too many egg whites?

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for egg yolks by the half-dozen but doesn’t help you find a home for all of those extra egg whites? One thing you can do with them is to freeze them until you find yourself making an egg white-demanding recipe, but if you’re more impatient than that, here are some Smitten Kitchen recipes that call for whites, not yolks: Spingy Fluffy Marshmallows, Mom’s Chocolate Chip Meringues, Mixed Berry Pavlova, 7-Minute Frosting, Chewy Amaretti Cookies, Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts, Hazelnut Brown Butter Cake, Pink Lady Cake, Almond Raspberry Layer Cake and, of course, in droves, Swiss Meringue Buttercream. [I’ll update this post as we produce more egg white focused recipes.]

Need even more inspiration? Check out David Lebovitz’s suggested uses for extra egg whites. Now get whisking!

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20 comments on too many egg whites?

  1. Ok, here’s a weird twist on that. Say I want to make angel food cake, which calls for something insane like 12 egg WHITES. What do I do with all those yolks? I could make ice cream to go with the cake, but I’ve never seen an ice cream recipe call for more than 4-5 yolks. I don’t think the yolks will freeze… or will they?

  2. brendalynn

    Yay! I love that this post exists, thank you very much! Leftover egg whites from tonight’s leek & swiss chard tart = mom’s chocolate chip merengue cookies.

  3. Petra

    Me, too , had the problem of having too many yolks left over. Any other suggestions what to do with them besides ice-cream?

  4. Vrushali

    How about Spaghetti Carbonara with extra egg yellows? May be the sauce could be well frozen. Haven’t tried but with Deb’s so many frozen tricks working, don’t see any reason for this to fail.

  5. Jacque

    I have the opposite problem…I can’t find a use for my extra egg yolks! I make egg white omelets and always have extra yolks. Please help!

  6. Kylee

    You can freeze yolks, it helps if there is either salt or sugar added – 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1-1/2 teaspoons of sugar or corn syrup with every four yolks you freeze to inhibit their becoming gelatinous.

  7. MaryM

    Extra egg yolks? Make homemade mayonnoise. It’s easier than pie, especially when made in a food processor. Put the oil in that tube thingy in the top and it will drip out in the perfect tiny stream without your having to hold it or measure your pouring. Or, going the other way, when I have wanted a richer, tighter mayonnaise and don’t have the (little bit of) time to make it, I add a yolk to store-bought mayonnaise and whisk it in. Almost as good as homemade!

    1. jjjeanie

      extra yolks: custard, lemon curd, enrich any egg dish
      extra whites: suspiros (it means “sighs” in Spanish) and is kinda like a meringue cookie)
      I actually have a Word doc to keep track of what to do with extra of both!

  8. C

    Re yolks, you can add an extra yolk for every 2 or so eggs in scrambled eggs. I’ve also seen articles about curing them but haven’t tried it yet.

  9. Victoria Bryhan

    I’m making Maida Heatter’s meringue mushrooms today for a friend who is gluten free. The top and bottom of the mushroom is stuck together with melted chocolate and the cocoa dusting helps them look real.

  10. quizzykidcom

    This is a great list! I frequently have too many egg whites left over and can only every think of meringue. I’ll definitely try out some of the recipes you suggest. Wanted to add that I have come across another idea which is egg-white-omlettes. Thought you might like to add a savory option.