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On New Year’s Eve, we attempted to do the reprehensible and take a 6 year-old who usually goes to bed at 7:30 and a pajama-clad infant who went to bed whenever the thought struck her to a party at a friend’s place in Brooklyn. Like, for grown-ups. (Just let me know where to collect our parenting medals.) By 9:30 p.m., all members of the Perelman clan were predictably rubbing their eyes and we headed home before the meltdowns began, got the wee ones tucked in and then made some White Russians. We haven’t been able to stop making them since.

what you'll need
black russians

While the drink has absolutely nothing to do with being pale-skinned or Russian-born at least in an ethnic sense, thank goodness, my husband’s fondness for them amuses me no less despite this. Wikipedia tells us that the vodka (the “Russian” part) and coffee liqueur (the “black” part) cocktail known as a Black Russian emerged in 1949, and the White Russian, which includes the praise-worthy addition of cream, shortly thereafter, although there are some that date it earlier (1930s, when it contained gin as well) and some later (1961, when the black/white distinctions first appeared in the Diners’ Club Drink Book).

pour the cream off the back of a spoon

But for most of us, the drink came into our collective consciousness in 1998, when the cult Coen Brothers movie Big Lebowski — about an aging slacker who called himself “the Dude” and whose chief pursuits included bowling, not working, and drinking White Russians — caused an inadvertent White Russian revival. To wit, I had my first about 15 minutes after leaving the movie theater. I ordered it with skim milk. The bartender looked at me askance. I deserved it.

a tempest in a rocks glass
a swirl of white russian

While the drink is often passed off as little more than an alcoholic milkshake, I think that makes it too easy to dismiss. There are no scoops of ice cream or plumes of whipped cream; chocolate shavings or garnishes of any sort on top would be all wrong. At its finest, it’s a drink that suggests dessert while not drowning you in it, all while packing a sneaky punch. It’s also, if you assemble it just so, stunning — a tempest of light and darkness in a rocks glass. Or an arts-and-crafts project for grown-ups.

white russian

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White Russian

I have yet to find three White Russian recipes in a row that agree on proportions. The closest thing I can find to a classic advocates 2 parts vodka, 2 parts coffee liqueur and 1 part heavy cream or 2:2:1, but I have also seen versions that are heavier on the vodka and cream (5:2:3), the liqueur (1:2:1) and/or just the cream (2:2:3). Let me be absolutely no help at all except to tell you that our favorite proportions are none of the above, but after repeated, high-stakes “testing” (goofing after the kids are sleep) in our “lab” (sofa watching Netflix), we feel this — which we call the 4:3:3 because when you cook as much as I do, even drinks are measured in tablespoons — is unquestionably the best balance. We use half-and-half instead of heavy cream; with heavy cream, 1 ounce is usually sufficient.

You can of course replace the cream with milk, cow or non-dairy. For more variations, see this list.

Makes 1 drink

2 ounces (4 tablespoons) vodka
1 1/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) coffee liqueur (such as kahlua or tia maria)
1 1/2 ounces (3 tablespoons) half-and-half or 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) milk plus 1/2 ounce (1 tablespoon) heavy cream

Fill a short — or rocks — glass with ice. Add vodka and coffee liqueur. Finish with the cream. For the layered effect, pour the cream in a very slow drizzle off the back of a spoon held over — but not touching — the surface of the drink. To swirl it prettily, insert a stirrer along the inner wall of the glass only as a deep as the cream and move it around in a slow circle.

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  1. Ashley

    Over Christmas we started making these with dairy-free eggnog, and it was maybe the best variation I’ve had yet! Good thing eggnog is seasonal, or there would be a (nightly) problem!

  2. Maro

    Find yourself some Portland-made Below Deck Coffee Rum (Eastside Distilling) for a less-sweet, bigger-coffee-kick version of both types of Russians!

  3. Carol

    The Bitter End in Virgin Gorda makes a drink called a Buchwacker. I started my own version which tastes like it has cream or ice cream (and it could if you want to stay vertical). The sort of required bits are some Irish cream and I could add a chocolate liquor…. From there grab what you like….amaretto, frangelico, vodka, patron XO, Godiva, kaluha, basically anything you like that pairs with coffee and chocolate. Throw in the blender with ice until milkshake consistency. Feeling fancy… a chocolate sauce swirl in the cup. You can dilute with cream. Goes down super smooth ESP when consumed through a straw!! It is like a milkshake with a serious punch!

  4. LTurtle

    My mother drank White Russians when I was growing up so its one of four drinks I learned how to make before leaving home. At 17. I learned to make them with equal parts of all 3 ingredients. My hubs and I prefer our holiday riff which we call White Christmas. It’s basically the same but sub eggnog for the cream. Heaven!

  5. Alice

    Deb – I believe you mean 1998? :^) Although I might need to check the date on the check he wrote for 69 cents at Ralph’s for the half-and-half.

  6. deb

    Btw, I went down a rabbit hole when researching this about how to make your own coffee liqueur, because I honestly hadn’t realized until recently that kahlua is just rum. It would stand to reason that some combination of dark rum, good espresso (or some concentrated cold-brew) and simple syrup would make a good stand-in, although it would be less boozy with that other “filler.” The recipes I found online were much more complicated, however.

  7. Melissa

    Yes please! However, as I’m currently living a real-life version of the Big Lebowski (temporarily alas, and minus the bowling due to a recent back surgery) and still sitting in my pajamas at 11:23 am central time, I’ll try to do the respectable thing and wait until a) it at least qualifies as evening (or late afternoon) b) I’m wearing actual clothing, and c) I no longer have to abide by those pesky “do not consume with alcohol” warnings on the pain medication bottle…

  8. minik

    It always amuses me when you post an alcoholic beverage (hello lebowski fans!) recipe. Makes me think, hey she’s human too! She drinks too! Hehe.
    I will try your version once the weather gets warmer; thank you for “testing” this.

  9. Pickpoppet

    My husband and I used to drink White Russians when we were dating, back in the 90s. It was a sign that the night was coming to an end–sort of a dessert drink. Thanks for the fond memories. I think I’ll make some this weekend.

  10. Karen

    I haven’t thought about White Russians in years! But they did get me through law school sometime in the last century. I think a stop for a bottle of Kahlua on the way home tonight is in order.

  11. Willravel

    U’luvka and Belvedere are my favorite vodkas for a proper white Russian. Absolut has a reputation of being, shall we say, the people’s vodka, but there are important aspects of the flavor of vodka that can help the drink. What you want to look for is vodkas that have butterier, creamier flavor and smoother feel. A white Russian stands in stark contrast to, say, a vodka martini, which is meant to be sharper and more dry and often features more herbal, vegetable, and even light caviar/fish flavors and odors.

    I also like taking the vodka right out of the cold immediately before mixing, so that the drink maintains that iced coffee experience.

    Terrific recipe! I couldn’t agree with the proportions more.

  12. Kelly

    Sigh… it’s like you’re reading my mind. Only 5 more hours until I can leave the office! One White Russian on deck; Check.

    –> I like that you leave it unstirred so it’s all swirly. I do that with my iced coffee.

  13. Wife To An Amazing Cook

    I’m so happy to know that you did all the heavy lifting and tested proportions. I have 2 grolsch bottles of homemade Kahlua that have been aging for 14 months. I now know exactly what to do with the one that’s going to be opened at 5pm today.

  14. K

    As others have noted, a touch of vanilla is excellent in a White Russian. I usually deplore flavored vodka, but this is one drink where vanilla vodka earns its keep.

  15. mimi

    My all-time favorite cocktail! Might have to make one tonight after the baby goes to bed, although I would have to pick up some cream on the way home (only have 2% at home).

  16. Jamie

    There’s a cinnamon white Russian on a blog called Pinch of Yum. It’s basically cinnamon simple syrup added in to the usual recipe. Very easy to put together. I love white Russians, and I was happy to settle with what we had, but my husband got all fancy with it. He loves local stuff, so he went to a distillery a few blocks from us to pick up their house coffee liqueur and their house vodka. Only the most expensive white Russians ever when we added all this up. Sticker shock! Still, it was Christmas and he wanted to spoil me, so I have been wallowing in gratitude ever since. :-)

    1. deb

      Steve — These glasses were an inexpensive (but maybe crystal?) purchase from Crate & Barrel many years ago. I don’t see it on their site anymore.

  17. Charlotte in Toronto

    I haven’t had one of those in years. I was my introduction to booze, courtesy of my sister, in the early 80’s. Tastes so decedent. Maybe I should have one tonight. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Gena

    We make these all the time in the winter, and I’ve got to say, homemade coffee liqueur has a richer, more intense flavor. It’s a super quick project, the only drawback is that the liqueur needs to sit for a couple of weeks before it’s ready to drink. I like Marisa’s recipe on the Food in Jars site.

  19. Jasmine

    @Steve re: the glasses – since Deb says they are from C&B, I believe they are the same glassware I have. The design is called Otis and they are still on the C&B website.

  20. Having begun the practice of making our own kahlua, we can never return to store-bought… So the month required to make a decent batch should give us ample time to locate just the right glassware to enjoy these delicious-looking beverages properly! Thank you for the gorgeous post!

  21. Jean

    Deb – “2 parts vodka, 2 parts coffee liqueur and 1 part heavy cream or 2:1:1,” – is that not 2:2:1? Or am I just not getting it?

  22. Craig

    I like to add vanilla extract to mine. I use a jigger of vodka, a jigger of Kahlua, and a 1/4 tsp of vanilla. A quick stir, then add cream till it looks good.

  23. Laura

    Back in our grad school days (early to mid 2000s) there was a bar we frequented because it was across the street from our apartment. There was one bartender there that would make these in a pint glass for the same price as the bartender who would make them in a rocks glass. I always checked who was working before deciding what to drink! Good times!

  24. samma

    Also, it’s super easy to make your own coffee liquor. I made a batch over the holidays and went on a white russian binge myself. = )

    8 cups water
    16 cups sugar (almost a 10 pound bag)
    8 oz instant coffee of your choice

    Let that cool.

    1 fifth brandy (3.094cups or 375 mls)
    1 fifth vodka (3.094cups or 375 mls)
    4 cups everclear
    1 cup vanilla

    Pour into dark bottles.
    Makes about 6 quarts.

  25. Katie

    Since you said you measure everything in tablespoons… could you add that? I’m *very* inexperienced at making drinks and dont know how to go off ounces. Or, could you confirm that your 4:3:3 means 4 tablespoons vodka, 3 tablespoons liquer, and 3 tablespoons of half/half?

  26. Wenderella

    Black and white Russians were so a thing when I was a youngster in the ’70’s. The epitome of *cool* to order in a disco in Sydney, Australia, then lounge about on the plush, velvet seating feeling very swish indeed.

    Further, I just want to say that pyjama clad infant is just so beautiful. If you have more I would buy one.

  27. Kater

    I highly recommend making your own coffee liquor sometime. It’s an excellent hostess gift and you can really play around with the flavors of the coffee, my grandma used to make it in big batches, which I found out after making it myself in college on a White Russian kick. Well worth the time if you make a big batch!

  28. Molly W

    39 weeks pregnant and this is killing me. These look great and I love the suggestion others have made of making their own coffee liquor.

  29. deb

    Tablespoons for ounces — Now added. 1 fluid ounce = 2 tablespoons. Isn’t it *wonderful* that we have a system for measuring liquids and another for measuring weights that BOTH use ounces although the ounces mean different things when they’re wet or dry? (No, not at all, in case you can’t tell.)

    2:1:1 — Now 2:2:1. Thanks. :)

  30. Something’s funky here:
    “2 parts vodka, 2 parts coffee liqueur and 1 part heavy cream or 2:1:1”

    Should either read “2 parts vodka, 1 parts coffee liqueur and 1 part heavy cream or 2:1:1″ or 2 parts vodka, 2 parts coffee liqueur and 1 part heavy cream or 2:2:1”.

    And now I want one but will have to wait another 6 months. Gah!

  31. Randi

    The Dude abides! We really enjoyed these at Christmas with the Mocha Peppermint Kaluha and whipped cream vodka for ultra easy festive drinking. White Russians are the best!

  32. Stu

    My wife and I started doing these occasionally, swapping out the cream with horchata. It’s delicious. We called it a White Mexican, which doesn’t actually make any sense when you think about it, drink etymology-wise, but worked for us.

  33. Erin

    Love these glasses available on Amazon as they do not sweat so no coaster needed, work for hot or cold but work nicely to help keep the beverage chilled, easy to hold and are pretty. Bodum Assam Double Wall Tumbler

  34. I used to drink white Russian quite a bit back when I was living in eastern europe. Very nice heavy cocktail. I can recommend it to anyone who likes to enjoy their drink more rather than drinking in volume.
    Thank you for your lovely recipe and photos :)

  35. Out here in the country folks have been known to arrive at the local bar with a mason jar of goat’s milk to make their white russians with. Love that you are offering up some grown up only recipes. Thanks for doing what you do :-)

  36. Ash

    One time several years ago, after having three White Russians, I tried to tell a friend that I had had three White Russians, but could not say the words. “Three right Russians, no wait, tree white, thwee… Eff it, you know what I mean!” To this day, my drunk test is saying three White Russians clearly.

  37. Lucy

    Oh no! Don’t remind me! This was my drink of choice when I was a college girl in the early ’60’s. On second thought, where’s the vodka, Sweetie?

  38. Lorelle

    I remember I used to smuggle these into nightclubs in the late ’70’s in a ‘fashion accessory’ that was a hollow leather water container. Great times, until I forgot to wash it out when I got home – went sour and had to throw the whole thing out.

  39. Inessa

    Years ago, my husband and I started s tradition of watching The Big Lebowski on New Years Eve (now after the kids go to sleep). AND I even hail from the former USSR. And yet, I’ve never tried one of these. Must rectify immediately!

  40. Caren

    I went out a few weeks ago, and the bartender subbed Bailey’s for the half & half! An unexpected but delicious surprise. Though that probably made it no-longer-a-white-Russian.

  41. Sarah Gingrich

    Yes! We recently have been drinking a variation inspired by a local brunch: adding Russian imperial stout to the vodka Kahlua mix and frothing and egg white and splash of vanilla with the cream. The brunch variant is a shot of espresso. Delicious

  42. tara@littlehomekitchen.wordpress

    I really can’t drink these very often, because I find it hard to stop! (And that’s coming from someone who finds it easy to say no to sweets!) But, it IS Saturday… : )

  43. Cheri

    Ha..I think a “Dirty Mother” would be right up your alley. Introduced to me in the 80’s when Coke and the “real thing” as everywhere and I was a new mother and in much need of sleep! Coke,Kahlua and cream. 3:2:2, but I always eyeballed and test tasted too.

  44. Jean

    @Canada in her question about Everclear: Everclear is a pure grain alcohol. The brand, produced by David Sherman Corporation, comes in two strength bands, both 95% (190 proof), and 75.5% (151 proof) bottles. Although, the 95% is undeniably the most popular and most available type.
    Many of the US states have made it illegal to buy Everclear and it’s very uncommon to see the most potent of the Everclear products sold outside of America.
    And it’s for good reason too. Everclear is incredibly potent and should be used strictly and responsibly. Don’t drink it straight!

    Read more: Everclear® alcohol information

  45. Catherine

    I just love the comments here! Deb, you have tapped into some serious cultural/reminisce-y zeitgeist with this one. I remember these in college, too, but they were nowhere near as lovely as your recipe. I can’t wait to try this!

  46. I am completely in love with White Russians and always have been. They go down smoothly…and unfortunately too quickly some times! :) Then again, anything with cream or coffee flavor is perfect anyway!

  47. simple, easy and it looks soooo delicious i can’t believe,
    now it is 3 pm and i want this drink ;-)

    and a really good part of this post…the walk down Memory Lane its inspired!

    xox netzchen

  48. stephanie

    1. i like how the end of your writeup mimics how i imagine a worn out set of tipsy parents to sound: “kids are sleep, sofa watch netflix.”

    2. occasionally boyperson gets a Dude-induced craving for white russians. they are delicious but of course the issue comes when prolonged mixing of dairy and booze becomes…no longer a good time.

    3. for some reason i never equated how close the white russian is to one of our standard “scene” bar drinks: the mind eraser. to an ice filled pint sized plastic cup, layer kahlua, vodka (or vanilla vodka can be used), and then soda water (instead of cream).

    to drink: insert a minimum of three regular sized straws (not tiny bar straw stirrers) and bring over as many friends as there are straws. stir the drink, toast to something, count to three, and all begin drinking at once. do not stop until the cup is empty. repeat as necessary, but do not ingest before midnight, and beware its name.

  49. Deborah HH

    My darling mother (RIP Ma) loved White Russians so much that she made her own Kahlua in a closet in the dining room. She was such a doll. I can’t remember her formula for mixing a drink, but it was delicious. Her infatuation with White Russians predates The Dude by 25 years, but he would have liked her too. Sometimes she would order a B-52 in a restaurant, but mixed White Russians at home.

  50. Angie

    Read this yesterday – texted husband that we NEEDED vodka and kalhua. Thankfully we already had the half-n-half. Lovely evening snuggling and sipping White Russians. Thank you.

  51. Nikki

    What a coincidence! I was just craving these! I made it per your ratios and they are spot on, so refreshing, creamy, but boozy at the same time.

  52. janna

    Oh, this post made me smile! And reading through the comments, I’m happy that others remember them from the ’70’s, too. Back then my boyfriend (later husband and even later, ex-husband) drank Black Russians and I drank White Russians. So sophisticated! ;-)

  53. Jen S

    Wow. I love how classic cocktails are making a comeback. My paternal grandmother always has a bottle of kalua around. Haven’t tried tia maria yet. I remember my maternal grandfather making his own coffee liqueur as a child & so happy to have his original recipe. I’ve made a simple one using locally roasted coffee & vodka. Love TBL movie though don’t care for too much cream or half & half in a drink. The liqueur over ice-cream or mixed into a stout beer cocktail is also delicious. I’ll try adding a touch of vanilla as recommended next time.

  54. Katy

    In a moment of desperation, we made White Russians one night with Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate, and it was shockingly good. It was dubbed the White Suburbanite.

  55. Renee

    Deb, one of the things I have always loved about your site is the lack of ads. It’s a beautiful thing. However, recently there has been an ad on your site to “reduce eye bags” and oh boy is that picture a site to behold. It’s always between the recipe and the comments and whenever I see it I tend to lose appetite for the wonderful recipe you have given us yet again. Just something to consider if you have any control over it whatsoever. Thanks!

    1. deb

      Renee — Ick, sorry about the ad. I haven’t seen it, but will try to have it removed. We’re hoping more tasteful ads should be coming through in the next month — wish us (all) luck!

  56. Kathryn

    I can only imagine how many testings there were before writing this up. Love all the spelling and grammar mistakes. teehee. Long live the Dude.

  57. Karen

    Hey Renee – I just scrolled up to see the advert between the recipe and comments. Mine is of an online furniture store that I looked through recently. Have you been searching for cures for under eye bags or inadvertently clicked on an advert for such a thing? Go and look at cute kittie sites and see what happens ;-)

  58. Sharon

    Wait. Jacob is SIX?! Like, wasn’t he just a little cinnamon bun last year?! Oh my. So fast. I need to slow down time…I think a White Russian is just the way to do that.

    1. Phyllis

      I’m pressed for time right now, but I couldn’t let your comment slide. It’s positively memorable. We’ve all loved Jacob since Deb first put him along side a can of Crisco and the one where his tiny hand was wrapped around a fresh Brussels sprout!!

  59. anna*

    @Molly you could make the homemade Kahlua now and have it ready for later? no waiting! Just a thought :) maybe have a friend do it. I don’t know a thing about pregnancy.

  60. I looove White Russians and think it so unfair that you’ll show me one now when all I can have is mocktails preferably without sugar or any sugary fruit juice. Where’s the fun? I am not complaining though, finally in heaven. Just you keep those glorious cocktails until May please, when I rejoin the party on occasion.
    Nicole xx

  61. Amanda

    Recently sort of discovered (along with a great bartender who was willing to guide and experiment!) a wonderful combination that plays off of these flavors.
    Diplimatico Rum (yummmm!) plus coffee bitters made into an old fashioned. Used St George’s coffee liquor for a less sweet version. Still need to make these at home but they were fantastic.

  62. Cindy

    When I was in Mexico I was ordering White Russians and many people asked what I was drinking. In no time, the whole circular bar was filled with people enjoying White Russians. During the same visit, the bartender asked me if I’d like a “Colorado Bulldog”. I told him I was FROM Colorado and of course I’d like to try it. Imagine my surprise when he made a White Russian with a shot of Coke! It took the sharpness out of the vodka and made this drink too easy to enjoy.

  63. Having researched scores of drinks (a pleasurable activity both in study and in testing), I can commiserate with you about the issue of proportions and seemingly infinite variety of recipes! White Russians have escaped my scrutiny to this point, somehow, though a dear friend is a big fan of them. I’ll begin looking into it soon, and will start with your ratio.

    Cindy’s mention of a “Colorado Bulldog” sounds promising, too. Hmm…

  64. Lynnmarie

    Hi Deb, I am from the Midwest & here when making a White Russian we also gently drop a filbert nut or 2 in the glass & it’s delicious!

  65. I love White Russians, but I make mine a little differently. I use the clear creme de cacao instead of kahlua. And much to my delight, I have found lactose free half and half. Now I can drink more than one!

  66. Joy

    I must have gotten something very wrong – we made these when we had friends over tonight and they turned out clumpy and weird. The taste was nice but the texture was not. The cream (British double cream) went lumpy after being mixed with the Tia Maria and smirnoff. I am American but I can never keep track of the equivalents. Should I have used single cream instead?

  67. Joy

    Emily, it’s a thought but since I forgot to put the ice trays in the freezer til an hour before we didnt have any ice in our drinks. I wonder if the fat content was just too high?

  68. Laura in CA

    I had this as my first cocktail post pregnancy! My son is now 3 weeks old, and this was my first thing I “cooked.” Thank you for a delightful evening with my husband, drinking the perfect drink!

  69. The classic. this is by far my husband favorite drink. and if you knew him its fairly suiting lol…im pretty sure he think he’s ‘lumber jack’ version of James Bond…its okay to laugh…its really true.

  70. Had to improvise … Van Gogh chocolate vodka (a gift) … Kahlua midnite (picked up on sale on a whim) … REAL half-and-half …

    Not bad … not bad at all … eased up on Kahlua midnite a bit since it’s twice the alcohol of regular Kahlua.

  71. Jen

    What beautiful pictures! My last batch of white Russians was on a whim with a friend, when we were thinking of something to do to finish up a bottle of ‘Girl Scout thin mint’ coffee creamer. Using that in place of the cream was a winning move most definitely. Thank you for the reminder!

  72. stephanie

    #92 renee & #95 karen and anyone else who is bummed out by ads – download the adblock plus extension for your browser. i know since you guys don’t know me personally this probably sounds like spam (and maybe saying this makes it sound moreso? lol) but seriously! it’s free, it takes two seconds to install and you’ll never see ads. i hate looking at sites on my phone or ipad because i forget what they’re really like.

  73. Karen P.

    Dear Deb,
    Of course, I was stopped at the words,
    “pajama-clad infant,” & went tocheck on your
    precious baby. But, couldn’t see her sweet,
    darling face & red curls!! Would appreciate
    if you would your post one in the near future!
    I have loved seeing pics of your kids! But if you’d
    rather not, in the midst of our strange world, I totally
    understand. I’m happy with your marvelous recipes!

  74. I think White Russians were the first alcoholic drink that I ever made for and drank with my mother. She came home from work unexpectedly, saw me making them with a friend and her only reply was to request one. Whew!

    A few years back, I made White Russian “jelly shots” for my sister’s birthday. They’re not super alcoholic, so you can eat a few without getting drunk, which is a good thing because they were so yummy! If you’re curious about how I made them, the instructions (and suggested variations) are in the comments.

  75. Whoops! I didn’t realize I should put the link above. Serves me right for getting online before coffee. (HEY, there’s coffee in a White Russian… does that mean I can have one for breakfast?) Anyway, I apologize and will try again.

    I think White Russians were the first alcoholic drink that I ever made for and drank with my mother. She came home from work unexpectedly, saw me making them with a friend and her only reply was to request one. Whew!

    A few years back, I made White Russian “jelly shots” for my sister’s birthday. They’re not super alcoholic, so you can eat a few without getting drunk, which is a good thing because they were so yummy! If you’re curious about how I made them, the instructions (and suggested variations) are in the comments.

  76. Renee

    #95 Karen – Hahaha that is hilarious! I don’t recall searching about under eye bags, but maybe….?

    #118 Stephanie – Thanks for the tip!

    Deb – Since posting the comment, the awful ad has gone away!! Yay! Whatever you did, it must have worked! Thanks!

  77. Tiernan

    #118 Stephanie – I generally use adblock, but disable it on sites I would like to support. Thanks for the reminder to disable it here. I’ve gotten enough recipes from this site to be happy to support with the ad revenue :)

  78. Carolyn

    OMG! This brings back memories. My husband and I learned to make these after he was sent to Hawaii in 1970 (after returning from Vietnam after being drafted out of grad school) where we had access to cheap liquor at the PX.

  79. Chris

    Question… I’m happy with the 2:1:1 but the problem I am having is the cream congealing and clumping. I’ve tried slowing pouring the cream over a spoon but it still clumps up. Tastes great but looks gross. Any tips? I’m using Smirnoff vodka, Copa De Oro (a cheaper substitute for Kahlua) and store bought heavy cream, all refrigerated.

    1. deb

      These glasses were an inexpensive (but maybe crystal?) purchase from Crate & Barrel many years ago. I don’t see it on their site anymore, sadly.

  80. Susan Foust

    Great White Russian! Sometime this cocktail can taste too rich; however, the mixture of milk and a little heavy cream makes it more pleasantly palatable. Love it!

  81. Janice Fedyk

    Am wanting to order your new cookbook as a Xmas prezzie but can’t seem to locate it. Also, do you know if it can be shipped directly to recipient? Sign me confused but determined.

  82. Charlene Surace

    I still love White Russians, along with Vodka collins and the occasional melon ball! While in Orlando many years ago they made the White Russian with Godiva white chocolate liqueur – wow it was fantastic.

  83. Donna Jones

    Hi Deb! My daughter turned me on to your blog years ago and I have made many successful dishes from it–wanted to say that one of my big pet peeves is when people comment after a recipe to say that they’ve changed it….added this or that, did this or that…and have completely altered the basic recipe. And feel that they should share it. It happens everywhere, all the time and not just to your recipes. That being said, I’m happy that people did share their changes in your Russian, white or black, no prejudice here, recipe! I thoroughly enjoyed all the cute comments that were entered and have definitely decided tonight is a Russian night–maybe even a Russian afternoon. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere :) It’s truly one of the best desserts in a glass! Thank you for your great dissertations while cooking!

  84. Marion

    I’ve looked thru your site, and I’m not finding any hot alcoholic recipes… like a hot toddy… perhaps with lemon or tea or ginger or mint…… what do you have up your sleeve?

  85. Aurora

    Thanks Deb! I was going to have plain iced coffee with my freshly baked Levain bakery copycat chocolate cookie but the White Russian is taking it to the next level!

  86. Nick

    FYI a fifth is 750ml, which is a “fifth” of a gallon 3800ml, I know the math isn’t exact but it is close, and that’s what a fifth is and why they call it that, a “mag” or magnum bottle is a half gallon, either way thanks for the recipe, ill be enjoying homemade White Russians shortly

  87. Judith Flaxman

    A recipe for thin slices of cabbage roasted with a simple topping of chopped things, perhaps including walnuts? It was recent. I thought I saved it.
    Love your recipes btw. So does my granddaughter.

  88. April

    Umm thank you for using TBS. I feel like my whole drink making skills are about to go up a notch as I switch over from guesstimating ounces in shot glasses, which I’m pretty sure were never close to being accurate…ever.

  89. Wendy

    This is a fabulous post. If you’ve never experienced this heavenly drink, our fearless leader has made it simple and exquisitely delicious. When I turned 30 – a million years ago, my dear friend and I went to a nearby excellent bartender and asked how to best celebrate the moment. “Frozen Black Russian” was his response. So if you want to take this recipe completely over the top, pick up a pint of Haagen Dazs vanilla and chocolate, hold the cream, and blend your Black Russian with a big scoop of each. Oh, yes!!!