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apple cider caramels

So, friends. Yesterday was the day, the day that that the 336-page, 2.8-pound bundle of joy that I began working on over three years ago tip-toed cautiously out of my tiny kitchen in hopes that you’ll make a home for it in yours.

You know, so, no big deal at all.

the smitten kitchen cookbook

What’s in the book? Seeing as I already showed you the cover, I thought I’d show you what the book looked like naked. (Gasp!) You see, I was pushing for a jacketless cover (those paper flaps, they irk me) and we compromised by having a different cover inside that would be a treat for people who get excited about things like that. Between the covers, there are 105 recipes (85 percent that have never been seen on this site), about two-thirds of them are savory (including a beloved recipe for featherlight Gnocchi in Tomato Broth, a Flat Roasted Chicken with Tiny Potatoes inspired by something we bought on a Paris street, and an absolutely hideous but boundlessly delicious Wild Rice Gratin with Kale and Caramelized Onions) and the rest are for sweets things (such as my son’s towering second birthday S’More Cake, and what I consider two of the ultimate Thanksgiving desserts, a Cheesecake-Marbled Pumpkin Gingersnap Tart and the Deepest Dish Apple Pie you’ve ever seen). There are over 300 photos in the book, lots of stories and also this one little other thing that I pressed for, a cookbook that stays open on your kitchen counter when you want it to. My goodness, this makes me happy, as happy as I hope those Artichoke Heart-Stuffed Shells will make you.

more from TSKC

As you can imagine, yesterday didn’t exactly go the way we had in mind. Monday night, as Alex was giving Jacob a bath and I started typing this post, a monster storm was making landfall on the East Coast. I heard a loud boom from the direction of the Con Ed plant on Avenue D, and the sky went briefly green, then turquoise. You can imagine the rest — power outage, phone outage, the discovery that we don’t actually own a flashlight (am I good at being an adult or what?) but that I mix a solid Perfect Manhattan by candlelight. Needless to say, we got off easy. Our home is intact, the lights always go back on on Broadway, and we’re now cozied up at my in-laws while some of this simmers on the stove. I can’t even imagine some of the devastation many of you woke up to yesterday. I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and dry.

cinnamon, sea salt, sugars, cream, butter

In the last few months, I’ve been asked a few times if I have a favorite recipe in the book. I usually clutch my chest in mock horror and say something along the lines of, “I cannot believe you would ask me to choose a favorite child!” But, of course, I’m lying because this, this is my favorite. These apple cider caramels are my love letter autumn in my city, my attempt, as I wrote in the book, to “pack everything I love about New York City in October — the carpet of fiery leaves on the ground from the trees I didn’t even know we had; the sky, impossibly blue; the air, drinkably crisp; the temperature finally delicious enough that it implores you to spend hours wandering around, sipping warm spiced apple cider from the Greenmarkets — into one tiny square.”

new york apple ciderapple cider, about to get skinnyadding butter and brown sugarapple cider caramels, bubbling furiously

To make them, you take a quart of fresh apple cider and boil and boil it until it is a slip of its original volume, just syrupy apple impact. Then, you expand this syrup into a cinnamon-scented buttery caramel with hidden crunches of sea salt. They’re the most intense caramels that I’ve ever made and if you had a bucket of these at your door when I went trick-or-treating, well, I’d steal them. Thus, you should either not invite me anywhere or make a lot. I think you know what you need to do.

apple cider caramels
apple cider caramels

Thank you: I’ve gotten so many kind, wonderful notes in the last couple asking as to our safety and also from many of your who already received your books and are cooking from them. I don’t know what I did to get such a warm, sweet bundle of people for readers, but you make all of this 100 times more fun. Thank you.

Book tour: We were so sad to have had to cancel the NYC launch event at Williams-Sonoma on 10/30, and hope to reschedule it as soon as possible hooray! We have rescheduled the event for this Saturday, November 10th at 3 p.m. at the Williams-Sonoma across town (59th & Lexington). Details here. Meanwhile, we are in the midst of the West Coast leg: Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, Vancouver and Seattle, I hope I hope I get to meet all of you.

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Apple Cider Caramels
From The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Apple cider (sometimes called sweet or “soft” cider), as I’m referring to it here, is different from both apple juice and the hard, or alcoholic, fermented apple cider. It’s a fresh, unfiltered (it has sediment), raw apple juice — the juice literally pressed from fresh apples. It’s unpasteurized, and must be refrigerated, because it’s perishable. In the Northeast, I usually find it at farm stands and some grocery stores. I occasionally find vacuum- sealed bottles called apple cider in the juice aisle, but none of the bottled varieties that I’ve tried has the same delicate apple flavor as the more perishable stuff sold in the refrigerator section.

Note: You can watch an Instagram Story demo of this recipe over here.

4 cups (945 ml) apple cider
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons flaky sea salt, such as Maldon, or less of a finer one
8 tablespoons (115 grams or 1 stick) unsalted butter, cut into chunks
1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar
1/2 cup (110 grams) packed light brown sugar
1/3 cup (80 ml) heavy cream
Neutral oil for the knife

Boil the apple cider in a 3- to- 4- quart saucepan over high heat until it is reduced to a dark, thick syrup, between 1/3 and 1/2 cup in volume. This takes about 35 to 40 minutes on my stove. Stir occasionally.

Meanwhile, get your other ingredients in order, because you won’t have time to spare once the candy is cooking. Line the bottom and sides of an 8- inch straight- sided square metal baking pan with 2 long sheets of crisscrossed parchment. Set it aside. Stir the cinnamon and flaky salt together in a small dish.

Once you are finished reducing the apple cider, remove it from the heat and stir in the butter, sugars, and heavy cream. Return the pot to medium- high heat with a candy thermometer attached to the side, and let it boil until the thermometer reads 252 degrees, only about 5 minutes. Keep a close eye on it.

(Don’t have a candy or deep- fry thermometer? Have a bowl of very cold water ready, and cook the caramel until a tiny spoonful dropped into the water becomes firm, chewy, and able to be plied into a ball.)

Immediately remove caramel from heat, add the cinnamon- salt mixture, and give the caramel several stirs to distribute it evenly. Pour caramel into the prepared pan. Let it sit until cool and firm—about 2 hours, though it goes faster in the fridge. Once caramel is firm, use your parchment paper sling to transfer the block to a cutting board. Use a well- oiled knife, oiling it after each cut (trust me!), to cut the caramel into 1-by-1-inch squares. Wrap each one in a 4-inch square of waxed paper, twisting the sides to close. Caramels will be somewhat on the soft side at room temperature, and chewy/firm from the fridge.

Do ahead: Caramels keep, in an airtight container at room temperature, for two weeks, but really, good luck with that.

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  1. Alissa

    Wow, congratulations on the BEAUTIFUL book! And thank you for the thoughtful inside- I definitely get excited about those kind of things especially after I have destroyed the jacket. I’m hard on cookbooks even though I try my hardest to keep them pretty. Anyway, I can’t wait to have this in my hot little hands and I can’t when to see you when you come to DC!

  2. Brandiann

    May I be the first to congratulate you on this masterpiece! Thank you for the years of delicious recipes! We all eat better because of you!

    Can’t wait to get some cider and try these caramels!

  3. Congratulations on the book, it looks just wonderful and I pretty much want to make every recipe that you’ve mentioned is in it! I’m glad to hear that you are all safe and sound too.

  4. Congratulations! I’m not much of a new book buyer, but this is definitely one I’m going to have to splurge on. :) And those apple cider caramels look divine.

  5. Jackie

    I got mine in the mail yesterday, and was so excited! It is beautiful, and I love how it stays flat and open when I’m reading it! I can’t wait to make everything in it.

  6. I am so excited to get my copy of your cookbook! It shipped out yesterday, and Amazon says that by Saturday it will be all mine! Congrats on your book, and I am glad to hear you and your family are safe. I can’t wait to make these caramels, and all the other wonderful things I know are in the cookbook. As my gran would say, “you done good!”

  7. Mel

    Oh my gosh, they look so good! I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and am happy to say that I’ve never had a “fail” when it comes to your instructions, so I think I’m going to give these a try even though I’ve never made candy before.

    Congratulations on your book! It looks gorgeous!

  8. Lisa

    Those look delicious and congratulations on the book! I’m waiting for mine to show up any day now. It’s been a long time coming!

  9. Congratulations on the new baby! :-)
    You have every right to be hugely proud of the result!
    My copy is being sent to me from accross the pond as we speak.
    Fingers crossed for you book tour and that you sail through it without a hitch.

  10. Kristine

    Congratulations on the book. I clicked on the linked to the stuffed cabbages, and was happy to see them made the way my mom used to make them. Simmering on the stove in a flavorful bath of tomato juice, not baked!

  11. Carol

    I love your site and make so many of your recipes. Congratulations on this achievement, this is one book that I will probably buy.

  12. The book looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. The caramels looks wonderful too, I love the idea that you were inspired by your city to make them.

  13. Glad you are safe and well and that the book is making its way out to us (it will take a bit longer to reach those of us in, ahem, Thailand), but I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I adore fall in New York – beautiful recipe!

  14. Heather

    I’ve read your blog for years and years but have never commented, but I have to tell you I love your cookbook and can plainly see how much hard work went into it. Also glad to hear you guys are safe from Sandy. The book is beautiful!!

  15. Katie

    I absolutely LOVE the “bonus cover” — book jackets are definitely difficult on a cookbook, so I’m a fan of your approach. Looking forward to getting my book (should be delivered by the end of this week) and seeing you in DC in a few weeks!

  16. Of course I have a carton of apple cider in my fridge right now and have somehow run out of butter. I’m never out of butter. How did this happen??? (Actually, I know how it happened–six loaves of my great-grandma’s sweet bread, three failures, three sort-of successes).

    I have a question on your Chicago visit–at your Book Cellar event, it just says “book signing” on your tour page. I know you mentioned you were trying to do a demo or talk or Q&A at all your events, but since this one was added last minute, is it just the signing? I’m excited either way, but just wondered!

  17. Patricia

    I just ordered my copy from Amazon. I can’t wait to read it this weekend! Also, congrats on having such a high sales ranking on only your second day!!!

  18. Nikki

    Congrats! I am so looking forward to spending some time with your cookbook in my kitchen this weekend. :) Thank you so much for inviting us into your kitchen and letting us bring your recipes, warmth and humour into ours. I hope the book is a smashing success!

  19. Lori

    I thank you and my family thanks you for all of your delicious recipies!! i Am anxiously awaiting my book to be delivered from Amazon so I can start cooking. Congratulations to you and your lovely family.

  20. jenny

    hi deb,

    so glad you and your family are safe! we seem to have escaped the worst of it in boston, but I was definitely thinking about all those further south. grateful to hear you’re doing fine.

    also, I have to tell you what an absolute masterpiece your cookbook is. I’m sure you’ll hear this from hundreds of folks, so what’s one little voice among so many? well, nothing special, really, but I had to at least add my congrats to the throng of well-wishers. yesterday, while the rain pelted down, I sat in my apartment with your cookbook and let out a series of sighs, giggles, and squeals, that I’m sure made my neighbors wonder what was up. and that was just as I was getting through the breakfast section! I have a massive cookbook collection, but I can honestly say that I haven’t seen a book that’s so stunningly original in years. I’m so excited to make everything in it, and am so thrilled for your (undoubted) wild success with this tome.

    hoping to see you when you make the rounds to the coolidge corner theater. and safe travels in the meantime!

  21. Melissa

    Thank you for the amazing book Deb! I’ve made a few recipes from it already and EVERYTHING is absolutely delicious! Congratulations! Happy that you are safe and sound. Have fun on the book tour!

  22. Killian

    I’m furious at Barnes and Noble right now. They sent me an email saying the release date for your book was delayed. Uh, not so much, Jack.

    But the caramels? I cannot wait to make these this weekend. I’m drooling already.

  23. EG

    I got the book yesterday morning! It’s beautiful, obviously. I hadn’t even noticed that it looks good naked!

    These are on my to-do list, maybe even for today! But certainly tomorrow.

    So, so happy for you.

  24. Daniella

    This recipe looks amazing, as does the rest of the book! I just got my copy from Amazon last night and can’t wait to start cooking and baking. It looks beautiful. You’ve really outdone yourself Deb. Congratulations and glad to know you and your family are safe!

  25. Congratulations on your book! I’m gonna look for it on Amazon UK, because I think this would be the best choice for delivery to my country. I wish you to have a wonderful time on tour and I’m a bit jealous of the people who will get to go and to meet you!

  26. Congratulations on a beautiful book!! I’m hoping it’s available for us Canadians to buy – it looks like one of those gorgeous cookbooks that I will want to read cover to cover. This is a pretty awesome looking recipe. Apple cider in caramel form sounds like absolute heaven!!!

  27. Avid reader and great supporter of your creations here! I’m so excited to receive your book and plan on cooking from it for family this weekend. Thank you for helping me to become a much better cook! Congrats from Chicago!

  28. Congratulations on your book – what a great accomplishment! :) These caramels look absolutely delicious! I’ve never made my own candy before (probably because I have a serious sweet tooth and would eat them all) but this looks like a great recipe to try. Thank you for sharing a sneak peek of your book!

  29. Big big congrats to you! So glad you guys are safe and try, and here’s hoping you can fly out to start your big book tour with no issues. Looking forward to seeing you when you loop back around to NYC :)

    1. Louise

      Hi Deb! I love all of your books and recipes-you are a delight! I have tried to make the apple cider caramels a few times and am determined to master it this fall. I use cider (not juice), but find the batch rarely firms up as expected. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve cooked the cider for more than an hour in a pan, but it never seems to thicken to a syrup. Any advice?

      1. Judith A Neary

        My apple cider doesn’t get to a syrup, per se. Mine is a little thicker, but not like syrup. If you go too long it burns btw. Also, as I go, I turn my temp down a little. Many times, when I’ve thought I’ve got to stop cooking but it’s not very thick, it’s been fine. Don’t get hung up on the syrup concept. It also seems a bit odd to me that you’re cooking the cider for an hour. My time (electric stove), is about 40 minutes, no more. Are you using a thermometer for the next step?

        1. Heather M

          I tried to make this and while the flavor was great you may want to include instructions to oil the parchment paper. Unfortunately, when I made the the caramel ended up glued to the paper and I ended up throwing it out.

        2. Nicole

          I made these again today and remembered the issue I had the last time. Even with a gas stove I couldn’t get the temp up to 252. I was worried it would burn so I just took it off. It had been past 5 minutes. Is there a trick?

  30. Angela

    The book was just delivered to my doorstop and I’m so excited to dive in! It’s truly beautiful, and I’ve already drooled on several pages as I flipped through the book. Congratulations to you! And so happy to hear you are all safe and warm. Also, you need to add Atlanta to your book tour! :-)

  31. Dana

    congratulations and endless amounts of love to the food blog that got me into food blogs, cooking, and a love of eating again when food was the enemy. i wish you all the best and cannot wait to start my own cookbook collection with your book as my first.

  32. Yay! Congratulations! I’m so excited to get my very own copy & thank you so much for creating it! In other news, these caramels looks delicious & I just so happen to have a jug of apple cider in the fridge…I’ll let you know when I make them so you can schedule your bucket-stealing accordingly.

  33. Your book’s “birthday” is really great news, but I think we’re all more collectively relieved to know you guys are safe and sound. (Sorry to get all mommish on you.) Question about the recipe: For your readers out there who, um, may not be allowed to have unpasteurized foods, is apple juice an acceptable substitute? Or, should we just wait until we can do “unsafe” foods and make stuffed cabbage in the meantime?

  34. Jill

    I ordered my copy a week ago and am anxiously awaiting its arrival It looks beautiful! Your blog is relatively new to me, but the three recipes Ive tried already have been great!

  35. Lulu

    Congrats on your book. It is at the top of my Christmas list. I so enjoy your blog and the gorgeous photos. Any plans to come to Ottawa, Canada eh! ? Hope so.Cheers from Lulu in Ottawa!

  36. Rebecca

    So glad to hear all is well over on Broadway! These look incredible, hopefully I can find some Apple Cider over on the West Coast! My book is due to arrive today and I am eagerly waiting by the door :)

  37. My sis owns a book distribution company (specializing in cookbooks), so I’ve had the advance (B&W) copy for months. These pics are so tantalizing, though, that I’m going to have to get the real (color!) deal soon :D

  38. Andreea

    Congratulations on the book! I DON’T cook, but you inspired me and I’ve already done two of your recipies and I’m tempted to try more!

  39. Amanda

    These look delicious! And I always appreciate a caramel recipe that does not include corn syrup. Also, I love the hard cover- thanks for thinking of that! The dust covers never make it long in my house, and it is always sad to strip it off only to find a dull blue cover. You just think of everything! (Hope to see you in Austin!)

  40. Congrats – looks wonderful. Amazon UK says nooooo! Wait until 7 February 2013. So cruel. I’m not the patient sort so I think I’ll just have to order from Amazon USA. The UK cover looks very lovely by the way.

  41. Lee

    Mine came on monday and I may or may not have stayed up until 2 am reading it which is only a problem because my husband and I have to get up for work at 4:30… he was a bit pissed until I made him popcorn cookies last night. Aaaaaamaaaazing! The cookbook is very pleased with himself and is quietly playing with the other cookbooks on the counter until I get home today and pick out tonights dinner (the others are a little jealous of his double cover but they’ll get over it). Thank you for the newest addition to the family!

  42. Vlinou

    I got your book yesterday. It is AWESOME. It think I have around 150 cook book, but it’s the first time I’m that excited to cook what’s inside! I think I’ll be making each and everyone of them!

  43. Laura C

    I have a confession. Yesterday I groused a LOT about having preordered your book within MINUTES of your post announcing pre-orderability, but not having received the book yesterday right on time. We live north of Boston, and my husband gently reminded me that a lack of the SK book was nothing compared to what might be happening in the Real SK this week. My thoughts have been with you! I am glad to hear you are safe, (I am still impatient for my book, though. :) )

  44. i am living in panama but your book has arrived on my parents’ doorstep in the states and i can’t wait to cook from it when i am home for christmas! meanwhile, i have converted a friend to the smitten kitchen and we are having smitten weekends where we make something from your delicious website every weekend. Cheers and congratulations!

  45. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! And I’m wondering, how can Wild Rice Gratin with Kale and Caramelized Onions really be hideous – sounds so delicious!

  46. Congratulations! I just got mine! And these may be the first thing I make from it! I just wish apples (and cider) in the Midwest weren’t so darn expensive this year. These will be worth it though :)

  47. Congratluations on the book, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m so glad you and your family are safe and well. This recipe looks delicious. Unfortunately proper apple cider (non-alcoholic) is pretty much non-existent in the UK but I’d be interested in seeing what I can do with organic pressed juice.

  48. Nan

    So glad all is well with you! We’ve seen such terrible stories on the news, of course, we’re used to rain but not that much! Hope things get back to normal for the greatest city in the world soon! I made caramels similar to these a few weeks back, thought I had died and went to heaven – they were delicious…but your version has more cider and it’s reduced more, so I’m guessing it would have a more pronounced flavor…and more is more! Congrats on the book, I just got my email today saying mine is on it’s way!! Looking forward to seeing you next week…bring a slicker! xo, Nan

  49. Jenn

    Deb, I love your blog and can’t wait to get your book. I’ve tried many of your recipes and have never been disappointed. Your blondies (infinitely adaptable) are my go-to dessert when I don’t have much in my pantry, and they are amazing. I was thinking about you and your family yesterday when I saw the storm on the news. Sorry that your book release day maybe wasn’t exactly what you had expected but I’m glad you’re safe!

  50. clare

    I’ve never commented before but I had to say congratulations on your book! My boyfriend brought it to me at 6am this morning and I read it cover to cover in bed (felt like Christmas morning!). Crossing my fingers your flight gets out so I can meet you in Portland on Monday!!

  51. Lauren K.

    The book and this recipe look amazing!! I’m hoping to come see you speak in Boston!
    I want to make these as gifts. Do you know approximately how many caramels this will make?

  52. Diane

    Deb, we love the cookbook!!! We’re making the Spaghetti Squash taco recipe tonight, and Lemon Bars ASAP. Oh, also glad you are safe. :)

  53. Sarah

    I got the book yesterday, and spent the evening curled up with a cup of tea reading it. I was massively full from dinner, and still wanted to head into the kitchen to start at least five things right away. Your blog has made me into a much more adventurous, and in the process, a much better cook. Thank you so much for writing it, and the book– I will be enjoying it for a long time!

  54. Carol M. Mendoza

    Your book is fantastic…my 3 came yesterday. One for me, one for my sister and one for my sister-in-law. Christmas gifts for them!

  55. Morgan

    I’ve got about 3lbs of caramel left over from a make-your-own-caramel-apple bar. Any way I could melt that down and incorporate the reduced apple cider, or is there no turning back on that one? I could probably add the salt & cinnamon, but I just know it’ll be missing that appleyness that fall requires. Thanks!!

  56. Jeanne H

    I got your book delivered to my door yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to start cooking from it. I recall you mentioning in a post that you were going over fonts and type and color. Well let me say that the recipes and text are very easy on the eyes and the photos are wonderful.

    Congratulations on a great achievement!

  57. OMG, Deb! I got the book yesterday. I sat on the couch and read the title of every recipe to my husband who nodded with excited approval, we are both ready to get cooking. Fabulous! Thank you!

  58. DawnP

    Per UPS tracking, my book is waiting on my doorstep, after being slightly delayed by the storm. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to cut out of work early to go home and start drooling over it!!

  59. Katie

    GAH! My preorder did not leave Amazon until yesterday so I’m tapping my foot waiting for it to arrive. . . .Maybe tomorrow or Friday. I have no patience.

  60. Kathy in St. Louis

    YES. The cat is really out of the bag now on putting cider in caramels. The world definitely needs to know, especially in time to stock up, freeze extra cider, and make them all winter long.

    Opening the book tonight will be the highlight of my day. Halloween? Whosiewhatsie now?

  61. Patty

    My book just arrived…I am at work but have a thoughtful mail carrier that knows I work across the street. I cannot wait to read it cover to cover. It will take all of my strength to actually work today and not hide somewhere with the book. Congratulations!!!

  62. Anna O.

    One of my girls (not sure which one) peels off book jackets when I’m not looking-even on cookbooks. The beautiful book cover is appreciated over here. My book arrives this evening and I can’t wait! Congratulations!
    PS We love you because you make cooking fun and tasty (or at least that’s why we love you at my house).

  63. GB

    Wow, what an adventure! I am so happy for you! I don’t know you but the journey you have made from your blog in your tiny kitchen to this wonderful cookbook inspires me so so much. I hope I have the courage to embark on my journey some day. To celebrate this day with you, I’ll make these caramels. It will be my first batch of caramels since I was a little girl, caramel making scare me….Congratulations (and thanks for the inspiration)

  64. So glad you and your family are safe during this crazy time in NY. Amazon informed me my book is in the mail — I cannot wait! Stay strong and congratulations with this awesome step as cookbook author!

  65. Congrats! It is beautiful and if this wonderful blog in any indication it is also chalk full of deliciousness. This is the number one thing on my Christmas list, I’m just not sure I can wait that long!

  66. I don’t think anyone’s day went according to plan over the last couple days… Glad to hear you are safe and the power is back on! And congratulations on the book. I can’t wait to see it (and taste these cider caramels… I have some spiced cider in the fridge now)!

  67. I can’t stop reading your cookbook! The recipes all make me want to burst into the kitchen and overstuff my fridge with delectable treats. The photos are beautiful and I love the introductions to every recipe. Congratulations on a wonderful book! Glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Now I’m off to the kitchen to try out some of the amazing recipes!

  68. The book came yesterday, but I only got a chance to admire the cover and the wonderful chunkiness of it. My hubby, who is a graphic designer, declared it “beautiful.” Congratulations and I can’t wait to smudge all its pages!!! (You know, with butter. As I cook. Actually, I’m extremely careful with all my books…but my sister, who I will be giving a copy to for Christmas, will do it in my stead. =)

    I will now commence drooling at the thought of these caramels.

  69. Congrats! So exciting! I love that the book will be beautiful with AND without the dust jacket. It’s on my Christmas wishlist, so I hope someone in my family takes the hint…

  70. Congratulations Deb!!! And I’m so happy to hear that all went alright for you in the storm. I received my copy of your book yesterday, promptly removed the book jacket (you should feel vindicated :), read the whole thing instead of doing my work, and plan to cook everything from it in short order. Especially since my husband spent the entire time reading over my shoulder and said, “you can cook absolutely anything you want, if it’s from that book!”

  71. First of all, l just have to say I am SO relieved that you and Alex and li’l Jacob are all okay!! I’ve also been worried about Jennie & her girls ( and just checked her blog, but no update there. I hope they are okay. It breaks my heart to see all of the destruction left by Sandy and I pray that everyone that has been devastated will be able to rebuild their lives and see brighter days very soon.

    On a MUCH happier note, got a nice little surprise on my front porch late last night!!! My SK COOKBOOK had arrived from!!! I immediately toted it to bed with me and then ended up running 30 minutes late to work this morning because I was absolutely GLUED to the pages and couldn’t tear myself away!! The book is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!! You have reeeeeally outdone yourself Deb and I am so grateful to you for all the blood, sweat and tears you have poured into each and every recipe (I know that sounds gross, but you get what I mean – LOL!). I cannot wait to get cooking . . . . now the excruciating process of deciding which to make first . . . .

  72. Sarah

    I’m glad to hear that you are all safe. I’m also bitterly jealous of all those who have received their cookbooks. I’m waiting for the UPS man who is on his way, but I wish he would hurry up.

  73. Robin W

    I cannot wait to get this book! And I am so going to get one for each of my daughters. I adore your blog and your recipies make we want to spend all my time in the kitchen.
    Reading your blog makes me happy and hungry.
    Thank you so much for this.
    Robin W
    Columbia, MO

  74. Alanna S

    Glad to hear you made it through safely.

    I am very sad I can’t get to a stop on your tour, but I do hope to order your book one day very soon.

    Thanks for all the good eats!! You are my first stop when I’m looking for a recipe!

  75. Dani

    I ordered the book back in April, but it got stuck in the hurricane, so I didn’t get it yesterday. Can’t wait to get it in my grubby little hands tonight! Congratulations!!!!

  76. Heath

    I’m holding off getting the book so I can join the line of hundreds in Austin to meet you there and say thank you for helping me and others change the way we think about cooking. Congrats on the end of a long journey and the beginning of a new one!

  77. Adriana


    The Smitten Kitchen cookbook is on the UPS truck for delivery to my home at ANY.MINUTE. I am so excited! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the recipes 8^)

  78. Congratulations! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail this week! And, your description of New York City is lovely; I love that you tried to pack all that into a caramel. It’s like a sweet little love song, sung when the city most needs to hear it.

  79. Urban Wife

    Congrats on your book baby!! I cannot begin to imagine the blood, sweat and tears that went into making this a reality. Thank you, thank you and thank you again! I hope to see you in Austin.

    p.s. I’m so glad you guys were safe during the storm. :)

  80. Stephanie

    I flipped through every page of your book as soon as I received it! The photos are GORGEOUS, and the recipes look incredible. I especially love the adorable photos of your son and the dedication. So sweet! I can’t wait to make the apple cider caramels. I’m already making plans for them for Thanksgiving! I look forward to seeing you in Philly when you visit on your book tour. See you then! Congratulations!

  81. Got my copy of the book shipped to me yesterday! I was so exicted to receive it and even more excited to start trying out the recipes! These caramels look devine!

    Glad you are all safe & warm! My heart goes out to all the people affected by #Sandy!

  82. Laura

    I love your website and have made so many of your recipes! Can’t wait to get the book!

    Do you know about how many caramels this makes? Thinking about making these as a gift, and want to get an approximate count. Thanks!

  83. Alyson

    The caramels look delicious, but mostly I wanted to say that I was giddy when I saw my order shipped e-mail from Amazon the other day! I know what I’ll be doing Saturday during my kiddos’ naptime!!

  84. Kendra

    Now I just need a clever way to reuse or recycle the dust jacket, since I love the real cover so much more. My copy arrived yesterday and I am elated!

  85. Alyson

    Oh, and I SO appreciate that you created a beautiful hard cover to your book. I am not a fan of those paper covers, either. And while we’re talking about covers, I was not a pudding skin fan until your chocolate pudding ;-)

  86. eclecticdeb

    First of all, so glad to hear that you and your family is safe and dry.

    A little email birdie told me my book has shipped (yay!). I absolutely can’t wait for it to arrive — some people find it weird that I “read” cookbooks — based on the comments, I’m glad to see that I am in good company.

    I may have to make these little golden nuggets of sweetness today while I’m “working from home”. I’m hoping to see you in Santa Cruz this weekend, so I can let you know how they turned out. (BTW, not sure how you’re going to make it there by 7:00pm, I imagine that the folks in SF will be wanting you to stick around for a while). Hmmm, maybe I’ll go to BOTH signings and make it a day-long event. (I live in San Jose, pretty much in the middle.) Please don’t be alarmed and think I’m stalking you (well I am, but in a nice sort of way).

  87. Laura P

    My book came yesterday and I saw the caramel recipe but it wasn’t one I’d really read through. I’m so glad you added this to your blog and glad to hear your family weathered the storm safely.

  88. Lauren Allpress

    Ooh! I just made boiled cider/apple molasses/apple syrup a few weeks ago and while it was cooking I thought it definitely needed to be made into caramels. I started out with more than four cups of cider, so I wonder how much of the finished syrup I would need for this recipe. It’s been living in a mason jar in my fridge and every so often I dip the end of a spoon in it as a “sucker” for my kiddo.

    Also congrats on the beautiful book! Can’t wait to get mine.

  89. Deb – I just had to tell you that I “worked at home” yesterday so I could be there when your cookbook arrived!! I was tracking the package from the moment it left Amazon…in fact my mom and I were on the phone wondering who was going to get theirs first. When it came, I stopped everything I was doing and read it cover to cover (in fact, that got in the way of cooking dinner) – it was everything I thought it would be and more! It gave me the answer to what to make for a dinner party Friday night (short ribs), and inspired me to make the grapefruit olive oil cake right away because I had everything in my kitchen. And it made the perfect breakfast this morning – even though it wasn’t in your breakfast section, but you’ve taught me that it’s ok. Thank you!!

  90. I am so, so, so excited about your book. It’s the only thing I asked for for my birthday and it arrived last night. Yay! Thank you from a long time reader, infrequent commenter, huge fan!

  91. Laura Bee

    I raced out of work during my lunch break to pick up your book yesterday, and spent the rest of the afternoon sneaking peeks at it under my desk. It is an excellent cook book, with a great balance of recipes and so many options for vegetarians. I love that you’ve found ways to incorporate foods that I always eye at the grocery store but have no idea what to do with (i.e. broccoli rabe). And the mix of easy and complicated recipes is appreciated. Thank you thank you thank you, and well done.

  92. So glad that Sandy treated you gently. And that the book is here. I’m hoping to be one of the throngs in Vancouver to meet you. Thanks for this lovely recipe. If I wasn’t going to be out accompanying a shark trying to score as much candy as possible in the rain tonight, I would be sorely tempted to whip up a batch.

  93. Congratulations! I can’t wait for my book to arrive – I pre-ordered, but that damn Sandy is holding it up…tragic. Could you recommend a good candy thermometer? I’ve always wanted to try my hand at candy making but something about it is so daunting – hard balls, soft balls, I imagine myself with covered in a giant sticky mess. These caramels look amazing enough to get me to take the leap!

  94. Betty

    Congratulations, Deb! (it’s easier to make a baby than a book, right?) I just took a look at your book tour schedule, and I’m exhausted just reading it. Good luck with that, and enjoy meeting your fans in person! I’ll be out of town for your LA stop, so sorry to miss you. I found my amazon order in the “saved for later” section of my account. Drat! Glad you and yours are safe.

  95. Nakakna

    I received your book yesterday and it’s wonderful! I’m having a hard time deciding what to make first ;). Congratulations and I do hope you and your family are safe and doing well!

    My, it’s a beautiful book =)

  96. CONGRATS ON YOUR BOOK! I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 years now and it has kept me sane in college when all I need to do is procrastinate with food photos, fun little anecdotes, and delicious recipes. Any chance you can add a Michigan stop to your book signing?

  97. Amanda

    Ack, I’m so excited about the book! Just Amazon primed it, which means I have two days to get my kitchen clean before I destroy it with deliciousness this weekend! Yesssssssssss.

  98. Congrats on the release…I am anxiously awaiting its arrival on my doorstep! I am glad to hear that you and your family are safe and sound after Sandy. Oh and these caramels…the prefect candy for halloween! As always, thanks for sharing!

  99. Joy

    My book arrived yesterday afternoon and I’ve been reading through it ever since. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful book. Love the format, the recipes, the illustrations, the stay-open-on-the-counterness of the binding. I’m having the oh-so-1st-world problem of deciding which recipe to try first.
    I’m glad to hear you and your family have somewhere warm and dry to stay for the duration. I hope life gets back on track soon.

  100. Hurray! Congratulations to you, Deb! I’m sorry that the hurricane kept me from going to your book signing on Tuesday. I do hope you will reschedule it soon so I can come and congratulate you in person!!!

  101. Patti

    HA! I stumbled upon this recipe on the Williams Sonoma Blog with the Q&A about your new cookbook… mine hasn’t arrived yet in the mail, so I eagerly ran to the store and bought some cider and while my little boy (he’s 15) carved his Halloween pumpkin I made Apple Cider Caramels. I reduced, I added, I watched, I tested, I poured, I waited and I FORGOT TO ADD THE BUTTER! Needless to say I will be making these again….

  102. I got a copy of the book yesterday and didn’t even notice that it was a different cover inside the jacket! So excited because the jackets annoy me too and I will inevitably ruin it. The book looks amazing, can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

    Also the caramels look SO GOOD. yum.

  103. Sally

    Congrats Deb. I’m a long-time reader and fan of this blog. You’re like my go-to online cookbook when I need some inspiration in the kitchen. A couple of your recipes have become legendary at my workplace since i sometimes bring them baked goods. I’m so glad to hear you and your family are safe and well. My cookbook has shipped and was due to arrive yesterday, but being in the hurricane affected area it did not :-( Got my fingers crossed that it will get delivered today. I really can’t wait. Its like early Christmas.

  104. allana

    Yay for the cookbook!!!! I’m *SO* excited. Have you ever thought of a phone app? I ask b/c I am often at friends/family’s houses and wish that I owned this app! I know I can just come here, but that’s just so much finger swiping!

  105. Sarah Grainger

    Hi, was hoping to be all cool about your book and wait (here in the UK) – till I found out I’d have to wait till FEBRUARY……noooo, so, having made many recipes from your blog – all awesome – I am assuming I can translate, and as you already have weights – I no longer have to guess SO obviously have ordered from the US – and, showing great restraint, only expedited delivery so am on tenterhooks for the next 8-14 days!! Love your recipes, do come visit!!

  106. I am SO excited you are coming to Santa Cruz!! It seems like no one ever stops here which is weird because I swear, it’s paradise here. I will definitely be at the signing… my favorite kitchen blogger at my favorite bookstore? Hello, could there possibly be a better way for me to spend my Sunday night?!? Can’t wait to meet you, and congrats on this fabulous achievement! All of your passion and hard work has brought you to this point! :)

  107. Karen

    Congratulations!!!! I was so excited to get an email yesterday saying my pre-ordered copy was finally on its way! Can’t wait to dive in. Your site has always been an amazing guide for me, and I know the book will not disappoint. Thanks for all you’ve poured into the blog and book!

  108. Amazon delivered mine this morning :D
    Then just now for a second I was like, “But what book did I buy? The cover is different!?” …and then I peeked under the dust cover. Can’t WAIIIIT to make ALLLL the things.

  109. Shannon O’Connell

    Congrats! I am so glad you and your lovely family are safe, warm, and dry. I can’t wait to see you in Philly (unless of course you’d like to make a pit stop in very nearby Delaware with a tin of apple cide caramels). ; )
    Do I have to wait to buy your book when I come to see you, or can I (pretty please) get it now? I met Bobby Flay and Giada at Williams Sonoma and I had to buy their book there.

  110. Rachel

    Glad to hear you’re safe and sound! Is it weird that I thought “Oh no! I hope smitten kitchen is okay!” before I thought about my friends who live in NYC? Don’t answer that.

  111. Hooray for surviving the storm and for your beautiful cookbook! I’m out of town this week and cannot wait to get home to the Amazon package with your book waiting for me! I was so impatient, in fact, that I flipped through your book at Target last night, longing for my own copy. Congrats again and best wishes for the tour!!!

  112. Kate in Kansas

    Oh, what a lovely ans wonderful cook book. And even better what WONDERFL caramels! I will be making some for myself and my father and to top it all off from cider made from apples my family picked!

    Is your tour coming anywhere near Kansas? This is a beautiful time of year to visit the flyover states. I would recommend the Watermark Bookstore and Cafe in Wichita and Pages Coffee shop which is connected to Prairie Harvest Market in Newton, KS if you wanted to get off the beaten path just a little bit and connect with some of us small town foodies!

    Thank you for the beautiful food and the beautiful book!

  113. Andrea

    I received your fabulous cookbook yesterday! I spent the evening flipping through the pages and saying ‘yummy’ and ‘that looks delicious’ on every page. I am having my in-laws over next weekend and look forward to selecting a recipe for your book to make them!

  114. Lauren


    Congratulations to you on such a wonderful accomplishment. I was so excited to see your interview on the Hairpin yesterday…two of my favorite things in the same place! Looking forward to the book.


  115. Chelsey

    I am so insanely excited to read it from cover to cover! I work at a bookstore, and I went early yesterday morning before the store was open to buy it. Your book was still in transit! So sad! But I went to work that night and it had arrived. I didn’t even let myself peak inside until I was settled at home. So beautiful. I am so happy for you and your book and that we all get to see it and read it and try all of the recipes!! AAAHHH!! Thank you, Deb! :)

  116. Peggy

    Congratulations – can’t wait to buy your beautiful book. This recipe sounds amazing – must try soon! Sending continued wishes for warmth and safety your way…

  117. Bought your book yesterday and spent the evening reading it. I had already decided my “go-to” Christmas gifts this year is a copy of your book with a batch of these caramels! Glad to hear they are a favourite of yours. I toyed with the idea of baking the challah or even the granola as a supplement to my “book gift” but you’ve confirmed my intuition that this recipe is a winner.
    Congrats on all your success. Safe travelling.

  118. Megan from Seattle

    Way to go Deb! I ordered 12 copies for my shop. Im proudly displaying them without the dust jacket, as I LOVE the hard cover. You’re right next to the new Barefoot Contessa’s Foolproof Recipes on my shelf! Congrats!

  119. So excited to get your book! Part of me wants to put it on my Christmas list, but part of me doesn’t want to wait that long either. Also really tempted to try these caramels tonight.

  120. Steffi

    Congrats on your book! :) My copy arrived yesterday, and I already tried out two recipes today, their both really great (as always). I’m not really sure if all of the stuff needed for some recipes is available in Germany, but I hope I can find substitutes.
    The apple cider is reducing on my stove just this second! Since I was born in a very rural area, we had lots of apple cider every year when the apple season came – most of the time even from apples we had picked ourselves. Unfortunately, in the city it is much harder to get it, but I hope that the freshest organic apple juice I could find will work as well.
    Glad you made it through the storm safe :)

  121. hui

    congrats, deb! i’ve always enjoyed your posts.. but never said hi or thank you.. so thank you! for all the wonderful sharing ^^ i’m definitely getting a copy of your book ^^

  122. Jo

    Deb: so happy to know that you are safe and that you have power.

    I am going to have to buy your book in hard cover I don’t do this much anymore instead I buy iTunes versions. Your photos are so beautiful, I want to add this book to the stack we keep out on table for friends to look through. Sorry to hear you won’t make it to Phoenix on book tour. Let us know if that changes, please.

    Be safe, I hope Jacob can do a bit of trick or treating.

  123. Wendy

    Congratulations on the cookbook – can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! I’ve been following your blog since you only had “one” and “two years ago” entries above each recipe. Love your recipes, the photos and your amazing sense of humour. These caramels look fantastic! Thanks!

  124. Kimberly

    Over half your cookbook contains tabs already — so many recipes look absolutely wonderful.

    In addition to that, a huge thank you from a reader who also prefers lay-flat cookbooks and a pretty cover sans jacket.

    Thank you again for the cookbook and all the work you do here.

  125. Rachel C.

    I received my copy from McNally Jackson (that you graciously signed) on Monday! It is absolutely gorgeous. The photos and layout are wonderful. I have tabbed several recipes to try this weekend and next week. Thanks for all of your hard work and for sharing your kitchen with us.

  126. Jeuno

    Hope your book tour can successfully start tomorrow. I’m a little glad you had to cancel the Columbus Circle stop, as I couldn’t really justify leaving my kids home with daddy to walk down there (60+ blocks) and back, but I was so sad to miss it. Here’s to rescheduling! The book is beautiful.

  127. Deb! This post was so much fun to read. A million congratulations to you! I can’t wait to devour every page of your beautiful book. And then to cook from it, and devour once more! Hope you’re flying high and (now that the weather’s pulled itself together) enjoying every bit of the release. Wahooooo!

  128. dinah

    Got my copy in the mail yesterday and immediately had to flip through it. It looks amazing, I can’t wait until I get a chance to start cooking from it .it feels like you really stayed true to the blog (and I don’t just mean that you kept the the Jacob pictures:) ). Congratulations!

  129. A few weeks ago I was flipping through a dusty copy of Martha Stewart Living, ( i had neglected it due to wedding), I got to the last page and a picture of brownies with an article attached. as i started reading said article, about being a “stress baker” i felt such a connection with the writer, felt like she was totally speaking to me! i could have very well wrote it! With my wedding just days away i was spending unnecessary amounts of time in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cupcakes, just because i couldnt just sit and relax; This relaxed me. i finished reading the article with a smile on my face then read “Deb Perelman blogs at” OMG! i read your blog religiously! i could not believe i had totally ignored the headline with your name. Thank you for your blog, thank you for your cookbook, thank you for writing and sharing…you are awesome and i wish you were my friend :D xo-Jess

  130. Susie

    Just got mine from the UPS man and sat right down to look at it. Wow. It makes me want to cook. Now. And the real cover is more beautiful than the dust jacket. But maybe I’m just one of those people who gets excited about things like that. I got excited about Jacob, too. Congratulations, Deb!!!

  131. connie

    Just last week I was looking at a recipe like this on King Arthur’s website. It called for their boiled cider so pretty much wrote off the idea of making it even though it sounded delicious. Now I have no excuse to not make them.

    Congrats on your book, it looks beautiful. I’m poor so I’m on the wait list for it at the library (the good news is that your book has a wait list!). Can’t wait.

  132. Sarah

    Deb, the book is SO wonderful! I received it yesterday and I immediately began pouring over it obsessively! (If you were to ask some of my co-workers, I might have gotten a little too excited when that Amazon box landed on my desk…)Congratulations on the book and so glad to hear you are all safe and dry!

  133. Massive congrats on the book, Deb! It’s stunning. Your images are just poppping off those pages on my screen – can only imagine holding a hard copy how beautiful it all is!

    The caramels with apple cider sound better than anything right about now.

    And glad you guys are SAFE!!

  134. MrsNumbles

    I am NOT waiting until the February UK release date, nuh-uh no way……family in US….must….purchase…..

    (glad you made out okay during Sandy!)

  135. Breen

    I saw the book in Barnes and Noble yesterday. I was excited — I hollered “I _know_ her!” (Yeah, we’ve never actually met, but I feel that way anyway.


  136. michlhw

    heartiest congratulations!!! just wanted to echo the other readers by saying that I’ve always trusted your recipes and loved your wit and humor. the other recipe websites? I read for interest, but yours is the one i go to if I want to make something in earnest.

    much love and support always,


    PS: your broccoli pesto was an amazing revelation. thank you.

  137. sarah g

    Wow. It sort of brought a tear of joy to my eye to see apple cider caramels from the smitten kitchen cookbook! Whatever must it felt like to type those word? Well done to you!

  138. Ash

    At last! I await a Smitten Kitchen cookbook shaped package under my Christmas tree! What I’m most excited about is finding all of the artisanal (or not so artisanal) cheeses that go best with each recipe. I’m kind of into that.

    Congrats on bearing fruit on 3 yrs of hard work!


  139. Karyn

    Sunday! SF! I’m bringing two friends :) Sorry I had to cancel my preorder but I wanted to buy your book in the store and it all worked out fine anyways because I moved since my preorder and UPS won’t deliver to the new place. (deep breath). I am so excited! Glad to hear all is well with you guys and I hope your flight gets out OK too! Sunday!

  140. Hooray for book! Congratulations! Those caramels look amazing, of course–although I would have a hard time keeping the apple cider out of my mouth long enough to make a batch. :)

  141. Congrats!! That is a big achievement, but a no brainer considering your fabulous blog! I’m going to be purchasing this from my local book seller… thank you for putting your beautiful photos and recipes in a single, bound book!!

  142. Elena

    I can’t wait to get your cookbook and meet you this Sunday in SF! I’m even dragging my boyfriend who has been (unsuspectingly) eating your recipes for years! Cheers!

  143. I pre-ordered the book ages ago and it arrived last night! I opened it immediately. Can’t wait to start cooking. It’s gorgeous. Great job! I know how much work you put into it and it shows. It is officially my fav cookbook of the year and many of my friends and family will be getting it for Christmas. congratulations!!

  144. Nancy P.

    Saw a shout out to your book in Time Magazine their Oct 15th issue. I was so excited! I said “I read her blog!” Congrats!

  145. My husband and I are not really a fan of caramels. But apple cider makes it unique and very appetizing! Saving the recipe and making these next week!

    By the way, your book looks awesome! Definitely putting that on my wish list for Christmas. Maybe Santa will get that for me? :D

  146. I stayed up way too late reading my copy of your cookbook. It is WONDERFUL! After dinner, when I saw the UPS truck driving away from my house last night I just RAN as fast as I could to the door because I had a sneaking suspicion my book had arrived and, indeed, it had. I cannot wait to begin on some of the new (to me!) recipes. Lovely, lovely book. Congratulations! Wishing you much more success!

  147. Pat

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my cookbook! My 2011 Christmas present from my daughter. The caramels look delicious but I’ve been following your blog long enough to know that the word “favorite” does not mean the same to you as it does to others. For some, the word “favorite” implies singular as in the one that is liked the most. It seems that for others “favorite,” is plural; and that’s OK.

  148. Jenevieve

    Congrats! I can’t wait to get cracking on every recipe!

    And, um, if I show up at your place with some caramels, I’ll trade you for a Manhattan. :)

  149. Auburn

    Congrats on the safe arrival of your light on lbs, heavy on content baby!
    I am planning to be at the SF event and can’t wait to purchase and devour!

  150. Eliza

    Congratulations! The book looks lovely and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

    Looking forward to seeing you when you get to San Francisco. Let us know if you need restaurant recommendations. If you’re here on a Friday, try to get to Fort Mason for the Off the Grid food trucks – great food right on the waterfront w/views of the bay, sailboats, seals, and Golden Gate Bridge. Farmers’ market at either the Ferry Building or Civic Center are very different but have great produce.

    So glad to hear that you and your family are safe and didn’t suffer any damage from Hurricane Sandy.

  151. Barbara Stecker

    Hi, since I live on the West Coast and the humidity while not annoying is constant, it’s very difficult to reduce ANYthing in volume. I’m wondering if one could use the boiled cider from King Arthur? Thanks for the great recipes and I’m glad you and yours are safe!

  152. Becca (she bakes)

    Barnes and Noble just sent me an email telling me that my pre-ordered cookbook has not be sent, and they don’t know when it will :(

    Do you know if there is any particular issue with the copies ordered from B&N or am I just particularly unlucky?

  153. Renee Drolet

    I just received my copy ordered at minutes ago. I am impressed by the book overall qualities. Beautiful pictures, entertainment from page to page, exciting recipes! Bravo!

  154. Hanna

    Just finished reading through the entire book – it is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to try out so many of the recipes! I am especially thankful for all the vegetarian options you’ve included. Thanks for sharing such a lovely part of your life with us, including pics of your ridiculously adorable son!

  155. Lynne

    Congratulations on the beautiful book. It was waiting at my doorstep this morning and I can’t wait to start baking (page 193 here I come).

  156. Vanessa Miller

    You are all safe–whew. My copy of the cookbook just arrived an hour ago; the paper cover is off and I’m adding a scale to my holiday wish list. I love it!

  157. Sarah

    WOOOHOOO! For those of us who have to wait until book signings to buy it (and who appreciate the dustjacketless cover options), what does the naked back cover look like???

  158. Faye

    Received the book yesterday, also got one for my grown-up daughter! One big complaint though….not enough pictures of Jacob!!! The recipes look great and I am looking forward to reading this cover to cover as I hand out Halloween treats tonight! Stay safe NYC!

  159. Jessica

    When I came home yesterday I was thrilled to find a lovely package from Amazon on my doorstep, and I knew it was your book! I can’t wait to get some time to pour through it. Thank you from a long-time reader!

  160. Mary

    I got my book two days ago and I can’t wait to make something from it. I love that there is a vegetarian section, as everyone in my family is vegetarian. I think I am most excited about the asparagus pizza and the peach pancakes. And I agree, not enough pictures of Jacob!

  161. Jessica

    I couldn’t crack an egg when I started reading smitten kitchen my first year of college. I’ve now just graduated an I’m thinking of turning down my offers from law schools to go to culinary school. I’m so excited for your book! I don’t make lots of comments because everything is obviously amazing and that has usually been said, but I just wanted to let you know that smitten kitchen changed my life! I can’t wait to come to your event at Brookline Booksmith!

  162. melissa

    I bought the Kindle version yesterday. I LOVE it. So many tasty treats (and these caramels are on the top of my list to make). Congratulations!

  163. Clara

    Oh my god! Congratulations, Debbie – you are inspiring! I can’t wait to see you in San Francisco. Will run to the bookstore today and grab one of these masterpieces. Everything looks delicious and I can’t wait to try out every single dish in there. YOu do, what I am dreaming of and I hope you continue sharing your recipes and life stories with us.

  164. Kathy

    I found your website through shape magazine or women’s health (I don’t remember which one) in which you wrote a story on how you baked brownies for your nurses. I immediately went to your site because it sounds like something I would do. I baked several desserts from your recipe collection and everyone loved it! I loved it! I told everyone that I found this site that I loved, but I don’t know if they will try anything from your site, their loss! You have gotten me back into baking after a long hiatus and I can’t stop because everything looks so good. I love all the recipes I’ve tried. When I heard you wrote a book and took your own pictures to boot, I couldn’t wait for it to come out. The pictures are gorgeous by the way! I just bought a copy of your book just a few minutes ago. This will be my first cookbook purchase! I wish you a safe trip on your book tour and success with your cookbook! :)

  165. Nina

    I wanted to pre-order but was scared it wouldn’t arrive in time for your trip to Vancouver BC, can’t wait to meet you and can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  166. Kristen

    You are such a hero!
    Yours, the first book I’ve ever pre-ordered.
    Yours, one of verrrrry few books I succumb to in paper form.
    I held it for roughly 3 seconds before I started whipping up the brown-butter-afraid-to-say-the-whole-title-in-case-that’s-illegal treats. (delicious, of course)

    I also made these caramels when Imbibe gave us the sneak peek and included them in fall gift baskets. You’re spectacular.

    I’m so thrilled for you! Yay, SK!

  167. Susan

    After I read your post there was a knock at my door and your book had arrived. It is FABULOUS. I can’t wait to start cooking from it!

  168. Hallie

    Congratulations on the book! It’s like birthing another kiddo, right? I feel like a dog waiting for my owner to come home as I watch for the mailman to arrive bearing my pre-ordered copy. My family and I have had so many terrific meals (and I’ve had some much-needed laughs. And cocktails, I admit it) courtesy of your blog. Thank you, and again, mazel tov!

  169. Deb, I got your book in the mail yesterday and was giddy with excitement. It reads just like your blog, and is full of recipes I want to make, like, STAT! I’m glad you all weathered the storm well (though really, no flashlights?!) and I am totally looking forward to meeting you at Powell’s on Monday! Congratulations on a successful book release!

  170. Diane

    The book looks amazing! I hope to see you in DC soon.

    Becca (she bakes), maybe it’s possible Sandy affected your nearest fulfillment center. Have you noticed where your packages come from? If it was near Sandy’s ire (and Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan are getting the rest of it now, too) that could be what is delaying your cookbook.

  171. Congratulations on publishing the book! How marvelous. :-)

    To make your caramel cutting easier, try using piano wire, guitar strings, or a pizza wheel. I used to have really terrible knives but I love to make candy, so there was some MacGuyver action in the kitchen.

  172. I’m so glad to hear you’re alright! I’m in New Jersey and thankfully we were spared, I can’t say the same for the shore :/.

    I am looking forward to you rescheduling your book launch! It looks amazing and I am throughly excited to get my paws on a copy!

    And as always, these caramels look amazing and if I had stocked up on the ingredients before the storm I would be making them as we speak.

    Be safe and I hope your family is well!

  173. Sandy

    My grandson celebrates his first Halloween today, but the text from his mother after story time at the library was “Baby in a lion costume—whatever. The Smitten Kitten cookbook arrived.” See you in Portland next Monday and hope to see you at Penzys before. Glad you and your family made it through safely.

  174. Congratulations!!! I’ve been following your blog for years and can think of no other blogger who deserves success with a beautiful cookbook more than you. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that book!! :)

  175. shari

    Oh, I’m so happy to hear from you today!!! You’re safe! Yippeeeeeeee!!! And what a recipe! Dang, girl! I pre-ordered your book many months ago on Amazon. I’ve never pre-ordered a book before, but I assumed it would just be sent out to me automatically when it became available. I haven’t been notified that it has been sent out, so I have no idea what is going on. Can someone clue me in?

  176. 1) So glad you all are safe.
    2) Happy Cookbook Day! Can’t wait to check the mail when I get home for my Amazon pre-ordered copy!
    3) Did it sort of make your heart burst to post this recipe and underneath the title write, “From The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook”? Because it should. Congrats!

  177. Congratulations!! And so glad to know that all is well in NYC–and hopefully the city recovers quickly.

    I just received your book as a surprise (Halloween) gift from my mom! And am so excited. I had been planning on buying it either way, but surprises are always fun. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to sink into it and make some of the delicious looking recipes. On a side note–I absolutely love the book cover design (under the jacket)–I’m one of those people that appreciate those little details and I almost am tempted to take off the jacket permanently :)

    Congrats again and thanks for bringing another great cookbook into my life!

  178. Kari D

    So glad to hear that all is well in the Smitten Kitchen.

    I pre-ordered (6) books early this year….yep, started my holiday shopping early. Alas, I received notification today from B&N that the release date for my books have been changed! You can not know how jealous I am that others already are cooking from their copies! sigh!

  179. Sue M

    Congratulations!! I have been following you for years but have never commented. Today, after much anticipation (on my part) I tore open my Amazon package and am preparting to sit down with a glass of wine and my new Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! Thank you!!

  180. Janelle

    Deb, the cover-under-the cover of your book is STUNNING! I checked Amazon just yesterday to see that my copy had shipped “today.” Ooh, I thought, how exciting, it’ll be here in a couple days! After a very long day, I arrived home after dark to find a package already waiting–today–on my doorstep!! How’d they do that?! Needless to say, I was thrilled!

  181. Honestly, the last thing I need is another cookbook (I have nearly 600) but I couldn’t resist and just ordered it – congratulations! I know how hard the wait is on projects like this – I turned my manuscript in for my cookbook featuring recipes from 120 Colorado chefs WAY back in January and it’s just going to the printer TODAY!

  182. Bridget

    Dear Deb,

    Congratulations on your book! I live in Boston and am hoping to meet you when you come to the Coolidge Corner Theater. If I don’t get to meet you, I just wanted to say that you have taught me to cook through your blog over the years. I have been reading your blog for the past six years and I am so excited to have your cookbook in my home. I look forward to all of your posts and refer to your website daily to choose what I’ll cook that day. You are the best! I hope one day we meet and I can tell you all of my favorite recipes that I’ve learned from you.

    All the best,

  183. Diane Decker

    This is one cookbook I will read for entertainment, even if I never cook a single thing from it, though I will. I will treasure it forever. I’m so glad you and your family are safe today.

  184. JanetP

    Deb! I got my book today!! And I take back what I said before about doubting you if you are indeed caffeine-free — your recipe for clams with choricho breadcrumbs has won my little heart. How did you know that I love chorico and am afraid of clams, yet get them occasionally in my weekly fish delivery? Last time I just broiled them and stuck them in the freezer for a lack of any better idea. Hurrah!!

    I am so glad you all are safe and riding it out at your in-laws. Good news all round.

  185. So many congrats!! The book was waiting for me when I got home yesterday (a preordered birthday gift from my sister) and I immediately set about making dinner with it. We had your mushroom bourguignon and tres leches rice pudding, and both were absolutely delicious. My husband requested that I make the bourguignon again as soon as possible (but first we’ve got to make the butternut galette–one of my favorites of yours!).

    I just wanted to say that I’m so happy for you–I’m not a frequent commenter, but I’ve been a faithful reader since wayyy back at the beginning, and I’m thrilled to see how well things have gone for you. The best testimonial I can give is that whenever I have guests coming over, and I don’t know what to make, Smitten Kitchen is always my first (and generally last) stop. Brava!

  186. Linda

    OMG! I just got your book in the mail TODAY! It is so well done, Deb! The cookbook is so well conceived with such great pictures. And the recipes! Such a plethora of new and surprisingly different recipes. Not just a repeat of your blog (I’ve been a loyal fan since 2009.) Thank you so much for following your heart and muse and sharing the results with all of us.

  187. Julia R.

    I just got my book today! I shouldn’t tell you how I squealed when I saw the secret cover behind the flap. Nice touch. Still deciding which recipe I want to make first (leaning heavily toward breakfast latke.) Beautiful book and beautiful intro. If you do the extended book tour next spring, put Asheville, N.C. on your map. Thanks, Deb!

  188. Katie

    The first thing I always do with a new book is take the jacket off. They irk me, too! What a nice surprise to see such a beautiful cover underneath! This just proves what I always tell my fiance about this blog — we like exactly all the same things.

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to start cooking from the book (once I get past the crippling indecision as to what to start with).

  189. my book is presumably in the mail, but what i really want to say is these caramels are the bomb. i’m cooped up in my house, with power, but no way to get to NYC and no reason to go there anyway since my office has no power. happily i had every single ingredient these required, except excellent flaky sea salt (i made do with kosher), and i think they are the BEST THING I HAVE EVER MADE. wow. kudos and thank you.

  190. laurie

    That Sandy, she can really spoil a party! Sorry your launch had to be cancelled, but happy that you all are OK. We hope you have a fantastic time on your book tour! (Please come to Dallas next time, OK?)

  191. ATG

    Congratulations! The cookbook looks like everything so many of us hope for in a cookbook, something only the finest home cook who’s perfected her craft could bring to us. Can’t wait to get a copy!

  192. I am definitely making these!! We have a favorite apple orchard in San Luis Obispo, CA (Gopher Glen) where we get the best apple cider. I am so glad you are coming to Santa Cruz & can’t wait to meet you in person! :)

  193. Caitlin

    Got it in the mail early yesterday afternoon!! I don’t usually write in all CAPS, but THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE!! So many great recipes, advice, and you are just one snarky, creative writer! I love it so much! Wish I could see you when I come to Brooklyn to be married on 12.12.12, but your 12.13 cooking demo was all sold out by the time I noticed it! At least I can carry you around in my purse for a while instead!

  194. sheri

    Congrats on your book! I have been waiting since my birthday in July since a sweet friend pre-ordered one for me as a gift…and it arrived yesterday! It is a blast to read and contains gorgeous photos!! Love!

  195. Lauren

    I feel like after all these years of reading your mouth-watering, loving, delicious, honest blog, you are part of my family…..and NOW!!!!! The cookbook arrived today from Amazon!!!! I screamed upstairs to my husband that my pre-ordered smitten kitchen book finally arrived – We are both ecstatic! I must tell you that it is one gorgeous hunk of cookbook. The dedication page with Jacob’s photo and your caption of “the best thing I ever baked” made me tear up! You have come into so many people’s homes with your recipes, photos, stories and life. Thank you, Deb, for sharing your life and your kitchen with us!

  196. Julie

    My pre-ordered cookbook has been shipped! Am sooo excited to receive it on Friday. I’m planning on being one of surely hundreds waiting to see you at Powell’s in Portland this coming Monday. Am so glad you are safe.

  197. Ada

    I’m so glad you made it through the storm! The UPS delivery man woke me up yesterday morning with the delivery of my copy of the cookbook, which just about made my day. It looks gorgeous and I am so excited to start cooking from it! I’m looking forward to meeting you and getting it signed when you’re in Vancouver. :)

  198. elisa


    I’m counting down the days until my book arrives!! Especially since we don’t have any power and don’t expect to have any power for a few more days. I need some comfort which I know I will find in your book. I look forward to having my oven and stove back to create some of your amazing recipes.

    Congrats and can’t wait to meet you in December. Good luck on your tour!

  199. Cindy

    Received your book today and squealed at the sight of the box on my doorstep. Then I squealed again when I opened it. It is a triumph! Congratulations!

  200. Jackie

    Congrats on your book Deb! I pre-ordered it on amazon, so it should be arriving on my doorstep soon! I can’t wait to be cooking even more of your amazing recipes!

  201. Preeya

    Deb, the book looks amazing. I just got mine in the mail today and was so excited to get home and flip through it. Of course the pictures look great, love that you have one for each recipe. Thank you for including a vegetarian section, will definitely be making many of those recipes (can’t wait to try the gnocchi this weekend!). And the sweets, my favorite part of the book… gonna start with the popcorn cookies. Congrats, so excited for you!

  202. Barb

    What a nice birthday present to myself- your book arrived today, on MY day! Thank you, will enjoy reading and trying new recipes.

  203. Marilyn

    I am so excited about your cookbook and my other half has purchased it for me for my birthday! The book arrives in two weeks (to Australia) and it will have pride of place on display in my kitchen. I started following your blog during a recent two-year stint in Canada and I am a big fan of your beautiful food photography combined with the excellent recipes. You have fans around the world and so you should. Keep up the good work Deb and congratulations! :)

  204. So excited that you’ll be coming to Vancouver. I’m bummed that I only found out about the Sold Out event today, but I’ll stop by the other one. Exciting!! Congratulations. And that caramel looks damn fine.

  205. Susan

    I’m so glad you’re okay. I’ve worried about you and your family ever since that storm was headed your way. I’m hoping I get to see you when you get to San Francisco but if I don’t, I hope you aren’t so rushed that you can’t enjoy some of your visit to CA. I’m not sure if the boardwalk in Santa Cruz is still open on weekends, but there is a lovely carrassel (sp?) that Jacob might enjoy there. Is he going with you on this leg of your trip?

  206. Melissa

    Deb, you are my hero!!!! Truly, thank you for a beautiful book and blog! Almost everything I make is one of your recipes these days!

  207. Laurel

    My book just arrived from Amazon and it is SO beautiful! Made my day! About to read it cover to cover and can’t wait to decide what to cook first. Congratulations, and see you in DC on the 12th!

  208. Oh! I was thinking of you during the storm! I’m glad all is well. We’re in DC, and our copy of your book arrived Monday morning, just before the storm hit, so just in time for me to spend two days on the couch with it, wanting to cook everything in it. The apple cider caramels are on the list, but we made the Maple Bacon Biscuits Tuesday morning (thankful to still have power). They are delicious and will definitely become a standard around here.

    I’ve been reading your blog since shortly after you started dating Alex, I think, so basically most of my adult life. So when your book arrived, I couldn’t help but feel a little thrill that was maybe just a little more than being excited about a cookbook. Congratulations; it’s marvelous.

  209. Chris

    Hi hi :)

    really want to make these, but unfortunately, i stay in a part of the world where it is hard to find non-alcoholic unpastaurised cider. is there any substitute that i could use instead? thanks a lot! God bless!

  210. Sharon L. Buffington

    First of all, I am relieved that you and your family are safe. We watch the news and see all the turmoil on the east coast. It is terrible. So, good that you are not caught up with loss.

    Second, congratulations on the release of your book. I had pre-ordered it a long time ago, and this morning Barnes and Noble sent me a missive informing me the book was delayed. So, we will have to wait a while longer. :)

    Thank you for all you do for us.


  211. Bella

    A naked cover! I adore: The idea that I can legitimately remove the jacket (because remove them I always do, very rapidly), and that there is a wonderful secret waiting inside to reward me. What a beautiful naked cover! Deb, it’s all so perfect!

  212. Lisa

    I guess it takes a little longer to make it to Alabama. But when I got home this afternoon, there it was! There truly is a reason there’s a smile on that Amazon box. Can’t wait to sit down and savor each page, then to start cooking!

  213. Megan

    I ordered the book today and came home and made these caramels. They are the best caramels I have ever made and my family normally makes caramels every year at Christmas. This may have to be a new twist on the family tradition!

  214. Justine

    I got the book today in the mail and had not even gotten in the door before I opened it up! I made the goey cinnamon bar things, they are currently waiting to be cut up and eaten. I am soooo excited. Going to read it cover to cover many times. And I definitely appreciate the special naked cover; I get excited about those things :^P Glad to hear you are doing well and the “madness” didn’t hit you too hard!

  215. Laura

    Congratulations! Love the beautiful inside cover since the dust cover seems to get torn or ruined the first time I open a book (especially a cookbook!). I don’t know how I’m going to wait until your signing in Seattle on the 8th to get my copy. :) Have fun on your tour!!

  216. Amelia

    Hey, so, when Deb says, “use a 3- to 4-quart saucepan,” she means, “use a 3- to 4-quart saucepan,” and she does not mean, “use whichever of your miscellaneous pots happen to be clean at the time, even if they barely accommodate the liquid in question, such that you wind up feverishly scrubbing a larger pot as you witness (yet again) how matter expands under the application of heat.” FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. Pass it on.

  217. Reeves

    First off, CONGRATS!! I don’t think I’ve ever posted before, but I wanted to say “thank you!” I discovered your blog many , many years ago when it first was getting started. It got me cooking (and reading food blogs and cookbooks obsessively). Over the years, and all through undergrad, AmeriCorps, and law school, I found refuge in cooking, all because your blog inspired me to get to the kitchen, spatula in hand. When I saw that you could pre-order your book on Amazon (*cough* before you posted it on your website!), it was scheduled to arrive on my birthday — I knew it was meant to be — so I pre-ordered it right then and there. When I realized Sandy was actually going to hit, my first thought was “Oh no, I won’t get my cookbook on time!” (Does that make me evil? Sorry.) This little sneak peak was just what I needed!! Can’t wait to open up my cookbook tomorrow (with flat binding!). Thank you again, for all the hours of entertainment you have given me over the years both in and out of the kitchen. You have no idea how much support your website has given me through the many, many years of grueling school and now, law. Congrats again!

  218. Amy P

    I’m with you. Those book jackets drive me crazy, and I hate that the libraries always tape them to the books just enough so I can’t take them off but not enough to reduce their annoying-ness!

  219. Leah

    What a BEAUTIFUL book! It came today and it was the loveliest of treats as we are without electricity and heat. Congratulations and hope to see you at a rescheduled NYC event!

  220. Stephanie P.

    2 words that shall always go together when autumn arrives, apple cider and caramel, GENIUS!

    Thanks for the great recipe and CONGRATS on the cookbook, it looks fantastic, always great to see results of such hard work and dedication come together so beautifully.

  221. Janet

    I got the book yesterday and when I took the dust jacket off I died! I love it so so so much! And I couldn’t wait to make something so I made these! And they’re cooling in the fridge right now, but the little I tried was WONDERFUL!!!!

  222. Karen K.

    My copy arrived today. I sat right down and spent the next 45 minutes turning pages. What a delight. I’m looking forward to trying everything. I must have 30 sticky notes marking good things to cook.

  223. Rachel

    I’m so glad to hear you are well and cannot wait to meet you when you come to Seattle. Your website is an inspiration and I am so excited to welcome your beautiful cookbook into my home. Thank you!!

  224. Cait

    My book came today!!!!! Some girlfriends are coming with me in a few weeks to see you at the National Press Club. I am so excited!!!!

  225. Glad you are all okay. The book is BEAUTIFUL and I shouted “I HAVE TO MAKE THIS” on almost every page. And I only got it yesterday! Can’t wait to see/meet you on Friday in Beverly Hills!

  226. Jeni

    I never comment here, but I owe you an enormous thank you and an even bigger congratulations. I am in recovery from an eating disorder that devastated 15 years of my life, and your site has been one of my biggest inspirations for recovery. I know that seems odd, and frankly out of place, but your happiness and blessed life are so gorgeous and enviable that I slowly, slooooooowly, began to open myself up to the idea that the food that had tortured me for 2/3 of my life can be a source of joy and fulfillment. I see your smiling family, your ease with ingredients like butter and can’t help but believe that when one nourishes the body, she nurnishes the soul. And delighting in the perfectly crumbling pie crusts and vinegary autumnal salads has fed my body and my heart. You brought joy back into eating for me. Whether it be because your arsenal of recipes are so perfectly delicious, or because I am constantly reassured by the humor, beauty, and blessedness of your life that good things come to those who are willing to let them in.

    I cannot say enough about how your blog has changed my life. Thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to see your book in my kitchen, promising good food and health for the future. Congratulations again!

  227. Marie

    My 3 copies arrived atleast a week ago here in Canada. Looking forward to getting them all signed as Christmas presents in Vancouver next week.

  228. Elise

    I made these caramels today and they turned out wonderful! Thank you for yet another wonderful recipe! Also, your cookbook is going to be on the top of my Christmas list this year. :)

  229. Kate

    Just lovely. Enough to inspire me to go shopping- and tonight I made both these divine caramels and the chocolate and roasted pear scones you posted yesterday. I love how I can scroll your comments and find kindred spirits across the world- fun to know that at a few of us have your wonderful recipes in our fridges or on our counters or -poof!- gone, eaten and enjoyed!

    And I forgot fresh cider at the store and had to make do with the Trader Joe’s Spiced that I had in the cupboard. Still quite excellent, though I’ll try another batch as you suggest.

    Thank you for these gifts!

  230. Andi

    I opened my front door to disperse candy to trick or treaters, and there sat your book!! I *may* have immediately turned off my porch light and poured over it. I am so, so, so, so excited!

    Your blog and now your lovely book make me want to cook more than any other website or proper cookbook. They also make extremely hungry.

    Congrats to you! (also glad you weathered Sandy)

  231. Melissa

    Hi Deb,

    Oh the sweet reward of patience. I picked up your book this evening, and now I am about to sit in my comfy chair and hunker down and go through this delicious looking book. But, I do want to say thank you so much for coming all the way to Vancouver, BC. I am looking forward to your cooking demo at Barbara Jo’s !!! See you next week.

  232. ash

    I am absolutely one of those people who gets excited about the cover hiding inside (: I need to try this recipe! It sounds beautiful. Your book has already been mailed to me, but because I’ve got a crucial deadline to make tomorrow, I’ve stuffed it out of sight (… sadly, not out of mind) in my wardrobe. Because I know that once I get my hands on the book, no one will be able to pry it from me until I’ve finished reading it – down to the last period.

  233. Mia

    I am so glad you posted that you are all OK. I was checking and saw the book signing was cancelled. Congrats on the beautiful book. I will see you in LA!

  234. Oh all you lucky people who have your books already! Amazon says mine might be here in Australia on 16th December!! Ugh. The caramels look amazing and so glad to hear you’re all ok.

  235. Jessica

    I was lucky to snag a copy at Powell’s this last Sunday & upon initial excited perusal, my interest was piqued by this very recipe. It’s hard for the penny pincher in me to buy EVERY blogwriter’s cookbook but in your case it was a no-brainer. Thank you for the gift that is this website, i am proud/happy to have your book on my shelf & in my home!

  236. Anna

    I’ve been a reader for 4 years– smittenkitchen is the first link in my bookmark bar and I obsessively click it at least five times a day, hoping for a new post. Your humor, stories and recipes have gotten me through more bad days than I can remember. Your book is the first and only book I have ever pre-ordered, and flipping through it makes me feel so happy for you! (and for me that I have it!;)) Congratulations. I hardly ever comment on your posts, but I figured if there is any time to do so, this is it. Thank you so, so much for what you’ve contributed to my life for the past four years– happiness and yumminess and laughter!

  237. laslig

    Woohoo, Deb! Your book arrived today (all the way from the UK). We’ve got a long weekend coming up here in Melbourne, Australia – I’m going to spend part of it planning out my summer recipes!

  238. Congratulations! I cannot wait to get my copy. I just moved to Vienna (Austria), so I have to wait until it arrives at my dad’s in the US and he forwards it on to me. I have been reading your blog since before Jacob made his appearance, and I must say, yours is my favorite. Cheers to Deb!

  239. David

    These looks BEAUTIFUL and so does the book. I can’t wait to make room for it in my sadly understocked (but always eager to cook) kitchen. (I want to be like Julie from Julie and make a recipe a day. I don’t think I’d ever eat badly.)

  240. Fran

    Glad you and your family are safe.
    And congrats on the book and on the book tour. But I don’t understand — why Vancouver but not Toronto? Hey, we’re MUCH closer!!!

  241. dinazad

    I have a surfeit of quinces and flowering quinces…. hmmmm… quince juice instead of cider? It might work…. The caramels do look tasty!

  242. Emily

    To any UK readers – do you think that a juice like Copella would work in place of apple cider? As far as I know we can only get alcoholic cider here…

  243. Cameocreation

    Congratulations. Anything worthwhile takes time….This book looks lovely..and we never have to worry about how the recipes will turn out….always a given!
    Take care of you and yours…ENJOY the process of unveiling your creation to all of us. We have a beautiful country, with beautiful people who can’t wait to actually meet you. Kansas is gorgeous this time of year by the way. hint …hint!

  244. Hooray! Hooray!! The only other cook book that I have bought is “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” but I can not WAIT to buy yours!!
    Really happy that you and yours are safe and sound…
    Thank you for all that you do, you bring so much happiness to people allllll over the world. :)

  245. Marta

    Hi, where can i buy the book online? The amazon uk does not have it…. and i live in Portugal. Thank you and congratulations on the great great book!

  246. Mittnay

    Congratulations on the wonderful interview on NPR! And a lovely mention over at PW. What a wonderful heralding to you book release.

  247. Naomi

    Mazel tov on the book! So glad to hear you escaped safe and sound!
    I was so sad about the cancellation of your NYC launch…just ask my husband, it was all I talked about at the beginning of this week! (You’d think it was my own book, or that I at least lived in the NYC area!) Anyway, I was lucky enough not to be affected by the hurricane, and to have received your book in the mail a couple weeks ago. I too love the removable jacket and surprise inside cover (you don’t want the jacket to get stained or torn in the kitchen!) and I’ve been flipping through the pages trying to decide what to make next…maybe the itty bitty chocolate cake! Anyway, good luck with the tour and I can’t wait to follow your adventures on Instagram! (Still hoping that you’ll add Montreal to the tour list!)

  248. CindyMac

    Just listened to your interview with NPR this morning on my drive to work. I sat smiling in the dark for my whole car ride. Thank you for what you do. Your blog is one of my FAVORITES and I am really looking forward to buying 4 copies of your beautiful book for my daughters, my son and MYSELF! I feel the same way you do regarding what makes up a terrific cookbook and it really begins with terrific recipes and gorgeous photos. For me…No pics….it goes back on the shelf.

  249. Elizabeth

    This may be a dumb question, but what is a neutral oil? Also, congrats. I love the book! I tore it open so quickly I didn’t even notice the other book cover that when I saw the first picture of this post, I thought I bought the wrong book!

  250. Jillian

    I heard you on NPR this morning on my drive to work which made me very excited! It was a great interview, and now I think I need to make some latkes for brinner tonight. I love your book and cannot wait to make every single thing in it! Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into it and your website :)

  251. Seeing as how I’ve been visiting your blog and using your recipes for more than half of a decade I have purchased your book (on iTunes) to show my support. All the best to your and your family.

  252. So glad to hear you are safe and sound from the storm! Amazon had to delay my order but it should be coming in the mail tomorrow and I am so excited to spend the whole weekend cooking from it! Thanks Deb for your thoughtful and hilarious posts, we all appreciate it as well as your hard work!

  253. Ali

    I am very excited for you and to purchase your new baby! You are my goto website when I need an idea for dinner! Now I can have my chose of unheard of recipes at home!!! Thank you for being amazingly creative and encouraging to try new things!

  254. Kim in MD

    We lost power Monday night and just got it back late last night. Thankfully, all of my friends and family are safe and our homes remain intact. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families in NY and NJ that have been devastated by hurricane Sandy!

    On the bright side? Your cookbook arrived yesterday! YEAH for pre-ordering! It’s gorgeous, I’m so excited for you Deb…congratulations!

  255. Deb in IN

    I got my cookbook last night, and this recipe is one of the first “must-makes” I picked out. It’s a beautiful book… congratulations, Deb!! Hope all goes well with the book tour, and glad to hear you are safe!

  256. I am so excited for your book! I just ordered it! The caramels look delicious as well, I really need to invest in a sugar thermometer so that I can try making them my self!

    Congrats on your book!

  257. Christina

    I pre-ordered the book, and I just cannot wait until it comes in the mail!! I have a feeling I’m going to end up making a new recipe every night until I can get through all of them! I haven’t received it just yet, but that’s probably thanks to Sandy. Might have to have a post-disaster party for my family members that have been uprooted from their homes. I can’t think of anyone with more comforting recipes than you!

  258. Judi

    Deb, I’m so jealous of those who have their books!! I (and my sons, who introduced me to your blog) have to wait until November 16th when you are in Toronto, as the cost of the tickets included a (signed, I hope) copy of your book. So good to know you and your family are safe. See you in a couple of weeks!

  259. Allison

    Just heard a piece with you and Lynn Neary on Morning Edition on NPR. Can’t wait to get my book – should be delivered to my doorstep tomororw!

  260. Katy

    Just heard you on NPR while eating blueberry muffins – recipe from Smitten Kitchen! Surreal! Congratulations on the book, it looks beautiful.

  261. Jeanne

    Oh Oh Oh how wonderful. Both copies came in the mail yesterday. One for each daughter. Congratulations on a job well done. Beautiful book and exciting recipes.

  262. Jenny

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love the book. I’ve already dog-eared pages to try this weekend! It’s a beautiful book, and you should be very proud of it. I plan on giving my mother a copy of it for Christmas!

  263. Sally

    Just heard your fabulous interview on NPR! And I’ve ordered a signed copy of your book for my 17-year old daughter. You’ve been an inspiration for both of us, and such a terrific example of how following your passion is really the only way to really live. Wishing you continued success and joy!

  264. Sally

    Just heard your fabulous interview on NPR! And I’ve ordered a signed copy of your book for my 17-year old daughter. You’ve been an inspiration for both of us, and such a terrific example of how following your passion is really the only way to live. Wishing you continued success and joy!

  265. Congratulations! Cannot wait to get my hands on your new book. and with cider guess caramels it is. and just listened to your NPR interview this AM. Nicely done — way to represent ye of the teeny tiny kitchens!

  266. LOVED your NPR interview this morning! You have a lovely voice! And now this preggo is craving potato pancakes, so guess what’s on the menu for this weekend? I also loved the reminder that your kitchen is TINY. We have a 1893 Victorian here in Virginia, and the kitchen has about the same counter space, though perhaps a bit more room to turn around. My husband wonders why I try to do “gourmet” (his word) in there, but I love making delicious food, so it’s worth juggling!

  267. A hearty congratulations to you, Deb! What an accomplishment. It looks gorgeous from what I can see here (duh). I hope to see you when you’re at Politics & Prose in DC! Happy book touring and again, hats off to you.

  268. Candace

    In the best kind of perfect storm my daughter who goes to school much too far away managed to have the book delivered to me yesterday, right on my birthday, and I could only have been happier if she’d delivered it herself! I can’t wait to spend some quality time with it-and her-when she’s home on the weekend. On another note I made the apple mosaic tart with salted caramel glaze last night for a party and it came out absolutely beautifully.

  269. Ok, I just heard you on NPR in the car during the School runs:) had to write and say you have an awesome blog and I look forward to reading your recipes soon:) the potato latkes sounded amazing!

  270. Lia

    Hey Deb,

    Congrats! It’s sure good to hear you guys are safe, we were
    very lucky here on the UES, nothing really happened around here
    except your book hasn’t arrived yet :) I’m sure it will be here soon, can’t wait!
    Looking forward to see you at the NYC book launch, hope there will
    be a new date soon!

    Good luck and have fun on your trip! Book or no book, I will
    make those caramels this weekend, apple cider is all over
    the markets now, and they look too good to resist!

  271. Deb Stoller

    I have already asked for your book for my birthday (this month) and heard you on NPR this morning – got so excited I could hardly sit still on my drive in to work! Great Blog, great interview and I’m looking forward to a great book! So glad I found you!

  272. Shauna D

    Deb, I received your book 2 days ago and haven’t put it down since! It’s wonderful. I’ve bookmarked just about every recipe to try – starting with those raspberry, ricotta and whole wheat scones! You did a remarkable job! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations and beautiful photography!

  273. Della

    Deb, so happy for you, and sorry about Sandy! Traveling mercies to you today. I hope all goes as planned. I am looking forward to meeting you here in Northern California!

  274. Deb! I heard you on NPR this morning on my way to work, and I had an odd feeling of pride… even though I don’t actually know you, sometimes I feel like I do because of how communal and personal the art of cooking is. And you are so wonderful at sharing a little bit of yourself in your recipes. You were great on NPR, and your potato pancakes sounded so yummy. :) I can’t wait to get my copy of the book. I use your recipes tirelessly. They are certainly my favorite things to cook. And the most practical for my small social-worker income! Thanks for being awesome and making me excited to cook dinner every night. Congratulations on your successes!

  275. Melissa

    Deb! I’ve been following since you only had two previous years’ worth of recipes and I’m a superfan. I received your cookbook in the mail yesterday (my mom had ordered it for me for my birthday all the way back in June.) I tore it open with a delicate mix of excitement and care (so as not to rip the dreaded paper flap.) This recipe called out to my heart instantly because caramels are one of my most favorite things on earth. All of that to say, your cook book is as beautiful as I expected and has such an awesome blend of daring new flavors and wonderful comfort food, I’m pretty sure this will be my favorite cookbook to come back to forever, and hopefully one day my children will beg for me to pass it on and I will greedily clutch it until my last days.

    That said, I hope you have safe and awesome travels and I can’t wait to see you in Philly in December!

    One last thing, you have awesome fans because you share your life and good food with us in an honest way that, for me at least, makes you feel like you’re a part of the family, some aunt or cousin that we’ve not seen in a while, but love to get updates from.

  276. Emily

    These caramels are AMAZING. I made them last night for a Halloween treat and fear that I might eat them all myself. One thought on cutting them up — I was having trouble cutting them with a knife and my husband had the brilliant idea to try an oiled pizza cutter. Total caramel cutting success.

    The book looks beautiful, Deb, can’t wait to get my copy! Enjoy the book tour!

  277. Tina

    I would buy it if the only recipe in it was the artichoke heart stuffed shells. Talk about heaven on a plate! If every recipe looks that delicious (and I’m sure they do), then I will be a very happy cookbook owner!

  278. Laura

    I’m a blog subsriber but I confess I rarely click through to read the posts and I have yet to make a single recipe, although all look fabulous. However I did pre-order your book a while back and it just arrived yesterday, and as someone who reads cookbooks for fun AND loves to cook, I have to tell you that yours has everything I look for in a cookbook! Pages of good quality (nice and think and glossy!), lots of photographs, and I LOVE that every recipe has its own story/intro! There are a lot of people who “read” cookbooks and this is what we enjoy! And since I DO also love to cook, I can’t wait to try out some recipes and have no doubt at all they’ll be brilliant! Congrats, awesome job on the cookbook!!

  279. Oh my goodness, I am totally sold. My favorite things rolled into one little morsel! I think this will be the perfect party favor for my sister’s baby shower… Around how many does the recipe make?

    I was THRILLED to go home yesterday night and find your book waiting for me! Congratulations! It is truly a piece of art and I can’t wait to make everything in it!

  280. Laura

    I woke up this morning (I live in the Chicago suburbs) just to hear you being interviewed on NPR! I thought, I know her! I loved the interview and will be sure to have your cookbook on my Christmas list.
    My favorite recipes? The chocolate peanut butter cake – I made it for my daughters 12th birthday and the dog jumped up on the counter and ate a quarter of before I could even get it all assembled! We still ate it :)
    Also the chopped salad with feta, lime and mint – I made it many times this summer and could not get enough!

  281. Congratulations on the book! I look forward to seeing it. I tried boiled cider caramels a little while ago and thought they were fantastic. I meant to get around to trying to make my own boiled cider to see if it would work – now I don’t have to!

  282. michelle

    Glad to hear you are all ok. Congratulations on the book and best of luck on the tour!!! I steadfastly requested it for my birthday and can’t wait until it arrives!

  283. Vickie

    GREAT conversation with you on NPR this morning!! Now I don’t feel quite so constrained by my 5×10 kitchen! Thanks for the continued inspiration…90% of the time that I go looking for a recipe, I end up here, I end up making something from your neverending list of fabulous choices, and it ends up being amazing, getting rave reviews and giving me warm fuzzies inside that I have made friends & family happy and content. Nothing better in life than that!

  284. Teresa

    My adult children got me your book for my birthday yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited! I had asked to have them take me to your Napa signing, but the dates ended up conflicting with my work schedule. My copy may not be signed but looking at it this am, I can see it’s full of YOU. Thank you for producing this hefty gem. I am going to enjoy prusing my copyand trying the recipes, but I’ll never stop reading your blog for that hopelessly human Deb factor. Thanks!

  285. Tiffany

    Somehow I managed to scoop up your book on the day it came out! Lucky me as it is a thing of beauty! Congrats! So looking forward to seeing you Saturday here in Napa! Again, lucky me!

  286. Kelli

    I was so excited to get my copy in the mail.(Thank you Amazon for pre-sale)
    It’s beautiful and I’m so excited to cook my way thru it. I just love Deb. I love the way she writes and cooks. When I read the intro, I thought-” I do just want to be her friend and pop into the ridiculously small kitchen and cook with her.”

    I made Applesauce Cake last night for my friends who came over to trick-or-treat. HUGE success. My friend saw the book on the counter and said she was excited to see it. (She’ll be getting a copy from me for her birthday)

    Glad the three year project is finally in our hands- Love it. Youve done a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing all recipe/creations coming out of that ridiculously small kitchen.

  287. Amy TH

    Congratulations! Have had a great time with you thus far online and looking forward to seeing you at Politics and Prose in DC. Yes I am holding out and buying copies from independent bookseller although I just might have to get one early because I am a child of the 80s instant gratification girl!

    The caramels look fab too!

  288. Alexia

    These look amazing and I’m considering fitting them into my already packed schedule before we have a house full of people this weekend celebrating an early Thanksgiving. This just seems like a good thing to have at such a gathering.

    Also, I got my book two days ago and I am SO excited to get started cooking from it! It is beautiful and I want to put it on my most prominent shelf for everyone to see :)

  289. Kinsey

    Last night I selfishly kept the porch light off and made these caramels instead. I made a 4x batch to share and DESPITE the candy thermometer falling apart and a pot holder catching on fire, they turned out perfect! This is why I love your recipes, Deb – they save me from myself!

    Congratulations, too!

  290. Sue

    Mazel Tov on the book, Deb — I’m a new fan and enjoying the recipes, the comments, and your narrative! And it was terrific to hear you this morning on NPR — somehow I knew it was your voice I was hearing, even before I heard you introduced. Keep up the adventures in the kitchen!!

  291. Karen

    Hi Deb: I heard your interview on NPR this a.m.! Good job! I wish you great success which you richly deserve! I enjoy your style which is more about the food and less about the “diva” although I’m sure you could be one if you wished!

  292. Ellen

    I received my pre-ordered cookbook on Halloween!

    I have a thing against dust-covers, and no matter how pretty they are, I always remove them. Thank you for such a beautiful second cover on the book! My dust-cover has already been tossed (sorry!) and I’ll read a page here and there as I find the time, time for both reading and cooking!

  293. Dagny

    I preordered your book as soon as I could and I was ecstatic when it arrived Tuesday evening. I have been drooling over your fantastic photos since then and telling my husband about all of the things we are going to eat from it, soon. I don’t usually make candy but those caramels look like they’d make a great homemade Christmas gift for casual friends. Congratulations on the book. I love it already.

  294. Sarah R

    I’ll hop in line to add my congrats to the list! I can’t wait to get a copy of the cookbook, and I’m pretty stoked to try making these. Thanks for sharing consistently awesome recipes on your blog, and now, I’m sure, in your book.

  295. ChemKnits

    I heard you on Morning Edition this morning! Safe travels on your book tour, it’s all so exciting. I can’t wait to get my copy! Hopefully a friend will come to the SF signing for me. I’m trying to hold out for Christmas.

  296. Katherine

    Congrats on the book! I honestly stopped buying cookbooks several years ago because they are heavy, get dirty, and I much prefer the online/digital app kind.

    I am, however, going to run over to Amazon and buy your book RIGHT NOW. It’s beautiful, reminds me of why I loved cookbooks, and I kind of feel I “owe” you for all the years of free, amazing recipes you’ve given me. Your recipes have never, ever failed to be anything short of delicious.

  297. Your book is just awesome. I’ve glanced through every page and there are SO many things I want to try AND am anxious to read your pagenotes. Love your way with words. Congrats!

  298. Annalisa

    The book is amazing. I know I am one of hundreds of others congratulating you, but it is exceptional. I got my copy yesterday and I can’t decide whether I devour the whole thing at once or take my time with it. I love it and can’t wait to cook from it. thank you for your hard work and giving us all this gift.

  299. Doreen

    Listened to your interview on NPR this morning and wish you “congratulations!!” on your book. I’ve been a reader for ages and am eager to receive my copy – which I’m sure will dog-eared to death with must-try recipes. Well done!

  300. Annie

    Congratulations! I just got the wonderful message my pre-ordered book has been shipped and will be in my little hands by Saturday!!!

    Enjoy this, you deserve it~

  301. Maggie

    I am putting this on my Christmas list! I love your recipes and especially your photos. BTW, Pioneer Woman highlighted your cookbook on her website and is giving away 5 copies!

  302. Val

    I came home yesterday to find your book had arrived- yea!! Congratulations!! These caramels look divine – and -score!-I have some apple cider waiting for a recipe. These will be great to take on my girls weekend, this weekend. Guess I have my Thursday night plans.

  303. Tracey

    THE NEW COOKBOOK IS HERE, THE NEW COOKBOOK IS HERE! Looks fabulous and I really do appreciate the stay-open binding-the only way to go. Time to cook! Congratulations, Deb. Have a great book tour!

  304. Congratulations on the book! I cannot wait to sit down and go through it, page by page, with latte in hand. Love that you focus on the savory. Keep up the amazing work.

  305. jane

    i got an email that your book is being shipped to me from amazon! i’m so excited! AND i just heard your interview on NPR. congratulations! and thanks for inspiring another cook with a tiny nyc kitchen!

  306. Jessica

    Your book showed up on my doorstep yesterday! It is beautiful! I think I’m going to make some scones first, or maybe roasted parsnips, or maybe an apple tart. decisions decisions!

  307. Mary

    so, I ordered your book in May and was so very excited for it! and then, my debit card information got stolen in October, so I had to cancel the order because that was my only way to pay for it. I still don’t have a new card; alas, I still don’t have a way to pay for it. Knowing it’s out makes me sad :(.
    But Congrats!

  308. Ale

    Congratulations on the book! I can’t wait to get it. As an academic mom with a mildly insane obsession for cooking, I love cookbooks and I know yours will become one of my favorites. Thank you!

  309. LOVE the inside cover. I have to say something about the dust jacket design/photo didn’t do it for me. This is beautiful. Grids are beautiful, as long as they don’t interfere with the slightly (okay, messily) imperfect cooking process.

    Thanks for being rad!! I am going to make a special someone from Brooklyn buy this book for me ASAP :)

  310. Caitlin

    Deb! I’ve been reading this blog for about 5 years now, and I think this is only my second time commenting. Call me shy, but I have loved your blog, your stories, and your recipes ever since I first started reading. I was incredibly excited to get your book, so this morning I went to Barnes and Nobles. I looked far and wide, in the front of the store, in the cooking section, next to Ina (where you belong!), but couldn’t find your book! Flustered, I went to the help desk and asked for it. Lucky for me they had it! However, it was in the back, and you were not getting the credit you deserve! I made sure they brought out a huge stack, and I stuck one next to Ina. I’m at work right now, but I can’t wait to get home and start reading and cooking from your BOOK! Thank you for sharing so much with us!

  311. Arrived home to see a brown package by my door–and it hit me….today is Oct. 30…the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook I pre-ordered has arrived…I smiled ear to ear–and bounced out of my car with excitement!
    Deb, the book is amazing and its everything I hoped for, the pictures pop off the page and even though I didn’t end up physically in the kitchen sharing some of Mom’s Apple Cake with you–I felt like I was that much closer (I am in California after all!).
    I adore your blog, and now your cookbook–Congratulations, and Thank You for being such and inspiration…I am now going to go find and listen to that NPR interview! Cheers!

  312. michelle

    I rarely comment but my pre-ordered book arrived yesterday, and I just love it! I went through it quickly last night, then stayed up late reading the wonderful introduction, and i can’t wait to savor it more slowly tonight! I think the cover recipe might be the one I make first. Amazon shipped it in a bizarrely giant box – I was shocked to find the book inside! Congratulations and thank you!

  313. Alessandra

    I’ve never commented on your blog, but I just wanted to say that I just ordered your book and I am so excited about it! I’ve been reading Smitten Kitchen for a long time and I seriously can’t get enough of your fantastic photography and awesome recipes. I can’t wait to get my copy of the book!

  314. My pre-ordered book still hasn’t arrived, so I keep coming back to this post, living vicariously through others’ comments. I’ve also read the entire introduction and scanned many recipes on the Amazon preview page it makes me ache to read your book curled up in bed, or hunched over my kitchen counter, instead of at my desk at work. Hopefully today I will get to experience it for myself. In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you for one thing that may or may not have been intentional: Thank you for photographing your recipes for the book as you do for the blog. Thank you for not doing some big studio shoot for the book. Your blog photos have such a “Deb feel” that I love so much. I can’t wait to open my book and find that it feels just like your blog. Just like the virtual friend I’ve come to know and love. … Again, congrats!

  315. I heard on NPR this morning, “up next, Food Blogger, Smitten Kitchen has a cookbook” and I sighed as I turned off my car and had to go into work! I wanted to sit in my car and be late for work just to hear the story! I love to hear about fellow food bloggers making it happen with their blogs! Living the dream my friend, living the dream!

  316. Jess Kiri

    Just received your book today!! It is amazingly beautiful! Everything looks soooooo good!! I can’t believe I discovered your blog only a few weeks ago! Long life to your cooking!

  317. Veronica

    Hi Deb,

    Am wondering if I can make these caramels with rich honey, since I can’t eat sugar. Would the liquid state of honey keep the caramels from hardening?

  318. Cindy

    Congratulations on the book! I heard your interview on NPR this morning, very nice. I always enjoy your writing and the recipes are great! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  319. Kristin G

    Deb, I got email today saying my cookbook has finally shipped – I was worried it was going to get lost on the way to Brooklyn in the wake of the storm! Glad they waited, but so anxious to cook more of your delicious recipes!! Glad you are all doing well.

  320. Rachael

    Deb, I’ll be trying these this weekend–caramels are one of my favorite things to impress people with, and these look marvelous.

    You may want to try the Mango Macadamia Caramels in Elizabeth LaBau’s new candy book. They use a similar technique, and are so good.

    I never comment, but just have to chime in with how much we’re loving the book here, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on tour (I’ve already reserved my seat!).

  321. WifeToAnAmazingCook

    #487 (Gale @ Ten Dollar Thoughts) said almost exactly what I was thinking, so I’ll spare everyone my own version of the comment that would have — inevitably — contained many run-on sentences. The only thing I’ll add is this…. [insert sing-song-y voice here] my copy of your book will be here tomorrow, my copy of your book will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to read it cover to cover and start cooking. Congrats, many times over!

  322. Kim Z

    I just came home to find my book in my mail! I am so thrilled for you and can’t wait to start cooking. I hope, hope, hope I get tickets to see you during your stop in Brookline, MA!

  323. luvmychaos

    Sooooooo excited! Preordered awhile ago and Amazon gave me a heart attack yesterday-they sent me an email saying they refunded something and I thought I wasn’t getting my book! Turns out there was a price change or something so they refunded the differencePHEW! ! Book should be here today! Hope your family is safe&dry,try to enjoy your moment&book tour! !

  324. Paula B.

    Yay, THE book has arrived. These must be heady and well deserved times for you, congratulations again. I’m sure you got out today for the tour – hope it’s wonderful fun, connecting in person with all your fans. Have seen the book highlighted a few places, so exciting, I feel like a friend of mine has made it to the big time! The caramels look so yummy, a must try for the fall season. Enjoy it all, so sorry this darn hurricane got in the way of the book doings but glad to hear you’re all safe. (Remembering the apple cake that was the first recipe I baked from here, it was fall then, too.)

  325. My mouth is watering just thinking about those caramels. Too bad we didn’t end up with any trick-or-treaters and I ate my weight in unclaimed candy last night. I’ll definitely be trying them around Christmas, they seem like a lovely addition to my cookie trays.

  326. YES! Congratulations! I can only imagine what an exciting day this is for you. I can’t wait to have that book sitting open on my kitchen counter someday soon!

  327. Theresa M

    Congratulations! Smiled all during the NPR story – and I was JUST oohing and aahing over the potato latke/fried egg breakfast recipe with my boyfriend last night! Planning on making the caramels tonight as a house gift for a trip this weekend. Thanks for all you do, Deb!

  328. Kathleen

    Hi – just received my book in the mail. So exciting, but when I opened it, all the pages are stuck together. When I try to gently peel them apart – rip! Bummer. May have to send it back.

  329. Sarah

    Just received my book in the mail. There is not one recipe I am not dying to try. Thank you for such a well thought and beautifully written book. I will treasure it and certainly get lots of use out of it!

  330. Annie

    Congratulations! I am patiently waiting my copy. I just read your interview with NPR. Your interview is their “most read” right now. Thank you for sharing!!!

  331. Kaye

    Just checked and my book is “Out for delivery” which means it’ll be there when I get home. Can’t wait!!!! Might have to cook all weekend! Safe travels on your tour and I’ll be there if you decide to come to Denver!

  332. Mandy

    Deb- I’ve been lurking/reading/cooking from your site for years and just got my book. I can’t tell you how excited I am to ruin the thing just cooking through it (there have been some close calls with my laptop in the past). Thank you for your AWESOME approach to cooking and always making stuff I have to make and all my family and friends love to eat!

  333. Erin

    I am so VERY excited for this recipe and the book. My mother and I received ours in the mail yesterday via Amazon. See you on the November 19th at your book signing and demo at the Ela Public Library!

  334. Katsie

    I can’t hardly wait to get my copy of the cookbook, alas mine is stuck somewhere in transit from New Jersey so… if this is my Sandy experience, I’ll take, so many people have it so much worse.

    Heard you on NPR this morning, it was wonderful!

  335. Hi Deb – Over the years, you have transformed my “go-to” recipe collection. I KNOW that any recipe on your site will be a hit…. who knew…. putting a poached egg over white beans and Kale/Chard? Lovely. I received my book on Tuesday and it was like an early Christmas. I am at least halfway through READING (such great stories and perspectives) your cookbook and have grand plans for dinner tonight. Beautiful Book. I am hopeful to meet you in Seattle…. too bad you aren’t a coffee drinker, or I would roast you up a pound of fresh, organic beans to take back to NY with you. Maybe even a “Smitten Blend”? Thanks for the “Years of Yumminess”!

  336. My book arrived the other day and I have been reading it like a book…. which obviously it is, but I haven’t skimmed or skipped any pages. :) And I looooved the second cover! Ask my husband, I squealed when I saw it. Can’t wait to make those shells this weekend! xo

  337. Pita

    I am new to this website (just discovered it over the summer) and have been enamored ever since, to the point of pre-ordering your book in August! I have tried multiple recipes which have turned out flawlessly (forwhich I will heartily thank you!). I was so dismayed to see Sandy barreling towards the Eastern Seaboard and felt rather guilty (read worried, dismayed) that I was able to snuggle in my home on the west coast devouring your book that arrived to my front doorstep on the 31st. I was so very surprised and relieved when I checked your website and you had posted a new recipe post-hurricane. Blessings to you and your family, and best wishes for a grand book tour. The book is gorgeous and I am looking forward to many a happy hour as I cook my way through it.

  338. Kim

    NBD?!?!?!?! I think it is a PBFD!!! Congrats on the book! I am new to your blog but absolutely love it. Headed to Amazon now to add the new cookbook to my cart. Thanks in advance for all the hard work that went into making the book and for sharing the cooking love with all of us!

  339. Ann

    Love the your food blog and the new book! I pre-ordered from Amazon and had it in my hot little hands the day it released. So excited to inaugurate my new kitchen with recipes from this cookbook!

  340. lesli lawernce

    Deb, how about a stop in Boulder, Colorado?? We love Smitten Kitchen here, and it is a very good foodie town (Bon Appetit rated it #1 best small town foodie town a few years back!)

  341. Can’t wait to get my copy of your book – it looks wonderful! Congratulations – must be a thrill!!!

    Martinis win out over flashlights in my book any day. :)

  342. The cookbook is lovely!! I’m having a hard time deciding on what to make first, there are just too many good options! Have a great time when you come to Seattle. I’m wishing I had waited to buy it at Book Larder so I could attend your reading but I was just too darn impatient and wanted it the minute it came out.

  343. Rammy M

    Also heard the story on NPR, I was thinking “that name sounds familiar” but couldn’t think why. But when she said the blog name … that I instantly recognised.

    Good job, on many accounts.

  344. Audi

    I think I pre-ordered the second I could, and I got my book today! YAY, finally!

    It is gorgeous and absolutely what I was hoping for! It was a slice of heaven after this week of Sandy. I’m in South Jersey, thankfully we came out unscathed, but definitely time to do some comfort cooking. :-)

    I’m glad you and yours are safe, too. Enjoy your new baby, hopefully Jacob won’t have too much sibling rivalry! ;-)

  345. Elizabeth

    I have had your Brookline, MA appearance on my calendar ever since its date was posted–before, actually, since you said right off the bat that you’d be making a Boston area stop. When they become available on the 5th, I will be first in line, along with my 5 best friends, to get our tickets for your visit later in the month. And my book arrives tomorrow–yay!

  346. Estelle

    I’m so jealous of everyone who has their hands on a copy! I’m in the UK and have had one imported, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The postman came when I was out and there is a package at the post office. Is it the book? I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to collect it.

    I can’t wait!

  347. Yeah for the book. just made the caramels-has anyone else? i am worried about the salt now as the mixture tasted really salty going from the pot to pan to cool. i wiil check back when I get these cut in a few hours!

  348. Tai

    I JUST GOT YOUR BOOK IN THE MAIL! And a whole section devoted to vegetarian main dishes?!? AWESOME! total inspiration to eat vegetarian. Aaand I totally got a discount from Amazon because I paid too much. (Would’ve paid the $20.65 +$20) I know that was one craazy runon, but I’m excited, and you’re awesome. :)

  349. Aimee

    I got the book Tuesday, and the first thing I wanted to make was this recipe! I made them last night but wasn’t able to cut them up because it was so late…I’m looking forward to them for dessert.

  350. amy

    Over 500 comments in less than 24 hours?! It just shows what an enormous fan base you have, all around the world. Many congratulations on the book. I hope it is just the start of more success to come. Your boys (large and small) must be so proud of you. I will make the caramels in celebration for you! X

  351. Susan

    Just discovered you today – ordered your book – all recipes look so yummy!
    I’m tempted to make the caramels since we have great cider here east of Albuquerque!

  352. We have a place near us that makes the _best_ apple cider in the whole world (and some mighty delicious apple cider donuts if you visit them at the mill). Should your book tour bring you to Kansas City, I’ll make sure you get a bottle. While I wait, I’ll make some of these caramels…Congrats on the book! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  353. Nancy

    So many congratulations to you, Deb! This is a beautiful book. Amazon cannot deliver it quickly enough! I will listen eagerly to the Diane Rehm show in November, as Arkansas didn’t make it to the top of your book tour destination list. I can’t imagine why. :)

  354. Jolene

    Good to hear I’m not the only one who dislikes book jackets! I’ve already cooked 3 things from the book, all yummy:) Looking forward to meeting you in Vancouver!

  355. Ann

    Congratulations! My book arrived a couple of days ago and I started reading it immediately. Every receipe I have made from your blog has been terrific. I already have some receipes from the book calling out to me to make. I can’t wait for Chanukah when my daughter, daughter-in-law and neices will get their copies! Have fun on the tour. I wish you were coming to Atlanta.

  356. Danita

    Happy to hear you are safe. I just saw the original Seattle event is sold out. I didn’t realize tickets were needed. I will try for the new event. It’s actually closer to my home. I heard the program on NPR this morning where you made potato cakes with a fried egg on top. Sounded yummy. Safe travels.

  357. Harbormom

    So pleased you made it through Sandy. Heard your interview on NPR this morning and LOVED IT! Can’t believe your kitchen is the size of my closet! (hangs head in shame for whining about the size of her own kitchen) Can’t wait til my book arrives (supposed to be by Saturday)!

  358. Lauren

    I have lurked but not commented for about two years on your site, and I’m breaking my silence to say: Congratulations, Deb! And also, yay me, because I am the proud owner of a brand-new Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! My husband pre-ordered it for my birthday, and loud squealing erupted for about two minutes when I opened it. Thanks, and congratulations again!
    Now I can’t wait to try the recipe on page 207!

  359. Mari

    Hmmm… this might just replace, or more likely be made in addition to, my family’s chocolate caramels.
    Looking forward to meeting you in Seattle. So nice of you to add the signing at the UW bookstore so I can just take an early lunch and walk up for the signing.

  360. Kim

    Oh my word. It turns out I have all of the ingredients necessary to make this (as long as I use the apple cider from Trader Joe’s, which is shelf-stable until its opened…so I don’t know if that counts).

    I’ll repeat: Oh. My. Word.

    I’m so glad you’re safe and sound, and I hope all goes well enough for you to make it out to sunny-but-slightly-chilly San Francisco this weekend!

  361. Julia

    Never commented before, but I love your blog (as anyone in the world who has ever seen it does), and hearing that your new book has finally made it into the world has brought me to tears. congratulations! youre an inspiration to all us food lovers. i can’t wait to use it!

  362. Congratulations on the book – it looks beautiful! I’m so pleased to hear it will stay open when we’re working from it! It’s going on the TOP of my cookbook wish-list! The caramels look great too and I just happened to have picked up some apple cider earlier today, so I’m tempted to make them right now.

  363. Andrea

    Congratulations on the book!!Pictures look great, love the cover art.
    I never made candy, never really care about it up until now :)

  364. Caroline

    Hi Deb! I got your cookbook in the mail yesterday and finally sat down to read it last night after all the Halloweening was done. Just wanted to say Thank You, the book is absolutely beautiful, so many delicious recipes made better with your lovely photographs. Very well done, congratulations!

  365. Emily PT

    Hi Deb,

    I have to tell you, I’ve never commented on this blog before. Which is crazy, because I’ve read it for, oh, I don’t know… 4 years. No, really. And I really look forward to checking it a few times a week, looking at the pictures and smiling at your goofy son and laughing at how you write and cook and live. It’s a bright spot in my medical school-filled day. And the food is amazing — I’ve made a ton of your recipes over the years, and I’m pretty convinced the mushroom bouvignon is what finally made my husband fall in love with me.

    So, this morning, at 4:45 am as I was driving to school, imagine my surprise when I HEARD YOUR VOICE announced over the radio on WBEZ here in Chicago, being interviewed by one of my morning-commute-buddies at NPR. WOAH. Mind blown. Beautiful segment that made me want to read your book even more (and I ordered it today!!) and just made me want to let you know, as I’m sure many others have, how excited I am that you’re out in the world and (about to be) in my kitchen. Also, that I can leave my laptop in the living room and not on the kitchen counter, because I have a tiny Chicago-sized counterspace that has resulted in it being covered in flour and vanilla and little drops of molasses over the years that I still can’t seem to get off.

    So, anyway. Who knows if you’ll read this, but I hope you do, just so you can know that the ship has landed, or whatever, in Chicago, and I am pretty darn excited about it. :)

  366. Flora

    Congratulations on the book! I saw the post last night (I’m in Australia), got really excited and now just doing the waiting game… the book can’t come sooner!

    Love your recipes, I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and the recipes always work for me, without fail! I love how I can just follow it and know that it will actually turn out really well! :)

  367. Leslie

    Such a treat to wake up to Morning Edition – and hear YOU! Made me hungry for potato pancakes. As a long-time fan of SK, its wonderful to see so many comments, such cookbook success, etc. You rock!

  368. Martha in KS

    A co-worker told me today about a cooking blogger who was on NPR. She described a tiny NYC kitchen & a new cookbook. I said “Oh, that’s Deb, the Smitten Kitchen. I’ve been reading her blog for several years.” I then proceeded to tell all you’ve accomplished the last three years with NO SLEEP. I felt so smart & well informed to have the scoop about you. You’ve got a new reader in my friend. Hope you’re enjoying your book tour.

  369. Kaitlan

    Deb! I bought the book! So excited just to be able to see it on my counter let alone flip through the pages and cook with it! So proud of you :D

  370. Sona S

    Hi Deb,
    I have been following your blog since my mother (in Mumbai) recommended it in 2008. I was living in Germany at the time and moved to SF just a few months ago. Yesterday when your book arrived in my mailbox i was BEAMING :) I had pre-ordered it in May and not since the baby buns baking in my own oven have i anticipated anything with such impatience!! It is wonderful and I plan to cook from it this weekend. I have never commented on any blogs before but simply had to write & tell you how much I love yours. So congratulations and thank you. And hope you are all well despite Sandy.

  371. Gaylene

    Great recipe! I have a big bucket of apples from our backyard trees waiting for a great project like this. I’d like to make these for Christmas, though. Do you think I should make the cider, freeze it, then put the recipe together? Or maybe better to make the cider, do the reduction, then freeze that?

  372. Tanja Gehr

    Hi! Braved the rain to pick up your book at Indigo in Montreal. I figured after years of getting your recipes on the web, how exciting to support your new print career. And then I cracked open the book….looks amazing!!!! I will be cooking this weekend. Thank you!!!!

  373. EG

    I made these tonight. They are RIDICULOUS. Life-changing. Unreal.

    You may already know, but King Arthur Flour sells an apple cider syrup that you can get year-round – one could probably just start with 1/2 cup of that and go from there.

  374. Ashley

    Congrats! How does it feel to reference your very own cookbook as the source for this amazing recipe!?! Cant wait to get cooking!

  375. Sharon

    oh my gosh, I love to make caramels- cant wait to try this recipe!! I use a pizza cutter to cut the caramels- works well and reduces the drag you sometimes get with a knife.

  376. msue

    It. Is. GORGEOUS! So many congratulations on your beautiful book. And to Jeni, #360: your comment is an inspiration. Thank you for the courage to post.

  377. Meredith

    Let me add my voice to the 574 others–I just got my copy in the mail and it is stunning. I can’t decide what to make first. Thank you so much!

  378. Chelsea

    Deb, this may not be a recipe I repeat (I don’t like the chewiness of caramel, and I know, there I go, sounding like a crazy person and no way will you read the rest of this comment), but I have to thank you for giving such a great valentine to NYC in the past couple days. I was just saying to someone that I was sad that I feel like thus hurricane has brought out a lot of ugliness in people (my rides on the 1 and N train mostly solidified that) and so it was so good and heart-warming to read this recipe. I for one eagerly await your rescheduled NYC date, and can’t wait to dive in to the book! :)

  379. Sharon

    Congratulations on your book. I enjoyed very much your interview on NPR this morning about your small kitchen and the great results you create there.

    Nice work.

  380. Karen

    Hey Deb – I’m hugely excited that I received your book yesterday (I’m in Australia!!! If you ever come to Melbourne you have a place to stay!). And I’ve got today off work – talk about wonderful timing :-) I flicked through it last night and page 310 is my absolute fave. To see that dear wee face staring up at me brought (happy) tears to my eyes. Thank you sharing your love of cooking, sense of humour and Jacob with us all.

    Receiving the book is tinged with sadness due to the terrible time so many people have been having. Rest assured we are all thinking of you. Hugs.

    psst – hope you have a ball on your book tour :-)

  381. Haven’t even made it to the end of the introduction and I feel like I already know you even better. Love every page I’ve flipped through so far. Settling in for a night if reading!

  382. Sabina

    I ordered the book wayyyyyy back when you announced it order-able and I am SO EXCITED to get it! Being in the UK I haven’t just yet, but I am very keen nonetheless! I’ve never had much luck making my own sweets before but I’ll have a go at – we don’t have ‘cider’ like that in the UK though (for us, cider is alcoholic and usually what pre-teens drink in the park) – would apple juice do the trick?

    Chelsea, I’m sad to hear that you feel like the hurricane has brought out the worst in people. Obviously I’m not there to comment but my town was hit by the most severe flooding in a couple of centuries a couple of years ago, and it really helped people to pull together and work as a community. Maybe that will happen when everyone is trying to get back on their feet?

    Glad you’re safe Deb. Is it bad that one of the first things I thought of when I heard about Sandy was ‘I hope Deb and fam are okay!’ – feels like I know you. Which might sound creepy but is meant to be endearing :)

    Good luck to everyone affected xx

  383. Jen S

    The apple cider caramels sound divine! Glad to here you and your family are fairing well from the storm. Safe travels and hope to see you at your cookbook event in Portland Oregon next week. We’re used to a bit of rain here. :)

  384. Laurie

    My book arrived today and it is stunningly beautiful. I hope I don’t drool on it since I actually bought it as a gift for my daughter and son-in-law. We are flying to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with them and this is their thank you gift. I can’t imagine a nicer one for a young couple who loves to cook!

  385. Shannon

    Just finish reading/drooling over my copy of the book. I don’t even know which recipe I want to make first. It’s a fantastic book, and I can’t wait to read it over and over. I had a friend mention to me today that she heard an interview on NPR about a food blogger that lives in NYC and takes amazing photos in her tiny kitchen. I knew immediately that it was you. She said, I think she has a small kid too, and I said, oh yeah, Jacob, he’s got the greatest curly hair. My friend said I spoke like we were old friends. I do feel that way after following your blog for so many years. I can’t wait to meet you at The Book Cellar in a few weeks!

  386. kara k.

    i got my book tonight and may have shed a tear or two over it, it’s that awesome. (thank goodness you fought for the lay-flat binding.) i’m so happy that i’ll have a place to get a smitten kitchen recipe fix on the days you don’t post on the site!

  387. Madeleine

    Oh my goodness, these look wonderful! I ordered the book tonight and cannot wait until November 7th when it arrives! I’ve been waiting for it for so long. :)

  388. Deb, I’ve been a follower of your blog for years and have been patiently waiting for your cookbook for what seems like an eternity. So excited for it to arrive! Congrats!

  389. Reneé

    A#1) Glad you’re safe.
    B#2) Congrats, Deb! Can’t wait till my copy arrives! The very thoughtful hubster pre-ordered a copy for me for our paper anniversary gift. dawww.
    C#3) A question about the recipe: I don’t think I was patient enough with the cooking (or perhaps my thermometer reads incorrectly), but these delicious, delicious treats came out wayyy too soft. I could cut them after popping in the freezer, but barely scooped them into papers before they melt into puddles. Is there any salvaging them? Recooking, at this point? Sorry I messed them up – so tasty!

  390. Jen

    Deb! I’ve had the book for less than 2 weeks and already made recipes from it 4 times, which is unprecedented for me. I was totally delighted to discover the unjacketed cover design as well.

    I sent you an email regarding what I think is an error in the weight measure for the brown sugar in the red wine cake in the book. Did you get it? What’s the best procedure for reporting quirks like this?

    So glad to hear you made it through the storm relatively unscathed. You’re not the only one who’s not so good at adulthood, though I had the flipside problem: nothing to light the candles with. Luckily for the flashlight bicycle headlamp battery supply, I was not without power for too long.

  391. Anna

    My book arrived, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Thank you for being my kitchen inspiration all these years. This book is about to get used, and loved, and stained again and again. I can’t wait. Thank you!!

  392. Jazzy

    How impossible would this be to do in a dorm room kitchen? (with virtually nothing but a pot and maybe cookie sheet?)
    I would love to make a batch and surprise my parents for my first thanksgiving back home!

  393. Lydia W.

    My copy of your book arrived from Amazon today and I immediately ripped the box open and started reading. I’m only on the third recipe and I am already 100% positive that this is my new favorite cookbook (and believe me, I have quite the collection).

    You are amazing and I can’t wait to try every single recipe in there! And P.S. I like the secret inside cover so much, I’m very tempted to just leave off the dust jacket.

  394. Arielle Rifkin

    Hey! i just made these and they came out fabulous!!!!!!!! followed the recipe exactly. The only problem i encountered was at the end stirring in the cinnamon and salt was a tad hard to make it even. I found some of my caramels have a bit more salt or cinnamon but not really a problem haha! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  395. Krista

    I’ve been reading and cooking from your blog forever now but I’ve never posted. I just wanted to say I picked up your cookbook today and I’m Beyond Impressed. I couldn’t put it down, I even flipped through it while standing over the stove cooking dinner tonight. I’m socked at how many recipes I want to make, almost every single one. I don’t even know where to start so I guess I’ll start at the beginning. Thanks for putting so much of your time into something I’ll get so much joy out of.
    ps The fact that you were able to put so many wonderful recipes on your blog at the same time you were working on new ones for your cookbook makes you superwoman in my book.

  396. Jen

    I saw you asked in another comment section where people who got ther books early ordered from. I got mine, I think, the 18th or 19th and had pre-ordered from back when you announced.

  397. Andrea

    I bought this today. They had to go dig it out of receiving at my local bookstore, but I spent the evening poring over the photos/recipes. I am EXCITED! Congrats on a great book!

  398. Maureen

    I got the book on Tuesday, made these caramels on Wednesday, and on Thursday, all I can think about is eating (yet another) caramel. I brought some to work and actually apologized to my coworkers for introducing them to something so addictive. The only trouble I had in making them was in cutting them apart. I oiled the knife in between each cut (wiping them with a paper towel soaked in oil), but still got caramel stuck to the blade. Any extra tips for cutting them cleanly?

  399. Colleen

    I have followed your blog for many years now. Congratulations on your book! I’m looking forward to getting my copy when you come to Seattle. Good to know you and your family made it through the storm and are safe.

  400. Iris

    I was in NY for a visit and in time for the hurricane. I was staying on East 14th, so I got to experience the power outage first hand. No electricity, running water, cell phone service, and the only thing that made me happy when I returned to San Francisco is that your book was waiting on my doorstep when I came home. I was said that your NY launch was cancelled, but hopefully, I’ll get to see you here in SF. I’m glad that your family is safe.

  401. dancing gal

    So glad you are all safe and dry! And so excited for the book!!! I’m still waiting fr my copy, somewhat jealous of all the people who are already devouring its awesomeness. But I’ll be patient :D Well, at least as long as the boy will put up with me saying every morning: “Where is Deb’s book?”. Sharing the waiting makes it easier :p Have a safe and fun book tour!


  402. Hello, I don’t comment on here.. well, ever. But I have pretty much learned how to cook from reading your blog. I MUST buy your book and I MUST try these caramels. Thank you for all your hard work. Can’t thank you enough.

  403. Congratulations on your lovely book! And I am so glad you all made it through the misery of Sandy. I just bought your book in the kindle edition here in Amsterdam. Now, I must get cooking! Soon you will hear only *nom nom nom* and its Dutch and French equivalents in my house. (Under sea level, by the way, but we try not to think about that too much.) Hooray for the Smitten Kitchen! :-D

  404. Karen Penn

    Congratulations on such a major accomplishment; you are amazing, and a true inspiration! Heading over to Amazon now to get my copy!

    Our thoughts are with you post-Sandy. Stay safe, and enjoy your time out here in Southern California (it’s gonna be 90 here in San Diego on Sunday! Whoo Hoo!).

  405. Chloe Tejada

    I was so excited when I got my copy of your cookbook in the mail. The book is beautiful and I can’t wait to start cooking and baking from it. My friends and I are obsessed with your blog and I get most of my recipes from it. I’m really looking forward to meeting you in Toronto!

  406. J

    Deb – Congratulations – I only recently (last 6 months) discovered your website and I love it. My favorite part is your “1 year ago…2 years ago” snippets, allowing readers to see what you concocted in previous years. And there is ALWAYS some other recipe from a previous year that sucks me in (and gets me browsing for far longer than I should when I’m at the office). I can’t wait to buy your book – I’m hoping to make it to Wellesley Books when you come to Boston on your book tour. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and letting us into your life!

  407. Elise

    I should be receiving your cookbook today, but because of Sandy, it may be delayed. Hopefully by the time I get home today – who knows when that will be with the mess of public transportation available in the city – I will be able to curl up with your cookbook and decide what delicious recipes to spend my weekend making.

    I am almost equally as excited to see your gorgeous pictures, which I find can be more helpful than recipes, especially when your stuck in the kitchen after hours only to say, “Is this what it’s suppose to look like??”


  408. Ellen

    My copy of the book arrived yesterday . . . whoo hoo! The hardest decision will be to decide what recipe to make first. Deb, thank you for sharing your love of cooking, enjoying good food, and your family with us. I consider ya’ll friends. Sure wish your book tour would swing by WNC. I would be the first one in the book signing line to welcome you!

  409. Cathy

    Dear Deb, I just got your cookbook yesterday and I am very, very happy for you, and I don’t even know you! It’s just beautiful, the recipes look fantastic and your personality really comes through in your writing (or at least it’s a personality that I like.) I hope that you win the James Beard Cookbook Award. I bet that you will. This is the best cookbook that I’ve bought in years. P.S. I never heard of you before your cookbook.

  410. Tim

    YEA!!! I got my book yesterday… well… I mean YOUR book! ;-) I’ve been flipping through with a whole bunch of “Oh my!’s” and “Just look at that!’s” before I start my cover-to-cover reading. It’s AWESOME! Can’t wait to decide what I’ll be making this weekend! Unlike so many of the others, this is a cookbook that I WILL USE!!! GREAT JOB, DEB!!! Thank you!

  411. Tam

    I pre-ordered my book last summer, and yesterday whenI went to look on my front porch, there it was! I immediately spent a few minutes (okay, more like an hour) perusing the book, trying to figure out which recipe would grace our table soon. The gnocchi in tomato sauce looks awesome! Thanks for the heads up about the cover of the book. I never take mine off, but I may have to now!

    Good luck on your trip!

  412. Kasia

    I have been salivating over your book for a few days now. I plan to buy a few more copies as gifts to my cooking/baking friends coz I know they will love it. SO far I have really enjoyed browsing the recipes and reading through your intros! One drawback from not having the recipe on the blog is fewer of your beautiful photos (what is a cookbook without photos?) and no way of inundating you with questions. But still it is quite a treat. Can’t wait for the weekend to try several of the recipes!

  413. Jori

    Perfect way to start a quiet weekend at home? Opening the door to the UPS guy bearing your book! He thought I was swooning over him :) It’s gorgeous and definitely beckoning me to stop any work on to-do-list items and dive right in. The breakfast casserole? Wild mushroom tart?! Ahhhh… i haven’t even flipped to the sweets yet. Thank you, thank you for such a labor of love!!

  414. Hilary

    Just got my book today! I ordered two, one for me and one for my mom that I am saving until Christmas to give her – how cruel of me to hold out on her for nearly two more months!! Thank you for all these wonderful new recipes, I cannot wait to try each and every one of them!!

  415. I’m very excited about the different covers – I too hate book jackets. Also, love that it sits flat. Finally, how cool is it that you get to cite your own cookbook in your recipe????

    My copy was delayed in shipping due to the storm, but I should get it today – what great weekend reading!

  416. Hannah

    I got your book in the mail today (best anniversary present ever) – and am seriously considering skipping class this afternoon to read it all immediately :) I know my family will be grateful for the cheesecake-marbled pumpkin gingersnap tart that will most definitely be on our Thanksgiving table! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing all of your work and creativity with us.

  417. Mindy

    My favorite part of the book so far (without having a chance to cook any of it yet)? The close-up of your countertop on the jacket spine. I always notice when i’m looking at one of your “old” recipes because it’s the counter from your old apartment. If you ever move you will have to take the “Deb” countertop with you! Can’t wait to actually cook from it.

  418. Chrish

    I am so glad that of and your family survived the storm this week. Congratulations on your book coming out! My dear husband had per-ordered it for me. I wa pleasantly surprised to get it on Wednesday. Great book!

  419. Katie

    i finally got my book after a little delay from sandy – its beautiful!! I can’t tell you how excited I was to get it. I bought two copies…someone lucky in my family will be getting a good christmas present this year :) i can’t wait to spend tonight deciding what i will cook this weekend!!


  420. ChicagoCook

    I made these caramels last night, and despite using a meat thermometer (that kept falling into the caramel), they were a success and so incredibly delicious! Thank you so much for such an incredible recipe! My co-workers and husband raved about how wonderful they are.

    Congrats on the new book! I forsee adding it to my collection very soon!

  421. I’ve had my eye on these since I received your book in the mail on Tuesday! I pre-ordered it on amazon, and I am ever so glad I did! The recipes are SO creative, the stories are fun to read, and the photographs, of course, are gorgeous! This is quickly becoming my new favorite cook book – and I haven’t even made a single recipe from it yet! :-D

  422. Lindsay C.

    I must say, after days and days of sitting in my Brooklyn apartment, safe and dry, but so sad for my city and my beloved Jersey Shore, I was so excited when the mailman brought me a package yesterday. I had completely forgot that this wonderful book was headed my way – I had pre-ordered it so long ago! So last night, I sat cross-legged on my couch posty-noting each recipe that I must try ASAP! Today I am giving my husband the treat of choosing any one that he wants for me to make (lucky him!).

    Thank you for this great book, and for bringing a little light to New Yorkers this week.

  423. Guri

    Hi! I love love love your recipes and I love that you put metric measurements on your blog for overseas readers. I was wondering if there are also metric measurements in the cookbook? Wondering if buying it would end up as a case of converting or not for me.

    Thanks so much! I will try to convince my mother to make apple cider caramels for Christmas instead of the normal ones, because these look delicious.

  424. Ms. Morgan Leigh


    I’ve been reading your blog for like four years. It’s always been my favorite. I look forward to your posts! I got your cookbook for my birthday and I literally started jumping up and down. Now that I’ve sat down and read some of it, I just wanted to say thank you for writing and sharing! I really enjoy your writing and your recipes!

    Thank you for the cookbook!


    I know a MILLION people has already said this but come to the South!

  425. Alyssa

    Congratulations on your book, I preordered it months ago and it just arrived this morning in my Brooklyn mailbox. Looking forward to continuing to try your new and always changing recipes and thank you!

  426. Stephanie

    I am in LOVE with your cookbook! I received it yesterday and am devouring every page with joy. You should be incredibly proud of your achievement. I look forward to the book signing at Politics & Prose in D.C. on November 12th!!

  427. Pam

    Congratulations and Thank You for the wonderful book! I received it yesterday (somehow the Amazon truck found me in NJ) and read it cover to cover. It was a much needed respite into cooking amidst all this Sandy devastation. I am having the most difficult time deciding what to cook first once my electric and water are restored. (If I could get my hand on some peaches though watch out I am drooling over the pancakes and the dumplings!) My sister and I were going to talk the day off and drive into the city from Jersey for the book opening but we’ll do our best to be at it whenever it is rescheduled. Safe travels!

  428. shoshana

    OH. MY. WOW. these aren’t even finished cooling yet and i had to taste the hot batter that was left *accidentally* on the spatula. its like *WHAM* carmel, then, *WHAM* fall apples, then *KABOOM* deliciousness. my bf ordered me your book for our anniversary a month ago and he told me its finally been shipped :) thanks for the tip about not having a candy thermometer.

  429. Nicci

    Made these last night, and just . . . wow. They are PERFECT. The only thing I would say is, if you plan to give these away (there was no WAY I was keeping them in my house . . . okay, I kept a few, but still), you should make a double batch. They dispense quickly!

  430. Holly

    I pre-ordered my cookbook and was over the top HAPPY when it arrived in my mailbox Monday. I’m combing through it tabbing pages and drooling. Congrats to you and your accomplishment!! You inspire me to be a better home cook each and every day. For that I THANK YOU! Cheers!

  431. Amy

    Yaay, my copy of the cookbook arrived yesterday and I started reading it by the light of my headlamp in my cold, dark, electricity-free house. Waiting for the power to come back on so I can re-stock my fridge, wash my dishes, and start cooking again!

  432. shannon

    Hi Deb. I received your book in the mail just this morning, and after my cursory flip-through, I am SO delighted with it! The recipes are certainly not boring, but inventive alternatives to everyday cooking. I was delighted to see a chapter on Vegetarian choices, and I am really intrigued by those spaghetti squash tacos (I have 5 spaghetti squash from my mum’s garden sitting in my garage until I decide what to do with them, so thanks for the option!). Everything looks so delicious and fun to make. Well done!

  433. I’m waiting to buy until I can meet you in person in the Boston area, though I’m impatient! I love the inside cover. And these caramels look so yummy too. I really need to work on my candy making ;-)

    Happy friday.

  434. I share your aversion for paper flaps, they drive me nuts, like those sofa covers that never let you see the real thing. Your book is wonderful Deb! Congratulations, and have you ever planted a tree? You know what they say, for life to be complete you have to write a book, have a son and plant a tree!

  435. Jess

    I’ve never made candy before in my life, but I conquered my fear, went out and bought a candy thermometer, and made these this afternoon. I’m a convert! They are delicious! The book looks beautiful, and I hope I get to see you in Seattle…

  436. Shaina

    The book just arrived in my mailbox this morning, and I am so excited! It’s gorgeous, and I can’t wait to try all the recipes. :)

  437. Abigail

    Haven’t had a chance to pick up the book yet but great job on NPR! Your recipes always make my San Francisco kitchen a little more cozier.

  438. Theresa M

    I made your apple cider caramels last night! First let me compliment you on the beautiful squareness and non-sticky-looking-ness of your caramels. Mine turned out tasting fantastic but look, well, like blobs of caramel. Next time, more patience with the knife (although I did find that heating it up as well as oiling the knife helped).

    Second, two questions: I used milk instead of cream (had no cream) – how would this change the consistency? Also it took about 15 minutes for the whole mixture to reach 252 degrees, even after I turned the heat all the way up. I was terrified I was ruining them but they still turned out just fine. Would that much extra time really just be a difference in stoves?

  439. Kelly B

    JUST GOT YOUR BOOK! Couldn’t think of a better way to kick start my weekend. I haven’t even opened the book yet, but I know I will love it!!! Thanks for keeping at this over the last three years. You did it! I will be celebrating your accomplishment with every recipe I cook.

  440. Nicci

    Deb, What do you think about adding bourbon to these? I’m thinking about making them for a cocktail party. How would you go about implementing the bourbon? Reduce it with the cider?

  441. Your book just reached my place in Berlin, Germany. YAY :) Just so you know that you have fans over there as well. And thank you for putting down metric measurement as well – saves a lot of time :)

  442. WineGirl

    Whoa man and just in time! I was so geeked to get my copy! Getting ready to throw a birthday bash for myself. I’m making the red wine chocolate cake, the caramels, the peanuts, and the french onion toasts. I might share with my friends… The book is probably the most well thought out cookbook I’ve seen, truly for people that cook. Me and my tiny kitchen in Chicago THANK YOU! Best wishes…

  443. Alyssa

    I want to make these and everything else in your book. I’ve been reading through it the past few nights and it’s wonderful! When is the next book coming out? :)

  444. Congrats.
    I hope you are all safe and sound. After having no power since Monday afternoon we are back up. We have spent the last three days at the book store keeping warm and I got to read a lot of the cookbook. It looks great. There are several new things that I am looking forward to making and a few old favorites that I will continue to make.

  445. Hi Deb, I have so enjoyed surfing aroundyour site. As a new food blogger, I look for experts to follow and you are certainly at the top of my list. I can’t wait to get hold of a copy of your book.

  446. Kathryn

    I just got back from Beverly Hills. They were SOLD OUT of books when I got there at 12:45 for a 1pm signing. They had no idea that there would be as many people and purchases as there were. My advice to future attendees in upcoming cities – get there early! I still bought a promissory note for a book (Williams-Sonoma will ship it to me) with insertable bookplates that Deb will sign later. If I’d waited around, she would have personalized the bookplate, but i didn’t feel like waiting. Her signature is fine enough for me. It was still cool to see Deb in passing, she looked so happy and surprised that a gazillion people were there! I hope this book is a good mitzvah for her!

  447. flow

    Many many congrats on ur book deb, it looks spectacular. I wanted to let U know that I was thinking about u when we got the news abt the storm. We live hundreds of miles away, in different continents, yet it feels like u r family :) stay blessed

  448. Laura WL

    I bought you book yesterday from Amazon and got it today. Looks great. I also just happened to buy a food scale at the same time bc I was tired of not being able to make food from non-US blogs and lo and behold you praise the food scale in your book. Haha. So now I’m prepared to WEIGH the ingredients in your recipes. THANK YOU!

  449. Shaundi

    It’s here!!!!!!!! Thank you, Deb for this labor of love! It is a work of art! I don’t think there is a recipe in this book that I wouldn’t want to try! You take the intimidating out of recipes and put in the “Yes I can!” See you in Chicago!! I’m hoping you will see my sister in Portland on Mon. night!

  450. Ann Istrin

    Wow! Just left the Beverly Hills Book Signing! It was fantastic! I loved your demo on Cranberry Crumble Bars and getting to taste the Apple Cider Caramels was divine!
    You were so natural in front