s’more cupcakes

Is there anything more passé than cupcakes? It’s like 2006 up in here. Even the macaron parlors that were the “next cupcake” and the doughnut-croissant hybrids that were the “next macaron” are old news. And s’mores? My goodness, they’re so trodden, they halfway to becoming a potato chip flavor.

what you'll need
grinding graham "meal"

Thank goodness we, as I hope it has been relentlessly established, are hopelessly uncool here at the Smitten Kitchen, as nothing hastens you along the path to being the dorks you remember your parents as faster than having wee ones of your own. We think having a second drink with dinner cutting loose. We consider being woken up at only 6:45 a.m. a triumph. We say things like “eat your broccoli” so often, I swear if you shook me awake in an emergency, this would come out of my mouth first. And when it’s my kid’s birthday, I bring in totally unhip cupcakes for his class to share, and I even enjoy it. (This is when they’ve won. Or, ideally, when you’ve stopped becoming that insufferable parent trying too hard to seem cool.)

getting messy
my assistant wants a taste
ready to bake

They’re crazy good. As I mentioned earlier this year, I first became obsessed with making a s’more layer cake for my son’s 2nd birthday (thud). I tried endlessly to create a cake layer that embodied everything a toddler loves about graham crackers — cinnamon, brown sugar, honey and even graham flour — but it was never quite right. And then one day I replaced half the flour with graham cracker crumbs and maybe this was cheating, but lo, it was perfect. In The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, it sandwiches a milk chocolate ganache; as cupcakes, you scoop out a little and fill this belly with the milk chocolate and finish the top with a great big swirl of marshmallow frosting.

milk chocolate ganache
scooping out for filling
filling the cupcakes
marshmallow frosting
marshmallow frosting dollops

And then you clear the children from the room and take down the kitchen torch that your husband thinks was the worst idea ever for you to bring home — he’s right, by the way, I am a huge klutz — and toast the tops of the frosting. Your home will immediately be filled with the scent of vanilla burnt sugar and thoughts of campfires and it’s the best uncool thing there could ever be in cupcake format.

s'more cupcakes

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S’More Cupcakes

Yield: 12 cupcakes. In the photos, I have tripled this to make 36.

1 cup (125 grams) all-purpose flour
1 cup (110 grams) graham cracker or digestive biscuit crumbs, finely processed to be a powder, from about 7 rectangular crackers
1/4 plus 1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 plus 1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon fine sea or table salt
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 cup (115 grams or 4 ounces) unsalted butter, softened
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
2 large eggs at room temperature
1 cup buttermilk, well shaken

1/4 pound (4 ounces) milk or semi-sweet chocolate, chopped small or in chips
1/3 cup heavy cream
Pinch or two of salt

2 large egg whites
2/3 cup granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Make the cupcakes: Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Place cupcake liners in a 12-cup standard tin.

In a medium bowl, combine the flour, graham crumbs, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. In a larger bowl, cream the butter and sugars together until light and fluffy with an electric mixer. Add eggs, one at a time, scraping down the bowl between each addition. Add 1/3 of dry ingredients and mix until combined, followed by 1/2 of buttermilk, mixing again. Repeat with 1/3 dry ingredients, last half of buttermilk and remaining dry ingredients.

Divide batter between prepared cups, filling each about 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center of cakes comes out batter-free. Let cool completely before continuing.

Once cupcakes are fully cool, use a paring knife, grapefruit knife or melon baller to remove a small amount of cake from the center of each cupcake, making room for the chocolate filling.

Make the filling: Place chocolate and salt in a heatproof bowl. Heat cream until simmering then pour it over chocolate, let stand for one minute then stir until smooth. Cool this mixture quickly in the freezer, but you absolutely must check in every 5 minutes (set a timer) to stir the mixture to ensure it doesn’t harden in some spots while staying warm in the center. This takes me about 15 to 20 minutes total. Once cool, it will be thicker but still on the loose side.

Transfer this to a plastic bag with the corner snipped off (hold the end or it will run out!) or a cup with a pouring spout. Pour a small amount into each cupcake belly.

Make the frosting: Combine egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar in a heatproof bowl and place this over a pot of simmering water. Whisk constantly until sugar dissolves and whites are lukewarm to touch, about 3 minutes. Remove bowl from simmering water and use an electric mixer to beat with a whisk attachment on low speed, gradually increasing to high, until stiff, glossy peaks form, about 4 to 7 minutes. Add vanilla and mix to combine.

You can frost your cupcakes with a knife, or drop a dollop of frosting on top messily with a large spoon, or you can use a plastic or piping bag with a larger corner snipped off to make a swirl of frosting on top. (I use a pastry tip with a 1/2-inch round opening.)

To finish: Use a kitchen torch to lightly toast the frosting.

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180 comments on s’more cupcakes

  1. Sarah

    These look amazing. We were hoping to take our kiddos camping this weekend, but it’s going to be rained out — smores cupcakes at home may be just the thing. We don’t have a kitchen torch, though — is there any workaround we could do with the broiler, do you think?

  2. Peg

    As Sarah said, this might make up for being rained out!! They look fabulous and what a great idea for fall. Bring the campfire in when you have to. Both of your kids are gorgeous and I spent one Saturday afternoon, going back through old posts looking at Jacob as he grew. So cute and the recipes gave me so many great ideas. Deb, thanks for all you do and especially for being uncool like the rest of us dorks. :-)

  3. Liz

    Hi Deb – these look fantastic!
    There’s a Martha Stewart recipe for s’mores cupcakes that uses a similar marshmallow frosting, which I have not tried but she says it keeps for a couple of days in an airtight container, post-torching. ( Do you think the frosting would hold up well if I made these a day in advance for a party?

    I guess I could always make a test batch ahead of time, which would be a shame ;)

  4. eve

    My grandmother had a Graham Cracker cake recipe, it has been the favorite go to cake for I’d say at least 100 years in my family. The most requested birthday cake always. Little flour and crushed up graham crackers, we used to fight about who got to smash the crackers. Hers was similar, she used 5 eggs, separated. She would fold in the whites to give it some lift as it is a dense cake. I think I may have to make one this weekend as it is cold and rainy. thanks for the memory tweak.

  5. SallyT

    I LOVE that cake from your book!

    Thanks so much for this recipe – I’ve been hankering for it ever since I saw it on Instagram. I’m going through a hard time, and these cupcakes just might make it a little easier and sweeter…

  6. Sarah U

    Thanks for making me LOL – like you usually do :) We are still hopelessly in love with both s’mores and cupcakes and we’re less than 3 weeks away from becoming unhip parents for the first time, so this was just the most enjoyable post to read. I just made your peanut butter/chocolate brownies last night (for the first time – so delicious – and into the freezer for post-baby treats!) so my 37 week belly might have to wait to make these until next week…or just tomorrow.

  7. Liz

    Amazingly, I have everything needed for these …except the torch. I think that will not stop me – I planned on taking this afternoon off (I work from a home office) and play … making these. I’m going to try 1 or 2 under the broiler in lieu of torching them.

    Happy Friday Perelman Family!

  8. Katherine

    Question about kitchen torches: Like you, I am a klutz. I am also overly afraid of fire. (As in, I pretty much refuse to light matches.) However, I still want a kitchen torch for recipes like this. Any ideas for how to convince my husband that buying a kitchen torch for our household is not ridiculous? Or do I just have to ignore him & buy it for myself?

  9. CM

    Hmm, I wonder if this batter would work as a cake with melted milk chocolate and marshmallow Fluff swirled in, for us lazy types.

  10. Lisa Noble

    Oh, this is such a big “oh, yeah” – and I think this might have to be the treat for my kiddo’s Snow Queen cast party in December – these look like something the Snow Queen would eat, dontcha think?


  11. Jamie

    Hi Deb,

    How do you think these would fare if making a day ahead of time? Any tips or suggestions? I was thinking of making these Sunday to bring to the office on Monday for a co-workers birthday. Thanks!

  12. Here in California, the best s’more cupcakes come from Kara’s Cupcakes. They take a slightly different approach: graham cracker bottom, chocolate batter, actual marshmallow on top in lieu of frosting. I highly recommend if you’re out this way. I will try yours gladly though.

  13. Priscilla

    Holy Smokes! The user comments gave me an idea. Lacking a torch, a small scoop, and also not being a huge fan of meringue, I was pondering alternatives. I like the fluff idea. What about frosting with fluff, and then dipping in melted chocolate!!! The top could be sprinkled with more graham cracker crumbs to finish it off. FYI – Google is loaded with pics of chocolate dipped cupcakes.

  14. MelissaBKB

    Ha, are these the same brown cupcake liners from the peach cupcakes? Maybe those were darker? I feel like if I got a chance to explore your kitchen, every cabinet would be like making some National Treasure-like discovery. “It’s the bowls from the Butterscotch Sauce!” “And the Banana Crepe Cake plate! It’s discontinued!!!”

    Also, I emailed you once about the S’more cake, you asked me how it was and I never emailed back. Sorry :( It was really freaking delicious.

  15. Jenevieve

    The cupcakes look awesome, but more pressing questions await: when the heck did Jacob get so enormous and grown up looking? Does he love his sister? How is she doing?

  16. These look so good! I made s’mores cupcakes once, but they were an epic fail :( Being as I love all things s’mores, I will definitely have to give these a whirl!

  17. So Food52 JUST now tweeted an article, written today, about how even though cupcakes are no longer trendy, people still want to make them, and here are 9 tips on how to do an awesome job making this untrendy dessert. So is the new trend saying cupcakes aren’t cool, but then baking them? Kids these days, I can’t keep up.

    Speaking of kids, is Anna actually sitting up, or is she propped? Bea is definitely not there yet, although she successfully flips from front to back and back to front. My little athlete.

  18. Siobhan

    These look fantastic!

    I may make them at some point, if I ever get myself a kitchen torch but the injuries on my hands from grating vegetables tells me that might not be the best idea.

    Also thank you so much for providing an alternative to graham crackers. I read the article to the recipe thinking there was no way I’d ever get to make these so thanks for providing an alternative. It made me very happy.

  19. Mary B.

    Smores are always in fashion in my book! Love them in any form.
    You have two of the sweetest, most beautiful children I have ever seen. So happy for you. Children and grandchildren are the most precious gifts God gives us.

  20. Oh man I’m so behind times that I didn’t even know about the croissant-doughnut. I’ve got to catch up. Maybe it’s all a bit like fashion and will come full circle. Cupcakes may just be the next big thing… again. Regardless, these sound delicious! I can’t wait to try them.

  21. Beth L.

    Mmm, I modified your s’mores cake recipe to make S’more cupcakes for my son’s cub scout campout last spring. Same idea with the ganache filling, except I ran out of eggs so I couldn’t make the frosting. Instead, I topped each cupcake with a marshmallow and stuck them under the broiler for a couple of minutes. They were perfect! Parents from the campout still talk about them, 6 months later. Thanks! AND that milk-chocolate-ganache filling is my favorite cake filling ever – I made a banana cake (from your monkey cake recipe) with that filling for my daughter’s birthday party and it was incredible.

  22. Rebecca

    That frosting looks so soft and pillow-like it makes me want to lay my head down on it and take a nap. Kudos to you for taking the time to make the little guy something special for school even though you are probably exhausted. He is beaming–mommy win!

  23. Jennifer

    I remember when I first found your website and Jacob appeared in your pictures as little baby (I particularly remember the snapshots of his little hands or feet, or him bundled up for the cold). I haven’t been on your website in a while (was in China) and then I come across this recipe and here he is … but not a baby anymore! This should be obvious, but… I don’t know, it’s a nice feeling, I suppose similar to enjoying s’mores over a fire; that type of feeling. Anyways, your website has accompanied me as I grown in my own adventures of baking&cooking, so this was nice… very much like that slow enjoyment of warming marshmallows over a fire. Perfect for fall.

    And one of my favorite cakes also includes graham crackers in the cake… so definitely not cheating. :)

  24. Linda

    Okay, so I don’t like s’mores (ducks as mob goes storming by) nor do I particularly like cupcakes (one is never enough, and taking two=gluttony)……but I’m glad you’re back!!!!!

    Though speaking of turning one sweet thing into another…..why not make…er…cookie dough cake? Please?

    (Okay, that probably makes no sense)

  25. Bev

    When I wanted a propane torch for such desserts, my husband took me to the hardware store. I got the torch and also a fire extinguisher. It was Valentine’s Day!

  26. Lyn Price

    Hi, where care’s if it’s not trendy. If you you kids like it. All the reason to make it. When I look and read you blog and see all the things that are using an oven. I go into a spin. I can’t possibly think of using my oven. It has been a long hot, humid summer here. And it’s still HOT!!!!!

  27. liza

    i made the smores layer cake and it was good but way too sweet for me… if i were to make these i’d probably use dark chocolate for the filling. unless i could cut out some of the sugar in the batter? but i don’t know if that would impact the texture and baking time. any advice?

  28. Anna

    I love this! All that broccoli cheddar soup talk has been great and all but what this 31 weeks pregnant lady wants is S’mores!! I recently discovered how delicious “oven S’mores” are when my husband took our daughter camping and had some extra ingredients he left at home. And he literally came home to me reading your cake recipe in your cookbook. I think I’ll be able to justify this because cupcakes will be so much easier for me to give away any extras. Hooray!

  29. Jen

    Hi Deb!
    Of course you happen to post this incredible recipe the day after I make 100 mini s’mores cupcakes for my son’s favorite teacher’s baby shower. Kids from 1st-4th grade delighted in her very round belly after I spent 2 days smashing graham cracker crumbs into baking cups, melting ganache, and baking chocolate cake above. I struggled to achieve the perfect meringue you’ve created, but was only moderately successful maybe due to the vanilla dampening it? I’m so glad I have new recipe to try.
    About the torch: if you place the cupcake on an overturned metal pie pan and rotate it, you only risk singeing the paper cups.

  30. Jen

    Also I had trouble with keeping the marshmallow frosting in tact after the first day. Deb, how long does yours last? Would you frost and torch the night before?

  31. Starstruck

    First, the way I know you’re on trend is that Starbux has a new Toasted Graham latte! Second, what’s in if not cupcakes? Those god awful cookie cakes??

  32. Myriam

    Since when do little mouths care about hip or cool? They just want something sweet and yummy to eat!! Cupcakes are the absolute best thing to bring to school to celebrate birthdays. It’s what I always took for my kids. I’m sure your son’s classmates were just delighted with these and you saw plenty of happy, smiling, marshmellowey chocolatey faces!! Hurray for cooking what’s yummy not what’s in!

  33. Laura

    These sound wonderful. I was looking for a cupcake recipe for my upcoming birthday and you just ended the search. Thank you!

  34. Susan

    Ok, so I’m not only uncool cuz these look so good my monitor now has saliva on it, but I’m also a loser cuz I don’t have a kitchen torch. Y’know, necessity is the mother of invention or something – Maybe I can figure out a work-around for equally tasty but not torched frosting?

  35. Fran

    Being as lazy as I am, I’m considering this idea: Instead of scooping out the centers just pushing a Hersey’s Kiss into the batter before baking. Probably not as good as the ganache but lots quicker.Then just fluff on top.

  36. deb

    Without a kitchen torch — I have NOT run this under the broiler instead, but I’ve heard from others that it works, you just need to do it quite quickly. (See also: Beth in #44, thanks.)

    Do ahead — These cupcakes keep at room temperature for a couple days.

    Mary — Hilarious. Google search results for “the new cupcake” — 59,800 results.

    liza — Did you use a sugar-topped graham cracker for the crumbs? I know someone had told me at one point they had and it made it over the top. I think you could cut back the sugar a little without harming the cake, however.

    MR in NJ — You put them in the garbage and cover them with dish soap or regret it forever. Trust me.

    Katherine — Right, so I feel that if your husband doesn’t want you to get one, you kind of HAVE to now. (My husband was the same. My BFF bought me one for Christmas that year.) But joking aside, as scary as it seems, these kitchen torches have the mildest flames. I think it would be really, really, really hard to set your home on fire with them; it would take some effort. Mine locks every time I press the button, and I have to unlock it to use it. There’s a dial that goes from what’s like half a match worth of a flame to, at most, 1/16 of a gas burner on medium.

    Bev — Brilliant, and great idea.

    Molly — She is propped up! She loves the sitting position (supported or on our laps); she immediately smiles. And I swear she’s been trying to roll over since week two. We’re… scared.

    Jenevieve — He’s awesome and adores his little sister. He always tries to take care of her, finding her pacifier, wiping her spitup. It’s adorable.

    MelissaBKB — I think they’re the same because I usually get them at the same place, at the baking supply store on 22nd. And yes, that’s EXACTLY what my cabinets are like. Every single item — and god, they are so overcrowded — relates to a specific recipe. I’m glad you enjoyed the cake.

    berit — I hope it’s pie.

    Emily — I really am the worst. (P.S. Is anyone else watching You’re The Worst? We’ve been cracking up over it, that is, the evenings I don’t fall asleep watching it because: newborns.)

    Lyn — The heat went on in NYC today! It’s a high of 54. :(

    Erik — I agree because I actually really like the sweeter digestive biscuits in those Carr’s crackers assortments always out with cheese… with hard cheese. And now I’m hungry.

  37. How uncool is it that I have pretty much all of these ingredients on hand—and, as cold sets in here in the hinterlands, I note a great need to sentimentally reflect on the things that didn’t happen this summer. Like making your fab Graham Cracker cake. Or sitting around a fire making passé S’mores. Plus, although I’m too blind to drive, I have a deep need to use the kitchen torch! Can’t wait to try these! If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know I blew the house up. It’ll be worth it.

  38. Patty P.

    Hi Deb, Love the picture of your birthday boy! Twenty years from now, he may not remember the cupcakes, but he will remember the joy, love, and you. That’s the biggest benefit of cooking/baking, imho. The process, experiencing, and memories. Beautiful wee (not Wii!) one, btw. When going through this stage in my life, These Are Days (sung by Edie B. of 10,000 Maniacs), was my anthem. Sleep deprivation just seemed to make it sound even better. These are your days. Enjoy!

  39. They actually sell that Carr’s cracker on its own. Claret box, I think. My guess is Fairway would have them. And worth the trek, if you ask me. The next time you get your hands on some, reach for the goat cheese. Its tang works well with the sweet of the cracker. (and it’s Natalie Merchant – sorry to get all Jack Black up in here.)

  40. Kate in MN

    Patty, thank you for reminding me of that song! I haven’t heard it in ages, and as a mama of very young children currently, I completely understand it as an anthem of this life season. It’s wonderful. Thanks:-)

  41. @Anneke it helps to stiffen and stabilise the egg whites. You can use 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice instead. These look incredible Deb! Just the thing for this depressingly grey NYC weather.

  42. Anna

    I love the graham cake recipe so much. I once made key lime cupcakes using the graham cake, with key lime filling, and I think I did whipped cream frosting? They were delicious!

  43. Megan

    You’re the Worst is one of the funniest shows on TV right now! Their over the top antics are hysterical and make my life look so boring, LOL. The cupcakes look amazing and I’d love to know if anyone tried a fluff-type frosting for these.

  44. Dawn from the Frozen North

    Dorks of the world unite!
    Yes, I am happy being the dorky parent that makes cupcakes, or in the case of the case of this weeked, the Scout Leader making homemade chocolate bars for a camp. Our time with our youngsters is short, so I would rather spend as much time with them and their friends than spending my time worrying about being uber cool and perfect

  45. Jane M

    I’m only surprised Moms can still bring home baked goods into schools these days. I was told the bake sales I hosted waaaay back when are history. These cupcakes look grand.

  46. Liz

    I made these yesterday – YUM and so much fun. I did have a failure with the frosting…I think I did not “cook” the sugar and egg whites long enough. I had fresh cream of tartar – the mix got glossy but never stiff. I’ve made meringue so know what it should look like. Anyway, when I tasted it, it was grainy which I think means I didn’t cook long enough for the sugar to dissolve.

    BUT, I saw Beth L. (43) comment about using marshmallows so I topped with mini-marshmallows toasted under the broiler like she did. Delicious and the recipient neighbor kids thought cupcakes with marshmallows were just the ticket!

  47. Andrea

    I have long been a fan of graham crumbs in baking, ever since I discovered the recipe of ‘Bran Graham Muffins’, in my mom’s ‘Best of Bridge’ cookbook in the 90s. (Best of Bridge will be known to most Canadians of a certain age, a series of cook books being the rage for suburban moms across the country from a good portion of the 80s and 90s. I have them all, and while there’s a shocking amount of aspic in the pages, there are some delicious recipes, including the Bran Graham Muffins, but I digress).

    These look fabulous and I will absolutely be trying them for my next cupcake outing!

  48. stephanie

    wow, so anti-cupcake…remind me to tell all the folks at the birthday party i went to yesterday how passe it was that they were enjoying cupcakes

  49. I love the frosting on top – it makes them look irresistible! Just on the weekend I was looking for cinnamon everywhere but it was sold out in three different shops … As soon as I get my hands on it I will definitely try them.

  50. Kate

    We have made s’mores before using skewers and candles on the diningroom table, which are easier, but these are fancier! Thanks for another great recipe!

  51. stephanie

    i’m just glad that there are still schools that allow kids to get treats brought in for their birthday! i was beginning to think that was totally outlawed.

  52. deb

    Treats at school — Yes! My son’s school is very relaxed. He’s even allowed peanut butter (there are no allergies in his grade or lunch period). But, we usually do something near the end of the month for all the kids that had birthdays that month, so there aren’t 6 parties in one month as there would have been in bday-heavy September.

    Nanda — David is evil.

  53. I keep hearing about the death of cupcakes. Newsflash; not true. Ever taken a plate of cupcakes ANYWHERE and had people sneer at them and ask for the latest hot new trend? Nup. These look delish.

  54. What is wrong with you guys, have you two unleashed your inner torturer: s’mores cupcakes and I just looked at David’s ice cream. I have to leave my cozy sofa this instant (it is cold outside), go out (still cold) and get a lot of stuff. How can I survive without at least one of those things tonight? And cold does not mean I can’t make ice cream…
    Cupcakes, I still love them. My husband gets to take red velvet cupcakes to work for his birthday every September, there would be riots if not.


  55. Allison

    My cupcakes were delicious, but my frosting never set up, despite mixing forever! I doubled it, and followed the directions exactly. Is there a chance the sugar wasn’t dissolved enough in the egg whites? Not sure if that would make a differences. It ended up like a glaze.

  56. stellanor

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who was categorically forbidden to have a kitchen torch. I ended up getting one on the condition that I also get a fire extinguisher…

  57. deb

    Allison — I haven’t spent a lot of time on egg white whipping tips on this site but in general, the rules are that you need to have only egg whites (no leaky yolks sneaking in), clean beaters, a clean bowl. Some people insist that egg whites beat better at room temperature but I generally don’t bother and don’t have an issue. Theoretically, you cannot use a wooden bowl (but I suspect most people do not). Sugar dissolving should not be an issue; it will just do so on it’s own (providing you’re using granulated and not something more coarse that could take longer) after a few minutes of beating. If you’re unsure, rub a little egg white between your fingers; you shouldn’t feel any grit.

  58. Rachel

    These could be perfect for this weeks school bake sale. I am concerned about the frosting…if I did everything else the night before, could I do the frosting in the morning?

  59. Kristin L.

    I too had a frosting failure. Two, actually, as the first I blamed on a bit of leaky yolk and tried a again after reading your reply to Allison, above. But basically the results were the same both times and just as others have mentioned: it never set up and formed stiff peaks, just a sticky glaze. I’m now looking for other things to blame. Could my beater maybe not beat fast/high enough? Did the the whites and sugar get too warm or not warm enough? Elevation? A waxing moon? Stumped.

  60. Hope

    I made these last night and my boys said they were amazing! Tasted just like S’mores. The only critique was that the cake was a bit dense, but I assumed it was meant to be that way due to all the graham crackers…? Is that how your cake turned out or was it light and fluffy?
    Despite that comment, they had seconds and said it was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for another great recipe.

    1. deb

      Hope — Not sure why it came out dense. Ours usually comes out soft and moist, although with a slightly more compact crumb than plain yellow cakes.

  61. Derek

    I hate to riff on your recipe…but…as uncool goes, have you tried the Sprinkles Cupcakes version of the S’more cupcake? It is one of my favorites. I think they gave up on the whole graham cracker=cake thing and went straight to graham cracker crust land. Then they top it with chocolate cake filled with ganache and the marshmallow frosting. I have another riff that I am curious about…what if you take a graham cracker, break it in two, add ganache to one side and refrigerate…then add some marshmallow-ey ice cream…and perhaps for an unnecessary touch, some flaming marshmallow cream a la baked alaska. I know, too far.

  62. Louise

    Hi Deb,
    I’m subscribed to a large number of food blogs, but yours is the one I can’t wait to receive. Not only does your cooking style appeal to me; I also love “looking back” on recipes in the past from your blog.
    Thanks for many hours of reading and eating pleasure. And good luck with the newly designed newsletter. It looks great!

  63. These came out awesome! I did them under the broiler and it totally worked–just DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THEM. I actually left the oven door open and just so to be sure nothing ignited; I did six at a time, on a tray, about 6-7 inches below the broiler (set on high). Took 2 minutes tops and I rotated them around a few times for even browning. My frosting definitely didn’t whip up as nicely as yours, Deb, (is there such a thing as overbeating it? ’cause that’s what I probably did), but tasty nonetheless. Bringing them to Halloween bash tonight and I have no doubt they’ll disappear! :)

  64. Zara

    How long would you bake these and at what temperature if you wanted to make a mini-version instead? I made them regular size and they turned out really great. Your website is my go-to for fun and tasty recipes!

  65. Christine

    Deb, these look amazing! I wonder what you think of adding chocolate in a layer across the cupcake-as in, fill the cupcake liner a bit, add chocolate and then cover with more batter.? I suspect chocolate chips wouldn’t melt, but any thoughts on what might work?

  66. Sheryl

    Deb – these are absolutely ah-ma-zing! Thank you! I have now made these a few times, and every time, I just sit back and watch my guests fight for the last one. There is one thing though: every time I make these, when I pipe the egg-white frosting, I get beautiful spirals (as in your pictures), but these only last a few minutes. By the time I come around with the blow torch, the spirals have flattened out and the cupcake end up looking like I just smeared them with the frosting (and not piped them). Not a big deal because they are still pretty and delicious but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong…

  67. Julia L.

    I made these for a friend’s birthday in the fall and they were a hit! People couldn’t believe they were homemade. I added a small piece of chocolate-dipped graham cracker, stuck in the frosting, for decorative effect. Very yummy and really beautiful.

  68. Maria

    I made these and they were good, the cupcake itself smelled so much of graham crackers when baking but tasted more cinnamon-y after. I would double the recipe for the frosting as I could only scantily frost 9 cupcakes.

  69. EJane

    Great cake! I went a different direction with my cake topping, but this was the perfect base. Everything is better with graham crackers, so why not cake? Brilliant!

  70. Kathleen

    I just posted this comment to your graham cracker cake and then thought to search your site (um, duh!). Still…
    Do you think the ‘replacing half the flour with ground up graham crackers’ trick would work w most yellow cake recipes? I’m sure it depends on the recipe, but I have one that’s reliable and thought I’d ask about the substitution, since you did some experimenting to get the graham taste! Thanks!

  71. Jen

    I made these for my niece’s birthday party and tripled the recipe. Not only did they taste exactly like delicious cakey s’mores, but perhaps the most impressive part is that there was no leftover batter, ganache or frosting. I’m always impressed when the recipe makes the exact amount it claims. I also made them gluten free and nobody knew! I’ll definitely make these again.

    1. Kathleen

      I would have to second this with one caveat; i have made this recipe twice, once as listed, and once i tripled it. First time i had enough of everything to make 15 cupcakes (even overfilling a bit) and the second time i made 36 cupcakes PLUS one 9″ round layer. Great thing is that i had perfect proportion of filling and frosting for the batter, but made a good bit more than expected each time. Love the recipe, it was perfect for my 5 yr old’s backyard camping-themed party. We all got to have sticky marshmallow fun around the “bonfire” without having to supervise 5 year olds actually roasting marshmallows. Thanks!

  72. Sarah

    I made the cupcakes and they have great Graham flavor! I took shortcuts by pushing a Hershey kiss into the center of the warm cupcakes and putting a marshmallow on top, then broiling them in the oven (watching so carefully). They were ridiculously good. The parents at the birthday party all had seconds :)

  73. Cheers to everything in this post! I don’t care how uncool cupcakes and s’mores are. These cupcakes look amazing! I need to get a kitchen torch immediately, so I can make these. I’m sure my 3 year-old soon will approve.

  74. connie

    These look amazing, and am looking forward to trying them. That said, and this is off topic, what do ya’ll think about using 7 minute icing for whoopie pie filling?

  75. Carol

    When making the Frosting, is a normal double boiler (metal bowl) okay?

    And do you know of any simple way to get that toasted top without a kitchen torch?


    1. deb

      Double boiler is fine (you’re mostly cooking the whites to a foodsafe temperature, you can skip this if you’re unbothered by raw egg whites). I haven’t done it but understand you can toast it under the broiler.

  76. Emily

    I made these cupcakes a couple of days ago, and the cake part in particular is really good – moist but not dense, buttery, and sweet (but not too sweet).

    I had the same trouble as some of the other commenters where the meringue frosting just didn’t whip up very well. It was white and glossy, but somewhat flat and runny. Since I’ve successfully made other types of meringue in the past, I assume that I went awry somewhere in the first step – heated it too little or for too long? It wasn’t a big deal (I frosted the cupcakes with it anyhow), but I’ll try again soon to see if I can get it right.

    1. whycanticancel

      Did you ever solve the mystery? I’ve made this recipe several times, the last time whipping the topping for 20 minutes, and it still didn’t get nearly as stiff as what’s shown. Mine comes out runny as well (still delicious, but runny). I’d love to know if you’ve got a trick to share.

    2. Maura

      I basically treat them like a Swiss meraingue and keep them over the stove (constantly whipping) until it gets to 175 degrees (f). It takes a little longer, but it creates the stiffness needed

    1. deb

      I have doubled this cupcake portion to make a 2-layer 9-inch round cake (in my first cookbook) which I think could easily be a 9×13 (quarter sheet). So yes: double!

  77. Erica

    Doubled this recipe for my stepson’s birthday party. They were a hit! As the baker, I felt like they were a lot of work, and if we’d had a fire handy, actual s’mores would have been a helluva lot easier.

    – The chocolate filling wasn’t quite a match for that classic cheap Hershey’s taste.
    – I toasted them by putting the frosted cupcakes under the broiler. It totally smelled like the real deal!
    – The marshmallow frosting was too sweet (to me, anyway) and seemed to retain some of the granular texture of the sugar.
    – I’d totally make the cake part again, just as a graham-cracker-flavored cake. It was delicious!

  78. Jen

    I made these in cake form (like in the cookbook) for my husband’s birthday, and it totally crushed! The recipe really captured the spirit of smores in cake form. I probably overwhipped the frosting (it went from smooth and shiny to a bit curdle-y), but didn’t suffer at all once toasted. Thanks again for another great idea to help celebrate good times!

  79. Michelle

    First of all, I love your recipes….every single one is the bomb! And these cupcakes are beautiful! BUT….you missed a great opportunity…instead of the meringue icing, I placed a marshmallow on top, 2-3 minutes under the broiler (watch carefully), a slight squish with a spatula, and voila – you have true s’mores cupcakes!

  80. Ranette

    I found that I needed more ganache and more frosting – another half recipe of frosting and double the ganache, and it would’ve been perfect. Perhaps I overfill and am heavy on frosting, but it really didn’t feel like it.

  81. Susanna

    Deb- Wondering if milk chocolate chips would work just fine for the filling? Or do I need to use chocolate bar to make it the right consistency? I’ve had issues with chips in other recipes before so just wondering if you’ve ever tried them here.

  82. ktmay2417

    These might be the best cupcakes I have ever had. My 10 year old made them *almost* totally on her own. She was SO proud. The cake tastes almost…muffiny and at first this worried us, but once it’s all put together it is the perfect bite. We took out a little sugar, maybe 2 TBS of the granulated, as we find sweets most of the time, tooooo sweet. i might try cutting back a bit more. The salt in the filling was the perfect hit to balance the sweet. We didn’t have enough frosting. Not sure what went wrong there, but a few cuppies were shy on meringue. We don’t have a torch, so put them under the broiler, turning a few times and watching like a hawk.

  83. Jess

    Looking to make the cake version of this from your cookbook for dear friends’ anniversary! Do you think I can frost, pop in the fridge for a bit, drive 1 hour, then blowtorch there? Will the frosting hold up?

  84. FizzyBlonde

    These are LUSH. I didn’t broil the tops because I am a big chicken but it did not matter – delicious. The only change I made was I made a boiled frosting instead of the one here, just because people get hinky about uncooked eggs. This is the boiled icing the Queen – Mary Berry – uses on her walnut cake. It is almost identical in ingredients to the ones here – very marshmallowy.

    I made the whole amount but half would have been plenty. Also – this recipe made 12 full size cupcakes and five tiny ones, at least for me.

  85. Violet Krieger

    I just made these after drooling over them for half a lifetime. I have to say that they took every single bowl, pan amd spatula I own, so they are definitely not an everyday thing, but DAMN GIRL, they are so intensely delicious. And they came out perfectly. I think these have to be a special birthday request kind of thing, but they are top ten best baked thing I’ve ever made.

  86. Made these tonight and they were delicious! It was a little too much batter for 12, so I had some overflow. Next time I’ll make a couple more. Love the cake by itself, too I think it would be good for blueberry muffins. A winner!

  87. Bernadette

    Hi Deb! These look awesome. Do you think I could use marshmallow fluff? If so – can I just pipe it on the cupcakes? I’m a bit pregnant and worried about the eggs.

  88. Grandma Kitty

    I made you wonderful cupcakes in a trial run to ready for my granddaughter’s birthday. Just great cupcakes! I loved them plain! I had some left over milk chocolate ganache which I used but next time will use a semisweet one so it is not quite as sweet. I had no trouble getting the topping to be super stiff – but I did double wash my stand mixer bowl and whisk twice with hot and soapy to be sure there was no chance of any grease on either from previous frosting making. I love your recipes and use your site all the time.

  89. Elsa

    I just made the cake version in the cookbook, and I’ve gotta say that the cake itseld is the most delicious cake I’ve ever made (and I bake a lot). It has so much flavor and the perfect texture.

  90. Anna

    I made these and they were great. A few changes/notes:
    1. Didn’t have time to make the frosting so I just put marshmallows on top and put them in the toaster oven, as others suggested. It was great!
    2. I used light brown sugar because that’s all I had. I think it was missing a teeny bit of the graham flavor because of that. Oh well. Still delish.
    3. I had lots of batter and overfilled the cupcakes a bit. Don’t do this! They spread a lot and the tops touched each other, so I had to cut their edges to get them out of the pan. Not as pretty looking. Fortunately my 5 year old birthday boy didn’t care :) But note: don’t overfill your cupcake tin. Just use the extra batter for something else or make more or something.
    4. To make it more authentically s’mores-y, I used chopped up Hershey’s bars. Tasted great!

  91. sweetnapa

    This cake is INCREDIBLE! I can’t get over how perfectly tender and flavorful it is. It’s truly one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I did make some peripheral (and some laziness-induced/freezer-friendly) adjustments, though, so for those wondering…
    -I baked it in a parchment lined & buttered 9″ round cake tin for about 40-45 mins
    -I used Cup4Cup GF flour and Pamela’s GF Graham Crackers
    -Instead of making the ganache, I added 3/4c chopped bittersweet chocolate to the batter
    -Instead of making the frosting, I put mini-marshmallows on top of slices, and heat them under the broiler until browned on top (about 1-2 mins)

  92. Arina

    Would this work with gf flour and Graham crackers? Would any of the cupcake ingredients or their quantities have to change for a gf recipe?

  93. Mindy

    The cake part of these is amazing. The frosting didn’t work for me at all. It looked like the end of the Ghostbusters where the staypuft marshmallow man exploded all over the place. Left 9 cupcakes unfrosted and will try again tomorrow with a different frosting recipe.

  94. Suzanne

    I made these cupcakes for the holiday weekend. The cake is so light and soft – just wonderful. I could not for the life of me get the frosting to achieve stiff peaks. (I hand whisked both batches I made for the requisite three minutes over the pot of simmering water. Then I used an electric mixer to whisk the frosting for ten minutes. The first batch reached stiff peaks, but then, per the recipe, I added vanilla… and the frosting wilted and I could never get the peaks back. The second batch I resolved not to even try with the vanilla, but never reached stiff peaks after fifteen very long minutes of whisking.) I ended up dolloping a spoonful of runny frosting on top of the cupcakes, sticking a large marshmallow on top, and broiling the cupcakes for about a minute until the top of the marshmallow was nice and toasty. Then I drizzled the top with leftover ganache. They turned out very cute but I wish all that whisking had had a result!

  95. Can I make these cupcakes in advance; probably use the torch at serving time?
    Want to use for a bonfire snack after a wedding reception? Would love to make and freeze, then finish and serve night of party…

    1. deb

      Yes, absolutely. I haven’t frozen these already frosted, but I’ve frozen other desserts with a similar frosting, and it holds up surprisingly well. (The meringue frosting doesn’t really freeze.)

  96. Angela Cunningham

    Every step in making was delicious (as I tasted as I went), but totally flipped on the texture of the frosting. I whipped for over 9 mins gradually gettting faster. Should I kept on whipping? Did I increase speed to quickly? Did I let the egg whites get to hot? Thanks Deb!

    Ps. I did have a 3 year old asking my a gazillion questions when I was making….

  97. jjjeanie

    I bought 3 kinds of graham crackers to try: Trader Joe, Original, and Honey Maid. It was pretty close, but the Original was best (or make your own–SK has a great recipe!).
    I cut the sugar to 40 grams of white and 70 grams of brown (down from 66 and 95, respectively).
    I didn’t freeze the ganache, cuz the texture was about perfect once all the chocolate melted (cold house, maybe).
    And, following advice of others, used marshmallows–cut a big one in about 3 slices, and put 4 slices on each one. First 3, I burned the marshmallow–and made a great discovery: you can peel it off and start again! I also ate mine right from the fridge–don’t do that; the ganache is a hard little nugget. Room temp!
    Finally, my husband didn’t want the marshmallow topping, so I “iced” his with extra ganache and then studded the top with the pieces of cake I had gouged out. No waste. In the same spirit, I used a little leftover ganache to enrobe some almonds. Still, I probably won’t make these again. They were good, but there are so many other desserts I like better.

  98. Rebekah

    Would it be possible to add food coloring to the marshmallow frosting/topping, like you can other frostings? My son wants blue frosting for his birthday, but also wants this flavor profile. I’m not sure if the food coloring would mess up the chemistry of the marshmallow?

  99. Kaleigh C Prokop

    I made these for my daughters 1st birthday, they were a huge hit! so good.

    I did have a little snag. I made the frosting 3 times and I couldn’t get it to set up. my husband even tried. Every time we did it, it would be limp and very shiny and sticky. it was very much like fluff. What did I do wrong. i would spoon it on and it would start to pool. HELP! I love these cupcakes.