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almond-crisped peaches

I hope, if we are going to continue to be good friends, that we can have an implicit understanding that there is no such thing as too many peach recipes. Not in July, not in August, not in New York, which grows surprisingly good peaches for a Yankee. And I know that as a writer and food person, I’m supposed to be on the lookout for my crutches, my overused ingredients. I should probably lay off the tomatoes, the caramelized onions, the feta, Dijon, strawberries, green beans, white beans and butternut squash. Sheesh, I should show some range! Maybe I will, you know, after peach season is over. Because I’m not done with them yet. I’m not done with summer yet. Maybe it’s this mild August we’ve been having or, I confess, the not-supposed-to-be-but-kinda-has-been fun of having a husband out of a job for the last few months, but once you become a summer person, it’s hard to react with anything but venom when you spy apples and butternut squash at the farmer’s market before Labor Day, as I did this week. How gauche!

butter + peaches + almonds + sugar
halved peaches, some freestone

But, you know, September’s not going to be too terrible. School resumes, which is pretty awesome if you’re three-going-on-four, we’ll all be back to the grind (sigh/yay) and oh, there’s this little trip I’m taking across the pond for a UK book tour.

ground almonds, sugar, butter, and maybe oats

Okay, it’s not little. It’s going to be epic. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook came out in the UK in February, but at the time, I was still book tour-ing over here so it took some time to schedule it. I think it will be worth the wait. I so hope we finally get to meet. I’ve listed the dates and towns that have been scheduled thus far on the Events page but more are still being added. (Sadly, the first London event sold out before I got to tell you about it, which was really rude, I know. But we are in the process of nailing down the details for another! Please don’t be mad.) [The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook UK Book Tour]

dollop almond crisp in peach bellies
spread the cut sides with almond-sugar-butter
almond-crisped peach halves

Anyway, it seems only fitting to usher in this announcement with a little keeper of a recipe from the incredible UK food writer, Nigel Slater, who knows his way around baked fruit. This recipe hails from his 2012 book, Ripe, and just about everyone made it before I finally came around it to as I’d been suspicious of its short ingredient list. It’s my loss. I mean, does it involve peaches? Does it involve a crisp topping? I should have been all over that. But wait, this isn’t just another peach crisp. You see, the peaches are the crisp. A mound of crumbly buttery almond and sugar topping is patted into halved peach bellies, then spread out over their cut sides. Maybe you brush the peaches with bourbon or rum first, if that’s your thing? It can be our little secret. This crisp, so unlike our last one, is insanely simple. There’s no brown sugar, no flour, no cinnamon or salt. There isn’t supposed to be any oats either, but I just can’t leave well enough alone. Nevertheless, what you need to do is get this recipe in your back pocket right this second. It should be easy enough to memorize and although the baking time is slightly longer than it would be with a chopped fruit crisp, in that longer time magical things happen, like the sugar melts against the almonds and bubbles into the peach juices to form an almost chewy peach almond caramel brittle on top. Chewy peach almond caramel brittle. What are you still doing reading this?

almond crisped peach + whipped cream
almond crisped peach + oops

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Almond-Crisped Peaches
Adapted from Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard

Nigel Slater’s recipe is incredibly simple: almonds, sugar and butter. I came so close to following it exactly, and then couldn’t resist adding 1/4 cup rolled oats, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt, because I love all three so much in crisps. Consider it optional; the recipe works with or without them. Without them, the topping is more butter and brittle-like after baking; with them, it is still buttery and brittle-like, but with a little more of a traditional crisp texture and flavor. Both are magical; the peaches are barely sweet and taste fantastic with a dollop of creme fraiche or softly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top. As for fruit, you could use peaches or nectarines with roughly the same cooking time, or try it with plums or apricots, or all soon, apples and pears. Feel free to try other nuts, too, any kind that you enjoy with baked fruit.

Slater recommends bakers sugar, which is sold in the U.S. as superfine sugar. I couldn’t resist going in the opposite direction, using coarse raw sugar (turbinado, often sold as Sugar in the Raw here) instead. Regular granulated sugar works as well. I didn’t try it with brown sugar, and suspect it may be delicious, but will not be certain until one of you report back (hint) how it holds up in the long baking time, hopefully not over-browning.

4 ripe peaches
1/3 cup (55 grams) whole almonds
1/4 cup (50 grams) sugar
3 tablespoons (45 grams) cold unsalted butter, cubed

Optional extras: 1/4 cup (20 grams) rolled oats, 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon, pinch of sea salt

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Halve peaches and remove pits. Place fruit cut side up in baking dish. In a food processor, grind almonds and sugar together until coarsely ground (with a few pebbles left). Add oats and other flavorings, if using, then butter, pulsing the machine until the ingredients are just blended. Spoon the almond mixture into the center of each peach, then press it flat, as if icing the tops of the peaches with it. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour (baking time varies with peach size), until the top is brown and crisp and you can easily slice through the fruit with a fork or spoon.

Serve warm or at room temperature, with creme fraiche, lightly sweetened whipped cream or even plain yogurt, cold, for breakfast.

Without a food processor: Use an equivalent weight of almond meal or finely chopped almonds, stir in sugar and any other ingredients, then the same volume of butter, melted. It will be less clumpy, but the oven won’t know the difference.

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297 comments on almond-crisped peaches

  1. I totally agree with you about there not being enough peach recipes. In the past week, I’ve made baked peaches nearly every night and just yesterday I made a peach cheesecake. Your baked peaches look amazing, and I might just have to make the topping for our dessert tonight!

  2. Daniel Rowen

    @Diane – What peach cheesecake recipe did you use and how did it turn out. And to Deb, this looks like an amazing idea for fresh peaches, genius!

  3. Thank goodness for baking fruit. If we did not have this technique I think I would hate stone fruit! I alsio like to simmer peaches in boubon and serve them cold in syrupo with ice cream. This is such a comforting recipe, no wonder you cooked it!

  4. I actually had out your cookbook this weekend because the CSA keeps sending us peaches. Eyed the peach dumplings, but we ended up having the peach pancakes for Sunday breakfast.

    I’m sorry to hear Alex is out of work right now. I actually started writing my own blog as a result of my husband getting laid off. I just wanted people to know eating well is doable for not a lot of money. My biggest tip was not eating a ton of meat. I was so nervous the entire time of the layoff, but it worked out in the end. But not knowing what comes next seems so scary. Especially in retrospect. Hope you guys are doing well.

  5. Peach recipes are errrrthang right now–do not even apologize!

    Best of luck on the job search. Not that you need cheesy advice, but honestly, when my husband lost his job a couple years ago, the next one he found has been the best of his life thus far. You know, when one one door closes…and all of that. Hope the same happens for you guys soon. xo

    1. deb

      Shauna, Molly — Thanks so much. Obviously none of us wished for it to happen, but it’s actually made for a really fun summer with even more cooking (and posting here!) because I’ve had so much extra help with the groceries and prep. I mentioned it today because we are on the other side of it now; his new job starts after Labor Day. (I have been typically supportive, “haha, you have to go to wo-oork.”)

      Second London Event — I am so sorry we don’t have more details yet. Everyone is on holiday right now, as they should be so it’s been hard to organize it but I didn’t want to wait any more time before giving you a heads-up. The 26th is a sure thing so keep it open if you’re in London. I will add the details the very second I get them.

  6. Marie

    I am SO EXCITED for your UK tour! Is there any way we can be kept updated on the other London event? I don’t want to miss out!

  7. christina

    We have two small peach trees that put out an obscene amount of fruit. I’ll try any peach recipe, any time, as I’m so sick of canning them! ::sob!:: thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  8. Jillian L

    This looks incredible! I know almonds are really hard to substitute for, but any ideas? I usually use pepitas instead of any nut, but I’m wondering if that would change the flavor too much. Any suggestions would be most appreciated! (although while my nut-allergy fiancee is out of town this week I may have to make this for myself :)

  9. Killian

    Jillian – I would just used everything Deb used (oats, etc), and skip the nuts. Most crisps don’t have them, so I think it’d be fine without them.

  10. Catherine

    I’m sorry Alex lost his job, but glad he found a new one. My husband was laid off almost six years ago. Fortunately, he had seen the writing on the wall before the lay off and was already interviewing for the current job he has (it was a three or four month process) I was jealous of all the time he got to spend with our kids, but I liked coming home to a cleaner house and dinner on the table every night.

    These peaches look fantastic. I usually grill them this time of year with balsamic vinegar and oil, but I will happily try this. Yum!

  11. I’m not a peach lover (please don’t throw one at me for that) but I feel converted just looking at this. I’m sorry your husband was out of work but I’m so glad it worked out and he’s going back already. That’s really fast! In these rough times, I think it makes cooking at home and being with family all the more important. I wanted to mention that my 8-yr old and I made your choc chip pretzels recently. I had asked if they could be frozen…I ended up dividing the recipe in half. I’d never made brioche before and thought my mixer might break down but it didn’t. : ) It was great, great fun and we adored doing it. Thank you!

  12. Beth

    Oh please please please come further up North! We have some rather excellent food traditions up here (hello Yorkshire Pudding) and pretty great beers too. I’ve got a very comfy spare room if that helps sweeten the deal!

  13. Awe England! How fabulous! I bet it will be a great time! Just saw your book tour list ( I am some what behind) you were close to my area in Feb! Man I missed out but it is ok. It was on my anniversary and I am not sure if my husband would of enjoyed standing around with me waiting for hours while I yelled Deb Deb sign my book! :) anyways, I am so still into peach and summer fruit season but gearing up for apple season that is coming soon!

  14. Shannon

    Raspberry peach crisp with brown sugar topping is our faaaavorite. I will definitely do it with brown sugar next week after we go to Borough Market in London! (And maybe pop a raspberry in the middle there as well) ;)

  15. Pauline

    Oh the irony! I will be in the US when you are in the UK! Please come back soon, or stay a while and visit Oxford. I bought your book earlier this summer and have used it at least twice a week since, no mean feat! Thank you for your wit, inspiration and delicious food – peach crisp tonight!

  16. I am not ready for summer to be over either and we are just getting started with peaches here. I love Nigel Slater’s book, Tender but have not yet read Ripe – if this is any indication of what’s in it, I’d better order it right away!

  17. These look heavenly! I have a bag of donut peaches ripening on my counter as we speak, I think this treatment may be in their future! Sorry to hear of Alex’s job loss, but so glad that you got extra time with him this summer and that he has a new job coming up! My husband is out of work also, so he decided to go back to school :) Yay new adventures!

  18. haha, just when I thought I knew every peach trip there was! I ADORE peaches. Thanks for this recipe. I’m not very trendy, so I missed this cookbook and recipe.

    I didn’t realize your husband was out of a job. Mine was out of a job for 4 years and trying hard to find one (architecture is pretty rough these days). Some days I loved having him around and other times it felt like one looooooong weird vacation. He has, thankfully, finally, just found a job. He starts the very day the children go back to school. And I have a winter squash on the counter. Things are happening at a strange pace in my life! I probably just need to eat more peaches to gain some perspective.

  19. How wonderful! You’re coming to Ely – you will love it, very beautiful countryside. Be sure to get a trip up to the north Norfolk coast (Hunstanton Cliff beach) Very beautiful. I shall be coming along to see you :)

  20. Melora

    Abergavenny! That’s where I was introduced to Stinking Bishop cheese. It lived up its name – but was so good if you like stinky cheese. I bet they throw an amazing food festival. They also have a really lovely abbey (I think it’s an abbey, not a cathedral) with some great alabaster carvings. And beautiful hill-walking, complete with sheep.

    Peach and almonds are such a lovely combination – must try before it becomes time for apple almond breakfast crisps (too soon! too soon!).

  21. This looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to use it, and as someone who’s still acquiring all the kitchen goodies she needs, I want to hug you for including the “if you don’t have a food processor” instructions.

  22. Liz

    Oh, my. I just found out I’m getting more peaches in my CSA this afternoon. Good thing I got rid of last weeks peaches by making 3 pies last night. People at work are going to start hating me… :) Must try these tonight.

  23. Well at least there’s a silver lining with the job and that you all had more time together this summer. I love the peaches as their own little holding cells for that gorgeous crumbly topping. Perfect and beautiful! And congrats on the new book tour…AWESOME!

  24. I would come see you, but I was living in Los Angeles, not London last year so I got my (American) copy signed in Beverly Hills! I am coming to hear you (and others) talk about the evolving world of food writing, though!

  25. Amy

    Yes! definitely no such thing as too many peach recipes.
    Also no such thing as too many peaches. Peaches at breakfast, at lunch, for snack, dinner….
    These look so simple and amazing

  26. I’ve been riding the obsessive Peach Loving train for the last two weeks or so, and I’m with you- cannot get enough. NYC peaches are amazing this year! And all over the place!
    Ripe is an amazing cookbook- I remember seeing this recipe but never actually made it. Thank you so, so much for completely whetting my tastebuds with this, I’m pretty excited for another excuse to eat more peaches.

  27. Allie B.

    I will try with nectarines. I am unable to touch peaches (goosebumps) or THINK about touching em. I’ll also use brown sugar, the real love of my life (as in bananas, plain yogurt and brown sugar all mixed together. While in London DO try a Cadbury Flake bar crumbled over vanilla ice cream. And make your dentist happy and have some banoffee pie.

  28. Susan

    I love the way the peaches are halved and filled in this recipe. It makes it so much easier to whip it together and have it baking while we’re eating dinner. I just bought my favorite peaches, O’Henry’s, at the farmers mkt yesterday. I don’t have any oats in the house so, do you think I could sub in some panko crumbs instead?

  29. irma

    Yes for peaches. You’re not alone! Me too, I’ve been baking with peaches every day this summer. I recently used your upside down cake recipe, with peaches. It was delicious!
    Do you think this recipe would work with quinces? Mmm…

  30. Kate

    I made black bean ragout yesterday afternoon, rice-stuffed tomatoes last night, and I have these peach lovelies in the oven at this very moment. Oh, dear. Am I becoming a Smitten Kitchen groupie?

  31. Suzzanne

    I bought a box of Colorado peaches earlier this week, so I was very excited to see your new recipe today. Thanks so much! My crisped peaches are in the oven. My bowl style coffee/spice grinder worked just fine with the small amount of almonds and sugar. Just happened to have soft butter sitting out, so I stirred the ground almonds and sugar into the soft butter. Can’t wait to try these.

    1. deb

      Re, additional dates and locations for the UK book tour — Thank you. I wish I could go more places (Scotland! Paris! Also Morocco please?) but I honestly have just about no say in where I go on book tours. I only agree to do them or not to do them, and usually request, say, independent booksellers over big chain ones, as I think they have warmer environments. It’s up to the publishers, wherever they think there will be the most interest/turnout, as they are the ones that foot the bill. If you have any requests, however, feel free to email them to me (thesmitten/gmail) and I will, as I always do, forward them to the people planning the tour. Everyone does read and listen. However, short of adding more days onto this trip (which will be very hard, as I’ll already be gone for a week and have a little one that I’ll be missing very much), I’m not sure if there’s a lot else that can be done this round. :(

      Amy — Buttery? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

  32. Caterina

    Deb, I have made so many of your posts this month: kale/ pecorino and walnut salad and the rice stuffed peppers – both amazing. I am so appreciative of how you write your recipes by breaking down into simple steps and your use of readily available ingredients with suggestions for substitutions. Who needs cookbooks (besides yours of course)?

  33. Joanna Banana

    This looks too easy to be true! Made your peach and creme fraiche pie (which was AWESOME and my husband raves about it to everyone we know and my sister made it and loved it as well!) a few weeks ago and have been into peaches ever since…for some reason I had previously dismissed them due to textural issues with fuzzy skin, but you’ve turned me on!

  34. Amira

    I just had to comment because I looked at the tour details and had to tell you I lived above the bookshop you are going to in Bath! A few years ago now. It’s a wonderful city, hope you get to enjoy it. Lots of nice places to eat too!

  35. Gillian B

    You read my mind!! So far this week, I have been searching for a super simple, yet totally creative, peach dessert recipe to come across my interwebs and lo and behold: Smitten Kitchen to the rescue! Can’t wait to try this out :)

  36. I cannot believe you are coming to London. I am SO excited, Deb, and actually *nervous* (as in butterflies in stomach) at the thought that I will actually get to say hello! and thank you! to you. Really bummed out about the Divertimenti evening selling out without me even knowing about it. But I will definitely be there on the 26th. :) CANNOT WAIT!

  37. It’s completely peach time. I’ve been eating peaches everyday and everyday I fall more in love with with the juicy, fresh, sweet peaches. This looks like a wonderful use for summer’s bounty of peaches.

  38. Gene

    I made these this evening. A half teaspoon of bourbon in each pit cavity was the right call. And a bit of coconut in the topping.

  39. Kovina

    WOW!! Just made these tonight with large, sweet peaches from the local farmer’s market. Didn’t have almonds so I subbed walnuts. Also used 2 T. Brown sugar, 2T white. 2 T oats. Pinch of salt and pinch of pumpkin pie spice (no cinnamon in the cupboard!). I was so amazed that after 1 hour these held together – I thought it would make a juicy mess all over the baking sheet but hardly a drop of juice spilled. My kids ate them without any ice cream! Just barely cool enough to eat, and they were gobbled up. What a healthy alternative to sugar-laden peach cobbler. I’m going to try this with apples once peaches are over (sob!).

  40. Congrats on another sold-out book tour! I’ve been wanting your book but don’t see it in bookstores. Shipping from the US is insane so I’m just holding out a little longer to see if it hits bookshelves here at all. Otherwise, I may have to brave the shipping one way or another. :-)

    Also, incredible recipe! I just saw an unrelated recipe but uses an avocado as an egg bowl. As in crack an egg into an avocado half and bake. Same concept but both crazy mindblowing.

  41. I SO love peaches,too. Finding peaches at the farmers’ market is probably the only reason why I don’t want summer to end! This recipe looks like the perfect way to use the remaining peaches I bought a couple of days ago and say goodbye to summertime ;)

    xo, Elisa

  42. Sheila Litman

    I live in Nottingham, PLEASE come to our Waterstones bookstore! I love your blog and look forward to it. I even volunteer to cook for you! Haha!

  43. Great news for the UK book tour! I couldn’t be more thrilled. I doubt that I’ll have time to get up to London and points north (I’ve got my own book project under deadline) but surely you MUST be thinking of dinner or apero here in Paris at least once. Let me know, the first glass of Burgundy is on me. In any case, congrats and best of luck on the tour. Sante!

  44. Thea

    Ach no, your tour is just after Uni starts back up – I won’t be able to take the train down to England :( Another vote for visiting Scotland!

  45. Julie

    I’ve been a fan of Smitten Kitchen for years but this is my first time commenting… Because I’m SO EXCITED that you’re coming to London!! Yay! Hope I don’t miss out on the second date – I will be checking back frequently for details!

  46. Jason

    Was really excited to see your UK tour date but I’m out of the country then alas. Hope it goes well. I’ll definitely be picking up the book anyway.

  47. Sarah

    I can’t believe you’re coming to Ely and not Cambridge!! I’ll definitely keep an eye on that “more details to come”, though – hopefully I can pop over!

    This recipe sounds absolutely delicious, but it just makes me a bit more upset that it’s so difficult to find anything resembling a ripe peach in the UK, even in July/August. Every time I skype with my family in Tennessee, they hold up juicy, delicious-looking peaches to the camera just to torture me…

  48. Juliann

    Keep the peach recipes coming! Here in Georgia peaches are the only regular fruit at our tiny local farmer’s market. Your peach recipes have kept us from getting bored. This one is immediately going on tonight’s menu. Thanks!

    1. deb

      Simone — It should not matter because they’re getting a bit ground up. That said, I prefer baking with the slower-cooking rolled oats, but I think I used the 1-minute (not super instant, not old-fashioned) ones here.

      Bridigt — Well, let’s see (you all know I like doing math):
      * Tomatoes (1,900 results)
      * Caramelized onions (165 results)
      * Feta (555 results)
      * Dijon (216 results)
      * Strawberries (502 results)
      * Green beans (288 results)
      * White beans (102 results)
      * Butternut (316 results)
      * Peanut butter (667 results).

      Yup, peanut butter definitely belonged on that list. ;)

      (Zucchini is a terrifying 1,560, the same number as sugar.)

  49. Julie

    Loved the almond crisp recipe and whoever suggested leaving out almonds really is self-depriving in my book…anyway look forward to using my stockpile of nectarines in the kitchen….very grateful indeed for pic of turbinado sugar; it’s what we in the UK call demerera sugar. Sorry I can’t help on the soft brown sugar hint trial, as I live on Mallorca and not found it over here yet.
    Hope you enjoy the UK tour, sounds fun.

  50. Jen

    So excited you’re finally coming to the UK! I moved here shortly after your book came out, and watching you pass through Vancouver was bittersweet. I’ve been hoping you’d leap over here ever since.

    If it interests you and/or the powers that be, we have an amazing bookshop here in Oxford: Blackwell’s. Though if you can’t/don’t add any more dates, I’ll hopefully see you for round 2 in London!

  51. Judy

    Oh London my London. I haven’t lived in England for 45 years but still miss it. Yes. Hello to Yorkshire pud with lashings if gravy. Goodbye black pud! And yes to chips in newspaper with salt and malt vinegar. Yum. I love white peaches. Ours aren’t too good as the best ones are exported and we’re left with the dregs at almighty prices. How ripe do the peaches have to be? The only thing I’ve ever made with them is jam. I’m so adventurous!

  52. Dahlink

    I am having a little trouble understanding the 2 or 3 people here who do not care for peaches. All I can think is that they somehow have never had a good ripe one.

    My usual breakfast this time of year is similar to this recipe, without the baking. I simply slice up a peach in a bowl, top with regular oatmeal (uncooked), then a sprinkling of granola (TJ’s granola with ginger. almonds and cashews goes especially well). Some days I add blueberries. Yum!

    We have traveled to both Scotland and Australia in the past couple of years. You can’t go wrong either way!

  53. My husband was out of work for three months and it was scary but also nice to have extra help, as you said. My house was never cleaner! Haha. And I loooove this simple peach recipe. Swoooon! I just bought 15 lbs of local Missouri peaches (obsession!) bc they were on sale for $0.99 per Lb!

  54. Kelly

    Going to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches!!! Looks delicious…Is it just me, or is this recipe not able to be zip listed or FBooked? I am not seeing the link for either…bummer because I want to save it…help…thanks in advance.

  55. Zoe

    Arrgh…I’m booked in for a c-section when you’re here in the UK, isn’t that just typical. You follow a blog for years and years, sing its praises to everyone in the entire universe, and then when there’s actually a chance to meet you and get all blushy and tongue tied, there’s no chance I’ll actually be able to make it.

    Oh well, I will have to console myself with peaches…

    1. deb

      Zoe — And a delicious tiny baby! (And hopefully a speedy recovery.) :)

      Kelly — All the bookmarking options are at the bottom of the recipe, before the comments begin. If you click on “Bookmark,” a window will open listing all of the places that it can quick-bookmark to.

  56. The hard thing is finding good peaches in the grocery store. Sometimes they have no flavor and when you’re in a place where peaches are not local that’s a problem, but when a peach is good, there’s nothing better. A UK book tour…how wonderful for you.

  57. Sarahb1313

    Yes, Deb, you may go on about peaches. While the summer has brought many oohs and ahhs over my crisp, i still crave fabulous ways to do fruit. Reminicient of my baked apples… Is it really that time already??

    This looks perfect. And I believe I will be applying this to all my fruit.


  58. Ale

    I love peaches too! Please, please keep posting peach recipes!
    If you want to try a northern Italian classic, stuff the peaches with chocolate and amaretti. I can post the recipe if people are interested.

  59. esmee

    Wow….Deb, you never fail to stop me in my tracks! I found a bag full of apples ready for pie or crisp in the freezer last night and they’re going in the oven w this Nigel topping (don’t you just love the name Nigel? I hope you meet a lot of Nigels on your GB tour :) …. But never one to leave well enough alone, I’m on my way out the door in search of peaches! yeah… I couldn’t resist the oats thing either. It’s a Yankee thing, I think…..

  60. I am so excited you are coming to Abergavenny(where I live!!), I have read your blog for years and couldn’t believe it when I saw the programme for the food festival I have bought my ticket can’t wait! Plus the food fest is a weekend of food fabulousness!

  61. Elaine

    Peaches are not my favorite fruit, because too often I am disappointed by their looks (in peaches, as in life). However your Peach Pecan-Sandy Crumble is magnificent (even made with top-quality frozen peaches), and so, if your Almond-Crisped Peaches are equally wonderful, then you’re being unfair to all the other peach recipe providers in the world. And I’m entirely in favor of it.

  62. amy

    I love peaches toooo! My daughters and i canned white peaches this week and then made 3 batches of jam with the extras, it was such a sweet surprise because the jam turned out pink, its beautiful.. i love looking at it and i don’t think i’ll ever let anyone eat it!

  63. This looks simply amazing! I can’t wait to try it after making your peach pancakes in the cookbook, they were a Huge hit with the family… I’m sure this will be too. So happy to have simple, healthy recipes that are relevant to the fruit that is in abundance right now! Peaches, my favorite.

  64. I will make this tonight if I get a chance to pick up some more peaches. They’re really great this year.

    More importantly, congrats on your UK trip. Please come back and keep cooking and writing.

  65. Perfect! Thank you! My fruit CSA (which is a bulk arrangement) was supposed to give me 20 pounds of peaches this week. Apparently, though, because their nectarines ripened early, they added next week’s 10 pounds of nectarines. So now I have 30 lbs of fruit ripening. I have 10 lbs on for jam (I think I’ll add another 5) and will use the remainder for desserts. I’ll try this for tonight’s dinner guests. Thanks.

  66. Beth

    Well, I was debating whether I should pick more peaches with my stretch off from work this week…now it is decided. 2 pecks went awfully quickly last time, between your peach butter, fresh eating, some for the freezer, and the peach pecan sandy crumble that I brought to a family reunion. (It was a hit but we got there late so about half remained at the end…all the better, as I squirreled it away and proceeded to eat it for breakfast/in my oatmeal the next three days!).

    I love apple season, but there’s something about the fleeting nature and delicacy of peaches that makes them that much more priceless…and thus, I am in no rush for apple season to cut in. It’s already started here in upstate NY.

  67. Bridigt

    Deb, when your list of “overused” ingredients is that diverse and vegetal, I’m pretty sure you’re safe. I find it interesting that you didn’t include peanut butter or choclate… Didn’t want to admit it, or there’s no such thing as overuse of those ingredients?

  68. The only thing I would add would be a touch of vanilla extract or almond extract. Both are SO good with fresh peaches and almonds. Thanks for the great recipe.

  69. laura

    super big thanks for posting the instructions for those of us without food processors! although reading your recipes always makes me want to buy one….le sigh of the underpaid interns with expensive cooking habits :)

  70. JanetP

    I got Ripe for Christmas and I thought I read it all, and I lovelovelove peaches, and yet I don’t remember this at all! Thank you. I just got my third enormous case of peaches today and have your peach cupcakes first on the list to make, as a cake. This may be second.

  71. JackieD

    Wow. 1500+ for zucchin?! Well, this site is where I’ll direct anyone, ever, for zucchini recipes should they ask. Who’d have thought?

  72. Lisa


    Just made these using nectarines and they were yummy! Please tell me where you got that beautiful grey kitchen towel? Have a terrific trip!

  73. I am loving peaches this summer and not ready for fall at all! This dessert looks amazing- often the recipes made with simple, fresh ingredients end up being the best, don’t they?

    I’ve been meaning to buy your cookbook for a while now, and I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw it at Costco this morning. I’ve just begun reading it while the kids are napping and there are so many recipes that I can’t wait to try. I’m heading to the kitchen now to make up a batch of your big cluster granola, and I plan to make your apple cake tomorrow because we are having dinner guests. Congratulations on such a stunning book! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us home cooks!

  74. Carissa

    You can’t come the UK and not visit beautiful Scotland! Glasgow is a great food town and we would love to have you here. Please add a date or two up north, if possible.

  75. Martha in KS

    I’ve gained 6 lbs. in the last two months. When I go to the doctor next week & she raises her eyebrows, I’ll give her a one word explanation – PEACHES. I’ve baked crisps and upside down cake, and eaten many peaches out of hand. No guilt here. There are pounds of peaches to eat before they’re gone until next year.

  76. jmarie3

    this was great! i used brown sugar and did the cinnamon & oatmeal add-ons. so good! i will be making this again, like maybe next weekend!

  77. Lisa

    These were AWESOME! I used brown sugar, and a hand chopper for the almonds. Loce your website, love your cookbook! Many thanks for all the awesome recipes.

  78. We can’t grow peaches this far north in Vermont but we have been selling some insanely fabulous peaches from south of us in our farmstand. One can definitely not have too many peach recipes! or tomato for that matter.

  79. Rita

    I used your recipe as inspiration. I used nectarines, sprinkled the halves with cinnamon and course sugar. Then due to the fact that I didn’t have any almonds in the house I used rolled oats, brown sugar and butter for the topping. It was the perfect dessert after a failed dinner. Thank you for the inspiration.

  80. holy crap. these look heavenly. peaches are amazing in colorado right now. perhaps I need to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning and head to the farmers market so I can make these this weekend!

  81. Kat

    I’m almost mad at you for posting this so late in peach season, at least on the east coast – if I’d had this on hand six weeks ago, no lie, I would have been making these EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND. I just tried them with light brown sugar, rolled oats, cinnamon, and salt – and topped with a tiny bit of Greek yogurt, which surprisingly works! – and I’m unreasonably certain I’ve died and gone to heaven. ARGH these are so amazing!

  82. Peaches are my favorite summer fruit! I can’t wait to give this a go.

    I wish your UK tour included branching out to other parts of Europe! I would love to see you in Vienna!

  83. Alice

    Coming to the UK three weeks after I leave the country? Oh, cruel world! My copy of the cookbook is already tattered, from half a year of constant usage, so I guess it might actually be good you never see it…

    Otherwise, this looks DELICIOUS, and I’ll have to make it before I leave the country – there is so much demerara sugar in my house, and peaches are my husband’s favourite.

  84. betsyohs

    Just made this last night (no oats, no salt because I forgot to add it, no cinnamon) – it’s amazing. I got about 1/2 inch of the most amazing juice/broth in the bottom of my dish. I made enough to have extra peaches for today, but the juice is all gone, so I’m thinking I’ll have to make this again tomorrow.

  85. pam

    These look FANTASTIC! How about this idea…putting a spoonful of cream cheese in the hollow of the peach before you pat on the topping? That would almost be a cheesecake without all the fuss! I will definitely be trying this recipe!

  86. Susi

    Okay, I will apologize in advance for posting something irrelevant to this incredibly delicious looking Peach Crisp (which I swear I will try later this week). I read something online about a craze taking over a NYC bakery (Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan’s SoHo) and of course the first person I think of is you, Deb! What is a Cronut and how do I make one myself? Please Deb… I am a native New Yorker, and the thought of missing out on this because no one else knows how to make them outside of NYC, is killing me! If anyone can achieve this, it’s you!

    1. deb

      Dublin, Scotland — Oh, I wish I could go. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I don’t have a lot of say in where I go, it’s really all about the publishers and where they think there will be the most interest (not that they’re always correct). But, I forwarded the requests here on, and I’m sure they’re reading along too.

      Susi — I have never tried one (no interest in waiting on line at 4am for something that sounds so over the top) but a lot of websites have recipes for them now. None the authentic ones (his cookbook will be out next fall, no doubt) but the same idea — i.e. a deep-fried doughnut shaped croissant rolled in sugar, glazed, then filled with whatever the flavor of the month is. Google away and you will find many.

  87. Amy

    I had one peach in the house, sitting alone in a deep black bowl. Somehow I’d forgotten to eat it at lunch. So I made the recipe and my husband and I each had a half – really delicious and so elegant looking! I think I may try to do plums the same way (maybe a bit less baking time?) and serve each person a half of each. I had some peach schnapps that I brushed on the peach-mmm.

  88. maggielyn

    This is SO timely…. with Frog Hollow (organic) and Pence peaches that are available on the west coast this time of year. They are picked at a higher brix scale than the average peach crops and are AMAZING! Huge, perfect, sweet and juicy. They travel home in one layer to be stored stem down on several layers of towels on a plate on the counter!!!!!! Can you tell I worship them? I can’t wait to try this recipe!!!!! Though I have to travel east … across the sound…. to get them! Tomorrow!

  89. Laura

    I can’t wait to make this recipe! I am 34 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes – this peach recipe and your nectarine mascarpone tart are two desserts that I can still have while watching my sugar and carbs (by my calculations, each serving has approximately 30 grams of carbs). There are many, many desserts I can’t have right now (hello, cake), so thank you very much for posting this and satisfying my sweet tooth.

  90. Nath

    Hi Deb,

    Sorry to see that there is no detour to Dublin scheduled (by the way. I saw your book in my local library the other day!). Have a great time in the UK.

  91. K Watt

    yet another winner…made these with your mods last night and my husband (who thinks all desserts should be chocolate) raved…will be trying this with pears when the seasons change in note so distinct future (weep). ….

  92. MelissaN

    I have to thank you double — We had some friends over last night for dinner, and we had your rice-stuffed tomatoes AND these peaches for dessert. :) So good! Got lots of compliments, especially on the peaches! Thanks for the great idea for a gluten free dessert that’s simple and lovely!

  93. Thanks! We had this for dessert last night and it was delicious. Being only 2 of us we just baked up a single peach worth and froze the rest of the topping for other nights. Also, warm with vanilla ice cream is wonderful.

  94. Brenen

    I made these last night for my birthday dinner, along with your rice-stuffed tomatoes (second time I’ve made those this week). I’m having a leftover peach right now, and it’s just as tasty cold as it is warm!

  95. Jane

    I was pre-heating the oven for this when the element in the bottom of the oven broke and started making scary crackling noises and sparks! Although I considered just standing there and eating the topping raw, which I could have easily and happily done, we instead baked them on a small cookie sheet on our gas grill (along side the salmon that was also supposed to be destined for the oven.) They were fantastic! I love the idea of skipping the slicing and the portion size is perfect. Now off to research replacement oven parts….

  96. Mai

    I don’t know how whenever I need to use up something the first thing I see on your website is always the perfect solution. Have 3 gorgeous peaches I need to do something with and this made my night. So tempted to turn on the oven and make them right now because obviously this would be a perfect midnight snack but I suppose I’ll be good and wait til morning.

  97. Susanne

    Last night I made these peaches with walnuts instead of almonds and with the oatmeal: lovely! My peaches were smaller then the ones you used I think though, because with the amount of topping the recipe makes I could fill 6 peaches. Not that’s a bad thing, now I’m having more of this peachy delight tonight. I ate mine with French quark. The contrast between hot and cold, soft and crunchy, sweet and sour is soooo good!

  98. My goodness, this sounds ever so lovely. Peaches! Almondy sugary crispy! Despite never having made a fruit crisp before, this one sounds utterly doable. (My husband has made some nice crisps, but they tend to have more of a ‘sandy’ quality rather than ‘crumby’, if you know what I mean)

  99. Yum So great, really great when the ingredients are already in the fridge! We had just picked up some local peaches(thanks sis!)I’m supposed to be taking it easy so they made dinner and I was able to add this delicious dessert in about 10 seconds !
    I only had yogurt, which was good… ice cold ice cream on the sizzly crunchy topping would make it unbelievable
    Thanks !

  100. Sylvia

    Made these last night for a dinner party – they were perfect! Made with no alterations (uncommon in our household) and came out perfect – excellent with ice cream! Thanks for sharing!

  101. Dessertsmything

    Wow!! Terrific recipe. Even enjoyed this dessert for breakfast with a scoop of plain yogurt and a drizzle of honey!

  102. Elsa

    This looks amazing, I might try to make it with UK peaches. Please come up to Edinburgh! I almost made it to your signing in NY when I went home for Christmas last year, but just missed you!

  103. Michelle

    Yum! We found that we were out of oats, so we used unseasoned panko bread crumbs instead — they have a pretty neutral taste and a nice crunch. It worked pretty well. But the peaches themselves were the best part!

  104. Laura

    Do you think it would be okay to make the topping one or two days in advance and then put the whole thing together and bake the day of serving? My mom is thinking of serving these as dessert on Rosh Hashanah (yes, it’s non-traditional, but my family also does a Rosh Hashanah barbeque…) and wants to prep as much in advance as possible.

  105. Hillary B

    I was a little disappointed in this recipe. I did not have oats, so omitted them. I felt like the topping didn’t really stay together during baking and the peaches just cooked in a buttery liquid and had some almond bits on top. It was still plenty good with a scoop of ice cream, but nothing special.

  106. Ale

    For esmee: here is my recipe for stuffed peaches “alla piemontese.” I never exactly tested the measurements though because it is a traditional recipe and I tend to change it a bit every time…

    Peal one peach, purée it and reserve. Halve and pit six peaches. Scoop out some pulp from the cavity of each peach and add it to the reserved pulp. In a skillet, melt 2 tbsp. of butter, add the peach purée and 3 tsp. of sugar. Cook on low heat for a few minutes until it starts caramelizing. Let it cool off, then make the filling. In a bowl, mix the peach purée with 2 egg yolks, 3 tsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder, 6 or 7 crushed amaretti di Saronno, and 1 tbsp. grated chocolate (you can add more sugar if using bittersweet chocolate). If you are making the dessert for grown-ups, add rum and/or Marsala (up to 2 tbsp. of each but be careful that the filling doesn’t become too liquid: you can add more amaretti if that happens). Butter a baking dish, fill the peaches with the chocolate-amaretti mixture and bake at 325 degrees for about 45 minutes. Buon appetito! :)

  107. I made these yesterday after receiving some peaches from my in-laws’ tree and they were a hit! I tried various variations with the original filling and Deb’s modified version, adding plum brandy or Chambourd. Frankly, the versions with liquor were barely yummier than the unadulterated ones, so I may omit that next time…for there will be a next time!

  108. Becky

    Hi Deb
    I made this over the weekend for my mother-in-law’s birthday and it was a huge hit! We had been cooking dinner all afternoon, so I almost skipped out on making the dessert but am so glad that I made it! I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how impressed everyone was with it. Fellow readers, if you haven’t made it yet, MAKE IT, it is DELICIOUS and will have your guests thoroughly impressed. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  109. christina

    Made these tonight but added homemade graham crackers (a freebie from work) to the crust and topped with mascarpone whipped w a little vanilla sugar. out of this world.

  110. Lisa

    Have been having a sweet craving all day. Not to mention, Labor Day is just 5 days away and I haven’t had my fill of peaches this Summer. I have two peaches in the fruit bowl and decided this is a good mid-week dessert?! Right? Also, a great recipe for peaches is Paula Dean’s Peach Cobbler. So good! It tastes like Summer. Thanks for the recipe.

  111. Susan

    Never…never… apologize for using fruit/ vegetable …anything in season/ local…
    Over and over again…
    Remember…winter is just around the corner!!

  112. just_b

    This! was! so! wonderful! and easy to do too! Just had these delicious peaches with my friends from France and we all loved it. Though it was way too late to start cooking someone had just started a risotto(!) and I rembered this recipe for a dessert. In the late late evening we sat there all spellbound from the taste of amaretto, of peach and marzipan, of summer. Thank you Deb.

    PS: the pulsing technique made the difference when it came to mix in the butter.

  113. Chiara

    Just took these out of the oven and the overflow at the bottom of the baking dish is like liquid candy!!! Can’t wait to actually try a peach!

  114. I have been a lurker for many, many years. In fact, I just made your cocoa brownies for my husband who loves them, because “they are chewy”. I’m delurking because I see you are coming over to Bath, where I live! I shall be there beaming, because, you are just awesome, Deb, and it will be a pleasure to hear you talk about your book and your love of cooking!

  115. Taylor

    Made this today to follow pork ribs and in love! I used ready made oatmeal instead of rolled oats and I finely chopped some mixed that i had as opposed to almond flour. I haven’t made the original way yet but this recipe gives you a lot of room to play with what’s in your pantry!

  116. Libby

    My husband has voted this his favorite dessert EVER. I’ve made it 3 times and we’ve decided definitely brown sugar. Used rolled oats every time, pecans twice (because of what was in the pantry), almonds once, organic cane sugar once, brown sugar twice. Loved it every time, opinions divided on pecans vs almonds. Had to double the recipe for the teenagers because they all wanted two.

  117. Thea

    I ended up making these for a BBQ…I was looking for something summery, sweet, fast and easy (with a toddler constantly climbing on me, complex or delicate recipes are impossible). These were perfect, and they were a huge hit! Thank you!

    I ended up pairing them with with a homemade cinnamon whipped cream instead of putting the cinnamon in the crisp, and it worked really well…especially as they were sitting outside under an umbrella for a couple hours, where ice cream would have just melted (I kept the bowl of whipped cream nestled in a bowl of ice). Thought you might like to know the tip.

  118. Amy

    Made this for a Labor Day gathering last night. I assembled the crisp topping (with oatmeal & cinnamon) at home, then cut the peaches, topped, and baked at my friends’. Since one of the guest couples keeps kosher, I used a vege margarine–it was perfect!

    Ale, I’ve copied your recipe too. Can’t wait to make it!

  119. Candace

    Amazing recipe! I made this last night with some lovely peaches from the farm…added a bit of nutmeg in addition to the cinnamon. I only had slivered almonds but it worked great in the food processor. I also only had instant steel cut oats which was fine since they added lovely texture and crunch. Served them with coconut milk vanilla ice cream for dessert and had them again this morning for breakfast with greek yogurt and honey. This is definitely an easy recipe that will become a staple in my repetoire. Great for entertaining too. Do you know if I can use this mixture with other fruits, like apples, as fall arrives?

  120. Jennie

    This was the best thing I have ever done to peaches!! I had two babies hanging off me when I made it…and I had blanched slivered almonds on hand…so I skipped the food processor and added a few oats and ended up making more this morning! It was so simple and amazing. I’m going to try it with plums.

  121. Caroline

    Deb – this is my first comment ever but have been an avid reader for years! I saw it as a sign though that I’ve just read about your UK book tour (you’re visiting Bath which is only 30 min’s on the train from me!) AND that I actually saw your book recommended/advertised in ‘Woman & Home’ magazine at my car garage on Monday (had to do a double take!) must mean that I should stop lurking =D
    Am going to get myself booked in for Bath right now – will Master Jacob be your guest star/side kick? You’ll probably sell some extra books if he does appear ;-) You’ll love Bath – lots of places to eat/drink nice things (H&W deserves a visit)!

    1. deb

      Caroline — Thank you! I hope we get to meet. No Jacob this trip. We tried it on an earlier leg of the book tour (Chicago) but it was kind of a disaster. He misses preschool, which he loves so much, and of course I cannot watch him if I’m working/running around a lot and my husband is at a new job and cannot take off and… it’s too complicated. So, this week my husband is away and I’m solo parenting, and in a week or so, I will exact my revenge. :)

  122. Kbee

    I made these last night. My favorite peach recipe yet. I love it because the integrity of the peach remains whole :). And it’s like a cookie on top of a peach, but of course the sum of the parts are greater than the components! I have the remainders of half a bushel of peaches and I think I might make these every night! I grinded the oats with the almonds (oops!) and added nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon, a little extra butter to help those ground oats stick. Simple and delicious!

  123. Shannon

    These are in the oven for the second time right now :)

    We have used brown sugar both times and it adds a wonderful flavor. Instead of almond we have used flour and it works perfect. Just saw someone say use nutmeg instead of cinnamon…we’ll try that next time! Adding some ice cream when they are done cooking! :)

    Thank you for the simple, yummy recipe. So great to cut in half for 2 people!

  124. knifegirl

    UK book tour…I hope you’re still pinching yourself! If you get a chance to hang with Nigel, please, please tell us all about it.

  125. I finally made this almond peach crisp and it was a Big hit! I used sweet cinnamon butter instead of plain butter and cinnamon, I absolutely love the simplicity of this recipe and all of your recipes. My sister gave me the Smitten kitchen cookbook for my birthday so I am trying new recipes everyday. One of favorites so far is the spaghetti squash tacos!

  126. Kimberly

    These look fantastic. And I just have to say, I made your peach dumplings last night, for dessert with the in-laws. They were seriously the best dessert I’ve ever had. I spent the entire hour-long car ride home thinking about them and wishing there were leftovers!

  127. Rebecca

    I made these last night with some Colorado peaches we picked up this week. I used brown sugar and used the oatmeal option. Yum! We brought them to a game night and the reviews were wonderful.

    Thanks for the recipe and ideas.

  128. Amy

    Oh! Butteries, also known as rowies, are a bit of an Aberdeen specialty. They are not good for you and they are not subtle, but served warm with a bit of jam they are utterly delicious. It is like the best cross of a croissant and biscuit (a southern American type biscuit, not a British cookie), just a bit salty and a bit flaky and utterly wonderful. They do not look impressive in the least. They are one of those things that you will find the tame versions of in the grocery store, but the very best versions of from tiny bakeries hidden away on side streets.

  129. Shannon

    I made this when it was first posted and fell in love with it – and of course resolved to put the topping on everything ever. First in the lineup: miniature pies (your all butter crust in muffin tins, one pan with peach filling and one with apple) with almondy deliciousness instead of a top crust. totally wonderful, and the butter in the crust lets them pop right out of the pan. I wish I could figure out how to post a picture somewhere people will see it, they’re adorable!

  130. Kim

    Just made this exactly as written… heavenly! I now have peach crisp with Greek yogurt set for breakfast every day this week. My company provides fresh fruit for us every day and being the frugal soul that I am, I carry home all the too-ripe offerings, which this week included some lovely peaches. Thus, I have a week’s breakfast with no out-of-pocket expense, only what is already in my pantry. Thanks Deb!

  131. Amazing recipe! I made this last night with some lovely peaches from the farm…added a bit of nutmeg in addition to the cinnamon. I only had slivered almonds but it worked great in the food processor. I also only had instant steel cut oats which was fine since they added lovely texture and crunch. Served them with coconut milk vanilla ice cream for dessert and had them again this morning for breakfast with greek yogurt and honey. This is definitely an easy recipe that will become a staple in my repetoire. Great for entertaining too

  132. Laura

    Just tried this recipe and failed miserably :(
    The peaches were mushy and the crisp wasn’t crisp.
    I suspect that the peaches I used were too ripe.

  133. Made this today to follow pork ribs and in love! I used ready made oatmeal instead of rolled oats and I finely chopped some mixed that i had as opposed to almond flour

  134. There is absolutely nothing better than peaches and almonds. I’ve always added a bit of almond extract to my peach crisps. It’s also wonderful in homemade whipped cream. So yummy.

  135. Heather

    This was great! I think next time I’ll use brown sugar instead of white to give it that classic crisp taste, but I loved that you can just make a small portion if you only have yourself to feed!

  136. Tamar

    This was so amazing!! I made it with plums, which gave it a wonderful tartness. I found I needed much less baking time (about 25 minutes) and that after they had cooled a bit, they kind of deflated. Not as pretty as yours, but really, really delicious.

  137. Thank goodness for baking fruit. If we did not have this technique I think I would hate stone fruit! I alsio like to simmer peaches in boubon and serve them cold in syrupo with ice cream. This is such a comforting recipe, no wonder you cooked it!

  138. T

    A quarter recipe makes a super quick dessert for two if you already have the oven on for dinner. Used the microplane zester I already had out to grate the butter into the almond meal/ sugar and then mixed with fingertips. Turned the oven off after 45 minutes and left to run errands and returned to delicious peaches.

  139. Ellen

    Two ripe peaches sitting on the counter became an easy, scrumptious dessert. Hot peaches, butter almond crumble, topped with Greek yogurt flavored with vanilla and a bit of sugar – one hour later, fresh deliciousness. I will be making these again soon, and for company!

  140. El

    Seems like the peach equivalent of a baked apple. Very nice. Thank you for showing me this. As I must be the only person in the world without a food processor, I am wondering if I could use almond butter? Especially if I use the oats? Anyway I’m going to try it.

    On another subject — Deb, I read your blog to relax and because I can taste the food in my head as I read. I recognize the need for advertising to help you keep this baby going. I love, love, love your blog. But have you looked at the ads that are being run here? I read through your luscious or amusing or interesting posts and go through the recipe and (as I am attempting to read all your blogs in order or I like to look at the comments) I scroll past the ad. A big swollen red toe on someone’s foot with the header — 4 Stages to a Heart Attack (in bold). Or there was the one with the lady with the witch face. And then I suddenly don’t feel like making your luscious recipe any more. And I was looking forward to making the peaches, but now I am trying not to think about food any more. Anyway could you possibly get ads that at least do not take away ones appetite? Ones for kitchen stuff or for food or even to get me to eat my vegetables (wait! I do that already) would be better.

    Please, pretty please?

    1. deb

      We don’t have total control over the ads that show. Many have to do with what you’ve previously viewed — such a medical sites or political sites — and what you see may not be what others do. We do the best to get the most relevant tasteful ads we can and remove offensive ones (such as this, should I see it) but beyond that, not having ads is not an option. Keep letting me know if there are bad ones and we’ll pluck them out if possible.

  141. RK

    I’ve been making this recipe since it was first posted. Recently I switched to using coconut oil, coconut sugar+brown sugar and ground oatmeal & granola
    with same delicious results.

    1. Katy

      I used all of the extras on top of white peaches. Did anyone else have their peach halves slip their skins during baking? I peeked in the oven and laughed a bit as they looked like they had dropped their knickers.

      Delicious. Absolutely lovely, and so very easy. This is like your peach galette but even easier, which is really saying something!

  142. rebecca

    This has to me my favorite food blog, I could spend hours looking through all of your posts.. These look Divine!

    Unfortunately at the moment I’m restricted to a low FODMAP diet.. do you think this recipe would work well with strawberries or blueberries?? Would there be something I could do to help with extra moisture??

  143. Sara

    This recipe is so quick and simple and uses many ingredients I already had on-hand.
    I love the addition of the salt, I would highly recommend that!
    For what it’s worth, our peaches cooked in the oven in only 30 minutes.

  144. Oh man, is this good (AND easy). Thank you Deb for a unique but very easy dessert that can be made in advance (baked while eating main course) Or, can be eaten an hour after being done baking and still nice and warm. I used the Brandy (no brainer!), marcona almonds, brown sugar, and a sprinkling of maldon salt, but no oatmeal. I used 2 large farmstand peaches but did not halve the almond mixture, it was actually the perfect amount of topping for two large peaches, I don’t feel like it would have been enough for 4 big peaches. Yummy, easy, and fast–peach heaven! Thanks

  145. Samantha Pohler

    I made it with maple syrup instead of sugar, added shredded coconut, used the cinnamon and salt, and also added a touch of cardamom. I baked with 1/2 the time covered to keep the maple syrup from making the whole thing too toasty/burnt. They turned out great!

  146. Jennifet

    I make this every time the Georgia peach truck rolls through Mn and I order too much! This time my kids made ir-so that was fun. I skipped the almonds this time because my kids arent fans, and increased the oats…also Im doing a Whole30 so I made my own roasted peaches with olive oil amd salt alongside-so I could join in too!

  147. Wynnepeg

    I recently added a crumbled homemade oatmeal, coconut and pecan cookie on top of sliced fresh peaches in individual baking dishes. Baked at 350 until the peaches were bubbling, and topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Vanilla icecream would have been delicious too. It was so fast and simple and similar to this great idea.

  148. Brigitte

    This is so delicious! Easy, looks great when served and scrumptious. Thank you for another great recipe. This will definitely go on my short list of desserts to make in the summer.

  149. So delicious! I opted to add the oats and probably added too much salt (since I like my desserts with a noticeable saltiness to them) also used vegan butter but otherwise cooked as instructed and came out perfectly and simply! The next night we tried it with fresh plums and they were almost better! Will definitely be doing apples in the fall this way. Great, easy dessert that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and gross. This will be in my go-to dessert repertoire from now on! Deb, you are the only person I trust 100% of the time on recipes and you have NEVER failed me. Thank you!

  150. Ilana

    Wow! So easy and impressive for guests. Made it as written using the melted butter/no food processor technique because it’s summer and the living is easy. Worked perfectly!

  151. Claire

    These are just plain delicious and super easy. Made them with gluten free sprouted oats which are kind of tough in natural state but awesome blitzed in food processor. I think the topping would also make a delicious, gluten free cheesecake or tart bottom.

  152. Hi Deb! I just wanted to let you know I have been obsessively making these peaches all summer. One w greek yogurt is heavenly for dessert or breakfast. So easy and wonderful!

    Thank you!

    Do you think you can come to Syracuse, NY if you take the new cookbook on tour?

    All the best!


  153. Sarah

    How lovely!
    Since almonds give me migraines, I used hazelnuts with Demerara sugar. I planned to top this with creme fraiche, but it was too far gone. I was too lazy to whip cream, so I topped it with sour cream.
    And we were very, very happy.

  154. Essss

    Love this recipe! Both as written and, in the fall (and just this evening) using apples and pears. Thanks as always for the amazing go-tos!