smitten kitchen every day trailer + book tour!

In 47 days, Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant & Unfussy New Favorites, my second cookbook, the one it took me five years to write so I’m definitely not freaking out about any of this at all, nope nope nope, will be ready to meet the world. And today, I have four awesome things to share in advance of its big day.

Cookbook Trailer! We made a video to celebrate the book — right in the middle of my kitchen. Everyone had a job (even Jacob and Anna) and I hope it is as fun to watch as it was to make.

Custom Inscribed Books! While you can already pre-order your copy of the cookbook from pretty much any bookstore you love (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more), you can now pre-order signed books too through The Strand, a beloved bookstore in my neighborhood. When you order, you’ll have option of requesting a word-for-word personalized inscription, you know, like:

• “Happy Birthday Dad! You can pick your cake from here.”
• Or “If you do the dishes, I’ll make us the chicken soup on p. 112” [actually this is a text I just sent my husband]
• Or something funnier, like the person last time that had me taunt her sister with “Deb just told me that I was her favorite and not you.” [Of course I did it. I, too, am a sister.]

I will inscribe these books before the release date so that they’ll still get to you on 10/24.

Pre-Order A Custom Inscribed Cookbook:
Strand Books

A New UK Publication Date + Thank You Gift: The UK publisher of Smitten Kitchen Every Day is bringing forward their publication date to 7 December so that it is available before the holidays. To celebrate this, if you send them a screenshot of your UK pre-order confirmation (making sure to blank out any personal or payment details), they will send you a big thank you in the form of a printed recipe card for sweet treat that we couldn’t fit into the book. Just get in touch with them within the next two weeks (end date September 21) in one of the following ways:
• Tweet them: @PegsSquare
• Tag them in an Instagram post: @squarepegbooks
• Email them:

Pre-Order U.K. Edition:
Amazon U.K. | Waterstone’s

A Book Tour! This week, this site turns 11 years ago. And while the over 270K (!) comments on nearly 1200 recipes will always be my favorite part of the site, do you know what’s even more fun? Hanging out in person. This fall, we’re going to have a lot of chances on THE SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY BOOK TOUR.

The image above will take you to the BOOK TOUR + EVENTS page with all the time and place details. We’ll be adding a few more cities and events to the lineup after Thanksgiving – Minneapolis, Nashville, Denver, Atlanta, Montreal, and another New York City event among them – so check back for additional details in the coming weeks. I hope we finally get a chance to meet.

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195 comments on smitten kitchen every day trailer + book tour!

  1. SallyT

    I’m so happy for you! I will see you in Boston, maybe with kids, one of whom was 6 months old when she met you during the last book tour…

    1. Sharon

      I’m not even from STL – and I agree. Bring the kids and go to the city museum. It’s the best place ever! My kids are still begging to go back!

  2. Tisha

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see the date for Denver (I’m just glad that it’s on the list). I’m definitely not missing it this time around! I’ve been on a kick of cooking recipes from the first book, maybe it was an unconscious warmup to the new book! (Not sure how I can add a few more exclamation points…)

      1. Leann

        Denver … can’t wait for the date confirmation! Last time you toured Denver with your first cookbook, I believe it was February and we had a hellacious snowstorm and I couldn’t make the 60 mile drive to the city. Hmmm, perhaps this mean I can bring BOTH cookbooks for signing :) !!!

  3. Gretchen in CoH

    Love the video! Am trying to identify the cameos by the kids – little hand getting a piece of cake at the end –> Anna perhaps? But then where’s Jacob? Definitely saw the kid pics in the cookbook pages – so cute! Can’t wait to get the book. Congrats!

    1. Mandy

      I couldn’t agree more! Add Phoenix if you can – I promise you will want to move here for our winters alone! (Last year, we had Thanksgiving Dinner outside on my sister’s amazing patio, and it was fabulous!)

  4. April

    SQUEEEE! I just dropped what I was doing and pre-ordered the book for the Austin book signing at BookPeople. I’m SO glad you’ll be touring in my neck of the woods.

  5. Sow

    At the risk of sounding like a brat, why does LA always get the step kid treatment with one event for such a huge city and SF gets 3 days worth of events!? 😱 But am very happy its on a Sunday at 2.. yayy 😬 See you soon! 👍🏻

  6. Jenn in Germany

    Any chance you’ll be crossing the pond for part of your book tour? I’m in Germany but would happily make the trip to the U.K. to meet you!

  7. Wendi Spraker

    Oh my GOSH, I can’t believe you aren’t coming near me!!! (crying). I WILL order a signed copy though and I can’t wait to gobble it all up – literally! Thanks so much for all things wonderful!

  8. Kato

    Congrats, the book looks really lovely! Just promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore cookbooks because a. The situation on bookshelves is getting out of hand and b. I use the internet duh. But need to make an exception for this! Also, please come on a european booktour, pretty please. I will be the crazy fangirl 1st row in holland, just so you know;-)

  9. Congratulations! So happy for you and your family, what an accomplishment! You will be touring Seattle in November and I won’t be here! Any chance you might add Arizona to the tour?
    Love the trailer!

  10. Katrin

    Yay for the earlier U.K. release! But U.K. book tour? 😁 For the last release I was still in Southern Africa, which you just didn’t want to include in the tour for some bizzare reason. So U.K. has to happen (preferably before I go back south again).

  11. Cal

    Yes to Minneapolis!!!! Will be so thrilled to have you. {insert so many emojis}. I have my book pre-ordered and can’t wait to have it signed.

  12. Anne Marie

    I am selfishly sad that Pittsburgh is not on this list, but am already making road trip plans with other SK devotees! See you somewhere, Deb!

    1. deb

      Thank you! Each event has its own rules but there are no events that won’t let you bring your own copy bought elsewhere. Many stores were nice enough to waive their usual policies because of this. But do read the note on top of this page if you can; no purchase requirements but it’s definitely awesome if we can find other ways to support these stores (and these events).

  13. hwa843

    I am pre-ordering now! You have never- literally, never- steered me wrong in a recipe. Please come to Charleston, SC!! We have awesome food we could feed you and would love to host you here!

  14. Brooke

    Yay! Already registered to come see you in Boston! I’m bringing along my 11-year-old son – he’s a huge fan of your site and the first book. Thinking with this book he needs to start doing some of the cooking instead of just telling me which recipes he wants me to make!

  15. frog

    *phew* So excited to see you’re planning to hit up Denver later in the year! Looking forward to seeing your event when you do – and, as always, hoping it will be at the Tattered Cover. *fingers crossed*

  16. Tama

    Please please put a reminder up when you’ve added additional stops to your book tour (Minneapolis) so we know where in town you’ll be!

  17. Lisa


    I live in beautiful Monterey_Carmel area and have loads of friends and family who adore your whimsical banter and we cook out of your book once a week for a potluck(the other days we hoard your delicious recipes for ourselves)!

    It seems we are left out of every book tour(including Ina’s)! Just because we are not a metropolis, does that equate with not being incredibly enthusiastic about meeting you; rhetorical question. Is there any possible chance you could squeeze us in between S.F. and L.A.? There are quaint independent bookshops in Pacific Grove area, please check them out and consider, thanks Deb!

  18. Jeannine

    Congratulations! I look forward eagerly for your new posts and have made many delicious recipes. Best of luck to you. Not only are you one talented cook, but such an excellent writer as well. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure your blog has given me. :) (just returned from a root canal…so I apologize in advance for typos and in-general terrible writing!)

  19. Deborah Weibley

    Tickets for Boston event – check
    Pre-order from Brookline Booksmith – check
    How has it been 5 years? It seems like yesterday at Coolidge Corner – can you tell I’m just a wee bit excited? This makes me so very happy! Yay for SK!

  20. Is it too much to ask for an Australian book tour date? ;P j/k (or maybe I’m not)
    Will SK Errr day be released in the land down under or should I schedule my order from abroad sometime soon?
    Thanks heaps!

  21. Suzanne Guertin

    I’m so happy to see that this is happening! I’m also glad that you’re coming to the Twin Cities after Thanksgiving. I say “Twin Cities” instead of “Minneapolis” because I have the perfect bookstore to recommend in St. Paul for your tour: Common Good Books. It’s such a great bookstore – just ask Al Franken and David Sedaris! They recently did book signings there. I have NO professional association with the store, but it’s such a great space. Garrison Keillor owns it and I’m sure he doesn’t need any extra money, but it’s my favorite bookstore in the entire TC.

  22. Frances

    I’m thrilled to meet you again, and of course for your lovely book! So glad the UK edition is coming out before Christmas too.

    Quick question: can the UK version be signed?

    1. deb

      Let me find out. I don’t think that the custom inscriptions could happen — I am not in the UK, of course, and cannot sign books locally — but perhaps there are other ways.

  23. seepaliwal

    Any chance you’ll add in a Wisconsin stop? Preferably Madison, but I’ll take Milwaukee!!! I’ll take you out for cheese curds and beer!

  24. Hila

    Is it me or that a few recipes shown in the video are already in the blog? just wondering if the recipes in the book are mostly from the blog\new ones?
    Thanks :)

    1. deb

      The book is 85 to 90% new recipes, not previously on the blog. I’m not sure there’s anything in the video already on the site, although some (powdery cookies, soup) might look familiar, they’re completely different recipes.

  25. This is so exciting! Also, can you try to come to London at some point again? (I was the one who came to your first stop on your last tour in Los Angeles when I lived out there, then your last one in London when I’d moved back last time around!)

  26. Haley

    Oh man…my friends and I are positively devastated not to see any UK dates. Come to England! We’ll feed you scones and cauliflower cheese! :)

    1. deb

      Would love to! There’s definitely talk of another UK tour. I think if there’s enough interest, it will definitely happen. (I’d be thrilled, of course. Talk about the best job ever.)

  27. Kate

    I love to cook and do so often for family and friends. Most of the time when a dish I have made is complimented, my response is, ” Another great recipe from Smitten Kitchen!” I have loved your first cookbook and my daughter bought me this second one for my birthday – I can’t wait to have it in my hands, read it like a novel, and then invite some people over to try out the deliciousness that will come from within! Thanks, Deb!

  28. Susan

    So excited for this book!! Loved your first, and I’ve been cooking from the site since the beginning. Every recipe has been a winner and I’m so eager for more. And I cannot wait for the 92nd St Y appearance with David Lebovitz!! 🎉🎉🎉 Do I have to buy the book there? I can hold out . . . Maybe . . . 🤔

  29. Mary Helen Z.

    I loved the cookbook trailer!! Tell me please what is the bread/cake on the book tour ad! It looks wonderful and I want some!

  30. Erica Swadley

    Hi Deb, I see Arizona didn’t make the cut. Tucson has been designated USA’s only World City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. We would love to have you come here. I think my son-in-law, Randy, contacted you about coming to Tubac, 45 minutes south of Tucson. He and my daughter run a fabulous kitchen shop, Tumacookery, (named for a local mission, Tumacacori) and a fun relaxed cooking school, Cooking A-Z. They would love to host you. Also Tucson has a wonderful, independent, woman-run, solar operated bookstore, Antigone. You can google the school and the shops. I’m crossing my fingers here.

      1. Erica

        Another great Arizona option is the 6th annual Tucson Festival of Books, held on the University of Arizona mall. They always have a tent for cookbook authors to give presentations and demos. Next year the dates are March 10th and 11th, 2018. You could always go down to Tubac afterwards and present there. Fingers still crossed.

  31. Kristen

    So excited for this book! It looks amazing! Congratulations! Come back to CT- remember the cute little library you visited on your last tour? We’d love to see you again!

  32. So glad you’re coming to Toronto, but I wish it was downtown rather than the suburbs! And I was just at the Strand last month…was thinking of you when I was in NYC. :-) Looking forward to getting our hands on your new “baby.” Mazel Tov!

  33. This is so exciting! I’ve followed your blog for years (I think 8 but can’t be sure) but never commented. I actually just made the recipe on your card sent out with the pre-order (albeit with pearl sugar instead of nonpareils) and am so very excited for the whole book to make its way to the door! Thank you so much for all that you do, you make such amazing recipes and having another book full of them on my shelf is an exciting prospect to say the least! I’ll see you in NYC =)

  34. Linda Addison

    PLEASE come to San Diego. Can’t wait to get my hands on your new cookbook. I love you, your cookbook and your blog. I’ve been following you since the beginning.

    Congratulations on your new book, it looks amazing.

    Linda A
    aka “Flourgirl”

  35. amanda

    I am so excited about your book! So excited that I forgot to pre-order it and am bummed about missing the extra recipes. BUT ALAS, I will be buying at least one copy for myself.

    Just want to say you’re awesome, and a Kansas City area book tour stop would be fantastic. :)

  36. Maria

    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fact that the trailer video wasn’t soundtracked by happy, peppy little ukulele music. I’ve come to expect that from every food-related clip nowadays and the electric guitar was so COOL! Haha, these are the things I notice and appreciate… (you might not be surprised to hear I also care about things like lay-flat binding).

    Can. Not. Wait. for the book!! <3

  37. Alycia

    Woohoo! Your Portland visit to Powell’s is on my calendar! Any other PDXers planning on going and interested in meeting up beforehand?

    1. Niki Steckler

      Alycia, Yes I’d love to meet up in the Pearl ahead of the signing! Maybe Clyde Common just a few blocks away? Any other Portland fan girls or boys want to join in?

      Deb, is there any chance you could join a small group of us for a bite to eat and a beverage before the signing? Clyde Common has community table seating and happy hour 3-7p. Would love to buy you one of Jeffrey Morgenthalers Bourbon Renewals there!

      SO very excited to experience your new cookbook and meet you Deb! I don’t comment much at all but read your blog religiously. Many many favorite recipes–when I try a new one my husband asks, is this another from “that Smitten woman” which sets the bar high that deliciousness is expected. SO EXCITED! Niki
      (email Nicole.abajo AT iCloud DOT com)

      1. deb

        Thank you so much. I don’t usually know what my schedule is going to be until right before (publicists like to keep us authors very overbooked) but please keep me posted on the details as we get closer. Bourbon Renewals sound awesome.

  38. Elizabeth

    Deb, since your favorite movie growing up was Annie, and since now you have a redheaded curly munchkin of your own, are you ever tempted to dress her up as such and teach her all the songs. This is an important issue.

  39. Peg

    Book is on order (long time!) and looking forward to its release! Love your recipes and blog. The Tomato Zuccini Gratin- oh my!, made the burst tomato galette lots of times last summer and always a hit. Looking forward to some real treats in the new cookbook. I’m NH so won’t be able to make any book tour stops. Good Luck!

  40. Bridgit

    Congrats!!! If you’re driving from Toronto to Chicago, you could stop in Ann Arbor on the way, or better yet, in the cute city next door called Ypsilanti (my town!) where you can get this bread pudding from an Ecuadorian bakery for $1.50/slab, and that slab will feed you for a day and you will wonder what magic dust they have in their kitchen. Just sayin.

  41. Deb,

    Big congrats! My heart felt a little heavy for you when I saw the book tour dates and looked at how continuous it is over almost a month. As a mother of a young child, I wonder how it all feels, how it’s possible. Do you bring the little ones with you? Is this kind of nonstop tour required of authors and are there any supports for those with young children? How does it all work out without missing them like crazy? I’m genuinely wondering and sending lots of love.

    1. deb

      Thank you — I don’t bring the kids with me (it sounds like fun but is more disruptive than it’s worth unless it’s a quick weekend trip, especially with school) and no, it’s not required at all. I sign off on everything. I really loved book touring last time; it was really cool to be able to see new towns and meet so many people, and wanted to do it again. My husband joins me on as much as he can, and my in-laws stay here with the kids (they like grandma more than us!). It’s definitely a bummer to miss out while I’m away, but it’s just six weeks and I wouldn’t trade it.

  42. Yay! Can’t wait til you come to Marin! Let’s go to the best restaurant in town after the book talk for dinner. (Just a thought. In the event you’d like to go to dinner with your Marin-best-friend-you-haven’t-met-yet-but-whose-food-taste-is-nearly-exactly-like-yours. Just saying.)

  43. Alison

    So glad you’ll be at Third Place Books! Book Larder is cute, but really can’t fit that many people. Third Place can, and is right in my neighborhood!

  44. mfranks

    Deb you are so amazing and I am always happy to see the wonderful things you bring to the world (I’m making grapefruit yogurt cake this afternoon)!

  45. hi there, I read last week on your website that if you pre-ordered your new book you would send a bonus recipe and a note if sent the confirmation number of your order. I can’t find it now where it gave the email address to send the confirmation number. Could you please send me the email address, I would appreciate it and can’t wait to get your new book!! Thank you, Sandy

      1. karameetsworld

        I ordered in May and sent in my confirmation, but never received the bonus recipe. Can you advise where I can inquire? I’d forgotten until I saw the video.

        Can’t wait to receive the new book — I cook from the first from time to time, and your site is my go-to place for new recipes.

  46. Courtney

    Please add Phoenix! Not sure if you heard this from anyone else but this reader would love to see you in the desert (and the weather will be great!)!

  47. Sara

    Yay! I’m so excited! Congratulations to you. When your first book came out, I immediately bought two copies. One for me and one for a friend who doesn’t read blogs, but loves cookbooks. It’s now her favorite cookbook, and I can’t wait to buy her this book too (& of course one for me too). Best Wishes!

  48. Yay! Can’t wait. Also, the fact that it took you five years makes me feel a little better about some of my “in progress” projects. (But I’m sorry it took five years as well!)

  49. Joanna

    The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook was the first English language cookbook I decided to put on my shelf, and very much in use, too. I have Smitten Kitchen Every Day on my wish list in my favourite on-line bookshop that ships to Poland, and I am counting the days. Thank you for all these smart recipes. Congratulations!

  50. Brittany W.

    Once the book is out and you are back from your tour, would you be willing to set up a page where we can ask questions on book recipes? I remember last time people would ask a question on your latest post and you would always respond, but it would be helpful if they were all in one spot. Thanks!

    1. Foodie in the Desert

      Please consider coming to Tucson! The food vibe here is really unique and you have a lot of fans here! Other commenters already mentioned Tucson having the UNESCO Gastronomy designation, the artisan village of Tubac, and the Book Festival on the University of Arizona’s campus. I will add that you will find new fun food inspirations, like tepary beans, nopal cactus used to make chips (savory) and syrup (tangy-sweet), and more.

  51. Holly

    I pre ordered months ago and I AM SO EXCITED for your book to come out!!! Sadly, the day that it drops I will be in Japan, but I can’t wait to cook from it the day I get back. OK, maybe the next day. Because jet lag, and all of that. You are my favorite thing on the web many days. Keep up the great cooking, Deb! And I’m wishing your book tremendous sales and excellent reviews.

  52. Betsy

    Any idea if more tickets will be going on sale for the November 2nd event in DC. Went to purchase mine and was so sad it was sold out. Thank you!

  53. Sofie Hirschstein

    Hi Deb,

    Can’t wait for the new book release, are you coming to the UK at all?? We would all love to see you here! Love your recipes, your my go-to site always!

  54. Heather

    Loved your CBC interview in Vancouver yesterday! Great to meet you in person. Next project? A tv program!

    Looking forward to trying out some of your recipes from your new book.