granola-crusted nuts

Seeing as I’ve already admitted that I’m kind of a terrible host, I might as well let the confessional continue and tell you that I’m a terrible traveler. Oh, I don’t mean that I kvetch and whine the whole time (though you might want to ask Alex if he agrees, now that we’ve taken six flights and visited five cities in eight days together!), I just mean that I never do any of those really great things those really smart people writing really quite logical articles suggest, like keeping the amount of stuff you bring down so that it will fit in one of those bitty suitcases you can stuff into overhead. I don’t roll my clothing to prevent wrinkles or have my most important items in my carry-on so I won’t be at a loss if my luggage is. I never have one of those scarfy/pashmina things to use as a blanket/pillow/tent of warmth on the plane or train, nor do I remember Vitamin C, hand sanitizer, eye masks, earplugs or to eschew caffeine for purer forms of hydration, like water, and I never, ever remember to pack a wholesome homemade snack.

However, if you are one of the people that fits the description above, I would immensely love to travel with you. May I interest you in a book tour?

oats, cinnamon, coconut, brown shuga
oats, coconut, pepitas, sugar, salt

If I were, however, I’d bring these. I wasn’t actually trying to make these when I did. I was trying to make a fall crepe. But, I decided that pumpkin crepes were kind of boring, and when trying to figure out something to gussy them up with (maple yogurt? something crunchy?) I realized that a nut would be wonderful. But then I started kicking around ideas like maple-butter walnuts and spicy-sweet-pecans I decided it was rather lame that most spiced nuts are full of butter, sugar and bacon and this was breakfast, surely they could be a tiny bit indulgent but also wholesome. And then I made these and I entirely forgot about the pumpkin crepes. (Really. We had the delight of evacuating them from our fridge after a few days of a power outage and trust me, you wouldn’t be hungry for pumpkin crepes after that either!)

walnuts and pecans

Here’s why they rule: there’s no added butter or oil or fat aside from that which is already in the nut itself. Its crusted with just a tiny bit of sugar, but a lot of oats, coconut, seeds and pretty much anything else wholesome you like to mix into your granola. They’re spectacularly easy to make and they work as well as a snack as they do mixed into yogurt (imagine having a bag of these in your suitcase when you travelled! And you could have them with your yogurt every morning! Man, I wish I knew people who thought of things like this.) They’d also be a great housewarming/hostess/holiday gift as they keep really well but the best part about them is that every single one of them is like the very best part of granola: the giant clusters. The ones you fish out. Don’t even try to pretend otherwise.

whisking the egg white
coating the nuts
all baked, cooling
granola crusted nuts
granola crusted walnuts and pecans

NYC Launch Rescheduled — Tomorrow! Oh, we were so sad when we had to cancel the New York cookbook launch event on October 30th, but we’re delighted that we’ve been able to reschedule it so quickly: tomorrow (Saturday, 11/10) at the Williams-Sonoma at 59th Street & Lexington (across town from the Columbus Circle store, where the initial event was scheduled) at 3 p.m. I will demo my Mom’s Apple Cake from the book and site, there will be time for Q&A and I will sign books. While Williams-Sonoma would love it if you’d buy a copy of the book there, all will be welcome at the signing. (Note: This policy has been adjusted from the original requirement.) I really hope you’ll be able to make it. [Details]

Book Touring! The first week of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Book Tour — Los Angeles, Napa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, Vancouver and Seattle — has been absolutely, overwhelmingly incredible. Meeting so many of you has been an amazing experience and you are all so very nice. I feel incredibly lucky to know you. Next week, I will be in Washington DC (with my mama!) in the beginning of the week and Toronto at the end, then Chicago over the weekend and into early the week after. Which will be Thanksgiving. I have no idea how that happened. Still, I can’t wait.

Comments, emails, tweets: I typically take pride in spending at least an hour each morning reviewing and responding to new comments and other details. Alas, I am very far behind but will be catching up as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience. I miss you too.

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Granola-Crusted Nuts

My preference here is for walnuts; my husband prefers pecans, so we compromised. Any nut can be used but those bumpy, craggy ones will manage to stow more granola coating.

New note: If you’d like to add additional sweetness with honey or maple syrup, you can probably skip the water in the egg white. The purpose of it is just to thin the egg white enough that it coats well.

These are as excellent with breakfast as they would be for a travel snack or gift.

3/4 cup rolled oats (quick-cooking or old-fashioned will work; instant might get a little dusty)
1/4 cup shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut
2 tablespoons pepitas, or another nut or seed of your choice
1/4 cup dark or light brown sugar (for low-to-moderate sweetness)
1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Few pinches sea salt
1 large egg white
2 teaspoons water (adjusted from 1 T)
2 cups (approximately 1/2 pound) walnuts, pecans or nuts that you prefer

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a food processor, pulse oats, coconut, pepitas, sugar, cinnamon and salt in short bursts until the mixture is very well chopped but not powdery — it needn’t be like a flour. In a large bowl, beat egg white and water until frothy (but not stiff). Add nuts to bowl and coat them very well, using a few more stirs than will seem necessary because if the egg doesn’t get into the craters of the nuts, no granola will stick there. And that would be sad. Pour oat mixture into bowl and very gently fold it together with the nuts, so that it just barely sticks. (I found that if you stirred it a lot, the mixture just started falling off, so just a few folds will do.) You’ll have more granola coating than will seem necessary, but this is fine. Spread nuts-and-granola out on baking sheet in a single layer but no need to separate them. Sprinkle any granola mix leftover in the bowl over the nuts.

Bake for 20 minutes, moving nuts around just once in the baking time so that the inner nuts get as toasty as the ones at the edge, and up to 10 minutes more if they don’t look toasty yet at 20 minutes. Transfer pan to cooling rack and let nuts cool completely there. Once fully cool, break up any nut clusters and place mixture in jars/bags/your hand.

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  1. I would be the most excellent personal assistant. I have all of those things with me while I travel. But you probably already guessed that.

    Casey is gonna FREAK out when I make these for him. He is always begging me to make granola with huge chunks. You’re a genius, my friend.

  2. Deb this is a perfect combo – granola and nuts, in one.

    I was at my local San Diego Anthropologie store last night and literally RAN over to their book table when I saw your book on it. First time I’ve seen it in person – absolutely gorgeous. Job well done, amazingly well done!

  3. Lori T.

    Where does one find unsweetened coconut? In my local megamarts all I ever see is sweetened. Should I perhaps be looking in the health food section instead of the baking section? Just got the Smitten Kitchen cookbook yesterday and it is amazing!

  4. Elizabeth

    Not really about this post–though these look awesome and will happen soon in this house. My copy of your book arrived the same day Sandy did–and since then I’ve already made like EIGHT recipes from it–salads, desserts, vegetarian entrees, meaty entrees, breakfasts. THANK YOU, Deb. This book is wonderful, and I hope your book tour is wonderful and fun and all good things.

  5. Katherine

    Looks delicious! I was going to make plain old granola this morning, but this definitely changes my plans. Thanks for coming to Portland, we all really appreciated you sticking it out through that crazy long line. Hope you guys liked the bread!

  6. Laetitia

    These look absolutely delicous, but do you have any substitute for the coconut flakes? Would another dried fruit (apples!) work?
    And your book looks wonderful -which is why it’s on my Christmas list :)
    Happy Friday from France!

  7. Morgan

    Thanks Deb for flying to Portland! It was great to see you and hear you chat about how you got here today. Thank you thank you thank you for letting mama’s and babies go first — it made our evening.

    I am making the roast chicken with potatoes for dinner tonight – it will be my first recipe I try out of the book and I can’t wait! I go to bed with your book every night and mark pages that I want to try out, there are a lot of flags in the book :)

  8. mary beth

    I am just sick sick sick that I missed you in Portland
    It has been on my calendar since you announced it but I had something come up at the last minute and was sooooooooooo bummed :)
    Clearly you need to come back here and Seattle!

  9. Susan

    Good! Finally a granola that clumps. I’ve been so disappointed by the recipes I’ve tried because they mostly taste like toasted oatmeal with stuff in it! I almost hate to admit that I’ve preferred the storebought. You must be exhausted. Get some rest and snuggle with your baby before the next round of travel! ;)

  10. Awseome idea! Every winter I make candied nuts at some point which is such a huge sugar overload so I think making this oat, spice, coconut and everything else that looks so wonderful in the ingredients list is perfect for this year!

  11. Katherine

    Oh, these certainly look delicious. I’m leaving for a weeklong work trip on Monday…perhaps just once I’ll be the organized traveler you describe and make a batch on Sunday! Thank you!

  12. Leyla

    Lori if you have an Indian grocery store near you they’d also have sweetened coconut (as well as a ton of fresh cheap nuts) Its always my goto store :)

    anyway, these look great deb! I hate using a lot of butter unnecessarily and its one of the reasons why I’ve avoided making granola for so long

  13. birdgal (another amy)

    These sound great–and if they’re anything like the granola in your book, which I have already tried and LOVED (it clumps! ye gods, it clumps!), I know they will be!

  14. Your recipes always seemed so perfectly timed! I was just thinking about something nutty/oatmeal-y/granola-y whilst sitting here at my local java joint, when this popped up. Then got to thinking about those leftover apples from the mosaic tart I made last week, waiting to become sauced. I’ve got all these ingredients at home-yay!
    Something to do as I patiently wait for my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook to arrive. I was one of those at the Omnivore event last Sunday who sadly didn’t get my mitts on the book (first time in my life I’ve ever paid full-retail for a book to walk out without a book), but enjoyed the sunny afternoon nonetheless, chatting in line with my SK peeps and Alex. I was thrilled and not at all surprised by that turnout. You were so sweet when you came out to address the line and say Hi.
    I hope your future booksellers/venues are prepared for your multitude of adoring fans. Bestseller Baby!

  15. Hi Deb! I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your cookbook today and it’s absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to cook from it! My kids are asking for the chocolate chip brioche pretzels, so I think we will start with that tomorrow. I love your blog and I’m so happy for your success :) You rock!

  16. I want to say, pick me (to travel with you)! At one point, I would have been a stellar companion. And then I’d have to confess that I neither got my book signed by you yesterday morning (in Seattle) nor did I leave it for you to sign because, I, ahem, couldn’t find my phone and panicked. With my three year old on my hip (did you see him?) I scrounged around University Bookstore–went back to the bathroom, checked at the concierge, searched the car. I found it, finally…in the purse I’d already checked multiple times. (By then I was just frazzled and it was time to pick up my older kid from school.) So know that I *wanted* to meet you and get our quick chat while you signed my book. Sigh. Next time…. Oh, and by the way, I’d be happy to have a cake with a slice out of it.

  17. I admit it–I shake the box/bag of granola just to get the big pieces to rise to the top. These look fantastic and much more efficient :-)

    Also, if you’re looking for a sweet/spicy nut that doesn’t involve any butter and a minimal amount of sugar, may I suggest these? The trick is to blanch the nuts first, which melts the powdered sugar before you bake them. And if you don’t have a spice mixture, a little cayenne is just fine instead.

    I’m so looking forward to meeting you when you come to Chicago!

  18. I have been reading your book like novel at night. It’s so funny and everything sounds DELISH! Can’t wait to start making things and looking forward to seeing you at Politics and Prose on Monday in DC!

  19. These look amazing. I’m preggers with my second kid and my 5-year-old is a snacking maniac. Can’t wait to make up something simple that I can feel good about giving him. Thanks!!

  20. Bought your book. Was going to wait to order online, but then I saw it in the bookstore. Your photos were so beautiful and the recipes looked so easy to make and delicious that I could not stop myself. And now I am off to make your Broccoli Slaw.


  21. Johanna

    I will provide snacks in Philly, if need be. Actually, will just take you to Capogiro, Franklin Fountain and buy the little one candy at Shane’s.

  22. Anna O.

    I will definitely make these. After fighting my family over your breakfast bars (from the book), I know we will loves these too. I’m still stunned that a breakfast bar could be that good!

    PS I added chocolate to the breakfast bar recipe. Dark chocolate and just a little.

  23. Ala

    Caught red-handed–I am that girl who goes through the unsanitary process of sifting through other people’s cereal to find granola clusters. (Shh!) Thanks for sharing this wonderful alternative that I’m scrambling to the kitchen to make now–and congrats on the book tour! Looks like I just missed you, sadly!

  24. These would be my perfect midnight snack! I’m sure they’re perfec also for travelling, but just like you, I’m not any better so I can’t imagine ever being able to make these in order to take them along with me on a flight. I just don’t think they would make it!

  25. alex

    imagine you’re a crazy person who doesn’t like coconut. i know, i know. would you add something else to the mixture as a sub or just omit the coconut?

  26. jen

    I am that person you described. I was laughing because I didn’t realize I was so different from the norm! :) This granola looks fantastic. I generally bring some nuts and granola on my flights to save me in a pinch when I’m hungry and there are no good food options. This recipe will be brilliant, I can just combine my whole nuts and granola! Thanks!

  27. Kinsey

    Ok I’ll admit it here that I’m the light packer with the compact but efficient roller bag, the slip-off shoes, no-beep jewelry and light but warm pashmina in the forwardmost window seat. But never THIS!!

    Hallelujah, Deb! No more orange crackers, no more “health” bars stuck together with corn syrup, no more airport sandwiches with onions!

    So making this tonight.

  28. Ada

    I came to one of your book signings and afterwards I told both my mum and my boyfriend that you’re so nice! I’m glad the feeling is mutual. :)

    I always have a few Costco-sized bags of nuts around the house, and this looks like the perfect snack to make rather than eating them straight from the bag.

  29. The only thing I do well as a traveller is bringing snack with me. The small suitcase? Extra underwear in my carry-on? Nope, that’s not me. These granola’d nuts are definitely something I’d love to munch on while on the road.

  30. You just addressed some of my current concerns: my husband just went on a diet where he wants to limit his intake of carbs and not be hungry all day. These granola nuts will be a perfect breakfast or a snack: all that natural oil that is already in the nuts should keep him satiated for long periods of time. And we love nuts!

  31. Thanks for coming to Seattle Deb and adding the morning UW bookstore stop! It was the highlight of my Thursday ^_^ (I was the Chicken Milanese, cookbook filled with lime green post-it notes red head.) I baked the mulled cranberry crumb bars later that day & they were delicious! I almost didn’t want to share them (but I did & even my friend who usually protests when I make something without chocolate didn’t say a word about the lack of his favorite ingredient).

    Now I’m going to have to debate with myself if I want to try this granola recipe before or after the one in the cookbook! Maybe this one will get made right before holiday traveling next month!

  32. Laura

    This looks great! I’m sorry I missed you at the UW bookstore in Seattle…I had an unexpected doctor’s appointment…but a friend got my cookbook signed for me. She and I both declared that the reason we love cooking now is because of you. So thank you!!

  33. knifegirl

    Scarfy/pashmina things. Ha! I travel with knives and a pepper mill and olive oil. And I adore reading you exactly because you weren’t trying to make these when you did and because of the “fauna” and that cinnabon menorah and because sometimes you make me laugh till I cry which is such a good thing. And that’s what I’d say to you if you were coming to a venue near me.

  34. Teri O.

    These sound wonderful!!!

    Deb, I love reading your blog. I’m driving 200 miles to come see you on the 19th in Wheeling. (I grew up in Buffalo Grove, so I know the area). I can’t wait to meet you. (hopefully you don’t mind hugs!!!)

  35. Sarah

    These look great! (and I’m due to make a new batch of granola ….)

    As a tip, I’ve been making granola with applesauce instead of oil (and often leave out sugar too…) enough that it makes a thick almost batter in the pan – the down side, is that it takes about 90 minutes at low heat to cook.

    Also – neglect leads to bigger chunks! I got distracted with the latest batch, and only stirred it twice – I actually had to break up chunks with my fingers most mornings so they’d fit on a spoon (with yogurt and fruit of course)

  36. Linda Nichols

    I’m a Smitten Kitchen newbie (where have I been???). I am now thoroughly enjoying your blog! I live in the Seattle area & bought your cookbook at Costco(& read it cover to cover the first night) atleast a week before your (official) release date! I’ve made several recipes already & all have been wonderful.
    Keep up the great work & best of luck on your tour!

  37. Linda Nichols

    Also…..if anyone wanted to add some oil….coconut oil is excellent in granola etc. I know this isn’t a healthfood blog (but you did say “healthy” snack) & coconut oil not only gives alittle flavor but it’s really good for you!

  38. Erika

    I had marked my calendar to call for tix to your booksigning in Brookline MA, but my kiddo got sick (nothing like a 104 degree fever to get your attention), and when I called today the nice lady on the phone told me that it sold out in the first 2 hours!! So…I’ll be waiting at the bookstore with bated breath, hoping you have some time to sign some books there too. Might have to ditch kiddo with the hubby and roadtrip to NYC if that doesn’t pan out…

  39. Pam

    So excited for tomorrow! And to make these clusters when I get my kitchen back. (i.e. power) Congrats on the first stint of your book tour!

  40. Jo from AZ

    Deb, congrats on the book tour sounds like it went very well. I hope you make it to Phoenix area I was at B&N again today and it makes me so happy to see your book next to Barefoot Contessa, so cool. Enjoy the next leg of your tour.

    Our Fry’s/Kroger sells unsweetened coconut. I am going to make this tomorrow this will be great for snacks.

  41. Gayle S.

    I literally jumped up from my chair to run to the kitchen to make this! Drizzled some maple syeup over the nuts in place of some brown sugar. What a fine addition to tomorrow’s breakfast. Thank you!

  42. Lisa

    I was so pleased to have met you in Vancouver. I admire your ability to stay so genial while meeting ALL THOSE PEOPLE and doing ALL THAT TRAVELLING. I have already made two things from the book and will be trying lots more. Plus these nuts!

  43. The nut clusters sound fabulous! And the high levels of protein should curb further snacking, right? Haha! Seriously, these look amazing.

    I saw your book at Target the other day and I had to check it out. It’s GORGEOUS!! Congratulations!

  44. Shannon

    Can you pretty please come to Minneapolis/St.Paul on the next tour? We love you and are a big “Foodie” city! Tons of food trucks everywhere! We have the BEST Winter Carnival too! Or a Beautiful Spring! Made those pear/chocolate scones-oh my gosh, some of the best I’ve ever made!!! and the Squash Galette-My neighbors loved it too and had to have your recipe! And the book cover recipe! Yum! I have over 100 cookbooks and LOVE yours!!!! I’m going to make the cranberry bars next!

  45. Natalie

    These look delish! Was able to get to the book signing in Seattle and am loving the recipes in it! Thanks for all the hard work and the crazy travel schedule, know that it’s really a treat for all of us to meet you. Can’t wait to give the extra copy of the cook book to my dearest friend for Christmas!

  46. Natalia

    This look awesome, and I will surely make it as I am a “nut” for homemade fat free granola. But do you think I could do this without sugar? and use maple syrup or agave nectar instead???

    Thank you!!!

  47. Sarah

    These look wonderful- and will be next in my jar once I have finished your other granola!!! I ordered your book on Oct 31st, it was tracked, and I watched as someone packed it, it got to the aiport and when I woke up the next morning had arrived in the UK! It danced through customs…. went to a Royal Mail depot in London, arrived in Gloucester, and a nice postman tried to deliver it on Tuesday (obviously to be daft enough to order a book from the States, I have to work for a living) so Wednesday clutching my ticket I joined the queue – to find 45minutes (yep!) that they’d lost it. I was so upset they promised to look harder – and found it at 9pm, so finally I have your fabulous book, and it’s wonderful!

  48. Katya

    one word – PERFECTION! yes, i finish the giant clusters of granola first. I may not be the person who rolls her clothes when I travel, but I do carry a separate bag for food/snacks/fruit/water/etc.

  49. Moriah

    I hate hyperbole in recipe reviews, but I CANNOT STOP EATING THIS.

    Just made it this morning. I happened to have all the ingredients on hand and decided to give it a test run, and also to get my family’s review, as this is the kind of gifty thing I like to make for the holidays. A lot of times things you do to/put on nuts tends to fall off the nut, which drives me batty, but this granola mixture seems like it will stay stuck to the nut very well. (Not that I have given it much of a chance to fall off while traveling from the pan to my mouth.)

  50. judy

    This is my first time writing on your site. First I want to say how much I love your writing, sometimes I just start laughing out loud and my husband wants to know whats so funny. Your recipes are amazing I have had huge success with every one I have tried. I’m looking forward to some new latkes recipe since every year I do a Latkes from around the world party.
    I preordered your book the first day and I was so excited that you were coming to Boston. I had no idea that I would have to register for the class and of course it is filled :( I will be first in line when your next book is out. I wish you much success in your new venture.

  51. Jill

    Deb – I was so busy pouring over your beautiful new cookbook I didn’t notice the Toronto stop-over on your book tour. It’s already sold out! Perhaps having these granola nuts for travel will encourage a second trip here!

  52. Erin R.

    I just stuck a huge Costco bag of almonds in the freezer not thirty minutes ago. My husb and I are always saying we should try to make those spiced Christmas nuts but we never do. Today! Today I will make these granola nuts! He’s going to die when he gets home tomorrow. Thank you so much for the genius idea.

    P.S. I just checked with the County library here and every single copy of your cookbook is checked out and there’s a big waiting list. I”m going to see if I can run down a copy at B&N or Walmart today. Can’t wait to see it.

  53. Deb- Popcorn cookies, black beans, snap pea salad with miso dressing, cranberry bars and counting – made them all,each more fabulous than the next but the marbled pumpkin tart ?!! The very best pumkin anything I’ve ever tasted – a permanent fixture on my Thanksgiving table for the rest of time…

  54. JP

    Like so many things, the price of nuts has become pretty outrageous. Do you think COSTCO is the only place you can buy nuts without taking out a second mortgage? One seed that is still pretty reasonable is the sunflower seed. Shelled and salted or not, I think they would be a good addition to your granola- crusted nuts.

  55. Lisa


    Your book is the next best thing to sharing a day with a very good friend ! How come Monterey-Carmel was not on your book tour? We have a terrific Williams-Sonoma loaded with cookbooks? So sad,but you must come when your NEXT book is released!! Thanks so much for your outlook,Lisa

  56. Mary

    Deb I just adore the cookbook. I won’t be able to make your signing in Toronto (the paid event is just a little pricey for a grad student) but I pre-ordered your cookbook on Amazon way back when and now I finally have it. Completely amazing and all of the recipes that I LOVE from the site made it into the book (that red wine chocolate cake is the only cake I’ll let anyone make me for my birthday). You’re awesome and I wish you luck on your tour.

  57. me again…I went right home yesterday and made this. Brilliant!!!… aaaaannnnd my signed cookbook came today, dropped off just minutes ago. Perfect timing again because I have the entire afternoon and evening to ogle it. Thank you so much!

  58. Aura

    I just made these and we can’t stop eating them, despite the fact that I’m making steak for dinner in an hour.
    On another note, I followed your link to the QVC website, and some philistine has left a bad review of your book. It literally offended me on a personal level when I read it. Wishing you all five-star reviews in future!

  59. Look, these nuts look delicious and all and I cannot wait to make them and everything like that. BUT. What I’m really here to say is: do you own a calendar? I sat down on the couch last night with my brand-spanking-new copy of the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and settled in to decide what’s for dinner from now until whenever and after the first recipe I was completely not amused.

    Oh I know, the book is gorgeous. The recipes divine. But, lady. It’s November. You kicked us off with peach pancakes. Do you know how many months it is until peach season? Yes, yes, apples would work. Pears would probably be just fine. But peaches. I’m sure those will be perfect.

    Nobody likes you and your peach sour cream pancakes, nuts aside.

  60. Karen

    BTW Deb- I AM that kind of traveller and I think we would get along fabulously, but alas, we won’t meet up until your Darien Library stop. Safe travels and at LEAST you packed your sense of humor!! Enjoy the ride. :)

  61. YJ

    Deb, It was great meeting you today at the rescheduled book signing at WS!!! It was also fabulous meeting Jacob–who is ADORABLE and so well mannered!

    Thanks for your awesome awesome blog and now the superawesome cookbook! (Already made the red wine velvet cake and going to make french toast casserole tmr).

  62. Marian

    Looks delicious! How long do you think this will keep… wrapped in plastic and in a jar with a lid. Trying to incorporate it into an Advent box. Thanks

  63. jessica

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE your cookbook!!! i literally plan to make every recipe (but one) so far and i’ve read over half of it. i have loved every recipe from your blog that i have tried already even after i adjust them to be gluten and lactose free. thanx so much!

  64. Marcia

    it was great to meet you today at WS..and your Mom and Dad and Husband too.! Alas,I seem to have missed Jacob. What a crowd you had, and you had a kind word for everyone….after all the flights and events…you are the energizer bunny of bloggers. I would be happy to lend you a Pashmina and some hand sanitizer..(even though I never got a caramel )

  65. Isabelle

    Yum, these look amazing! A pumpkin crepe idea that is not boring: buckwheat crepes topped with pumpkin jam (not butter). To make: equal parts (by weight) long island cheese pumpkin (roasted and pureed), water, and sugar with freshly ground nutmeg, cinnamon, ground cloves, vanilla, and lemon juice to taste. Bring to boil and simmer for about half an hour–stirring frequently. If you are feeling lazy you can just mash the roasted pumpkin slightly and then use an immersion blender half way through the cooking.

  66. This is one of those moments when I am so sorry I don’t have a full-sized food processor. Even now, I’m thinking about how I can use my mini-chopper to make this work because it sounds so.stinkin.good! I am definitely a large-nugget of granola “fisher”. Must go play in the kitchen now!

  67. Marissa B in AZ

    Rona – I think the nuts are raw (thats what I always get) and they toast in the oven.

    I haven’t seen an answer about coconut, I too don’t care for it. I’ll just omit it and cross my fingers. But its Deb’s, it’ll turn out fantastic as always! ;) Maybe next time some dried fruit.

  68. Karen

    Deb, these are nothing but genius. How do you suggest I stop myself from eating the whole batch before any of my unsuspecting family members get their hands on some? Thank you for this amazing recipe. I have been trying to find a way to make my homemade granola more cluster-y, and now I can stop searching. Looking forward to your Chicago stops.

  69. Julia

    Deb – your Mushrooms Bourginon were an unqualified success! I made them today and my notoriously picky husband walked through the kitchen and asked – asked! – if we could eat some of that for supper. Oddly enough, that was the plan and he pronounced it one of the best things I’d ever made.

    I also made you’re breakfast bars with almonds and dates. They are super yummy and I think will be a perfect grab-n-go weekday breakfast with a glass of milk.

    These Granola Nuts are inspired – will definitely give them a whirl. As I’m not a coconut fan, I may swap that out with a mix of sesame seeds and wheat germ.

    Sounds as if the book tour is going well. Don’t overdo it – we need you energized to keep all these great ideas flowing. Thank you!

  70. Tashie

    These taste truly amazing. The egg white trick is brilliant and I can’t believe that you don’t need to add any oil! Can’t wait to meet you on the book tour!

  71. Andrea

    I’ve been waiting for something to happen… You know how when you access a website from smart mobile device, it automatically gives you the annoying option to obtain its App?? Well I pray that every time I’m looking for a recipe here it will offer me The Smitten Kitchen App… What is going on with that, Deb? I’m sure everyone else agrees with me!!

    1. deb

      Hi Andrea — So sorry. Just not working on an App at this time. Won’t bore you with the reasons, but I promise, if there is a fever pitch of requests (surprisingly not, but yours is as important as anyones!) I will reconsider. :)

      Raw versus toasted nuts — Untoasted is better so that they don’t accidentally overcook. If using toasted, carefully watch them as the full cooking time might be too much.

      Coconut — Yes, I know, many people dislike it. My husband is one of them but he loves my homemade granola with it. Here’s the thing: 95% of granolas have coconut in them. It doesn’t taste coconutty (to me or him), but it’s a really great part of the flavor profile we’re familiar with. If you’re still not convinced, you can use additional oats.

  72. JB

    I made these today and they are like crack. I had to hide the jar in the cupboard so I wouldn’t keep going back for

    My only tweak was to omit the brown sugar and water and instead whisk the egg white with 2 Tbsp of maple syrup (Grade B, of course). It worked fine and they were plenty sweet for my taste.

  73. june2

    Maybe back in the day you could surrender yourself entirely to the care of the airlines and they would ensure that all your needs were met for travel, but boy, not nowadays! I will not get on a plane without a full travel kit that includes at least one full meal and way more snacks than I will actually eat, just in case. Sleep mask, check. Giant shawl/blanket, check. Socks, check. Earplugs, hand and face cream, sanitizing wipes, checkcheckcheck, etc. After my last flight in economy, am considering a small oxygen bottle for the next fight! Seriously. I do live in Hawaii, however so any flight out and back is a major journey.

  74. tunie

    Speaking of requests, would LOVE it if there was at least one video of one of your book tour events so that people who live too far away could join in too. No one seems to have posted one on youtube!

  75. You are like a cookbook-writing touring rockstar, Deb. I received your book a few days ago (I admit I snuck a peak in Barnes and Noble beforehand) but it was a thrill to rip it out of the envelope nonetheless. It’s BRILLIANT. Seriously brilliant, as I knew it would be, and so are these granola-crusted nuts. I’m going to try to make that pumpkin cheesecake before Thanksgiving!

  76. Kristin

    Hi Deb,

    These granola-crusted nuts are one of the most creative recipes I’ve ever seen! Genius! I’m hopping on a plane to Honolulu on Tuesday and will bring these with me. Wouldn’t it be cool if other people on the plane were SK readers and recognized them as your recipe and we all got together and sung your praises?! Don’t laugh…I bet it could happen! I would even share, which is not my nature, sadly. You are a celebrity and create all of the tongue-tied awkwardness that I feared would arise in me if i ever did meet someone famous and eminently admirable. I saw you in Portland and wanted to say something clever, memorable and gracious to you as you signed my book but could only muster a star-struck ‘thanks!’ You were brilliant. We all love you.

  77. maggi

    I made these following the recipe exactly and they were not sweet enough for me. Strange because I usually cut sugar in half in most recipes and don’t like things too sweet. I ended up melting butter with more sugar and pouring it on top.

  78. Candace

    These look like something my dad would LOVE. He’s diabetic, so does anyone here have experience with baking with Truvia? Also, how long would these keep in a jar?

  79. Taina

    on Thursday I’m flying up to Grandma’s house (from HI to CA) and these look like just what I need for the plane!! And, the cookbook is beautiful :) I haven’t had a chance to make something, I’ve just been reading it like a novel (that’s how you know a cookbook is good!). I want to take it to CA to show off, but I’m a little scared to travel with it for fear of it getting damaged, or worse yet lost!

  80. The big granola chunks really are the best part of granola. Thanks Deb for the inspiration. I’ve been raking my brain thinking of a new and great homemade Christmas gift, that wasn’t cookies. These nuts in a cute jar, who wouldn’t love that!

  81. Anna

    I read the first paragraph as though Matt Foley (i.e., Chris Farley) were saying it. Ha! By the by, these look delicious, and I plan to make them for my brother as a useful and enjoyable present.

  82. What a happy surprise to turn on the car this morning and hear you on Diane Rehm! The best part was – just as you said – because you write as you speak, it was obvious who you were, even though I joined in mid-conversation. You did great. Congratulations on the fine book & excellent press!

  83. hdelway

    Wonderful! I’ve got everything in the pantry… but of course I’m going to “personalize” it. My satusma tree (think small wonderful oranges) is bursting with fruit so I’m subing satusuma juice and peel for the water. Cannot wait to try these as soon as they cool enought to eat!

  84. Caroline

    Deb– next time you visit DC you need to book a bigger venue. Perhaps the Verizon Center would be better able to accommodate the crowds? ;) I waited in line at Politics and Prose for half an hour, until an employee announced that the book was sold out and it was unlikely we could get into the store. The line stretched all the way to the end of the block, and the lucky souls who made it inside were squashed up against the windows. I had NO IDEA you were so popular here!

  85. Julie

    Hi Deb,

    My birthday was yesterday and my Dad got me your cookbook as a present! I spent the night trying not to look at every recipe right away (wanted to keep some a surprise as I start to cook my way through it) but just wanted to let you know it’s GORGEOUS and I love it.

    Hope to stop by your event in Philadelphia next month!

  86. Jina

    Hi Deb,

    I was just wondering if i buy a food processor on Amazon, will it come with the shredding (grating) blade, too? Or will I have to buy the blades separatly?

  87. Kelly

    Deb, Congrats on your interview today on NPR. It was so awesome to listen to today! I was excited my favorite food blogger was on the radio! I made so many, many dishes of yours throughout the years and pass along recipes to people all the time! You are awesome! Thank you for many amazing recipes and even more excitement about cooking =)

  88. barbara lassiter

    These look so fabulous and I intend to make some tomorrow to serve to my book group on Weds. They will absolutely love them and so will I! Thanks!!!!

  89. Ella

    Hi Deb! Went to see/meet you at WS in Beverly Hills, but had to leave after an hour to head back to work, so sad I did not get a chance to say hi and have my book signed. Is there any way I could send you the book-label-sticker-thingy they gave to us who bought the book but did not receive a hard copy (all the books had sold out by the time I got there!) and have it signed? Am planning to give a copy to my mum and she would be so thrilled. No worries if that’s not possible, just thought I’d ask. Good luck with your book!

  90. Sarah

    Deb! I have been following your blog for about 3 years now but this recipe has forced me to comment – it was so good! I can never get any muesli/granola to clump together but this worked like a dream. Was thinking of mixing some of the clusters of nuts into the maple granola from your cookbook (which was also amazing – am loving every minute of it!) x

  91. Annabelle

    Received my copy of THE BOOK today!! Ate it for dinner instead of cooking and am now starving- thank goodness we have zucchini and almonds and that’s my first recipe right there. Awesome work, love it!

  92. FragrantWitch

    These look delicious- you are simply wonderful! Your book is on my Christmas list and I can’t wait. Please, please bring your book tour to London!

  93. Eileen

    I tuned in to the Diane Rehm show yesterday to hear your interview. It was great! I have also been enjoying your cookbook. All the best with the book tour!

  94. martha

    This recipe looks great-I will try it next week. I join with the others in congratulating you on the cookbook. I just got mine and it is amazing. Your attention to detail shines through brilliantly and of course the recipes are great.

  95. DawnP

    I was so excited to hear you on Diane Rehm’s show yesterday, and even MORE excited to see you in person last night at Politics and Prose. WOW, what an incredible crowd — and so well-deserved. (Was just bummed I couldn’t stay long enough to get my book signed, but I had an hour drive to get back home and couldn’t stay out that late on a work night! But it was well-worth it just to hear you speak!) I hope that the rest of the book tour goes just as well!! CONGRATS!

  96. Theresa

    I just got the book today from my husband! I’m gonna go see you on sunday hopefully to get my book signed. I am soo excited! I don’t have a reciept, but I hope you’ll sign it anyway :) Thank you for an awesome blog and for releasing this amazing book!!

  97. I absolutely love the idea of these!! They look like such a good snack. If your looking for a snack for your pup check out my cheesy overload dog biscuits on my blog! All dogs are guaranteed to love them! :D

  98. DC

    Loved hearing you yesterday on the Diane Rehm show! I can’t wait to view the video. Like a lot of people, I was so excited about your visit to Politics & Prose last night, but then so disappointed that I didn’t get a book (yes, my bad for not pre-ordering…), let along have it signed. I had held off on ordering from Amazon, etc because you were going to be here in our fair city. If you & your team figure out a way to sign books another way, please let your adoring fans know!

  99. Kaitlin

    These are delicious! And in an act of meta-baking, I may have chopped some of them up to put on top of oatmeal muffins. Cannot wait to see you on Friday – though I’m not sure I can outdo the good people bringing you bourbon and champagne!

  100. Jillian L

    I’m sad that there was such a long line at Politics & Prose but at the same time I’m so excited that the tour is going so well! I’ve had my book for almost 2 weeks now and it’s pretty much covered in food from trying out all the recipes, but also good job on the shiny paper that wipes clean (well, except for the oil stains).

  101. Diane from DC

    I got your book yesterday and I’m only a third of the way through looking at every recipe. When are we going to have a thread so we can ask questions about the recipes in the book? :)

  102. Barb

    I replaced the sugar with 4 tablespoons of honey, which I added to the egg white before whipping it up. I wouldn’t add TOO much more than that though. They came out beautifully.

    This is one of our new favorite things! Thank you!

  103. Lynn

    This was amazing. I made a double batch and added in a sprinkling of sesame seeds, a 2 Tblsp each of raw quinoa and millet (leftover from the amazing banana bread!). It’s nice to be able to customize with what’s in your pantry. Starting a “Julie and Julia” on your book. Going to cook my way right through it. :)

  104. Laurel

    Wow, what a well-deserved crowd at Politics & Prose last night! I had my 4 1/2 month old with me so couldn’t stay to get my book signed, but it was wonderful to hear you talk after reading your blog for years. This recipe looks amazing, too! Congrats!

  105. Jessica

    So excited to make these tonight – they could not have appeared at a better time as I need treats for a friend and these will be perfect.

    It was wonderful to meet you last night at P&P in DC. As the last person in line, I want to say thank you so much again for staying so long to sign everyone’s books! You are amazing! Good luck with the rest of the book tour!

  106. Nichole

    I love, love, love your cookbook. :) I am curious though why is this recipe on your blog and the one in your cookbook different? It uses different ingredients and all.

    1. deb

      Hi Nichole — This recipe is not in the cookbook. The cookbook has a recipe for a Big Cluster Maple Granola. There is ingredient overlap (I’ve always liked granolas with oats and coconut) and in both I experiment with egg whites as a clustering agent. But they are different dishes in the end. The book is intentionally different from the site as I wanted it to be a value for people who read the site, not just a replica of it. Nevertheless, there will always be some thematic and flavor overlap as the recipes come from the same kitchen and cook!

  107. Love this! I am a granola junkie and must make these immediately. I am trying to figure out how to jam some chocolate in them. Maybe dip them in melted chocolate? Would that be going overboard?

  108. Taina

    My plane leaves in 36 hours. Have I done laundry or packed, or done the housecleaning that needs doing before I leave? NO. But are these granola-nut clusters in my oven right now? YES. So at least this part of my travel prep is on track :) I added a touch of ground ginger, and some flaxmeal to the recipe, and used almonds. So far it smells fabulous!

  109. Marina

    Anne, I’ve been thinking about the same thing and decided dipping them would be too much (but if no one’s watching, I would totally go for it :D) and just drizzling some melted dark chocolate, while they are still on the baking sheet would be a better idea. I also added cocoa nibs in mine instead of the pepitas.
    I hope that helps :)

  110. Allie

    Mine did not turn out as delicious and chunky as I had hoped. I don’t taste the cinnamon or the coconut, and the oat mixture didn’t stick to the nuts very well. I followed your instructions, so I’m not sure where I went wrong… They’re still tasty and I’ll eat them up, but I want to know what I could do to make them better next time.

  111. Caroline

    By the way, I just listened to your Diane Rehm appearance, and I swear I have never heard Diane so animated. She was smitten! And I’m with you on the broccoli slaw– out of all your recipes that I’ve tried (and re-tried) that is hands-down the one I make the most. Someone just gave me a bag of shredded cabbage that I think I’ll turn into the Vinegar Slaw, and the story about your parents has inspired me to make bagels this weekend.

    So despite the Politics & Prose fiasco it was a treat to hear you on air!

  112. I second Diane’s (#162) request for a page where we can discuss recipes from the book. Maybe there could be a page for each section of the book. I am thrilled with the book, but I miss knowing how the recipes have worked out for others, hearing how other people have adapted them, and seeing your responses. Please! :)

    Also, these nuts are fantastic. They make my 22 month old son dance! I found that quite a bit of the granola mixture did not stick to the nuts, so rather than toss it, I added it to our regular jar of homemade granola. Next time I might try increasing the amount of egg white and nuts, while keeping the amount of granola the same. Or I might use maple syrup instead of sugar and see if the extra liquid helps more of the granola stick.

  113. Hi Deb,
    Just wanted to say that my copy of the book arrived today and I could not be more pleased for you if we were old friends! Congratulations on great work. I love the blog and I can’t wait to start cooking from the book…now if only I could decide whether to start with the Raspberry Ricotta Scones or the Apple Cake…
    Hope you are taking time to bask in all the excitement!

  114. Holy cats…I read this recipe the day before moving into a hotel for work, where I’ll be living the next 4 to 6 weeks…and working 18 hour days on average…I baked 3 lbs of these bad boys and and am the hero of my office…no joke…these nuts are sparing us from eating our own weight in pastries and related garbage every day. You = lifesaver!

  115. rebecca r.

    hi deb!
    i just received two copies of your cookbook- one for me and one for my sister on her birthday! I can’t wait to share it with her. It’s gorgeous and delicious and all things wonderful.
    i’m terribly saddened that i’ll be at work a bit too far down the road when you roll into los angeles. is there any chance you could add in a visit to the williams-sonoma in santa monica? i’d recruit for you! let me know. fingers very crossed but heart not broken if it can’t happen. thank you for the great blog and delectable food!

  116. Diane from DC

    I made these and here are my findings:

    1. Don’t use whole almonds because they won’t grip any of the granola. The walnut pieces held the most granola, followed by pecans.

    2. I used sunflower seeds instead of pepitas. I don’t think I chopped them enough because even though I liked the larger oat flakes, many of the sunflower seeds remained whole and didn’t adhere as well as a result (not enough surface on the nut to grip everything). I will try processing the sunflower seeds by themselves first so they can be chopped more, then add the rest of the ingredients.

    3. I didn’t think there was enough sugar despite using sweetened coconut and brown sugar (I used a little less sugar than the 1/4 cup). The next time I make them, I would add a little more brown sugar. Or honey, because…

    4. Mine didn’t cluster very well. Obviously the almonds didn’t cluster much at all, but mine didn’t look as chunky as the recipe photos. You could see plenty of the nut. I’d rather mine look completely buried in granola. I think the next time I make them, I will use a little less brown sugar and put in some honey to help bind them.

    1. deb

      Hi Diane — Try instead using less water with the egg white. I recommended 1 tablespoon originally but have found in ensuing batches that you can use as little as 1 teaspoon water but that 2 teaspoons might be closer to the sweet spot. It’s a tiny, tiny change but it keeps the egg white thicker and less diluted — i.e. it glues better.

  117. Steph

    Good luck & have fun with your signing in Toronto tomorrow evening. I am sad to be missing it, but the flu has gotten the better of me this past week. If you ever return to Canada again, we look forward to having you! In honour of your blog & new book I’ve got Sunday morning planned – chocolate chip brioche pretzels!

  118. Johanna Genge

    Just saw you on Canada AM. (Friday morning) awesome job, but I wished they would talk TO you rather than at you and not just about the yummy cheesecake. You have a great story to tell and they did not ask you about it. Loved the food though. Got your cookbook as a birthday gift. wonderful!

  119. Gaylene

    Thank you for coming to Seattle! I enjoyed meeting you (briefly, and I hardly expect you’ll remember — there were LOTS of us!). I’m enjoying the cookbook, love the breakfast bars and the bulger / harissa salad. Meatballs were a hit. Great work.

  120. Lacie

    I turned on NPR’s food podcast on my morning commute today and was SO excited to hear YOU being featured. It literally MADE my day. I have been following your blog for a while now without commenting, but after today I had to leave a few words of adoration. I LOVE your blog (both the recipes and wit), and I hope you are having a great time on your tour!

  121. Lauren

    I am a grad student and I am thanking you from the bottom of my stomach. These babies are the perfect study snack, alone or with my favorite Brown Cow maple yogurt. The boyfriend (med student) is probably even more enthusiastic about these granola nuts!!! Can’t wait to get your book. :) Thank you!!

  122. Leyla

    My mom and I have both been fawning over how delicious those cranberry bars looked and I finally made a batch today. They were so good and soft and light and just yum in a bite, I just think they needed a little more sugar (perhaps my cranberries were too tart). Anyway thanks so much, cant wait to try out your sesame turkey meatballs later tonight ^__^

  123. J Bug

    I just made these, and they are D E L I S H I O U S! I think next time i make these I’ll give them a kick with crushed red pepper flakes and a bit of maple . . . Thanks for the great recipes!

  124. Jen S

    Thank you once again for jet-setting across the US for a book tour! I highly enjoyed your stop at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. The place was packed! I’ve already made the pot pies (w/ added roast chicken to fight off a cold) and grapefruit olive-oil cake. Yum! The Q/A was fun, and I too think bourbon is a necessity if on a deserted island. Of course, my deserted island would also include dessert. :)

  125. Teresa

    I cannot believe that I just now found you, all by googling chocolate pudding recipe because my husband wants some and I never need an excuse to melt chocolate! Your recipe from February 2008 is fabulous!! Thank you!!

  126. Tara

    Yum! I will be making these tomorrow. I feel the need for some power fuel to bust out these last revisions on my dissertation. In other news, my dear friend gifted me your book–signed by you nonetheless (at the Santa Cruz event)! We just made the caramelized onion, wild rice and kale gratin. OMG–so delicious. There’s not a single thing in the book that I don’t want to cook! Well done!

  127. I tried to see you in Portland to no avail. I showed up 1/2 early and got rejected at the door due to the event being full. Then I thought I’d hang out and get you to autograph your cookbook and see if by a tiny chance you would rub off on me. Well, that didn’t work either, Powell’s didn’t have any more of your cookbooks. Seriously, a book store not having enough copies for you to sign. It was my sign to drive the two hours back home to the coast and nurse my wound. I’m okay now…really I am. And congrats on your success!!!

  128. Brooke

    making these this morning, they look so yummy, and my nine-year-old is begging for them! I love, love, love the book! I made the chocolate chip brioche pretzels for my birthday breakfast last weekend, they were to die for! And the leftovers made some amazing french toast a few days later! Even my 3 super picky kids loved the frittata. They’ve requested the popcorn cookies next! I only wish I was able to make it to one of your Boston events! Oh, and I second the request for a place to discuss recipes from the book!

  129. Sara

    Also, I pre-ordered your book as soon as I could. Shortly thereafter, I took a job in Thailand. Needless to say, my parents have greatly enjoying the book so far, and love rubbing it in my face. I literally cannot wait until I’m home for the holidays and can steal it back, muahahahaha!

  130. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe! I made it for my daughter to take as a snack to share with the ladies in a quilt class she was teaching … they raved about it! The dish came back empty so am making more today for us to enjoy. I enjoy reading your blog … it always leaves me with a smile on my face:)

    I have purchased your book … the pictures are spectacular and make me want to cook everything at once:) I have made the french toast casserole and will be making the popcorn cookies, s’more cake along with others asap. Good luck on your book tour!

  131. Julie

    What a clever idea! Your book is gorgeous! And speaking of granola, your maple granola is already a staple in our house, even among the coconut haters. Congrats on such a perfect book. If only you were coming to Michigan. . .

  132. NancyNS

    Not to hijack the thread – but I just bought your book, and cooked the Wild Rice, Kale, etc. recipe, and it was incredible. My husband kept asking me what was in it, and every time I recited the ingredients, he kept thinking there must be more that made it SO tasty. I made a smaller amount than the recipe, and we ate it all. All. Tonight I am spatchcocking a chicken. Mmmm. THANKS!

  133. Hi, I hear you on the travel. I used to travel a great deal for work and grew to hate it. I wish you great success on your book tour. I hope to be at one of your signing. I will do my best.

    I love granola and in fact I have my own recipe. That said, this recipe looks amazingly good and one I will definitely give a try.

    As a side note, I just bought your book and I LOVE it, what an amazing collection of recipes and the photography is fabulous. :-)

  134. I’m horribly underprepared when traveling. Which is funny, because I’m generally organized. On my last trip I even got suckered into a $6 tube of chapstick because I was stuck in the airport and couldn’t go one more minute without something on my lips. I only own like 5,000 tubes at home, so obviously I didn’t pack any.

  135. Bess

    I received my book as an early Christmas present on Saturday, then went on a Smitten Kitchen bender on Sunday. I think I used like five recipes. It’s the first cookbook that I’ve ever read like a regular book. It totally exceeded my expectations, and I had VERY high expectations. You are hilarious. Also, I second the app request (or maybe third or fiftieth, I can only read so many of the comments).

    Hold me closer Tony Danzaaaa…….

  136. Amber

    Just pulled these out of the oven – they smell so good! I snuck one before it was cool and they taste fantastic. I added some ground flax seeds and toasted millet (which I bought specifically to make your crackly banana bread recipe) and skipped the coconut because my husband is ridiculous. So. Good. Thank you!

  137. Well today was the first chance that I have had to make this granola and I made pecan and walnut! Wonderful now my guest will have something really special as they explore DC this week. Thanks so much and I hope to get your book as an Christmas gift!

  138. This recipe could not have come at a better time! My boyfriend and I are driving out of state for Thanksgiving and I’m meeting his family for the first time (yikes!). I wanted to make something for them that they don’t have to eat right away and will travel well and I remembered I hadn’t checked my favorite food blog in a while. This looks prefect for the occasion AND delicious. You’re my go-to resource for recipes and haven’t failed me yet so thanks for all the years of delicious food!

  139. Leigh

    Just got your cookbook. It’s lovely. Your voice really shines through. I appreciate that it isn’t just a recap of your blog. Congratulations!

  140. Katherine

    Deb, I’m not sure if you ever read this far down the comments, but I felt like I had to try to tell you: I got the cookbook last Friday and already made 2 recipes from it last weekend (turkey meatballs and braised short ribs). They were both ridiculously amazing! Your recipes have never steered me wrong before, and I love that they are all relatively un-fussy – no trying to source rare ingredients online or buying random kitchen implements. I’m recommending your book to everyone, and I almost don’t want to do that because it’s almost like I’m giving away my “cooking secret” to everyone! :)

  141. Laura

    Hi Deb – love your book; truly beautiful. I have a question about the pumpkin cheesecake tart – I just tried to make it, and the filling did not fit in the crust (really not even close – like over a cup left over). The pan I used was a 9inch pan – are there pans with higher sides? Mine is a standard 9 inch. Thanks for any advice!

  142. Finally got the cookbook this week, and I love it! After flipping through and ooh-ing and ahh-ing (and deciding that I need to make those brioche pretzels ASAP), I started reading more thoroughly, and mentally marking the recipes I wanted to try.
    Ran into a bit of a problem, however, with the rhubarb hamantaschen recipe: the ingredients list “1 pound (905 grams)” of rhubarb, which doesn’t make sense – a pound is about 450g, so I tend to guess that it should have been 2 pounds? Or maybe it’s the conversion part that’s wrong?
    It’s far from rhubarb season yet, so this isn’t really an urgent question, but I would like to have an answer for it, so that when they do arrive at the greengrocer’s I can know whether I need to buy a kilo or half a kilo…

  143. Estelle

    The book is finally here! It looks amazing! I had almost lost hope of the making it across the pond, but it arrived this morning. My chances of reading it in peace have been scuppered by two small boys, who are intent on playing shops and not remotely interested in ‘mummy’s new book’. I’m willing bedtime to arrive asap so I can look at it properly. In the meantime I’ll have to be content with the odd sneaky peak here and there.

  144. Hi Deb, thanks for answering!
    There’s still a long while before we get any rhubarb, so don’t worry, no derailing has been done. :) Which is it, then, one pound or two?

    1. deb

      JK — They keep well. Found a bag from a few weeks ago and they were perfect as day one. Make sure they are fully cool and feel dry before bagging them.

  145. Lenore

    I didn’t even know how much I missed this site until I got bored with the results of Googling broccoli soup recipes and remembered you. I saw this recipe before I even did a search and started reading recipes at random. So much for going to bed at a reasonable time tonight!

    This kind of thing was the last thing on my mind, but I’m going to give them a whirl (yep) sometime soon. It’s ski season, and I need something calorific and healthy to munch on while cooling my heels on the lifts. Thanks!

  146. Michelle

    Just made these with pecans and they are fantastic – everything I hoped they’d be! I can’t wait to throw these in some yogurt. I might even make these for our charity bake sale next week at work :-)

  147. Thanks again!
    By the way, so far I made the poppy seed plum muffins and the whole lemon bars, and both were a great success. Maybe I’ll even get around to trying something that isn’t sweet, sometime…

  148. Shelly

    I made a double batch of these for Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit, adults and kids a like. I found unsweetened coconut in the organic section of my supermarket and am glad because I think sweetened coconut would be too much. Thanks for another great recipe!

  149. Cali Surfer Aimee

    I made these with some chopped up dates as well. Was a nice addition and also good glue. Will do half dried apricot pieces and dried date pieces next time. (I use that combo in the Breakfast Bars recipe in your book as well. Nothing better than apricots and almonds in my opinion. LOVE the cookbook too. Bummed I was in Kauaii when you came through Santa Cruz. Next time!)

  150. Oooh, I will have to make these for my next trip across the country. I’m not likely to be super happy about the travel part (always happier to be somewhere than between somewheres), but this will go a long way to making me happy about expensive airport coffee!

  151. I just made these today, and I was impressed by how quick they were to make and how tasty they were out of the oven. They exceeded my expectations!

    Love your site and have been shouting from the rooftops (or FB and Instagram… practically the same thing) praises of your cookbook.

  152. Kevin Keast

    Hi everyone – I made these last night, exactly as written (doubled the recipe) and they turned out perfectly!

    I now have such a gigantic batch that I am thinking of freezing them. Do people think that would work? If not, how long do you think they would last say in the fridge?

  153. Eric

    “Once fully cool, break up any nut clusters and place mixture in jars/bags/your hand.”

    ‘your hand’ HaHa! Love it! Damn you and your infernally good blog, I keep trying to leave but end up sucked in to reading another recipe, and another…

  154. Mariam

    Mm smell of granola wafting through the house! Couldn’t be bothered checking the degrees from fahrenheit to celcious so I just set it a 175 C then I checked 5 minutes into baking time and realised it was 150C haha. I also wanted a chunkier granola so I didn’t whiz it as fine as you did and replaced a little honey for one brown sugar and added vanilla! Perfect for a healthy breakfast with yoghutt and berries!

  155. Anne

    I made these this week after bringing the nuts home almost immediately after this recipe was posted! It really was an instant hit and so easy! I had all of the ingredients except the nuts, which was excellent! I brought a double recipe to work for a snack and they were gone in a day! I added a pinch of salt to the dry mix to bring out the sweetness in the brown sugar and the natural sugar of the coconut and it worked like a charm. Will make over and over again!

  156. Hi Deb-
    I just now made these tasty treats and boy are they tasty! I have a couple of friends who are diabetic and I’m wondering how you would go about making them savory….
    looking for a direction here if you have one.

  157. excellent: made my own version.. used instead Swiss Sports Muesli, organic almonds from M&S (ground roughly), dried apples and mangoes from Muji (ground roughly), some cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg, blend it all together and into that mixture i poured 2 egg whites and 4 tbsp water whisked together until frothy and then formed the balls. To finish them off, i put a blob of Greek thyme honey on the top before putting them into the over on 150 degrees Celsius. Perfect for a cool December Hong Kong morning with a cup of coffee!

  158. Coral

    Hi Deb! I love love love your blog! I have a question about possible oat substitution. Would steel cut oats work with this recipe? Or is it better to use oats that cook quickly? Thank you!

    1. deb

      Hi Coral — Steel cut oats wouldn’t work because they take close to an hour of cooking in a liquid to soften. It has to be a variety of rolled oats.

  159. Cory

    Hi Deb,

    Lovin’ your book. I see that maybe someone already maybe answered my question. I understand this is NOT the reciepe from the book. I just tried making the Granola from your book and it came out not clumpy and burned a little bit, do you have an suggestions? Im going to try to cut down the time. But how come its not clumpy….maybe did I over mix it or not add enough oil?

    Please help if you can!

    Thank you!

    1. deb

      Hi Cory — If it burned, reduce the baking temperature next time. The amount you mix it while it’s still in the bowl should not matter; what’s more important is that you don’t overmix it in the pan while it’s glueing itself in the oven. Only turn then granola (in large sections at once, with a spatula) as little as needed so that it doesn’t overcook at the edges. Let it cool completely in the pan, undisturbed. Finally, I also tested the recipe with 2 egg whites and it worked splendidly. (In the end, I decided nobody needed clumps the size of a pan!) However, if you’re having trouble with clumping, you can add a second egg white. However, you might need to increase the baking time slightly to make sure it fully dries in the baking time. You’ll know it hasn’t if it gets stale at room temperature in a container. Good luck!

  160. Shirley

    Delicious!! Great on my morning Greek yogurt with crushed up shredded wheat, cinnamon and a wee bit of maple syrup. Filling. Just ran out and have to make more. Thanks, Deb. Great meeting you in Montclair, NJ!!! PS – I’m the fan who made your Deepest Dish Apple Pie for Thanksgiving (as well as the marbled pumpkin cheesecake gingersnap crust thingie).

  161. Shanon

    Me again! I’m about to make my third batch. Make it a double this time! I am 100% addicted to these. I’m even doing mental gymnastics to convince myself that they’re healthy with not as much fat as I know they have!

    If the coworkers are nice, I may package some up to share for Christmas. I’m calling them Reindeer Grub.

  162. sally

    These were fantastic. I experimented with different proportions of maple syrup etc. Best combo was 2 T of Grade B syrup in place of the water, but still using brown sugar.

  163. I made a triple recipe of these (with pecans, walnuts, and cashews) and bagged them up as holiday treats for my office mates. They are delicious and easy to make, and everyone loved them! The recipe tripled beautifully. I added about a tablespoon of maple syrup and the sweetness was perfect.

    Thanks for your beautiful blog. I tell people Smitten Litchen is what Unfussy Epicure wants to be when it grows up.

  164. Mariam

    On and I totally skipped the granola crusted nuts but, I just whizzed the nuts with the oats briefly, voila I have granola. I love that it has no oil and it’s absolutely delish, staple in my house from now on!

  165. I made some of these for a party I hosted the other day and all I got was positive feedback and empty plates. Thanks for the top notch recipe. Oh and they asked me where I got the recipe from so I said Smitten Kitchen.

  166. Jeannine

    Hi Deb –
    I have a question about the granola recipe in your book ( I put my question here as it seemed most applicable…hope that’s ok). I made it this morning, and followed the recipe as written, but really didn’t have any chunks. It was pretty much all loose.

    I don’t think this was about how I turned the granola, as it seemed broken up the whole way through. What do you think was the culprit? Do you think I should add another egg white to the mix?

    Much appreciated and I really, truly, love the book. It’s clear how much work and love went into it.

    1. deb

      Jeannine — You can add another egg white. (Honestly, the recipe started with two egg whites but mine was coming out of the pan in almost pan-sized clumps, so I thought it was overkill.) It might help for you to use a smaller baking pan, too. I used a 9×13 and because it’s on the small side, the granola is thicker and as it bakes together, forms taller clumps.

  167. Carole

    I found this hilarious because this weekend I’ll be on a train for 24 hours and thought to myself I should see if Deb has any roasted nut recipes for the ride. And this is what I found.

  168. Noelle

    These were DELICIOUS! Thank you! Mine weren’t quite as crunchy as I’d hoped though, and a friend who made them said that hers were deliciously crunchy. Any tips?

  169. Esmee

    trying these later today with half the sugar and some of the “alternative” sugar (Splenda) stuff… I’m hoping the can be part of the “Daniel Diet” i’ve (foolishly?) committed to for 3 weeks. I plan to package the nuts in glass jars to be hidden in my pantry, labelled neatly and clearly: “DO NOT TOUCH.” “I HAVE COUNTED THE JARS.” “NO NO NO” “THIS IS NOT A LITTLE SNACK” and “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.”

  170. Sarah McLaughlin

    These didn’t quite turn out exactly for me but I am pretty sure its my fault. I think in my desire to not over mix the the ingredients in the processor I under chopped them so the resulting nuts weren’t exactly crusted. That being said they were still delicious and I will definitely make them again but with a few more pulses in the food processor.

  171. Chiara

    I have made these about 3 times now and don’t intend to stop… they are on regular rotation in my house. I had everything they listed including some slivered almonds which add yet another nice crunch and flavor dimension. I’ve also taken to spicing it up with ground ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and spiking the egg white mix with a dash of orange essence and vanilla extract and also add maple syrup for more flavor. I’ve tried it now with both old fashioned rolled oats and the 1-minute “quick oats” and I think I like the rolled oats better… they come out more sturdy and… harder? more like the traditional big clusters of granola. The quick oats form more of a light coating which doesn’t seem to get quite as crisp and crunchy (ironic, since I baked them twice as long as the rolled oats version). Thank you for yet another stellar recipe! Love this!

    1. deb

      Jennifer — I used roasted but either should work here. I don’t think toasted ones would be so toasted that they’d burn before the granola is done.

  172. Kelly

    These are amazing. One of my favorite travel snacks, thank you for the wonderful recipe. I have recently been using maple syrup in place of the brown sugar and omitting the egg white to make them vegan. This has actually produced my best sticking/clumping of the granola on the nuts so I thought I would pass this information along.

  173. Sara Eagle

    As I sit here eating the ‘Big Cluster Maple Granola’ from THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK, I realize what a genius recipe this is–I keep finding myself hunting for the granola crusted walnuts!
    PS. Long time reader, first time commenter! ;)

    1. deb

      SE — Ha! You thought you could sneak in there, but you know I never miss a comment. ;) Granola-crusted walnuts inside big cluster granola would be… beyond.

  174. This is my absolute go to granola – of course I make lots of my own little changes – but this is just perfect. Add on top of Greek yogurt and it’s the best breakfast. Thanks Deb!

  175. Cheryl

    Any thoughts on nut replacement? I have a son who is allergic to nuts and I’m always trying to make a healthy granola without it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Cheryl — Most granola recipes don’t require nuts to work, you can just use oats and coconut, plus dried fruit and seeds, if they’re not an issue. This one is pretty much all about nuts, so it’s not a great place to start.

  176. We started making these whenever we travel as a great travel snack and/or a light breakfast after a big dinner the night before. So they started to be called travel nuts. Then, because travel usually means flying (I hate road trips.), on our most recent trip a couple weeks ago, my husband renamed them to wingnuts. We both love the name, and now they’ve been entirely redubbed wingnuts in our house.

  177. Jennifer

    I am vegan and tried to make these with a substitute for the egg whites, and it didn’t quite work out as planned–the nuts either weren’t sticky enough (lots of excess granola) or too gooey/soft even after baking. Do you have any suggestions for a substitute?

  178. Ann Webster

    I will have to try these. I like your recipes and book.
    I make your granola every other week, my favorite!
    Thanks for the great ideas and recipes.

  179. Candice

    These are wonderful! I’ve been at a loss for great snacks when hunger hits me by surprise (7 months pregnant here and I am desperately trying to be better at feeding myself before the extreme hunger hits. It keeps catching me by surprise and then it’s too late to make anything, I must eat right that very second!). These are perfect for a quick bit of protein, not too sweet, and they have a great crunch. And I was so confident in the recipe that I made a double batch right away!! Delicious!!

    Jennifer (284), check comment 272 for a vegan suggestion. Hope that works for you!

  180. Jane

    Deb, I just want to say thank you for the egg white addition to my granola. I make a big batch for breakfast each week and didn’t like the amount of sugar I needed to use to get the chunks. Egg whites have completely solved that issu, and I now have amazing granola each week to eat with yogurt!

  181. Rachel

    Love this! Always looking for snacks to take in and share w/ the office or gift. And since I just bought oats to make your strawberry rhubarb bars, this is next on the list!

  182. Kim

    I made these today with walnuts and they were quite good but it felt like something was missing. I’ll try them again and instead of 2 tsp water I will use 1.5 tsp water and 1.5 tsp maple syrup and also add 1/4 tsp salt. I think they would be great for travelling, mixed in with breakfast cereal or on their own with drinks, especially wine.

  183. Amy

    Lots of extra dust here. I used coconut sugar – just barely sweet, so felt healthy. Anyone else experience a lot of dust? Wondering how I could make that stickier and part of the chunks that stuck to the nuts. I followed the directions and didn’t mix it much.

  184. Dora

    Delicious new snack! Thanks! The granola stuck really well. I thought they needed the extra time–I added 5 minutes and wish I’d gone another 5. They also needed a good sprinkle of salt when they were finished baking.

  185. I didn’t have shredded coconut at the time of making my first batch, but I did have a ridiculously expensive jar of pureed coconut sitting around. Mixed two heaping tablespoons in, along with sunflower seeds (that according to someone else’s advice here were ground first), and some extra additions of ground black chia and sesame seeds. Because of the coconut “butter”, my granola dust wasn’t dusty at all. It coated beautifully and the whole mix had a great flavor.

    I’m temped to say that the amount of mixture this makes can handle up to 2.5 cups of nuts, as I managed to sneak in some slivered almonds (which did coat wonderfully) and had about 2.25 cups with lots of leftover crumbs.

  186. Lynn

    I made this (double batch version) for the gazillionth time this morning. They’re my favorite go-to with morning yogurt. Instead of water, I mix the egg whites with maple syrup or apple cider rather than water, and omit the added sugar in the nut mixture. The nut mixture is whatever I have on hand. Today, I used the prescribed walnuts, pecans, and pepitas. I added sesame seeds, raw quinoa (great crunch), and a chia/flax/hemp seed mix to increase the protein. After cooled, I mixed in some TJ’s freeze-dried blueberries (no added sugar) rather than traditional dried fruit. Ill be happy for a few weeks now until my next batch.

  187. Jen Gaman

    I made 4 batches of these babies last night for a bake sale to benefit homeless pets at the holidays. I heard that vegan treats are in demand, so I made sure to use vegan brown sugar and simply swapped 4 TB of pure maple syrup for the egg white. I left out the water, upped the cinnamon, and added 1/2 tsp of good vanilla extract (only because I was short, or I would have used 1 tsp). I have loooooved this recipe ever since my boss was mailed a bag of plain, raw pecans as a holiday gift, and he threw them at me, saying “Do something with these and bring them back!” Such an easy, versatile recipe, and so easily adapted for vegans and those of us with gluten issues. Thanks so much!

    1. Ttrockwood

      Thanks so much for notes on a vegan version! I’m going to make these for friends that include vegan and gluten free (not celiac), i’ll just use gf oats and your maple syrup trick!

  188. jon

    ” Add nuts to bowl and coat them very well, using a few more stirs than will seem necessary because if the egg doesn’t get into the craters of the nuts, no granola will stick there. And that would be sad.”……I got a chuckle out of this

  189. Kari

    Hello, I love your recipes. Every one I’ve tried has turned out bonkers good and I’m normally not very inspired in the kitchen :) Thank you!

    If I wanted to add some chocolate to these granola nut clusters, where and how do you suppose it would get added?