understanding cream labels

Cream is labeled illogically, with names and not numbers representing milk fat within. This ought to help sort them out: half-and-half (equal parts milk and cream) has 10.5 to 18 percent milk fat; light cream (a.k.a. table cream) ranges from 18 to 30 percent, but is most often actually 20 percent; whipping cream (a.k.a. light whipping cream) has 30 to 36 percent; and heavy cream (ironically, better for whipped cream than “whipping” cream, though both work) has 36 to 40 percent. Double cream (not widely available in the U.S.) has 42 percent. Oh, and it is awesome.

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4 comments on understanding cream labels

  1. obsessedwithindian

    Would you have any advice for adding cream into the required Indian dishes? I have been having lots of trouble making cream-based Indian dishes (i.e. Korma) in the last year (yes, year). Whenever the recipe calls for a cup or so of heavy cream, the cream actually seems to make the dish more thin. Although I know that in real Indian cooking there should not be nearly as much cream as there is in the dishes served at Indian restaurants, but my dishes never seem to come out creamy, but rather soupy. I’ve looked everywhere to solve this problem, with no luck. :( Please, help me if possible!

  2. RainyCityGirl

    I know this is a really old post, but thought I would help out. I would advise that you use ground up fresh coconut/ pulverized roasted cashew nut powder added at the end of cooking. It keeps my dishes creamy and very restaurant like without oodles of cream (not that I have anything against cream, I just like itin salted caramel more. :).

  3. Awesome info! i was honestly just thinking about something similar to this da other day so, it was almost weird when i ran across this. You would be surprised how many people simply have no idea when it comes to this kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks for getting this cool info out there and i am sure i am not da only one who appreciates you taking da time to post this for da masses.
    Great site post.
    Good Bye

  4. k

    Deb, have you made clotted cream yet? I’m guessing you’ve had it during your UK visits. Heavy cream works perfectly for it, and I sometimes make your cream scones for it.