strawberry cornmeal griddle cakes

Somewhere it is written, or it is now, that if your mom is a gazillion (cough, 35 weeks and 4 days, not that anyone is counting) weeks pregnant and she is the one that under ideal circumstances provides you with dinner, sooner or later that dinner is going to be breakfast pancakes with a side of bacon. You probably won’t mind.

what you'll need
roughly chopped strawberries

It might be because she’d spent the first half of her week in Jury Duty, something she believes in so strongly in an abstract sense but, like most people, was resentful of as she spent two days sitting in a windowless room, watching her cankles swell (some recliners would be great, New York Supreme Court, kthx!), reaching a boredom level that can only be described as: well, she’s finally tackled Knausgaard. Maybe it’s because we had a little too much at our impromptu 15-pounds o’ ribs fest on the patio last weekend, and it hadn’t occurred to her to cook since. Or maybe it’s because it’s her birthday and while she had great plans for a towering strawberry shortcake stack, it turned out her energy level was more in line with a not-so-towering strawberry pancake stack.

wet into dry

Regardless, I love these pancakes, and not just because my first attempt at them last week was such a dull flop. I remain amazed even after all of these years of cooking by the way that the smallest tweaks (buttermilk instead of milk, an extra egg, more cornmeal and a little baking soda) can turn a limp, flavorless pancake into a perfect one, worthy of inclusion in your Repeat Forever file: crispy edges, plush, ungritty center, just-tangy-enough bits of strawberry and the ability to stay moist even when left “warming” in the oven way too long because sometimes you take a 5-minute sit break and you wake up 20 minutes later. Ahem.

a sizzle
to keep warm

I realize that I might be in what is known as the final stretch, but as is predictable of those of us in the third trimester species, I’m still brimming with ideas and plans, such as the area of our apartment I decided to redecorate… yesterday. I’ve got so many things I want to make with miso, with burrata, with zucchini, plums, cheesecake, ice cream, slushies and set out at patio parties this summer, plus a list of things I’m eager to stock the freezer with and share in the months that come. And while we’re totally prepared to redirect our attention upon the arrival of the Great Adorable Disruption, this is a fun time and, if I may be so dorky, I’m glad you’re here to enjoy it with us.

strawberry cornmeal griddle cakes

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Strawberry Cornmeal Griddle Cakes

These are a perfect way to use those overripe too fast strawberries from the market that I secretly love most of all for cooking, as they’re insanely sweet and practically collapsed even before they hit the oven. Or, in a few weeks, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, because summer is such a showoff.

Yield: 14 3-inch pancakes

3/4 cup (95 grams) all-purpose flour
3/4 cup (105 grams) yellow cornmeal
2 tablespoons (25 grams) granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon fine sea or table salt
3 tablespoons (45 grams) unsalted butter, plus more for buttering skillet
1 cup (235 ml) buttermilk, well-shaken, or 2/3 cup plain yogurt thinned with 1/3 cup milk
2 large eggs
1 cup (about 140 grams or 5 ounces) roughly chopped strawberries

In a large bowl, combine flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt with a whisk. Melt 3 tablespoons butter in the bottom of a medium bowl, then whisk in buttermilk, followed by the eggs, one at a time. Stir in strawberries. Pour strawberry-buttermilk mixture into dry ingredients and stir until just combined.

In a large skillet (cast-iron is my favorite for pancakes), melt butter over medium/medium-low heat. Pour a scant 1/4 cup batter into skillet for each pancake. Cook until bottoms are golden and bubbles appear all over top, about 1 to 2 minutes. Flip pancakes and cook until second side is golden, another minute. If batter slipped out the sides of the pancake when you first flipped it, return it to the first side for another 30 seconds to ensure the leaked batter cooks. Repeat with remaining batter, adding more butter as needed. If pan gets too hot — the butter turns brown as soon as it melts, the pancakes are done on the outside before the inside — reduce the heat to low.

If you’re not going to eat these right away, you can spread them on a baking sheet and keep them warm until needed in a 200 degree oven.

Serve with fixings of your choice, be it a pat of butter, powdered sugar, syrup and/or additional fresh strawberries.

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250 comments on strawberry cornmeal griddle cakes

  1. You rock my world! I thought Cracker Barrel had it going on. Way beyond. Going to pick strawberries with my 2 girls, 3 and 5 and can’t wait for me, okay, wink wink wife to make these. Or maybe even I’ll ask my mom!! Sending lots of high five’s your way.

  2. Wow, these look incredible! I just made some chocolate coconut pancakes this morning, but these make me want to get back in the kitchen, reheat my griddle, and have breakfast again! I can’t wait to make this recipe with the amazing, fresh strawberries that will arrive here in WI in about a week.

  3. Liz

    What type of cornmeal (coarse vs. fine) would you recommend here? They look wonderful! Best wishes for the last few weeks of pregnancy!

  4. Agatha

    We are tracking together in pregnancy – 35 wgA +4 and wicked pancake cravings. Congrats! Could you share the recipes you are planning to freeze in prep for baby? Cheers!

  5. JessB

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This pregnancy has gone quickly! Maybe because I’m not the one swollen, peeing every 15 minutes, and wishing it were over but wanting the baby to cook as long as possible for the best health….

  6. Kelly

    I feel your pain… I was on jury duty at 38 weeks. NOT FUN. I might have been a little angry at being chosen even though I warned *everyone* that we would be taking FREQUENT potty breaks throughout the entire trial. You think I’d be over it by now (my son is going to be 8 soon). LOL…

    On to pancake bliss!

  7. Susan Maroni

    Happy Birthday! And happy 9th month of pregnancy. Pancakes sound amazing. Have been following you forever, but this is my first comment. Thanks for years of deliciousness.

  8. Your dreams of burrata and miso reminds me of a sandwich at a beer place called Earl’s on the UES. Miso mayo, fresh mozzarella, and chips on an English muffin. Of course, I’ve never had the chance to actually enjoy it – I read about it in a New Yorker review in an MD office a few years back. Let’s just say the flavor profiles sang to me. I’ve fiddled around with it, but haven’t yet nailed it down. Doubtful we’ll make it there anytime soon. Not with a toddler and a newborn (!), anyways.

  9. Liz

    You are experiencing the upside of an age gap, you will not have 2 small ones at the same time so cooking can continue without so much disruption, all the better for us.

  10. Elizabeth

    these look incredible!! love strawberries, will try them with blueberries as well.think this question was already asked…cornmeal fine or coarse?

  11. Emily

    perfect perfect PERFECT timing. I once again have strawberries that are going to go bad QUICKLY, and since I don’t plan on leaving the house tomorrow (39 weeks pregnant, plus a high of 95?? NO THANK YOU.), this sounds like the perfect solution.

  12. Abby K

    Thank you – I was finding it hard not to lick my screen with the prior saltine crack ice cream sandwiches. Now these smell so good!

  13. Charissa

    These sound delicious! Any suggestions for other fruits to try with this recipe? Would frozen fruit work? I’m currently in the southern hemisphere so it is ‘winter’ time so strawberries are not the best/ harder to come by…

  14. Recently I made very similar latkes with strawberries. They are delicate and delicious. I posted on my blog “Cooking with Yiddishe mama”. I love latkes and try to collect as many as possible recipes.

  15. These griddle cakes look like the perfect summertime breakfast/dinner/birthday celebration – and what gorgeous strawberries! I’m pretty much obsessed with using cornmeal in pancakes, desserts, etc, so I’m very excited to try out your recipe. Happy (belated?) birthday!!

  16. Megan

    Sorry to do this on your birthday (happy happy, Mama!), but the second para. of the instructions: “In a large skillet…In a medium bowl, melt….”? Making these on Monday!

  17. janna

    Happy Birthday! And these look amazing! I love cornmeal with berries – these would be great with blueberries, too, I think. Also- you know we are all looking forward to your Great Adorable Disruption, too!

  18. Omar

    Strawberries have been especially good this year. Even the ones *gasp* grown clear across the country in California. I love local but, have made an exemption this year due to quality and price.

  19. Elisa

    It takes something really special for me to consider straying from my favorite recipe, your Edna Mae’s Sour Cream pancakes (which I make with greek yogurt to make them high(ish) protein). So I’m excited to try these this weekend! Just a question: When I make cornbread, I usually toast the cornmeal first to give it that little something extra. Did you try any versions of this with toasted cornmeal, and if so, did it make any difference?

  20. Kalisa

    As they say in Adventure Time…

    Makin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes,
    Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake!
    Bacon pancakes, that’s what it’s gonna make,
    Bacon pancaaaaaaaaakes~!

    Looks great! I agree that buttermilk is the way to go when it comes to pancakes, and strawberries make it even better! I will try these for our Sunday breakfast!

  21. Jo

    Another wonderful post, I do love your writing sometimes more than the wonderful posts. I made a version of these last week for dinner and husband wasn’t sure but served with some blueberry syrup (pioneer woman recipe) they were great. Highly recommend Bobs Red Mill corn meal the right texture. But this recipe is perfect for the two of us and the addition of strawberries is perfect.
    I too hope you have a little girl, they are a terror in their tween years (my poor mother I cannot apologize enough for snippiness and attitude). What a joy they are too, and the cute clothes! Take care of yourself. Thank you for always bringing a smile to my day.

  22. Susan

    I am sitting here with a recipe for hush puppies (that I hand-wrote out from the internet) that is one egg less than your featured recipe uses. I have been staring at it for a couple of days now trying to figure out how to tweak it to make a summer-sweet snack. Now you’ve got me wondering if I could coat strawberry wedges with the batter and deep fry them for a strawberry centered treat. I love the use of cornmeal in quick breads, it adds great body and some natural sweetness from the corn. Definitely going to make these pancakes, too. Their probably a great to use as shortcakes for berries, as well.

  23. Lori

    Lucky for you (all of us, really) that they changed jury duty in NYS from two weeks to two days. Now that is what I call progress!

  24. JMS

    Made these on a whim when I saw the recipe this morning because they looked so good, and they are! Had to halve the recipe due to only having one egg, and also added a splash of vanilla. I definitely look forward to making these again. Thanks yet again for another fantastic recipe! And good luck in the home stretch!!

  25. Susan

    ….one more thing. I agree with #40,Elisa, about toasting the cornmeal, it really does bring up the flavor. I do it whenever I use cornmeal in anything, now. I just toast in a 300 oven until I can smell it and just as it’s beginning to show some color. It really does takes cornbread and corn muffins to another level.

  26. Congratulations! You are awesome! I read everything you write and I save all of your recipes. I wish we were friends so I could sample everything you make but I am satisfied just reading and exploring making this yummy food on my own! I wish you all the best!!

  27. Kimberly L.

    I tried making something exactly like this a few years ago and it sucked balls! It just sounds like such a great flavor combo though. Thanks for posting your successful recipe!

  28. Ann

    36 weeks pregnant here, and these pancakes may have to happen this weekend. My two year old daughter will be thrilled, as she loves strawbees (as she calls them).

  29. CeeJohanna

    Happy Birthday! That’s all. Except, here’s to the next stage of your life. May it continue to entertain, amaze, and feed the rest of us.

  30. Mimi (another one :)

    Happy Birthday to you, and pleeeease keep posting even in week 40!
    I found your website a few days ago and I’m already a big fan. Looking forward to devouring your cookbook soon…

  31. deb

    First, thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a kind of interesting couscous salad at lunch, which I might try to recreate here soon, and ice cream with a lot of fudge sauce on top. So far, not a bad day. :)

    Heidi — I haven’t worked with it before, but I’d probably start by either halving or removing the baking powder and baking soda altogether.

    Bellsieshell — Variable, but I liked using a fine/medium grind here, i.e. not total powder but no really noticeable grit after cooking.

    Lori — You are right! I was fully expecting to be there 3 days. Btw, I last had it 6.5 years ago and it was 3 days and I was thrilled because I hated my job. :)

    Jo — I think I was a good teenager! (Of course, my parents aren’t here to argue otherwise.) But I was a terrible baby, uncoincidentally, the last in my family. :)

    Elisa — I didn’t, but I’m with Susan in that I think it would be delicious.

    Megan — Sorry, not sure what happened there, but now fixed.

    Liz — Yay. That’s kind of secretly my hope, I mean, not only for this site but also life in general.

    Kimberly — I haven’t made a thing yet! Oof, I was such an angel about things last time. Now I need to make sure there are some freezer meals for the older kid and… I’ll keep you guys posted. One can never go wrong with one-bowl brownies.

    Serious question: Any L&D nurses out there? Do you get overwhelmed with junk food from well-meaning labor-ers? Is it the kind of thing where you’d actually kill for some fresh fruit, cheese, healthy snacks, etc? Just checking.

    Agatha — I definitely will… if I ever get to them.

  32. Can’t wait to try these- my 3 yr old is on a pancake kick and while I love the plain old buttermilk variety, I need something to excite me in the pancake arena.

    Oh, and I’m not an L&D nurse, so not an expert, but you should totally make them blue sky bran muffins. They’re healthy (ish) but so freakin’ delicious and amazing. AND they freeze soooo well, so you can make them ahead of time. Boom. ;)

  33. Mel

    Happy Birthday Deb!!! This recipe looks delicious, as do all of your recipes!! I am a terrible cook but I have yet to find a recipe of yours that I can’t make successfully!! So wonderful! Thanks :) (and good luck with the Adorable one on the way) :)

  34. Laurie

    Happy Birthday, Deb! May you a few more uneventful weeks before the big event. (I’m about to become an empty nester. Sniff.)

  35. JP

    One year older and wiser too…happy birthday to you! A garnish of whipped cream and those last ripe strawberries and I would forget strawberry shortcake all together! Thanks, who doesn’t like pancakes?

  36. Joan

    Happy birthday Deb! I am a retired L&D nurse and Nurse- Midwife, and yes, while junk is great once in a while, fresh fruit, Lara or Kind bars, nuts are great snacks while on the job. Chocolate is always a hit!

  37. Faye

    I’ve just entered third trimester, and I need to tell you that I’ve made everything you’ve posted since the “I Want Chocolate Cake Cake” (along with that heaven sent broccoli slaw and your lime yogurt cake). It’s like you’ve been presenting me with what I want to eat even before I know I want to eat it! And now with these griddle cakes?? You’re the best food sherpa I could ever ask for to guide me through this crazy (waddling) path. Thanks for sharing every craving and nap story!

  38. Happy Birthday, and happy Strawberry birthday dessert/ supper/ breakfast ! I have a June birthday too , and have always reveled in the berries! Re: Jury Duty, I served on a jury quite a while ago , (early pregnant) and the spectacular , adorable young prosecutor turned out to be Sonya Sotomayor.. And she won her case ! So pay attention everyone, you never know!

  39. Heidi J

    Ok. I just made these (it was a breakfast for dinner sort of day) using the self rising cornmeal that I had on hand. I left out all the baking powder and only used half of the called for baking soda. They were very good, but next time I think I’ll use either all the baking soda or add half of the baking powder too. Mine weren’t as thick as yours.

  40. Lila Dressler

    Hey Deb, I hope you’re having a wondeful birthday! Thanks for getting me set up once again with your Blog.

  41. Happy Birthday! I am super impressed that you made pancakes from scratch at 35 weeks pregnant! I would be totally using a mix or frozen at that point. Great recipe!

  42. Sara Ann

    The child who first made me a mother has decided to make life difficult for me by becoming lactose intolerant. Any tips on how to make these non-dairy?

  43. Meghan

    Oh my. Made these tonight for dinner (also 35 weeks preggo here) as we had perfectly timed overripe strawberries from the farmers market. DELICIOUS. I substituted whole wheat flour for regular and they didn’t suffer in the slightest. Saving this recipe for sure! Love the yogurt/milk option.

  44. James McNulty

    Sounded great and was hungry.
    No buttermilk so used a tsp Buttermilk Powder and juice from a half tiny key lime.
    Doubled up the strawberries.
    As per Bobby Flay when making cornmeal cakes of any kind, allow batter to sit at least 10 minutes to allow the cornmeal to hydrate.
    1/2 recipe made 6 average 4 -5 inch pancakes since I doubled up the berries.
    Light and fluffy and yummy!
    Thanks for your post.

  45. Liz

    Fellow Gemini, Happy Birthday.
    Enjoy the rest of your third trimester, and any twenty minute naps you can catch.
    I truly enjoy your recipes, everything from your indulgent yet simple blondie recipe to your opinionated (and completely correct) potato salad recipe.
    These pancakes will be a hit for both my six year old son and my nine month old daughter. Thanks!

  46. Geri

    Sending Happy Birthday greetings to the best food writer on the planet. If my printer could talk it would say.” I know…. Smitten Kitchen “.:) The strawberry pancakes will be great for a special Father’s day brunch. Can’t wait. Take good care of yourself Deb. Thanks for sharing your son’s photos too He is such a handsome young man and growing up so fast. :)

  47. Elaine

    Deb, happy birthday, and thanks for staying with us through these last weeks. Wishing you elevated ankles and low humidity. These pancakes look amazing! One pressing question about last week’s ribs fest–PATIO?

  48. Deborah HH

    Oh boy. Looking forward to trying strawberry pancakes. I’m thinking lemon curd on top would be good. Bless you Deb.

  49. Sheri

    Deb, this is my first try with a recipe of yours, and I am so impressed! Just made these for breakfast, followed the recipe to a T, and they are PERFECT! I’m a new fan, and look forward to discovering more of your magic.

  50. Kim

    When I was pregnant (ahem, some 27 years ago), I craved cornmeal pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup (with big chunks of strawberries in the syrup). I never thought to put the strawberries IN the pancakes. Yum!

  51. Kimberly

    L&D nurse for 30 years….we LOVE anything!!!! Wish I could be your nurse…..say no to drugs….EXCEPT when in labor!! You are a doll…can we see a pregnant pic?

  52. Alison Weiss

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the great recipes. My family enjoys your inventive ideas. Wishing you an easy rest of your pregnancy and a safe delivery. You know we will want lots of pictures!

  53. JessB

    I’m not a nurse but I’m sure they are grateful for anything…HOWEVER, if I was your nurse and realized/found out who you were and got fruit/cheese instead of one of your amazing recipes, I’d be crushed/pissed! LOL

  54. Happy birthday! it’s amazing that you’re cooking for anyone at this point, so an extra thank you for this blog. Your recent recipes with their emphasis on quick and easy are much appreciated by those of us who aren’t pregnant, and who have no excuse—-except we want food NOW and don’t feel like taking much time to make it! Thank you!

  55. Maggie

    I can’t speak for nurses, but I can tell you as a former teacher that sweets, even amazing homemade delectables, get old quickly. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so when my desk looked like something a Pinterest cookie board coughed up, I would secretly wish for some end-of-the-year potato chips or a Christmas cheese plate.

    The pancakes look awesome, but we have severe strawberry allergies, so when blackberries come in, it’s ON (technically, blackberries could “come in” on my next visit to the freezer section, right?)!

    Here’s wishing you low humidity, comfortable shoes, and clean bathrooms everywhere you go!

  56. Lisa

    Just an anecdote: My second kid came 11 days early (after the first one was 9 days late) so be prepared. These look yummy by the way.

  57. Jane M

    Jury Duty – and you are soooo preggars? I would have told the front desk I’m not feeling so hotsy totsy so that I could do home! AND MAKE THESE PANCAKES AND WHATEVER ELSE GOT MY FANCY! Be well!

  58. I made these for lunch today, and they were great! I used King Arthur’s whole wheat flower in place of regular flour and added a little less than a tablespoon of water (per the KA help chat info I got last week – 1 tbsp water for 1 cup whole wheat flour when replacing), and they turned out great! Nice, sweet flavor from the strawberries that is a bit subtle but still quite detectable.
    Word to the wise – this batter spreads out pretty far compared to some batters I’ve used recently, but the cakes are still nice an fluffy.

  59. Pam H

    Would it be okay to substitute red cornmeal here for the yellow? These look delicious, but I got some red cornmeal in my pantry from our CSA. Thanks for all the amazing cooking ideas!

  60. Stephanie

    I made these for dinner tonight and served with fried chicken (because I was feeling decadent). Oh my gosh, SO GOOD. I ate 4, no joke. Now I’m going to bask in my roly poly feeling…and I’m not pregnant, lol!

  61. Kirsten N.

    Deb, I made these tonight for dinner. They turned out perfectly – I didn’t even have the token first “ugly pancake”.
    Thank you for all of the effort that goes into your recipe development. It shows, as everything I’ve made from your site turns out amazing.

  62. Diane

    Happy Birthday Deb! I want to make these pancakes but gluten free. Any tips? Afraid all cornmeal will make them too gritty – any suggestions? Thanks!

  63. Wendy

    Yay to hear you had a lovely b-day – the choc sauce pic looks amazing! I’m 38 weeks prego and I think this may be a lunch next week for me and my toddler – even tho it’s winter time here in Australia there still seem to be strawbs in the markets – hurray!

  64. Rachel

    I made these last night. They were well received (my husband thought they “sounded weird” based on the ingredients, but ended up loving them!). Unique and tasty. Mine spread a bit so that they were not as thick/fluffy as yours, but still delicious!

  65. Julie

    Happy belated birthday!! These look AMAZING! I recruited my boyfriend into making them this weekend :) He’s the resident pancake maker.. Mine never turn out fluffy! You really can’t go wrong with cornmeal and strawberries!!

  66. Masa

    I’m 25 weeks pregnant and still able to get around well enough so we took advantage of that and picked 10 pounds of strawberries this morning. Half of it goes towards strawberry vanilla jam, some for a double batch of strawberry ice cream, and we’ll be trying out your recipe for breakfast tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  67. Lyra

    Happy (late) birthday, Deb! Thank you for another year of drool-worthy posts and good luck on the final stretch.

    As for the recipe, just rolled out of bed and made these with cherries (Washington’s cherry season’s out in full force already), and used some sour cream thinned with milk instead of buttermilk or yogurt (we had some in the house that needed getting rid of), and they are phenomenal. Barely sweet batter, tart cherries, and a drizzle of maple syrup, and I’m all ready to start a day of packing and moving. Thanks for another great one, Deb. This is a keeper.

  68. Hi Deb,

    I’ve been following you for over five years and have loved many of your recipes, your book, and your writing style. I especially love following Jacob as he grows and matures now that my beloved grandchildren are all grown up. I look forward to meeting the new arrival and wish you the very best as you welcome your wee one into the world.

    One problem ‘tho. I lately can’t seem to find your other albums on your site. Have you taken them of??? Surely hope not as it’s been great sharing aspects of your lovely life and getting to know you in other ways than through your amazing cooking talents.

  69. Runrooster

    Deb has a repeat forever file? What I learned from this post is not to overcrowd my pan, because my skillet would totally have had 2 more pancakes in it, or maybe even 4. So what if they meld a little bit at the edges and get a little funny shaped? I bought a bag of masa when iI had high hopes of learning to make pupusas. One failed attempt later, I’d updated the plan to make cornmeal crepes since those are so much more forgiving. But now that blueberry season is upon us, pancakes are de rigeur.

  70. Trushna

    I have 2 boxes of strawberries in my fridge that may become a science project if I don’t rescue them soon, so these are on the agenda for tomorrow morning. You really do seem to have an insight into our kitchens and fridges!

    Oh, and belated wishes for a very happy birthday!! We share the same week! Not sure if it’s the same day (June 10) but if so, eeeeek!! I feel like I just discovered that Julia Roberts is my neighbor. Hope you had a fantastic day, and best wishes for the arrival of the little bun!

  71. Helen

    Thanks, Deb, for making me want to actually make pancakes from scratch. For years I’ve been using No-name Old Fashioned Pancake Mix, because it is non-dairy, adding Krestchmer toasted wheat germ, a shake of cinnamon, a little brown sugar and subsituting original (or vanilla) soy milk for cows milk. Btw, for a gluten-free version, chick pea flour might work. It is the texture of cake flour, and so far, I have used it sucessfully in oatmeal cookies instead of wheat flour. Combined with corn meal, it just might be heavy enough for pancakes.

  72. Armen

    Holy cow these sound good! I will make these this morning for my hubby and recently moved in with us (yeah!) dad. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your soon-to-be-here ray of sunshine. Oh, and by the by, your blog is my go-to, favorite site of all the gazillion out there. Keep writing and cooking and eating!

    1. Moonvirgo

      That was the sub I was looking for – full steam ahead here with last of the season peaches in these great sounding pancakes.

  73. Laurie

    Made this morning with my close to finished market strawberries. They were fantastic. Thanks so much and good luck with the next few weeks.

  74. Zoe

    Had to substitute seltzer water for the milk, and I didn’t mess these up! Horray! Deb, as always, you are my g-d HERO. Plus, Happy B Day!

  75. laura

    31 weeks pregnant here. :) We got back late last night from a basically off-the-grid “vacation” – I woke up this morning to look at my feed reader for the first time in a week and here were these beauties to greet me. The perfect way to feel better about the MASSIVE mountain of washing and unpacking I have to do today.
    I did modify them (because it’s a compulsion for me and also because I didn’t have fresh strawberries and we have lactose issues where butter is tolerated but milk and buttermilk aren’t?). Mine turned into lemon-scented griddle cakes (with lemon juice and zest and rice milk in place of the buttermilk) with homemade strawberry syrup (frozen strawberries + sugar, cook, mash, done). So. Amazing. I had to triple the recipe to feed my family of five and really if we’re being honest, I should have made more…they were a hit. So – dairy free people – rice milk and lemon worked amazingly well here and while I did use butter – I’m guessing a vegan substitute like earth balance would be passable, though not as yummy.

  76. Sadie Park

    Happy birthday Deb!
    I can’t remember, have you announced the sex yet? And those pancakes look amazing. Although, I’m sure glad I got shortcake for my birthday:)

  77. nanda garber

    i also made it with cherries because that’s what i had and they were delicious! sadly, my 4 and 6-year-old didn’t like them, but ah well, more for us! They seem to not be fans of cornmeal, foolish as that is.

  78. Rachel J

    Thanks for giving us a present for your birthday, Deb! I made us a half recipe for breakfast this morning and ate them with raspberry jam and more strawberries. They were lovely!

  79. Anna

    Thank you very much!!! But there was another salad termed Israeli Salad and with it there was an actual recipe for the chips. That one is missing. The one you sent a link to says ‘Bake alongside chickpeas for 10 to 15 minutes, tossing occasionally to ensure that they toast evenly.’ and the chickpeas are baked at 375. I am pretty sure the other recipe I was looking for was not at 375. That’s too high. I just did bagel chips at 350 and that was too high. This is why I went to look for the pita chips. I thought I could use the same temp for bagel chips. Anyway just rambling. Hopefully Deb will reply.

  80. Susan

    This is a recipe that you can’t mess up, since I made it with Splenda, whole wheat pastry flour (instead of the all-purpose) and put in a couple of tablespoons of canola oil instead of 3 T of butter. Would the original recipe have been better? Maybe, but these were fantastic. I think you neglected to say that each bite tasted like a little shot of strawberry jam. Thanks so much!

  81. marianna

    It would be fantastic if you could add an image to the Print section of your recipes. That way when we print them we have a visual.

  82. SO, I had to come back after making these and leave a RAVING review. These are seriously the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. The crispy edges and melty jammy berries(I used raspberries) were killer but I’m totally keeping this on file for any future fruit past its prime. I had a few pancakes leftover(feeding just 2 over here) and I threw them in the toaster to crisp them back up then slathered them with jam. MFriggin’ good! I plan on doing blueberry with a bit of lemon zest for a change next weekend. Thanks again for the killer recipe!

  83. Anita

    We made these for breakfast yesterday and they were exzellent! Will certainly make these again. We had syrup, plain yogurt and fresh strawberries with the pancakes. I have never commented before, but love this blog and your cookbook, too. You have such a great sense of humour. All the best to you and happy belated Birthday!

  84. The BEST! Made them yesterday with strawberries from our garden and freshly ground sweet corn meal made with dried sweet corn from our last year’s harvest. Only one left for breakfast this morning. I will savor it!

  85. Hillary B

    Made these for Sunday breakfast and they were delicious. I halved the recipe for two people, but wish I had made the entire batch to save some for today. Will make again.

  86. deb

    marianna — Believe it or not, I used to have the image in the print template and people complained it was draining toner, pages. What I’d love in the future is to give people a “Print With Photo” or “Print Without Photo” option to choose. Not sure if it’s doable yet…

    Sadie — No, we’re not finding out the sex. (We didn’t with Jacob either!)

    Laura — It could easily have been the extra water that caused them to spread more.

    Israeli salad — Is this link not working? Regardless, it’s due for an update as soon as better tomatoes arrive, very very soon. And it needs a less politically charged name as the salad has been made by whole host of cultures for a very long time… eesh.

    Pam — I haven’t worked with red cornmeal before, but at least from briefly Googling it, it doesn’t sound like something that wouldn’t work here. It would be pretty, too, I’d think.

    Diane — I’d use any gluten-free flour mix you like for baking in place of the all-purpose flour. I know a lot of people have had good outcomes with the Cup4Cup brand, but there are many others out there.

    Lynne — Thank you. I’m not sure which albums are missing; I don’t keep personal photo albums on the site. Almost all photos on this site are hosted at and when there are pictures of the kid, they’re interspersed over there. Hope that helps?

    JessB — Hilarious, and NOTED. :)

  87. sam

    I waffled them and they were delicious! I used blueberries instead of strawberries and decreased the fruit amount a little because I was worried it would be messy (it was) but I also wished I’d put in more fruit in the end. I probably added another ~1/3 cup flour as well to help it stand up to the iron.

  88. JP

    Made these for weekend breakfast and they were quite tasty…mine also were not as thick or fluffy, as Deb’s, and of course, the cooked strawberries are never very pretty. Did serve with extra sliced strawberries which I think were necessary for taste and presentation, and maple syrup (home made), but I think strawberry syrup would have even been better. I made the whole recipe even though we are just two at our home, second day pancakes are never as good, but we managed to wolf them down anyway ;). All in all, a good recipe. Cornmeal griddle cakes have been around for a very long time, but my first try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  89. Colette

    Fantastic. I changed it up a bit and added strawberry milk to the plain yogurt and did not add the fresh strawberries. I have one picky eater who loves pancakes, but not things in them. He loved these and said, “your pancakes get better and better, Mom!” High praise, Deb from this four year old. However, he turned up his nose at your recent ice cream sandwich that I also made, so not sure about him at all…

  90. Anna

    Made these for dinner last night. In case anyone else is wondering, these work great as waffles too. (My oven & stovetop are broken, so pancakes were out.) The texture is great, a perfect balance of flour and cornmeal. However, I was surprised that the flavor is a little bland. It’s possible that the waffle vs. pancake choice is to blame, but regardless I think I’ll add some lemon zest and/or vanilla extract next time. Still, a great recipe. Thanks!

  91. Megan

    Delicious! I added probably 2x the strawberries and it was fine. They were starting to go, so I cut them and used 1 Tbs sugar on them a few days beforehand, then just dumped the berries and juice in, and reduced the sugar in the batter accordingly. I was surprised my batter wasn’t more runny with all that extra liquid. My own little was disappointed there wasn’t a “cheese part” to dinner, so I may try a more savory version topped with ricotta next time.

  92. Emily

    As it turns out, these ended up being the last thing I ate before giving birth! I’d fully intended on spending all day Friday inside, sheltered from the summer heat. As it would happen, my water broke instead, and I stubbornly made these pancakes and wolfed them down as they came off the griddle. Good thing, too, as my labor lasted 28 hours! So thank you, Deb, for feeding me on that most important day!

  93. I made these for my strawberry-loving boyfriend and he liked them so much he ate them without syrup or additional berries. I can’t wait to try them with raspberries or blackberries. The only thing I would add is some additional milk or buttermilk — I found the batter a bit too thick, especially on the second day.

  94. Christine J

    I made these for dinner – yes, dinner – Friday night and loved them!! I used medium ground cornmeal and store-bought strawberries. I don’t usually like fruit in my pancakes, but these were delish!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  95. BB

    These were really good. They were light, fluffy, and tender, and the strawberries and cornmeal made for a delicious flavor and texture. I don’t normally like pancakes but these sounded a bit more exciting and I’m glad I gave them a try. A cast iron skillet worked perfectly–they cooked evenly and browned nicely.
    And in case this is helpful for anyone else, I substituted the same measure of Cup-4-Cup GF flour for the wheat flour and the pancakes came out perfectly.

  96. These look fantastic. Whenever I’ve made cornmeal pancakes they have always turned out very gritty. Did you use any tricks to make them less gritty? I’ve read recipes that have you make almost a par cooked polenta before making the pancakes, but here you just mix everything and they look great! Any tips on non-gritty pancakes? Should I be using a finer cornmeal grind?

  97. Shannon

    These might make me a pancake convert. I much prefer waffles for the texture, but as none of your recipes have failed me (or perhaps more accurately, I’ve never messed up one of your recipes), I’ll give these a go!

  98. Heidi

    i made these for breakfast on Sunday. Everyone declared these the BEST pancakes! Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

  99. Rachel

    Delicious! Converted to gluten free very nicely with Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 GF baking flour and an extra 5-10 minutes to hydrate. Thanks, Deb!

  100. SMum

    Made these for supper yesterday on the electric frying pan, but next time I hope to make them in a cast iron pan over a fire when we go camping. Delicious!

  101. Lois Evans

    Oh MY!

    I have made many pancakes over my lifetime but these art PERFECT! They taste like no other.I used to make Marion Cuningham’s Buttermilk pancakes with an exchange of cornmeal in the batter but these way outshine those!

    This recipe is a Keeper!

  102. Alyssa D.

    Made these last night subbing in GF flour and omg these are so good! Love the cornmeal in them and they are so light and fluffy. Cant wait to make them again!

  103. Beth

    Made these this morning and they were perfect. Thank you for continually providing spot-on, delicious, interesting recipes!

  104. We just got a new griddle so I needed to make pancakes! We tried this recipe with blueberries, and it was SO good…may be my new fav blueberry pancake recipe. :) Thanks for sharing!

  105. Jennifer Jo

    These were amazing! Now to convert them to muffins so I can take them to work, since pancakes on a weekday is not a possibility in my world! Thank you for another delicious recipe, Deb, and best wishes in the final stretch and on your delivery. Can’t wait to see pics of your Great Adorable Disruption! (LOVE that you don’t know what you’re having! I didn’t find out ahead of time on my two pregnancies, either. There’s nothing quite like that moment of discovery after all the hard labor!!)

  106. Lyf

    I dub you as the pancake queen so I had to make this when I saw you post it. I tried it with frozen blueberries and chia eggs instead. The pancakes exceeded my expectations. My favourite pancake recipe of yours to date. Loved the tangy flavour of them coupled with the burst of fresh fruit and the cornmeal texture.

  107. Phil

    These are my new favorite summer time pancakes. In fact, I’ll probably try them with frozen berries this winter. The instructions are clear and fool proof. I made them your way and they are wonderful. To suit my diet and my personal preference, I made two changes to the recipe after trying yours. First, I substituted a commercial stevia baking blend to reduce sugar. Second, I chopped the berries smaller, added half of the sweetener to them so they would be a bit more juicy. After refrigerating the berries an hour (or overnight is fine), the consistency of the batter may be a bit thinner, but it is not noticeable in the final product. The taste is just like your original deserves 5 stars in the pancakes category.

  108. Laura

    If anyone’s trying to make these vegan (or vegan-ish, as is my case), I successfully made the following substitutions:

    2 eggs = 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
    1 cup buttermilk = 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk with a bit of lemon juice

    They were a little difficult to flip (I’m guessing because applesauce doesn’t have the same binding ability as egg), but still turned out *delicious*.

  109. Jodi

    These were beautiful with blue cornmeal & a mix of blackberries & raspberries. Pretty blue/purple color. And totally yummy – your website keeps my family fed!

  110. Audra

    Thank you very much for this recipe! I’ve made it a few times now. It’s easy enough that I even made it one morning before work for my family. Such a wonderfully summery breakfast!

  111. Angie

    I make these a lot for breakfast on the go, and also for easy night dinners; however, tonight instead of strawberries, I made them with jersey blueberries, sweet corn, and mint. The base is so good, you really can’t go wrong!

  112. I finally got around to making these with raspberries. The verdict? Even with the freshest Farmers’ Market raspberries on the day I brought them home, the raspberry cakes required more sugar in the batter — I will probably add two tablespoons, unless I decide to sweeten the fruit itself instead with a similar amount. The original strawberry version does not require additional sugar, but raspberries are tart. Next up: mixed berry cakes with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Great recipe!

  113. Mary

    I made a half batch..just two of us..and our dogs of course. It made six pancakes. I used fine (Harina) corn meal and I subbed plain Greek yogurt and low fat milk for the buttermilk. I used fresh blueberries as my fruit. Coco it oil was my frying oil. They were excellent served with warm 100% real maple syrup. This is an easy recipe and a keeper. Would a coarser stone ground corn meal be. Better? I will use that next time. Thanks for another great recipe.

  114. Lou Ann

    Really delicious Valentine’s Day treat! I too used yogurt and non fat milk (with additional milk for thinning batter as I live in dry, high altitude climate). I also used Polenta and the extra coarseness I thought delicious. For high altitude I used scant less than 1/2 tsp for leavening ingredients and came out perfectly.

  115. NPSLC

    My husband and I aren’t huge fans of pancakes or waffles or any similar type of breakfast food, but I wanted to make something special for our Valentines Day breakfast. I used frozen blueberries (thawed and dusted with flour to prevent bleeding into the batter) and these turned out beautifully. We both LOVED these, which isn’t really a surprise because I make practically every recipe you post and it’s always a big hit. In case it’s helpful to others, I want to note that I used Bob’s Red Mill Stoneground Cornflour (it’s the only corn-meal/flour I had on hand) and the texture of the griddle cakes was great. Thanks, as always, Deb, for a wonderful recipe!

  116. Michele K.

    I made these this morning for our 4th of July breakfast! Delicious and festive. It went perfect with our Texas sized breakfast! Happy Independence Day!

  117. Heidi

    These are just delicious! I liked how the cornmeal gave them a slightly chewy texture. I made the version with yogurt + milk instead of buttermilk and it worked out well.

  118. Amy Felice

    Really delicious. I made them plain because my picky eater prefers her fruit on the side (and personally I just like how pancakes come out better without the fruit too) so just great even without fruit. Other than omitting the strawberries stuck to the recipe like glue! My favorite pancake tips are letting the skillet heat up and letting the batter sit for a while before starting and letting the skillet cool off when it gets too hot. I used canola oil to cook them instead of butter which I like a lot for high heat cooking. My kid had two which is basically a super score. (Hubby ate three!)

  119. Heidi

    I love these! The cornmeal gives the griddle cakes a great texture. The first time, I did the milk + greek yogurt option and the second time I had buttermilk. Both worked great and came out the same.

    The first time I used strawberries and today I used blueberries from my farmer’s market. Excellent either way and I bet raspberries would be good too.

  120. Jennifer

    I threw these together today since I had all the ingredients on hand (YES!)–but I used Bob’s Red Mill coarse ground cornmeal–next time I’ll make them with a finer grind! But overall I this recipe is a keeper! I love how the berries shine.

    1. zendegy

      ha. i guess this is an example of different strokes. i also used the coarse ground and we loved it! i also added some sorghum and ground flax and used raspberries with some dark chocolate chunks in some. and, instead of buttermilk, my homegrown kefir. SO good, you wouldn’t know it was good for you!
      we love you, smitten kitchen!!

  121. Morgan

    Found these a little underwhelming but it could have been because strawberries are not in season. Made sure to grind my medium grind cornmeal and that helped.

  122. Ramona

    Got frustrated with standing at the stove making pancakes so tossed it all in the hot buttered skillet cornbread style then baked for 25 mins at 375 and ate it like short bread with more strawberries and whipped cream. Success.

  123. Waffler

    Thank you, Deb! My husband was skeptical (“why are these pancakes so puffy?” – he prefers crepe-like Swedish-style pancakes and always assumes that thick pancakes will be dense & heavy and he’s often right) but agreed they were incredibly light & airy and he happily gobbled half a dozen. This recipe kicked my old cornmeal griddle cake recipe to the curb.

  124. Amy

    We went strawberry picking yesterday and used some of those delicious strawberries for this recipe. Holy smokes these are incredible! Perfectly fluffy, nicely crisp with that bit of cornmeal grit for texture and flavor.

  125. Alice K.

    Excellent! I made these with blueberries. They were great. Will make them over and over. The cornmeal flavor and slight crunch add to the deliciousness (?) of this.

    1. Katie polfer

      I made these using ripe peaches, and they were excellent! I loved the texture the cornmeal added, and the buttermilk added a bit of sour. I halved the recipe and it served two generously.

  126. I know it’s possible to keep pancakes warm in the oven until you’re ready to eat them, but how do they hold up when made ahead and then reheated in a pan in the morning?

    1. K

      Try a two-step method, maybe: microwave until they’re just room temp, then crisp them up in a hot, greased pan on the stove.

  127. JP

    I bought a bag of masa a while ago to make a tamale pie and have a lot left – can I use this instead of cornmeal? I looked online to see if it’s an ok sub but there doesn’t seem to be consensus. Anyone? Thanks!

  128. Is it possible to use this batter in a waffle iron? I’m basically working my way through every strawberry recipe on your site to showcase this summer’s glorious local berries.

  129. Nisha

    Mine didn’t come out fluffy, not sure why but I’ll try again. I skipped the sugar in the batter and we ate them with butter and honey.

  130. Merielle

    I always struggle when I put anything (like fruit) in my pancakes to cook them all the way thru without burning while waiting and feel like no matter what end up serving my family pancakes with batter in the middle. Any thoughts or tips?

  131. Kim

    I made these for the first time this spring. They turned out beautifully and we LOVED the crispiness imparted by the cornmeal. I flash froze the leftovers and found that they reheated wonderfully in the microwave. We enjoyed them so much that I used this recipe as a jumping off point for developing my own very first recipe, rhubarb pancakes. I’m happy to say it was a success!

  132. Fantastic! I’m trying to eat a bit healthier lately but woke up craving pancakes this morning. My four kids and my husband all loved them too. I used plain greek yogurt (+ protein) and thinned with plain almond milk. I substituted coconut palm sugar for the regular sugar. I can definitely work these into my healthier eating plan! Aloha

    Maui, HI

  133. Kathe

    I made this with grits instead of cornmeal, skim Siggi yogurt, and no berries. still sensational. I think the quality of eggs you use is important in this dish.

  134. Alexis

    Just wanted to add for anyone who might be wondering–I made these this morning with blue cornmeal and they were great. Only changes I made to the recipe were the blue cornmeal and no berries. Even my two year old devoured them!

  135. Sophie

    Really good, and a nice change from “regular” pancakes. I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, including strawberries that were nearing the end, and lots of time (because I’m “sheltering at home” during this health crisis). But making these weren’t time-consuming at all! The griddle cakes were fluffy, tender and delicious. I look forward to making them again with other fruit.

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  137. Denise Smith

    This recipe came at the perfect time. Strawberries to use up, yogurt to use up, breakfast to be eaten. I followed your recipe but decided to try baking it all in my cast iron skillet. I heated the skillet on the stove and melted about 4 Tbs of butter in the pan, placed all batter in the skillet and heated my oven to 350. I baked it for about 25 mins and turned the cake out onto a big plate. I served it in wedges. Tastes great! Thanks!!!

  138. Shannon

    These are amazing!! The perfect summer brunch item! The yogurt/milk replacement from buttermilk also worked great – I only had plain Greek yogurt and almond milk, so I adjusted the measurements a bit and it was perfect. Can’t wait to make these again!!

  139. Karen Ettlin

    These are outstanding! Perhaps a few extra strawberries, a bit more finely chopped…
    We had ours with warm maple syrup and some plain yogurt. Bravo – great recipe.

  140. Nicole

    These were delicious!

    Used frozen blueberries because it’s what I had on hand. Also used thinned sour cream instead of yogurt and added a splash of vanilla.

  141. Heidipie

    I had a full pound of dead-ripe strawberries. Instead of mixing them in, I sliced and sugared them and served them alongside the pancakes. Drool-worthy, better than shortcake.

  142. Leah

    I modified these to make them healthier for my toddler. Don’t be like me! They need the full amount of sugar and butter, and whole wheat flour isn’t a good fit. Let these be the slightly decadent pancakes they’re intended to be!

    1. jjjeanie

      I often use whole wheat *pastry* flour in place of AP, sometimes reducing by a few grams, and it almost always works well, as it did for this recipe. I also often decrease the sugar, and that worked (at least for me) here too. Buy hey, different strokes, right? I would, however, suggest not skimping on the butter!
      Oh, and if you don’t have buttermilk, use yogurt for 1/3 the amount called for, and regular milk for the rest. Works a charm!
      My fave pancake recipe, for whatever fruit (outrageous with peaches!) you have, or none at all. (did I hear someone say chocolate chips?)

  143. Kalisa

    My batter was so runny! I ended up throwing out the first three patches, continually adding more flour and cornmeal until I probably added more than an 1/2 cup of each.

  144. Paul Teverow

    A delicious and easy way to use leftover strawberries. Depending on your tastes, you might add 1 tsp. vanilla or maybe a tablespoon or two of balsamic or Triple Sec.

  145. Jude

    These were wonderful, worth using my precious garden strawberries on. I used whole wheat pastry flour and Bob’s medium grind cornmeal. They were very light.

  146. Angela Skretta

    Oh my gosh!! So excited for you to be expecting another child. I am a self taught cook, with the great fortune of growing up having watched my mother learn how to make many many things delicious and elegant (like you), and helping my grandmother make everything delicious and fast to serve a crowd. I own and use both of your cookbooks. Thank you for your passion and your work.

    1. deb

      My hunch is that it needs some gluten to hold it together so a partial swap (by weight) might work but not a full. If the issue is gluten, I’d recommend a gluten-free baking flour mix instead.

  147. Gillian

    Made these for breakfast today with fresh raspberries and they were great! Will definitely make again. Husband and toddler were impressed!

  148. Kristen Kemp

    I’m allergic to strawberries so planing to give these a try with blueberries. Can the cooked pancakes be frozen to have during busy weekday mornings? Thank you!

  149. Kimberly

    I made this today, but only had 1/2 c of cornmeal so subbed the rest with regular flour. They tasted amazing! Sadly my children refused to try them- oh well, more for me!

  150. Katy

    I’ve made this with soured milk and strawberries (delicious), and have just now tried a yoghurt and blueberry variation (what I had on-hand), and it was also fantastic.

  151. Jennifer

    Am I the only one having trouble pinning these recipes to pinterest? Lately the pinterest link isn’t working…used to work fine. Thanks

  152. Joanne

    I think the next time I make these, I will use fine ground cornmeal….I like the crunch in the rustic rhubarb tarts but not so much in these. Good flavor though!

  153. Averil Clarke

    I truly enjoyed making and eating these pancakes. Each time I make them, I have 2 servings even though I don’t mean to. There are just enough strawberries to make every other bite a pleasant surprise and the cornmeal gives the pancake enough body to handle all the fruit. I love them with maple syrup, but nibbling on a bite even without the syrup remains a flavorful experience.

  154. Emale

    I made these this morning after looking at them for weeks, they were tasty, and different! I was dubious if my 3 and 5 year olds would like them (they’re picky about pancakes, their favorite are cottage cheese or the sour cream pancakes from this site) but my daughter agreed they were better with the strawberries and my younger one wanted the strawberries taken out. Would make them again, but they won’t be our go to. Worth trying though! We added a bit more than a cup, I liked the extra strawberries.

  155. Sherilyn Wood

    I tried this recipe with blueberries & added 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. Forgot to add sugar but they were still delicious. Love the cornmeal texture. Served with lemon yogurt, more berries and a drizzle of maple syrup Delicious and easy !

  156. k

    Not wanting to flip pancakes, I baked a double batch (white whole wheat instead of AP, bacon fat and coconut oil instead of butter, vinegar-soured cream and half-and-half instead of buttermilk) in a buttered half-sheet pan. While they lack the fetching bronzed finish of fried cakes, they’re still delicious – and freeze-able, which was another goal. The other big goal was to use up more leftovers: I diced together cooked bacon, lacy cheddar crisps, and spicy walnuts (these two from your apple & cheddar salad) and sauteed some of last week’s freshly-picked apples, then scattered these over the top of the batter in sections. Dotted with maple syrup, they were so good. And yes, I realize I made cornbread for breakfast – and it’s not the first time, nor the last!