edna mae’s sour cream pancakes

The short, fat and balding love of my life woke himself, and thus myself, up at 6:15 yesterday morning, all too few hours after we’d returned from date night dinner with a jaw-dropping four-dessert dessert course, and I briefly considered returning him. Then I decided to keep him, but informed him that we would not be on speaking terms until the small hand on the clock hit the 8. Then he rolled over and looked so pleased himself that it broke my will. So I rifled through the fridge, tossed some items left and right, found some sour cream leftover from last week’s muffins and decided I may as well make some breakfast.

gloppy sour creammixing the battertwo eggs and a bit of vanillamelting butter in cast iron

Pancakes, to be specific. And not just pancakes, but sour cream pancakes. And not just any sour cream pancakes but Ree Drummond’s Husband’s Grandma Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes, which I suspect were always served before 8 a.m. I mean, I’ve been out to that ranch, I know how early they wake up, and curiously, with a lot less complaint that yours truly. Maybe I can send Jacob out there next time?

stack of sour cream pancakes

I liked these pancakes. They took no time to put together, they kept that tangy sour cream flavor I adore, and they were barely sweet which is an essential contrast when you drown your pancakes in as much maple syrup as we here do. Next time, however, I look forward to eating them at the proper weekend hour of noon.

also mine

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Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes
Adapted from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Ree says this makes 12 4-inch pancakes; I got 8 that were closer to 5 inches

7 tablespoons (60 grams) all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon (13 grams) sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup (240 grams) sour cream (I swapped some with yogurt when I realized I was short, to no ill-effect)
2 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Butter, as needed
Maple syrup (or perhaps some Cranberry Syrup)

Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle over medium-low heat; you want it to slowly get nice and hot.

Stir the flour, sugar, baking soda and salt together in the bottom of a medium bowl. Dump the sour cream in on top and stir it together very gently; it’s okay to leave the texture a bit uneven. Whisk the eggs and vanilla in a separate bowl and stir them into the sour cream mixture, once again, being careful not to overmix.

Melt about a tablespoon of butter in your skillet or griddle and pour the batter in, a scant 1/4 cup at a time. Cook for about 2 minutes on the first side, or until bubbles appear all over the surface [See Pancakes 101 for this and other tips], flipping them carefully and cooking for about a minute on the other side. Repeat with remaining batter.

Serve in a stack, topped with a pat of butter and a cascade of maple syrup.

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294 comments on edna mae’s sour cream pancakes

  1. I love the lightness & tang of sour-cream pancakes…the recipe I use is adapted from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham & you can mix it all in the blender. Perfect for the bleary-eyed :)

  2. rita

    I knew I waited to have breakfast until almost noon for a reason…

    also, this is my first time commenting but probably the tenth smitten kitchen recipe I’m on. Maybe even higher. I honestly don’t make anything these days that hasn’t gone through this website. Thanks, Deb! My family and friends surely appreciate my sudden embrace of cooking and baking, which is mostly thanks to you.

  3. Pancakes with sour cream sound de-lish! Anything with sour cream sounds de-lish!
    Good luck with training the little guy to be quiet until at 8 am (notice I did not say “sleep’). In our house, it gets earlier and earlier every day. Do not despair. I used to pray/prey for a cup of coffee before changing a poopy diaper. Now, I don’t even think about it. Gonna try the recipe though…

  4. Mary

    I made these THE DAY after receiving my Pioneer Woman Cooks book in the mail….unfortunately, I think I got a little heavy-handed with the salt….using an adjustable measuring spoon is not the best idea for something that really needs a precise measurement! Looking forward to trying them again…with a regular measuring spoon this time, as they really were SO quick and easy and incredibly light-textured. Yours look beautiful (no surprise there)!

  5. Deb, do you recommend a nonstick skillet for these, or should I (gulp) try to get over my fear of using the griddle plate that came with my stove? I have a pathological fear of things…sticking.

    1. deb

      Lara — You can use either but I’ve really taken to doing these in a well-seasoned cast iron. Keep your temperature low. Wait until the top is well-bubbled to flip them.

  6. Charlotte

    Wow- I’m in awe. I never made pancakes when awoken by small baby at 5:30 am – I would make my essential cup of tea and heat up whatever leftovers happened to be in the fridge (usually baked beans if I recall correctly) and watch the tummy roll action through not awake blurry eyes. The pancakes look delish but I think we are going to have to bake chocolate chip oatmeal cookies first (my baby’s now 4 and into chocolate).

  7. linda

    super yum!
    super photography!
    super copy!
    & little jacob is super cool….knows how to get to you!

    (looks like you had fun w/pw!!)

    “a sk cookbook please!”

  8. Cristina

    Is it accurate that it is only 7 tablespoons of flour? The pictures show the pancakes as thin, but I’m not sure they’re that thin…

    1. deb

      Cristina — 7 tablespoons is correct.

      Gaelle — On weekends, breakfast as noon or one, dinner at normal time. For me, a piece of fruit or something when I prefer to wake up — 8 a.m.

      1. Nicole

        Not as heavy as your average pancake, but the flavour notes lack balance. A little eggy, and too much baking soda. They look nice as they rise in the pan, then totally collapse when they hit the plate. Obviously not enough flour to hold the shape. The only bad recipe I’ve encountered on your website.

  9. I love Ree Drummond. How can you NOT love Ree Drummond. Down to earth. Funny. Classy without the attitude. She makes the kind of food that will stick to your ribs before you go out to get the firewood. And she keenly knows that a country girl can also appreciates the finer things in life. Thanks for reminding me of this delightful recipe. Breakfast is my favorite meal of all !
    xo Michaela

  10. Pam

    Can’t wait to give these a try! We just made the ricotta lemon pancakes yesterday (for the umpteenth time) and could always use another breakfast recipe that is easily made from ingredients on hand.
    I love your website! Jacob gets cuter every day :)

  11. I never even thought of sour cream pancakes. They look lovely though, and you’re a cute lady! I’m not much for 6am wake-ups myself, but pancakes definitely make you forget for a minute that the morning is a jerk.

  12. Can I ask a question? If you have breakfast at noon… what time do you eat lunch then? And dinner? Or do you call it brunch and then manages not to eat until dinner?
    My husband has been the one making pancakes for our children these days; I’ll pass the recipe along so that he can make his next batch from scratch. So much better!

  13. I would happily watch Jacob until 8 for you. I’ve been well conditioned to the early hours (I never used to move before 9) by my own little ones :) Course since I live in California it might prove challenging….I know you should move here and share your sweet baby’s dimples and your blog-post writing abilities, and I’ll wake up early and share my meyer lemons. Perfect solution :) These pancakes look like a must try though seriously! I don’t have Ree’s book yet (gasp) so I’ll use your post, since my girls are asking for pancakes for (sorry) lunch :)

  14. agreed, pancakes are a food for noon, especially these. lovely pictures. i’m trying to convince my boyfriend that pancakes are more satisfying than crepes, but the debate rages on.

    what do you think of greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream?

    a bientot!
    The Paris Food Blague

  15. Shawna

    I recently came across this blog and this morning I was determined to make something off of it. When I woke up and went to the website to pick out a recipe so I could go to the grocery store, I saw this new recipe and realized I already had all of the ingredients on hand. I made them for me and my boyfriend and we absolutely LOVED them! (Plus, they were super easy!) Thanks for the recipe!

  16. I was flipping through cookbooks this morning looking for something yummy to make for breakfast, and I saw a recipe for sour cream pancakes in one of my books. I was disappointed to not have any sour cream on hand, or else I would have tried them. Now you’ve blogged about them too! I WILL be buying sour cream this week at the store, and I WILL be making sour cream pancakes very soon!

  17. devon

    Lucky you. At that age my baby got up at 4am. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ain’t no pancakes can fix that. It is a testament to your great photos and excellent recipe vetting that I continue to come here, since your baby seems to be giving you an awfully easy time, and that makes me just a tad bit jealous . . .

  18. KateW

    This is one of my favorite recipies from Ree’s cookbook! I like to use sour cream from Trader Joe’s because it is extra thick! A tasty variation is to add a little lemon rind and blueberries!

  19. Cynthia K-R

    do you think you could use ricotta instead of sour cream in these? i don’t have any sour cream here right now and I live one hour from any store up here in Canada. thanks alot!!!

  20. Okay, I need pancakes now! Unfortunately it is 2:46, no longer breakfast time, and I do not think I could convince my roommates we need to have breakfast for dinner since several of them are severely sweet-adverse.

  21. Karen

    Would these work with a gluten-free all purpose flour blend? If there’s only 7 T of flour in there, it seems the flour could be exchangeable.

  22. Amy

    Wow! Two for two – I made the butter & onion tomato sauce last night and now the pancakes for brunch. Both are unbelievably good! Perfect for a rainy Sunday. In case anyone’s wondering about reduced-fat sour cream: it was all I had and doesn’t seem to change the taste/texture in any significant way. Thanks for posting this!

    1. deb

      Tali — Hee! He was but it is mostly on the lower sides and back; we’re think he might be done shedding now. He never lost the “toupee” top and I hope he never does.

  23. Susan

    I eyed that recipe when she posted it on her blog, but thought better of my thighs (and arteries) than to make them at that time. But I will now! I’ve been guilted into experimenting with waffles this past week (long story) and have just had my eyes opened to Yeast risen waffles. I’ve found religon! Make a simple batter that just happens to contain yeast the night before and with no fuss the next day, they are..are..words fail me. They are so good. It would make that “What? Is it early?” morning, post diaper change, breakfast even easier than these simple pancakes! Not kidding!

  24. I agree, after purchasing her book this Christmas (gift to myself, and one for my mother!), I made these pancakes when there was just too much leftover sourcream to let go bad. I believe they will be my staple pancake recipe now as they a) are the creamiest, tenderest I’ve ever had and b) remind me of my own grandmother’s, except I don’t cook mine in bacon fat!

  25. Eve

    Well my hat is off to you, Deb. My 8 and a half month old son routinely wakes up at 6 and, while, I am resigned to it at this point (especially since it is soooo much better than when he was waking up at 4:45 o4 5:00 every morning that it almost seems luxurious), the last thing I feel like doing at that hour is cooking breakfast! The pancakes look divine…

  26. these look DELICIOUS! i’m finding that being pregnant with baby #2 right now..the posts i am most drawn too involve yummy food!! all i’ve been posting lately is comfort food on my blog haha. i might have to try these out. thanks for sharing!

  27. These sounded so delicious that I went straight to the kitchen to try them. They certainly live up to my expectations!

    Don’t be impatient, like me, and turn the heat up on your skillet once the pancakes are in the pan. :-)

  28. rachel

    i’ve been reading your blog for ages, but never commented. but i just moved to budapest this week, and i’ve been wondering what to do with the copious amounts of sour cream leftover from visits to the market and my flatmates were all craving pancakes. honest-to-goodness american pancakes. and these look spectacular thanks so much for this recipe!

  29. Jean Marie

    One of my sons gave me the PW cookbook for Christmas but we haven’t made these pancakes yet. With your endorsement, it obviously needs to happen soon – maybe for dinner. I suspect that Ree would love to take Jacob off your hands for a few days.

  30. Sally

    When your boy is a teenager you can serve them at the proper hour of noon. My girls were early risers until they hit their teens.

  31. Laura

    Deb, Jacob is so freaking adorable that I’m almost afraid to click over to Flickr these days–I think the whimpery cute noises his photos elicit make my boyfriend a little nervous. And those pics of his squishy little wrists almost killed me.

  32. I just read this mid-afternoon on Sunday, and it sounded SO GOOD ( Im pregnant) that I went right in the kitchen and made them! Fantastic and it only took about 10 minutes! I am a beginner cooker and loved that I was able to tackle one of your recipes! Thanks

  33. Katie M.

    I made these this afternoon when I got up lol. Jacob is absolutely adorable and these pancakes were absolutely delicious. I ran out of vanilla extract but they were still excellent. This will definitely be in the breakfast rotation from now on. Thanks!

  34. Hi Deb, the pancakes look amazing! In Sweden we have something called ‘filmjölk’, and I think it translates to sour milk/cream. I hope it’s the same thing that you are using, ours tastes a bit like sour yogurt.
    Do you think they would still taste good if you changed the syrup for fresh berries, since we try to minimize our use of sugar?

  35. I think you will have to wait many years to wake up and eat brunch at noon — weekends get exremely busy with kids! But the pancakes look very yummy indeedy!

  36. Elizabeth A.

    Hm – I don’t have any sour cream in my fridge … but I DO have some greek yogurt. Would that work as a decent substitute?

    I can’t wait to try these!

  37. Oh my gosh I love his baby boy bed head! It is too cute matched with his facial expression. It’s some sort of cosmic rule that once you’re a parent of little people you’ll never sleep in on the weekend again. I don’t like that rule at all! And of course the pancakes look delicious.

  38. Amy

    I think I’ll have to try this in a few weeks when my brother and his family are here. I’ll probably have to double the recipe. 4 adults and 5 kids!!!

  39. deb, too!

    The pancakes are awesome….made them several times here.

    But, OH, that baby…..this grandma of three little girls wants to scoop him up for a snuggle!!

    Somehow, I don’t think that Ree would mind if you sent him to the ranch!!

  40. erin

    I had these for breakfast at lunchtime (and on a monday – thank goodness for holidays!) but next time I am planning not to use so much salt. My first recipe from smitten kitchen but for sure not my last!

  41. Elizabeth

    We had these tonight for dinner and they were wonderful! Perfect size and easy to make. I’ll be passing it on to both my Mom and Mother-in-law.

  42. These look simple and tasty. I’ll give them a try next weekend. Thanks for the tip of swapping yogurt for the sour cream…I’ll try that and also use whole wheat flour to justify the cascade of pure maple syrup!

  43. Tara

    Please do not send your baby to the ranch – Ree will take him and never give him back!! That baby is, as they say here in the heavily Scandinavian Upper Midwest, “Fer Cute!” Oh, and the pancakes look yummy, too… :)

  44. Leigh

    Deb, made these pancakes earlier today for breakfast…. at 1:30 in the afternoon. I’ve been meaning to make these for quite some time after tagging them in the PW cookbook. After reading your blog, you gave me the reason to try them today. I have to admit though, my family and myself much prefer your buttermilk pancakes.

  45. Yum, yum, yum. Edna Mae sure knows how to make some pancakes.

    Regarding the post-date-night-way-too-early awakening? My children are fantastic at it. So far, nearly ten years into the mommy thing, I have yet to get over feeling like I’ve been robbed of my adult rights, like sleeping in on Saturday without my four younger siblings waking me up. Now it’s just my four young kids.

  46. Lauri

    Excellent alternative to buttermilk pancakes, since i often have sour cream in the fridge but not buttermilk unless I made a special trip to the store. Will have to try these next weekend.

  47. Anna

    Public holiday (Australia Day) tomorrow means plenty of time to cook pancakes — can’t wait to try this recipe! Deb, do you know if they’ll work using gluten free flour (i.e. straight substitution on quantity)?

  48. DaycareSher

    Ive been on a kick lately looking for the perfect pancake for my daycare kids. The last recipe had powdered coffee creamer and 7-up in them. They were good. I cant wait to try these on my little guinea pigs. :-) They LOVE pancakes and I am such a sucker for The Pioneer Woman’s website of recipes.

  49. This recipe did intrigue me when i first flipped through PW Cooks! Unfortunately I’m not much of a breakfast pancake eater. Perhaps I can find someone to eat them with me for dinner…as long as I offer bacon!

  50. Haha! I have never, ever wanted to eat pancakes before 8:00am. Especially on the weekend. I feel your pain. But these look wonderful. I’m amazed that they hold together with so little flour, I’m going to have to give them a shot. Maybe breakfast for dinner this week!

  51. Charlene

    Warning! Do NOT send Jacob to PW! She would not give him back! The woman loves babies. All babies. Anybody’s babies. Instead, you can send him to me….and I’ll give him back….maybe. That is one adorable baby!

  52. My favorite pancakes are pineapple upside down pancakes. I would love to see your take on alternative pancakes. Jacob is just the cutest! I love his dimpled knuckles and screwed on wrists! Precious!

  53. Kelly

    Pancakes never work for me nor do chocolate chip cookies. Can’t figure it out. Both of my girls were early risers until about 18mos-2yrs. Anything before 5am was just god-awful. For some reason, the difference between 4:49am and 5:10am, was light years.

  54. Ashley

    Just made these for my munchkins this morning….my two year old ate 6 by himself. Guess I’ll need to whip up another batch for the hubbie! Thanks again Deb, and PW!

  55. Erika

    Thanks Deb. I don’t know how I missed this recipe on PW’s site, but I like it because it doesn’t call for milk. I never have milk but usually have sour cream.

    Jacob is absolutely adorable!

  56. Nancy

    I tried these a few weeks ago myself and agree that they are divine. With that small amount of flour, they are very very light and were best made as small pancakes, not the huge diner style ones. We had them with bananas ala White on Rice and they were the best pancakes I’ve ever made. I wish I had some right now for lunch on a rainy, windy Monday.

  57. Ok I’ve been over to say good morning to Jakie Poo and now about the pancakes. Look delish, but as a photographer I’m all about the way you (hubby?) caught that syrup in midstream. Excellent!

  58. Janet

    Deb, I’ve just come across your blog recently. I’m thrilled to find a Canadian who has a cooking blog. Love your site and it is now one of my favourites.

  59. NicM

    Just wait until he’s big enough to get out of bed on his own and run around at 6am! Make sure you’ve sufficiently kid-proofed the house because they find ways to get into everything before you even wake up.

  60. Karen

    That’s not very nice telling all your readers that Alex is short, fat and balding. Ohhhhh, you mean Jacob!!! Ha ha – he (Jacob) is too darn cute.

  61. Amanda

    How do you always know what I want?? I was searching yesterday for the perfect pancakes made with sour cream or yogurt, and do you think I could find a recipe that didn’t suck? NO! But then I come on here and it’s like you’re reading my mind. The same thing happened a week and a half ago: my husbands 30th birthday was upon us, and I still hadn’t found the right cake recipe…that is until I saw the Poppyseed Lemon Cake, which fit the bill exactly as he loves citrus. It was a hit, and I will be making it again.
    What next? Should I just start thinking about something I want to eat, and wait for the magic?!! :D

  62. I’m going to try making sour cream pancakes. I have tried sour cream in cream cake. It is great. Just don’t use too much sour cream or you will get sour cream cake instead of cheese cake.

  63. Rebecca

    I haven’t posted yet, but I have tried several recipes–all yum! I used the cranberry syrup on the almond cake and also on waffles yesterday morning. Can’t wait to try them on these pancakes! Adorable baby, too :)!

  64. Who would have guess that sour cream could be used in so much stuff? And yet somehow, I always end up not using it all. These pancakes should help with that problem :)

  65. Dawn

    I’m terrible at making pancakes but I’ll try these! The sour cream balancing the maple syrup intrigues me.
    Last time I made pancakes my hubby wouldn’t eat more than one. :(

  66. suzy

    hi deb:) that pancake looks,,killer!
    I’m a big fan of your blog so much!
    Thank you so much for always good recipes.

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite long enough- i would say…:)
    and i’ve been eager to know your secret of handling your cast iron pan,,

    i have exactly the same one, and once in a while i season it well.. (i guess)
    but, every time after i use the pan for cooking,
    i really have no idea which way is the bast way to clean.
    cause I’m not supposed to use soap.. right?

    I’d love to know your secret of seasoning the pan..when you can share your tips anytime…:)

  67. That is a delicious looking stack of pancakes! I’m going to have to make the cranberry syrup though and try canning it for my fridge. My husband will just have to make do with maple syrup!

  68. luvmyrussian

    Haha, I feel as though Jacob would be quite welcome on Ree’s ranch at 6am…however, I also feel as though she might not give him back! :)

  69. bg

    Looks good. Smitten Kitchen this could be your year. Winner Home Cooking in Apartment Therapy’s best of. And now you are part of the finalists in
    Bloggies, photography and food. Good luck. It must have been you photo of your little sprout holding the brussel sprout!! And all in that tiny NY kitchen. I am just a reader. BTW just how did you spend your $20.09 winning from Apartment Therapy LOL???

    1. deb

      Thanks BG — Actually, I had not realized until the weekend that the Apartment Therapy award involved a $50 check. I asked if they could bounce it to Doctors Without Borders instead; they do such amazing work.

  70. Yvonne

    How funny – we were up early making pancakes too for the same reason too (1 1/2 year old, so not quite as fat and balding anymore!). I soak my grains with sour cream/yogurt in a blender overnight though, before adding all the other ingredients in the a.m. I keep reading how that process releases all this great nutrition out of the grain and makes them more digestible. I just know how it seems to make them super light and fluffy with almost no effort!

  71. AA

    Deb, have you done a taste test of these vs Amanda Hesser’s “Heavenly Hots”(recently in NYT Mag)? Soon enough little Jacob will be eating pancakes with gusto – my almost 1 year old does.

    1. deb

      AA — Actually, it was those Heavenly Hots that got sour cream pancakes on my mind. But I kept getting stuck on how hard they are supposed to be to make and how the only way to do it is to not cook them through and how you need a thin, flexible spatula and frankly, it stressed me. I thought, even if I can work this out how will I talk others into making a pancake that’s such a pain and that most people flop at? Pancakes should be an anxiety-free breakfast.

      But yes, I’ll probably try them one day, anyway.

  72. Teresa–AK

    Dear Deb! Thank you for a fabulous blog. Love reading it; but have never written.
    This past week-end made your Lemon-Poppyseed Cake for a party and it was loved.
    Thanks for all your Great recipes. That boy looks appetizing too.

  73. AngAk

    pancakes for dinner tonight—yes please! I made the tomato sauce and had it yesterday for dinner with friends and it was superb. I even found that nifty curly pasta. dinner with Smitten 2 days in a row. cool. and OMG, do not send that baby to the ranch—you will never get him back!

  74. Ingrid

    Making another food bloggers recipe is the ultimate compliment – says volumes for you gals! Adore your blog – and will make these over the weekend – they look DIVINE!

  75. Mmm.. Sour Cream is one of my favorite things. I would have never thought to put it in pancakes! I’m going to have to try this for sure! Thanks for posting!

    I’m new to the food blogging world {and cooking/domesticity in general} and am looking forward to following you! I love your pictures and blogging style!!

  76. I would like to visit Ree’s ranch…but I suppose i’ll have to settle for making her pancakes in my tiny-all-the-windows-have-bars-on-them-because-it’s-a-ground-floor-nyc-apartment.

    ps: i’m jealous of your 4 dessert dessert course extravagaanza.

  77. My husband just bought a tub of sour cream to put into the pureed vegetable soups I make. Except he bought too much sour cream for the amount of soups we have!! Now I can use the rest of it with this recipe! I am totally going to surprise my husband with this recipe this weekend. He just loves sour cream but he LOVES pancakes even more! I will post pictures of the process and result as well on my blog! =)

  78. Shelby

    i tried these last night for dinner! ha! they were in one word : DELICIOUS. they turned out great. I wipped they eggs and vanilla by hand with a wisk for about 10 minutes in order to get them to be a little airy- and the pancakes definitely benefited from it. they were so light. SO light. amazing. can i eat them again?

  79. Char

    The recipe looks good… but I’m honestly more interested in what desserts you had at 10 Downing Street! I’ve spend some time poking around Shuna’s website and her desserts look nothing short of AMAZING. Tell me, tell me, what did you try?

  80. Oh, thank you for this recipe. Will be perfect for the 2 week vacation that begins for me next week!

    And, by the way, I’m always so amazed at how lovely you make your speckled grey countertop look. :)

  81. Made these for the first time this morning and I’m told that now I have to make them this way EVERY time I make pancakes! Thank you for sharing such an easy to manage recipe and all those great pancake tips! I separated the eggs and whipped the whites until they were stiff and almost meringue like and got a wonderfully fluffy, light and delicate pancake as a result!

  82. I feel for you…early morning baby calls are exhausting. My son woke up at 5am for three months straight and it was during this time that I made up four new pancake recipes, one waffle recipe, and experimented with three versions of baked oatmeal. Whew – I get tired thinking about it. Needless to say, pancakes were one of my little one’s first and favorite foods (the horror!) and as a result, I don’t even look at my recipes anymore because I have them all memorized. I was thinking these might be a little dense, but reading other comments, it sounds like beating the eggs till light takes care of this.

    1. deb

      Shannon — I believe it’s because they need to get the most hours of work in while it is daylight. They can’t work at 5 p.m. if it gets dark at, say, 3 p.m. in December. But hey, I’m no rancher, I just played one for three days last year. Uh, in the kitchen.

      Char — One of everything, seriously. The new rosemary caramelized apples with caramelized puffed pastry chips (swoon), the panna cotta, the lemon sherbert, the butterscotch pot de creme, which I’ve been reading about for years and exceeded the hype. [Oh, and we only ordered “one” dessert to split, as we usually do but Shuna spoiled us. And now I have sit-ups to do.] I’m making something today inspired by a tiny element of one of them…

  83. Sounds delicious. Love that tangy taste that sour creme will bring to anything. Interesting it goes in on top of the dry ingredients. I have been a devote of The Joy Of Cooking basic pancake recipe. Then I decided to separate my eggs and whip the whites and fold them into the batter at the end. The effect was unbelievable. I like really crisp pancakes so I use lots of butter and oil while cooking but the inside was light. I caramelized bananas and put them on the top.
    Yum. I’m trying this recipe on Sunday.

  84. Jules

    I am saddened – have you recently changed the way you put your photos on here? I now see no pictures and a link takes me to Flickr. Is this for everyone?

    I ask as I have been an avid follower of your site for the last 6 months, slowly teaching myself how to cook better, but now I can now longer see your photos! cry! They were essential!

    I live in Beijing, so perhaps the Great Firewall has upped its barriers even further…


    PS I used your’s and Ree’s websites as inspiration for my last dinner party (back when the photos were still working) and I thank you- as do my friends!

  85. uoL_Lou

    Made these wonderful little fluffy bites of goodness for brekky a few days ago. Substituted natural yogurt for the sour cream entirely, worked beautifully. Thanks for the recipe!

  86. eve

    made these yesterday morning. curious what your trick is to keep them warm while others are cooking? I’ve always been taught to slightly warm the oven and stick them in there but it made these really soggy. any tricks? also, did yours have that buttery little outer crust that pancakes sometimes do? wondered if maybe b/c of sourcream they were just more moist that usual.

  87. Joanne

    I am planning on making this for a nice weekend breakfast. What would the outcome be if you used all yogurt? I bought plain yogurt on accident last week, and I’m wondering what would happen if I switched out the sour cream completely.

  88. Barbara

    For anyone who is on a lowcarb or paleo diet: I made this with half/half flour and almond meal (only 3.5 T. of each), with granulated Splenda instead of the sugar, but left everything else intact (except for adding an extra egg yolk for additional fat and protein). They were lovely. Just delicious. Thank you for the base recipe, Deb, so easily converted to make everything “almost legal” for my husband and me. We figured that a couple of tablespoons of flour each wouldn’t kill us and so far it hasn’t. We’re just happy to have had pancakes with our sausage and eggs. A rare occasion.

  89. Gillian

    OH. MY. GOD. Made these for breakfast (an eleven-thirty breakfast at that). Far and away the most delicious pancakes!! They tasted a little sour, and a little egg-y, almost like French Toast-pancakes. Swoon.

  90. Laura

    Hi Deb! Thanks again for all the great recipes — I love your blog. We made these pancakes for a 3pm breakfast since we are snowed in today. I used half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour. They were a little thinner and sweeter than the pancakes I’m used to in the south, but very flavorful. Tender and delicate but not as fluffy and thick as traditional types. I think they would be wonderful with blueberries as some readers have suggested, too. Next time I think I’ll add blueberries and cut back on the sugar or vanilla. Happy cooking all!

  91. I made these this morning for breakfast. They have a souffle-ish texture with a bit of an eggy flavor. The only recipe change I made was using half whole milk yogurt along with the sour cream. I did not separate my eggs as others have, however, I did whisk them till pale and the pancakes were very light.

  92. I tend to use Greek strained yogurt as a sour cream replacement these days, I wonder if that would work, too? Not that there’s anything wrong with wonderful sour cream, I just have a lot of Greek yogurt on hand at all times. :)


  93. sirchimpy

    These will be my new go-to pancake recipe. I had no milk in the house this AM, along with a request from my early riser (who is a few years older than yours) to make pancakes. These were perfect – so easy, and they came out so light and well cooked. When a six year old declares these are the best pancakes he ever ate, you know you have done something right.

  94. Joanne

    Well, the pancakes were made and they were great! We had them with scrambled eggs and sausage. I swapped the sour cream using instead low fat plain yogurt. I know that with sour cream I would have gotten more of a tangy flavor, but it worked out very well. This recipe was really easy and simple, this will be my go to pancake recipe from now on.

  95. Charity

    Just made these for my three men-children. Not a scrap left with the recipe doubled. Thinned out the sour cream with a little buttermilk to make up for the couple of spoon-fulls that had already been used. Delish!

  96. Lisa

    These cakes are like mini-souffles…best pancakes i have ever had, hands down. I used the cast iron skillet and they were a lovely brown and tender as can be on the inside. Thank you for my new go-to pancake recipe!

  97. Rebecca

    These are amazing. I doubled the recipe and was glad I did, because they reheat beautifully! I think it’s important to note the bit about stacking these little beauties, because that’s really how you get the blast of flavor and the incredible texture. Stack ’em 3 high (or 2 at the minimum)–this is a new concept for me, as I’ve always had thicker pancakes that would make too high of a stack, so I just thought I’d point that out!

    Thanks for the recipe. It made it into my “keepers” book.

  98. Ok, I tried these last night and they were great! I am a waffle making person, I always ruin pancakes somehow, but these were Wendy-proof. They have an interesting light, almost puddingy texture, a lot like a clafoutis. I loved them.

  99. i made these this morning and they were INCREDIBLE! heavenly texture, they just floated in my mouth. i just printed the recipe out and put it in my copy of The Joy of Cooking, their pancake recipe has been REPLACED.

  100. Mary

    My family wanted breakfast for dinner just days after I had drooled over this recipe. So I printed it out and made these as the pancake course. They were delicious—so much better than any other pancake I make. Love that they use ingredients I generally have on hand and they whip up in no time at all! Thanks.

  101. ed

    The pancke recipe is pretty standard. I think the real key to great panckes, with any recipe, is to make the batter the night prior to cooking them. You can use a combo of milk and sour cream or milk and yougart or all 3. You make want to use a stick blender to make the milk mixture smooth. Great pictures.

  102. Raich

    Thanks for this! I’ve moved abroad and have been craving rich, fluffy ‘diner pancakes.’ I made them this morning for the 2nd time since the post. have to admit to eating them with chocolate syrup instead of maple….

  103. Sizzling in the pan as I type…they smell wonderful. Had a bit of a rough time with the “over mix” thing but hopefully they’ll turn out as beautiful as yours!!!

  104. Angela

    Sad to say this is the first of your recipe’s that we didn’t love. They looked great…but the flavor of the eggs was very strong. It actually tasted like we were eating eggs with our pancakes. My husband and I are trying to figure out what it needed to make them better…more vanilla…sugar. Not sure. We’ll stick with our lemon ricotta and pumpking recipes.

  105. Amanda

    At first I thought, Sour Cream? Ewww. But they were perfect for our snowy Saturday morning. Light & fluffy and WAY better than the Bisquick pancakes I’ve been eating all my life!

  106. Tay

    More syrup! Yes, I’m the person who usually gets asked if I’d like some pancake to go with my syrup :). You always make the food look so good.

  107. Jody

    We made these this morning, and they were such a treat! Such a nice departure from the traditional pancakes that we’ve been making for years. Thanks!!

  108. Joyce

    I just made these for my parents- 45 minutes of hard labor were devoured in about a third of that time. It was the first time I’d made pancakes from scratch…and I don’t think I’m ever going back! Thanks so much. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more comments from me around here.

  109. Made these the other night for my boyfriend – we had a breakfast for dinner night :) – and though he seriously doubted me when he saw I was dumping a container of sour cream into the batter, all was well after the first bite. He scraped his plate clean!!! Every. Last. Bite. YUM! I think I’ve found my favorite pancakes recipe.
    I also love to use sour cream in Banana Bread. It’s kind of like a super secret weapon!

  110. Shan

    I’m sorry to say that we didn’t love these… for some reason, they were super jiggly and wouldn’t firm up, even though heat was med low and I cooked them as long as I could without going too dark brown :-( The taste was also iffy for us – but we’re crepe lovers, so it’s hard to give up on our favorites. I also had to sub a little bit of yogurt in, which was low-fat; maybe that was an issue.

    On the other hand, all was okay, because I made your choc chip meringue cookies last night, which are AMAZING, so we ate them too.

  111. Ana

    Hi Deb,
    finally tried these pancakes.
    Everything went well, pancakes looked delicious and fluffy, but they were so salty! Are they supposed to be salty? I was expecting a mild taste or a bit on the sweet side but not salty.
    Do you think the mixture would work without so much salt?

    1. deb

      Ana — Of course you should reduce it if it was too salty. I think that I may not have noticed because we drown our pancakes in so much syrup, I actually enjoy the contrast. But without syrup… I can imagine!

  112. Lauren C

    Before finding this recipe, I saw pancakes as a Mitch Hedberg joke: “You can’t be like pancakes. You’re all happy at first, but by the end, you’re sick of ’em.”

    But these are incredible. These are perfect – tangy and tender. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. And I’m so glad to have found them, because I was tired of French toast and I refuse to make crepes or waffles at home, since I make them every day at work. Thus: thank you, Deb!

  113. justjessib

    I made these again this weekend. Perfectly fluffy and delicious. Your Pancake 101 entry has rescued me from over mixed batter. Your blog has revolutionized my cooking and love of food and added to many staple recipes to my repertoire. Thank you!

  114. Megan

    These were so yummy, I made them Sunday with savory sweet life’s blueberry sauce (blueberries, sugar, water and orange zest). Delicious!

  115. i just made these… amazing! also with the cranberry syrup (i subbed strawberries) needless to say it was beautiful and the best start to a lazy sunday ever!

    your blog is by far my favorite food blog I have ever come across… your photography also inspires me!

    I am going to blog about my delicious pancake feast later today and site SK – on


  116. Jenny

    I love these pancakes. Period. But I have one question… I want to make them for my parents, but they live at a high altitude (5,600 ft). Any suggestions on a high altitude adjustment?

  117. Tracy TC

    Scrumptious!! Found this recipe when I googled for sour cream pancakes. Couldn’t resist a recipe for Father’s Day that bears the same name as my husband’s mother. I served these with homemade blueberry syrup and needless to say, I’m quite popular today with my husband and daughter. Thank you!

  118. Hi! I’ve been (quietly) ogling your recipes for a long time now, so when I decided to move away from my trusty Aunt Jemima pancake mix last week, I thought I’d try these out first. The pancakes didn’t turn out – they kept burning without cooking through, and in the end they wound up tasting strangely eggy. Does that just sound like my heat was too high? It was the only thing I could think of; I made the pancakes when I was a little rushed, and didn’t see the part where you suggested starting it at medium-low. I’d be really interested in trying them out again, especially since everyone else seems to have gotten great results.

  119. Liz

    I made these this weekend- to make up for a week of frozen meals and take-out. I stayed glued to your Pancakes 101, and they came out a little more crepe-y than cakey. Is that the usual texture of this kind of pancake, or did I mess something up??

  120. Becca

    Oh my word, i am just tucking into these basd boys right now, being an England type person it was hard to get maple syrup, so i just used golden syrup instead, and they are soo delicious! I can honestly say that these are the lightest pancakes i’ve ever had!!

  121. Rebecca

    I made these the other morning and I LOVED them!!! My husband didn’t but he’s picky and that meant more for me! I saw an altitude question and I live in Salt Lake City and went by the recipe and had no problems. They tasted a little more egg-y than I was expecting but they were seriously delicious!!

  122. DDT

    Made these this morning with the cold-press coffee and they were divine. Usually I can’t eat more than a few pancakes at a time, no matter how good they are, however I could have easily eaten ten of these. Your apple pancakes are amazing and somehow these are even better.

  123. Esen


    I made these with a mix of mascarpone and yogurt because I didn’t have sour cream and they were still divine! However, I only came out with 5 mini pancakes, way less than you did. I wonder why this happened?


  124. Brenda

    After a particularly unsatisfying romp in the bedroom, I needed the kind of cheering up that can only come from pancakes at 10 pm. I found this recipe for sour cream pancakes and decided to make pancakes from scratch for the very first time. I’m a terrible pancake flipper, so besides being a little ugly, they were delicious! Fluffy, slightly tangy and so good. These pancakes cured my post crappy sex syndrome and now I can go to bed happy. Thank you.

  125. Autumn

    Just enjoyed a little stack of these delicious fellas. This was my first time making sour cream pancakes. Per Deb’s suggestion, I substituted strawberry yogurt for half of the sour cream because I didn’t have quite enough on hand. I also whipped up a blackberry jam to mix into the maple syrup. YUM! Thanks Deb from our happy tummies.

  126. Karyn

    I couldn’t believe the recipe only called for 7 tbsp of flour. And made for a very floppy flap jack. I little too eggy for my taste.

  127. Amanda

    Just made this wonderful recipe! I was short on sour cream so I added a bit of ricotta–totally amazing!

    Thanks you just made my morning!

  128. Jenny

    These are delicious, but I think they are a bit too tart so I added an extra tablespoon of sugar. Also, they cook very fast and burn easily, so I had to keep the heat lower than I do for regular pancakes, and watch them like a hawk!

  129. Rachel

    This is a great way to make pancakes more exciting, thanks! I didn’t have sour cream so I used Greek yogurt. I like my pancakes to have a bit of crunch so I substituted 1 tbsp of wheat bran and 1 tbsp uncooked oats for 2 of the tbsps of flour – just enough to give them more texture, but not enough to weigh them down (they were still light and fluffy).

  130. Allisa

    i adore these pancakes… i like it with whole wheat flour and sprinkling blueberries or any fruit on them before the final flip. everyone i make it for drools with delight!! thank you, sk.

  131. Lindsey

    I just made these when our cat decided to sit on our heads and run up and down the bed early on a rainy saturday morning. They were really great, delicate and soft! A great start to the weekend. Thanks!

  132. Nadia

    Just made them this morning. Very very soft and plush!
    Cook really fast. I added a tiny bit of milk because it was a little thick.
    Otherwise, a no fail pancake, that is as easy as “bisquik” ;).

  133. Sam N.

    Hi Deb-

    I made these this morning and found them VERY eggy… What did I do wrong? Any suggestions?


  134. meaghan

    First time commenter- multiple time smitten kitchen recipe maker. These were the best pancakes my family has ever had (we took a vote:) )
    Love your blog!

  135. I made these the other day and loved them. I did not read Pancake 101 and so I burnt every last pancake, but yet we ate all of them (which can’t be said when I make them from Bisquick and burn them all). So I’d have to say, great recipe!

  136. Judy

    These pacakes are out of this world…..Not sweet, fluffy, easy to make and a good use for some left over sour cream. THANK YOU Edna Mae for your ingenuity and sharing with us. Usually sour cream in the fridge means guests. And left over sour cream means Edna Mae’s pancakes for sure. They are excellent for guests the next morning.

  137. That was the best pancake recipe ever!!!! They were so fluffy and light,cooked well!!!! I added bluberries to mine, those pancakes were mmmmm mmmmm good!!! Thank you so much! I am here in Bermuda islands and that was a perfect easy recipe to make for my little girl before school!!!

  138. mary

    These are the best pancakes I have ever had. I was really feeling cake deprived and this totally took care of that need. I think the cast iron skillet made a difference as well. I rarely use mine for this kind of thing.I will from now on.
    They were perfection. Next time I will add blueberries.

  139. simon in japan

    Ha ha. I read the blog intro to get the recipe and thought the short fat balding guy was a husband. Hope you baby is growing up healthy and strong, he’s lucky to have such a good cook for a mum. thanks for the cool web site. I’ll be back.

  140. Deborah

    I cannot believe how many pancakes I got out of 7 tablespoons of flour!!! My sour cream is from the co-op and VERY thick, so I think I’ll add a splash of milk next time to thin down the “batter” a little bit, but these are SO good, and full of protein instead of mostly carbs, so healthy yumminess too!

  141. Aubrie

    These were delicious! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pancake recipe for months, and a friend recommended this one to me. I’m so glad she did! They were easy to make and tasted amazing. I used all non-fat Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream because that’s what I had on hand. I also sprinkled some fresh blueberries on some and some mini chocolate chips on some. They tasted so good plain I didn’t even add syrup. I will be making these again and again. (Especially since, with the yogurt, I got 10 pancakes out of the batch which made them each only 54 calories–practically a health food, right?) Thanks for sharing!

  142. Dee Dee

    Ok, this is for those inclined to NOT make these based on the ‘too eggy’ comments. I almost posted a comment saying exactly that, that they are ‘too eggy’. But I have now made these a total of 6+ times in the last month or two and I’ve changed my mind, they are perfect. I kept making them because my 2 kids (17 months old and 4 years old) loved them (eggy as they were) and I figured at least they were getting more protein and calories with these (lots of calories and protein in the eggs and sour cream). They are both small for their age, so they can use both!

    Well the last 2 times I’ve made them, they were not eggy at all! I have decided that the egginess must depend on one (or both) of two things. How well you mix the final batter and perhaps the egginess of the actual eggs. For my last 2 batches (which were not eggy) I have had fresher eggs (just bought a new dozen). And also, I have decided I was too cautious and was probably undermixing the batter. I am a BIG pancake maker and I sometimes wonder if I should mix more, but I hate tough pancakes, so I err on the side of undermixed. I think that’s what got me in trouble with these, maybe I undermixed and so that’s partly why initial attempts were too eggy.

    My advice, though I am no chef, just a humble lover of pancakes, don’t overmix and don’t undermix either! And maybe think about fresher eggs if eggy pancakes turn you off……This recipe is now a keeper for not just my kids, but for me too!

  143. Jaime

    Just made these this morning and they were great! I made half the recipe and it made 6 perfect pancakes using 1/4 cup measuring cup portions…the perfect amount for two people!

  144. canucksusan

    Gulp of piggish guilt re Jaime’s comment above: over and over and over again, this recipe – and I definitely don’t mean halved – has yielded just a bit too much for two of us. I am in blissful agreement with many commenters that these are simply the best ‘cakes ever to have graced the planet. (As is often the case, even with my salt-lovin’ ways, I have to cut the salt by well over 50% to make them suit my taste. Salt tolerance/preferences: one of life’s little mysteries, eh?)

  145. Lisa

    Made these this morning and, like several others, found them a bit on the eggy and salty side, though not in an unpleasant way. They kind of grew on me. I should mention that I used white whole wheat flour instead of apf, to no ill effect. It may have even helped the pancakes hold their shape somewhat, as they are a bit delicate.

  146. Noa

    I made these yesterday morning, replacing some of the sour cream with yogurt and mixing all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour, after my own 11-months-old woke me up at 5:15am. I prefer honey over maple syrup (tried both), and they were delicious! The baby thought so too, though he got neither honey nor syrup :-)

  147. Teri

    Generally, I’m not a huge pancake eater. However, I Love this Recipe. Num! One of the other great aspects of this recipe is that it’s easy to cut in half, you can use left over sour cream, or substitute the sour cream for yogurt. I had Greek Yogurt on hand, and it worked perfectly. I love vanilla and cinnamon, so I didn’t skimp on the vanilla and mixed the cinnamon with the dry ingredients. For one person, half the recipe is plenty.
    I used: 4 Tbsp. Red Mill All purpose whole wheat flour
    1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
    1/4 tsp. Salt
    1 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract (I love Vanilla).
    1/4 tsp. Cinnamon (My own addition)
    1 Egg
    1/2 C. of Greek Yogurt (I was out of Sour cream)

  148. Teri

    Oops. I forgot to add that when I Halved the recipe, I didn’t skimp on the sugar either. In fact, I used a heaping Tbsp. of sugar.

    Happy Pancaking!

  149. HLJ

    I had to have pancakes this morning, and wouldn’t you know it, a late night snicker used the last of the milk. I was about to sulk away from the fridge, and spotted the almost full sour cream container….and thought, sour cream has to be enough like buttermilk to be able to make pancakes…and when my google search had your website as the top result, with a Ree recipe? I knew I had it made.

  150. Dee

    I have to say these pancakes are amazing. Perfect in every way! Thank you for making my curse of being unable to flip an aesthetically pleasing, and also delicious, pancake vanish! I am now a pancake-making machine!


  151. Christel

    I have never made one of your recipes before but have a huge tub of sour cream to use up. I’m really not even a pancake fan as I usually find them to be too starchy/dry and sometimes even bitter tasting. But these were AMAZING. I actually exclaimed out loud when I tried them, and then my husband did too, and my two toddlers each ate 4 for breakfast! This is my new go-to breakfast recipe.

  152. Karen

    These are just as good with 2% Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream, and gluten free all-purpose flour. I liked how thin and light they were, almost like crepes, and delicious with the lemon juice and powdered sugar treatment I prefer on pancakes.

  153. Kit

    This is my favorite pancake recipe of all time. I have made it many mornings, and it never disappoints. I have also made many other pancake recipes over the years, and nothing comes close to this.

  154. Annie

    Like another commenter, I actually yelped with joy when I ate the first bite- such a unique, amazing flavor. My favorite pancakes I’ve ever had. Can imagine they wouldn’t be for everyone, but worth a try to see if they’re your jam. Super easy to make with ingredients on hand. Will now be my go-to pancake recipe- thanks for putting it on my radar, Deb!

  155. Teresa

    These are good but next time I’ll try using only one egg… mine came out very eggy tasting. Another must is salted butter. I have a habit of using unsalted for everything because I don’t like much salt, but these need that salty taste to balance the sweetness.

  156. maggie

    Just made these for my crew this morning. Doubled it and found the taste a little on the egg-y side. Could it be doubled without doubling the egg?

  157. deb

    maggie — I haven’t tested it with fewer eggs, but I agree that these are slightly thinner and more crepe-like than standard thick buttermilk pancakes. It’s worth trying for next time. So long as it doesn’t make them too dry, they’ll probably still stay together.

  158. Gale

    Two things. 1) When I woke up this morning with a nearly barren larder I knew I could count on you to bail me out. And you did. I successfully fed three kids plus myself in the absence of milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, or more than two eggs. Thank you! 2) These are the most delightfully delicate pancakes I’ve ever eaten and I may be converted for life.

  159. Elizabeth

    I just made these with 3/4 c whole milk yogurt and 1/4 c sour cream–WOW so delicious! I just had a lot more yogurt on hand. With blackberries on the side to balance the sweet maple syrup.. THANK YOU Deb, and the Pioneer Woman!

  160. Matthew O’Brien

    My six year old requested pancakes to celebrate his first visit from the tooth fairy. We didn’t have buttermilk, so this was a helpful find.

    These got a “thousand thumbs up” rating, and he suggested the recipe be added to our family cookbook. We’ll definitely be making this recipe again.

  161. Candice

    I’ve been making these for months and only just realized I haven’t raved about these yet. I use non-fat Greek yogurt and skip the sugar. I’ve tried all whole wheat or oat flour (my fav) with great success. I’ve stopped adding vanilla after seeing the prices spike and they have not suffered without it (now I’m waiting for my homemade extract to be ready!).
    I’ve always wondered what the big deal with regular pancakes was until these ones (I’ve only liked crepes or raspberry pancakes before this). The eggy flavour combined with the Greek yogurt tangy-ness is wonderful. I love to add some chocolate chips before flipping and then spread some peanut butter on instead of syrup. My daughter and husband both love these too! I’ve memorized the recipe and by using my scale it makes for such a quick and easy breakfast with not too much cleanup. Thank you!!!

  162. Heather Hyland

    Perfect pancake for those who prefer light/eggy/airy texture to cakey/dense pancakes. Even with the sugar+vanilla, they have the balance to go with savory or sweet. I use Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour, 2% greek yogurt and add a tablespoon of ground flax, and they turn out perfect every time.

  163. Molly G

    These are The Favorite Pancake of our entire family. The only ones I’ll make. They’re light and fluffy, with crispy edges from frying in butter. They freeze beautifully, too!

  164. Gina

    Oooo, do we love these! Called “those special pancakes” at our house, one boy routinely asks if we have sour cream when contemplating breakfast requests. That being said, we have made them with plain greek yogurt in a pinch and several times with vanilla yogurt (and no extra sugar added). They are eggy which brings to mind a french toast kinda pancake experience. Not a big recipe so perfect for a couple of boys and one for the cook. They are rich so you might not need as many. Be generous with the butter in cooking them and you won’t need extra with the syrup.

  165. Waffler

    I’m sorry to say that this is one of the very few Smitten Kitchen recipes I’ve tried that just didn’t deliver. The flavor was so-so (and a bit too much soda?) and they burned very easily without cooking all the way through. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t great. Maybe just an off day for me, and I’m going straight for the pull-apart rugelach and I am very confident they will be awesome. <3

    1. Cathy

      I agree about that there is too much baking soda; I’d suggest using a half teaspoon. You can whip the egg whites for a fluffier pancake.

  166. Kim

    I made these exactly as written after looking for a pancake recipe that didn’t require buttermilk. They are light, fluffy, with have just the right amount of sweetness. This will be our new go-to pancake recipe.

  167. Joan

    You make me brave, Deb! I had less than a 1/4 C. sour cream on hand so cobbled together some ricotta cheese, and a couple of ounces of cream cheese thinned with some milk ’till I reached a cup measure…and, voilà, awesome pancakes of which I’ve just eaten 2 cuz I made them a little big. Stirred gently like you said but did beat the eggs separately at high speed just as a little insurance since my ingredients were a little unorthodox. Great recipe, fluffy pancakes, and just the right amount of vanilla. I’ll make them again – thank you!

  168. Emalee

    These were great! Came together quickly, I added a dash of salt to the batter because I like more salt in my pancakes, and I added a about 1/2 tsp baking powder too just to see what would happen, me and my two littles ate them up! Definitely will make again soon. I like that I’m not wondering whether the batter has cooked all the way in the middle like with taller pancakes.

  169. Waffler

    I love the delicate texture and flavor of these; i added a handful of frozen blueberries because why not? They are very temperamental to cook. I didn’t find the right balance of time and temperature until the very last batch. They are a little sticky in the pan and easily burnt or underdone! Worth the effort, though! Thanks!