blue cheese scallion drop biscuits

On Monday, I went foraging. Well, urban foraging, that is, at the Greenmarket. I set out to find these mythical local provisions that many of you have assured me now exist in New York City, things like ramps and aspargus and even strawberries and I’m now convinced that someone is playing a mighty joke on me.*

green onions
chopped green onions

But no matter, I found freshly grown scallions and maybe they don’t have the pearly pink skin of fresh rhubarb or the mysterious promise of morels, they might be waved off by fancier people than me as a ubiquitous circa-1970s garnish, but they make me happy. Part herb and part baby onion, recently from the ground they’re amplified, with more green freshness and more bite. I like ’em raw, I like ’em cooked, I like them instead of chives (which, amusingly, I found but they looked terrible; foiled again!) as a garnish and I like them especially in my biscuits.

crumbled blue cheese
adding the buttermilk

Yes, biscuits again. No, I do not believe that a single website can have too many biscuit recipes. There are sweet biscuits and savory biscuits, rolled and cut biscuits, patted down and wedged biscuits and dropped from a giant tablespoon biscuits and I have room in my larder for all of them and now even one more: blue cheese drop biscuits.

drop biscuit, about to drop
blue cheese green onion drop biscuits

Because I’d started with a cheddar biscuit recipe, I had all sorts of doubts about this blue cheese whim of mine — Does blue cheese bake well? Will it just melt and trickle away? Will it taste a little funny? I had so many doubts that I halved the recipe, which as you all know, is the beginning of almost every sad kitchen tale. Guaranteed, any time I halve a recipe I will live to regret it. And right now, with the smell of baked and browned cheesy heaven and fresh green onions softened in a broiling oven bouncing off my apartment walls and me making a face like the baby when he spies something delicious coming towards him, I know I’ve made a terrible mistake. Don’t do what I did; make the whole batch; then scramble up an egg, crisp up some bacon and have breakfast for dinner tonight.

blue cheese scallion drop biscuits

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Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits
Adapted from Gourmet

These are everything a good drop biscuit should be; super speedy to make (one bowl!), with a golden craggy crust and soft interior. I (only) made a couple changes to this. Based on responses on the original recipe, I added an additional scallion and because I completely missed the ingredient when I read the recipe, I didn’t add the baking soda. And they were still fluffy and delicious. But I bet they’d even be more so with it.

If you’re blue cheese-averse, you can make this with an equal volume of coarsely grated cheddar.

2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons sugar
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick or 3 ounces) cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
1 1/2 cups crumbled blue cheese
4 scallions, finely chopped
1 cup well-shaken buttermilk (or, you can make your own)

Preheat oven to 450°F. Whisk together flour, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, and salt in a bowl, then blend in butter with your fingertips until mixture resembles coarse meal. Stir in blue cheese and scallions. Add buttermilk and stir until just combined.

Drop dough in 12 equal mounds about 2 inches apart onto a buttered large baking sheet, or one lined with parchment paper. Bake in middle of oven until golden, 16 to 20 minutes.

Do ahead: Biscuits are always best the day they are baked. However, if you wish to get a lead on them, you can make them, drop them onto your baking sheet, freeze them until they are firm, and place them in a freezer bag or container until you’re ready to bake them. They can be baked while still frozen (straight from the freezer), you’ll just want to add a few minutes to the baking time.

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253 comments on blue cheese scallion drop biscuits

  1. Rachael

    I’m excited to try this recipe but I have to bring this up…there are no pictures of your adorable offspring in this post. I have gotten accustomed to finding one in each entry. I feel bereft without a glimpse of those cheeks and that adorable grin. :)

  2. I too found scallions at the market! Apparently there was asparagus and radishes, but they were long gone before I arrived. Sadness.

    However, I’ve been wondering what to do with my scallions and might give these a go!

  3. I grew up eating drop biscuits, and although they were from Bisquick, I loved them. Love the idea of blue cheese in them. I can imagine they might be good with lots of other cheeses, too.

    This may be another recipe of yours that I make. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say. :)

  4. rducky

    These make me think of a yummier (and less preservative-laden) version of the bisquick creations that red lobster gives you at the start of the meal.

    sharp cheddar sounds good too!

  5. Patsy

    how do you think these will be the next day (with ramps found in Chicago)? Something a mom who just went through 26hrs of labor and a c-sec would want delivered to her in the hospital? Or, too heavy?

  6. Kim G

    Awesome. I think these would be really good with spring onions or ramps (if you can find them). I’m a self-proclaimed cheese and onion freak, and I will be making these this weekend!

  7. Mariah

    Holy Moses, these make me want to have wine tasting…..I bet those go PHENOMENALLY with some Sirah, or Zin…and perhaps a merlot. Cheese + bread in one package. Oh yes..must plan SOMETHING soon.

  8. Debby

    I have a really hard time getting any cheese (pregrated or not-kosher kitchen) but mozzarella (though it is a good quality, I think). Would that work? I also happen to have, at the moment, through a buying error, a ton of munster (munster does not equal mozzarella, but I was in a hurry that afternoon and unwisely grabbed) that I’d love to use if I could, since I have no clue what to do with it otherwise. You can tell I have no real clue about cheese, right? Can you do lessons/posts on this sort of thing?

    Oh, and just as a by-the-way, I’ve been making your quiche recipe (spinach, crustless, with some of the variations suggested in the comments-it actually makes 2 small ones for me) and it has become my go-to (hate that phrase, but can’t think of anything else) recipe: as a treat for us, as something to bring to somebody, as something that keeps, as something that can be eaten hot or cold…Can I freeze it too?! That would make it absolutely perfect.

  9. Adam

    great recipe! i can’t wait to try it. just one question – i’m guessing that living in a nyc apartment, you have an oven that doesn’t clean itself! (how) do you clean it? and if not is there anything you do so when you crank up the temperature, you don’t set off the fire alarms and your neighbor’s wrath?

  10. Kailee

    I love a drop biscuit recipe, maybe because that’s what I grew up eating, and these look exceptional! I pick up green onions at the grocery store all the time. I love them in a salad, on a sandwich, with scrambled eggs. Next time, I’ll pick up some blue cheese and then I’ll be in business!

  11. Thanks for providing a variation for the blue cheese averse. I just can’t do the stinky cheese, unless it’s made into a sauce served over grapes. Then it’s delish. If my doctor hadn’t just banned (for the short term, thank goodness) all rich foods, I would be making these right now!

  12. these look wonderful!
    I’ve been making biscuits since I was knee hi to a grasshopper, and never once put bleu cheese in em. Must try asap.

    and once again, that shot of the bub is precious. positively angelic. just you wait–there is a little rascal in there, I can tell.

  13. Sharon

    I just made cheddar biscuits tonight (Ina Garten’s recipe). These look to be next! For the record, My 5 year old declared the cheddar biscuits the best ever.

  14. mixette

    I do believe I made that exact same face when I saw the picture of those beautifully browned rustic lumps of yum!

    I bought some bone-in ribeye steaks on sale earlier this week and Blue Cheese and Steak is combo made in heaven, but I’m not so much for a cheese sauce on my grilled meat. Biscuits: brilliant.

  15. The funny thing is, I just got some green onions/scallions yesterday or the day before and I found out that all my life(and probably most of his) my grandfather has been eating only the bulb part of the green onion and throwing away most of the top!

    I never realized that the onions he ate with radishes were the same as the kind I would have on salads or in Chinese food. If I had, I probably would have noticed that he threw away most of the green part which is kind of strange, considering that he usually never throws anything away.

  16. Elizabeth

    Deb, I’ve got everything in the house except buttermilk. Any ideas on how this would turn out substituting regular milk for the buttermilk? Is there any quantity adjustment or other adjustments that would make it work?

  17. Oh my word! Thanks for posting these. They look so good… I’m definitely going to flag these to cook this summer. (Or maybe you could mail me some? :)

  18. Sultana

    These sound great, but I don’t like a very strong blue cheese taste. I could never eat it slathered on a bit of fruit, Martha-style. Would you say these are VERY blue-cheesy? What kind of cheese do most folks use – Stilton?

  19. Rhonda

    You can never have too many biscuits and those green onions look great. I miss my grandfather’s little garden and his onion patch. He had green onions like some people have bread. How do you get anything done with the cutest baby cheeks just begging to be kissed?

  20. Sultana

    Oh, and Elizabeth – I wouldn’t sub regular milk for the buttermilk. Rather, do you have white vinegar in the house. Try this – just slightly shy of 1 c of milk and 1 tbs vinegar stirred together and left to sit for 5-10 mins. I never buy buttermilk – I just do this and it always works.

  21. Just yesterday–as I was swirling my soup spoon in my pho–I declared that I hated scallions. I really do hate them. Why must they be EVERYWHERE. But now, with this post, I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t. I may give them one more chance. These biscuits look amazing…scallions and all!

  22. kit

    does it matter if you use cultured buttermilk vs regular? didn’t really know a difference until I got some fresh buttermilk at whole foods and it is not thick and creamy like cultured buttermilk.. it is literally the milk that comes off when you are making butter, and its texture is like skim milk… more watery than regular cultured buttermilk.

  23. Mmm…these biscuits! And I don’t even like blue cheese. You’ve already sparked in me the fine air of a Linzertorte (via your gorgeous tart pix last week), and now, I am itching to make these bundles of love. Speaking of which, your offspring is insanely adorable and if (hypothetically) you were to write a book and if (again, hypothetically) you were to do a book signing, your fans would be all but bereft if you didn’t bring him as a show and tell item (cough*staroftheshow).

    Also: alas, no mention of you being #1 in Babble Magazine’s Mommy Food/Photo blog. Eh? What’s all this newfound modestical mums about… :D

  24. I’ve never tried drop biscuits before! I’ve always cut them because I like seeing and eating the flaky layers… Do these also have them?

    I’ve also never tried blue cheese before… Wouldn’t the strong flavour (and smell) drown out the scallions? I’m a BIG fan of scallions and believe in their simple, wonderful smell and flavour.

    Oh well, maybe I should give this a try! But where to get blue cheese… :S


  25. Elly

    Oh, how I love drop biscuits!
    And oh, how I love them with cheddar!
    And OH, how excited I am to put blue cheese in them!
    My family makes drop biscuits pretty frequently (being the good North Carolinians we are), but never have I tried a strong cheese in them.

    Also, I love your one-bowl recipes, Deb. As a college student that carts everything from the dorm kitchen and back, fewer bowls is a beautiful thing.

  26. amandapm

    Biscuits kick butt – anytime, anywhere. Easy, delicious – love ’em. I was walking through the Union Square market today and saw a *sign* for ramps but I did not stop to investigate; could there be some false cardboard sign advertising happening (“hey, come on over, we have ramps — oops, not really but do try some of these potatoes”)?

  27. Sandra B

    How on earth do you manage to create/find/pimp up these recipes that make me go crazy with “I-must-make-that-right-NOW!!” kitchen lust?!?!?!!????
    I’d hate it if I didn’t love it so much.
    Can’t wait to try with locally made artesinal blue-cheese. Will cost me, like, a fourth of my weekly grocery budget but I so don’t care.

  28. Rachel

    Yummy. But I’m confused with the writing. You have an asterisk (a mighty joke on me.*), but I am missing where that links to later. Nitpicky, but your asides are one of the best parts of your writing!

  29. deb

    Oops, I meant to add a footnote. In between writing this and posting it, I had to run an errand that took me through the Greenmarket and I found ramps! And asparagus! And spinach!

    And I had no cash on me so I went home empty-handed. Most pathetic story ever, I know.

  30. VanessaG

    Smitten Kitchen Virgin over here! Well Deb let me tell you something, you bring a ***spark of life*** and fun at the end of 18 HOURS! days at a restaurant that me and my husband own. I love food and I believe food not only feeds bellies but souls as well. That is what I feel you try to do…and I can relate to that.
    The reason I felt compelled to write today (please forgive me if this doesn’t relate to your post), it is because I feel like you more than anybody else would understand the joy I felt when my mom called me today and said: “Vanessa, after months of looking through many cooking books, loose pieces of papers and closets; I have found the “Tres leches cake recipe” circa 1981…
    So I made it today…and in a bite I was back home sitting at the kitchen table eating away my childhood…(The cake was fabulous BTW)
    Anyways…just wanted to share…have you had a moment that brings you back, that is more than just a piece of cake but a piece of your soul?????

  31. I’ve been meaning to make something with scallions and can’t resist biscuits. The spring has faded away here and it’s cold outside so these would defintely make me feel better. You have the cutest baby and I’m so glad his appreciation for food is so developed ;-)

  32. Sarah

    These look excellent and I have some scallions that need using up. Thanks for suggesting an alternative to blue cheese. I’ll try this tomorrow and get back to you!

  33. Aw geez, Deb, this is the first Jacob picture where he looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU :) I bet lots of paeds have told you already, but that anticipatory look… no question of whether he takes after Daddy or Mummy!! So delighted your first 7 months have gone so swimmingly, here’s to many more cruising years! *raising glass* ps these biscuits also kick with chilli baked beans NOM

  34. Love the scallions, love the blue cheese, love that these are drop biscuits! I’ve had an aversion lately to anything that requires rolling. These would go well with the mess of ramps and beans I cooked up last night (found ramps, though as usual they’re about $30 a pound in these parts!).

  35. You have to go to the greenmarket on Wednesday… so many more vendors and things to choose from. My husband got some GORGEOUS asparagus there yesterday.

    1. deb

      Katie — I agree! I went back and it was stocked. But I had an empty wallet, then I went home and cried. Friday!

      Ramps — Ramps are wild leeks.

      Vanessa — And I want that Tre Leches recipe!

  36. hot diggity dog. i love me some biscuits, and i must say – i happen to have all the ingredients and if i don’t use the blue cheese soon, the Hubs will eat it all, biting straight into the block – eepss! so i might bang these out and freeze them (half of them – have to eat some now!)

  37. if you go into Union Square for the market on saturday Gorzynski (i dont think i’m spelling that right) Farms (they set up right by the subway stop in the middle of the market) has rhubarb (he had his first crop last weekend) and amazing selection of greens.

  38. Joan

    We are renovating the kitchen and have no oven…. Torture! These will be on my must-bake list once we’re back up and running. I remember having the same reservations about making blue cheese cornmeal crackers, but they smelled fantastic while baking and tasted just as wonderful! That is why I’m so excited to try these!

  39. shev

    Debby – you can usually get a luxury-item-priced kosher cheddar in Whole Foods (King George? Something like that – called Chevington in the UK, made with vegetarian rennet).

  40. SueP

    Thanks Deb, these look fan. tastic. Your do-ahead instructions have saved me from myself on many biscuit/scone adventures. The dough freezes beautifully, and you have built in portion control.

    Even I don’t eat raw biscuit dough. :)

  41. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, and we have more RAMPS than we know what to do with! In the spring, all the local restaurants serve up creative ramp dishes! I’ve actually had drop biscuits with ramps–quite good. But the most popular use for them (at least around here) is scrambled eggs with cheese and ramps!
    Oh…yes, the blue cheese biscuits looks lovely! Thanks again!

    P.S. Random info–I can here the helicopters out my window because Obama is flying into Asheville for his vacation today. There are helicopter EVERYWHERE.

  42. Ben

    The Columbia Greenmarket (115th and Broadway, Thursdays and Sundays all day) has ramps, greens, rhubarb, and asparagus right now, if the Union Square one runs out! Happy Spring!

  43. avis

    “blend in butter with your fingertips ”
    I can’t picture this. Exactly how does that work? Do you just stir the butter and flour together with your fingers?

    1. deb

      avis — You use your fingertips to break up the butter and disperse it through the flour. You could also use two knives or a pastry blender.

      Sommer — I want to go to Asheville! I love the NC mountains.

      Amy — I might just serve them at room temperature. They might dry out if you reheat them; and the microwave might mess up their crusty outside, soft inside balance.

      Market comments — I’m glad to hear that Wednesday seems to be the magic day; the weekends can be exasperating, especially with a stroller! I’m kind of chomping at the bit for the pencil asparagus, my favorite. I learned yesterday that it comes along later. The first stuff they pull has been out the longest, so it is the fattest… though, frankly, I’d go for ANY right now.

      Ramps — Would be a lovely swap for the scallions in the biscuits.

  44. JanetP

    Don’t be offended — you should know by now just how crushingly adorable I think Jacob is (duh!). But that photo of him, his expression is exactly like my cat’s when he’s waiting to be fed. Cracks me up. Heh.

    And, ooh, yummy recipe!

  45. Tae

    Regarding halving recipes, I halved the Cream Biscuits recipe the other night to go on top of a Chicken Pot Pie, and it turned out fantastic. That recipe is foolproof, I tell you!

  46. Amy Thomas

    This looks really good.I was thinking of making something similar to this,except stuffing it with a savory filling(like an empanada) and then baking it.Would you recommend warming them in a microwave as opposed to an oven- the reason I ask,is I would like to make it for a work potluck event and by the time it is ready to eat ,it would be sometime in the afternoon and I would be making them early in the morning? Do you have any suggestions on how it could be reheated or kept warm?


  47. I have to make these now! I love a more rustic biscuit and blu cheese! Yum! I will admit I’m not a fan of onions, scallions or chives, so I will probably leave that out.

  48. I just love that you explained how to make these successfully in advance! Because I adore fresh hot biscuits with my eggs and bacon, but there’s NO way I’m going to actually mix them up first thing in the morning!

  49. I had the same experience this week! Went on Monday, came home disappointed (but with asparagus–I wanted so much more!). Went back on Wednesday and it was so much better! But I had already done my regularly programmed shopping. There’s always next week :) These biscuits look amazing–I love blue cheese.

  50. oooh yeah! I like the sound of these. I have been chopping up scallions on my salad all week and was thinking just this morning, that they’re a bit of unsung hero, no? I like that you’re on the same page, Deb!

  51. Anne

    Yum! These were excellent — I made them for breakfast this morning, and my colleagues happily ate the rest of the batch. I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose, and they came out perfectly.

  52. Scallions are a staple at my house. I use them in just about everything where I can get away with it. I love making garlic cheddar biscuits and these are probably going to end up being fifty-times better. Coma-inducing even.

    And apparently someone at “Taste of Home” magazine is a follower of your blog. A link to your post showed up on their Facebook status this morning.

  53. My husband needs this biscuits! I don’t think we have all of the ingredients, but I can certainly cobble something together out of the uber-cheesiness that is our home.

  54. The biscuits look great!
    Regarding ramps, I love them and when I smell spring in the air I run to the greenmarket to look for them but often- specially in the beginning of the (short) season there aren’t any, what I found out is that often the farmers don’t have much of them so if you come late, even at 10am they are sold out! Two weeks ago they were sold out of ramps in the GAP greenmarket by 7am!

  55. I had to smile with the “halved the recipe ordeal” – good to know I’m not alone messing it up.

    One would think that working in a lab 8 hours/day for the past 25 years would make me a pro at calculating amounts and making proper adjustments. Nope. Never in the kitchen. Always mess up, usually halving everything correctly, except the water!

  56. So I was perusing your recipe index because I am trying to plan a brunch for 30ish people and I noticed you don’t have a brunch section (unless I just missed it which is bound to happen). I know I have read about you making something and saying it would be good for a brunch but I don’t remember what all of them were. So I guess what I’m saying is if you maybe have the time at some point could you consider adding a brunch section to your index? It would be so very much appreciated.

  57. tamie

    Just got done eating these for dinner! Soooo yummy! I halved them as well as it’s just our little family of 4 and I didn’t think my kids would go crazy for the blue cheese (more for Mom & Dad then). My two year old loved them. I only got 5 biscuits and I baked them for 17 minutes, just a hair too long as they got a tiny bit too dark. I’ll just do 16 or 15 next time and watch them. Oh, I also used chives because that’s what I had on hand.

  58. Ohhh it looks so yummy…..I am going to make them tomorrow…Thanks so much for sharing and btw: your web is amazing!!!! I love it!!!
    I made some of your cookies and they all came out mmmmm….yum :)

  59. Karen

    I’ve always wondered what people were talking about when they said “scallions”.

    Now I know (in Australia we call them shallots).

  60. As a kid growing up in India, ‘biscuits’ were always the sweet kind (cookies). Funny how the same things can mean different things in different places. Another example: ‘ladyfingers’ was okra. And in the books I read as a kid, I used to wonder how people could have biscuits with gravy, or put ladyfingers in their dessert! : )
    I’ve never made savory biscuits – these look gorgeous; must try them.

  61. I have everything at home, except blue cheese which I am going to get this weekend and try this out. The thought of scallion biscuits never occurred to me. Your recipe is so simple and the photos as usual are great!

  62. Jon

    Thoughts an an alternative pungent cheese besides bleu or cheddar? I recently discovered that I actually do like goat cheese in certain circumstances, so I have that in mind. I tried it in a bread pudding-like mixture I used to stuff a beef roast I made (instead of the more traditional bleu cheese), but the internal temp never went above 145 degrees. I’m a little apprehensive about the potential results in a biscuit since the internal temp might be higher (I have no idea really…I have a borderline fetish with baked goods but have never been able to wrap my head around baking). If it does work, I think you’ve inspired me to greatness…Charcoal-grilled fresh scallions and goat cheese drop biscuits.

  63. Yum, yum, yum! These look amazing. I bet they would make a fantastic anytime sandwich, smeared with some dijon mustard and filled up with black forest ham. Oooh… or maybe mini versions for an appetizer. I am totally making these this weekend! Although, I have a ton of chives growing in a pot on my windowsil so I may sub those in for the scallions. Thanks Deb!

  64. Suzanne

    I served these with tilapia and peas last night! They are delicious and perfect. I think I messed up the baking soda & baking powder but they still turned out fluffy. I wonder if these would be good for biscuits & gravy!

  65. There are ramps in the city, it’s just that all of the restaurants buy them up. It is early in the season. They are wild and foraged not cultivated and you can’t harvest them when it’s raining further making them sometimes difficult to find. Stay positive, I’m sure we’ll be able to get them soon.

  66. made these last night for dinner (with omelets) and they were awesome! I halved the recipe and used 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese. Perfect. My husband liked them too, but said they would be “amazing without the little green pieces” haha…next time I’ll make half with scallions for me, and half with just cheese for him! Thanks for a great recipe.

  67. I saw this receipe and was entranced! How incredible could these be? I was so confident in your raving review that I made them last night for company and they were FANTASTIC! Unbelievably good- and it’s hard to impress me with food! My company was in awe, and both women asked for the recipe. I am going to make again next week for my office breakfast!
    Really excited about the substitution possibilities- cheddar & jalapeno, bacon, garlic, etc!

  68. Karyn

    Mmmmm – drop biscuits with blue cheese! (I always make them with cheddar, which is still yummy, but blue cheese! Yay!) And make ahead instructions! (I have a small family and you’re right, drop biscuits don’t reheat well in the microwave). Yay! And Oh. My. God. Jacob is still the cutest baby ever!!! This is shaping up to be a great day :) (I’m very easily amused, I’m the first to admit it, but it usually just makes life even better!)

  69. AP

    You hear this everyday but Jacob is such a cutie! I giggle a little bit thinking about the day he is old enough to come back and read everyone’s comments ooh-ing and ahh-ing over him.

  70. Rachel

    I went home last night and had breakfast for dinner exactly as you suggested. Made the biscuits, eggs, bacon, and some asparagus I has on hand. So delicious (and my first attempt at biscuits)!

    Thanks for the great idea and all of the wonderful ideas you’ve given me since I found your site a couple of years ago! I know exactly where I’ll be looking for recipes as picnic season approaches.

  71. Deb, this is my favorite drop biscuit recipe. I make this version from Epicurious all the time because I absolutely love how they fluff up. I have to admit though that I have never tried them with blue cheese and always make them with cheddar. I will have to remedy that soon.

  72. i’ve never done blue cheese in biscuits– sounds delicious with scallions. i made goat cheese souffle last night, and am deciding that i am on a “bake with cheese” spree. some sort of delicious, cheese topped focaccia to come.

  73. carron smith wilfong

    I do not like baking powder biscuits. I think they taste TOO much like the baking powder. I wonder how good these would be made with my recipe for biscuits….self rising flour, lard and milk. This is the old-time recipe for biscuits!!!

  74. Caroline

    I made these last night and they were fantastic and so easy to make!! Tomorrow I’m going to try again with sharp cheddar. Yay!

  75. I am having an insanely stressful day (MIGHT POSSIBLY BE BUYING A HOUSE OMG) so I came to check out your site in the hopes of having it soothe me. What’s more soothing than looking at pictures of food, you know? Anyway, it did the trick: the only thing that’s going to make me feel calmer than LOOKING at blue cheese and scallion biscuits is MAKING blue cheese and scallion pictures, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tonight. Thank you for acting as my Xanax.

  76. kcsnedah

    I knew when I saw these posted it wouldn’t be long until I HAD to make them. Green onions and bleu cheese are two of my favorite things, especially together. Add in warm buttery biscuit base and I was *cough* smitten. (Plus, Sprouts had a good mild bleu cheese on sale for something like $4 a lb…)

    I do have a little question though. Making these, my dough was a quite dry. I had to add about 1/4 C. more milk until they were the right consistency for dropping. I live in Colorado, but not in the mountains, and have never had to adjust anything for high altitude. Is there any reason this recipe would be any different? It’s fairly close to how I make my scones (more sugar and butter and 3 C flour), but I only use 1 C. liquid for that recipe.

    They’re in the oven now, so when they’re done, I’ll follow up with how amazing they are. Because I know they will be.

    1. deb

      kcnedah — Altitude can definitely affect it. In general, when adjusting for altitude, you need to increase the liquid (butter is considered a liquid) and decrease the leavener (and sometimes sugar).

  77. Laura

    I just made these…couldn’t find scallions so used chives…but was also struck with inspiration…Bacon! I Highly reccommend the addition of crumbled bacon!

  78. Alyxherself

    Ok, I’m doing these with winter wheat flour and goat cheese. Tina will thank your wonderful, wonderful, inspiring genius.

  79. kcsnedah

    Yeah, they’re done – and gone. And yeah, they’re the best biscuit I’ve ever had. My mom loves those garlic cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster (I know…*hangs head*) but she says these are much better. I did only use 1 C. of cheese so it wouldn’t overwhelm my parents, but I’ll use the full amount next time. Could that have accounting for needing extra fluid?

  80. Erin

    Thanks for writing about these – they are amazing! Made them for brunch this morning. So so so good! I’m already regretting the ones I decided to freeze, after my neighbours came over and left little but crumbs of the fresh ones.

  81. Veronica

    These are AMAZING. I live in rural Uganda, and it was a minor miracle when I found scallions this week. I had to use the only cheese I can find in town – a random mozzarella. But they came out fantastic! I’ve already eaten 3.
    I think if I ever manage to get Blue Cheese, I’ll die of deliciousness.

  82. Karen

    Deb, I’ve only just started to attempt an occasional recipe (I am NOT a cook) but these I needed to do right away! I made them for breakfast for my family and my teen-aged daughter, friends and hubby loved them (and I had no baking soda so even without, they were delish! Thanks for making me feel like even I can cook!

  83. Cheyenne

    I have these in the oven right now! I made a half-recipe, perfect for using up the extra blue cheese we had hanging around. I actually dislike blue cheese, but my boyfriend is a fan and I do love biscuits, so maybe these will be able to change my mind.

  84. The biscuits look delicious, but what I really want you to know is that Kerri Russell just named SK as her favorite website in the most recent issue of Health magazine!

  85. it’s funny- i bought blue cheese to make cobb salad, because your previous post looked so good. Never got around to it, so ended up making these biscuits, which were easy and delicious. Now if I can just keep up with all the good recipes!

  86. Ok Deb I just made this basic recipe x3- I made one batch with feta and carmelized onion, one batch with cheddar and carmelized onion, and one with bittersweet choc chips like a scone. This is a seriously adaptable basic recipe and you have one greatful longtime fan out here. oh, yeah, I aslo used a mutigrain flour (i know, I’m a health nut) and it came out great! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.

  87. I made these along with a creamy chicken stew for a taste of home. I live in Argentina, and my boyfriend went wild for the entire meal. I substituted sardo (an Argentine cheese), and the biscuits turned out amazing. I made six for dinner, and I stuck the other six in the freezer for later. Thanks for this delicious recipe, Deb!

  88. Emily

    These biscuit/scone/dreamy wonderfulness rocked the freaking boat! Made them for my sister’s graduation and jeez-o-peets! I’ll never be the same again. Just one wee question…when you double a baked good recipe, do you change any of the portions or do you just double it? My mom worried me with the idea that if you double a scone recipe it will taste like baking soda…what say you? Thanks!

  89. Jillian

    it seems that the restaurants do buy those ramps up….I had the most delicious pizza with ramps at Roberta’s in Brooklyn this week. Sooo good. Love those things

  90. Mariah

    Deb, I have to come back and thank you for this recipe. Other than the fact that my homemade buttermilk never curdled (so I used 1/2 cup of that and 1/2 cup heavy cream) and I did sort of pat down enelope fold and cut out round biscuits (because I’m anal that way) I really did follow this recipe. And WHHHHHHooooooo boy was it worth it.

    I shared these pillows of slaty creamy heaven with neighbors on a drizzly rainy humid night with a bottle of Lake Sonoma Zinfandel…..there could not have been a better pairing.

    Your posts are always inspiring, your photos beautiful, and your diversity of choice for what you will make/bake is unbeievable. Thanks for making our culinary lives that much more enriched!

  91. Charlotte

    I made these last night and my husband loved them. I was not too sure myself – felt somewhat overwhelmed by the blue cheese. But we did think they would be perfect as an appetizer all on their own with some wine or as a summer lunch with an arugala salad with balsamic dressing. They smelt awesome while they were baking. Thanks for the recipe! (and as always thanks for the baby cuteness pic!)

  92. Sherry

    Oh man! These were a hit last night with ham dinner! Fast & easy,but look hard to make (our secret!) Just had the single left over one with eggs for breakfast. Fabulous! I used the left over Greek Yogurt from my Lime Yogurt Cake, 3/4 c Yogurt + 1/4 cup milk. Work fine! DEB~~ THANKS AGAIN~~~

  93. Thank you so much for this recipe! These were a huge hit this morning with everyone clamoring for more. The aroma while baking was also incredible – definitely got everyone primed for some great food.

  94. kerrie

    Deb, do you have a favorite between these, the blue cheese scallion drop biscuits and the jalapeno cheddar biscuits? Jacob could not be any cuter – thanks for sharing all his great looks.

    1. deb

      kerrie — The jalapeno-cheddar are scones, not that it makes a huge difference. The main difference between the recipes are that the jalapeno ones have an egg in them, so they’re a little softer and ever-so-slightly more cakey. These are true biscuits, almost crunchy on the outside, soft inside.

  95. Full

    Deb- Thank you. These are crazy good. Made the buttermilk with leftover half and half and rice vinegar. It seemed to work okay. As another commenter said I don’t think it curdled correctly but I used it anyway with no upsets. Had them for dinner tonight with a soft boild egg (p.s. thanks for posting on your “Tips” page) piled high with black bepper and hot sauce. AWE. SOME. I made the full recipe but froze 6 for next weekend. Hope I can wait that long.

    Emily – you little culinary temptress, you =). Can’t wait to try your version.

  96. maggie

    I just finished dinner, and these were a hit! The blue cheese was a bit strong for my taste, I cut the amount to only a cup, and it was still pretty strong. The basic buttermilk biscuit recipe is fantastic, I’ll probably try them again with fresh garlic chives from the garden and sharp cheddar.

  97. I made these just now and they.are.AWESOME. Soft and fresh and cheesy on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside. The green onions I purchased weren’t the sharpest, so i added two finely chopped shallots and some cayenne pepper for a little extra kick. These are soooo good and I’ve eaten 3 already fresh from the oven. Help?

  98. Judy

    hello, made this yesterday. They tasted great, very cheesy and good. But they didnt rise, looked like a cheesy pancake. Any ideas where I went wrong?

  99. Kim

    These were quick, easy and delicious. They had lots of flavor and great texture. Plus, they went over well with my husband who is not a big blue cheese fan. Next time I’ll halve the recipe for two of us. I got 15 good sized biscuits and only needed to cook them for 15 minutes.

  100. Nora

    Fantastic! Made these last night with some eggs and grain sausage. They comforted a dear friend who is going to through a break up with his girlfriend and fiance of 4 years. He loved them, which is great since he hasn’t been eating much. Good job!

  101. Melanie

    I made these this weekend for an impromptu dinner party and they were a hit! So full of flavor and they were great the day after too!

  102. Marcus

    I made these over the weekend at a friend’s house in the country – one full batch with scallions and Gorgonzola, and another with bacon/cheddar/jalapeño. Both were delicious, and both are gone.

    I used one large fresh jalapeño for the batch, and it added that bitter-green peppery flavor, but not too much heat….next time I might try two (we have some heat-averse people who liked them fine as is, but those with spicier tastes wanted them hotter) or experiment with different peppers (a smoky chipotle with a sharp cheddar maybe?)

  103. Jessica B.

    I don’t mean to be redundant to everyone’s praise, but we really enjoyed these biscuits. This was my first biscuit attempt and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they were easy to make and great to eat. I made them more for my husband, who is a huge blue cheese fan, and I scored many, many bonus points with him. I can hear it now…”if you ever want those blue cheese biscuits again…” I also didn’t have any buttermilk so I made my own, per your instructions. Again, so simple! Thanks, as always, for your continued inspiration.

  104. amy

    So, I made a pot roast tonight, and I plan to make these little biscuits to go along with some delish leftovers tomorrow. My hubs is excited, to say the least.

  105. I am a huge fan of blue cheese so this looks absolutely scrumptious. i had my blue cheese fix for today on my Hubert Burger at none other than the Burger Bar, my last stop in Vegas before heading home but this will definitely have to be my next fix!

  106. Dan

    I made these last night (I used cheddar cheese), and they were excellent, and quite easy to make. Reheat them the next day for about ten minutes at 350 to get them crispy and crunchy again. Thanks for the recipe.

  107. Emily

    I made these for dinner tonight and they were tasty and very easy to make. I made sandwiches out of them with fried eggs and Canadian bacon. As good as they were and as much as I like bleu cheese, I think next time I will try cheddar. Just to see. :) Thanks, Deb!

  108. kerrie

    I made these, which are fabulous, then the jalapeno-cheddar scones, also fabulous, and then your cream biscuits – these are wonderful too. Now I would love to hear your take on the difference between scones and biscuits, and then a recipe for popovers, which I am never successful with. And a huge congratulations on your upcoming book – I will be waiting impatiently.

  109. first-time biscuit baker, and even i could make these! i’m enjoying these amazing and easy biscuits right this very minute. thank you so, so, so very much!!!!

  110. After seeing this, I came straight home and started on the recipe. Now the little gems are in the oven and the delicious sweet waft of goodness is already making my tummy rumble! Can’t wait til they’re out and I get a bite – thanks for the inspiration!

  111. I made both the blue cheese and cheddar versions. While both are really delicious, I did prefer the cheddar. The blue cheese are really good, but had a very strong blue cheese flavor (awesome if you love the stuff, bad if you hate the stuff, and if you just like it, then it’s just ok). The cheddar biscuits are beautiful and really, really tasty. I think I would only make the blue cheese for a choice group of people who I know like blue cheese, but if I were to re-do this for my potluck tomorrow, I would make exclusively cheddar as I think they will be more universally loved. Thanks for the awesome recipe though, it is super easy and really delicious! Lately I have been using exclusively your recipes, and all are loved! Thanks!

  112. I can’t claim the idea as my own because my friend did it first but we made these biscuits with garlic scapes and cheddar cheese – SO amazing!

    Also, I didn’t use buttermilk but instead used a cup of whole milk with a table spoon of whey added. The whey was left over from some cream cheese I made a while back.

    All and all extreeeemly delicious! And great to find something to use the scapes for.

  113. jennifer sullivan

    again, you’re my hero. i made these for breakfast this morning & they were a WIN with the husband. though, if i make them in the future, i’m going to add chopped bacon. i never knew you could make your own buttermilk too. that’s why i had never made these before. thanks for the tips! :)

  114. Bob

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had some bleu cheese crumbles in the fridge and some chives in my garden. I ended up using your tip for making your own buttermilk and baked some amazing bleu cheese chive buttermilk scones.

  115. Nicole

    simply amazing. I made these a few weeks ago with cheddar cheese since I don’t really care for bleu, and they were a hit! I wanted to make them again last night, but I went for my scallions and they were no good, so I sautéed 1/4 of a small yellow onion instead and it was just as good! I also added more cheese, because I like my cheddar! Great recipe as always! :)

  116. Vaish

    I made these and substituted 6Tbls of flax meal for 2 Tbls of butter. They still turned out great and fluffy! So since I got to cut some of the fat out….then I added some extra cheese. You win some, you lose some.

  117. Alicia

    I don’t like blue cheese but I LOVE goat’s cheese so I replaced with goat cheese and they were amazing. I also added some crushed walnuts and did scallions and chives together (I don’t know why they just both happened to be in my kitchen). Anyway the result was amazing. I made them for my mom and aunt who both don’t think I can cook, and they were blown away. I did not want to tell them how easy it was.

    Thanks for so many great recipes. I used to live in Cairo, Egypt and used your website all the time as I had no cook book there. It was a lifesaver. Now Im back in Boston, but still love it.

  118. Mia

    Made these today exactly as the recipe stated and ate four in one sitting! I just happened to have homemade buttermilk from making butter recently, as well as blue cheese (which I never have on hand) and scallions. Stumbled across this recipe and knew what I would do with all those random things in the fridge! This was truly a winner; I did bake mine much less than the recipe stated, as mine begin to burn at 14 mins or so. Hubby who doesn’t even like blue cheese really enjoyed these. They went really well with turkey bacon. This one’s a keeper.

  119. Jenn

    I have no culinary experience other than watching Food Network shows, but I love to cook. My inexperience will be obvious with this question: When measuring the blue cheese for this recipe should do I put the crumbled blue cheese in a measuring cup or go by the oz on the crumbled blue cheese container? When I put the cheese in a measuring cup, 4oz fills up 1cup. Yet I know that 8oz = 1 cup.

    1. deb

      Jenn — You can use the weight or the measuring cup. Either work. 8 ounces of liquid is 1 liquid cup — it’s a fluid measure, not a weight. (Every ingredient weighs something different at one cup — cheese could be 3 to 5 ounces, flour is about 4.5, sugar is about 7… etc.)

  120. BiscuitBiznezz

    I made my biscuits smaller than suggested as to trick my guests to thinking they ate more! I totally recommend for those who love having guests, but can’t afford to double recipes.

  121. Kristin

    These were delicious, but I set the timer for 14 mins and the bottoms were completely burnt at that point. The butter on the pans had also scorched. I cut off the bottoms, and the tops were heavenly and cooked perfectly. Not sure what I should do to avoid this next time. Cook at a lower temp? Grease pans with oil? Any suggestions? Don’t want to give up this recipe, as it is so easy and delicious.

    1. deb

      Hi Kristen — You might try it at a lower temperature. Do you have an oven thermometer? I have one I’ve brought from apartment to apartment and it’s taught me that ovens are very, very often 25 to 50 degrees off. Yours might be running hot. A thicker baking sheet might distribute the heat better, too. If yours are thin or light, you can double them up in the oven. Hope that helps!

  122. Lianna

    I made these tonight but accidentally omitted the butter and they were still amazing. So delicious I could not stop and dear husband loved them too. I’m totally going to make these up ahead of time to help along mornings with guests. They will be perfect!

  123. Kate

    Made these Sunday. I had buttermilk that I was trying to use up and happened to have blue cheese and scallions too – these were easy & delicious.

  124. Roxana

    I made them for some guests on Saturday. I first read that you came up with 12 biscuits so I doubled the recipe and ended with 60 pieces or so :))
    but they went extremely well and I had a couple left to bring to work today. Another hit, thank you Deb!

  125. Shelly

    Wow, these are soooo good. I hate blue cheese so made them with feta and it worked great. It is acceptable to eat these — and nothing but these — for dinner, right? Please say it is.

  126. Made these for the umpteenth time (give or take)! Used sharp, hard goat’s cheese instead of blue cheese (the kid has cow’s milk allergies), still delicious.

  127. Made fabulous Goat Cheese drop biscuits by replacing the blue cheese with same amount of soft crumbled goat cheese, and the scallions with 1.5 tablespoons of crushed red pepper flakes. Delish! Thought it would be good with the same quantity of Herbs De Provence as well, but the spicy kick was amazing, especially with soft poached eggs and hollandaise sauce! Has anyone tried making these with Parmesan and Crushed Black Pepper?

  128. Lauren

    This recipe is fantastic–one of my husband’s favorites with a big bowl of soup. This past snowy weekend, lacking ingredients, I improvised: half a shallot, diced and sautéed to caramelize, plus finely grated aged sharp cheddar (OK, I may have increased the cheese content greatly…). Also excellent—another variation for our favorite biscuit recipe.

  129. Eliza

    So good! So easy! If you’re not a fan of blue cheese, you’ll probably like these. Just simply good! Perfect for our brunch today.

  130. NicM

    I have made these several times and they’re always good. Most recently I enlisted my 19 month old to help and while it was a bit of a mess they still came out great.

  131. BrendaB

    I make these so often I felt bad when I realized I’ve never left a comment saying how fantastic they are!

    I’m due with baby#2 in 10 days – I am suppose to be making freezer “meals” right now, but I just made a double batch of these biscuits to freeze for those post-partum moments when I need a comfort snack :)

  132. Heidi S.

    Awesome way to use up the rest of a cheese platter!
    Holy moly these are good. I used up the rest of a bleu cheese, some Dubliner, and a tiny bit of Brie to make the 1 1/2 cups of cheese. AMAZING. Light, fluffy, and killer with a bowl of soup (and okay, I’ll admit it, a bit of a hangover from the party the night before!)

  133. OMG I just made these with Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (1:1) and used 1/2c of Tangy Goat Cheese instead of 1 1/2c of Blue Cheese and they were to die for! Excellent way to mop up the White Bean and Chard Stew. Thank you Deb for making this dull Monday night awesome :)

  134. Aly

    Light and fluffy on the inside, wonderfully crunchy on the outside. Yummy intense blue cheese flavor. I made these and your French onion soup…*chef kiss*…perfection. Thank you!

  135. Karla

    Just made these and they were so good! Suuuper fluffy and flakey on the inside and crispy on the outside. I made a few changes: used 1/2 of corn meal, subbed the buttermilk with a mix of yogurt and almond milk with a little vinegar (working with what I had), and used cheddar cheese instead of blue cheese.

  136. Seriously, that pre-crumbled blue cheese is always inferior. And why add the extra baking soda if they were fluffy and delicious without it? I hate the tiniest bit of baking soda flavor. That said, these look fabulous and I’m gonna make ’em!

  137. Susan Peacock

    I have more of a savory tooth than a sweet tooth and I couldn’t help but wonder how these would be as topping for an apple dessert – without the scallions and with just a bit of sugar.

  138. Mariah

    I have been making this recipe for years now, it is a huge favorite of my family. I usually make it as written only I do like to cut out biscuits rather than do the drop (easier to turn into a substantial football appetizer sandwich). Today, knowing it would be a vehicle for leftover thanksgiving ham, Turkey and cranberry sauce. I added pecans to the dough when I added the cheese and scallions abs it was amazing. Thought I’d let everyone know. I may try adding pears or apples in the future. Deb- thank you for such an old reliable recipe!

  139. Food, Faith, and Other Fabulous Finds

    I had to use cheddar since my hubby doesn’t like blue cheese, but these were still completely amazing!