eggs in tomato sauce

You know when you see someone cooking something on television and your stomach nearly lurches into a grumble and you know instantaneously what you will have for dinner that night? Isn’t it even better when it’s healthy?

garlic, red pepper, olive oil

That’s what happened when I was getting a lot of work done watching the Martha Show a couple weeks ago and one of her producers came on to show a quick little dinner she’d been making for her family that involved a quick tomato sauce with eggs cooked right in it. It reminded me of the baked egg dish I cannot resist ordering when we go out for brunch at a deliciously Art Deco place in our neighborhood, that I still couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried at home.

tomato puree
sauteed spinach with garlic

Especially when considering how ridiculously simple it is. You make a quick tomato sauce, you cook eggs in it and if you’re us, sautee a little fresh spinach with garlic on the side. Meanwhile, toast or broil some bread. You can rub it with a garlic clove or drizzle it with olive oil, but I didn’t bother because I was lazy. And in about five minutes, your breakfast/lunch/dinner is done.

poaching eggs in tomato sauce

It’s one of these dishes–like the huevos rancheros–that I feel silly giving you a recipe for because its so hodge-podge and easy, but just like those tortilla eggs before it, I have gotten hooked on this, making it for lunch nearly three times this week. So, I either tell you what’s really cooking in the smitten kitchen or we will end up radio silence.

poached eggs in tomato sauce

More eggs and tomato sauce: Nearly two years later, I added another take on eggs in tomato sauce (per suggestion in these comments) with a spicier tomato sauce and crumbled feta cheese, called shakshuka. Check it out.

One year ago: Grandmothers of Sils’ Apple and Yogurt Cake
Two years ago: Giardinera

Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce
Inspired by the Martha Show

1 can (14 ounces) tomato puree
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
Big pinch of sugar
Pinch of crushed red pepper flakes
Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
Glug of red wine (optional)
4 large eggs
4 slices toasted country bread, for serving
Freshly grated Parmesan cheese, for serving

In a small skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add garlic and crushed red pepper; cook, stirring, until lightly browned, about 1 minute. Add tomato sauce and bring to a boil; season with sugar, salt and pepper. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 10 to 20 minutes minutes. A few minutes before it’s done, I like to add a glug of red wine and let it simmer for a moment.

Gently crack eggs into tomato mixture, cover, and let cook 5 minutes. Remove skillet from heat, uncover, and let stand 2 to 3 minutes.

Transfer each egg to a piece of toast. Spoon over sauce, garnish with cheese, and season with salt and pepper; serve immediately.

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174 comments on eggs in tomato sauce

  1. amarie

    congrats on the Martha Stewart Show!!! I just read that you will be on the a regular reader, I was so excited to see your name on the list.

  2. Those tomatoes look incredible! I’ve been struggling with using up the bushels I’m harvesting from my garden right now so all the tomato ideas you can unload are much appreciated.

    The contest was very cool! More please! :) It’s a fun thrill to wonder if you’ll be picked.

    Martha Stewart Show?!?!? When? I have to record it!

  3. Libitina

    I have just started having something very similar for breakfasts – I’ll saute about 1 cup of random greens (so far spinach has been my favorite), add one diced tomato from my mother’s garden, drain some of the liquid, and then crack an egg in it to poach. I’ve been seasoning it with 5 spice, salt, and pepper. I thought I was a genius when I discovered it, and I’m thrilled that it’s not actually as odd a thing as I thought.

    Is the glug of wine for the sauce or just for us?

  4. deb

    Thanks everyone. I am not going to be on the show, or at least that was not the plan when I last spoke to the producers. I will, however, be there that day, which means that I need new shoes. And probably a new tube of lip gloss, if we’re being honest here. Priorities!

  5. jessica mae

    i made your ratatouille last night (SO delish by the way, i served it over crispy polenta with a dollop of goat cheese and it has already made it’s way onto the menu for next week when the bf is out of town and i don’t have to share!) and half exactly this amount of tomato puree left in my fridge and was wondering what to do with it.

  6. I shall have to try this.

    Your huevos rancheros have kept me up to my elbows in salsa verde since I made it for lunch one day. It has so far been the most requested dish I have done, followed quite closely by your take on Ina Gartens Panzanella.

    Funnily enough every time I talk about something new I want to try people always respond with “Smitten Kitchen?” LOL You’re famous around this house.

  7. yael

    this looks like a libyan dish called shakshuka…it’s served a lot in israel, and it’s long been a staple of mine…so yummy and quick! i’ve never tried it with the spinach though, which sounds lovely…

  8. Cate

    Question: Are canned tomato sauce and tomato puree the same thing? The brands at the co-op where I shop only have tomato sauce and tomato paste, and I’ve never known what to use when a recipe calls for puree. Thanks!

  9. stephanie

    tomatoes and eggs are wonderful together! this week for lunch i’ve been making myself a toasted english muffin with grilled tomato slices and over easy eggs. soooo delicious.

  10. I read about the appearance and can’t wait to see you on there. You said that you will be in the audience, right? Maybe you can make re-occurring appearances in the future… How awesome would that be? Then you could slyly take over her role :)

  11. ana

    This reminds me of what my mother used to do with left over portuguese chicken (or beef) stew that had little to no chicken (or beef) left over. It was a great way to use the left over tomato sauce (which is always better a couple days later) and create an entirely new meal. Yum!

    Speaking of eggs… ever since your tip on poaching an egg (never a forte of mine), I’ve been poaching like mad.

  12. c3

    Cannot believe I won the bags! I am super excited! Thanks, Deb! The recipe, as always, looks delish. Will definitely be trying this one out!

  13. Merav

    That’s a classic Middle Eastern dish called Shakshouka! Not a fan, but yours looks delish!

    Also…soooo jealous of the winners. I never win anything. :(

  14. Susan

    So I was already planning on making eggs for dinner and when I saw your pictures, that was all it took to know THIS IS IT! Well, with a few changes (but isn’t that what your blog is all about, to inspire us?). I had a few elderly small white potatoes, so the toasted bread morphed to mashed potatoes with freshly snipped chives and goat cheese, oh, so yummy. I had about 2/3s of a jar of Trader Joe’s roasted garlic pasta sauce, so that combined with 5-6 chopped campari tomatoes and lots of seasonings became my sauce. The eggs on top was a real twist and so good. I even had plenty of spinach with garlic. Filling, tasty, comfort food, what could be better? Thank you!

  15. Tonie

    This is the Wednesday Line-up on Martha:

    Wednesday: The Blogging Show, Perez Hilton, top five tips for bloggers,’s Matt Armendariz, Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman, Politico’s Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin, A Way to Garden’s Margaret Roach

  16. matt

    ive been making this for a while now…and i actually like it placed over baked white rice. the rice is slighty crispy..but soft as well…and the sauce and egg/cheese/ham/corn mixed in makes it a perfect “italian” fried rice

  17. Susie

    Wow I make something like this for lunch all the time, it is addicting. I just sautee some cut up tomatoes, garlic and spinach and then cook an egg over easy to put over it, with grated romano (sometimes with toast). This looks even yummier, thanks for the idea!

  18. Kelly

    This is something that we made and ate in Morocco all the time – an egg Tagine they called it. Very similar except you’d eat it directly out of the tagine bottom with bread. So good. I’d forgotten about it, actually


  19. Man, oh man. That sure beats the heck out of my “throw way too much of last nights left over spaghetti sauce in with some scrambled eggs and cheese and devour the tasty but repulsive-looking monstrosity” technique.

  20. Definetely Shakshuka. It’s a breakfast/dinner staple in Israel. There’s a great cafe in Tel Aviv that makes it with Sweet potatoes and cilantro in addition to everything you have above.

  21. I have plenty o tomato sauce to try this recipe this morning, tomatoes are out of control! The running joke in this house is at dinner time, when there are leftovers the comment comes out “This would be good with eggs…”! In this case, it is!

  22. Kate

    Three excitements:
    1. I too read that you’ll be introduced on the MS show on Wednesday the 17th. What ever is the matter with Martha? Introduction only??!!!
    At any rate, will be good to see you get some additional well deserved kudos.
    2. This recipe is a quick, earthy “good thing” (a bow to MS for having you on ;)
    3. Small RUmes coming my way – Thank you so very much!!

  23. tammy

    I read this post and made the recipe that day. the family really liked it; my husband LOVED it! It was quick w/ ingredients I usually have on hand. Thank you for posting the recipe (and I’m glad you did, even tho it is easy, I never would have thought of making a dish like this on my own).

  24. Sally

    This was absolutely gorgeous and just what my slightly hungover husband needed on Saturday morning! I used a tin of tomatoes and I did rub garlic on the pieces of bread which, mingled with the tomatoes and egg, was lovely!

  25. Ian

    Shakshouka is one of my staple dishes! I’ve never done it with spinach, but I’m sure it’s delish. A nice little touch is to serve it on a plate with some nice bread and a dollop of ricotta or sour cream or cottage cheese on the side. I like the sour cream best but my s/o prefers ricotta and my sister swears by cottage cheese.

  26. Elisa

    I loved how easy this was (so much easier than poaching eggs in water!), and how I always have these ingredients around the house, and it was totally delicious and satisfying, and beautiful to behold. This will be a staple.

  27. Gigi

    Hi please do keep continuing to post these easy egg recipes. Runny eggs were banned in my household growing up and having them appear here in poached, tomato-ey and eggy glory is awesome. Finally I get a chance salmonella be darned.

    Plus now you can say you’ve got mexican, french and dubiously italian style eggs covered. What culture comes next Deb? I’m looking forward to your next exploration.

  28. Jennifer

    In Israel this is called – Shakshuka. It’s a very well known breakfast meal – eggs, made with tomatoes and other vegetables on toast or eaten straight out of the frying pan by dipping bread into it. Delicious.

  29. Joann

    I no I’m a little late on this post. First of all congrat’s on the Martha Show
    & also this looks so very good. I think I will have tonight for dinner.
    Hub’s working late so it will be a meal for him when he gets in & very fast for me to make . Like I said congrats….

  30. I’m home alone (sans husband) this week and was totally planning on just eating soup and sandwiches for the duration…but this completely changed my mind.
    Now I know exactly what I’m having for dinner, thanks!

  31. CeeCee

    Will try this for a quick supper – looks delicious! Goes right along with one of my absolute favorites: goat cheese on toast topped with a slice of tomato, quick sauteed garlic spinach and a fried egg!

  32. This may be my favorite way to cook eggs forever! I’ve done this three times now and each time is so much better. I had to tweak the timing on the eggs a little bit to find out where I liked them. Five minutes and they’re too hard. 3 minutes and they’re runny. 4 minutes gets them just perfect! Three times and three different kinds of toast. 1st, rosemary dill hamburger buns which made great toast. 2nd, yeast risen waffles. 3rd, (my favorite) black rye bread. I can hardly wait to cook this for a larger group. Thanks Deb for sharing all of your great recipes. :)

  33. Damn you Hurricane Ike for taking out my electricity the exact week of Deb’s contest! And Damn you Centerpoint for restoring my power just in time to see someone else win the green bags I’ve been dying for!

  34. Sarah

    Oh my I made this last night and I loved it! I’ve never had such a combo before but it was delish. Thanks for the recipe! I’ll be using it again and again.

  35. Ada

    I actually did the same exact thing….I was busy, but watching Martha. Saw this, thought OH ummm sure that looks good, for dinner, why not? I have all the ingredients (even fresh eggs hatched from MY chicks not Marthas) and made it. Wonderful, satisfying, flavorful, complete one pot meal. Kudos!

  36. Aaron

    Wow, substitute white rice for the bread and you have the Spanish classic Arroz a la cubana. I love this kind of simple, satisfying meal. Thanks for the supper idea!! :-)

  37. basketpam

    Hi there, this is the first time I’ve commented on this site. I of course learned about it watching the MS show (which is a new thing for me) and I think it’s a fantastic site for just someone starting something in their own home. However, ONE thing would make this site perfect. I’d love to see actuall print pages when we want a recipe. Unless I’m missing something somewhere when you want to print a recipe you don’t get just the recipe, you get the entire article you see at that time. I know this probably makes things more difficult but it would be a huge help in getting the info in a user friendly format. Just a thought!

  38. deb

    Hi Basketpam — There is a print function . At the end of each article, right before the comment count the word “Print” is linked. It will take you to a version of the article without photos (or comments), just text, which means that most posts will fit on one page.

  39. jax

    Tomato sauce with eggs cooked directly in it is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry old Sicilian tradition. Often, eggs are soft boiled, then gently peeled before placing into sugo (tomato sauce) to fully cook. This somewhat sweet Sicilian sugo has been (is) a weekly Sunday dish with (several) eggs floating around in the cooked sauce.

  40. Ping

    Ah Deb, I just missed the contest!!! Sigh… And I just moved to Germany… where Delight delivers… Being a poor student I cant afford the bags.. but they would have been useful here.

  41. Hello! It’s so funny that you made this – when I was at the Martha Stewart show last Wednesday (I saw you there! :D ), this happen to be the show that was playing in the waiting room. I was telling my husband how I used to make this alot and eat it over rice during college.

    It was fun to see you by the way – nice to put a name to the face! Or is it a face to the name? :)

  42. Sarah C

    Deb!! This is so amazing! My husband and I had this for a light dinner the other night – no country bread in the house, so substituted english muffins. This is our new staple. Thank you!!

  43. Lyra

    I was in the mood for eggs, so decided to pick up some spinach and tomato to make this. Delicious, even on plain old white bread. Thanks,Deb!

  44. deb, what the heck is the brand of the tomato puree you’re using? It looks chunky, more like a marinara, which I think is what this recipe needs. I used tomato sauce which was nice, but too smooth, like a paste.

  45. Jen

    Just had this for dinner. Sunday is usually a chicken dinner day (roast chicken, some kind of curry, the great braised chicken with white wine and plums from last month’s everyday food) but I’m low on cash and went out shooting the leaves for the day so I tried this and found it was exactly what I needed (especially in the wallet department! Eggs and a loaf of bread with diced tomatoes on hand? What an awesome dinner for under $5!!! I threw half a can of diced tomatoes in a blender for about 5 seconds and then pureed the other half–came out with a great marinara-like texture. I had spinach on the side as well and it was just perfect. This is definitely going into my weekly rotation–YUM!

  46. Christine

    I’d love to try this with a small glub of balsamic as opposed to red wine! Looks a heavenly dinner we’ll most definately be having soon!

  47. OMG.

    I just had this for dinner, since we’re a bit topsy-turvy at the moment and O.M.G. it was bloody awesome!!!! YUM YUM YUM!! Far out it was so good! When I first saw this dish (not here, somewhere else) I was a bit “huh?” about it. Then I saw it again here, and I kept thinking about it and so I made it tonight, with a tin of cherry tomatoes and an onion as well. I have to say, I left it on a bit longer so the sauce was quite reduced by the end and I *blush* ate the whole thing. I just cracked two eggs in the pan, and shared the leftover sauce with my partner who’s a bit unwell and just had scrambled eggs.

    SO GOOD.

  48. Vanessa

    Thanks to this recipe, we made this for dinner a few mights ago. It was both good and bad. Good because it was sooo tasty. Bad because I really liked it and ate so much that I almost made myself sick!



  49. Cailet

    But…but I’m afraid of runny whites.

    But it looks so good.

    But…runny whites? Is there any way to get around that for this dish? Because if so – I am SO THERE.

  50. Susan

    I have been making eggs cooked in a sauce loosely based on Amatriciano sauce. Basically, sauteed small dice medium onion til light yellow, fresh pepper, 28.oz can good plum tomatoes and about 4 oz. of panchetta, chopped and sauteed. O..M..G.. Do the usual and simmer about 30 minutes. Add a GOOD half cup of pecorino romana at the end and I did add a little parsely – but no basil or garlic. I had made some homemade meatballs and this was to be my sauce. It is to die for. I got sick of the smell of the meatballs whilst cooking and realized I was starving so put some of the sauce in a small skillet and threw my eggs on top along with a sprinkling of the peco. cheese. With a copious amt. of pepper for my eggs with some salt. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Masha

    Deb – this reminds me one of the best dishes ever – SHAKSHOUKA! I make it with fresh tomatoes and a few hot peppers — and it’s always a hit!

  52. Shira

    I was just introduced to this site – i alread love it!

    like Masha (no. 90) i instantly thought ‘duh – it’s shakshooka’. i start my tomato base with a lot of chopped and sauteed onions, and also add hot peppers.

    for those who asked about the runny whites – either lower the flame and cover the pan for a few minutes or scramble the eggs into the sauce. either way is fine.

  53. Sufia

    I was a little nervous about the runny white issue as well, but it turns out I had nothing to fear!! This was soo good, I made it two night in a row. I just tilted the pan a little so the whites had more surface area, and then pulled them off as soon as the white set, because lets face it, no one wants a runny white, but there is nothing like a nice runny yolk, amiright ladies??

  54. This reminds me of one of my absolute favorite dishes – I can’t remember the name but all you do poach eggs in homemade tomatillo salsa and serve it with a corn tortilla. So satisfying, but I never thought about tomato sauce. As an untill-recently vegetarian, I love having meals focused on eggs, not meat. Now I know what is for dinner tonight! Thanks again!

  55. Mary Ellen

    I have been dreaming of the egg dish which I enjoyed last summer at the Continental
    in Phla. They served it on a base of polenta but othewise the same as your’s. I
    cannot wait to make these – supper tonight?? Thank you.

  56. EJ

    I made this – more or less – for breakfast with the parents on Christmas day. It was a hit! I poached their eggs in the normal fashion, and beat mine first since I don’t do hard egg whites. They all came out great. Very easy and tasty breakfast. Next time, I would use the Trader Joe’s Italian starter sauce since it has such great flavor and doesn’t need any doctoring. Thanks for the recipe!

  57. Jen McLeod

    this is amazing!!! seriously the best poached eggs I have ever had, and I have a had a lot! Since it is my favourite way to have them… I am excited to play with this recipe! thank you so much for another great one!!

  58. Dancer who eats

    This was good and easy. You could use pasta sauce as a substitute. It wasn’t spectacular but I will keep it in the back of my head in case of emergency.

  59. Tried this on Sunday and it was amazing – and it was a relief to have an indulgent tasting brunch that was healthy! I found that making a bit of a space in the tomatoes for each egg helped – it just made them a bit easier to serve.

  60. KAT

    Simple yet delicious recipes like this are great for college students like myself with limited budgets and time. I always seem to have eggs and tomato sauce on hand, but I had never thought of combing them before now. Will definitely be making this recipe again, thanks!

  61. Rachel

    Thank you for this great recipe! The first time I made it, I used tomato puree but it turned out extremely sour and tart. The second time I used a can of whole plum tomatoes instead, coarsely chopping the tomatoes up into large chunks when it was in the pan, and it turned out lovely even without any sugar! I also chopped up an onion in there.. couldn’t resist trying to stir around the egg a bit, so it came out slightly scrambled in appearance, but absolutely delicious. I had them with crispbread for dinner and with a slice of toast for breakfast.. yum! I plan to try them plain with a bunch of other vegetables thrown in. This recipe is a lifesaver – so easy and quick to fix, inexpensive and relatively healthy!

  62. Sarah

    This is similar to a Tunisian meal my husband makes. The only differences are that he uses freshly chopped tomatoes, more garlic, one or two additional spices, and he might also throw a jalapeno or two in. Then it’s eaten with bread (not on bread). It’s delicious!

  63. Sarah G

    This is how I make my Huevos Rancheros! I just pour a jar of nice salsa in a pan, plop in four eggs and voila! This definitely has more of the shakshuka style- I’ve seen recipes that call for CUMIN! I can’t wait to try it…And your version of Huevos Rancheros. Always an inspiration!

  64. Megan

    Thanks for the idea! I kinda combined this recipe and the one you put up for Shaksuka but made it more Italian. I also added some mushrooms that needed to be used and some frozen chopped spinach in the sauce as well as a very generous amount of red pepper flakes as my jalapeno had gone bad. My eggs took a lot longer to cook but they were still perfect. I also topped it with a little goat cheese. Well hello new favorite vegetarian meal!

  65. Miriam

    It’s similar to an isralie dish called shakshouka. He make it with onions, garlic, peppers, tomato sauce, and usually it’s spicy. I like spicy paprika while I’m making the sauce (or jalapeno or red pepper flakes) fast and yummy!!!

  66. Rae

    OMG, this looks freakin’ AWESOME. Thank God for Evernote, as I tote my SK recipes everywhere! =) Thanks for sharing! You rock! …and I am Queen of Exclamation Marks!

  67. Z. Ruth

    Hi Deb, Somehow I did not know about your site until a few months ago, which is sad because now I spend all my time perusing your amazing recipes and beautiful pictures (of food and cutie pie kid). I love this recipe and have been making it often with farmer’s market chard and a big slice of crusty rustic bread. The first time I made it, it was perfect but since then, I have not been able to get the eggs right – they get almost rubbery and the yolks are not runny. Can’t figure out if this is a function of the heat being too high, or should I leave it less time than 5 minutes or perhaps keep it uncovered? Thank you for this website!

    1. deb

      Hi Ruth — So glad you’re enjoying the site. I’d cook it less time. Nudge the eggs around in the sauce, if they look white on the outside but seem sloshy/wet (rippling a little when you nudge them, like a puddle) on the inside, take them out. Also, I’ve since added another recipe along this same vein, Shakshuka, which you might enjoy. It has a slightly spicier sauce and feta.

  68. E

    Just made this for dinner. Delish! Simple, fast, cheap; it’s perfect for random nights when you don’t know what to make, but don’t want to go to the store. Will definitely become part of my regular rotation!

  69. molly

    hmm…i haven’t been able to get this to work for me yet (tried four times so far). i have to cook them about twice as long to get the whites to cook, but then the yolks cook in the process. it tastes great, but i’m sure that it would be much more delicious with runny yolks. any ideas?

  70. kiera

    Thanks! That was a yummy, easy, quick dinner last night thanks to you. And I have lots of idea of how to vary it in yummy ways for future quick dinners. Thanks!

  71. Katie

    This is DELICOUS! I’ve made this a few times for breakfast a few times on the weekends. Guests and myself all love it. Good job!

  72. Jessica

    Life saver. Got home from work at 7:30, had nothing in the house but spinach, garlic, pasta (no bread sadly), a jar of raos arrabiata and eggs. FANTASTIC.

  73. I have made this recipe time and time again since finding the recipe here. Its become one of those staple meals for which I always make sure to have the ingredients on-hand. The last time I made it, I added a handful of fresh herbs to the tomato sauce (rosemary in particular). And tried a splash of white balsamic instead of wine. Tasty. :)

  74. Lindsay

    Fantastic! I added basil, feta, and used up the last of some very runny homemade salsa. My husband went nuts for it. I served it over some garlic-rubbed toasted bread. I think the wine at the end added a very nice flavor to the sauce. I would definitely make this for company!

  75. I made this for dinner last night and my husband and I were literally giggling with glee over how delicious it was. I’m a sucker for poached eggs and never thought about poaching in a tomato sauce. Perfection! Thank you!

  76. na’imah

    can leftovers be kept in the fridge and reheated? is reheating eggs too gross? this is a perfect recipe to use up my can of tomatoes, but i can’t have four eggs in one day …

  77. Fanya

    This is addictive. I have half jar of tomato spagetti sauce, so I just boiled it with some water, cracked an egg on it, and topped with mozarella cheese before eating (with white bread). That took 5 minutes total. Yum…will be trying shakshuka next when I get the ingredients/time.

  78. katarina

    this is amazing! since I didn’t have tomato puree I made it with fresh tomatoes and it was yummy just as well! :o)

  79. Mikelle

    This Looks so very similar to a traditional Israeli dish that my Brother in Law makes (he’s from Isreal, in case that wasn’t clear). in fact it might be exactly that :) i have tried it and it’s delicious! but i was never able to get the recipe so i am so happy to have found it here!! and with the bread and spinach it looks amazing!

  80. Jess. L

    Just made this for lunch and literally said, “Mmmmm” after every bite. I, too, used a spaghetti sauce since I had no tomato puree. It was still wonderful. Thank you!

  81. Lu H.

    Simple is good!! I am always looking for quick simple recipes, especially for breakfast / brunch. Please do not feel silly providing ridiculously simple recipes!! It is much appreciated :)

  82. Lynn

    My Dad used to cook this all the time when we were young. He got this recipe (minus the spinach) from his Sicilian mother. The only difference is that he would scramble a couple of eggs and swirl this into the sauce first, then drop a few eggs into the sauce and let cook whole. We then dipped our garlic french bread into our plate and sopped up the gravy and eggs. He’s 92 years old now and can’t cook anymore so he just asked me today if I would cook him some. This will be his supper tomorrow!!! Oh, and we called it Scalachi !!

  83. Carolyn

    I tried this by sautéing garlic, shallots with some cut up potatoes and bacon. Then add some sweet paprika and cumin (loosely based off an epicurious recipe). Then continue with the tomato and egg. I baked the dish at 425 for 10 minutes, which should be about 8 minutes for supreme runny-ness… I did not have any herbs to sprinkle but sliced up some kale and sprinkled with cheddar. Sigh, I might not ever eat anything else again.

  84. Guest

    I made this tonight and it was dead easy and delicious. my eggs were a bit harder than I liked (not really runny, just a bit gooey) so next time I would cook for a slightly shorter time. This is a keeper – make it!

  85. Claudiajo

    This is going to be my ” go to ” meal when I need comfort food! Really, such a great tasting dish , not hard to make and really, really tasty. Love your site, your photos , the quirky comments but mostly your magic with recipes! Thanks for all you do to keep cooking real, honest and yummy.

  86. Vanity Olvera

    Let me just say I’ve made this before and I loved it! I can’t wait to try your recipe tonight. I normally hate runny eggs but eggs in hell have changed that. I’m making it for my dad as a thank you. I hope he likes it as much as I do.

  87. Deb, this is the most refreshing site! I am rarely online but was looking for a recipe for NYC Black & White cookies. Copied it and will try it tomorrow. THIS recipe, however, is what I made for lunch almost every day I was able to get home for a quick lunch when I worked in Rome (Yup, Italy) from 71 to 92. Only thing is, I wonder if you meant Tomatoe Puree and not a can of good tomatoes or sauce. The puree would be a bit thick and “sharp”, no? Otherwise, it’s exactly the same and I got the idea from my aunt who also lived there.
    I was born in NYC and oh, how I miss the NY wit! I’ve been browsing your site for an hour now and found myself laughing outloud so often…. almost like a quick trip to Bayside, Queens!!
    I wonder if you’d like a recipe (a really strange but simple and delicious one) I got from a chef at the Quinsisana Hotel in Capri?>>>>
    Thankyou for this site, now I know where to go for recipes AND A TASTE of NYC!
    Ciao for now!


  89. Liz G

    Made this last night with my picky eater chef boyfriend and we both loved it! I like my eggs cooked harder, and he likes his runny, and we both loved the dish. We don’t make much money and were able to make this with what we already have!! Will definitely make again.

  90. Lauren

    Sitting on my couch trawling through tomato recipes trying to decide what to do with the kilo a day I’m bringing in from the garden. This is perfect perfect perfect ! :-)

  91. Everytime I tell someone new I am going to make this, they look at me all funny. “Eggs in tomatoes? For breakfast?” And without fail, they always end up asking for more. We add quite a lot of chilli to the mix. This is our hangover breakfast.


  92. Nawa

    I’ve made this so many times since finding it on here and every time it turns out perfectly! Everyone I’ve made it for loves it to. Make this if you haven’t already! Thank you Deb.

  93. Nina

    I made this twice! the second time I made it I had a spaghetti squash on hand that i roasted with some garlic and olive oil, I put that on the bottom then the sauce + egg.. it was so good!!! ( still had good bread on the side too)

  94. Ruthan

    I’ve taken to tossing a little dried lemon peel in the sauce, which I cannot recommend highly enough, and today remembered a bottle of truffly olive oil in the pantry, which I drizzled atop (I did skip the cheese this time.) I am officially impressed with my own decadence.

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  99. Mary

    This is delicious comfort food. I discovered this recipe during COVID 19. With meat in short supply and grocery trips being stretched out, this recipe using pantry supplies has been made a number of times and lends itself to variations such as using Italian herbs etc. Thanks for a great recipe that is easily put together.

  100. Hannah

    I made this tonight- as perfect for a solo supper as for a brunch/breakfast. I added some baby spinach into the sauce before adding the eggs. Delicious and will become a favourite I’m sure!