sausage and potato roast with arugula

I realize that if you want to toss some sausages and vegetables on a sheet pan on a weekday night and roast them to crispy, self-seasoned blister, there are innumerable ways to do it. I’ve fiddled around with this broccoli and chunks of sausage; I’d intended to try a version with cherry tomatoes and garlicky croutons before my tomatoes went south. You may not need a recipe.

what you'll needlotsa shallotsready to roastan interruption arrives

But for me, so much of weeknight cooking is a random suggestion that pops into my feed that doesn’t have to be overtly revolutionary, just something I hadn’t considered before and immediately want to make before anything else. In a moment, I go from lethargically considering a bunch of options I’d rejected on previous evenings for various reasons to mentally calculating how long it will be until dinner and wishing it was now now now. Finding these moments is my primary cooking interest.

from the oven

This is also how this sausage and potato roast came about. It’s from Justin Chapple at Food & Wine, the same person who brought us this spaghetti pie, cacio e pepe style, i.e. he’s crazy clever. What called to me about this version were two things: the abundance of shallots that roast until they’re dark and sweet, and the abundance of arugula, meaning that this dish is protein, starch and salad at once, or the dinnertime equivalent of the praise-hands emoji. I also love that you finish it with lemon juice; a burst of acidity goes far to balance all of the flavors. It feels like a meat-and-potato main crossed with a fall salad. (I’ve already told my mother she should make it for dinner tonight, if you needed a bigger endorsement.)

does not want to wait for dinneradding the fresh arugulasausage and potato roast with arugulasausage and potato roast with arugula, mine

But also some Black Bean Soup: I updated one of my favorite vegetarian (vegan without the crema finish) soups in the archives last week with (drumroll) InstantPot directions (in addition to the existing stovetop and slow-cooker ones). It doesn’t matter how you make it, only that you do.

Sausage and Potato Roast with Arugula

I ended up tweaking a few of the amounts — I needed weights for potatoes because I’m exacting and found a 5-ounce clamshell of washed baby arugula to be more than enough for the dish. And I needed more cooking time. Yours, too, will probably vary a little depending on the thickness and of your sausages and potato cuts. I can get shallots easily but I do think if they’re a pain for you to get that red onion wedges (I’d cut up 2 to 3 large ones) would work too.

  • 1 3/4 pounds mixed unpeeled potatoes (red, yukon gold, fingerlings or russet), if small/baby, cut in half, if larger, in 1-inch thick wedges
  • 10 medium (about 1/2 pound) unpeeled shallots, halved
  • Olive oil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper or red pepper flakes
  • 1 1/2 pounds sweet Italian sausage, cut into 3-inch lengths
  • One 5-ounce package of baby arugula or one 8-ounce bundle, stemmed and chopped
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice or white wine vinegar

Heat oven to 425°. On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss all of the potatoes and shallots with 3 tablespoons olive oil, salt (I use 1 teaspoon kosher), and a lot freshly ground black pepper or red pepper flakes to taste. Roast for 15 minutes, at which they’ll be barely beginning to color. Give them a toss and add sausages. Brush the tops with a little olive oil and return the tray to the oven for another 30 to 40 minutes, until the potatoes are tender and the sausage is cooked through.

To finish: Transfer everything on the tray to a big bowl and add arugula, lemon juice, and more salt and pepper to taste. Serve right away.

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206 comments on sausage and potato roast with arugula

  1. Kim

    Hi Deb! Did you mean to link to a particular broccoli dish in the first paragraph? It reads as though you did, but the hyperlink is missing. Good luck on the book tour!

      1. deb

        Bwah! And yes, I think kale would be good, less delicate. My store has baby kale that’s like a tougher baby spinach in the salad greens section that would work well here. If thicker kale, I might actually roast it for the last 5 minutes to help it soften.

  2. Kerri

    I’ve made this recipe multiple times. I like it best with Chicken Sausages (healthier) and fingerlings. The lemon juice to finish is essential!!! Truly a fave.

  3. Hilary

    This looks yummy, and I am going to have to make it SOON. In other news, your black bean soup is a staple lunch for me, and I make it in the pressure cooker all the time. (It’s almost as good if you just dump everything in and let it cook as it is with a pre-sear.) Thanks for letting everyone else in on our secret!

  4. Deanna

    I’m loving sheet pan dinners…such easy clean up, and a good way to warm up my house (Melissa Clark’s Spicy Roast Chicken with potatoes and arugula is a recent favorite.)

    Off topic, but since I know you’re a fan of cakes with fun names, and I just made it last night, I wanted to see if you’ve ever made Lazy Daisy cake? In case you haven’t, and the name has you slightly curious It’s an oatmeal spice cake that when it comes out of the oven gets topped with a brown sugar/coconut/pecan mix, then goes back under the broiler to crisp the topping. It’s a one bowl cake, and so, so good.

    1. Julia

      I love Lazy Daisy cake, but I have always known it as a simple butter cake and no nuts in the topping. Do you have a recipe for the oatmeal spice cake version you can link?

  5. Erica

    Last week I made the kissin’ cousin to this recipe w/ evoo’d kale thrown onto the pan for the last minutes – but since arugula is my favorite green…..
    I’m volunteering @ the JCC in SF when you speak in Nov – not to sound too creepy but I refer to you as my little sister from another mother- and it will be so nice to hear you speak! So happy for you and the new book!

  6. JC

    My mother makes a version of this! She uses chicken thighs, sausage, potatoes, onion and fennel and cooks them all together on a sheet pan. It’s simple and amazing and we all love it. :)

  7. Is there a reason not to peel the shallots?
    I often do roasted whole onions, in their peel and all soft and caramelized when you cut inside, like a baked potato. But if the shallots are halved, they no longer are in a kind of envelope. And I can just hear the complaints about having to peel off the shallots. So I’m looking for the justification to shoot back at them.

      1. Andrew

        Amazing recipe! Perfect for a weeknight. Roasted a head of garlic in tinfoil when I added the sausage. Mixed the garlic with the white wine vinegar…..doesn’t help that I could put garlic on anything.

        1. Jessica Roberts

          Thank you so much for the reply! I was thinking that was probably the case, but better to make sure when it comes to raw meat. Looking forward to trying this one this week.

  8. Deb I was just lamenting I had nothing to cook for dinner and now you’ve given me this of which I have everything already in my kitchen for it. Thank you for saving me from another night of take.

  9. devograd

    Instant Pot directions in recipes, yay! I’ve been hoping you’d get one so you could provide some recipe inspiration.

    If you adapt more recipes in the future, could you please add an “Instant Pot” or “Pressure Cooker” tag so it’ll be easy to find them?

    Also, I hardly ever comment, so now seems like as good a time as any to say thank you for this website and for sharing such good recipes with us!

    1. Writtenpyramids

      I just made this with tofurkey andouille sausage and chickpeas. I roasted the chickpeas at the same time as the potatoes and shallots. For the tofurkey, I cut it up into thinner slices (quartered legnth wise) and cut it to be about the legnth of the fingerling potatoes. After the potatoes were basically fully roasted, I added the sausage, lowered temp to 350 and cooked for 5-10 minutes. Remember, veggie sausage us usually pre cooked so you just want to warm it through and get a little crisp.

    2. Stephanie

      I love Trader Joe’s soy chorizo, and was thinking this will be a beautiful and yummy way to use it. (My omnivore hubby loves it, too!) Thinking like writtenpyramids that it should go in closer to the end. I like the chickpea idea, too…

    3. Panya

      Our favorite vegetarian sausages are Lightlife Italian Smart Sausages. They have a chorizo version too, but we’ve never tried it.

  10. Cait

    Thank you thank you thank you for the millionth time for posting exactly what I didn’t know I wanted for dinner, exactly when I needed it. I’m pregnant and just a few weeks out from my due date, husband just found out he’s lactose intolerant, and all my favorite easy meals come covered in cheese, making it so hard to think of something I have the energy for by the time I get home from work, and that we’ll both be able to enjoy. This is 100% what we both need tonight and I can’t wait!

  11. Frances

    Thank you, thank you, for the realistic potato roasting time! I’ve seen many recipes lately that suggest you can roast cut up potatoes in 20 minutes. I suspect for SEO purposes so they can claim it’s a 30 minute meal? I appreciate your honesty, and this sounds yummy!

  12. Susan’re telling us you have an InstantPot now? I’ve been so curious about this new hybrid pressure cooker/slow cooker appliance wondering how in the heck could that work! When you get home from the book tour with nothin to do but wonder how in the world will you fill the time..could you whip out a recipe and demo this bad boy for us? That’d be great!

      1. deb

        Ha! I have already joked that I think I will spend 25% of this book tour discussing the InstantPot because it’s on everyone’s mind! I have made four things in it to date: a grandma-style chicken noodle soup (from the new book, insanely good in it), the black bean soup above, a quick chicken taco filling (slightly riffed from that) and yesterday, this chicken broth. I think, like a slow-cooker, it’s good for many things but I think it helps to consider it less as The Best Way To Cook All The Things (although it’s quite good at what I’ve listed) as An Ideal Tool For People Who Don’t Want To Hover In The Kitchen. Much of the magic, is that you can put in whatever you want and walk away, help your kid with their homework, read the newspaper, whatever you’d rather be doing at the moment, and it dings when it’s ready and holds it warm for as long as you need. You can’t do that on a stove, you need to keep an eye on it. I think, like a slow-cooker, it excels at things that you want a soft texture on — braised meat, dried beans, soup, etc. It’s not going to crisp the edges of anything without a lot of voodoo. It’s ideal for things that otherwise take a while to cook — again, stock/beans/tougher meats — way too long for a weeknight for most.

        1. Wife To An Amazing Cook

          Thank you for this point of view. I’ve been hemming and hawing over purchasing one and this perspective is awesome.

          1. Sarah

            I just bought an Instant Pot or as my husband says, I “drank the cool-aid” and I completely agree that it’s great at slow-cooker type meals (soft texture etc.) but on a busy person schedule. Mine happened to come with the saute feature and when I made carnitas last week I figured I would give this button a go. The recipe calls for searing the pork first and I always skip this step because who wants to wash another dish? I was pleasantly surprised! It actually seared the meat as well as my cast iron pan and I didn’t have to wash an extra dish AND I had the added bonus that all the crispy bits from the searing were in the pot adding their yumminess. Plus I had perfect carnitas in an HOUR. Win-win-win.

          2. Stephanie

            I LOVE the INSTANT POT! I even bought a second one last Amazon Prime day. 2 weeks ago when we went apple picking, I made applesauce in 1 and apple butter in the other (cooked it fast like the applesauce, and then ended up slow cooking it for about 20 hours… the slow cooker function is imperfect, but it didn’t burn!). This weekend I wanted to make enchiladas–cooked soaked black beans in it while I took a shower. When they cooled enough to pour out of the pot, I cooked a whole butternut squash, unpeeled and uncut.

        2. Courtney

          Deb, I’ve also made your black bean ragout with the cumin crema from your first book in the Instant Pot – 45 minutes on high, 7 cups of water, and it’s great!

  13. Kate

    Why unpeeled shallots? Do they burn otherwise? Seems like unnecessary last-minute work to peel them post-cooking for either the cook or the eater, and I’m also pretty sure my kids would take one look and refuse to try them.

    1. deb

      Unpeeled get nicely roasted inside the skin, think roasted garlic cloves. But you can also peel them first. Honestly, peeling shallots is one of my least favorite things so I was happy to push the labor onto our plates, where they easily detach.

  14. I make a kind of riff on this that isn’t really a riff on this at all… just another sheetpan supper, really- chopped potatoes/ cooking chorizo/ garlic/ peppers onto a roasting tray for like 30 mins, then add cod/ hake/ similar firm white fish on top for 10-15 mins and EAT. Add gremolata/ garlic mayo/ etc if you’re feeling fancy. I’m normally not :)

  15. Deborah Weinstein

    I am truly amazed by your never ending creations and enthusiasm!! I have your enthusiasm, not the never ending creations.. I love love to cook.. since I was 10 or 12 and bake
    ( I never realized some do one or the other)
    WELL.. I made your banana chocolate marble
    bread ( cake) a few days ago !! FABULOUS!!
    I pre-ordered your book a few months ago.. wish I could get to a book signing.. I live an hour South if Boston.. hope to meet you one day!! Hurray for you and your blog and everything about you and your adorable family and FABULOUS BLOG!!
    You are AMAZING!!
    Deborah Amaral Weinstein ( Italian and Portuguese)

  16. Janet

    I recently read an article in the NYT about recipes being ruined by using a different brand of kosher salt than the recipe was tested with. What brand do you use? P.s. can’t wait for your book to arrive at my house!

    1. deb

      I, too, have strong opinions about salt. It drives me bonkers when a recipe doesn’t say which kind because 1 teaspoon of fine sea or table salt will seriously oversalt a recipe intended for kosher salt. I use Diamond kosher. It’s on the light side. 1 teaspoon of Morton or David’s kosher would be saltier.

      1. Emily S.

        This is helpful, thanks Deb. I’ve seen other food bloggers praise Diamond Crystal kosher salt, so I started buying & using it. Good to know that you like it, also.

  17. Deb, I always read these sheet-pan sausage recipes and get the impression that the sausage is supposed to roast to sticky, caramelized perfection–but when I roast sausages in real life, they always end up pale and languishing in a pool of hot sausage liquid. Is there some trick to keeping the juices in and getting the outsides to brown?

    1. deb

      You could spread it out to give them more space, i.e. air around them and they’ll brown better. (This one isn’t too tight but there’s no harm in more pan surface area.) Some sausages will be juicier than others; if watery, you could drain some liquid off although it has seasoning in it too. You can also really blast the heat at the end — maybe a minute under the broiler? Will ensure browned tops and hopefully any juices that remain will cook off. Hope that helps.

  18. Suzi

    Oh Deb, that glorious red headed cherub! She just takes my breath away. My grand children are 10 and 12 now, I miss this age. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Sophia

    Hi Deb! If I’m making this for a vegetarian (vegan) can you recommend a replacement for the sausage? We love this kind of simple tray bake + salad meal and I would instinctively substitute a very hearty bunch of mushrooms here, but I was wondering if you had other thoughts?

    1. Writtenpyramids

      Chickpeas were delicious. We did chickpeas and tofurkey sausage, but added the tofurkey (cut up) at the end for 5-10 minutes at 350

    2. Writtenpyramids

      Chickpeas were delicious. You can roast them at the same time as shallots and potatoes, and then add veggie sausage closer to the end

  20. Karyn

    Yum! This looks like a perfect Fall dinner and solves my “what are we having for dinner tonight” dilemma. It’s pouring with rain in Vancouver right now, more conducive to curling up on the couch than spending hours in the kitchen! If you can get to Oyama on Granville Island when you’re here, they have the best sausages and charcuterie. Really looking forward to the new book and the signing event on November 12th!

  21. Barbara

    HI Deb, I’m making this tonight for sure…as I’ve still got arugula in my garden that I need to eat, but my three kids won’t eat that much arugula- too peppery and bitter for them. Don’t you find that the case with your kids, or do they have amazingly mature palettes? Do you suggest another green to serve with this? I guess any green would do, but just wondering if you’ve “swapped” for your kids’ plates before. ( I often feel swapping out something just so that my kids will eat it is not “right,” but I gotta get them to eat, even if it feels like I’m not educating them on what good food really is….or that I’m not helping them broaden their range of taste!) PS: your daughter has beautiful hair. PSS: Can’t wait until you come to Vancouver BC :)

    1. deb

      My children have recently decided they like arugula. I suspect it’s the younger one; she likes it (she eats very little else so don’t be too impressed!) and thus my son (older) has to keep up. I’d use baby spinach otherwise. That said, the peppery-ness might be less noticeable due to the other strong flavors here (roasted onion, well-seasoned sausage).

    2. Rachael

      My kids are the same with arugula! I bought a mix of baby spinach and arugula at the grocery store and it was the perfect compromise :)

  22. Couldn’t you also throw a head of garlic doused in olive oil and wrapped in foil on the sheet and then spread on your potatoes and sausage? Or is that just evil?

  23. Colleen Nibler

    This was delicious- kids devoured it! I added 2 chunked, sweet potatoes to the sheet pans with the potatoes and shallots, then covered them with heavy duty foil for the first 15 minutes. Then I removed the foil and added 3 Gala apples, chunked, when I added the sausages. Used two Meyer lemons, zested and juiced. Dressed the arugula lightly with a mustard vinaigrette. Pomegranate arils would also have been a nice addition.

  24. Audrey

    I made this with andouille sausage! It was great. Small change though – I put in the sausages for about 20 mins. I figured that since the sausages were already cooked they wouldn’t need that long.

  25. Mary

    I do not typically comment unless I have made the recipe, but thanks for a recipe that exclusively includes things currently in my fridge and pantry. Most of all, you cleared up what was in my mind when I read your crazy busy book tour schedule: “What about Halloween?! You wouldn’t miss that special day with your kids, right?!” Ahh, priorities in order!

    1. deb

      No, never. Nor Thanksgiving nor any weekend day that’s not absolutely necessary for travel or any morning I can leave later and not have to miss breakfast and school drop-off. (And family is joining for various parts.) But I will be gone quite a bit — for an exciting purpose! And then I’ll be back and it will be like I never left. :)

  26. Made this recipe; it was delicious. I substituted leeks and red onions for the shallots (as that was what I had in the fridge) and just cut them into really big chunks. Worked really well.

    Love your recipes.

  27. Susan

    Delicious. I prepared the recipe this evening. Baked on my cast iron platter in a preheated 450 oven. Reduced heat to 435: everything browned perfectly. Definitely a keeper and will use a second round of leftovers in a canellini bean soup.

  28. Hi Deb! Did you mean to link to a particular broccoli dish in the first paragraph? It reads as though you did, but the hyperlink is missing. Good luck on the book tour!

  29. Rosemary

    This reminds me of a Jacques Pepin roasted sausage and potato dish, but with the update of the healthy arugula, bringing it into the way we like to eat now. Plus the lemon juice to make it sparkle. Love it.

  30. Lisa

    We ate this tonight — it was a hit! Threw some carrots in with the potatoes, finished with a grating of parm. Very excited for your book signing in Boston next week!

  31. Jennifer

    1. I made this for dinner with random potatoes and whatever sausage we had rolling around (“Bavarian Bratwurst”). It was amazing! We’re having it again on Wednesday

    2. I picked up the shallots from the farmer’s market this morning, and told the farmer who happened to be selling them what I was going to use them for. “Oh,” she said “I love Smitten Kitchen!”. Then I told her you’d be in Boulder on Dec 6, and we had a swoon-y fangirl moment. I think you’ll have a crowd, and I should call ahead!

  32. Amit Kumar Jha

    This is one of the best recipes I have seen online and I made it around 2 hours ago. It is really awesome.I did use some green chilies too and I feel you won’t mind that. I usually expect chili when ever I hunt for taste. I usually learn to cook online. I also bought today a pack of more than 1000 Indian recipes which are all healthy and I personally feel that it’s worth Sharing.
    Can be seen here
    Thanks… and keep up this good blog.

  33. Andrea

    I made this last night, between dropping girl child off at Halloween party and cajoling stinky tween boy child into shower. It was super easy and very tasty exactly as written. Thanks for another great dinner on a ‘what are we eating tonight? I dunno’ night.

  34. Jessie

    This was delicious! I added lemon zest along with the lemon juice and used less arugula. I look forward to making this again, especially when o can spend more time enjoying it, rather than wolfing it down before needing to nurse my three month old. It was incredibly easy to prepare and have on the table in time for dinner.

  35. Emily R.

    I made this immediately once seeing this recipe pop up on your Instagram, and of course, blog. My husband eats like a picky 5 year old boy, doesn’t like most veggies or greens, but we both loved this! Will definitely be making it again and again this Fall and Winter!!
    Thank you for the great recipe Deb!

  36. Nancy H

    Apparently you are “too popular” up here in Boston. Your event is sold out. Sad for me, happy for you and the people more organized than I who got tickets earlier. I’m really looking forward to reading the cookbook. So many of your recipes are now family favorites.

  37. Sue

    I love every single recipe I have tried on your site. They opened a local food coop where I live in Pa with all locally sourced ingredients. I got a mix of fingering potatoes in purple, white and red and fresh sausage. Organic studios and shallots. The potatoes and shallots are cooking now and I’m going to add some halved grape tomatoes the last 15 minutes. The day after I bookmarked this, my college aged daughter who is a huge foodie emailed this recipe to me since she is the one that told me about this site originally when she made your luscious chocolate peanut butter cheesecake on THanksgiving with a Tates cookies crust. Huge fans. Thank you for your amazing and simple recipes.

  38. Rachael

    Wow wow wow. This was such a delightful dinner! Such simple ingredients I could not believe how flavourful it was. Mmmmmm I want to eat it again and again. Thanks Deb!

  39. I made this last night, using large chunks of red onion (shallots are difficult to find where I live) and koubasa (Ukrainian sausage). Delicious. My foodie spouse gave it a 10. I used a couple of casserole dishes (without lids) instead of a baking sheet, which increased the cooking time slightly. I will definitely make this again.

  40. KimW

    I had doubts, but liking all the ingredients and method I went for it, AND…. it’s better than I ever thought. Will be a new weekeday rotation. I used WFs chicken spicy Italian and Tuscan sausages. I also added 1/3 head of califlower to the last 15 minutes of cooking. And, a sprinkling of S&P and EVOO to the finished dish. Every thing was perfect after 55 minutes. The shallots are melt in your mouth. So good. Thanks once again Deb!

  41. Ellen

    If you haven’t tried this yet, MAKE IT TONIGHT! It’s amazing. Tears of joy for the way the savory sausage mixes with the peppery arugula, and the bright lemon juice, its over the top.

    One recipe note: I used 1/2 pound shallots which was only 3 for me (as opposed to 10)…would use more next time. Maybe our shallots are really heavy in Texas, ha.

  42. Hi Deb. I’m not on social media, but wanted to contribute to the #skfavorites tag, and decided to do it here, on the eve of your book release. And also wanted to say congratulations!

    First the recipes I haven’t seen on your skfavorites hashtag on insta recently: mushroom lasagna, feta salsa, cauliflower parmesan cake, buttermilk dressing, roasted carrots sheet bake, cauliflower sheet bake, blue cheese scallion drop biscuits, butternut chickpea tahini salad, roasted mushrooms, endives with oranges and almonds. And maybe some that you have mentioned recently, that I will repeat, because they are that good: butternut ricotta toasts, cauliflower cheese, lime feta mint crunchy salad, mushrooms and greens with toast, scalloped tomatoes.

    I’ve made a huge number of your sweet treats too, but I’ll save that list for another time. Also, maybe I’m nuts, but at the end of the day, the meal matters more to me than the treats, so we’ll stick with the list above for now :)

    All the best for the book release and book tour! It’s going to be fabulous.

  43. Alice K.

    I made this with 2 links of vegetarian sausages that I sauteed in a frying pan and added to the veggies when the veggies were done. I just wasn’t sure if vegetarian sausages would roast in the oven. I used baby spinach and red onion and one sweet potato (in addition to white potatoes). The dish turned out great.

  44. ljelgass

    I made this for dinner this weekend, and it was phenomenal! I don’t think of myself as a big arugula fan (I often find the bitterness overwhelming), but whether it is the “baby” nature of the arugula or the wilty nature of the arugula under the warm potatoes and sausages, or the tart lemon that cuts through the greens, this was delicious and balanced. Thanks for a tasty and easy-to-throw-together recipe!

  45. Danana

    Hi Deb – Another great recipe! I try to make your recipes exactly as written, but needed to substitute red onions for shallots as our store didn’t have any. Will try this again when I can find shallots. This made a great dinner, so delicious! Thank you!

  46. Catriona

    This was so so good and incredibly easy. Like some of you, I made it with chicken and kale sausage so didn’t have any of the extra oiliness that you might expect with regular Italian sausage. I forgot to add shallots or onions and it was still amazing. This one’s a keeper!

  47. Salina R.

    This may be my first time leaving a comment but I’ve made many of your delicious recipes. We are literally NEVER disappointed!!! This one was no exception. It was a beautiful, elegant feeling dish that was so SUPER EASY to get together for a weeknight…we have a 19 month old so quick and easy is the name of the game…Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you and sharing your immense talent with us!!!

  48. Lindsey

    Delurking here to say that this was fabulous. I had the ingredients so I did a mashup of this and the cauliflower with brown butter and pepitas. It was so good I’m making it again for dinner tomorrow. I’m just bummed I don’t have more cauliflower.

    Congratulations on the new book; looking forward to reading it.

  49. patti with an i

    Made this tonight! Delicious. Didn’t have sweet Italian sausage, so I used the lamb sausages and smoked duck sausages we did have. The lemon really pulls it all together.

    I checked out the original recipe. It calls for 20-25 minutes further cooking after adding the sausage pieces, rather than the 30-40 you specify. I made chunks that were more like 2 inches than 3, and they were completely done in 20 minutes.

  50. Sarah

    This was so delicious–and perfect for an easy weeknight meal. I used turkey sausages (the raw kind) and they were done closer to 25 minutes. My (almost) 7 year old will not eat anything leafy, but will happily scarf down grape tomatoes by the pint, so he had those on the side instead. Leftovers also reheated surprisingly well for lunch (I reserved some arugula to be added to the reheated roasted parts).

  51. Carina

    I’ve made this three times in the last two weeks. It’s just that easy and good. The latest variation involved chicken sausage, and the addition of apples and delicata squash. It was autumn on a plate in the best possible way!

  52. Jenna

    I made this and it was fantastic. My only changes were using beef herb sausages (as I don’t eat pork) and caramelised balsamic vinegar as I was out of lemons. Will definitely try it with lemon juice next time and may try chicken sausages next. I also added broccoli as my kids are big fans. A keeper of a recipe I’ll be adding to the rotation, thanks Deb!

  53. debbie bensadon

    I made this and LOVED it. I am a huge fan of garlic, so I tossed some cloves in to roast with the potatoes and sausages and it was soft, sweet and delicious. I agree with the previous post, the lemon makes it all come together.

  54. Meg

    Oh my! I can’t believe I never put these simple things together myself. Especially roasted shallots. I grated some fresh parm on top of the arugula. My dear one loved it so much he asked me to make it again 2 days later…..and loved it just as much again. So simple, so easy… utterly perfect.

  55. Brock

    Made this and it was amazinggg for a cold fall day. I would add more shallots than the 1/2 pound it suggests but I’m a huge fan of roasted onions/shallots in general!

  56. EBSmith

    Went straight for the white wine vinegar instead of the lemon juice, and 1 Tbsp seemed like too little, so I added 1/2 a Tbsp more. And I used sweet Italian turkey sausage. I am DEFINITELY making this again.

  57. Jenny

    Made this last night and loved it- next time I’ll try it with a more English style sausage for Brit husband, and add even more shallots. I used some French fingerling potatoes that were ‘on sale’ at WF and they were a great choice. Thanks for the super dinner idea- happy husband, kids and me. The lemon at the end is perfect.

  58. Laila

    Amazing! I made this with broccoli instead of potatoes and it was just perfect. My fiancé said it’s his new favorite dinner. So simple and delicious and satisfying. I’m going to make this over and over.

  59. manisha170

    Made this yesterday and sped up the process by steaming baby red potatoes in the microwave for 3.5 minutes before halving and tossing on a baking sheet with quartered red onions and pre-cooked chicken sausage. Broiled on low for about 7 minutes, then switched to high broil for 5 minutes, flipping everything halfway through the high broil. Made an awesome light lunch and was delicious reheated today for lunch – I didn’t mind the wilted arugula!

  60. Erica

    I couldn’t believe how easy and delicious this was! Perfect as written, though I would use even more shallots next time — they cook down to a savory, jammy consistency and are SO YUMMY.

    Will definitely make this again!

  61. Sarah M.

    I made this on Monday and have been super-enjoying it for lunch leftovers since then! I used chicken sausage since that’s all they had left at the grocery store when I went. I would like to try it with regular sausage next time as I found the chicken sausage a little dry.

    When I bring it for lunch, I bring a quart-sized sandwich bag stuffed with baby arugula, another baggie with my lemons halved, and a microwaveable container with the roasted potatoes/shallows/sausage. So then I can microwave the roasted stuff and dump it onto the arugula, then squeeze the lemon on. Prepare for lots of questions about what it is and ooohing and aaahing!

    Thank you, Deb, for making cooking so accessible. I learned to make this recipe (which I will definitely consider a staple moving forward!), and now I also feel like I know how to make just the potatoes and shallots for a side dish in the future. I know that I can trust your recipes because they always turn out well, and that takes out a lot of the anxiety in cooking for me.

  62. potato queen

    Good gravy, we did this last night, only with chicken apple snausage that we already had, and BROTHER is was good! Plus, I can see making it without the meat as a vegan meal OR as a side to some other meat. SO GOOD!

  63. Deborah Myers

    Just subscribed to your blog – is there a way I can save favorite recipes of yours?
    Also just bought the Instant Pot plus Melissa Clark’s “Dinner in an Instant” – can you recommend any other Instant Pot cookbook with recipes that mirror your style?

  64. Cari Miller

    There is no reason for something this simple to be so delicious – but it is! Thanks again for another winner. I’ve made it for dinner a few times, and this week made a big batch for a week’s worth of lunches. A lovely meal to look forward to!

  65. Dahlink

    I made this for the second time last night, inspired by the cutest little marble sized potatoes at the grocery store–used whole. One tweak was to sprinkle the mild Italian sausages with smoked paprika when I turned them over on the sheet pan–worth repeating! And my husband suggests adding roasted butternut squash to this mix next time around.

  66. Kathleen Watson

    New Instant Pot – think I’m going to love it. Recipes using beans are what I’ll be looking for first and then branching out as I get more used to it.☺

  67. briarrose1987

    I only have the tiniest gripe, and it’s probably a very subjective one, but in my house this could easily have fed six people. But it was easy and tasty and the 4yo acquiesced to eating arugula since it meant getting sausage so I will probably be making it again. Next time I will put a scoop of sausage and veggies on top of arugula on the plate and squeeze the lemon over so I can keep the rest for leftovers.

  68. Morgan

    I made this last night & am eating the leftovers for breakfast. Thanks for such a great recipe! I used small red potatoes & normally I don’t bother with shallots but I’m so glad I did this time.

  69. Ashby

    I’ve made this multiple times, and it’s been perfect every time. When we do it as a main dish we use the sausage. We also regularly have it as a side dish without. My 8 year old actually requested it as his birthday dinner last week, and our store was out of arugula so I used baby spinach and that was great, too. I use the teeny little white boiling onions instead of shallots (roasted whole) and we usually also toss in a chopped sweet potato.

  70. Theresa T

    I was really skeptical about cooking the shallots in the skin but they were so delicious and it wasn’t hard or time consuming to take that outer layer off after they were cooked. A very easy and yummy dinner!

  71. Shona Donovan

    I happened upon your website by accident yesterday and then spent the entire day reading it at work. I tried this recipe last night and my husband and I fell IN LOVE with it. We only had hot Italian sausage, but it tasted fantastic. I can’t wait to discover more amazing meals! Thanks!

  72. Melissa K.

    I make this regularly for dinner and it is always wonderful. I usually cut Whole Foods mild Italian sausage links in half, and add some cauliflower to the pan towards the end. Highly recommend!

  73. Sarah

    Deb, this recipe is a masterpiece. It is beloved by every member of my family (including my finicky 3 year old), and I can START the meal when I get home from work and still get the kids to bed on time. What a feat. We have eaten this nearly every week for the past two months, and I’m only sorry I didn’t try it sooner. Thank you for once again making my life better!

  74. Betsy bixler

    I loved this recipe! Of course I did my own thing by adding sliced chunks of carrot, sweet potatoes, red onion and zucchini. From a recent trip to Baton Rouge, I used a BR crawfish sausage, delish! (chunked and sauteed separately). First I roasted the sweet taters and carrots at 425 for 10 min. Then added the other veg. Finally I put augula on a plate, then the roasted veg and sausage along with a bit of evoo and lemon juice. A new family fav.

  75. Stephanie L

    Loved this dish although I made some variations…I roasted the fingerlings and the shallots for the 15 mins. While roasting I cut up peppers of various colors and tossed in a bowl with light olive oil and red wine vinegar. When the 15 mins was up I added the peppers and the sausage to the roasting pan, set the timer for 40 additional minutes. When about 15 minutes out from being done, I added another roasting pan of halved grape tomatoes, olive oil and garlic.
    Once the 40 mins was up I tossed everything with the arugula and lemon juice and added a touch of parmesan cheese. Delish!

  76. Meredith Perry

    This was delish. My sister told me about recipe (and site) and it didn’t disappoint!!
    Not sure how sausage was added, whole, sliced or removed from casing in chunks. But I sliced it to make it easier for eating.
    I bought 4 (medium at my store) shallots which was almost a whole pound. And it wasn’t too much. Thank you for an easy yummy recipe (that my SO will actually eat)!!

  77. Rachael

    This was delicious! Only problem was that I cooked the sausage for 30 minutes (the shortest time suggested) and they were a bit overcooked. Luckily, I didn’t really mind and the flavor was great, but I’d recommend checking the doneness after 20-23 minutes or so.

  78. Sarah

    This was yummy. Used spicy Italian sausage, so didn’t use the red pepper flakes. Next time I will increase the sausage to potato ration. Other than that, wouldn’t change a thing. Hubby had his on a roll (potato sandwich :/) and loved it.

  79. girlwithaknife

    This recipe is like meat-n-potatoes married a salad, i.e. my family, meaning I can’t wait to make this!
    PS. I love that there is a toy car in one of your photos.

  80. Sassypants

    Made this for the Hub tonight. Was fantastic! I even went a little pepper-heavy (he loves it), & it was a solid hit. Interesting mix of flavors & textures! It was cool because it was not too namby pamby a salad for him & not too heavy for me. Struck a delish compromise! Yay! I will make it again because it was crazy easy.

  81. Julie

    Holy Smokes!!! This was DELICIOUS. Will make again and again. Have two littles (5 and 2) who gobbled it up minus the arugula. The 5 yo is not an adventurous eater but loved it once I convinced her to try it.

  82. mousouchop

    Nice and simple, and a good alternative to a salad. I used hot Italian sausage, black and red pepper (both in moderation), and spinach (bigger leaves ripped smaller). I also threw in some fresh oregano from my windowsill herb garden. Will definitely make again soon!

  83. Carissa

    Really great. Used smaller (but not tiny) new potatoes, chicken Italian sausages and half shallots/half red onions. All baked for longer than anticipated but only by about 8 minutes. Next time I’ll use much more than 1 Tbs. (or 1/2 of one) lemon, maybe a full. Was a great “drink some wine, pull it together with hands behind your back” kind of dinner. Will do this some more…and maybe add some torn bread to toast alongside the goods.

  84. Kim

    If poutine wanted to be a salad, this would be it. I make this all the time when I need dinner in a pinch. Like the night I moved across the country.

  85. Shelby

    So delicious, your recipes deliver such amazing flavor! My mom and I spend quality time making dinner together and we just loved this recipe! Her birthday is this Friday and her present is your cookbook so we have more beautiful recipes to discover together!

  86. Jennifer Channell

    Have made this a few times, always simple and delicious. Has anyone ever tried this with whole garlic cloves? Might toss some in tonight!

  87. I will definitely make this again. My Husband is a very picky eater, and this meal suited both of us. He ate sausage and potatoes. I ate it fully assembled. We were both happy. The leftovers are going to the office. I am thinking that the sausage, potatoes and onions will heat up well in the toaster oven.

  88. Ann B

    Perfect timing! So easy, so tasty, so balanced. I used chicken sausage, Maldon salt; ADD the lemon juice! I might try adding … red peppers? Fennel? Some other (non-starchy) veg to the roast. And for anyone worrying about the shallots+skins (I was!)—they slip off like the skins on roasted garlic. So.much.easier than peeling before cooking.

  89. Sarah

    I’ve been making (and loving!) this dish since you first posted it; it’s the perfect chilly weather weeknight meal. Your recipes are always a 10/10 as written (so rare for me!) so when I found myself wanting a little more vegetable matter, I hesitated to mess with perfection but… I added cauliflower florets with the sausage and I have to save I’m not sorry.

  90. Ariane

    this is hands down one of my favourite weeknight meals. the shallots get so delicious and sweet and the potatoes so crispy. it’s on the regular rotation

  91. Nancy H

    This is one of our favorite weeknight meals. We add sweet potatoes, and there are rarely any leftovers. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  92. Karen D Sullivan

    THANK YOU (yes I am shouting) for this recipe! I made this for years (minus the greens) and it had fallen from favor as not too healthy. I made it last night and used Power Greens (baby kale, chard, spinach) and it was fabulous! I make over so many recipes for health (I am old) but never in a million years would have thought to toss greens in this! What else would return to the rotation by adding a bag of greens? We shall see!

  93. Cindy B.

    I made this last night because it is rainy and cold here in New York, which makes it feel like late fall instead of spring. I only had a package of spinach/arugula mix, so I added that to the potato/sausage mixture. I also didn’t have shallots, so I used red onions. My husband and I loved it. So easy for a weeknight and an easy cleanup with one pan. I can;t wait to try it with chicken sausage and play with the veggies. I think it would be great for now with chicken sausage and asparagus. Also, the lemon juice really brings the whole thing together. Thanks for a great and easy recipe!

  94. Nikki F.

    Made this tonight with red potatoes and added some cubed sweet potatoes. Added some gorgeous salad parsnips from this week’s CSA share when I added the chicken sausage. Used a onion sliced in 1/8ths and it was great. The slightly heated-up arugula gets transfigured into the most delicious thing I’ve had in a while when it gets all mingled in with the lemon juice and the sausage drippings. Thanks again for this staple, Deb!

  95. Anna

    This is on regular rotation at my house. I add chickpeas and skip the greens because my family is veggie phobic. Make with spicy sausage from the farmer’s marker. Super delicious and easy.

  96. JC

    Really nice relaxed Fall Friday dinner at the cottage with friends! Wondered about the shallots? But they came out easily of their skins and were great. Wondered about just having lemon juice as dressing? It was perfect. So few ingredients and great taste. Everyone loved it and the best part is that you can enjoy appetizers and a glass of wine with friends while its cooking away in the oven. Simple and tasty! It’s a keeper. Thank you Deb!

  97. Kathryn

    I know this recipe is a few years old, but I wanted to jump in and say that this has recently become a Standard in our vegetarian kitchen thanks to the Beyond Meat spicy Italian sausage. The Beyond sausage is literally the best fake meat I’ve tried and it subs perfectly into this dish (we use four links for this dish). Amazing. Thanks for such an awesome recipe, as usual, Deb!

  98. Sara

    This was… fine? I appreciate how quickly it came together and that it was fairly hands-off with very minimal clean-up. I guess I was just expecting more based on all the glowing reviews written here. It did not become more than the sum of its parts – it tasted like roasted potatoes, onions (didn’t have shallots so I used quartered red onions), and sausage tossed with arugula. The potatoes browned but didn’t get crispy and I always find sausage to be a little dry when roasted like this. I gussied it up a little further today (kept the leftover roasted mix separate from the arugula when I packed the leftovers) by adding halved cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar into the mix. Better, but I probably won’t make this again. Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  99. Amy P.

    This is one of my favorite dinners! So simple, so delicious. The lemon juice is such a fun, bright additional flavor to everything – even my kids enjoy it.

    What are some of your other dinner recipes similar to this?

  100. Cindy B

    I have made this several times since May and I have revised it some. I use chicken sausage and I usually add some sliced peppers to roast. The last time I made this I forgot to get lemons, so I added some balsamic vinegar, probably about a tablespoon and tossed it with everything at the end it came out yummy. I suspect red wine vinegar would be delicious too. And I now make everything in the air fryer, which cooks everything faster, needs less oil, and keeps everything from drying out which the oven tends to do. The original recipe was amazing; I am just providing alternatives. Thanks as always for the great recipe!

  101. Diana

    My grocery store sells 1.5 pound bags of little potatoes, and they’re perfect for this. Just toss the whole bag on the sheet. And one of these days I’ll remember to read the recipe more thoroughly before I start, and I won’t peel the shallots. Shallots are by far the most annoying allium to peel. But I can wax poetic about their perfection in this dish. I love this recipe, it’s quick to put together, easier than just about anything, and is really well balanced!

  102. Mer

    This is one of my ALL time favorite recipes EVER. I adapt according to what I have in the fridge and I’m not lying when I say I’ve made this recipe once a week for probably the last 3 years. It’s the most perfect dinner – filling yet you don’t feel stuffed! My most common switch is to replace shallots with little cherry tomatoes and boy oh BOY is it delicious. Thank you thank you thank you Deb for bringing this gem into my life. I thought it was about time I let you know how much this recipe means to my family and me.

  103. Brooke

    I have made this a few times and it’s always great. I make it as-written the first time: yum. I made it with less potatoes and added fennel, apple and brussels sprouts: so yum! I made it with breakfast sausage instead of italian sausage (browned separately and added near the end of cooking) and used half spinach and half arugula for a breakfast dish: YUM. It’s extremely flexible and so easy to make, and works great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is a winner all day every day. Thank you!

  104. Jess

    I make this at least once a month (my kids gobble it up) but I almost always flip the ratio of cook time – 25-30ish minutes for potatoes and ~20 for sausages, which I leave out at room temp while prepping. I also cut a lemon 🍋 in half and throw it in the pan too. Yum yum!

  105. Stacy

    This has become a staple in our house over the last year. It’s so easy to throw together after work, and the flavors play really well together. It makes our home smell incredible while it’s roasting, too, which is always a perk. Thanks for another great recipe!

  106. KellyM

    Clicking “Surprise Me!” is one of my favorite ways to procrastinate, and it serves me right that I’m just seeing this for the first time on a truly humid day in August! What a simple, brilliant idea.

  107. How I can eat an entire package of baby spinach and never feel like I am eating a salad, I will never understand; but this dish does it. Oh, and the greens and lemon juice disguise that the potatoes lose their crispyness when you reheat them. Big hit with picky husband and a wide variety of family and friends.

  108. Darlene

    I threw some sweet potatoes into the potato mix. I also added a little dijon and honey to the lemon juice for a bit more depth. Delicious!

  109. katie

    I make this at least once a month, and I feel obligated to share that crumbled goat cheese on top adds tang and a slight creaminess that pairs amazingly well with every ingredient in this recipe.