how to retrieve broken egg shells

As someone who manages to drop an average of one to two egg shell pieces in each baked good batter, I’ve discovered a trick: The easiest way to fish them out is not with a cooking utensil or, heaven forbid, your finger but with another egg shell. I don’t know how or why it works better, so I just chalk it up to magic.

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5 comments on how to retrieve broken egg shells

  1. Jan

    Good to know. I also break each egg into a small dish so that I don’t have to fish bits of shell out of the main bowl. And I crack them on the counter, not the edge of the bowl.

  2. Li-hsia Wang

    Definitely better to strike the side of the egg on the countertop than to use the long-standing recommendation to use the side of the bowl, the edge of the counter, or the back of a knife blade. You get a circular dent in the side of the egg which is perfect for your two thumbs to open the egg.