how to hard boil an egg

There are about as many techniques for hard-boiling eggs as there are eggs out there, but I use the method my mother showed me: submerge a large egg in enough cold water to cover it and bring the water to a boil over medium-high heat. Once it begins to boil, set the timer for 10 minutes. Plunge the egg into cold water to get it to stop cooking; plus, cold eggs are much easier to peel.

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9 comments on how to hard boil an egg

  1. Mila

    Does the required time change depending on the number of eggs you are hard boiling?? I did it yesterday with 4 and they came out perfect (….thank you!). Now I am doing 10 or more, but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

  2. Travis

    My wife insists that putting the lid on the pot has no effect on the time it takes to boil water. She won’t change her ways unless you say otherwise. So, who’s right?

  3. Gyrf

    1- Is this recipe for eggs just taken out of the fridge or do they need to come to room temp?
    2- Is the water at a real boil the entire 9 minutes or just a simmer?

  4. Li-hsia

    Actually, once you bring the fully-submerging water to a boil from tap temp you can turn off the stove and wait 12 min to put the egg in ice water–a tender fully-cooked egg.