nolita-style avocado toast

That sound you hear is the reverberating cacophony of a thousand unfollows. I get it. A great many people rightfully find the avocado toast trend — that is avocado, smashed onto a piece of toasted bread, then discussed as if it were notable — both baffling and exasperating. But I believe there’s a time and place for everything and for me that time (currently a sick no-sleeping baby, thus no-sleeping parents, leading to utter cooking apathy and a near-clinical fixation on avocado toast on my part) and a place (a Nolita cafe that makes it better than anyone else) is right now.

what you'll need, but less bread

Depending on your perspective, Cafe Gitane, a French-Moroccan shoebox on Mott Street, is to be lauded or booed for launching the avocado toast trend in the 90s, but I came to it later, mostly thanks to you because for as long as people have been kind enough to order custom signed copies of the first SK cookbook from McNally Jackson in Soho, I’ve been sneaking around the corner when I’m done for a little toast-shaped luxury.

heap then smash then smooth

It is, hands down, my favorite place to watch skilled, uncelebrated cooks do their thing in a kitchen tinier than mine. Blink and you’ll miss them cracking two eggs and a dropping a link of sausage into a gratin dish before sticking it under a broiler and scooping it out on toast. Couscous is packed into takeout containers and unmolded in a tower to great acclaim. And while somehow when I make avocado toast at home it tastes to me like, you know, avocados on toast, when they make it, it tastes like magic — vibrant and rich and salty and sour and hot at once.

Thus, upon rounds and rounds of “study” and “research” (woe is me) this winter, I’ve come to the conclusion that theirs is better for the following reasons:

  • They use thin slices of totally unfancy seven-grain sandwich bread, you know, the kind you already have around. It doesn’t try to steal the show.
  • It’s toasted very dark and firm, darker than you see in my photos, so that it holds up to the great pile of avocado, a full half, they mound on top.
  • But they don’t just mash it messily with a fork, as I always have at home, they spread from edge to edge, leaving not a speck of bread bare, with a smooth, rounded top.
  • And this domed shape on top is essential for what they do at the end, which is to shower it heavily enough with olive oil and lemon juice that it runs right off the toast, puddling underneath it, turning that bland piece of toast into a dressing-soaked crouton worthy of your best panzanella.

Well, these four things plus a fistful of red pepper flakes. Together, these things are so, so good, so much better than any of their parts, that it’s no surprise that this launched a thousand avocado toast spinoffs, each more elaborate than the last.

nolita-style avocado toast

This brings me to my final point, which is that I only have one very strong opinion on avocado toast and it is that I wish everyone would stop making it so complicated in an effort to either upsell it. These days, finding one without extras — cheese (clashy), a runny egg (no, not here), sour cream or mayo (stop it, avocado is rich enough), crunchy things (interruptions, all of them) is frustratingly rare, and mindbogglingly expensive. The answer is obvious: we have to make it at home to get it right every time. Well, that or move to Mott Street. Only one of these things could be pulled off in the next five minutes, however.

nolita-style avocado toast

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Nolita-Style Avocado Toast
Inspired by the original at Cafe Gitane on Mott Street

Yield: 1 serving

1 1/2-inch slice seven-grain sandwich bread
1/2 a large, ripe avocado
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice, or more to taste
An unholy amount of red pepper flakes

Toast the bread so that it’s dark and firm. Scoop the avocado into a bowl and lightly mash/chop it, or directly onto your toast and do the same. Spread the avocado from edge to edge of the toast, leaving no bread uncovered, mounding it smoothly in the center. Drizzle olive oil over so that it rolls off onto the plate. Repeat with lemon juice. Shake or grind on some fine salt and cover with red pepper flakes. Slice toast on the diagonal and eat with a knife and fork, if before noon, with a cup of coffee or tea, if after, a petite glass of rose wine.

On the side: If trying to stretch this into a fuller meal, you cannot go wrong with David Lebovitz’s simple carrot salad on the side, or the Moroccan-hinted harissa and feta version in the archives here.

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310 comments on nolita-style avocado toast

  1. Melissa

    Looks delicious. I would swap the red pepper flakes for nutritional yeast. It is a bit salty and “cheesy” flavored for that umami effect, but isn’t distracting in the way crunchy or gooey things would be.

  2. Eggs with avocado toast are my least favorite. Rich+rich= unpleasantly full. Avocado toast is one of my favorite breakfasts, a way I can feel pampered without veering into later regret. I can’t wait to try these small tweaks of my formula.

  3. Amanda

    The first time I had avocado toast it came with a poached egg and yogurt. And I was giving it the side-eye, like, yeah, this might be weird, but honestly it was really good. When I make it at home it’s just avocado, toast, and a shower of salt (because I’m lazy, mostly). I’ll have to try this way, though. You had me at panzanella.

  4. Helen

    Oh man, I so disagree about the runny egg! I think it’s such a decadent, filling breakfast on lazy weekend day. Otherwise, this is almost exactly how I make my avocado toast too :)

  5. Jenna

    This sounds amazing! Totally trying it, even though my own wild-haired non-sleepy cute as a button daughter is turning 14 at the end of the month. I feel like this could still work for us, though. Good food is good food no matter how old the babies get.

  6. Sarah

    As a native Californian, the only thing that surprised me about the avocado toast trend was that people didn’t already know that avocado toast is awesome. After a trip to Australia I started occasionally making avocado toast with a thin veneer of vegemite; it’s an excellent umami bomb.

    1. Amy

      Came here to say the same thing, that being from California, avocado toast has been a lifelong fixture and it shocked me that people didn’t know about it. While I don’t have an avocado tree in my yard anymore where I live now, we constantly keep avocados on hand and my favorite way to do avocado toast is on a well-toasted homemade sourdough english muffin, with butter underneath the avo and a sprinkle of kosher salt on top.

      1. donna

        Yep. Same here. I’m 74 years old, and have been eating avocados that way, and other ways, all my life. Very popular food for hundreds, thousands, of years, for millions of people. For a few years, when I heard avocado toast was the new best thing, I kept wondering what some amazing wonder chef had discovered. I got all excited. Then it became apparent that it was what we’d all been eating all along, with or without lemons, toast, or tortilla, without any fanfare at all. I imagine people who grew up with fish sauce feel the same way. Fish sauce would probably be good on avocado, now that I think about it. When I’m feeling really fancy, I fine dice some romaine, and mix it with the avo, lemon, and top with salt from the grinder. Something about the taste of fresh diced romaine and avo – really good.

        1. Christina

          This is how I do mine but with one added bonus that I learned in Spain. Once you get the bread toasted take a clove of garlic that has been de-husked and rub it on the toast. The rough bits of the toast cause the garlic to grate into the bread so you get a flavorful garlic taste through out. Add your avocado on top and it’s a dream!

  7. Tonia

    I haven’t had the Cafe Gitane version, but when I make myself avocado toast I like to mash the avocado with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper together in a bowl first, and then I spread it on the toast, leaving no speck uncovered. And if I’m home while doing this, I will toast the bread in a pan with some olive oil, giving it that extra layer of deliciousness, and then top it off with some flakes of fleur de sel. Pure simple perfection :)

  8. Chelsea

    When I make my own (not nearly as well, of course) I like to pair it with a cup of carrot ginger soup–another great side option!

  9. deb

    Maya, Jean — :) I joke that I’ll never survive in Buzzfeed’s world because I like All The OTT Things (too) just not together at once. It’s easier to enjoy things separately, so you can better taste them. I’m so boring, I know.

    To wit , this weekend I went to a chocolate shop and came home and told my husband they were out of the milk chocolate covered Oreos he likes and they only had them with caramel too, but I got him some anyway. This would disappoint me. I like caramel and Oreos, but separately. He looked at me like I’d lost my mind and he’d won the lottery. He’s still telling people this story.

  10. Daniela

    I could eat avocado toast every day of my life. I add Allepo pepper flakes instead of the regular chill flakes and i double toast sourdough bread. Beautiful picture’

  11. MaryM

    I love me some plain avocado toast, with a little salt to bring out the sweetness of the avocados. I think a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper would be grand, since I can’t see to make friends with the red pepper flakes. Or, as I first thought when I saw your headline picture, some smoked paprika! I have a wonderful seedy toast from Sprouts, called Seedsational, that would be perfect for this. It would be my lunch if I had avocados on hand, or it weren’t storming to beat the band here in North Texas! Love you and your gorgeous babies, Deb!

  12. Courtney

    I love avocado toast! The one way to make it better is to top the whole thing with a fried egg. Favorite. Breakfast. Ever.

  13. Jess B

    Breakfast last week was avocado toast with a sliced hard-boiled egg on top. Surprisingly filling! I don’t think I had near enough avocado on there though. ;-)

  14. Katie

    A friend of mine introduced me to avocado + Marmite on toast (with chilli flakes too of course). It’s absolutely delicious. Glad to see it’s big in Oz with vegemite too!

  15. payal

    DEB! I have half an avocado at my desk right now, and bread in the office fridge. Obviously, this is going to be the best desk lunch ever. Talk about instant gratification – I usually have to wait at least until I get home to make one of your recipes.

  16. Binsy

    Unfortunately, I have been having the worst luck with avocados lately. EVERY SINGLE ONE in the past few weeks has been rotten! I tried to buy all different kinds:unripe, ripe, small, large, etc. I gave up because they are so darn expensive.

  17. Wendy

    Another native Californian here, who grew up with avocado trees in my (or my friends’) yard. Since the early 70’s, avocado toast was well-toasted sourdough bread with a light smear of salted butter and all the avocado I could balance on top. Recently, a local market has begun carrying FRENCH butter, so my “recipe” has changed!

  18. Sophia F.

    I humbly suggest that there is no avocado and toast complement more perfect than a few lashings of the green Tabasco sauce, which itself is a perfect balance of tangy-sour, salty, and kicky. To be honest, I think green Tabasco makes almost anything better, but it’s particularly good on this. And Deb, care to share if you have any go-to condiments?

  19. Sandy

    Wow – I have recently been craving smashed avocados on crackers, toast. I couldn’t agree more that they are rich enough without ANY aide from mayo or sour cream, etc. Love!

  20. A perfect, simple avocado toast is hard to beat, but I must admit I love the cucumber avocado toast from your book. And I totally agree with Sophia F, Tabasco’s most perfect use is on avocado toast, although my preferred flavor is garlic.

  21. Sandy Kay

    This may be a silly question but why isn’t the lemon juice mixed in with the avocado before it is spread on the toast? It seems like lemon juice would run off more than the olive oil and you’d lose a lot of the lemon taste. And I really must make some avocado toast.

  22. Donna Joslyn

    Binsy, another born and raised Californian here. Buy avocadoes hard, green, and with a bit of stem on them. Before they have been squeezed, dropped, pinched and bruised by everyone. Let them ripen on your kitchen counter for a few days, until they barely give when you gently squeeze them. Then put them in the refrig in a vegetable type plastic bag. They will keep for a couple of weeks just fine. To keep guacomole, or a cut half of avocado from turning brown, leave the pit in the half, and put some pits in the guac. Can’t live without them!

  23. deb

    Sandy — For me, it’s all about the contrast — creamy avocado, lemon on top and most essentially, that it runs off and under, soaking the bread. (Literally just made this again for myself for lunch and am not sure I can stop.)

    Buying avocados — Here on the east coast, they’re generally subpar and expensive. I vote for buying them too firm (less likely to already be rotten/smashed) and letting them ripen on the counter (more quickly) or in the fridge (if you want them in a couple days). You gotta check them everyday though. This avocado was rock-hard on Friday, spent one day on the counter, one in the fridge and was already almost too soft by yesterday.

    Condiments — Well, yesterday when I opened the cabinet my Mild Sauce for Hot People fell out and shattered and the mess smelled so good and I’m very sad. It’s great hot sauce for people who like a moderate kick. (I’m a wimp, but a wimp who appreciates a fistful of pepper flakes.) Here I used a mix of regular red pepper flakes and Aleppo, although it’s understandably impossible to find these days. Aleppo has a milder almost fruity kick. You might be able to find Urfa, Marash or Antebi pepper instead these days, these tips from this article. I’m currently really into some Cambodian black peppercorns a friend brought back for me; I use them in our pepper grinders. I feel like they have an almost staticky kick; it might just be that they hadn’t been on a supermarket shelf for 5 years. I haven’t tried the green Tabasco but it sounds like I’d like it.

  24. Ann w

    My recipe is very similar, but no olive oil and cumin instead of red pepper.
    One of our favorite breakfasts and kids love it too!

  25. Stephanie

    My opinion on the egg: If it’s avocado toast you’re after, skip the egg. If it’s an egg you’re in the mood for, by all means have it with avocado toast to make the egg extra good!

  26. Mel

    Living in “fly-over state,” I had heard about the avocado toast craze, but now I understand it! Thank you! On a bit of a tangent — my 20-something son returned from living in Peru and told me avocado is treated as a fruit. The family he lived with enjoyed avocado halves with sugar sprinkled on top, and he found it in desserts in many places.

  27. RobynB

    Am I the only purist who prefers mine with simply avocado, olive oil and salt? I feel that the lemon juice detracts. Haven’t tried the red pepper yet, might enjoy that. In my world, you don’t even need the toast – I love an avocado, chunked into a bowl and doused with good olive oil and salt, nothing else. Yum.

  28. Smearing the toast with coconut oil before adding the avocado is my current favourite. It’s buttery and nutty, but still super fresh and satisfying. Also a great way to tell if avocados are ready, is to pull the little stem nub off and take a peak at the colour of the flesh.

    1. Maybe somebody has already mentioned this (there are SO many comments!) but a great way to store a leftover avocado half is with the pit still in place, along with a bit of diced onion in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. The onion fumes keep the avocado freshly green for a day or two. Works for guac too – just scatter some diced onion over the surface and cover, then stir onion into the guac when using.

    2. Todd

      Another way to preserve the other half seems almost too simple, but it really works. Just run it under cold tap water and then put it in a baggie, then to the fridge. Try it!

  29. Jennifer B

    I remember the first time I had avocado toast. It was the mid 80’s, and a guy whose name I don’t remember was making on in our dorm kitchen, and offered to make me one too. I couldn’t believe something so simple was so incredibly delicious!

    I usually use a multigrain bread (with sunflower seeds in it), and a little sea salt, but will sometimes add balsalmic glaze if I have some on hand. One of my favorite “easy” foods

  30. kaberett

    I am mildly astonished that nobody appears to have mentioned lime juice yet, so here I am showing up to say that I make it with lime juice rather than lemon, and perhaps this is a tweak other folk might also like :-)

  31. kaberett

    Molly @ 46 — squeeze your preferred citrus over the cut surface, or mash the whole lot up (with citrus juice + salt) and scoop out as much as you want before fridging the rest.

  32. Megan

    It’s funny to me that avocado toast has become such a trend. I mean, I thought everyone knew about it’s glory. It was a staple in my house growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Turns out I’m just lucky I guess. :) I agree though-keep it simple. Super crunchy toast, avocado and salt.

  33. mimi

    Molly- I cut mine in half the “short” way to minimize the surface exposed to air. I store the unused half in the fridge in a salvaged restaurant soup container (clear plastic with a very tight fitting lid). I’ve found this to work best at minimizing browning. A ziploc bag will also work.

  34. Chelsey

    Deb- will you please figure out how to make their couscous too? I left NYC years ago and have been trying to replicate it ever since!

  35. Karen P.

    How I wish I had known what a trend this would become!
    I grew up in Southern California & many mornings,
    my dad (baker in our family bakery)would go outside &
    pick extra avocados from our avacado tree that was taller
    than our home! He then proceeded to use a ripened avacado
    which had sat on the kitchen counter & spread a mound
    of avocado on toast & sprinkle it with salt. No
    need for lemon juice because he ate it on the spot!

  36. I hate to be the tacky person to openly covet your things, but your teensy adorable sheet pans keep appearing in photos (since I first noticed them on toasted marshmallow milkshake day), taunting me and my materialism. Where did you find 2-toast size pans?! You might as well do another shopping/gift post. We love you for your non-sponsored content, then we beg you to tell us where to buy all the things! We’re a tough crowd.

  37. Sheila

    I’m almost (but not quite) ashamed to say I like my avocado toast with a little feta or goat cheese – not lots, just a squinch.

  38. avanavo

    Avo on toast has been a staple in Australia for decades and it’s great to see it catch on elsewhere. For me the bread is the most important – must be crunchy, thick cut sourdough. A little smear of butter, roughly smashed or sliced avo with a tiny bit of lemon juice and salt (or sub those for a thin scraping of vegemite) and that’s it!

  39. I love avocado toast and I have no bones about it. It’s all about what taste good and feels good and this super simple snack works perfectly! Yours look delicious too! I never thought to put oil in it but I’ll try it.

  40. Yael

    I am a life long avocado toast lover. What type of avocado did you use? I make a point of only buying Haas avocados as they tend to have the creamiest, least oily flesh which makes the best avocado toast, in my opinion. I am wondering if Cafe Gitane uses Haas avocados to transport their toasts into the magical realm.

  41. Diane

    I am obsessed with avocado toast too! Will not unfollow SK on account of your highlighting a very delicious and mercifully easy to make meal (and I even live in San Francisco where toast-as-high-brow-cuisine has also taken a turn for the absurd). Here’s a variation that I adore, though it is admittedly more of a tartine: on toasted sour dough, melt a slice of good cheddar, top with generous portion of ripe avocado slices, a little lime juice, garlic salt (I know, but this is the only place I think it really does add), and either cayenne or chili powder. Delicious. I promise!

  42. Jessica

    I only “discovered” avocado toast for myself when my coworker would leave me bags (bags!!) of the most delicious fuerte avocados from her backyard tree. It’s truly one of the few things I miss about living in LA. I like to do double toasted sourdough, mashed avocado, lots of lime juice and salt and then a handful of dashes of Tapatio hot sauce.

  43. Katy

    I like my avocado toast on the “half shell,” hold the toast, haha. In other words, half an avocado in the skin (insta-bowl!), with a squeeze of lime and a couple dashes of Lawry’s Chile & Garlic Seasoned salt (you can fake it with regular seasoned salt, garlic powder and smoked paprika). Eat it with a spoon or some tortilla chips. When I want to overindulge, I do scoop it out onto a well toasted slice of Ezekiel flaxseed bread, and top it with a gorgeously fried free range egg from our local farm. It’s crazy rich but unforgettable.

  44. Amy P

    The dimpled hands! The curls! Her eyes! I have a five month old daughter and somehow I’m still drooling over yours too ;)

  45. Emily

    Is it just me thats really happy you had another kid? The brownie cakelets and now this gem! I’m not saying I dont love a good 15 ingredient smitten adventure on the odd Saturday afternoon but most of the time I cant even think of peeling my body off of the couch for anything that isnt going to yield something sinfully delicious for more than 20 minutes of actual work. Anyway all I’m saying is amen and keep ’em coming. Also- inquiring minds would like to know: When are you coming to Israel already?

  46. Tracy

    I agree with Bizness; as a Californian now living in Australia, my favorite is toast with a light smear of vegemite, and then lots of avocado on top and cracked black pepper. Delicious!

  47. Michelle

    I’m 61 yrs old and my Mama made avocado toast for me since I was a little girl. It remains one of my favorite ‘comfort foods’. Both my kids were raised with it as a nice breakfast or snack item. I’m always surprised when I am making it or talking about it and someone hasn’t heard of it. What??? LOL

    And I like it basic, light toast with light butter, smashed avocado and a light spring of sea salt on top. Mmmmmmmm


  48. Deborah

    Eat avocado toast regularly for breakie, lunch, snacks. I love an avocado “ruben” with sauerkraut on top. Don’t knock it til ya’ve tried it. Yummy…and with a soft-cooked egg too. Wowza!

    And, Deb, you’re baby (girl?) is just beautiful! Those red curls! I wasn’t aware you had another, but I’ve been kinda offline for awhile. Congrats!

  49. You are totally rocking the foodie blogosphere with this one. LOVE everything about it, minus the no sleep and sick baby part. It’s the littlest things that become so decadent, like showers, 5 minute naps, and smashed avocado on toast. Thank you for keeping it so real.

  50. BuzzD

    ok the next bread to get made here will be 7-grain–just don’t think the sauerkraut rye will be right for the avocados

  51. Mary Mac

    Have always loved avocados with lime juice and salt eaten out of the shell-my Mom got me hooked at a young age. Now I absolutely love avocado toast-good bread toasted to crunchiness, spread with smashed avocado with lime juice and a couple twists of Trader Joes grinders Garlic Salt. Amazing breakfast!

  52. Anne B.

    My Sat and Sun lunch! Love avocado toast….I like mine simple as well. Red pepper flakes is a great idea. Thanks Deb. The red curls on your living doll are to die for!

  53. siggybee

    I grew up eating avocado toast…..just toast, avocado smashed with a fork, a sprinkling of salt and plenty of pepper. Yum! I am looking forward to trying your recipe with the addition of red pepper flakes. The ideal comfort food!

  54. Mmmm. Love me some avocado toast!

    Whole grain bread. Mashed avocado. Freshly ground black pepper and a nice sprinkle of crunch fleur de sel.

    The sea salt is really what makes it.

  55. Marsha

    Beautiful pic. I like this recipe, and just might go make me one right now. I’m going to add some red onion and garlic. I’m from California-what can I say!

  56. Sophie

    When it comes to avocado toasts, savoury is nice, but I LOVE mine on the sweet side, with a generous spoonful of honey drizzled over it. If you’ve never had it, you MUST!

  57. D

    Don’t beat yourself up. …the fact that you even have time to maintain this site and even consider coming with a baby is an amazing feat. So, thank you.

  58. Dorothy

    How is it that no one’s bemoaned your lack of sleep? We’ve recently discovered “dream” feeds and it’s been a total game changer for us. Too bad I learned it with the third kid. Sigh. Try it though! “Wake” her before you want to go to bed at night and feed her while she’s still half asleep. We do it at 10p and the baby (6months) is up at 7 the next morning.

    My last experiment with avocado toast included miso and an egg and it was so ridiculously rich tasting m, I couldn’t bear to even approach it again… So I agree with you- no avocado and egg!

  59. Sarah

    I’ve been making avocado toast for years, but I’ve recently been making a version that is my cryptonite.

    Udi’s bread, toasted
    Pimento cheese, toasted on the bread
    Poached egg
    Salt and pepper

    And then just die of happiness.

  60. Markus

    So I love avocado on toast and didn’t know it was a thing. My favorite is simply to mix the avocado with a bit of coconut oil (I don’t know a tablespoon or two) and an orange pepper mixture I get from the spice guy at the farmer’s market. I do spread it in the proportions here – 1/2 an avocado’s worth to the slice.

  61. Rainy Jane

    Deb, your writing is so beautifully, wonderfully endearing, I want you to know how much I look forward to reading each new post – and the comments, too. I am (ahem, only) 61, so I don’t remember the era when books were serialized in newspapers before they were published, but your posts and recipes are like reading a new chapter in a wonderful story. You are a consistently delightful treat amidst a difficult and unpredictable world.
    As for avocado toast, bring it on, I am attempting to stare down my avocado into ripening submission. I have no doubt that if you wrote about parsley boiled potatoes and butter, you would do so in such a way that your faithful readers would happily indulge. We are a lovelier world with you in it, Deb. Thank you. P.S. I hope your beautiful baby feels better soon…and may many consecutive hours of sleep be gifted upon you…

  62. Jane M.

    I prefer it simple – smashed avocado on toasted rye with a sprinkle of garlic powder (and perhaps a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper just because).

  63. My fav! Avos are off-the-chart expensive here in Oz at the moment. We would normally eat them from breakfast rihgt through to dinner but there’s no way I am paying $US3.70 for one avo! Hope bub is better – and sleeping – soon.

  64. hi deb – in oz our avo toast reads thus … toast, vegemite (or promite (yeast extract), avocado, and for me balsamic and black pepper/chilli/cayenne— been reading you for years, love your writing, your food – belated congrats on your new lil darlin .. and a new taste sensation (esp. for vegans needing punchy food) fried cauliflower oil, ,lotsa garlic, fermented beancurd (salty) but fried – taste delerium !!

  65. Karin

    Simplicity at its finest! We only ever have very black rye bread in our house and I love this combo of creamy lemony avocado on top of moist sweetish (unroasted) bread. Yum.

  66. Natalia

    Thank you so much for this post Deb… I am an avocado toast lover and though I don’t mind finding recipes on cookbooks or magazines ( I happen to think avocado toast is like a divine ritual everyone should do one time or another) I do mind when there are so many toppings you hardly see the avocado. You are right, no toppings, no sour cream, no feta… just avocado, a squeeze of lemon and cayenne…olive oil? never thought of that, but I will definitely try!!!

  67. Brittany

    I have been addicted recently to avocado and bacon on toast (or on bagel halves). The saltiness of bacon with the creaminess of avocado… Heaven!

  68. Michelle

    I have been making avocado toast this way for years. A month ago I was at Zabar’s and they had some gourmet hummus out for tasting. The lady recommended using the chipotle hummus on avocado toast, so I gave it a try. You must also! If you come across Roots Hot Chipotle Hummus, please buy it immediately and try it on your next avocado toast. It’s delicious, and I like it better now.

  69. Coralie

    Hmm, I prefer the Two Hands one! Thicker bread…

    I have avocado on toast at home every day for lunch. My favourite way is like you do it here but on a thick sourdough slice. I also like it on rye bread with lemon and chives (the scandinavian way!) or, if I’m feeling fancy, olive oil, lemon, chili flakes, sumac and pistachios but for that I go to the cafe round the corner from me so they do all the hard work/have the ingredients to hand…

  70. Dahlink

    Another native Californian here. I grew up eating avocados every which way, but I evidently left before avocado toast became a Thing. I do agree with other posters that Haas is the best variety. My husband has a dinner meeting coming up soon–I know what I’m having for dinner!

  71. ali

    love me some avocado toast! so funny though that you talk about going out for it when we can so easily make it at home… but yes it is different. i am all about simple with salt at home, but there is a little coffee shop in town here that makes it on toasted simple sourdough, with a spread of cream cheese, a spread of avocado and then (the best part IMO) sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning…. and the option of a poached egg! sooooo good, i’ve yet to attempt at home…. some day!

  72. Vivella

    I just had this for lunch, except I use a grind of black pepper instead of red pepper flakes, and I added thinly sliced red onion to my toast.Sometimes I add a drop or two of sriracha sauce on top.

  73. Molly D

    To the Molly who asked about storing the extra half for the next day: always keep the pit in the half you are keeping, and wrap tightly in plastic or smush the air out of a ziplock to store. The exposure to air is what makes it brown but the pit is key – you can also leave a pit in with a bowl of guac and it will take much longer to brown.

  74. Devin

    I make this exact thing all the time! Well….if I’m being honest,without the olive oil, but everything else is the same :) I do have to say I also love it with a crispy egg on top. Absolutely love your site! Thanks for all the yummy recipes!

  75. Having grown up in California I can barely eat a salad without avocado in it and I thought I was the only person that did avocado toast. Reading the comments made me understand why avocados are so expensive these days.

  76. Roxanne

    My son’s favorite breakfast as a toddler was a piece of toast with one half spread with avocado and the other half spread with goat cheese. At 17 he doesn’t touch avocado (unless it involves a taco) but is still going strong with the goat cheese. His first question when he got off the bus in kindergarten was if we had any goat cheese. I figure he will come back to avocado toast eventually. He’s no fool after all.

  77. Hee, hee. I had to giggle when I saw this was a trend. Have been eating avocado toast since I was a kid in the seventies. So glad to see its swanky now. One of my favorite meals. A little salt and that’s it for me! But will try it with the olive oil, lemon and red pepper flakes just to stay hip. Thanks!

  78. nom nom this is exactly how I like to make my avocado toast :)

    just sometimes I ad some habanero tabasco extra to blend in the avocado so the
    spiciness is well distributed :)

  79. Susan

    Your opening sentence steals the show here. That aside, I’ve got to try this version. I have a mild avocado allergy but I can eat it in small doses. Half on toast should do the trick, plus it gives me an excuse to use my carefully hoarded supply of Urfa pepper, yay!

  80. Linda

    There’s a cafe called the Commons Chelsea that does this toast + cumin mashed in with the avocado and it is AMAZING. You can add smoked salmon too if you’re fancy. I make it at home all the time!

  81. Bertie

    SO annoyed with popup horizontal ads at bottom of your site!! Never read them, but have to find the x to remove them–especially annoying is the one you have to remove on the left. Makes me want to stop viewing your content. Please remove them. Spoils an otherwise satisfying visit to your site. I’m sure other readers will chime in about this.

  82. FarmerBarb

    One of the best things about winter is cheaper avocados! I’ve never had a. toast, though, sticking to guacamole if I’m not the only one home, or the ever-popular half a fruit in the skin, sprinkled with salt and drops of balsamic (or sherry!) vinegar and eaten with a spoon. But I’ll have to try this toast! Thanks–

  83. candace

    1987. Sarah Leah Chase, Nantucket Open House cookbook. First time I read about avocado toast. Nearly 30 years later, it is a crazy “thing.” Lots of yummy things in that cookbook, by the way. Love the way you have added the oil and lemon in this version.

    1. Lolablitz

      Yes! This. I came here after a Google search to see if Chase was given credit for introducing the toast in cookbook form in the 80s. She is amazing!

  84. Garden Goddess

    How about a California version? Toast up a slice of good Boudin Sourdough (the San Francisco Sourdough bread of fame), top with sliced avocado, drizzle with lemon (or lime) juice and sprinkle with salt, black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Yum! This is what I grew up with (avocado trees in the backyard–limes & lemons too!). You can put the onion and garlic powders, along with salt, pepper and dried lemon zest in one spice shaker bottle to save some time, if you wish. I often will have in on a good caraway seeded rye bread instead of the sourdough, just as good but in a different way.

    I just heard of a way to slow the avocados from going brown. Drop the 1/2 avocado into BOILING water for 15 seconds–no more, no less. It’s supposed to deactivate the enzymes that turn it brown. Then cover with plastic wrap touching the cut surface AND place in a container to minimize the amount of air that gets to it. Store in refer. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s supposed to work. Nothing else does, so it’s worth a try…

  85. Patty

    I do the lemon and OO, but love it on a decent sourdough for that extra tang. Just yesterday I topped it with some of that spicy green sauce you get with Indian takeout? AMAZING! Will be ordering extra green sauce from now on, it was so yummy.

  86. Jessicca

    After seeing so many recipes online for avocado toast, I became obsessed with the idea because it just looked so good. However, I didn’t follow any of them for my own attempt. I’m thinking I’ll have to try the olive oil next time since I never thought of that! And I like Patty’s idea of trying sourdough, (my favorite bread). I mash it in a bowl with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a bit of spicy Southwest chipotle seasoning before spreading it on oatnut bread and it’s soooo delicious!

  87. Shaundi

    This is also naughtily wonderful on a buttered English muffin, as my husband and I love to enjoy. We also add fresh minced garlic. Ooooolala!!!
    And, yeah! I am wondering, like Am, above… Did you make that bread?? Cause I want some!!!! :)
    Your faithful blog follower,
    Shaundi :)

  88. Adrianne

    Sometimes (most times), if I don’t have a lemon or lime, I sprinkle with sumac to get that citrusy punch that is so essential to a perfect avocado toast :)

  89. hahahah not unfollowing here!! I love avocado toast…I love it with a tomato slice. I love it with egg. with a bit of strawberry jam. yep. I like the tartness the jam brings…whose the weirdo now??? HAHA. it’s good i promise.

  90. Amy P

    I made it as per your instructions minus the red pepper flakes (I’m a wimp!)
    It was good! I’ve never added oil before. I usually do lime juice though and I might stick with that in the future.

  91. Susi H

    I’m on my way to the kitchen right now to make this. Unfortunately, red pepper flakes are not my thing so, in keeping with red and peppers, smoked paprika is my choice for sprinkles! Oooh, my mouth is watering!

  92. CEA

    Deb, I beseech you! Please try Cafe Gitane’s spicy meatballs the next time you’re there, and then reverse engineer the recipe for the good of humankind? I live in LA now, but I used to work around the corner from CG and I was seriously addicted to that dish. Unfortunately, despite all my years of experimentation, I haven’t managed to make the tomato sauce taste even close to correct. And despite years of searching, my Google-fu hasn’t been sufficient to unearth the recipe. Since our household is a devoted fan of your other meatball recipes, won’t you please add this one to the list? THXTHXTHX!

  93. Mary

    I can’t believe I doubted you, as though you’ve ever led me astray. I made this this morning and as I drizzled the lemon juice and olive oil I said ugh, this is too much, it’s going to ruin my precious avocado. But then I took a bite. Mmmmm this was such a nice way to elevate what I already loved. Thank you!

  94. jane

    I’ll chime in, Bertie – #118. If you find ads annoying, download an ad blocker. Otherwise, be grateful for a thoughtful, well written, artfully photographed, FREE blog that many people here have enjoyed on a weekly, if not daily, basis for years and years. It’s my go-to site for interesting, do-able recipes and every new post makes me smile.

  95. Annie

    There’s a coffee shop in San Francisco that charges $4 for this avocado toast. $4 for toast!!!! But it’s so worth it especially when you’re about 6 months pregnant :)

  96. Emily

    The best avocado toast was very similar to what you describe, but with two significant differences:
    1) Sourdough bread
    2) Chopped basil in place of red pepper flakes.
    Yes, the basil is expensive, so what I’m suggesting may not be an every-day classic the same way yours is. Still, I plead that you taste this magic. Chop your basil, mix it with the avo, olive oil, and lemon juice and then spread atop your toasted sourdough with a little salt and pepper on top. To me, it is literally perfect.

  97. Gerry

    In the far south (Melbourne Australia) there’s not a cafe still trading that doesn’t offer some version of avo on toast. But agree with a handful of others to forgo the lemon and use limes. And while I haven’t tried the chilli flakes I always use a generous grind of rock salt (a big thing for someone who regularly fails the instruction to add salt) as much for the crunchy texture as the taste.

  98. Vidya

    This is hilariously and scarily well timed. All I ate last week was avocado toast, I got into a serious cooking funk and couldn’t bear the thought of making or eating anything else. And this is exactly how I make mine – except I use thin slices of dark rye bread or sourdough since that’s usually just what I have on hand – but always always olive oil, lemon or lime juice, salt and red pepper flakes. Occasionally I mince some fresh Thai birdseye chillies to use instead to satisfy my insane heat cravings.

  99. Janelle

    Is avocado-toast a new trend? I have been eating it since I was a little girl, but I don’t think it was cool then ;)

  100. Marilyn

    Glad to see I’m in good company with the avocado toast addiction. I never get tired of it – practically live on it. My unique, super healthy twist is to use Pain des fleur quinoa crisp bread – crunchy & tasty! Thanks for your good sense of humor!

  101. This came up in my FB feed last night, and I dreamed about it! Having it now with a hot cup of coffee. Oooh yum! To share my giggle, I totally read your final point in Ben Cumberbatches Sherlock voice. I am now convinced he would eat this for breakfast. *Grins*

  102. Meeghan

    Now that I am a working mother of two – I eat avocado toast for lunch a lot. I can just grab it and go in the morning. I use an English Muffin. Healthy fast food lunch = apple, orange, english muffin + avocado. I keep spicy lemon pickles in our fridge at work and sea salt at my desk, which I now realize makes me sound even nerdier.

  103. Avra

    Thanks for this! I had half an avocado languishing in my fridge, so imagine my pleasure when this beautifully simple recipe came to my inbox! It was delicious.

    I totally missed the part about eating with a knife and fork, though. Oh, dear. Maybe that note should be italicized or capitalized or something. . . .

  104. Kris

    I know exactly how old I was the first time I tried a fresh avocado: 20 years old. Isn’t that sad?? Because the only thing I knew about it was that it was a fruit, I spat out my first bite upon finding it was not sweet! It was probably 5 years later before I saw my brother in law, who is French, slicing avocado on toast and dousing it with good olive oil and gros sel. Never looked back!

  105. CarolJ

    Avocado toast? Sure, I’ve been eating it forever – but not like this. My way has been toast + mayo + a few drops of soy sauce + avocado + crunchy sea salt. I never would have thought of the olive oil and lemon douse. Can’t wait to try it for lunch. I have both lemon and lime on hand so can do a compare and contrast :) Thanks for this variation on an old favorite.

  106. Em

    I love avocado toast and eat it frequently, but I find that alone doesn’t fill me up (even though avocados are almost all fat and are supposed to be filling!), so then I have to add on a large salad or other stuff to make it a full meal. Do people find it filling enough, or do you all enjoy other snacks hours later?

  107. Mitzi

    I first had avocado toast back in 1971. We lived in Hawaii and there was an avocado tree next to my dad’s office. He was from California and loved avocados and couldn’t understand why people weren’t picking them. He brought home a grocery bag filled with them and for a week we had avocados with every meal, including avocado toast for breakfast. I’ve loved them ever since.

  108. Canada

    So delish, I put a layer of cream cheese under the avocado; so sumptuous! And more lemon juice over top. Sliced cute or tomato on the side because then it’s healthy. Right?

  109. Krish

    I so love the idea of covering the WHOLE piece of toast . I always make sure to spread my topping without leaving any part of the bread bare .

  110. JP

    If #122 Garden Goddess is correct about boiling an avocado for 15 seconds to keep it from turning brown, I would sure like to know about it. There is nothing more annoying than using 1/2 an avocado and coming back to it the next day to find the other half unappealingly brown. Please tell me if anyone has actually tried this! Thanks!

  111. Lexy

    Deb, that ginger babe of yours is DELICIOUS. The curls?! Those eyes?! She’s making my ovaries ache, she is so cute. There’s just not anything in this world better than sweet babies. Avocado toast comes close, though.

  112. Robin

    I just made this for breakfast and SO GOOD. Avocado toast is my go-to breakfast–either just with some kosher salt and pepper or, yes, with a fried or poached egg on top–but this took it to a whole new level–felt totally decadent and I loved it.

  113. Dia

    I’ve lately been thinking more about healthy eating, especially with breakfast and lunch. Usually I skip breakfast or make a toast with like cheese and tomatoes and then go out on lunch and get something not so healthy like a burger for example.

    But know I’ve decided to eat a proper healthy breakfast and try to bring home made food to work or only eat at healthy places. I’m definitely gonna try this recipe because I love avocado! :)

  114. bea

    I’ve been following the wednesday chef’s recipe for years now. A slick of Dijon mustard makes all the difference, in my opinion. And yes, tons of lemon juice too!

  115. deb

    Sheryll — Spicy flakes.

    Baking sheet — What Lauryn said. They’re sometimes sold as toaster oven trays. We don’t have a toaster, just do toast under the broiler and it works fine there.

    Avocado — I used Haas, and I’m pretty sure the cafe does too.

    Saving the other half of the avocado — Drip a little extra lemon juice on the cut side and put it in a bag or container. Easy peasy. You’ve got the lemon out anyway. You can also dab it with the squeezed-out lemon half you just used. I leave the pit in so that there’s less that can get brown. And, if you take it out the next day and it did get a little brown on top, just cut that top layer off with in a thin sliver. It should be all good underneath. (Also, just a theory but it looks bad but doesn’t affect the taste, right? Not sure about this. Nobody wants to eat black avocado, ecch, but isn’t it just an aesthetic concern?)

    Em — Ha, we are alike. No, I get about 4 hours out of it. I.e. if I have it for lunch at 12 maybe with an apple after, I’m snacky at 4. Then again, I’m also snacky at 4 most days. I think that’s why tea time exists around the world. ;)

    Annie — We should definitely never talk about what they charge at Gitane, then.

    CEA — I’m on it! The thing is, I always go solo so I just get the toast. To order more, I will have to enlist the family and can you imagine schlepping in there as a party of 4 with a scooter, stroller and the rest of our current caravan? Basically, can you meet me there? It would be easier.

    About the pepper flakes — I’m a bit of a spice wimp and I absolutely love them here. I add more each time. The avocado is so rich and creamy, it punctuates it perfectly. I used to just use Aleppo flakes, which are milder, now I only use the hotter ones. Maybe others will come around too.

    The bread — I did not make the bread. I do have an oat and whole grain bread that’s my favorite for homemade, but as we are all out, this was straight from a grocery store’s bakery section.

    Annalisa — It is! Now fixed, thanks.

  116. Viktora

    I do my avocado toast just like that and i love it. If i feel fancy, i’ll add a crispy piece of bacon. Bacon and avocado goes so well together, it’s the perfect breakfast.

  117. Laura in CA

    I honestly thought this recipe would taste a little plain…but I make everything I can that you post, and so I was eager to try this! Just got to it this afternoon, and I will totally make this again! I think it’s the lemon that makes this extra good. And the fact that the oil falls under the bread, giving the bread both crispness and softness. Thank you for posting!

  118. Rose Marie Heard

    I made this today (sorta). I had the avocado, the olive oil, had wheat bread not the 7 grain, had red pepper flakes. Lemon juice had vanished from my fridge. So I used balsamic vinegar instead.
    I am still eathing it and the red peppers are not making me feel like I have a dragon in my mouth.
    I really like this. If this rain ever stops I will pick up some lemons or maybe limes.
    Thanks for something simple and tastes good. Keep it up.

  119. Carol

    This was incredible – crunchy, creamy, spicy, lemony splendor! I had been meaning to make your Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard, as I had wrinkling sweet potatoes that were begging to be cooked rather than pitched…bought tamari almonds…used the sweet potatoes for another dish…came across the tamari almonds in the pantry a month later and came back around to the Curried Lentils just as this lovely avocado toast appeared. This two dishes paired beautifully.

  120. Janice

    Being a recent transplant to CA, I’ve never had avocado toast before, but it was a great hold-dinner-until-the-kids-go-down snack tonight and I’m loving all the suggestions for topping modifications! Glad I got a couple extra avocados so I can try again!

  121. Cheryl

    Not sure how I’ve made it this far without avocado toast in my life. Delicious. The simple things. So grateful for you Deb!

  122. RidgewoodMom

    OMG! My girlfriend and I went to Cafe Gitane and had the avocado toast. This was about 8 years ago maybe more. And every week or so, I think about how amazing the toast was! Of course I can go back and have the toast, but NOW I HAVE THIS!! I just stumbled across your recipe on Pinterest. I know what you mean that it’s just heaven in a little a bite! This will become one of my weekend morning rotating recipes!

  123. Susan

    I grew up on a small avocado ranch in San Diego. Fuerte avocados are the best! They are at their peak in the winter months vs. Haas, which is a summer crop. Fuertes have a thin, smooth peel (green), and since their shelf life is shorter they are hard to find in the store….even around here. Purchase avocados with stems cut close to the fruit, otherwise some of the natural oils go into the stem. Avocado toast is my favorite breakfast. I’ve never used oil, but if I don’t have a squeeze of lemon (and salt), I feel cheated. I toast the bread (sometimes a crispy broiled English muffin), put a chunk of avo on the toast, slice avo thinly one direction and then another, mush it a little (or not), squirt with lemon, season, and voila!

  124. I recently ate some really good ryebread someone else brought to work, and been wanting to get a loaf and have it with different things for the whole week. This avocado on toast looks so simple and delicious I’ll have to get some avocados next week to try it! =)

  125. Karen

    I’m sticking with the fork: all those little rills hold more of the lemon and olive oil. and I’ve got a jar of chili-lime seasoning with salt, so I have had a modified version of your avocado toast 4 mornings in a row. so far…..

  126. Susan

    Major addition but oh so healthful. Saute a mess of garden greens with lots of garlic (in olive oil) and top off that avocado sourdough toast for a super breakfast. Salt/pepper maybe a vinegar splash. Been eating this for years but do have the advantage of the backyard trees here in Calif.

  127. Gail

    I have had the same thought about the proliferation of avocado-toast ‘recipes’ floating around, what could be so hard about it? But then when I would try to make it at home, it was never as good as when I’d get it out. THANK YOU for solving this problem – for me, it was the generous amount of lemon juice and crushed red pepper (would never have added this) and the drizzle of olive oil. Delicious! Beware though – once I got on an avocado kick and ate them nearly every day… and then I started having stomach pain, serious PAIN, and looked it up… yep, one avocado every day for 10 straight days will do that. I am streaky and will get on a kick and cannot stop.

  128. allison

    Slightly off topic, but every time I read/hear about avocado toast I’m reminded of your cauliflower cheese post in that funny “Let’s maybe toss in a ‘with’ or ‘and!'” kind of way.

  129. jan dash

    I always like reading your texts regardless of the recipe; they are so entertaining. I live alone and cook only for myself so mostly the recipes are too large/complicated for me and this was a nice change.Avocados, where I live, are only sold singly if they are quite large (the small ones are bagged up 6 or 8 together) and it takes too many days to get through a big whole avocado at 1/4 per day so now I simply use avocado oil on my salad. Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy against cooking for one.

  130. Lauren

    All this time, I never “got” avocado toast. Now I know, I was just doing it wrong. This is a game-changer. Best part, other than how tasty this was, is that I scored 3 (perfect) avocados on clearance for $1!

  131. Oh my goodness! I did not think I would ever break my habit of toasted bread, a little mayo covered with thinly sliced avocado and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper. Move over. Just fell in love, nolita-style. The tart of the lemon and the earthy olive oil and of course a little kick with the red pepper support the lightly smashed avocado brilliantly. Thank you for sharing.

  132. Rainy Jane

    Every day since you posted this recipe I have feasted on a slice of avocado toast.. It has been a wonderful run, and, oh joy, I have a perfect avocado at the ready for tomorrow. Like Kathy above, I did not think it possible to eat avocado on toast without mayo (what??), not in a million years would I have tried it sans mayo without your testimonial. Now, I will never (ever ever) get back together with mayo on avocado toast.
    Jan Dash, I buy the big avocados and splurge by eating a whole half (or a quarter if it is a truly huge avocado) on one slice of toast and then wrap up and put the remainder in the fridge. It keeps perfectly well.
    Thank you for this easy, fun, delicious recipe, Deb.

  133. Oh my goodness! This looks glorious! :D As a fellow avocado-toast lover I need to try this method asap! I feel like this would be awesome with a poached egg on top and maybe some crispy bacon on the side ;)

  134. It is so unfortunate that avocados give me stomachaches – otherwise, I would be all over attempting this technique at home :(
    Agreed – it is so crucial to mash the avocado separately before spreading on the bread.

  135. I’ve been hearing about avocado toast for a while and feel like I’m late to the game on the craze, but I’m glad I waited for this recipe because I can’t imagine avocado toast tasting any better. I use a little extra lemon and mix the avocado, olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl beforehand, but aside from that, I keep it exactly the same as your recipe. The red pepper flakes add the perfect punch to the umami.

  136. Stephanie

    Apparently I’m late to the avocado toast craze, but since I had two delicious avocados at home, I tried one for lunch yesterday. And then for breakfast this morning. I happened to have some Meyer lemon-infused olive oil, which was perfect. So simple. So delicious.

  137. I just followed this recipe, including the over-toasted bread and abundance of lemon, oil and red pepper flakes.

    I’m in love! This avocado toast is “the one”!

  138. Lisa

    Thank you! I had this for breakfast with a poached egg on top! Best thing ever. The lemon and olive oil with red pepper flakes make all the difference in the world on avocado toast.

  139. Rebekah

    God bless you, Deb. This was my last-minute dinner last night and it was just the right combination of flavors and textures.

  140. I love toast. I love avocados. But the two together don’t do it for me. I think it is a waste of a very good piece of toast and an avocado. I really do want to like this but I find it so……bland? Maybe I need to change the bread I am using.

  141. Jen

    Mmmmmmm that was delicious. Next time I’ll go a little easy on the lemon juice I think, and not be so hesitant on the red pepper flakes. Thanks for the fantastic lunch!

  142. Moya

    My husband and I have been enjoying this for lunch all week, with one little change – we make it with toasted sourdough olive bread. It’s so simple that it’s hard to call it a recipe, but it’s delicious. Avocados are amazing. We also often make what we call “fancy sandwiches”: avocado, basil, sliced kalamata olives, sweet onion, and sweet tomatoes and grated fontina cheese, layered onto slices of lightly toasted ciabatta bread. Really good. Now I’m looking forward to avocado toast with poached egg as an earlier commenter suggested. Many thanks!

  143. Alexis

    I love avocado toast! As is or I can get a little fussy here + there: maybe some fresh basil if on hand, toasted pine nuts, some chia seeds, some pea shoots. But what is usually essential: a garlic clove rubbed over the toast before I mound the avo. Mmmm.

  144. Joanna

    I love avocado toast. My favorite is avocado smashed on a toasted sandwich sized english muffin with a little salt and garlic powder. So good! I actually lost 10 pounds eating that everyday for lunch a few months ago.

  145. Emily

    My favorite combo that hasn’t been mentioned: avocado toast with finely diced red onion, a sprinkle of salt, drizzled with toasted sesame oil. It never gets old for me.

  146. claudia

    Keep avocados from turning brown by covering them with water. No need to boil. Use a container or plastic bag. Just keep the air from the cut part. Easy peasy. I used lemon with varying degrees of success for years. Got the water tip from Cooks Illustrated or ???

  147. I saw the recipe when you posted a few weeks back, and have been dying to try it since! I finally got my hands on some really lovely avocados yesterday and made it for dinner with poached eggs, and again for lunch today…I’m totally hooked. I’ve made “avocado toast” many times before but the joy really is in the details and process. Thanks for helping me upgrated one of my favorite snacks up to rockstar primetime dinner!

  148. Pam

    Thank you — I love this recipe & have made it for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. My niece & sister-in-law also love it. We also love the carrot salad. Served it at Easter this year.

  149. In honor of your post I had avocado toast for lunch. Yum. I always add Tony’s Cajun Seasoning to my avocado toast but today I made made sure to add a pinch of pepper flakes, to die for. Thank you.

  150. Talia

    I don’t know if someone has mentioned it in the comments, but avocado, red pepper flakes and lemon juice also work *really well* on rosemary focaccia. As in, WOW, it’s fantastic.

  151. Rachael

    Oh Deb you are so wise in the ways of all things delicious. I made this for lunch today and then promptly scurried off to make another serving and gobbled that down too. I too am a recent baby mama so we need a bit extra right? Thank-you for this!

  152. Heather

    I’ve been eating avocado on toasted grain bread frequently for the last 25 years and am a bit baffled that this is a trend!
    I have to admit, I’ve always had a weakness for a thin scraping of Marmite under the avocado. I think that’s a New Zealand variation!

  153. janice

    I’ve to confess i splurge on a bag of 5 avocados every saturday at the farmer’s market, wait impatiently for them to ripen over the week and following that have 1 avocado with sourdough bread +/- lemon curd +/- cheese +/- chopped nuts. Amazing. 3 weeks lunches straight and i still look forward to them.

  154. Megan

    This has also been a staple in Chilean households for decades. At least once a day but usually twice (breakfast and evening tea) there’s hot, fresh bread on the table and avocado for spreading. I was instantly hooked! Nothing’s better.

  155. Megan

    I first made avocado toast this way a few weeks ago, and I won’t ever go back now! I’d done the sea salt/red pepper flakes/lemon juice before, but it’s really the olive oil that sets it apart. Just ate it for breakfast with a cup of tea. :)

  156. Natasha A.

    Honestly, thank you for posting this. It’s always the simplest things right? I had never heard of avocado toast, and now I crave it. I sprinkled on a dried red pepper garlic seasoning instead of the pepper flakes, and it was delicious! But that olive oil and lemon soaking up the bottom? To die for!

  157. Jackie

    Simple recipe with delicious flavors. Love the addition of the olive oil and chili flakes to the toast. After seeing this recipe, we make avocado toast weekly for lunch or dinner.

  158. Trasheed215

    In college I used to make my sister and I the decadent Fat, Fat, and Fat Sandwich. Toasted multigrain, Cracker Barrel yellow sharp cheddar, olive oil, avocado. And salt. This crouton, olive oil, avocado reminds me of the charms of the FFF.

  159. Tabitha

    Deb, thank you so much for this. Just…thank you.
    The hard toast, the red pepper…this is life changing simplicity. This is the Marie Kondo of avocado toast.

  160. marywinzlo

    Hi Deb,
    I’ve been keeping this idea in the back of my mind since you posted it. I had half an avocado left over from my Cinco de Mayo nachos the other night, so this was a good opportunity. I was very happy that I had everything else needed on hand since I hadn’t looked ahead at the recipe. It was very yummy, and more than the sum of its parts as you had said. The only problem is that I want more (and now I’m out of avocados). :(

  161. Vivian

    Love avocado toast! Instead of salt, or red pepper flakes, or lemon juice or even olive oil – I use Vegemite. A very thin smear on top of well-toasted sourdough rye bread, covered with avocado, and I’m in heaven.
    This however, does not mean I won’t try it Nolita style!!

  162. Sarah

    I love avocado toast! My favorite is to put it on a hearty piece of whole wheat sourdough, throw a little feta in for saltiness, and sprinkle it with paprika and lemon juice. Make a great snack or meal!

  163. Alicia Grefenson

    Just made this avocado toast after a VERY long day at work. SO SO GOOD. Husband tried to steal it from me. Ha! A total keeper. Thanks, Deb!

  164. I’ve been making a version of this for years; now I realize that I’ve been under toasting the bread and neglecting acid. This is far superior–thank you!

  165. Dana

    I know you advocate for simplicity with this, but I like avocado toast on pumpernickel bread with thin wedges of summer tomatoes on top, and sprinkled with black pepper. Yum!

  166. allison

    I was late to the avocado toast trend — or liking avocados for that matter — so I’m not hitting unfollow! I grill half of a Saloio roll drizzled with a little garlic-infused olive oil, mash up with avocado with a generous squeeze of lemon or lime, sprinkle of sea salt, and dash of cayenne or hot sauce. I’m not obsessed; it just one of those simples things that seem to fit no matter the time of day.

  167. breuschle

    I was super late to know about avocado toast, just this spring, so I’m still excited about it! I keep mine simple too, just top it with a bit of pickled onions and sea salt. Yummmm.
    Love your site, it’s my go-to when I want to make something good!

  168. Liz

    I love avocado on toast, but Deb, I respectfully disagree about no crunchy toppings. A few morsels of pickled onion on top really brightens it up. A sprinkle of sesame seeds is also nice. Or smoked paprika.

  169. Ritambhara Tyson

    OMG! I was wanting avocado toast with a poached egg and found your recipe. I love the things I have cooked on your site but usually I just go straight to the recipe one don’t read your notes about it. This time for some reason I read your note and decided not to put an egg on top and followed your recipe as it was written. It was so delicious. I’ve been eating avocado on toast since I was a child and this was a completely new and delightful experience! Thank you.

  170. Michelle C.

    I adore mine with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a generous sprinkling of za’atar and sea salt. You will not be disappointed! Runny egg optional. My daughter likes. I prefer mine unadorned;-)

  171. Denise

    I’m currently suffering from that horrible cold/flu plaguing our nation this winter, and found myself without the stuff to make chicken noodle soup. This, with wonderfully seasoned poached eggs on top, came very close to being the ultimate comfort food for this sickie. Thanks, Deb!

  172. Christine

    my grandmother, who passed a couple years ago at age 97, introduced me to avocado toast when I was tiny – some 40-ish years ago. toasted wheat bread, skim of mayo (sorry, necessary!), sliced avocado fanned across the top, with a generous squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper. perfection. legend is that she learned to love it from her then-husband, my grandfather, who picked it up (swear this is true) when he was a teenager hanging out with Ernest Hemingway in Cuba during the Depression.

  173. Deb, this very post inspired my love for avocado toast. I even went to Cafe Gitane and had the original! As a recent Californian-turned-New Yorker, though, I’ve had a tough time finding avocados that live up to my dreams of ripe, creamy, not-overly-browned goodness. Any recommendations? A particular stand at the Union Square Greenmarket, perhaps?

  174. Ryann

    Yes!!!!!! Restaurants over-complicate the delicious simplicity of avocado toast. I had this exact thought yesterday after leaving brunch disappointed. There was no lemon juice, no olive oil, or sea salt. In their place were thick slices of bread, cucumbers, and oregano. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  175. Yvonne

    I’m always late to the game…Twitter, iPhone, …avocados. Only last month, I blindly bought one to make my breakfast more eggciting (ahem). Never understood its appeal until now. And Deb, totally agree, keep it simple but the finer details do make the difference. Thanks for suffering the research! :)

  176. Lauren

    When I was a kid, my mom used to make french fries in her electric skillet ( we never had a deep fryer). After they were crisp she would put them in a brown paper bag, throw in a couple teaspoons of salt, close up the bag and shake it. The bag soaked up the excess oil and every fry had the perfect amount of salt. Delicious!

  177. Bree

    These ingredients (if not the method) are how I have always made my avocado toast. The cafe two blocks from me includes sprouts and radishes on theirs. Why try to make this an open face sandwich?? I will say, sometimes I crumble a very small bit of bacon on it — the saltiness adds something to it — but generally it’s just lemon, S&P, and a ton of red pepper flake. I generally mix it all in a seperate bowl before spreading, but may try this smoothed over method.

  178. caroline

    Hands down my favorite avocado toast recipe. I agree that I dislike the extra things that everyone keeps trying to add to their toast. Just the basics can become magic. Thank you!

  179. Candice

    I’ve been making this ever since you posted. Before this, I had always wanted to like avocado toast but found it boring and sad (I did not add citrus or red pepper flakes so clearly it was never going be to awesome). I’ve made this with lime or lemon, depending on what’s in my fridge. I’ve loved both. Now when I spread the avocado on the toast, I use a fork and leave the imprints which gives the citrus space to puddle into. And oh yes, it’s so good. For someone who often finds herself needing to be “in the mood” for whatever I’m going to be eating, I am always up for this!! I’ve also had success traveling with it – parts unassembled and then putting it together once at my destination. It’s such a fabulous quick and easy snack/meal!

  180. Bonnie Loftspring

    I do LUV avocado & toast & since I am not 1 to stop at typical 1/2 Avocado portion I must be calorie diligent (I know, I know healthy fats but…) So, I
    Open avocado, take out pit, microwave both halves @ 30 sec OR scoop out (did you know a grapefruit spoon s wonderful for this?) S&P of course, & other seasonings, & then smear the warmed silky avocado on my toast. I skip the added oil.

  181. Todd

    You guys do it your way, and I’ll do it my way:
    Toasted English Muffin
    Slather of Mayonnaise
    Sliced Red Onion
    Mashed Avocado
    Healthy dose of Black Pepper

    You can thank me later

  182. Emily

    I’ve been anti-avocado toast for years because one, I’m a contrarian and two, it usually tastes like a bland and boring version of chips and guacamole (the highest avocado calling, in my born and raised in Texas opinion). However, I was wrong. This is now my go-to breakfast at least three days a week (usually with a softly scrambled egg on the side). I make it with all of the olive oil but maybe half the lemon juice, and instead of salt and red pepper flakes I use Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel blend).

  183. Hana

    Ok, please don’t hate me. I do not like avocados.
    I do buy and eat them because they really are extremely good for you…. it is like eating a big multi vitamin pill full of avocado oil that will start chomping through your bad cholesterol… so I eat the bugger.
    With Vegemite on the toast(since uhh..Australian)
    which gives that salty taste and adds all those vitamins B and then while spreading half of the avocado I drizzle lemon or lime juice, with some pepper or chilly on top. Liberaly…. of course. By then I actually can’t taste the avocado….and then down the hatch it goes.
    Then I put lemon juice on the other half and leave the pip (?) in which is supposed to stop it from going brown. This only seems to work sometimes, but as it only has to last till next day it doesn’t matter. And as far as I can tell it doesn’t affect the taste when brown on top.
    But then what would I know……..since I make sure that I can’t really taste it.
    I might try it with egg on top, that would make it even healthier. And who knows… I might even like it.


    for years i’ve been using avacado”smash” on matzohs……..using seasoned rice vinegar for more flavor instead of lemon juice and healthy pinch of cumin, S&P…dash olive oil…..sometimes chopped tomato..or grating parm cheese and hard-boiled egg into the “smush” without cumin but savory spice.

  185. Rhonda

    Miso paste and avocado are a match made in heaven! Good sourdough toast, a scraping of Dashi Miso Paste, then a generous layer of avocado. Yum! ( I find olive oil and avocado too fatty for my taste.)

  186. Linda

    I love avocado toast. Coarse salt, some red pepper flakes… was lacking something, but I discovered what it needed. Thinly sliced tomatoes. Somehow. Then it was complete.

  187. Caroline

    Has it been 2 years since you posted this recipe? This is still the only avocado toast recipe I use. I also only cut it diagonally because your photos in this post is exactly how I picture avocado toast is supposed to look like.

  188. Elizabeth

    Since cutting way back on dairy (among other things, meaning a sub for morning yogurt) I have become addicted to avocado toast. Especially on really good rye, or on an English muffin. I’ve always just slathered on the avocado (all the way to the edges), but I’m going to try this. It looks quick enough for a morning.

  189. This is almost exactly what I do for my avocado toast, except I use some very tasty hot pepper sauce instead! Marie Sharp has a smoky habanero that I am addicted to- only need about 4 drops of it, or any of the chipotle/lime/smoky hot sauces out there. Perfect weekend (or snow day!) breakfast!

  190. abby

    Oh, yummers! I had avocado …I had fresh homemade bread …lemon juice …flake salt and olive oil! I had this for my lunch today and I loved it! I would have never thought of this simple combination!

  191. Emily Cope

    I’ve been avoiding the avocado toast trend, despite having lived in the Bay Area for 4 year. Your post changed my mind. I’ve had this recipe for breakfast for the past two days! The lemon and olive oil soaking into the deeply toasted bread is a dream… and at least it isn’t $15!

  192. Margaret

    I had my first Avocado Toast with poached eggs at Bill’s Restaurant in London a year ago. It was an amazingly good breakfast, and once home I began trying to duplicate it. Your instructions led me to perfection. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  193. French Somali in London

    I made it last Saturday, it was a delicious, satisfying and nurturing brunch idea.

    The brunch near where I live (Beany Green) makes a wicked poached egg with avocado and cream cheese on charcoal activated sourdough bread and flakes of Aleppo chili on top. Delicious. But what I liked best was the avocado-cream cheese- runny egg combo.

    So the weekend that followed, I went to sainsburys, bought two avocados, bought fresh eggs and made sure I had seeded sliced bread. I mashed the avocados with my hands because I’m not afraid of getting messy and because I am lazy and it’s the quickest way to mash them (wash your hands first!). I toasted two slices of bread as soon as I started decorticating the avocado and the other two when the eggs were poorly poached haha. Some had cream cheese and some didn’t, some had a runny egg and some had a harder boiled one. I was unfocused, too much distraction in the kitchen. BUT the cream cheese – lemony mashed avocado – very dry and hard toast combo out of all of them was the best. It doesn’t matter that your toast will be at room temp or even cold because the egg will make it warm and frankly, a dry RT toast is so much better than a warm soft toast.

  194. Vicky

    Oh, but there is one way to make avocado toast infinitely better; rub the warm toast with a garlic clove before topping it with the avocado/olive oil/lemon and salt.

  195. Vicky

    Oh, but there is one more ingredient that puts the avocado/olive oil/ lemon juice version right over the top; before loading up your toast with avocado, grab a clove of garlic and rub it lightly across your toast – as if you were coloring with a crayon. Now you have the essence of garlic adding another note of deliciousness.

  196. Elizabeth

    I’ve been eating avocado on toast since the *ahem* 70s (it wasn’t special then, it was just breakfast). Basic with salt and pepper, can’t be beaten!

    Or so I thought until I tried it recently with a thin scraping of Vegemite underneath. Absolute taste sensation!

    Wish I’d heard/thought of it earlier, I’ve been eating Vegemite and peanut butter since the 70s too, it’s such a small jump.

  197. CR

    Your recipe is the base from which i learned to make & love avocado toast.
    Here are my notes:
    Different types of bread can be used. Believe it or not, I love it on good Jewish rye toast.
    Your bread/avocado toast ratio is too rich for me. I use 1/2 an avocado for 2 slices of toast.
    Some folks (me) may prefer the milder, floral note of lime juice instead of lemon juice.
    Your generous pour of evo is essential.
    Thank you, Deb, for the introduction to this made to be made-at-home treat.

  198. MLA

    I agree about the cheese being too rich- EXCEPT- if it’s feta. There’s something about the taste of feta that compliments the avocado sooo well. I make Avo toast all the time- if I don’t put the feta- I really miss it.

  199. Nancy b

    When I became aware of the avocado toast trend I had to smile…salted, mashed avocado on toast or bread is what kept me from starving for months and months of morning sickness during my first pregnancy…52 years ago. I think the addition of red pepper flakes is a great idea I’ll try soon.

  200. Kate

    I just want to say that right now, in the midst of a pandemic and quarantine with my family, this recipe is helping me a lot. So simple, so quick, so satisfying. I wouldn’t know how to make this correctly otherwise. Thank you Deb ❤️

  201. Deborah

    So now you have a perfectly ripe avocado, and you are only using one half of it. All is not lost. Remove the pit. Pour a bit of oil (I use olive oil because why not) in the empty space left by the pit and roll it around to cover. Put a bit more oil in a containing and place the half avocado open side down. You have now protected the avo from air by coating it with oil. Put it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. Don’t wait too too long.

  202. Ginger Lang

    We like avocado toast w a bit of lemon juice mixed with the avocado, piled on bread toasted w garlic olive oil and, yes, topped with a crunchy thing: sliced overlapping radishes. A hint of heat and crunch. Really.

  203. My husband and I love an avocado toast that we came up with. Start with toasted bread. We have used rye, pumpernickel, Italian, sourdough and 9 grain bread. We add everything bagel seasoning to the mashed avocado. That get smeared on the toast. Then come the thinly sliced tomatoes and shredded parmesan or asiago cheese. They then go under the broiler until the cheese is melted. We have also added bacon to the mix. Delicious!

  204. Nancy

    Add a fried or poached egg for more substantial meal. I top with Trader Joe’s
    South African Smoked Seasoning Blend – delicious!

  205. Geri Angiulli

    This is my favorite meal! I do use sourdough bread, spread that avocado thick, use Bagel Everything seasoning, hot pepper flakes AND honey :) Just can’t go wrong when you make it at home!

    Thanks for the post. Love your recipes!

  206. Jo

    Lovely! My first avocado toast – I’d heard so much about it and decided to give it a go – and it was so good! I especially loved the edges of the toast where the oil and lemon had drizzled onto the plate.

  207. Emily

    This is a completely random question but, what kind of toaster do you have? I’m on the market for a new one and have sifted through enough Amazon reviews that my head’s spinning lol! This avocado toast is utterly amazing. Less really is more, even if you’re toasting your bread in a skillet (oven broiler will definitely set extremely sensitive apartment smoke alarm off) and toaster also will definitely set extremely sensitive apartment smoke alarm off.:)

    1. deb

      I don’t have a toaster (not enough space to justify one) appliance but our Breville Smart Oven has a toaster setting on it. I highly recommend them — not sponsored, of course — but it’s one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made. I use it anytime I don’t need a full-sized oven (basically for everything 9×13 and less) and it holds temps more steadily than my big oven and heats up the apartment less. I have this one.

      1. Emily

        Thank you, that’s incredibly helpful! I am also short on space and as much as I love to cook, it’s getting harder and harder to justify purchasing single-use kitchen tools.:)

  208. Susan

    Sounds dishy. Back before I knew I was celiac, in the 70s believe it or not, I started making avocado toast similar to this because I had an abundance of Hass avocados and an addiction to toast. I used an oat nut bread from the store, toasted and buttered it generously (yes, 2 fats!), then spread avocado (again, a lot) to all edges, then squeezed lots of lemon or lime across it, with fine salt. Instead of red pepper flakes, I used Paul Prudhomme’s Seafood Magic, which I find glorious on many things. It’s a perfectly balanced mix of Cajun spices that wakes up everything from eggs to soups to sauces. I shall try your method (w/GF toast, natch).

  209. Stacy Koehn

    A nice sprinkle of Trader Joe’s “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning on top (along with crushed red pepper) makes it perfect for me. Great food writing!

  210. Deb Young

    For the record, our Encinitas neighbor Billy True, a transplant from Australia and the owner of an avocado orchard, introduced us to avocado toast in 1977 when she handed a bag of avos from her trees over the fence and announced in her wonderful accent, “they’re best smashed on toast with salt and pepper!” I’ve had lots of fancier versions but none better in the years since.

  211. leih merigian

    You have such a wonderfully enjoyable writing style!

    I also happen to agree with many of your basic food/cooking philosophies, and have saved quite a few of your recipes. Very eager to try your miso tahini dressing, as i eat tons of salads and love Asian (oops!) salads.

    Thanks a bunch for being who you are

  212. Kev Flanagan

    Deb, I first had avocado toast in Australia in 1982! I visited a woman and stayed overnight at her house. In the morning she offered to make it for me and I couldn’t say no! I’ve been eating it ever since. The grainy dark bread, avocado and salt and pepper is all I need.🙂

  213. Maureen Bieber

    I love mine made on a toasted ciabatta roll half, smashed avocado, everything bagel seasoning and a splash of Chalula hot sauce—mmmmmm