cottage cheese pancakes

I bet I am not alone in this, but one of my favorite things is to find some odd ingredient in the fridge and try to figure out what I can make that will use it up that does not include, say, buying another ingredient that I will only half-use to do so.

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(This reminds me of when of the time we discovered that we had been joined by a roommate of the tiny, scampering variety, an evil one that outsmarted all traps put in its path, and many suggested that we get a cat to “get rid of it”. But then how to get rid of the cat problem, I always asked, and people shook their heads and clucked their tongues at me. Okay, perhaps this story isn’t an exact parallel after all…)

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Among the many, many awesome things my apartment swap-ees left us in the fridge (Breton butter, cheese, homemade jam, oh, I’ll stop rubbing it in) they also left us stuff like cream cheese (which made for some wonderful frosting) and, well, a humble container of cottage cheese.

Now, I actually adore cottage cheese (though when I used to bring it to work for lunch, people considered it odd that I’d eat it with a fork and not a spoon. Am I alone in this?) but eating it as I usually do (with a sliced up banana or mango) doesn’t make for very interesting cooking blog fodder, non?

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Instead I rendered it into pancakes for my next house guest (mom!) last weekend and it was indeed a delicious, delicious, thing, as reminiscent of the ricotta pancakes we made last year as it was of the flavors in the noodle kugel my mother married my father over. In other words, of course we loved them.

Two years ago: Spiced Vegetable Fritters with Curry-Lime Yogurt

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes

  • Servings: 14 to 16 3-inch pancakes
  • Source: Smitten Kitchen
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This 2008 recipe got a heavy refresh in 2023, mostly because a few years ago I realized that I never made the original ones, adapted from Joy of Cooking, because they did not fit my current rules for the effort I’m willing to extend at breakfast: multiple bowls? Separated eggs? Ghastly.

The updated recipe now has whole eggs (vs. separated ones) as the pancakes are fluffy, moist and perfect without the extra steps. For a thicker and easier-to-manage pancake, the second half of the milk is only added as needed. They’re still sweet, but much less so (the original level was 1/3 cup and everyone found it too high). The spices, nuts, and dried fruit are now optional, in case you, too, are a cottage cheese pancake purist. I’ve shown them here with dollops of barely-sweetened whipped cream and sliced fresh fruit. If you dismissed these when they came up after you hit the “Surprise me!” button, I hope this is the nudge you need. They’re fantastic.

  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, plus more for pan
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs (not separated, see Note))
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup cottage cheese, full or low-fat
  • 1/2 cup milk, any kind, and up to 1/2 cup more if needed
  • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
  • Optional additions: 1/3 cup finely chopped walnuts and/or dried currants; 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon and/or a pinch of ground nutmeg

Melt butter halfway in the bottom of a large bowl then whisk in sugar. This should leave the mixture lukewarm, not piping hot, but if it still is, let it cool slightly before adding the eggs. Whisk in eggs until fully combined, then vanilla and cottage cheese. Whisk in the first 1/2 cup of milk. Sprinkle the surface of the batter with salt, baking powder, and baking soda and whisk thoroughly to combine — a few times more than seems necessary to disperse it into the batter. Add flour and optional additions, if using, and stir just until the flour disappears.

You’re looking for a thick but not dough-like batter; if it seems too stiff, add remaining milk 2 tablespoons at a time until you reach your desired texture.

Heat the frying pan or griddle of your choice to medium and swirl in a pat of butter to evenly coat the pan. Pour pancakes in approximately 3-tablespoon amounts (I use this scoop) and cook until medium golden brown underneath, about 2 to 3 minutes. Flip and cook until the second side is the same color. I usually lower the heat to medium-low while making pancakes so they don’t brown too fast. Repeat with remaining batter.

Heap pancakes with the toppings of your choice and eat right away. If you’re not eating the pancakes right away, you can arrange them on a large baking sheet and keep them warm in a 225-degree oven. These pancakes keep wonderfully for days in the fridge. Rewarm on a baking sheet in a 350-degree oven for 5 to 8 minutes.

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143 comments on cottage cheese pancakes

  1. Stacy

    Oh my god, YUM. Once upon a party I ate about a full platter of very small savory cottage cheese pancakes that someone’s friend (Russian? Polish?) was churning out in the kitchen and I’ve fantasized about them since. Very excited to try these.

    I also eat my cottage cheese with a fork. And pineapple!

  2. Diane

    This is a great idea for that “bit o’ cheese” left over in the fridge….I agree a fork is the way to go…cottage cheese with peaches or for savory–cottage cheese with a little black pepper and grape tomatoes.

  3. Judy

    These pancakes sound delish! Thank you for the recipe. I think Hubby and I will try them tonight, with drizzles of maple syrup and side of fruit salad I put together today.
    Oh, and I too eat my cottage cheese with a fork. Love to throw in a chopped pear or apple with a few walnuts too.

  4. Laura

    I too eat my cottage cheese with a fork and I apologize to NO ONE. Also, I use a pancake recipe a lot like this one, only with a cup of Greek yogurt (which is always in the fridge) instead of cottage cheese and it’s fantastic. Can’t wait to try your version!

  5. N.

    I LOVE these pancakes. I found a different recipe when I googled recipes with cottage cheese. I can’t even remember why I had it in the fridge but I wanted to use it up before it went bad. I made a whole batch and kept the leftovers in the fridge to eat the rest of the week (not that they lasted that long!). I like mine with syrup though.

  6. Darn it! I do have one of those half finished tubs of cottage cheese in the fridge, however it has been in there just that bit too long to be safe any more. I’ve been looking at it all week wondering what to do with it – these would have been delicious round about Thursday :-)

    p.s I eat my cottage cheese with a fork too. What’s weird about that?

  7. kristen

    Deb, I was just looking at pancake recipes online, and look what you go and post today! This looks fabulous, I’ll make them for brunch today. Thanks! Oh, and cottage cheese w/ chives = best lunch ever.

  8. Sarah

    I also eat cottage cheese with a fork. I swear it tastes less appetizing with a spoon, sort of thick and metallic. I like chunks of fresh tomato with mine.
    I love pancakes but I don’t make them too often because my husband says then he has to eat again in a half hour. Maybe the added protein will help my cause, plus we both love cheese–can’t wait until Saturday to try them!

  9. I, too, eat cottage cheese with a fork. And pepper! (I really really don’t like it with fruit of any kind. Don’t know why … I was raised to eat it with black pepper and a fork!) :)

  10. Yogurt needs a spoon. Cottage cheese needs a fork.
    Or a tortilla chip. Trader Joe’s ground yellow corn chips (the ones in the blue bag) are perfect for scooping up cottage cheese.

  11. I see you’re doing NaBloPoMo again this year, too! I’m only two days in and I’m already stressed out! I love small curd cottage cheese with sliced bananas or fresh blueberries, but now I’ll have to try it with mango sometime! As for pancakes, I don’t even bother trying to cook them on anything but my non-stick electric griddle anymore. Too many pancake mishaps when I try using anything else!

  12. Lora

    You mean people eat cottage cheese with a spoon? Why? I’ve always used a fork and didn’t know that was some sort of weird thing.

  13. Magdalena

    This recipe made me recall lots of happy cottage cheese memories :)
    When I was a child, my beloved Polish grandmother would make me this fantastic open-faced sandwich: sliced hard boiled egg, sliced tomato, and a big spoonful of cottage cheese (and maybe some green onion) on seeded rye bread. Sounds weird, but anyone who tries it loves it!

  14. Claire (aka Trogfoot!)

    We call those using up whatever is in the fridge/cupboard meals “kitchen suppers” and they are often great, but overlooked as keeper recipes. So it’s nice to hear about a kitchen supper keeper! BTW cottage cheese is not usually to be found in my fridge, but these look good enough to invest in some…

  15. Susan

    I don’t eat cottage cheese often and the last time was ages ago. I don’t remember what utensil I used! Maybe none..I remember liking it on toast that was smeared with apple butter..and I’m sure I just picked it up with my hands!

    I’ve never tried CC Pancakes. They sure look time I have CC..I’ll give it a go! Thanks, Deb.

  16. I use what is called ‘bulk cottage cheese’ which is not the kind bought in containers like curd cottage cheese. It is a smooth but heavy cheese that is sold by the pound and the consistency is more like a cream cheese. I do not know what they call it in the US but here in Montreal we refer to it as “bulk Cheese” and is sold under the brand Liberty

  17. Those look wonderful! I’m pretty sure we have some cottage cheese in the fridge that needs to be used up. I bet they’d be good with some sort of fruit. Too bad it’s not strawberry season anymore…

  18. Elizabeth

    What the…you couldn’t post this earlier? Dang it!!! I have half a carton of cottage cheese in my fridge and this would have been a perfect breakfast for a lazy Sunday. Wah!!!!

  19. These pancakes sound strangely delish! And moreso, you had me cracking up with the mouse/cat problem. I often find myself wishing for a sweet little kitty… but then I wonder how I can get rid of it when it becomes large and hairy and antisocial.

  20. Mmmm. I eat my cottage cheese (Borden’s, low fat) with a small spoon (to make the delectability last longer). Using a fork means that the magical whey is lost through the tines! How sad is that? As for the pancakes, I’ll eat them with my fingers to cut out the middle man. Thanks for this blog.

  21. Sharon

    Sorry I eat my cottage cheese with a spoon, however, I do mix things in it some times like sliced hot dogs and or pork and beans and always, always garlic powder. I tried the pancakes and they are very mmmmmmmmmmm good. Thanks for the recipe.

  22. Maureen

    I also eat cottage cheese with a fork (and pineapple) and after reading the comments I am thinking that it is your co-workers and their spoons who are the weird ones! Pancakes look yummy!

  23. Christine

    I also eat my cottage cheese with a fork. I sometimes stir in some berry jam (blueberry or blackberry is my favorite) for a sweet treat.

  24. My husband makes a savory cottage cheese (eaten with a fork!). He adds tomatoes, balsamic, salt and pepper to the cottage chesse. It is SO good, and I am not a fan of cottage cheese at all.

    I’ll have to give the pancakes a try with the kids tomorrow. I have made them ricotta pancakes before, which I think two liked and two did not.

  25. Santadad

    I eat cottage cheese with a SPOON! The oval shaped soup spoon fits the inside curvature of the bowl better, and I am able to scrape the residue from the side. My other half uses a fork, and I could never understand that. I guess that’s where Deb got the fork usage from.

  26. Sharon

    Sorry, I eat cottage cheese with a spoon. I do howeve add to it at times like sliced hot dogs and or port and beans and I always add garlic powder and pepper. I tried the pancakes tonight and they are real mmmmmmmmmmmmm good. Tks for the recp. !!!

  27. Jessica

    I actually do enjoy food blog posts that may seem like boring blog fodder to other people. For example, I once saw Alton Brown put pomegranite seeds on cottage cheese and I thought it was such a simple yet brilliant combination, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten that for breakfast. So if you think something is boring to post, it might not be. Us readers appreciate simple as well as complex recipes.

  28. Janice

    I eat Cottage Cheese and Pineapple, or Tomatoes, pears, Peaches, or it is also wonderful to mix in fresh green pea’s and chopped onion. I always use a fork!

  29. I am equally maniacal when it comes to using left over ingredients, waiting patiently in the refrigerator netherlands dying to be used! Just had an instance tonight actually with some leftovers Mars bars that the local kiddies didn’t eat for Halloween – unfortunately the night isn’t as popular over here in Australia, but I did enjoy the muffins I sneaked them into! The cottage cheese pancakes look scrumptious… and are something we do actually appreciate in all their glory here in Oz :)

  30. Hmmm, I have never tried cottage cheese as a sweet like virtually everyone here has…I’ve always eaten it as…a cheese! On rye with avacado and lemon scented oil or on top of corn chips (cold though)! I suppse it’s just like never having had avacado as a savoury until I was 12…before then my dad always used to give me a half sprinkled in castor sugar with a spoon and that was that!

  31. ann

    You wanna get weird looks when eating cottage cheese? Try it on toast, with ketchup. Deeeeeelishus! But yeah, few people understand it… Apparently it was Nixon’s favorite treat too. I don’t know what that says about me that Richard Nixon and I have a shared favorite treat.

  32. Wow, interesting combination! By switching to a different basic flour mix, this would be easy to make GF and I’d think adding the cottage cheese would help make them more moist. Good idea. I vote for the fork as well. :-)

  33. Kay

    I eat it with a fork too :P Salt. Pepper. Fork. Yum.

    In fact, I have a nasty habit of just eating it straight out of the container for three meals a day :P (The boyfriend is lactose intolerant and it’s not like there is anyone else in the house :P)

  34. I bet these are the same cottage cheese pancakes I grew up on! The early years of my life were spent eating a large variety of pancakes that my mom made by throwing together whatever was in the fridge. I don’t know what the fascination with the pancake shape was, but I can tell you, we were to relieved when she decided to make the cottage cheese or latke version instead of the choose your own adventure variety. I agree, these are tasty little guys!

  35. David T

    I also wanted to mention that the cottage cheese seems to sink to the bottom so I recommend scooping instead of just pouring out of the bowl.

  36. Mary

    These look great! And I totally eat my cottage cheese with a fork. However, I find the fruit/cottage cheese combo gag worthy. I like mine with just a little salt and pepper. Yum!

  37. Nicole M

    Ooh I think I have some cottage cheese hanging out in the fridge right now! If these are as fluffy as the ricotta lemon ones I’m sold.

  38. Interesting…I’ve never even heard of cottage cheese pancakes before! I will have to test them on my husband and see what he thinks compared to the traditional pancake recipe I typically use.

    Great photos by the way- you constantly amaze me how beautiful your blog is.

  39. kristen

    I made this recipe yesterday for brunch and it was simple and delicious. I agree with the poster above that you’ll want to scoop the mix out of the bowl, to get an even amount of the cheese in each pancake. They were moist, held nicely in a warm oven while waiting for my friends to arrive and…gone in minutes. Thanks Deb!

  40. Celeste

    Mmmmm. Cottage cheese. I eat it with a fork and I prefer garlic powder mixed in first and allowed to meld.

    Jane Brody once had a pancake recipe that was said to be a good way to use up cottage cheese that was getting old. I have no idea why you would want to still eat it if it was old.

    I have a cookie recipe that calls for a dough of flour, butter, sugar, and cottage cheese. You roll and fold it over and over, and nobody ever guesses that cottage cheese is in this tender cookie. It has a jam filling and a drizzled glaze on top. It’s from Czech Village in Iowa, courtesy of Midwest Living magazine.

    I am always intrigued by cottage cheese as an ingredient, except in lasagne.

  41. Annie

    I love cottage cheese, though none as much as the A&E cottage cheese of my Iowa childhood. For the best eggs ever, my mom scrambles eggs, cottage cheese, salt, pepper, tiny bits of cheddar cheese, and crutons (preferably homemade). Ridiculously good.

  42. I am a cottage cheese fanatic – I eat mine with a fork, UNLESS I am eating the delcious and weird-sounding combination of cottage cheese and canned vegetarian baked beans. My mom ate this when I was growning up, and I love it now for its sweet-meets-salty flavors. Try it! The pancakes look AMAZING!

  43. Rachel

    Oh Celeste, can you share the cookie recipe? Czech Village was part of my hometown growing up. I miss visiting the bakery there so much. They had the best Kolaches.

    I have a cottage cheese pancake recipe (equal parts cottage cheese, eggs and baking mix then thinned with milk or yogurt to the consistancy you want). I am going to have to give this one a try and see if the kids like it as well. Cottage cheese pancakes are one of those count on everyone to eat meals at our house.

    I usually eat cottage cheese with a fork unless I mix pineapple chunks in it, then I might use a spoon but it is a toss up.

  44. I love cottage cheese pancakes, I’ve been posting about and making these pancakes for a while now. I only use 4 ingredients: oats, cottage cheese, eggs and a banana. Puree it all together and you’ve got your batter. You can also substitute pumpkin puree for the banana, add some spice and make pumpkin pie pancakes, perfect for the season! Here are the Pumpkin Pie Pancakes if you’re curious.

  45. Marci

    I too eat my cottage cheese with a spoon. I’m going to have to try these – they sound and look like the lemon ricotta pancakes I fell in love with every day of my honeymoon… yummy!

  46. Tina

    I eat my cottage cheese with a fork. I also eat it with a spoon, a knife, a spatula, or any other utensil that gets in the way. But mostly I eat it with a slice or two of frozen pizza. Because frozen pizza is not worth eating otherwise!

  47. Celeste

    Rachel, I have recently moved and I am not nearly unpacked yet but will get looking for the recipe. I will certainly share the recipe with you; my email is celesteUNDERSCORElippAT yahoo if you want to give me a shout so I can send it to you. The cookies are YUM when fresh, but they don’t keep glazed for Christmas or mailing (who cares, find some other cookie for those jobs!).

  48. Would these work with store-brand cottage cheese, like the previous recipe where you had to use that off-brand, non-Philadelphia cream cheese that your cheapskate apartment swapper left behind for you?

  49. frenchfoodie

    Fork all the whey (ho ho) for me too. The pancakes look great – a whole lot less effort than making blintzes which they seem similar to.

  50. I have loved these sirniki ever since I spent a summer in St. Petersburg with a host family. This was by far the best of the breakfast foods they ever foisted upon me (much better than hotdogs and ramen). I tried another online recipe for these, but failed miserably, I think I shall give it another shot with this one. Thanks for posting!

  51. ruth

    I eat my cottage cheese with a spoon. I put a little cheddar cheese in it…Yum! I usually put this on top of my salad, but I will eat it alone as a snack.

    I made the cottage cheese pancakes this morning for my 3.5 yr old triplets & me. They were the best & my kids loved them. I usually love my pancakes dripping with syrup, but these did not need them. I used my cast iron pans & I can’t wait to make them for my husband tomorrow.

  52. latenac

    We made these last night b/c my 5 year old had begged and begged for cottage cheese and then wouldn’t eat it. Then she said she wanted pancakes. So we were able to use up the shunned cottage cheese and have breakfast for dinner at the same time. They were really good. Cottage cheese seems to do for pancakes what they do for eggs make them really light and fluffy.

  53. Debra

    Well, this is a recipe I’ll surely make again. Very delicious, and I’m not usually a big fan of pancakes. I placed a few fresh blueberries on the top of the pancakes before flipping them. Everybody loved them with maple syrup.

  54. Wow! It’s so good to see these again! My mom used to make them for us, and they were so light, fluffy and tender… they were, in short, amazing. The batter makes fabulous waffles too. Not of the light and crispy belgian variety, but nourishing and delicious all the same.

  55. In Russia we called them “syrniki” which means cheesy pancakes. I have my own cottage cheese pancakes recipe, a little bit easier than yours but still delicious! I will try your pancakes recipe and let you know the result! Thank you!

  56. Nicole

    Oooh, these were good! I really wanted pancakes but didn’t have any milk. So I used a combination of cottage cheese, plain yogurt and sour cream, with a little water to thin things out. I loved the texture of these – as much of a pain as it is to beat the egg whites and fold them in separately, it really does make all the difference.

  57. Nikki

    WOW, I just found your website and was browsing your recipes. I found this one and decided to make it for breakfast this morning. These are so good. I am always looking to put more protein in my breakfast. I actually forgot to add sugar to the recipe and they are still wonderful. I used craisins and walnuts and then with the syrup they are still sweet and tasty. Thank you for a great recipe. I have company coming in 2 weeks and guess what they will be eating for breakfast?

  58. Malika Walker

    Have you tried dressing your cottage cheese with chopped green onions, seeded & chopped tomatoes, chopped sweet red pepper~~ one of my favorite lunches

  59. K

    Deb, have you ever tried Nancy’s brand cultured cottage cheese? It’s got the cottage cheese curds plus a nice yogurt-y tang from the cultures. I bet you’d love it and I think it would add even more deliciousness to a dish like this!

  60. K

    Wow, these were absolutely amazing — the fluffiest pancakes I have ever made. I replaced the melted butter with a splash of buttermilk since I figured they’d be rich enough cooked with butter on the griddle, and it worked great! Thanks for this recipe!

  61. Ny

    Greetings from Barbados. I just finished making these pancakes…i love them.I love trying recipes from your site,so far I’ve tried the broccoli slaw,and the granola bars.I also love how its set out , made me stick around the first time and check it out, Ive looked at all the pictures,everything looks soo yummy. Thanks again,keep up good work.

  62. Lars

    The cottage cheese sticks to the S.S. pan! No matter what oil, spray, butter, release spray I tried, cottage cheese pancakes stick to my stainless pan and make flipping impossible. I substituted sour cream for the cottage cheese for a much, much better tasting batter and it does not stick!!! (I don’t use unhealthy non stick pans).

  63. Kerrii

    I just made these for my kids this morning and, without question, they are the best pancakes we have ever had! I made a batch also with some tiny chunks of granny smith apples thrown in and that was a nice addition. Thanks for the “keeper” recipe!

  64. Ada

    I must admit that I’ve been falling out of love with pancakes over the last few years but something compelled me to make this recipe for my boyfriend this morning, even though I despise cooking breakfast. Well, I am in love once again and no longer afraid of the griddle! Thank you. Best pancakes ever! They were great by themselves and perfect with just a touch of real maple syrup. So much flavor!

  65. Wow! These pancakes are absolutely delicious. I have been looking for a good pancake recipe that had cottage cheese for an ingredient and I have finally found it today! I made these pancakes this morning and loved every bite! I can’t wait to make these at our next family reunion. Thanks for sharing your recipe! It is a winner! (BTW – I use a spoon!)

  66. Greta

    Oh my god, these were the best pancakes I have ever made. And I’ve tried lots of recipes. They were almost velvety, and awesome. They took a while to cook but were well worth it. They looked just like yours did. Not as round and uniform as regular pancakes, but the way they get those little ridges like in the 1st and 5th photos look really gorgeous.

  67. I made these this morning, but added lemon zest and fresh blueberries. It was heavenly! I’d like to feature them on my blog. Is it okay with you if I reprint the recipe (as I made it), with appropriate linkbacks, of course.

  68. Eva

    I just made these.. and I AM OBSESSED. I think i just found my holy grail pancake recipe! That was INCREDIBLY delcious.. i cant get over it!

  69. Suzanne

    I’m eating these right now… they’re awesome! I used both cinnamon & nutmeg. When I was keeping the pancakes warm in the oven, I put them directly on the rack, with a cookie sheet on the rack below to catch crumbs. This worked out really well, and those pancakes stayed crispy on the outside. The hubs even loved these, and I was so happy to use up some of my cottage cheese!

  70. Pooja

    Deb, these were absolutely divine. Very soft and fluffy with little bits of crunch (because of the walnuts) here and there. Would definitely make them again. Also loved your website and the extensive recipes. Will try them out sometime.
    Thank you

  71. mabel vale

    My grandmother used to make my sisters and me pineapple cottage cheese pancakes. Drained, crushed pineapple went into the batter and into her pineapple syrup, which was simply sweetened with sugar and some orange juice.

  72. Ana

    Thanks for this awesome recipe. I had never been able to make such soft pancakes. I did them with no sugar at all and for my taste they don’t need any. I just sprinkled some powder sugar for the outlook.
    Btw, your website is made out of love. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. Cheers!

  73. Belles

    This has become one of my family’s favorite breakfast foods. We love them and cook em up without currants but keep the chopped walnuts. With a sprinkle of powdered sugar or syrup these are a great meal. Thanks so much!

  74. Janelle

    made these this morning. substituted 1/2 cup whole wheat flour for 1/2 of AP flour. they were delicious. this is my new favourite cottage cheese pancake recipe! next time, i’ll put less sugar in the batter as i ate them with an illegal amount of maple syrup.

  75. Lyf

    I dislike cottege cheese but had some leftovers in the fridge to use up so I tried this recipe out of curiosity. To my surprise they were utterly divine and left me full for hours. My standard buttermilk recipe is now a thing of the past. This is now my new favourite recipe. Thanks Deb x

  76. Mame

    So I make these all the time and realized I never commented. The kids love them, the husband (who gets very mad all the other “healthy pancakes” I have tried) loves them. They are super filling! I usually substitute 1/2 the flour for whole wheat and use brown sugar (sometimes I end up adding like an extra tablespoon of flour to make up for the brown sugar wetness). Really, these are all tips I’ve learned from you Deb! Thanks for all you do.

    1. heyloosie

      I’ve been eating these (and now making them) since my Mom first made them for us back in the early 1960’s – her only cookbook (which I still have) is the Fanny Farmer Cookbook!! We definitely hit on a winner :)

  77. Cathy

    I raised my children on a similar recipe and they loved them. Usually added some blueberries and always a tablespoon of Grandma’s Molasses. The recipe had a whole egg and a yoke and buttermilk instead of milk. As several above we also use half whole wheat half all purpose and they work well with all whole wheat. They were always good. In fact I would say they were the family favorite.

  78. These look amazing! What a great way to cook with cheese. I bet you can make it healthier by changing the types of flour and even adding healthy toppings. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to play with this one and probably feature it on my cheese blog,!

  79. Jan

    I love that you linked to this on Facebook with a link and a statement about cottage cheese being hip again. I’m in my late 30’s (very very very late 30’s…) and grew up eating cottage cheese ALL THE TIME. When my mom came home from the grocery store, my sister and I would argue over the cottage cheese and eat it straight out of the container. Just 2 days ago we had a series of texts about cottage cheese and remembering that we used to eat it mixed with fruit yogurt. It seems like the oddest combination, but I tried it again and loved it!

  80. Lisa

    I was first introduced to cottage cheese pancakes (with apple) through the Moosewood cookbook. I was leery of cottage cheese in a pancake but it works well and makes for a hearty meal. I often even make them for dinner! I look forward to trying this version.

  81. Helen in CA

    Joy of Cooking was my 1st cookbook…..learned to cook from it from my mother (before moving on to Julia Child)….and was the 1st cookbook I bought when moving off on my own. Still return there for basics.

  82. Leslie

    My FIL used to make these for Passover every year; he called them “chremsel” and used matzo meal instead of flour/baking soda/baking powder. That’s how I learned to make them, and have been doing so for some 40+ years now. They are a favorite of ours and I do make them the rest of the year, too, because we love them so much. But they never come out the same way twice, and I have never thought to make them with flour instead of the matzo meal (since I never had a “real” recipe — I have always eyeballed things till they looked right). I can’t wait to try them your way and finally have some actual amounts to refer to so they come out the same every time.

  83. sarah

    I’m here to report that it’s ENTIRELY possible to skip the whole separating the eggs, beating the whites step all together, and still have fluffy delicious pancakes.

  84. Bonita

    Hi Deb! I was scrolling through the comments and usually read yours with recommendations but couldnt find any! I’ve been meaning to make these for a while, and finally I intend to make them tomorrow for breakfast! Is it possible to make the dough, say, the previous night, and leave it on the fridge? (so I can sleep longer on Sunday morning? hihihi) Thanks!
    Your fan n.1 from cold Finland!

  85. celesul

    These are excellent! I was trying to find something to do with excess cottage cheese (I bought some from Costco, and then discovered that I don’t like 2% nearly as well as whole fat, but figured that it could be be used to make something delicious), and these use a good amount without requiring much of anything that I’m very low on. I don’t see the need to pair them with honey or syrup, although jam is a pleasant match.

    However, the texture is not what I’d expect from beaten egg white. I like the texture, mind, but I wonder if I either mucked up the egg white (by over beating or overly enthusiastic folding) or if it’s just not that essential.

  86. Novia

    I cook with cottage cheese maybe once every couple of years and had half a container left after making your Easiest Baked Mac & Cheese (yummo!). Not wanting to be wasteful and let it spoil with failed intentions to use it up, I found this pancake recipe. It was quite delightful but too sweet, especially since I enjoy my pancakes with a little maple syrup. Next time, I’ll cut back on the sugar. But…there will be a next time :).

  87. Beep

    These are a go-to weeknight supper for us, made with half the sugar, full fat cottage cheese, and subbing in white whole wheat flour. We usually serve with plain, whole milk Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.

    1. Beep

      I should add that depending on time sometimes I don’t beat the egg whites separately and they’re pretty good that way too though not as nicely fluffy.

  88. Nancy

    Like the commenter “Beep,” I would recommend making these with half the sugar. I made them today and the texture and appearance were great, but I found them a bit too sweet.

  89. Joshua McFaul

    Delectable! I make pancakes nearly every weekend and this is one of my new favourites. The finished product has a slightly caramelized crust, and the interior is moist and fluffy. Also cheese. Can’t go wrong with cheese!

  90. Jackie

    Am making, and eating, these now and YUM! Yes, they are sticking but who cares, they are awesome. Tossed in a a few blueberries, toppped them with European Style Super Premium butter-pancake nirvana!!!

  91. Jackie

    Made these yesterday due to an unforeseen glut of cottage cheese and although they were tasty they stuck something awful. Finished off the batter this morning and oh what a difference a day made- wonderful !!!! Thank you and will make again.

  92. Laura Winikow

    Looks amazing and I don’t even really like pancakes so much. What kind of pan did you use to fry the pancakes?

  93. andre

    THESE. ARE. AMAZING. Thank you for the 2023 refresh–they are perfect and easy!
    Even my cottage cheese hating spouse approved!

  94. Christy

    I needed a change of pace for lunchtime and decided to try this recipe! I have been thinking about it for a while and noticed in a recent newsletter that this recipe had been updated. I loved it, my son loved it. This was so easy and felt special. I didn’t add any of the extras to the mix. With the scant sweetness due to reduced sugar, these pancakes could swing sweet or savory with the toppings. We enjoyed them with a dollop of Greek yogurt, a little bit of honey, and some sliced peaches. I may do sour cream, smoked salmon, and chives on the leftovers. Thank you, Deb!

  95. Rachel

    These are great for breakfast or a snack! My daughter loves them. The cottage cheese tang is perfect with the sweetness from the sugar. We eat them with sour cream and sometimes syrup!

    To echo an above commenter, my mom made a very similar version of these for Passover when I was growing up, but with matzoh meal instead of flour/leavening agents and without vanilla.

  96. Candice

    These were a hit in our house, even with the cottage cheese skeptic! Very happy to have this recipe especially for those times I need to use some cottage cheese up.