slinging slaws + summer salads

I had a terrific and by no means life-altering discovery this weekend — er, unless you’re me, and the concept of ‘having a life’ is an abstract one, at best — which was that my favorite dead-simple green bean and cherry tomato salad was even awesomer when made with (I hope you’re sitting down this, people) a mixture of green and yellow beans. Really!

green and yellow beanstomatoes and onion marinating

And I know, why on earth would I bog you down with my most snooze-worthy discoveries? Because yesterday morning when I received a call asking if I’d like to be on Good Day New York today demonstrating some July 4th-worthy salads and sides, my first thought was, “ooh, I can make the prettiest green bean salad!” Followed, of course, by “wait, I have like three hours of free time today and no groceries a doctors appointment and zillion things to do and even more things to cook and I’m overdue for a haircut and my fingernails look like they’ve been through a paper shredder and not a single cute dress to wear and zomg I am not ready for my closeup!“, or you know, the usual neuroses. I said yes, of course. I am pretty sure that’s what you’re supposed to do when a morning show asks you to be a guest, not that my life has given me a lot of practice pondering such weighty conundrums.

Thus, if you’re coming here today because you saw Deb and her double-chins on Good Day New York this morning, welcome! Here’s what else I showed off today:

watermelon and feta salad with chopped vegetables not your mama's coleslaw
Watermelon and Feta Salad with Chopped Vegetables Not Your Mama’s Cole Slaw
broccoli slaw roseanne cash's americana potato salad
Broccoli Slaw Roseanne Cash’s Americana Potato Salad

And here are ten additional recipes that I am certain will make you the hit of your July 4th bash, or heck, at least mine:

mediterranean pepper salad horseradish potato salad
Mediterranean Pepper Salad Horseradish Potato Salad
pesto potato salad with green beans black bean confetti salad
Pesto Potato Salad with Green Beans Black Bean Confetti Salad
summer panzanella grilled shrimp cocktail
Summer Panzanella Grilled Shrimp Cocktail
basting gazpacho salad
Hoisin Barbecue Sauce Gazpacho Salad
blueberry crumb bar bourbon peach hand pies
Blueberry Crumb Bars Bourbon Peach Hand Pies

And for those of you who didn’t get enough Smitten Kitchen video love last time, here’s this morning’s 150 seconds of fame (and lawsy, let’s hope I never make that face again):

Finally, stay tuned for the remainder of this week for more summery, bright foods — I just need to take a nap first, because as it turns out? Morning shows get started, like, really early in the morning. But when else do you get to watch Naughty By Nature sing Down With OPP before 9 a.m.? Obviously, totally worth it.

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95 comments on slinging slaws + summer salads

  1. Wow, I have hit the jackpot! I was asked to bring a couple of side dishes to a 4th of July bbq. You have just made my job so much easier. Well done on your TV appearance.

  2. You’re beautiful! Me, pregnant, on the other hand? Not so much. There are approximately five preggo pictures of me in existence, and that’s only because I felt bad refusing my grandmother pictures of her first grandchild with child. But then, all of those pictures are better than the one of me after labor, stuffing my face with hospital grilled cheese and fries. (No wonder his dad left me…)

    Oh, and hooray for beans and blueberry crumb bars. I made those last year, and ended up eating them for breakfast. Cause you know, there’s fruit in them…

  3. Geralyn

    Naughty By Nature is still singing Down With OPP? Who Knew? I think you are fabulous! I’m so gonna make the blueberry crumb bars as soon as I can get my hands on some berries. Thank you for the wonderful reading and viewing!

  4. Oh please! You’re cute as a button! And your salads don’t look half bad either. Can’t wait to try the mixed green bean salad,as I’ve never tried anything like that before. And you know when I say “Green bean salad” I really mean “bourbon peach hand pies”, right? Dang but those look good.

  5. Jessica

    I love the blueberry crumb bars – I was just craving them the other day. You were wonderful on TV – next stop, Food Network!

  6. JC

    You did great! Super cute!

    The broccoli slaw is on my To Do List, I hope to get to it soon – it’s right up my alley!

    Congrats on the TV coverage!

  7. Sweets by Jas

    Hey there pretty lady! You look fantastic in your appearance as do all of those gorgeous salads! The season’s picked up great here and i’ve got 2 plants of cherry tomatoes growing in the yard, so here come the green beans and tomato salad! Have a wonderful time prepping up for the 4th of July. We had a great day celebrating Canada Day here up north ;)

  8. Krissy

    Deb – Great job!! I am amazed by your ability to keep cool and focused with the newscasters jumping all over the place. You did a great job and you looked wonderful:) It’s very exciting to see all of these wonderful opportunities for you – you deserve them all! Have a great holiday!

  9. TK

    Deb – what is wrong with the anchor? He said you are 8 months pregnant!! Don’t listen to him. You look fantastic!

  10. Susan

    I’ve already copied the blackbean confetti salad recipe as well as your pickled slaw a couple of weeks ago. The coin toss chose the pickled slaw and it was delicious and so CRISP. I’ll make the confetti salad this weekend. Thanks for putting them all up for us, Deb.

    You did a great job on the show and didn’t miss a beat when the host offered that you were 8 mos pregnant. You roll well!

  11. what a great collection of slaws and salads.. Potato salad is always asociated with summer, so we actually just made some Peruvian style called Causa with Peruvian yellow tomatoes, yellow chiles (aji amarilllo) and mince crab.

  12. all the amazing colors of summer! i love making black bean confetti salad. you can put just about anything in there! i have to try your little peach pockets. they’re adorable.

  13. You’re such a rockstar! Very awesome segment – I love that it was devoted to summer slaw and salads; some of my favorite things to make in the world. And that green bean salad looks so bright and vibrant with color and flavor. I am craving some time to put together sides for our weekend porch picnicking now.

  14. sweet tooth sarah

    You are so frickin cool. Way to deliver with grace and charm even if the news anchor guy was, shall we say, lacking? Oh – and you’re beautiful so quit with the self deprecation alright?!

  15. deb

    Thanks, people. You’re very sweet, going easy on my double-chins and stuff. :)

    About the 8 months thing! It wasn’t, uh, actually the anchor’s error. It was mine. I apparently can’t count at 7 a.m. with no coffee in my system — shocking! They said beforehand “so you’re 6 months pregnant” and I said “almost 8!” because apparently in some tangled part of my brain 28 weeks = 8 months. I believe I was thinking “I’m going into my eighth month” but it didn’t make much sense when I said it. Or now, really.

  16. Very lovely and colorful selection of recipes – thanks! And you looked perfect and did fantastic on your tv appearance. You were a natural and if you were at all nervous it didn’t show a bit!

  17. From someone who pieced together a living out of TV hosting for some time but then went into hiding as soon as the second trimester hit, I applaud you. You couldn’t have wooed me in front of a camera with anything, not even a family-sized bag of Twizzlers, which was my main source of fuel.

    Delicious dishes, and well done!


  18. Dijana

    Deb, you look very well (should I say this?) for a six month pregnant. I am so glad to see that I was not the only one carrying all of the weight in my belly (people always used to ask me if I was about due when I was just 6 or 7 months pregnant). You are camera shy,so cute, but you did a good job. Congratulations.


  19. Marie M.

    You were great! I’d no idea you’re so far along in your pregnancy. I had a mental image of it being like 3 months. Seven months right? 28 weeks? I’ve no idea why everyone thinks it takes 9 months to birth a baby. It’s 40 weeks and I count that as 10 months. Right? Right. And you look beautiful. We all seem to see our flaws magnified. No one else does. Weird, huh. You have the sweetest heart shaped face. Perfect hair-cut — it suits you.

  20. Kelly

    Congrats on your TV appearance! I would rather watch you than just about any of the cheftestants on the Next Food Network Star.

    I have been on a SK recipe making frenzy this week! Tonight was the pepper salad, and in the last week I made the horseradish potato salad (twice – yum!), summer panzanella (absolutely awesome), and the blueberry bars (I don’t even want to talk about how many of these I have eaten). I made the broccoli slaw (and the cauliflower variation that you suggested) when you first published the recipe, and I loved it.

    Thanks for the fantastic recipes!

  21. jo

    Oh my gosh, everything looks so damn (pardon my vocab) good! The colours of summer will shine through in every single dish. I could eat this for a week .. maybe more!

  22. I’m totally going to try the green bean and cherry tomato salad with green and yellow beans! It’s winter here in Sydney but you’re making me crave summer – Such a good collection of recipes – bright and gorgeous! Thanks Deb!

  23. RJ

    So glad things seem to be going well for you!! The pictures of your food are totally amazing!! I’m drooling all over my keyboard! Keep up the great work!! Enjoy these last few months of pregnancy…they go by fast. :-)

  24. Lucia

    Perfect timing! I am on vacation next week and can make all these recipes… or at least try. Your site is awesome and very inspirational.

  25. pratibha

    Wow! that’s for you – as awesome & peppy on camera as on your Blog! as always, the pictures leap off the webpage into the stomach!!
    Tho I wish these guys spoke less & allowed you to do more of the doing & talking!
    Here’s to a safe and easy delivery! :)

  26. Ok, when are you starting your own cooking show, Deb?! You looked great up there – composed & calm… you’re a natural. All of the recipes look and sound incredibly yummy and perfect for this weekend’s celebration.

  27. Wonderful job Deb! And to have all these dishes so together, when they called you what, the day before? I would have freaked, running around like a madman, and would have had sudden bouts of indecisiveness. You picked some wonderful dishes that I’m definitely going to have to try for this weekend! and you look great as well, by the way. Happy 4th!

  28. nice job deb!
    and it’s great to have all of these salads on one page to scan through all summer as our gardens, and farmer’s markets are overflowing!

  29. You are so cute, Deb! And you did an awesome job! It’s 10pm in China (where I’m living now) and I just wanna make a coleslaw and eat it right now =)!

  30. Kim

    How fun! I thought I had my Fourth of July menu finalized and then I started oohing and aahing over all these salad/slaw pics. What’s a girl to do?? I was gonna make a cole slaw out of my Nordstrom’s cookbook that has white cheddar cheese in it, but maybe I should make the Roseanne Cash or Horseradish potato salad too. Oh dear, you have created quite the problem with me this morning. I was trying to keep it simple. :)

  31. Wonderful job! You were positively glowing and the dishes sounded so much more exciting then the typical TV holiday recipe fare! Adding blue cheese is brilliant. I normally hate slaws but that could really change my mind.

  32. prklypr

    Your green bean and tomato recipe has become one of my all-time summer favorites!! I have made it dozens of times and people always rave. I like to “marinate” the tomatoes for a few hours at room temp – really brings out the flavor. Sometimes I add cheese, like feta or cubed smoked mozzarella. I have even tossed the marinated tomatoes with pasta and fresh basil for a yummy summer pasta salad. PS I usually use shallots but in the pic above looks like you used red onion – nice idea for color!

  33. Karen

    Nice TV appearance. I just want to say two things, neither of which are about salads…

    (1) I made your blueberry crumb bars last year, but with a mixture of blueberries and fresh apricots pitted and chopped roughly. O. M. G. Try it.

    (2) Last night my husband and I finally opened a jar of the sugar snap peas I pickled per your suggestion like, THREE WEEKS AGO! (The trick is putting them way back in the depths of the fridge so you’re not reminded of them every time you open the thing.) Anyway, they were super-pickly and really spectacular!

    Thanks, and happy 4th!

  34. MplsCathy

    Nonsense – you look beautiful!! TV appearances can be nerve-racking and awkward but you pulled it off with such sass; you really did look very professional. I think the viewers will be very excited to try your recipes! I hope they ask you back for another cooking feature in the future!

  35. Congrats on your appearance! You look fab!

    I think I’ll have to crib your hand pies as one of the desserts while my inlaws are visiting. It’s either that or I am making pierogi one of these nights (if I can find the time).

  36. Josephine

    You looked great on TV. I’ve made the blueberry crumb bars many times to rave reviews and plan to make them + one of the slaws for the 4th. I just can’t decide which one to make.

  37. Yael

    I had dinner recently at How To Cook A Wolf in Seattle and had the most wonderful salad. I dream of it still!
    It was a baby carrot salad with potato and radish with a mint pesto dressing. It was lovely!

  38. amliag

    well done :)
    6am is early enough for me and I’m not even pregnant so I sympathise with the early start!
    I was wishing the 2 of them would just shut up and let you get on with it….please post any more TV appearances for those of us not in the US.

  39. Thanks for posting the clip! Loved it! Gosh, you are a natural in front of the camera. As for saying you were 8 months preggers, that’s what I call ‘baby brain’. That term comes in very handy for any future goofs!

  40. You looked lovely on the TV appearance! Glowing even. :-p Six months, eight months, it’s all relative.

    The blueberry crumb bars? Exactly what I was looking for to round out my Fourth of July potluck contributions.

  41. Jean Marie

    Oh my gosh, I am so far behind! I’ve made the horseradish potato salad (excellent), the cherry clafoutis and chocolate yogurt snack cakes and was going to make cherry brown butter bars today. And the quick zucchini saute for dinner. Must now get blueberries and broccoli. Deb, you look wonderful and so comfortable on TV! I would have been a blithering fool.

  42. lovely lovely lovely. i’ve never been let down by one of your recipes before. and you’re kind of my go-to, so i’ve made a lot. thanks!
    ps. i’m down with opp

  43. carol

    great job; even with the dorky TV people….maybe I should not have said that. I got so many of your recipes to still try out. How could you come up with more that I need to make!! Fortunately I’m in Canada and our holiday was yesterday, so I don’t have to go into panic mode to make something by Sat. Will do the salads leisurely over the rest of the summer. Though I may have to make the broccoli slaw soon…like tonight.

  44. MK

    I just HAD to try the green bean salad tonight, when I saw it at 430 this morning. You certainly do make a nice perk me up, when I can’t sleep! *Laughs* The tomatoes are marinating on my counter as I wait for my spinach quiche to cool. (Another SK fave, I make it at least once a month!)

    Thanks for once again saving dinner. Lately it’s been a challenge to come up with something tempting. I’ve found the cure is the ‘surprise me’ button if you don’t have a new recipe posted.

    And the TV segment was well done! You looked wonderful, so ignore all the little inner nigglings about all the imperfections only you can convince yourself of. None were apparent to the rest of us. Just a well put together, fun cooking gal!

  45. Rhonda

    Cool salads and handpie-I want one now, great pictures and great appearance….how early and you’re up? Is there a law that GoodDay hosts are gooberish? I just thought here in Texas. Hmm. Have a wonderful 4th. And yes you will lose brain cells from now on but you will get what I call Mommymagic as a replacement.

  46. mjf

    You did a really great job on TV. You didn’t seem nervous in the least and made the sides all seem easy and fun. KUDOS!

  47. pam

    awww….look at your bebe! so sweet! loved the cole slaw recipe…cole slaw is SO the ugly step-child of salads but i love them!

  48. Sandy

    Deb, i have lost a dear recipe for slaw i got fifteen years ago from a great deli/restaurant in a florida panhandle beach town, and haven’t been able to find it online either. ingredients included orzo, cabbage, and pine nuts. they served it with fish sandwiches and it was fab. any ideas?

  49. MaryAnn

    Great job on the AM show, even with the silly hosts! Love you blog (thank you PW) and you are often the source of my dinner inspiration.

  50. Liz D.

    Deb, you are officially my hero. I am doing a CSA (community supported agriculture) thing and I get a BIG box of produce every week. And right now I am just AWASH in all the things you posted here. So for the Independence day picnic I was invited to, I brought your cole slaw and your green bean and cherry tomato salad -and both were a hit! So you not only helped me use up some of the mounds of fresh produce I have, with new creative inspiration, but helped me wow the family at the picnic with my culinary prowess. And for that Deb, I adore you. Plus, you were adorable on the show. But those newscasters will never appreciate you as much as us, your blog fans, do. Thanks so much!

  51. I made the broccoli slaw and blueberry crumb bars for my 4th of July BBQ, and everyone was raving about them. The broccoli slaw in particular was very much loved, and it’s unusual to have people singing praises about broccoli! Thanks for the fantastic recipes.

  52. IowaGirl

    You looked great on t.v.! I tried your broccoli slaw recently and it was so
    delicious. I didn’t have dried cranberries on hand, so substituted dried cherries.
    I will be trying your green (and yellow) bean and cherry tomato salad as soon as the produce is ready in my garden. I can’t wait!

  53. Kim

    Wow! How fun for you! You did a terrific job!

    I love your first salad with the beans and tomatoes! It’s just so fresh and lovely.

  54. Casandra

    Your photos are beautiful and recipes are a cosmos of surprises and delights! I enjoy following your creations :) Thank you for all your inspiration and co-creative spirit.