toasted marshmallow milkshake

Almost exactly 5 years ago, in celebration us both signing contracts to write cookbooks, I met a friend* for lunch at a burger joint called The Stand on East 12th Street, and we finished the meal with something the menu declared a toasted marshmallow milkshake. I don’t remember a thing about the burger, but I do know that pretty much every conversation I had in the weeks that followed went like this: “The weather is so nice today!” “It would be perfect for a toasted marshmallow milkshake, don’t you think?” “How is your son sleeping these days?” “Did I tell you about this toasted marshmallow milkshake I had? Let me tell you about this toasted marshmallow milkshake I had.” “Can you believe this Deepwater Horizon mess?” “Toasted marshmallow milkshake, toasted marshmallow milkshake toasted marshmallow milkshake.” You could argue it had some impact on me.

ice cream, vanilla bean, marshmallows, sour cream, milk
broiled marshmallows

I don’t know what happened after that. Maybe I didn’t get much sleep that year? Maybe I was busy writing a book? Maybe I was scared I couldn’t be trusted around a blender full of toasted marshmallow milkshake because things like this happen? All I know is that I failed you, failed to pave the milkshake’s path from 12th Street to your blender and now, as we approach ice cream season once again, it’s time to make things right.

everything into the blender
pulverized marshmallow char

What I thought was an obsession that existed mostly among people who’d eaten at The Stand before it closed a couple years later has proven viral, and I found innumerable recipes for toasted marshmallow milkshakes on the web, including one that Gourmet had tracked down from The Stand itself. But get this: it doesn’t actually have any toasted marshmallows inside, only one on top, and in the glass beneath it is more or less just a vanilla shake. I had suspected this at the time, but didn’t want to believe it, because no, this will not do.

toasting a marshmallow for garnish, gross stove, sorry

The flavor of toasted marshmallows — I like mine blackened and drooping off the stick, by the way — is everything. It’s a burnt sugar whiff of vanilla coating a stretchy white cloud. It’s summer and time spent outside and crackly campfires and I know this is getting really twee but I don’t care, I just want to stuff everything awesome about them into a frosty glass and slurp it through a straw. I hope you join me.

toasted marshmallow milkshake

* then still a New Yorker, a fellow food blogger and not yet a freakin’ TV screenwriter (congrats!)

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Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

Oof, this shake. I’m going to have to add “burnt marshmallows” to my official list of 3rd trimester cravings, I fear. This is essentially a vanilla ice cream shake, blended with the better part of a bag of charred marshamallows, plus two flavors I found enhanced the whole mess nicely: a scrape of vanilla bean seeds (though extract — ahem! — will work just fine) and a spoonful or two of sour cream, plain yogurt or crème fraîche, the tang of which will help round out the sugar spun cloud of sweetness. I was highly tempted to make two variations on this shake, a s’more shake (use chocolate ice cream, a swirl of chocolate fudge sauce and crumbled graham crackers on top) and a strawberry and toasted marshmallow shake (hull and slice 1/2 pound strawberries and macerate for 20 minutes with 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice; blend before adding milk and toasted marshmallows) but ended up being too obsessed with honing in on the vanilla marshmallow flavor to add any distractions. Do let us know if you try either variation — or one of your own invention! — in the comments.

Yield: Just shy of 3 shakes in the 12-ounce glasses shown; 4 to 5 shakes in the 8-ounce glasses we found to be a better portion size later

1 (10-ounce, 283-gram) bag large marshmallows, divided
1/2 cup milk
Seeds scraped from 1/2 a small vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups vanilla ice cream
2 tablespoons sour cream, plain yogurt or crème fraîche
1/4 cup heavy cream beaten to soft peaks with 1 teaspoon powdered sugar, for a whipped cream garnish (optional)

Place your glasses in the freezer. Heat your broiler. Line a baking sheet with foil and coat it lightly with a nonstick spray. Set aside the number of marshmallows you’ll want for garnishes (estimate 1 to 2 per shake) and spread the rest on the tray. Broil, keeping a close watch as the marshmallows will take on color very quickly, for 1 to 2 minutes, until they’re the color you like. Don’t be afraid of a little char; it really enhances the shake. Cool the tray in the freezer for 5 minutes, until marshmallows are no longer warm, then transfer broiled marshmallows to your blender. Blend with milk until as pureed as you can get them, then pause to individually toast marshmallows for garnish over a gas flame or back under your broiler for a moment. This ensures that they’re warm when they hit the glass. Add vanilla bean or extract, ice cream and sour cream to the marshmallow mix in the blender, and blend until thick and smooth. Pour into chilled glasses, finish with a dollop of whipped cream, if using, and a warm marshmallow. Slurp through a straw; repeat again very soon.

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175 comments on toasted marshmallow milkshake

  1. Jenevieve

    I just got off a 15 hour overnight shift at the ER clinic and 9am seems like a totally reasonable time to make this “breakfast”. Thanks! :)

  2. Leslie

    I think a trip for marshmallows on the way home is in order! Wow, this just might be the ticket to get on the good side of my 16 yr old daughter.

  3. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I spent far too long pooh-poohing all things marshmallow. Happily, I came to my senses and realized what all the fuss was about. I’m with you on the burnt and melty variety being best, and I cannot wait to tip a few into my blender. Cheers! (And from a mom of two babies born in NYC in July, fingers crossed for cool, mild weather and an uneventful third trimester!)

  4. DK

    Whenever I’m in Vegas, I get a toasted marshmallow shake from the BLT Burger (I think it also has toasted marshmallows in the shake itself). So thank you for this but I’m also scared to make it the first time in case I can’t stop!

    To make this boozy, would Baileys be good? I’ve never tried the flavored vodkas that seem to match well with this.

  5. Jillian L

    THANK YOU! I saw this on the SK instagram, went to the site (yesterday) and no recipe. I thought, ‘oh no, no this is something Deb was just capturing in NYC, WHY DEB, why do you taunt us???’ Then bliss… here is the recipe. I do not turn on my broiler for many recipes in the summer, but this one will have to be the exception.

  6. deb

    Pint of ice cream ≠ 3 1/2 cups! — Yes, you are all correct and I realize how confusing this is; now fixed.

    Booze — Baileys, definitely. You could use it in lieu of the milk, or at least half of it.

  7. Robin

    A few years ago I used to visit a burger joint that offered a Nutella toasted marshmallow shake.

    It was AMAZING.

    I would definitely try this shake as written, but I have a feeling a dollop of Nutella would bring back some really happy memories…

  8. Michele Connors

    When Stand originally opened (back in the days when I was living in NYC) they used Laboratorio del Gelato gelato in their shakes. And I believe they had a marshmallow or toasted marshmallow flavor gelato, and that’s what they were using. I don’t see that flavor anymore on Il Laboratorio’s website so maybe they stopped making it. In any case I was sad to see Stand closed when I read it in passing online a little while ago. It was a cool place long before the burger craze got out of hand.

  9. Amy

    Yesterday I had rhubarb crunch for lunch. Today, definitely, THIS. Thanks for enabling me to totally summerize my lunches this week.

  10. Meagan

    Deb, seriously?!! You are my hero…this appeals to my prego self more than you know!!! I really want to come find you in New York, knock on your door and hug you! Is that creepy? I hope not. Now I’ve just got to wait for my son to wake from his nap so we can get to the store and make these!

  11. Tallia

    How did you know!!!!!????I have been dreaming about these since we moved back to the west!!!!!!!!! This just made my week.

  12. Amazing. I just got back from Friendly’s where I had a Fribble for lunch. (I’m a New Englander, through and through.) I’ll be 38 weeks on Saturday and every.single.time. I’ve wanted a milkshake I’ve gone and made myself a triple berry low-fat yogurt smoothie instead. I think I can have at least one actual shake during this pregnancy…

    I had a toasted marshmallow milkshake at that Top Chef Spike’s burger place in DC. It was PHENOMENAL and I subsequently found numerous recipes for it online. I totally forgot about making it until this very moment. We’re so having this shake this weekend. Hope you’re feeling good.

  13. Yes yes yes I have been craving a toasted marshmallow milkshake (though I am in no trimester of any kind) and now you’ve made it so easy for me to make one! Looks incredible.

  14. Lexie

    I used to make these awhile back but had a hard time transferring the broiled marshmallows to the blender. Tips?

  15. Katie

    I haven’t gotten past the first paragraph. I just had to comment. Like 7 or 8 years ago I had the same burger and milkshake below 14th st and I could never remember where it was. And i DREAMED of that marshmallow shake. But there are a surprising number of burger and shake places right there, so it was lost to my memory.
    And now I know it was strand! And i can recreate it! You have made my day!

  16. DriverB

    As soon as I saw the headline, I thought, Ohhhh I wonder if it is like that milkshake made of dreams from The Stand? I only lived in NYC for about 6 months in 2009, but I have never forgotten that shake! Thank you!!!

  17. Charlotte in Toronto

    What a fantastic idea. It’s not what I should be eating but I’m looking forward to it. I just visited a friend in Maine and she fired up her fire pit so we could set outside on a cool evening and toast marshmallows. It’s a good memory.

  18. Molly M

    I like milkshakes but I totally adore malts. Would love to try this with some malt powder thrown into the mix.

  19. Angela

    When I was growing up in Wisconsin there was an old fashioned soda fountain/ice cream parlor/drug store where I would go and get marshmallow shakes. But toasted marshmallow?! I am in heaven.

  20. sarah

    Question: Is there any reason that this would not work with all of the marshmallows individually toasted? I love toasting marshmallows dark brown without burning them, but I always get a sugar headache before I’m bored of the toasting part. I was kind of worried that too much toasting would throw off the texture somehow, like it might make it need more marshmallows to keep it creamy? Thoughts?

    Also, it seems like it’s kind of begging to be done all-homemade, in either shake or straight-up ice cream form, for egg-balance reasons… I always end up having to find a way to use up either whites or yolks when I make ice cream or marshmallows – I never thought of combining them! Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ve got the time to do it any time soon. If someone else feels the urge to try it, let us know how it turns out!

  21. Jennifer

    No,no,no,no,no… cannot set the marshmallow on fire. No. It is not OK. You must turn the marshmallow, slowly. It takes time to coax the toasty, caramel flavor from the marshmallow. You have to tease it – get it close to burning, then turn it away from the flame and focus on another spot. Repeat until the whole marshmallow is covered in warm goose bumps and the marshmallow is just on the verge of combusting. It wants to combust, but don’t let it. Instead, watch as it swells up, warms to a deep, golden, brown, and just licks at being caramelized….the outside will be toasted, swollen and crispy – the inside will be total goo with a small pearl of solid marshmallow hanging on to the stick. That is the perfect roasted marshmallow. I’m pretty sure I just gave food porn a new name.

  22. deb

    Rosa — I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here.

    Sally — Honestly, personally I wouldn’t bother. I love homemade marshmallows for taste, but they rarely toast up as gooey and droopy as the storebought ones. Save the homemade ones for snacking, or floating in a cup of hot cocoa.

    Lexie — I’m not sure how you made them, but I added two steps to what I saw in other recipes — lightly spraying the foil with nonstick spray, so you don’t lose any marshmallow (heavens no!) and chilling them long enough that they don’t just melt that ice cream. Hope that helps, or if I missed what had made it hard, let me know and I’ll try to help.

    Wendy — That sounds amazing. We had a tiny bit of shake leftover and I froze it in a jar… which you know I have dipped a spoon into twice already today, and it’s basically toasted marshmallow ice cream and you just know I want to play around with that next.

    Michele — That’s good to know. They make wonderful ice cream.

  23. Laura

    This is ridiculous. The only thing that could be improved here is the addition of booze. I strongly believe all desserts are made better with booze.

  24. Why have I never thought of this?! Kind of perfect for “toasting” (ahem) the beginning of summer.

    Love the photos. Such a great idea and it sounds delicious! Now I would like to see that s’more version please :D

  25. Laura

    Oh. My. God. For some reason all I can think about is making this with chocolate ice cream & Bailey’s. Of course the marshmallows would have to live long enough to make it in to the blender.

  26. Natalie

    This looks sooo good. There’s a place in Toronto-Greg’s ice cream-that has been making roasted marshmallow ice cream for years-one scoop of that, one scoop of chocolate, graham cracker crumble on top. Now I wish I still lived there!

  27. Lauren

    Once again the photos have done it! The napkin, the cutest straws ever, and those perfectly hollow crunchy marshmallows… how could we NOT want one immediately? Your talents are amazing, we are lucky people to be in on all your secrets!

  28. Susan

    Where have I been that I have never heard of this! What a genius idea. I bet it helps keep the mixture thick and less curdled looking after mixing. You know what has made my latest chocolate shakes out of this world? Your hot chocolate mix. I heat half a mug of milk or water in the microwave, stir in well 2-3 Tbsp’s of the chocolate mix and pour it over the ice cream in the blender. WoW! So good with great chocolate flavor. I’ll definitely add some toasty marshmallows next time.

  29. JMS

    Oh, yum! I will definitely have to make this for my daughter as a special treat! She is s’mores obsessed; surely there can’t be any harm in a chocolate drizzle on top? Maybe some crumbled graham crackers for texture? ;)

  30. I lived in NYC years ago and used to LOVE this shake at The Stand. I had no idea it closed!

    Everything on your blog makes me hungry, but this is especially crave-worthy for the warmer weather that’ll be arriving soon.

  31. Oh my, Deb! This looks ridiculously good. Chocolate – yes, fudge sauce – oh, yes, graham cracker crumbs? Holy cow!

    @ Connie – Whole Foods has vegetarian marshmallows. I was wondering how they would work in this! I’ll be trying it out!

  32. LC

    Oh, I miss the Stand. I went and had their “Shake of the Day” once – s’more milkshake (toasted marshmallow with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate syrup). Didn’t know it cost $13 until the bill came, but it was worth it.

  33. Ashleigh

    YES!! The Stand’s toasted marshmallow shake is amazing! I am not a New Yorker, just love to visit. Thanks for posting! Can’t wait to try!

  34. Jeannie

    Looks wonderful and reminds me of this unrelated tip that is very cool..when your kids get to the point where they won’t share their problems that are bothering them … and the parent in you knows that probing it out of them is an impossibility… get a bag of mini marshmallows, a votive candle and some toothpicks… when you can schedule some quiet alone time with the broody teen in a dark quiet place sit toasting the minis over the flame with the toothpicks …. something about the closeness, the food and all helps them to open up to whatever is troubling them.

  35. deb

    Food processor — Yes, I definitely think you could pull it off in one.

    JessB — Just so you know, I’m home alone and just guffawed reading your comment.

  36. Stuart

    Deb, Pardon me if I’m wrong, but in a previous recipe some of us spied your jar of homemade vanilla extract and you told us you’d tell us how it’s done. Maybe I missed it, but I’ve been waiting and watching…

    Meanwhile, this recipe is sinful and I can’t wait to try it.

  37. Besides the fact that I have a huge sweet spot for milkshakes and malts, I am totally a sucker for toasted marshmallows. I don’t think that my weekend could be complete without making these! Thanks for sharing!

  38. There’s a place in Toronto called Greg’s Ice Cream, and they make an infamous toasted marshmallow ice cream using a similar methodology to yours. Lots of little charred flecks through the base. It’s got a reputation and for good reason!

  39. witloof

    I had dinner at Stand a few years ago, and ordered that milkshake. Don’t remember anything else about dinner {I probably had a veggie burger, yuck} but that milkshake was a total life changer.

  40. Yum, yum, yum! As long as we are discussing toasted marshmallows have you ever tried putting chocolate bars in the bottom of a heavy fry pan, covering with marshmallows and baking in a hot oven until they brown. Use graham crackers for dipping and you can have s’mores any day you want.

  41. deb

    Bonnie — How did I never think of this? This is going to ruin my life, THANKS. (I’m just kidding, of course. This is happening in like five minutes.)

    Gee — I think it could. Maybe do it in two parts, get the marshmallows roasted and blended with milk, vanilla, sour cream, etc. and keep it very very cold until needed. Then, at the last minute, add the ice cream and blend into a shake. What lucky guests!

  42. Rachel

    Any thoughts on how to make it lactose free? I am thinking of using coconut milk ice cream and coconut milk instead and adding the s’more variations to make it like a toasted marshmallow/almond joy shake but any advice?

  43. Obviously I must try this with added peanut butter, to make a Fluffernutter Milkshake. Any idea how much peanut butter should be added? Could peanut butter be used in place of the yogurt or something?

  44. Geez, what a champion idea. Toasted marshmallows are SOOOO much more flavorable. Otherwise they just taste sweet in things—well to my taste buds anyway. Of course milk shakes are a treat I don’t allow myself often, so they are always special.

  45. Lee

    Homemade marshmellows might be interesting with this recipe… sounds uber yummy! Definitely going to try it when we get some warmer weather in the upper midwest!

  46. JP

    Have to admit that #77 Bonnie has a great idea and this would be so fun to use as a casual dessert, sort of a take off on a fondue party. I would try it in a cast iron skillet. Wonderful for cooler weather while your shake will be perfect for the summer. Thanks!

  47. Chayah

    I made these last night!!! I actually added shaved chocolate (low speed for a second after blending the milkshake), and graham cracker crumbles and chocolate shavings on top. It was obscene… In a good way.

  48. Lindsay

    Hi Deb! This doesn’t relate to this post, but I used to click through the “Surprise Me!” tab and find all sorts of fun ideas! Now, though, you can only click it once to find a new recipe, but it doesn’t work to keep clicking. Is this by design? If so, I *really* miss the old way and wonder if maybe you might bring it back…?

  49. Elizabeth Deanna Morris lakes


    My friend Will suggested this place a few years ago, and we got this milkshake. Then, one day I was in NYC with my boyfriend and we went here, had the toasted marshmallow milkshake, went to the STRAND (the closeness of proximity and name of these places always killed me) and then we uh–GOT ENGAGED.

    We’re married now and were devastated when we learned the Stand was gone. I AM SO EXCITED TO MAKE THIS SHAKE AGAIN.

  50. Megan

    I put them in but not close to the broiler so they were still white after a minute. I moved the rack closest to the broiler, and the marshmallows caught fire!!!

  51. Megan

    I haven’t read through the comments yet or seen if there was an update, but I guess a warning that the marshmallows could blow up so big that they touch the broiler could be helpful? My marshmallows are burned black (but maybe I can still use them?). They’re outside cooling off.

  52. Eliza

    I made the marshmallows ahead of time and let them sit on the counter to cool. I dont know if I let them sit too long or maybe it’s a bit humid today, but when I tried to blend them, they sort of froze up. It eventually came together, but it was a bit clumpy until the end. The flavor was great though. Thanks!

  53. I normally just secretly stalk your blog from afar but today I had to comment. This looks and sounds insanely delicious and now I can’t get marshmallow milkshakes off my mind either…so good! x

  54. This looks absolutely fantastic! Definitely going to be making this for myself as a treat :) Check out my blog for some of my recipes!!

  55. This looks absolutely fantastic! I love Marshmallows! Unfortunately, I don’t have gas or a blow torch so I really need to figure out how to do the roasting bit. Any suggestions?

  56. CJ

    you seem to have caught a zeitgeist wave, first thing I saw at Starbucks this morning was a new “Smores Frappuccino.” (I got it; it was fine.) I’m always curious where these trends start from (chai! pomegranate drinks!) but never found a satisfactory answer.

  57. Kelly

    My boyfriend’s sister worked with the chef (Julie something) who invented that. I always read your site aloud when we’re hanging out together, and it reminded her of that story, and sure enough, Julie worked at the Stand way back when. Small world!
    I’ve been a lurker since you blogged at The Smitten and you’re just wonderful, and she and I have an agreement that we basically cook everything you post.

  58. JP

    Ever since reading this post, I have been craving s’mores, so for the past two nights, my husband and I have been toasting marshmallows on skewers at the gas stove and putting them between Leibnitz (German butter cookies) spread with Nutella. This goes a long way in satisfying the desire for toasted marshmallows. @106 Ann-Marie, you can “toast” marshmallows in the microwave. It is a sort of science experiment, because they don’t actually toast, but sort of get bigger and softer and hot. I am not sure they would work in this milkshake, but if you are just doing a few, it works fine for a s’more . I once had just an electric stove and a microwave…of course, cravings are the mother of invention. :)

  59. Haley

    I made these and I think I wasn’t careful enough about measuring my marshmallows and they were WAY TOO SWEET. Just a warning for others – measure carefully and, if anything, hold back on a few marshmallows and check the overall sweetness.

    That being said, adding a spoonful of toasted marshmallow concentrate to coffee or milk is pretty delicious!

  60. Emily

    I made this and it was super good, albeit quite sweet! I added a bit more ice cream, though, as I like my shakes super thick. Definitely went into a sugar coma afterwards.

  61. deb

    Rachel/lactose free question — Yes, I’d definitely approach it like that. Or, are there lactose-free ice creams? That might work too.

    Megan — They blew up? OH NO. I hadn’t heard anything about that or experienced it. I remember putting marshmallows in the microwave as a kid and they’d inflate (delightfully) but I’ve never seen this under a broiler. What kind of oven/heat element do you have? I wonder if this matters.

    Kelly — Aw, thank you! Small world.

    CJ — I wonder too. Especially because it’s been 5 years since I had the original, but the idea clearly had legs because there are versions a lot of places now.

    Lindsay — Are you on an iPhone or iPad? Not by design (heavens no), it’s been an issue for several months with the mobile version of the Safari browser (it’s limiting redirects) and there’s nothing we can do to work around it. It shouldn’t be an issue on a desktop/laptop or in other mobile browsers, or at least nobody has reported it there yet. Definitely let me know if the problem has spread. We’d love to be able to fix it.

    Emelen — I haven’t, but I was also just obsessed with honing in on the burnt marshmallow vanilla-ness. I’m sure you could add other flavors and it would be delicious, however.

    Elizabath — That’s a sweet story! And yes, the names and proximity was always confusing to me too, and also that the Stand was technically named Stand4 but nobody called it that or knew what had happened to Stand1, 2 or 3. :)

  62. did it with marshmallows/milk/ice cream only.
    I used 2/3 of the marshmallows (mini) and they came out dry and crunchy from the oven. put them in the middle rack to have more control. was targeting my favorite toasted “level”, no char!
    final result was fantastic. very brown in color compared yours. and very, very sweet. not cold enough though.
    next time will put more ice cream.
    the portion was perfect for 2 lol. I would finish it alone.
    thank you for the continuous inspiration.

  63. Oh man. These are beautiful! I need to go to this burger place ASAP.
    Congrats to both you and Adam on your success. Both of your blogs are a giant inspiration for me :)

  64. Raz

    Hey, how about us folks without a broiler?
    I have a brulee burner, will that work?
    or should I just toast them individually?


  65. Jenn

    Made these the other night–delicious but way too sweet–I think the chocolate/smores version might be more interesting. I’m thinking this is a pregnancy- fueled recipe. It happened to me when I was pregnant with my second–I decided that vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and marshmallows and rice krispies would be heavenly–and it was the MOST AMAZING THING–while I was pregnant. Tried it again after pregnancy and it was, well, sweet and underwhelming. Deb, in the interest of scientific inquiry I hope you’ll make this again long after the pregnancy hormones are cleared out and then report back. :)

  66. Jen

    Made it tonight and it’s delicious but so so rich! Thank goodness for that yogurt, and I think we may use a little bit more next time we make it. I also drizzled some hot fudge on top for a s’mores vibe!

  67. kent

    made these just now for a pool party and served them in smallish red solo cups – fantastic.. burnt the heck out of the marshmallows- thanks!

  68. Jennifer

    Well Deb, another winning recipe. I can’t recall the last time I even had a milkshake, but this was worth every calorie. Marshmallows under the broiler? Brilliant. Had to control myself from eating all of them. Flavors were delicious. A special treat for sure.

  69. jmarie

    Made this and LOVED it!
    I missed the nonstick on foil idea. My marshmallows stuck like glue to the foil.

    I did use mini marshmallows and they worked great. I also did two batches, one on foil and one on parchment paper and the parchment paper version worked a bit better.

    Next time, I would try maybe cornstarch (what you use when making marshmallows so they don’t stick to each other) to keep the marshmallows from sticking to the paper. I’d also use parchment paper. I think some rich dark chocolate would nicely balance the sweetness of the ice cream and marshmallows. YUM!

  70. Fred

    I’m with Rachel on the lactose free version. Coconut Milk and Ice Cream are the way to go; but what’s the lactose free substitution for the Sour Cream/Yogurt?

  71. Hillary

    Hi Deb,
    I actually make homemade ice cream with a similar method. I make a basic vanilla base,without eggs, warming the sugar in the cream/milk on the stove in a large pot to dissolve it. I broil the bag of marshmallows like you do, then add them to the pot over low heat, to melt them into the base. It bubbles up high so you have to keep stirring and watching. Chill it over night, then churn it and add graham cracker pieces,chopped chocolate pieces, and Oreos (my 12 year old’s idea). He calls it S’moreos and declares it the best ice cream in the world. I cut the sugar in the base in half because the marshmallows are so sweet.

  72. Megan

    My oven is normal, the marshmallows just must have inflated so much that they touched the broiler and so were on fire. I still used them since you said to not to be afraid of a little burn. My milkshakes were dark grey but still edible and enjoyable!

  73. Hey Deb,

    Your recipes never cease to put a smile on my face!
    I read an article recently that showed pictures of your space, and I can imagine you happily whipping up some new and delightful thing in there. You are an inspiration!

  74. Jayna

    made this tonight and WOW! So delicious! I sprayed parchment paper with oil, and the toasted marshmallows just slid right off into the blender! Yummy. Although, 10-15 marshmallows per milkshake seems like a lot. I wonder if you could get the same flavor with less marshmallows, although why would I want to? Only to save calories, and make myself think it’s healthier. Definitely will make again. Maybe 100 times more! Thank you!

  75. Nanah

    I just made this! It was overall tasty but extremely sweet because of the bag of marshmallows in the recipe split between 3 shakes. Also, seemed to be a bit short on ice cream. Added more ice cream and milk to make it less sweet.

  76. I’m currently watching an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network, and Michael Symon featured this very shake – the one from The Stand – as the best milkshake he’d ever had. In fact, he drank three of them in one sitting (which is…a feat). Anyway, according to this program, The Stand used some kind of top secret toasted marshmallow goop in the milkshake to give it its marshmallow-y flavor. Whether that’s true or was put in for the cameras, I guess we’ll never know.

  77. Marq

    Made this last night after attending a baseball game. SOOOOOOOO YUMMY! Made it a bit too sweet, so we added whiskey. Yay for boozy shakes!

  78. Jen

    Has anyone tried adding a shot of espresso? Husband insists we follow the recipe on the first try, will add espresso next time and report back! (Nursing a huge 9mo old having a growth spurt and been craving milkshakes!!)

  79. Sydney

    I’ve been doing some research around the web so I can make the perfect s’mores ice cream cake for the 4th. My question to you is; do you think if I made these as the ice cream element of my cake, do you think it would refreeze well in that element? I’m thinking graham cracker crust, thickened chocolate syrup, toasted marshmallow ice cream.. thoughts?

  80. deb

    Sydney — Yes… but this isn’t an ice cream recipe, and won’t freeze as creamy and custardy as one. I think you’d be safer using a vanilla ice cream base and blending the toasted marshmallows into it before churning it. Or, you can look at some no-churn ice cream recipes on the web (here’s one that looks promising) and build it from there. You might use it instead of the “cheesecake” filling in this ice cream pie from last week on the site. The graham crust + toasted marshmallow ice cream + hot fudge sauce (just skip the peppermint extract) would definitely make you a hero!

  81. Yvonne

    Dear Deb – I just made these for my family using the behemoth marshmallows that one can get at this time of year. I thank you. They thank you, too. This is the second Smitten Kitchen recipe this week — the other was the zucchini pasta salad. Tomorrow, the beans with the almond pesto. They’ll thank you then, too. :)

  82. Victoria

    I tried this in my food processor, and it did NOT like trying to purée those marshmallows. The lid tried to pop off and it leaked out the resulted opening, splattering me and the kitchen. I had to really hold the lid down to finish them. My husband took charge and added more milk (probably wound up doubling the milk) and ice cream and finished it off. I decided not to finish the recipe because my food processor sounded like it was grinding something and I was afraid I was busting it. Turns out it was just a chunk of marshmallow stuck to the end of the blade, hitting the sides while it was going.

    I will probably wait until I get a real blender to try this again (maybe a blender would be sturdier, at least to keep the lid on lol). What we wound up having was absolutely delicious, so I can only imagine what the complete recipe tastes like.

    Also, congrats, Deb!!!

  83. Chelsea

    This looks excellent. Obligatory question involving anything that can be consumed through a straw: What sort of alcohol might you (Deb and/or any other readers) add to this? Bourbon? Rum? Godiva liqueur? I’m interested in making an adult version of this delightful concoction for a get-together.

  84. Darcy

    Made it, poured it into pie crust made with processed s’mores flavored Oreos, drizzled with hot fudge, froze it, did not regret it. Thank you thank you!

  85. Mindy

    You could possibly make an adult only version with toasted marshmallow vodka as well. It’s very yummy and I’m thinking this might be great around a campfire with the adult cousins sometime soon.

  86. Heidi

    Just made these tonight and MAN are they delicious! Thanks so much for the idea for my half-used bag of marshmallows. My roommates and I thank you :)

  87. Niki

    This is the best milkshake I have ever had! I always go with malts because I LOVE that flavor. But this was perfect. That tiny bit of tang from the Greek yogurt I used was spot on. It was my husband’s birthday and his pregnant wife dropped the ball on dessert. I had everything for this, including some gourmet vanilla marshmallows I bought on a whim. Thank you for yet another amazing recipe. Your website is my go to for food ideas. Xxo
    Oh, and Mindy-holy shit that sounds good. Rumchata in this or any milkshake?! :D

  88. Sara Eagle

    We made this this weekend and it was fantastic—such an indulgent summer treat! We didn’t add vanilla extract or sour cream/yogurt/creme fraiche and it was still excellent (though I could see how the sour cream/yogurt/creme fraiche would add a bit of nuance).

  89. Renee Van Reed

    I’ve made these several times. As others have said, following the recipe exactly these are extremely sweet. I made them again doubling everything except the marshmallows – still sweet, but not unbearably so. Wanting to serve these to a group but not be stuck in the kitchen any longer than necessary, I attempted to broil my marshmallows in advance (that morning) and leave them covered in the fridge. It mostly worked, except because they were hardened a bit in the fridge, there were bits and pieces of marshmallows in the shake. Not bad per se, but not a truly smooth milkshake. Best to do it all at once, in my opinion.

  90. Paige

    I add very warm homage caramel drizzle to marshmallow slurry then blended not much mind you enough to add the charred sugar taste try it you might like it

  91. Gabe Whitbread

    Just FYI if you’re ever in DC, Good Stuff Eatery (basically they make Shake Shack style burgers that might even be tastier than the Shack, but I could never utter such blasphemy) makes a fantastic toasted marshmallow shake.

  92. Valerie

    Deb, we need to talk seriously. Every few months I think about this darn shake. It was like the breakup I could never get over. Now when I did my research when it first closed, I found out that they used GELATO from this place in Near Battery Park. I can find the name again when I look for it. Second, it’s the marshmallow mixture that they add to the shake including milk that made Stand4’s shake taste they way it did. I haven’t tried your recipe because my heart couldn’t take it if it “wasn’t it”. I’m ready to find an ex employee, if not the owner himself and pay him off for the recipe. Until then, we must get to the bottom
    If this!!!

    1. deb

      Lol, marshmallow mixture *has* to be marshmallow fluff, right? It was a burger stand, not a complex restaurant. I get that they wouldn’t brag about a jar of fluff but cannot imagine the effort of making it from scratch being worthwhile (but not, say, making your own ice cream). Regardless, I love the toastier flavor of this. I think you will too.

  93. liz

    Made it, and it is as wondrous as it looks. However, be careful: we had an oven fire as we were not watching the marshmallows very closely. Fortunately, my sister was here, and she doused it quickly with baking soda. Had to make another batch. But wonderful, except for the scare. Can also use plain, Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

  94. Susan Marks

    Let’s just say, totally academic question by the way, that I wanted to make this a slightly alcoholic milkshake. What would be the perfect addition??

  95. Sarah

    I don’t know if my ice cream was too soft or what, but I halved the recipe and it came out really runny. Putting the whole blended thing back in the freezer to see if it thickens up!

  96. Claire

    These are absolutely ridiculous. Insane! How is this legal! The best homemade milkshake I’ve ever had hands down. Next batch I will do a better job of shoving the mass of toasted marshmallows to the bottom of my blender, because I lost some goo to the sides of the blender pitcher, but other than these were phenomenal. We split them between three servings and I was wishing I made a double batch until I took my first sip. They are super rich and a small glass was the perfect amount. Cannot wait to try with other ice cream flavors.

    1. deb

      I have a basic Vitamix. I haven’t tried the other models so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but the primary reason I went with such a pricy brand was that it has a 7-year warranty (after being burned by less expensive blenders that died months after their 1-year warranty was up).

  97. Janice

    These are very good but very sweet, we could only drink a small glass. Think about it, you are using an entire bag of marshmallows! Next time, I might double the yogurt to cut down on the sweetness, keeping the entire bag of marshmallows because I really liked that flavor.