bacon corn hash

I just realized we are almost halfway through with summer and while I should be totally stoked about this — seeing as we’re melting through our fourth heatwave so far this summer in NYC and given what awesome things are in store for the fall — I am spectacularly bummed as I am just getting used to having an avalanche of delicious summer produce at my disposal and haven’t had time to do half of what I wanted to with it yet. Plus, this guy turns three at the end of the summer and I can’t, I won’t accept it. More time, please! For everything.

oatmeal strawberry cookies so much broccoli slaw
summer salsa fresca summer squash torte, simplified
cherry chocolate chunk scones buttermilk cornmeal chicken tenders

I missed you last week, a crazy week that did not entail, as hinted, a vacation but the heard-it-all-before-so-I’ll-spare-you tune about too much to do and too little time. I’ve been cooking more this month then my absence let on, just not a lot of things that seemed worth stepping up to this internet microphone to clear my throat and tell you about, things like oatmeal strawberry cookies (utterly delicious, but only for the first hour, after which they became chewy and sad, sigh) and a spectacular amount of broccoli slaw (five batches already this summer, a record). A summery salsa fresca with the first cherry tomatoes to go with our huevos rancheros and a streamlined version of this summer squash torte we can’t get enough of (there are new notes in the recipe, but I’d like to reshoot it and add more details soon, too). I made heart-shaped tiny whole wheat cherry chocolate chunk scones (closet Cherry Garcia fiend, here) for a friend’s daughter’s second birthday party and I’ve been fiddling around with various baked chicken tender recipes (for times when you crave crunchy chicken but have little desire to deep- or shallow-fry anything), looking for a winner.

diced red potatoes

sweet summer corn, de-cobbed
thick bacon, diced
potatoes, corn, scallions, ready to go

But this, this cannot go without mention as I am kicking myself a bit as I’ve had this hash on my cooking agenda for three summers now and only just yesterday got to making it. Silly Deb! Think of all this time you have wasted. There’s something really great about getting such a deep flavor and range of textures from only four ingredients (plus salt and pepper). Four! I keep recounting because I can’t believe it either. First, you take a spectacular amount of bacon, dice it up and fry it until it’s crisp and the other members of your family walk through the kitchen to pluck bits off the paper towel. Then, you use that bacon fat to fry your potatoes until they, too, are crisp and golden and utterly unfair to all the other potatoes that aren’t them. You crank up the heat, add fresh sweet corn and cook it until it’s brown but still crisp and then, you take the piping skillet of hash off the burner, sprinkle it with scallions and let the steamy heat melt them into the dish. One-two-three-four. Boom!

crisp little bacon nubbins
oh yes, potatoes in the bacon fat
scattered with scallions, they'll wilt

Fine, you can also top it with a fried egg, but that’s going to bring a fifth ingredient into play and might mess with your plans to be as lazy as possible this summer. What? Surely I can’t be the only person who daydreams about doing nothing, not a blessed thing, for an entire day. Then again, everyone knows if you add an egg to something, it becomes a complete and balanced meal. Tough decisions will need to be made. I suggest you stir up some Porch Swings while you mull these things over.

bacon corn hash, broken egg

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: How about a second preview? The first one is nearly three months old now, after all. In the New York Times Dining section this week, Julia Moskin talks about one of my favorite subjects (hinted about above), which is when you’re overwhelmed with produce and have trouble using it as fast as you’d like. She includes a recipe from the upcoming Smitten Kitchen Cookbook for Leek-Vegetable Fritters with Lemon Cream. In the book, they’ll just be leek fritters and the sauce includes a small minced clove of garlic. In the newspaper, they look even prettier!

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Bacon Corn Hash

Note: I used 3 small ears corn, which yielded 2 cups but wanted more corn. So, the recipe below reflects the suggestion that you use more than you’ll see in the photos. Raw potatoes cubes can take a bit of time to cook in a pan, about 20 minutes, but you can speed the process up microwaving or steaming the cubes for a couple minutes before adding them to the pan. I never bother, since I’m always trying to use as few dishes as possible.

Makes 4 to 5 cups

1/2 pound thick-cut bacon, cut into small dice
1 pound red potatoes, scrubbed clean and diced into 1/4- to 1/2-inch cubes (about 3 to 3 1/4 cups)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 medium-large ears corn, kernels cut from the cob (2 1/2 to 3 cups)
1 bundle scallions, thinly sliced

Toss bacon into a large skillet over medium heat, no need to heat the pan first. Let rest for a few minutes until it starts sizzling, then move the bits around so that they begin to brown evenly. Again, wait a couple minutes before shuffling the pieces around; you’re looking for them to get evenly golden and crisp. This should take about 10 minutes. Remove the bacon bits with a slotted spoon, leaving the drippings in the pan and transferring the bacon to paper towels to drain.

If your bacon is like mine, you’ll be left with a spectacular amount of fat behind. You’ll be tempted to drain it off. May I ask you not to? The potatoes that cook in this will be gorgeous and you will have a chance to remove this extra in a bit. It will mostly stay in the pan.

Heat the pan to medium/medium-high, making sure the bacon fat is nicely sizzly, then add your potatoes all at once in a single layer. Sprinkle them with 1/2 teaspoon table salt and several grinds of black pepper. Let them cook for a few minutes in one place and get a bit golden underneath before turning them over and moving them around. Repeat this process until the potatoes are browned on all sides; this takes about 20 minutes.

At this point, you can push aside the potatoes and pour or spoon off all but a small amount of the fat. I won’t tell you how much I was able to remove but it rhymes with shmoo to shmee shmablespoons. If you save it, you can use it to fry an egg in a bit.

Bump up the heat a little and add the corn to the skillet. Saute the potatoes and corn together until the corn gets a bit brown but stays fairly crisp, about 4 to 5 minutes. Add the drained bacon, and stir the mixture together until it’s evenly warm, about 1 more minute. Remove the skillet from the burner and sprinkle the scallions (reserving a couple spoonfuls if you’d like to use them as fried egg garnish) over the hash. In two minutes, they should be warm and mellowed. Season with more salt or pepper to taste, if needed.

Add a fried egg to it: Heat a small skillet over medium-high heat and swirl in one to two teaspoons bacon fat or butter. Crack one egg into the skillet and reduce heat to medium. I like to cover the skillet with a small lid at this point, as it seems to help the egg cook faster and more evenly. In one minute, you should have a perfect sunny-side-up egg. Season with salt and pepper, serve on top of a pile of bacon corn hash.

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  1. 3 years young that little Jacob? How can that be? Your summer meals look divine. This FOURTH Heat Wave has just about sent me OVER.THE.EDGE. August please – and I mean those cool night August days/nights! I’m kinda sick of the A/C but so so happy to have it!

  2. Mama Gurgly

    this sounds divine. I only wish you had posted it a little bit sooner so I could have made it for my bacon and corn fiend of a breakfast-addict husband for our anniversary. Last weekend. :-)
    Oh well…this seems so easy there is no need to keep it for special occasions!

  3. E’owyn

    I would top with cheese – almost any – as I’m not an egg lover. And I just got Red Corn from my Bountiful Basket! What pretty colors all together! Thanks, Deb! :-)

  4. Kim

    Too funny – I have been doing this with onion, pancetta, diced sweet potatoes and diced apple. Crack an egg and voila! yum

  5. WifeToAnAmazingCook

    Sinful. Plus I’m a shoe-in for anything that has egg on top. I can’t wait to make this dish tomorrow with the fresh corn we’ll get from our farm share. Nom, nom, nom……

  6. Madeline

    This looks delicious! I would love to leave out the bacon for a vegetarian version. How much oil would you recommend using in place of the bacon fat?

    1. deb

      Madeline — I’d use 1/4 cup. It’s a lot but you can drain off all but a little once the potatoes are brown. Make sure to fully heat your oil before adding the potatoes or they’ll just soak it up.

  7. Every Thursday we got to our local farmers market. I bring $10 to spend on what we buy to make for dinner that night. I let the kids decide what to get, and then I come up with dishes for the evening. I also bake a fresh loaf of bread that day to go along with the dinner.

    This will be perfect for our dinner this week. There is a woman there that has great fresh farm eggs. One of the farmer has had wonderful potatoes, they melt in your mouth. We should be able to get corn and then I have some slab bacon in the fridge. Along with a fresh baked loaf of white bread, it will be the perfect breakfast for dinner menu.

    Thanks for the idea!

  8. Susan

    I love that you gave the egg as an option. My breakfast, when I go out, consists of hash browns and bacon and sour dough toast, not mixed together though, and no eggs. This sounds so good but even better with the corn. Can’t wait to try this. (I’ve been eyeing your corn and tomato pie again but am still waiting for real tomatoes. I Jones for that pie until tomato season.)

  9. oh! i’m a sucker for hash in any form – could eat it at every meal. never thought to add corn, though – genius. i bet you could simplify further by cracking the egg directly into the hash at the end when you add the scallion, cover for a bit and let the egg baste in the steam. just a thought.

    thanks for sharing this one!

  10. Anna

    For the chicken tenders, there’s a great recipe in the Gourmet book (yellow cover) that involves the genius trick of breading with english muffin crumbs (and dredging in mustard rather than egg). If you don’t have the book I could send it to you.

  11. I love hashes. And this one looks superb. If you ever tire of making it with bacon (I know its unlikely, but it could happen) I bet chorizo would be great in its place.

  12. Hashes are a big part of breakfast at our place…in fact, we made one yesterday with fingerling potatoes, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon greease, and bell peppers. It turned out great and your hash is making me want to do it all over again…with corn! Great breakfast!

  13. Melissa C

    I love breakfast potatoes in any form but, as you say, raw ones take a while to cook – I microwave them whole (scrubbed and pricked first) for a couple of minutes, then dice and they’re ready to go – no extra dishes and hash in record time! The added corn is a great way to use the bounty we have this time of year – come winter, Trader Joe’s has terrific “Fire Roasted Corn Kernels” in their freezer section that would probably be great as well.

  14. RG

    I bought two pounds of bacon today – all for BLTs with my home-grown tomatos. But I do save the bacon fat for frying potatos later – maybe in winter?

  15. I’ve always preferred sweet breakfasts over savory, but I think this recipe may change things. I’m always the guilty one when it comes to wandering into the kitchen to steal bacon…

  16. Your fried eggs are always so beautiful and make me long for more fried eggs atop my own dishes. I shall remember the “lid on top” trick! What a great suggestion!

  17. Eclecticdeb

    I make a version of this with sweet potatoes…also add some red chili flakes for some kick. My teenage boy can’t eat it fast enough. I think we’ll be eating some bacon this week……

  18. Megan

    Oh my, everyone. Come out to the Pacific Northwest. We just got up into the 80s about a week ago and everyone’s going bananas. This bacon/potato awesomeness has my name on it for a weeknight brinner!

  19. pk53

    Mouth is watering. We’re considering adding some California cherry or slicer tomatoes with the green onions from the garden!! Wow.

  20. Julia

    I know you’re too good for that, I know you live too far away for that, and I certainly know winning the lottery wouldn’t be enough money to pay for that, but still: can you please come cook for me every day, every meal? every single time you post a recipe it is on something I either already crave or realize then I want to eat! that! know! and then I cook it, and most of the time, it tastes just as wonderful as it looks on your pictures. and all that before, during, after, and again during pregnancy

  21. Is this the hottest summer ever or what? I can’t stand NYC with this heat, I’ve already melted so many times. Thing is, when it’s this hot I can’t function properly, including eating. I end up having smoothies, juices or just fruits. I can’t stand anything else besides that.
    Guess I’ll have to wait for the end of the summer to arrive before I’ll be able to cook this amazing bacon corn hash!

  22. Lyz

    Living in Berlin, where real bacon is scarce to nonexistent, I find myself feeling a little like your potatoes, jealous of being not in bacon.

  23. Debra

    You are definitely not the only one who daydreams about doing absolutely nothing for a whole day. Sounds delicious to me!

  24. Lilster

    If you’re looking for ideas for crunchy baked chicken tenders, I usually take an interesting flavored potato chip, crush them up with a rolling pin, and use that for the breading. You don’t need to add any oil when you bake them, but there’s enough in the chip to give it a crunch while it bakes.

  25. sarah

    When cooking the potatoes cover them for the first 5 to 7 minutes. Then remove the lid and continue to brown as suggested. When potatoes are small I find that they cook fairly quickly and still get nice and brown if you cover them at the beginning. At the most maybe 15 minutes- but with a dish as delicious as yours 5 minutes sooner sounds good to me!

  26. What amazing timing! My MIL found a recipe similar to this online (Bobbie Flay, maybe?), but when I made it last night, I changed it to match this one. I’m having the leftovers cold for breakfast…right now!!

  27. Dave

    Another winner. Plus I have to tell you that your broccoli rabe garlicy pasta has become a weekly staple. Love your blog.

  28. Meg in NYC

    Yum! Love your comment about running out of time to cook everything you want to this summer. Loved seeing you mentioned and your recipe included in Julia Moskin’s piece in today’s Times! Congrats on that!

  29. Marcella

    Yum! I saw this recipe yesterday and totally scuppered my previous dinner plans. It was absolutely delicious! I made a few changes (of course)–skipped the scallions and added several large handfuls of spinach to wilt at the very end. I also dropped in a few pinches of a sweet pimenton.

    I also precooked the potatoes for a couple of minutes while the bacon was cooking, hoping to speed up the process. I’m not sure if that was the problem, or something else (heat not high enough, pan not good enough, etc.) but the potatoes got soft before they really browned much. Still super yummy, but next time I’ll skip the precooking and just try frying them.

  30. finished polished off a plate of these hashbrowns and holy cow were they ever good! the raw green onion really takes it over the top. mmmm! thanks deb! im going to be making this a lot this summer, me thinks!

    1. deb

      Hi Alisa — The plate is sage green (kind of greyish, though) and it’s from our dish set, which is called Calvin Klein Cargo, but they’ve discontinued it. You can find some pieces on and

  31. Sequoia N.

    I would love the recipe for those cherry chocolate scones… I am a very not so secret Cherry Garcia fan, have been since I was a wee thing and they sound so tasty! :-)

  32. Sequoia N.

    I would love to see the recipe for the chocolate cherry scones… I’m a not so secret Cherry Garcia fan myself, have been for many years and they sound delicious! This recipe will hold me over nicely until then though. :-)

  33. Sequoia N.

    Can we have the recipe for the chocolate cherry scones? I’m a not so secret Cherry Garcia fan myself… have been for a long time and they look just delicious! This will just have to tide me over in the meantime :-)

  34. Oh my word. I was perusing recipes yesterday afternoon, trying to decide what to do about dinner. Your recipe was perfectly timed – I had two fresh ears of corn in my produce box for the week, and some potatoes from last week. We’ve recently been trying to cook without meat at home, but I gave in and bought bacon and I cooked all the veggies in the bacon fat. OH MY. This was AMAZING. Thank you!

  35. Leigh Anne

    I saw this and instantly thought of one of our family’s favorites – the asparagus hash recipe!! what a great alternative for the peak of sweet corn :) i also saw the ingredients piled up and thought “it’s like chowder without the soup!”

  36. Grace

    Oh my gosh, this combined all of my favorite foods!!!! (desert items aside of course =D)

    My only problem is every time I try to cut bacon when it’s raw it just stretches and tears and makes a huge mess! Do you have any suggestions? Is my knife just not sharp enough? (every time my mother has gotten her knives sharpened, within a week she takes a chunk off the end of a finger, so I’m a little reluctant to see if this problem runs in the family…)

  37. Three years?! Hey, I thought you liked us!! This sounds absolutely fantastic and mmmmmmmmm, I think I’m drooling on the keyboard.

    I hope you don’t hold out on those whole wheat cherry chocolate scones for three years, by the way. Ahem.

  38. I made this tonight, complicating it a little with the addition of diced onion and minced garlic, and subbing chopped spinach for the scallions, including the fried eggs, and OH MY GAH it was delicious. It’ll be going into the regular rotation. Thank you!

  39. alright, there you go again: flippin’ brilliant!

    breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack: sign me up. (and i have corn AND spuds AND bacon right this minute, heh.)

  40. hyekeen


    Don’t think I’ve posted on here before but just wanted to tell you how much I love your site and enjoy the cute pics of Jacob. My little girl is the same age as Jacob (turning 3 in September) – it’s fun to compare notes with you on their development.

    I pre-ordered two of your cookbooks, one for me and one for a friend. Thanks for all the lovely recipes and how-to photos. Your site is one of my go-tos whenever I need a recipe.

    Thank you!

  41. Joe

    Is that an Ikea towel in the last pic? … Foe a dollar i love those things. Oh yea, and the dish looks fantastic, think i’ll be making this over the weekend for my little ones

  42. Amy

    Firstly, can you please send your NYC heatwave to the UK as it’s freezing here? Secondly, I love the look of your bacon corn hash. It’s amazing what you can do with four (or five if you include the egg) ingredients!

  43. First I thought your red potatoes were apples. That would have been an interesting version of hash! But this one with potatoes seems brilliant as well.

  44. Ohhhh I remember that Porch Swing drink!! Yummy. Thanks for reminding me and thanks for posting this delicious looking breakfast. I can cook it and just say it’s “research” for my blog…no guilt that way!! :P


  45. Stephany

    You might want to add the label “Budget” to this one; I’m a starving 20-something and this is super quick/easy/cheap!

  46. Grace: I use a dedicated pair of sharp kitchen scissors to cut bacon, which I find helps. They need to be sharp and quite heavy-duty though :)

  47. Oooh! Must add the egg or it isn’t hash to me. Over very, very easy so that the yolk melds with the hash. And I need to give it some Jackson Pollock action with a bottle of Tabasco. I recently played with quail eggs and mini brunch bites. But in this case, I want a big girl portion of the hash, please. Lovely.

  48. Dawn

    I too ran out yesterday to buy the ingredients for this and made a double batch for dinner. It was absolutely delicious and my kids already asked (demanded!) that I make it again. In fact I kind of wish I had brought the leftovers (there weren’t many!) for lunch today, with a garden fresh ripe tomato on the side. Two thumbs up!

  49. Gail

    (I am breaking a personal rule not to comment before I’ve made the recipe, but…) How do you always know exactly what I want to eat? Seriously, are you psychic? No other food blog I read is like this! Seriously, I want to eat (or drink) just about every single thing you post about.

    And congrats on the NYT mention today. SK is HOT!

  50. I missed you when you didn’t post for a week! This looks SO delicious and I am so going to try to make it this weekend. You are such an inspiration, beautiful photography per usual. XO

  51. Alice

    Made this tonight with sauteed red onions and the runny egg (of course). Hubby LOVED it. Love all of your recipes. =)

  52. Alyssa

    Wow, this was ridiculously good. Very comforting. I am great at making scrambled eggs, but not fried eggs. The directions were helpful, but I think I had the heat turned up too high and would cook on medium next time.

  53. denise

    Made this for dinner tonight. So seriously yummy!!! I tossed in a diced red pepper that was close to it’s “use by” date and it added some nice color. Two of us pretty much finished this off:) As my husband says, “It’s a keeper”.

  54. Sally

    This is my kind of recipe — with or without the egg. Some kind of hash with potatoes is a favorite.

    I do have to agree with #85 Sharyn — the ingredients bring to mind corn chowder. I may have to make both this week.

    About cutting bacon: I often use my kitchen shears to cut bacon. Works like a charm. If cutting with a knife, it does have to be sharp.

  55. MamaBird

    I made a similar dish last might and it was so yummy. My kids were even crazy for it. I make hash a lot with an egg on top but never crossed my mind to add corn or diced bacon (which was local,crispy and perfect). I also always throw in a sweet potato for flavor and more color. I topped it off with green scallions and fresh shaved Parmesan. so easy and every thing was fresh and local minus the cheese. It was so gorgeous but it didn’t stop me from eating it in a mere 2 minutes.

  56. Susan

    Hello, I cheated a little and used some leftover corn that I had grilled. It was already cooked and had a nice charred taste to it. Also, I almost burned the potatoes so be careful not to get the bacon fat too hot and watch them carefully.

  57. Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to have your cookbook in hand! Made the bundt cake while on holiday. My Smitten Kitchen recipe “to do” list keeps growing. I just can’t keep up with all the awesomeness!

  58. Gail

    Just made this (commented earlier) and aside from the fact that I can’t fry a decent egg, it was delicious. Just amazing. Thank you!

  59. Tish

    This is a bit like a dish my Chinese mother-in-law taught me. We throw the potatoes, bacon and a diced onion (red onion for preference) into a frypan with some peanut oil and cook turning regularly as everything browns and softens for about 45 minutes, then stir in a couple of spoonfuls of fermented bean curd -this makes it taste Chinese ;-) and then serve with iceberg lettuce leaves to wrap the warm salty potato hash in. I serve it as a dish when I do a Chinese banquet and it always goes down a treat especially with the kids.I may try tossing in some fresh corn kernels next summer.

  60. Yum! Just finished cleaning the kitchen. This breakfast was hearty and delicious.
    Your recipes are so easy to follow that 9 times out of 10 my plate looks nearly as pretty as your pictures.
    The fried egg on top ups the ingredient count but should not be optional – it tied everything together wonderfully.

  61. Susan E

    I just made this this afternoon. It’s probably the best thing in the entire universe to me. All ingredients are Essential. The bacon cooks the potatoes to perfection, the corn kind of grills/blackens in the pan and smells amazing, and the fresh green onions add beautiful scent and color. Thank you thank you for another perfect thing to eat.

  62. irina

    Made this last night. Fantastic!
    Used diced country ham also and chives from my garden.
    Husband loved it, asked for more and when can I make it again! Maybe tomorrow
    for breakfast!

  63. I love corn beef hash. This a great variation. I don’t eat eggs, but I love the combination of all of the ingredients, in particular the corn. Never thought to put corn in hash! Yummm!

  64. A Moser

    Just made this – VERY tasty. We used back bacon instead of regular bacon and had to add some bacon fat (that I had leftover from another use). I was testing out a magnesium pan (with a non-stick coating) and this type of pan is difficult to achieve browning in. I think we lost some flavoring there. Next time, I’ll use my enamel cast iron. One other addition was finishing with a liberal dousing of Tabasco smokey chipotle pepper sauce.

  65. Kate

    I made this tonight for dinner, and it was delicious as is (unless one counts condiments like ketchup and hot sauce as modifications…). With only the hash plus one fried egg per person (no sides), this was the right amount for two hungry adults and a moderately hungry 2-year-old, with almost none left over. Yum. Easy, cheap, and only one pan. Hurray, summer cooking.

  66. Kate

    Also, Deb, kudos on creating an environment in which I actually *enjoy* reading others’ comments because they feature interesting parallel ideas (#134) and info about others’ cooking experiences with this.

    And (more obvious comment), thanks for such an enormously enjoyable blog, Deb. My husband knows your site as “the food blog I love”, because that’s how I always refer to :0)

  67. Debby

    Went on a cooking bender tonight and made this to accompany a pork loin roast we were having for dinner. Forgot to buy the scallions so I just added some diced onions, but next time I won’t forget them! Served it without the egg and my nieces stopped by and were stealing bites from the frying pan! The gluten-free niece was giddy!There is just enough leftover for my breakfast WITH the egg tomorrow! Also made salted caramel ice cream and a fresh raspberry pie, and the hash was the biggest hit! Started it when the roast was half done and the timing worked out perfectly!

  68. Andrew

    This was great. Did not do the corn because I left if off the list, and was still great. The longer you can cook it to make all the flavors mix together the better. Would eat it every day if I could.

  69. Barbara

    This made a satisfying dinner last night. Very yummy. We had a bit of leftover grilled tri-tip roast left from the night before, so I cut that into small bits and added it close to the end. Otherwise, followed the ingredients and instructions precisely and did put the fried eggs atop before serving. With a small salad, it made for an easy and delicious but hearty dinner on a lazy Sunday.

  70. VanessaB

    Made this tonight for dinner and it was fantastic! A little hot standing by the stove, so I might wait until the weather cools off to try again (but then the corn might not be as amazing as it is now). Thanks for the recipe!

  71. I just made this tonight and all 4 of us (2 kiddos included) shoveled it in as quickly as possible. Loved all the flavors! It was even extra delicious with some juniper and rosemary ketchup I won from a gourmet site.

  72. What a lovely dish to make. You know something this simple can only be delicious. I think we forget that some of the best dishes are not only the simplest but have also been a result of hardship and people having to ‘make do’ with whatever was about. A dish like this serves only to remind us all that fast food doesn’t have to be crap food. Nobody is saying that we have to give up the cheap mass produced burger joints that dot the land scape, but I know what I would rather eat. Thank you.

  73. caitlin

    i made this yummy hash last weekend for a friend. it was my first attempt at making breakfast hash and it was not only easy to make thanks to your directions, but also ridiculously delicious! we sat there and started eating it and then just “mmmmm”ed for a little while. thanks for the great start to the day, i’ll definitely make this again!

  74. Gretchen N.

    Made this over the weekend and absolutely adored it. My beloved and I agree this will be part of our summer recipe rotation. Thanks!!

  75. Sarah

    Made this last night and loved it! Added a diced green bell p from the garden and with Tabasco ketchup on the side, it was delicious. Hope there’s more like that in your cookbook!

  76. Jess

    Best meal I’ve made in ages. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed that much bacon fat in one sitting, but hey – it was worth it.

  77. Alex

    We made this for dinner last night and it was amazing! I thought the egg yolk mixed in with everything was the best part. And we must have cooked the potatoes too long because we had no bacon fat left over. It all got soaked up! Which was why it was so amazing, maybe..

  78. NicM

    We made this last night and it was so good! I added a few sprigs of rosemary to the bacon fat before adding the veggies and the flavor infused wonderfully.

  79. CH

    Haha, this reminds me of a Swedish dish called “Pytt i panna”. It’s often served with an egg on top, like here, with a side of pickled beetroots :D

  80. Dianna

    Oh. My. Word. This was AMAZING!

    I made this (with a few minor changes based on what I had on-hand) tonight for “breakfast for dinner” night & everyone around my table was amazed! All the kids & my husband agreed that this one needed to come back again…thanks!!!

  81. GardenStater

    This looks really good. I might put two poached eggs on top, rather than fried. But I’m going to plan to make this in August, when I’m on vacation. Can’t wait.

  82. Laura

    So delicious! This cracked my top 25! We already had everything but the bacon in our produce box so we only had to buy one thing. I also used yellow potatoes, which thankfully cooked faster and were just as good. (Their creaminess matched the semi-melted scallions well). I love simple, delicious, whole food. Mmmm.

  83. Pam

    Made this for a quick supper last night– fabulous! I made ‘wells’ in the hash, cracked an egg into each well, added a T of water, covered the pan, the eggs cooked right on top. Wonderful! Goes into the rotation immediately.

  84. CP

    This was delicious! I didn’t have any leftover bacon fat, so I either had particularly lean bacon or particularly absorbent potatoes. Either way, it was fantastic and we will definitely be making it again!

  85. Louise

    A chicken tender suggestion…Modify the roasted buttermilk chicken for chicken tenders. Make sour milk with balsalmic vinegar – and then add the rest of the ingredients plus a bit of cumin if you like. Marinate for a couple of hours. Dredge the tenders in a combination of a cup or so of (each) crushed corn flakes and panko tossed with a tablespoon or two of melted butter. Bake at 375 for 20 to 30 mins.

  86. Stephanie

    I made this for dinner tonight (with half the corn ’cause that’s all I had) and it was delicious! Hubby and I ate it all! I will definitely be making this again and am already dreaming up variations.

  87. Cindy

    This was ridiculously good. I was tempted to add zucchini, onion, or bell peppers to it, but it is perfect the way it is. This dish will be repeated multiple times each summer!

  88. cindy

    Thank your yet another delicious recipe. Just made for my early dinner/late lunch(fried egg included)! It was so the crunch of the sweet corn! Added a little salsa at the end…..yummy! Will try the leftovers with some truffle salt.

  89. Omar

    Oh man, this was good!!! Been dreaming about making this since I saw the post and finally got my hands on some more of that great Benton’s bacon and farmer’s market corn. Thank you for another winner.

  90. I made a version of your hash last weekend, and I’m making a double batch this week to freeze individual servings for busy days. I’ll just fry a soft egg while a plateful is in the microwave. On my blog I included the recipe in a roundup of freezer-friendly scratch meals–a new way of thinking about “convenience foods.” Listed your zucchini pancakes, too. Thanks for inspiring me to treat myself well!

  91. Molly

    With a picky husband, a 3 year old and 19 month old twins, finding a dinner that ALL OF US love makes this mama a happy one! Loved the hash, and your website is incredible!

  92. Anita

    Too bad you don’t have smell-la-vision on this website or scratch-n-smell ‘cuz I bet this smells (and taste) incredible. A definite must-try for my tribe.

  93. alexis

    So I’ve been making this and LOVING it, and today it inspired the BEST potato salad! So, potatoes, bacon, green onion, fresh raw corn, green beans, lil mayo, s&p and I was in potato salad heaven. Tastes so similar to the hash (duh!) but is much more hot weather friendly for this sweaty 9 month preggo. Thanks!

  94. So I made this but it felt like a lot of the skin of the potato just got stuck to the pan and the inside got soft. I didn’t get that awesome browned potato like you picture. Any reason why that might have happened? I used the bacon grease as you suggested , so I can’t really figure it out!


    1. deb

      Erin — It’s always best to not move the potatoes until they can release themselves. In a well-seasoned pan (or one with properly heated oil), it will always happen. Eventually you’ll just have to nudge them a little and see that a golden skin on the underside of the potato, and that’s when you start moving them around.

  95. oh man, this is on the menu for sunday brunch and it can’t come soon enough! looks and sounds delicious, and the four-five ingredient thing really makes me glad. thank you! xo

  96. CarolJ

    A very nice late summer Sunday supper, made with local Wisconsin sweet corn, and eaten out on our 2nd floor deck on a red-and-white checked gingham table cloth. Thank you, Deb.

  97. Gail

    I am making this (again) and I am in total agreement that putting an egg on something qualifies it as a meal, and nearly always makes it better. I also just have to say that now whenever I think about your site, and dishes like this in general, I start humming Beyonce’s song, “if you like it you should’ve put an egg on it”… :)

  98. Candace

    I cannot wait to make this for my friend for brunch! I’ll add mushrooms to the hash, and slice fresh tomatoes along with the fried egg. (Also on the brunch menu: your raspberry buttermilk cake, and jalepeño-cheddar scones)! Thanks for delicious recipes.

  99. Jennifer

    Mmmm….hash! If you ever get around to doing a root vegetable hash, I would be most appreciative! They used to have one at Miss Millie’s (in San Francisco), which is no longer, and I have been so unsuccesful at even making it taste, well, edible.

  100. Suzie

    Just thought I would let you know that this translates spectacularly for camping. We just used some packaged ends and pieces from Trader Joe’s, cut up the potatoes before hand, and then a bag of frozen corn that defrosted by the time we used it. We even had a separate pan going for kale sauteed in bacon fat and over-easy eggs. The kale was a brilliant addition that I think will make its way into the at-home version as well. It was a huge hit!

  101. This was delish!! I made it per the recipe for our Christmas Day brunch, then the next day I made it again and subbed the corn for asparagus, it was SUPER tasty that way too! The fried egg totally makes it! This is my new breakfast “go to” Thanks so much!!!

  102. Kay

    I’ve made this several times now because it’s just so…delicious! I used turkey bacon once, and while it wasn’t *as* good it was still quite tasty.

  103. This is THE best breakfast I’ve ever had. Hands down. My husband requests it every time he has the morning off and knows I’m cooking. It’s just that good. Thanks for sharing!!

  104. Amelia

    I admit it.

    I ate this with just a smidgen of ketchup, because fried potatoes are sinful in my book without ketchup.

    And it was sooo gooooooooooood.

  105. I think I’d stir in a few eggs to scramble in the hash. Since I’m cooking for one, I’m pretty reliant on leftovers to reheat for lunch and dinner throughout the week.

  106. Sounds awesome. I like some of the comments as well, I ‘ll try it as you describe first them I think I’ll try it with some red peppers and sweet potatoes added.
    It’s gluten free for me and has bacon for my daughter.

  107. Suzzanne

    Just in the nick of time!! I found this recipe before the end of corn season. So delicious. I served with your perfect blueberry muffins for a wonderful summertime treat.

  108. Chelsea

    Just made this for brunch and it was amazing…I had it with sunny side up egg and my boyfriend had it with a fried egg (he’s particular about his yolk). I’m so glad to have found something new to cook for breakfast, and it was so, so good!!

  109. Grace

    So delicious with some sour cream and maple syrup and a fried egg. Use our massive cast iron skilllet and pre-microwaved the potato pieces while I fried the bacon which saved time standing at the stove. Just so yummy!

  110. Made this for the third time and will make it every week forever, probably. I love that you put helpful details in your recipes, like not moving the taters until they brown. I’m ancient, have wanted perfect fried potatoes for breakfast for YEARS, and never knew not to move them too soon was the trick.

    Can I mention again how annoying it is that so many Comments tinker with the recipe instead of just trying it flat-out like you write it. How you write it is ALWAYS perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing about this recipe except I poached two eggs for each serving because my fried eggs always break when I flip them but my poached eggs always turn out just right; white totally cooked but yolk thick-runny.

    Thanks for making me look like a great cook when i use your recipes.

  111. Sarah U

    Made this AM (minus scallions because, forgetful) with cinnamon rolls from the bakery and the pioneer woman’s iced coffee…hello, new favorite weekend brunch! The hash is stellar. This wrapped up my SK week, apparently, as I made 6 of your recipes this week, and like usual, we were smitten.

  112. Megan

    I love this recipe. Also, I wanted to let you know that my grandmother got your cookbook for Christmas this year. It’s so fun that multiple generations now share an obsession with Smitten Kitchen!

  113. I am always looking for healthy breakfasts and this was delicious! I used the season’s first sweet corn to make the hash on Sunday, then I’d fry an egg each morning and add it to the top of the re-heated hash.

  114. I made this, and was disappointed that the steam coming from the corn cooking in the potatoes made the lovely, crispy potatoes rather mushy and…meh. I resolved this by grilling the corn before removing it from the cob, and adding it to the potatoes last minute. The results? Perfection. Thank you for all your hard work. This is my FAVORITE recipe blog.

  115. MeghanGrace

    Ever make this out of corn on the cob season? Would you recommend canned or frozen? I’ve got a real hankering for this and can’t wait till summer!
    Also, thank you for such s fun blog to read and reference, Deb. I see you referenced all the time-various websites, magazines, word of mouth (Whole Foods employee here in South Philly!). You’ve made quite a name for yourself!

    1. Tammee

      I made this with a can of corn and it was just as delicious! I am never making breakfast potatoes a different way. Also…I found that I preferred eating all three separate versus in a hash (keeps the potatoes crispy, etc) but both ways were delicious. Amazing way to make a meal out of two potatoes, a half pack of bacon, and a can of corn!

  116. Brittany

    Hey Deb, did you know that someone put this recipe (word for word, even including the shmablespoons reference) on epicurious without giving you credit? I just thought I’d let you know. I was googling “corn hash” in hopes to find your recipe and the first result was the other one.

  117. Carole W

    Our last planting of corn is ready and the first dish I prepared with it was this hash topped with a fried egg, but it wasn’t the first time. I made it earlier in the summer when our first planting matured and we’d harvested the red potatoes, then twice more when our second planting came in. Since then, we’ve anticipated having this breakfast again. This morning, out on the porch, over my scraped-clean plate, I vowed to thank you for this and so many other spectacular recipes.

  118. Hila

    Do you think that will work with coconut bacon? (I guess you’ve heard about it as a foodie – basically it’s just coconut flakes baked with some spices and sauces which gives it the texture and flavor of a “regular” bacon).

  119. Michelle

    My local Sprouts sells “bacon ends” which are perfect for this recipe– already cut, more fat than meat, and super cheap. $2 for 8 oz. We love this and make it regularly :) the egg on top is perfection!

  120. Carole W

    I looked so forward to making the corn/bacon/potato hash again this year, once our potatoes were harvested and our corn started coming in. I don’t think there’s a better weekend breakfast than this. Thank you for the recipe!!

  121. SC

    This is on my go to recipe list. I make this at least twice a month in the summer and *always* make it when I have overnight guests for breakfast the next morning. A great, easy, fresh dish that’s a hit absolutely any time of day. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

  122. Rhoda

    I made this for dinner and it’s great! I drained off a little bacon fat, but only because I cooked the potatoes in two batches. I used leftover corn on the cob, which had a bit of butter on it (OH NO TRAGIC), and resisted the temptation to add paprika or any other spice. It truly doesn’t need it. Thanks Deb!

  123. Katie

    One of my favorite summer recipes! I look forward to it as soon as I see good fresh corn at the markets. It really is perfect for any time of the day, and I love it for a picnic. Thanks, Deb!

  124. Made this with the broccoli slaw linked earlier in the post, the flavours played off each other beautifully for me.

    Used English bacon, some diced leftover polish sausage(kielbasa) and chives instead of scallions

    Thank you so much for this gorgeous recipe!!

    1. deb

      You can try turkey or duck bacon but they don’t get as crisp. Because there are only four ingredients here, the bacon is a big part, maybe not the best recipe to do a swap on. Sauteed corn and scallions and potatoes would still be great under eggs, but it’s definitely not going to be the same.

  125. Kimberly Wade

    Make this immediately! So simple, yet SO good. My potatoes took closer to 30 mins. I added a shallot, organge pepper and jalapeño in with the corn step. I also topped with the fried egg and sprinkle of chopped cherry tomatoes. Figured might as well up the vegetables with all the in-season produce. Anyhow, this is easy and incredibly flavorful. I’ll be making this for guests too, maybe with a side of your brioche bread pudding. Thanks Deb, as always you nailed it.

  126. Sam

    How do you get your potatoes to go brown and crispy? No matter what I do (more oil, more heat, not moving them) mine just go soggy won’t brown and crisp.

      1. JP

        Sorry, I see you said you kept them on one place. I suspect your heat wasn’t high enough. It’s a delicate balance between hot enough to crisp but not so hot that the fat smokes.

  127. JP

    I made this tonight and it was great. The fresh off the cob corn really makes it! I added a few chopped cherry tomatoes and some thinly sliced red onion, but otherwise followed the directions exactly. Delightful summer dinner dish.

  128. Gabrielle Schapira

    You are consistently my guide to delicious. Who knew the potatoes would get so creamy and melt in your mouthy. You did, that’s who.

  129. Liz Rehrauer

    I made this yesterday (Sunday morning) for brunch. Best ever! Fresh corn from the farmer’s market, potatoes from my garden. I didn’t have scallions but I have tons of fresh basil and chives. Oh, so good.

  130. William S. Kling

    Oh my, looks gorgeous! So glad I’m seeing this on Monday, so my next shop, which would have some local corn (just arriving here in RI-will need extra for this), I’ll also grab some scallions for next Sunday brunch. Dad and I usually have a sort-of full English, but I love to mix it up occasionally. Thanks!

  131. Jessica

    I’ve made this two weeks in a row and it’s amazing! We ate it with flour tortillas (the kind you buy raw and cook in a skillet), and it was so yummy.

  132. dbnclar1

    I made this on Sunday for brunch. Really good! I love corn, and that was a nice touch. I had some flavorful farmer’s market scallions, which made a surprising difference. I was wary of all that bacon fat, but it works out just fine.

  133. Ellen Tye

    Deb, I might be years too late with a question, but I’m wondering if there would be a good place to break the recipe up, without losing the crispy texture, if I wanted to start it a day before. My son requested this for Thanksgiving (!!) and I don’t want to be spending my time cooking up the potatoes.

  134. Karen

    It’s corn season and I buy fresh corn every week at the farmers’ market until it’s no longer corn season. Always looking for good ways to use it. This recipe is a keeper! Fresh corn is a must, don’t even think of using frozen. I’ve made this as a side dish (without the eggs) for dinner and as a breakfast with the eggs. It’s a real hit with company!

  135. Marci

    Love hash, followed recipe exactly the first Time. It was delicious. Second time substituted sweets potato for red potatoes. I think I liked even better with the sweet potatoes. Going to be a new go to dinner.

  136. Christine Poll

    I made this tonight for dinner and it was amazing! I added some different spices- smoked paprika and a little chili powder, lots of pepper and I added some fresh kale towards the end of the cook time and it was sooooo delicious. I served it with poached eggs.

    100% will make again!

  137. Kathy

    No scallions, so I added tge white snd light green parts of two slender leeks about midway through sautéing the potatoes, and sprinkled chives on top. Delicious!