birthday’

      1. berkeleyfarm

        Late to the game, but Rocky Road anything is mini-marshmallows and walnut chunks mixed into chocolate.

        My mom always frosted her Texas sheet cake (which tasted pretty similar to the “wacky cake”) with Rocky Road frosting. You do not want to chop the nuts fine for this.

        If you are feeding vegans you should read labels on the marshmallows. Trader Joe’s has the right kind.

      1. Dana

        I used the weights given rather than measuring, not convinced they are correct? I have a very accurate “coffee” scale but for example the 3T olive oil for the frosting turned into 5T when weighed. Same for amount of olive pile in the cake. BTW the batter was water thin, and even though I cooked it 15 minutes longer than specified it still sank in the middle. Just wondering if the weight conversions are accurate 🤷‍♀️ Tasted delicious but I ended serving it in a bowl!

  8. Oh yeah, team Wacky Cake here. My mom has been making it my whole life – always iced with butter frosting. In fact, I’ve been having a major cake craving for the last week or so (I think I’m eating my political emotions) and this is just the thing to take the edge off. I’ll try your recipe this time with the amped up baking cocoa, and maybe a tablespoon of espresso powder to give it that extra oomph… But still butter frosting – always butter frosting. And sprinkles.

    1. apronstringstoo

      Team butter frosting here too. I’ve been making this cake since I was old enough to reach the countertop. Sometimes we just dust it with powdered sugar, but the butter frosting is the best. My sibling and I used to “fight” over who got to have the goo that was always left at the bottom of the cake pan.

    2. Eeka

      I’ve been making a non-olive oil version. The first was served with a dusting of powdered sugar (good). The second got a chocolate/peanut butter frosting which elevated the cake to outstanding. I’m not sure how peanut butter would play with olive oil… but here it is if anyone wants to try it.
      4 oz chocolate chips
      2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
      1 1/2 tablespoons butter.
      Microwave (or use double boiler) gently, stir until smooth, pour over warm cake & spread.
      (Vegans can use vegan choc chips & buttery spread, of course.)

  9. Em

    I have a very similar chocolate cake recipe from my mom – her family called it “Lake cake” for reasons unknown. I’ve never made it with olive oil before but next time I might try it!

    1. Country Kate

      That just made me realize how perfect a cake this would be to bake on a family vacation to, say, a *lake* cabin…thanks for prompting that connection!

      1. JP

        Chocolate is such a strong flavor that it covers almost anything, so any olive oil should be fine, except, of course, flavored olive oils like rosemary, etc. I remember being told once that chocolate is added to leftover plain ice cream base because the flavor covers up others. That way the large ice cream makers don’t waste other base flavors. Chocolate is magic like that!

          1. Nicole R

            I’m glad I’m not the only one. Rosemary and olive oil are a great combo – I made shortbread cookies once that were wonderful. I’m less sure about adding chocolate to the combo, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

            1. deb

              (I am trying to resist talking about the book nonstop but FWIW, there’s an olive oil — vegan too! — shortbread in the book with rosemary and chocolate chunks and sea salt and it’s not pretty at all, or it’s not when I make it, but we love them.)

      2. Kelsey

        I’ve made this cake twice and it is delicious! However, both times it has sunken down in the middle. Any tips? Thanks!

        1. Katherine Hedge

          Me too! I did make it GF and use leftover chemex (which I think has more oil?) But I had to bake 40 min and then it sunk. Still tasted good but very not pretty. Certainly couldn’t stack them!

  10. MF

    Wacky cake….hooray! It’s the cake I’ve made for 30+ years and now make with my grandsons! They love the name of it! Grammy and her wacky cake! I look forward to baking your version and seeing you in Portland, OR. Yippee!

  11. Susan

    Your black bottom cupcakes from many years ago are actually a riff on the wacky cake recipe. It was that recipe that sent me down the delicious rabbit hole of the what and why of the “depression cake”!

  12. yes! I grew up on Wacky Cake and now my kids make it too! We’re mix-in-the-pan people and it’s so easy to get one made that we do it often.
    Very interested in trying the olive oil here.
    Also have always wondered how on earth this cake WORKS. What is that chemistry!?

  13. Karen

    I’ve been making Cockeyed Cake (we called it “Crazy Chocolate Cake”) since I was taught the recipe in eighth grade, which was probably over 30 years ago. I even won a 4-H ribbon with that recipe! (I added 1 t of cinnamon and called it “Mexican Chocolate Cake”). My kids love helping make it because they can lick the bowls (no raw eggs). Can’t wait to try this variation!

  14. Laura

    So excited to see KC as one of your stops! Can’t wait! My husband and I are heading to NYC for a little get-away and I was bummed to see your launch event was the day before we get there. Now I no longer feel like I’m missing out. :) My grandmother’s recipe for “Wacky Cake” was the first cake I ever learned how to make when I was a kid. Fun to see your version posted here.

  15. Nima

    Hi Deb,

    Long time fan – I’m so excited about your second book! I hope to see you in NYC at the launch :-) I’m really thrilled to see an eggless chocolate cake recipe on your site!
    Quick Q – should I use natural or Dutch cocoa powder here? Thanks!

  16. hicjacetmelilla

    Just wanted to sympathize with you re: behavior after disappointing recipes. I use Blue Apron (for a lot of reasons) but I overheard a friend tell another friend, “It’s a good option if you can’t cook,” and that really hurt my feelings. I’ve dedicated myself to learning every kind of technique and sourcing the best recipes since I was 20. But then I thought about it and realized, I can’t cook. Not in that shoot from the hip kind of way. I’ve tried and if I come away even mildly unhappy with the results the day feels ruined. Waste of time, waste of ingredients, waste of money. And now I’m ordering takeout on top of it.

    What I love most about you and this site is that I can see your similar culinary stretches and taking chances, but instead of walking away in a huff forever, you’ll come back a month or year or five years later and keep tweaking. And then your readers get to benefit. Thanks for putting yourself out there and for not giving up. So many happy congratulations on publishing your second book.

    1. deb

      Thank you and I totally disagree that Blue Apron isn’t for people who can’t cook! I know a ton of friends who use it or other similar meal services because they take some of the work out of the shopping and recipe selection and let you focus on the more fun part: cooking, pretty important when you’ve got a busy life and don’t want to defrost chicken tenders every night. Anyway, not a sponsored (lol, of course) opinion but I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the site.

  17. Okay, I’m not really a fan of cake- I’ve always preferred tarts over cakes- so much so that I actually got rid of my cake pans last year because I never used them. Of course now I’m kicking myself for it because you make this sound so appealing that I. Need. It. Today. Have you any idea how this might bake up in a loaf pan? Or perhaps a square baking pan is the way to go here… with coconut oil instead of olive oil?! Now we’re talking. Or, well, I am.

    1. I was just going to ask about coconut oil instead of olive. Maybe I’ll just have to bake 2 of these, one with olive, one with coconut and see for meself, eh? ..and I’ll try coconut nectar instead of corn syrup on the glaze with the coconut oil cake; and maybe honey? in the glaze on the olive oil cake.. well, if it turns out less shiny, I hope it’s at least quite yummy in me tummy!

      1. Rebecca

        I’m a huge fan of Avocado oil in baking too. Although it wasn’t a great swap in challah dough, it’s my fat secret weapon in just about every cake or brownie.

  18. Cy

    I have a chocolate cake “war time” recipe that I found years ago that makes a lovely moist cake without eggs. Vinegar and oil definitely. Can’t wait to try out yours. I’m making your brown butter coconut cookies foe my cousin at her request ( people are nuts about those cookies) now I need a excuse to make this! So excited about the book, hoping to catch you in SF in November!

  19. Brittany W.

    Slightly off topic, but your comment about Dutched cocoa powder reminded me of this. I’m going to Greece in November and since I’ve never been to Europe, I am wondering if there are any special cooking products/foods that I should bring home because they are either cheaper, or specialty? Greece will be the only country we go to. Thanks!

    1. Cheese! Whenever I go to Spain to see family, I buy a whole Manchego. It travels well on the 24-hour (or more) journey home. Then I cut it into quarters, wrap it in foil, and freeze it in a Ziplock bag. It keeps very well that way.

      A whole aged Manchego bought in Spain is ¼ of the Costco price in the US!

      The caveat is, I make sure that the customs rules haven’t changed before I go.

      1. Filiz

        You do know Spain is definitely not Greece, right? I don’t presume Manchego to be easily found in Greece. Europe is, as you might know, a collection of very diverse countries. In Greece you will find Greek food: feta, zaziki, gyros and the lovely alcoholic beverage called ouzo. That one you can take home, the rest should be consumed fresh. Oh, and olive oil. Find a nice one and take it home.

        1. As a European, yes, I’m very aware of its culinary diversity. The Manchego was just an example of the kind of thing (cheese, you know, the first word of my reply) that you can bring back to the US. Sorry you missed that!

    2. Asquared

      Mahlab and mastic, if you like Greek baked goods (not sure if they’re cheaper to buy there, but they are specialty); wine, if you drink (and/or ouzo, but unless you like the taste of anise/licorice, you might not like it); and of course, olive oil.

    3. Greek here

      OLIVE OIL!!! By November you may already be able to get the really sharp fresh oil from this year’s produce. You have to taste this thing before you die. Seriously. It will be thick and possibly murky and vividly green and amazingly peppery (warning: it will get milder with time). And cheese! And a large jar of wholemeal tahini (check the production date so you enjoy it fresh for longer). And a bottle of ouzo as suggested below:D Have fun!

      1. Susanna

        Is the freshness why I had a bottle of (Italian) olive oil that literally made me blush when I ate it? I’ve never found a satisfactory answer for why that happened!

  20. Kathleen Colton

    Yes, this is my variation on the wacky cake too! No eggs is primary (severe egg allergy) and I too upped the cocoa, I use strong Italian roast coffee as the liquid, and extra virgin olive oil, I use balsimic vinegar….this has been our go to cake for the past 15 years of birthdays….or any time!!….I have used both glaze and butter cream frosting! Try it everyone…you will like it! (Ps….I really like SO many recipes on your site!)

  21. Juliet

    This cake looks amazing and a great solution to take to a gathering where you don’t know everyone, and where someone is always egg/dairy free. I’d sub in my favourite GF blend (rice, potato and tapioca) for the win!
    Deb, come to New Zealand on your tour and escape the horrible winter weather in December and January! I’m sure there are plenty of SK-followers from australasia who’d love to host you!

      1. M

        Thanks for the answer! The kind of chocolate cake I like! Most chocolate cakes recipes I’ve made tend to be heavier than I would like or fall short in chocolatey flavor. I admit I like boxed chocolate cake mixes, because they tend to be lighter and chocolatey. This recipe is now on my to-do list.

    1. Laura

      I am almost sure it is a taste preference. The “wacky cakes” I’ve made don’t even call for brown sugar, but I like that idea!

      1. Shanna Hill

        Hi Deb! First off, LOVE everything on your blog and you are my number 1 go to for almost every recipe. I made this cake e a few weeks ago and loved it! Do you think it would work as a bundt cake? Wanting to try it for the Jewish holidays this year.

  22. Miriam

    Excited to make this very soon. Would coconut oil work as a substitute for the olive oil and corn syrup in glaze and still give a shiny finish? Also can’t wait to read your new book; although looks like you have a very busy pre Christmas travel schedule😳

    1. Francoise

      Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature (unless of course you’re in NJ in october😳), it will make a hard shell for the glaze. Like the chocolate magic shell dip you used to be able to get at ice cream parlors.

      1. Miriam

        Thank you for the tip! Don’t think chocolate magic shells ever reached Northern Ireland, but I don’t imagine that’s the glaze I’m after!

    2. deb

      Coconut oil will work for olive oil; won’t work for corn syrup but the corn syrup is more of an extra. You can make it without it, it’s just less glossy.

  23. Luisa

    Will you come to the UK at some point?!
    Your recipes never fail to inspire me, but this reminds me a lot of an Italian classic cake from the Ada Boni book, called Bilbolbul. I make it all the time, it has even less ingredients than this one, but no olive oil. It can be easily tweaked to be vegan, too, and it could certainly be made with coffee. Just wondering if you had come across it before?
    I’m gonna try this version, though!!

  24. reseelee

    I’m still nursing my six-week-old who has possible food allergies so I’m currently off both dairy and eggs. I just said to my husband that I really want chocolate cake or brownies and, once again, you come through for me! Thanks, Deb. Congratulations on the cookbook – I can’t wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!

  25. Gerley

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love you post an Egg. Free. Chocolate. Cake.
    P.S. Actually, if you came to Germany on your book tour I would love you a teensy bit more …I mean I can dream, right?

      1. Afshan

        And India? You have lots of fans here as well. I would be thrilled to host you in Bangalore! Congratulations on the book. I have high expectations for it! 😊

  26. Kristie

    For the Montreal event, will you be talking or just parked at a table signing books? I’d love to go, but it’s hard to justify a 2 hour drive each way on a work day if only to buy the book.

  27. Sarah

    I got so happy you are making it to Minneapolis I actually teared up a little. On my calendar. Already pre-ordered…like, on the first day possible. See you there!

    Your site and cookbook are my first stop for anything I plan to make. You are an intimate friend in my kitchen and food is a big deal for me. Can’t wait to come fan-girl-out; I do not plan to maintain my dignity. Let’s be friends :)

  28. NJ cook

    Just forwarded the chocolate cake recipe to an old friend who suddenly developed lactose intolerance. As a longtime vegetarian she had always adored cheese and other dairy products and partly relied on them for protein, and of course baking became difficult. This should cheer her up.

  29. JoanieB

    1. Those 2 munchkins are so darn cute, I don’t know how y’all stand it!💙
    2. Awwww, love Peg Bracken. Now I’ll have to dig out my lil paperbacks and giggle.
    3. Big fan of wacky cakes, KAF has several variations. Made many for us and vegan friends. Love your ramped up version and will get to it very soon. As soon as the humidity here in central NC drops below 743%.
    4. NC has bookstores, ma’m! Several independent ones in the Chapel Hill area. Just sayin’!

    1. Margy

      I also was so happy you mentioned Peg Bracken, Deb. Like you, someone to read for the attitude (in a good sense), not just the recipes.

  30. We call this “cowboy cake” in my family and my dad always requests it for his birthday. Instead of frosting, we usually do a cinnamon-sugar combo sprinkled all over the top. So many happy memories of eating this cake!

  31. Sarah P

    You’re coming to Vancouver, BC !? THANK YOU! I had to check myself for a second and say “calm down, it’s probably Vancouver, WA because who comes to Canada?” but you are :)

    If you haven’t been here before know that we are now considered to have been better Chinese food than Hong Kong, so if you like Dim Sum and dumplings plan a few stops. See you on Nov 12th!

  32. Julie Steinhauer

    Can I substitute balsamic vinegar for the other vinegar? Thinking black cherry balsamic or fig…
    Want to make ASAP. I own an olive oil specialty foods store and this recipe is perfect for our customers!

    1. Wow, that sounds good! Let us know how that goes. Do you have a link to your olive oil store? and maybe you can post the recipe there if it turns out, please?

    2. deb

      Perhaps but it’s not about the taste of the vinegar (you won’t taste it) but activating the baking soda. It also darkens the cake (mine is almost black). I’d add some if you want the flavor, but would be nervous to use a less acidic vinegar.

        1. deb

          It will probably work fine; it can be slightly less acidic but I’m sure it could work. (And will of course impart a lemon flavor, albeit subtle one.)

  33. Grace V

    Word of caution about the glaze: the oil gets very hot very quickly (hotter than melted chocolate gets under normal circumstances), making it difficult to control the melt. The first batch charred the chips (I used mini, so they perhaps had less room for error), and I was left with an extremely hot, partially smooth ganache full of tiny bits of burnt chocolate.

    The second time I pre-melted the chocolate (it took about a minute total), then added the oil, cocoa powder, and salt. I then threw it back in the microwave for 30 seconds. (I did not have corn syrup on hand — not sure if that would have affected the temperature.) It seemed to work well.

      1. Melanie

        This cake was super moist and chocolat-y, but it was so moist it crumbled to bits when I tried to cut it. Structurally it didn’t hold up. I wonder why?

        1. That’s happens here whenever my husband makes a cake [particularly if it’s a boxed cake] because he stirs and stirs and stirs. It incorporates too much air and ruins the gluten structure.

        2. deb

          It shouldn’t crumble — the cake is tender but doesn’t fall apart when I make it — but it’s important to adjust our expectations when making an egg-free cake. Eggs provide structure in most cakes. If you like firmly structured cakes and can eat eggs, you should make a cake with eggs. If you cannot or do not eat eggs, this cake is a miracle (or so friends tell me), a plush, easy, delicious cake with no ingredients they cannot eat.

    1. Audrey

      Sigh – smells great, looks terrible (huge crater, as others have noticed) and is still in the oven after 45 minutes. I hope it tastes alright, as it is meant for my mother’s birthday.

      1. Rachel

        I had these same issues, but I thought it was cause I didn’t have a 9 inch pan. I tried using my springform pan, but it was leaking, so I dumped it into an 8 inch one. It just keeps baking and not cooking through in the middle. I turned the temperature down after 45 min to avoid burning the edges while trying to cook the middle, but it didn’t really cook through, even after an hour.

        1. Melissa Racklyeft

          Made this tonight, it was wonderful! My 5 yo said “mom I think this is your best cook ever.” Although to be fair he’s not very discerning about treats ;) I didn’t make the ganache, just sprinkled some powdered sugar on top. As others mentioned it did take longer to bake than the recipe indicated, I didn’t keep track but it was probably around 45 mins. Will definitely again!

  34. Lauren

    Maybe only one child is “taking guitar”, but there is one in the photo who is “TAKING” the guitar. Both also “take the cake” for cuteness. This recipe is going to be a family fave…I can feel it , hoping soon to taste it!

  35. Staci

    This looks so luscious! Any idea if it can be made successfully with gluten free flour? I’ve got a couple family members with allergies.

    1. Helen Cave

      Yes it can be made with GF flours! Has always turned out well when I’ve used the wacky cake recipe so am confident Deb’s recipe would be good made with GF flours.

  36. Rebecca

    This cake is so simple to make and turns out moist and delicious and perfect for a rainy Tuesday!
    I didn’t have the ingredients for the glaze, so I sprinkled powdered sugar on top and served with a few raspberries as a garnish.

    1. Emily

      Half coffee/half water and red wine vinegar rather than white vinegar. Skip the icing. Sprinkle with powered sugar if you must.

  37. HeatherSJ

    Woohoo! First test-cake just came out of the oven. Want to make this for my 4yo’s birthday on Thursday, but would really like to have a tall fat cake (plus, he’s requested 2 layers with blackberry jam in the middle). So I’m trying it out in an 8″ pan tonight to see. And used 1/2 cup home cold-brewed concentrate with my 1 cup water. The bake time is obviously took a bit longer for the thicker cake.. Hope it comes out as stellar as yours looks! Hubs and I are excited to have an excuse for pre-birthday cake!

    One question: I ended up with a bit of a valley in the center. Is this because I overfilled my pan? Or baked too long after all? It looks like it should still stack and ice just fine. But I’d love to fix that one little blip before the birthday bake!

      1. deb

        I’m sorry to hear. It often happens when there’s too much baking soda. It is a bit high here but I found it consistent with other recipes and of course, it worked fine in my kitchen. I do wonder if 1 teaspoon might be just fine, however, for you next time.

        1. M

          My cake had a slight depression as well. Deb is right about the baking soda. I noticed that the cake had a noticeable baking soda taste the day after. I’m going to the use 1 tsp as Deb recommended the next time I make this.

      2. star123

        I had exactly the same problem today! I will try and reduce the amount of baking soda next time. Used a 9 inch pan as per the recipe.

    1. Amanda

      What is your elevation, Heather? That can make a huge difference to baked goods. High elevation baking typically needs a bit more flour or less leavening, I think.

      1. HeatherJ

        Thanks Deb, and all! The birthday bake went we’ll! Amanda, I’m basically at sea-level, haha. So I don’t typically have things fall unless I COMPLETELY forget about rising bread or something. But never a cake! I will play with the baking soda amount next time.

    2. Katy

      I got a slight depression too which I thought might have been because I opened the oven and tested at 30 mins when the cake was still basically liquid. It wasn’t pronounced enough to make a difference to how the glaze settled, though.

    3. Foram

      I baked this today with the 1tsp of baking soda as Deb and others suggested and it turned out great. No depression and lovely texture. Super moist, and almost melt in your mouth!
      Made this with the chocolate butter cream in Deb’s I-Want-Chocolate-Now Cake and it paired great together.

    1. deb

      You could (I’d only do a partial swap) however the coolest thing about this cake is how dark my cocoa came out (it’s the baking soda and vinegar), it *looked* like I’d used black cocoa.

  38. Amanda

    Deb, I have been looking for a good dairy free coco powder for a co-worker who is dairy/nut free due to allergies. What kind of coco powder did you use here? Can’t wait to try this to share with her!

  39. Katie C.

    I’ve been making a version of Wacky Cake for years! I think I originally ran across the recipe in the American Heart Association’s cookbook but like you said, the recipe is very old. You can really just mix the whole thing up one the pan. Sift in your dry ingredients, make three wells for the oil, vinegar and vanilla. Pour the water over the top and mix with a fork. Thanks for the vegan frosting recipe. My brother is vegan.

  40. Oooooooooohhhhh! Montréal! How wonderful! I hope you won’t mind fans bringing you homemade food gifts, although I admit that could be seen as eery-creepy…. Maybe I’ll stick to some small-batch maple syrup :-) Have a great tour!

      1. My sister made this cake and said she followed the recipe (she even brewed coffee). Well, she used an 8 inch pan so maybe that explains the “problems”. The cake overflowed on to her baking stone and the center fell — and she had to bake it for 50 minutes to achieve a clean tester.
        But what a treat!!
        Before she, my mom and I got to the cake, we tasted the crunchy spilled portion which was intense. Then she hacked through the crust on the rim of the pan to turn the cake out (which took some encouragement). The cake was luscious – glistening and gooey. I scraped a taste of the remains off the parchment paper with a spoon and was quite content after scraping the liner clean, but she cut a small slice and forced me to have some of that. Oh.So.Good.
        The ONLY bad thing about this cake was that as a caffeine-avoider, I am susceptible when I do indulge and with this over-indulgence, I was awake past 3am. Still, it was worth it!
        Now I want to try my hand at the recipe in my own pan in my own oven and see what I get. Could it be any better than this mistake which is likely to live on in family lore for years to come?

  41. Elizabeth

    My roommates and I each had Not Great days today, so I made this! It was super quick and it was great. We ate the cake warm while watching Practical Magic.
    It was exactly what we needed. Thank you.

    I will say, I advise going for smaller portions because this cake is rich. You will be more than happy with a smaller slice.

  42. I’ve read some commentary about humidity affecting baking. I live in a rather humid environment. Are there any precautionary measures I should take in regards to baking this chocolatey madness in a humid environment? Thank you.

  43. I just made the cake after work today. It was super easy to pull together. The cake was denser than I thought though and very moist. It made me question whether it had been completed baked through. The center of the cake was depressed. Any thoughts on why this would be? The cake tester came out clean in multiple spots.

  44. Anita

    Crazy cake has been one of my favorites since childhood. My favorite variation is black bottom cake. Like your cupcakes. It was what I always wanted for my birthday. I still make it fairly often. Thanks for the new ideas!

  45. Miriam Mc Nally

    Looks delicious!
    I have a vegan daughter so am thrilled to get this recipe. I made Anna Del Conti’s olive oil and apple cake once and loved it.

    Congrats on BOOK 2!!! Your recipes are all fab. If you could add Europe to your book tour that would be amazing, but I know it’s prob impossible. Don’t even know how you fit in all the cities you have included.

  46. CMS

    *This cake looks moist and decadent. And just abt perfect!

    And, it is great to have on hand for those young people who may be trying out the vegan path.

    I must ask, though, what’s with all the advertising? This is an amazing helpful website but I am getting overwhelmed with plugs for the book and other ads.

    1. deb

      There are 2-3 ads on the whole page; this hasn’t changed in 10 years on the site. (It’s also very low for a website these days, but I don’t budge on it.) As for the book plugs, this is where I announce the book tour. There’s really not a better place to tell everyone. It’s of course more than usual as the book is two weeks out but I always make sure that I never post *only* about the book, there’s always a new recipe too. Like this cake, which we love and think others will too.

  47. sconelady

    I can’t wait to add this one to my repertoire of perfect baked goodies~
    Question: Can this be baked in a loaf pan or would it sink in the middle?

  48. I have been making this cake my whole life! I, too, tweak it—it can be good with raspberry vinegar, for example, and I always use coffee (instant espresso if I don’t have any brewed). I also add chocolate chips to the batter, which gives it some nice melty nuggets. It was my family’s go-to cake when I was a kid, the first thing I ever baked, and a staple now since we have vegan family members.

  49. Jane M

    When I saw on Instagram that you posted an added appearance in MAPLEWOOD NJ I got so excited! I quickly text’d my daughter – we plan on being there. We can’t wait to meet you! Your recipes are ALL.HOMERUNS.!

  50. JC

    This is also my go to chocolate cake! I stumbled across it in a Moosewood Cookbook probably 16 years ago and it’s been my family “everyday cake” ever since! YAY. When it’s winter I add chopped crystallized ginger to the batter, do it you’ll be glad you did!

  51. Nicole

    I can’t wait to try this. I LOVE olive oil cake. How though, did this make it to day four in your fridge?! You all must have amazing self control.

  52. Saurs

    I love that you upped the choc factor here. I am going to do one tiny tweak — replace a tablespoon or two of the olive oil with walnut oil because I bought a bottle of it and I’m damned if I’m not going to use the bloody thing — and then possibly two more (smoked salt on the top and maybe a fine dusting of powdered walnut. The end. If anyone’s interested, I’ll pop back and tell you how it went.
    Thanks, Deb. I’m excited for your tour! Eat everywhere you can and then come tell us about it!

  53. Susan Goldin

    Hi Deb,

    I love your recipes , but would also love get some of your comments and pictures as well. How can I get the entire article…pix included/

    1. deb

      I’m not sure I followed — you wish to print the whole post including photos and comments? I don’t have the template set up like that because people get very unhappy with me when a post prints for 10 pages; only the recipe prints.

  54. Jennifer

    Deb! You are coming to Atlanta I’m so excited! Your signing is at Manuel’s Tavern, an old Atlanta institution for journalists and politicians (Jimmy Carter announced his first run for GA governor there in 1970, for example). Can’t wait to see you!

  55. I made this last night (and also got the depression in the center, but I definitely overfilled my cake pan) and brought it into work this morning. I’ve already been informed I have to make it again for our next office party!

  56. cicatricella

    I can’t believe this is your first foray into Wacky cake! It is one of my go-tos that I try to convince newbies is ‘easier than cake-mix!’ and I love the fact that almost everyone can eat it. It lends itself well to making as a giant sheet cake so great for parties etc.

  57. Maro

    I made this as soon as I got home from work and tried it…and didn’t love it. BUT this morning? OMG.

    The olive oil taste was a bit too heavy against the chocolate for me when it was first made — which might be the olive oil i used (Trader Joe’s Greek) or could just be personal taste. by morning, the flavors had really set and i love everything about it.

    I’d definitely make it again, and probably will next month to help celebrate a vegan friend’s book tour!

    1. Maro

      aw, boo — made it a second time (in 8″ which i thought I’d done before…?) and it was taking so long to bake that i was worried about the edges burning and i took it out and it cratered. argh. making this note for myself for next time — either go 9 or let it bake longer!

      1. Amanda K.

        Others said that lessening the baking soda to 1 tsp helps with the depression in the center. Curious: did you use a different olive oil for your second batch? How’d the flavors compare?

  58. I bake Julia Turshen’s “Happy Wife Happy Life” chocolate cake on the regular and currently have a little under half a cake sitting in my refrigerator waiting for it’s final hurrah after dinner tonight. We like having chocolate cake in the refrigerator (who wouldn’t) and I’m going to give this cake recipe a whirl this weekend. I do plan to top it with your chocolate-sour cream frosting just like Turshen does on her cake because to me that’s the world’s greatest cake topping.

  59. JP

    Just a comment on the olive oil. I use olive oil in all my cakes…actually in any baking that uses oil. Maybe because it is COSTCO olive oil and not a distinctively flavored olive oil it seems to make no difference. I hope it is healthier. I hardly use any other oil these days, except when I make Asian style food I use sesame oil. I have made Wacky Cake in the past…Cook’s Illustrated has a version of it in its Lost Recipe cookbook, but I like the idea of a thicker cake (from upping the amount of the ingredients) and so I will certainly try yours. Thanks for the new look at an old recipe.

  60. Jo Foster

    I have made a similar wacky cake since high school (MANY years ago). I make it with a broiled brown sugar, butter, coconut and nuts topping, and it’s like a super moist German chocolate cake. Never thought about using olive oil, but have used coconut oil, which is awesome with the broiled topping.. Love the idea of using coffee for the liquid.

  61. Instant icing for this cake – while still hot from oven, sprinkle with semi sweet choco chips and about 5 dollops of peanut butter. Amounts can vary and will demand repeating to get just right. Let melt then smear it all together until totally mixed or leave it streaky. Our go to birthday cake. Or Tuesday cake.

  62. Ashley

    I’m so excited about the new cookbook!!!! I just love flipping through a new cookbook repeatedly or even revisiting an old one. Your first book is one of my go-tos, as is your blog. You’re so trustworthy and I just love your sense of humor + curiosity.
    Anyway, another olive oil + chocolate cake combo I adore is from Tara O’Brady’s Seven Spoons cookbook. She has a chocolate + zucchini + olive oil + walnut + chocolate chip muffin in there that I crave every few weeks. So good, and you can really taste the flavor of the olive oil. Plus they freeze well.

  63. Caitlin

    I just made this and it’s so yummy! Mine was nice and moist, but a little crumbly. Any ideas what might be going on? Or how to avoid that next time?

    1. deb

      If crumbly it likely comes from it being an eggless cake. I found it to be loose-crumbed, i.e. not dense, but not crumbly per se. It didn’t seem overbaked at all, did it?

      1. Caitlin

        Ya- definitely not overbaked. I think it’s probably just a little different than what I was expecting since there are no eggs (like you mentioned!). It also got a bit less crumbly after a few more hours out at room temp. Perhaps I hadn’t truly let it fully cool — it looked too good!

  64. Megan

    I made this today. It was super quick and easy. I delivered to my husband’s office still warm. I don’t have an 9″ pan, so I made a 8″ and a mini. I also used Costco olive oil. I suspect this would taste super awesome the next day, but didn’t keep a piece to test this theory. Next time will use coffee.

  65. Hey Deb! Long time follower, first time poster with a quick question.

    Do you think this would work as a loaf cake? I’m a loaf kind of girl and my 9X5 gets much love. I’m wondering how to adjust the recipe (for time and possibly temperature) for that size loaf pan.

    Hoping to see you at B&N, my fellow New Yorker :D

    1. deb

      Thanks, can’t wait. I haven’t tried it as a loaf and it might fit or it might be a bit over. Helpful, I know. I’d say try not to fill the pan more than 2/3 and you should be fine; if there’s extra, make a few muffins.

      1. Avani

        I did it as a loaf. The batter didn’t overflow, but it did sink in the middle. Bake time was around 52 mins. I left it cool much longer as well. Also don’t skip the parchment paper step…that was a mistake I won’t repeat again!

        I probably would’ve eaten the glaze with a spoon by itself if I hadn’t made it for my husband’s bday…

  66. Dee

    OK I am feeling like I have to make this — and yes have all the ingredients EXCEPT I have light brown sugar, not dark brown. Abort mission? Wait for the dark brown?

  67. Jan Duguid

    I have made wacky cake for close to thirty years as our younger daughter is allergic to eggs. My version of rocky road frosting….someone asked in the comments… Is to put small marshmellows on the cake once it is done and to put the cake under the broiler, watching closely…then pour on a chocolate glaze on top of the marshmellows…. I am sure you could also add nuts in there if you wanted…. Another person also described the mix of brown sugar, coconut and butter mixture, broiled on the hot cake… which is also delish!

  68. Kristi L

    The flavor of this cake was wonderful, but it did sink a lot, & I had to bake it about 15 minutes longer. It ended up being very moist and fudgy. I would make it again, but with less baking soda and less water. I’m surprised to get this poor result as I’ve never had anything but wonderful success with every other recipe from here.

    1. Michele

      My experience as well. Took 40 min or a little more to get done in the middle, plus big sink in center. I used white wine vinegar, I wonder if that matters?

    2. Vanessa

      Me too! I love this site and have never had a dud, but this cake did not work for me. I cooked it 50 minutes and still it fell in the center and seems not fully baked. When I iced it all the frosting pooled in the middle and made it fall further… and then seeped inside! Also the icing tastes way too much like olive oil… but maybe will be good with the cake? If there is a next time, I will use less baking soda, as many have recommended, and omit the olive oil from the icing. Too bad, since I was really looking forward to serving this tonight for Halloween with a visiting Italian friend who makes olive oil.

      1. Barbara Uziel

        I made this cake a few times and it always worked well and loved it. Today however it just never really baked. I kept it in the oven for probably about 45 minutes and finally took it out. When I took it out of the pan after cooling it for 10 minutes, the bottom was totally wet and underbaked. I don’t need it until tomorrow so I’ll probably let it dry upside down overnight, then frost it upside down and put berries in the center indentation. I’m sure it will taste fine, but can’t figure out why it didn’t work today.

  69. liza

    I just made this – started it at 8:15 and just ate my first piece at 9:30! SO FAST! AND GOOD! my roommate also loves it!! I halved the recipe and made it in a 6in round tin, baked for 40 mins at 350 and followed the recipe exactly except used honey instead of corn syrup in the glaze. It’s delicious! and so easy!!

    1. Amanda K.

      I’m so glad you mentioned using honey in the glaze. I don’t have corn syrup and don’t want to buy any, so I’ll try using honey. I’m not too worried about shine. On another note, tempered chocolate does produce shine… I could look in to that…

  70. Jennifer

    This is tasty — but, as my kids pointed out, even prettier with star-shaped-sprinkes!

    And you’re going to be in my town — I’ve received instructions from the teenagers to attend and be all fangirl on you. (I would’ve anyway…) Perhaps they will attend with me, since they’re supposed to be making a dinner per week per teenaged boy, and your cookbook and website are favorite starting places.

  71. Charity

    This cake was sooooo easy to make, and it’s so rich and moist!
    Mine did sink a bit; I’m assuming that’s due to high altitude or that It could have used 5 more minutes in the oven and 5 extra minutes cooling in the pan. Regardless, it’s incredible! Thanks for the recipe :)

  72. Maura

    Gosh that looks insanely good. I don’t have light corn syrup in the house; can I make a substitution or do without it?
    Congratulations on the new book!

    1. deb

      You you use another liquid sweetener (such as honey) for smoothness; the corn syrup provides more shine but most liquid sweeteners will make it more smooth. You can also skip it.

  73. ~ R

    I think the miracle is that you still had cake left four days later, fridge or not, moist or not. That would never happen in my house (maybe 1 day if I’m lucky but I’d place bets on only 15 hours). But, lasting 1 day or 4 days, I am excited to try this cake, in large part because in my cake vanishing house, I need a quick and easy, but chocolately and moist, cake recipe. Thank you.

    1. Connie

      Coming back here to say that the baking soda definitely needs to be reduced. On the second day, you can definitely taste it in the cake (blech). So 1 tsp. is probably suffice. I did also have that round part in the middle that sank even after baking it for 35 min. Should have done 40, as it’s a tad under done.

  74. Coree

    Delicious! I made it for my anniversary last night and it was super easy, even with a two month old in tow, I didn’t do the glaze, I cut out some heart designs from paper and sprinkled vanilla bean sugar so it had a nice pattern on it.

  75. Lee McAninch

    Oh, my goodness! I’m in the process of emptying my kitchen after 2 years in Sydney. I looked at this and thought “perfect was to use up the cocoa powder, olive oil, sugars, and flour. I took a lot of liberties–like 1/2 regular flour & 1/2 bread flour, regular brown sugar, brown vinegar, wrong cake pan, TJ dark chocolate bar instead of chic chips, no corn syrup, etc. The cake is moist and tender, and wonderful!

  76. Tammy

    This made about 12 cupcakes. I baked them for 18 minutes and they came out moist with an airy texture. I also added a splash of vanilla extract. I threw all the glaze ingredients into a microwave-safe bowl and placed the bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stirred until everything was combined and then dipped the tops of the cupcakes into the glaze. Looking forward to tasting them tomorrow.

    1. Tiffany

      Thanks for this comment! Mine made way more than 12, I made 18 cupcakes, but the 18 min in the oven was spot on and super helpful!

  77. Made this yesterday with Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour and 1 cup of coffee, a half cup of water. Absolutely divine. My new go-to. This is my favorite type of recipe: simple and easy, yet tastes complex and elegant, while looking beautiful. Thanks, Deb!

    1. Li

      Hi Bria! I’m looking to make this gluten-free as well, did you add anything else besides the 1 to 1 gluten free flour to stabilise it? Was there any difference in your cake’s appearance to Deb’s?

      1. Karen A

        Hey, I’m jumping in as I just made this today using Arrowhead Mills Heritage Blend (GF) and coconut sugar for both the regular and brown sugar. (I feel like I’ve become a cliche). Cake came out super good and icing even without corn syrup is really shiny. No idea if using stove top instead of microwave worked to keep it shiny??

    2. Jenny

      Many many chocolate cakey thanks, Bria! I just picked up my first bag of Bob’s 1 to 1 and was dying to know whether I should try this recipe with it!

      1. Amanda K.

        My favorite gluten-free flour sun is King Arthur’s 1-1 all purpose flour. I sub it into “normal” recipes all the time and no one notices! I’ve not had as consistent luck with other cup for cup gluten free blends, including Bob Mills.

  78. Beverly

    I just purchased Blood Orange Olive Oil from D’Avolio. This recipe sounds like the perfect one to try out my new find!
    Thanks, Deb, for another great recipe as well as your efforts to get there :-)

  79. Trisha

    This looks fun! The version from the Moosewood Cooks At Home cookbook is my go-to recipe for cupcakes. I started making them when the baby (now 12) had an egg allergy. I’ve never tried olive oil (I usually use canola) but felt like a fancy cook when I switched to using red wine vinegar. I think it adds a nice touch.

  80. Elaine

    In college I worked in a restaurant where we made a couple of double sheet cakes of essentially this same recipe daily for sack lunches (plain oil, though). We called it crazy cake rather than wacky cake, and it was VERY popular. Sometimes we made chocolate buttercream icing and sometimes green-tinted mint and chocolate chip icing. One difference is that the baking soda and vinegar were mixed together and the foaming mixture was quickly stirred into the cake batter at the end. I’ve seen this technique before, but never an explanation of why or whether it truly makes any difference.

  81. Andi

    We’re coming to NYC for a wedding, and we leave the morning of the 24th. We’re missing your book release by mere hours! It’s a tragedy.

  82. LSS

    After reading the comments, I decided I must be the person to test the recipe with slightly reduced baking soda, you know, for science. I used a just barely rounded teaspoon. The cake still tasted fluffy and moist and lovely, and was just barely rounded on top. Certainly no valley.

    I used Seville orange coffee lurking in the cupboard – yum! I didn’t have ingredients on hand to make the glaze, but I admit I was very tempted to add the orange syrup from the orange chocolate chunk cake. Next time..

  83. maria

    This cake is delicious! So good, I’m making it again two nights later. I did not care for the glaze, though. This time around I’m using a ganache.

    1. JP

      After having just made this cake (although I know you are asking Deb) I do NOT think it would work as a yule log. It is very moist and even poured thin, I bet it would not have enough structure to roll. Just my two bits though…Deb may know better!

      1. Brooke Free

        Thanks! I was trying to make a vegan yule log. I’ll try Mary’s with egg substitutes. After I eat this olive oil cake first…

  84. Caitlin

    Just made this with coffee. So delicious! I’m sure that it would have been even better with the glaze, but it is fantastic without.

  85. Li

    Hi Bria! I’m looking to make this gluten-free as well, did you add anything else besides the 1 to 1 gluten free flour to stabilise it? Was there any difference in your cake’s appearance to Deb’s?

  86. sbc

    I once helped a friend make a wacky cake for a vegan classmate she had a crush on and it worked so well that now they’re married! So I’m a big fan of wacky cakes and interested in trying this one–had never thought of making it with coffee or olive oil.

    If you make two wacky cakes and level them off, you can sandwich them with jam and then put the glaze on and damn that’s good.

    Also, the “Tuesday cake” thing reminded me of Catherine Newman’s blog about “Yay It’s Wednesday Cake” cake!

  87. Echo

    I will start by saying I love your recipes and you are my go to blog. However this cake turned out to be the one that didn’t work. It bubbled up over the side of the pan and took much longer to cook than 35 mins. It tastes great but looks awful! I used the weight measurements, as I always do but was wondering if you did and was wondering if they were off a bit?

    1. Savitha

      I used the weight measurements too. I had the same issues as the other bakers: sink in the middle, overflowing pan, underbaked center, and overcook sides. I am tempted to make the cake again, using some of the suggestions from other posters – you know, for science – but I was pretty disappointed it din’t work this time.

  88. I brought this to an early morning mom’s group as a surprise birthday cake for someone and trusted that if you said it was delicious, it would be. And it was! Truth be told, I was somewhat concerned that the grassy green olive oil flavour in the batter (yes, I taste tested the batter…just in cases) was going to overwhelm the final product. But no! It did not. Instead, it was an incredibly moist, incredibly chocolatey cake with just a hint of olive oil flavour. So yummy, and so easy, and so quick (which is what I needed it to be with two small kids and a 9 am deadline). Thank you!

  89. JP

    I made this for our anniversary today and I had a few problems. I got the sinking in the middle…wish I had used less baking soda as later suggested. Also, even after 10 minutes of cooling time, I had trouble removing the parchment paper because it wanted to rip off a thin layer of cake! What that is about, I do not know because I did spray the parchment with cooking spray. I used a cake strip around the pan to get a layer without doming…I wonder if that was the problem? It took longer than usual to bake. Maybe 45-50 minutes. I have a feeling once it is glazed it will be a very moist and tasty cake, but I usually have so few problems baking a cake I was surprised at the turn of events.

  90. jaxqui

    This cake is incredibly moist and rich, and it was easy enough to make while wearing a six-week-old baby! The cake has a very slight depression in the middle and the glaze didn’t set very well (may do better after the fridge), but it’s too decadent for me to care about that. I used instant espresso powder+hot water and the chocolate flavor came out really deep and the cake is just all around satisfying.

  91. Thank you for bringing the moistest chocolate cake I have ever eaten into my life! I only wish I had recognized the potential of my humble pantry ingredients a long time ago…

  92. I completely forgot the granulated sugar. Then I sloppily eyeballed the ganache measurements and ended up with more of a chocolate frosting that I plopped on the warm cake and spread out thin. Clearly, I’m not the best at following instructions when it gets late on a work night!

    Forgetting the sugar doesn’t seem to have done it any harm; it’s still moist and delicious. Plus, I’m glad it’s less sweet because the icing–which hardened and now reminds me of hardshell ice cream topping–adds a nice amount of sweetness. I popped the cake in the fridge when it was finished to keep it away from my naughty and curious cat, and I’m finding that I really like it cold!

    Between the coffee and the cut sweetness, I’ve been considering it a breakfast treat. It’s been a delightful thing to wake up for even on this muggy, unseasonal week in NC :)

  93. Beth

    Wow. Just WOW. Thank you; this is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve made.

    Word of advice. If your husband comes home with “LIGHT” corn syrup, throw it out or return it. Don’t try to add it to the chocolate glaze – it makes the chocolate seize and then you have to cry. And then you have to make a ganache instead because you give up for the moment and don’t want to waste the last of the chocolate you have in the house.

    1. JP

      I did not use light corn syrup and this happened to me anyway. It looked so easy and the chocolate mixture was nice and smooth, but the moment I tried to pour it, it thickened and would not spread. It tastes good, but the whole look was ruined. sigh. What went wrong?

    2. deb

      Hi Beth — So weird, I always use “light” corn syrup. I thought it relates to the color (clear, not dark), not diet. And I’m so glad you like the cake.

      1. JP

        BTW, you are right about the “light” corn syrup which refers to the clear color. There is also “dark” corn syrup which is brown. It has nothing to do with diet or “lite”.

  94. Is this recipe supposed to say 1 and 1/2 cups of water or coffee? Because the “batter” I made was way more soupy than in any cake I’ve ever made, and then although the cake seemed baked after about 34 minutes (springy, tester with a couple of crumbs on it), when I went to turn it out of the pan it made a huge mess, with all this gravy-like goop under the cake, which proceeded to slop all over my counter and floor. What’s this about? I’ve made lots of your recipes Deb, and never encountered a mess like this. Ideas?

  95. via_ostiense

    I made this last night and it came out very fudgy and moist – not my thing, but other folks who ate it enjoyed it, so it comes down to whether you like light crumbs or dense crumbs in your cake. Notes on cooking:

    * baked for 50 min; at 30, the top had just barely set and the cake was quite liquid.
    * baking soda – reduced to 1 ts per Deb’s note in the comments, and there was a slight depression in the center, but not much, and the cake didn’t have a baking soda taste.
    * corn syrup – I didn’t have corn syrup at hand, so I subbed in a dark buckwheat honey. The glaze came out fine in consistency and was even shiny, but the honey taste was strong and distracting, and so I think the corn syrup would result in a purer sweet flavor for the glaze. If you’re using honey, I recommend using one that’s less strongly flavored.
    * salt – start with one pinch in the glaze. The glaze stays liquid for a while after it’s combined, so start with one pinch and then taste it once everything’s mixed together to see if you need to add more.
    * making glaze – someone commented that their glaze scorched in the microwave. I made it in a sort of double boiler (put a chinois over a pot of boiling water, and put all the glaze ingredients in a bowl in the chinois) and that worked fine.

  96. Barbara Dabrowski

    We are looking forward to meeting you in Vancouver (me and my friends)! Just Fyi, I am President of Club Eat. Its a small un-club (4 of us) but our cooking skills are seriously respected by our friends and family. I am your biggest fan in Vancouver and can prove this because when I just type s into Google….well you know where that leads to!

  97. Jo

    I made this last night – would’ve been 2 nights ago but I realized we had no cocoa powder, the horror! – and it was so easy and delicious! I did have a slight dip in the center but gave it an extra 3-5 minutes in the oven and it came out fine. This is the first cake I’ve made from scratch, so I was very pleased with the result! :) I didn’t make the glaze since I was really craving something purely cakey, but I’m going to give it a go next time – if I want to leave out the corn syrup (don’t feel like I’d get the use out of a full bottle) is there anything else I should substitute, or can I safely just leave it out and keep the rest of the recipe as-is? Going to try it with a little less baking soda next time too, but I definitely see this cake becoming a go-to! It was moist and delicious and made for a great breakfast too ;)

  98. Li

    Just made this tonight! I made it into cupcakes (I got 12) and substituted cup for cup gluten free flour. Was my first foray into turning a recipe gluten free but it seemed to turn out correct, the cake was super soft and moist and fudgy but airy at the same time (seems contradictory!). The olive oil flavour really came through. Super simple but great recipe!

    1. Hillary

      I did a cup for cup substitution with King Arthur Gluten Free Flour and was not successful with cupcakes – they just fell apart and I couldn’t get them out from the pan. Glad it worked for you. Maybe I did something wrong.

  99. Elia

    I made this last night. Had the depression also but when topped with the glaze you cannot tell. Everyone loved it and commented about how moist it was. Total hit.

  100. KMJR

    I made this today with what I had:
    1/2 C of Hersey’s cocoa powder
    apple cider vinegar
    1/2 c each of granulated & brown sugar
    1:1 GF mix from Bob’s Mill (blue label)
    2 tsp hazelnut extract (because : )
    1 C strong coffee + 1/2 c water
    only 1 tsp baking soda (per suggestion from other commenters)
    rest was the same… easy to put together & clean up
    made 1x 8″ cake pan plus 2 tall muffin cups
    baked 35 min (sea level)
    domed beautifully….It fell a little when I tried to get the wax paper off the bottom…
    a little bit of b.soda smell & slight taste of b.soda when I tried it (still warm–couldn’t wait!) which didn’t stop me from eating it with a dusting of icing sugar on the top.
    I am not fond of the GF texture but wanted to try this mix. It worked. The cake was more to the fudgey side of things with all these tweaks.
    Will try to make this with a regular flour next time. Also, I will wait until I can put in the full amt of cocoa pwdr to try this again …and probably add a little more sugar than I did this time. I’ll skip the hazelnut flavoring–didn’t make a difference.
    Thanks for inspiring a Saturday morning bake, and letting me share my results!

    1. I feel like the BRM 1:1 gives a kind of gritty texture. When I make banana muffins for my husband I use 1 cup 1:1 and 3/4 cup GF oat flour and the texture is completely indistinguishable from regular glutened muffins.

    2. KMJR

      As a follow-up:
      *even with the GF flour, this slices beautifully & I found that it was perfect with a smear of jam between the layers…will add a bit of whipped cream on the side next time, too!!
      *the b soda taste & smell are less the next day, & the cake is still quite moist
      Yay!! Thanks again for the recipe
      (I did a search for wacky cakes & found some versions without cocoa–this is a rabbit hole for sure)

    3. KMJR

      another follow-up…I have made this cake 4 times this year, and it has not failed me at all! I usually make it GF for friends with sensitivities, but the cake I made yesterday for Christmas was with reg flour & absolutely sumptuous!! I made it with reg AP flour, baked the recipe in two 8″ cake pans, which turned out v well. For a seasonal filling, I made a cranberry jelly with cardamom and a delightful cream-cheese-stablized chocolate whipped cream icing…I didn’t have coffee in the house, but used coffee substitute & found that it created a wonderful flavor. (used 1 tsp B soda as well)
      Again, thank you for this lovely recipe. It was a hit–again!

  101. Hi Deb!

    This looks amazing. Do you have any tips for substituting corn syrup in this recipe? I currently live outside the US and grocery stores here don’t really offer corn syrup.

    Thanks! Can’t wait to make this.

  102. Lily Purnomo

    Hello….your cake looks great!! Can the granular sugar and dark brown sugar be substituted with honey? How many ml the honey be? Thank you for your reply…

    1. deb

      Often in cakes, it’s not a problem but I cannot say for sure here. It’s already such a wet batter… I might start with only swapped the brown sugar.

  103. So now I know what to make when my next chocolate craving strikes. Also, so sad I’m missing you in Philly :( as I just moved to London last month. I am sending my BFFand cooking partner in crime so be sure to say Hi to Danielle and sign an extra book for me! Oh, and come to London!!

    1. deb

      Oh no, it’s totally on. It might have gotten lumped in with … San Francisco? I know they’re more than an hour apart. I know Santa Cruz has it’s own unique (awesome) thing going on.

  104. Esther

    I made this following the metric instructions and ended up with a very liquid soup-y batter. Baked into quite a dense, pudding like cake. The frosting never hardened and was more of a chocolate sauce. It looked terrible but was tasty! (though I’d probably leave out the sea salt flakes, the flavour was too strong) Something must have gone wrong, but am not entirely sure what …

  105. Carla Hinkle

    Cake is amazing! Just a word of caution — it is SO light and moist and crumbly it is VERY DELICATE coming out of the pan. More so than an eggs-and-butter cake. I broke a big chunk out of mine that way! (A delicious chunk I promptly ate so no real tragedy, but FYI if this is for company.)

  106. I made this cake yesterday for my book club today. It almost overflowed the pan when I poured it in, but didn’t overflow in the oven. It did take longer to bake than suggested, it sank in the middle but tested done. It was crusty on the outer edge but I was still able to remove it from the pan; didn’t glaze because it seemed like too much sweet for our book club gals, used a dusting of powdered sugar instead. Everyone loved it, said it was very moist. I think the size of the pan might be key – my 9″ pan has 2″ sides; I looked again at photos and Deb’s pan looked like a 3″ deep pan. I used the amount of soda called for and didn’t notice any off taste from that. I too used to make the whacky cake and loved it, also a similar one called a mayonnaise cake. I will definitely make it again after I get a bigger pan! Thank you Deb. Look forward to your new book!

    1. deb

      I’m sorry it gave you trouble; it’s definitely not you that’s experiencing dipping, although I hadn’t in the times I made it. My pan definitely has 2-inch sides, but the cake is on the tall side for the short pan. I’m wondering if a little less baking soda (1 teaspoon vs. 1 1/2 teaspoons) might resolve this. And thank you.

      1. Mary

        Mine sank in the middle too, and I’m at altitude (in Denver, so about a mile above sea level). I don’t always have sinking issues–the I Want Chocolate Cake cake, for example, comes out perfect every time. No overflowing issues. I did open the oven at 30 minutes when it was still very liquid (altitude means that everything takes longer to cook), and it sunk shortly after, so maybe that did it?

        Any thoughts on what we could tweak to avoid sunken middle?

  107. bechem

    Lovely! I made this over the weekend (just because)! All the best with the book tour… if you ever come to Australia we would love to have you!!

  108. Heather

    I made this with self raising flour and no baking powder, I also halved the amount of sugar (I used all brown sugar), didn’t use the vinegar and didn’t make the glaze (it’s a lovely cake to have with a cup of tea, glaze or no glaze!)

    I did have to add some more cocoa powder as was too oily, probably due to less sugar, but turned out great.

    Took out at 30 mins and could have taken it out earlier- due to it being dark brown I didn’t realise the edges were getting crispy. There was a distinct olive oil flavour on the day of baking, but on the second day it is not very noticeable.

    Great cake and will be making again in the future for my vegan sister :)

  109. CJ Farren

    Interesting twist on the old “Wacky Cake” recipe which I have been making for over 40 years. It was also published as “Six Minute Chocolate Cake” in the cookbook “Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.” The ganache in their recipe does not call for oil or corn syrup and it works well for me with just dark chocolate, hot water and vanilla. I often substitute whole wheat pastry flour (note it must be “pastry”) for some or all of the all-purpose flour. Even though the old standard will be hard to beat I can’t wait to try your version with olive oil and brown sugar!

  110. Cheryl BOschert

    Just made this last night. Did not realize it was vegan till I got into the recipe. Let me just say, this is all pantry staples and I served this up for Sunday dinner, and it was truly delightful…. I used the coffee and it was dark, rich and with some whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream, it rocked my world. Can’t wait for your cookbook…, Love from Columbus, OH

  111. Hi again, Deb! I took your suggestion (from Questions) and replaced half the water with a bold red wine. I then served it with the mascarpone cream from the red wine chocolate cake recipe. It was divine! Thank you :)

  112. Hillary

    I made this with King Arthur Gluten Free flour and it did not turn out well, I actually had to throw it away. My son wanted to make cupcakes and due to the GF flour (I assume), this was too crumbly and I could not get the cupcakes out of the muffin tins. I sprayed with non-stick spray and it is a non-stick muffin pan. The cake just fell apart and did not hold together at all. I will try again with regular flour when I have an event to go to. My son is allergic to eggs, wheat and all nuts, so was hoping this cake was the answer!

    1. anon

      If you used gluten free flour there would be nothing in this to act as a binder. You could probably come up with an alternative to use, but that is what the recipe was probably missing?

    2. CarolJ

      Adding to what Anon said – Unlike King Arthur’s measure-for-measure g-f flour or other cup-for-cup g-f flours, this blend contains no xanthan gum to act as a binder and stabilizer (to give the cake structure). I think that the xanthan gum would be especially important for this recipe which doesn’t have any eggs to provide structure. Perhaps you could try it again, adding ~1/2 tsp. of xanthan gum

      1. Amanda K.

        Hi Carol J., since I use gf KA flour all the time, I was pulled in when you mentioned something doesn’t have xanthan gum. I wasn’t sure if you were referring to the KA GF measure for measure flour, but I have a bag and it lists xanthan gum as an ingredient in the flour mix.

  113. Amanda

    Deb, you are my baking-fit-throwing sister from another mother. I feel exactly as you do when a baking recipe goes awry. Cheated and deflated. Usually wine and ice cream come to my rescue. My husband, on the other hand, will make the same recipe over and over until it’s right. We once had 5 different batches of butterscotch pudding in the refrigerator (I think the final winner was your recipe!)

    1. Amanda

      I forgot to mention that I have a wacky cake recipe that was passed down from my grandmother. Her recipe does not call for coffee – but I have used that instead of water and it really does add to flavor. I usually throw in very small pinch of cinnamon and white pepper too. Sometimes I top with a Bailey’s spiked buttercream. Very simple to make. I’ve never tried it with olive oil, but I will now.

  114. Even though I made this on the weekend, I feel like this is the perfect weeknight cake. So quick and easy to pull together. I made it with raw cocoa powder; also may have added a little more coffee than 1.5 cups which made my batter a bit runny; it took about 7-8 minutes longer to bake but came out just fine. Light and fluffy the first day, denser and moister the second day, equally delicious both days. Today is Day 3 and I’m wishing I had a slice left over for a post-breakfast, pre-lunch snack. Alas, not a crumb remains.

  115. Julia

    I’ve made this twice already and loved it! First time with coffee in an 8″ pan, which is all that I have. I baked it for 40-45 mins and it came out great. The second time I just used water and it was also delicious. I only filled the pan 2/3 and made 4 little cupcakes. They were all a little more moist than the first time. I didn’t love the glaze on its own but it was perfect with the cake, though I also loved it without it.

  116. Margot

    This looks simply divine—just what I was looking for today. I just pulled the cake out of the oven, and it smells wonderful. Can’t wait to glaze it and dig in later tonight for an impromptu birthday celebration.

    Thanks, Deb, for keeping these brilliant recipes coming.

    Congrats on your new book. I pre-ordered from Barnes & Noble, and I’m counting the days until it arrives. :-)

  117. Andrea

    Excellent! Made it without the glaze. Nice crisp edges. It has the flavor intensity of a brownie but lighter in texture. Finished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

  118. I made this cake over the weekend and it was great. My boyfriend, who is usually very underwhelmed by my baking, now trusts me significantly more. Thanks for another fantastic recipe, Deb! Good luck on the tour!

    1. Also, I generally try to bake vegan, so it’s really awesome that you now have a vegan cake recipe! I know I can trust your recipes to be great, even though vegan baking can sometimes be sub-par. Thanks again!

  119. This is nearly identical to my go-to chocolate layer cake recipe; I got it from the Moosewood Book of Desserts (and made some tweaks along the way) a million years ago. Said cake is insanely popular with every single person I’ve made it for so now it’s the only chocolate cake I bake. I can’t wait to try an olive oil version!!

  120. Liz B.

    So easy and so good! I was disappointed when I made the “everyday chocolate cake” – THIS is what I was craving! The olive oil has just the right earthiness to accentuate the chocolate, and the glaze is perfect (I made it without corn syrup). One bowl, as promised. I slightly overbaked it and had to cut off the edges, and it still was perfect for company. Next time I’ll try coffee instead of water.

    1. Susan McKinley

      I made this last night and my friends and husband loved it. I used coffee, baked it for the specified time, and did not have a depression in the top. It was a bit fragile turning out onto the rack and an hour later sliding it onto the serving plate but tasted so good there were no complaints. I did top the glaze with toasted, chopped hazelnuts. It’s definitely a keeper for me.

      Thanks, Deb. My friend and I are attending your event in the Columbus area soon. 🙂

  121. Brittany

    So excited to get my book in the mail! Next time try to come to Edmonton, I promise it’s not the frozen tundra everyone thinks it is ;)

  122. Debbie

    I made this cake and it is delicious! I must say I was very skeptical that it might taste odd because of the olive oil, but it is fantastic! Honestly, it is one of the best and easiest cakes I have ever made. I used Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil because that’s what I had in the pantry and the cocoa powder I used was Valrhona which is a Dutch Process cocoa. The cake is a very dark chocolate color and moist and fabulous. The only thing I had an issue with was that my glaze never made enough to drip down the sides. It was more like a thick frosting and it took a lot to get it barely to the edges. I followed the directions exactly and did not over-microwave the ingredients so I do not know why mine didn’t flow like yours but it is delicious none the less and will become a regular at our house. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  123. Mara

    Deb! I saw you in Atlanta at the book tour for your first book! Unfortunately, I no longer live in that area. Come to North Carolina, pretty please? I promise, you’ll love Raleigh if you decide to make a quick stop there!

  124. Kat

    Deb! I left work early, speedwalking the entire way to Union Square, fearing I would be too late and all of the wrist bands would be gone… only to be told by the (laughing) information desk attendant at Barnes and Noble that I had the wrong week. 😳
    I am very excited to do this all over again next week!

  125. Susan McHenry

    This cake was delicious! The only problem I had was with the glaze icing once it cooled. When I went to cut the cake, the glaze cracked and it made for messy serving. It still tasted great (it kind of reminded me of the icing on a Ding Dong or a Swiss Cake Roll–Yum!). Did I do something wrong, or is it supposed to be like this?

  126. Monica

    I’ve made “wacky cakes” before but this was the best recipe yet. Wii definitely be making again. Based on the comments I reduced the baking soda to 1 tsp and the coffee to 1 cup. I totally forgot the apple cider vinegar but it still turned out well. Can someone tell me what it’s for?

  127. Made this recipe last weekend with a little less amount of suggar. Very delicious! This seems to be a “death by chocolate” cake… Thanks for sharing! Greetings from Mrs Go

  128. Made this on Sunday. Delish! Did not know difference in unsweetened cocoa powder, and cocoa powder…my store did not have just cocoa powder so I added a little sugar to the unsweetened for the frosting. Came out quite good. So moist and rich.

  129. I’m very excited that you’re coming to my town (Austin)! Quite jazzed about this cake, too, but I might have to add a wee bit of cinnamon…that would put it squarely into the Fall category for me!

  130. Larry Gordon

    Made this cake last night for a dinner party and it was devoured with not a crumb left on the plate! It was moist, fluffy, intensely chocolaty and delicious. My only addition was to add some chopped pistachios on the top for some color.
    The only part of the recipe that needed to be altered was the cooking time because when tested at 35 minutes the center was still wet. I added an additional 10 minutes and it was perfection. Bravo for another fantastic recipe.

  131. Tanya

    I made this last night with the full baking soda amount, but I added two eggs (trying to avoid crumbly cake). The cake turned out perfect despite the thin batter looking like chocolate water….no depression in the center, fully cooked at 40mins, and tasted wonderful. The only issue for me was that the glaze had a rancid (or maybe burned) smell to it which I suspect, based on comments, is due to the oil getting too hot in the microwave. Next time I’ll use double boiler to make glaze or maybe just use butter instead of the oil. Overall it’s another winner from Deb.

  132. Made this and it was delicious! Like some other commenters suggested, I dropped the baking soda to 1 t. and it was great – rose beautifully without a dip in the middle.

    The glaze was a bit stiff, though – I wasn’t able to get it to pour down the sides, and the next day it was hard to cut through. Next time, I would add more liquid.

  133. Melinda

    We have been making this for years. In our family, it is known as a wowie cake. It is made slightly different, but quite a keeper..

  134. Daniellallalla

    I’ve already made this cake three times and it was absolutely amazing every time! Everyone’s favorite cake now. I am not smart enough to do this myself, but I want to adapt it to make a vanilla version (for a two layered cake). Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? Thank you!!

  135. Julia

    I’ve never made a chocolate cake before and my husband said this is his favorite! So thank you! I messed up on the glaze though I think I probably overheated it because it was not smooth like your picture – I’ll try again.

  136. Maite

    Just made it! It was great! I did not make the glaze, but it was super chocolatey and good. I left it for 32 mins. and when I checked it with the tester it came out clean. I was worried it would be overbaked but it was only a tiny bit over. I could tell it didn’t need the extra 2 minutes on the edges. But it’s great. Mine did not sink.

  137. Joanna

    Ok. Do not know what happened here. Followed recipe to the letter, except used a 9 in sloped pan (almost a pie dish, i guess) which just made the entire thing overflow — thankfully i had a foil lined baking sheet on the next rack down. But also, it took 40 min to cook and was still quite wet inside, and HUGE depression in the center. Additionally, I had same issue that others are having with the glaze—it immediately hardened/thickened while whisking and was utterly unspreadable. Any thoughts???

    Having said all this: the flavor and texture of the cake itself was DIVINE. I cannot wait to make this again, but I’m going to have to use a different pan, less baking soda, and figure out something else for the glaze. This was definitely one of the least attractive things I’ve made, but my god was it delicious…

  138. Sarah

    After reading the helpful comments, I reduced baking soda to 1 tsp (and also cut the sugar to 100 grams brown and 100 grams white) and it turned out wonderfully. I also subbed coconut oil (~100 grams) for olive and it was lovely. Came out perfectly after 31 minutes in the oven. Super easy and my new go-to quick chocolate cake. I did use a different frosting though, so no review on that. Thanks for the great recipe!

  139. mika4d

    I wonder if it’s the cocoa powder that causes the cake to have the “depression.” If you used Dutch process (like I did), it will mess things up. Dutch process cocoa, I learned after a bit of research, should not be used in a recipe that calls for baking soda. My cake seemed underbaked, even after 40 minutes in the oven, had the depression in the center, and was much too fudgy and not enough cakey. I will try it again with regular cocoa and let you know. It’s still delicious, by the way.

  140. Mary Huang

    This is an easy quick recipe if you are craving some chocolate cake. I followed all the steps and the cake turned out super moist. The only problem I had was the glaze got really hard the next day. I think the reason is my chocolate? I used those dark baking chocolate discs. Did anyone else have this problem?

  141. Erika

    Really, no vanilla? I’ve made the moosewood version of this (6 minute chocolate cake) more times than I can count, and every variation I’ve ever seen calls for vanilla…

  142. Rose Clifford

    I made this for my birthday this weekend. We were in a Cape Cod rental, so I used what they had for a baking pan, which was a rectangular Pyrex dish. I mixed up all the dry ingredients for both cake and frosting at home, and carried them with me in Ziploc bags. I used whole wheat pastry flour, espresso granules instead of coffee (in both cake and glaze), and Hershey cocoa. I added a tsp or two of vanilla to both the cake and glaze. I added 2 TBSP of corn syrup to the glaze. I reduced the water by 1/4 cup, and added an egg (just because!). I used some Greek olive oil that came from a specialty market, but next time I will used a milder olive oil – I thought it gave a too prominent a grassy, or astringent quality to the cake. Overall, the cake had a fabulous, moist texture and the glaze was not overly sweet. This cake would also be fabulous using unsalted butter, or half butter and half olive oil. Next time, I may add a pinch of cinnamon to the glaze – I felt it needed a bit of something extra, although I’m not sure what. Overall, it was delicious with vanilla ice cream and this is definitely a keeper recipe.

  143. I hadn’t been able to eat processed sugar for a few months, and a couple weeks ago, I found out that I finally could again. Yesterday, I finally baked again, and it was this. Thank you thank you thank you! So easy, so delicious!

  144. Mira

    I had all the ingredients at home, and so I couldn’t simply not make this. Turned out perfect in taste and texture – until I couldn’t wait for it to cool, tried to turn it over so I could have the flat side up top to cover in chocolate, and accidentally broke it into two crumbly halves.

    I was able to cover it up nicely with the chocolate frosting, though, you can barely tell. It’s yummy and I’ll definitely make this again.

  145. Mollie

    Help! How do you get rid of the poufy top of the cake? Does it just get smooshed when you turn it over on the cooling rack (I always just leave it to cool in the cake pan so I am missing some critical skills here..)

  146. I needed this to be oil-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, and this was the perfect starting recipe. Substituted gluten-free flour for regular, switched out the olive oil and used apple sauce instead, used dairy-free choc chips and used flax oil (the only oil I can use) for the glaze. Turned out beautifully! What a nice treat. Perfect for anyone with MS following the OMS program.

  147. Dan

    Great recipe, thanks for sharing. Speaking of accidentally vegan, I’m thinking of making this for a vegan coworker but don’t have a reliable cake pan. Could I use an 8×8 brownie tin? Or would I not get the same result? Thanks in advance!

  148. yaeld

    This lent itself well to my minor tweaks, incl. cutting 2 Tbs. of brown sugar plus 2 Tbs. of white sugar and using half ww pastry flour and half all purpose. I also added 1 t of vanilla since I can’t imagine chocolate cake without it– and used 1 tsp. of espresso powder mixed with part of the 1/1/2 cups water for the recipe, warmed a bit to help it dissolve. Also used 1/4 cups special dark cocoa from Hershey and the rest, Natural Cocoa from Trader Joe’s. The cake has a really deep chocolate flavor, almost as if removing the dairy and eggs has let that shine through more. It is very moist, but also crumbly so I’d suggest being extra careful as you remove it from the pan to cool and then onto a plate after that. I stayed true to the glaze though I went with Trader Joe’s pound plus dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips. I think some poster said this reminds them of ho-ho’s but more sophisticated–and I’d agree. Fwiw, used California Olive Ranch Everyday EVOO as my oil and that worked great. The cake did sink a bit in the center, but nothing a bit of glaze couldn’t cover. This has so much potential as a great pareve cake for those who keep strictly kosher. Am still trying to decide if I like the glaze but overall, am really enjoying picking away at this cake, as is my family.

    1. yaeld

      I used a heatproof bowl set over simmering water to make the glaze, rather than the microwave, melting the chocolate a bit first, before adding everything else and that seemed to work well…

  149. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe since I saw it here – and today was finally the day. It came out perfect, and everyone at home thought it was delicious. The only thing I changed in the recipe was to use some blueberries as decoration – I really liked the freshness of the berries against the sweetness of the chocolate.
    I will definitely be coming back to this recipe again – such an easy and delicious cake!

  150. mika4d

    Update: Attempt number one, using Dutch process cocoa and 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, baked for 40 minutes. Result: got the depression in the middle, cake was very dense and fudgy. Attempt number two, using regular cocoa and 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, baked yet again for 40 minutes. The cake ran over the edges of the pan, dripped down the sides and made a burnt mess in the oven. I’ve turned it out and it’s still cooling, but appears to have a small depression in the middle. Thoughts?
    I’m wondering if I need a pan with higher sides and less baking soda. I really loved the original Cockeyed Cake and jumped at the idea of a darker version.

  151. Lisa

    I made this cake tonight with the glaze for my parents 50th wedding anniversary dinner. It was divine! Pitch black, rich and not too sweet. Chocolate nirvana.
    Thank you for this incredible recipe, it’s a winner.

  152. Vanessa

    I am having a hard time with this cake. It was liquid still at 30 minutes, felt cooked through at 35 so I took it out… after 10 minutes the center fell and when I flipped it on to the rack, it turned out it wasn’t baked through at all – it was a gooey mess! I popped back in the oven for 10 more minutes… still gooey at the center! I bake all the time in this oven so that is not the problem. Any ideas what is going wrong? The crumbs taste really good and the dark color is amazing. I have been saving this for a Halloween cake since you posted it!

    1. Yael

      I made this cake as well and it took 10 or so minutes longer to bake than the stated time in the recipe and even then, it was very moist, and more dense and fudgy than I expected… I think with this cake it may be better to err on the side of baking over the stated time.

  153. Randi MacDonald

    This is very similar to my favorite hershey’s black magic cake. That one has buttermilk and eggs. Must try your version to compare. I have a lot of vegan friends.

  154. Paula Simson

    Can’t wait to see you in Vancouver and get my book signed. I bought it the first day it was available in store and have enjoyed everything I’ve made so far. Tonight, it’s the sheet pan chicken with olives, cauliflower, potatoes.

  155. I made it for Saturday night supper when my son and his girlfriend came over for dinner and game night. We loved it, one bowl so very easy. I read the comments and put some of the extra batter in a small dish so it didn’t overflow. I also reduced baking soda but mine still fell a little in the center. It was delicious and even better throughout the week.

  156. Kylie

    Huge success! I had the same dip in the middle with 1.5t baking soda (darn, shoulda read the comments first!) and baked for 50 minutes. I live on the CA coast so no altitude. Perfection regardless. As always, thanks Deb.

  157. Krista

    My two year old and I quickly threw this together at 4:30 for guests who were coming at 7:30. It turned out perfectly! No issues with the rise or sinking, but we are at sea level here in on the west coast. Next time I might sub a different oil for the glaze as it tasted a bit too olive for me, and add a little more salt than I did this time. I didn’t have any issues with the glaze in the microwave – I just did it in small increments (ie 20 seconds) so I wouldn’t burn anything. I used up a few decaf Starbucks Via’s to make coffee to use instead of the water. Very thrilled with the results!

    I absolutely loved the cake though – will make again. So did my toddler!

  158. Laura Durbin

    For the past 34 years, 20 of which my husband and I lived on a 40′ sail boat, my mother-in-law’s Wacky Chocolate Cake was my go to cake. This recipe takes that cake to an entirely new level–outrageously choclatey and DELICIOUS!!
    Thanks so much!

  159. Lori

    A truly decadent and amazing cake! A crowd pleaser for sure. I am making forbthe second time today, feeds a lot of people because it’s perfectly rich!! Thank you for all of your fabulous recipes!

  160. Jane Herriott

    This may have been mentioned but Nigella Lawson has a chocolate olive oil cake that can be made gluten-free by substituting almond meal for the flour. Her recipe headnotes state that she actually prefers the fudgy texture imparted by the almond meal, so when I tried it that’s what I used and I’ve never baked it with flour even though I’m not a gluten-free person! So I’m going to try this recipe (which has, um, double the cocoa…) with almond meal and in so doing, blend basically my two favorite kitchen people ever!

    Side note: Deb, it was so cool meeting you in Dallas! It was very much like when I was 5 and at Disney World for the first time and Cinderella came to our breakfast table. (Also, that was a COOL bookshop that I had never been to before.)

  161. Robin

    Just made this and it turned out beautifully. The batter (and ease of putting it together) reminds me of my favorite Hershey’s Black Magic Cake. Came out a bit fudgier than that one, but perfect and delicious. I like the bit of sea salt in the glaze! I will have to keep this in my back paocket for when I don’t have eggs on hand.

  162. SB

    Made this cake this weekend. Used 1 tsp baking soda as Deb and many commenters suggested, and used 1 c coffee + 1/2 c water. Result was delicious and moist, but warning: it did stick to the cake pan sides much more than expected so the sides looked less finished, and it baked for 40 min (all of this is in line with other comments). I made the glaze in a double boiler and had no problems spreading it, so perhaps that may be easier to control than with the microwave method. Any suggestions to help with the sticking to the pan the next time? (Cause there definitely will be a next time!)

  163. The cake was a success – rather similar to Margaret Fox’s Amazon Chocolate Cake. The glaze, however, was another story and was not successful. Turned into a pasty (and not tasty) mess. Served with powdered sugar.

  164. Chaline

    So nice meeting you yesterday, sorry about the rain (Raincouver). I hope my friend Rochelle’s restaurant suggestions helped you in finding a dinner spot last night. Being celiac, I was glad to find so many non gluten recipes.

  165. Cynthia Rose

    I made this over the weekend and overall I think it turned out great!

    I hate sifting so I barely ever sift anything, and didn’t for this cake (also, I’m a regular cocoa powder person, not Dutch process). I used plain Pompeian EVOO because that was what I had on hand. Went ahead and reduced the baking soda to a slightly-heaping teaspoon due to the comments and also due to having experienced a bunch of sinking with a previous olive oil cake, I think it was a good adjustment. I’m a little mystified by the folks saying they had to reduce the sugar or it’d be too sweet because this cake seems way less sweet than most others, but to each his/her own… mine was barely sweet with the called-for amount of sugar and the glaze together. Used coconut flavored coffee which my husband could taste in the final result but I couldn’t, and used apple cider vinegar.

    My cake needed an extra 5 minutes of baking time, but that need was obvious after the toothpick test so it was fine after that. I had prepared the pan and used a parchment circle and all of that, but some of the cake rim still stuck to the pan… not a problem for just enjoying at home rather than for entertaining, but just a note.

    I put the glaze ingredients into a bowl right after the cake went into the oven (and covered the bowl with cling wrap), and my cake took hours to cool so it took awhile until I microwaved the glaze, but I had no problems with that… it was almost melted together after the initial 30 seconds so I just microwaved for 15 seconds more and then used it. I didn’t find the olive oil flavor to be prominent in the glaze at all, but wouldn’t really have minded if it was.

    I also agree that this tastes like a more upscale version of certain squiggly snack cakes of yore. I’ll definitely be making this again since it is so quick, dark, and moist. I might add cinnamon this time (as other commenters have mentioned) since I usually add it to baked goods that don’t already call for it.

  166. Carrie greenberg

    Love your books and recipes, deb! Use them often
    Want to make a few of tour chocolate cakes for thanksgiving.. Best cake I ever had!
    Can I freeze them?
    Thanks so much!
    Carrie greenberg

  167. Elana

    Hi! You said “fall” so I’m making this for Thanksgiving! If I store it for 2 days out or longer in the fridge do I cover it? Put it in a tupperware? Help!

    1. Elana

      It seems that many people have tried using various GF flours with some success. Do a search on this page for gluten and you should find some!

  168. Charlene L-S

    I made this with water and adjusted the sugar a bit. I made a raspberry glaze for the cake and it was absolutely delicious! It is moist and decadent. It’s perfect. My daughter absolutely loved her birthday cake. Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! This will now be my staple chocolate cake recipe.

  169. Coree

    I made this without the glaze and it was excellent. I bought vanilla bean powdered sugar and used it to make designs on the cake (a bit like latte art)

  170. Mirra

    Delicious! I used coconut oil in place of the olive oil as that is what I had on hand. & I used coconut sugar in place of granulated. I also added a splash of vanilla because I’m obsessed with vanilla. I took the advice in the comments & only used 1tsp of baking soda. It was so yummy and chocolate-ly & I could taste a hint of the coconut oil too. I’d like to try it with avacado oil next time too. It was fluffy and moist! I preferred the cake heated over room temp/cooled & it actually reminded me of a lava cake, ha. Love!

  171. Sarah gee

    I cut the sugar to 1/2 cup granulated and half cup brown and Was happy with result. I did the glaze so i was ok with a less sweet cake.

  172. Grant

    I made this as cupcakes; I did 1.5x the recipe and got 12 normal-sized cupcakes and 12 mini ones. Because I wanted to keep them vegan (to bring to a hippie picnic party), I only lightly oiled my tins instead of buttering and flouring like I normally do. Well, quite a few did not come out of the pan in one piece, but they were salvageable enough to bring to the picnic, and their fudgy, moist texture and rich, earthy, perfectly sweet taste made up for their fragmentation! I didn’t use the glaze because I didn’t have time, but they definitely didn’t even need it.

    But learn from my mistake: if you make this as cupcakes, use paper liners or go crazy on greasing your tins!

    1. Maryam

      hello Grant, can I ask how long you baked the cupcakes for? I am thinking of baking them as muffins/cupcakes but unsure how long to leave them in the oven. many thanks, Maryam

      1. Hillary

        I made them as cupcakes before and could not get them out of the pan, had to throw them out because they were not salvageable. I second your recommendation to use some kind of muffin liner.

    2. Denise

      Right! use liners and don’t overfill. I did the cupcakes and didn’t use liners for the first time ever, and that was a mistake. I think this is much better as a layer cake.

  173. ajgb

    made as directed
    loved this! so moist and almost brownie like…like the perfect in between a cake and brownie.
    definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings and my bf who doesnt like chocolate much couldnt stop eating this.
    our whole family enjoyed and will continue to make in the future!

  174. emilyklash

    Because two days before Thanksgiving you’ve got time to answer questions about cake… but, you’re Deb, so you might! I’m making the non-pumpkin pie dessert this week, and this is in my sights! Two questions: 1 – will this work in a standard bundt? Should I double? 2 – Because i’m a cheap-o, could I swap some of the oil for veg or canola? PS – I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  175. Julia

    Ok – I am NOT a baker. I tried this 3x – love the flavor, but I’m having so much trouble with the glaze. The first time, I think I microwaved it too much and threw it out and started over. The second time, it was so thick, I just spread it over the whole cake and called it a day. The third time, it still came out so thick, I could not get it to pour like your photos. Also, mine came out a black color – the same as the cake, not brown like yours. I used dark chocolate chips the yellow bag. Also, the only thing I used instead of corn syrup was pancake syrup all 3 times. Please HELP me, what to add to make it thinner? ( I tried olive oil but it made it too much olive oil – how about just water? :)

  176. Donna

    Very excited to try – can I put the glaze on a few days before serving, or is it best right before? Asking because I’m planning on making this 2 days before serving to take away for the weekend. Thanks!

  177. erineaguayo

    I made this…and forgot to put in the granulated sugar since the kids burst through the door home from school at just that moment and broke my concentration. Didn’t notice until I tasted it…it rose beautifully (1 1/8 tsp baking soda), and tasted a little bland but not terrible. Very noticeable olive oil flavor from extra virgin oil, and the oil in the glaze is especially prominent. The kids didn’t complain, but I’ll have to make it again to see what’s up with the real deal.

  178. fay bomberg

    made this today. Let it cool in the pan, then removed it from the pan and put it on a cooling rack. When it was cool I attempted to carefully move it to a serving plate – and oh no, it broke into several pieces as I tried to pick it up. Totally fragile. What did I do wrong?

  179. Leah

    I made this for a vegan Thanksgiving. The cake turned out incredibly moist and pretty tasty for, you know, a vegan dessert. I used a heaping tsp of baking soda and didn’t have the sinking issue noted in other comments. If I were to make this again I would use a less flavorful (cheaper) olive oil, as the flavor was a little overwhelming, and all coffee instead of half coffee half water to cut the olive oil flavor. My glaze was not a glaze at all but a frosting that wouldn’t spread to the edges; it was far too dense. I recommend using half the amount of cocoa powder so it’s thinner. I did use a double broiler and had no issues with burnt chocolate.

  180. Mary

    Hi. I’d like to make this cake in a 9×13 pan. Shall I use glass or metal? Also, how should I increase the ingredients and cook time? Thank you so much!

    1. Rose

      I used a 9×13 Pyrex glass baking dish to make this twice and it was just fine. Use a mild olive oil, and I did add an egg to mine both times, reducing the water/coffee by 1/4 cup.

  181. Natalie

    I made this cake using King Arthur GF flour (replaced by weight, rather than cup measurements). I also added 1/2 tsp of xanthan gum (Bob’s Red Mill) to stabilize. It took around 45-50 min. to cook through. I made two cakes, stacked and filled with raspberry jam, and frosted with the recipe from the “I-want-chocolate chocolate cake” (using vegan butter substitute for the buttercream). So it was entirely gluten free and vegan and incredibly delicious. Rich, intensely chocolatey with a light crumb. I was thrilled. Thank you so much, Deb!

    1. Natalie

      Oh, I also dropped the baking soda to 1 tsp, rather than 1 1/2 tsp. There was a little dip in the middle, but no serious sinking, so that was a success, too!

  182. rachel

    this is like an amazing and fancy version of chocolate frosted chocolate tasty cake cupcakes. so easy to make and so worth it. the olive oil adds wonderful texture but doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate flavor. we brought it for a dinner with friends and they wouldn’t let us take the leftovers home ;)

  183. Adam

    This came out incredibly good (should note that I subbed mashed banana for half the olive oil, cut the total sugar down to 1 cup and added some walnuts)

    Still perfectly moist 2 days later. I’ll definitely be using this recipe as a cake base.

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  185. Nikki

    I made this for a vegan friend for her birthday, and everyone agreed that it was better than most non-vegan chocolate cakes! I added a little orange zest to the glaze, and it worked really well with the subtle olive oil taste. I’ll definitely be making this again, and not just for vegans!

  186. Ramya

    I made this with freshly brewed coffee instead of water. I also reduced the amount of sugar to 1/2 a cup of dark brown sugar and 1/2 a cup of white sugar. Absolutely delicious! The chocolate glaze was the best part of the cake. The cake itself was really moist, rich and chocolatey. I didn’t get good results from any of the other egg-free chocolate cake recipes that I have tried previously but this one was different. I am going to make this cake multiple times because the first one disappeared so quickly!

  187. Tali

    After reading many of the comments from people who tried this cake, I made it today (with my kids) for my son’s 5th birthday. I reduced the water to 1 cup and the baking soda to 1 tsp, as others suggested, and baked it a few minutes more than the 35 minutes listed in the recipe. I also added 1 tsp vanilla and subbed all of the sugar for 1 cup honey. The texture of the cake was wonderful, and I didn’t have the depression issue a lot of other people mentioned. My only complaint is that the taste was a bit too cocoa powder-y for me. I might use melted chocolate instead of some of it next time (or maybe in addition to).

    1. Julia

      I tried it in a bundt pan, and it was nice but was a small ring. I would worry about it cooking evenly if you increase the recipe though ( but I’m a complete novice when it comes to baking – so let me know ). I also buttered the pan really well and it came out easily.

      1. Shari

        Thank you Julia.

        I appreciate your insight. I have a gorgeous man I am itching to use, but I think I might go with the prescribed pan this time around.

  188. Huma

    Deb, everyone in my house is having a bad day. I was looking for a recipe that would make life a bit better and found this. Chocolate cake solves all of life’s problems. I’m making this right now. The best part is i can put this together while the baby naps. Thank you!!

  189. Madeleine

    A few weeks ago I made a double recipe of this cake and stuck it in the freezer. Last night I took it out, put the frosting on, and left it on my countertop overnight. It was delicious at lunch! It’s the perfect parve dessert for anyone looking for something easy to make ahead. Thank you so much for this recipe and the many others in your new book, which I received for Hanukkah and can’t wait to devour :-) wishing you the best in 2018 !

  190. Megan

    SO GOOD. Totally easy to make (the only challenging part is flipping it from pan to rack to plate, because it’s so tender and delicate). I froze it for a few weeks, thawed and ganached the day before. Vegans and non-vegans devoured it. I will definitely make this again! I used KAF Triple Cocoa.

  191. Shari

    I made the OOCC for holiday meal — having baked the cake on saturday. the cake itself took an additional 10 minutes in the oven* and the glaze on monday morning. I was anticipating a pour-able ganache, but wound up with something more fudge textured. hmmm.

    I did a partial melt on the chips before adding the oil, but the chips were slow to melt ( * i should say that all of my appliances are brand new {approx 5 weeks} and I am still in learning curve mode with the newness of them,) so i added the remainder of the ingredients and checked the result every 30 seconds or so.

    It seemed to seize up no matter how much stirring I did. I added a tad more olive oil and tried to coax the mixture to a more liquid state. I was not successful in that aspect. However, the end product spread really well and I would up with a lovely finish which i decorated with sliced almonds in a sunburst pattern.

    The cake turned out of the pan to the cooling rack, and from the cooling rack to the plate quite easily. Yet, when I attempted to turn the cake right side up there was some resistance from plate to flip, so I left it alone.

    Rave reviews all around. Great texture, great flavor, rich, chocolaty and wonderful. there are still a few slices left for after work snacks. yes!

  192. catmum

    Hi, this looked so delicious and doubly so because no butter and no eggs=awesome! I followed the recipe exactly, and was a little worried about the seemingly large amount of finished batter, but decided to forge ahead …. the batter was way way too much volume for a 9″ cake pan. It has overflowed into the oven and burned, made a huge smoky mess. Oh dear. Next time I will have to try maybe 2 8″ pans? I’m stumped. Help please?

  193. A

    I made this with Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa and love it. This recipe is probably the first chocolate cake I’ve loved (that I have made) outright on its own. Thanks Deb!

  194. Panya

    When I was a child my mom got a camping cookbook from Marlboro and a very similar cake recipe was in it. It called for sprinkling the top with an abundance of cinnamon-sugar before baking to form a slightly crunchy top. We’d both made it dozens of times in a 9×13 pan and it was always delicious. It was one recipe that we were both sad she lost with her other belongings in a house fire, so I was really happy to find it online a few years ago and that it wasn’t some obscure thing that no one else had heard of. I taught it to my husband so he can make it for my birthday if he wishes, or when I’m not feeling well but need cake [because you know we all “need” chocolate cake sometimes ;-)].

  195. Angela

    Made this for our NY dinner and it’s my first attempt at baking a cake! It is inspiring me to explore this area a bit more! Folks really enjoyed it and it was fun to introduce everyone to something “new”. I hate the word moist, but that was the comment over and over again from everyone :)

    For reference I did the following:
    (1) I weighed out my ingredients on a scale (thank you for including that in the instructions!)
    (2) I only revised one ingredient proportion, which was to reduce the baking soda to 1 tsp — everything else remained the same.
    (3) For the glaze, I melted the choc chips first in 20 sec increments until mostly melted and then added the remaining ingredients to finish it off in the last 20 sec interval.
    (4) I toothpick tested to ensure it was ready. It took me an extra 5 min.

    The only thing “issue” that I had was a few slight cracks in the top. Which based on research can be from to high of a temp. I preheated to the right setting and checked my oven thermometer that I have as a secondary validation and I was at the right temp. It wasn’t really an issue since the glaze solved the issue…but if I really decide to get into baking…I will try to make sure I get it perfect with no cracks!

    Super happy and this is a keeper!

  196. Night Raven

    We really love this cake, especially for the ease of preparation needed at the end of the week. It’s a great option that way. I made this the other day as a birthday cake and without a microwave (we don’t have one) to make the glaze. It turned out grainy, smelled less than chocolatey, and wouldn’t spread well. However, after cooling down the whole cake tasted just fine and was served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Outstanding, although some advice on the glaze would be appreciated.Thank you so much!

  197. Anne

    I made a gluten-free version for Christmas since the family has a lot of allergies including egg, peanut & gluten. All adults and kids could have one dessert and loved it. I used 50:50 water & coffee & decorated with toasted almond slices, fresh raspberries and powdered sugar. Great, easy & delicious recipe!!!!!

      1. Jackie Ordan

        I’ve made this GF many times (including once for a 4 tier birthday cake) using the Bob’s red mill cup for cup flour (light blue label). Follow the recipe as written otherwise.

  198. I made this for Christmas Eve dessert and it was fantastic. Used dairy-free chocolate chips because one of our guests was vegan, and it was the hit of the dessert table. I made the cake the day before I needed it, and as advertised, it was incredibly moist the next day. Thanks for a great recipe. I’ll definitely make it again.

  199. Julia

    I love how many chocolate cake recipes you have. I’ve got this one in the oven right now for a rare Friday night dinner and a movie at home.

  200. Ginny

    Deb, this cake is amazing! I used a cup of cold pressed coffee concentrate, a little less than a half cup of water, and added a teaspoon of Mexican vanilla. Add chopped hazelnuts on top of the glaze and whipped cream with orange zest if you really need to pretend it’s not Tuesday.

      1. Margaret

        Thank you Deb! I had a feeling you’d already answered that one…I tried scrolling through but you have (absolutely justifiably) SO MANY fans! :)

  201. Hi there! I made this once (with water), and it tasted pretty good and was super easy to make. Would love to make it again with more flavor, but I can’t eat/drink coffee. Any other liquid suggestions?

        1. Jane Herriott

          There are any number of decaf herbal teas that might complement chocolate nicely! Plain ginger tea comes to mind, as does a grocery store brand orange & spice tea I just finished a box of. But I have also made this cake without the coffee and it’s still delicious!

        2. Finally made this with half a Cara Cara orange worth of zest, and it was DELICIOUS! I also used good quality, local olive oil and Equal Exchange cocoa. Even better after being left out for a day!

  202. Katia

    Making this today for a second time. I took it to a lunch New Years days my daughter is vegan but I don’t like to make cake with beans, chia eggs etc…it was such a hit I was getting asked for the recipe. So making again toy for family dinner

  203. This is the very first Smitten Kitchen recipe that has failed me! I weighed my ingredients for accuracy, substituted almond flour, and only used 1 tsp of baking soda (as comments suggested). My batter was a thin liquid, but I persevered with a 9in pan. My cake was about to overflow at the 15 minute mark, but (thanks to the comments again) I had placed it on a lined sheet pan and I was watching it carefully. I took the cake out of the oven and scooped out some of the batter before putting it back in. I baked the “cake” for another 30 minutes before I gave up. It smelled a little bit burnt and the edges were bubbling furiously (perhaps due to the oil?) the whole time. The cake never even got close to setting.

    Smitten Kitchen is my first stop for baked goods, but this was a wildly disappointing recipe. I have no idea how anyone made this recipe work and I do think this recipe needs to be re-tested. I live in Boston so I don’t think it’s the altitude.


      I made this cake 6 times already and it was perfect each time.
      I don’t remember it saying you can use almond flour?
      I have used almond flour on the past for baking but it is definitely not a substitute for regular flour

  204. Scottie

    Wow, Deb, the flavor of this is great, but I had SO much trouble with the recipe. When I added the olive oil and brown sugar to the dry ingredients, there was no chance of “whisking.” The mixture was like mud and sawdust, and it took every bit of the coffee and vinegar to turn it into batter consistency. While making the glaze, the chocolate seized up after just 30 seconds in the microwave. I saved it by adding heavy cream and a tablespoon of butter, but of course that wouldn’t work if you were going vegan. Just sayin’. It’s a cool, humid day in Virginia, so that may have something to do with it as well….


    I made this cake 6 times and it was perfect each time. When you make substitutions any recipe may not work! I bake with almond flour and it simply isn’t a substitutions for all recipes calling for flour. It is really an awesome chocolate cake and my go to!

  206. Demetrius

    Hi! Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for your work, SK is my go to for recipes and inspiration.

    Planning on making this for my love’s bday cake. Looking to add chunks of whole roasted strawberries(I think this will be ok). Also looking to add strawberry puree in place of half the liquid. Does that jump out at anyone as immediately problematic? Thanks!

    1. Panya

      From my experience making cakes containing fruit: the fruit pieces can scorch if they touch the pan, and sometimes excess sugar in the batter can cause it to brown more along the crust, imparting an unpleasant bitter flavor to that part of the cake. Personally, I’d rather drizzle warmed purée over the cake slices before serving — I get chocolate cake with strawberry puree at a certain restaurant every time I go there and it’s delicious.

  207. Jackie

    Hi Deb-
    I’ve made this cake many times for family- I’ve got vegan and GF cousins and with the bobs red mill 1:1 this satisfies everyone’s needs. Now we’ve got a 1st bday coming up… and the V+GF mama has requested this, but with a white/vanilla frosting. Thoughts on vanilla+olive oil/chocolate? I’m worried about the flavors

    1. deb

      I’ve actually really been wanting to make a vanilla version. I’d probably start by swapping the cocoa by weight for flour, dark brown sugar for more white sugar, and you could use coconut oil, I bet, instead of olive oil, if you wish. With coconut, I’d probably add some vanilla.

  208. I made this today. I used a packet of Starbucks instant coffee and added the 1 1/2 cups of water to it.

    This cake was such a hit! My family, all connoisseurs of chocolate cake, fell in love with it. So moist, yet a slightly fruity background and the tiny bit of flaky salt in the glaze made it perfect! Thanks for another fabulous recipe Deb!

  209. Jenn

    This is by far the best vegan cake I’ve tried. It stayed moist and flavorful for several days. Even my husband, who is usually underwhelmed by baked goods, sent me a text message the next day telling me how much he loved it. It will forever be my go-to cake. I didn’t have corn syrup so I used agave syrup instead and it worked well. I also used Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gluten free flour because of my stepdaughter’s wheat allergy. The results were perfect.

    One thing I want to do is use this recipe for cupcakes but I’m not sure if I need to adjust the baking time. What would you suggest?

  210. Annie

    So I made this and it totally exploded out of the pan and all over the inside of my oven. The cake is delicious despite the Armageddon it caused, but I think I will be reducing the baking soda next time. Made it with cold brew instead of water, and the flavor is delish! Definitely put a sheet pan under it just in case. Learn from me!!

  211. Aliyah

    Smells heavenly but my cake fell in the middle a few minutes after I took it out of the oven?

    Google tells me that I opened the oven before the cake set, the cake didn’t go into the oven as soon as the mixture was made (I had a 3-5 minute lag), or too much raising agent. What do you think?


    1. Sherrie

      Interesting ideas! My mom made Wacky Cake a million times and never had that sinking issue. But sometimes it sinks for me and sometimes it doesn’t. Some posts said to reduce the baking soda but her recipe called for 1 tsp and we are at sea level so it can’t be altitude either. Next time I will make sure the oven is ready to go when I mix it up. I’m sure I’ve let it sit a few minutes, too, before putting in the oven. It’s makes sense that it could lose some of it’s “oomph” if it sits as the combo of vinegar, soda and salt is what makes it rise.

  212. aylarose

    Doubled this recipe to make two 9″ cakes with half water half coffee. One sank one didn’t and looked perfect. I made a coconut milk ganache. The coconut flavor of the ganache did not match too well with the olive oil in my opinion unfortunately. Others seemed to enjoy it but I also felt the cake itself was a little bit bitter once cooled. Not sure if that is the baking soda coming through or using extra virgin olive oil. Perhaps I should have used light or a different oil… did anyone else taste bitterness? What type of olive oil did you use? It otherwise was a great texture perfect amount of chocolatey and the 2nd bite was better than the first.

    1. deb

      I probably used one that is light to medium in flavor. You could try with a lighter one, or try with coconut oil next time if you prefer that flavor profile.

      1. Rose Clifford

        I’ve made this cake successfully several times in a rectangular glass Pyrex baking dish and it’s come out great, and is more portable for taking somewhere else. I also think a lighter olive oil works best – or half olive oil and half lighter, neutral oil like sunflower. In addition, I ended up putting more corn syrup in the glaze.

  213. dg

    I have made this twice and love te flavor and how well it keeps in the fridge! However both times my cake sunk in the middle. I cut the baking soda to 1 tsp the second time, as suggested in other comments, and it helped, but the cake is still a bit slumped. Welcome any other ideas for next time to prevent this!

  214. Candace

    Almost identical to the great Laurie Colwin’s recipe, who credits her friend Karen Edwards, who adapted it from Marion Cunningham. Quite the pedigree. Their version is also eggless and uses cocoa, a little less sugar, only 1 tsp baking soda. Buttermilk instead of the water/coffee. But really, it is quite similar in texture and taste. Laurie Colwin said whoever invented it should get a Nobel Prize, so in our house it has always been called Nobel Prize Cake.

  215. Karen

    I’ve been reading & cooking your recipes on and off for a long time now, and today need to make a vegan chocolate cake – requested by my daughter for her birthday. And so I found this when I googled smitten kitchen etc.! Thank you! My mother-in-law’s go-to cake was always Wacky Cake, but somehow that never came to mind when looking for a vegan chocolate dessert! Maybe because it was never my favorite . . .? I agree, it just wasn’t chocolate-ly enough! So I am excited to try your extra-chocolate version with olive oil! I will let you know how it turns out.

  216. Ellen

    This is an outstanding cake. I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9 X 13″ pan. It rose quite a bit but did not overflow (though the top did sink a bit – will reduce the baking soda as suggested next time.) It also took almost an hour to bake. The glaze stayed soft, and tasted luscious. It was a huge hit in my office and I will definitely make this again. I may add a bit of vanilla next time. Thanks Deb!

  217. Made this last week with red wine instead of water in the cake, and a blend of milk and white chocolate for the glaze (what I had at hand), and it was incredible- definitely ADULT, though, so keep that in mind! (Have made it the original way and it’s also stellar, but wanted to point out some variations that are also great!)

  218. Gina

    Do you recommend using extra virgin olive oil or light olive oil? I wonder if the EVOO will taste too grassy. I’m planning on making this for a vegan friend who is turning 40 this weekend! Very excited I found this cake for her.

    1. Gina

      Update: I used 50-50 EVOO and light olive oil and it was delicious. Also added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and cut the baking soda to 1 tsp as recommended above. Came out perfectly after 40 minutes.

  219. Elaine Hall

    Amazing and now my go-to easy chocolate cake. Made for large party, vegans had to swat non-vegans away. Baked three days in advance, kept crumb texture and extra virgin flavour mellowed beautifully, iced the day before without syrup but with vegan sprinkles so didn’t miss the shine.

  220. Jenifer Sullivan

    Please amend this recipe to include the height of the sides of the pan, as in “a 9- inch round cake pan with 3-inch tall sides.” My cakes overflowed the pans, feel in the middle, and burned the bottom of the oven. This is information that would have been helpful at the start of the recipe.
    Thank you.

  221. S

    Last night I was having a dream that I was going to eat chocolate cake, but right before I actually got to eat the cake my baby woke me up wanting to feed. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to eat the cake that I decided to make a real chocolate cake and chose this one. I’m so glad I did, it was beetter than any dream cake could have been!

  222. I love the cake, but I seem to have a problem with the glaze opposite everyone else. My glaze seems really thin. I’ve tried it twice, but both times it never seems to really set into anything like the photo or a ganache. Does it matter if I’m not using a different chocolate than semisweet chocolate chips? I’m using Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar because it’s the only vegan chocolate I have, but I thought that would probably make it thicker. Does the kind of cocoa powder matter for the glaze at all? I used Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder, which is a mix of both natural and Dutched, for both the cake and the glaze.

  223. Mary-Helen from Chicago

    I was prepared not to like this. How can you make a chocolate cake with no eggs?? And the batter was super-runny. But what do I know?? It was delicious! I made it for a party thrown by a vegan friend (which I find very challenging to cook for…), and everyone loved it! The leftovers have been in my fridge for 4 days now, and they are still moist and yummy. I cut up some strawberries and tossed with a little sugar to serve with it, and it’s a big hit. I’ll definitely make it again.

  224. Emily G

    Do you have to put the corn syrup in the glaze? It’s not an ingredient I use and I’m not keen on buying a bottle just for a Tablespoon of it in this recipe..

  225. Laura Raymond

    I think I just died and went to heaven. I need to make this with gluten free flour, but I think it will still work with a pinch of guar gum added. I am so happy I could cry. This looks PERFECT for me with all my stupid food issues and allergies! You have no idea how I have been jonesing for that perfect chocolate cake, and now it’s within reach. *happy contented sigh*

  226. jennycolvin

    Woot woot I somehow ran out of baking powder and needed a recipe that didn’t need any. This looks perfect. I’m loving how you link to recipes in Instagram, but I’m making more of your recipes than I ever did. :)

  227. Sharon

    I followed this recipe…but the baking time was nowhere close to 30-35 mins. I had to bake my cake for 45-50 mins. I’m wondering what could contribute to such varying baking times for this cake?

    1. pythonesk99

      I gave mine an extra 12 minutes and it was still raw in the middle. We ate it anyway. I wonder what could have happened. I used an 8×8 glass pan and we are at 1600 ft elevation. Could those things have made it fail?

      1. pythonesk99

        I made this again but used a much larger pan (9×13) and still had to bake for 40+ minutes. Everyone raved about how moist it was. I love the glaze too.

  228. esseff93

    I love having a vegan option. I made the recipe with a few changes.
    * 1 t baking soda (due to others comments)
    * Boiled the water and added to the unsweetened cocoa. This blooms the cocoa, drawing out more of the flavor. Let cool and I added where the water (or coffee) gets added.
    * 8-inch (8″) round cake pan for 35 mins. Probably could have used 5 mins more.
    * Made Julia Child’s whipped cream that works great as a frosting. Whip 1-1/4 c heavy cream, 2 T sour cream, 2 T sugar, 1 t vanilla till firm. Just frosted the top and sprinkled some rainbow nonpareils for a lovely birthday cake.

    The center did not sink and the cake did not overflow the pan. Next time, I’d like to try in a bundt pan. It was so yummy and loved by the entire family. Thanks, Deb!

  229. spinnyknitter

    I used to make a similar cake, no eggs, but using vegetable oil and not nearly as much cocoa powder. It was an ok cake that I used to make if I didn’t have much time, but…then I tried this recipe.

    Oh, my goodness!!! This cake, this is the chocolate cake of my dreams, dense but not heavy, very chocolatey and so moist. I would spend two hours in the kitchen for this cake, but what! I can have it in the oven in 15 minutes!!
    I made it exactly to the recipe, using water, not coffee and baked for 40 minutes. After putting it in the fridge, the glaze hardens and I like it even more. As for whether it will stay moist for one week in the fridge, I will never know if this is true. This one lasted 48 hours and only because a lot (a lot!!!) of restraint was used. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this delicious, easy to make and impossible to resist recipe!

  230. Ramona

    This cake was AMAZING. The only change I made was reducing the sugar to just 1 cup of white sugar with no brown sugar. I think I could have brought it down a little more even. Depends how sweet your sweet tooth is :) but with the glaze I found there to be a good balance.

  231. Ellyn

    I have just made this with coffee, not water. Amazing. However, I was thinking of using water and espresso powder next time. Any suggestions on how much espresso powder to use?

  232. Angela

    I made this today following the recipe exactly, using coffee as the liquid. My olive oil is very good quality so it’s pretty strong tasting and the flavor comes out in the finished product. It’s very tasty and dark chocolate-y. My husband didn’t love it because of the olive oil flavor. The texture is amazing considering there are no eggs!

  233. Rose

    I made this cake for the third time this past weekend. I use a mix of Calivirgin blood orange infused olive oil and a bit of sunflower oil. I do add an egg (reduce liquid by 1/4 cup) and I also used whole wheat pastry flour and I also add vanilla. I use espresso powder. I bake it in a 9×13 Pyrex baking dish which is the perfect size. Doubled the corn syrup in the glaze. It’s a delicious cake – I make for someone in our family with a dairy allergy. The texture is a bit different and while I miss the buttery flavor or real butter, it is a terrific dairy-free cake.

  234. janmorrison12

    This will be my third time making this. We love it and I always have these ingredients (well duh) so on a day like today when the fella is making a curry feast for some friends and I think I’m going to make my mum’s brownies but we’re out of butter – ta da! I’m thinking of creating a chart on all the recipes from smitten kitchen that I’ve made and remade with no failures (well,I failed at something with frozen puff pastry but I’m blaming it and me – not the recipe). Thank you Deb! Okay three minutes left on oven timer so I’ll stop.

  235. Heidi

    Lovely cake: deep, dark chocolate flavor, fine crumb, and moist as stated in the recipe. I had none of the sunken center issues (baked in a 9-inch springform for 35 min). I don’t like my cakes overly sweet, and reduced both sugars to 120g each. Perfect in my book, even without the glaze. Will make again.

  236. Ariel

    Excited to try this as I need a vegan+gf cake for my child’s 4th birthday this weekend—I’ll be serving 30 adults and 20 kids (yikes) and so am thinking of making two 9×13 pans —- would that be x4 of the recipe or just doubling it? Thanks!

    1. KMJR

      I really cannot say…I’ve only made it in 2x 8″ pans…However, Deb has a formula for this, iirc….it’s part of the wedding cake story from a few years ago. You could check that. Alternatively, you could try the recipe as is and bake it in one of the pans you mentioned, so you can see how much cake you would end up with. If it’s thin, it will bake much faster. And it’s easy to make a layer cake out of it by cutting it in half (assuming vertical in this case bc it will likely be a thin layer).
      ….hmmmm…layer cakes serve more…it might help you get the #s… just a thought. Best wishes! Let us know what you do & how it turned out for you.

    2. Ema

      Ariel – Did you make this in a 9 x 13 pan? Did it work out? Did you double the recipe? I want to make 1 9 x 13 cake for my son’s birthday.

  237. Danielle Siver

    It is entirely possible I’ve already posted about this, but now I’ve made it for the third time and I’m convinced: THIS IS THE BEST VEGAN CAKE. It’s so easy and turns out consistently perfect. Those with whom I’ve shared this cake have gone absolutely bonkers for it. It’s moist and rich and just delicious – for vegans and omnivores alike. My biggest hope is that Deb adds more vegan cake recipes as good as this one to SK – like a vanilla cake… or a lemon cake… or coconut! The mind reels.

  238. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe, Deb! I had been scared to delve into vegan baking but whenever I’m scared of a food thing, you’re the next person I consult for a recipe, after Ina. (We both know Ina is 👑.) Anyway, this turned out SO WELL and I’m already excited about some tweaks I want to make!!! Thank you for inspiring kitchen confidence!!!

  239. Sarah

    This is spectacular! I used coffee and added a generous dose of cardamom, which really compliments the bitterness of the coffee and chocolate nicely. So fluffy!

  240. Heather

    So, I work in animal welfare and therefore (while I am not vegan) I work with a few folks who are.

    I made this cake the other day for a work party, and I made a vegan peanut butter frosting to go with it. I doubled it and stacked it to make it more celebratory…

    … And one person told me I should start a business, and another told me it was the best cake she’s ever eaten. I’d call that success!

    Doubling it, there was a little too much batter for two cake pans, so I did make a few cupcakes as well. The batter is wet but not excessively so, and I had no problem with overflowing. Came out deliciously moist!

  241. May

    I made this cake last night. I reduced the baking soda to 1 tsp but in a 9 inch round pan I had to bake it about 45 minutes. After 35 minutes it was still uncooked in the centre so I just kept it in the oven and watched it. The cake was fudgey in the middle but still delicious. This is the perfect week night cake.

  242. Liz

    I have a question about this recipe, and want to note a variation I tried.

    Question: During the 2-3 times I’ve baked this recipe, it is always undercooked in the middle, even after I put it in the oven for ~50 minutes. I usually cut out the middle circle and call it a “donut cake.” It looks like other commenters have had issues with the cake sinking in the middle. Do you have any advice to prevent this problem?

    Variation: Last night while snowed in, I was craving a spiced cake, and had no eggs on hand. I ended up using this cake’s recipe as inspiration, but subbed an equal weight of flour for the cocoa powder, and added 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, and 1/4 tsp ground cloves. I also made a ginger glaze consisting of 1/4 cup powdered sugar, 2 tbsp water, and 1 tsp ground ginger. The texture of the cake was the same as the chocolate version (including the sunken middle). Highly recommended!

    1. KMJR

      Hi Liz…thanks for sharing the info about the flour/spice version!
      re: sinking in the middle… I have been using only ONE teaspoon of baking soda, per suggestion of several others…(rather than 1.5 tsp of B soda)…. I have found that the whole cake falls a little once I flip it out of the tin & is quite dense/fudgey. Hope that helps!
      Also! There’s a new vegan cake recipe here today: Plush Coconut Cake!!!

    1. Ashley

      I LOVED the taste of EVOO here. It adds a depth of flavor and balances the sweetness perfectly. You can’t quite put your finger on what the flavor difference is — it’s just more complex.

  243. Shelley

    Oh my gosh! The best chocolate cake!!! Used 1 teaspoon baking soda only. Sunk a bit in the center. Went about 8 minutes beyond the 35. Used some leftover raspberry sauce from Ina’s Panna Cotta. This was amazing! I think the chocolate glaze would have been overkill.

  244. Alicia

    I made this as written 2x. Once in a 9″ round pan and once in an 8″ square pan. They both turned out perfect. I also made icing as written (all mixed in a bowl and then microwaved in 15 sec. increments; stirring very well before each additional heating). No problems whatsoever. I was able to perfectly spread over both cakes.

    For the 8″ pan, I didn’t add all the batter (had enough for 2 additional cupcakes). It still needed about 35 minutes in the oven while the 9″ pan need closer to 40 min. It is a slightly crumbly cake, but really delicious.

  245. Jennifer

    For those of you cooking at elevation, I thought I’d throw this in the pile. I’m in Denver.

    Baked with 1tsp. Soda and reduced coffee to 1 1/4c. Baked 45 min in an8″pan plus a small extra mini loaf.

    Still dipped slightly but very very good.

    My glaze thickened slightly as I’ve read others doing. I added more oil and pulled from the heat early. Went on beautifully.

  246. I saw this recipe yesterday afternoon and just *had* to make it immediately. Every ingredient was just sitting in my pantry already and it was a cinch to mix together and get in the oven. I made it at 5pm when I hadn’t even started cooking dinner yet and it was incredibly easy. And oh so delicious!! I have made olive oil cakes in the past and also vegan cakes and they are usually ok – often they have a weird, too-oily texture, so i was delighted when this cake turned out actually cake-y! Love the deep chocolate flavor and the soft texture. I used 1 tsp baking soda based on other comments but might try it with the full amount. The cocoa powder I used was not Dutch process.

  247. Ashley

    This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. I made it for the first time a few months ago, and have made it several times since. It’s come out perfectly every single time, and been quickly demolished. If I’m baking an everyday cake, you can bet it will be this one. (And, for a Christmas potluck, dressed up with sparkly gold sprinkles it was appropriately festive.) Thanks, Deb!

  248. I love a good olive oil cake and was delighted to try this chocolate version, but mine didn’t quite pan out (no pun intended). Despite all the chocolate you can still taste the olive oil (our apartment smelled like popcorn, not chocolate, when the cake was baking) and the glaze never came together – it was more like a stiff frosting. I used 1 1/2 tsp baking soda and baked the cake for 45 min – it’s certaunly moist! Willing to give this another go because it could be beautiful.

  249. Joanna H.

    I am at high altitude (6,500 feet) and was worried this cake wouldn’t work after reading comments that it sunk in the middle even at sea level. I’m happy to report it worked just fine with the following adjustments: increase flour by 1/4 cup, increase coffee/water by 1/4 cup, decrease baking soda to 7/8 tsp. I used two 9 inch pans as I had too much batter for one. They baked in about 20 minutes in dark nonstick pans at 350. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  250. ashleetran

    I made this cake recently, replacing all of the water with freshly brewed coffee and it came out unreal. I wasn’t trying to be vegan but used vegan chocolate chips anyway to make a ganache using coconut milk. Came out great in a loaf pan and as cupcakes. It tastes a lot like Ina Garten’s Beatty’s Chocolate Cake, which had been my forever go-to chocolate cake but this version is just as good (better? Dare I say it??) and WAY less fussy.

    PS. I’ve been an avid reader for the better part of a decade plus (and was even an EV neighbor for awhile!) and was so moved by this recipe that I finally felt compelled to post! :)

  251. Oh my goodness, this is a keeper. (I think at least 70% of my cooking repatoire is SK at this point). I cut the baking soda to 1 teaspoon, baked in a square 8×8 pan. (It dipped a wee bit in the middle, but no big deal.) I let it cool, spread a layer of seedless raspberry jam over it, then frosted with a whipped ganache (next time I’m going to put fresh raspberries on it). I think it might be the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made and has officially dethroned the back-of-the-box Hershey’s one I’ve made since college.

  252. Andrea

    I made this as cupcakes and got 18 using a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Baked for 18 minutes at 350. I reduced the sugar slightly to about 5/8 cup of each kind and it was still good. However, I took a gamble and did not line my cupcake tins (usually my nonstick ones release things pretty cleanly) but liners are a must for this one! (I ate the parts left behind with a spoon, so no complaints there.)

  253. Ema

    This cake is AMAZING. I made it with my 5 year old on the weekend, it’s super easy to make. I read the comments and adjusted the baking soda to 1 tsp, and melted the chocolate before adding the oil etc., then microwaved for 30 seconds. It all turned out perfectly. This is now a new family favourite.

  254. jjjeanie

    This is an awesome cake: huge flavor-to-effort ratio! I used just 1 tsp of baking soda (per so many comments!) and it only sunk the tiniest bit (a great space for extra glaze!). However, I used a Trade Joe “California Estate” olive oil, and for me, it had too strong a flavor. To compensate, I used avocado oil in the glaze, but I couldn’t get all the choc. chips to melt after multiple 20-second bursts in the microwave, and then suddenly I could tell it was about to seize, so I slathered it on top of the cake just in time. Looks fine, tastes fine, but no alluring drips off the sides.
    One question: my cocoa (yes, it’s T.Joe too) seems to be super light: 3/4 cup is like 35 grams! what up? I put in a total of maybe 45 grams, but then had to add 2-3 Tbs more brown sugar.
    Next time, I’m going to try with almond meal for the AP flour; then I can bring it to my knitting circle that has several GF people. If/when I do, I’ll report back.

  255. I believe it was Anton Chekhov who said about writing that if the gun on the mantle had not been fired by act two, remove the gun. Each component of a story had to have necessary purpose. This cake fulfills this type of beautiful economy and purpose including the pinch of salt in the icing ! Delivers dark chcolate intensity and moist crumb for such little effort! Thank you this genius transformation of the wacky cake. This is my go to for luscious flavor with little effort.

  256. missjubilee

    This was simple and good! We didn’t frost it, and it was a nice dark cake. I thought there was too much sugar, but between the chocolate and the coffee, it was not very sweet at all. (I used 1c coffee, 1/2c water.) Next time I’d reduce the baking soda or increase the vinegar just a tad, but the base flavor wasn’t strong enough to ruin my enjoyment of the cake.

  257. Kayla

    This was so easy and so good – moist and very rich. I didn’t include the corn syrup because I realized too late that I was out of it and the icing is still great (although of course not as shiny). Thanks!

  258. Emma

    This was SO GOOD! I made it with the 1 tsp of bicarb as suggested in the comments and cooked for the suggested time and it turned out perfectly. It was fluffy and rich, and went down a treat with everyone who tried it.

  259. hamishmen

    I doubled your measurements and baked the cake in 26″ pan. Took longer to bake but it came out perfect. Dusted with powder sugar. Will make it again for sure.

  260. Olivia

    This cake is my go-to vegan cake! Whenever I bring a dessert to a party, I often show up with that and then this cake and it’s always a hit. And so easy I can make it as a second dessert most times. Changes I often make: I add a layer of raspberry jam (strained of the seeds) between the cake base and the chocolate glaze and then a pile of fresh raspberries on the top in the middle, covered in powdered sugar. Sometimes I add around a teaspoon of vanilla or cinnamon to the cake base as well. I usually omit the corn syrup and sometimes swap it with honey when I don’t necessarily need the cake to be vegan. Or I omit it altogether. Such a reliable and standard recipe I get requests for all the time!

  261. karla

    This cake was amazing! I used light brown sugar, added vanilla, and went with a mix of coffee (1 c) and water (1/2 c). For the glaze, I had a coffee and cream chocolate bar and used that to make a ganache. Needed an extra 10 min in the oven. The cake was SO moist and flavorful.

  262. Ema

    I just made this for the second time (my 5 yr old requested it). I made cupcakes this time. The recipe made 19 cupcakes and they took 20 minutes to bake.

  263. I made this twice with very different results!

    1st go – Followed the recipe exactly but swapped out 1/2 cup of the flour for coconut flour since I’ve had it lying around. I also used light brown sugar since it’s all I had (instead of dark). I used cider vinegar and coffee. It was amazing! Took an extra 5 mins to cook and could’ve used a few more minutes, the texture was perfect but a little stickier than it needed to be. My friends loved it, so decadent and I loved being able to say it was vegan!

    2nd go – I wanted more of the cake but had run out of olive oil. This time, I used all regular flour and swapped coconut oil w/ a top off of vegetable oil for the olive oil. I might have overbaked this one, but it was much cakier and dry, not at all moist and lovely like first one.

    P.s. the glaze is amazing – so easy! May never make another type of icing/frosting again.

  264. Carie Lyn

    I like making wacky cake and wanted to try this twist on one of our favorites. I made this twice over this past snowy weekend and it just didn’t work. The first time, I intended for it to be a layer cake so I doubled it. It overflowed both pans, had a horrible depression in the center, burned on the top and edges, and never baked in the center. Plus, it set off the smoke detectors while my two little ones were in the bathtub (NOOOOO!) because I did not put down anything to catch the overflow. The next day, I was convinced I made an error when calculating the double-portion, so I made just one. I weighed the ingredients, only used 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and put a pan underneath. Same problem(s), but at least the smoke detectors didn’t go off. The recipe went into the trash along with all three cakes. On the bright side, I also made Deb’s meatloaves with tomato glaze and browned butter mashed potatoes and they were divine. So good that we can’t stop eating them and we don’t even miss the chocolate for dessert.

  265. Rob

    This turned out to be delicious and so moist! I ended up halving the recipe and making it as cupcakes (it made 8). (Was so pleasant to halve a recipe without an egg in it!) I read the warnings of other commenters to use cupcake liners, foolishly ignored them, and regretted it. USE LINERS. Because these were just for me, I didn’t mind eating out of the pan with a spoon, but I couldn’t get any out cleanly. I used the chocolate buttercream frosting from the “‘I want chocolate cake’ cake” and it was delicious. Thanks for another great recipe!

  266. This cake is my new, ultimate, forever cake. My mixer broke before Christmas AND I had been craving home made cake for way too long –> search in the smitten archives for an easy chocolate cake yielded this bad boy . I switched out butter for the olive oil, since my costco brand EVOO was not something I wanted to emphasize in a cake, and i dialed back the sugar to 1 cup. I added 2/3 a cup of trader joe’s dark chocolate pound plus, chopped. FOREVER THIS IS MY CAKE. maybe i don’t even need to replace my mixer.

  267. June

    This was great! I had to make something for a work function that was both gluten free and dairy free which is not my area of expertise, so I was worried.

    I doubled the batter and used the Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 GF flour. I chose to use vegetable oil so I could control the flavor more (same amount as the olive oil in recipe). I did use coffee in place of the water (again same amount), I just grabbed one of those refrigerated cold brews from the grocery store. Lastly, went with the other recipe notes and did 1 tsp of baking soda per cake (so 2 tsp total).

    Baked in two 8in pans and they were done in about 32 minutes, probably could have used around 35 but I was worried the cakes might be dry. They definitely were not!! Super moist and a really nice chocolate flavor. The tops of mine domed and cracked significantly but I was leveling them to make a layer cake anyway so this was no trouble for me. This was my first time using a GF flour blend and I think it worked really well in this recipe.

    Layered/topped with a whipped frosting made from chilled coconut cream with some coffee, vanilla, and rum flavors.

  268. I made this a few weeks ago and it turned out great, as expected. I made it again last night and it literally exploded all over my oven. I think the difference is that I used white vinegar this time versus apple cider the first time. It still tasted great once I cleaned up the mess and finished baking it in my other oven. (Glad I have 2!!!!) Definitely using the apple cider vinegar from now on!!!

  269. CR

    This might be one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. It tastes nearly identical to Beatty’s Chocolate Cake (my favorite chocolate cake recipe). I was so nervous while this was baking! After I added the liquid to the dry ingredients, I accidentally over-mixed everything because I had lumps of brown sugar floating around the bottom of the bowl and I really wanted them to be mixed in.

    I doubled the recipe and baked it in a 9 x 13 pan. I also used some of the batter to make 6 cupcakes, because I was worried about overflow in the 9 x 13 pan. I only used 2 tsp baking soda, cut the sugar by 1/4 cup, and used half EVOO and half canola oil. I also added 2 teaspoons vanilla. It took 42 min to bake and didn’t dome in the center, nor did it sink. First time I’ve actually had a flat cake!

    It is so moist and fudgy, like a brownie. Hopefully it tastes just as good after being refrigerated overnight!

  270. Rachael

    I was looking for an eggless cake recipe on a Saturday afternoon because I wasn’t able to get to the store (bad planning) and came across this. Added the zest of one orange rubbed into the sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp of Penzey’s apple pie spice (cinnamon blend & mace) to the cake, added 1 1/2 tsp of apple pie spice to the glaze. It is DIVINE. Next time I’m thinking maybe leave out the orange and add a little cayenne for a Mexican chocolate take on it. I am highly picky about my chocolate cakes and this one is a keeper for sure. Thank you for this!

  271. Alice K.

    I made this cake last night to bring to a Mother’s Day dinner tonight. It fell significantly in the middle, and then when glazed, gravity drew the glaze into the depression in the center! No matter, though, it tasted great. Now that I have read many comments I will make it next time with less baking soda and see if that lessens the depressed middle.

  272. Leslie

    I made this on a Wednesday night and am writing this on the following Tuesday and the cake is still delicious! I brought the leftovers in to my office and people are raving about it, and it’s not just because the cake has caffeine in it :-)

  273. Alice K.

    Now I really feel foolish: I went to my recipe file and lo and behold I DID reduce the baking soda to 1 tsp.! (My earlier comment said I would do that next time, but in reality I had already reduced the amount to 1 tsp.) But the cake fell in the middle anyway. So now, do I reduce it further? Abandon ship? What do you suggest? The cake is delicioso, but it does look like someone punched it in the stomach…. not the best presentation.

  274. Ari

    This may be a novice question – but in the ingredients list, for the cake you list “unsweetened cocoa,” and for the glaze you list “cocoa powder” — are these intentionally different? Or is this the same ingredient?

  275. Elaine

    Adding hot coffee plus 1/4 cup of bourbon for the liquid was a great idea. Brilliant even. I also added mini chocolate chips.

  276. caduceus

    I have now made this cake twice – and it is going to be my favorite cake forever. I can’t believe it’s vegan, and even though I am not, I have impressed others who are. So easy. So amazing. Though – I also can’t tell what it would be like with less amazing cocoa powder – I used Droste, which is the best in my opinion.

    1. caduceus

      I should also say – the second time I made it with white vinegar, it completely overflowed the pan. I rescued it, but it was rather explosive.

  277. Adin Nelson

    I thought I would be clever and adapt this recipe for the bread machine. How great would that be? Throw in the ingredients, press “go”, and come back later to delicious cake! Unfortunately, it DID NOT WORK!!! It didn’t mix well enough, it didn’t bake enough, total failure.

  278. I made this cake in a loaf pan and sprayed it liberally with oil. It came out of the pan no worries. I let it sit for 10 minutes before turning it out, having learnt my lesson with a previous loaf cake. It smells great and is nice and springy on the bottom. My vegan uncle is going to love it. I’ll frost it with some cocoa and nuttlex icing.

  279. Emily

    I made this last night for one half of my daughter’s birthday cake (she wanted the other layer to be strawberry, and who am I to argue with a four year-old). As she and one of her best friends has an egg allergy, I was pleased as anything to remember that SK had an egg-free chocolate cake recipe. I find many vegan cakes to be too involved and complicated.

    I doubled the recipe for a 9×13 cake. There was way more batter than needed, and I baked the excess into a small loaf cake (hey, it gave me a sample to test, just in case it turned out poorly, which of course it didn’t).

    As many commenters suggested, I scaled the baking soda back, using 2 tsp for a double recipe. The cake rose beautifully, and domed ever so slightly in the center. I wanted to use coffee instead of water, but horror of horrors, realized I was out of my instant espresso that I use for such occasions. Being too lazy to brew regular coffee, I had a stroke of genius: I used some decaf Starbucks Via I had on hand! Added a bit of coffee flavor without the caffeine. The cake came out dark and moist and fudgy but somehow still light.

    If you DO make this into a 9×13 cake, a suggestion: Let it cool completely before handling it. Eggless cakes are more delicate than regular cakes. I needed to freeze mine and thus needed to wrap it in plastic and maneuvering a large slab of extra delicate cake nearly ended in disaster.

    Anyway, 5 stars! And I’m always excited for a one bowl cake recipe.

  280. Jeannine

    I’ve made this luscious cake many times. Turns out perfectly every time. I usually end up scraping the remaining moist, dense crumbs along with that amazing frosting with a fork to get EVERY LAST bit before the pan gets washed. Don’t let the unusual addition of olive oil give any hesitation. It adds a silky tang that most tasters can’t quite place until they are told. :) So GOOD. 😊

  281. Jennie

    Hi! I’ve made this several times now (with coffee in lieu of water, along with a little added to the glaze) and it is consistently amazing! I was wondering if this could be successfully converted into cupcakes, and if so, would you recommend changing the baking time. Thanks!

  282. bethanyrsaxon

    This was spectacular! I made it this weekend for my brother’s birthday and we all ended up licking our plates. I realized in baking this cake that my pans are actually 8 inch cake pans, not 9 inch … and I ended up with a mass of lumpy cake in the bottom of my oven (whoops!). Let me tell you — even that was DELICIOUS! This may become our new family cake tradition. One thing was the glaze — I ended up with what looked like sugar crystals speckling it. Not sure why, though it could be the age of my corn syrup?

    Thank you, Deb, for the always fabulous chocolatey baked goods! <3

  283. Camila Lipsi

    It’s Tuesday and I am making this cake @9:30 pm because my day could needed some improvement…. Waiting anxiously…

  284. Megan

    My coworker made this cake and sent me the recipe. I made it today, followed it exactly as is and it turned out amazing. I will definitely be making again. The texture is perfect, just the right amount of sweetness. My new favorite cake :)

  285. CW

    My children have a few food allergies – would you have any recommendations for a gluten free flour for this recipe? Thank you!

  286. Natasha R.

    Hi Deb,
    Do you know if this recipe would work for cupcakes? If yes, how many cupcakes would 1 recipe of this batter make, and what would you recommend for the baking time? We’re going to a barbecue with many kids and adults. Cupcakes are easier for the kids to hold and eat.
    I made the cake for a July 4th barbecue and everyone, vegan or not, LOVED it. We served it with a fresh berry salad – blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. 10 gold stars, Deb, for this delicious and easy recipe. Thanks!

    1. deb
  287. Joan

    I have made this cake twice. I am a very experienced baker. I measure and weight my ingredients for accuracy and have no problems with my oven temperature. While this cake tastes delicious the presentation does not meet my standards.

    Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    Thanks so much

  288. Adin Nelson

    I love this cake! Since I went vegan, this has become my go-to cake recipe.

    Last month though, my spouse asked for a white wine/olive oil cake for her birthday, so I googled a yellow cake version of this recipe, subbed olive oil for the vegetable oil and white wine for the water. It came out fine, but it wasn’t special or exciting. The wine and olive oil flavors really didn’t come through. I’d love to see a Smitten Kitchen amazing version of that: a vegan white wine olive oil birthday cake for grownups.

  289. LMF

    I am making cupcakes for a first birthday. This is my go to in general, but would you recommend this one or the celebration cake in your second book?

    1. deb

      This cake is eggless and dairy-free; it’s excellent but has a unusually plush, light crumb. If eggs or dairy aren’t an issue, I do like the celebration cake in the second book, especially for kids birthdays.

      1. LMF

        Thank you! Maybe plush/light is good for a smash cupcake? But I think I’ll branch out, since I can make this one almost in my sleep now.

        1. LMF

          I ended up realizing that my baby doesn’t have an opinion on chocolate but has STRONG opinions about blueberries, so I made a double recipe of your perfect blueberry muffins and half a recipe of the cream cheese frosting from the book so that I could frost a few, including the one for the birthday boy, but leave the rest plain, since the rest of the guests were adults. Thank you!

  290. Nikita

    Just made this tonight for visiting vegans and it was not only a hit with them but was