corn chowder salad

We’ve rented a house at the beach this week, but we haven’t seen it because why would you leave your house if it had a pool like this in the backyard? Between this, and other things the only delight pathetic city people — the giant (charcoal!) grill, a washer and dryer and an entirely separate floor just for bedrooms, meaning that adults can converse at a notch above a whisper after children go to sleep — we have zero regrets. Plus, 7 week-olds, as everyone lies when they say, are so portable! I mean, they physically are, but our sardine-packed car on Friday with everything from a folding bassinet, crib, tub, reams of burp cloths, swaddling blankets and the most sigh-worthy collection of tiny rompers might tell a different story.

what you'll need
sweet red pepper

Beach house cooking — the kind fueled by good farmer’s markets but the notable absence of whatever ingredient you needed most, forcing you to be clever — is my favorite. To wit, it’s only day three and we’ve already eaten our body weights in grilled meat, caprese, and my favorite new hack on this avocado-cucumber salad (with ample lime juice, olive oil, sea salt and small amount of finely slivered jalapenos and red onion), and this six-ingredient corn salad I made last week is hopefully next for a repeat.

potatoes in bacon grease
peppers with potatoes
a ton of corn

This salad hails from the Beekman Boys, the transplanted New Yorkers we fantasize about being every August who bought a farm, and launched a store, TV show and series of cookbooks to share what they grown and make. I couldn’t resist the cleverness of applying the ingredients of corn chowder to a salad, even if they taste little alike, but I was even more impressed by the way they managed to get such flavor from six ingredients cooked layer by layer in a single pan. It’s almost like they understand how we all really want to be in the waning days of summer — very very lazy. We salute this.

warm corn chowder salad

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Corn Chowder Salad
From The Beekman Boys

This salad was a much bigger hit than I’d expected, from my husband “Bacon? corn? My new favorite!” before even trying it, to my son “This is the best salad you’ve ever made, mom,” to the babysitter and her daughter both. One note about the corn: My mega New York ears of corn yielded way more than I think was intended. The Beekman Boys created this salad as way to show off the five varieties of corn they grow (Silver Queen! Country Gentlemen!), all which sound smaller (7 to 8 inches) than what I had. Even with less corn, as I suggest below, do keep in mind that this salad is (deliciously) mostly corn and just a little potato. If you’d like to forego the bacon to make this vegetarian and vegan, you could start the recipe by frying the potatoes in 3 tablespoons of another fat. Finally, as I have a chive plant growing wild outside, I finished this with a handful.

Serves 8 as a side

4 thick slices of bacon (4 ounces), cut crosswise 1/2 inch thick
1 pound Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice
2 red bell peppers, cut into 1/2-inch dice, although I made mine smaller
6 large or 8 medium ears of corn, kernels removed (I used 8 large and it was a massive salad)
1 medium red onion, thinly sliced
1/4 cup cider vinegar
Salt and crushed red pepper to taste

Cook bacon: In a large frying pan, cook the bacon over moderately low heat, stirring a few times, until it is crisp, about 5 to 10 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the bacon to paper towels and let drain.

Fry potatoes, peppers and corn: Pour off all but 3 tablespoons of the bacon fat in the skillet. Add the potatoes and cook over moderately high heat until they start to brown, about about 3 to 6 minutes. Stir and cook for about 2 minutes longer, until almost tender; they’ll finish cooking with the other vegetables. Add the diced red peppers and cook, stirring occasionally, until the potatoes and peppers are tender, about 5 minutes. Add the corn kernels and cook, stirring, until heated through but still crisp, about 3 minutes.

Assemble and serve: Transfer the vegetables to a large bowl and stir in the onion, cider vinegar and bacon. Season with red pepper and salt to taste. Serve warm, or at room temperature.

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226 comments on corn chowder salad

  1. hi! 16 minutes total for the potatoes if i’m adding up right? frying raw potato always takes forever so just want to double check… thanks! need to make this stat!

  2. Oh man, the squeeze-us-all-in car vacation. We drove a sardine-packed 2002 Chevy Prizm through the first 2 or so years of Lilli being around. But when I was pregnant with Bea, we traded up for a minivan. I love it to pieces, although Rich, who rides his bicycle to work every day, doesn’t feel the same way. Although, when we fit 7 people in it to grab ice cream in York, Maine the 4th of July weekend, he saw my point.

    I’ve wondered if other families who have an older child who doesn’t require a stroller, Pack and Play and all the enormous items tiny humans need, do. Sardines it is. But man, I really love my gas-guzzling minivan. Hope you guys are having a fantastic week.

  3. Redpoint

    Any substitition for the bacon for vegetarians? Sure, one could leave it out, but an extra salty/savory kick sounds important here.

      1. Jen

        I just made this for a late lunch — scaled way down to serve just me for lunch with leftovers for tomorrow. I made a couple of small modifications: I left out the red onion (it’s being recalled at the moment!) but added a bit of chopped green onion in its place, threw an egg on top, and grated a bit of sharp cheddar on top of the whole thing. Delicious! What a perfect way to use summer corn.

  4. Sheryl

    Good, fresh corn is hard to find in my neck of the woods. I think this’ll work just fine with good quality frozen corn, but about how much do you think I need? I was thinking 1 lb, but then I read that it should be more corn than potatoes, so now I’m not sure.

  5. Terri

    I have done a similar salad but with black beans added and lots of cilantro, one of my favorite summer dishes. This version sounds wonderful!

  6. Putting my sunglasses on right now because this recipe is HOT tamales. Beach house cooking using Farmer’s Markets………I think I Feel a song coming on. You cannot go wrong with potatoes, corn and bacon. Men love bacon. Bacon yes. Coconut. NO way man.

  7. kittenmachine

    Perhaps a bit of cotija for a salty kick as a vegetarian substitute for bacon? Obviously not the same flavor profile but it could fill in for that salt component

  8. Margi

    I’ve been making something very similar to this the past few weeks — just adding a little crumbled feta before serving. Delicious and oh-so-summery. Happy vacation!

  9. Lauren

    So glad you all managed to get away for a while! It will be worth the huge amount of packing and unpacking to be able to swim and eat and sort of laze around outside of your usual domain. I adore corn salads- they make something yummy even easier to scarf down! I’m all about that when summer heat and humidity have returned to us. Anna seems to be maintaining her cool tho- that hair is such a great color,and Jacob looks so delighted to be going off on vacation! Happy days to you all.

  10. deb

    Replacing the bacon — A salty crumbly cheese as some have suggested, such a cotija or feta, would be great. Or in addition to the bacon.

    If you’re replacing frozen corn — The Beekman Boys recommended 3 cups. I used much more, I’m convinced, so go with what seems right.

    Jules — I was doubtful, too, but in 1/2-inch cubes, it’s totally enough.

  11. Melly

    If you are not using bacon, I would suggest using smoked pepper or smoked sea salt to impart a subtle smokiness to the salad!

  12. Oh wait. Just realized these photos are back at home. Ok, you’re off the hook for being the mom who brings her entire kitchen with her on vacation :)

  13. Nancy Carlson

    Looks delicious. One other idea to make it vegetarian: use “cheese-on” in place of the bacon. Fry thin slices of provolone or another smoked cheese in non-stick skillet til brown and crispy, drain on paper towel. Cool, then chop into “cheese-on” bits.

  14. Joanne

    Another bacon substitute idea – I made the fried provolone recipe that Deb posted a couple of weeks ago and thought that it could make a decent bacon alternative if it was seasoned with some smoked paprika or J&D’s bacon salt, which I’ve heard of but haven’t tried. May be worth a shot if you want to keep the bacony texture too and are up for an experiment! (Results Not Guaranteed :)

  15. susan

    I love your website, visit quite often, and have made many recipes. Please, please, please get rid of the banner ad that pops up across the bottom of the screen every time a different section of the blog is visited. My laptop isn’t large and I have to either click to close the ad each and every time I change pages or cede an important amount of screen space to the ad. The static ads are fine, but please not the ones that hound you.

  16. JMS

    I saw this right before I went grocery shopping and bought all the ingredients… Can’t wait to make it! Enjoy the vacation!

  17. JP

    Although I am definitely on Team Bacon, if one wanted to make this vegetarian one could go for capers or olives. Getting fresh corn off the cob is kind of a mess, but oh so worth it. There is nothing like it for sweetness, at least in a salad like this. Wishing you much relaxation these last days of summer.

  18. NancyNS

    This sounds great! I have been making a simple corn salad my brother in law makes (corn, red onion, cilantro and lime juice basically) and this sounds like a terrific variation. Can’t wait! I love summer corn!

  19. Now that susan #37 has said it, can I say that this particular ad is bothering me as well? If you wanted to add an ad (!) on the (left) side, vertically, such that it stayed in sight as you scrolled down the page, it would be far less bothersome. Just a thought. I do appreciate that you make a living from this (consistently high quality) site, and that the online ad world is changing rapidly, so no worries if you end up keeping the bottom ad.

  20. tunie

    Yes, fried capers sound like a great alternative to bacon. Though there are also a thousand and one bacon alternatives on google. Amazes me how commenters passive/aggressively expect a meat-eating blogger to be an expert in vegetarian alternatives. GOOGLE. IT. YOURSELVES, fer gosh sakes, sheesh. Or just leave it out, or get creative. Use your own brain.

  21. LuAnne

    This sounds yummy and I’d like to try it when I have family visiting next week. Is it something that could be made a day in advance? I always make a big mess when cutting corn off the cob so I’d rather not do that once everyone is here.

  22. Thanks Deb. Going to a very small local farm down the street today in Sun Prairie, WI to get the ingredients for tonight. Here in Madison WI we have a chefs network and a big farm to table movement. Lots of chef fans of your out here, including myself. We are so wanting you out here to cook with our guys!

    When can we see your first Periscope Live from your kitchen?would be fabulous.You were terrific on QVC!

  23. Anne

    Oh boy…motivated me to get to Wickham’s farm stand real early for just picked Silver Queen corn.
    What happened to picture of pool? Are you on the North Fork?
    Enjoy vacation. Summer doesn’t end til September 22nd.

  24. Dahlink

    We do something similar. This time of year my husband often grills 6-8 ears of fresh corn along with whatever we are having with Sunday night’s dinner. We eat two off the grill, then the remainder become the basis for that week’s corn salad–never the same two weeks in a row. Last night’s version had perfectly ripe cherry tomatoes, avocado and feta. Haven’t tried adding bacon (yet!)

  25. Calisson

    I love your recipes, your writing, and your photography, but why must the emails come with links to cheesy ads like “Simple Way to Firm Your ‘Saggy’ Neck Line” or “How This 72 Year Old Grandma Erased Her Wrinkles In A Few Days…For Just $4.99!”?

  26. Replying to Molly’s query about minivans as babies grow to be kids…we found the need for a minivan all through their school years because by the time they didn’t need so much equipment we were hauling around their friends. And then we also found that as our parents aged it was nice to have room to fit Grandma and Grandpa into the car with our kids too.

  27. I appreciate the way you describe your recipe, one step by one step in detailed instruction with pictures of each step. It makes me soaked into the flow of making the recipe from A to Z. The salad is rather dry to me or it is the way this kind of recipe should be served, anyway I will add some more sauce to enhance the creamy or fatty flavor for the dish.

  28. For someone like me, who is very anti-lettuce salad, this one sounds perfect! Now I want to look at some of my favorite soups to see if they would adapt to salad form. The first to come to mind would be minestrone! Still, I think I’ll try this one first as a way to say goodbye to summer this weekend.

  29. Karen

    Molly’s link to the Onion article above reminds me – haven’t you heard that the only thing you should be making on a beach vacation (especially with an infant) is reservations? Or plans for take-out?

  30. OK, only a gramma ( or a Tootie) would giggle at the video of your little baby girl with her mobile. BUT also the totally comfort food of chowder for a family with a new infant in tow also makes me giggle! I will be the hero this weekend! After 24 hours without power and an infant and 4 year old to humor, I will be SUPERTOOTLES this weekend!

  31. Barbara

    Thank you thank you for your faithful work even while facing daunting vacation prep. In return, I incorporate every one of your offerings into my week, dipping also into your fabulous book. You are da best!

  32. stephanie

    i have to admit, when i saw the words “corn chowder salad” in my inbox this morning the mental image that arose was…well…not one i want to revisit.

    but i’m so glad i read today’s entry anyway because it completely overwrote that picture in my mind with this, which sounds wonderful. boyperson would never go for this as a meal, but he would definitely eat it as a side and i’d be happy to have the leftovers as lunch.

    and that pool…oh my god! plus you have trees and grass AND beach, a rare combo. the best of all the worlds! and caprese. and real cute babies and a person who will drive you all ;) what more could you want? i’d be hard pressed to ever return.

    is it cool to ask where you are? i mean, i guess if you wanted us to know you would have said so, but i legitimately only want to know because in the words of liz lemon, i want to go to there.

  33. stephanie

    also omg #1, totally doing your avocado cucumber hack as i’ve loved that salad for some time now (thank you thank you)

    and omg #2 terri (#60), SUPERTOOTLES i am dying over here you are too much. adorable. i feel a sudden urge to rename my gramma. (who my little sister calls “fun size.”)

  34. stephanie

    #37 susan & #43 handfulofshadows – download the “adblock plus” extension for your browser. just google it – it’s free, takes two seconds to install and you won’t see any more ads. i swear by it.

    (sorry deb for so many comments today!)

  35. Jennie

    Oh, this sounds delicious and with no mayo I don’t have to worry about it spoiling if it’s warm. Didn’t see if anyone served it cold, if you have id like to know if you changed it up at all. My daughter is have a first Sunday of football party on the 12th, now I know what I’m bringing. All I need to say is bacon and I think she’m be on board.
    Your baby is so adorable.

  36. Karen

    A trip away with a 7-week old? AND cooking
    the food?
    You deserve an award for Most Brave
    Woman! Wait…are your mom or your
    mom- in- law going, too??

  37. Nicole B.

    I just made this with chorizo (because the butcher was *GASP* out of bacon!) and added lobster, for corn and lobster chowder salad. It was delicious and devoured in minutes.

  38. Pru

    This sounds a bit like your bacon and corn hash, which I made last weekend for the first time, and which was the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. It also wound up being mostly corn, thanks to the giant ears I had, which didn’t strike me as that big at the market. The more corn, the merrier, I say.

  39. JP

    Hah! Wasn’t sure that I would make this, but found corn at Berkeley Bowl 8 for a dollar, and want to use some of my husband’s home smoked pork loin. Corn chowder salad, here we come!

  40. WOW Looks great…!!! The combination of Bacon & corn is great.This one is new variety of salad.Looks Delicious thank you for sharing great salad recipe…. :):)

  41. Kate

    I made this last night and it was so delicious. I was craving David Chang’s corn and bacon with miso butter but wanted a lighter version and then BOOM!, you posted this. Thank you!

    My only addition to your recipe was a soft boiled egg on top. I’m already looking forward to the leftovers for lunch.

  42. deb

    Ahead of time — Yes, we absolutely had leftovers cold and they were excellent. It doesn’t have to be served warm.

    Sofia — Thank you. I’m currently trying to lure a 20-something into helping me with video content to modernize this place a little. :) (And I was so awkward on QVC! Then again, I’m always awkward so…)

    Calisson — The quality of email service I’ve been using since this site launched in 2006 has gone downhill, I completely agree. It’s a tricky thing because with almost 100K subscribers, I would never just shut it down. But we are working on something better, literally as I type, and I hope to have this alternative available in the next few weeks. I appreciate your patience until then.

    Vacation — We are not (sob) in the North Fork this year, first time ever. We couldn’t find a house that suited our needs at a not-completely-insane price and we hunted obsessively, starting in January! So, we’ve ended up in East Hampton, paying less for probably the nicest house we’ve rented yet. It’s crazy, I know. I’m sure we’ll be back in the North Fork soon, even if just for a day or weekend.

    Karen — No grandparents with us this year either! However, my husband does 200% of everything these days and we are with another family with kids, so that helps too. And yes, I love that Onion article, but things haven’t gotten that bad this year yet. I think the extra family and kids mean we have more hands to do the cooking, dishes, groceries and child-wrangling, which helps immensely and almost makes it more fun than taking our party of 8 out for meals more than 1x to 2x a week.

    Cars — We currently have an Altima, but when the lease is up, all I want is one of those giant wood-paneled boat-like station wagons we had in the 80s. Basically, Sarah Jessica Parker is living my fantasy life, if only in cars. Too bad they don’t actually exist anymore.

    Jeanine — It was hard! (But we also had Italian sausages from Pino’s going on, so I was able to resist).

    Ads and ad blockers — I know that sometimes ads sneak in that are terrible or annoying, but do understand that we work very hard to ensure that the ad displays on this site are tasteful and remove any/all ads that cause complaint whenever we can track them down. We also greatly limit the ad spaces here to keep the appearance tasteful and the content central. We have absolutely nothing to gain from people who come here having a crappy reading experience. And I will be the first to agree that ads have gotten terrible on the web as ad-makers have gotten greedy, no longer happy with stationary ads that have been used alongside magazine and newspaper articles since the beginning of time, but demanding they fully interrupt your reading experience (because this, somehow, drives brand loyalty? I don’t get it either). But here’s the thing with ad blockers I hope you’ll consider: if you like independent websites (such as this) and sites that are free of sponsored content (such as this), ad blockers are diametrically opposed to your goals. If ads cannot display on this site, this site cannot make ends meet. If a site cannot pay its bills and pay its writer/publisher/jack-of-all-trades (me), it either ceases publishing, has to sell to some larger conglomerate which usually shuts it down in time, or begins having sponsored posts, which are immune from ad blockers. I’m not interested in the second and will basically never do the third because I immensely dislike them, but ad blockers do put this site in a precarious position. I would never tell anyone what to do, but I hope you’ll hear both sides of the story because these blockers are immensely harming medium-sized websites right now and I suspect that there will be far fewer of them in a year’s time if something doesn’t change.

  43. Rachelle

    Made this for dinner last night and was so impressed. I’m not usually one to make blog recipes as soon as they’re posted, but I had everything I needed at home and it sounded too good to wait any longer! Thanks so much for sharing what is a new favorite late summer recipe! I have what’s left in the fridge at work for lunch and I’m actually looking forward to it… as a leftover hater!

  44. This looks incredible: I love salads inspired by soups. I was wondering if you thought adding a bit of avocado would ruin it.. I think it would add some texture. I love how your recipes always use the bounty of summer. Also, where are you staying right now? And also I saw on Instagram that the mozzarella place was red horse market… I love that place. Sorry, long comment.

  45. JP

    Well made points on ads and ad blockers…I think we must remember that nothing is free. We pay one way or the other. If I click on one of your ads (any ads, of course, not just yours), it can “haunt” me for three months or more. I just never click on ads if at all possible if I don’t want to be annoyed. We pay a price for all of this great knowledge on the internet. But I would guess that most of us are willing to pay. I like coming to your site, reading your entertaining blog and trying a recipe now and then. I am old enough to remember getting my recipes from a few cookbooks or the chance recipe that I tried at someone’s home. To me, this is the better way but we must remember, it is someone’s job to do it, and, naturally they must be paid.

  46. Suzanne

    How do you do ANYTHING with a 7-week old? Much less go on vacation and cook for your family on said vacation?? I think I was still walking around my house eating breakfast sausage patties that I’d hastily thrown in the oven for much-needed protein and fat and rounding out my day with my mom’s turkey, green bean, velveeta, 80’s casserole that is a huge cliche and still my favorite thing ever.

  47. Panya

    Generally, when I enjoy a medium/smaller site which I know relies on ad revenue, I’ll turn off my ad-blockers for that site [I use three separate ones because I have Asperger’s and ads are usually too distracting/irritating for me to concentrate on reading]. *But*, I refuse to turn on trackers, which compile data about me; I find that behavior intrusive and a violation of my privacy. Most ads these days are also trackers, and therefore the sites I wish to support are being hindered. It’s frustrating.

  48. Melissa

    Hi Deb! Can you give more details on your hack of the cucumber and avocado salad? I plan on making it this weekend but your changes take it to another level and I want to *be* on that level. Thank you!

    1. deb

      Melissa — Yes, I skipped the mayo and sriracha; instead just used olive oil, lime juice (a notable amount), sea salt, and then I slivered a mildish jalapeno and a tiny amount of red onion on a mandoline. I was making do with what we had at the beach house (fine! I admit it: I brought my mandoline) but ended up really enjoying this version too.

  49. Karen T.

    I don’t use an ad blocker and I’ve never been bothered by your ads–I have to say I appreciate the lack of sponsored content and the ads haven’t interfered at all. I appreciate your kick ass recipes–keep em coming and I’ll just keep scrolling past the ads. :)

  50. JP

    Made this last night and it really is colorful and tasty. Added a bit more cider vinegar today for the lunch portion and a bit more salt too. Seems like the chill of the refrigerator makes most dishes need a bit more seasoning. Very tasty with my husband’s smoked Canadian bacon. Thanks Deb!

  51. Janae

    I made this tonight as a side dish and it was a hit! I doubled the potato amount and decreased the corn to four ears and it was perfect. My husband was skeptical (mostly when he saw me adding the vinegar) but loved it as much as I did. I normally don’t eat bacon, but I felt the bacon made the dish in this case. I can’t wait to make it again, hopefully for guests.

  52. Janae

    Oh, I forgot to add that I used scallion instead of red onion, as scallion is typically something I would put on top of a chowder; I really liked the taste of it here.

  53. Jodashde

    I have found that toasted walnuts are a great sub for bacon in anything!!!

    Also, bravo for the idea of the fried egg on top. Oozy and yummy!!!

  54. Barbara Stecker

    Hi, Deb
    I’ve been following your website and making your recipes! They’re great!
    But I had to post a comment about your new daughter–adorableness of your son aside temporarily–the sheep mobile picture and the wonder and delight brightly shining and shimmering from her! Wow!

  55. Robert Nguyen

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  56. Jess.

    This puts me in mind of the most mind-blowing potato salad in the history of ever:

    (basically ups the potato ratio and adds . . . bleu cheese). Ugh. So insanely, insanely good. I can’t wait to try this all-in-one-pan version. All-in-one-pan excites me. Lazy, yo. Please note that the above recipe really only (only) works with fresh corn, cut fresh off the cob. xox

  57. Sarah V.

    Soooo good. I used lime juice instead of cider vinegar, and also grated a lil parmesan on top of the finished salad. SO great! I also feel like it would be amazing for breakfast with a crispy fried egg on top :) :)

  58. Jim Crocker

    Wow… of the best things I’ve made in a while…. Used turkey bacon…pickled the red onions…used scallions…. Awesome…. Thank you!!!!!

  59. Victoria

    This looks delicious!! I can’t wait to try it.

    I saw your comment that you were trying to con a 20-something into helping you with video to update the site. I would actually LOVE to see a smartphone app from you! I find myself looking up recipes from the grocery store or farmers market so if I see something that looks good, I can make sure I have all of the ingredients. I know you’re just SLIGHTLY busy with a new baby and the 2nd book and all, but thought it was worth a mention.

    I would also love to see some menu ideas. You have them sometimes sprinkled throughout your posts (suggestions on what to serve with what) but a section/topic on actual menus for a dinner party (or whatever) would be amazing. I know I’m asking for a lot :)

  60. Jennifer

    Deb-another terrific recipe! This was delicious. Potato/corn chowder with bacon used to be a favorite of mine, but this trumps that dish! These ingredients taste spuerior when not floating in large bowl of creamy goop! Thanks for sharing.

  61. Karyn

    Thank you for helping me look like a rock star for our 4 year old’s birthday party today! Family members all raved about the corn chowder salad, which was delicious!

  62. mks

    This was a revelation! Made with my husband’s homemade smoked bacon and the tiniest potatoes from the farmer’s market. Not a bad finish to our summer meals! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful recipes.

  63. Charlotte in Toronto

    Please, please give us that grilled broccoli that you have posted on your Instagram. It looks fantastic. I know you’ll be able to figure it out. We have tremendous faith in you.

  64. Jan Keady

    I made this for a party and it was a big hit. The combination of flavors are fantastic. My husband is a hard one to win over on a new recipe and even he liked it! Your recipes are fabulous!!!!!!

  65. Cassie B

    Made for a few friends last night – fantastic as always, Deb! I served poached eggs on top and used a significant amount of cider vinegar in my poaching water.

    For dessert I served your homemade Oreos, of course they were a huge success (and breakfast this morning!).

  66. Mrs. Marshall

    Oh.Em.Gee. Just finished licking the spatula from turning this into a serving bowl and cannot WAIT to dig into it with our guests later. Because I prefer a creamy potato salad, I skipped the vinegar and finished it off with a few dollops of Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch. Used 7 ears of corn but since they were small-ish, could have used more. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

  67. Kylie

    Thanks for another household hit! I swapped potatoes for butternut squash, which added the fall layer I was going for. The flavor was fantasti, and the leftovers are to die for!

  68. Kathy

    Wonderful. We just had this as our dinner. It hits the craving for potatoes on the sort of day that you don’t want the oven on. Also, a lovely feature for fresh corn. I like the crunch from the onion at the end, though I was skeptical.

  69. Lisa

    This was so good. We loved it. The kids hate everything so I don’
    t put much stock in their taste buds. Teenagers aren’t always fun.

  70. Sarah

    I made this for a Labor Day weekend cookout. So delicious and different from the typical cookout fair. I am a vegetarian so substituted the bacon for feta to rave reviews. Even the meat eaters loved it, and a foodie carnivore friend commented that feta provided more of a balanced salad than bacon (which, beloved as it is, can overpower more subtle flavors). I also briefly added the red onion to the stove top to take a bit of the bite off.
    Regarding ads and ad blockers- think you for a thoughtful perspective. I have been reading your blog for years and have never been bothered by ads, and SO appreciate your blog as a sponsored-post-free refuge. Many blogs I’ve loved and followed for years have become all but irrelevant with more sponsored content than anything else. Sad. In fact, I would gladly pay for content on your blog. It has added such value to my life. Thank you for creating this excellent space to celebrate good food.

  71. Laura

    Made this for my family for dinner this evening and it was a huge hit! I made it with some significant tweaks but I think the spirit of the recipe held up. I subbed yams for potatoes, omitted the onions and added in lots of salad greens. I was also a wee bit scared of straight apple cider vinegar for the dressing so I made an oil/cider vinegar/honey vinaigrette and everyone LOVED it. Super creative idea Deb, I love it and I’m now wondering what other iconic dishes I can turn into salad… maybe a salad version of a Bloody Mary!!

  72. NancyS

    Your description of the size of the salad with the fully recipe scared me….so I halved it (which was my only mistake). Fresh corn is on its way out in NJ, but I’m sure there will still be some at the farmers market next weekend and I’ll make the full recipe. Delicious!

  73. Kelly

    I’m probably being completely obtuse, but I just want to check that you pre-cook the corn first (ie, boil the ears) before removing the kernels? Thanks!

  74. This looks amazing but I worry that you’re so prolific with a newborn! We, your public need you- I rely on your culinary inspiration on a regular basis, but I’ll be ok! I anticipated a break for you during these early months with a new assistant! Not that I can speak for all of your fans, but if you one day post a photo of your cherub and say ‘order in tonight peeps or satisfy yourself with the archives! I need to sleep!’ I think we’d all understand. Maternity Leave exists even for the super humans!

  75. Michaeline

    I tried this recipe yesterday for our pre-Labor Day cookout. It got rave reviews!! My whole extended family loved it!! We on a scale of one to five we give it 10 stars! Thanks Deb!!

  76. StephG

    Made this for the weekend camping trip! And then I had leftovers, so I turned it into a CHOWDA with some lump crab meat in a jiffy! Turned out to be the fastest chowder I’ve ever made. I thought the vinegar would make it taste funny, but it turned out great.

    1. Helen in CA

      So, as a Californian our crab is in the winter……but that said I can also see adding cold crab to this as a salad……….

  77. Kristen

    Deb, this was delicious – thanks for this and all the other inspirations! My husband is pescatarian, so I made this veggie, using olive oil and white wine vinegar, and alternately adding blue cheese / blue cheese and mayo, since that’s what we had. (I like the idea of an oozy egg mentioned above.) I also deglazed the pan with the vinegar before adding, since I had a good deal of fond. Yum all around!

  78. Megan

    Made this for dinner tonight. Oldest son (11) declared it best thing he’s ever put in his mouth. Next son (9) declared it #3 on his list of best meals ever. Third son (2) just ate it up. Thank you!

  79. shannon

    kelly #127, I was wondering the exact same thing…but *had to* make it last weekend. I didn’t cook the corn first and I think you’re probably supposed to, since the directions say to only cook 3 minutes after adding the corn. I had to cook mine longer, maybe 7 or 8 minutes, which is still less time than cooking the ears first! I didn’t have any red onion and so subbed white and I added a little chili powder. I made it in the morning and served it cold. Salad was delicious and a big hit!

  80. AngAK

    lovely late summer recipe! will be a nice side very soon with some fresh salmon up here in AK. and #100 up there is a Spammer—surprised he got through.

  81. Mimi L

    I made this last weekend and I’m sorry to say that I thought it was just kind of OK. I only had green peppers, so it lacked the pop of color from red. I had good bacon and really good corn and potatoes….I didn’t think it was good cold either. Not sure what was off because the recipe sounded so good and smelled fantastic while cooking. I added lots of salt and black pepper, as well as cayenne. Just could not make the flavors ‘sing’ like I wanted.

  82. Alison

    This was definitely good, but if I’m going to go through the effort of hacking corn off the cob (one of my least favorite kitchen tasks), I’d rather make Ottolenghi’s sweet corn polenta. If you’ve never made it, you should try it!

  83. Tracy

    I have made this twice (yes, it’s that good). The first time I used leftover roasted corn. The second time I took it off the cob, raw. (I live a mile from the most amazing corn in the Midwest and we eat it everyday during the season.) The recipe works great either way. If you start with cooked corn, it won’t need to sauté very long. Thanks for another great recipe!

  84. LaLa

    Making this tonight and can’t wait – these are some of my favorite ingredients and my soup-and stew-leery husband is totally down for a salad version. To those asking about precooking the corn – cut cob kernels from fresh ears need only the three minutes listed to cook off the starchy aftertaste. Anything more and they get tough and chewy, just as they do if boiled for more than five minutes or so. I’ve been making Cook’s Illustrated’s revamped succotash a lot lately and it’s amazing how quickly cut corn dishes come together. Yum! Deb – I applaud you and all you do for your family and your fans. You inspire me in the kitchen and in life. Thank you!

    1. deb

      Kelly — Thank you and I do! It’s just hard to find. There’s a “Pin” link at the bottom of each recipe, before the comments begin. With the site redesign that will hopefully soon be finally done, it will be easier to do these basic things. :)

  85. Larissa

    This was the perfect recipe for the potatoes and fresh corn in our CSA this week! The salad was delicious, of course. I can’t wait to heat some up and top with a fried, runny egg for lunch.

    Thank you from a long time fan!

  86. Kelly

    I just made this for dinner and oh my, it’s fantastic. I used frozen corn because I couldn’t find decent fresh, sauteed the red onion along with the bell pepper, and was a little nervous about the straight apple cider vinegar, so I used the dressing I normally use for pulled pork (1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/2 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes), and it worked great! Also topped with feta cheese. Next time I will probably double the bacon. Thanks for another great recipe!

  87. Nina

    Got the recipe in the mail some days ago. At first it didn’t look all that exciting, but thank heavens I read it before it went to the trash. I realized I had everything but bacon and decided to get some and try it. Well, as life goes, my mare got seriously injured and has been operated and stays in the hospital, I just bought a small farm and had to insure it today which proved complicated, and by the time I finally had that settled I had to rush to the hospital myself for a routine mammography. While on my way there I was informed that my grandson’s yoga class had been changed to start an hour earlier, so there was just time to pick him up, drive to another town for that, take care of the pony (and sneak in a short bareback ride for grandson) before cooking dinner. So no bacon.
    But. Local onion sausage from the market. Leftover hard cheese. Mozzarella. And a huge ripe avocado that needed to be eaten NOW.
    Result? Yummy yummy delicious. I fried the sausage, sliced into little cubes, in butter. Served the plates with cheese cubes topped with the warm salad topped with sausage, red onion, mozzarella cubes and avocado cubes. I like cubes. I forgot the vinegar. We loved the dish.
    My 16 y o daughter who has never been to the States looked me in the eyes and just hummed. For some reason I said with barely more than a whisper “The recipe is from Brooklyn”, and she nodded and seemed to like it even more, and it felt like a sacred moment, savouring something so good.
    So thank you for sharing the recipe. And pardon me for the Brooklyn invention.

  88. Sue Ann Akers

    Made this today. So easy and and a nice side to roasted halibut. Luckily I found some fresh corn at the market. I served it at room temperature. Would definitely make this again. THANKS!!!!

  89. Sarah

    Made this for the first time tonight – so good!!! Didn’t measure anything, parboiled my potatoes first, and left out the red peppers. This is going in the “potluck default” chapter of my recipe file, and will be made again – often. Am already daydreaming about the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

  90. Linda Poland

    Just made this using: leftover baked potato cut up small(1/2 russet potato), chopped cooked bacon(2 slices) leftover from breakfast, leftover grilled corn on the cob(one ear used a sharp knife to cut kernals off the ear). Hot skillet with 2 T oil and 1 tsp butter until browned, poured into medium bowl, added 3 T. chopped chives from my garden, 2 T. Italian Dressing. Tossed, added salt and pepper. Delicious!!

  91. stephanie

    we had this last night with the dry rub chicken, the salad was a bit more time consuming than i thought (well, maybe it just seemed that way because i was standing over my gas oven and sweating balls while cooking it, haha) but it was really really good.

    i cut the recipe down since it was just the two of us, using 4 average corn cobs and eyeballing the rest. i added a minced jalapeno for spice, and used scallions instead of red onion because there are always some languishing in my fridge waiting to be used up :) i used the apple cider vinegar as directed, but thought it still needed something so i also added a splash of italian dressing. (the plain one, not the one with all kinds of spices.)

    the only thing i would say is that my potatoes (little yellow creamer potatoes cut up very small to match the size of other ingredients more or less) did need more time – should have went with my gut on that before adding in the corn. don’t get me wrong, it all came out fine in the end, but next time i’ll leave them for another five minutes before adding in the other veg.

    can’t wait to have it for lunch today with a runny egg like so many have suggested!

  92. MJ

    I made this for a potluck dinner and it was really good. If I were to do it again I would change the proportions slightly so that there is more bacon, less potato, and less red pepper. (I used six average-size ears.) Maybe this just reflects the fact that I like both bacon and corn. I would also cut the potatoes into slightly smaller pieces, and I would (and did) cut the onion slices in half. The salad is nice and hearty and makes for a good contrast against other lighter weight side salads.

  93. Very good. Made it exactly as written except used champagne vinegar in place of cider vinegar. Also, I didn’t bother to peel the Yukon Gold potatoes – no need, at least for the ones we have available in Seattle. Next time I’ll double the bacon :-) and soak the red onion in cold water in advance so it’s milder.

  94. Katieliz

    Made this last night as a main dish. Might have increased the bacon a bit ;). Served it on top of mixed greens dressed with apple cider vinegar & blood orange olive oil. Cheddar-whole wheat biscuits on the side. It was fabulous – light and fresh-tasting, but plenty filling.

    1. deb

      They’re not separated; the bacon is crisped and set aside, the peppers, potatoes and corn are sauteed and then mixed in a bowl with the bacon and onion.

  95. Sara

    Made the vegetarian version of this (omitting bacon), and it was easy + delicious! Only substitutions/changes were using yellow onion instead of red (it was what I had on hand), adding avocado at the end, and topping with a fried egg. Highly recommend!

  96. smeron

    I’d like to make this for Thanksgiving and I realize fresh corn would be best, but I can’t find fresh corn locally right now. Would this be ok with either canned or frozen corn? Do you recommend one over the other?

    1. deb

      Frozen would be my first choice for this. FWIW, I needed to work on a recipe with fresh corn over the winter last year and found fresh corn (plastic-wrapped, but “fresh”) from who-knows-where but it was surprisingly excellent. I had expected it to be vastly inferior to the fresh corn we get in the summer and it really wasn’t. I’ve seen it in a lot of stores since. Maybe you’ll find it too.

    2. JOANNE

      Go to the nearest farm when the corn is in season, buy a whole bunch, cut it off the cobs and stick it in the freezer. Seems like work, but you will not regret it one bit when, in the doldrums of January, you can make corn chowder with FRESH CORN! It will taste amazing and you’ll be so glad you did.

  97. Holly Keyes

    This was really good… not sure I would call it a salad, that seems a bit limiting. I had it for lunch at work and heated it up. Some goat cheese would be good on there too. This one will go into the rotation, very versatile as a side dish or full meal.

  98. Jon

    Deb! Huge mistake in these instructions!!!!! Was so excited about making it, but the line “Fry potatoes, peppers, and corn” is a problem. You know how it goes with recipes – even if you read first, you wind up referring back. Well sure enough I did exactly that, and through all three in together! Realize the mistake and because everything is diced so small there was no way to fix it. Also you never mention the onions! Sigh, maybe next time

  99. Katy

    I ended up with slightly more potato than corn (in a poor attempt at scaling the recipe down a bit to feed one person), used Aleppo chili pepper flakes and only used about half of the requested vinegar as I am not a fan and so thought it would be better to err on the side of caution. This is delicious and very satisfying. Perhaps because of the extra potato I think it could totally handle the full amount of vinegar, which I will try the next time.
    My whole house, small as it is, now smells deliciously of bacon.

  100. Ann

    I just made this salad this past weekend for a saturday lunch and it was a huge hit. I brought the leftovers for lunch today Monday). I sliced up a Tomato Basil chicken sausage and added in the end of a bottle of Trader Joe’s Feta dressing (just a small dollop) for another delicious meal! This recipe is most definitely a keeper!

  101. Nina in Zurich

    Years later, I know! But I’ve only now found this recipe through the link to the current corn chowder recipe. Right now one can find wonderful fresh sweet corn in the markets here. I made this warm salad today and my family was delighted. It is so delicious, a perfect combination! I didn’t change a thing in the recipe. (I did soak the sliced onion in cold water for a bit before adding it, but it probably wasn’t necessary.) I was a little worried about the vinegar, but no, Deb is right as always. It only adds a bit of a tang, the mixture is not “vinegary” at all. I will make this often, every summer! Many thanks! Nina, a faithful and grateful reader from Zurich, Switzerland

  102. Liz

    I saw this linked on Instagram today and I HAD TO HAVE IT.

    I scaled it down to serve…just me. I used two corns on the cob, two small Yukons, one red pepper, maybe a quarter of a big red onion. Oh, and the bacon. I used 3 slices of bacon. I think I probably used around 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar or a little more. The balance of richness and acidity in this dish is so awesome.

    SUPER delicious and I can’t wait to make it again for a bigger crowd.

  103. DianaW

    Sounds like a good idea!
    The onion (and the eaters) will benefit from its being marinaded in the wine vinegar while the other ingredients cook.

  104. Rachel

    If I am using frozen corn (not on the cob), what do you consider equivalent to 6 large/8 medium? Would 6-8 cups be accurate? (That sounds like so much to me!)

  105. I got the smitten kitchen email with suggestions for 4th of July recipes and I decided to make this for my family party. I love that I can pick a recipe off this site and know it’ll be a hit without having to test it out first.

    I made this in the morning and reheated it just before serving. In hindsight, I should have put the bacon aside and added it just before serving. The bacon was a tad wilted/not looking its best after it sat in the fridge for a little bit. Next time I’ll make it and serve it right away. Overall though, it was really good and I’d make it again. I agree it needed a pop of color. I had some scallions that I added at the end that finished it off nicely.

    I think next time I make it, adding cheese would be a nice addition as well. Goat cheese might melt, but either that or feta might be really good.

  106. Ttrockwood

    I have made this several times! I make a vegetarian version with these smokey tempeh “bacon” strips. And then because i always have Potato Problems i cook the cubes for about five min in boiling water, drain, dry and then proceed with frying them in the olive oil. I added in a bunch of fresh cilantro too.
    So delicious !! I have a good size serving over salad greens for an easy meal :)

  107. Susan Wilder

    This sounds and looks delightful. I’m making it right now. I have an over abundance of cherry tomatoes….So thinking about adding a few of them as well.

  108. STM

    I made this and it was delicious. I scaled back for a smaller serving, 3 ears corn, a third a pound of yukon golds, 2/3 giant red pepper, sautéed 1/2 a yellow onion, 1/8 c. ACV and…SIX pieces of bacon. This explains so much. Thanks for a great recipe, Deb!

    1. STM

      I should say I cut everything smaller and still had to cook it much longer than the recipe states—except for the corn, that was a true 3 min. This is common issue for me, so it’s probably me not the recipe.

  109. Kim

    Loved this salad! The ingredients are clean and it’s so simple! I made the vegetarian version and everyone loved it. Next time I’m going to add some thinly sliced jalapeños for an extra kick.

    1. deb

      It’s in the assembly instructions:

      Assemble and serve: Transfer the vegetables to a large bowl and stir in the onion, cider vinegar and bacon.

  110. Sujatha

    Made this last night & it was a big hit.
    The only change I made was I cooked the onions, adding after the potatoes and before the peppers — only because raw onions give me bad heartburn. And I added some fresh basil after it was cooked. Delicious and easy, good fresh corn without the corn teeth.

  111. ANNA

    Great for side dish or salad!! I had to substitute the bacon for canadian ham, and used some butter to frye. I left the skin on the potato…. Came out delicious!!!!!

  112. Diane

    Deb This sounds amazing. – I plan on making this with grilled fresh corn as a change up from my regular frilled corn salad with peppers. Can you make any of this ahead of time ?

  113. Kelly McLeod

    This was a delicious accompaniment to ribs. Everyone loved it!
    The even better part was the next morning. I had some leftovers and cooked up a little more bacon and then heated the leftovers and had the salad as a hash the next morning.
    Can’t decide which way I liked it better. Both were fabulous!

  114. Renee

    I made this tonight and it was very good. I chopped the red onion instead of slicing, added fresh basil and a little lime juice, served on arugula, and topped with local feta. I had fresh tomatoes on the side, but my husband passed. I’ll do this on repeat!

  115. Jen Newitt

    This was a perfect summer dinner! The only changes I made were to swap in tomatoes instead of peppers since my family doesn’t like peppers (sigh….). I also added 1/4 tsp sugar and 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard to the vinegar before adding, since I thought otherwise the vinegar would be too tart on its own. My daughter thought the flavoring was lemon, family loved the slightly tart flavor. Finally, I served it with a poached egg on top to make it more of a meal. It was a big hit and will definitely add it to our summer meal rotation!

  116. Sarah

    If I was making this a day or two before it’s being served, would you recommend leaving the vinegar (and maybe onion) off until just before serving? Or is it OK to dress it and keep it cool for a couple of days?

  117. Elizabeth Sullivan

    This salad was delicious. It does taste like corn chowder without the soup aspect. Because this is like corn chowder, the salad called out for Old Bay spice in my book. I added about a teaspoon of Old Bay to half of the recipe. Without this additional space, I thought it was a wee bit bland. It depends if you like Old Bay or not. My daughter, recovering from surgery and is currently very picky about food, wandered into the kitchen and ate a big bowl of it. So mission accomplished!

  118. Linda Grimes

    Deb, this salad was delicious and a different twist from corn/black bean salad. After reading the comments, I did not use as much potato…one large yukon gold did it. We actually liked it better the 2nd day and are going on day 4…it makes a lot! Highly recommend!

  119. AnneV

    Made this tonight for the first time. I used sweet potatoes since I had none of the usual and added some chopped zucchini since I only had one pepper. Tossed in cotija at the end and it’s scrumptious.

  120. Mara Novak

    How would you feel about grilled sausage instead of bacon? Thinking about trying this but grilling the corn and potatoes and hey, maybe the peppers too? Am I turning this into another dish because I don’t want to turn on the stove…

  121. Nina

    Thanks for another amazing recipe Deb! We just loved this so much. I thought your corn fritters were our favorite corn recipe now we have to rethink it. Good thing everyone loves corn! The only change I made was that I accidentally bought honey cayenne Bragg apple cider vinegar. Delish!!!!

  122. ellen

    Made this tonight with slight adjustments. I pickled the onion, added some diced fresh tomato and fresh mint. What a lovely summer salad!

  123. Debbie Martin

    This is a go-to during the summer. I’ve modified it to make it ‘my own.’ Add boneless skinless chicken thighs to make it a complete meal. I use salsa instead of red bell pepper, and if I can find one, a ripe avocado (both added just before serving). Delicious!

  124. Therese

    Any thoughts on how to make this vegetarian? The salad looks fabulous but I know simply leaving out the bacon will throw off the mix of flavors. Find a plant-based bacon substitute? Bump up the fat. Use liquid smoke?

  125. Daniel Conaway

    omg. Per your instructions, I emptied the (stainless) frying-pan of the potatoes/peppers/corn into a bowl — but THEN used the vinegar to DEGLAZE the toasty stuff in the pan and added THAT to the salad … soooooo happy.