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cinnamon swirl buns + so much news

Friends, we have so much catching up to do. I promised before I went to the Bahamas that when I got back, I’d have some cool stuff to share, but somehow it is over four weeks later and we are really overdue for a chat. Plus, it’s Tax Day and I’ve been moping around all week with my pockets inside out since I was presented with a bill with an impossible number of zeros after it, and hey, wouldn’t we all rather focus on the cheerful stuff? Of course. So without further ado:

living room teeny tiny kitchen eeee!

The Smitten Kitchen is moving: Well, not urls, thank god (though in a fit of obsessiveness last week, I decided at once to go on a domain shopping spree and you can now get here via, or Wish I could go on normal people shopping sprees, like for shoes.). But as I have alluded to — namely through griping about the packing and the sorting and the boxes, and lord, the boxes — we’ve found a new apartment and we’re moving this weekend. And we can’t wait. I lived in the East Village when I first moved to NYC in 2000, and am thrilled to have found an excuse to move back. Perhaps I’ll even check out this “Trader Joes” you kids are always going on about!

But who cares about the neighborhood? Let’s get down to the brass tacks. That sound you hear? It’s the sky opening up and the angels singing in the new smitten kitchen, as there is a large white machine whose sole purpose is to wash dishes for us. I can barely handle all of this excitement at once. Alex, who we all know deals with the brunt of the dishes here, is already wondering whether we can just pack up this week’s dirty dishes and just wash ’em when we arrive this weekend. The jury is still out on that one.

So that’s the good news. The bad news? The kitchen is smaller. Oh, I know those of you with your expansive kitchens with yards of counter space and cabinets aplenty think that our current kitchen was pitifully small, but I’m telling you, for New York City, it was nothing to complain about. It was downright dreamy and I told it so all of the time. The new kitchen is a lot more of what you’d expect on this island, and I’m not going to lie: I’m terrified. Does this mean no more wedding cakes? What about truffle dredging stations? But I know I’ll eventually adapt; it is my way. Besides, the floor is adorably checkered and there’s a nice little window — I’m warming to it already.


The Smitten Kitchen is going to cow country. People, it has killed me to keep this from you all of these months because I could not be more excited if … I just couldn’t be more excited. A few days after this weekend’s move, Alex and I are packing our blue jeans and our kicks (Note to self: Buy “kicks”!) into suitcases and heading out to visit The Pioneer Woman on her ranch, and stay in her Lodge. Yes, that ranch. Yes, in that Lodge. Ree and I hope to spend the weekend cooking up a storm, city versus country style while Alex is out in the field, no doubt getting hazed by her two boys for his City Slicker ways. There will be pictures. There butter by the pound. And considering that the closest I’ve been to cows, perhaps ever, is that blurry picture you see above from upstate New York — blurry because I was skittering away because, wow, cows are tall and kinda scary up close — this trip should be a source of endless amusement for my friends and family, and hopefully you as well. We cannot wait.

cinnamon buns with cream cheese glaze

There are buns in ovens. It’s true! After pining over Molly Wizenberg’s Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze for more than a year now, I couldn’t take it anymore and baked them up this weekend (when I was supposed to be cleaning out my closet). Hot damn, people. Do not wait as long as I did, you’ll be filled with regret and …

Yes, I am dodging the subject again; burying the lede, if you will. There is, you see, an actual bun in the Smitten Kitchen oven. As much as I have tried to deny it and as much as it has even now really not sunk in yet, evidence has mounted since the beginning of this year — in the form of incomparable adorableness on ultrasound screens, the sudden appeal of stretchy-waist jeans and an incessant need to nap the days away — that we’ve got a wee little person on the way. I’m due in September, and we’re pretty stoked.

dough, doubledspreading the buttersprinkling the brown sugar + cinnamonrolling the bunscinnamon buns, rolled and readysliced, swirled bunscinnamon buns, slicedcinnamon buns, ready to doublecinnamon buns, a-bakin'cinnamon buns, coolingicing with cream cheese frostingmessy is good

[P.S. You still get cinnamon buns, I mean, when you make your own. We didn’t save you any.]

One year ago: Caramelized Shallots (Do yourself a favor and make these today. They are that good.)

Cinnamon Swirl Buns with Cream Cheese Glaze
Adapted from Molly Wizenberg’s recipe in Bon Appetit, March 2008

Makes 18 buns. Note I did not say “servings”. That’s between you and your buns.

Psst, update 11/15/13: These days, my favorite bun dough is this newer one. It yields 12 taller, more tender and rich buns. Notes are included at the bottom about how to use it for classic cinnamon buns, or apple-cinnamon buns.

1 cup whole milk
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
3 1/2 cups (or more) unbleached all purpose flour, divided
1/2 cup sugar
1 large egg
2 1/4 teaspoons rapid-rise or instant yeast (from 1 envelope yeast)
1 teaspoon salt
Nonstick vegetable oil spray

3/4 cup (packed) golden brown sugar
2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
Pinch of salt

4 ounces cream cheese, at room temperature
1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

For dough: Combine milk and butter in glass measuring cup. Microwave on high until butter melts and mixture is just warmed to 120°F to 130°F, about 30 to 45 seconds. Pour into bowl of stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment. Add 1 cup flour, sugar, egg, yeast, and salt. Beat on low speed 3 minutes, stopping occasionally to scrape down sides of bowl. Add additional 2 1/2 cups flour. Beat on low until flour is absorbed and dough is sticky, scraping down sides of bowl. If dough is very sticky, add more flour by tablespoonfuls until dough begins to form ball and pulls away from sides of bowl. Turn dough out onto lightly floured work surface. Knead until smooth and elastic, adding more flour if sticky, about 8 minutes. (You may also use a KitchenAid’s dough hook for this process.) Form into ball.

Lightly oil large bowl with nonstick spray. Transfer dough to bowl, turning to coat. Cover bowl with plastic wrap, then kitchen towel. Let dough rise in warm draft-free area until doubled in volume, about 2 hours.

For filling: Mix brown sugar, cinnamon and pinch of salt in medium bowl.

Press down dough. Transfer to floured work surface. Roll out to 15×11-inch rectangle. Spread butter over dough, leaving 1/2-inch border. Sprinkle cinnamon mixture evenly over butter. Starting at the longer side, roll dough into log, pinching gently to keep it rolled up. With seam side down, trim ends straight if they are uneven (we baked them in a ramekin, incapable of discarding such deliciousness) cut remaining dough crosswise with thin sharp knife (a good serrated worked well here) into 18 equal slices (each about 1/2 to 3/4 inch wide).

Spray two 9-inch square glass baking dishes (an 8-inch square metal pan worked just fine, too) with nonstick spray. Divide rolls between baking dishes, arranging cut side up (there will be almost no space between rolls). Cover baking dishes with plastic wrap, then kitchen towel. Let dough rise in warm draft-free area until almost doubled in volume, 40 to 45 minutes, though yours, like mine, may take longer. Don’t skimp on the double-rising time.

Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 375°F. Bake rolls until tops are golden, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven and invert immediately onto rack. Cool 10 minutes. Turn rolls right side up.

For glaze: Combine cream cheese, powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla in medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat until smooth. Spread glaze on rolls. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Note: These buns were best the day they were baked. The second day, they were on the tough side. If you anticipate wanting them over a few days, glaze them to order, heating the buns beforehand to soften them up.

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1,205 comments on cinnamon swirl buns + so much news

  1. DEB! I’ve been lurking for quite a while and (shamefully) have never commented, even when I had reason to! (see: out-of-this-world blondies, etc) Anyhoodle, CONGRATS to you! How exciting. All the best. PS: You should immediately register for the tiniest chef’s outfit money can buy, because it would be adorable.

  2. Kai

    BEYOND jealous of your dishwasher! I thought dishwashers in NYC apartments were just a fairy tale!

    You definitely WILL adapt to your new space. I have the TEENY TINYEST NYC kitchen and I’ve been able to cook and experiment just fine. It’s amazing what surfaces you find to work on.

  3. Oh my GOSH! This is almost too much for me to handle.
    Congratulations, congratulations! What a lucky, well-fed kid you will have!

    (Also, congrats on the move. And welcome (back) to the neighborhood!)

  4. Nicole

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Such wonderful news!! Hope you’ve a healthy, EASY pregnancy and all that. Babies are such a treasure . . . . I know as I’ve two and a newborn! Who needs sleep anyway?!

    Hugs to the three of you.

  5. SOOO excited about your news: the bun in the oven!!! And, I’m nearly as excited that you are going to the RANCH!! Happy moving, traveling, cooking, and baby brewing!

  6. Sarah

    Congrats on the new digs! I hope the move goes as painlessly as possible. And can I just say, from a purely selfish point of view that I cannot wait, absolutely cannot wait, to see what yumminess you and PW come up with for us readers?? Have a fantabulous time!

  7. Congrats on all the excellent news. I am a firm believer in dishwashers increasing quality of life (you think I am kidding but I have said this to my husband many times) – to the point where I have dealt with tiny kitchens where the extra island was in the livingroom – but it was all worth it because the kitchens had dishwashers.

  8. Jen

    Yay, yay and more yay!!! Can’t wait to see you on the ranch and in the lodge– it looks like such a fun place to visit! And so many congrats on the “bun”– I can’t wait to see your journey through this process!!

  9. Tracie

    wow that is a lot of news….you and Ree together two of my favorites….Bakerella survived so I think you will be able to manage your close cow encounters just fine….just watch out… apparently they are really close….like on the porch close…also can’t wait until the smitten kitchen has to manage a finicky eater…I have two….should be great news for makers of child friendly cuisine everywhere! Congrats and safe travels!

  10. merrypetal

    Congratulations! New baby and home, what a perfect dovetail. Lovely to hear all these good things. Happy travels to the farm, look forward to the photos and updates. I’m another lurker that enjoys every RSS feed in my inbox from you. Thank you for being there!

  11. Nicole M

    Wow, is this the single most exciting post ever? Congrats on the new place, dishwasher, and little bun and happy travels!

  12. Mazel tov!!!! On the dishwasher AND the bun in the oven. I’m due at the end of September, so I’m hoping our cravings run the same route (so I can get some good recipes).

    I read all the time, rarely comment — but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site. Again, congratulations to you and Alex!

  13. kim

    I am thrilled that you are going to Ree’s! You two are my top two sites and imagining you two in the same kitchen sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to hearing more about it, from both of you!

  14. unionmaidn

    Congratulations! And especially congrats to your child, of whom I am incredibly jealous because of the yummy foods s/he will get to eat as s/he grows. God bless my mom and Hamburger Surprise, but I sure would have loved to have me some potato gratin or caramel fudge crackers when I was seven.

  15. Kim

    Congratulations on all your good news. The “bun” will love the black-and-white floor as babe cruises around picking up stray bits of whatever goodness you’re cooking up . . . am I getting ahead of myself? I have a 9-month-old so that’s where we are right now.

  16. Becky

    Delurking to say…what a THRILLING POST! In every sense of the word! Contratulations on little one on the way, and I cannot WAIT to see what you an Ree cook up. The photos of the trip from both of you will be worth the wait.

  17. Jamie

    I’ve been a fan for over a year but have yet to comment. Your recipes are amazing! Congratulations on the new baby on the way. Your life is about to change dramatically, but for the better! Have fun at the ranch with Ree! Can’t wait to make these cinnamon rolls.

  18. Oh that is so exciting! I am so happy for both of you. Big congratulations. That is going to be one well fed kid! I love reading Ree’s blog and will totally look forward to vicariously sharing in your fun this weekend.

  19. Hi Deb — I’m another one of those lurking-for-a-while-but-never-commented. Your website is great and has really inspired me to try so many new things in the kitchen. Congratulations to you!

  20. Congratulations! Babies are such joy. I was so proud of myself when I realized I was cooking 3-4 times a week when my son was 3 weeks old. You’ll probably beat the pants off that achievement!

    The dishwasher will make up for the smaller kitchen. Now you have somewhere to stash the dirty dishes.

  21. wow – so much news in one post! First, congrats on the move and I totally understand the kitchen situation. Your new place looks about as big as mine (although we live in DC, but still). I’ve lived in cities so often that after a while, you begin to think that small kitchens are the norm and it works somehow.

    Second – how cool! I’m totaly jealous you’re going to hang with PW. Take lots of great pictures and watch out for the cows in the yard.

    Third – these buns look awesome!!

    Okay, I’m done now. :)

  22. Sarah

    Oh my gosh! I just reread the post (to actually read the recipe, not just the news about the move and PW) and realized that I completely missed the pregnancy news. Big, big, congrats! :) Mazel tov!

  23. Chris

    okay. long time reader, first time commenter.

    Congrats on your wee one! Please let me share something I wish someone had shared with me earlier. I’m due any day now, and was getting unbearably uncomfortable. All of my girlfriends said that’s just how the last month is.

    This is a lie. Go get a pregnancy massage. I had one on Saturday, and it’s the closest thing to a miracle I’ve ever experienced. It’s also the main reason I’m able to find the patience not to go out into the yard and do jumping jacks until the kid falls out.

  24. How exciting! New kitchen and new family member! The (edible) buns look fantastic. Can’t wait to try them. I’ve never mentioned, but SK is my first go-to blog for yummy recipes. I tried your pita recipe the other day, and it was yummy, but I need to invest in a (food-grade) mister. Somehow I don’t think the Home Depot sprayers will do. ;)

  25. Oh my…. Congratulations, this is so exciting! It’s so great you were able to move now, and you even have lots of time to prepare the baby’s room…
    This is going to be a happy baby… :-)

  26. Eileen

    oh my! So many congratulations!! You are so cute with the buns and your bun and it’s just so much fun! And I so look forward to reading about your adventures with PW!

  27. I’m convinced you’ll manage just fine in that new kitchen of yours. Here’s to all of your happy news – wishing you and your growing family only the best during this exciting time!

  28. Alexis

    I adore this blog and have never commented before, but I just felt so compelled to say CONGRATULATIONS on that bun in the oven!

  29. Kelly S.

    omg my two fav. cooking bloggers together!! I can not WAIT!! and mm, those buns look good. . .
    Any ideas on what one could replace all that cinnamon with when you have people who don’t really like cinnamon…you know, a little is ok, but ALL cinnamon…not so much.

  30. Melanie

    OMG! You have so much news for us. I am SO excited that you are going to Ree’s! I love her & I love you. This is a perfect match for some mighty fine cooking. I am from the south & we LOVE butter down here so bake us up something yummy. I know that you are excited about a dishwasher. I would take a dishwasher and have a small kitchen in a second. (thank God I didn’t have to make that choice) Congrats too on the new baby. Can’t wait to see what you cook up next week. Have fun. (I am SO jealous:)

  31. Juliana

    Congratulations!! I had a feeling I wasn’t the only pregnant one around here, your menus are practically magnets for cravings lol. You’ll have to start looking up recpies for homemade baby food even we would eat! your new apt is awesome and after a couple years without a dishwasher, I totally understand your love and adoration for the big white box in your space. well congrats again and thanks for the buns, those will be perfect for when the family comes a callin’ in the next couple weeks.

  32. Aaaaah! So much! Congrats on your bun in the oven! So exciting! And I am so jealous that you get to go to the Lodge! And you get to cook there with PW! Can I come?

  33. Kate F

    these buns look phenomenal! and congrats on all your news…we will soon be neighbors as i live not too far from the EV. good luck w/ the move!

  34. You’re going to the ranch and will be staying at the lodge!!!?? I can’t believe it. This blog world is crazy! And so much fun. Thanks for letting us all share in your adventures.

    Congrats on the move!

  35. Julie

    Congrats! I look forward to baby food and kid-friendly recipes. My daughter is three months old (so I’ll be making some purees for her starting this summer), and my son is in the throes of pickiness. Good luck to you!

  36. Your Sister

    I already knew about the “bun” aka my Niecephew, but this post still managed to bring happy tears to my eyes. xxoo

  37. Amy

    Ahh, congratulations on everything!! This post was like Christmas morning: one surprisingly lovely present after another! I’m excited and happy for you :-)

  38. Congratulations! How wonderful! And I am totally jealous at your going to visit Pioneer Woman; yours and hers are my new favorite blogs and I think when I see the pics from your visit on either of your blogs, my head will simply explode. Hope it’s a great trip!

  39. So much news! I almost missed your bun in the oven comment because I was so in shock that my two favorite food bloggers would be in the same place at the same time so close to me … well a day or so drive. I contemplated going all Lisa Nowak and grabbing a diaper and hitting the road.

    Many congrats though.

    Oh – and I made your hummus and rosemary flatbread this weekend. ZOMG! So de-lish. Total crowd pleaser.

  40. Jessica J

    congrats, deb!! can’t wait to see what your cravings inspire for the site (haha).

    have fun with the pioneer woman – love her blog and can’t wait to see what you 2 collaborate on!

  41. Congrats on the little one, the move and I’m jealous about the Lodge trip.}:P

    Your new kitchen looks to be about the size of mine, only I don’t have a dishwaher!}:P

  42. oma

    congrats! as a fellow pregnant lady due in september, those cinnamon buns look like the perfect way to fulfill the sugar cravings i’ve been having. enjoy settling into the new place and getting ready for the little one.

  43. Oh big congrats, sweetie – on everything! Very very happy for you and Alex on all fronts (the dishwasher must outweigh the lack of space, no?). I’m wishing you two (three!) health and happiness (and solid sleep). xxoo

  44. I knew it! It may be because I’m knee deep in the “childbearing-and-little-kids-stage” myself but everytime someone mentions they have news it’s my default thought. LOL

    Congratulations and be sure to eek out all that wonderful cooking, photography and couple time you can right now. There’s no turning back and the future with a little one is a blessed adventure but one thing it’s guaranteed to be – that is different.

  45. RA

    My thought process while I read through this post:

    “Okay, already knew about the new apartment … OOH, those posts from the ranch will ROCK! … Yes, cows are totally scary up close … BABY! Gaaaaah!”

    That is to say, congratulations! I commend you for not dangling the news at us without actually disclosing; how did you restrain yourself?! I am so excited for you! And seriously, how cute is it to announce a bun in the oven with cinnamon buns? Way too cute.


  46. Congrats on “the bun”, and the move!
    Your new kitchen looks to be about the same size as mine, except I have a double welled sink, and no dishwasher… The floor is super cute, and the window could be home to a window box herb garden!!
    As for the cinnamon buns, they look soooo delicious! The dough ratios look a lot like my grandma’s bun recipe (except for the egg)- can’t wait to try these out!!

  47. So many reasons to celebrate and so much exciting news–CONGRATULATIONS, on all fronts! Enjoy the new apt, enjoy the country, enjoy being able to eat as much as you want and not worry about the weight gain!

  48. Amy

    Oh my goodness. So much great news in one post. I feel like my worlds are colliding. Can’t wait to see you and Ree cooking it out. And congrats on the little one! And the move. Send some of that my way, will ya?

  49. Congratulations on the bun in the oven, and the buns that were in the oven (but now are all gone…guess what I’ll be making some weekend morning sometime soon!). I’m interested to see what unique “cravings” recipes end up on your blog! :)

  50. Jesse

    Yay! Congratulations! I am due in September, too (9/21, though of course it’s a moveable feast) so I sympathize with the napping and the stretchy clothing stuff. Best of luck on your move :)

  51. wow that’s a lot of good news! i love babies, cinnamon buns, molly wizenberg, the pioneer woman, smitten kitchen, AND dishwashers, so all of your good news is making me very happy and hungry and envious. congrats congrats CONGRATS! and can’t wait to see what you and ree cook up together!!


  52. Elise

    Congratulations!!! So much wonderful bun news! Woo-hoo!!!!! I hope you’re feeling great and enjoying watching your belly grow. Yay!!

  53. Allison

    Congratulations on the place and baby!!! I am also soon to find myself with a machine to do dishes instead of the husband :)

  54. (another) Kathryn

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I just saw it on Facebook but thought it might be less creepy to say so here, haha. That’s so exciting! All the best, really. =)

  55. Kristen

    I have been reading your blog(s) since you were single and searching and way before you ever met Alex. And have been (semi) patiently waiting for this exciting news!! Congrats, and I hope you update more about it and not sneakily fit it in at the end of a post that has other exciting news :)

  56. Nishta

    wow, wow, wow! big congratulations to both of you, and both sets of sk parents, who are undoubtedly thrilled to have a grandbaby on the way!

    any odd cravings we may get the chance to see in upcoming posts?

  57. Lyra

    Oh my goodness! Congrats on the dishwasher! Congrats on the new place! And most especially, congratulations on the non-cinnamon bun in the oven!

  58. Mary

    “SQUEEE!!” A smitten baby! I’m expecting my second grandbaby in July and share your excitement! Loving hint: get the best baby swing you can find, with lots of gadgets for baby to look at, and park it right outside the kitchen door. Result: lots of hours to cook with happy baby playing/sleeping nearby. The dishwasher is your new best friend! Make Alex empty it. Congratulations to you and your family.

  59. Congratulations on the wee one on the way! Exciting news all around!!
    (And thank you for posting this cinnamon bun recipe and reminding me that I need to try it out)

  60. Jen

    Congratulations! If I ever have a bun in the oven I think I’ll bake some buns and make a few bun jokes to ease into announcing it too! Sooooo exciting. And congratulations on moving back to a favourite neighbourhood! Thanks for the recipe too!

  61. 1) When I moved out of law school housing in NYC (in the E. Village, and I adore it too, although I had a corner instead of a kitchen) the one REQUIREMENT I had for a kitchen was a dishwasher. You won’t regret it.

    2) When I lived in a lovely apartment down the street from Dylan’s Candy Bar with a balcony! but a teeny teeny kitchen, I made a wedding cake for a friend that was covered in poured ganache. It just meant that my dining table was also covered in poured ganache. You can make it work.

    3) I am incredibly envious of your trip to the Lodge! This is me turning a bright shade of kelly green.

  62. Susan

    Well, congratulations on it all!

    A kitchen with a dishwasher, no less! Well..good luck with that one. I practically wash the dishes before I wash the dishes! And only the dishes and silverware..everything else I do by hand because the DW will ruin the knives, the pans won’t fit, the wooden spoons-NO…yada yada. But, it’s a great place to rinse and stash’em (cuz there’s room to do so) while you’re busy.

    The pregnancy? I never felt better, hope you have as easy a preg-time as I did. And the baby? Endless joy and so fun..any work is so worth it! The move? Ugh.
    The trip? Can’t wait to see the pic’s.

  63. Congratulations on your move and the new addition to your family! I just had a baby girl three months ago and let me just say, motherhood/pregnancy is truly one of the most amazing things ever. Every dish you cook from here on out, you’ll probably say to yourself, “I can’t wait until he/she can eat this!!” :)

  64. Wow, so much news! Mazel tov a million times–on the move (and the dishwasher: this Brooklynite is insanely jealous), on the country visit, and most of all on the bun in the oven! Having a baby knocked me out of blogging for a while (he’s 2.5 now and I’m just getting back in the swing); I hope it doesn’t have the same effect on you.

  65. Felicity

    Yay! Congratulations all around! Just think of all the cupcakes and candies and buns you can bake for kindergarten parties! Oh joy!

  66. WOW!!! Congrats!!! I, of course read your blog all the time and feel like I know you so I am super excited for your new arrival. That is awesome. And I am so jealous you and the Pioneer Woman are going to cook up a storm this weekend. You get to go to that ranch and that lodge. Hope you guys have fun and I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see what you guys cook up.

  67. Carrie

    Good God, woman, when you hold out on people, you really hold out!! Congratulations on the dishwasher! Congratulations on getting to meet PW (scratch Charlie’s belly for me!!!)! And congratulations on creating a li’l chef!! Woooooo!

  68. Collette

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! My husband and I were just talking last night about how intense the love is you feel for a child. He said, you know, I loved my parents but not like this. Of course that means that we’re destined to have a child that loves us like we loved our parents but no matter! It’s wonderful.

    And all the rest of the news is great too–I can’t wait to read about your trip to see the Pioneer Woman. Two of my favorite food blogs!

  69. Audrey

    My hand got a li “post!” happy.

    Congratulations – SO MUCH – on the move, on the bebe! and on going to The PDub’s place!

    This is all entirely too awesome! De-lurking (tho you have given me advice on a bake off before) just to say that, and to let you know I’m so happy for you (tho I don’t, really, *know you).

    Congrats again!

  70. Congrats on the little one Deb!! So exciting!! So it’s going to be SmittenKitchen + 1 from now on. I’m anticipating all kinds of fabulous baby/kid/munchkin friendly food in the years to come! :-)

  71. monica

    Oh – CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am not sure what deserves a bigger congrats – the baby or the dishwasher!!! Seriously, the baby is wonderful news!

  72. Josephine

    Congrats on the little “bun” & the dishwasher. And how awesome is it to get to go to the ranch & the lodge & cook with Ree! I can’t wait to see the posts on PW and here.

  73. Holy smokes! That is some fabulous right there! Pioneer Woman, a new apartment and a new baby! I couldn’t be happier for my favorite food blogger and fellow New Yorker. May the East Village, the Midwest and the new baby bring you all the joy in the world. I look forward to experiencing it all along with you.

    And here I thought you were publishing your own cookbook or getting your own TV show. A baby! So much cooler and cuter.

  74. Jen

    Whoa. I’ve been reading you for eons, through multiple sites, and since pre-Alex. Congratulations to my favorite internet chef! Looking forward to seeing what you do with make-your-own-baby-food recipes…

  75. MF

    Long time reader, first time poster – OMG you’re going to visit the Pioneer Woman’s Ranch?!?! Recently got hooked on Ree’s blog – cannot wait to see the photos and stories and recipes that come out of that visit!

  76. Jaclyn

    I’m de-lurking after an eternity to wish you congratulations on everything! I’ve followed you since the smitten kitten days…and now you’re having you’re very own smitten kitty! And, by the way, I totally jealous about your trip to see Ree! I’d love to be a fly on the wall! Best wishes to you & Alex.

  77. melanie

    Oh, congrats congrats!

    And a question–any recommendations for how to make these a day ahead of time? Could the dough be refrigerated for awhile before the rolls are baked?

  78. hooray :) i got a sneaky suspension when you twittered you watched oprah for the first time in decades & the episode was dedicated to moms ;) congrats on a new season of life!!

  79. Congratulations! For the past few months I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that this news might be coming soon (I seem to be weirdly psychic about pregnancies….)! All the very besst to you and Alex in this very exciting time.

  80. JulieH

    1. Congrats! on the baby and the kitchen. If I recall, your previous place had neither dishwasher nor real counter space, nor a window – and it looks like you’re gaining all three! Dishwashers are wonderful things. It will permanently change the way you cook (though it may take a while to stop counting pots, dishes, and utensils per recipe). Definitely, bring it a box of dirty dishes to christen – it will sound so, so good as you unpack.

    2. I make cinnamon rolls for holidays, and once upon a time I had extra preserved lemon in the fridge. I minced it, and added some (maybe a tsp or two?) to the icing. It’s a bright, sunny happy addition and works really well with the cream cheese.

  81. deb

    WOW. Thank you so much, everyone. It’s really fun to finally have the cats out of their bags. It’s going to be a great summer.

    Oh, and of course I will try to make my own food when it is time. It’s like you don’t know me at all!

    Kelly — You could totally skip the cinnamon. If you like nutmeg, you could use a little instead. Or a scraped vanilla bean. Or a splash of almond extract. Or some orange zest. Have fun with it.

    Melanie — Yes. You can refrigerate a yeasted dough at any point in the process. You just need to bring it back to room temperature and pick up where you left off the next day. It got late when I made these, so I put the dough in to double overnight. Once it was back at room temperature the next morning, it was doubled perfectly and I finished the recipe.

  82. That is a ton of news in one post!!
    Congrats on the move!!
    Congrats on getting to see PW and visit her farm – I’m jealous!
    Big Congrats on the little one!! So exciting!

    And I am making these cinnamon rolls this weekend. Yummers.

  83. Hayley

    Congratulations!! I read your blog all the time, and normally I’m a lurker, but this is too good news to not say anything, so Yayyy!!! That is awesome.

  84. Congrats! I remember you saying around the third year of marriage and a bun-in-the-oven message waaaay back. I wondered if you were expecting because there were no body shots of you in the bahamas, and in one I thought I spied the beginnings of a bump plus the whole moving thing!

    It’s the best recipe you’ll ever bake; trust me.


  85. Carla Hinkle

    Hooray! If you figure out how to spend hours cooking whilst minding a young one, please let me know. I have 2 and I still haven’t.


  86. MmeMcM

    Wowza! So much news in one post, I don’t think I can take it…cool new digs, a visit with Ree at The Lodge, and a wee one to boot. I hope that you feel great and continue to enjoy food during this time…alas, that was not the case pour moi. (But it was a great way to get my husband into a grocery store and the kitchen for 10+ weeks each pregnancy!) Congrats and best wishes!!!!

  87. aliz

    I knew it! Ever since you made a vague reference to food moodiness I have suspected this news (dedicated lurker and fan). I’m due in June and must admit this site kept me inspired when nothing sounded good. Though I am thankful that you did not post this bun recipe when I was having my cinnamon bread craving last month.

  88. deb

    Abby — Haha! I was SO bloated in the Bahamas (1st trimester), I freaked out if anyone took a picture of me. I was/am such a primadonna. Thank god eventually the bloat gives away — the calm before the POPping storm, no doubt.

  89. Marie

    Oh my goodness!! I don’t usually comment, but I’ve been reading since you were at iVillage…this is so exciting!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  90. Congratulations. Our bun is about to turn 1, and it’s a wild, fantastic ride. What with your new (old) neighborhood, your new dishwasher, and your new roommate, you’re going to have some year.

  91. CONGRATULATIONS! That’s awesome. Talk about burying the lede…. I’ve never seen it that buried and I do this for a living. So will we be getting some crazy craving recipes over the next 4 or 5 months?

  92. Congratulations! And congratulations! And congratulations! And have a wonderful time in the country with Ree! And thank you, thank you, thank you for that recipe–I’m 8 mos. pregnant at the moment and have had a wicked taste for cinnamon buns lately…

  93. I read your site and Ree’s and think you will have a fabulous time. Have fun flying while pregnant (not something I enjoyed.) Just think – a huge kitchen to play in, someone to cook for you and give you parenting advice and fabulous food and photos for all your loyal followers (just a hint!) Congrats and good luck from a mom of 3 under 4 who misses cooking real food.

  94. Congrats on all fronts! I went nearly my entire adult life without a dishwasher, until our new house came with one 7 years ago. After a couple years, it died and by nightfall that very day I had new one installed [marry a carpenter – you won’t be sorry] because the thought of doing dishes by hand made my toes all squinchy. You will most likely be pretty fond of the kid as well. We’ve had two of those, but when they moved out, we didn’t replace them. ;) And I am dying of jealousy that you get to go to Ree’s – can’t wait to see the pics & stories from that!

  95. Congrats! I’d been wondering about you being pregnant ever since you posted that picture of the giant pills to Flickr.

    Unrelated, does the new place have a full-size oven?

  96. Ok, long time no comment, but I needed to comment with this one, even after 175 comments!
    Congratulations, Deb!!! On everything really, the beautiful new apartment (because that living-dining room compensates for the smaller kitchen, and so does the dishwasher… you can always do prepwork and place things in the dining room table, that´s what I do when I run out of counterspace). But of course the biggest news is the bun in the oven, both types of buns because who can deny the appeal of a warm cinnamon bun? but a baby kind of bun is even more delectable, I know, the heresy of it all! Hope the pregnancy goes smoothly and that you enjoy the whole ride, that baby is one lucky kid :)

  97. Erin

    Oh wow. Wow. WOW! Such great, fun news all around! Congratulations!!!

    And a cinnamon bun recipe, when I’ve been looking for a good one for MONTHS!

    My oh my, Deb. This was some kind of post!!! :D :D :D

  98. OH MY GOSH!! Deb!! Congratulations!! Dkfgnkdjngd I can’t believe it; I was just thinking absentmindedly the other day that you’d mentioned potential babies on the horizon AGES AND AGES ago and wondering if there’d ever be a real one. ^__^

    …I don’t even like children officially, and then the other day I found out Sarah Michelle Gellar was pregnant and was bizarrely excited (I love her) for some reason… and now I’m even more excited for you (yes! Even more than for SMG!). This doesn’t make sense XD.

  99. First, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ll be smitten all over the place soon enough. What a great post, full of wonderful stuff!
    Second, insanely jealous of your visit to the lodge. Have a ball. (I am privileged enough to know Bossy IRL and she had a great stay there.)
    Third, I am horrified it’s been a year and I haven’t made the shallots yet. Off to do that.
    Fourth…the apartment is darling and you will enjoy Trader Joe’s (ESPECIALLY when that baby comes) but really, I’m back to that baby! Yay you!
    Last, do you really think I need a stand mixer for these? I’m going to have to break down one of these days and fix my mother’s.

  100. robyn

    Congratulations on all your wonderful news! My brain wasn’t quite ready for all that info! A dishwasher (so jealous – doing the dishes by hand after a 10-person Seder was, um, not so fun)! A trip to the country!! And a baby!!!

    I check out smittenkitchen AND pioneerwoman everyday, so it will be like heaven to see the two integrated. I can only imagine the amount of butter that will go down.

    looking forward to all the exciting updates!

  101. KV

    This is definitely cause for my first comment on your blog, although I’ve been making your recipes for months now. What an exciting 2009!!

  102. Holy COW! Congratualtions! That’s so amazing.

    And a note about Trader Joe’s – only go there at odd hours, lest you spend your evening in a line wrapping about the entire store. But anyway, congrats on all of your momentous events!

  103. Melissa

    Congratulations! How wonderful! Now you can start working on fabulous baby food recipes! We are cooking up #2 at the moment, and the timer is about to ding. Wish you the best of luck with the new smitten kitchenette and the great new apartment—we lived in NYC in the ’90s and we are supremely jealous of you!

  104. Congrats on the house, the buns, the little bun and your weekend. Enjoy the weekend of cooking and chillin. He/she looks pretty chilled in the ultrasound.

    I was just thinking what i should bring to my kayak trip this weekend. These are perfect for sharing (i hope).


  105. First, congratulations on your new little bundle of joy.

    Secondly, congratulations on your new home.

    Thirdly, congratulations on visiting with Ree. I am just a slight shade of green right now.

  106. Kristin M

    Congratulations – SO much exciting news! Although I drool over this blog daily and now have an ever growing list of recipes to try, I’ve never commented – but had to now – so happy for you!

  107. Christine C.

    I, also, have never commented before. But there are just so many reasons to comment! Congratulations!!!

    Also, I feel as though my worlds are colliding by your visiting Pioneer Woman. I read both of your blogs avidly.

    And, I have to say, I am a little sad you are leaving Chelsea. I, also, live in Chelsea and enjoyed reading about the restaurants you go to in my neighborhood (Billy’s, Tia Pol). And though I don’t know you personally, it was nice to know I had you as a neighbor :)

  108. KJ

    Glad to see I am not the only one who has been lurking. Congratulations on the new move, and the cute kitchen, the planned trip to the country, but mostly congratulations on the baby. KJ

  109. cj

    Congratulations Deb! That dishwasher will surely be your Mama’s helper. I used to throw baby toys, dishes, bibs and all manner of baby related gear in mine.

  110. Slack

    That’s a lot of news for one post!

    I’m quite happy for you…mucho congrats! I’m looking forward to updates, pics, and craving posts!

  111. Marina

    Congratulations! I have been reading your website for almost a year now and all of the recipes that I have tried have been wonderful. It is always a pleasure to read your posts.
    We just had a baby in December and it is the best thing that can happen to you. I wish you and Alex and your “little bun in the oven” all the best!

  112. oh, your new place looks very nice. i love the checkered kitchen floor. i’m in the east village too. i’m afraid i would faint of excitement if i ever bumped into you at trader joe’s… i have a dishwasher in my miniature kitchen but i use it as a pantry. i am jealous of your visit to the pw’s lodge. can’t wait for both of you to blog about that…
    and finally, congratulations on the baby!!!

  113. I am literally salivating right now.

    I think I would throw some vanilla into the roll filling and might sub in some mascarpone in lieu of the cream cheese.

    Then I would proceed to eat them until my stomach hurts.

  114. Sooo… I might have just gone SQUEE multiple times while reading this. At work. My coworkers already thought I was nuts, but this might take it up a notch…….


  115. Jen

    WOW! Congrats on 3 counts – baby, new apt and trip to Pioneer Woman!! OMG, I”m not sure which I’m more excited about for you. I think it’s seeing Ree, she is my hero!!
    Have a great time!

  116. Mel

    Mazel tov! that is wonderful news!
    In the mean time, enjoy the new dishwasher. People say that you get used to things like that so quickly that you won’t even appreciate it a month from now. I disagree. When I left NYC, the first thing I bought was a washer/dryer. 2 years later, I still reallllly appreciate doing laundry without worrying about quarters!

  117. Ronni

    Deb and Alex, congratulations on all your news! Spending a weekend with Ree and her kids should give you a good idea of what’s in store!

  118. Jamie R

    Seriously, I couldn’t have been happier when you said you were going to visit my other favorite blogger to spend the weekend. Can I come? No, seriously? Then you had to go and say you were preggers and I nearly screamed… And I’m at work… and I don’t even really KNOW you. At least not in the sense that I’ve actually met you or anything. So Congrats on all of this stuff.

  119. Stephanie

    I am a new reader to your blog, but still wanted to congratulate you on your bun in the oven. Parenthood is a wonderful thing!

  120. Oh my gosh, delurking to congratulate you on the small person and to thank you for all the wonderful recipes which are rapidly expanding my waistline.

  121. Jean Marie

    I am always the last to know – and late to check in today. Huge congrats on every single thing! The dishwasher, new apartment, lodge getaway, and most of all, the little one. I hope this new building has an elevator. Four flights up, pregnant, in August heat would not have been good. Wonderful news.

  122. Congratulations!! I’m a September baby, and I consider it a fine month for being born. :) I hope that everything goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible!

  123. Maggy_Keet

    Woah, that IS a lot of news! Congratulations to you, on everything!!! Especially the chillin’ bun in the hammock. Haha. Looking forward to seeing what you and Ree come up with.

  124. Marie M.

    What happy, happy, happy, happy news! Mazel tov! The new baby will smell just as good as a tray of cinnamon buns.

    So much news. You get to meet the Pioneer Woman? Wow! Please let us know if her personality is like her writing? Sardonic? Funny? Caring? She will be the perfect person to talk to about your pregnancy! Plus they have not one but TWO kitchens as big as Jupiters’ moons!

  125. Deb

    SO happy for you! The trip, the cinnamon buns (yum) and your laid back little bun in the oven!

    Congratulations and many blessings!

  126. Melody C.

    So much fun news! I was excited at the new apartment (although I’m still skeptical about the smaller kitchen.) I was super-psyched at the trip to OK to visit Ree! But pregnant too!!! WOW! So happy for you both!!!

  127. kelly

    i think my brain is exploding!! so many congrats and yays and omg and wows for this post!! baby & TJs & the LODGE!! envious and very excited for you!

  128. Fantastic news! Congratulations on all of it – the dishwasher (oh my g-d, I don’t know how you lived), the new place, the pioneering, and the baby! What a diverse string of wonderful, happy things. Mazel tov!

  129. congrats on your pregnancy! so exciting. and congrats on you dishwasher… i mean, new apartment. ;) i am a fellow new yorker, and i have to say, both of your kitchens are WAY bigger than mine! i have 2 little boys and my kitchen is LITERALLY the size of a closet… it is a closet. the fridge is in our living room. i have managed to make wonderful creations so far, but it does take some creativity. i bet it will be much easier with a dishwasher though. what i wouldn’t give for one of those…

  130. teal

    so much excitement in one post! i can hardly bear it!

    I can’t wait to read all about you and ree’s adventures at the lodge.

    and congrats! and hooray! on the baby and the dishwasher. heh.

  131. ch

    Many congrats! My unsolicited pregnancy advice: don’t tell anyone the name/s you’ve picked out. Before the baby, everyone has an opinion. After the baby is taking in oxygen all on his/her own 95% of people know it’s a done deal and don’t make faces, tell you about the 3rd grade bully with the same name, or suggest changes. Give pushy people a “short list” that is really your already-nixed second-tier list. They can have all the opinions they want about that!

    Also: you live in the US, so the kiddo will probably get a nickname somehow. Might as well pick that out while you’re at it so it’s not Great Uncle Herb who chooses it! I wish I were still in the market for names, as my big kiddos and I just listened to a great audiobook with a young Patrick called Patch or Patches. Love that as a way to have a Patrick who’s not called Pat (though I love many people named Pat). Mind you I don’t wish for it enough to even *consider* restarting that Parent Clock or surgically reattaching the diaper bag.

  132. I was excited that you were going to Pioneer Woman’s ranch, and then I spotted a recent comment about a bun in the oven and almost squealed out loud in my cubicle. How exciting! Congratulations!

  133. Get. Out. Well, first off congrats on the dish washer. That is a thing of beauty. But second! I am so jealous you are going to the ranch! It makes my blog lovin’ head explode. And third… without even calling to ask I know my Mother is probably at home feverishly preparing these cinnamon rolls as I write this. Since I am on a diet (HA!) I thank my lucky stars that I am 2000 miles away from THAT kitchen right now.

    I seriously can’t wait to see you, cows, cowboys and 12 pounds of butter per day being manipulated into deliciousness in Ree’s kitchen. (Not that butter isn’t already delicious straight from the fridge. I am snackin’ on a stick right now. ) I am a bit worried for you that Ree’s kitchen may cause you a slight hiccup in bonding with your new smaller kitchen upon your return home… I have a feeling hers is gonna be roughly the size of Texas.

    Good luck with the move and have a FABULOUS trip!

  134. Uuuhhhh…. yeah. I forgot to mention THE BABY!!! Good golly I am in idiot. Triple CONGRATS on that one! Surely this little person will be the best fed kid on the block.

  135. Nice! Congrats on the new place, the trip, and the bun in the oven :) I’ve only been following your site and blogging myself for a couple of month, so I love reading the posts with the backlinks. Needless to say, I have spent too much time at work surfing the web!!

  136. Christie

    I am so excited! New apt! PW and SK in the country together! SK is having a little one! CINNAMON BUNS!?! Sorry for all the exclamation points, this post was really exciting.

  137. So what about the pony? I guess you get that when you visit PW? I mean, that’s the only thing missing from this post. I am SO happy for you! And I am going to love the merging of my two favorite narrative voices.

    Advice for your cow encounters: don’t stand behind them. Stuff comes out…unexpectedly… Yes, I speak from experience after providing the entertainment one weekend when visiting a coworker’s family dairy farm. ‘Nuf said.

  138. Connie

    Holy News Overload Batman!

    What fantastic news! Congrats to you both and hope you are enjoying being pregs :)

    also, dishwasher, swoon.

  139. kriswithmany

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! Hehe – I *craved* butter during my first pregnancy – watch out! And how exciting to visit the ranch! How could you possibly find a smaller kitchen? Do they really exist? (I know, California girl talking here, LOL)

  140. Wow…lotta meat in that there bun post. Congrats on baby smitten… if nothing else, he / she will be very well fed. Can’t wait for pics and tales of adventures in Pioneer Land! Remember that you’re eating for two when PW whips out the baked fudge and chocolate cake and whatever else she has up her sleeve. Have fun!!

    Oh, and CUTE new kitchen!

  141. Jen

    Congrats! And can I just say…how do you neat blogging people end up getting to meet OTHER cool blogging people and actually get to hang out and COOK together? Where can we all sign up for that??

  142. lisa

    congratulations! so much big news. we are in much of the same situation right now…about to move to a new (old) house in a new city, and hopefully some buns on the way soon afterwards. i wanted to tell you though, that if you are ever in need of a bicycle, bike stuff, or bike repair you should check out my brother’s shop in the east village. it’s called NYCVelo ( and it’s on 2nd ave between 3rd and 4th streets. he decided to open his own business about 4 years ago and it’s a really neat place with very knowledgeable staff if you are ever in need of such things (perhaps not right now in your condition, but maybe later). anyway, my brother’s name is andy, he’s the owner, and he’s there almost all the time. tell him that his sister really loves your blog and she says that he should give you a discount :)

  143. Megan

    So many congratulations are in order (as mentioned by approximately 270 other people before me, but hey)! I would say a dishwasher is a fair trade for a little less space, those cinnamon buns look delicious, hooray for baby smitten, and ohmygod I’m so jealous you get to go visit Ree at the Ranch/Lodge! I discovered both your blogs around the same time and it’s like my worlds are colliding! Good luck with the moving, have a great time with Ree, and stay healthy!

  144. Deb, I must add mine to the enormous list of congratulations. And cinnamon buns MUST be made, pronto, because I can use them on the buns from my oven as leverage to get all kinds of housework done around here. My buns are now 14 and 17!
    Your new apt. looks suspiciously like my old apt. which is in a building which fronts on 5th St., Ave. A and 4th St. I tell you what: that dishwasher will add all kinds of room to your kitchen. It’s God’s gift to the kitchen.
    Very excited for you. Mazel tov!

  145. Kim

    Wow!!! Such super fantastic news. I’m thrilled for you!!! Very smart to get on the dishwasher bandwagon before the little one arrives. Baby bottles by hand is a recipe for a breakdown. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. I eagerly await posts from both you and the PW. -Maybe you can pick up some tips on how she juggles all those kids, the blogs, homeschooling etc. I for one could sure use them. Congrats again!!

  146. HUGE congratulations on so very many things! And thanks for the link back to those shallots, which are so good my dinner guests very nearly wept.

  147. Yolanda

    Deb –

    Good afternoon. First of all congratulations on your upcoming Stork delivery, that is very exciting news. Second I knew you were next blogger to visit the ranch, PW kinda gives herself away by highlighting your blogs. You will have a fabulous time. Happy moving!

  148. Sarah K

    Also delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS! I love your blog and use it all the time–especially for spur of the minute cookie cravings. I wish you, your hubby and the wee one the very best.

  149. Pamela

    Terrific news! Congratulations. We moved into a place with a dishwasher when I was knocked up and it greatly simplified life. I’m eager to see how/if your cooking changes apres bebe. I loved to spend hours in the kitchen before mine, and now it’s a race to get yummy, healthful meals on the table in less than an hour. Lead the way! And if you ever start a website dedicated to making yummy, healthful food for the babes/kinder, I would happily follow you over there.

  150. Mazel Tov! Lots of great news – yaaay! I’m sure you’re going to have the time of your life at Ree’s and can’t wait to see what you both post about your meet up.

    Happy trails

  151. Anne

    Congratulations! The love you put into your food tells me just how lucky this child will be to have you as a mama…. All the best to you and your hub! I’m already looking forward to seeing what you feed the little one! I’ve always been curious about homemade baby food and such.


  152. Raquel

    How dare you put that picture of impossibly soft dough and frosted buns up after I just worked MY buns off at the gym. I said GOOD DAY, madam! **** willpower slinking (gingerly) out the back door *****

    Congrats on the new pad and the new appliance!

  153. Just wanted to add my congratulations to the already unwieldy congrats pile! I love reading your blog for your style & stories as much as for your recipes, and am psyched that you’ve got so much good goin’ on right now.

  154. with something like 281 comments you probably have all the congrats in the world on the move and the new babe to be, but I’ll add mine anyway.

    We moved when I was preg. and I feel asleep in a chair while my husband moved everything around me, so I think that’s pretty standard.

    Smitten Kitchen has a kitten?
    (I don’t know why, but that just appealed to me)
    Good luck

  155. Love your site…and am totally de-lurking to tell you so and wish you the VERY best with the baby. i am a mother of five, and it never gets any less exciting (or scary!!). And good luck with P-Dub…she’s another of my very favorite bloggers!!

  156. Susan

    Deb, thank you so much for having a great website! Your recipes have made my Pesach! And congrats on the baby- does this mean we can look forward to homemade baby food recipes eventually? That’d be awesome! Have fun with 2nd tri and settling in at the new home.

  157. Kait

    Oh so wow! Congraulations on your little bun. How very exciting. :) Have yourself a grand time with Ree. Love her site too. :) I believe she is how I found you.

  158. Wow, there is a lot going on over there! Congrats on the great news. I’m due in September myself, and I’m so excited for you guys. Though given what the last few months have been like for me, I’m way impressed with all the stuff you’ve been able to cook – I’ve been largely limited to bland carbs and plain yogurt.

  159. Sarah

    WOW! You buried the biggest news way too far down in the post.


    You say “bun.” You sure it’s only one? ;)

    (I have twins, so I’m not just being mean.)

  160. Holy cow, holy cow! I am thrilled about all of it. Baby, new apartment, PW! And the Holy Cow is an accidental pun along with your skittery picture.
    And the buns look deliciouso!

  161. Sarah

    Sorry, second-biggest news. I, too, would lead with the dishwasher. I think my husband was worried I might run away with ours when we got it.

  162. Congratulations! Babies are the best! Have you thought of any names? I’m so excited for you. And what a lucky baby having a talented mom like you. And on top of that, visiting the Pioneer Woman? I dream of being invited to her ranch. It’s unbelievably beautiful. Have a blast, I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  163. Super big congratulations on all your big news. You are a superhero for maintaining a food blog, and actually cooking stuff, during the first trimester. I don’t think I could have done it.

  164. Liz

    Boy oh boy you weren’t kidding – TONS of news. Mazel Tov on your happy happenings! What wonderful things you’ve shared!! Can’t wait to see your joint posts with Ree, she is my favorite newly discovered (to me) blogger. Have fun at the ranch and I hope the move to your new place goes well!!

  165. Shannon

    Congratulations! So exciting :)

    The most important thing about cows: Never, Ever Underestimate how STUPID they are.

    Cows are dumb on a level you will never understand. So, just factor that into how you act around them :)

  166. I don’t know what i’m more excited for … you big move or your VISIT WITH THE PIONEER WOMAN! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M BEYOND! Cannot WAIT WAIT to see all your photos!

  167. Daffy

    Too much good news – congrats, enjoy and congrats once again. So nice to hear happy news amid the general malaisel…. Buns look good too. Don’t know if the Brit expression translates, but you have a bun in the oven, in more ways than one ;-)

  168. Gini

    OH! MY! GOD!!!! Congratulations, Deb and Alex! I totally have the baby fever and am so so so SOOOO excited for you!!

    And to think I was excited about you visiting PW! How could I have known my excitement would be so overshadowed by further, more intense excitement?! My two favorite bloggers, blogging together. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. I seriously cannot wait. for either event. OMG.

  169. All of a sudden my life seems rather dull and dreary. Humph. But hey—congrats and best wishes and all that jazz!

    Ps. I can’t believe you’re wanting to go cook and eat—don’t you have morning sickness?

  170. oh my goodness, so much excitement! congrats on the kiddo! congrats on the move! (sorry, but i would LOVE to live in the east village, even if it is a shrunken kitchen.) i’m jealous of the dishwasher – i’m moving from a dishwasher-equipped, large kitchen in astoria to a dishwasher-less, typical nyc kitchen in brooklyn.

    also, i feel like it’s quite blasphemous that you haven’t been to trader joe’s yet! the one in the city is QUITE hectic and can be annoying, but you can’t beat some of the foods they offer at the prices.

  171. I don’t even know you and yet I feel like I do – Congratulations! Your little bun will be very well fed, indeed, when he/she comes into the world. Eating as a family with your kids is one of life’s great pleasures! And, enjoy your pregnancy – gotta love those little kicks. They are a wonder. Have a great time at the farm.

  172. deb

    Thanks again, everyone! You’re making this so much fun.

    And hooray for others in the September club. Perhaps we can keep each other sane. Or at least there will be a few other people excited about the pickle, ice cream, peanut butter and mocktail recipes to come. :)

    Shannon — You’re cracking me up because my friend Dave has been telling me this for years, and I totally forgot. “You know that phrase ‘Until the cows come home?'” he says. “The cows will never come home if they get lost. They’re too dumb. That’s where it came from.”

  173. *stepho*

    Wow, Deb! Congrats! Such great news about the new place and the baby..wee! I’m a huge fan of yours and Ree’s, and I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up at her amazing home! I’m a city girl myself (LA), and I can’t imagine my boyfriend and I trying to pull our weight on a real cattle ranch. It would be hilarious. Good luck to you and Alex out there! :)

  174. oh, and a question – if you make these cinnamon buns again, how much do you charge for one? i would totally come buy one because they sound amazing but i could never trust myself with a whole pan of them!

  175. Wow, congrats Deb! And now please tell me… you’re, what, 4 months pregnant? HOW HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING A FOOD BLOG ALL THIS TIME?! I love my food blogs but I’m 8 weeks and I have to skip over any food blog posts that are not about baked goods because it makes me feel nauseous just looking at pictures of perfectly benign things like vegetables.


    Thank heavens you put all this news in a cinnamon roll post or I would have missed it. I’m so happy for you :)

  176. And um, how did I skim past the bun news? Many many congratulations. September babies are the best. Being hugely pregnant in August is not the best though. I sympathize in advance.

  177. Oh, so much to say, but I ‘ll keep it short. 1. Congratulations on the bun! 2. Thanks for the many wonderful recipes. 3. Cows are generally complacent and slow, but the occasional pissy one can be a problem. Keep a large object between you and them. Stay away from the bulls. 4. Thank you for the link to the Pioneer Woman website. Wrangler butts and chaps make me happy.

  178. Gretch

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your super adorable bun in the oven!!!!

    Second of all I’m now going to die of happiness…my two favorite blogs in the whole entire world coming together…today is a wonderful day (not just because I got my taxes done 3 months ago or because it’s my birthday)!!!

  179. b*schus

    Congrats! This news (all of it) just made my day. You and Alex really bring so much joy into our lives through this blog, happy that so much is going well for you.

  180. Hooray! Congratulations…look forward to those days when your belly will stop you from reaching the counter as easily and you have to turn sideways at the stove and grill….such amazing fun! Enjoy every minute! The cinnamon buns look amazing, too!

  181. JS

    Congratulations–that’s wonderful news!

    Quick novice-baker question: you said that you can refrigerate yeasted dough any time in the process and pick up where you left off after it comes to room temp. Does that include after the buns have been formed? In other words, can I make and roll the dough the night before, stick it in the fridge, take it out the next morning, let it come to room temp and bake (after it doubles)?

  182. The Speckledpup

    I am delurking to say CONGRATULATIONS…not only for the little smitten bun in the oven…but also…you now have a reason to eat/cook/taste/test for TWO…yay!
    Many, many good wishes coming your way.
    Da Pup in Missouri

  183. jean

    Holy shit! Oops, sorry for the language. BUT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! Congratulations on the baby, the new digs and PW. You really go for the gold when you post, don’t you. A baby? I’m so excited for you.

  184. Amy

    Wow, congratulations, on everything!! Your post brightened up my otherwise uneventful tax day. And the cinnamon buns look wonderful..

  185. Bun

    Congrats congrats on everything…baby, new place, upcoming visits with cows–what an exciting next few months you’re going to have! :)

    P.S. Thank you for giving me another diet-dodging recipe to make this weekend. I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon rolls for ages, and these look, in a word, perfect.

  186. Amy

    This may be the best SK post ever. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures at The Lodge or to make those cinnamon buns. And I especially can’t wait for you to have a wonderful squishy baby! Congrats!

  187. Shilpa

    I knew something was up when the heading said lots of news, and the number of comments crashed my browser over and over. Congrats Deb and Alex!!

    Oh, and thank you for invariably making whatever dinner I am planning, whether it is for myself or many others, amazing! My friends still rave about the parmesan biscotti…

    Congrats on the new (non-husband) dishwasher – very necessary when hands are full of baby stuff…


  189. HOLY SMOKES! Congratulations on everything, but most especially on the wee kitten in the kitchen. ;-) My eldest child was born in September and he’s been such a blessing. May yours be the same!

  190. MissAnna

    Ah! Congrats! That will be a lucky little kiddo what with all the deliciousness coming out of your (tiny) kitchen! So fun!

  191. Manda

    ok… so many things to say… one at a time.

    1. Dishwasher! YAY!!!! I think you’ll find that with a dishwasher, a smaller kitchen DOESN’T MATTER….I found that it made clean-up a breeze, and just made everything so much more organized pre- and post- cooking. And, I’m a messy cook so that’s saying a lot. There’s no more cutlery washing, thats HUGE!!!! Its so tedious and takes SO long.

    Plus, you can learn to cook salmon and stuff in it….. j/k (i think!)

    2. OMG!!!! Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen….. my two favorite blogs EVAR! Its going to be wicked.

    3. YAY!!! congrats on the baby! How exciting!

  192. gab

    you are already being overwhelmed with congratulations, but i have to add mine. a baby- how exciting! and a new aparment! congratulations to you and your husband and family.
    my whole family enjoys your recipes and my two teen boys even came running over to peer over my shoulder when i yelled ‘smitty (sorry, our affectionate nickname) is having a baby!’
    best wishes for a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery!

  193. Linda

    Oh boy! Cows! Dishwasher! New neighborhood! Baby! I knew there was a reason for all those artichoke recipes…

    Anyway, congrats to you on all your great and exciting news.

    PS I understand that cows stare at humans, like they think you’re up to something. Have a great time with that, too.

  194. Congratulations, dear Deb! (and someday you’ll have to tell me how you’re managing without wine, if you’re managing with wine or if you’re going with the devil may care French attitude that a little dab won’t kill ya).
    The checkered floor is killer (I was spying and drooling on flickr), the dishwasher is a godsend, a fun trip is in order, amazing cinnamon buns have been baked (aren’t they great? I’ve made them so many times!) and you have your own bun in the oven! Whew! That wore me out just typing it. How are you managing???
    Congrats again, and lots of love!

  195. Lacie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! The baby is the best news in the entire post. Although, some time on the “Ranch” is a sorta close 2nd. Have a great time.

  196. Robyn

    Congratulations! I’m also due in September, so I’m sure I’ll be following along with whatever you’re making since we will surely have the same food cravings :)

  197. Rachel

    Congratulations! What exciting news!

    On side note, I’ve been dreaming of making cinnamon buns and these look really great; I certainly won’t wait a whole year to try them! However, since my boyfriend has been (heavily) hinting that he wants a pie, they may need to wait just a little while.

  198. Edd

    Wow congratulations what a lot of good news, very happy for you both. The buns look great by the way. Hope you both have a great weekend in Cow country

  199. Linda

    So happy to hear of the bun in the oven AND that you are going to see Ree of Pioneer Woman (one calf nut at a time). You two are my favorite food bloggers and I envy you the trip. Have fun and do take care. Oh, yes, congratulations on all fronts, trip to Pioneer Woman’s ranch, the move and the BABY.

  200. Marisa

    Congratulations, congratulations!

    I read your site almost everyday (and have made so many of the recipes!) and don’t typically comment, but with all of this exciting news, how could I not? New apartment, new baby on the way; what an exciting time.

    Also, I’ve had cinnamon buns on the brain, and now you’ve given me no excuse to not make them this weekend. My mouth’s watering already!

  201. What a fun way to announce your news! Congratulations!!! Thrilled for you.

    And so jealous about your trip to see Pioneer Woman!! Ahh!!

    And those cinnamon rolls… yum.

  202. How exciting! I’m due in late July and growing by the day too. Meanwhile, I do come from cow country and generally they are relatively docile so you’ll be fine. Hope your trip is wonderful, the moving goes well and the little bun continues to grow happily!

  203. ML

    For a while my mom has been insisting that you’re pregnant and I kept saying “Nah…well mayyybeee…” but not actually believing her. Mothers always know best, that’s for sure! :)
    Mazel tov!

  204. Laura

    first, omg congrats!!!!

    second, i don’t know if you’ll be able to sift through all of these comments to answer a baking question, but i was wondering when, or if, there is a good point to freeze these cinnamon rolls?

    because i would LOVE to make them, but unfortunately do not have 18 people to feed and i know if i made all 18, they would go straight to my thighs!

    thanks deb! and congrats again!!!

  205. Congratulations on everything!! Your kitchen looks adorable and your baby looks as if he/she is enjoying the ride! ;) Have fun with Pioneer Woman and get plenty of rest!

  206. deb

    Laura — Of course I’ll sift through the comments! I always do, but you guys are definitely giving me a little extra work today. :) And I love it.

    You can usually freeze yeast doughs, just like refrigerating them (see #173), at any point in the process. Your just need to thaw them, get them back to room temperature and continue exactly where you left off.

    But from a practical standpoint? I’d freeze them just before the final rise, or after it, when you’re ready to bake them. We did this with ours, and I’m saving the second half to bake on moving day to ply the movers and our family helpers with. Because I’m like frail and pregnant and stuff (haha) won’t be any help at all.

  207. Beckik

    Wow, I’m not a delurker, just been a while since I commented but I’m here weekly….just wanted to add my own two CONGRATS in!!! Double Congrats!! that’s lots of news!! so happy for you!!

  208. Laura

    thanks deb!! i’ll definitely give that a try! and don’t you lift a thing! you’re growing a human, that so gets you out of all physical labor!

  209. Deb

    Congratulations on your bun in the oven! I’ve never commented on your site, but have happily made so many of your recipes. Keep up the wonderful recipes and best wishes for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. I’m making the chocolate caramel crack tomorow and can’t wait!

  210. First at foremost, congratulations! My son was supposed to be a September baby, but came a whole four days early and ended up blessing me with his presence in August (almost two years ago now!). Word of warning: get ready for the worst summer of your life. While being pregnant is great (for me, anyway), you will be hot for the next five months. Unbearably hot. My little ice cream maker got the work out of his life that summer. And the best part is, no one will make you share.

  211. Oh my goodness! Congrats on the addition to your family, and I hope your trip out to the ranch is amazing.

    Also – I’m going to have to go make cinnamon rolls now. Darnit.

  212. OH MY GOSH!!! OK—I have to congratulate you first on the baby, b/c it would be rude to talk about the other stuff before that, right? So, a huge congratulation about that sweet news—it will change your life—parenting—and in the best way possible! But OH MY GOSH—you are going to the ranch? FOR REAL? I wanna go! As a matter of fact, I’d like to come to your new place in NYC, too—I LOVE New York—but anyway, wow—enjoy yourself! I can’t wait to read about it on both of your blogs! What fun~AND, I must say—those buns look AMAZING—I must try them~

  213. D

    Congratulations!!! I’m going to see if I can make these cinnamon buns for the baby-party I’m having at my place on Friday night. All of my friends and my sister have just had little bundles, so we’re getting together! I hope your new place has a nursery! :)

  214. Aaahh! I don’t know which part of this I am more excited about: the recipe, the move, the PW trip or the baby! Congratulations on all of them! Wait, no, I decided. I’m the most excited about your trip to the ranch because that will be the most fun to read about and I’m selfish that way.

  215. Beth

    Kitchen and cows and baby – oh my!!! What a lucky little person! Congratulations. And the definitive answer (from a person who has moved more times than she likes to admit) is yes – you CAN move dirty dishes. Sometimes, if you are very lucky, the moving men will pack your trash can with the trash still in it.

  216. Sooz56

    News, news and MORE news!
    Congratulations on your expanding family!

    (and speaking of chocolate caraml crack, I saw something similar at Whole Foods yesterday, and thought, Huh. Wonder if they read smitten kitchen too! I’m sure yours is better.)

  217. Irene

    OMG, congratulations to both of you on the actual human bun in the oven, the new digs in the Village and the dishwasher! I am actually leaking tears right now, as I did this morning when I found out one of my friends here is gonna be a daddy again! I cry sooooooooo easily! As for the dishwasher, I also have one, but believe it or not, use it to store my large baking pans and other bulky, doesn’t fit in my cupboards stuff, preferring instead to wash my dishes, pots & pans by hand, no matter how numerous!

  218. m

    Squeee!!! That is so much excitement in one post! Congratulations. :) Now that dishwasher will definitely come into good use, huh?

  219. Oh, Deb, I don’t know if you’ll see this in the sea of 400 comments, but I have to tell you how excited I am for you. Motherhood is amazing, and I know you and your husband will be absolutely over the moon when the new little smitten arrives. So, so wonderful….

    Thank you for sharing your life, your love and your food with us. I so enjoy your blog.

  220. amliag

    aww congratulations:)
    Your new flat looks lovely – I’m sure both of you and the little bun will be very happy there

  221. OMG, congratulations! That is so exciting. I can’t wait to be able to make that announcement someday. I hear you on the small kitchen – lived in a tiny place in Alphabet City (9th between Ave. B & C) and now have a tiny SF kitchen. Did you get a 2 bedroom?

  222. Tara

    Congratulations Deb!! That will be one lucky baby, having a cooking mama like you! :) So excited for you and Pioneer Woman to unite! :) I adore both of your blogs! Thanks for another great recipe!

  223. Rachel

    I just found this roll recipe after a year of wishing for it (It hadn’t immediately shown on the epicurious site when she blogged about it)
    I hope to finally make them Saturday or Sunday.
    I don’t know if this will work for you but eat everything you would like your kid to try. I ate lots of vegetables and all kinds of spicy stuff when pregnant with my first. She eats about anything. The second pregnancy I more in a rut with what I ate and my 2nd can be rather picky.

  224. You are moving to the super trendy L.E.S.
    Just spent a weekend there and what great restaurants and boutiques!
    Now you have an excuse to go to Russ & Daughters often!
    and you get to go to Oklahoma? to visit P.W. That is going to make the blogosphere explode!
    I am jealous!
    Good luck with the new digs and retired Alex (from dishwashing!).

  225. catherino

    WOW – that is a lot of news! Congratulations on all fronts, but especially on that little bun in your oven. Can’t wait to read more about it!

  226. donutty

    let me join the throng in congratulating you guys on your sweet blessing from above. imagine all the parenting advice you could get if you ever post an issue you might be having on this site–ha!

  227. The minute I saw the title of the post, I was like – she is so pregnant! Maybe it was mother’s intuition (My first kid (a aboy!) is due in July!). A HUGE congrats to you and Alex! I am so happy for you both!

  228. sarah

    Ch-ch-ch-changes! Whaa-ho-zie! Being a parent is the best… Congratulations and best of luck. Thanks for letting us in on the good news!

  229. JC

    YIPPEE!! Do you know how to deliver news or what?!?!

    I don’t care what anyone says, being pregnant is the Summer is the BEST (I’ve got 3 kidlets.) Know why? FLIP FLOPS. What else does one wear when nothing else fits? You will have something on your feet AND be seasonally appropriate. Not to mention that at 9 months pregnant, all that is appetizing is ice cream. Once again, you will be fed AND be seasonally appropriate.

    Congratulations. So thrilled for you.

  230. amy

    Holy geez deb!!! I have inadvertently been ‘away’ for a few days & was just checking in on the newest yummies & this is what i get! Hit us all at once, why dontcha!? Where are we supposed to start? Oh yes, CONGRATS on your newest “creation!”

    And, forgive me, I am not a parent yet though I realize this is very joyful but I actually said “nuh uh!” out loud to an empty room when I read that you & Alex are going to visit PW & stay in THE lodge! So jealous! I can’t wait to see what comes outta that kitchen! And those two cameras. Cheers to good news!

  231. Emily


    You’re moving, you’re visiting Pioneer Woman, and you’re having a BABY???

    Congratulations times a million!!

  232. I’m so excited for you! Hearty congrats on the newest family member, and wishing you a healthy and relaxing pregnancy. I’m sure you’ll have a blast in Pioneer Woman country. :-)

  233. Congratulations! On so many things!

    But the biggest, of course, is congratulations on the pregnancy! How exciting!

    And then a (smaller, more subdued) congrats for the dishwasher and the upcoming trip to see PW! Have fun and I can’t wait to hear about it!


  234. kathi

    read you daily, never have written, but i must tell you i am sitting here spilling tears of utter happiness for you. xxxxxxxxxxx’s to the moon

    so since i am finally writing to you may i tell you our family enjoyed a smitten brunch on easter…it was 50/50 smitten/ ina and 100% delicious. love you!

  235. OMG! OMG OMG OMG!!!! That is wonderful news, I (um, a stranger from the internet) am so excited for you guys! At last… an under-the-counter dishwasher!

    :P Of course the CAPS were really for the baby. That really is so very fantastic, and I can’t help but imagine what a fun, nurturing, and… well… tasty environment the SK will be for a child to grow up in. Best of luck with all the new adventures, and a big congratulations to you and Alex!

  236. Congratulations on all of your exciting news!

    While I don’t miss living in the city, I do so love the East Village. Lucky you, being that much closer to the Farmer’s Market, and the Strand and that awesome little burger joint right off of St. Mark’s. :)

  237. alemar

    Congratulations to your move and may you have a lifetime of happiness in your new place.

    You read my mind, since yesterday, I’ve been looking for a good cinnamon buns to bake and can be baked in just one small pan. Some recipes I found was too much for just the 2 of us. I’ll be baking this tomorrow, thanks! By the way, have fun with Pioneer Woman and her family.

  238. Liz

    Oh my! A thousand times congratulations! I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventure with the baby!

    Also, I can’t wait to make these cinnamon swirl buns–the other kind of “bun” will have to wait a bit longer, though!

  239. Kristi

    This is my first time to post but I absolutely adore your website. I just wanted to say congratulations on the new apartment and the new addition to the family! The ultrasound is so cute!

  240. Congrats on the new place and the baby! I found you through P-Dub, so what fun to see you two TOGETHER! Enjoy The Lodge! The Dogs! The Cows! And tell us what you think of the concrete countertop, ok?

  241. Congrats! And here I thought I was just coming by to see the wonderful cinnamon buns (which I am sure are tastier than Cinnabon), and got extra buns for my trouble.

    Enjoy your trip, your stretchy pants, your new kitchen and your new apartment!

  242. Mel

    Coming out of lurker-dom… I found your blog through PW, and now you get to meet her?! Wow.
    And congrats on the little one!!

  243. Karly

    Oh Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!! How exciting on the baby news!! And exciting about the move!! And I cannot wait to see posts from your visit to see The Pioneer Woman!! Two of my favorite bloggers getting together…it will be so much fun! Congrats again on the upcoming new arrival :)

  244. Mary B.

    What wonderful news! Congratulations! You will be wonderful parents! I love your recipes! Your pictures are gorgeous and now a baby in the mix! Good luck and God bless!

  245. Courtney H

    Congratulations on the bun, the dishwasher and the new apartment! Good luck with all the moving. And let me echo many people on here and say I am STOKED to see that you’ll be at the Lodge with PW. I can’t wait to see those blog posts!!

  246. Annie

    Congratulations! And to think, I was thrilled when I thought the post was just about cinnamon buns. I am so happy for you on all fronts!

  247. eemilla

    Thanks for keeping up all the gorgeous food photos and recipes during your busy packing and napping for baby days. Congratulations on the baby and the dishwasher!

  248. Connie

    Deb – A million dittos to every good wish from all of the previous posters! It’s evident you and Alex have been blessed in so many ways – now one more! Congrats and safe travels when you visit the Ranch. I’m looking forward to reading about and cooking what you and Ree come up with; I check both of your blogs every day for new posts and have truly enjoyed it, as has my family. They can’t get enough of your great recipes.

  249. Haha! Congratulations! I’m due in September too and it’s just now becoming “real”. Really real!

    And since I am 100% in early nesting mode, those cinnamon buns just need to happen. Thanks!

  250. Lexi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing more people like you into the world.

    And also for the above recipe. I plan on using it to woo a certain male somebody, and if that doesn’t work, nothing will.

  251. Rose

    Congrats Deb! My cousin is also due in September. :)

    And cinnamon buns are one of my all time favorite things to eat. Period. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks!

  252. Vidya

    My slow brain had to read that over and over before it finally understood the intended connotation of “bun”. Geez I knew something was up when you told you were moving! Congratulations!

  253. Marc on Capitol Hill

    My girlfriend and I just installed a dishwasher in our kitchen (which was part of a whole new remodel) and it makes such a huge difference! You will LOVE IT!

  254. cupcakes

    wait wait wait… when was the trip to paris again? I recall a reader saying she bets youd come home with a bun in the oven…

  255. Valerie K

    Congrats on all the new happenings esp the new arrival!! I will bake this cinnamon buns … coz I have the same craving and due August!

  256. Amanda

    WOW! What awesome news!!! A dishwasher, visiting Ree (totally jealous), AND a baby on the way!!??? It can’t get much better!

  257. Smitty

    Whoa, worlds are colliding. I found PW because you mentioned her flag cake a couple years ago and I’ve been reading her ever since. Next thing I know, you’ll bake a cake together decorated with kittens made out of frosting and we’ll see it on cuteoverload and then my head will explode.

    and congratulations!

  258. Joann

    Congrat’s!!! Can’t wait to here & see from your week-end @ Ree’s
    Do take lots of pictures. Have fun & congrats again.

  259. Heidi

    Mazel Tov!
    You and Alex will make wonderful parents. I honestly couldn’t be more excited if my own daughter was spreading the news.
    Best of health and happiness.
    Those buns look sooooooo yummy. Leave it to a clever girl as yourself to come up with a delicious way to break the news.

  260. Sara

    How dare you post this RIGHT before Passover is finished?! I want these now!!! I guess my matzoh crack will have to tide me over.
    Congrats on the baby- she/he is so very lucky to have a mommy to make amazing food all the time!!!!

  261. Zoe

    Congratulations! I wish you sleep and a complete lack of morning sickness. I love your site and can’t wait to see what you and the PW cook up together.

  262. Cat

    You will be wanting a “Learning Tower” for the little one to help you cook. My 1 year old has just started wanting to stir and such and it is so amazing to share it with her.

  263. Jess

    Yay! Congrats on all fronts. I hope your pregnancy is going well. We are expecting in early Sept too (just found out we’re having a girl!) I’m wrapping up my last semester in nursing school & trying to get by without caffeine or alcohol is a killer! Thank goodness I found your Crispy Chewy Choc Chip Cookie recipe! :) It also helps w/ the choc cravings too. I hope you have a wonderful time on the ranch. Also, looking forward to those mocktail recipes too! Thanks for being an a lifesaver!

  264. ohmygoodness


    Baby on the way and visit to PW’s Pad! You got it all right now honey, ENJOY IT! :)

    Good luck with the moving too!

  265. What a great kitchen! I have 3 cabinets – one under the sink, one above the sink and one as a cart on wheels. Ya gotta make what you have work!

    Cinnamon buns look so so so good. I love breakfast sweets.

    Congrats on the move!

  266. Amy

    Deb-I just read this post and my mouth kept dropping open, and open,…What a great new apartment! You + PW = my two favorite bloggers in one place at the same time!!!!! And a little DebAlex on the way! Too too much. BTW, I made these cinnamon rolls this weekend and I screwed them up. I formed them and let them rise the 2nd time overnight, come to temp and then baked them. The texture was off. Better luck next time, huh? Congrats all around.

  267. Mamadallama

    Congratulations! A baby! A new apartment! My two favorite bloggers getting together for a food fest! Yay for all of us! Now I have to go back and read the cinnamon bun recipe…

  268. Rhonda

    TOO MUCH FUN!!!! Congratulations!!!! Finding out I was pregnant at 43, for the first time, unexpectedly 5 years ago, my husband and I are still living on Cloud 9 with a beautiful little girl. Enjoy every second of waiting for and feeling and watching that little bun in the oven. In the meantime, I’ll try making these cinnamon buns with my once “little bun”. Enjoy your time too with that wild and crazy Pioneer woman – the 2 of you together in 1 room – what a hoot! Tell us more!

  269. Congrats on alllll these wonderful things! RE: Small kitchen/adapting… My DC rowhouse had LESS than 2 feet (no exaggeration for drama) of counterspace, 1 foot of which was taken up by a dish rack (no dishwasher). I baked and decorated about 300 cookies, 4 or so at a time, to be photographed for my book using said kitchen. Anything is possible!

  270. Mazel Tov!!! I got all smushy when I read your announcement — soooo happy for you! Also really happy that you posted a cinnamon bun recipe that might work better than the one I’ve been using for 3 years which has been thoroughly….whelming each time. I’m trying these. This weekend.

    Congrats again to both of you one the new place AND the wee one. :)

  271. thebrunettebaker

    Congrats on the baby!! I speak from experience, enjoy your time as just the two of you while you can and make all the things you’ve been putting off. Can’t wait to see you & Ree..take lots of pics.

  272. Long time lurker, infrequent poster, here.

    I’m excited for you! On both counts, the new kitchen, er, I mean apartment, and the baby. Yay! Looking forward to seeing how/if being a mama changes your cooking. Mine has changed dramatically, and as someone who loves to cook, I find it heartbreaking when my latest offspring turns her nose up at my lovely homemade lentil and apple puree with a side of quinoa. True story.

    Again, Congrats!

  273. So here I am reading this, and I’m thinking, “Oh, that’s so great! A baby! I remember when she and Alex were just dating…”

    And then I thought, “Listen to me reminiscing about Deb and Alex. I don’t even KNOW them.”

    Congrats, from another random internet person. :)

  274. I too am a long-time reader, first-time poster. Congratulations on the baby, the buns the new place, and the beautiful dishwasher! I’m looking forward to reading how it all goes. PS – I made your blood orange tart a couple of weeks ago and it was awesome! All the best.

  275. Stiffler

    Congratulations to the expecting parents.
    i look forward to seeing what you and the pioneer woman cook up.
    it’s national grilled cheese month; got a tasty and unique one to share?

  276. Melissa

    It’s amazing how happy you can be for someone you don’t even know. But I do feel like I know you and your husband through your wonderful posts and recipes. Your baby is going to be one lucky child — well fed and well loved, just the way it should be. Congratulations on all of your good news.

  277. Christina

    Congrats on the baby! And on the dishwasher as well. The worst part of my second pregnancy was handwashing the dishes around my belly. Very uncomfortable.

  278. Jules

    Deb – I just have to “de-lurk” and tell you how happy I am for you and Alex.
    When I read the last bit of news I whooped so loud I scared the cat off my lap! Congratulations on all your news!! (and yes – you will love the dishwasher, I remodeled 4 years ago and the dishwasher ranks right up there in enjoyment with all the counter space.) All wonderful news – Congrats!

  279. Linden

    Congratulations!!!!! (Both on the little one and the new apartment.) That’s such fantastic news!
    Also, those cinnamon buns are making my mouth water…

  280. bridget

    Wow, so much excitement! May I congratulate you on: pregnancy, visit to The Lodge and the dishwasher, in that order! I’m due in September too. Let me know if your pregnancy cravings include pickled okra. I hope not, but it’s one of my cravings, and luckily we’ve got a supply.

  281. Oh wow! I’m really late to this party but please accept my very sincere congrats on your exciting, wonderful news! So wonderful! And a new apartment (and delicious cinnamon buns) to boot. Yay you!

  282. Maureen

    Yes, here are still more congratulations on all of your good news from another long-time-lurking reader. Most of all, congrats on the little one! (What is in the air these days? Two of my own beautiful nieces – both my older sister’s daughters – are also expecting their first babies in August and December.) How wonderful! Blessings to you and Alex and Baby Smitten in your new home with the beautiful kitchen floor and the miraculous dishwasher. Woo hoo! I wish you every happiness.

    On top of it all, you are going to visit Pioneer Woman and stay at the Lodge?!! Oh my! Be still my heart! Like every other cook in the world, I’m anxious to see what you two will create in your time together. I envision many pounds of butter being whipped into a delicious food frenzy. I can hardly wait to see the delectable photos and read the yummy narrative. (I am already turning bright green with envy….)

    Thank you for sharing your good news with us!

  283. Jessica

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!! What a clever way to announce the most exciting news! Awesome! I do think PW should invite guests to the Lodge to participate in this endeavor…especially a guest whose two favorite bloggers are Deb and Ree! Hint…hint!!! Looking forward to lots of updates on the developing Smitten Baby!

  284. Congtratulations!! I am so excited for you. I have a one-year-old, and must say that the whole working-from-home thing has really increased my baking time. Even if that’s not really how it’s supposed to go. Can’t wait to hear more, and hope you won’t be sooo exhausted that you’ll update less!

  285. Liz C.

    Well, now I’m officially jealous. I have become absolutely obsessed w/The Pioneer Woman lately, making you and her the only two food blogs I really read. I cannot BELIEVE you get to go out there. NO FAIR.

    Also: freakin’ congrats!!! So exciting about the tot!! Even though it makes me a little sad we probably will have to go w/o some blogs for awhile. Unless….you could cook up a bunch of stuff between now and then and then post stuff later that you make in the next couple months.

    Anyhow…PUHLEEZE post pics of your trip out to the country, so I can be jealous. *sigh*



  286. Yeah! I’m certain you won’t read this far in the comments, but I just can’t NOT say, “I called it! I called it!” Oh, maybe dozens of readers left comments with bun-in-oven suspicions, but I wouldn’t know–I usually don’t read the comments. Hence, the comment that*I* left regarding such a suspicion a month or so ago, was not based on anyone else’s suspicions. Ha. I’m not making any sense. Don’t know why, but I just love it when I can spot a pregant one with only a minimum of clues! Smug!

  287. Liz C.

    btw: you know this already I am sure, but on behalf of Ree, you should bring her all the bagels and smoked salmon you can physically fit in your suitcase. It appears she has a freshly found love for the stuff.

  288. Marianne

    Wow you really have saved all the news for just one post. :P

    Congrats! :) Must be an awesome/exciting time for you right now!

  289. Fantastic news, congratulations! Three of my very best friends have buns in their ovens, and given the fact that none of them cooks, well, the buns are metaphorical. Good on you for having the metaphorical bun and the literal ones, too.

    All my best to you and your husband!

  290. claire in AZ

    Wow! You’re just FULL of fabulous news! Enjoy every minute … you know mama hen Ree will take wonderful care of you!

  291. natalie k

    wowzas! delurking to say congratulations! I have a September baby too (7 months now) and unlike lacrema, my baking time has dramatically decreased! but he is pure wonderfulness.

    and you are one very lucky woman to have gained a dishwasher. very jealous!

  292. Cindy

    Congratulations on your wee one! What wonderful news. And we already know your baby will be so well fed. Good luck with the move and safe travel to PW land.

  293. Janet

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! You are going to be such a great mother!!! When you posted about your three years of marriage, I thought OMG YES! She should have a baby. And now you are!

    I also didn’t realize you live in an apartment with a small oven because you bake so much. I love love love baking, but my college dorm also has the smallest oven ever and I don’t know what to do about it. My normal sized cookie sheets don’t fit. When you make 50 cookies, do you just bake like six at a time? Or…? Where can I buy tiny sized cookie sheets? And when you made cinnamon buns, do you really just have to make nine at a time?

  294. deb

    Thanks again, everyone. You’re all so awesome! You’ve made our day.

    The “mini” oven — Is not really as mini as it sounds. But you can’t fit most baking sheets in it, I get special ever-so-slightly smaller ones. It is about 14″ wide inside. From the looks of it, the new kitchen might have something similiar, but I won’t know until I try and fail to shove a normal tray in it, if I have any left!

    Visiting the Ranch — We’re still sorting the details, but we do want to do a get together at the Lodge, probably with a cooking demo (she did something similiar when Bakerella visited last month), on one of the two weekend days I am there, likely Saturday. If we do, Ree will host a contest among both of our readers to fill the limited space and yes, I will be absolutely sure to announce it here too.

  295. Christina

    CONGRATULATIONS! A very small part of me is thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad if something horrible happens to me in the next few months if I could have a shot at being reincarnated into your kitchen…

  296. Howdy from Austin, Deb.
    I’ve never commented before–been skulking around the site for a year now, but I couldn’t contain my glee over the bun in the oven. Congratulations!

  297. Brittany

    In response to the picture of you in the dress on your flickr, you have the most fabulous figure ever! the way every woman should look!

  298. I couldn’t be happier for you! This is extremely exciting news! This is a big year for you! A move, a dishwasher, a new baby! Think of all of the baby food recipes you can try out and post! ~ Robyn

  299. wow, that is so much news. Congrats on the new place, and gazillion congrats on expecting a baby. The East Village is such a great place to live. With kids, we ended up moving north of the city, but I still miss living downtown. Have a blast out west!

  300. Katie K

    So much exciting news! Congratulations on the pregnancy! And now my two favorite blogs are coming together? I’m pretty sure I just shouted out “YAY!” :)

  301. samarahuel

    We must be kindred spirits! Not only has this rapidly become my favorite cooking blog since I found it a month or two ago, I am due in September too! Yet another thing I have in common with you…I must be cooler than I thought. The ultrasound picture IS adorable. We get to see the little one every month on ultrasound here in Germany, and in one of the most recent pictures it looks like he’s waving. All five perfect little fingers are visible; it’s precious.

  302. lynn

    helo deb from malaysia!
    stumbled upon your site 2 years back and have been hooked ever since! never left a comment but thought i should this time – CONGRATULATIONS on your move, and especially the lil one! :) have a great trip!

  303. Allison K

    There is no way I’m reading all 579 comments before me.. and this may have been said already but: GASP! Herringbone hardwood floors.. and on the diagonal to boot. Love. Love. Love. Congrats on the new place.

  304. Caithness

    you are the shit! cinnamon buns and news of a baby and going on a cool trip all in one post! YAYYY!! good luck with the move!

  305. Debbie

    WOW!! I can feel the warmth of you glowing clear out here in Washington State! How cool is all that??? Seriously, the baby picture is sooo darn cute. Love the hammock comment! Isn’t life grand? Excited for you and Alex. Can’t wait to see you at PW’s place.

  306. Ok I’m not sure I’ve ever commented before, despite well over a year of devoted reading, but that was just too much excitement in one place to NOT comment.

    And so, my comment is: AAAAGGGGHHH!! Because there is too much awesome to come up with anything better.

  307. MK

    So much wonderful news in a short little post! Congrsrulations to both you and Alex! (He can trade his dishwashing for diapers!)
    :) So happy for you both!

  308. Jen

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You two are going to make such beautiful parents. :) And the little one is going to have the best. meals. ever.


    (Also mega jealous of you staying at PW’s ranch. Amaaazing.)

  309. Congratulations! Loved the captions on the ultrasound – you’re going to be a great mom :) I still wish I could’ve taken the old Smitten Kitchen apartment, but thanks for emailing me those apartment hunting tips!

  310. Umm- O.M.G! That was so much news! Congratulations on the “bun in the oven!” How exciting!!! Also- Super jealous of your trip to see the pioneer woman. Enjoy. I look forward to pictures. = )

    Oh yeah- the cinnamon rolls look fantastic. uber fantastic.

  311. Louise

    Congrats on your ‘bun’, the new digs and fun travels!!! I have been reading Smitten Kitchen for over a year now, I LOVE it, and it seems appropriate to comment for the first time in the wake of such big and awesome news!

    I may even have to try the cinnamon buns, something I have not attempted since I destroyed my middle school home ec grade ruining a batch of them =)

  312. Congratulations! The new kitchen is adorable. I completely understand your joy in now having a dishwasher. After two years of no garbage disposal or dishwasher, I just moved into a house that has both!

  313. WOOT! Congratulations. Nothing like a bambino to keep your kitchen humming late at night.

    My kitchen is actually SMALLER than yours. I have a grand 3.5′ of counter space. 2 cabinets on top, two drawers, 2 adjoined cabinets on the bottom. We have half a dishwasher that is way down the end of the counter from the sink, and only holds like 5 dishes and is not hooked up to hot water. My landlady is a slumlord.

    How I’ve adapted. I went to the Container Store and bought the largest wire shelving unit they had, which is up against the opposite wall from the one line of counter space. That holds the microwave, toaster, cookbooks, and all foods that are not canned or jarred. Then I went out and bought a cheap, but useful little kitchen island that is long but thin and has a shelf underneath that holds all my large appliances. Mixer, food processor, bread machine all live there. There are two small drawers in my island that hold napkins, hot pads, pot holders, and kitchen towels. The top is marble and is helpful for baking.

    I do have a small dish drainer next to the sink, which takes up too much counter space but we need to air dry most of our pots and pans as they do not fit in the dishwasher.

    Hooks and more hooks help a lot. In my shelving unit I got two deep plastic drawers that hold all my cooking utensils, so literally nothing is on the teeny tiny counters. And still it is NOT enough space, but after 4 years I’ve learned to cope by washing everything as soon as I’m done, using the stove top as counter space (glass top stove), using small cutting boards, and keeping as much stuff as I can put away where they belong. It sucks, but it’s all I’ve got.

  314. Giovani

    Must add my congratulations to the list. A new place can be both very nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time, I hope you settle in nicely.

  315. Oh, and I forgot to say that I made the Clementine Cake for second seder, which was also a birthday, and it was a HUGE hit. You didn’t say it was like a steamed pudding in texture, but OMG, that was one fabulous Passover cake. So moist, so tasty, and even when I mentioned the boiled rinds, people still gobbled it up. I just used confectioner sugar (KLP, of course) atop it, which was all it needed. That recipe is now a go-to passover specialty in my home. THANK YOU!

  316. Chrissy

    How much excitement can one person take!!! You show us pics of your new place, tell us you get to hang out with PW AND that you are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo excited for you guys – for all of the above! But mostly for the baby b/c … well … babies just rock. Even the really fussy, whiny ones (aka my son). Because even THOSE babies turn into the sweetest, most loving pre-schoolers. :o) Congrats on all the big events in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Many congrats on the little “bun”. It is my experience that baby bellies thrive on baked goods. And I’m so excited to read about your visit to The Ranch. Best of luck with everything.

  318. Rebecca

    OMG!!!!!! I know a million people have already said this…but I can’t help myself…congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your husband!

  319. Jason

    Congratulations on everything! I have been a faithful reader but never posted. I wanted to step out of the lurkers shadows to say how happy I am for you. It will be fun to see you making things for a baby and hopefully someday with your child. A little more smitten for all our kitchens.

  320. Lauren (UK)

    What a lovely lovely post!! I had a feeling, when I read the title, that there might be a little baby-shaped bit of news,then you were all “Apartments! Dishwashers! Cows! Lodges!” and I was all, “Well, that’s nice I guess” and then BAM! BABY!! Big congratulations to the both of you on all your newly acquired kitchen appliances, country breaks and miniature humans and I look forward very much to reading about them all in posts to come.

    And those cinnamon buns look incredible – I am ON it…

  321. Congratulations! I’m so jealous that you are going to hang with Ree- but psyched to see all the fun the two of you cook up. Thanks for all your tips on large/wedding cakes. I’ve managed to do a full scale practice run and am now set on making my own.

  322. Congratulations! Looking forward to a whole new generation of food blogger :-) Enjoy your new flat – and the cows. I am going to try to be strong in the matter of the buns. Don’t know if it will work…

  323. Peggy

    Deb, congrats to you and to Alex! I hope that everything goes well and that you delivery a healthy, happy child :) In the meantime, enjoy your new apartment and your trip to the Lodge! I’m heading to an event on the weekend and I’m torn between taking a nice cake or taking these buns! I’ll have to think on it.

  324. Jess

    I am selfish. Does this mean that we will get fewer posts come September?

    Just kidding! CONGRATULATIONS! Any buns you make, cinnamon or otherwise, are sure to turn out just perfectly. Make sure you take care of the oven!!

  325. Congratulations! And thanks for the cinnamon bun recipe – I’m living in the UK these days and can’f find a decent cinnamon bun to save my life.

  326. So much good news, and so many well-wishes, but I have to add my congrats here. A dishwasher! A cooking spree with a blogging friend! A little SK on the way! Almost too much to absorb at one time. Enjoy them in order, and sleep while you can.

  327. Ok…wow…I am sooo jealous. First let me congratulate you on the Little Smitten Bun…how exciting…I miss having a baby around.
    Second, can I come to PW with you?? How cool…My dd said yesterday I should have my own show cause I can cook too…but she’s bias, I don’t really cook…but I like to.

    Enjoy your move…I am an adventurer and moving to me is fun!

    Love your Blog…

  328. DeborahB

    Yay! Good news all the way around. Congrats on the new little bun! And I am SO JEALOUS! PW is one of my fav blogs (yours is one also) and the lodge looks divine. Have a great time and can’t wait to see all the pics.

  329. Stephanie

    congratulations on it ALL!!!! that is just so exciting. not going to lie – having SK and PW together might make my head explode – just too much awesomeness in one place!!

  330. eliza

    Congrats! As a mom of two little ones, I look forward to seeing how you adapt to life in the kitchen with a baby. It’s a wonderful thing. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  331. Mel

    Congratulations! on everything!
    and as a fanatical reader of both your and Ree’s sites, I can’t wait to see you both together at one time :-)

  332. Claire

    Hi, Deb!
    I, too, am a lurker–and I have been for over a year now! I was inspired to finally comment because of your upcoming addition to your family (congrats!) and because of my supreme jealousy that you are going to the ranch. I can’t wait to see the posts! I love your site and my fiance indirectly loves your site because it keeps him well-fed . . .

  333. Krissy

    Congrats on the little one Deb! And have a great time at the Lodge with Ree. I love you both and it will be quite a treat to see you together at one time!

  334. Best. News. Ever! I can’t believe how excited I am about the pregnacy of a virtual (get it?) stranger…

    Looking forward to updates about cravings, nesting, and all the other great stuff that goes with little buns!

  335. So many things to comment on. Firstly, gosh, that floor (the wood one, dining room?) is absolutely divine! I was going to relinquish my lurker status just to tell you that, but then going to stay with Ree?! Wow, I read both your sites avidly so that’s so exciting.

    But you saved the most exciting til last- congratulations! I think baby smitten is going to be just about the best fed baby ever, especially once she or he (do you know yet?) gets a little older and moves onto solids. Cinnamon buns for brunch? I could only dream of such things when I was younger.

  336. Anne

    Heartfelt congratulations from upstate New York where I have cows a-plenty for neighbors—I love to cook the way you love to cook, but feel confident that children are the best part of life….enjoy this time. And enjoy that beautiful kitchen floor.

  337. Susan

    OOOH!!!! I’m so jealous that you get to go to the Lodge and stay with Ree and meet Ree and her family! I want to live there with her…is that wrong? I don’t care :) I’m jealous that she gets to spend time with you too! Oh how I would LOVE to be there with both of you!!!! Sigh! I will just have to live vicariously through pictures!
    Oh, and the cinnamon buns look DEE-LISH-OUS! Can’t wait to try them! :)

  338. Andrea

    Wow. Too many comments, but had to add my own congrats! I was due yesterday, so maybe that’s my eexcuse, but I can’t believe I’m teary with happiness for someone I’ve never met! Yay Deb and Alex! And, I made the Guiness Chocolate Cake three times this weekend. Thank you Deb.

  339. Deb! Good lord. So much amazing, and amazingly good, news! I’m so happy for you and Alex. So happy. Congratulations to both of you – or all three of you, even!

    P.S. Oh, and glad you liked the cinnamon rolls! (I almost forgot about that part!)
    P.P.S. Do you think I’ve used enough exclamation points here?

  340. ML

    Congratulations! What a lucky little baby… I’m due in July with #2 and I’ll be watching with anticipation for the arrival of your little one!

  341. Audrey in Oregon

    Not that you will ever read all these comments, what with moving, farming etc…..anyhoo, Congratulations on the Buns and the dishwasher. I run a lab in an OB office (so that would be like that mean person who draws your blood). I loved the ultrasound pic and the kid with his/her legs crossed like in a hammock. I’m going to share it with our ultrasound tech at work today. Are you going to find out the gender or leave it for a surprize? I’m sure your blog will change after Bun is delivered….more baby pics instead of food, but we will continue to enjoy it all. You are such a joy!

  342. I am so jealous that you get to go cook with Ree! The two of you together? Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to see what the two of you cook. I’m excited. And the bun in the oven? So excited for you guys. Motherhood is a total adventure, one I’m sure you’ll love (but to be honest, sometimes it’s not so lovable!).


  343. brooklynite

    not sure if you’re even going to see my congrats among the masses, but I had to write…you are going to be a terrific mother, I’ve always thought so!

  344. Sandra

    Congratulations: on the “bun,” the window, and the cows. I can’t wait to get some brilliant ideas on how you adapt w/in your small[er] kitchen. Congrats to Mr. Smitten, as well. :-)

  345. congrats on the new dishwasher – that’s top of list when we move later this year. i passed on installing on in my w. village apt when i renovated a few years back, in order to get more drawer space, and regret it every day! i’d have found a spot for the pots and pans elsewhere …

  346. Sara

    I almost leaped from my chair and did a dance! You’re going to the Lodge! Then I kept reading and DID leap from my chair! You’re prego! Congratulations on all your good news.

  347. nystateofmind

    Deb…you’re little future sous chef is very lucky to have you for a mommy….Mazel tov! (You’ve been operating without a dishwasher all this time???
    I’m ready to kill myself just thinking about it). You’re amazing! I wish you the best on all the surprises mentioned above…you do have a lot going on!

  348. makyo

    delurking for a moment to say that i read this site EVERY day (even when you don’t post i peruse the archives), your recipes have never steered me wrong, i am a huge fan, and oh yeah CONGRATULATIONS! new home, new baby, new vacation on the horizon… wow! everything’s sunny in the smitten kitchen (now with window!).

  349. Erica

    Congratulations on everything – what an exciting time! I can’t wait to hear both Pioneer Woman and Little Smitten updates :)

  350. Oh Sarah C.

    Congratulations on everything. The baby, the apt, and visiting PW country. Wow What an exciting time. :) Best wishes!!!

  351. Cathy

    I am coming out of the lurking closet–I read your blog almost daily, but never leave a comment. This time, however, there is so much to comment about!! Congrats on the new apartment, so jealous about your trip, and babies are always happy news!! Love your blog–keep up the great work!

  352. Jen

    Wow, look at how popular you are!! over 600 posts!! I’m so excited for all the new things going on for you! Apartment! Dishwasher! Baby! Trip! Good stuff. The cinnamon buns look delicous, by the way.

  353. Mariam.

    A VIRGO on the way – congratulations to the two of you. I will survive without news of smitten kitchen when you go through colic and teething sleep deprived nights, and will faithfully come back to check on the blog status – not much by way of contribution but staight from my heart. Thank you Deb for the wonderful texts you write and the very good recipes you walk us through – always fire proof. I’ve come to take you for granted. Let me know what I can do for you.

  354. Julie

    Congratulations and many blessings to you and Alex! Get ready for the greatest love you’ve ever experienced! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures at the lodge.

  355. Mona

    Congratulations! Baby Smitten!

    Maybe I will need to bake some of these cinnamon buns so I can get my own bun in the oven…(we’ve been TTC for years now, with no luck….) I am so very happy for you and Alex….


  356. Congratulations on the wonderful news, Deb! Enjoy your new apartment and your trip to Pioneer Woman’s ranch! Looking forward to seeing pictures and recipes!

  357. Jen G.

    Great news!! New Apartment, New Baby…..all sounds great! You have to check out apartment therapy (the baby part) for awesome nursery ideas!!

    My quest for last Christmas was to have hot cinnamon rolls baking in the oven on Christmas morning – never made them from scratch before. Yeah didn’t realize the Kitchen Aid came with a dough hook!!! Got it done (alot of arm work – I even just used a pastry blender to blend it! What was I thinking??) but yours look a lot yummier!! Maybe this weekend might be a good time to try again…do you think you could sub in some whole wheat flour? Hmmm……something to think about.

  358. Laceflower

    Well I have to come out of lurkdom for this double header news! Congratulations on the impending bundle of joy. And oh my, my two obsessions collide, Ree and Deb, WOW. Triple WOW.

  359. jen

    congrats deb and alex! i’ve been an avid reader for sometime, and as a mother of 2 little ones, i’ve often wondered how things would change if you kids.i can tell you, that a smaller kitchen is not the only thing you’re going to have to adapt to in the upcoming months! my best strategies were always to prep, prep, prep during naptime and a swing/bouncy chair in the kitchen. you’ll work all these things out for yourself i’m sure, for now enjoy your pregnancy, and congrats again!

  360. li


    so jealous. the pioneer woman is one of my photography faves, and to be spending a weekend of beauty, fabulous food and awesome photos sounds like my definition of fabulous.

    you go girl!

  361. Courtney

    Congrats! I’m due in September, too. Our ultrasound pic had a similar knee-bent, totally chilling pose. Did you get a face-on shot? The baby looks like Skeletor in that one; it’s our fave.

    Your posts have been feeding my cravings the last few months (and helping with the weight gain, too). I hope the pregnancy hasn’t hindered your appetite – it certainly hasn’t affected mine. Congrats again!

  362. Dyanna

    Congrats on the move and the baby!!!! Woo hoo!!!

    Can’t wait to see you and Ree together! It was awesome to watch Bakerellas adventures with her and I’m sure yours will be just as much fun!

  363. Mary

    First time I’ve commented to you, I visit your site everyday and love it. I am so happy for you in all 3 ways, PW is my first stop everyday, Love her site. Then on to the food blogs, your second. Congrat on the little bun in the oven, we used to say that, are you from Maine? The new apartment is beautiful, happy for you both. Have fun with PW, lucky girl. Mary

  364. laurie

    Apartment, Ree and the Lodge (!!!!), AND a baby? Not one, not two, but three life-changing events! Can’t decide which is the most amazing–Ree or a baby. Well, of course, a baby, but still…
    Can’t wait to see how it ALL unfolds. Congratulations!

  365. kel

    Congratulations! I just discovered you about 6 weeks ago, and everyone has been enjoying all the wonderful food I have been making because of you! Like many others, I have never commented before, and couldn’t hold myself back because now I feel all warm and fuzzy, and I am so happy for you!

    And, also, THANK YOU, not just for the great recipes, but for introducing me to another great blog – PW – (I am relatively new to food blogs, and finding the gems is really exciting!)

  366. I have never commented on your site, but I check it regularly!! You are so fun!! Congrats on Baby!! I am expecting baby #2 in August…It is SOOOO much fun being a Mommy, but it is also quite an adventure…good luck!!

    I am so excited that you will be cohorting with PW!! She is hilarious…and seems like a ton of fun to cook with!! That should be a great time for all involved…even Alex…poor city slicker He has no idea whats coming…HA HA!!!

    Those Cinnamon Buns look absolutely incredible…I am going to have to make some!!! YUM!!!

  367. wow! I almost feel guilty adding to these nearly 700 comments, as I’m sure with all the exciting news you need as much non blog reading time as you can get! So I will make it short: CONGRATS on all of the exciting life changing events. I love your blog & share it with every cooking friend I have. Good luck juggling everything. I’m sure all your blog fans will be cheering for you every step of the way :) Best wishes!

  368. Delurking to say huzzah and CONGRATS!!! Now I want to go back and look at your recipes from earlier this year, and see if there’s a pattern of foods you could eat, foods you couldn’t….

  369. MG

    Delurking to say Congratulations!! And the cinnamon buns looks amazing!