very blueberry scones

My son was served an eviction notice at the 38.5 week mark, which means that as I now approach my 40th week of manufacturing a new human (that, ironically, we will likely spend the next few years threatening to eat) I have unquestionably never been this pregnant before. I’m beginning to feel a bit like a circus sideshow; I think that most women in my condition simply stay home, what else could explain what a spectacle I must be when I go anywhere? Yesterday, I had to go up to the hospital to fill out some paperwork, which led to possibly a new world record of awkward conversations in an hour timespan:

what you'll need
dry mix

Getting in a cab: “I need to go to the hospital. I promise, I’m not in labor.”
At the information desk: “Can you tell me how to get to labor and delivery? No, I’m not in labor.”
To the employee by the elevator, because I cannot retain basic information in my brain these days for more than twenty steps: “Labor and delivery is on which floor again? No, not for me, I mean, for me, but not today! Omgdebshutupshutup.”
To the stranger who said “Is today the day?!”: [Something under my breath that need not be repeated.]

.. to say nothing of walking into Labor & Delivery, but not to stay. (Although, believe me, I thought about camping out. I mean, being arrested for civil disobedience would be such a great story for my future momoir!)

many, many blueberries
8 to 10 wedges

So, if you came here today, hoping for some baby toes or at least some sign that I’ve moved onto a new subject matter, I’m sorry to disappoint. But, I did make us some scones, and they, I hope, will not.

One of my favorite ways to cook with blueberries is to overdo it to the point of making a great big mess. Remember this Blueberry Crumb Cake from last summer? I maintain that the magic of it is in the proportions — something like 2 cups of batter to nearly 3 cups of blueberries. (You’re welcome.) I’ve never much cared for blueberries raw, but buried in a nest of butter, sugar and flour threaded with lemon zest and baked until collapsed and leaking purple juices everywhere, they are unquestionably my happy place.

egg wash
coarse sugar crust

I didn’t get these right the first time. They were too cakey, to soft. Making a sturdier, less rich scone with whole wheat flour and milk instead of cream (it’s like I’m on a diet — ha) worked in the blueberries favor, and has served the additional benefit of stocking our freezer with something delicious yet still vaguely wholesome to bake off later this summer for an easy breakfast. But I won’t lie, it’s going to be hard to wait that long to have them again.

very blueberry scones
exceedingly blueberried scones

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Blueberry Scones
Adapted from my usual scones, with a little influence from Rose’s Bakery’s Breakfast, Lunch and Tea, which a recent post by Orangette was kind enough to remind me to dust off

1 cup (125 grams) all-purpose flour
1 cup (120 grams) whole wheat flour
Zest of 1 lemon, finely grated
3 tablespoons raw (turbinado) or light brown sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon coarse or kosher salt
5 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into small bits
1 cup fresh blueberries
2/3 cup (150 ml) milk, whole is best here
1 large egg, beaten
1 tablespoon raw (tubinado) or other coarse sugar for finishing

Heat oven to 400°F (205°C). Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a large bowl, combine flours, zest, sugar, baking powder and salt. Add cold butter and work into the flour mixture until the biggest pieces are the size of small peas with either your fingertips or a pastry blender. Stir in blueberries, then milk, mixing only until large clumps form. Use your hands to reach inside the bowl and gently (so gently) knead the mixture into one mass. The more you knead, the wetter the dough will get as the blueberries break up, so work quickly and knead only a few times, if you can get away with it.

Transfer dough to a well-floured counter and pat into a roughly 1-inch tall disc. Cut into 8 to 10 wedges, do not fret if the blueberries are now making a mess of the dough; it will all work out in the oven. Transfer wedges to prepared baking sheet, spacing them apart. Brush the tops of each with egg, then sprinkle with coarse sugar.

Bake for 15 to 17 minutes, until scones are golden brown on top. Serve warm. I find most scones to be best the first day, but these were not bad at all on day two, gently rewarmed in the oven before eating.

If freezing: I like to freeze scones unbaked and usually hold any egg wash until I’m ready to bake them. Simply spread the wedges on a baking sheet and chill until frozen solid and will no longer stick to each other, and pack tightly into a freezer bag. You can bake them right from the freezer; you’ll only need 2 to 4 minutes extra baking time.

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286 comments on very blueberry scones

  1. shailey gb

    I am excited to see that these can be frozen!

    Can sub any berries?

    Also, I have a lime tree in the backyard that is covered with limes. Suggestions on what would go well with lime instead of lemon in this recipe?

  2. Brandiann

    Hang in there! Your scone recipes are always delicious crowd-pleasers, and this looks to be no exception! May I say I tried a recipe from another, less well-tested blog yesterday and the recipe was a complete disaster. Your commitment to quality recipes makes all of us look like much better cooks than we are!!

  3. Kris

    I admit that I’m checking every day to see if your tenant finally moved out. One of my friends was in your position, too; I told her that just meant she was having a smart kid who didn’t want to leave a good spot. As for the scones, they look like they might have to be road trip food for this weekend.

  4. Amy

    I’m at 37 weeks and this is the only thing that’s going to get me to 38 weeks. After that, I’m going to need something new, Deb. Sorry if you have plans to rest or have a baby or something like that.

  5. Nancy

    These look magical! I so love using summer berries for baking and love the fact that I can freeze these. It seems that we are always watching our weight and to have these on hand to have once in a while as a special treat is the way to go. I took your summer strawberry cake to a dinner last weekend, my husband and I got a kick out of the hostess who gave me the plate back but none of the remains, something about how good it would be with coffee the next morning!

  6. Karen

    So glad you haven’t lost your sense of
    humor! I remember feeling like a bear
    when my Third was simply 4 days beyond
    her “perceived” due date. Having had two
    boys, before, who arrived five & four days “early,”
    definitely effected my perspective.
    Thanks for being willing to post a delicious, tempting
    goodie for us, today!

  7. Stephanie

    As someone on the opposite end of the pregnancy journey (8 weeks in) the current battle is finding food that sounds a) good in theory, and b) that I actually want to eat once it’s prepared. (Of course, food that passes tests a and b must then subsequently pass test c…will it STAY in my belly for any amount of time? Ugh) Anyway, these sound AMAZING, and I want them now. Alas, no whole wheat flour in the pantry. Will 2 cups all purpose work in lieu of the combo?

  8. Susan

    You smart-ee! You always tell us that scone and biscuit dough can be frozen, but I almost never do it. Then, I wake up some mornings and want a scone and have to start from square one if I don’t talk myself out of my hearts desire because I’m too lazy. I’m going to double the batch and freeze half this time!

    These look good so I’m going to scoop the dough into 2 bite mounds instead of shaping and cutting it. I can eat more that way.

  9. Niamh Morris

    I honestly expected the incredible almond-y green beans to be your last post for some considerable time — and who could blame you if it had been? You’re a hero Deb and to honour your heroism I’m going to make these and raise a cup of tea and scone to you and your (soon to be) new arrival. The very best of Irish luck to you and yours!

  10. Ah these look so good! I love the idea of freezing the dough and baking them off later in the season. Then you have a gourmet breakfast ready to go! And this recipe is perfect timing: Wimbledon is happening, so a British breakfast is spot on!
    Cheerio! (I’m so not British).
    xx Lane

  11. Saphia

    Hi! I only have all-purpose flour. Could I just use two cups of that instead of the whole wheat flour? Thanks in advance.


  12. there is nothing quite like an enormous pregnant belly to get strangers talking- with my first baby near the end some man yelled down the aisle of a store ” IT’S A BOY!” to me, let me tell you- he is lucky to be alive… ( and no- it was a girl- thanks very much!). Wishing water-breaking thoughts your way!

  13. Pam

    Green beans and blueberry scones, both in one week. Thank you! These are two of my favorite things.

    I finally made the chocolate chunk granola bars. Delicious. Mine were crumbly, probably because I was feeling lazy when chopping cherries, but no sadness in that, as the crumbs were tasty sprinkled over ice cream. Along those lines I’m thinking the crumbs would be good as edging on ice cream sandwiches, “healthy” too. (btw, cherries+chocolate rocked! as did the crunch from the millet.)

  14. Johanna

    I just made the blueberry scones from Huckleberry Cookbook. I like your recipe better (I can’t believe I’m saying this, less butter). Anyway, she has you pat the dough out, spread on the berries, roll like a jelly roll, pat out and cut. It really got the berries in without them spilling all over the place.

  15. Courtney

    You have my sympathies! Your son had the same due date as my firstborn, but he was born 3 weeks early. When my daughter was born 3+ years later, she was 1.5 weeks late. So I was basically pregnant for a WHOLE MONTH longer than the first time. I was a *wee* bit cranky toward the end.

    But the longer they stay in there, the healthy they are (and easier to deal with, honestly). Plus after 36 weeks all they do is chub up anyway, which is the best part. More to nom.

    This has nothing to do with the recipe, but thought you could use some head pats :)

  16. Tessa

    OOOoooOOoo I have all the ingredients in my kitchen ALREADY! I am making all the scones! Hang in there – I was SUPER pregnant not too long ago – but now I have a baby, it all works out in the end.

  17. Christine

    1. These look magical.

    2. I went to 41 weeks with my kiddo. I had my hair did on my due date and everyone was like, “when are you due?” “Today! but I don’t think anything is going to happen anytime soon.” And their faces – worth it. May I suggest going in for a pedicure or hair cut right now. People approaching you like you might explode forth with a baby at any second (almost) makes it worth being that pregnant. Your cute cute baby definitely makes up for it.

    You can do it! You’re basically right there!

  18. KT

    30 some years ago, I went 3 weeks overdue with my daughter. It was August and it was Florida. Now, she is in her final weeks of pregnancy, and I am enjoying every moment…in a good grandmother way. Having a baby is awesome, wonderful and a huge blessing. Having grandbabies…priceless!!!! You have a great blog!!!

  19. Chelsea

    Hi deb! I am a long time fan of your site–a lover of baking,cooking, food in general, and a writer myself, I come here to have all my wishes met in one place. This is easily the best written and most entertaining food blog–or probably just blog in general–around. So thank you for that. It sounds like we are also at the same stage in manufacturing a human; I’m 39 weeks along in the balmy town of Denton, TX, and have been oh so on the same page as you for weeks now. Anyway, just wanted to pop in in the midst of my no-baby-yet malaise and say thank you for this recipe which will give me something to both do and eat today. And I wish you all the best–can’t wait to see your finished product (of tiny person, that is)!

  20. Sally

    I’ll NEVER forget going to get my nails done when I was 40 weeks pg with my older daughter, and the receptionist saying, “OH MY G-D” when she saw me. Nice.

    Love these. May have to convert to strawberry as I have some to “use up.” Same amounts of strawberries vs. blueberries? Thanks, and GOOD LUCK with the birth, whenever it may come!

  21. Lauren

    Yummy. I too, have all the ingredients ready. It is cool enough today to bake too, yessss! Blessings to that darling Jacob, who made you look rather svelte I see- (no fool he)- and has obviously been contemplating that he might feel “replaced”…needing to send you off with a reminder. It is so hard to explain to someone on #2, that you will have *increased* tender feelings for #1 when you see his gigantic self afterward. Two children MORE than doubles the love you have for each, because the interaction brings such joy as well. I wish all of you the best..SOON!

  22. love love love the overdoing blueberries, to a messy proportions. that is exactly the phrase of what my ‘feelings’ are i’ve never articulated! (and do you have to keep your whole wheat flour in the freezer?) (why do i think that?) lastly, i did indeed expect to see baby toes. but it’s all good.

  23. showtune

    I went 10 days over with my son (a few months older that Jacob) and I sincerely regret the wasted opportunity to randomly drop water balloons in public while moaning loudly.

    These look delish!

  24. Armen

    Thanks for your blueberry scone recipe today. Today is my birthday and I religiously bake my mom’s Blueberry Buckle recipe every year as my birthday cake. I consider July to be Blueberry Month and adore all things to do with the berry. Love your site, by the by. Yours is the best food blog out there!

  25. Jane M

    When I was preggars with my baby #1 and living in NYC, I was told to take a bumpy bus ride! Here’s to a QUICK LABOR + DEILVERY! Best wishes to you and yours! The baking you’re doing is awesome! Be well.

  26. K

    Yay! I’ve made both your whole wheat scones (oh how I love those scones!) and the Breakfast Lunch & Tea whole wheat scones (oh how I love…wait…we’ve been here before!). Both fabulous and both different. I cannot wait to make these and try your riff. I agree–too many blueberry foods are way too stingy on the blueberries. You rock, Deb. (And good luck with the upcoming delivery! May everyone be healthy and happy.)

  27. My husband had surgery a few weeks before my son was born and he had to stay in the hospital for several days. EVERY SINGLE TIME I walked into the hospital lobby the volunteers at the front desk directed me to labor and delivery. It got so bad that I eventually started announcing my actual destination when I was still several yards away. Sometimes they tried to steer me toward labor and delivery anyway.

    I have a bunch of blueberries just waiting to be baked up into these scones. Thanks for the recipe!

  28. JMS

    I can’t believe you’re still in the kitchen at 40 weeks – kudos to you! I was on the couch ordering people around, you should try it :) These scones look delicious and I have blueberries to use up, yay. Good luck with the impending labor, I hope it is quick and relatively painless!!!

  29. Shari

    Been wondering if the big event had happened,-still hanging in there I see. I loved your mention of a ‘momoir’.

  30. I failed dismally at blueberry scones last time, sooo great you figured something out. Have to agree with the others – how do you do it at 40 weeks? I am really starting to think you have some mysterious kind of super power and are wearing a cool cape. Seriously, how do you do it and could you send some my way? You could just start with these… Good luck, toi, toi, toi for the delivery. N xx

  31. WOW! Both to you and your fortitude and to the Blueberry Scones! Am going to the kitchen to make a batch right now, Thank you! BTW your Oven Roasted Ribs were on our table for the 4th of July! Another WOW to you! Wishing you an easy delivery and a perfectly beautiful Baby:-)

  32. Carolyn

    As a side note, I’ve had really good luck freezing the dreamy cream scones – and those adapted from that recipe – AFTER baking as well. With just the briefest (10-15 second?) zap in the microwave followed by a full toast in the toaster oven, they’re very close to just-out-of-the-oven! It’s my best defense against eating the whole batch on day one…

  33. Lisa

    Was certain nothing would be posted today, as you would be evicting your tenant. Instead, there are AMAZING blueberry scones. Sending thanks and heartfelt best wishes on your impending eviction and family expansion.

  34. Diane

    Deb, good luck with L&D….

    I was comparing the dreamy scone recipe with this one. I was wondering if you reduced the milk to 2/3 cup because of the added moisture from the blueberries? If I was using dried fruit for this recipe, should I increase the amount of milk back to 1 cup? What about the baking powder? Why is it less than the dreamy scone recipe? I love the texture of the dreamy scones but was hoping this healthier one that you posted up can compare with slightly less calories.


  35. Katy Belle

    These look so good! My own Jacob is working at a Produce Stand this summer! He can bring home some blueberries!
    I went to a church swimming party, in a huge maternity bathing suit, with my 2 year old, while expecting boy #2. I swear people were standing in line to ask me my due date, and then GASP when I answered last Tuesday. Lol! In hindsight, it’s really funny, 18 years later. I kept going out into the world and scaring people, until finally, my water broke at a Scrapbooking workshop!
    Good luck on your, soon to arrive, new bundle of joy!

  36. Anna

    My all-time favorite scone recipe is Alice Waters’ from The Art of Simple Cooking (no butter at all, just heavy cream, and they’re so good), but I’m definitely willing to give these a try. They look great! Alice Waters uses all whole wheat pastry flour in her scones, so I’m going to try that here. It makes a much more tender and light pastry than regular whole wheat, so you don’t have to mix it with all purpose.

    Good luck, Deb!

  37. Theresa

    LOL I needed that comic relief. I’m also coming up on 40 weeks and feel like a bit of a spectacle. Last week at the grocery store strangers kept congratulating me on leaving the house.

  38. MK

    Any problems with substituting all white flour? I’m not a fan of whole wheat flour — a failing, I know, but while I love other healthy grains like brown rice and quinoa, I can’t seem to get over my antipathy to whole wheat.

  39. What an awesome freezer breakfast! This would be the perfect treat. Might have to make these this weekend… I’d want to try adding some cinnamon too :)

  40. katy

    But how clever of you that you now know exactly how to get to l&d! I had no idea where it was for baby #3 and almost ended up delivering in the lobby.

  41. Dawn’l

    I forgot how much I loved that blueberry crumble from last year! I picked some berries up on the way home from work and am waiting for it to come out of the oven now.I love your recipes and your blog.

  42. Emily

    Deb, my first child was 11 days late. Despite what everyone told me, I was actually convinced that my baby would never come out! I envisioned being that woman in the Guinness Book of Records who was pregnant forever. So I totally sympathize.

  43. Dalnapen

    Pointless, I think, to remind that normal human gestation is 9 to 10 full months? You’re doing great, Deb. Maybe we can just surmise things about the character of your tenant–perseverant, resists change, likes co-piloting with mommy, stalwart. Thanks for the recipe–I stockpile blueberries in the summer, guessing at my need for quantities throughout the year. I also make a game of putting the date and town or origin on the berries. Have had Californian, Canadian, and points in between. But I do seem to prefer the small, sour berries from Texas! Hang in there!

  44. claire maunsell

    Poor you. I went to 42 weeks, so TOTALLY get it….these are fab, as usual! I wish you a speedy delivery…

  45. Jennifer

    Your recipes are ones I can count on not to disappoint!
    Your story is funny. I was over 39 weeks and walked into
    Labor and delivery in full labor and they asked what I was
    there for! I must say I glanced around to see if I had gone
    to the wrong place.;-) Our sweet baby arrived 3 hours later.:-)

  46. I enjoyed the story about the hospital as much as the recipe! Remembering those days (and glad they’re over). I’m gluten sensitive, but your photos drew me in, and now I’ll have to see if I can substitute some GF ingredients because I SO want to make these now!

  47. Katie

    I was born 10 days after my due date and only when my mother went to the hospital and refused to leave! She made my dad drive her there one evening after dinner and then sat politely in the waiting room until they paged her doctor at home and told him that they didn’t know what to do but didn’t think they should call security on someone so pregnant. He came in and took one look at her and went ahead and induced.

  48. PG

    “My son was served an eviction notice at the 38.5 week mark”

    Not to freak you out, but my mother cooked me for almost 43 weeks and then demanded a C-section. I like to say that I was not so much born — which with a natural labor and delivery implies some sort of biological move by the tenant — but evicted.

    I made your apple and cheddar scones a couple weeks ago and they were a hit at home, and the leftovers at the office. I was pleased with how fluffy they turned out, which I assumed was attributable to my following the direction about sifting the dry ingredients a few times. No sifting needed for this recipe?

  49. This looks yum! Thank you for also sharing your tips on how to freeze the scones. I can now make a batch to pop in the freezer to treat myself on days when I had to finish the mould cleaning job for my sister’s bathroom.

  50. JP

    Looks so good! Would have to slather with butter, cream cheese and/or lemon curd. Looking forward to your good news as are all your many readers. A new baby is ALWAYS the best news there is. Sending my wishes for a quick and happy delivery.

  51. Karyn

    You’re such an amazing mother already! You’re going to make it. At this point in pregnancy, I frequently reminded myself “there has never been a permanently pregnant woman.” Baby will come. And it will ALL BE WORTH IT–as you well know. So much excitement for you! (And you KNOW we’ll all be dying for pics, right?!)

  52. Mia

    These scones look great! I’m due on July 11th and hope to squeeze this recipe in before my baby gets HIS eviction notice! I love that I’m at the same stages of pregnancy as you! Who knows, may even see you at the hospital soon!

  53. Anthea

    Deb, you should work through your eggplant recipe repertoire! One eggplant lasagna did the trick for me with baby #3 (labor started about 6 hrs after consumption). Of course, it could have been a total coincidence, but it’s worth a try!

  54. Katy

    My son is 3 and I’m still pissed that I was pregnant for the entire 42 weeks (and nauseous for 36 of those weeks, but who’s counting). Around week 41, I was walking down the street and this man looked at me and just said, “God bless.” Good luck and best wishes for an easy delivery!

  55. Rachel

    I can relate to a long pregnancy! I wanted to deliver without drugs so they let me go 42 weeks! I got the funniest comments, like when I went swimming, ‘don’t deliver in the pool’. Like for sure I’ll do that. It was just so uncomfortable. I couldn’t even go in the bed, I would sleep in this big comfy chair and went to labor in that chair. Good luck!

  56. Amy

    I’ve had 3 late babies. The first at 42+4, second at 41+2, and the third at 40+5. This is what you do: go to a car dealership to test drive a new family vehicle. When all the people ask you when you’re due, and you say “Last Tuesday”, watch the look of confusion and then fear cross their faces. It’s delightful. Because you are the only one who knows that baby isn’t going to budge, but they are convinced they’ll be delivering your baby in the back seat. Good times. Maybe throw in a fake contraction or two, just for funsies.

  57. Elinor

    Novelle Vague, listen to this. Seriously. Such the bossa nova beat to get you in motion to have a baby. Eating blueberry scones.

  58. Mari

    Blueberries were a dollar a pint the other day…let’s just say my teeth are stained. I’ve made blueberry pie (your all-butter crust recipe, Alton’s frozen fruit puck strategy), tons of smoothies, blueberry salsa, now I guess I have to make scones.

    Now go have that baby! (Which means good luck)

  59. Zach

    I made these with raspberries (needed using) and blueberries last night. The mushed raspberries made it very moist – had to bake low for nearly an hour but they came out OK. Definitely stick to firm blueberries next time.

  60. Pam

    Hi Debs
    I’m contacting you from England. Please can you tell me what a tablespoon of butter weighs? I would find spooning out cold butter a tad tricky.
    Best wishes for a speedy and safe delivery

  61. Audrey

    Pam, just cut a square that looks about right. It is not critical. Wonder if Deb is in labour? She usually has some comments before now?

  62. Jill Fontes

    Hi @Pam – the butter weight for the recipe is about 71g butter. I just made these, they were too tacky with the original flour for me, I had to knead in some extra flour, but delicious recipe!! (I am using pastry flour and whole flour, but I think my Belgian flours may be a tad different than American whole wheat).

  63. Erin


    Can I just say how much I love reading your posts. I work for a Canadian food company and one of our corporate chefs recommended your site, as I love cooking/baking. I am 6 months pregnant with my first and the commentaries to your recipes over the last several months (or 40 weeks, is it? ;) ) have had me in stitches at the breakfast table. Thank you and best of luck the next time you find yourself in labour and delivery.

  64. Dahlink

    Ah, the memories! Son number one arrived one day after the due date–longest day of my life. Son number two was induced two weeks early after a difficult pregnancy. The part that killed me was that I was on complete bed rest for 6 weeks–except for visiting the hospital once a week for a stress test. I would be standing around wondering why this was the one place I couldn’t even find a chair to sit on, much less lie down. But all was well in the end.

    I am betting the next post will feature something else just out of the oven. Blessings on you, Deb, and your growing family.

  65. I marvel at women who go through their entire pregnancy with just a little bump out front. The day I found out I was pregnant (happened 3 times) I “blossomed” into a whale. It seemed like by body thought their was going to be a draught and food shortage. It stored all liquids and calories. You are the inspiration for all women who have babies and plug along — I love your sense of humor and your recipes. We are all anxiously waiting the delivery. Just think of virtually hundreds and hundreds of women in the waiting room anticipating the good news. Best of luck!!

  66. I certainly love your recipe for blueberry scones. But the thing I am most excited about is what you said in your last two lines of this blog. I had no clue I could freeze uncooked scones!! I travel to the beach for weekends but I don’t like to make the big mess at my mother-in-law’s house for morning home baked goods. This is amazing! I will put it to use immediately…

  67. Kristina

    May you have a happy healthy delivery and may you be blissed out in baby love as you hold your child in your arms, the most delicious feeling in the world …and may you get to eat one of your pre-delivery blueberry scones that you wisely stored in the freezer while your new babe sleeps beside you on a beautiful July summer morning …

  68. Margy

    Deb, sorry to be trivial, but remember the two pictures you published a few recipes ago of your front and side views pregnant? You are such a glamorous-looking pregnant lady; I myself would be cheered up just seeing you on the street, looking so gleaming and spiffy – and in NY in July too! Just so you know next time you leave the house.

  69. clarissa

    My second was two weeks ‘late’ and I had gained 10 pounds before getting pregnant, thinking maybe I was too skinny for my body to attempt the project. So, when I was in my ninth+ month, people actually said out loud IN MY PRESENCE, WHEN I COULD HEAR THEM, with no manners whatsoever, ‘oh my god’. So you know I too was my own circus sideshow.
    I send you every prayer for a safe and healthy birth. Thank you for thinking of your food fans in the midst of it all. And Don’t forget to send us pictures. oxoxoxxoxo

  70. Jordan

    Hi Deb! Kind of unrelated, but are those two Le Parfait flour jars 2L or 3L? Have been looking to upgrade my current plastic ones.

  71. Liz

    Hi Deb, I am vertically challenged and looked like a beachball with legs. I got the twin comments all the time, nope I was just big. I have three and although waiting was torture the one who stayed in longer, two were naturally early, one over. She nursed better, slept better, pooped better and came out more developed, a little overcooked actually. I got a massive payoff on the other end and hope you do as well. Just think, a baby who sleeps at night! At least some of the time. Best wishes reading this brings back memories.

  72. Jillian

    33 weeks here, and I already feel like a freakshow. Realllly looking forward to 40+!

    Thanks for the recipe! I’d love to get these in the freezer before my bebe is evicted!

  73. Tara

    Gah! I started Paleo 2 months ago and have been so good most of the time and have stopped baking…but there you go again Deb…good luck with the babe…very exciting. Thanks for thus recipe and when you have free time (I mean, who doesn’t with 2 kiddos?) Can you honor us with a coconut scone recipe? I had the most amazing coconut scone at Kerber’s Farm in Huntington this week…to die for! Send the hubby out! Or bring the family! They’ve got a rooster and hens that entertain!

  74. Marisa

    I was pregnant with our older son, he was overdue, and my husband and I were at the grocery store. Someone saw me in my very large state and asked me when I was due. I said “Laat Thursday” (it was Sunday), and that person started to laugh. I almost committed homicide right there in the produce section.

  75. stephanie

    i don’t like raw blueberries either! i mean, i don’t hate them, but i usually pick them out of fruit salad and have no issues not eating them all when i go blueberry picking. but cooked…oh gosh. from pancakes to muffins to cake or whatever…all of it, i love them.

  76. Jennie

    My first daughter liked the area and didn’t want to leave, after 42 weeks she finally decided to make her entrance. 30 years ago maternity cloths weren’t what they are today. By the end I had one light blue frock that still fit and I resembled a VW Bug in it. But she owes me a grand baby and I hope soon. Blessings to you and your family.

  77. martha

    My second pregnancy went long too…by 3 weeks…they were threatening a section every day until the little guy finally , literally popped right out. At last you have a stocked freezer. Thank you thank you thank you for keeping at it this long. You are much appreciated by we chefs who lose the thread sometimes and forget that we love to cook.

  78. Melanie

    I’m going to call these “Due Date Scones” because I’m due today and I’m feeling your pain, Deb!

    I woke up disappointed not to be in labor (delirious thinking!) but these really brightened my morning. Whipped up a batch while listening to music in the kitchen and giving myself a pep talk on patience. Thanks!

  79. Michelle

    This looks amazing! My husband LOVES blueberries and would love this dish…He’s allergic to nuts and it’s so hard to find good blueberry recipes that don’t include nuts!

    Good luck evicting your “tenant”!

  80. Stephanie

    Love. This. Post.
    My first was 8 days late, my second was “early” at only 3 days late!
    Time for a little red wine, a lot of walking, and eggplant parm!

  81. Lee

    Thank you for this. I’m not pregnant but rather recuperating from a painful tooth extraction and this recipe just spoke to me. It’s in the oven right now and I’m already feeling comforted.

  82. Just wait til you’re overdue. “When are you due?” “6 days ago.”

    And people were shocked when I went to AMNH the day before my due date with my older daughter. What was I supposed to do? Sit around at home?!?

  83. JMS

    Was just scrolling through and had to chuckle at Stephanie above ^ My first was also 8 days late, and my second also “early” at 3 days late. Those were the days!

  84. berit

    Hang in there Deb and all the best for the birth! My babygirl was two weeks late, they were certainly the longest two weeks in my entire life!

  85. Ellen Jefferies

    Hang in Deb. My second went 10 1/2 months(7 weeks late), then he kinda unfolded and slid out in about 15 minutes. Easiest delivery ever. He’s the easy going type and was in no hurry. Still is. Great kid.

  86. Melinda Casey-Magleby

    I wonder how far apart our due dates are. I’m due 7/17 and still real preggers. These look fabulous! If I’m not in labor this weekend I might make them. Hang in there!

  87. Janice

    40+ years ago my son was three and a half weeks late. I felt like an elephant and just wanted him OUT! Finally, my (ex) hubby took me for a long ride on the bumpiest roads he could find and that night my water broke. Not sure there was a direct cause/effect relationship but my big 9lb. 6.5 oz boy was born by dinner time the next day. Those scones look so delish! Thanks for your funny and inspiring blog! It’s wonderful!!!

  88. Claire

    Hi Deb, best wishes for a safe and protected delivery for number 2! We had 5, they all came in at different “done-ness” if you can say such a thing….such a fun analogy to baking, which we obviously all love……

  89. Peggy

    Gah! Last week I loaded up on blueberries to make blueberry muffins. My husband, a great fan of your blog once removed, insisted on blueberry scones. I said, no, muffins. Well, last weekend I got my muffins and this weekend he’ll get his scones. Thanks, Deb. Have you really been baking in Manhattan in July at 40 weeks?!

  90. karen price

    Im not even pregnant,(good grief,hello,Im 60) and these look wonderful! I guess for you,its what the doctor ordered! And may I say, youre writing is better than ever! Consider being pregnant forever!!! (I did NOT say that.).Teehee

  91. Trisha

    Excellent! Looking forward to using up done of my co op blueberries. My second child was born, incidentally, on the same day I baked a blueberry buckle. Maybe ask those delicious very smells will coax your little one out!

  92. Margo

    My daughter in law had her first son at 25 weeks… he was just under 2 lbs. Needless to say, 11 years later when she was expecting baby #2, she could not fathom the thought of carrying a baby 40 weeks and starting at about 36 weeks, she felt soooo “overdue”. She tried, she really did, but alas 10 days early finally convinced the doctor to strip her membranes and get things going. It got things going.

  93. Marie-Jeanne

    Hello Deb,
    I´m french living in Germany and have been reading your blog for some years now… You have one of the few american blogs I like reading, for the wit of the writing and the good recipes.
    I just tried this recipe, are you sure the volume of milk is correct? I tried it this morning and put the liquid all at once, the dough was much too wet to roll out. I put them in a muffin form (after throwing a tantrum). I will try it again, and this time do what I usually do, add the liquid little by little. Cheers!

  94. Becky

    I’m 35 weeks pregnant and have been craving blueberry baked goods of any sort. This weekend is my weekend to start making food for freezing and saving for later, so this couldn’t come at a better time! Your pregnancy cravings and recipes in the last several months have been right on par with my and a friend of mine’s cravings, so THANK YOU! And best of luck in the several days!

  95. Daniel

    Marie-Jeanne – it is a loose dough, yes but if the blueberries pop they can push it over the edge towards batter. You did the right thing by putting them in muffin cases though.

    The scones also work nicely if you substitute mixed vine fruit (dried) for the blueberries and I am certain that blackcurrants would be perfect and possibly a little punchier as they can be a bit sharper than store-bought blueberries.

  96. I feel your pain! My daughter over stayed her welcome in my womb by 10 days and still had to be kicked out – my labor was induced – I was so sure it was never going to happen, I didn’t even have my packed hospital bag in the car, so when I went to the doctor for my check up and was told we’re getting this baby out now, please walk across the street to the hospital and check in, I was in such dismay all I could think about was that I needed to move my car into a longer term spot and then I called my husband who was over an hour and a train ride away in NYC, he was not happy when I told him he needed to go home first and then drive to the hospital because I needed my bag, oh pregnant brain! I was at the point where I just figured she was never coming out and I was just in denial, but then she arrived and now she’s an amazing 15 year old, how time flies!!!

    Best of luck to you and thank you thank you for posting, I love your recipes, pictures, stories and I love me some scones and these blueberry ones look just right for the container of berries I just picked up at the farmer’s market, although I may not have enough to overstuff, may need to go out for more berries, but these scones look worth the extra trip to the market :-)

    I have a few scone recipes myself, I’d love for you to check them out, they are on the healthier slightly less decadent, but definitely still delicious side of scones –

  97. I actually got on the bus to go to the hospital after my waters broke but was only starting labor so wasn’t going in to stay – I got some funny looks then (and people still think I was mad) so can totally understand all those conversations! I’ve still a little while to wait to see what I am in for this time, but I can definitely see these scones being added to my ‘bake to stock the freezer’ list. They look delicious!

  98. Kelli

    My baby just turned one month old…she was eight days overdue, so I definitely understand the “very pregnant” feeling! Strangely, in the weeks following her birth when I expected not to want to step anywhere near the kitchen, I seriously had so many cravings and couldn’t wait to get in there and cook/bake. I think it made me feel a little bit like normal, haha! Several of your recipes have graced our table this last month, and I must say thank you for linking to that delicious zucchini saute in your last post–I thought I had read every recipe on your site, but had never seen that one. It was delicious! I’ve loved having you for a pregnancy buddy, and I wish you luck in these next few days and weeks!

  99. April

    If I don’t have a lemon to zest but I have a bottle of lemon juice, how much lemon juice should I put in (instead of the zest), and when? Thanks!

  100. Kate

    I made these with defrosted, drained, frozen blueberries (there had been a run on fresh ones) and they turned out perfectly. Utterly delicious and no need for name as the berries were juicy enough, although I took this as an opportunity to smother them in butter….mmmmm….
    Thanks Deb!

  101. nora1

    haven’t read other comments so sorry if i repeat what others have said. suffice to say, both my kids were born at 42 weeks and i know what it’s like to feel like the world is waiting on you to give birth! now! and tut-tutting that you are ‘late’ as though you are the postal service. haha. you’re doing an amazing job, and it’s not easy, so don’t worry about people looking. love and hugs to you and your family.

  102. Alli

    Made these and LOVED them. They were super easy and I made them before leaving for an overnight where these were breakfast for family. They stored well and I reheated like Deb suggested. These will be my go to for anything brunch or weekend deliciousness related. Thanks so much for your amazing recipes!

  103. Kerry

    Deb, these were amazing! Less than 30 minutes from start to finish, aka, my mouth. Thank you for the best kind of summer baking. Kiddo news?

  104. Laura

    jwg #135 – I’ll see your blueberry scones and raise you red wine chocolate cake that she’s in labor right now. 135 comments and no Deb? It’s gotta be labor! Or maybe that whole working-mother-while-gestating-to-the-max-plus-child-on-the-outside- situation finally made her take her super hero cape off ;)

  105. Wife To An Amazing Cook

    Made these over the weekend and they were super good. And thank you for the freezer notes. As someone who aspires to freeze more for later (but often doesn’t), I appreciate the inspiration!

    And best wishes for an easy labor and healthy babe. IMO, doctors and midwives shouldn’t even give due dates–babies will come when they want to and not necessarily according to a magical calculation of 280 days (unless evicted, of course!).

  106. bce

    I agree Laura 136 and jwg 135, she has to be in labor since there are no responses to the comments! I guess: July 12 at 3:05 pm.

  107. Maggie

    I’m due July 21st and, thanks to my incredibly supportive, creative and energetic roommate, I’ve been following your blog and all the cravings we have shared (lemonade, pudding..ect). I’m officially in my first day of maternity leave and my goal is to make as many of your freezable recipes as possible before I pop, starting with the scones with blueberries from our CSA. Although, I keep knocking into things because I’m not used to my much larger girth, so hopefully everything won’t end up on the floor. Thanks for all the laughs and great ideas! I wish you a quick and uncomplicated birth!

  108. Rachel

    Due date is today, no sign of anything happening, and I for sure have that circus freak-show feeling. Also just loving the very concerned inquiries about why she’s “late” and comments that “she’s just getting bigger and bigger every day in there!” (really? thanks for the tip, let me just hit my go-into-labor button and get this show on the road).

    The scones look great, btw. Will be saving to make on a future day when my kitchen is more temperate!

  109. Thank you for another great recipe. I made a half batch a couple of days ago after seeing it and it was great. Love the touch of whole wheat and the very mild sweetness. It feels like a treat but doesn’t weigh you down or make you feel like you need to eat salad for the rest of the day!
    PS – Hope to see baby #2 soon! : )

  110. Carly

    I went to 41w3d with my son, and since it was February and I was stir crazy, I would walk around the local mall hoping the whole “long walk” thing worked. When I went on a Saturday night (41w1d at that point), I joked around that I was acting as birth control to every teenage I passed.
    But blueberry scones! As I am currently cooking baby 2 and craving all things berry, these are going in the oven this week.

  111. Its the coldest week in the last 64 years in Auckland, so I will make anything that utilizes my oven.

    Last night, it was buttermilk biscuits and ribs. Tomorrow, it’ll be scones!

  112. K

    I made these this weekend with frozen blueberries straight from the freezer (no thawing, no straining) and they were beautiful and delicious! Yet another wonderful recipe, Deb!

  113. I do love my scones. I think it’s because I never tasted one until I was in my 30’s. I know. I know. I was deprived. I love the fact that these have a LOT of fruit in them. Let’s get really serious about blueberries. Yes!

  114. Kristen

    I second the awkward pregnancy conversations… at 23 weeks pregnant for twins, people’s eyes become as wide as saucers when they look at my belly and hear me say “I’m 23 weeks!”. In addition to people feeling the need the need to know if they were conceived naturally or not, always an awkward topic! Anyways, the scones look amazing and will be made stat

  115. Faith

    Made these last night, cutting them into 8 scones — hubby and I each had one warm out of the oven with vanilla ice cream – yum! We each had a 2nd one for breakfast with jam. I went to work, came home — the other 4 have disappeared and all hubby can say is “Can you make them with cherries?” (and yes I love him that much that a new batch of cherry scones is currently in the oven)

  116. Paul

    Took two of my grandsons (3 and 14months) and my daughter out blueberry picking today and between us we picked 12 lbs (glad they didn’t weigh the kids since they ate at least a pound themselves). Couldn’t wait to make these and they were delicious. Now to get a few mor lemons so I can have a batch in the freezer!!!

    Congratulations on the baby, she looks beautiful!

  117. Jennifer

    Just delicious! I am a scone fanatic! Used frozen blueberries. .and baked for full 17 min. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl.

  118. Anjali

    These were perfect! I reduced the flour a bit and added some oats. Perfect afternoon pick me up with some proper British tea! Thank you Deb!

  119. Mee

    These were quite bland. Maybe it’s my blueberries? I think I’d increase the sugar if I ever make these again. We are eating them quite slow and the texture is oddly moist after a day. Does whole wheat flour cause this? Baking them from the freezer is probably the best way to eat the whole lot, but I can’t justify heating my house in July just for a fresh baked scone.

  120. MarthaD

    I made and I am sorry to report that we did not like them.
    If I were to make them again….may be I would use all white flour.

  121. Sandy

    That’s too funny about going to the hospital and clarifying you’re not in labor! I volunteer at a local hospital’s information desk. The other day, a very pregnant lady came in and asked where labor and delivery was. The hospital is huge, so it’s divided into a few different locations – you go to one building when you first arrive to have your baby, then when it’s time, they take you to an actual room. I wanted to clarify where she needed to go. So, knowing the proper etiquette is to NEVER assume a woman is pregnant, I said, “what in particular are you looking for? Visiting a patient, or looking for a particular staff member?” She looked at me like I was the dumbest human on earth and replied, “NO, I’M ABOUT TO HAVE A BABY, CAN’T YOU SEE?” I got her into a wheelchair and wheeled her up to the proper location. I feel bad that I frustrated this poor lady at a very stressful time, but at least she got where she needed to go pretty fast!

  122. CH

    I found the recipe as is to be not sweet enough for my taste. I added 2 Tbl of granulated sugar and used heaping Tbl of brown sugar and LOVE the resulting scones. They’re great for any time of day. Keep up the good work!

  123. Took two of my grandsons (3 and 14months) and my daughter out blueberry picking today and between us we picked 12 lbs (glad they didn’t weigh the kids since they ate at least a pound themselves). Couldn’t wait to make these and they were delicious. Now to get a few mor lemons so I can have a batch in the freezer!!!
    Congratulations on the baby, she looks beautiful!

  124. Danica

    I made these this morning with sunny NW blackberries picked from the brambles. They were very popular with the crowd at our house this weekend, all eaten up right away. Yum, and thanks again for another win!

  125. Laura

    I baked these Saturday morning and used frozen blueberries. I usually freeze blueberries quickly after buying because I am also not a raw blueberry fan, but really like to bake with them. Washing and freezing means I can toss them in whatever any time of year. Frozen blueberries didn’t give me a wet dough because they stayed frozen during during scone formation and then thawed during the baking process.

  126. deb

    Hooray! I’m reading backwards and catching up very slowly post-baby — and you’re all so awesome. It’s so sweet to read that people were checking in. I had hoped to share the good news sooner but this one likes to eat all day and night and my laptop minutes have been much more limited. :)

    Diane — Yes. Less moisture because fresh blueberries are so wet. Less baking powder, honestly, just because that’s what Rose Bakery does and I’ve found it just fine here. Alas, you’ve probably sorted this out by now on your end but you know I cannot leave a question unanswered, no matter how long it takes.

    If you don’t wish to use whole wheat flour — You can use all-purpose flour 1:1 here.

    shailey — Other berries should work. I rather like cherries and lime.

  127. Nancy

    I finally made these yesterday after thinking about them for weeks! So good! I made two and froze the rest, then baked two of the frozen this morning. The berries were a little tart and made jam like pools through out the scones, oh my. I’m so happy that I have enough berries to make another batch this afternoon. The hard part will be to save them for the future. How long do you think they’ll keep in the freezer?
    I hope you’re getting some sleep with your new little one!

  128. Eliza

    We made them with blackberries as blueberries are becoming scare already. They’re really great, but not totally awesome. I think I like a drier scone and these came out wonderfully moist.

  129. Molly

    Same question as Lev. Can you make the dough and form the scones at night, refrigerate, then bake in the morning? Or would you go straight to the freezer overnight?

    1. deb

      Making the scones ahead of time — I don’t recommend refrigeration before baking because the leavener will be “working” as soon as the dough is mixed. The freezer is a better place to hold unbaked scones. You can bake directly from the freezer, you’ll just need a couple minutes more.

  130. Jaime

    @Shailey gb — a local place makes strawberry lime scones that are fantastic. I am pretty sure it’s lime zest mixed into the batter and some lime juice mixed into a powdered sugar glaze on top. I bet a raspberry/lime scone would be fantastic as well.

  131. Rose

    Mazel tov! Your daughter is beautiful. Yesterday at 36 weeks pregnant, I picked blueberries and today made these scones for breakfast. My husband and I both loved them, and the baby bumped in response to the goodness.

  132. Dalnapen

    SK, so I’ve made your dreamy, creamy scones and plunked blueberries in them for an age! Also, I freeze the blueberries so they don’t turn my scone purple–works out just great! But I think the wheat flour would be a yummy counterpart and am totally going to run these!

    SK, I know I should be horsewhipped for adding anything to the plate of a mother with a new baby in the house, but last week I had a fattoush salad from a Lebanese restaurant–’twas the best thing I’ve put in my mouth all summer. The fresh salad ingredients–romaine, bell pepper, radish and then the crispy flavor packed fried pita ‘croutons’ and a slightly sweet dressing. Have been dreaming of it ever since and wishing my favorite food blogger would audition…

  133. Hill

    Just came back from blueberry picking this morning to find this recipe. You’re my go-to, Deb and I’m so glad to hear about the baby! Congrats! I can’t wait to make these delicious scones…as well as your crumb bars :D I’m blue in the face (and mouth) with excitement!

  134. I am PSYCHED by how great these turned out! I had never made scones before and they were just delicious!!

    I used frozen blueberries, which worked beautifully and may even have made the dough a bit easier to work with. I also increased the sugar to a full 1/4 cup because my boyfriend prefers things on the sweeter side. :)

    Thanks for yet another awesome recipe, Deb!

  135. I carried my twins until 39 weeks … speaking of circus sideshows. Everywhere I went, people asked if I was overdue (and brave/stupid people asked if I was expecting twins). I remember this feeling well, though I am very glad it’s over. My twins were born June 16th, though my ravaged abdominals still have gotten me in trouble in public … one security guard at the mall asked yesterday, “Expecting another one so soon?” He’s lucky I didn’t beat him with my double stroller.

  136. Chelsea

    Mmmm! This was just the perfect amount of sweetness for me, and they’re making for an excellent breakfast this morning. I didn’t have any whole wheat flour on hand but needed to put some blueberries to good use before it was too late — so I just used all purpose. Worked fine without any other changes.

  137. Amy

    Looking at this recipe reminds me of the day I was in labour with my second child/only daughter. We were expecting the neighbours over that day, so I was making your strawberries and cream biscuits. I had to keep pausing for contractions (my husband was laughing at me for this), but I got them done. Our neighbours didn’t end up coming over (we ended up sending over our son to their place while we went to the hospital), but at least I got to send them a batch of yummy strawberries and cream biscuits!

  138. Rachel

    I’ve made these a few times & this time around I froze them with egg wash & sugar topping. I’m beginning new baby freezer prep & im excited that we will have these to enjoy!

  139. Sarah

    Do you have a pumpkin scone recipe up your sleeves somewhere? It would make this lady on her way to 41 weeks pregnant SO happy on this very rainy weekend! :)

  140. Alan Mazer

    Just made these. Two comments. First, they didn’t hold together all that well when I was putting them on the pan to bake, but actually came together in the over. Didn’t expect that. Second, neither my wife nor my daughter likes scones because “they’re too dry” but out of family duty, perhaps, both agreed to taste. My wife is now asking about making more, and my daughter snarfed down the last one when I wasn’t looking. Great recipe!

  141. Sydni

    Just made these (sans lemon zest because sometimes you just don’t have certain ingredients)–AMAZING. Made them to snack on while studying today, but my friends and I have devoured them. Definitely adding this to my list of staple baked goods!

  142. Nicole

    Hi there-

    Can’t wait to try these.
    Was wondering if you have any recommendations for making these at a higher altitude? Or should I make them as the recipe says and not change anything?

  143. Meg

    Could you use frozen blueberries in this (or other) recipes or would they have too much moisture? I have a couple bags frozen from picking last summer that I need to use.

  144. These look soooo good and I’m definitely having a blueberry moment and eating them fresh and frozen in huge quantities so this recipe is just perfect for me! Thank you for all the great recipes you share with us! :-)

  145. Mary K.

    These work very nicely with 1 c finely diced rhubarb in place of the blueberries, should anyone else be deluged with rhubarb at this time of year. I bumped the sugar up to 1/4 cup and liked that just fine, though the rhubarb-shy and anyone wanting a more treat-like scone might benefit from 1/4 c + 1 T or even a bit more.

  146. Katherine

    I just used this recipe to make cherry lemon scones with lemon almond glaze! So tender and barely sweet, they were perfect with sweet iced coffee!! A great beginning to my birthday!

  147. Wendy H

    Just made these! Didn’t have whole wheat flour or turbinado/raw sugar but super good with 1/2 coconut flour it turns out. And just granulated sugar :)
    So yummy on a rainy cloudy July day in Seattle. I know. It’s like 100 million degrees everywhere else in the U.S. But it’s rainy and cold in Seattle. I’m not complaining! Thanks for another amazing recipe!

  148. Heidi

    I made these yesterday, froze them, and baked them this morning. They were very good, but they took quite a bit longer to bake. I’m guessing it was about 15 extra minutes. I made a batch with frozen blueberries (worked just fine) and a batch with diced fresh peaches. I added fresh grated nutmeg to both. I will definitely plan to make them again.

  149. Just made a batch using rye flour instead of whole wheat, and orange zest in lieu of lemon. Just like Heidi, my baking time was twice as long as recommended, but they turned out lovely.

    I’m curious how different the texture would be if I used whole-wheat instead of rye, they were a little more crumbly than I’d like, but not in a bad way. I’ll also be sure to not over-roll the dough – a fat scone is a happy scone :)

  150. YUM! Made these today, and I used soy milk instead of cow cos no-one here is particularly into dairy milks, and they turned out just great. I used frozen blueberries too. The egg wash and sugar is worth the extra small effort, I don’t usually bother but this time was glad I did.

  151. Elena

    I made these last night and they turned out great. Very easy and so quick to make. I used almond milk instead of whole and some plain sugar to sprinkle on top. My baking time was 18 minutes.

  152. Lise

    Just made these with wild blueberries, and they were delicious. I had been doubtful about them holding together, but like the recipe said, it worked out just fine. Less sweet than the regular scones I’m used to.

  153. Polly

    These are so easy to make and so delicious! Topped mine with maple cranberry sugar and they are perfect. Thank you for making me a scone convert!

  154. After a week of cold rain scone-craving weather, I had hoped to make these for Mother’s Day – only to discover no whole wheat flour, no eggs, and no milk. I know I could have substituted, but really liked the way the recipe was written. So…woke up early and made them today. YUM. Perfect for yet another rainy, windy day. Some modifications: extra tsp of baking soda, 1 full tsp salt, a little heavy cream along with my 2% milk. Needed 22 minutes of baking in my oven. Used frozen blueberries with good results. Next time I’ll try a little bit more sugar in the mix – I used brown sugar – or use the turbinado (of which I also was out). And maybe just a little more milk.

  155. I just wanted to give some feedback while it’s still fresh in my mind. The butter was unfortunately leaking out of the scones as they were baking. I always pop my scones in the freezer before baking them but unfortunately that didn’t seem to help. The scone texture was more muffin like, they weren’t hard as the more traditional English scones. When I added the milk to the flour mixture it seemed a little too wet, but I know you are not suppose to knead the mixture too much which I didn’t. They did taste good in the end but different from traditional scones, they were a softer doughier. Any advice on making scones would be much appreciated!

  156. Megan

    I made these with all-purpose flour, earth balance, and rice milk (all I had on hand) and they turned out amazing! I stuck the earth balance in the freezer for a little bit so it got as hard as cold butter does, and froze the dough for a few minutes in between steps. So delicious and not very sweet, my favorite!

    1. Bree

      Hahaha, when baking in May in Texas, I also use my fridge/freezer when making scones and other pastries. I get on my knees and cut the butter into the flour inside the fridge, with the door open, for a few minutes. It makes a world of difference. (We keep our apartment at 76 degrees in the warm months cos BILLS.)

  157. The parchment paper is not optional. These leaked blueberry juice in little puddles around the scones on the baking sheet. I cannot even imagine trying to clean that if it cooked onto the sheet itself. I think I would probably just throw the sheet away and replace it.

    These definitely should be served warm, even if re-heated.

  158. Bree

    Got a pint of fresh and MOST delicious and firm blueberries at the farmer’s market this past Tuesday, and knew you’d have a scone recipe for me. I froze the bulk of them and I do think it affected the texture just a smidge — didn’t get quite crispy or crunchy — but that could also be all the moisture from the blueberries, which about 2 minutes before baking was over started to burst beautifully. The half-and-half flour provides a super yummy chew. My scones took about 20 minutes to bake, not the full double time others report.

  159. Erika

    Made these for the royal wedding this weekend and they were absolutely perfect! I made a second batch the next day only I omitted the blueberries and lemon zest and instead added in 3/4 cup raisins and 1 Tbsp cinnamon. Both batches were gone in 24 hours. I also think that with some tweaking these could easily be made into savory biscuits. It took me less than 15 minutes to whip up the dough – perfect if you’re having people over for brunch and want it to look fancy without a lot of effort!

  160. Sheetal

    Just made these…swapped blueberries for fresh peach. Omitted lemon zest and added cinnamon. Delicious! As others, I had to bake longer – mine took 20 mins.

  161. Lisa

    I used all purpose flour and no whole wheat as I didn’t have any on hand. They turned out great. Very easy, very, very good!

  162. Saw these on Instagram today and had everything on hand (except whole wheat flour) so of course HAD to make them. I’ve already eaten 2.5…. I googled What to do without whole wheat flour and read to add one tbsp per cup of all purpose and combined this tip with another reviewer’s tip of coconut flour, and used gluten free all purpose as it tends to be denser. In total I did 1/2 c coconut flour (bc I have It and really don’t care for it) and 1.5c + 1tbsp of gf AP. Also frozen blueberries. Came out divinely!!! Good density. I should Have smooshed a little flatter and cut smaller in 10 to last longer! Next time will try with just gf ap or do the whole wheat if I have. Thanks Deb!

    1. Bonnie

      I love these and have made them it for years. Now, I’m eliminating gluten. [a curse for a baker but an opportunity to learn.] I used 1 cup in grams [per the Red Mill GF package -which stated significantly more grams per 1/4 cup [37 g] and 1/4 or scant half cup of coconut flour. Perhaps I should have used 120 grams of the 1:1 GF flour . The recipe came out much too dense for me. My guests said they were delish. I’m much more critical of my baking.

  163. Nisha

    I skipped the sugar in the dough but did sprinkle some on to. Used frozen June berries we picked instead if fresh blueberries. They were just sweet enough to still call breakfast with some eggs.

  164. Marliss

    I baked these blueberry scones for breakfast this morning, using blueberries that we picked last Wednesday. I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of whole wheat flour, as I think it gives a better texture. I had no whole milk, but I used up 1/4 cup evaporated milk, to which I added 1/4 cup water. I mixed the dry ingredients the previous evening, then refrigerated them in the mixing bowl, along with my pastry fork and pastry cutter. That saves time in the morning, and it also means I work with cold ingredients. My other tip is to use a mixing bowl with a lot of flat bottom area; that helps with cutting in the butter evenly, and also with mixing in the bowl and bringing the scone dough together with your hands.

    These scones are heavenly when warm from the oven. I will be baking this recipe again, now that blueberry season is here.

  165. Deb Evans

    Made these this morning….along with the perfect blueberry muffins. Wow! Absolutely wonderful. Thankfully, I only baked half and froze half or I would have eaten the entire batch.

  166. Katie

    Having made this scone recipe with blueberries since it first appeared on SK, this summer I’ve tinkered with blackberries and peaches.
    (Also successfully made them dairy-free.)
    Blackberries as written and peaches with a smidge of bonus brown sugar and some freshly grated nutmeg in lieu of lemon zest.
    Love that they freeze well as it is easy to double recipe and freeze half.
    Thanks, Deb.

  167. Deepi Harish

    Can I make the dough a day in advance and put the dough in the fridge to be baked the following day? Or do you recommend making the dough and baking the same day?

  168. Julian

    These are perfect and take little time. I used honeyberries insread of blueberries and full spelt flour one time, and now its my way to go. Thank you for the recipe!

  169. kt

    I’ve made these as written and they were delicious. This time I didn’t have quite enough whole wheat and made up the difference with some buckwheat flour (maybe 1/4 cup). It was earthy with pops of sweetness from the berries and delicious in a whole different way. Highly recommend!

  170. Gina

    Made these this morning. Very good but more bread like than I think of scones being. I had to use just all purpose flour so maybe that’s why? Other than that, very easy quick.

  171. I made them! The dough did not set and I fell into despair but after adding a bit more milk (maybe 30 ml) I managed to form it in a ball.
    They look like the pictures and are very pleasant, not overly sweet. You can feel the distinct flavour of wholewheat flour but I wouldn’t change it. It is different and very nice. We ate 3/4 of the entire batch in one evening (two people).

  172. Juhi

    these were so so good, we all loved them. I used up all cream instead of milk (cuz that’s what I had), and added “2 Tbl of granulated sugar and used heaping Tbl of brown sugar” as per one commenter’s suggestion, and it was perfect sweetness for us!

  173. I replaced the whole wheat flour with all purpose. These were alright, not as good as the cinnamon sugar scones Deb recently made.

    These weren’t sweet enough for me, will definitely need jam.

  174. Emma

    I made these with white sugar, clementine zest, and almond milk because that’s what I had on hand and they are PERFECT! Not too sweet and very tender. So happy!

  175. Pierre

    Just need to say that these have SAVED me in quarantine (as have most of your recipes). I use frozen blueberries straight from the freezer in the recipe and it turns out great. Entire family descends upon them out of the oven and they are gone in minutes.

  176. Emily

    These turned out great! It was my first time making scones, and I followed the directions pretty much exactly other than using white whole wheat flour instead of regular. Next time I make these, I would perhaps add a bit more salt and sugar.

  177. Megan Kennedy

    Just made these and the egg wash turned out notably off-putting yellow. We’ll still eat them at home but I’ll be trying something new to bring to a friend’s. What could have gone wrong??

  178. pma

    Just made this with red plum and about 2T finely chopped candied ginger instead of the blueberries and zest. Next time, I’ll reduce the plum to maybe 3/4 of a cup, 1 whole cup made the dough pretty sticky and a little hard to work with, but delicious nonetheless. These were very fast and easy to whip up!

  179. Tania

    This was my first time making scones (for some reason I’ve always been a little intimidated!) I used fresh raspberries and a half n half wash bc I was out of eggs. Heaven! This is a great and very adaptable recipe. Thanks for guiding me into the world of scones :)

  180. Tracey Culver

    These scones are luscious, but your article in the NYT was better. I read a few comments, the first being from FNL in Philly, and was astounded at how the entire point of your letter was missed/misconstrued. How infuriating – luckily comments are closed so I couldn’t respond inappropriately😈

    I could find no other place where I could congratulate you on that very articulate, well-thought-out letter. Thank you for that, and for these scones!

  181. I was blown away with the quality of your writing in the NYT article, Deb. Wow. And did not realize (until now) that you are pregnant with a third child. No wonder you are stressed to the max. Knew you were a good writer, but didn’t realize you are a great one. Who knows where that could lead?? I am in Canada so things are not quite the same. Wish all the groovy Americans could move north and join us in our ‘socialist’ society with universal health care and a much better looking ‘leader’.

  182. Darlynne

    These are perfect scones and I’ve made them hundreds of times (no exaggeration). The originals are outstanding and I’ve also made a cinnamon raisin variety (my husband’s favorite) as well as sharp cherry/dark chocolate, with oatmeal thrown in for good measure. I have to make them in double batches, we eat them that quickly. Anyway, just wanted to say “thank you” and stay safe.

  183. Arielle

    Hi! I don’t have whole wheat flour; only white all purpose. Is that ok? How will the chemistry of them change??!

  184. Trayte Peters

    Followed recipe exactly using turbindo sugar and they came out perfectly at 15 minutes! Two suggestions for previous posts: be sure your butter is right out of the fridge cold and use the egg wash/sugar topping. Work the flour into the cold butter in with your fingers making curls of floured butter and tossing them into the extra flour. I learned this from my friend and chef Lisa Donovan (reference Food and Wine article February 2020) Do it quickly with as little contact as possible. I think this will help any butter seeping out. Using the egg wash and sugar helps create that browning we look for to tell if they are done, Without that you may end up over baking. Thank you for another easy and perfect recipe, Deb!

  185. Riane

    I made these exactly following the recipe, but they came out SUPER unsweet tasting – is that the way they are supposed to taste? It’s my understanding that American’s have changed the scone to be cakey and very sweet compared to the UK versions. When I was in Scotland they were in the middle for sweetness!

  186. Cheryl

    Can we just use AP and not a blend of flours? I don’t have WW, but I’ve got plenty of AP and loads of fresh berries waiting to become something amazing!

  187. Lauren

    OK, these were awesome. Thinking ahead, can I use frozen blueberries to make a batch of these in, say, January? Or am I better off making bigger batches now when blueberries are in season and freezing portions as outlined?

  188. Cindy

    Like others, after 30 minutes these were uncooked in the middle. I went 5 more minutes and just took them out.

    They didn’t look or taste like any scone I’ve had. My guess is it was the wheat flour because that was the predominant flavor. I’m going to try again with another recipe and no wheat flour.

  189. Claudia Schaefer

    How many calories per blueberry scone? Also grams of sugar & fat?
    Would be helpful to have nutritional info for your recipes — thank you!

    1. deb

      I don’t include calorie counts because there are too many variables in my recipes (serving sizes, ingredient choices, etc.) but I use this recipe analysis tool when I want to check information. It’s far more useful than any list I could add at the end of a recipe because it allows you to cut and paste whole recipes, removing or adding any ingredients you’d like and adjusting serving sizes to what you’ll eat or make.


    Just Wondering if you think it’s OK to use buttermilk in this recipe? I’ve done this recipe several times with success and it’s delicious using the whole milk.

  191. Jeff

    Hey Deb,
    You call for fresh blueberries. Any compensations that your recommend if using frozen blueberries in the recipe. I assume thawed but they definitely seem “wetter” than fresh blueberries in this form.
    Much thanks!

  192. Jeffrey

    Made this as surprise breakfast for kiddo who just got braces (soft foods!) and for the last day of pandemic 3rd grade. First time making scones. Added a diced peach in addition to the blueberry and substituted a bit of rye flour mixed into AP flour because we had no whole wheat four in the house. Came out even better than the photos here. I can see that scones probably won’t stay perfect texture as long as muffins, so I will take one for the team and finish them before school pickup. This recipe goes right into the regular rotation—a “Wow!” crowd pleaser.

  193. Maya

    My husband loves these the best. Thanks to you he thinks I’m a good cook and baker. If he can’t stuff these all in his mouth on the first day, and I don’t want to freeze them, how would you store them? Fridge? Covered on the counter? I’d hate to lose the crusty crunch.

  194. Jenna Naomi

    I found this recipe looking for a scone recipe for my abundance of fresh blackberries! Here are the modifications I made:
    – a generous cup blackberries in place of blueberries
    – Upped to 4 tbsp. sugar in the dough: 2 tbsp. brown sugar; 2 tbsp. raw sugar
    – Added 1/2 teaspoon lemon extract with the wet ingredients
    -1/3 cup whole milk; 1/3 cup creme fraiche
    – 1-2 tbsp. finely chopped walnuts
    Baked about 23 minutes on 200 C. They came out a deep purple color with pronounced lemon and blackberry flavors. Still not super sweet, perfect for breakfast! Delicious. Even with the creme fraiche the dough was very wet, so I didn’t bother making nice wedges, but my square scones taste great!

    1. Tracey Culver

      Directions say to cut it into 8 to 10 wedges, so go with 10. If you think people will eat more than one wedge, then make double the recipe. That way you’ll have 20 wedges, and you can freeze any left overs.

  195. Lexine

    Just wanted to say thank you for this recipe – I have an adapted half batch proportion basically memorized and bake it all the time, mostly plain without the blueberries or lemon zest, to serve with jam as a quick but special feeling Sunday breakfast. 1 cup flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp baking powder, 3 tbsp butter, 1/3 cup milk. Makes six little scones, which is just enough for the two of us to enjoy at breakfast and then to have one later at tea time. I usually do a milk wash instead of egg wash since my thrifty nature cringes at using a whole egg just to brush on top, but the base proportions are all thanks to you.

  196. Maggie

    These were very muffin-like and fluffy. I was hoping for a proper dense/dry scone, so I was quite disappointed. They tasted fine, not incredible, like a pretty average muffin. I will look for a different recipe next time, probably from a british source. Maybe here in Canada we have more british-style scones and in the US you have a more muffin-like product.