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grilled peach splits

The problem, if there could be one, is that if a 30-something with a kid out of diapers ever says to a group of people, “I have news!” certain presumptions are made. So, to quell any wild ideas before they take off, no, this is not that kind of news. I’m sorry; we’re bummed too.

pecan sandies crumbles
tangy whipped cream

But I have other news, which means we are so overdue for a catch-up/tell-all/gossip session, so pull up a chair. I’ll go first:

oops, too dark!

Another Smitten Kitchen cookbook is in the works. It’s official: I did not learn my lesson the first time. As the second Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is untitled, unthemed and won’t be out for over two years, I keep imagining each of you rolling your eyes right now because there’s nothing to talk about yet, sheesh, Deb. But I don’t like there to be any secrets between us, so here’s what I do know about the book: like the first book, it will include a bit of everything that I love to cook — breakfast, salads, vegetarian main dishes, a few meat dishes, cakes, cookies and pies, and delicious party foods and snacks — plus some new stuff, like soups, which I’ve finally embraced. (Hooray!) Like the first book, only a small portion of the recipes (say, 10 percent) will be familiar to you and others who read this site; I’d never make you wait for stuff you’re already getting for free. I’ll be taking all of the photos again (see above: not learning lessons) and the book is slated to come to you in October 2016, which is four years after the first book, or three years too soon or too late, depending on your perspective.

bourbon caramel sauce

Here’s what else I can tell you: I am ridiculously excited to share it with you. I will admit that I resisted writing another book for a while because I was (the best reason to be) exhausted after the three book tours and I missed being able to focus solely on this space. But I was also completely terrified of what expectations might be for the second book; the thought of it made me want to go into hiding. I kind of did go into hiding. But even as I denied any interest in writing another book, I kept this list of things that might be good for some future book one day. And earlier this year, I realized that list had topped 100 recipes and, rather than an assorted list, it was looking very much like a book, a book I wanted to start working on immediately. I can’t wait to share this new batch of dishes with you. I realize 2016 may seem an eternity from now, but I’m intent upon making it worth the wait.

two jersey, two south carolina peaches

We are moving. But not far. In 2009, when we learned I was pregnant, we were living in a 1 bedroom fourth-floor walk-up that was definitely not going to cut it for a family of three. We set out to find a 2-bedroom, but moved here instead, which is more like a 1.5 and that half bedroom isn’t really a bedroom (a “Junior 4,” in real estate parlance). We thought we’d stay for a couple years, and then buy something proper. [Those last three words are hilarious if you don’t happen to be a millionaire with mostly cash holdings.] A “couple years” turned into “over five years” and, every year, we’d renew our lease while swearing it would be the last time. And every year, we’d do it again because the rent was reasonable (mostly because the real estate market has blown up since we moved here) and we didn’t know where we wanted to go next, anyway. But it was also stressing us out that our almost-five year-old was in a toddler bed and then, a few weeks ago, an apartment became available in our building that we’d always quietly coveted as it both fit the bill with a proper, albeit teeny second bedroom and also this pie-in-the-sky thing I had zero expectations of ever finding in a home on this island: a deck. Where I will plant things. And drink an Aperol spritz outside. Oh, you thought I was going to say that the kitchen was the dream come true? Ha. Well, it’s still tiny but it’s a little bigger. It’s also fantastically uglier (if possible) but … we’re working on that. Haggling, if you will. Have you ever tried to talk a landlord into putting a door where a door is not? Did I tell you about the fake columns a previous tenant planted all over the apartment? Maybe you’d like to see the plastic chandelier in the master bedroom that looks like it has Mardi Gras beads strung through it, care of the previous college boy renters? Oh, it’s been a very entertaining month. Regardless, we move in 2.5 weeks and, as you’d expect, we haven’t packed a thing, but I already impulsively bought an herb garden over the weekend. No way this could end badly!

brushed with maple syrup
grill them slow and low
kind of pathetically grilled

You sound like you could use a sundae. Have you ever wondered why bananas get all the ice cream sundae love? I mean, what kind of sick person would choose a split banana over a maple syrup-brushed and cinnamon sugar-sprinkled grilled peach? Certainly not me. So I made us celebratory summer splits instead, comprised of everything wonderful I could think of: halved peaches that are brushed with maple syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and grilled until tender, then topped with vanilla bean ice cream, salted bourbon caramel sauce, a tangy whipped cream and cookie crumbles that taste like pecan sandies. Everything can be made in advance (and they can be rewarmed if needed) so if you’re the kind of person that begins counting down to the weekend on Thursday morning, well, you know exactly what to do now.

grilled peach splits
grilled peach splits
grilled peach split

Come at me: Now it’s your turn to tell all! Or, uh, feel free to ask me any anything.

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Grilled Peach Splits

Each of these elements can be made in advance, if you wish to plan ahead for a weekend of peach sundaes. Even the whipped cream, which is thanks to the genius of Nancy Silverton (read more at the links as to how it stays stable). You can skip the sugar in the whipped cream if you’d like more of a tangy grown-up contrast between that and the ice cream and peaches. You could probably skip the whipped cream altogether, but where is the fun in that? Even the peaches, once grilled, can be rewarmed in an oven. If you don’t have a grill, you can roast the peaches at 375°F for 30 to 35 minutes, face-down in a well-buttered dish, or less, if you’d like them semi-firm. We used store-bought ice cream, but this homemade vanilla, buttermilk or even fennel ice cream would be wonderful here.

This serves 8 if each person gets a single peach half, 1/4 cup scoop of ice cream, a drizzle of caramel sauce, a handful of cookie crumbs and a dollop of whipped cream. You could also give each person two peach halves, as a nod to the massive nature of most banana splits. I doubt anyone would mind.

1/2 cup (65 grams) raw pecans
1 1/4 cups (155 grams) all-purpose flour
1/3 cup (40 grams) powdered sugar
2 tablespoons (25 grams) coarse sugar, such as turbinado or Sugar in the Raw; use granulated if you have neither
1/4 teaspoon table salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
6 tablespoons (85 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract (or you can use bourbon; I’ll never tell)

2/3 cup (135 grams) granulated sugar
2/3 cup (155 ml) heavy or whipping cream
1 tablespoon (15 ml) bourbon or whiskey or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Heaped 1/4 teaspoon flaky salt or level 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt

Whipped cream
1/2 cup (120 ml) heavy or whipping cream
1 tablespoon powdered or granulated sugar (optional, or to taste)
2 tablespoons (30 grams) crème fraîche or sour cream
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Butter, for grill
4 large firm-ripe peaches (free stone, if you can find them, not that I ever do), halved and pitted
2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 ml) maple syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon sugar, or just cinnamon to sprinkle

To serve
1 pint (about 400 grams) vanilla ice cream

Make crumbs: Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a nonstick baking mat. Spread the nuts out in one layer and bake them, stirring occasionally, until they are well browned, 10 to 13 minutes, tossing them around once or twice to ensure they toast evenly. Cool the nuts; you can hasten this along by putting them in a bowl in your freezer for a few minutes. Leave oven on and tray lined with parchment.

Place cooled pecans, flour, sugars, salt and baking powder in a food processor and blend until the nuts are as powdery as possible without turning to paste. Add melted butter and vanilla and pulse machine until large and small crumbs form. Spread them out on prepared baking sheet. Bake for 8 minutes, then move the crumbs around for even browning, and bake them for another 4 to 5 minutes, until they are golden brown. Let cool completely on rack, then transfer to a jar. They can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container for a week.

Make caramel: Place sugar in the bottom of a medium-sized heavy saucepan. Set over medium heat. In a few minutes, the sugar will begin to melt. Use a spoon or spatula to stir it as it melts, to ensure it does so evenly, breaking up any chunks as needed. Continue to stir continuously until the melted sugar takes on an amber color, which usually happens at about the same time the last sugar chunk melts. Remove from heat and carefully stir in cream, just a little drizzle at first (it will hiss and splatter) and then the rest. If your sugar re-solidifies, return the saucepan to the stove over medium-low and stir it until the sugar melts again. Let caramel sauce cool slightly before adding bourbon or vanilla and salt. Store caramel sauce in a glass container for up to 1 week in the fridge. Rewarm to loosen the caramel into a sauce consistency, as needed. If using it within a couple hours, you can leave it out.

Make whipped cream: Using a clean bowl and whisk (electric or a regular large one), whip cream and sugar, if using, until it holds soft peaks. Whisk in crème fraîche or sour cream, and vanilla. Keep chilled until needed. On day two, mine is still perfectly whipped. Theoretically, amazingly, it should stay whipped for a few days, using this recipe.

Grill peaches: Heat your grill to medium/medium-low and butter it generously. Brush peach halves with maple syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar or just cinnamon. Place cut side down on grill and grill them gently and slowly, between 10 and 20 minutes, until they take on nice grill marks and are mostly tender to the touch. Brush a little extra maple syrup on top when you’re done, if desired. If you’d like to grill these in advance, they can be warmed before serving in a lowish oven.

Assemble splits: Place a peach half, face up, in a shallow bowl. Top with ice cream, caramel, whipped cream and a handful of cookie crumbs. Don’t forget to share.

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278 comments on grilled peach splits

  1. I know exactly what you’re saying. If you say you have any kind of news people assume your pregnant. My wife and I have two girls 4 and 2 and both of my brothers have four kid’s so everyone is wondering when the next one is one the way. We’ve only moved once and I hope to never do it again. The packing, unpacking, etc. It’s kind like having a kid; you’re never quite ready but somehow it all works out. Good luck and I love the peach splits!

  2. Congratulations! I love the first cookbook and wondering if you’re looking for ‘testers’ as you put together the second one?

    (you can’t see it…but I’m frantically raising both my hands)

  3. Grace

    Do you have any tips for separating the halves if you can’t find free-stone? Every time I try, I cut around the middle, grab the two halves and try to twist/pull them apart, and then end up smushing all the flesh, it stays stuck together, and I either cut it off in a million pieces, or give up and eat it whole :)

  4. Nikki U

    Very happy about a second book…with soups! Unhappy that I am at my office with no way to make myself grilled peaches. Dumb move on my part.

  5. Emily

    This looks amazing! I’ve been trying to think of something sweet to celebrate my last baby-free birthday with next week, so thank you! I suspect this would be just as tempting anytime, not just 8 months pregnant time.

  6. SMum

    Congratulations! We are in the same boat as you on the other news — baby in September 2009, waiting for another, but can’t open our mouths about anything without first putting out the disclaimer that it is not baby news :)

  7. Wow, that’s all great news! I’m so glad you’re writing another cookbook – who cares if it’s still two years from the release date? It’s good to have both short and long term things to look forward to, however big or small :) And these grilled peach splits look absolutely amazing (and way more flavorful than banana ones!).

  8. Margaret

    Congratulations! So nice to hear of good things happening to good people. (You seem like a good person!) Will the new kitchen mean new countertop photo backgrounds?

    1. deb

      Margaret — Almost certainly, and I’m terrified as I don’t really have control over what they choose. I do love a challenge, though. :)

      And thank you!

  9. Hurrah for exciting news! So excited to hear about book #2 – Book #1 is a firm favourite and I just know that book #2 will be as well. It sounds like you guys are having quite the summer!

  10. mary

    Our only child lives in NYC she has to move has been looking like forever it seems, she found a nicer place for her and her feline daughter with a tiny patio area..Oh, my goodness sakes..She loves it is moving soon, a big fellow who is a friend and his wife will help her move, right down the street from her present place..the new place has a neat kitchen a bathroom with a tub and storage space, rent is reasonable in NYC that is a miracle, she can walk and bus it and subway it to her places she likes to shop for food and places to dine, her work is nearby..we are thrilled, I love your blog so much, it has the best recipes and the neatest descriptions, even our only reads your blog, congrats upon another book coming out..ciao!

  11. Wendy

    I apologize for being presumptuous but your comment about being bummed made my eyes well with tears. As I sit here nursing my 6-week-old daughter while my 7-year-old son builds Legos on the floor, that little comment hit me in the heart. We initially wanted a 4-year age gap but seven has proven to be incredible. I wouldn’t change the heartache of the past few years for anything but I also know now, more than ever, that if our son remained an only our family would have been just as perfect. Best wishes.

  12. Heidi C

    Oh. My. Goodness. A second cookbook! This is so exciting! I love your first cookbook, it is my favorite of all my cookbooks. And with over 50 cookbooks, that is no easy feat. I am so looking forward to your next one, and don’t worry, we all know it will be worth the wait. It was evident with your first that you had put so much thought, time, and effort into each and every recipe. It is an absolute treasure. :)

  13. JanetP

    Congratulations on book 2! And thanks for reminding me about grilled peaches. I discovered them last year via Nigel Slater’s amazing Ripe, only he bakes them with maple syrup, which works for me because I don’t have a grill. They were heaven.

  14. Congratulations in all regards! Decks are The Best, followed closely by herb gardens on decks, drinks on decks, reading on decks, and can I suggest a small tomato plant on a deck? You should do a section of the new book just on things best consumed on decks. (Can you tell I’m a fan of outdoor spaces? They also have the perk of making up for terrible interior design because once you’re outside, you don’t even have to look at crazy columns or plastic chandeliers.)

  15. Melinda

    omigosh you make me laugh. I heartily approve of not learning lessons and practicing a ready-fire-aim strategy for tackling life. Now… I’m off to find some peaches…

  16. Miranda midas

    Congratulations on both your bits of news! Since you said you wanted to hear our news too, I have a new job, so it’s clearly just a brilliant week this week! Thanks for the perfect celebratory dessert idea, it fits nicely with our heatwave here in London. Although I am going to be swapping the bourbon for rum. Mmmmm rum :-)

  17. Claire

    How funny! I was just looking through your first cookbook to see if there were any soup recipes. I was disappointed not to find any but now I’m excited to see them in 2016! Can’t wait Deb!

  18. Giovani

    Great news! Very happy for you and I can’t wait to see what witchcraft and wizardry you pull out of your new kitchen.

  19. Mix406

    I was wondering about the countertops, too. I have to admit that I’ve grown to like yours so much that if I ever get to choose my own, I want something similar! Perhaps it might help if you point out to your landlord that whatever they choose will be immortalized on thousands of bookshelves all over the world?

    Thank you for reminding me that even though everything has been so late coming in this year, it’s time to drive down to our local orchard stand (yes! We’re that lucky!) and see what they have now.

    And Wendy, I also had the same reaction as you. I’m sitting with my nearly seven-year-old daughter, and it looks like she will remain an only. We’re bummed too, but thanks for your comment. =]

  20. Sarah

    Add me to the list of people who felt a sympathetic twinge when you mentioned your unpregnant state. Been there, hated it.
    I am going to assume that the new apartment and the new book and time of stone fruits are all signs of an influx of good things, and two lines and nausea are in your future. At least, I hope they are.

  21. Katie

    Happy news! (I confess I wondered about a book before I thought baby… but I did think baby, too…) And thank you for the peaches idea. We’ve got a 1st birthday and a PhD submission this coming week and we need LOTS of celebratory food ideas. We’ll add the coming book to our list and toast you with peaches and ice cream.

  22. juliana

    I’m so excited Deb! For the book (yippee!) and for the new apartment (pictures please! Before and after would make us all smile I think!)

    I confess I’m bummed along with you on the baby front…Odd that I am? Maybe…I just love your family!

  23. Rosemarie

    DEB! This is my first comment after reading for 3 years and I’m pretty sure I’ve read every post since. This blog has gotten me through more than one difficult day either through laughing at a story or completely throwing myself into whatever you were making that week. I have you to thank for so many birthday cakes (peanut butter chocolate, ice cream cake) and your salted caramel brownies are now a staple whenever I visit my boyfriend’s family. I have your first book and I am so, so thrilled for another! Congratulations on your big news! You are truly inspiring (as I sit and dream away in cubicle land…).

  24. Ohhh, this is so exciting! I am so happy for you.

    And about the move, I hope you can work on things and adjust them to your taste. I tried convincing our current landlord to let me paint the doors white, because that just works better than light brown doors in a small apartment, but he wouldn’t let me. But there are worse things than that!

    And the peaches look amazing, yum!

  25. Jean


    Can you tell me what kind of grill pan you have the peaches on? And whether or not you like it? Thanks.

    Also, I need some motivation for using our pressure cooker … I think you got one recently, right? Looking forward to some recipes.

    Oh, and guess what? Although I’ve only commented a couple of times, I’ve been reading your site regularly since not quite the very beginning but since 2006!

  26. 1. I’m super excited about your new book!
    2. I cannot wait until my husband leaves town in two weeks so I can make this dessert as he is allergic to both tree nuts and peaches.
    3. My 4year old will love this dish as much as I expect to love it. Since he so rarely gets ice cream, he may think it’s his birthday again!
    4. Thank you!

    1. deb

      Grill pan — I have this one. It’s perfectly okay. With a larger stove (which I might be getting), I’d probably have gotten the one that stretches across two burners. Don’t even bother not buying these. It’s definitely a pain to clean, and these help a lot.

      Pressure cooker — Oh, the shame. I’ve only used it once. I promise to give it more time this winter.

      Book — How could I forget? This might be insane, but for the most part, my HOPE is to test every recipe that can be cooked in a pressure cooker or slow-cooker in one (I mean, soups/stews/braises, I don’t fuss with cakes), and give cooking notes. That’s the pie-in-the-sky dream. You guys would want that, right?

      And thank you for all of the good cheer. It’s making my day. I’m so glad that you’re all excited too.

  27. Kim Tucker

    I absolutely did not roll my eyes when I read you’re writing a 2nd cookbook! JOY! I am thrilled, I love your blog, and I love your first cookbook!

  28. Jane M

    I have yet ANOTHER WEIGH IN and this came in my FEED! WAAAAAAAAAH! I could just LICK.THE.SCREEN.! **pity party** has commenced. CONGRATS ON THE NEW BOOK AND NEW DIGS! Can’t wait to see them both!

  29. Yay Deb, congrats on both! Can’t wait for the second book and for photos of your new place. A deck sounds amazing! The sundae is pretty awesome too ;)

  30. Such good news! And yes, I did immediately assume there would be bump sightings in the next few months. But photos of city sunsets off a new deck will also work. And the fresh herb garden! Ooh, the scent of wafting basil and mint when you open that door? Nothing beats that.

    I barely use my pressure cooker during the summer months. I took it out last week to whip together some brown rice, but it doesn’t really get used until the squashes come at the end of October. I’m quite excited at the prospect of recipes including instructions for pressure cooker use. I cooked up the black beans from your first cookbook with mine. Honestly, I just translate recipes into pressure cooker speak in my head as I read them. Oh, I’m so excited for you!

  31. Ted

    Congrats on the new book! And congrats on the relocation. Sort all your stuff as you’re packing; don’t move anything you don’t want. Remember: your stuff should facilitate your having the life you want, rather than reflecting the life you have.

    1. deb

      Kate — I’ll be sure to get a photo of it because it’s not even on the to-do list before we move. Knowing us, this means it will still be there in two years. We’re the WORST at home projects. Actually, it would be funny if I did a whole “And here’s our DIY big reveal!” blog post and you guys were like “Um, Deb, it looks exactly the same but you put the laundry away.” [P.S. This will never be a home decor blog. Nobody needs to see this.]

  32. Congratulations on your new digs! How fun! Don’t give a second thought to the old decor, because it will be perfectly “you” when you’re done! I know, because I’ve “done”. These peach sundaes look scrumptious. Truly my kind of dessert! Thank you!

  33. Sasha

    First, congrats!! That sounds like the easiest, most convenient NYC move I have ever heard of. Second, is that a grill pan you’re using?? Can you recommend a good one?

  34. Sally

    Pressure cooker, fine. But slow cooker recipes should ideally have recommendations for making the dish *without one* for those of us who don’t have slow cookers.

    Congratulations on both the move and the proto-book! And also sympathy for the exhausting bits of both.

    1. deb

      Sally — I meant, and of course this is just the hope/aspiration, that the recipes will be written for standard equipment (stove, oven) but ones applicable to slow-cooker or pressure cooker will have additional footnotes or sidebars explaining how.

  35. Forget the bananas. This is brilliant!

    By the way, you might appreciate this… yesterday, my 9-year-old sister asks me, “Have you ever heard of a banana split??” Later on this call, when I told her I’ve realized I’m more of a pie person not a cake person, she says, “I have a feeling about pie, but I also have a feeling about cake.” :)

  36. Jo greenfield

    Wonderful news about the second cook book and the move. I had a feeling a new book would be coming soon, there are so many of us who loved the last book (I bought 3 two hardcover and one from iBooks I shared with a good friend). You are such a bright spot in my day and of course husband friends all love your recipes Nd good sense when it comes to cooking.
    Good luck with the move, wish we could have a moving party and give you a hand!

  37. maple

    DEB! I’m so excited for the new book. As long as you’re excited, that is. I hope the new place is an “upgrade”, meets the needs and wants better than where you are now. SUPER YAY Deb!

  38. aw congrats deb!!! “still smitten after all these years” ? “smiten kitchen” ? (heehee) that’s super exciting news !! and i laughed out loud at bananas getting all the love. that seems completely true especially in the face of these dang delicious looking peachy beauties. all the best with the move!! wonderful to have more space! and an herb garden sounds like just the thing to seal the deal. xo

  39. caroline

    Congrats on all the exciting news! Woohoo! Another SK cookbook!
    I was planning on grilling peaches to go with your boozy french toast for brunch this weekend, so it was great to see today’s post. I’m making it a bourbon vanilla french toast, grilled peaches, and I haven’t decided if I’m spiking the whipped cream or not.
    Thanks for all your wonderfulness! Mwah!

  40. Cara

    In-building moves are both easier and harder than a regular move. About 15 months ago we moved up one floor to a bigger place and it was the best move ever because we stayed in the location we loved and just had more space, but it was hard to motivate to pack everything up properly to just go up one flight of stairs. The end result (which I don’t necessarily recommend) was three days of emptying a drawer or shelf into a box, walking up the stairs and then if we thought we knew where we wanted that stuff, unloading it (in a not-organized manner) into the new drawer or shelf. Finally at the end it was just piles of stuff in the respective area and then more days of actually putting it in a place.

    The biggest help was to have one box marked “trash” and one marked “donate” in each apartment so that we could toss directly into them both in the moment of considering if it was worth taking something upstairs and again in the moment of trying to find somewhere to put it upstairs.

  41. Caterina

    Congrats on both the new book and new apartment!!! How exciting. Both will be quite the project but anything that is truly worth it often is. All the best.

  42. Pamela

    Yay! A new cookbook! I’m guessing the new cookbook will come with a book tour as well–I’d like to go ahead and put in my two cents for a visit to Cincinnati–pretty please!

  43. sallyT

    CONGRATULATIONS on both! I was on the receiving end of MANY a person saying “you’re pregnant?!!?” for years whenever I would say that I had news, so I am VERY sympathetic. I started pre-empting it by saying, “I have news, and no, I’m not pregnant.” It took a very long time to get pregnant the second time, but it happened, and my girls are the perfect age difference (5 1/2 years apart). (You met them both at your book tour in Wellesley, MA – they were the only kids present!)

    Anyway, we were just talking about how delightful peaches are when grilled, so I’ll make this soon, and make it with your fleur de sel caramel sauce, so that my kids can eat it. I love that sauce!

    Congrats again!

  44. Oh how happy!! I can’t wait for the second book already and I am so happy for your family that you will have a tiny bit of outdoor space for yourselves. It’s something so rare in our little island of Manhattan and I do not take mine for granted one bit. The timing could not be better either. I hope this means we’ll be seeing a lot more cocktail recipes on this site. :)

    Does this mean you’ll have a stovetop grill at your disposal soon, too??

  45. Ah! So much exciting news (and much love and sympathy with lack of baby news). A deck! I’m sure the coincidence is not lost on you that you’re announcing your new be-decked apartment with a “grilled” recipe…this outdoor space might open up a whole new category of recipes on your site, eh? Not that you’ve ever let your lack of access to a BBQ stop you before from open-flame cooking! (We had a riff on your gas-stove-crackled corn just last night, TYVM) Now, to my news (I’m not sure you were serious when you asked, but…), after eons of hesitation, our little food and drink food blog is live as of this week, with one little post so far.

  46. Such great news!! Like a lot of other people, I’m thinking I’m going to miss that countertop! : ) All the best for a smooth move…and my goodness – I hope the next two years fly by because we cannot wait for that second book.
    You are a very special lady and deserve all your success. Thank you for sharing all the great eats with us! : )

  47. Kathy K

    Congratulations, Deb! We have SO much in common…who would start packing when there are peaches to grill, etc.? And the dreamer in you is already planting a garden! Here’s wishing that ALL of your dreams come true~~you just never know what (more) the Universe has in store for you!

  48. Jen

    THANK YOU for mentioning those grill pan scrapers in the comments, I can’t believe I never thought of that. Our much loved but little used grill pan will be seeing more burgers and peaches for sure.

    Also YAY COOKBOOK. My copy of SKCB is already much loved (as evidenced by many dog-eared pages and fingerprints) and I can’t wait to have its sister-book sitting right next to it.

  49. Pat

    I have this big box of nectarines on my counter just waiting for a recipe like this!…hope I can get them split reasonably well. Has anyone tried this with nectarines? I shall look forward to the next book.

  50. Tamsin

    Hooray for the new book and congratulations on finding a new place. I hope the move goes well. I know it’s a long time but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you’ll be visiting the UK again!
    Having just chucked the last of my peaches into an almond polenta cake now I want this. Mmm, caramel sauce and peaches and ice cream and crumble…. Drool.

  51. Emily

    Oh HOORAY!! Now that I’ve given everyone I love a copy of your first cookbook I’m so glad to know I’ll have round two of gifts covered in 2016! I really, truly, love the first one and am so glad there will be more. I do have a layout request(? suggestion?) if you decide you want such a thing.

    Also, just made the peach pancakes last weekend and can’t wait to try more delicious things with peaches. Thanks for sharing the good news, and hope the move goes as smoothly as possible!

    1. deb

      Emily — Thank you. Is the layout request, just perchance, about the annoyance of some recipe lists going over two pages? Because we are soooo on that. My publishers have been hearing me complain about this almost nonstop for two years (I’m a treat, really) and I even wrote “better layout” into the second book proposal. Or maybe it was something else? Fire away!

      Pat — I think nectarines would be great here.

  52. Kailee

    I am so excited about your new book! I use your cookbook almost weekly, and don’t even need to get it out for some of our favorites (hello, ricotta raspberry scones).

    Secondly, I am so making this sundae. We are moving in a week, and even though most of my pots and pans are packed away, this seems like the perfect way to reward ourselves after a long hot day of moving.

  53. The news of a new book is just thrilling! Of course, I’ll be telling all my friends about it with much anticipation! I’ll be clamoring in line, waiting in 2016 when it debuts… on the edge of my proverbial seat. Your first cookbook holds an esteemed place on my cherished cookbook shelf and one that I refer to frequently (just made the cornmeal blueberry snack cake last week… Yessss!).

    This peachy, bourbon, caramel, mouthwatering recipe? I’m off to locate some peaches and pick up some Jim Beam (I’m out, what can I say?). Thank you, Deb! So happy for your success! Cheers to you!

  54. A) Grilled peaches always.

    B) Is it bad I love to hear these masochistic NY real estate stories? As someone who visits often but is perfectly happy in California I get a good bit of schadenfreude from these always entertaining ordeals. And yes I know I am essentially a bad human being.

  55. Wife To An Amazing Cook

    Congratulations Deb (and Alex and Jacob)! A new book and a new apartment – let the fun begin! I’m also a little bit glad that the new book is two years out – I’ve been loving the recipes and frequency of your posts here since you finished the book tour and (selfishly) want you to hang out with us for a while. That said, where can I preorder the new book? :)

  56. Deb, congratulations! Wonderful news! Moving is a pain in the rear but when it’s to a coveted space, well — worth it :) Your previous cookbook was such a success and is such a treasured/workhorse part of my collection! And waiting in line more than a couple hours to meet you at a book signing was the cherry on top :) Deb takes the home-cooking world by storm again! I CANNOT WAIT!

  57. AK

    Congrats Deb! Wonderful news all around. Can’t wait to see the new book.

    Perhaps too personal a question, but is your old apartment available? I’m on an apartment hunt and it looks like a significant upgrade from mine. It has given me courage that you manage to cook in a kitchen as tiny as my own.

  58. Sarah U

    Congrats, Deb! So, so, so happy for you!! Can’t wait to hear tidbits of how both things are coming along…I’m weirdly anxious about what your new countertops are going to look like as there is such a strong visual association with your recipes and your current kitchen…what in the world did I just admit?! Anyway, super stoked for the cookbook!

    1. deb

      Sarah U — Ha! Me too. I’ve grown attached to these plastic things. I figured if they’re particularly terrible, I can always have them replaced, though, ugh, you know when you’re moving and you don’t want to have to buy one more thing because there’s already so much to buy? That. [P.S. I don’t actually know a thing about how the kitchen will look because they ripped it out today. Also the bathroom. And a few windowsills? Plus the decking. We agreed on white cabinets, but they have their own idea of how the counters should look.]

      AK — They may have already rented it. Shoot me an email (thesmitten or debperelman at gmail) and I’ll tell you what I know.

  59. Sarah

    Wishing you the most heartfelt congratulations on the book news! It will be a great, delicious resource, and I can’t wait to hear more details as they come. (But the news originally came out in March?! Where have I been??)

  60. Oh my god I haven’t even finished reading this recipe but it is SO beautiful,and drool-worthy I had to post! I’m going to make this dessert this weekend! We also have people coming over on Wednesday so I may have to make it twice! ;)

    You’re blog is such an inspiration to me Deb! It is so beautiful and the photos are amazing. I’m going to go check out your first book now. Just need to decide whether to get the US or UK version…

  61. Kimberly

    First, I would like to echo what somebody suggested above about a same-building move. The temptation not to pack since it isn’t a “real” move is really high, and it ends up being stressful and difficult to move gradually on the day-of. If I were to do it again, I would pack everything up the same way I would if I were to move to an entirely new destination.

    Second, I absolutely adored your first books. Especially the party foods sections, appetizers and snacks are most welcome.

  62. Congrats on the move and a place with a deck, that’s awesome! I live in urban San Diego in a condo and just having a balcony is such a treat. I may as well have a half acre backyard because my balcony makes me that happy :) And congrats on your book. That is incredible! My second book comes out in 8 weeks and I know the feeling of having the itch to write the second. CONGRATS!!!!!

  63. Nita

    So exciting about the new book! Hooray! Here’s to my second chance on finding you on book tour :) Good luck with the move – unpacking is my least favorite.

    …and I feel your pain re: ‘big news.’ Anytime I try to share something new and interesting in our lives it’s, “Good news, and no we’re not pregnant…”

  64. Terri

    Congrats on all your good news and new projects!
    I’m not sure what sort of Chef Gene goes awry when herbs and decks and fresh produce is available,but I for one applaud your garden plans.
    Since moving out of my house and therefore the garden, the Amish guy at the farmer’s market has taken pity upon me, or maybe just sees me as fair game. At any rate, he brought a 20 pound box of cucumbers and I just finished canning…8 quarts and 21 pints of assorted pickles later, I am sitting down to read your good news.
    Thanks for the food love you put out, I hope this new book project loves you back and blesses you beyond measure.
    Best wishes.

  65. Terri

    ps, when you are in St. Louis for your next book tour, get some homemade ravs and that gooey butter cake again…good medicine!

  66. Oh Deb, we so need some before pictures. We don’t need afters (with the laundry put away :) but do share this wildly festive chandelier and your new wall that needs a door. How fun! Also, if your countertops are the pits, you could just pop outside to picnic table for photos?!? Yeah, I know, that’d be annoying and not practical. I’m so glad for the 2nd book…awhile back in the comments somewhere you mentioned you (at that time) had no plans for a 2nd, and I was all “but, but, why?? she’s so good at them, and that one went off without a hitch and it was so fun for us and for her. and i love to make and eat all the things. why?????!!!!” So glad this got resolved appropriately! Shush, never you mind about any hitches or not-fun moments.

  67. Victoria

    Mazel tov on both accounts! I can’t wait for your new book!

    This is just a suggestion, and you can take it at face value, but whenever I’m looking for a new recipe, I come to you, either here at the site or in your book. One thing that I think would be very helpful would be maybe a section on menu suggestions, and how YOU throw a dinner party. What food you might serve with what, etc. There are some suggestions peppered throughout the site, but perhaps a central location might be a good idea. I know it would certainly help this novice hostess! You have such wonderful ideas, and I realize that you encourage readers to make things their own, but it would be so so helpful to catch a glimpse into what might be served at a smitten kitchen get together. You DO have the “entertaining” section, but as far as I can tell it’s geared more toward cocktail parties. I’m interested in what to serve at a dinner party, or a brunch (which you have an amazing post about, but as I said, perhaps a central location where I could find all of these things would be beneficial). Thanks for everything Deb…thus far you have never failed me!

  68. Alice

    No pressure or anything, but a Smitten Kitchen cookbook would certainly not feel the same without your photography, Deb–your efforts aren’t unappreciated! A huge CONGRATS, and just say the word when we can pre-order!

  69. KimP

    We’ll all be here, noses pressed to our screens, panting and waiting (somewhat) patiently for your next cookbook…YEEHAAA!!! and congrats on the new abode!!!

  70. Jenn

    Congrats! Funny, first thing I thought when you said “news” was baby. But I guess a cookbook IS kind of like a baby. Peach splits look lovely!

  71. Catherine

    Congrats on, well, everything! I just moved into a 1 bedroom apt from a studio, and it has a patio… in other words, great minds think alike because my first thought was, “HERB GARDEN! I CAN HAVE PLANTERS! FILLED WITH HERBS!” And then adult beverage popped into my mind. Priorities. Looking forward to 2016 :)

  72. KJ

    Congratulations on the apartment. Be prepared to find out that you NEED a lot of new stuff.

    I am looking forward to the new book. Love the first one.

  73. Emma

    This news made my night! I was watching TV with my boyfriend while reading on my laptop, and the second I read your announcement I gasped so loudly that he felt the need to mute the audio and ask for an explanation. Can’t wait to pre-order — I just wish it were coming sooner!

  74. Emma

    Also, I forget to mention that the process behind making a cookbook is monumentally interesting to me, for reasons that belie understanding, given that it is completely and totally out of my field. So I (and many readers, I’m sure) would love to read about any little cookbook-related details or “behind the scenes” stuff as you move forward with this.

  75. Jenna B.

    I am resolving right now to actually make it to see you on your next book tour when you make it to California. I wanted to last time, but couldn’t get away from my office midweek. I’m thrilled to hear there will be a new cookbook as I’ve gotten so much enjoyment and so many good meals from your first one and from this site. Our friends who visit for dinner don’t even bother asking where I got the recipe for anything anymore. It’s more of a confirmation: “Yum! This is another smitten kitchen recipe, isn’t it?” Your vinegar slaw, zucchini ribbons, gooey cinnamon squares, red wine velvet cake, and rosemary gruyere and sea salt crisps were all favorites from the first book. But nothing can top that mushroom bourguignon. Even as a confirmed carnivore, that is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten.

  76. Katie W

    Congratulations on the new home and the book! I am the proud owner of a signed copy of SK1 (signed by you AND Alex, no less!) that my sweet little sis stood in line at Powell’s in Portland to get. My sisters and I have made nearly every recipe in the book, and we find ourselves going back again and again to the party food. We were just talking about how you should do a cookbook of just party food, because you get it! I love the “do ahead” notes, especially. I just hosted that same sister’s baby shower this weekend that featured your deviled eggs, your spicy nuts, Muddle Puddle Battle, the ginger lemonade spritzer, your homemade ricotta off the website, and a variety of other SK favorites of ours. You are our cooking hero!

  77. Emily

    Hi again! I thought I posted this, but it didn’t show up, so here goes: On the layout front, I agree on the recipe list on two pages annoyance, but it’s actually that most of the recipe lists are on an odd (right side) page, while the directions are on the following even (left side) page. (Does that make sense? Like, oh, time to add the salt. Wait, how much salt?)

    The cookbook is so beautiful and full of delicious things that it’s hard to find fault, but that’s my layout suggestion for the next one :) And I agree with others, if you need recipe testers just say the word!

  78. This makes me so excited! Congratulations on your book, I love the first one and am sure the second one will be just as great! I’m also hoping (a little selfishly) that a second book means a second book tour and that the tour comes to Minneapolis because meeting you once wasn’t enough, I need to meet you again!

  79. JP

    My title suggestion for the next cookbook is: “Smitten…again!”. Best of luck on all your good news and may it turn out to make your wishes come true.

  80. Omar

    The new book will be fantastic, I know. May I just say that a book of greatest hits from the blog would not in any way feel uninspired or like a rip off? If anything, it would be welcome! So many winning, delicious recipes that I have made and printed but would welcome in book form. Anyway.. just saying and, thanks, as always. You always provide so much inspiration and deliciousness!

  81. Kimberly

    Deb…I of course was waiting in the wings quietly for #2…as a labor nurse. Made your pickles yesterday and took them into work today …whipped up tuna and pickles and we all SCARFED them down on crackers as we delivered 12 babies in 10 hours! They were a hit!! Can NOT wait to see your new place~! We became grandparents 5 weeks ago…oh my heart!

  82. jan dash

    I am excited about a new cookbook and truly hope it contains some recipes for single people eating alone as well as something like a recipe for 6 cupcakes! I love the recipes in the first book and use them when entertaining but need some ideas for meals alone- your soup section will be good here. There are many cookbooks “out there” seemingly for people with small kitchens and few eaters- but they are almost all disappointing because they give, for example, a recipe for 6 pizzas and tell you to freeze 5.
    I’m talking about SMALL kitchens without freezers here! You would understand this, I think. I’m very much looking forward to all your news on your move and on your new cookbook.

  83. Vicki B

    Ask you anything? For real? How do you make a genoise cake with out pesky little flour bombs in it? I fold and fold and fold very carefully and no matter what, there they are. Maybe there’s a genoise in the new book?

  84. Gabrielle

    In honor of the rainy day we’re supposed to have on Sunday, this will be made and eaten in abundance, thank you.

    Can I use marscapone in the whipped cream, do you think? And would it be bad if I wanted to add bourbon AND vanilla? Just… You know. In case.

  85. Randi

    SOOO, so, so excited about your book! Also how did you know Thursday is the count down to the weekend?! Once I leave work on Thursday I consider it Friday and Friday is the start of the weekend! Yay!

  86. K

    Eeek – I have been eagerly awaiting your next book and am so excited to hear that you’re coming out with a new one! Hooray!!!

    And of course, congrats on the move. As a former NYC-resident living in a 450 sq ft apartment with a baby in a drawer, I can fully appreciate the upgrade this implies. Best of luck with the move!

  87. Liz

    Ahhhh FINALLY. Your book/this website are my go-tos for every time I know I want to “make something but not sure what…Deb will know.” Even now, I am laying in bed, transplanted from NYC to freezing cold “summer” in San Francisco, squealing with delight over cookbook news and peaches. My fiancé heard me and asked what was up. “My favorite food blogger is going to do a second cookbook!” His reply: “Oh! The one that cooks in tiny kitchens in NYC like you? That’s good, honey. I’m happy for you.” You know it’s absurd when even a disconnected fiancé is happy…and knows, precisely, who my favorite food blogger is. Can’t wait, Deb! And a real 2nd bedroom in the SAME building!?! This is huge news! Is it sick that I still miss Manhattan despite the insane real estate chess games one must play in order to survive? Sigh. Enjoy it for me. I’ll make the peach sundaes in September/October…when SF decides it’s finally time for summer.

  88. This looks delicious! I think I may have to try it with plums soon–they’re my stone fruit soft spot. And congratulations on the news! I think those both (especially the book!) count as a baby of their own sort ;)

  89. Yay this is exciting, and congrats! (And I just *knew* this was going to be the news when I saw the header in my feed and clicked through!) I just need to make sure I do what I did for your first book, make sure I pitch up to the very first stop of your book tour, then the very last! (Hi from London, and before that Los Angeles again!!)

  90. Really exciting news – can’t wait for the second book – the first is brilliant. Can I ask why you choose to grill the stone fruits rather than say roasting them – do you especially want the smoky charred flavour. I’ve been experimenting with cooking stone fruit recently and found that roasting them, pealing them and then soaking in a herb flavoured syrup makes them beautiful and vibrant.

  91. Maisy from Langhorne, PA

    Dear Deb~~ You are clearly one of the most loveable people on the planet. My daughter (now 28) tuned me into your site/recipe e-mails several years back and also gifted me your book two Christmases ago. I’ve passed SK along to others and the obsession spreads. Best wishes to you and your family as you transform your new “digs” into “home-sweet-home”.

  92. Adrienne K

    Congrats on your new book! On the other hand – So cruel to have to have to wait 2 years for it. It would have been soooo much better for you to say “guess what I wrote a new book and it will be out next month”. That I could do.,,, As opposed to a lot of beautiful cookbooks that I love to read, yours is one I actually do use. And congrats on your new apt. More space is always a plus.

  93. Bridgit

    Congratulations on all fronts, thought I feel like the peach sundae might be the biggest revelation… Years ago, my GF uncle (way before it was something that most people knewabiut) came over for dinner. It was September, and we had just canned up a bushel of beautiful a Michigan peaches. Dessert was a slightly less decedant version of what you present today: sliced peaches topped with ice cream, caramel and toasted pecans. The whipped cream and cookie crumble sound like incredible additions. Unfortunately, Michigan’s peach crop is pretty sad this year. Our “fruit guy” at the market said he lost most of his trees to the polar vortex. We were shocked, not his crop, his trees. Gone. Over 1000. Can you imagine!? But I suspect we will purchase a few out of state fruits, even though we are Michigan fruit snobs. Speaking of which… Sour cherries are calling your name at the traverse city cherry festival next year… On the shores of lovely Lake Michigan, a perfect place to vacation…

  94. Ummmm, I don’t think you realize how happy this makes me!! I saw the email come in at 6am (Dublin time), and as soon as I saw “big news” I was really, really hoping it would be a new cookbook. My boyfriend got me your last one for a birthday present, and its the best present he’s ever got for me. And that includes jewelry. 2016, I can’t wait for you!

  95. PippaS

    Great news. v excited for you on both accounts. We’ll forgive some silences from you (for a little while, until you’re settled in – like 3 days after the move..!)
    1) New book – yippee, double yippee about the *promise* to add pressure cooker and slow cooker notes. We will not let you forget you said that, even though it was only in a comment half way down.
    2) Am I the only one who wants to know what’s going into your herb garden?! That is very exciting for me , I’m in the process of ripping out and replanting mine. I’ll tell you what I’ve got if you’ll tell me yours: chives, tarragon, 2 thymes, 3 mints (in a separate bed) and oregano (going to be split, too huge). Sage is going but may be replaced. Will add borage. Parsley and basil are elsewhere. a new lavender is also going in once the sage stops flowering and can be dug out (i feel sorry for the bees…) Maybe some statuesque allium in the middle – no herbal value, but they look great

  96. suemvi

    OMG! I am so going to make these right now. My Dad who is about to turn 90 LOVES peaches. We are taking lobster rolls to his place for dinner tonight and this will be the perfect dessert. AND I think I can put together some semblance of the ingredients without a run to the grocery store. Congrats on your news on both counts.

  97. Lunamira

    Deb, congrats to both news flashes! I love your book and can hardly wait for the next one. And your real estate stories almost make up for living in the provinces of Vermont instead of the island navel of the known universe! Although, seriously, Vermont is a fabulous food place, shhhh! Don’t tell! What else is there to do during those long winters? Oh, yeah: drink! And read your very delicious blog! Thank you, thank you for doing this with your life.

  98. Colleen

    Congratulations on book 2! Love the first one. 2016 does feel like a long way off, but good things come to those who wait, the new book will be great! And, soup!? Yeah! Remember, as you do all the hard work creating this new and amazing book you will not be alone, we will all be here cheering you on.
    Moving, not one of my most favorite things to do, but sometimes it must be done. Nice you don’t need to move far. Enjoy all the extra room and I will watch for new photos of your herb garden on your city deck! Oh and, yes please, because im very curious, pictures of the plastic chandelier.
    Peaches, love peaches. Peaches are one of summers pure delights. This peach recipe will be served this weekend for sure.

  99. Gyrf

    Can you please provide details on the grill you’re using? It looks like you’re doing this grilling indoors. Does this mean that you have an indoor grill? Be still my heart! I’ve always wanted to install one but the fire folks in my town won’t permit it.

    1. deb

      Thank you all so much for your huge and awesome response. I’m so glad you are excited about the book too. I hope this one is even better than the first. (I’m never satisfied.)

      Gyrf — It’s just a cast iron grill pan for the stovetop; I talk about it more in Comment #50, with links. I do hope to pull off an outdoor grill in the new place but it’s tricky as they are technically illegal within 10 feet of a building in NYC. But you guys wouldn’t tell on me, right? :)

      TimedEating — I chose the grill because most people I know are happy to never turn on the oven all summer, and grill outside instead. We all know how to make chicken and steak, but amazing grilled desserts are a little more of a rarity. Plus, the charred flavor is wonderful, as you mentioned. I know if I can pull it off in the new place, I will probably never turn my oven on in the summer for a weeknight dinner. That said, there’s no reason whatsoever not to roast these if that’s easier for you.

      Gabielle — Mascarpone sounds great. I haven’t tried it here, but I feel like it should have similar properties. Do let us know, if you can, how it goes. Bourbon and vanilla are always welcome.

      Emily — Thanks, I’ll definitely keep the feedback in mind. Planning the pages (layout) for the first book was an exhausting experience. I really wanted single page recipes, or at least the ingredients centered in two columns below the intros and above the directions (like here, but in two more efficient columns; the directions may fall over two pages but better that than an ingredient list) but nobody liked it but me! Really. I probably could have been more pushy but felt that all of these other people must know what they’re doing because they’d made so many books before? Sigh. In hindsight, well, you know… we will do better next time. Part of what’s tricky about laying out my books is that most cookbooks have just a brief sentence or two, a paragraph at most, of recipe introduction and I, as you all know, talk way more than that. This makes it almost impossible for recipes to fit on one page.

  100. Christopher

    Deb, so excited for you and your new space! I just found a 2BR in Center City Philadelphia with a deck and my thoughts immediately went to edible gardening. Cheers to your new book and may our thumbs be forever green :)

  101. Jacque

    Can’t wait for cookbook. Congratulations on a bigger apartment. Personally, in glad the kitchen is not amazing. It makes you amazing for doing all you do in your tiny space. PS if you ever want to play with high altitude recipes in a lovely kitchen with a view of the Rockies – we have lots of room :)

  102. Congrats on the book and your upcoming move! Love the herb garden idea. This sundae looks just peachy. Couldn’t resist… I know I will be making this because it is once of my favorite type of summer desserts. :)

    I was in NYC a few weeks ago during a flash flood with no umbrella, standing under an awning outside Gristedes, contemplating making a run for it, even though I would get drenched, when a nice young fella appeared and handed me an umbrella. It is a such a nice memory of my recent time there.

  103. Irma

    Congratulations! Can I ask why you don’t write the ingredients in grams anymore? I get very confused with cups and spoons. How will the measurements be in the book?
    These look delicious, I will have to try the crumbs with almonds because that’s what I have on hand!

  104. Gretchen N

    Wonderful news!! I had almost cooked my way through your first cookbook!! Congrats on the new book and your soon-to-be-covered-with-lovely-plants deck!

  105. Laura P.

    Congrats on the new digs, and good luck with the new cookbook! I’m wondering how this dish would be if I used a smoky scotch in the caramel, and some smoked sea salt. I feel like it might play nicely with the smoky taste from the grill!

  106. Marcia

    Smitten Kitchen Rides Again ! That’s such great news! ..
    You bought the herb garden on sale at Sang Lee didn’t you?
    We moved to different apts in the same building each time we had a child. It does however take just as long to move upstairs as it does uptown . Good luck.

  107. Elizabeth

    I am new to your Smitten Kitchen but have enjoyed it so much, also your sense of humor and the commments from your fans from everywhere. Glad to be one of them now. Peaches on the grill will be front and center this weekend

  108. Jill

    Oh, damnit. I was about to make your cherry almond dutch baby for dessert tonight for friends we’re having over, because I’ve been looking for an excuse to make it again. (And when I made it last week, my husband and I ate the entire thing ourselves. Quickly.) And now you put this up here today? Argh! Now I have decisions to make. Thanks a LOT ;)
    Congrats on the new place! Hope you took some good pictures of the fake columns and mardi gras chandelier before you put your undoubtedly-much-better-twist on them!

  109. We are moving right now, too. 70 miles (and a new job starting in 10 days…),downsizing from a house we lived in almost 20 yrs, and my husband doesn’t believe in movers…the sorting, packing, and gifting is endless. Good luck to you!

    The cookbook timing is understandable. My daughter is out of the country for another 15 mo and is living without any “mod cons,” so she will be happy not to be missing out on the tastiness while abroad.

  110. Grace bc

    Just recently discovered you – so glad I’m retired so I can spend as long as I want (like all afternoon or more) reading your blog -I’m wondering would your ridiculously easy butterscotch sauce work on this great dessert work instead of caramel (see I’ve delved around a bit!)? And your new book (when it comes out is definitely down as a Christmas pressie for son’s partner – she’s got your first one)

  111. Christie Chisholm

    Congratulations! That is all. You’re wonderful. Looking forward to the new book! (The first has been getting pulled back and forth from my shelf to my kitchen counter for some time. It is inspiring and comforting and perfect.) Here’s to the next batch!

  112. Dahlink

    The most difficult move we ever made was only 3/4 of a mile. We bought our current house and the sellers turned around and bought our old house, so we had to have simultaneous moves. And I came down with the flu on moving day. Not my idea of fun.

    We waited more than 7 years for our second child. He was worth the wait!

    And now I know what everyone on my list is getting for Christmas 2016! Terrific news!

  113. Jeannine

    I love grilled peaches and make them as many times as I can all summer. I will try your recipe, especially the caramel sauce! I would also suggest that instead of maple syrup, or maybe in addition, let the peaches or nectarines marinate in amaretto. I usually cook down the peach juice/amaretto concoction afterwards and it is so yummy over vanilla ice cream or pavlova or pound cake. Anything is made better with grilled peaches :-)
    And I can’t wait for your new cookbook! congrats on the move to better digs!

  114. You are hilarious! I haven’t read your first book, but if your personality shines though as much as it does it your blog posts, I can’t wait to read it, and your second book too! Congrats!

    Fiona :)

  115. Deb, If you were to make a peach based hot sauce – in other words, one that was not heavy on the ketchup and lightly flavored with peaches, but the other way around (if it had to have ketchup at all) – how would you do it? I’m not really asking you to come up with a recipe on the spot, but perhaps you could consider it for a future time? Someone gave us a bottle of the most wonderful peach hot sauce last year, but the someone didn’t identify herself, and I have no idea how to begin. I thought you’d have some thoughts.

    By the way, congratulations on the conception of your second book! The first one is beautiful enough to frame any and every page!

    1. deb

      Erin — I’d take a hot sauce recipe and wherever it suggests using tomatoes or sweet peppers, use cooked down peach puree instead. And thank you.

  116. Marcia

    I would have baby sat your herbs! Put them each in a bigger pot .. Keep watered and pinch back the tops. Put them next a window that gets some sun, any sun, and then when you get them to your terrace, feed them a little time release granular fertilizer.. Eventually even bigger pots… Mint , chives and maybe rosemary and Thyme should winter over if you keep them near a south facing wall and out of the wind. Even deer don’t eat them, but that should not be your problem..
    Giraffes, maybe!

  117. Marcia

    Just looked at the pic.. You have sage too.. That will overwinter nicely. You will have such fun.. Can’t get more locators than that! Put the mint in a Very big pot.. It spreads like crazy , and you will find yourself using it in everything!

  118. Congrats, Deb! Love your first book (and of course your site) so I’m excited for your second one. Love all your recipes and your sense of humor; it’s a joy reading and seeing your work! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes! xo

  119. Oh I am so happy for you!! The recipe sounds delicious and the pictures are awesome but I was so intrigued by your story I barely noticed :-) I had to go back and look and see the special dessert you were making for us. I will be excited to follow you on your next book writing journey.

  120. Oh sweet jesus…they look stunning. I can’t wait to try them. Congrats on your news…being in the same age bracket, married and sans kiddies, I know how careful one has to be when saying ‘I’ve got news!’ Enjoy the move and good luck in your new home, x

  121. I’m planning on making your ice cream cake for a party next month, and these cookie crumbles gave me an idea. Instead of actually making the Oreos/wafers, could I just make the crumbles, do you think? I feel like that would help speed up the process!

    1. deb

      Rebecca — I think these would work. The thing with the Oreos and Oreo-crumbs is that they’re pretty crisp and hold up. When they soften, they taste like cake. I’m not sure, if these DID soften, they’d be as appealing.

  122. Elisa

    Congrats on the new cookbooks! I can’t wait to met you again whirl you’re touring around. I will wait patiently and continue using your 1st one!

  123. Madeline

    As someone who is always very wary of change, I have to say that you always have such a grace when it comes to sharing new developments in your life. Both pieces of news are so exciting! Can’t wait for the new cookbook, even if we do have to wait awhile to meet it in person. Congrats on the new pad too, share pictures when you are ready!

  124. Emily

    Okay, one last comment :) Yeah, I can see the problem because visually the layout is beautiful, and you must must MUST keep the full-on stories for each recipe. Seriously, your stories are wonderful, I always read the whole thing. Plus I (and everyone) love so many photos. And it is nice to see the ingredient list on that first page. So, I get it. It’s just the flipping that gets me. I do like the solution you came up with last time (that no one else liked, what??), but if some other genius solution comes to me in the middle of the night I will let you know!

  125. Yvonne

    Congratulations! I am fairly new to all the love that is Smitten Kitchen, and I am the proud owner of Book One (acquired late last year, I believe, after a hellatious move) and cannot wait for Book Two.

    Keep up the good work, but mostly keep your sanity about you. :)

  126. Karen

    Make sure the mint has its own pot. It will smoother anything else as it is a very enthusiastic herb! Have fun with the herb garden. Growing your own stuff is divine.

  127. Ann

    Glad to hear of the new cookbook.I almost cooked my way through your first book.You really have a knack for combining flavors, but I have never seen my mother put sweet potatoes in blini, but maybe thats a russki thing and not a belarus thing where my mother is from.Best wishes on the new book

  128. ATG

    Still the best food blog out there. Looking forward to checking out the new book in 2 years from now, and glad to hear there will be an improved layout, too.

  129. Don’t worry; I also have a hard time keeping secrets! I can’t wait to get your new cookbook–when it finally comes out :)
    Also, peaches are one of my favorite summer fruits! This recipe looks perfect for me!

  130. Margi Briggs-Lofton

    Very exciting news — congrats, Deb! Hope the move goes smoothly, just think about relaxing on the deck when it’s over!

  131. Yay!!! I’m so excited, I love the first book so much and have been waiting/watching/hoping you would write another. I haven’t made one thing from the first book I wouldn’t make again. Oh, and if you don’t include your Dulce de Leche recipe in the next book it will all be for naught ;)

  132. well, I guess that I can start my Christmas List 2016 now. That makes me feel very on top of things, thank you. 10 points to Deb!

    Secondly, as the female half of a 3-year-old marriage, I get asked ALL THE TIME about babies, and it’s really irritating, so I’ve tried to stop assuming/asking other women similar questions. I’m stoked about your book (see above), and as much as I hate moving, I look forward to seeing glimpses of your new home. Your photos always make your home look fun, comfortable, and inspired.

    Good luck on all fronts!

  133. Caroline

    You have no idea just how much I’ve been hoping you’d write another book. Your first one is my number one go-to cookbook, hands down.

  134. Thefoxwithnosocks

    Congratulations a million times over! I’m so excited to hear about a book 2 (I finally broke down and purchased book 1 about 2 weeks ago) and October- it’s going to be an awesome birthday month for yours truly in 2016! Thanks for Sharing the gossip! Yay for you on landing a new apartment! I can’t imagine the stress of it, but I have a feeling that I won’t even notice the ugly in the photos you share with us because the food is such a star! :) I can’t wait to hear how everything goes for you!

  135. Christina

    YAYYYYY!!!!!!!! We will never be able to get too much of you, Deb!!!! All I can say is this time I will be smart enough to preorder : )

  136. Lisa M.

    I love grilled fruit! It is so underrated. (I even love grilled bananas, which would make a lovely banana split, don’t you think?)

    I tried dulce de leche this winter and it worked really well, so maybe I will try homemade caramel sauce. Or maybe I’ll just do the summer lazy thing and grill peaches, scoop ice cream and not worry too much about the rest.

    Congratulations on the forthcoming book and move!

  137. Terrylee

    I have your latest book, I love the recipes and cannot wait for the new one. One little suggestion, put the entire recipe on one page, and have a picture for each recipe on the page previous the recipe.

  138. Alice

    Deb I am really excited about your new book. I have a request – for the metric version of the second book – would you please be able to nix the £ for $ conversion? I am constantly jarred by this when reading your recipe preambles. It a) feels weird as I know it’s not your voice, b) it is not integral to the reading of recipes, c) isn’t relevant for those in places like Australia and New Zealand who read the metric version, and d) is a bit redundant as we are all familiar with rough conversions of major currencies.

  139. Kathy

    Congratulations on both scores. I can’t wait for the new book. Keep your spirits up on other wishes. All good things will come.

  140. how exciting!? congratulations on the book!

    that peach ice cream split looks amazing! there is so many recipes I’m going to have to bookmark for summer!

  141. Sabina

    oh my god, oh my god! best news ever!!! i’ve given your book as a gift to at least four people, probably more, and i can’t wait for the new one!

  142. Irma

    This was wonderful! I used walnuts for the crumble and I had no maple but used honey instead. Yum! Everyone was impressed.
    I did overwhip the cream though. Probably because I’ve been on a baking hiatus since we were renovating the kitchen. My comeback was very sweet! Thanks a lot.

  143. Susan

    Congratulations on all your great news! As a wife of 35 years, during some of which my husband was in the Navy, I became something of an expert at moving (8 moves in 12 years). The short moves within 20 miles, of which there were three, were easiest because we just had the furniture moved by movers. The rest we used paper grocery sacks, doubled. I’d pack bags, my husband packed them in the car. We drove to the new home, and I began the unpacking process. While I emptied the bags into places in the new home, my husband drove back to the old home, filled the car with more bags, and brought them to me to be unpacked. Doing this took us a few days, but small loads (the grocery sacks) were much easier to deal with than boxes. Exceptionally fragile items (dishes, china, crystal, glasses) were packed in the small boxes that movers pack books in, or boxes from liquor stores with inserts suitable to keep glasses safe. You’re right that some things had to be rearranged, but as I had dealt with everything, I was uniquely situated to do so, even if I had to wait a few days to do so. Of course, we have no children, so our solution may not be suitable. However, I have never heard of others using doubled bagged grocery bags, and wanted to pass the tip on. Hope you enjoy your new home!

  144. Wow you do have news. BIG news actually. Congratulations most heavily on the deck. That’s an every day plus. Interesting how you ‘backed into’ a second book. I am smiling here. AND lastly I love the idea of ice cream in grilled peaches! I pinned it.

  145. Sarah

    For the two page layout, the page turning frustration would be eliminated by including the measurements in the body of the recipe, i.e. “Stir 1 cup flour, 2 tbs salt…” I’d still want the ingredients list, so it would be duplicate info, but it would solve the issue. Can you tell I’ve thought about this?

  146. Jude

    Ahhhhh a new book – I wish you didn’t tell me, it’s such a looooooong wait! I enjoyed the first one very much so am expecting to love the second. Congratulations.

  147. Erika

    Oh my! These look delicious and I’d like to make them immediately — alas, I’m allergic to all nuts, except peanuts and pine nuts (I know, weird). Can you make a suggestion for what to substitute for the pecans in the topping? Many thanks in advance! And like everyone else, I’m SOOO excited about your new book and wish you the best in your new place!

    1. deb

      Erika — You can try to use peanuts or pine nuts instead, or just skip them, adding an extra spoonful or three of flour, one at a time, until the mixture crumbles together.

      Overwhipped cream — Did you know you can save this by adding more loose cream, a spoonful at a time? You can fold it in or whisk it, gently.

      Alice — Definitely. Don’t worry about the UK stuff at all. The editing process was a bit of a beast; they were editing when I was doing the fall book tour over here and didn’t have time to closely study the changes that were made. Which meant that I was surprised with a bunch of them when it arrived. It will not happen again.

  148. Heath

    Deb – Congrats on the move and looking forward to the second cookbook.

    Also wanted to say thank you for your meticulous care of this site. I’m always interested in what you’re doing here and you’ve in a way fed my family and I appreciate it.

    Don’t know if you have Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home, but I made your ratatouille recipe and his caramelized cabbage (along with some glazed carrots) and a giant sous vide steak for dinner last night, the whole family loved it.

    Please know that what you’re doing is hopefully making you some money, filling a creative need but also just doing some basic good in the world. I’m a huge fan.

  149. Liz

    I may have missed someone else already saying this, but if it is at all possible, hire someone to move you. Some things are just too painful to do yourself. I have done many moves and consider it worth every penny. Also congrats on the bigger space.

    I had 3 kids close together (under 4 years) and moved so much each was born in another state. When I moved after the 3rd everyone in my family assumed I was pregnant again. Also any time I wore anything loose they thought I was pregnant. Now I am postmenopausal so it does end. For selfish reasons I would love to see you with another child, Jacob is adorable. The best book on the subject of both getting pregnant and avoiding it is “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler I wish you many blessings and all the children you want

  150. jen

    This was a big hit at my house last night.

    Congrats on both the new book and new apartment.

    Regarding layout issues: have you considered something like the layout of David Lebovitz’s new book?

    Whatever you go with I cant wait.

  151. Joanna

    I lurk but don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I’m excited about your news! I didn’t even think new baby, I thought new cookbook!!

    Hope this isn’t a repeat question, but does the maple make the grill pan hard to clean? I saw the tip for using the scrapers, but how do you get the stickiness off without having to wash it? I hear so many different tips on how to clean cast-iron that I get confused and unfortunately tend to leave mine in the cabinet :( Don’t know if you’ll continue addressing questions this far down but I’d love if anyone has a good, definitive source on cleaning cast iron, especially if using stickier items like syrup!

    1. deb

      Joanna — Thank you. I didn’t have any trouble cleaning it. It wasn’t hardened on, and, even if it was, warm water always dissolves sugar. I try to avoid scrubbing mine and soap, but will use a very tiny amount of either if needed on a spot.

  152. Congrats on the book and the move. I agree with the commenter who suggested letting the manager know that the countertop will be in thousands of pictures. I know you’re not looking to buy anything else, so tuck this away for future reference. Maybe you could rig up a portable black speckled countertop with some plywood and Rustoleum’s Countertop Transformations.

  153. Made this last night. Yum… the combinations were great . I used plain greek yogurt instead of whipped cream as the topping and ice cream and caramel was plenty sweet. Perfect summer dessert

  154. Joanna – Sprinkle coarse kosher salt onto a cast iron pan and then use a scrubber to get any caked on foods off. Then rinse with hot water as you normally would and dry with paper towels. The kosher salt absorbs any leftover grease (although if there is a lot, you should pour it off first) and also acts as an abrasive agent to clean any debris off the cast iron pan.

  155. lb

    This looks sooo tasty, but look, if you say tangy whipped cream, there is no way I’m going to make it with anything other than goat cheese. That’s just a fact.

  156. CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome news. My friend posted a photo of her grilled peaches the other day. She put goat cheese and bacon crumbles in the center where the pit was. How freakin’ delicious does that sound? It looked so good.

  157. fliss

    Stumble across your blog by accident. I love it!! now checking it regularly :o)

    As for the news. I know that feeling. We have been together nearly 6 years, we unfortunately haven’t had any luck for the last 18 months and will be heading down the IVF track if things don’t change. Everyone feels they have the right to ask when we’ll have a baby and tell us to make sure we don’t ‘wait too long’, if only they knew!

  158. Congratulations on both the new book and the new apartment! I—like everybody else, apparently—am simultaneously excited and uncomfortable about you getting new countertops. (A few weeks ago I saw a recipe somebody had saved on KeepRecipes and immediately thought, “That must be from Smitten Kitchen; it looks like Deb’s photography, and that’s definitely Deb’s counter.” And it was!)

    Also, those peaches look delicious.

  159. Naomi

    In a last-minute effort to make dessert at my family BBQ last night, I sprayed my grill and some peach halves with TJ coconut oil spray, and then I dipped the peaches in cinnamon-sugar before grilling them 10 minutes on each side, and then topping them with ice cream. Best and fastest dessert I’ve ever made! I’m sure they would’ve been better with your crumble, caramel, and whipped cream, but the peaches and ice cream were amazing on their own!
    Looking forward to the new book! :)

  160. Kate

    Hooray! I have your cookbook and have made many recipes from it and from this site. Every single one has been excellent. THANK YOU for making my life (and my husband’s … and my coworkers’… and my family’s…) so much tastier! Looking forward to October of 2016.

  161. Kelsey

    Yay! Fabulous news! Do you know if it will be available outside the US & Europe (like, Africa?)? I may need to up the ante in encouraging family to visit- my dad brought me your first book on his visit out here, totally worth the wait! Your blog and photos are wonderful glimpses into life back home. Ditto to what Kate said above. Thanks Deb, and all the best. Here’s to an easy move and a new book in 2016!

    1. deb

      Kelsey — Absolutely. There was a Canadian edition of the first book, and also a UK/Aus. After that, it’s up to the publishers to see if there are good homes in foreign countries. And thank you!

  162. Mahtab

    Can’t wait for your new cookbook! I received 3 copies of your first cookbook for my birthday (my friends know me a little too well….or maybe I talk a little too much about smitten kitchen?)

  163. Jenni

    Deb- I’m so glad to hear about the second book! I do love your blog and website. I want to tell you and Pat(#80) and Grace (#5) my trick for splitting (non-freestone) peaches and plums. Cut them in half around the “equator” and twist. They should split into a top and bottom half with nothing stuck to the pit. Whichever side has the pit in it might need to be cut in half but one can usually get the pit out easily. The other thing is that Freestone peaches ripen later than the other kinds so if it’s early in peach season just assume you have to cut on the equator instead of top-to-bottom like you can with Freestone. Hopefully no more mush!

  164. Kathryn

    These really were a hit with my senior section scouts at our “post-camp use up left overs” barbeque! I used plums and apricots as we have trees and almonds instead of pecan as the supermarket here doesn’t stock them (& the almonds needed using).

    Great news about the new book – a definite for the amazon wish list so I can import the UK version :)

    All the best with the move…it’s one thing I hope to never do again, especially not internationally!

  165. Kathy

    This looked delish. But I was waaay too lazy to actually make it. Instead, I made sliced peaches, marinated with sugar and nutmeg. Served over french vanilla ice cream. Topped with purchased caramel sauce, spiked with bourbon. Also topped with pecans, that I toasted in butter and sprinkled in sugar. Totally awesome. I would never have come up with that if I didn’t read your blog, so thank you for the inspiration!

  166. I *love* grilled peaches. I made some once when I lived in Brooklyn and at them with cedar plank chicken breasts and then more with gingerbread cake and vanilla gelato. Both were excellent combinations!

    As soon as I got your book I commented here that I couldn’t wait for the second one, and that’s still the case! Yours is my favorite cookbook and I haven’t found another one like it where EVERYTHING looks/has been amazing! Congrats on a second book deal! I am looking forward to it!

  167. Debbie

    Gosh—another book? I guess it’s time I get my hands on the first one (slacker here who was hinting for it as a birthday present but did not receive it, please don’t hate me!). I’m sure the first one is incredible and can’t wait to get my hands on it and then patiently wait for the second. Your writing brings me back again and again.

  168. Brilliant news – I’ve only just got your first book, so by the time the next one comes out I’ll have worked my way through the first!

    And good luck with the move!

  169. Megan

    I am making this for just 3 of us, so will have extra crumbles and caramel. Making your 4th of July galette soon–do you think I can integrate the crumbles, at least, or should I just resign myself to eating them over ice cream for lunch? Or just by themselves with a spoon–they’re that good.

  170. Jessica

    Please never stop giving us different iterations of delicious caramel sauces. You are my go-to source for all my delicious caramel needs!

  171. Jaime

    This was delicious! And with all due respect to the folks from Georgia, Colorado really should be known as the Peach State. Those cold nights on the Western Slope of the Rockies makes peaches that truly can’t be beat. I think I have eaten about 10 pounds just in the last 3 weeks. :) Unfortunately, our season is only a few weeks long, so of course I had to make it TODAY because we don’t have much time left. I ran out and got some and made this, and just downed a bowl! Baked the peaches instead of grilling them, and it was fantastic. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes–haven’t had a bad one yet!

  172. tessa

    I made the caramel sauce, and it is delicious. However, there are several big chunks of hardened sugar in it. I kept it on the burner, very low in an effort to melt, but it didn’t work. Any advice?

  173. Keri

    Deb, it’s summer and I couldn’t wait to make this again. I think we lived on it last August. Today, I inadvertently browned the butter for my crumbs and I must say, it was no harm to the final product!

  174. Brigid

    Was looking at your recipes incorporating peaches and got a huge grin reading this one on the same day you posted pics of your new baby girl. Good good things come to those who wait (almost two years to the date!) Congrats!

  175. Sarah

    Just made this recipe again tonight (thinking of your sweet new baby girl) and made liberal adjustments: pan-seared the peaches in a skillet (which needed closer to 8 minutes) and made the crumble using half flour and half crushed graham cracker (leftover from key lime pie Popsicles) and swapped sliced almonds for pecans. The results were fantastic. I’ve made the recipe as written before, during last year’s peach season with excellent results, and just wanted to share the success even with many tweaks. Deb, this one is a winner!

  176. Kathryn

    Just made this again tonight & wowed my Chinese business partners. Stopped the pecans for hazelnuts as we have our own & it went down a treat! Thank you!!!

  177. Shellipp

    Made this last night and while I loved the mixed textures and flavor combination of pecans and peaches, I must admit that such high doses of sugar and salt leave me feeling ill.

  178. Karen C.

    I would love pressure cooker recipes. I have one, I love it. But most recipes and recipe books are so 1970s: bland and uninteresting.

  179. Mindy

    This is over-the-top decadent and really delicious. But I can’t recommend a whole peach for one person unless that person is an NFL linebacker or an Ironman triathlete.

  180. Lipstick Librarian

    This with a pinch or 3 of cayenne pepper in the maple syrup that is glazed onto the peach halves adds a little kick!

  181. Mel

    Hi Deb! I’d love to make this before summer ends! My food processor recently gave up the ghost, and while I try to figure out what to buy next, I am wondering if there is another way to make the crumbs? Or a recipe that I could make by hand that would create a similar effect? Thank you!!

  182. Chelsea

    Made this for my family for an atypical rosh hashanah dessert. Absolutely delicious, and a nice light simple dessert amongst otherwise hearty dishes. Thanks, Deb! Although a little melty…. Shanah tovah!

  183. Congrats! I have often wondered how you manage with two small kids in a small space…and write a blog AND happen to be working on your second book. I can’t imagine. I hope this gives you and yours much-deserved breathing room. I use the first SK book continuously; that you allowed me to successfully bake is saying much. May the move be minimally stressful!

  184. It’s full-on peach season in Oregon. This looks amazing!
    Question: is “powdered granulated sugar” (for whipped cream) the same as store-bought “powdered sugar” ?

    Cannot wait for your new cookbook coming this fall!

  185. I made this when I found myself with 20 pounds of peaches. I used what I had – so mascarpone, honey and some graham cracker crumbles (with added cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg). It turned out so amazing! I’ve now done this both on the grill and under the broiler – both work out so well. You can really do it with any stone fruit you have or even apples now that it’s fall.

  186. Angela

    So now that it’s 2016, and 2 years since this announcement, what’s the latest with your new cookbook? I’m sure the timeline has changed given your sweet baby girl, but I’m dying for an update! (Forgive me if I’ve overlooked your update elsewhere).

    1. Angela

      And I should say that I’m anticipating news of your cookbook because I cook from your blog at least once every week. Your food never disappoints, and many of our favorite dishes are from you. (This week was your Everyday Meatballs – truly a delightful addition to the recipe rotation!)

  187. Drew

    Hi Deb!

    While I have never actually made the peach part of the recipe, I make your caramel sauce All. The. Time. Like, probably at least once a month since you posted this almost two years ago. In fact, I love it so much that I have a question for you!

    Do you think that this recipe would work to make caramel candies? And if not, how do you think I would need to tweak it? I’ve never made caramel candies before, but would love to try with the flavors of your sauce!


    1. deb

      Caramel candies often, but not always, have a different balance of ingredients, usually less cream. It’s probably better to start with a great recipe for caramel candies and apply the flavors you see here. (I have a recipe I love for apple cider caramels here, but the flavor is different.)

  188. I loved this the first time I made it and wanted to share it with a gluten-free neighbor, so I replaced the AP flour with an equal amount of oat flour (just wizzed whole rolled oats in the food processor until super fine), and also replaced the pecans with almond flour (because pecans are crazy expensive here in Germany and this didn’t seem like the place to go for it). It worked beautifully! So if you or someone you cook for is gluten free, make this anyway! Thanks for a lovely recipe.

  189. kaitlin

    Hello Deb! A very quick note that I’ve not made this (yet. It is December and there are no peaches and I don’t own a grill) but that this post gave me all sort of warm fuzzy and comfortable feelings. We’re expecting our first in June, in our 600sqft one bedroom apartment (technically a bachelor, for there are no doors other than the bathroom one, which I expect I’ll be using for occasions when I want privacy henceforth.)

    Anyway. I came to this from the sticky buns post where you referenced this and found both to be full of wonderful non-food related advice. Oh, and I also picked up two copies of the second cookbook today, so it all comes full circle. So thank you, again, on all fronts.

    I hope that the end of the book tour, nearly 30 months after you told us about the book, is joyous and your holidays too.

  190. Morgan

    I made these and they were amazing. I made the crumble and caramel a few days ahead and we were still snacking on the leftovers a week or so after. The caramel and “cookie crumbs” are a good base to do any type of sundae bar!

  191. Pamela Clark

    Excellent!!! I made this in the afternoon then took it to my parents house for dessert. I reheated the peaches in the oven and the sauce in the microwave. Everyone gave it two thumbs up!!!
    Today I’m making your Peach and Pecan Sandy Crumble to use up the extra crumble.

  192. terryb

    Do you think I could skip the cinnamon when grilling the peaches and use a local cinnamon bourbon in the caramel sauce? or could I use the cinnamon bourbon with a little honey to baste the peaches?

  193. Ericka

    So we have guests coming over that are Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free. BUT I used this recipe with a few modifications. Crumbs – took same amount of rolled oats (as flour) and blitzed them into flour first, and used Land o Lakes plant based butter. Took maybe a little longer to crisp up but tasted just fine. Carmel – For this I took ‘So Delicious Dairy Free’ Oatmilk frozen dairy dessert in vanilla and melted it to the weight of heavy cream called for. (I did this because I didn’t want to buy another dairy free product and will use that for ice cream as well ;) .) And then I just melted the sugar and used the melted ice cream instead of heavy cream. I didn’t bother adding any salt or vanilla extract since the ice cream was vanilla. I did have a slight seize but just reheated and it smoothed out. Tasted great. Can’t wait to try it with the peaches tonight.

  194. Susan

    Just bought some local (from the orchard nearby) beautiful peaches today; they will be perfect!
    Your recipes make me hungry!

  195. Ella Burge

    Hello, am very excited to try this! But I was wondering if you would be able to used canned peaches? Not in season where I am but would love to try them sooner rather than later