chocolate pudding pie

A lot of times, a recipe comes with a story, and if you’re even luckier, it’s a good one. There are dishes that remind you of something your mama used to cook and unforgettable meals at far-flung restaurants that demand recreating in your own kitchen and fresh stuff that looked so pretty at the market, you had to come home and have your way with it.

draped pie doughchocolate puddingwhipping creamwhipped cream topping

This is not any of those times. I don’t have a good story about why I had to make a chocolate pudding pie this weekend or why you should before your weekend is done and gone, and I at first felt bad about this until I realized that at 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant not that anyone is counting or anything one does not need a good reason to make chocolate pudding pie — they are the definition of one. Because did you read the part about the chocolate? And pudding? And pie? I did. I saw those three words together on last week and had I been craving chocolate pudding before then? No. Did I know I was fixing for some pie? Nope. Did I have a good reason to make it? Well, not exactly, but I promise you, if you make chocolate pudding pie, the people will come.

chocolate pudding pie

Though you might have to then share it with them, which is inconvenient when you realize how good it tastes. It may not bring out the magnanimity in you (I at first typed “magnitude” but, well, that’s just too easy) but you’ll be relieved to know that as far as pies this pretty go, this one is particularly easy to make: a quick-baked shell filled with an even speedier homemade chocolate pudding and smothered with a generous helping of fresh whipped cream. It’s even easier to eat, but I suppose that goes without saying, even if you’re not the pregnant-est person in New York right now.

chocolate pudding pie, under attack
chocolate pudding pie

Want to make chocolate pudding, but hold the pie shell? Here ya go!

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Chocolate Pudding Pie
Adapted from Gourmet

One of my favorite things about this — besides the whole CHOCOLATE and PUDDING and PIE thing — is the way that despite its all-id, kid-like nature, this pie is surprisingly unsweet and not heavy. There’s barely a half cup of sugar in the whole she-bang and the lack of excessive richness (it’s a milk and cornstarch pudding, not a weighty egg yolk and cream custard) makes for something you can easily crave on a hot summer day, although you’ve already been warned that that craving may strike without warning.

One half-recipe of All Butter, Really Flaky Pie Dough, wrapped and chilled for at least 30 minutes

Pudding filling:
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar, divided
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 cups whole milk
4 ounces bittersweet chocolate (not more than 60% cacao), finely chopped
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 cup chilled heavy cream

Bittersweet chocolate shavings for garnish (optional)

Prepare pie dough: Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface with a lightly floured rolling pin into an 11-inch round, then fit into a 9-inch pie plate. Trim edge, leaving a 1/2-inch overhang, then fold overhang under and crimp edge decoratively. Prick bottom and side of shell all over with a fork, then chill shell 30 minutes. While shell chills, preheat oven to 375°F with a baking sheet on middle rack. Line shell with foil and fill with pie weights*.

Bake on baking sheet until pastry is set and edge is pale golden, about 25 minutes. Carefully remove weights and foil, then bake shell on baking sheet until pale golden all over, 15 to 20 minutes more. Cool shell.

Make pudding filling: Whisk together cornstarch, 1/3 cup sugar, cocoa powder, and salt in a 2-quart heavy saucepan, then gradually whisk [tips alert!] in milk. Bring to a boil over medium heat, whisking constantly, then boil, whisking, two minutes (mixture will thicken). Remove from heat and whisk in chocolate and vanilla until smooth.

Pour filling into cooled shell and chill, its surface covered with wax paper (if you want to prevent a skin from forming), until cold, at least two hours.

Just before serving, beat cream with remaining two tablespoons sugar until it just holds soft peaks. Spoon onto pie and garnish with bittersweet chocolate shavings, if you’re feeling fancy.

Do ahead: Pie dough can be made and chilled up to two days. Pie, without whipped cream, can be chilled up to one day before serving. Whipped cream is best added at the last minute, however, I did find that ours held up surprisingly well for a day (so far), if you feel like winging it.

* Detour! This is where I admit that I for reasons both lengthy and boring, I really loathe working with pie weights and use a different technique to blind bake pie and pastry shells. Instead, I freeze my rolled-out shells for 20 to 30 minutes until solid, press a piece of buttered foil, buttered side down, very tightly against the frozen shell and blind bake it according to regular directions. When it is time to remove the weights, I carefully pull back the foil, and press any part of the crust that has bubbled up gently back with the back of a spoon and continue baking the shell. Try it!

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  1. Babs

    Aaah the spoon trick! I thought I was the only person who did that, I also LOATH pie weights with a passion, I bake my pie crusts blind with nothing in them, then half way through I remove from the oven and push down anything that has risen with the back of a hot DRY spoon and then back to the oven for the remaining minutes. People I work with look at me with disgust at times but hey, it’s easier and saves time and you don’t have to fart about with weights.
    I think I will have to make this, it looks delicious!

  2. What is with this pie?! It has been following me like a crazy delicious ghost wherever I go. Kind of like when your parents would buy a certain car and then it suddenly seemed like everyone in town had the same car. Yeah, sort of like that.

    Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try the version of this from the Baked cookbook too. Thanks for the additional nudge!

  3. that looks so perfect. exactly what i want right now even though i have a pile of peaches from north fork that i should also be putting into something. but i need chocolate!

  4. OMG. I am sitting at the computer editing an article on cold-frames, when your chocolate pie comes up on my yahoo reader. What? Can you say distraction? Not fair! Sigh. This looks so good it is killing me. The last chocolate pie I ate was a terribly disappointing slice at a diner that shall remain nameless. Can I whip up the energy to try this out later today? Only time will tell. I know I won’t stop thinking about it now…( having already broken down in looking at your gorgeous photos). I am not sure if I should say thank you or not… but I will. Thank you for leading my mind astray.

  5. Tim

    Looks like a winner… will try this, but going to go with a graham cracker crust… maybe add some ‘mallows and blast with creme brulee torch? Or drizzled with some caramel sauce and pecans?

    1. deb

      Tim — You’d probably love the S’more Pie in the archives!

      Purple Foodie — This link is buried in the recipe, which means that nobody will see it, but I actually added a note about that specific whisk and exactly what I use it for!

      Gabriela — I share with friends. A few live nearby and generally don’t need to be asked twice to come over because I done baked pie again. I had intended to bring this one to a BBQ on Saturday but totally miscalculated how long it would take — not the labor, but the chilling-rolling-chilling-baking and chilling again.

  6. Chocolate pudding is one thing I do remember eating as a kid. My mom is Korean so baked treats and sweets were not part of my diet growing up. Dad could mix a jello pudding pack though. Thank goodness I went to pastry school. I love creme pies of all kind and of course won’t ever eat jello pudding anymore. Love how simple they are.

  7. Aww Deb you look adorable! An awesomecup holder you’ved got there..

    The pie looks delicious. I have a flat whisk just like yours and wondered what special use it has. I still haven’t figured out. What all do you use it for? I just bought it because it looked really cute. hehe

  8. Oh sweet mother of God! The torture! I’ve been cooking like a fiend all summer,(fashion people go on hiatus in August),& inevitably put on 8lbs from making pate sucrée and the like. Just when I think: fashion week is around the summer and I must go on a regime, you go & post the acme of deliciousness…I’m going to be the plumpest fashionista ever! (Not that that is a bad thing per se, but I wld like to fit into my very expensive wardrobe…) LLGxx

  9. Susan

    The chocolate filling sounds like how you would make the pudding version of your hot fudge sauce sort of. I don’t doubt it appealed to you! It works for me too, since I love your hot fudge sauce! I am sold on the pie crust technique (fraisage) that is used in the crust recipe supplied with this recipe on Gourmet. Gads, it makes pie crust easy to handle for those of us thusly challanged..even after all your tutorials, that trick is what made it happen for me.

  10. Oh my. My aunt made chocolate pie for Thanksgiving dessert a couple of years ago. It was overkill, really, after all the Thanksgiving food. But it was sublime. I can still taste it. Might have to have some soon, very soon.

  11. ha! my brother-in-law LOVES chocolate pudding pie. in fact he usually makes one and brings it to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. He’s just not into the cooked fruit pies (or “grown-up” desserts) that are traditional with these holidays. It’s become a family joke. His pie is about as low rent as they come – pre-made crust, box of pudding mix, spray can of whipped cream. Done. Maybe I’ll use this recipe to make him a “real” pudding pie. It would be his best day ever!

  12. This would’ve been the pie I made today had I not been talked out of hosting a BBQ. Apparently our friends (all law students…ugh… this needs to change) are too busy to relax on Labor Day. So here’s my question: What do you do with all the cake and pie you make? Do most of them freeze well?

  13. I can’t believe it! Last night I was thinking about I wanted to make a pie and that I’d never made a chocolate pie… and here you go posting about one! I’m going to go think about winning the lottery now… lol!

  14. Marissa

    I thought there was meringue on top – how do you think it would come out crumbled on top instead of the cream? Looks really yummy and simple. Thanks!

  15. Heidi

    I’ve heard that dry beans make a good pie weight.

    Me and my sister love your site! I loved your graham crackers and pizza crust. I’m going to try this pie sometime soon!

  16. grace

    My dad used to make this all the time with those pre made graham cracker crusts, jell-o instant pudding, cool whip and sprinkles. As delicious as that was, this looks even better.

  17. Bonnie

    I make a chocolate pie that we just love. I’m lazy and just use a large jell-o chocolate pudding and pie filling (cook & serve, not instant). I cook it according to the instructions, then add a jar of marshmallow cream. I pour half into the crust then sprinkle 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips evenly over filling. Then pour the remaining pie filling over the top. After it is cooled I top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The chips inside add a nice surprise and really add to the flavor.

  18. Ooh, what a childhood throwback! I’m so happy you posted this. :) Makes me think of summers when I was a little kid, fresh out of the pool, running around in a damp swimsuit, sucking down mouthfuls of my grandma’s pudding pie between activities. It’s dangerous for me to have it around now, though, because like you said, it’s so easy to eat (which, for me, is code for “I could shovel down the whole thing in a matter of hours.”)

  19. I’m 39 weeks and 3 days and I wish wish wish you were my next door neighbor because I would like to talk end of third trimester life over a piece of chocolate pudding pie. I no longer have the energy to make such a treat myself!

  20. Deb, you read my mind…I’ve been thinking about experiementing and making chocolate pie turnovers. (Kind of like those snack pie things from back in the day, but better.)

  21. Kristen

    Deb, curious if you’ve ever made the Gourmet 2/04 Chocolate Cream Pie (I found it on That is my go-to recipe for this type of pie. It uses a crust made from those delicious “Famous Chocolate Wafers”…it’s absolutely heavenly if you make it with the really good chocolate for the filling….

  22. WHY?? WHY??? Good gosh, WHY? WHY do I just happen to have all the necessary ingredients for this freaking pie in my house RIGHT NOW? I’m supposed to be starting a DIET this week! A fierce detox diet that leaves NO ROOM for CHOCOLATE CREAM PIES!

    I am actually whimpering right now. In between the times when I’m shaking my fist at the universe.

  23. You’ve done it! You’ve de-lurked me! I *had* to tell you how thrilled I am that you used a real pie crust for chocolate pie! Graham cracker crust is tasty, sure, but real crust is the way my grandmother made it :0 Kudos to you!

  24. Ooooh yum! Is it sad that I have no inclination to make anything for dinner but the sight of your post had me wanting to Oh and I will. I’ve got a whole wheat crust in the freezer, and chocolate and cream are pantry items in this household. So yes, we’ll be having pie or at the very least I’ll be having pie LOL.

    You’re looking great by the way.

  25. Wow this pie looks so creamy and heavenly – and TASTY too! I don’t know if I could stop at 1 slice – HONESTLY! Good Wishes to you and a speedy delivery as well!

  26. Di

    Wow – does that look fantastic. Might have to get the hubs to make me a chocolate pudding pie. Why not make it myself, well, I think *I* am the pregnantest person in NYC. 39 weeks today. And I might not last that long!

  27. Amy

    I grew up in texas and there was a chain of restaurants called tippins that had a huge assortment of pies. French silk was my favorite – wonder if this is similar?

  28. Replying to commenter #41: That’s my go-to chocolate pudding pie, too! Although those chocolate wafers are insanely hard to find, and even harder to find when you live in Mexico. (Although I could make Deb’s chocolate wafer cookie recipe and use that as the crust, but that’s too much for me.) Funny that I just realized after reading this post that I don’t NEED the wafers to make an awesome chocolate pudding pie. Maybe I’ll try Maria cookies for the crust instead….

  29. coco

    Cooked chocolate pudding was one of my BIG nine months pregnant cravings (one of the few cravings I had that weren’t broccoli or strawberries!) – I had to make it 3 times before it tasted just right :)

  30. Kim M.

    I have been waiting for you to post something yummy from your holiday weekend menu…I am NOT disapointed!

    I am so excited for you and your upcoming adventure. Since you are 37 weeks and 4 days along, you could go into labor any minute! My first child (a boy) was born 2 weeks early, so make sure you are prepared! :-)

  31. Nicole

    I have made this pie many times, and it is AMAZING. It is definitely a go-to recipe for me on special occasions. I make it with a crumb crust like the Gourmet recipe suggests, but I use chocolate graham crackers instead of chocolate cookies. 100% delish!!!!

  32. This is the third chocolate pie I’ve come across in my ‘browsing’ tonight…..I am thinking it is the ‘Fall is here and all children are back to school – Yee Haw!’ syndrome. Grin….this looks good

  33. Kate

    We always had this pie growing up. It is one of my favs. And once I started making it myself, my mother taught me a something– the chocolate pudding pie cook should always make a tiny individual pie for themselves in a ramekin, to savour later. Because why not?

  34. maire

    I totally made this tonight. I needed to re-stock my baking pantry with cocoa and chocolate anyway… and as someone who’s familiar and comfortable with pie dough in general, the speed with which I could put this together was awesome. I’m headed to a large family vacation next week and plan to make this for them (using the other crust I could get out of the butter crust), as I know it’ll be a crowd pleaser.

    I thought I needed an excuse. Turns out a lazy Monday off from work is reason enough. Once again, thank you, Deb. Your kid sure is in for some good eating.

  35. Jenny

    I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and it’s been fun reading about what you’ve been craving. I seem to have regressed to my grade school diet and live off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pasta (I do sneak a lot of vegetables in with the pasta!) And chocolate pudding–specifically, Kozy Shack chocolate pudding–has been a mainstay. It’s just so good. If I have the energy before this baby comes, I’ll have to try this pie–it looks amazing. Hope you’re feeling good–and enjoy the next couple of weeks!

  36. During my first pregnancy all I craved was pie, Pie, PIE! Fruit pie, cream pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, bring it on, baby.

    Second pregnancy and a bout of gestational diabetes, so – NO PIE. Instead I craved spinach sauteed with garlic, tuna fish sandwiches (couldn’t have too many) and cantaloupe. I hate cantaloupe, but I LOVED it when I was pregnant and the minute I wasn’t pregnant anymore – I hated cantaloupe.

    I still love pie.

  37. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before but I just wanted to say I’m sooo sending my husband to the store to get me ingredients to make this. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I am exactly 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant too. :)

  38. Donna

    I just had to make this tonight. We didn’t even have all the ingredients and it’s labour day so we went to the neighbours’ for different things. It was delicious! And I’m bringing mini versions from the tiny cupcake tins to share at school. This is the best recipe in a while, fantastic pudding.

  39. typically, I don’t care for pie, but chocolate pudding…that’s a different story. if and when I get into baking pies, this one’s the first one on my list.

    love your photos!

  40. Have you been reading the Sweet Potato Queen books?

    This is one good looking pie and, while it might not have a story for you, it does for me. My mother had a long-term gentleman friend way back in my childhood for many years who used to pick up the most wonderful chocolate cream pie before paying her a visit.

    I’ve been baking my piecrust blind that way for years – but you can skip the trouble of the buttered foil. Just freezing the crust will suffice!

  41. Hi, I just cooked and ate this (not all myself, I had guests tonight!!), using your recipe. It was sensational. Kids loved it, guests loved it, hubby loved it and so did I.

    I used milk chocolate (which I think is semi-sweet?? in the US) instead of dark (which is bittersweet – yes? Im in australia and we have white, milk or dark chocolate) and it worked really well – I was using a good quality cocoa which has a very intense flavour and didn’t want it to be too much for the kids.

    Also hubby, being a non-cooking man got thickened cream from the supermarket accidentally, but I whipped that and it actually made a really lovely topping with a similar consistency to the chocolate part. Worked really nicely.

    Loved the pie-crust as well and my guests all want emails with direction to your website.

    Thanks again
    Cait :)

  42. okay, it’s only 6am here in NJ but I am suddenly craving chocolate pudding pie and want some now–those photos look amazing! Also I am soo envious of your status-the 37 weeks+ pregnancy status–i know it sounds crazy, but I am done making babies and now only making desserts, lol, and I miss those times, so happy 4 u!

  43. rich brier

    Milk chocolate in the U.S.A is simply milk chocolate, there is also semi and bittersweet, all different.
    I would be glad to stop over in Australia and bring a bag of each.

  44. I know I came. That pie looks delicious (and I’m not even a chocolate or pudding fan). Unfortunately I came upon it after the weekend had already passed so maybe next weekend.

  45. margie ben dov

    I was just recently thinking about my mother and chocolate pudding pie. She could take the simplest things and make us kids think she’s a gourmet cook. For example:cream of corn soup (one can of creamed corn and another of milk). One of our favorite treats(kids didn’t get treats as often then as now and that’s what made them so wonderful) was her chocolate pudding pie: graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Heaven on earth!!!

  46. Vanessa

    This is a Southern staple! I love it! Now I want pie. Now I must ask, Deb, if you have ever had coconut cream pie or banana cream pie? I am getting the feeling that you might be a closet Southerner. That is a good thing.

  47. Mmmm…this brings me back to my youth. I don’t think there was one visit to my grandma’s house where she didn’t have a chocolate cream pie waiting for us. This is one of my ultimate comfort foods. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Carol from Ohio

    I’ve been making chocolate cream pie for years, but using the egg/custard recipe. I will definitely try this instead! Nice photo, too. On the blind baking, I have never used pie weights either…despise them…using a simple pie crust pricked before baking has always worked for me.

  49. makyo

    my mom’s been making this pie since i was a kid, and now i’ve taken up the tradition. it’s outrageously easy and incredibly satisfying. plenty of times we even use jello boxed pudding mix and it still turns out great. also, i have to admit, i have never ever used pie weights, and i also never refrigerate my crust (i use shortening, not butter). my mom’s biggest trick was always “don’t play with it!” and it seems to work well.

  50. Amy

    You can blame anything on pregnancy without the need to provide a second sentence and once the baby hits about 4 months you can blame every unpleasant moment on teething. Pregnancy and teething – two perfect excuses for anything.

  51. no kidding, just this weekend i scored some scharffen berger chocolate on super sale at williams-sonoma, and i was thinking that a chocolate cream pie might be the best way to feature it. “baking illustrated” ( has a genius crumb crust with their recipe that’s made of crushed oreos — cream filling and all — plus a bit of butter. i’m even more inspired after seeing this post! i have to say, as wonderful as that cookbook is, your photos are doing a lot more for me than the book’s line drawings.

  52. This was my favorite dessert from my stepmother. Every time I’ve tried it, though, the filling is too runny. I’ll try your version and hopefully it will go better! ;)

  53. Wow! My mom used to make me pudding pies all the time when I was in high school, and I’d forgotten all about them! We were all about the Jell-o at the time, but I have a feeling this one would be more up my alley 10+ years later.

  54. This looks fantastically delicious. I am totally on the prowl for a really good, tasty and somewhat easy “Black Bottom Pie” receipe – which is my alltime favorite pie. Have you ever had it? The version I remember having years back had rum in the vanilla part. Soooo good.

  55. It’s all I can do to keep myself from running to the store right NOW to buy the fixings for chocolate pudding pie. With fresh whipped cream!!

    Also, just wanted to let you know how impressed I am that you are continuing to cook and blog (and photograph) the most amazing things while 37 weeks, 4 days pregnant and counting!!! You go, Deb. You deserve oodles of chocolate pudding pies :)

  56. Katie W

    Why, oh why, are you doing this to me? I am due on Thursday, have already gained my doctor-approved 40 pounds, and now I’m going to have to go make an entire chocolate pie. And not share.

  57. Susan

    I tried your blind baking trick when I made this pie today. Worked like a charm! I don’t hate using weights, but this is much easier once it’s baked. I sort of adapted this filling recipe a little. I wanted it just a little richer, so I just added 2 eggs yolks to it, that’s all. The filling sure tastes good!

  58. Reshma

    I made this a few weeks ago with your recipe for chocolate pudding. (The really simple and DELICIOUS one!!) I did use crushed graham crackers on the bottom of the ramekins, and boy did my husband and I rush through dinner that whole week just for dessert!

  59. Man, there should be a place for all the comments to go which have advice (or whatnot) from people who have already tried making the recipe, separate from the feedback “wall” for people who think they’d LIKE to try the recipe. I definitely search through all the comments before deciding whether to make the recipe, and having one place dedicated to all those who’ve tried it would be helpful! (Sorry, I know that you are 9 months pregnant and not looking for website advice).

  60. Hell, I’m done for. This is the 3rd site I’ve seen in the last hour with chocolate and crust and yumminess but this one takes the cake… I mean, the pie.

    Thanks for sharing it and my hiney thanks you too.

  61. moonmarked

    Mancakes, maybe us commenters can do the work? What if we type (in caps) REVIEW at the start of our comments if we have actually made the recipe? That may help when scanning the coments. Deb, does that sound useful to you? I did a few reviews that way last year, but no one else seemed to pick up the habit.

  62. Oh my god, this looks so good! I never have any luck making custards but I’m going to have to try this… think it would be good just as a pudding, without the crust? I can never be bothered making crust.

  63. I made this yesterday for a nearly last minute barbecue, and let-me-tell-you Miss Deb, this is some tasty pie. For whatever reason, this is the second time I’ve had trouble with the all-butter crust, but I blame my incompetence. All I know is that that corn bread salad, roasted corn relish (I just posted it on my blog it is so, so good), pie, and beer made for one lovely evening last night.

  64. Lauri

    I agree with Kristen (comment 41) – I’m sure this one is good but the OTHER chocolate pudding pie on Epicurious is a keeper with that chocolate cookie crust. In fact, now that I’ve seen your post maybe that’s what I’m making for my anniversary dessert this weekend. Not so traditional but really what is the traditional 6-year anniversary dessert???

  65. I’ve never made a pudding pie, using a ‘real’ pie crust, but it sounds phenomenal. I can’t wait to try this recipe and surprise my husband with something new and delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  66. Ok this just looks too divine for words. My co-worker shared the link with me and the first image that I just loved was the sliced one seeing the layers. Cream and chocolate, its so devilish. Thank you to my co-worker for sharing and thank you to you too :-)). I’ll give it a go … well try.

  67. Rebecca

    mmm. This was delicious! For me, as soon as I saw this pic it did, in fact, bring back an old high school culinary memory. A good freinds mom used to bake these in bulk and any time we hung out at her house the freezer was stocked with these pies for us. We called them chocolate pudding cream pies. As long as we were being obedient good high school kids– and not goin’ anywhere too crazy, her mom was happy for us to hang out at their home and have as much as we wanted of this yummy dessert. Sound educational teenage guidance, wouldn’t you say? Cheers to you for still baking, writing, standing in the kitchen, blogging . . . all the way up till now :)

  68. Charlotte

    Looks great! Perfect for the pie craze i’m currently going through!! How long should it take the pudding filling to come to a boil while whisking? Thanks!!

  69. Wow, what a mouth watering post! I love how you have made chocolate pudding so elegant. I have seen chocolate pudding pie made with a cracker crust, but using a pie crust is a wonderful idea, and I bet makes things feel a bit lighter. I will be trying this one for sure.

    Smitten Kitchen is a wonderful site and something that I know will never disappoint, it is very clear how much thought and care goes into it. You really are an inspiration, thank you!

  70. Kim

    My grandmother who just passed away used to make this pie for me all the time growing up. She got it out of the “old” Betty Crocker cookbook. It brings back very fond memories for me. Thank you for making me smile.

  71. Rachel W

    Mmmm. I grew up eating pies like this,EXCEPT they were topped with meringue and baked or broiled for just a few minutes til the swirls colored (yes, just like lemon meringue pie). I suspect the pudding may have been sweeter than yours (and was enriched with the egg yolks from the eggs that provided the meringue), but the ethereal combination of creamy chocolateness and cloud-like top was a joy.It must be a Southern thing. No one else I ‘ve mentioned it to has ever heard of it.

  72. Nancy

    Chocolate pudding pie is my 10 year old daughter’s all time favorite…no holiday is complete without it. I’ve been using my mom’s recipe which uses just cocoa to make the filling. I’ll be tempted to add some additional chocolate this holiday season.

  73. This looks completely delectable. The only way it could be better is if it were a lemon pudding instead of chocolate (I’ve been gorging on lemon buttermilk sherbet, at least one batch made a week).

  74. chocoholic

    OH MY! i am so hungry rite wonder i decided to check out ur food blog. look at this pie. i want to eat the screen…this is killing me! i guess i should get of my computer chair and find something as a substitue-cuz there is no way i am making pie at this hour. oh i do hope i have some hershies chocolate waiting downstairs.
    cant wait to make this is looks incredible.

  75. Jen

    Love the look of this pie! I hate to blind bake and will try your technique – one question though, did you still add weights after you froze and put the buttered foil on??


  76. mybeth

    My hubby’s b-day is tomorrow and he always wants an icebox pudding cake with cream cheese that is super heavy! This would meet the flavors he likes and a lightness my waistline will appreciate.

  77. I forgot to add that I used dark chocolate cocoa powder and it was so rich.

    I lived dangerously and skipped any pie weights or tricks, no puffiness was found n the crust.

  78. Carly

    I’m 37 weeks 2 days pregnant, and the pictures were torture. So I waddled into the nearest grocery store to pick up the ingredients and whipped this up in no time! Thank you for all your awesome recipes…we pregnant women have to stick together!

  79. oh. my. so happy to stumble on your blog! from one preggy girl to the next – these pics are torture, not only do they look divine but I can only imagine the creamy sweet flavors. I’ll be reading your blog for the next half hour and then walking my butt to the grocery store for some gooey ingredients! xo

  80. brookedoll

    Don’t ever try to put yourself between a man and a good Chocolate Cream Pie…chances are they’ll take the Pie, lol. However I have tried afew different versions (one from Cook’s Illustrated) of which I put my trust in (they will test a recipe to exhaustion before putting it in print) and although it is very good, it was more ‘labour intensive’ than I would have liked. This version looks simple, fast to throw together and very delicious. A good chocolate cream pie should not have any lumps in it, carry a rich chocolate flavour with a creamy consistency and not too sweet! Smitten Kitchen rocks with some amazing recipes of which I intend on trying once the cooler weather is upon us.

  81. Harry To

    “This is not any of those times. I don’t have a good story about why I had to make a chocolate pudding pie this weekend or why you should before your weekend is done and gone, and I at first felt bad about this until I realized that at 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant not that anyone is counting or anything one does not need a good reason to make chocolate pudding pie”

    haha yeah if u want something, go get it. you dont need a reason to do anything.

  82. Hey Deb! I just made a vegan version of this, with four cups of almond milk and 2 cups of coconut milk. Crossed fingers I think it worked great! The pudding tastes fantastic – it’s chilling right now. I licked the hell out of the pan. Planning to top it with whipped coconut cream instead of whipped cream, and maybe some slivered almonds or chocolate curls, so we’ll see how that turns out. ;-)

  83. Melissa

    Tried this today and it was my first ever utter failure at baking. The pudding did. not. set. I know you were not here in my kitchen so you probably can’t tell me what i did wrong, but any more specifics you can give about thickening up the pudding? How long is it on the stove? How briskly do you whisk it on the stove? How thick is thick? Does it get thick like Jello pudding on the stove?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. deb

      Hi Melissa — Not sure what happened (and it sounds like you’ve been reading my comments for a while with your “not here in my kitchen” caveat! Heh.) but I did want to say that despite their seeming simplicity, cornstarch-thickened puddings are known to be tricky. Sure, they work most of the time for most people, but, well, here’s what Joy of Cooking has to say about them: “Many of our readers have wondered why, on occasion, their puddings, after having thickened properly in the sauce pan, suddenly thin out. This dismaying mystery has to do with the nature of cornstarch bonds, which are surprisingly fragile, especially once the pudding has begun to cool.” JoC says that you should not beat, blend or strain cornstarch puddings after they’ve been taken off the stove, even if they’ve lumped, just to pour them into the dish where they are supposed to set and not touch them before they have cooled and stiffened.

      However, if yours did not thicken on the stove (it will thicken about halfway, and will be clearly thickened, but not as thick as a set pudding will get) it is more of a mystery to me.

  84. CrunchyRobot

    I’ve been checking out your blog for awhile, and this finally insprired me to action. We had a couple of friends over for dinner last night, and I wanted something that was easy and served cold (record breaking heat and all), and so I made this pie…amazing! Totally easy, and not too sweet. It actually tasted like chocolate instead of chocolate flavored sugar goo. People went back for seconds, and that was after glutting ourselves on tacos. This is one that will definitely fall into the “hey, can you make that freaking awesome chocolate pie again” rotation. Thanks!

  85. Hi Deb, like Crunchy robot above, I made this for a dinner with friends on the weekend. It was FABULOUS!! Exactly as you described, not too heavy or sweet. I loved the slight saltiness of the pastry too. And it was so easy to make!!!!! We all had 2 pieces. Thank you for a great recipe.

  86. Hey Deb!
    This is the first time i tried anything from your website and now you’re my kitchen goddess!
    It turned out wonderful, and seeing how crazy humid it is in Karachi, i was really surprised when the pudding ACTUALLY SET.It never did in any of my previous pudding pies. My fiance loved it, and he loves me (:)) for it.


  87. Dawn in CA

    Back from vacation and doing some catch-up reading of your posts and reader comments. This looks so utterly yummy, I can hardly wait to make it next weekend. I have to ask… how do you get such perfect slices with such a soft pie? Do you cool it to almost freezing, as you did with your brownies? I know it doesn’t affect the taste to have a lovely, triangular slice, but it sure is more appealing than the misshapen pie slices I typically end up with. Thanks! :)

    1. deb

      Hi Dawn — The pudding firms up decently, so it was just the matter of a very sharp knife, so you don’t have to drag it back and forth, oh and making sure you get right through the bottom, which because it is pre-baked, is super crisp. Welcome back!

  88. Matt

    I made this last Friday and have been eating it ever since. This pie is freaking delicious and I will make it again and again and again. So simple.

  89. Psyche1226


    OMG, OMG, OMG.

    This. Is. THE BEST FREAKIN’ CHOCOLATE PIE in the known universe.

    My husband, who is otherwise a perfect, mannerly, easy-going gentleman who will sweetly eat anything I make and never has any opinions about it, will sit up and all but DEMAND I make him this pie.

    What happened is I made it for company last Sunday, and sent the remaining half home WITH the company. (It WAS their pie plate, after all…only being polite…) Unfortunately the husband found out what I had done, and mourned the loss of that half a pie like it was a family member. Did I mention that he normally doesn’t give a darn about food, really?

    Then yesterday we were at a restaurant with a bunch of friends, and within the course of the meal I turned to him and asked if he wanted something. Right in front of the friends, he promptly EXPLODED: “What I WANT is another chocolate pudding pie!!!!!”

    Needless to say, I made him another. And also needless to say, I sooooooo didn’t mind.

  90. jen

    made this again yesterday –
    added 1 Tablespoon of ground Espresso to the dry ingredients -really good – deepened the dark chocolate flavor
    i love this recipe!

  91. Joy

    Hey Deb!!

    I just made this, and it was completely and utterly fantastic. Orgasmic is probably a better word. My only question…I made the pie dough and used your pie weight substitute trick, which kept the crust from bubbling up, by the sides of the pie (which were long enough and crimped when the crust was dough) completely collapsed in the cooking process! I admit, I have never used pie weights before, but I’ve never had this happen before either and I’m totally bummed out about it. Do you have any tips or ideas?

    *I guess I should add I’m from the south, so generally my crusts have shortening, and thus don’t use weights or foil during a blind bake. You just literally blind bake them for 15 minutes, with nothing covering or weighting. I’m completely baffled on what went wrong…

  92. I love love loveee chocolate pudding pie..takes me back to when i was a little kid. Made my own pie for the first time two days ago and it was a winner! Making it again tonight!!! thanks for the lovely photos.

  93. Thank you so much for this recipe – especially the pie dough is such a keeper! I admit, I was mure than reluctant when I put it into the fridge because I seriously doubted this would work out. But boy, it did! Almost like puff pastry. I´ve already forwarded the recipe to a bunch of friends. This wonderful pie didn´t even last longer than 90 minutes in the office this morning ;)

  94. I grew up despising pie. Every holiday, we would have no less than 3 types of pies. But my mom knew me. She always made me that 1 chocolate pudding pie.
    When I “grew up”, I always offer to bring the pudding pie.
    NEVER should one feel guilt about making a chocolate pudding pie.

  95. Katie

    I made this last weekend when a group of friends came over for dinner. It came together so easily and was DELICIOUS. I will definitely make it again!

  96. Tess

    I made two of these yesterday for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner (with a nod to my brother’s birthday on the 13th – chocolate pie was the only kind he’d eat when he was little). I used my mother’s pie crust (as she had already made some for the pumpkin and apple pies that she’d baked), but otherwise followed the recipe. I found the pudding thickened up much more quickly than I’d expected and the preparation was almost ridiculously easy and fast. Everyone LOVED the pie – the consistency was perfect and the flavour a great match for the whipped cream. Thanks!

  97. Katherine

    Thanks for another great recipe! I made this on the weekend for friends and it turned out beautifully. I followed your directions to a T, even for the crust baking – and I am never messing with pie weights again! The pudding was chocolatey and silky and not too sweet, as promised.

    Next time I think I’ll try it with a graham cracker crust – I think that will make it like the pudding pies of my childhood.

  98. I made this pie with a cookie crust made from your roll-out brownie cookies for Thanksgiving and it was unanimously declared the “best chocolate pie ever.” Thanks for an awesome, easy recipe!

  99. I made this when I went to stay with my boyfriend’s family the other week, and it went down wonderfully! His usually very silent dad told me that ‘it was really quite good’ and that it would be nice if he could have some more. Very high praise. Personally I loved it, but made the mistake of scooping out some of the lumps that formed after thickening the chocolate mixture and adding them to the pie. They tasted fine, but it looked all dimply on top, which is a shame when you’re trying to impress people. Rookie error…

  100. lisa

    hi, just wondering about the recipe – why can’t you use more than 60% dark chocolate? I have some 64% and 72% chocolate and I would be making this for someone who likes darker chocolate more than milk-ier types…is it something about the sugars or milk content in <60% dark chocolates that is necessary for the pie to work, or is it just a taste preference thing?

    thanks so much!

    1. deb

      The pudding is not particularly sweet and something above 60% could make it too bitter. If you like your pudding that way, of course, use whatever you’d enjoy.

  101. Jennifer

    Why did you not use your “Best Chocolate Pudding” recipe of February 2008? I love chocolate pudding pie and am snowed in today and, well, there will be chocolate pudding pie.

    1. deb

      Because I was a gazillion months pregnant and I had totally forgotten about it. However, I realized in hindsight that they are very similar. The previous pudding recipe has slightly (like a tablespoon or two) more sugar and two ounces more chocolate. I would say that it is more intensely chocolaty than this, but this mildness of this works well in a pie shell. Hope that’s a helpful comparison.

  102. Teddie

    Oh my goodness! I made this for my New Years Eve dinner party and it was such a hit… thank goodness my roommates aren’t home- I plan to eat the left overs straight from the pan later today…

  103. Hello Deb,

    Thank you so much for the fantastic recipe! I made it last night for dessert. My kids “fought” over who got to clean the pan out! Needless to say that everyone loved it. I thought I had bittersweet chocolate, but actually I had unsweetened. I increased the sugar a bit and also added a bit more sugar to the whipped cream. Everyone loved it, but I think next time I will use bittersweet chocolate. I had a rough day at the office today, and a slice of this amazing pie made me feel so much better! It still tasted good, the crust was not as crisp, but not soggy. Thanks again.

  104. Emily

    Wow. I will never buy pudding at the store again. The pudding in this pie is magic! I could live off this stuff! Not too sweet or heavy, so creamy and yummy! I made it with a graham cracker crust because I’m lazy and that only takes a few minutes to make. Thank you!

  105. Jackie in TN

    Deb. . .made this wonderful pie yesterday for a ‘girl’ dinner party. Yes, I licked the pudding pan and then took a nap! However – the crust was more than crisp – in fact it was downright hard when we cut into it. Do you think I over- baked it? Have to confess that I’m not an experienced ‘crust-from-scratch’ baker so I was pretty careful with your instructions – nevertheless the crust was yummy but difficult to cut through with a fork. So – the three of us tossed around ideas for what could have happened as we pretty much finished it off! The pudding set up nicely by the way – and was a perfect sweetness – I am now spoiled! I’m tempted to use a graham cracker crust next time but would really like to believe I can bake a decent pie shell. . .any ideas – other than practicing more?

  106. Julie

    Hi Deb. I’ve got a bun in the oven myself now, and baby was demanding this pie! Unfortunately, my pie crust shrank. I’m sure it will taste great just the same, but I’m a bit disappointed (and hoping it will hold all of the pudding). Any ideas on how to prevent this in the future? (I used your trick to avoid pie weights.) Thanks!

  107. Niki

    I made this last night.. i cheated a little and used a premade, frozen marie callender crust, but it was amazing all the same. my only gripe was that it seemed a little TOO intensely chocolate for me – id like something a little milkier, i guess? any suggestions on how to change it up?

  108. Katie

    Just tried to make this, and the chocolate pudding bubbled and bubbled and never thickened, and then tasted burned! What happened?!

  109. Katie W

    I’ve had this recipe on my mind since I saw it last summer (but, at the time, I was also super pregnant yet lacked Deb’s energy!). I finally got to have it last night after requesting it for my birthday dessert. My sweetie made it exactly as is, and it is wonderful! The crust is the butteriest and flakiest pie crust I’ve ever had, and the filling is so chocolately delicious. It is a bit richer than promised, but is that really a complaint? It is the perfect level of sweetness, too. He served us each a slice with a large fresh strawberry, which was perfect. Make this pie immediately!

  110. Christina

    This looks just like my mom’s French Silk Pie. She made it every year for us at Christmas. I’m going to have to try this one and see which one I like best! (Probably both, because they’re both CHOCOLATE!)

  111. Paula

    I love you for adding a chocolate pudding recipe made from scratch! I’m a chocolate pudding skin lover and this looks like it created a great skin. Living in England now I can’t find Jello cook and serve pudding so this recipe is a must!

  112. LJ

    I made this tonight and it’s wonderful, except, my pre-baked pie crust turned out tough. Now truthfully, I put a meringue topping on this because that’s how my husband’s grandmother does chocolate pie, and he likes what he likes. I say this because the meringue meant that after everything was all done and chilled, I topped it and stuck it back in the oven for about 10 minutes to brown/cook the meringue. Would putting a pre-baked crust back in the oven turn it tough? – Too much baking? or do you think it actually wasn’t baked enough to begin with. I’m pretty careful in my dough making and don’t tend to have this problem with two crust pies. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  113. sarah

    im looking forward to making this! im a fan of foods that can be freezer stored for quick future meals/desserts. do you think that this pie (minus the whipped topping) can be baked and then frozen? pie shell and all? or will it get mushy after its been frozen and thawed? thank you! love your site!

  114. Loved the flavor and recipe, however, my pie watered out after slicing it. Did I do something wrong? (I made it a day ahead and let the pudding cool before putting it in the pie shell) Thanks.

  115. My brother has been begging me to make him a French Silk Pie, but I find those far too sweet. This should trick him, and give me something delicious to eat too. I’m trying it this weekend.

  116. sej

    i’ve had a great many chocolate pudding pies and this one is my favourite by far. i just finished devouring a large chunk of it. made it earlier this evening. thank you thank you thank you!

  117. Troggy

    This. Was. DELICIOUS! The pie crust sounds labour intensive and much more effort than cheating and buying pie crust – but it is 100% worth it. I’d not yet made a successful pie crust untill this foray into deliciousness, and I wanted to say thank you! It’s a lot easier than it initially seems. And the pudding is a piece of cake!

  118. I made this yesterday when boyfriend and I went to his grandmother’s for coffee. It was a hit, there wasn’t anything left over. Best of all, my pie dish was a little smaller then the one recommended in the recipe, so we had some filling left over to have for pudding last night!

  119. Melissa

    This looks great! Have you ever made a French Silk Pie? I just made one (literally 30 minutes ago haha) and it is very light and creamy and just plain delicious. So easy too! It’s basically raw eggs, butter, sugar, and unsweetened chocolate beat together until fluffy and then poured into a pie crust and cooled in the fridge. Highly recommended! I would love to see pictures of one you make :)

  120. jen

    i just tried this recipe as a starting point: substituting coconut milk for the cow milk, a graham crust for the pie crust and also doubling the bittersweet. (i never have exactly the ingredients around, but generally find that there’s something that’ll do!)
    anyway, this version was also delicious- and without any vegan qualifiers, even- although it took 6 hours to fully set… maybe that has to do with the coconut milk’s proteins being so different from cowmilk’s? hmm.

  121. Candice

    When my daughter recently requested a chocolate pie, I knew SK would not falter (I was tired of my old recipes, and needed something fresh). I did cheat and use a Mrs. Smith’s pie crust (I didn’t have the energy to make my own – don’t judge me). Man oh man is this our new favorite chocolate pie! Incredibly easy and oh so good! Will be making another this weekend. Thanks so much for such reliable recipes (nothing I’ve tried has failed me yet). Looking forward to the cookbook!

  122. Marta Balmaseda

    My 5-year-old daughter is allergic to both soya and milk, so for the pudding I substitued milk for rice milk and butter for vegetable oil (olive oil in my case, I’m Spanish!, but I guess cornflower oil would work well. You wont be able to taste the oil on the pudding I promise you). It came out delicious! Everybody, and my girl of course, loved it and it has become a regular at my home this summer.

  123. Sasha

    Hey deb i just made this and after letting the filling set overnight it’s still jiggly wiggly. What exactly is the consistency of the filling supposed to be?

    1. deb

      Sasha — It should be a bit more firm. Cornstarch puddings, however, are notoriously finicky. Finicky to the point that every time I post one, I swear I’m not going to post another one ever again because of the handful of people who don’t get my results. So, it’s not just you. Hopefully, it is still delicious, even if it doesn’t cut cleanly.

  124. Faye

    Hey Deb,this Thanksgiving was a “fridge clearing” event at my house- Long story short, only using ingredients already on hand. Made your lovely chocolate pie pudding and substituted the milk (not enough to spare, so many other things to cook) with “lite” coconut milk that I had on hand, it’s the only thing I changed with the pudding part, it was gorgeous, sooo silky!!! I was doing other pies and didn’t want more pastry so I did a pecan macadamia nut crust- the combo was dreamy! Everyone’s fave, glad I found you!

  125. dancing gal

    Ok, so this might be a really stupid question, but I’ll still ask it:
    when you say “not more than 60% cacao” does that mean that a 61% wouldn’t work? I know you said that it’s a matter of taste, but I don’t find any good quality chocolates at exactly 60%, so I have to choose between 61% and 55ish%, and I don’t want my pudding to be too bitter or not chocolate-y enough. This chocolate pudding is what the boy asked instead of a birthday cake, so it has to be perfect :) I really liked your description of it, as “surprisingly unsweet and not heavy”, that’s why I’m asking… Which one do you think would work best?

    I’m sorry if it was indeed a stupid question (even if teachers all around the world taught us there’s no such thing ;) ) and thank you in advance for your help, it’s always appreciated :)


  126. Erin

    Deb, I was wondering if you thought this pie could be made ahead and frozen? I’m going to a pie making party tomorrow and the pies won’t be eaten until Thanksgiving. My plan is to use a graham cracker crust, at the request of a few finicky family members, if that makes any difference.

    1. deb

      Erin — I haven’t tried freezing it. I’m hesitant about how well cornstarch-thickened puddings freeze; I seem to remember something about the cornstarch bonds not holding up in the freezer but could also have remembered this incorrectly. Some help I am, huh?

  127. dancing gal

    Thanks so much Deb! I finally went with the 61%, because I thought you were right that it wouldn’t make such a difference. And it was sooooooooo good. Everything you said plus some unbearable cuteness brought by the mini-sized pies I made: it would be a dessert for two, so full size would be difficult to eat (well not exactly difficult, but then a WHOLE pie for TWO? you see we’re I’m going…) or to store for several days. So, I baked mini-sized pies in two ramekins, filled them up and topped them with the cream. So cute, so tasty, sooooo good. And the boy loved it ;) Oh, and the pie crust? I’m just trying to stop myself to re-roll the scraps I kept in the fridge, bake them, and eat them with the filling left-overs… I’d call it chocolate pudding pie frozen fondue, and I’m going to stop right here :p

    Thanks again,


  128. Ashley

    This pie was awesome. I substituted the milk for canned coconut milk for a dairy free version. It adds a subtitle flavor and was great.

  129. Evan

    I made the filling and whipped cream yesterday for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. It was a huge hit! Thanks for the recipe! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make the crust, so that’ll be put to use for an upcoming Pumpkin pie!

  130. Ayala

    Mmmm. It’s delicious. I made it with unsweetened chocolate, instead of bittersweet and it turned out decadent. Thanks for a great recipe.

  131. Vivian

    I’ve been eating chocolate pudding for daaaaays now from this recipe!! Thank you, it’s so good! I took the pie to a party and it was a hit. The first time I used a graham cracker crust (from your Smore Pie recipe) and the second time I used your pie crust here. Thanks also for your pie crust 101, 102 and rolling tutorial. My first ever foray into a homemade crust, and while I definitely need practice, it turned out well. Seriously, I love this chocolate pudding with the whipped cream.

  132. sweetcreek

    I made this once, with a graham crust. Couldn’t get over it. Making it again. With a real crust. It is just what I wanted, and you are so right, not heavy! Hope your delivery went well, and thanks GF!

  133. jennifer

    made this last night for my cookbook club (we all cooked from your website!) and it was delicious! i had a disk of homemade pie dough in the freezer, so it was easy to put it all together. i love chocolate pie and this was just as wonderful and comforting as i’d remembered. thanks for the recipe.

  134. Lorraine

    I made it!!! The pudding is so good. Thank you it was pretty easy. I will add the whip cream tomorrow after our Thanksgiving dinner. :-)

  135. Tammy

    I made this pie for Thanksgiving and it was fantastic! While daunting at first, making the crust from scratch was actually very easy. I can’t wait to make this pie again.

  136. Colleen

    You taught me how to make pie crusts. Thank you. I’ve made this specific pie numerous times, it’s always a hit. Happy new year.

  137. Sheila

    In your cookbook version of this, you call for “chocolate wafer crumbs” – but I’m not sure what a chocolate wafer is! Is it a non-brand-name way of referring to Oreos, or something else? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Sheila — The book version is a silk pie — full of raw eggs and butter. This looks similar, but the filling is pudding. You could use Nabisco chocolate wafers (they’re the standard) or any other plain chocolate cookie. In a pinch, you could use Oreos, but with their filling, it’s less ideal. You could also make a quick batch of these cookies and grind them up. They make great crumbs and you really don’t even have to soften the butter; can just run it in the FP until it is softer.

  138. Phil

    I’m fresh out of cocoa powder, and was planning on making this tonight for V-DAY:/ I can always wing it a little and do it by sight, but do you have any recommendations for an alternative? Maybe just a little more chocolate/starch? HELP:)

  139. Deb–FIRST, congrats on the book!
    SECONDLY, congrats on all the great press on WNYC!!! WOOT!

    Here is my question: I am obsessed with making a coconut-macaroon-crust chocolate pudding pie–made with coconut milk instead of milk. Is subbing the dairy for coconut milk advisable, and if not, how can I modify it?

    You are continually the best! Thanks!!

  140. Ha

    Hi Deb! I was just wondering if I could substitute the 9-inch pie tin with a 10 x 7 retangular tin instead? If so how much more or less filling should I make?

  141. Kim

    Mine hasn’t firmed up right, or at least in the last, oh say 5 hours. I think it’s because I didn’t actually allow it to properly boil since I was paranoid about the milk curdling.But I don’t think that allowed the cornstarch to dissolve so I had to strain my sort of pudding to make sure most of the clump bits didn’t get into the pie crust. I really hope it firms up by this morning (it’s 12:03am here).

  142. ellen

    Wow! This is amazing, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m 5 months along :) I just had a slice for breakfast. What really sent it over the top for me was putting some chocolate pieces on the bottom of the pie crust as soon as it came out, letting them melt and then spreading them. Added a richness and a nice crunch once it sat in the fridge and will hopefully keep my crust from getting soggy.

  143. Traci

    I am not a baker..but I made 2 of these tonight for my sister in law for her birthday tomorrow…at her request. I found this recipe and thought it was very easy to understand. I licked the spatula and I think I am in love!!!!! Warm chocolate pudding may be my new favorite treat! I can’t wait to serve these tomorrow…thanks!!!!

  144. Toni

    I have made this many times and passed on the recipe to many friends and family members.. It is a great hit and I just love that it isn’t to sweet.. Its so easy to make but looks very complex… Thanks

  145. irma

    Hey Deb, please could you include the ‘gram version’ of this recipe? I checked the individual pudding recipe but this one is different. The pie dough comes with gram conversions though, no need for that one. Thank you!

  146. Grace

    Hi all I used this recipe as ‘inspiration’. Made a choc biscuit base, and added cream and egg to the custard recipe, used cocoa instead of chocolate and didn’t put cream on top. So like I said, totally changed it. But it was yummo! Thanks Deb for the idea :)

  147. Salam

    wow….i’ve tried this and for sure, no other word could describe the this pie except AMAZING!!!!!!, the recipe is simply amazing and and I’ve been using the exact same recipe for the crust and I just fall in love with it since the first time I used them. There’s one problem,… well it is not really a problem. whenever i make the pie crust, I usually ended up having the left over dough which is not only enough to make 1 but 3 more pies. So,next time, whenever I feel like making more pies, I just grab one from the fridge and just roll them up. Thank you sooooooo much for this hearty recipe.

  148. Conartist

    This recipe is SOO EASY to make. I was always afraid of the kitchen and its only been in the last year that I’ve gotten the courage to create some really good meals in the kitchen. I made this for my mother in law and it was A HIT!! So much so that it might become a new staple for the family. I did tweak it a bit. I used 2 ounces of bittersweet and 2 ounces of semi sweet. It’s delicious!

  149. Pamelamama

    This has two fewer ounces of chocolate than your plain pudding recipe. Intentional? I wound up tossing in a bit more. Yum!! Thanks! Easy!

  150. Amanda

    Hi Deb,

    Happy holidays! I made this for my Christmas Eve supper and it was amazing. I made it with skim milk in the microwave (I know, double gasp, don’t judge me!) and it turned out beautifully. I think next time I would use semisweet or even milk chocolate to make it sweeter and throw in a bit more sugar. But very, very good. My husband has an irrational love of Marie Callendar’s French silk pie, and this might be a great sub. (The one in your book was too decadent for him – silly man!)

    Thanks for another fantastic recipe. I can’t wait to see what culinary treats you bring us in 2014,

  151. kristinc

    Dear god this pie was amazing. Made it for Thankgiving, and now I’ve got another one chilling in the fridge for Christmas dinner tomorrow. (As if I needed an excuse, really.)

  152. elizabeth

    Made this for Valentines Day and it turned out great. I realized too late that we only had 1% milk so that is what I used instead of whole milk and it was perfect.

  153. Long time listener, first time caller. I made this again tonight, and I felt I should finally give my thoughts on freezing it. A few years ago I made this too quickly, my crust died a horrible death and I had to start over without enough time before my potluck. I drove to the pot luck with a warm, barely set pie. When I got there I put it in my friends freezer and promptly forgot about it. We went out for pub trivia and came back hours later to frozen pie. Behold! It was not horrible, but tasted like a fudgcicle pie. It had the same texture as those 50 cent packaged ice creams you get at elementary school or summer camp. I’ve done it a few times, especially in summer, and it’s a welcome cool treat with fun icy texture. My advice is to freeze it while still Luke warm, for maximum ice crystals. The crust stands on it’s own too, as well as the whipped cream. It needs to stay frozen after you freeze it, or it becomes slush pie. Thanks Deb for all my wonderful meals I’ve eaten over the past few years. My boyfriend says, “more potatoes,” which might also mean thanks.

  154. Sam

    Just made this, it’s chillin’ in the fridge right now. It looks and smells delicious. And err… Tastes really good as well, I couldn’t resist licking the spatula clean :D
    I used 72%, because that’s what I had lying around and we ♥ bitter chocolate, so all good.
    Where I live it’s really warm, though, so the dough was really difficult to work with. It started to sweat seconds after getting out of the fridge. Ended up with a beautifully golden brown crust, so no harm done, I suppose.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  155. Cat

    Made this for Pi Day with quite lovely results. As a note, my pudding suddenly thickened up a short while *before* it actually came to a boil. I wasn’t sure whether to cook two minutes from when it thickened or two minutes from when it simmered, and might have scorched one corner of the pot a tiny bit. This is definitely one for a flat whisk, or if you don’t have one, a regular spoon to clean out the “corner” of the pot regularly as your are stirring.

  156. Alison

    I also made this for Pi Day… I was planning to make a banoffee pie but my bananas never ripened, so I put this in the graham cracker crust instead. I was not disappointed! Great recipe. Less than 24 hours later, most of it is already gone.

  157. I make this as a go-to dessert and everyone loves it! Tonight I’m using the pudding as part of a s’mores graham cracker crust pie with marshmallow whip!

  158. I just made this recipe for a work BBQ. It was so easy and looks so pretty and tasty! Thanks Deb so much for sharing this recipe. I made it with a shortbread crust and am very excited to try it tomorrow!

  159. Jennifer

    Hey Deb-
    I know this is an old post but I have a question. Do you think I can make this with a raw-nutty pie crust (almonds- other nuts and dates)? Do you think it will hold up?

    1. deb

      Jennifer — I’d expect it to hold up about as well as most pies do with them — well, not perfectly after a day or two. I am sure it would be delicious.

  160. Dora

    This was really excellent. I thought the crust could be thicker–I’d use 1 1/2 of the dough recipe next time. I also caution people not to be so worried about the crust burning that you pull it out too soon–this is your one chance to get it good and brown and crispy, so watch closely and let it bake until thoroughly, deeply golden brown.

  161. Cassie

    Hi deb :) I’m making this as a pie for thanksgiving tomorrow and have actually made it many times before BUT I’m wondering what you mean by ‘pie dough can be made and chilled up to two days’. Do you mean made and in the pan refrigerated or baked and then refrigerated orrrrrr? I’m just wondering if I should just make the crust tonight and the filling in the morning but the crust is already baked and cooling. Thanks!

    1. deb

      Cassie — You have a few options. You can make the dough and keep it in plastic, not rolled out, for a couple days in the fridge. You can roll it out and fit it to the pan and not bake it for a couple days, keeping it in the fridge. (But this is of course not very space efficient.) You can bake the shell completely and keep it loosely wrapped, once cool, at room temperature for a day or two before using it. Hope you enjoy!

  162. Jill

    YUM! I made a no-crust version with just the pudding filling and whipped topping, using coconut milk as a dairy substitute (for my gluten-free dairy-free in-laws). I followed the directions for the filling exactly, just using canned coconut milk in place of milk (I used Chaokoh brand – has no guar gum). For the topping I put a can of coconut milk in the back of the fridge overnight; in the morning I tipped it upside down, opened the bottom, poured out the liquid, and used just the solids to whip up a topping with sugar and vanilla. Turned out soooo good.

    Thanks for all the great recipes Deb! And Happy Thanksgiving!

  163. Allison

    Served this for Thanksgiving this year and it turned out absolutely perfectly. It’s definitely a new family tradition. We may try it with a graham cracker crust next time. Thanks for the great recipe!

  164. Erin

    Deb- made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit! Used 60% cacao chocolate bar, an oreo crust, and served with a side of coffee ice cream. DE-LISH!

  165. Julie

    Deb – I made this for Christmas and it was incredible. Absolutely beautiful. I had never made a cream/pudding pie before and it turned out perfectly. Thanks for the recipe!

  166. samantha

    Should I use this pudding recipe or the one under Best Chocolate pudding ever? Is this one better to use over the other? Just wanted to know difference why you have this one for pie vs one in other post.


    1. deb

      samantha — Different sources (I realized after I made this from Gourmet that it was a pretty good match for my other pudding recipe). They’re actually quite similar, although I make the Best Chocolate Pudding more often, so it has more updated notes.

  167. Laura

    this is chilling in my fridge at present and looks/smells delicious. Just a tip, I remembered after a few annoying minutes of whisking that my immersion blender came with a whisk attachment. It worked like magic and made the whole thing a lot easier. I bet any attachment would work fine actually. They all keep things moving and incorporate air.

  168. Elizabeth

    I am 34 weeks and 3 days and stumbled across your web site. Congrats on the new addition! I haven’t had many true cravings, but I’ve indulging in chocolate pudding – this is so much better than store bought! Lighter and less sweet.

    I used a store bough graham cracker crust (meh) but I think next time I will just make the filling and whipped cream! Super easy and delicious.

  169. Karen P.

    Deb, who is THE BEST!
    (You are so committed to help us! Thanks!)
    Quick question: I was wasting time trying to google
    how to substitute milk chocolate for darker chocolate.
    I know it’s trick, nigh impossible, to do. Decided to
    check your recipes. I scrolled through comments here,
    without success. I have happy opportunity this weekend,
    to make my adult married son’s traditional
    bday choc cream pie for first time in years(envision
    yourself w/Jacob in 20 yrs!)& instead of semi-sweet,
    he requested milk chocolate. Any suggestions?

  170. Abigail

    What an awesome recipe! I just made it for my son’s birthday and everyone loved it! Instead of using a pastry crust I used a cookie crust. It is definitely a keeper!

  171. lexi

    Deb- happy hannukah! seasons greetings also. how’s the babe? gotta tell you, we made this in San Francisco tonight and it was fantastic! we actually decided to arrange the whipped cream in a pyramid-like fashion and it looked like a cloud and cut like a dream. We love you out here in San Francisco!

  172. I picked this over “best chocolate pudding” because of the cocoa powder … my fuzzy child memory is that there should be some cocoa powder. The warm pudding certainly lived up to hype … cant wait to eat more later, cold from the fridge!!

    1. deb

      gabis — Probably. The biggest issue with crumb crusts is that they can get soft with a moist filling like this. I’d parbake the crumb crust to help offset this. (Not all call for parbaking, but I prefer it for firmness.)

  173. Ellen

    Hi Deb–I was a little surprised that you have no eggs, or at least yolks, in the pudding…Have you tried that? It certainly seems to be a winner though as is. I confess I didn’t read through all 292 comments to see if anyone else asked. Can you comment please? And why can’t my photos look as divine as yours???

    1. deb

      Ellen — You can make chocolate pudding either way, but my mom always used the cornstarch-only method and it works great here. And thank you, re, photos. It’s all about the late afternoon window light. :)

  174. Ashley

    Hi there! I tried this this weekend for my moms birthday since chocolate cream is her favorite. The pudding and cream were delicious but the crust was a failure :( I thought I followed the directions exactly (cold butter, cold water, minimal hot hand contact, etc…) when I baked it with the foil and used dry beans as pie weights the foil stuck to the crust so it peeled away layers and when it was done it was way too crunchy and when I served it the crust stuck to the pie plate and made a mess. Any idea where I went wrong?

    1. deb

      Yikes! I actually like to butter my foil, which I mention in a footnote (about how I avoid pie weights) but should have also made this clear in the recipe directions. I’m surprised it stuck to the pan, though — so much butter! What kind of dish did you use? Re, crunchy — this is definitely something more likely to happen when one parbakes. The idea is that a crispier shell won’t get soggy when the wet ingredients arrive, but it’s also less tender and flaky. It might have seem extra crunchy, though, because of the sticking issue.

  175. Bo

    Deb, if I’m making this for an under-ten set, would bittersweet chocolate still be a go? I want to err on the side of not-overly-sweet for those at the table not into the pumpkin or fruit pies this holiday but also palatable to nephews who have very definite ideas of what pudding should be.

  176. My husband made this for Thanksgiving dinner last night (admittedly with his own crust recipe) and it was absolutely perfect. Light and delicious after a big meal. Thank you for all your great recipes, you’re our ‘go to’ source for recipes and inspiration!

    1. Jared

      Hi, Deb. I’ve made this twice, with your crust recipe, and loved it both times. I had previously been using a shortening/butter recipe and found your all butter recipe to be much easier to work with. The one issue I’m having is that the bottom of the crust is a bit tough after it chills, but the sides are perfect flaky. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue, whether it’s too much liquid, over kneading, or maybe over baking the crust. Any advice you can give would be helpful. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  177. Amanda

    I made this for a work party (with an Oreo crust) and it was gone in a flash. At one point my supervisor actually took the whole pie tin to finish it off on her own. SO GOOD.

  178. Lauren

    Made with non-dairy milk. Would cut the surgery next time as it was a bit too sweet (didn’t take it to account the sweetness of milk]. Also would cook for less time, once cooled it was a bit more firm than I would have liked. Otherwise super excited that I made an actual dairy free pudding that set! Thank you.

    1. Lauren

      Also made whipped coconut cream to top so it worked out well! Had a chocolate gluten free cookie crust on hand, so it was a super chocolate treat, gluten and dairy free.

  179. Bridgit

    I just made this w/ a gluten free crust for a friend who is GF and chocolate pie is his favorite. Served it with some Andes Mint baking chips we happened to have, which was wonderful. Would also be good with some raspberries in the bottom! I used a little less sugar & 1/2 tsp of cold brew coffee, since the cheap trader joes chocolate doesn’t have the most complex flavor. Thanks for a great, super easy recipe.

  180. Alyssa

    Made this today and it was delicious — and not too sweet, as others have noted. Instead of making the pie dough, I bought a large pre-made graham cracker crust. Also added about a teaspoon of amaretto liqueur to the whipped cream. The graham really brought out the chocolate and subtle almond flavors nicely. Yum!

  181. carol

    My mom used to make a pie like this (graham cracker crust though). She wasn’t a particularly good cook in general, but this? She did it well. It was my favorite dessert growing up. I will have to try this! Thanks!

  182. NancyRing

    Wow!! Very easy and always delicious! I have made this countless times with an array of ingredients- heavy cream, half and half, light cream – make this recipe!!!

  183. Thanh Bui

    So my pie crust went absolutely wrong for some reason and I had to toss it. Would it be okay to reheat the pudding the day after to put into my new pie crust or is that a no go?

  184. Olivia

    I made this and it was delicious. This was my first time blind baking a pie crust and I was alarmed by the pooled, simmering butter on my crust when I removed the foil (I did the freeze until solid and then bake with buttered foil and no weights). Perhaps this is normal, I didn’t do anything and it turned out great. Though I also had a hard time with the crust sticking to the bottom of my stoneware pie plate, which is mysterious. Very delicious though and fun to try the all butter crust.

  185. Lyra

    I made this today for the second time, with some big variations.
    The first time I did this I added 2 teaspoons of instant coffee decreased the chocolate to 3 ounces, and made a shortbread crust.Today, kept the pudding the same, but used a graham cracker crust. in addition, instead of whipped cream I covered the top with marshmallows and stuck it under the broiler.

  186. Maggie Lepine

    This pie is perfectly sweet. I used fresh cream and whole milk from our local dairy, and it was rich and delicious. An easy, seemingly fail-proof recipe.

  187. Marahak

    Just finished making this and it looks great but I tasted a bit of the leftover pudding and i can taste a hint of cornstarch. Any thoughts why this would happen? I followed all the instructions according to the recipe

  188. Dawn

    I’ve never left a review on anything before, but just wanted to say this chocolate pie is the best! I used a chocolate graham cracker crust was the only difference.

  189. Nicoli

    I made this for Easter 2019. Delicious! I’m using it to make mini pies. Do you think I can make the pudding a day ahead and then pipe into mini pie crust the next day?

  190. Shelly Asham

    I had a pie like this at a Christmas supper and I loved it so much I have been looking for a similar recipe ever since – and this is it. So chocolaty, creamy (not heavy) and delicious. I followed the directions pretty carefully and the results are amazing. I could eat the whole thing myself.

  191. Maria

    I made this and the filling was super runny, possibly because I rewhisked it to try and get the lumps out. Tossed the whole filled pie in the freezer and froze it solid (not a stroke of genius, more “I’ll deal with this later”). Put it in the fridge (on a tray) to thaw and the pudding thawed beautifully! It set up and the texture was great. So when in doubt, freeze things?

  192. Lisa

    I’ve made this pie for thanksgiving for many many years – it’s a family favorite. Because I’m terrible at pie crust I’ve always used the cheater crust – and followed the instructions on the box for the pre- baked shell (10-12 @450). Every year it shrinks to a tiny sad version of itself. So this year I tried your method – and it looks perfect after 25@375 under the buttered foil! No shrinkage and a pretty pale golden all over. Thank you! A good pie is now even better :)

    1. Jessica

      Silly me, I didn’t read the entire post. Looks like I’m going ahead with the pie today and will add the whipped cream tomorrow! Thank you!

  193. Heather

    Just sharing that this was on my Covid-19 quarantine baking list for me and my kid. We made it today. “Amazing,” said the kid.

  194. Martey Costello

    I make this every year for the husband’s birthday. It’s awesome, cuts beautifully. One little difference is that I BUY (Holy Moses!) a chocolate cookie crumb crust. It works well, the old man loves it, and it’s chocolate on chocolate, never a bad thing…

  195. G

    Just made the custard part of this recipe for Thanksgiving. I set it in a chocolate wafer cookie crust. The recipe made a couple tablespoons extra so I got to taste it early– it’s delicious! Super smooth and a strong chocolate flavor without being too rich. I converted the filling recipe to grams and thought I’d share it here:

    35 g cornstarch
    67 g sugar
    29 g cocoa powder
    2 g salt
    680 g milk
    115 g chocolate
    5 g vanilla

    Thanks Deb!

  196. A very tasty pie! I used a store-bought graham crust because I’m lazy. The pudding turned out light and flavorful and it set quickly, much faster than a custard version. It can be cooked and cooled within about 3 hours. I did not have bittersweet chocolate, so I used a combination of milk and dark chocolate (chopped up from bars) and cut back a little on the sugar and that worked just fine. I would definitely make this again. Great with fresh whipped cream! Thank you for another delicious recipe.

  197. Nishma

    I’ve made this three times in the past few months! I use a graham cracker crust, which works perfectly. I use a generous tablespoon of coconut sugar in the 1/3 cup of sugar for the pudding and it adds a lovely caramel note. The first time, I used 60% cacao and it was delicious with a slightly bitter edge. The second two times, I used 49% because I added peanut butter “crumbs” to half the pie (crunchy peanut butter blended with and equal part of powdered sugar) underneath the pudding and before layering on the whipped cream. It SO good! A new favorite <3

  198. Love this but- the extra flakey pie crust recipe I will never use again for a regular pie- I can see it being great for hand or slab pies but I ruined two crusts- had to toss them- and I’m an avid pie maker.
    The crust shrunk so badly once it was unusable- then the second go I extended the pie past the edges of the pan and this time that excess didn’t shrink inwards but slumped and dropped out over the edge. I chilled it plenty and had no difficulty working with the dough- but yikes! My pie was to be a gift and I had to scrap the whole shebang.
    So- my advice is use the regular lovely crust recipe for pies in a pan and save the extra buttery flakey one for flat or hand pies that don’t need to hold a shape. Because I didn’t get to give the pie as intended- wasted all the time and butter. Pie crust is easy! Why make it harder??? For the record I love this site and have great luck and use your tips and recipes a ton- and am an avid baker.

  199. Cherie I Misas

    please tell me your secret to chocolate shavings…and curls for that matter. I have absolutely no luck and mine don’t look like yours. Are you using a special bar of chocolate? Tool?

  200. Nicole

    I made this last night with an Oreo crust, and it was a hit this morning! It congealed at the top when I was pouring the hot pudding mix into the pie dish, and I couldn’t spread it around, but that’s what the wax paper and whipped cream help hide.

  201. Mav

    Hello! So I’m just wondering if I want to be a chocolate-orange version, would some orange zest in the pudding be okay or Should I do orange zest in the whipped cream? Will be doing a chocolate cookie crust too. Thanks’

  202. Jennifer

    So delicious!! One of my nephews doesn’t like fruit pies/desserts so I made this for him for Thanksgiving. His eyes lit up when he saw it & he was the first in line for dessert when it was time. I will definitely make this one again!!

  203. Debbie Giandomenico

    For the first time I made something better than my Mom’s! She was a fabulous cook and I’ve never come close to cooking anything as well as she did – until now. This pie filling is the best. My hubby and son agree! Thank you.

  204. Laura

    I made this for my first grader’s birthday and it was fabulous! I knew it would be a hit with the birthday girl, but i was surprised that I liked it too. It’s fun enough for kids but sophisticated enough for the grown ups that cook for them, too.

    I didn’t have enough time or energy to make a real pie crust, so I used the graham cracker crust from Deb’s s’mores pie instead. The graham crackers were great with the pudding and whipped cream. The filling is chocolatey but not too sweet. And everything comes together quite easily with a minimum of oven time, which is perfect for summer. This is definitely a keeper!

  205. Jenna

    Can I use Guittard extra dark chocolate chips (63)instead of chopped bittersweet chocolate? I just got done with the crust and all I have is bittersweet 70 Percent bar

  206. Julie

    I made this today and OMG it’s so delicious! I used the pie crust recipe too, and the video tutorial really helped me, as I had never made a pie crust before. I will be making this again!
    And I must say I have a whole new respect for pies now. It took me most of the day (on and off) between the chilling, baking etc. But well worth it!

  207. marilyn

    OK…I made this for Thanksgiving and broke my cardinal rule of never making for someone else something I had never tried before. But it was requested and this is SK, which has a 100% track record for me. Well, I made it exactly as directed. ( no whipped cream yet). I made it the night before. Refrigerated it. Next day it looked perfect. Put it in our trunk, in a box, on a 4 hour drive ( about 50 degrees out). When we got there I had a box full of chocolate soup. Yick. I actually poured it back into the crust (I know) and into their refrigerator. It never solidified again. Wound up freezing it and it was OK the next day…eaten frozen. What went wrong?

    1. Sarah

      This happened to me the second time I made this pie, about 10 years ago. I brought it to Thanksgiving and it was a soupy mess. It got too warm during the car ride – it needs to be kept cold. I wouldn’t say this pie travels well. I’m making it for Christmas now, and it’s 12 degrees here in NY this weekend so I’m hoping it’ll be ok with some freezer packs around it!

  208. Linda

    What happens if I use chocolate that’s more than 60% cacao? Does it make the pudding too stiff? I have pounds and pounds of 62% and 75% and I’m unlikely to buy something else.