a whisk for the corners

Using a round whisk for a squared-off pot drives me crazy, especially when I find unmixed custard, pudding or sauce bits in a channel along the bottom edge. Whisks such as this or this or this or this are painless investments, and come in handy when you want a perfectly-mixed chocolate pudding, and you want it now.

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7 comments on a whisk for the corners

  1. I’ve been using one of these for a long time and never noticed its peculiarity – I had bought it just because it is silicon coated and worked right with my nonstick pans. Now you’re giving me one reason to love it even more :)
    (btw just happened on this wonderful site and I absolutely love it :)

  2. Hillary

    Hi! Can you post your mini whisk recommendation that is a circle of wires and you are using for beating just one egg? I know you were pleasantly surprised by the mini whisk, but I can’t find the recommendation on your website. Thank you!!