salted brown butter crispy treats

As it turns out, the last days of October don’t awaken in me a desire to fly around on my broom, don a “sexy” nurse/maid/fireman outfit or even gorge myself on candy. Nope, according to a quick glance at my archives, apparently when Halloween approaches all I can think about is reinterpreting Rice Krispie Treats.

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Unfortunately, I don’t seem to choose my recipes very well. Last year’s Peanut Butter Crispy Bars were delicious, but had structural issues that irked me. And two years ago, I fell prey to a Caramelized Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treat that was all sorts of a styrofoam-textured disaster. Nevertheless, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head, so this year I decided I would conquer them once and for all. It helped that I knew exactly what went wrong the original dud of a clearly-untested recipe (hm, do I sound bitter?): the cereal to marshmallow ratio was unfeasibly high, more than double that of the original recipe and — small detail — marshmallows don’t caramelize very well, and should you succeed in getting them to, they don’t cool back down to anything gooey or soft. What a travesty.

mise, hee hee
gooey krispy treats

But these, these I dare say are the best thing to happen to Rice Krispies Treats since Mildred Day of the home economics department at the Kellogg Company thought to apply marshmallows and melted butter to the puffed rice cereal in 1928. Oh yes, I’m enthralled enough with these to declare them that epic.

Even better, they’re so freaking easy to make, only five extra minutes, tops, more than the original which is incredibly convenient if you are finding yourself a little pressed for time these days. And I know what you’re thinking: “Gosh, Deb, I really wish you could have told me about these sooner, as I needed something to bring to a last-minute party on Saturday. Deb, where were you?!” (Okay, perhaps I overdramatize my party-saving skills a tad.) To which I can only respond, take it up with the monkey.

monkey in a monkey suit!

Note: You can watch an Instagram demo of this recipe here.

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Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats

What’s different about these? Oh, just a bit more (coughdouble) butter which you toast until it’s brown and nutty and help along with some coarse salt, just minor things. But it changes everything.

Makes 16 2-inch squares or 32 1- x 2-inch small bars

1/2 cup (4 ounces or 115 grams) unsalted butter, plus extra for the pan
1 10-ounce (285-gram) bag marshmallows
Heaping 1/4 teaspoon coarse sea salt
6 cups (160 grams) crispy rice cereal (about half a 12-ounce box)

Butter (or coat with non-stick spray) an 8-inch square cake pan with 2-inch sides.

In a large pot, melt butter over medium-low heat. It will melt, then foam, then turn clear golden and finally start to turn brown and smell nutty. Stir frequently, scraping up any bits from the bottom as you do. Don’t take your eyes off the pot as while you may be impatient for it to start browning, the period between the time the butter begins to take on color and the point where it burns is often less than a minute.

As soon as the butter takes on a nutty color, turn the heat off and stir in the marshmallows. The residual heat from the melted butter should be enough to melt them, but if it is not, turn it back on low until the marshmallows are smooth.

Remove the pot from the stove and stir in the salt and cereal together. Quickly spread into prepared pan. I liked to use a piece of waxed or parchment paper that I’ve sprayed with oil to press it firmly and evenly into the edges and corners, though a silicon spatula works almost as well.

Let cool, cut into squares and get ready to make new friends.

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813 comments on salted brown butter crispy treats

  1. krista

    oh my, you found a way to make rice krispie treats even better!!! mmmmm gonna have to make these for the kids. and by ‘kids’ i mean me…

  2. This has always been my favorite thing to make, because I could never screw up the recipe on the first try.

    Thanks for sharing and getting me back into a baking mood. :-)

  3. If only I could not come off as totally strange since you don’t really know me, and still say, “if only I could just rub the top of his noggin on my cheek and just inhale the baby fragrance while nuzzling up to the sweetness.” :-) Okay, just so you know, I’m not totally weird, its just that all three of my kids are grown up in college and HS. Love Babies! I do. There, now as far as the rice crispy treats go….have a neighbor who loves them as well as me so can’t wait to give them a try. Off to buy the ingredients. :-) (fresh rice crispies)

    1. Marie

      AmyRuth. Just wanted to share that I found nothing strange in your comments. What you describe is one of life’s greatest pleasures! While not in the same league – these treats rank pretty high as well.

  4. You must have known! I splurged and bought rice crispies and marshmallows so that I could make Alex some of his favorite treats! The inspiration..I pulled a chunk out of the puppy’s (Boli) mouth during our halloween walk through Harlem. Appetizing reminder right? I’m definitely using this recipe (you sold me with quick and easy)!

  5. pita

    the rice krispie treats sound great, but i am too side tracked by your adorable little boy. everytime you post a pic of him, he looks even sweeter. my boy turned 14 last monday and is taller than i am. no more cute little baby faces to coo over at my house.

  6. Love this post – such fun ! and talk about taking something simple to its most delicious potential ever ! Love the gooey marshmallow in the 3rd photo. Ok, I accept the challenge – finding Rice Krispies in Zurich. Then I’m all over this. As for the monkey, that’s just too cute for words.

  7. I love to see how Jacob’s features are developing.He looks so much like Alex here. I like the stringyness(is it a word?) the crispy bars have.. Our local version of rice crisy bars are made with jaggery. I loved them as a kid. I think I need to go pack the next time I set out.

  8. I thought I was over Rick Krispy treats and that there was not another dessert application for brown butter and salt I would want to try, and then you went and posted this.

  9. Jennifer

    These sound sooooooo yummy. I’ve always loved Rice Krispie treats but been afraid to make them – the melting of the marshmallows… freaky. But this recipe might just help me conquer that fear.

  10. Carole

    Rice Krispie treats were definitely not what I was expecting when I saw the name of this post on Twitter but I was pleasantly surprised.

  11. Hmm, I’m definitely intrigued. I seem to always manage to ruin box-recipe RKTs no matter what I do–I can never figure out how to make them anything softer than rock-solid at room temperature. I was always told it was an excess of butter that makes them seize up, so I’m fascinated by the suggestion that loads of butter can keep them gooey. What’s the secret??

    1. deb

      Allie — They get hard not from too much or too little butter but because the marshmallows have accidentally gotten “cooked”. They should only be warmed until they melt. Anything more and they lose their gooeyness.

      Michael — I haven’t, but please let us know if you do with this recipe and how it goes!

  12. Yum yum! You really love your browned butter, don’t you? I remember the post you did last year about the brown butter brown sugar cookies (which I just went hunting for and I may have to finally make sometime this week). These sound pretty yummy. How salty do they taste? Are they still plenty sweet?

  13. Is there a substitute for marshmallows in this dish? My boyfriend and I don’t eat gelatin, so the marshmallows are a no-go in our kitchen. I miss Rice Crispie treats so much though.

    1. Michelle

      Trader Joe’s marshmallows are totally vegan!

      If you don’t have a TJs, maybe a local health food store might have vegan marshmallows? They are a little pricier than the conventional ones, but they totally work in rice crispy treats!

    2. Rebekah baharestan

      You can eat gelatin free organic vegan marshmallows. Whole Foods market sells them often, and I find them also at a local small market and you can ask them to carry them . I’ll try to find the exact product to request that the store starts supplying! They are called “Dandies “ vegan marshmallows : Thrive market, Amazon, sprouts , good eggs, instacart -all can supply these

  14. I can’t wait to try these! I’ve never followed a recipe for rice krispie treats before, but I’ll definitely brown the butter and throw in some salt the next time I make some. :)

    btw, I usually press the mixture into the pan with damp hands. I just run my hands under the tap for a second and go to it. I suppose you could also butter your hands, but I find just a bit of water works great. :)

      1. Ali

        I made these once for a friend’s birthday and they were a huge it! I’d like to make them again, but would only be able to three days before the birthday. Think I can store them well enough?

  15. Is anyone else as irked by Rice Krispie Treat commercials as I am? Yes, it’s all lovely that the mother is making them with her kids, but seriously these things take no time to make. You think you’re getting all involved in some kitchen project that’ll waste away the afternoon, and ten minutes into the project, you’re done. I suppose the implied intention is that you sit down and share them with the kiddos, but clearly I lack the sharing skillz for this. These, I am afraid, would be no different. (But will take up five more minutes of my afternoon with the small one!)

  16. Nathalie

    I love the cake plate! Just what I have been looking for, clean, simple and white. May I ask where you got it?

    Geez! These look delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

    1. deb

      Nathalie — Martha Stewart at Macys.

      Meleyna — Yes, totally annoying. It’s like 5 minutes of “cooking” — why is the bar set so low? Make bread instead! Four ingredients and might actually kill an afternoon with a science-y cooking project.

  17. LOVE Rice Krispie treats. I’ve made a big pan up before and wrapped them individually and stashed them in the freezer. They thaw perfectly at room temperature in a fairly short amount of time. And your little monkey is just all together cuteness.

  18. Betsy

    Allie and Deb, I intentionally cook my marshmallows to get rid of the gooeyness and make the Rice Krispie Treats useful for polishing one’s teeth! The harder the better. The ready made ones are too soft – that’s why I rarely buy them. Well, unless the craving strikes when I’m away from home!

  19. Those look delicious. And I’m incredibly jealous of your adorable child, who will one day be able to eat all of these delicious goodies that you prepare!

  20. CUTE monkey!! What was this post about? Oh yeah, Krispies. After making your Chocolate Toffee Cookies, with salt on top, I’m a believer of salty on my sweets. These would be great with some chocolate melted over the top and then sprinkled with salt. Oh dear, still trying to work off the Halloween candy.

  21. Stef

    mmmm these sound so delicious!! and perfect for halloween, since doubling the amount of butter is certainly a bit scary ;)

    i also didn’t go for the sexy-anything halloween, i gorged myself at the chocolate show and felt monumentally delighted followed by nauseated at the sight/smell/taste of chocolate that same evening… have you gone to the chocolate show before? it was my first time and obviously i love it!!

  22. mollysusie

    the picture, showing the gooey-ness, is *killing* me! must have now! and also, SALTY! work, please go away … I must go home and bake.

  23. Andrea

    OK, in by office building is a small cafeteria. Everything is fried or smothered in oil (not butter, not even margarine) but oil, or overcooked or bland and lifeless or a comibination of the above. They even screw up Rice Krispie bars but I eat them anyway cuz, well it’s a Rice Krispie bar. This recipe may save me.

  24. Anna

    I used to come for the fantastic recipes, but now even the gooey-ist, sweetest rice krispie treats can’t compete with the photos of your little one! And in a monkey suit — you’re killing me! Congrats again!

  25. Soph

    Such a good idea – they are on my todo list. I just adore the mix of sweet and salty…have been obsessed since my friend brought me a milk chocolate and caramelised almonds with sea salt bar from France…solid choco heaven! Your little monkey is adorable! We didn’t dress our 3 month old up this year – but he is gonna be a monkey next year for sure! Thanks for the recipe!

  26. Chris, I don’t know if it would work in this recipe, but at my grocery store (in the organic section) there is a product called Ricemellow Creme. It is supposed to be like marshmallow fluff, but gluten free and vegan (no gelatin). It’s the only thing I can think of that would substitute for marshmallows.

    Jacob is a super cutie!

  27. Erika

    For Chris (#37)… you could check for Kosher marshmallows that come out around Passover. I believe they are made with carageenan instead of gelatin. My vegan friends stock up when they can find them (which is usually only in the spring…)

  28. Roxanne

    I read this post, and marched directly to my kitchen and made them. The simple twist of browned butter & added salt is GENIUS and completely transforms
    this classic cookie. Is there anything brown butter can’t do?
    Deb, you rock!

  29. Heather C

    “Take it up with the monkey” is going to be my favorite phrase of the week! My son was a pumpkin on his first Halloween. I miss those adorable costume days – everything’s black and gruesome now!

    This is a keeper for your “gluten free” recipe list Deb (using gf crispy rice cereal).

  30. janelle

    While I had planned to make these as soon as I saw the recipe, the monkey costume did me in. Oh my goodness that is too cute for words. Sidenote I am doing an essay for my English class for culinary school on food blogs and yours is my favorite and will be featured as the best :) That is my suck up comment for the day and my run on sentence for the day.

  31. The last time I made RKT, I tried making my own marshmallows by boiling mallow root in water and adding sugar (OK – I was inspired by a friend to try out this zany idea). The results were among my top 5 worst baking disasters ever (read: inedible). You’ve now given me inspiration to redeem myself. Thanks.

  32. Serena

    This reminds me of one of the greatest travesties of all and that is making Rice Crispy treats by melting the marshmallow mixture in the microwave. (Can you say, “Rubber?”) This is only second to buying the pre-made ones in the little blue bags. (I mean, how hard are these to make, really?) Anyway, someone gave me one last week that was clearly made using the aforementioned method and I couldn’t even finish it. It almost made me cry.

    Your version looks truly delectable, however, and is screaming to be made!

  33. Stoich91

    Yesh, who needs candy when you’ve got these lying around? Confession time? I Lick the bowl and the spoon…all the time… :) And the monkey is so cute, that yes, I would like to take something up with him, and it although it would prob. be along the lines of mashed bananas from a jar, it would be well worth it to spend a few min. with the cutie pie!

  34. The crispy treats look incredible! And thank you for the history too, I didn’t know about Mildred Day or the Camp Fire Girls, but the feelgood factor makes the treats even tastier.

  35. Susan

    Nice article about you, Deb, in the GW Hatchet..thanks Liz#82!

    I came here to find a shiny chocolate glaze recipe and got side tracked by the words”…Brown Butter..” You got me started with the browned butter in those shortbread cookies and the BB Raspberry tart. We just finished up a pound cake that I used it in, too! The stuff adds an amazing level of flavor. And now Krispie Treats? I guess some things do transition nicely into adulthood!

    You’ll see, Monkey!

  36. these look delicious…as does the monkey!! re vegetarian marshmallows: just be careful with the kosher variety – many still contain kosher gelatin (animal derived) or fish gelatin. i’ve seen sweet & sara marshmallows at whole foods, those are totally vegan…i’ve never tried them out but it’s worth a shot!

  37. The idea of reinventing the Rice Krispie Treat makes me wonder what a splash of liquor would do to the butter mixture, like maybe a brandy… Not quite for the kids though, and certainly not for a monkey.

  38. Julie

    I love browned butter on pasta, and grew up eating it browned with sage on white rice. But brown butter and salt in a Rice Crispy treat brings together two of my childhood favorites that my mother would have never thought of combining. Thank you!

  39. I’m usually not a fan of rice crispy treats as I don’t like marshmallows but these sound like they are worth a shot. I do love me some browned butter. I’ll just have to resist my standard urge to put globs of peanut butter and peanut butter m&ms in. I wonder if some salted peanuts would overpower the browned butter or enhance the nutty flavor (obviously the salt added would be decreased or non-existent).

  40. kaylee

    just perfect, something classic but with just that special something to push it over the edge, exactly what i always love. I must say that these beauties will be making their way to my homecoming barbeque this saturday, along with your blondie recipe studded with leftover halloween candy!

  41. i love marshmallow rice crispy treats! these look gooey and perfect. that third photo had me drooling. i’m curious about the taste with the sea salt. i guess it’s like salted caramels vs regular caramels? or chocolate soufflé sprinkled with sea salt? i cannot wait to try this, especially since i am now off the cleansing fast.
    your baby is the cutest monkey this halloween for sure.

  42. Wouldn’t it be great to serve these at a fancy pants dinner party? Everything frou-frou throughout the meal and then RCTs for dessert. I love that little twist.

    Also, for those who make your own marshmallows, you can make them up, no need to let them set-up, and use them for RCTs

    1. deb

      Stephanie — Actually, I did one worse this summer. At Alex’s Maine Birthday Party, I made (oh god I can’t believe I’m admitting this, and yet it’s kind of awesome) both Cocoa Pebbles and Fruit Loops Treats. Kind of as a joke, kind of because my husband really loved them back in the day. They disappeared before the lobster rolls.

  43. Anne

    I had a thoroughly unsatisfying RKT from my local coffee shop last night and felt so cheated. I came right home today and made these – they were great. I pushed the butter a little browner than it sounds like you were going, but otherwise didn’t change anything. Yum!

  44. Kim M.

    Oh…Jacob is the most adorable monkey EVER! Too cute! :-)

    P.S. The Rice Krispies look good, too! Thanks for taking the time to post during your busy “new mom” days, Deb! I don’t know how you do it!

  45. Cindy

    I think you could stop cooking all together and just post pictures of your son and still have a great site. He is oh my gosh one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen!

  46. Judy G-U

    Great googly-moogly–you are simply my FAVORITE. And your cutie is absolutely adorable. Thanks for MANY hours of dissertation procrastination. I am deeply appreciative of the beautiful work. Keep it going!

  47. Kathryn

    Double the butter? I’ve always used a whole stick of butter in my Rice Krispy Treats. None of this reduced-fat stuff for me. I’ll have to try your recipe the next time I make them!

  48. Bethany

    I just want you to know . . . the monkey outfit is just as adorable at age 2. My manager dressed his son in one for this Halloween, complete with a banana in the back pocket, and it was outrageously cute. Though his son did look direly unhappy in all of the photos . . .

  49. Annie

    This I will definitely have to try asap! Deb, can you adopt me, my husband, and my 1 yr old daughter? You are just Amazing! I could barely cook anything descent when my daughter was born for like 2mo let alone whipping up any dessert!

  50. Deb, that is too good about the various cereal treats. I firmly believe dessert should be fun. Another fun thing I like to do is serve pudding in Mason jars. The short 4oz ones used for jam are great. I tuck these in my lunch sometimes, and they would be fun at a picnic. I’ve used them to bake apple crisps too. Good when you don’t have enough ramkins to go around and so cute. (If anyone is not sure what I’m talking about they can look at the photos from my Chili Mocha Chocolate Pudding.)

  51. Deb, I just made these – my very first very own Smitten Kitchen recipe! I was so inspired by this post that I bought the two required ingredients on my way home from class, managed to quell the roommate’s attempt at Marshmallow theft and made these up! And they are SO good. At least the still hot gooey mess I licked from the spatula was.

    You described the butter stages perfectly, although right now I think mine look just a bit browner than yours – I did use salted butter, who knows if that could have contributed, I know they’ll taste awesome

    Oh and Jacob is the cutest little monkey EVER!

  52. Stephanie (not the one who posted above me)

    YUM… So I always put sea salt on top of my own squares when we make RKTs (I’m loving that abbreviation, is that silly?). My hubby looks at me like I’m a bit nuts. Many thanks for proving that either I’m not nuts, or at least I’m not the only one :)

    I’m hooked on gluten-free food blogs as well as yours (I’m wheat free, not gluten free, so I get to try all your recipes with spelt flour!), and saw a lot of recommendations for making Rice Chex treats after they went gluten free. Gotta say, amazing difference! The airiness of the Chex keeps them crunchy for days. They work better pulled into globs after they cool instead of cutting them into squares, though. SO GOOD. I think I made them with less butter than the recipes call for, so I’m thinking 3 oz may work for yours with rice chex….

    and OH that Monkey!!! He’s adorable.

  53. Erica

    The crispy treats look divine, and your son gets cuter with every picture you post! (So that just means I can’t wait to see more pictures!)

  54. The first reason I show up on this blogsite is to see your little monkey! The second reason I show up are for your amazing recipes! I love Rice Crispy Squares – am intrigued by your “adult” version!

  55. Amy Thomas

    This looks delicious.The process of melting the butter,till golden brown sounds very similar to making ghee.My mother used to make it often,however she would strain the brown pieces.Did you add it to the recipe? I hear it makes things taste bitter..

    1. deb

      Amy — No, it makes things taste better. Ghee is a whole other ball game (perhaps one where the Yankees are winning, sigh); it is cooked to remove the impurities (and water) so the butter can be used to cook at higher temperatures, also, so it can keep for weeks/months. Brown butter isn’t stable like that, but it is crazy delicious.

  56. Kate Z


    These are so good swearing is actually required. Can I say it again? So Damn Good.

    I don’t even like rice krispies, but I have a third grader for a husband who looooooves them like peanut butter loves jelly. I made these and we are both licking our fingers. (And maybe the pan…)

    Thank you Deb, you made my week! <3

  57. Maureen

    I’m with Kathryn (#123): in our house, a stick of butter always has been the proper amount for a perfect RKT. I usually make mine in a 9×13 pan, however, so the sticky treats are thinner but quite delicious. Not as delicious as your little Monkey-Boy, of course…he’s too sweet for words! Thanks for reinventing one of my favorite childhood classics.

  58. Emma

    I trotted off to the shop across the street to buy Rice Bubbles & marshmallows the second I read this and had a batch cooling in their pan before I even ate breakfast! They are to die for! I had never browned butter before this and I think I wimped out a bit early because I was scared to burn it, but they were still awesome and had a slight nutty flavour. I wrapped up a few in wax paper to pop into my boyfriend’s lunchbox as a surprise treat, but the unwrapped squares are disappearing quickly!

  59. Kimberly

    Oh. . .my heart melts! Jacob is the cutest little monkey ever. Soo much better than rice crispy treats. I made a similar recipe only added a little bit of brown sugar with the browned butter to make a rich caramel flavor.

  60. I simply can’t get enough of brown butter lately and, by the look of this recipe, I will be continuing to cook with it. What a great way to make regular rice krispie treats even better! Your little one looks adorable – what a sweet smile!

  61. This recipe is like the rice krispy treat equivalent of refrigerating your cookie dough for a day before baking it. They are rice krispy treats, just like always, only somehow the brown butter and salt makes them into THE BEST RICE KRISPY TREATS EVER. So gooey! So salty-sweet! So amazing! I thought I might take them to work tomorrow to share, but I am no longer certain that they will last that long.

  62. What an adorable little monkey!!! :o)

    I love the brown butter salt thing going on here. I will be very tempted to make this recipe instead of the regular RKT one next time!

  63. Rene

    Reading these comments made me remember back about 20 years ago. Needing to make something for a family gathering, I decided on TREATS. And oh joy! I found rainbow-colored mini marshmallows!! I thought how CUTE my RKTs would be, all rainbowy and yummy. Yeah. If anyone is wondering what a melted rainbow looks like…try GRAY. They were edible, but only if you ate with your eyes closed.

  64. Emma

    Rene – I was wondering how using coloured marshmallows would turn out! In Australia they only sell packets with white AND pink marshmallows so I had to buy two packets so that I would have enough white ones. Now that my RKTs are all gone (what?! already?!) I’ve been contemplating using my leftover pink marshmallows to make another batch. I’m hoping that this will result in pretty pink treats – not grey ones!

    1. Hello, it is nine years after your comment and I just made these in Australia and had to combine the pink and white marshmallows for the above reason and only just realised that the pink are raspberry flavoured? It seems… not good.

  65. I love Jacob’s costume. Adorable. I think you could totally play out that costume for a while…say, at least once a week, through January?

    And I’m a sucker for rice krispie treats. Drool…

  66. I love your blog. I am always amazed that I’m sitting here reading a recipe and laughing out loud. I must confess i’ve never been a fan of these treats but I’m sure yours is far better than any others!! And I would love to take it up with the monkey. And what a precious monkey he is. Smooochhhhie smoooochhh!

  67. I have been so in the mood for rice crispy squares and am so glad you posted this recipe. I even ventured out to the gluten free rice cereal because I can’t have gluten and it was still delicous. Sometimes gluten free items taste like the box they came in, but I suppose if you add marshmallows and browned butter anything would be good!

  68. Ileen in Houston

    I have been thinking about making rice krispy treats – I love the adult twist – we have so much left over candy because there were so few trick or treater’s that I may wait before I make something sweet. But then again it is my birthday this Sunday. So maybe sooner than later – thanks Deb. Precious monkey!!!!!

  69. NicM

    I’ve taken the peanut butter and chocolate crispies to a couple parties and they’re always a HUGE hit. I love sweet and salty and definitely need to try these out.

  70. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have been obsessing over the caramelized brown butter RKTs since I stumbled across the post about a week ago. I was determined to attempt to make that recipe work because really, can you go wrong with brown butter AND gooey RKTs? I think I have to go to the grocery store tonight…

  71. Nancy from PA

    Rice Krispie treats are one of life’s great simple pleasures. Ogling the cutest ever baby pictures rates right up there, too. I must confess…Every day I look forward to a new recipe entry as much as I look for the the photos of the most darling baby boy ever!

  72. Kristin

    I want to try these! I am curious if they can possibly improve on my family’s time-tested Rice Krispie Treat recipe, which is this: Follow the instructions on the Rice Krispie box, throwing in a heaping spoonful (I’m guessing 1/3 cup) of peanut butter and slightly decreasing the cereal.

    This makes for a treat that is moister, saltier, and with more depth of flavor – similar, I suspect, to what the brown butter does. We may need to do a side-by-side taste test! Oh no!

  73. rachael

    I hate to tell you, but I pretty much ignore the food now just to find a picture of that delicious little baby of yours. Thankfully, you never disappoint.

  74. Oooo, delicious! It seems every guy LOVES rice krispie treats, so I’m happy to add another variation to my arsenal. Thanks Deb! You have a super cute monkey! That just doesn’t sound right.

  75. Rachel

    Finally! A brown butter recipe where you can actually taste the brown butter! These were delicious, a huge hit with friends, and have finally converted me into a lover of rice krispy treats.

  76. YUM! Rice Krispy Treats are one of my all-time favorites. I’ve actually been doing them with brown butter for years now… and always more butter than the standard recipe asks for, of course. I’m usually quite a purist when it comes to my krispie treats – no chocolate chips, no peanut butter… all those flavors cover up the delicate flavor of the treat itself. My one sanctified addition, however, is so good that I can’t make ‘treats without it now: toffee bits. You know the ones, you find ’em next to the chocolate chips in the grocery store. It’s the innards of a Skor or Heath bar, in chopped form without the chocolate coating. Add a bunch of those to the mix and I swear you’ll never go back. It’s insanely nummy, and will have everyone breaking down your door for the recipe.

  77. Louise

    Oh yum, another must try. Doubly disasterous as in this part of the world we only get marshmallows in white and pink combo packs, so I have to buy 2 to not end up with an icky colour treat and have a packet worth of pink marshmallows leftover…Jacob looks monkeylicious.

  78. Chandana

    Oh boy .. rice crispy treats .. my major weakness!! Thank you for your amazing recipes and sharing your cute little guy with us. He is looking soooooooo good !!! Knock on wood!!!

  79. oregonjudy

    Here’s the version that my family loves. Melt 1 cube butter with 1 bag marshmellows. When melted, add 1 tsp vanila and 1 tsp almond flavoring. Instead of Rice Crispies, use corn flakes. I just keep adding until all are coated well. Try this…it always disappears before any adult dessert.

  80. oregonjudy

    By the way, if you make the above recipeand tint it green, you can form little green wreaths. Stick several red hots around the circle. Great Christmas cookies that are easy and pretty.

  81. kate iline

    I just want you to know that Smitten Kitchen has become my go-to site for recipes. If I want to make a cake, I see what Deb did. An excess of squash? What did Deb do with hers? I have not come across a recipe on your site that has failed me (note: I don’t make the ones that have failed YOU). Now you’re amazing me by reminding me that I should even look up things as simple as RKTs just to see what Deb did! Please keep up the great work. I just wowed the family with a Hostess Cupcake cake this weekend, all thanks to you. (I had never made 7 minute frosting before, and I think I’m in love now)

    Also, your monkey is the cutest I’ve seen.

  82. Good heavens! You’ve actually deconstructed rice crispy treats. What fun! And then put them back together even better than ever!
    (Adorable little happy face in the monkey costume- Jacob is getting so grown up)

  83. I’m not sure if someone else mentioned it yet, but I always just get my hands a bit damp to pressing out crispy treats (or anything involving marshmallows, to be exact.) Works like a charm!

  84. kit

    hi deb… this is a really random question, but i was reading how to contact you and it was said its best to just do it in the comments section… anyways the maple cream nutmeg pie… could you use molasses? probably sounds odd to you because you are from NY but i thought it could be neat and I keep seeing molasses in tons of recipes lately.. thanks!

  85. Oh my. I love it. I do something very similar, but all my babies are getting big now (yes, 15 months old is BIG), and they don’t look nearly as cute in a monkey suit. For pressing, I’m big on getting my hands greasy and pressing it out. I’m one of those people that picks cookie dough recipes because they need to be hand mixed and such.

  86. Oooh I just made these, oooh wow! Who would have thought a little salt and browned butter could change this classic so much more for the better! Thank You.

  87. Dianne

    I can’t read all the thousands of comments, but I but 3/4 or more are saying “What a cute baby!” I just want to add my two-bits worth, and say, maybe you could just skip the rice crispy treats and post pics of that so cute baby! Actually, the crispies sound great, too.

  88. Sarah

    WOW. I have been craving treats for a long time now, so on the way home I got the ingredients. These are by far the best I’ve ever had. Thanks for the recipe!!

  89. Valerie

    Love, love, love Rice Krispy treats! My favourite variation of them, is to use Honey Nut Cheerios instead of the Rice Krispys…so yummy!

  90. Lindsay

    I am eating these right now (right now! My keyboard and mouse are getting sticky and buttery) and it is fair to say that I am in love. The addition of a bit of salt is genius. Mmmmmm.

  91. Kerry

    Oregonjudy, my neighbor used to make those every christmas and I recently bought a box of corn flakes to do the same! I’m just not sure if I should use the same amount of corn flakes as krispies due to the difference in surface area. Oh, well…I’ll just have to eat any mistakes!

    And Deb, I can’t wait to try your version. Love the monkey-boy pic!

  92. Delicious! Might have cured my husbands cold. I told him I made them for him, but secretly made them for myself… A grown-up kick to the best simple dessert ever…next to the chocolate chip cookie

  93. Made these tonight and wow, just wow. They are divine! Plus, I browned butter successfully on my first try! I didn’t even need to use all of my butter in an attempt to get it right! :) Thanks for sharing another yummy recipe!

  94. Barbara

    I was so intrigued by this recipe that I ran out and bought all the ingredients during my lunch break at work. I just finished making them and they are AMAZING!!!!! Buttery, nutty and just downright delicious. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  95. regina

    just wanted you to know i made the butternut and acorn squash soup the other night and loved it. i roasted the squash in the oven as you suggested to avoid chopping. but one great tip i learned from my squash-loving friend: microwave squash such as these first for 3 minutes and they are much, much easier to slice. trust me and give it a try next time. oh, and your baby is ADORABLE.

  96. Hot Damn these were good! While I was dumping the butter in the pot, I was reading the part about how you use a piece of waxed paper to press the treats into the pan… I still had the butter wrapper in my hand, and realized I could use that instead. No need to cut out waxed paper, and it comes pre-greased! Although it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra oil to the wrapper just in case. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  97. Dude. I can’t wait to make these. May go out and buy rice crispies tonight. Kimberly, I love your idea about using the butter wrapper instead of waxed paper…brilliant! Many thanks for including the picture of the monkey…my heart needed that. ;)

  98. Geri S.

    Deb, your subject of rice krispy squares brought back memories of many years ago when mothers would make these wrap them in waxed paper and hand them out as treats for the kids on Halloween. My how times have changed. Also they made popcorn balls made on the same order with brown sugar, nuts, margarine etc. we had more treats homemade back then than from the candy companies. Children were able to go into their neighbor’s home to collect their loot without any worries. I recall looking around and inhaling what they just had for dinner before we ventured out to collect our loot. My parents came from the mid west USA so we did not eat greens like our neighbors cooked in Virginia. So when I entered the southern cook’s homes would often get a whiff of strong greens cooking. Halloween was so much fun thanks for the memories that your recipe triggered. Again enjoyed sweet Jacob, he looks like everything is agreeing with him. So happy to see him again.

  99. Erika

    I made these last night and they are delicious! Amazing how just a few tweaks totally changes things…..these will definitely be made often!

  100. Jerri

    I’m new to your site and LOVE it! Just showed the photo of your baby to my nine-year-old daughter and then we read the recipe and she wants to make these. She asked, “If we print out the recipe, will we get that picture of the baby, too?!” :-)

  101. maggie

    Sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey. Could these BE any more perfect? Oh yeah, and buttery! Delish!

    And the babeh couldn’t be any more adorable. BOOP! *Beeps button nose.

  102. Careful, that adorable baby boy is going to steal the spotlight from your food! :)

    Looking forward to trying these treats; quick and simple is what I need these days!


  103. Susan

    Oh, yeah! This recipe is the Perfect base for those peanut butter crispy bars. Half the recipe in a loaf pan to eat as crispy treats, the other half in the 8X8 for the PB Crispies. A two-fer!

  104. Jennifer

    Will be making these for afterschool snack today…My Nanny only made mashed potatos with “Burnt Butter” as she called it, and never any gravy. yum.

  105. You are a genius! This is one of those ideas that is so obvious and wonderfully simple that no one thinks of it and then when someone finally does you sit there smacking your forehead saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that?!?”

  106. Okay, I made these last night. Even with the couple of comments below…these are awesome. Of course, I’ve never met a krispie treat I didn’t love. And half the pan is gone already…

    First, as an fyi, it’s really hard to tell when the butter is perfectly browned when using a dark pan. Given that, I think I erred on the cautious side and did not get the full nutty flavor.

    Second, I’m not sure I was able to get the salt evenly distributed. Man oh man, I was mixing and mixing and sprinkled in intervals. Any advice?

    Thanks for the recipe. It does make for a bit more sophisticated treat!

  107. Browned butter is a discovery I wish I’d made years ago!!! It is so amazing and since I have been to the store to replenish my butter supply I will be making these this afternoon. I just want to know though, if I can borrow your baby…mine I have suddenly discovered is turning one NEXT WEEK and I don’t know how it happened….I want my little baby back..or yours:) he’s adorable!

  108. I just made these and they’re brilliant – and the perfect amount of prep time because I have my own little monkey born just two weeks before yours. These are supposed to be for my new mums coffee group on Friday but I’m pretty sure, okay completely sure, they’re not going to last that long!

  109. Beth

    I have never been a fan of rice krispie treats, sorry to say. However, I AM a fan of really cute babies. Your baby Jacob is a totally handsome guy! My granddaughter will be born in early Feb. and we just can’t wait. That’s the best treat in the world to me.

  110. Ok…I was recently playing/discovering a new website that quantifies blog followers and randomly typed in smitten kitchen to see your calculated follower demographics. As I suspected, myself a single and without offspring gal, many of your admirers are childless. Irresponsible and unfettered time abounds with which to tackle adventurous recipes. Obviously, I’ve been concerned about the monkey/space/time factor for the future of smitten kitchen, but alas, you’re amazingly productive! Additionally, it seems that the number of comments (especially about Jacob the Cutest Monkey) has increased since irresistable shots of baby cheeks and tiny sweaters have appeared. Just an observation. Can’t wait to try the crispy treats. I just made your adaptation of Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake. I shared with family, coworkers and a birthday girl – everyone loved it. Delish! I plan to whip it up again for Thanksgiving.

  111. Katie

    Deb, I just made these. They are AMAZING! Love them so much……almost as I love seeing pictures of your little monkey. Oh my, he’s precious!!

  112. ahhh, my roommate and i have been obsessed with making rice krispie treats this fall. they’re really good when you mix chocolate, peanut butter, toasted coconut, cinnamon etc into the melted marshmallow mixture. will definitely have to try this version when our current batch runs out.

  113. Shannon

    You are killing me. And I was just getting the blood flowing through my arteries again after the jalapeno-cheddar scones. I am a rice krispy treat purist (put chocolate in *what*?!) so these sound right up my alley. Can’t be worse than the dozens I bought for trick-or-treaters only to have not a one show up.

  114. Sarah

    I finished making these… unfortunately I won’t get to taste them until tomorrow because they are for a co-worker’s birthday. They smell amazing though!

  115. Kristin

    In true Smitten Kitchen footsteps I have followed, as after fretting what to bring to a friend’s Halloween party this past weekend, I threw in the towel and picked UP a large box of the cereal. They are truly the quickest to make and quickest to be eaten treats! And I added a little orange food coloring–just to keep them up a notch. A sure hit.

  116. Sabrina

    Long time reader, first timer writer and recipe tester. You are amazing, your recipes, writing and photography….I need to work on my brown butter, I got a little nervous and dumped the marshmallows in early. Still yummy and I will try and try again!

  117. Laurie

    I swear you are the ONLY person that could convince me to lose 10 minutes of my life making RKTs. For years, people told me about this super easy toffee made with crackers and no thermometer. Whatever, I thought as I cooked toffee for about an hour. Well, I will never doubt you again. I have never had one of your recipes flop. (One of my favs is brown butter brown sugar shorties.)

  118. Emily

    Ok, seriously, is there CRACK in this recipe? I followed your instructions verbatim and have eaten 90% of the pan… on my own! And the last 10% will likely be devoured before I go to bed. I can’t stop eating them.

  119. Elizabeth

    Ok, not even looking at all 200 and something posts… who doesn’t love rice crispie treats and monkeys? My neice was a sock monkey for Halloween. May I also say that one of my friends made an Irish carbomb cake in honor of one of your posts for my b’day, and my mother has requested your chocolate peanut butter cake I’ve made before for her Thanksgiving b’day. The windy city is certainly smitten!

  120. Gabe

    These are absolutely delicious. I’ve made a batch just now. I’m thinking of drizzling some dark chocolate over the top? But I’d hate to overpower the delicious salted brown butter flavor.

  121. Tanya

    I had to be a little innovative whilst shopping for these sticky little wonders. Apparently the Netherlands doesn’t have Rice Krispies or Rice Bubbles as I know them, but something similar with strawberry flakes throughout (which I decided to leave in, after crumbling). And I could only find pink and white marshies and unlike the above I only bought one packet.
    The result: a lovely sugar-high-giving pink concoction with the occasional flake of strawberry, giving a glimpse of a sour, which works well with the salt as a contrast to the sweet.
    Yum. We have made a fair dent in the bowl and it is only day two, however, I think next time he would prefer I used only white marshmallows :)

  122. finally:thank you for a different and TASTY adult ‘treat’… I see that your new little person is going to be like my 5 year old great grandson who comments on his mother’s (she is a chef), his granny’s and his great gram’s cooking, as in ‘nah, too much peanut butter in this and not enough chocolate…’ – what a precious kitchen helper – enjoy your holidays!!!

  123. deb

    Jaime — The bowls are from Anchor Hocking and, bonus, they’re dirt cheap. They appear to be out of stock, but I am sure if you search around, someone will sell them. And I hope so — I’m ready for a second set!

  124. I made these and my husband said they are the best rice crispy bars he has ever had and they have to be a staple in our home.

    I would like to post it on my site and link it back to you. I hope that is ok.

  125. Jess M

    Thanks for a quick and fabulous idea! We are having our Christmas open house on Saturday at work and everyone has to bring a treat. Plus, we have company this weekend so I have been scrambling to get things in order. These treats are perfect considering how much time I don’t have and don’t miss a beat in the yummy department! Thanks again Deb. You saved my day!

  126. Great timing! Next week I plan to make a gift package for someone who dearly loves Rice Krispie Treats – and I have been looking for alternate recipes to include. These sound wonderful!

  127. Nicole S.

    Wow, these and they were so good! I think the only thing I’d do differently is to add the salt before the cereal and just stir it around a bit to start to dissolve it. I used Maldon salt and sometimes I would get a rather large chunk of it.

  128. So, I was just taking my last bite of a Rice Krispie Treat that I bought at a local coffee shop as I began to read this article. This recipe sounds good and simple, I think it’s time for me to try making some for myself!

  129. I think that’s the cutest monkey I’ve ever seen! I can see why streamlined recipes are a priority – more time with the monkey. I must make those rice krispie treats!

  130. I just made these for me and the husband. I didn’t tell him anything was different until after he tasted them and said, these are really good. I’m not sure I let the butter brown enough- the afternoon lighting was bad in the kitchen today and I wasn’t sure how brown to do it. I was very happily surprised to see the butter melt, then foam, then turn golden clear just like you stated… So once it got to golden clear, I got nervous about it burning and only did another minute probably.
    Either way, they were REALLY tasty! Thanks!
    Cute Monkey :)

  131. LaJuana

    There’s only one problem with these, they are just TOO good! I could take or leave a regular RKT…these, I am hiding from myself until I can share…

    …and ‘lil munk’ is as adorable as always!

  132. I tried these this weekend. Yum. But maybe I didn’t brown the butter long enough – it smelled whatever smell I’m used to from making candy (“nutty”? possibly) and there were lots of little brown bits, but I couldn’t be sure through the foam that it was really brown in itself. It was less brilliantly yellow, anyway. Hard to tell in a black non-stick pan! Anyway, they were nice, and the salt was a nice touch, but sadly not a revelation taste-wise. I’ll have to try again when I’m somewhere the ingredients are cheaper and see how long I can play “chicken” with the butter ;) but I spent way too much on the ingredients here (China) – $5 each for the cereal, marshmallows, and salt, all imported – but I’ve been meaning to buy sea salt for a while so that was cool – and butter’s always expensive here no matter where it’s made. Such is life as a foreigner anywhere in the world, trying to get the taste of home. It was great to make these again, though! I made them with local ingredients a while ago and they just weren’t the same. This morning everyone ate them right up, and I certainly ate my fair share!

  133. Dawn

    Just made these for football Sunday, and can’t wait for them to cool so we can try them. Could not have been easier, and I love anything with brown butter. Thanks, Deb!

  134. Oh my god YUM. Mine weren’t half as pretty as yours, despite being pink (English marshmallows usually are), but they were certainly tasty! Super rich, and so much easier than I expected too.

  135. Jen

    Oh my Oh my!!! These were delicious just as promised. Every taste bud in my mouth perked up. I knew it was a hit when I caught my husband with a slice as big as his hand and halfway into his mouth. Thanks so much for your great recipes !

  136. kate

    so good like salted butter caramel, i just made them NOW and i am asking myself, “why did i wait so long?!” haha. thank you for this great and simple twist on a classic!

  137. Kersten

    I made these over the weekend but started by frying up about 5 large sage leaves (torn into tiny bits) in 1/4 of the butter, letting it brown, then added the rest of the butter and followed the rest of the recipe as directed. AMAZING…sweet, savory and a mild sage/ brown-butter finish. Yum.

  138. Rose Marie

    I’ve been enjoying the Smitten Kitchen for over a year and have loved many recipes I discovered here. This version of Rice Krispies sounded so yummy that I made RK for the very first time – with a twist. I made them with Coco Krispies and added mini chips! Splendid!! Also – Thank you for the ‘Easiest Baked Macaroni and Cheese’ recipe. My mom’s mac and cheese was my favourite, but of course she never had written out the recipe. Since she died I’ve tried many recipes and always been disappointed. Your recipe, however, was just right – exactly as Mom made it! Thanks! And – the little one is adorable! Congrats.

  139. Monica R.

    I made these this weekend and while I loved the browned butter, I didn’t care for the pops of salt in the treats. C’est la vie!

  140. JulieB

    Delicious! I used brown rice cereal – my attempt at healthy eating ; )

    TIP: Use the butter wrapper to press down the bars once in the pan!

  141. Bryan

    right, brown butter marshmallow treats, love em. eat em up yum.

    but seriously, yo. is that the cutest babydoodle ever, or what?
    little bebe.
    nice work on that one!

  142. Idiay

    Hi, I’m Filipino and instead of Rice Krispies, I tried this with pinipig (flattened, roasted rice) which I had in the house. I also halved the amount of butter and used margarine. It was great and the children loved it! I’ve also tried your browned butter brown sugar shorties but used margarine instead (sorry, it was cheaper and had less fat) and it was wonderful. Browned butter/margarine is such a great idea! Now we always keep a log in the freezer so we can bake cookies anytime.

  143. mmmpage

    Made ’em. Twice! SOOO good.

    Also, that baby of yours just keeps getting cuter. The monkey costume is over the top cuteness on him. Adore.

  144. JenniferK

    It’s so funny to think others around the WORLD are making brown butter rice krispie treats all on the same day….but I too made them last night. My sister is having a birthday soon, and we invited all of her roommates over for dinner (during confences week-crazy idea) Anyway, Nigella has a picture of rice krispie treats with candles, so that’s what we’re going to do. I drizzled a little caramel sauce on top-I have a friend who makes two pans of treats, stacks them on top of each other with caramel in the middle. Whoa.

  145. wunami

    Deb, not to be picky and I think most people will figure it out, but 4 oz of butter is 1/2 a stick…not a full stick like it says. I realize from the comments that you edited the recipe from 8 oz to 4 oz, so you probably just forgot to edit that part.

    Anyway, looks like an easy way to slightly fancy up rice crispy treats.

  146. aebell

    I was a bit skeptical about whether the extra effort (admittedly not significant) would be worth it — and it was. These are amazing.

  147. Jane

    What a gorgeous son you have! My boys are grown, but I never tire of looking at their baby pics! Thanks for the twist on rice krispie bars. They have always been my favorite!

  148. Queenscook

    Note to Chris (comment # 37): Marshmallow fluff does not have gelatin in it, as far as I know. You can use that if the problem is just the gelatin. If it’s a vegan thing, there are vegan marshmallow-fluff substitutes–one I’ve heard of is called Ricemellow Creme. Never had it though, so I don’t know how it tastes or works. I myself keep kosher, so when I use gelatin, it has to be a kosher brand, not made from the skin and bones of non-kosher animals, which is what most gelatin is made from.

  149. stephanie


    i made these and it was soo easy

    and they are AMAZING!!! so so SO SO good. I will never make them any other way from now on. My parents are visiting me and the whole time they were cooling in the pan my dad was standing over them with a knife asking if he could eat them yet.


    brown butter.. get into my arrmmms

  150. Kelley

    I’m not much of a sweets person, but thought it would be great to make them with my daughter. Oh My Goodness!! These are the best RKT ever! I can’t seem to stop eating them. Which is why, unfortunately, I can’t make them again!!

  151. wix

    What’s with the Lamb of God ad that shows up at the bottom of the post? I half expected food porn to follow the fresco of Calvary, etc.

    Are rice krispy treats just like kleenex? That is, ubiquitous to the point of conflating one tissue/treat with all tissue/treats. De-capitalizing (not a word) brand names could be the highest compliment you can pay a product :)

  152. Julia

    Made these! They came out fantastic. I am trying out recipes to include in my “Holiday cookie sampler” for gifts this year. This will be one! I love the enhanced flavor. I only wish I could bring out the caramel-y browned butter flavor even MORE! Maybe I’ll be evil and add a swirl of caramel or something. ;)

  153. Claudia

    They were fantastic. I made these with the uncorrected butter amount (2 sticks), so that would be coughquadruple the butter. Yeah. Very rich. Brown butter is good.

  154. I finally made these last night. I tweaked it just a tad by adding 2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar to the butter just prior to stirring in the cereal. I also sprinkled the sea salt on the top of the pan, rather than mixing it in. These are YUMMY! Just YUMMMMMMY! They may become my RKT of choice. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  155. Erkity Erk

    I never comment, but I made these last night and my entire world is a better and brighter place today. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these. I don’t even LIKE these usually, and somehow I ate half a pan last night. (mmm.)

  156. These look delicious. I once made a batch of no-bake cherry tarts using crushed waffle cones, peanut butter, and marshmallows for the crust. I cooked it in the same fashion and cooled it to make the crust before I filled them in with the cherry cream. I think combining your recipe with the one I used would also make an excellent dessert. I’ll try yours tonight and experiment with the combination this coming weekend.

  157. Oonagh

    Hi Deb… I find when I make these, they’re great with a big dollop of crunchy peanut butter added to the mix at the same time as the marshmallows!

  158. Odalis

    Ok, I made these to take to work tomorrow but I’m afraid they may not make it-they’re very addictive! Love that little bit of saltiness that comes through…

  159. Janine

    These were amazing. I melted some white chocolate with the marshmallow and the combo was great with the salt and brown butter. Everyone loved them. Thanks for the recipe!

  160. Maria

    I’ve never found a variation on the classic RKT that I liked until this. These are perfect! And thanks for the tip (#46) about melting, not cooking the marshmellows. Cutest baby picture ever!

  161. Carey

    I stumbled upon your site in search of recipes – and I’m so excited to have found it! There are lots of things I want to try – but made these as a quick dessert. I haven’t had a RKT in years, but these were amazing!

    Thank you!

  162. Kelly

    I’ve just made these with organic brown rice cereal, because it just seemed right with the “browned” butter. I can already tell these are going to be delicious. I was waiting for the “aha!” moment with the butter, and when it came it was fab.

  163. SpoonMeasure

    I just made these. They are excellent, salty, almost caramelly wonderfulness. I am officially entranced by browned butter. I had never made anything with it before and in the last two days I have made both your browned butter shortbread cookies and these. Both are amazing!

  164. Maddie

    I just made these this afternoon – delish!
    I did 1.5 sticks of butter because I had a 16oz bag of marshmallows and a big pan.
    My 16 month old and my husband are nuts about them!
    Next time, I would add the salt TO the butter – adding it with the cereal caused it to not be incorporated well, so some spots don’t have any salt! They are totally awesome any way.
    This is not the first of your recipes that I have made, and they have all been great! Thanks!
    Oh and your baby is totally adorable! Makes me miss when mine was tiny!

  165. Odalis

    Did I read somewhere that these could be frozen? And what kind of shelf life do you think they would have once made/defrosted (if I can freeze them)? I am thinking about making these for a cookie exchange and may have to make them ahead of time. Plus, some of these cookies are probably given out up to a week after the exchange…Any thoughts?

    And, the little monkey is VERY cute :)


  166. Izzy

    Look how many comments for Rice Krispy Treats! Who knew :) But these… oh my gooey deliciousness. The smell of browned butter entranced me and I almost forgot to pull it off the stove as I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed!

  167. Shaundi

    A friend of mine told me about your blog. I LOVE IT!! Your photography is amazing, and I always enjoy when you throw one in of your Jacob. He looks so incredibly sweet! You have such a way with the written word, that I find myself reading about recipes I might not indulge in just to enjoy your wit. Your recipes though, are incredible!!! I love your creativity!!

  168. Jaime

    My husband said that these took him right back to his childhood and his moms kitchen. Extremely good idea. We have loved them! We are considering adding them to our Thanksgiving :)

  169. Sandlin

    I should be embarrassed by how many times I have made this recipe already, but I’m not. I think this is a typical smitten recipe- basic recipe that only requires a little extra effort to be awesome, and with your guidance- foolproof.

  170. These are absolutely wonderful! I made a double batch and my husband and I ate one ourselves, then I packaged up the other half and shipped them for gifts. FYI, these ship well–I made them Sunday and they were recieved on Thursday and were still fresh & immediately devoured by the recipients. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe and your little monkey with us! I have a little something for you over here:

  171. Margaret

    These were SO GOOD! Kind of like salted caramel ice cream I’ve had at Molly Moons in Seattle. They’re extra gooey if you only add 5 cups of rice crispies! Yum!

  172. deb

    Odalis — They can probably be frozen (I’ve never tried it, but none of the ingredients raise a flag for me) but it will take far, far longer to defrost them than to just make a batch fresh, and get the best flavor.

  173. WOW – I love making the kids treats all grown up… and then I also love making them more kid friendly…. we like Fruity Pebble Treats as well as mixing Cocoa Pebbles into our Rice Krispies to make somewhat chocolaty treats. (or sprinkling chocolate chips on before they are 100% cooled.

  174. Stephanie

    I was afraid to try making anything with browned butter for fear of burning it, but I am so glad I tried these – and thanks for the step by step instructions on how to properly brown butter. These are SO GOOD. I may even get around to sharing them next time. :)

  175. ash

    I saw a comment up there about taking these to a fancy dinner party- and I thought I’d share… my hubby and I both hate cake (weird- I know) – so instead of regular cake at our wedding we had a rice-krispy-treat ‘cake’ (basically one big rice-krispy-treat tower- looked just like a wedding cake)… our wedding was on the fancy side, so we spruced it up with some flowers- but it was a hit. People were lined up to get a piece. Anyways- I have to say- these are THE BEST I have ever tried and/or made (even better than my own wedding ‘cake’). DELISH! THANK YOU!

  176. Angela K

    Ohmy, these are delicious. Any tips on how to get that salt evenly mixed when you add the salt and rice cereal? Also, if I make these again I might just pour some ganache on top and roll it up into a log to slice. MIGHT, because I’m not sure if I should mess with perfection.

  177. Murghi

    Just made these this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever made a RK treat before, but “brown butter” could not be resisted. All I can say is the gunk I scraped out of the bottom of the pot was so good. Haven’t had a treat yet; must save for work party. Can’t wait!

  178. Wendy

    These are to DIE for. I made 2 1/2 batches today – some for others – some for us – and I could have eaten our entire batch myself. I would have made myself sick, but it would have been totally worth it. I cut the butter back just a bit – more like 6 Tbsp, and had plenty – and I added more marshmallows, as i usually do – just to be sure of easy coating the cereal. WOW. I want to go back in the kitchen now and polish them off…..

    This is my new way of making Rice Krispy Treats every time, from now on.

  179. Annalisa

    I just made these and they are awesome! I sprinkled a little sea salt on the bottom (before putting the rct to cool) and then on top.

    These are so great and I love that they took 10 mins from start to clean up

  180. Jennifer

    I brought these into work today… at least three people have said, “Why are these so much better than the ones I make?” LOVE the sweet and salty… plus, I may have drizzled a little bit of bourbon butterscotch sauce on top of them just for a little something extra. Delicious!!

  181. Murghi

    BTW, post-work-party-munching – I love these thing. Love. Next time, I’m thinking of using a larger pan, so the treats wouldn’t be quite so mile-high. Otherwise, yum yum and YUM.

  182. natalie

    3 days, 3 batches of these, all gone. I’m making them for the cookie party I’m attending tomorrow. thank you, thank you, thank you.

  183. Erin

    These were spectacularly good. I’m planning to make a double batch for my party next weekend. You are my go-to site for everything (flatbread, banana bread, tuna salad). Thank you so much.

  184. Thanks for this idea, Deb! I have a holiday cookie exchange tomorrow, and because I’m in the middle of a move right now, I don’t have a fully operational kitchen at either location. I thought these might be my salvation, so I made FIVE BATCHES! The problem is, now I don’t want to give any away! (Ok, ok…I will…in the spirit of seasonal giving.)

  185. Katie

    Made these for a New Year’s party last night — people loved them! I wasn’t sure I browned the butter correctly (I probably didn’t let it brown enough, although it was more brown than golden) but people kept asking what I did to the treats, so it must have made a difference :)

    I’m only sad there weren’t any to sneak home at the end of the night for myself!

    Thanks for another great one, Deb.

  186. Stacy

    Thanks. No seriously, thanks a bunch. Here we are at January 5th, and in my quest to discover an afterschool snack to satisfy both the 18 yr old and the kindergartener, I have instead discovered the years first resolution buster. This qualifies as a record. Even for me.
    This recipe is the bomb, and that is a DAMN cute monkey.

  187. Calisson

    These completely lived up to their promise. Just superb! I used even a little less cereal (maybe 5 1/2 cups), and because I feared maybe I hadn’t let my butter get brown enough (what shade of brown is “nutty”?) I impulsively added a tablespoon of dark brown sugar to the marshmallow and butter mix. Didn’t seem to hurt!

  188. Sarah

    Just made these tonight. Actually, I hate Rice Krispies Treats but thought I’d at least try these for my kids. Turns out I love them too! Definitely not on our New Year’s diet plan, but good enough to make the occasional exception. I did add 3 tsp of non-toasted coconut flakes to mine but next time might try toasting the coconut. Really good! Thanks!

  189. Ilana

    Hi Deb,
    I want to make it with my own marshmallows, since I am a vegetarian and using agar-agar instead of gelatin, and want to use the recipe from your site.

    How much marshmallows do I have to make for this recipe?

  190. I made these with Deb’s marshmallow recipe (I’m in Austria, where I can buy three different kinds of ground nuts, marzipan, and praline paste at my local grocery store, but marshmallows are exotic and can be very hard to find). They were fabulous right after I made them, but sadly soggy when I took them into work the next day. The marshmallow tasted lovely, but the kispies had lost their crisp. Don’t know if it’s a result of not having confectioner’s sugar (I measured out marshmallow goop by weight) or in my candy making skills. By the way, the marshmallow recipe seemed to make enough for three batches of treats. Maybe I’ll try again when I find more krispies.

  191. These were so delicious. I probably could have browned my butter a bit more, but was afraid of burning. Next time I won’t be timid! Thanks for a great recipe that was enjoyed by the children and the grown-ups.

  192. Marta

    Deb, you have introduced me to browned butter, and I can’t thank you enough. Because I needed more ways to enjoy butter.

    Chris (#37) has — I would hope, since it’s more than a year later — probably already found his vegan marshmallows of choice and enjoyed these many times over. However, if he (or anyone else) is still looking for a solution to the TOTAL LIFE CRISIS of avoiding gelatin but losing out on Rice Krispy Treats & S’mores, I have to recommend the vegan marshmallows made by Chicago Soy Dairy. They’re here, with a list of suppliers in different states as well as online stores:

    I feel gypped I didn’t know about these sooner; they melt into a gooey blob, they puff when you heat them, they crisp and singe over a flame, and their texture and flavor, right from the bag, is exactly right.

  193. Laura

    I was so excited to try this recipe over the weekend and was totally dismayed to realize I didn’t have enough rice krispies. I subbed 3 oz of cracker jacks for the missing rice krispies and the result was more sweet-salty-delicious than I could have imagined. I highly recommend!

  194. i pocketed this recipe when you first posted it here and finally made them for Super Bowl last weekend, the world of rice crispies is forever changed, I can never go back!

  195. Jenny

    Deb – I love rice crispy treats but have you ever made or found a recipe for a non-marshmallow rice treat? I have nothing against the butter (mmmm unsalted butter) but the marshmallows are just so, well, unnatural that I have a hard time wanting to use them again. Plus, I ate more than my fair share as a kid.

  196. Lauri

    @Jenny 370 – have you ever made your own marshmallows? They’re not hard with a stand mixer and not “unnatural” at all. A non-marshmallow rice treat sounds like a bowl of cereal.

  197. Jenny

    I made these the other day. The difference in taste between these and others I have tried surprised me… in a good way.It’s definitely the butter :). So yummy and simple.

  198. Michelle K

    Wow! This was my first time browning butter and with the really rich, tasty results I will be sure to brown butter for other treats from now on. This was a hit with my coworkers and I was so pleased to have a few leftover to bring home to the boyfriend!
    Thanks for the creative twist on a classic.

  199. SaraCorinne

    Okay, so it’s been months since you posted this, but holy cow they are incredible!!!! I followed your recipe to a T and am still drooling (and I didn’t wait for them to cool before cutting my first square). So much for fitting into that wedding dress, hee hee- but so worth it!!!

  200. Emily

    This worked perfectly! Normally my rice krispies end up as sawdust blocks but these stayed unbelievably gooey, with that delicioius nutty flavor. I cut them in smaller pieces because they’re so sweet, but I’ve already eaten 3 of them. I can’t help it, they’re just so good!

  201. Special20

    WOW!!! You would have thought I had just discovered the elixir of life!! After making these delicious and ohh so easy treats I called everyone I could think of who would care to know about this new discovery….who would have thought that just cooking the butter longer would change the overall taste so much….Thanks

  202. Melanie

    I wasn’t sure anyone could improve a basic rice krispie cookie… you did it! These are incredible! A grown up, sophisticated sensual cookie. Never knew there could be such a thing!

  203. Brooke

    I just got through making these yummy lil bars and I cannot wait to try them. Someone recommended your recipe on Craigslist which is what brought me here. I am thinking (real hard but not really) on sharing them with my neighbor..who am I kidding I’m going to share them with my kids..maybe. ;)

  204. Brooke

    Luckily cooling doesn’t take long at all :D these are the BEST RK treats I have ever had!! Thank you so much for sharing this is amazing what the brown butter and sea salt do for!!! 5*’s

  205. Brooke more post..I promise…I did share, with my kids, my husband and my neighbors and WE ALL agree, the best RK treats we’ve ever had. Really does make a HUGE difference. I had to share with everyone on my facebook I was so impressed :)

  206. Kim

    These are soooooo good. I read the recipe and just could not wait til the next time we went to the grocery store, so I made them with what I had on hand (salted butter) and reduced the amount of sea salt. They were fabulous. We pretty much devoured them in one evening! I will never use another RKT recipe again.

  207. Bethany

    YUM! These are awesome! I only had kosher salt, so that’s what I used – I’m not really sure how different it is in coarse-ness, but I’m happy with the result! The butter wrapper was very convenient for pressing/spreading into the pan!

  208. Dmesh

    Doubt YUM! We made these twice in two sequential weekends and both were smashing successes. On the second batch, right after I put the treats into the 8×8 pan, I added a layer of chocolate covered toffee bits. I think it was a great addition. The chocolate melted down a bit, and the toffee was delicious, especially with the sea salt aspect. As one of my guests wrote the next day, “I’m still marvelling (sic) at the genius of salt in the krispey (sic) treats.” Thanks for the recipe.

  209. Tiffany

    I definitely made new friends today with these! I took them on a winery trip and we had them as our post-winery snack on the limobus ride home :) They were AWESOME!

  210. Nicole

    Brown butter = Yumminess!! These are so good my daughter said that the she likes these better than the marshmallow bars from Starbucks! (She thinks they are good) And my son who doesn’t like the homemade crispy treats, can’t get enough of these! Thank you for another great recipe that I can’t stop eating!!

  211. Anne

    Just made these and they are excellent, definitely one of the more successful desserts this non-cook has made :) Will be trying more of your recipes soon!

  212. Danielle in NH

    Seriously…. THE BEST EVER!!!! I am a big fan of your blogs, your photos, your recipes, your adorable Jacob! I made these for Memorial day weekend and they were the first to go. Rave reviews from everyone – I gave you all the credit, Deb! Should have made a double batch… but then I would have to buy a bigger pan!

  213. monica

    As with so many things in life, those extra few careful minutes (browning butter, in this case, obviously) make all the difference! Outstanding! My dentist and I thank you. Off to buy more Rice Krispies. Many thanks.

  214. Rebecca Jacobs

    Hi Deb
    I have enjoyed reading your comments to this recipe for the Rice Rispie treats but I am a little confused. I find this embarrassing since it appears that in all the comments no one else was confused but Where does the salt come in? Do I put it in with the butter or when I mix the rice in?

  215. VancFoodie

    This past weekend I made these for a cabin full of women (who normally turn up their fit, health-conscious noses at sweets) and they DISAPPEARED! I loved them too – the perfect reconciliation of childhood memory and more adult tastes. You’re awesome. Browned butter rules.

  216. Jenny

    These were very tasty!! The browned butter flavor came through very nicely. I’m gonna go heavier on the salt next time as well since they were still a bit sweet for me. I will be making these again as soon as this pan is gone and that won’t take long!

  217. Mikki

    Hi Deb, I’m really craving something like this and they look sooo good, but one question… do u think they would work out using salted butter and skipping the sea salt? (i mean properly salted breton butter seeing as im in france and thats whats in the fridge!) Thanks

  218. ace

    Hi, I’m a bit new to the cooking/baking process (so, sorry if my question is really silly) and I was wondering what you mean when you say a ‘prepared’ pan. I know you prepare a cake/bread pan by greasing and flouring it, is that what you’d do in this case? (It just didn’t seem quite right, but then again, what do I know!) Thanks!

  219. Linda Steen

    Thanks so much for the great recipe! I made a double batch, buttered the pan with the butter wrapper, and added chocolate and peanut butter chips with some unsalted peanuts. I took them to our BBQ here at work, called Hot August Ribs- being in the northwest, of course it is raining today. Everyone loved the RCT’s, thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. I made another batch with colored marshmallows and some gluten free rice cereal that had bits of freeze-dried berries in it. I put some white mini marshmallows in the hot butter first, then waited for them to mostly melt. Then I put in the colored marshmallows and stirred them a little to melt just a little, and put the whole thing in with the cereal. Someone else said that when their colored marshmallows completed melted, they turned gray- this way they retained their individual colors. I did not brown the butter for the colored marshmallows. Love your monkey/baby, too!

  220. Andrea

    I read your website religiously, and have had a lot of success with a number of recipes I have cooked from here, but this one is the greatest. Both times I cooked it everyone loved it and the most recent time, just last night, I got accolades from my whole apartment building at a barbecue. Thank you for making me feel like a cooking genius although I’m not.

  221. Katie

    I made these last night and they were a hit! Everyone in my office loved them. I thought they were good, but I think I’ll use a little less butter next time.

  222. Erin

    I am a new fan of smitten kitchen and tonight, I made your chicken meatballs, and these sweet treats. In light of fall though, I added a quarter cup of canned pumpkin and a dash of cinnamon. Needless to say, they are a major hit with my dude. Thanks, Deb. I LOVE your site!

  223. Julie

    I love rice kirspy treats but had never been able to get them right, I just made these today and am so excited they turned out perfect and are the best tasting ones Ive ever had, the brown butter and salt definately makes a nice subtle difference. Thank you!

  224. Charity

    Deb: you are a girl after my own heart! I just made these last night and they turned out wonderfully!

    I increased the recipe by 50% but doubled the salt and it fit perfectly into a 9 x 13 pan. I did have to put the marshmallows back on the heat to get them to fully melt into the butter. And I should have let the butter brown a smidgen more but I was nervous as it was the only butter I had in the house. But these are awesome! Oh…and they make a great breakfast too. :-)

  225. Charity

    I just made these again and loved them! I had a half bag of marshmallows left over from my previous time making them a few days ago so I used that and halved the recipe. I did find that using an already opened bag of marshmallows made them a little tough. So I would encourage you to use a fresh bag if you can.

  226. Audrey

    I found these last Thursday under “surprise me” and made them for two Halloween parties. People went crazy over them. I will never make or eat a regular crispy treat again. Thank you for a wonderful recipe.

  227. Elizabeth

    Well deb, I figured out one way to mess up this recipe. Using the organic brown rice puff cereal does not make for a crunchy treat. Flavor = good! crispiness = nonexistent. So much for trying to make an American classic a little healthier…

  228. Hayley

    woops, those are awesome. beng a non-american, i don’t care about marshmallows, even less about rice puffs, and have never heard about rice krispie treats before. but the sheer amount of effusive reviews and the easiness of the recipe made me make this, and oh it’s so incredibly easy and delicious :) i’ll have to distribute these goodies before i eat them all..

  229. Valarie

    OMG…. I had read this recipe back when when Deb first published it, but only just today got arround to making them. They are freaking DELICIOUS!!! Seriously – I will likely never ever make “traditional” rice crispy treats again.
    Thank you for all that you do Deb!!!

  230. Chandra

    I just found this site a few months ago and have been happily slogging backwards in time ever since. I found these around the beginning of October this year and I’ve already made them three times. I subbed out Marshmallow cream for the marshmallows (I’m vegetarian) and I’ve had nothing but rave reviews. I, too don’t think I’ll ever make regular rice crispy treats again. Thank you so much!!

  231. Marta

    I haven’t had a traditional RCT in a long time, so it’s hard for me to compare, but I made this recipe this past weekend and they were delish! I really like the salt addition. I think I probably should have browned the butter a bit more — next time!

  232. Rachal

    It really is amazing how much better these are than the original. I mean, the original is good, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something about this version that just elevates the crispie treat to another level. I might even call them avant-garde crispie treats, if doing so would not make me sound incredibly pretentious. Anyway, thanks for bringing these into my life.

  233. Spyglassweb

    So much better than the original! I mixed the salt into the melted marshmallow before adding cereal, just to be sure it was well blended. Turned out fab and kids loved it too!

  234. Wow – these are fantastic. I was the lucky recipient of these in a tin of Christmas goodies and they are, hands-down, the yummiest thing in the tin, edging out the all-time favourite, Mayan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. I will never go back to the old ones, and you may join Mildred Day in the Rice Krispie Hall of Fame.

  235. YB

    I made these once and they were lovely, but the second time round the marshmallows just wouldn’t melt! After 5 minutes on low heat and vigorous stirring they were barely incorporated, but I went ahead and added the rice krispies. They were tasty, but had large pockets of tough chewy caramel within. Possible mistakes:

    -Switched off flame halfway through browning butter (baking brownies and had to take them out, good reason!)
    -Very Large marshmallows used
    -Pot with a large base area (10-11inch)

    Am v. sad! What did I do wrong?

  236. Laura

    Yes, just as I suspected. These are delightful. I’m making them for the second time tonight, but I have to take this pan to work so I won’t eat them all. Probably won’t ever go back to my old recipe, that’s for sure. YB…I’m wondering if you used the same brand of marshmallows each time? I’ve tried making krispie treats with the generic brand of marshmallows and lo and behold, they are just not the same.

  237. I want to echo how phenomenal these rice crispy treats are. I have made them several times, most recently this week for a quick happy-birthday-surprise for a roommate. (He doesn’t like cake… or chocolate… who are these people?). He loved them, said they were the best he ever had, offered them to the rest of the house and they were gone in 10 minutes. Good thing it only takes about 10 minutes to make them :) We will be making more soon.

  238. Betsy

    So delicious – I couldn’t even wait for these to cool before trying one! I agree that higher quality marshmellows would make a big difference if you have them.

  239. Lindsay

    These are awesome- I added a little somethin extra- spread half the rice krispie mixture in the pan, sprinkled a layer of banana chips on top, then layered the rest of the rice krispie mixture on top, and sprinkled it with salted roasted cashews. It was gooooooooooood!

  240. Amber

    I adore these and make them for my toddler all the time. I also used the brown rice crisps and didn’t experience the ‘sogginess’ problem in a comment above, they were perfect. I typically add a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds and either chopped up dried apricots or dried cranberries to the mix to make them a touch more ‘nutritious’ for the preschool crowd (eyes roll). I also sub in different cereals if I’m running short of rice krisps, cheerios and flakey cereals add interest to the texture. Hard to go wrong with this one….thanks!

  241. I pretty sure I hadn’t made rice krispie treats in over 10 years until I saw this recipe! What a great update on a classic. I’m embarrassed to say it was my first time attempting to brown butter.. I was so nervous that I’d burn it, that I don’t think I let the butter develop quite as much flavor as it should’ve. My second batch were much better & the nutty goodness really shined through. Thanks so much for another great recipe Deb!

    By the way.. StuffCooksWant’s idea of drizzling the finished product with dark chocolate & sprinkling with more sea salt? Genius. I’ve also been loving a hint of spice in my desserts lately. I wonder how they’d be with just a touch of cayenne pepper to give them a little kick?

  242. jade

    I’ve made this recipe six times in two weeks. The first batch was alright. I added to salt while the butter was melting thinking it was not big deal – it’s a big deal, but the second batch was awesome. I tasted the salt and butter. The third batch I used the mini marshmallows and browned the butter in under 5 mins and didn’t get the right taste. The last three batches I used the easter egg shaped marshmallows; to get color – not recommended. I still can’t get it right. Is it possible to get different results when brown butter too quickly in less than 5 min opposed to around 12 min? (not burning it of course.) Thanks!

    1. deb

      I say take your time on browning the butter and get it as toasty brown as you can before removing it from the heat. Stirring will help it get evenly toasty. Adding the salt to the butter will probably help it distribute better, in hindsight it makes sense. I would use big, standard marshmallows if you can — the less surface area covered with dusty stabilizers, the gooey-er they’ll be. Glad you’re enjoying them!

  243. Kate

    So..I originally wanted a recipe for RCTs that I could use to make the easter egg treats (advertised on TV) with my children. With the extra gooey-ness..this didn’t work so I decided to just drizzle some melted PB on top..YUM..I am def. going to use this recipe from now easy, but a fresh new spin on an old recipe..thank you so much! :)

  244. AP

    Hi Deb, I’ve been asked for make a dessert (to contribute to a dessert table) for a very causal wedding. Rice krispie treats are one of the bride’s favorite desserts, so I thought these grown up ones would be good. I haven’t tried them yet, but in your opinion, what would you use to spruce them up further? Dipping in chocolate? Caramel? Thanks!

  245. Mandy

    I printed off this recipe months ago and just now got around to making it tonight. You have completely changed my view of the rice crispy treat. It was divine. Forever grateful.

  246. Carrie Lynne

    I recently made your homemade marshmallows and absolutely loved it! I’m thinking of using that marshmallow recipe to make these RKTs, but besides letting the mallows set and then measuring out 10 ounces for use in this recipe, I can’t seem to figure out how much of the marshmallow recipe to make so that I get the right amount for this RKT recipe. Does anyone know? Thanks!

  247. Jenna

    So this is where I got the idea! I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and remember when Jacob was just a new baby. I made rice krispie treats this morning (something I haven’t done in years) and upon tasting thought, “You know, I think these could use some salt.” Then, ” Who would put salt on a rice krispie treat? Weird. Hmmm…Well someone should, salt makes sweet better.” I went for it; a very light sprinkle of sea salt and WOW, a completely different treat. I look forward to browning the butter next time. And thank you, Deb, for empowering me, even if it was subconsciously.

  248. I love your blog and have made several yummy things from it. The other day I had an idea for an “elevated” rice crispy treat and wasn’t surprised when a search brought me back to you again. I dipped them in dark chocolate and macadamia nuts. This isn’t at all necessary… they are quite amazing on their own… but it was an homage to the scotcheroos I fondly remember my grandmother making when I was kid.

  249. jen

    Made these yesterday and they are definitely worth it! This is my 4th SK recipe that I’ve tried (blondies, choco cake, cottage cheese pancakes, and now this). I’ve made the blondies at least 5 times, and I already plan on making another batch of these crispy treats for my brother tomorrow.

    I compared the taste of these to the Kellogg’s Rice Crispy Treats, and SK’s version won hands down :D Especially when comparing the ingredients list between the two. Speckles of brown butter milk solids could be seen in the finished product. I used Campfire marshmallows since they were on sale, and they worked great :)

    Bottom line: Super-easy recipe, essential for rice crispy treat lovers! 5 stars!

  250. jen

    Originally I had used Jewel’s rice crispy cereal which worked out great. When I tried with Trader Joe’s puffed rice cereal, it didn’t turn out as sweet. Prefer the original batch more, but maybe taste will improve on the 2nd day…

  251. Michelle

    I’m glad you added the tip about using big marshmallows for keeping them gooey and just cooking them to the point of melting.

  252. Anne

    Yay for Deb, you just made my day! My little monkey turns two tomorrow, and I just asked his daycare centre if I was allowed to bake cupcakes for his playmates to celebrate. She said they like to ask for rice crispy squares (crazy, rampant allergies these days, blah, boring). I was all disappointed, and then I thought – hey, maybe, just maybe … smittenkitchen has a take on rice crispy treats?? You never disappoint :)

    P.S – a very happy birthday to *your* little monkey, too. We delivered right around the same time!

  253. Jae

    I attempted to make these, and they came out hard as rocks! :( Can someone tell me what may have caused this? Everything I used was fresh. I did use salted butter instead of unsalted though. I browned it ok, but once I stirred in the marshmallows, it turned into a disaster. i tried to stir in the cereal but the mixture started hardening before i could even get it in the pan. what happened :(

  254. jen

    Jae – that kinda happened to me the 2nd time I tried this recipe though not to the point of hard as rocks lol. Just that once they cooled, they weren’t as gooey as my first attempt. I’ve made this recipe at least 5 times and this is what I do to keep the gooey texture:

    “turn the heat off and stir in the marshmallows…Remove the pot from the stove and stir in the salt and cereal together”

    Heating the marshmallows too much until they lose their creamy-white color to a more opaque color means it’s been overheated.

    I’ve used salted butter before and it turns out fine :)

  255. jae

    Jen- thank you :) I tried making them a few times after that, and I got them right finally. I had to use the smaller marshmallows for mine to turn out right. The big ones never melted fast enough, and I always over heated them and so the krispy treats turned out like cement squares. :) but you’re right, it was overheating of the marshmallows! I don’t know why the big ones messed me up so much. I just could not get them to melt, and then they burnt! But I was determined, so I got them right now! Thanks :))

  256. SerenaJ

    The flavour of these were extraordinary but they turned out hard. Could it have been too little marshmallows, to many krispies. Bad luck…

  257. I made these for a Potluck at work and some people didn’t notice the difference, while those that did raved about them and went back for seconds and thirds!

    Thanks for sharing!

  258. Stephany

    I just made these last night, I love the addition of the sea salt, it adds just the right amount of saltiness and a little extra crunch. I loved them! Thank you for the recipe!

  259. Jennie B

    Just made these…I never thought rice krispie treats could be made better, but oh man was I proven wrong. Deliciousssss!!!!! Thanks!!

  260. Annabelle

    Faaaantastic, was bopping around looking for a better recipe for basic crispy treats, thought salted sounded amazing and since it was your recipe and your guide has never failed me before, I went with it.

    Splendid. Whole family ate em up. I’ll have to try caramel or peanut butter next time, maybe even chocolate! Thanks.

  261. Kemi

    I made these two days ago and they were amazing…possibly the best rice krispie treats I’ve ever had! I love the hint of sea salt and the nutty aroma. Thanks for the recipe!

  262. jo-anne in vancouver, bc

    These are incredible! I doubled the recipe and accidentally made them with salted butter. I didn’t realize until after the sea salt was put in but they are delicious! Hopefully my Christmas party won’t think them too salty because I don’t think I can eat all of it on my own!

  263. Nicole in Fair Oaks, CA

    I have made this recipe a few times, and each time, they get RAVE reviews. I will never go back to traditional Rice Krispie Treats. These are INCREDIBLE. Thank you!

  264. Brian

    OK, so your post is a few years old, but I have to tell you, I discovered a new addition to this recipe that will blow your socks off. And I apologize if this was suggested somewhere else but I didn’t read all the posts. So, when you throw the marshmallows in the butter, simply add 2 tablespoons of finely chopped ROSEMARY to the mixture. You will be amazed at how simple and different this is, but people taste them and they just don’t know what to think…so they try another. It really is a good combination of savory and sweet. Enjoy!

  265. Hillary

    I just made these last night based on the rave reviews and agree that they are delicious. The hint of salt really adds something to these and cuts the sweetness of the marshmallows. I am not sure I waited long enough to brown the butter. I was too afraid of overdoing it that I think I did not take the butter all the way to the “brown butter” stage. I also used a non-stick dark pan, which makes it hard to tell if the butter is brown. I used small marshmallows because that is all the store had and it worked well and they melted off the heat in the butter easily. I can’t wait to take to book club tonight to see what everyone thinks! Thanks for another delicious recipe.

  266. Sabrina

    I used the idea of these to make flavored rice crispy treats for the sales girls at the hotel I work in to use as give away treats at a bridal fair. They said ” These aren’t fancy enough” … I told them I didn’t have any time to make more. 400 of anything takes a long time to make!

    The next day I go in, and all they can talk about is how we had people walking past all the cake pops and cupcakes to get the “gourmet” rice crispy treats at our booth!

    We were the hit of the bridal fair and have people calling and asking if we can make them for their wedding. So take that non-believers.. the rice crispy treat is king!

  267. Danielle

    These are divine! Such a simple recipe that I could make them whilst catching up on Mad Men! This may be my new go-to dessert. Much more unexpected, and in my opinion, tastier than, cupcakes or cookies. Good work!

  268. Tenille

    These are a revalation! Made them with Lurpak danish butter and they were absolutely addictive. My new go-to crispy. Thanks for perfecting the recipe!

  269. C. Jane

    Made these on a lazy Sunday afternoon…delicious! I added a handful of Godiva chocolate chips just before I poured them in the pan to set. The combo of the nutty butter, sea salt and chocolate was heavenly. Thanks for the twist on an old favorite!

  270. Kathryn

    These are literally my favorite thing ever. I’ve made them at least 3 or 4 times. They’re super easy and always a major hit with my friends, and I agree that they’re much better than cupcakes, cookies, or the original rice crispy treats.

  271. Camille

    I saw these months ago, and thought they sounded delicious. I whipped them together this morning in about 10 minutes, and everyone in my office is delighted! Thanks, Deb!

  272. I adore your blog and this was the first recipe I tried. It turned out pretty well, in fact, I loved them so much I translated the recipe into german and wrote it on my blog- I do NOT want to steal this recipe from you or even pretend that it’s mine! In my post there are tons of references to your site and the original recipe.
    For “us” germans american recipes are sometimes hard to do because our measurements are completely different.
    If you don’t like it I will immediately delete the post!
    Anyway keep on doing what you do and I will try to get my hands on your cookbook :-)


  273. Cherleen

    First time I’ve ever bothered to comment on a blog.. but your brown butter rice crispy treats were DELISH and SO EASY to make. It was a hit at our potluck tonight. You made some very hardworking pediatric nurses on the nightshift very happy! I’m giving them your recipe & referring them to your blog. Can’t wait to try more recipes, they all look so good!

  274. Aubrie

    Every time I make these (and I’ve made them a LOT) people tell me that I make rice crispy treats and that they can’t stop eating them. I can’t say I blame them! These are so addictingly delicious!

  275. Wow. I just made these after thinking about making them after your original post. Sublime! I can’t wait until the parents get to taste these too, and it’s hard to believe I waited so long.

  276. Mikki

    I have just made these for the millionth time and i just wanted to let you know how much we love these! i’ll never get sick of them!!

  277. JP

    Made these delightfully satly, sweet, crispy, marshmellowy treats today as my first recipe after finding your site. Wow, I didnt think that rice crispy treats could be improved upon but these did! Thank you for your site, ideas, recipes, and pictures.

  278. Hillary

    Just have to say again that these are FANTASTIC. I made them multiple times in the last few weeks for various events and they are gobbled up so quickly and people ask for more! I add a sprinkling of sea salt on top of the treats too and they are so good!

  279. Becky

    My friend just directed me to this recipe that I can’t wait to try! However, I had to comment on your little monkey. It looks like the same costume my first little one wore in 2008. Thanks for the warm memory!

  280. Just wanna say I tried this recipe on a whim and it turned out delicious. I only did two things different. I added the salt and a few drops of vanilla extract to the melted marshmallows and mixed thoroughly BEFORE adding the cereal. (Seemed to me that’s a more reliable way to get the salt evenly distributed.)

    This recipe is OUT OF THIS WORLD good! Wow! I didn’t know RCT could taste this good. Seriously! AMAZING!

  281. I made these tonight for a neighborhood BBQ and they were a HUGE hit. I was even called a “goddess.” Goddess of desserts? Yes please! I will be giving you a shout out on my blog as well, probably tomorrow. Thank you for forever changing the way I make krispy treats (for the better.)

  282. kate

    hey, so i just made these (and this is crazy), but they’re the best krispie treats i’ve ever eaten and i’m including some really delicious ones on that list. thank you thank you!

  283. Mackenzie

    I made these and soon discovered they are dangerously good. After dinner my dad had a small piece, then he came into the other room with a huge piece and said, “these are rediculous”. High praise from our whole family!

  284. I have to say that this recipe is to die for! I am having an annual Halloween party and made these as a treat because i could not resist. I used spooky shaped cookie cutters to make some ghost and batty treats then drizzled some from scratch caramel on top, outlined the shapes with some very basic black sugar frosting and then veeery lightly sprinkled some sea salt on top. These are great for any holiday and i plan on making them again! Thank you!!

  285. Jane

    I am late to this rice crispy party, but I have to tell you since finding this recipe I have made these for my kids, for book club and a double batch for a bake sale, all in the span of two weeks (my husband could not figure out why we were out of butter yet again.) They are enthusiastically inhaled every time, and so easy! Thanks for a great recipe.

  286. Deb,
    I am also late to the crispy party. I only made these because they made it into your book and I figured this must be something great and they are! They were so great I’ve already made them twice in one week. I notice in your photo you have the white from the marshmallows showing up between the crispies. I don’t have this. What am I doing different?

  287. Zoe

    Weird smittencoincidences all day: I was off for veterans day, and enjoyed your interview on diane rehm this AM while running errands – especially since I too grew up in amidst foodlovers who considered Julia Child a member of the family. Thought it was the first I had ever heard of smittenkitchen. (I blog too, but on auto manufacturing and climate policy. I do occaisionally tweet an 140 character recipe – but recognize thats kind of antithetical to user friendly instructions). Then this evening, decided it was finally time to cook the salted butter rice crispy treats I had been promising the office for two months. Went to look up the recipe and found it was yours! RC treats did take 5 minutes and are about as elegant and excellent as rice crispies get. Went to twitter to say thanks. Discovered you had just finished speaking at a bookstore… on my corner! Could have brought you a rice crispy treat! So weird! Hope DC treated you as well as the RC treats will treat our staff meeting… thanks!

  288. Susan

    WHY DEB WHY? I thought, how much of a difference can brown butter and flaky sea salt make? WOW! These were amazing. I ate 1/4 of the pan. By myself. In one sitting. Why did you do this to me Deb?

  289. Tracy

    Just made these with Erewhon “Crispy Brown Rice” organic, gluten free cereal and Elyon “natural vanilla” marshmallows because I have two gf friends on my Christmas cookie list this year. Came out great with these brands, just in case people are looking for gf options. Two boxes of cereal and 4 bags of marshmallows made just under three batches.

  290. Alexia

    After seeing your demonstration making these at the Chicago book signing, I decided I must try them (since we weren’t allowed to at the library!) They are amazing and I have added them to my holiday cookie tray list of things to make. So simple and yet divine!

  291. Marcia

    Finally made these — after having bought marshmallows 3 months ago. Thankfully I put them in a freezer bag b/c at altitude (7000′) things dry up mighty fast, but they melted just fine.
    Anyway, everything was exceedingly delicious — just as every DP recipe I’ve made has been! Thanks, Deb, and I know you wouldn’t mind me adding my usual 1 t vanilla to the mix. Happy New Year!

  292. Kandyse

    OMG…I made my first batch night before last. Everyone who got a piece of them demanded the recipe. They are amazing!

    Word of advice: Have all of your ingredients measured and ready. If you’ve never made brown butter before, it truly does need to be tended constantly. However, your efforts will be rewarded. YUM!!!!

  293. When I was in fifth grade, I had to interview a “senior citizen” for a project about memories. I was lucky enough to get to interview Mildred Day – who not only invented Rice Krispie Treats but also was the first (or so she claimed?) airline stewardess (there was a lovely picture of her in her uniform, brandishing a tray laden with the kinds of goodies you only dream of getting on a plane nowadays). So when I saw in your new cookbook, and then here, that you credited her for these, it made that little 10 year old in me feel proud for knowing her. And I think she’d love your improvements, by the way.

  294. Ginger

    Made these the first time with double the butter (1 stick) per recipe. They were delicious but a little greasy. I’m no butter-hater, but next time I dialed back the butter to 3/4 stick. I think that was perfect, except that it resulted in me eating way too many.

  295. Mary A

    I made these for work before Christmas, left the tray in the office kitchen then sent an email to the few staff remaining at the office letting them know that the treats were there. Went back to the kitchen 15 minutes later and there wasn’t any evidence that the tray had ever held anything. I think these may have spoiled me for more complicated dessert making though – they’re so easy, people love them so much, that it makes it somewhat difficult to contemplate spending a few hours on, say, your delicious (and so worth it) apple pie cookies. I now keep a bag of marshmallows and box of rice cereal at the ready.

  296. Laurel

    OH MY GOD! Just had these at a party yesterday and they are so, so, sooooo good. I can’t wait to go to another party where I can bring these. I definitely can’t make them for us at home or I might get diabetes or a cavity or something. A perfect recipe for me since I’ve got me a little monkey too.

  297. Patty

    These are fabulous – and then we one-upped them by taking leftover Girl Scout cookies (Caramel Delights or Samoas) and chopping them – then layering them between two sections of the krispies… DIE for!!!!

  298. My sister recommended these to me and I don’t think either of us have gone more than a day without them since your cookbook came out! Last time I added a touch of concentrated lavender simple syrup, too. They were completely delicious. Thank you for elevating a childhood treat to grown up status, Deb!

  299. Molly

    So wish I had seen Ginger’s (491) comment before making these. I shuddered at the amount of butter, but trusted these would be worth it. They are indeed delicious, but to me, these fall more into the category of “huge indulgence” rather than just a weeknight goodie or afternoon snack, which is more how I think of regular rice crispy treats. This was a fun and supereasy recipe to try, but next time I think I’ll dial back the butter to a saner amount – probably a 1/2 stick. I’ll save my butter and calories for true indulgences on this – red wine velvet cake, strawberry pink lady cake, or hazelnut brown butter cake. All SO good and SO worth the indulgence! As for weeknight goodies, I’ll stick with any one of the awesome everyday cakes, muffins, or puddings (many with very moderate amounts of butter and sugar). I’ve loved every one I’ve tried (probably about 65% of them)!!

  300. Noemi

    I made a batch of these, ate a couple, sent about half to my friend in Afghanistan. I’ve also sent your Hello Dolly bars and a batch of your Gooey Cinnamon Cakes (from the cookbook) to my friend and his buddies. Your treats keep well in transit and are a big hit with hungry soldiers!
    Back to the brown butter crispy treats…When my husband tried to confiscate the leftovers, I shoved about three in my mouth at once. This is probably a sign of addiction. Thank you for enabling me. :)

  301. I have not made rice crispy treats in what feels like a million years. Your cookbook was calling my name the other day however and I was in need of a quick treat for friends. This absolutely did not disappoint whatsoever. I can’t imagine a rice crispy getting any better than this. Thank you for the new easy recipe!

  302. Suzanne

    You wanna make these EVEN BETTER? Mix in a cup or two of broken up pretzel sticks. Drizzle top of pan of treats with melted chocolate. DIE from the awesomeness.

  303. Eva

    I love these treats.. they are my go to recipe.. I’m taking a leap tonight.. and modifying them.. I’m going to make some strawberry marshmallows and make browned butter strawberry marshmallow treats (Cause I’m feeling like an overachiever) ;)

  304. sarah

    I have made these several times now, and I have a couple bits of advice… First, I’ve tried using a couple of different types of off-brand marshmallows, and they don’t taste as inoffensively marshmallowy as the Kraft ones do. They tend towards too vanilla-y. So, either make sure you’re familiar with the particular off-brand you’re using, or just pay the extra 50 cents for the Kraft brand.

    Also, even in addition to the kosher salt, they’re great with a good sprinkling of crunchy sea salt over the top.

    Finally, Deb’s recipe says “as soon as the butter takes on a nutty color, turn off the heat.” I don’t think “as soon as” is brown enough. I haven’t totally burned the butter yet, but I’ve found (and my tasters have ALL agreed) that when I get it as dark brown as I can (so that it smells deeply nutty and even a bit burned) is when it’s the best. This means that it will take on a light golden nutty color, and then if you keep stirring and scraping the bottom consistently there will start to be a bunch of golden bits in the bottom of the clearer gold liquid butter, and then those gold bits will turn darker gold, and then reddish gold, and you’ll think you should turn it off but don’t yet, then brownish red, and then brown, and then dark brown. This point – when the liquid butter is deep gold and the bits in it are very dark brown, and you think you’ve probably cooked it too long and it’s probably burned but not necessarily so burned you should just throw it away – is when you should turn the heat off and immediately stir in the marshmallows. If you’ve slightly under-browned it, the butter will just turn the marshmallows gold and your rice crispy treats will be maybe a tiny bit darker than normal and very good. If you’ve timed it just right, though, the marshmallow goo will be darker and have a lot of visible dark brown speckles, and the finished rice-crispy treats will be discernibly gold and you will still be able to see the brown speckles all over them. And they will not taste burned, they will surprise you by tasting way darker and nuttier and complex and insanely, maddeningly addictive than with lightly browned butter, and then you will never be able to make them again without hovering over the pan, trying to walk that razor’s edge of getting the butter as dark as possible without ruining it.

  305. Corey

    Any idea on how long/well these might keep after making? I’m contemplating using them as treats in some welcome bags for my wedding, but I would need to make them four days in advance… I’ve made and loved them a bunch of other times, but they have always been gobbled up the same day!

  306. Sarah

    I’ve been making these for a couple of years, and they’ve been a big hit around here. Yesterday, I decided to try something different, and I used 6 cups of broken thin salted pretzels instead of the Rice Krispies (and I left out the salt). Wow. The brown butter with the pretzels works really well, and I just wanted to share. Keep up the great work Deb!

  307. Alexxa

    WOW, these are amazing! For a week now I have been scouring out new recipes to try and so far these are my ABSOLUTE favorite. After, I got home from my summer job today my mom suggested we make “regular” rice crispy treats but I had specifically bought the marshmallows and rice crispies to make your version (I will be moving into a closet-sized-college-dorm in two weeks and I will not have many opportunities to bake for a while so I want to get it all out of my system ). Now I did what any other 17 year old girl would do when she doesn’t think she’ll get what she wants….pout (I admit it). Then my mom decided she’ll give it a shot, so we made your version instead and we both LOVE them!! Thank you so much for this recipe! :)

  308. Adrianne

    I’ve made these several times – they are such a keeper in our place. I only make treats when I’ve got a crowd of people to serve, so I always double the recipe. This time I added mini-marshmallows to the batch (not melted, but extra so they have marshmallow chunks in them) and topped it with sprinkles. So cute. The kids I’m making these for will just gobble them up!

  309. Marlowe

    I don’t remember how it was that I found this post. It has to have been at least a year ago but this has become my single most favorite treat recipe, ever!
    It never fails to impress others and I always end up taking home an empty pan at the end of the evening no matter how many batches I make. I would like to say… “Thank You” because I hate to cook but these little devils make everyone think I’m Julia Child.

  310. Rachel

    Amazing! I made 1.5 times the recipe which used an entire 9 oz. box of cereal. I also used Marshmallow Fluff (1.5 jars) so it would be vegetarian. Easily the best RKT I’ve ever had.

  311. jenny

    I read this recipe back when you posted it and four years later, I actually tried it. My first batch was given to coworkers as Christmas treats. The overwhelming response I received encouraged me to make another batch for my family and me to enjoy. This truly is the best RKT recipe I’ve ever used. Thank you so much for it. :)

  312. Jackie

    HI Deb! My brother got me your book for Hannukah and I’ve already made two dishes from it (that’s a high frequency for me :) ) thank you! I was wondering, can I substitute kosher salt (which I have lying around) for sea salt (which I don’t). Apologies if you’ve already covered this. Thanks for the beautiful book!

  313. Laurie

    I made these as written the first time. Exceeded my expectations. The next day, I made them again with some tweaks: I microwaved the marshmallows in a large bowl for about 30 seconds to start the melting while the butter was browning. Then I added the butter to the bowl and stirred until smooth, eliminating the need to scrape the marshmallows out of a pan. To that bowl, I added the cereal, and it was a breeze to stir together. I used a 9-inch pan since my 8-inch wasn’t tall enough, and they were a perfect height. Lastly, I froze them after cutting, and they defrosted beautifully, tasting as good as they day I made them.

  314. Tara

    I’ve made these twice in the past month and people can’t get enough! They are the easiest, fastest bulk dessert I’ve ever made and are now a crowd favorite. I drizzled dark chocolate on top and added some festive sprinkles.

  315. April

    If these are anywhere near as good as the brownie roll out cookies, I’m kicking myself. I just finished a pan of RKT for a bake sale. I bought enough supplies to make them twice though, so I will HAVE to try these for the Egg Hunt bake sale next week. Btw, making Brownie Roll-Out cookies for next week as well. :)

  316. Nikita

    Do not make these. Seriously, they are deadly good and will ruin all other rice crispy squares for all time. I’ve made 2 batches in 4 days and cannot stop eating them!!

    To make them extra deadly I made the Smitten Kitchen marshmallows with homemade vanilla extract and once those set I used them for both batches of squares. A single batch of marshmallow will give you enough for 2 batches of rice crispy squares and some extra marshmallows for s’mores!

    Making them with homemade marshmallows may be over the top but for my multi-allergen 4 year old it meant he got to have his first ever rice crispy squares, so thank you for always posting recipes for crazy things!

    Excuse me, I need to go change into some elastic waist pants. :-P

  317. Kassidee

    I love these! I always add extra salt though, just sprinkled on top. Today, I went a little nuts and I’m happy I did! I love Brown butter…anything, but it’s never enough little brown bits. I wondered if you could get more brown stuff by adding more milk solids, in the form of milk powder. YOU CAN AND IT’S WORTH IT! I put about 1/4c. Nonfat dry milk powder into my butter and browned as usual. Oh my!

    Deb, if you get the chance to try this Extra-Brown, Brown Butter in another recipe, I beg you to tell me how it goes! I’d love to do it sometime in a savory recipe, like a sauce for gnocchi or something.

  318. Jillian F

    I went to a camp out last weekend and someone brought brown butter rice crispy treats and they were amazing. Seeing as you introduced me to brown butter years ago, I thought, maybe deb has a recipe… And of course you do!! Amazing!! I ate an unhealthy amount of these.

  319. Grace Hallett

    I was directed to this recipe from another blog and just finished making them. With my teen son in mind, I added crumbled, crisp bacon. They are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait for him to get home and have these for his after-school snack. Hmm, probably should have made a double batch… Thanks for a great recipe.

  320. Glenn

    I made these tonight, my plan was to bring them to work tomorrow. That is going to be very difficult. These are the best I have ever eaten,,,

  321. Breanna

    I love these! Made them twice already! Making them again, but only have salted butter, should this be ok? I don’t want them to turn out too salty.

  322. Grace

    Yum! Can’t wait to make these! If I wanted little chunks of marshmallows, could I stir in some mini marshmallows at the end?

  323. Billy

    I have made these every year for the past 4 years around the holidays, and they are always a HUGE HIT! I add a little extra butter to keep people coming back for more…. :)

  324. Sha

    Absolutely melt in your mouth tastefully divine! The browned butter and the salt completely raise the bar and take Rice Krispy Treats to a whole new level. Your recipe completely trumps the original! Thanks for your continued deliciousness!

  325. Lisa

    Just made these with Kosher marshmallows. They are thickened and fish gelatin, so they’re still not vegan (and some vegetarians might not eat them either). The brand I got was Paskesz – they’re available on Amazon if you don’t have kosher foods at your local stores. It was an 8oz bag instead of 10oz so I used 5 scant cups of rice crispies and 4/5 of the stick of butter. They turned out great!

  326. Lillian

    Growing up, we made Scotcheroos, not the marshmallow treats. The Rice Krispy part is gooey peanut butter, the topping is a mix of chocolate and butterscotch chips. They’re incredibly simple, but a huge hit every time I serve them. I am dying to try this brown butter version. Is there anything made with butter that ISN’T better made with brown butter? Also, word to the wise – homemade marshmallows do not work well with Rice Krispies. I think the moisture content may be too high, and it makes them taste stale.

  327. teagirl

    made these today with “Just Right” cereal instead of Rice Krispies – oh so goooood. 38 weeks pregnant and fulfilled my craving :) just wish my stomach wasn’t so squished because I want to eat them ALL but they won’t fit!

  328. derickson

    SO. GOOD. I heard about these on the Spilled Milk podcast today and drove straight to the store to pick up the necessary goods to make these. Another hit from SmittenKitchen. =)

  329. Jeanne

    I’ve made this many times over the years, but last night I made some tweaks and found my new favorite combination: as-brown-as-it-can-get-without-burning browned butter and 1/2 teaspoon almond extract. It adds a different flavor that makes them just a little more grown up, but still has the traditional flavor that people love. Also, they flew off the plate faster than normal. I’m going to try hazelnut extract in my next batch (later today… don’t judge).

  330. Jori

    Somehow, I’d made nearly every cookie & dessert in the cookbook except for these. Enter: Baby’s First Birthday. Monkey Cake + Salted Brown Butter Krispie Treats = Smashing (pun embarrassingly intended) success! Not even a huge fan of these treats usually, but brown butter is magical. Thank you for 2 more perfect recipes and a great party!

  331. Dawn

    I have made these many, many times since you first posted them, but usually have to come back to make sure I have the measurements correct. But, really, I just come back to look at that monkey face!

  332. Mackenzie

    I just made these, and apart from being scared by the butter foam (I don’t think I let it cook quite long enough to be deemed officially browned) they look and taste excellent. Pink marshmallows definitely add something a little extra! Thank you for the great recipe.

  333. Erin

    These look wonderful. However, is it just me, or does browning the butter take for-ev-er? I’ve been at this for 30 mins and am not into foam yet.

  334. These were amazing and came out perfectly! I melted the butter and added mini-marshmallows in a deep saute pan.

    Note that my teenaged son thought he “tasted salt” in them. More telling was that he did not come for seconds. So these might be better for tastes who have not been “recently” desensitized by the traditional and/or commercial recipe. But I loved them, thank you!

  335. Anna

    I made these for Halloween and added reese’s pieces – which was absolutely the best idea of all time – the colors were great, and the crunch and peanut butter flavor was SO GREAT. I’ll never make rice crispy treats any other way!

  336. Anne

    I’m completely late to this party. I think using my vegan/non-gelatin marshmallows were a bit odd in the melting step, plus I was so paranoid about burning the butter that I’m not sure it’s actually “browned” but whatever. They taste hella good!

  337. kim

    Will be trying these as soon as we get over all the holiday treats! My fav trick for smoothing crispy squares is to rub the back of a clean spoon with butter and then smooth out the squares. Works every time, gives lots of control, no mess or fuss.

  338. el edwards

    another twist for rice crispie treats.
    make your treats then bake them.
    a spoonful at at a time @350 for 11-13 minutes until golden brown….
    extra good if you sprinkle some sliced almonds on top before baking.
    instead of a kids favorite treat you have a lace cookie.

    these are simple and easy and well liked ….am thinking of dipping in chocolate.

  339. Jen

    Do you have a recipe for the monkey? Precious!

    Looking forward to making these for girls’ night in. Brown butter makes everything better.

  340. Kathleen

    Years on and this is still my go-to!! It’s been too long at this point – a batch is definitely in the (very) near future. Amazing to look back at little monkey pictures and realize how long I’ve been reading this blog! Thanks for all the great years and inspiration!

  341. tigra

    i found this recipe maybe a month ago and have made them at least 4 times. They are addicting! I love them and everyone who has had them loves them. It is so hard for me to keep these in the house I want to eat them nonstop. This and the oatmeal raisin cookies are amazing!

  342. Linda

    Found this recipe this morning and had all ingredients on hand except I only had salted butter. Used it anyway with a level 1/4 tsp kosher salt. I have never tried browned butter before. OMG! These are better than sex! No contest. Ate almost half the batch before I could stop. This is a keeper. I will be making these weekly for the rest of my life. If I can waddle myself to the stove, that is. :-)

    1. deb

      Sue — I use a flaky sea salt. You can use another kind, but you’ll want to use much less because it will be more dense/heavy and thus salty per 1/4 teaspoon.

  343. celesul

    I really like this recipe, although I wonder if I should be adding vanilla. Anyway, to avoid gelatin (I keep kosher, and getting decent kosher marshmallows is a bit inconvenient and expensive), I use 7 oz marshmallow fluff instead of the 10 oz marshmallows. The mixing is a bit less obvious, as it doesn’t really melt but has to be mixed fairly stubbornly with the butter, but the result is great.

  344. Anna

    These were incredible! Doubled the recipe, used a 9×13″, and cut medium sized cubes. It was a fun look! The one thing I added and can recommend is heavily sprinkling the buttered bottom of the pan with toffee bits before pressing in the bars. The toffee complemented the browned butter and added a little extra surprise crunch and flavor.

  345. Susan

    I will be making these for the first time as a gift for guests at my daughter’s baby shower. How far in advance can I prepare these?

  346. Gail Jacobson

    I made these and I don’t know what happened. They were fine right after I made them, but as time went on they got harder and harder. In fact two days later I had to throw them away because they were inedible.I followed the recipe to a tee. I wrapped them in saran and kept them in the fridge. I think the culprit might be the amount of butter. The back-of-the-RK-box recipe says 3 tablespoons of butter and this is 8 tablespoons.

    1. deb

      Gail — Were they hard at first? Were they in an airtight container? The only thing that can make them to hard otherwise is if the marshamallows get cooked — you just want to stir them until they mostly melt, then add the crispies. Much longer, they lose their stretchiness. The extra butter does not affect the texture, just makes it more delicious.

  347. Katy

    I made these for the first time last Mother’s Day and now it is requested that I bring a double batch to every family gathering. They are a delicious, simple, not-too-sweet version of a classic picnic treat.

  348. Katherine

    Two questions:
    -Do you think it would work to use Fluff in the place of marshmallows? I live in France and white marshmallows are hard to come by…
    -How long do these keep? Would they freeze well?

  349. SmittenKitchenGroupie

    Love these! Made the recipe three times in two days. (First batch…disappeared…without anyone knowing they existed.) For the third batch, I added a bit of brown sugar (a handful – don’t judge me). It gave it only a slightly more browned flavor, but probably not worth the extra calories.

  350. Katherine –

    I’ve used marshmallow fluff instead of marshmallows with excellent results. In fact, I only have ever used fluff since I’m a vegetarian. Use 1 jar of fluff per batch of the recipe.

    I’ve kept them for more than a couple of days in an airtight container.

  351. Claudia

    These are so good, I just made them and had some before they had a chance to cool. To up the gourmet aspect and since they are a pre/post workout treat I used Himalayan salt.

  352. Laura

    Made these and they were great! actually used other cereal I had lying around instead of rice krispies, however the addition of brown butter and sea salt (I used Malden) was incredible.

  353. Julie

    You might not think that the standard rice crispy treat recipe needs any tweaking, but adding the simple step of browning the butter and adding a bit more salt adds a whole new, delicious, dimension to these guys. Give it a try, definitely. This is now my go-to cripsy treat.

  354. Jason

    I have made these hundreds of times. I saw the recipe in a magazine years ago and ever since I made them and brought them into work people have raved about them. This recipe takes time but it’s totally worth it.

    Thank you !!

    1. Kelly

      My family loves this recipe, although I have upped the (salted) butter to 150g and increased the salt flakes to about 1/2 tsp. Very hard to make it last more than a couple of days, though!

  355. Meghan Elledge

    “4 ounces (113 grams or 4 ounces) unsalted butter, plus extra for the pan”

    This says ‘4 ounces’ twice. Did one of them use to be in tablespoons? That’s 8 tablespoons, right?

  356. Leslie Remer

    I just made these, and they are so freaking delicious!! I’ll never go back to the old rice crispy treats. These are gourmet treats! YUMMY!!!

  357. bennifer

    LOVE this recipe! I’ve made it with a bag of Trader Joe’s marshmallows because they’re gelatin free. I felt like I was having trouble getting the marshmallows to melt but they were scarfed down. Next time I made them I used the Ricemellow Creme. I used the entire 10oz container in place of a bag of marshmallows. Was WAY easier/faster and just as yummy!

    1. deb

      My readers get mad when I measure butter in sticks, usually, as sticks come in different amounts in different places and it’s easier to make mistakes.

  358. Sophie

    I made these and added a Halloween touch with black & orange sprinkles and orange sugar, which were stirred in after I mixed the cereal with the marshmallows. Everyone loved them, but quite frankly, I thought they were only slightly better than the traditional rice crispy treats; guess I was expecting a swoon-worthy OMG reaction, given the high praise I was reading from the others who made these. Nevertheless, I will make these again.

    1. Sophie

      I made these again since my last attempt in Oct and this time, I browned the butter a little longer. I also happened to have an extra box of Sur la Table’s Caramel & Crushed Pretzel Ice Cream Mix-In so I stirred those in along with the cereal. The overall results were a sophisticated salty caramel taste and I got rave reviews!

  359. jules120

    What an awesome recipe! I got back from the grocery store at 5:15, my party is at 6…the treats are chilling in the fridge now but I tasted a sample and they are scrumptious! Thanks!

    1. Sophie Lafferty

      Made these again today for Christmas and this time I had a lot of trouble using Trader Joe’s marshmallows. The batch was very crumbly and even after really pressing down in the pan, I couldn’t get them to hold together. The taste was fine, but cutting into squares was impossible. What a disappointment. I’m going to go back to Kraft marshmallows; have never had a problem before.

    1. For those of us who don’t have marshmallows around, do you have a favorite marshmallow/marshmallow cream recipe to use for these? I have a corn allergy, so something w/o corn syrup would be ideal.

      1. Adrienne

        I *think* Alton Brown has a version made without corn syrup. Not positive, but worth checking into. Try Martha Stewart, if need be, too.

  360. These are AMAZING – perfect combination of sweet and salty! I’ve made them twice in the last couple of weeks and they have been demolished both times.

    TIP: to add an extra dimension of flavour, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the squares before they set. Lush :)

  361. About to make these for the second (Friendsgiving) and third (for work) time. First time I made them everyone said they were the best rice krispie treats they ever had!! I literally did make new friends.

  362. Cheryl

    Hi just curious. You mention that there is double the butter in these but it looks like you are using 1/2 cup butter which is the same amount as my regular recipe. Am I reading this wrong? These sound delicious!

  363. Susie

    I made these and they were scarfed in 5 minutes after laying down on the table at the church.

    1/2 C (1 stick) butter, browned to “nutty aroma”
    2 T vanilla flavoring
    1 tsp sea salt
    10 oz bag of Mini Marshmallows
    6 C Rice Krispie Cereal
    These were very good. I will try and make with 1 less T butter next time. These were good, gooey and crispy though, just thought there was a tad too much butter.

  364. Made these for our annual holiday party. Sooo yummy! Finished off the 1″ x 2″ bars with a salted caramel drizzle and some flaked pink salt. Such a nice grown-up version of the classic treat. Thanks for recipe!

  365. JP

    Made these tonight, because apparently my holiday weekends are best spent making SK recipes! So very good. Thank you for making these adult-worthy but still kid-treat fun!

  366. smeron

    So… a word of warning. I bought the ingredients for this at Whole Foods (“natural” marshmallows, whatever that means, and brown rice krispy cereal, because that’s the closest thing they had to what I needed.) While the flavor of the finished product was good, the texture was all off: chewy to the point I was worried about breaking a tooth–not fluffy and soft like it is supposed to be. I fully blame the ingredients and not the recipe, and plan to try this again with the right ingredients. Just wanted to share in case anyone is considering going the same route.

    1. Julie

      I also had this same issue using the Ingredients I bought from Whole Foods. The dandies brand marshmallows take longer to melt and are seriously chewy. I had to cut mine up into bite sized pieces to avoid the tooth breaking situation. When the little pieces were so tiny, I could not stop eating them because they were so chewy. I am making them again now with half of the dandies marshmallows and half of the softer 365 brand marshmallows…. mmm!

  367. These are my go-to bring-along-in-a-pinch treats for just about every occasion under the sun, and have been for years. Everyone raves about them every time. Husband and I just moved into a new house and I decided to make them for our new neighbors (along with a few other treats), but I wanted to do something just a tad different.

    Tried adding just a 1/2 tsp of almond extract and a little bit of cayenne for an extra kick last night, and they were maybe (maaaaayyyyyybe) even better. Or maybe I just love these every time because how can you go wrong with brown butter anything? I don’t know, but thank you!

  368. Deborah Peters Tyrrell

    I made them with the store brand version of Wheat Chex cereal and added mini chocolate chips and my daughter loved them.

    1. When I made them for our Christmas holiday party (added a salted caramel drizzle for that “festive look”), the leftovers stored in an airtight container did well for about 5 days. Just like any RCT, they start to get a little stale – still tasty but texture starts to go.

      I actually froze some of the cut bars (sans caramel drizzle) then vacuum sealed them in packs of 4 or 6. These freeze and thaw beautifully and it’s nice to pull out a package of treats when the urge strikes!

  369. Abby

    These are what I always wanted when I went for a Rice Crispy Treat but was always disappointed with the regular recipe. I can’t even begin to explain how perfect these are. It is taking all my self restraint to not polish off the pan by myself.

  370. Interesting how elevated the flecks of browned butter made these so much better. SO was off of these, due to having too many that tasted like styrofoam. He was pleasantly surprised by the carmelly (new word), taste. Very well done.

  371. Jenny

    Ooey gooey deliciousness! Easy to make. Got a little nervous about over-browning the butter, so might not have had the strongest flavor. But the texture and consistency was great. Will definitely use this recipe again!

  372. Best go-to for any occasion (not that you need one) especially if you need something quick and easy. Even though these are “just” rice krispy treats, the extra time – and really, it’s no time at all – taken to brown the butter takes these morsels to another dimension. I’ve never felt like a cheater for bringing these to events, because they leave a LASTING impression…everyone always asks for more! I’ve even had a friend request that I mail them! It’s a great recipe that leaves the door wide open for additional interpretation…I’ve added creamy peanut butter, for instance, or different flavors of marshmallows. Thanks, Deb, for taking something so “basic” and making it into a must-have staple!

  373. Sarah B.

    One of my favorite local coffee shops has a brown butter crispy bar that my husband and I love, so today we finally tried this recipe. We used Himalayan pink salt but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter, and the bars are DELICIOUS. Love your recipes, Deb!

  374. Annie

    Hi! I was just wondering if you knew of any vegetarian gelatin I could use to make marshmallows! I recently became a vegetarian and one of the things I really miss are marshmallows and rice crispy treats like this.

    1. Jennifer

      Annie, We use an entire container of Ricemellow Creme when making these to keep them vegetarian. SO yummy!!! Sorry – I can’t help you with making your own marshmallows though :(

      1. Sophie Lafferty

        I had problems using TJ’s vegan marshmallows. They never set up right and crumbled when I tried to cut into squares. Never had this problem with Kraft marshmallows.

  375. B

    Can’t wait to try them. I altered the recipe as well. I hope you will try my way someday. I cook the marshmallows longer and as you mentioned, this makes for rock hard treats so to alleviate that I stir in 2 cups mini marshmallows at the end to keep the mixture gooey. Just before the cereal I add 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste and 1 teaspoon good vanilla. After the cereal, 1/4 t coarse salt.

  376. Alice J Carlan

    About 25 years ago (my daughter was about 8) I was making RKT and had to step away from the stove for “just a second” as I was melting my salted butter to referee a disagreement. Your boys aren’the old enough for you to know just how easy those refs on TV make it look. Not so in real life. The “second” became a minute or three or four and I ended up with a generous amount of browned butter. Being frugal, I just couldn’t see throwing out the butter so I continued with the recipe. What started out as a treat for my daughter became a coveted adult snack as well. Have not made them according to the original recipe since them. My daughter continues the tradition to this day.

  377. Sharon Barker

    I m going to give this decatant little treat a try. Have no doubt it will be a hit with the Granchildren. Question whether I may need to keep this a secret from their parents. Lol!! Thanks so much. I’m sure the kids will love it. Won’t be telling the parents………. ❤️

  378. Tara

    Just made these with left over Easter Peeps! Haven’t tried them yet, but the specks of colored sugar and the smell of browned butter is making it difficult to let them cool!

    1. Sophie

      I had leftover Peeps, too, and wish I had thought of using them for these crispy treats. However, taking a tip from another reviewer, my next batch will have graham cracker crumbs mixed in – that sounded really good! Thanks for all the great ideas – so inspirational.

  379. Audrey

    Hi! Can’t wait to make this for my husband’s graduation party this Saturday. How far ahead do you think I could make these? Thank you. Cutie monkey!

  380. Based on a suggestion I saw somewhere online, I subbed 1 T white miso for the salt. Added it to the melted browned butter before the marshmallows. People went INSANE for them. I am making them this way from now on. Perfect summer/pool party fare.

    1. Alicia

      I tried your suggestion and it was great, you don’t really taste the miso but it plays up the maltiness of the rice krispies really well. Definitely use the full tablespoon, I was nervous and used a little less and can tell it would be better with the full amount (maybe even more!)

  381. Kim

    Thinking to make these for a crowd. Okay to double the recipe? Or would it make it more difficult to get the cereal mixed into the marshmallow? Thanks.

    1. Kate

      I double this recipe all the time. You definitely need a huge pot (I use a 10 qt stockpot) and I find it easier to mix in the marshmallows with the heat on very low to keep them fluid. It’s an arm workout but doable; they fit perfectly in a 9×13 pan or if you want thinner ones, a 10X15 jelly roll pan.

  382. Catherine

    I finally made these again after too many years. The twist? I doubled the recipe, added an extra 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 bag of crushed, freeze-dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s, that I tossed around with the krispies beforehand. Absolutely brilliant this was. And delicious!

  383. Suzzanne

    Company is coming, so when I spotted the red, white and blue Rice Krispies at the store I knew I had to make these bars. Always a hit. I had a 16 oz bag of marshmallows on hand, so I used 1 and 1/2 sticks of butter and 12 cups of cereal. Spread them in my 1/2 sheet pan. This is such an easy, festive, do-ahead treat for family coming for the weekend.

  384. SallyT

    I can’t believe I’ve never commented – this is our go-to last minute dessert, and is always a huge hit. THANK YOU!

  385. Helen

    These were wonderful and easy! The Best rice krispie treats I’ve ever had! Followed exactly except at the end of mixing I threw in a handful or two of extra marshmallows then pressed into the pan. I don’t think I’ll ever make them the standard way again! Tip…I used a 5 quart ceramic non stick pot and cleanup was a snap! Thank you for such a great version of this fun recipe! I will always try to have ingredients on hand to make these often. So easy n quick to make n take anywhere!!!

  386. Saloniii

    I made rice krispies, they were crunchy the first day but soggy the next. I used homemade marshmallows. I stored the treats in the freezer. What am I doing wrong?

  387. Katie Long

    Can you make this with Fluff instead of marshmallows? I can’t eat marshmallows, because of the gelatin (I’m vegetarian). But these sound so goooooooood.

    1. Jennifer

      Katie Long – I always use Ricemellow Creme for the same reason (I use the entire container for this recipe) Works perfectly! I imagine Fluff would work the same, enjoy!!

  388. These are so fantastic! I found last minute that I only had Kerrygold salted butter. I used that and cut the salt to a heaping 1/8 teaspoon and they turned out just fine. I used Maldon sea salt flakes. Thanks for a great recipe!

  389. rdechamplain

    Bonjour, Je vais réaliser votre recette exactement comme vous nous l’offrez et verrai ainsi la saveur que cela procure. Je vous reviendrai pour commentaires. Merci de nous offrir ce rappel de base de soupe que ma grand-mère faisait quand j’étais enfant, dans les années 1930. Maintenant je suis survivante de quatre générations et rappellerai aux plus jeunes ces secrets de cuisine d’autrefois qui reviennent à la mode. Salutations. de la région de Bas Saint-Laurent, province de Québec, Canada.

  390. Jekka

    You hit it out of the ballpark once again. I’m pregnant and all I want is rice crispy treats. These are the best. Thank you. :)

  391. Jessica

    Made these for a 2nd time in a week and they hit the spot. I did add a splash of vanilla to the melted butter for some extra flavor. Might reduce the butter down next time a sub out a couple tablespoons of peanut butter…..mmmmmmm…..

  392. Linda girl

    I just made these for the first time in about 30 yrs. I love brown butter & salt & thought I’d give them a try. I left some in the bowl to try while the ones cooled in the pan. They are soooo good & crunchy and love the brown butter flavor w/ the salt!! I’ll make this receipe again & again! So quick & easy too.

  393. Crystal

    Just made these for the first time and they’re amazing! I had vanilla sea salt so I used that but didn’t really notice any difference from if I’d used regular. One tip…use the butter wrapper to smoosh it down in the pan rather than a new piece of parchment. Worked like a charm and doesn’t stick :)

  394. Tamara

    If you have the right size pan and the right size rolling pin, rolling it compresses it nicely. I have a 12x 18 two inch deep pan. I do a double recipe to fill it and use a rolling pin. Perfection!

  395. Katie Long

    I plan on making these for the holidays. I have some espresso salt. Think that would be good, in place of the regular salt? Anyone?

    1. Sophie

      Katie – since the recipe calls for only a heaping 1/4 tsp salt, the espresso flavor may not come through. However, I’m intrigued with the idea and wonder if adding chopped up chocolate espresso beans might amp up the espresso flavor. I’ve made this recipe with all kinds of variations, including espresso nib peanut butter, Halloween and Christmas riffs – so much fun to come up with different add-ins.

      1. Katie Long

        Thank you for the reply! I do love the idea of adding the chopped up chocolate espresso beans. I’m making them for “grown-ups” and wanted to add a bit of grown-up flavor to the classic. That is a good idea. I wonder if using a little less salt in the recipe, then sprinkling the espresso salt around on the top might work? Then the espresso salt would kind of directly hit the tongue. I think I’ll try both!

        1. Sophie