slow-roasted tomatoes

I am sometimes certain that I wait all year for tomato season, you know, the way a more normal person might be excited for the Giants to get back to the field or eagerly anticipate whatever sleek and minimal trinket Apple has coming out this fall. But for me, it’s just tomatoes. I eat them on eggs, in sandwiches, cooked and raw in every possible format from paste to pasta to chili and seriously, don’t even try to bring me a cream cheese-schmeared bagel without a thin slice of tomato on it. Alex did once and let’s just say, it didn’t go over well. Poor Alex.

all the pretty tomato marbles
someone else's haul

I love tomatoes so much that I even occasionally take part in the blasphemy that is “sun-dried tomatoes,” most of which are about as dried out in the sun as I am this week–unfortunately not the case for either of us. But lets talk about what sun-dried tomatoes aspired to be before their dreams were co-opted by food packagers and evil-minded chemists: tomatoes roasted slowly at a low temperature.

garden haul!

If you’ve never made slow-roasted tomatoes before, prepare to have your mind blown because they’ve got very little to do with the aforementioned packaged variety in all of the best ways: they’re so flavorful that you might think you think someone snuck into your oven and doused them in both vinegar and salt, even if you did neither. They also have just the right level of moisture, dry on the outside with some juiciness left within–no rehydrating needed here. They can transform even those freakily perfect supermarket grape tomatoes into heaven on a plate, but if you manage to get your hands on the real deal from a greenmarket, well, I hope you’re sitting down when you pop the first one in your mouth.

the prettiest prep
ready to roast

And what to do with them? Namely, anything. Dorie Greenspan uses hers as a pasta picker-upper, or stores them in the fridge covered in olive oil, laying them over chicken, salmon, tuna or mixed vegetables. Heidi at 101 Cookbooks puts them in salsa. And I put them… in my mouth. Or mix them with white beans or slivers of basil. Or in my mouth. Or in salad. But mostly in my mouth.

slow-roasted tomatoes


One year ago: Oh look, I was gushing over the exact same thing. I’m so predictable.

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

I know what you’re going to say: “You want me to turn on my oven in the middle of the summer for three freakin’ hours? Are you insane?” And all I can say is, well, yes, but also the oven is so low that I swear it won’t heat up your apartment in any noticeable or annoying way.

  • Cherry, grape or small Roma tomatoes
  • Whole cloves of garlic, unpeeled
  • Olive oil
  • Herbs such as thyme or rosemary (optional)

Preheat oven to 225°F. Halve each cherry or grape tomato crosswise, or Roma tomato lengthwise and arrange on a parchment-lined baking sheet along with the cloves of garlic. Drizzle with olive oil, just enough to make the tomatoes glisten. Sprinkle herbs on, if you are using them, and salt and pepper, though go easily on these because the finished product will be so flavorful you’ll need very little to help it along.

Bake the tomatoes in the oven for about 3 hours. You want the tomatoes to be shriveled and dry, but with a little juice left inside–this could take more or less time depending on the size of your tomatoes.

Either use them right away or let them cool, cover them with some extra olive oil and keep them in the fridge for the best summer condiment, ever. And for snacking.

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329 comments on slow-roasted tomatoes

  1. Karen

    Or you can put them in your wonderful recipe for Pearl Couscous with Olives and Roasted Tomatoes. I made it again this past weekend (second time in as many weeks) to bring to a picnic where it was such a big hit that someone practically licked the bowl clean.
    I can’t get over how even tasteless grape tomatoes can be transformed into something this good!

  2. You know, the most amazing thing about living in where I’m moving to (YAY) is its proximity to so many lovely things, like the Union Square market for example. And to show my mom just what a wonder this market is, we’ll go over there early on Saturday morning (unpacking – what’s that?) and purchase the loveliest tomatoes we can find and slow roast them to give the apartment that homey, live-in smell. I can’t think of anything better to celebrate my new home!

  3. I’ve been reading about these tomatoes for a year now, and it’s probably about time I tried them for myself. My only concern is that I’ve already been buying what feels like large quantities of tomatoes on the weekends and finishing them within a day or two… I might have to make a special tomato-only greenmarket trip to make sure I buy enough to roast and also to satisfy my constant raw-tomato cravings! :)

  4. ugh. Way to rub salt in my wounds. I was halfway through making these today, AFTER which I was going to make that beautiful cake you posted the other day (in cupcake form) and my oven up and died. Seriously…everytime I cook something, you post a recipe for it hours later. Do you have cameras in my house?

  5. Rebecca

    Can we also use this method with slices of bigger, not-mutant tomatoes? I’m thinking of the lovely garden tomatoes that will soon be hawked on every roadside here in WV. And I know that my mother in law will give me more than I can use before they go bad/make into sauce.

    And, how long do they stay good in the fridge under oil?

    1. I roast my large tomatoes before I make sauce with them, It reduces the amount of time required to “boil them down” result in a nicer texture, more intense flavour and if you cool them on the pan, you can peel the outer skin off and the only thing required for canning is a quick boil and water bath. I half them, place cut side down on a baking sheet with peeled whole garlic and some olive oil and bake at 325 til they “fall flat”. Then cool, remove skins and freeze until tomato season is well over. Then on a ice cool day n November, I thaw all the tubs of frozen roasted tomatoes and bring them to a boil, crushing the large chunks against the side of the pot. I bottle them in sterilized pint jars and process. The seeds are still in, but I don’t mind them. It’s the best home canned tomato sauce I have ever tasted. I grow and save seeds from a variety of tomatoes called Basket Vee that has a very lush consistency when treated this way.

      1. That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing that. I often have not enough tomatoes at one time to make sauce, and when I do, I don’t always have time to spend an entire day processing when so much is going on in the summer. This is a great way to set aside the tomatoes for processing later. Next year!

  6. I can’t wait to do this – and I’m glad you included garlic! I love taking those cloves, popping out the roasted goodness, and spreading it on bread. Better than butter. I can’t believe I just said that.

  7. You can also leave them spread out on the baking sheet and stick them in the freezer for an hour (so that they don’t clump together) before sticking them in ziploc bags and freezing them for the long term. I do this every summer so that I can have some tomato-y goodness in the wintertime.

  8. Between me and my mom. we are nearly overrun with grape and cherry tomatoes this time of year. This is a fab solution!

    And I’m with you when it comes to tomato on bagels with cream cheese. I toss on some thinly sliced (like see-through) onion before the salt and pepper. Heaven.

  9. Allie

    I love fresh summer tomatoes so much – and don’t have a garden so never overrun with them – that it’s hard for me to do anything but eat them straight… love the pictures.

  10. deb

    I forgot to add that you can peel the cloves of garlic when you’re done–they’ll be wonderful and sweet–and store them in the container with the tomatoes.

    They’ll keep in the fridge under oil for a couple weeks.

    You can use large tomatoes, but I’d still encourage you to just halve them. You want the juices to all roast together inside a “cup”-like shape of skin. If they can run out the bottom, they won’t get as nicely muddled together.

  11. Peregrine John

    If you grow cherry or grape tomatoes, you can also (or instead) grow currant-sized varieties, like Spoon. Like cherry, currant are insanely productive, but you can hold a bunch of them in a spoon (hence the variety name). I mention them because they are fantastic when dried, just crazy amounts of flavor, and don’t take as long to dry.

  12. Fellow tomato lover! I can’t even eat store bought tomatoes, and when I do get my hands on some delicious garden grown ones I can’t bear to do anything with them except gobble them up raw, with a bit of salt. Someday hopefully I will be over run with them and I will follow your lead.

  13. Oven-dried tomatoes are so delicious. We used to make them at work all the time for use in a salad dressing and the smell was so divine. My number one way to eat tomatoes is fresh, sprinkled with a little bit of salt and pepper.

  14. Nancy

    Yummmm….I see Rose Levy Beranbaum’s (the bread bible) Pizza Margherita with oven-dried cherry tomatoes in my future…cooked on the grill, of course!

  15. I love roasted tomatoes. I also have to agree with the garlic on bread…mmmmm Bruschetta…

    Anyway…might have to use up the surplus of tomatoes that I got from the local organic farm. YUM!

  16. Your tomatoes look beautiful! I don’t even know where to find such good looking tomatoes…I feel like the ones from our grocery store wouldn’t look that pretty!

  17. I will be over run with tomatoes in about two weks so this recipe could have not come at a better time! Not to mention cherry tomatoes are usually over flowing, giving them to neighbors, relatives, friends, leaving them on door steps and running! Thanks for sharing!

  18. MMM, I think a solar oven would be perfect for this task. Wouldn’t heat up the house in the middle of the summer. I’ve been trying to get DH to build one for me. I usually just grill my tomatoes and them use them. I have actually dried tomatoes in the sun a couple years ago, they were delicious! You just have to do it under screen so bugs don’t get in.

  19. viscult

    ung (no. 12), keeping the skins on the garlic allows the garlic to roast/steam–by keeping the moisture inside the gralic it stays tender and has no bitter taste which can happen when roasted unpeeled.

    even though I agree with the wonders of fresh tomatoes with a dash of salt, this is the best way (imo) to put up tomoatoes for the winter, and have that summer-wonderful taste in the dead of winter. Deb knows of what she speaks–there are nothing like the bottled sun-dried tomatoes–these are the essence of summer, just concentrated.

    I’ll usually wait til late September, here in NYC, when toms are cheap and plentiful, and it feels nice to have the oven on…I put mine through a food mill and then pack into an ice cube tray, freeze, and then bag. I defrost and use in all the ways that Deb mentions. But Deb, these look AMAZING. Gorgeous photos.

  20. mixette

    Oookay…so those freakishly perfect grocery store grape tomatoes I just purchased are now going into the oven instead of on top of the salads that I was planning to make to go with the *double* batch of your buttermilk dressing that I just made!

    When the July 15 2nd-planting date (Austin) came around we’d already had over 20 100+ degree days. Now we’re past 40 days over 100. Sad times for anything, including tomatoes, that have to live outside.

  21. Laura

    These look great! Thanks for posting this, I have tomatoes growing in my garden that are almost ready and I’m going to need lots of tomato recipes! : )

  22. Great method. I’m definitely freaked out by the little supermarket tomatoes, so this eases the creepy factor. And I put mine on puff pastry squares with fontina cheese and pesto. But I’ll have to try the “in my mouth” idea next time.

  23. Delish. I’ve heard your own oven-dried tomatoes are heavenly, and I’m willing to give it a try.

    The bagel with tomato is my favorite breakfast! Sometimes I go crazy and use goat cheese.

  24. Nance

    At the end of last summer, I babbled on and on to anyone who would listen about the wonderful slow roasted tomatoes I made following directions from Kalyn’s Kitchen, and links from her site. Only those were roasted for 12 hours! I tossed small, halved homegrown plum tomatoes with olive oil and a few dried herbs, then slow roasted for 8-12 hours at 200-250 until a bit shriveled, but still succulent. The skins easily slipped off, leaving nothing but a juicy burst of the essence of tomato. Perfect to top a slice of slightly toasted sourdough smeared with goat cheese and maybe a spot of pesto — in fact that’s exactly what my 16 year old son requested for his birthday dinner in January (they froze fairly well, but not as good as freshly made). Here in western New York we’re still waiting for tomatoes to ripen, and I’m so ready for them.

  25. Add me to the tomato fanatics fan club. Back in the mid-90s, very first website was exclusively about tomatoes… ah, memories! And I’ve been meaning to try roasting ’em for ages. I just need to be able to keep myself from devouring them raw first…

  26. Okay, so I realize that I’m a freak of nature, but I have never liked tomatoes. However! This summer I’ve been working my taste buds and I’m getting there. I really want to like them…really. And my mom has been growing beautiful cherry tomatoes and heirlooms, so I’m determined to like them. This recipe will help—I’m going to do it ASAP.

  27. I made these a week ago! from a bucket of ?big cherry tomatoes (or small real ones – golf-ball sized) i bought at the farmers’ market. They were so amazing I ate about a quarter of them before I got them into the oil and the fridge and wasn’t even ashamed. Chop up and toss with pasta…toss into simmered fresh shell beans… eat with fingers in front of open refrigerator when no one is looking… oh yeah.

  28. Susan

    Oven roasted tomatoes make the best sauce in the world. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, anything made with it will taste so good you will be amazed. So worth the effort and time and money for locally grown vine ripened tomatoes.

  29. I roast my tomatoes on 450! My garden is full of 4 kinds and I can’t wait to start the process. They’re just coming on! Come visit me a little later – YUM :)
    Great site you have!

  30. Rakhee

    Gosh….I got tomatoes last weekend from the farmer’s market.BEFORE I could pull out a tray and throw them in the oven..THEY WERE GONE…somehow I managed to find a more than few ways to consume tomatoes in a matter of minutes..thats why they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”..necessity being here…:):):)

  31. These photos are so incredibly gorgeous! I share your tomato-love; if only the season could last just a bit longer … but then, we appreciate it ever more so for its brevity.

  32. Sally

    mmmm, my mouth is watering just looking at these. I’m going to have to try them with plain pasta, olive oil and a little bit of chilli!

  33. I love making slow roasted tomatoes – and just like you popping them in my mouth is the purest (and best) way to enjoy them. However, I make a mean pesto with them too! YUM!

  34. liz

    You’re a lifesaver. I’m in a somewhat wintry part of Australia for work, and my partner keeps sending me pictures of the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes that are coming out of our backyard … I just sent him this recipe. :)

  35. I’ve never made sundried tomatoes but I can’t seem to leave the farmers’ market without pounds of tomatoes. Then I get home and wonder how I’m going to eat all of those before they go bad. This sounds like a great way to use the ones that don’t make their way into a BLT.

  36. Eli

    These look great. When I was working at a restaurant a while back we made something similar by leaving them in the big professional ovens overnight…the pilot light was enough heat to dry them out perfectly by morning.

  37. Mary

    Dang, girl, you really know how to get to me! Forced me to make a tomato sandwich for breakfast, and all I had on hand were two little Campari tomatoes left over from a series of salads! Usually when finishing off a tomato sandwich I have to go back and make a second, but that will entail a trip to the grocery store in the pouring rain. OK, I’m crazy. Off I go. Hope they have a lot!

  38. Gene

    Out of the ball park once again! I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a list of outrageous recipes from your site that I’m salivating to try. When this first appeared in Gourmet the suggested time was close to six hours. I couldn’t squeeze out a six hour block of time that my wife was scheduled to be out of the house. There was no way that I could attempt to either justify nor explain why I was running the oven for that length of time, and still save my marriage. As it is, I’m under a restraining order not to buy and/or bring into the kitchen one more appliance or cooking tool. This is why this is soooooo great! I can now attempt this recipe with existing cookware – if I can manage the new abbreviated and more realistic cooking time ! Thanx – you have saved my marriage & allowed me my OCD cooking urge !
    PS Has anyone tried the slow rasted Gourmet recipe using canned plum tomatoes? ( January 2008)

  39. God, why won’t my freaking tomatoes ripen faster so that I can do all these wonderful things? I had one that finally, finally got red the other day, and it was the best tomato ever – the color was just ridiculous. And I have yellow tomatoes – they make me smile.

  40. Audrey in Oregon

    I just rec’d my special tomato slicing knife (from the huevos rancheros post) yesterday….just in time to slice up some grape tomatoes to slow-roast! I like to add dried tomatoes to Caesar salad.

  41. Elise

    I am so glad I’m not the only person who thinks packaged sun-dried tomatoes are grody. These sound much more wonderful, and worth giving a try. Thanks for the recipe!

  42. Susan

    I just pulled those tomatoes out of the oven..well, maybe 15 minutes ago. I’ve been launching them, one after another, for the rest of the time. Deb..these are SO good. The flavors are so sweet and concentrated..almost jammy and chewy and slightly crisp all at the same time. I can think of a bunch of things I can use them in or for. I hope I will have enough left to toss in with some pasta..or those white beans you mentioned today. Shucks! I’ll just get more.

    I only had a handful of garden cherry types left, so I bought a small pkg of the hot house baby roma’s and added those..just to see how it improves them. Well, they aren’t quite as sweet as the garden variety..but they will certainly will do even if you aren’t in a pinch.

  43. I love summer tomatoes! Although my favorite thing to do is marinate them in some cider vinegar with chopped fresh basil (dissolve liberal amount of sugar in it to cut the pucker) for about 15-20 mins, top the slices with a whole basil leaf and a thick slice of fresh mozerella.

    Then consume. But you knew that part.

  44. Marci

    Thank you! I now have a plan for dealing with the abundance of tomatoes in my fridge (for some reason, I continue to buy new packs for salads when I already have some and then my co-worker shared some of her home-grown tomatoes with me as well… it’s tomato chaos in my fridge, but not for long).

  45. jen

    Now I know what to do with all those tomatoes my husband keeps bringing home from work! I’m usually a salt and eat like an apple kinda girl but evenutally that gives me canker sores so I was trying to come up with new things to do with them.

  46. I bought some beautiful cherry tomatoes at a farm stand yesterday and last night I swear I was dreaming about roasting tomatoes (something I have never done, only dreamed about). Only to be catching up in my blog reader this morning and come across this post. I think I have no choice but to make it tonight…

  47. Cate

    I’ve done these with a little salt and sugar as recommended by Madhur Jaffrey in World Vegetarian – soooooo good. When it’s hot or I only have a few tomatoes, I use the toaster oven. I just made a huge batch to throw in pesto pasta for our Harvest Festival, and poured off and saved the oil to use in a salad dressing – it was great!

  48. giselle

    I bought tomatoes today to make these! I’m so excited. I love some dried oregano (and salt, vinegar, and olive oil) on fresh tomatoes, so I think I’ll sprinkle them with oregano to roast them. I love tomatoes!

  49. I love roasted tomatoes and it’s certainly the perfect time to make them. They are the perfect side dish. I wish I had a small garden here, they turn out so much better home grown.

  50. Love love LOVE tomatoes – and your pictures are so gorgeous!! This time of year, I love to make little tomato galettes, with either goat cheese or tapenade spread on the pastry before the tomato slices… hmm, what do I have in the fridge… :)

  51. Lisa

    Hit the Farmer’s Market this am….made these this evening. O M G. O M G. O M G. I love tomatoes. I love this site. These tomatoes are life changing.

  52. Teresa

    Perfect timing, as my grape tomato plant is weighted down with fruit that I have a bad feeling will ripen all at once, demanding drastic action.

  53. wes

    I tried this a few weeks ago during the salmonella tomato scare–had to use up those roma tomatoes I had bought at the grocery store. They were so great with just a sprinkling of sea salt and drizzle of olive oil. We ate them plain and added them to a pan bagnat (that we couldn’t wait for it to be pressed for the full amount of time). I hadn’t thought of roasting garlic with them, but those roasted garlic cloves are great too. Now I have tomatoes from the garden, but never enough to raost (we keep eating them fresh). I’ve never cared for sun-dried tomatoes, but these slow-roasted ones are terrific!

  54. I feel exactly the way you do about tomatoes. I am now picking tomatoes daily off of my twenty heirloom tomato plants and it’s still not enough for me. It’s so unfair that we only get about one month a year for tomatoes. I just made an insalata caprese for lunch, margherita pizzas on the grill last night and each day I make the fresh tomato base for tomato risotto that I freeze and use on cold winter days to remind me of summer. Have been posting tomato recipes almost every day on my website. Take a look!

  55. kathryn

    I went outside, digging to the bottom of my roma and cherry tomato plants – a goldmine of RED, ripe, juicy tomatoes. A quick rinse, sliced them, placed on baking sheet, sprinkled with Herbes de Provence and a few light splashes of oilive oil…and by the time 2 l/2 hours had passed, was eating them out of the oven. Who can wait?? Heavenly! Perfection! Sweet and the garlic, pressed onto fresh french bread…..sigh! Thank you for sharing your love of tomatoes and this wonderful and easy recipe.

  56. Jennifer

    You are absolutely right. I figured I would turn all of the so-so mini tomatoes from our garden into some little veggie snacks to enjoy all week and roasted them this afternoon. Then ate them all. One by one. Till they were gone. Yikes (but they are zero ww points as I only briefly spritzed them with evoo spray!). Thanks for the idea!!

  57. laura

    yum! i made these yesterday and they made a basic pasta sauce shine with glory…and the house smelt lovely all sunday afternoon. thanks for the recipe!

  58. Petra

    Wow! I made these yesterday and they are like little candies. Honestly it would never have occurred to me to prepare tomatoes in this way and now I must always have some on hand. They are crazy delicious. My kitchen is HOT right now so I only left the oven on for 2 hours, then turned it off and kept the door closed for the final hour. They taste so great. Thanks for the post!

  59. Hi! I’ve linked to this recipe on my blog, because I used it yesterday and put the tomatoes in a couple dishes. If you want to check it out, please do!! I always appreciate comments, and thank you for inspiring me to sneak some slow-roasted tomatoes into my life!!

  60. So the CSA gave me 5 pints of cherry tomatoes and I decided to try this with pint #3 today. 3 hours later, I pull them out and taste. Hmmm…I think…nice but not the amazing thing she described. But still a good nosh. Let me try another. And another. And less than an hour later exactly 11 halves remained on the cookie sheet. They were amazingly addictive and an excellent use of the farm fresh cherry tomatoes. Thanks.

  61. I’m cooped up in my house tomorrow due to this impending hurricane thing (not really worried but work is closed and I’m not taking my 6-month-old out in the rain) so I’m considering heading out tonight to get supplies to make these tomorrow … I’ll keep you posted! As long as I can have 3-4 hours of power tomorrow I’ll have tasty tomatoes! Woohoo!

  62. Oh my goodness. I LOVE these. I eat them on everything I can think of and sometimes by themselves. I told my friend about them last year and she quickly whipped up a batch to put on her meatloaf while I turned them into a mediteranean style dip with green olives. MMmmmMMMMmmm

  63. Emily

    I don’t even like tomatoes, but your pictures were so beautiful that I had to try it with some grape tomatoes that were nearing the end of their life. Holy cow, I’ll never say a bad thing about a tomato again! Delicious! Thank you.

  64. Lindsay

    Oh my gosh – I made these the other night and almost ate them all right when I took them out of the oven – soooo gooood!!! I can’t wait to make them again.

  65. I am going to make a large batch this weekend to eat on next week. In the meantime, I slice my grape tomatoes, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and fresh basil. I let them sit about 20 minutes then I dive in. I snack on them every night with my wine. Mmm…

  66. Lisa

    Roasted pepper white bean dip is wonderful. Flat bread will be perfect with the chicken kabobs and saffron rice I am making for dinner.

    Love all the narrative on your site. Informative, entertaining and great photos. Check out another site I like: http://www.thepioneerwoman. She has recipes and tales of real ranch life that will keep you in stitches. She posted her romance story as well.

    Thanks for the great recipes.

  67. I made these yesterday with some great cherry tomatoes. I loved them! I do wish I had sprinkled a little more salt on them before roasting, because they tasted just a teensy bit flat. Next time.

  68. Teresa


    I’m using this as a method of preserving some of my insanely large tomato harvest for winter (since a similar recipe in Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors claims they freeze well). That is, if I can resist eating them all now.

  69. Rosemerry

    I made these last night with the plethora of plum tomatoes from my garden. I roasted them for 8 hours because at 3, they were still pretty juicy and I wanted to see what happened if I left them in longer. Phenomenal! Not to mention how good the house smelled with the roasting garlic as well as the tomatoes. Had them for breakfast this morning mixed with cottage cheese. Still have lots of tomatoes so will be making these as often as I can until they’re gone. Hope they freeze well!

  70. Cyndi

    OMG or should I say OM Freaking G! These were unbelievable. Went to the farmer’s market and got a huge batch of grape tomatos. Roasted them as you directed and didn’t even use herbs because I didn’t have any on hand (fresh that it). I couldn’t stop eatiing them right as they came out of the oven. LIKE CANDY! These could become a serious addiction. Thanks, once again for a sure fire hit.

  71. Lydia Chan

    So tasty! They simply burst with flavor. I’m going to eat the tomatoes tossed with mozzarella cheese and beans for lunch salad today. Thanks, Deb!

  72. Brooke

    I did this night before last with a bunch of tomatoes that I knew I just wouldn’t be able to eat before they turned on me. Wow. Chopped a few up and mixed them up with CANNED white beans, garlic, rosemary, & olive oil last night and served it on crostini to some neighbors who came over for dinner. No one could get enough. Heavenly. Thanks as always for the wonderful suggestion…never would have thought of it but I am savoring the results!

  73. These are a favourite of mine. One of my favourite ways to use them is to toss them, along with goat cheese, a little more olive oil and freshly snipped basil, with penne. Yummers. :-)

  74. Kay

    Made these last night because my mother’s garden runneth over put my patience for canning tomatoes for the third Sunday in a row does not. Tiny grape tomatoes – or rather, tiny tomatoes, but giant for grapes – cut in half and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil baked slow for hours and eaten ravenously as a bright acidic burst next to the ham and scalloped potatoes the boyfriend requested last night…

    they may have made me FEEL a lot less bad about eating nothing but potatoes, ham, cheese and cream for dinner last night, but i don’t think they actually did anything to remove the aftermath from my waistline.

  75. Wow! First of all I discovered this site today and love it…second I’m on my way out the door to pick all my cherry, grape and roma tomatoes to give this a try. Looks delicious and I can’t wait to make that peanut butter chocolate cake. I’m bookmarking this site. Yum.

  76. PammyP

    These are in the oven as I type so expecting a beautiful tasty treat that will hopefully last through the winter. I have a large freezer so I’m going to try and freeze these guys afterwards. Has anyone had any success with this yet? Pictures were beautiful BTW!!!

  77. Weeze

    Great ideas, I have mine in the over as I am setting here on my computer. Was looking for info on how to store the oven roasted tomatoes when I came to your blog site. Putting them on a cookie sheet and freezing them is a great idea. I have tons of Heirloom tomatoes in my garden. Out here in California weather has been warm in the day time 80-90 and 42 at night so my tomatoes are splitting and need to do some thing with them now. Thanks for the great idea. Can only can so many tomatoes!

  78. I have been eating these once a week since finding this post. Yum. My new favorite way to eat them involves a pizza of sorts. Mini whole wheat pita bread, a paste made with roasted garlic and olive oil, spinach, goat cheese, basil and lots of these tomatoes. Super yum.

  79. Suzi

    Oh My! I had leftover grape tomatoes from our usual Superbowl appetizer spread. We serve them raw with a bowl of vodka and a bowl of kosher salt. The deal is the more toothpick pokes you put in the tomato, the more vodka soaks in when you dip. Final dip is the salt and into the mouth. Yummmmm! Since they were leftover, I tried this recipe!!

    Wonderful!! How can you stop eating them? DH woke up and popped one, and I watched his hand go back about 10 times before I stopped him!!

    Next year’s superbowl gala will definitely include these! Yummmm!! Thanks!!

  80. Randi Lynne

    I am sure these are great in all of the mentioned dishes, but I couldn’t stop popping them right into my mouth so I don’t know if this batch will be for anything BUT snacking. I started making the tomatoes and had to leave the house so I set the timer on the oven. My only regret is not getting to check them and possibly leaving the ones in the middle in a little longer to get as crispy as the ones on the outer edges of the pan. DELICIOUS and so simple. :)

  81. Sherry

    Oh my goodness. These are nothing short of phenomenal. I used Roma tomatoes and a sprinkle of fresh thyme. I set the timer but wished I had been around to check them. I think the Romas probably need about 3 1/2 hours. I did beef kebobs with veggies last night on the grill and had leftover squash and onions along with some herbed rice. I am mixing those veggies and the tomatoes with that rice to go with grilled chicken tonight. I had to get it ready to nuke as I was eating and savoring the tomatoes one at a time, soon there would not have been any to add. Will do more tomorrow.

  82. you are an inspiration! I couldn’t wait the full 3 hours, but my tomatoes were still absolutely scrumptious. and they were yellow, a “novelty” which for some reason I still can’t quite get over.

    have posted with photos my results if you’re interested :)

  83. Deb, I am late to the comment game on this, but this simple recipe has absolutely saved my sanity. We planted cherry tomatoes for the first time this year and we are living in a deluge of them! We do two pans of these every day and put them in just about everything! Thankyouthankyou – I’ve got all the gardeners I know doing it too. Now if you could just bust out a recipe that would use about 12 eggplant…


  84. Alex

    Deb, this recipe is amazing. We have a bumper crop of tomatoes and I’ve been at a total loss at what to do with all (several dozen) of them. I love this because it’s simple, delicious and doesn’t overheat my tiny apartment.
    Thanks for all your knowledge.


  85. Jean Marie

    A friend just dropped off an entire laundry basket full of fresh tomatoes from his garden. Some will go on tonight’s pizza, some for bruschetta and your hacked caprese salad. But there are so many and I knew I had seen a recipe for oven roasted tomatoes and, of course, it was you! To the rescue again. Thank you.

  86. i got linked here through your most recent post and i can’t keep wiping the drool up fast enough — that’s it, i’m sold, and i’m going to the store to make this right after my classes are done for the day.

  87. monica

    Wow- I made these,and just like my mom used to do when she made “us” toll house cookies, I ate most of them all by myself, right off the cookie sheet! Yum! Will do another batch soon – perfect way to use the baskets of “seconds” I buy from our local place.

  88. I just had these in a restaurant for the very first time. It was a high-end, dimly-lit joint. I honestly had no idea what I’d popped into my mouth, but desperately wished I’d held back and cut them up or that they’d put more than two on my salad plate. I begged to know what they were, incorrectly assuming they were some kind of dried flower. THIS is my project for tomorrow, and I’ll be using tomatoes from my very own garden. Thanks for the awesome tips!

  89. I made these with garden-grown cherry tomatoes (tommy tippy toes to be exact) a couple weeks ago, and froze ’em. Last night I thew some in with some fettucini alfredo. Yum, yum, yum! Next time though, I think I’ll cut them up first. That’s some *intense* flavor right there. Very sun-dried-tomato-esque, but so much brighter. Thanks for the recipe! :)

  90. Robyn

    Thank you so much for this! I made a pasta last night and slow roasted cherry tomatoes for 2 hours. I am already crazy for tomatoes, so these were out of this world. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that the color intensified as well. Tonight I’m using some left over roma tomatoes as a side for the dinner I’m making and slow roasting them for 8 hours at 200. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    Thank you :)!

  91. I totally ripped off your recipe and translated it to norwegian for my vlog on food I make at home =} Thanks very much, I’ll be following your blog from now! Here’s the youtube video with my results;

    And also, another blog with a similiar concept as yours:
    It’s in norwegian, but you should be able to translate it fairly easily with

    Again, thank you so much =}
    It was truly delicious!
    – Harald

  92. joant

    Did anybody mention: Cute! These cherry tomatoes are just so darn cute! Better make several pints next time if I’m thinking they’re going to last longer than a night. FYI: 2 Cups to a Pint. 27 Calories to a cup of raw cherry tomatoes. Who’s counting the olive oil…’s good for you. Nbody ever got fat by being a pig and eating a bunch of tomatoes anyway. LOL! P.S. Used thyme sprigs in when I was roasting. My APT. SMELLS AWESOME. Lots of love going on here. Thanx. JT

  93. joant

    P.S. I made these again tonight. This time I upped the temp to hurry things up. I have to say…nope…do the 2-3 hours at the 200 degrees.

  94. Echo

    Question. Can you preserve these so they last longer? I would love to use this recipe, can them and give as gifts this Christmas. Didn’t see where you could can them though.

    So is that possible?

  95. smilingal

    Echo – I read above that you can pop the baking tray into the freezer then put the flash frozen tomatoes into a bag to keep thruout the winter. I am going to try that this year as I have fallen in love with slowroasting tomatoes. I have only used plum tomatoes – and I halve them lengthwise and scoop out the seeds leaving the core intact. I drizzle with evoo, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, sugar and coarse salt and fresh ground pepper. 275 for 2 hours. YUM! With fresh mozz, on pizzas, on salads, with chicken, plain — I think once you try them you become a convert!

  96. Echo

    Thanks smillingal… I’m going to try that, just wanted to be able to give them as gifts and worried about them thawing and not being used correctly or holding for them….

  97. Allison

    Mmmmmm…Garlic rubbed toasted slices of baguette topped with a mix of slow roasted grape tomatos, sliced black olives, capers, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella, all blended with a really good olive oil and some of the roasted garlic….bruschetta heaven!

  98. Tatiana

    I had a huge bounty of garden tomatoes in 2009 and a neighbor suggested I roast them and then freeze them. I let them cool and then divided them up into freezer bags in serving sizes. We ate them in sauce and soup all winter long. Oh my goodness!The flavor was rich and tomatoey. Amazing!

    Hint: if you use larger slicing tomatoes cut them into 4’s, plums into 2’s. Roast with the skin on. It holds the pulp & juice and you can easily remove it later. For bigger tomatoes, roast at a higher temp for about 2-3 hours.

  99. I raided my beloved urban garden plot in Boston and roasted the Romas like you said… they were unbelievably delicious. Absolutely perfect. Just pre-heated the oven to make a few more. :)

  100. Bill

    I have reread this recipe over and over during the past few months, even though I don’t really like tomatoes. Is this some kind of cybernetic brainwashing?!! OK…so needless to say…the tomatoes are now in the oven and I am waiting impatiently as I read each and every comment! (You need a couple more hours worth of comments, btw) If you convert me to liking tomatoes…so help me…

    You must be a kitchen witch.

  101. Sara

    Two summers ago I had buckets and buckets of cherry tomatoes from patio container garden in NC, had about 6 different kinds, all colors, and I slow roasted many of them. Completely amazing in pasta, on sandwiches, or plain. I can’t wait to try mixing with cottage cheese, yum. We just moved to Oregon and I don’t have a garden but there are still $2 pints of heirloom cherrys – and now we have a deep freezer – can’t wait to try freezing!

  102. Casey

    Just discovered your site for the first time today while searching for roasted cherry tomatoes. Decided to make these and YUM! You’re right… the best place for them to go is POP! Right into my mouth. But I also decided to toast up a half an english muffin, drizzle on some olive oil, spread one of the garlic cloves and sprinkle the whole thing with a few tomatoes and a pinch of salt and YUM! Perfect afternoon snack :-). Next thing to make- cheddar and apple scones!

  103. Just a reminder for all of you buying lots of “store-bought” tomatoes….tomatoes are one of the top 3 veggies having heavy pesticide residue. So if you dont grow them yourself, try and buy “organic”. What’s the top pesticide offender?…strawberries!

  104. pooja

    Dear Deb
    I made these beauties today exactly like you said, and they turned out exactly like in your photos. BUT, I gave them a good shake in jar after adding some more olive oil, and now they are floating in juices, and my heart has sunk much below :( were they supposed to remain intact? are they doomed? eagerly waiting for your reply?

  105. I feel the same affectionate anticipation towards tomatoes. I wait each summer for the “real” tomatoes to ripen in my garden, eat as many as often as I can, then mourn the end of the season. An elderly lady taught me a valuable trick on lengthening the tomato season…. before the first frost (I live in South Dakota, so it is pretty early here) I cut the long stems from the tomato plants, leaving green tomatoes attached. I place them in a cardboard box and cover with newspaper. Then the box sits in my mud room (not heated, but indoors off the family room). As I peek in each week, there are red ones waiting for me! This year I almost made it to Christmas enjoying fresh tomatoes!

  106. EllyArt

    I tried the roastedthe tomatoes for the very first time this weekend. So incredibly delicious and perfect for my new vegan life style. I have my a batch in the oven now.

  107. grabbermcgrew

    :::note to self::: tastes outrageously good…chewy texture IS wonderful….make on nights daughter won’t be here to complain about tomatoes getting stuck in braces! Love love love these ‘maters!

  108. Sophie

    Wow. Just wow. Made these to have tonight with toasted sourdough, mozerella slices, rocket and then some pesto drizzled over the top – but it will be a challenge resisting their siren song for long enough so that they make it to the plate!

  109. Thank you so much for your post and more importantly for the technique. Our tomatoes are just beginning to roll in and I know I’ll be using this method and the roasted tomatoes a million different ways this summer.

  110. Smackbannana

    This is a great post! The writing was simply entertaining and inspiring. Gonna try the (optional) herbs such as rosemary and thyme. And the garlic. In my mouth!

  111. My husband loves these and I’ve tried your recipe using many varieties of tomatoes. Thank you for sharing this idea. I serve them alone as part of a tray of appetizers, or as a side dish with fish and other proteins.

  112. I have a recent obsession with these and have been buying them from Trader Joe’s and used them last week with your homemade ricotta on slices from a seeded baguette. I had a bunch of grape tomatoes left over from a baby shower vegetable tray and thought I’d try and find a recipe to make them at home. It was not a surprise to see that you had one. I love your taste!

  113. sheryl kershaw

    I made these last week. They were wonderful. I did like one post said and poured extra olive oil over them and covered them and stored them in the fridge. I took them out yesterday and ate some. I accidentally left them on the counter. They look good and smell good. Do they have to be refridgerated to keep from spoiling or would they still be safe to eat.

  114. Cheryl

    I was just making some roasted tomatoes using the medium sized tomatoes from my garden and came across this recipe as I was trying to find out what to do with the abundance of cherry tomatoes I have. I’m going to give this recipe a try too, because I LOVE the ones I make every year. Last year I decided to freeze them after I roasted them and I pull out a couple at a time and chop them to add to my bread dipping olive oil. They are also great on top of sliced, toasted baguettes with a little herbed cheese like Boursin. Delicious!

  115. Cheryl

    Oops! Meant to mention that I put very thinly sliced garlic, a sprinkle of dried thyme, salt and sugar, along with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar when I roast them (in addition to the olive oil). The larger tomatoes (cut in half across their “equator” and placed cut side up) roast at 300 degrees for 3-4 hours. I’m a chocoholic and would rather eat these than chocolate any day. I’m drooling waiting for them to come out of the oven!!!!

  116. Lucy The Wonder Dog

    Mmmm! This is my second year making these heavenly delights after seeing the recipe here last year. Thank you so much!

  117. Kathy

    Roasted tomatoes with peas over whole wheat penne is awesome! A restaurant here sells a bowl of it for 9.95 and I use to eat multiple times a week while expecting both our kids. Now I know the secret is roasted tomatoes and my children request it year round! Great post, beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work!

  118. Robert

    this is the third year I’ve used your recipe – lengthening the oven time as needed – to roast the heirloom tomatoes I grow; especially the Japanese Black Trifele, and Chocolate Cherry. They freeze well, and in the winter I like to stick blender a handful with a package of cream cheese to make an awesome veggie dip that gets rave reviews.

  119. Beth

    I just made a batch of these with green zebra tomatoes and they are wonderful and a fabulous color. If I can stop eating them I am going to put them in the freezer for a great winter treat.

  120. I’ve been doing cherry and grape tomatoes like this for years as I always had a garden in the back yard. Now living in an apartment, I didn’t think I’d be doing the pickling, canning, and roasting I did before, but my son requested Oven Sundried Tomatoes so here I am waiting for the second last tray to come out of the oven. I do want to add that I have always sprinkled a teensy bit of sugar over the tomatoes along with the other ingredients as it cuts the acidity and if any of the tomatoes are a little unripe, this sweetens them up just a tad. My son pops them in his mouth like candies before I can even get them into freezer bags. (They last longer in the freezer, than in the oil).

  121. Nancy

    I had way too many cherry tomatoes that ripened at the same time so I did a google search for cherry tomato recipes. Found this recipe today and immediately slow roasted all of my cherry tomatoes. I also added a little sugar because my tomatoes were very acidic. Put them on homemade pizza and my husband said it was the best pizza I’d ever made. Thanks so much! We’re vegetarian so I checked out some of your other recipes and signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to making more of your recipes. Thanks!!!!

  122. Bev


    I was given a 4 qt. basket of cherry tomatoes and your recipe immediately came to mind. They are now in the oven.

    The problem is, they’ve been in the oven for 4 1/2 hours! and they’re still quite juicy!
    I just had my oven calibrated, so I’m pretty sure it’s the correct temp. and for the last hour, they’ve been at 300 degrees

    HELP, Any tips?

  123. Lucy The Wonder Dog

    I’ve got a batch in the oven right now. This is truly one of the greatest recipes ever! If you do nothing else in your life, you’re going to heaven for this recipe alone.

  124. Bev

    The emergency is over. I raised the oven a bit, and suddenly they were done. I used oregano (my favorite) and thyme. They are fabulous! If I hadn’t frozen them, they would be gone. Now I have to beg for more from my neighbour!

  125. Denise Smith

    Where have you been my whole life? I am just now finding your blog and feel a connection to your recipes, your food and your attitude. I am a mother of 3 living and breathing in Vermont with a garden that is virtualy taking over every free minute I have right now as I try to eat, process and salvage its nourishing harvest! Tomatoes exploding from my ears, zuccinni that I am hoping to shred and freeze… I even grew black beans this year. I am new at this and loving every minute of it, but totally overwhelmed! Thank you for the Roasted Tomato Soup with broiled cheddar recipe – can’t wait to try it (MY FAVS) and the pearl couscous with olives an roasted tomatoes. I will try this one on out of town guests this week-end! Denise

  126. Sally

    SoI like planting different tomatoes. This year I have pear shaped yellow ones. An over abundance of them!! I used some to make fresh tomato sauce last week, but I still have a huge amount. Trying to figureout what to do with them. I cane across your recipe for the oven roasted ones. It was your pictures that sold me. So I have 2 large pans of them in the oven as I type. UGHHH but they’ve only been in there for an hour! My daughtes boyfriend who’s not a tomato lover said he’d even try 1!. I also know what do with the left over tomatoes in the garden,some ar ripe and some are not. I love that I can freeze these.

    I’ve never ever had a roasted tomato in my 53 yrs of life. But I grew up on a dairy farm in CT, so I’m used to fresh veggies or fresh frozen veggies my whole life. There will never ever be a store bought canned veggie entering my mouth ever, same goes for both of my daughters.

    At my old age, I’m finally venturing into uncharted waters with preparring veggies different ways. Yes I know it took me enough years..LOL. But I’m loving every minute of it.Thank you for this recipe and now to check the tomatoes, and off to see the rest of your recipes. Esepcially the Roasted Tomato Soup with broied cheese.

  127. Sally

    opssss forgot…. Iknow live in a small town in New Hmpshire. Thouh my garden was huge this year.I’ll be making it even bigger next year. this year. As i wanted to make my farm stand bigger and also give more to my local community action program.

  128. Tracey from the Bay Area

    I was just doing a search for “delicious cherry tomato recipes” because the tomato gods have seen fit to grant me with a MONSTROUS amount of these gem-like, gorgeous bright orange cherry tomatoes.

    Now I have no problem with this as I love them (as does everyone else here) but I’m getting a little frantic as they are overflowing the house, yard, etc!

    I picked two large bowls full of cherries and romas and it’s in the oven now. I’m so excited! I know they are going to be fantastic!

    Thanks so much for such a lovely recipe! I know I’ll use it every year, now! :)

  129. JD

    I just gathered the last of my tomatoes and didn’t know what to do with them. Even I get sick of caprese! I’ve got the tomatoes roasting as I type this. Wish I found this recipe earlier in the season – but I’ll use it all next year! Thanks!

  130. Lyn Evans

    Great article! Is it okay to add Basil to this recipe? With or without the Rosemary & Thyme? (I’m thinking of using all 3.)
    Also, is it okay to not use the salt & pepper? I prefer to leave them out of all my cooking and allow the diners to add their own.
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

  131. Mary

    Thanks SO much for this article! This has been my go-to recipe all tomato season. As a matter of fact, sliced heirlooms are roasting in the oven as I type (hoarded some from the last crop of this season). Delicious and so easy!

    Lyn – I sprinkled herbes de provence and very lightly salted the current batch. The salt helps draw out the tomato juices. Didn’t use pepper.

  132. pam mcdowell

    Are you supposed to take the skins off after cooked? That seems hard as a lot of the tomato pulp stays in the skin. What is the best way to do this?

  133. I know it’s the middle of winter, but I got a good deal on some organic cherry tomatoes from Trader Joe’s and was looking for something to do with them. I dried about half of them using this method, and they came out great! I didn’t have any whole garlic on hand, so I drizzled them with a combination of EVOO and some of the oil my minced garlic is packed in, then seasoned with basil and a little bit of salt. They dried up beautifully in about an hour and a half–my old gas oven only goes down to 250, and it was actually hovering around 275 the whole time so they cooked quickly. Plus, they were little guys, more like grape tomatoes. Very delicious–just make sure you keep an eye on them. Thanks for the recipe!

  134. Jackie

    I am so excited to find this recipe. Aldi’s had pints of tomatoes for 69¢ this week and I just couldn’t stop buying them. My daughter thinks she can eat them just like grapes…a pint at a time. I am suprised they don’t hurt her stomach. Hope she likes these too.

  135. Terri

    OK, just popped a mix of grape & sun gold tomatoes in the oven with the garlic, thyme, rosemary & a smidgin of sea salt & pepper. It’s only been 5 minutes & already smells so good I may go beserk before these are ready. Hope I can restrain myself.

  136. susan

    THESE ARE THE BEST! I had seen a few other versions, but they always involved peeling and seeding the tomatoes first, which was just way too much work. Then I found this, so simple and the results are unbelievable! I did it without the garlic and the tomatoes were just regular grocery store tomatoes, not even ‘in season.’ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  137. OMG, omg, omg WOW!!!! These are amazing! I can’t buy sun dried tomatoes in Croatia so this is sooooooooooo the next best thing. So delicious! It was the perfect addition to my medi-latin pasta salad. Thank you!

  138. Kate

    After harvesting more tomatoes than we can eat (even giving some to the restaurant I work at for a featured dinner special) canning many pints of tomato sauce, salsa and crushed tomatoes, this recipe is an absolute life saver! I had heard about a low-energy drying method of spreading halved tomatoes on a baking sheet and leaving them in a closed up car sitting in the hot NC sun all day, but this method seems a bit more sound and safe. Thank you!

  139. Lindsay

    I’d like to ship off a Tupperware of these to my MIL for a birthday gift. I suppose it’s a terrible idea to oil-pack them and ship them? Can I can them properly in a hot water bath? Or am I resigned to eat them myself? :)

  140. Carla

    I made these little jewels last night and was amazed at the flavor they had. I mixed them with some quick stir fried spinach and they added such flavor. Another brilliant yet simple recipe. Thanks Deb.

    Patiently awaiting the arrival of your cookbook. Only 2 months and 17 days to go…Okay, okay not so patiently. :)

  141. Anne Lane

    Was looking for a recipe for grape tomatoes since I have HUNDREDS from my garden this year and I stumbled upon your blog and am I happy I found this one. OMG! How delicious. The slow roasting really brought out a sweetness I never tasted before. So glad I found your blog. I read cook books like they’re romance novels and your blog reads like that for me. Looking forward to the juicy parts. You’ll be hearing from me again

  142. Susan

    I made these the other day and threw them in my food a loaf of crusty bread and some cream cheese and went to town…one of the easiest best things I have ever made…WOW. Will make 100X over.

  143. Karen

    Did anyone else have trouble balancing – keeping them cut side up – grape tomatoes when they were halved crosswise? I ended up halving my supermarket grape tomatoes lengthwise so that they wouldn’t tip over…

  144. Jennifer Hill

    My husband just said, “Now that we know how to do this, we are not sharing ANY MORE tomatoes!” Thank you – I didn’t know what I was going to do with dozens and dozens of cherry tomatoes, from only 2 plants!

  145. Cathie

    OMG – These are the best ever – I have roasted tomatoes for years – but at a higher heat – this slow roast method brings out a wonderful flavor – and the tomatoes hold their body when roasted slow. Going to try freezing them – great idea~

  146. Raven

    Every time my tomatoes are ripened, I make a cookie sheet full of roasted tomatoes for sauces. A few weeks ago, I used herbs for making pasta sauce. Today, I am roasting a tray for pizza sauce. I freeze all sauces in the freezer for winter meals. They freeze really well. I did this last year and had sauces all winter long for over pasta, rice, and pizzas. All of the herbs I use are grown by me. I grow them in large containers indoors in the winter, as well. Who says its expensive to eat?

  147. Raven

    I use a blender to puree mine. Another idea for the pasta sauce…when you take it from the freezer and thaw…add cream and vodka. NOW, that’s a sauce.

    Pizza toasties: Regular white, wheat, or any sliced bread. Lay out on cookie sheet. Add sauce. Top with mozzarella cheese. Broil. Meal that takes less than five minutes to make. Serve with salad. Quick and inexpensive!

  148. YesChef

    I just made this recipe with the last of my cherry tomatoe crop, before removing the plants from my garden for the winter. They were absolutely the best. Used the rosemary and thyme from the garden too. Had them on top of toasted bagel with garlic herb cream cheese.

  149. You mention Alex, but not your name. Anyway, Hi. I have garden tomatoes left over and the Giants just won the world series. 2 things. First my tomatoes are not cherry or roma. second. can I cook them with the seeds lefty in? should I then slice them? Thanks Don

  150. Betsy Hornberger

    These are the best thing I have EVER eaten. Someone said that they are like candy—I think better. I like the orange grape tomatoes better than the red, as the skin is more tender. Thank you for my favorite recipe.

  151. Erica

    Just made this today, using these luscious elongated tomatoes that look like a cross between a roma and a grape tomato. So good!

  152. This recipe was just what I needed to use up the grape tomato surplus from my garden. They came out perfect and delicious! I had one pan of red grape tomatoes and one of the yellow. The yellow were so sweet! Even better than the red ones. And the garlic…yummy! Thanks everybody for all the comments and hints on this recipe.

  153. SueP

    I love these and this is what I do with most of my garden cherries. I then take that pan and put it directly into the chest freezer, once frozen I package them up, removing air, into snack size ziplocs and use them throughout winter in OH every recipe I make just about! Love them in good old tomato pasta sauce, but a wonderful addition to all chicken crockpot recipes, salads, pizzas, etc. etc. etc. Don’t let them go bad, freeze and use for months!

  154. Terri

    Deb, I had NEVER done this before yesterday and now I’ve just completed my second cookie sheet full of beautiful red, yellow and orange cherry tomatoes and romas. I am in love with this flavor! I am babysitting a friend’s garden while she’s in the UK and this will help me keep from letting any of her beautiful bounty go to waste!

  155. Susan

    I want to make these today but I don’t have any parchment paper…is that going to be ok if I just spray a little cooking spray, or olive oil or something. Thanks!!

  156. Nedda

    OMG – Happened upon this website yesterday because I have (had) an abundance of cherry tomatoes. Made my first batch yesterday and my daughter and I devoured them while standing at the stove talking. Made another pan today and it is half gone already without any help. Thank you! Thank you! This method is a keeper :)

  157. Amy

    I have a question about storage. I made this recipe (sooo delicious!), put them in a jar with some olive oil and put in the fridge. Awesome. But now the oil solidified and it’s not pretty at all! Can these be left out of the fridge if they’re packed in oil? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Hi Amy — It will last longer in the fridge; I don’t think it would be safe at room temperature. Don’t be bothered by the solidified oil; some olive oils do that in the fridge. It should re-liquefy and resume being clear after you take it out of the fridge for a while.

  158. Joan L

    I love the slow roasting idea and will try this recipe next; however, you don’t answer an important question. Why do you not take the skin off the garlic? Is it a burning issue? I am a garlic freak and would like to put loads of garlic cloves in, unpeeled. Also, how is the best way to freeze these tomatoes when you have a large quantity and can’t use them all at once?

    1. deb

      Joan — I didn’t take the skins off because I wanted them to slowly caramelize, as you would a halved head of garlic. You can pop them out after and eat them however you’d like. I haven’t tried to freeze these but it looks like a few people have commented on it, see #98, 137, 141, 158, etc.

  159. Terri

    Deb, this is my second year of using your recipe for roasting tomatoes. Round 2 in the oven now. Last year, I froze in zip lock bags and took them to Arizona and was able to get through the winter and have some left here at home as sauce in the freezer when I got home in May. This and your uncluttered chicken stock are my go to recipes for on hand staples! Thank you! :)

  160. Arielle

    This is year #4 of using this recipe. I look forward to my home grown cherry tomatoes for this use alone. I have to fight off a hungry boyfriend and greedy chickens, but I managed to get a big batch into the oven. I peel the garlic after it’s cooled and store it with the tomatoes…the garlic gets so sweet and yummy that the cloves go fast too. Thank you so much for this recipe!! I don’t look at a bumper crop of tomatoes as a bother anymore, just more tomatoes for the oven!

  161. Vickie

    I’ve been making these since the recipe was first posted. I sprinkle oregano and basil on top. I just made two trays today–left them on the counter in a bowl and they’re just about gone. Everyone who passed through the kitchen had to stop and eat some. My favorite is to mash the garlic with cream cheese, spreading it on crusty bread or crackers and top with the roasted tomatoes. Heavenly!!

  162. I just put a batch of these in the oven. Our cherry tomato plant has turned into a jungle this year, so we’ve been overrun with tomatoes. I just wanted to say thanks again for a great recipe ; I’ve been using it since you first posted it.

  163. Jane

    I also wanted to say thank you for this recipe. I’ve been using it since you first posted it and i love it! I add it too your mediterranean pepper salad (as I don’t like uncooked tomato) and it’s amazing! It’s coming into summer in australia and there are yummy tomatoes everywhere. Yippee!

  164. LynnInColorado

    We have had our organic veggie (No-dig, Ruth Stout method) garden for a few years and always let the previous year’s garden remains stay in the garden for DIY composting. For the first time probably 100 volunteer tomato plants sprouted in May and we let most of them go for it without thinning. They went crazy and are still producing in late October! Your slow roast then eat or freeze technique has allowed us to preserve so many with a delicious result. THANK YOU!!

  165. Joan

    omg. not only delicious but you saved my languishing cherry tomatoes. tomorrow they will see their fate in your pearl couscous with roasted tomatoes and olives (with the addition of scallions). Forgot about that recipe until I saw a very old post.
    Can’t wait!

  166. Joan T

    omg, Deb. You saved my languishing cherry tomatoes. Tomorrow they will see their fate with your pearl couscous and olives (plus my addition of scallions). I don’t know why I forgot this recipe until I saw a very old post in this recipe…but I’m glad it was there. Can’t wait.

  167. Hi Deb! These look wonderful and I totally want to try them!
    May I ask, how long can I leave these in the fridge after making them? (Providing they last that long.. but I want to make a massive batch of these!)

    1. deb

      Adriana — If you submerge them in oil, I’d say a week or two. Other people have mentioned that they freeze very well, if you’d like them for longer.

  168. Jen

    Last year I made these and froze them. They didn’t last NEARLY long enough, but what I wanted to mention was that I saved the delicious tomato/thyme/salt/garlic/oil pan drippings. I put tomatoes on the top of the chicken, held them on with a piece of chicken, and basted with the oil. Wow. Just wow.

  169. Carol

    I made these yesterday, was going to put them on the pizza I was making, but, they never made it that far. I ate all of them, but before you think I’m crazy, I made a small batch! I like to add extra oil before roasting, because it is so useful, in many ways. So yummy!

  170. Jeanne

    I LOVE this recipe! I used the yellow pear tomatoes from my garden, topped my roasted tomato soup with them and also put them into a summer spinach and arugula salad. They freeze well too!!!

  171. I am roasting organic tomatoes right now that were left in fridge too long and about to go off! The organic ones I find dont last very well so perfect to use up by slow roasting . I had a few non organic ones and they kept for ages so they must be irradiated or something?
    Love love love the slow roasted ones. Not much luck growing them due to cool windy seaside climate here in UK. Just a few but could do with a greenhouse for warmth for the poor things. When I lived in Virginia it was too warm and the huge oak trees overshadowed them- just very tall stems trying to get to the light. No tomatoes! Envy y`all with masses of them to use up. Healthy delicious snacks !
    I am thinking with olive ciabatta with goats cheese and herbs from the garden.

  172. BglLvr

    Hi Deb – LONG time fan. Hey, I made stacks and stacks of these from our garden this summer and put them in the freezer. I’m trying to use them now and they are oh-so-incredibly acidic. Do you have any suggestions / recipes / words to the wise? They were roasted with EVOO and a dried spice mix, and I don’t want to use them in any truly overly fattening or unhealthy dishes. Please help! Thanks!!

    1. deb

      bglLvr — I wonder how they got so acidic. Well, I mean, they’re tomatoes so it happens but usually there’s a depth of flavor, a roundness, that makes them lovely. May I ask what kind of spice mix you used? Re, fattening dishes, this is hard because people have different ideas of what unhealthy foods are, but you can use them in grain salads, pasta salads, they might be good in an omelet or maybe on a sliced of whole-grain toast with cheese broiled on top (a modified pizza, heh). Many more ideas in the comments above. Hope that helps.

  173. karen marie

    I love these. Discovered them here several years ago now. I love eating them in omelets, salads, or made into s aimple sauce. I am surprised at how many recipes include sugar. One of my complaints about jarred sauce is it tends to be too sweet. These make a great little sauce.

  174. Rebecca

    My husband scoffed at me as I gathered a harvest of cute yellow pear tomatoes for this recipe saying we already had a big jar of sun dried tomatoes. Fast forward a day and he was calling them “tomato candy!” Wonderful just to snack on!

  175. ecpearce

    Thanks for this recipe! Thanks to a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, I now have a freezer full of summery roasted goodness for the winter.

  176. Beth Hornback | Eat Within Your Means

    It is so very satisfying to have something turn out exactly as expected. I planted several tomato plants and many of them were cherry tomatoes even though they were marked as other varieties – so I had a major bumper crop. They roasted perfectly in the 3 hour time, and were just as described – I wasn’t sitting down when I tried them, but since I was prepared, I stayed on my feet. They are AMAZING.

  177. Carol

    I’ve always wondered… if you put, for instance, a sprig of thyme over here… how will the tomatoes OVER THERE benefit? Same for garlic.

  178. Millie Opacic Torreano

    Hi Deb-
    Just curious. I make these all the time but cut them lengthwise. Any reason you cut them crosswise? Do they hold up better?
    BTW. Love the way you write. I have given your cookbook to every home cook I know. I can read and re-read your intros to every recipe with shear delight everytime. Thank you for being you.

    1. deb

      No preference; both work. These were cherries so it’s the same either way. For grape tomatoes, I tend to do it the long way. They tend to lay flatter better and thus you’re less likely to lose any of the good juices inside. And thank you. :)

    1. Lisa Thomas

      You’ll probably never see this…but I did a very similar recipe last summer with larger tomatoes. I cut them into chunks & then blended them up to freeze for sauce. Yummy!

  179. Heather

    Iwarning: once you slow roast your tomatoes, you’ll never be able to go back to roasting them @ 300 for 50 minutes… Another winner, so I’m grateful that my electricity is included in my rent!!!

  180. I know I’m several years later to comment but I love your page with the photos and your thoughts and instructions on oven-dried tomatoes! I notice there are green tomatoes on the tray. Do they turn out yummy too?

      1. Ah! The rainbow on the tray from purple to green is gorgeous. I oven dried my cherry tomatoes yesterday and there were a few green ones. They came out okay. The whole batch with the olive oil and a bit of sea salt came out so full of flavor. I love it. Thank you for sharing!

  181. Eleanor

    I have now made these 3 times, and they are fantastic! My question: when I pulled out my cherry tomato plants this fall, I ended up with a LOT of green ones. They just aren’t ripening. Would unripe tomatoes work in this recipe as well as ripe tomatoes? Has anyone tried that?

  182. This is awesome. Doing it again today to preserve the last of the tomatoes from my summer garden for a little “bottled sunshine” to get through the winter (yes, the cool season here in L.A. does indeed constitute “winter” to us!)…even though they won’t last long at all. :)

    I like to add a few salt-cured capers to the jar I pack the dried tomatoes in, along with the garlic and herbs.

    1. …and this is SUCH a wonderful way to rescue tomatoes that have one foot in the compost bin! Today I discovered how amazing the tiny ones are when they get all crispy like a tuile while the bigger ones get cooked enough. They have the most astonishing pop of complex tangy flavour and texture!

  183. Lisa Thomas

    I love the before photo of the rainbow of tomatoes arranged on the baking sheet! It is one of my favorites on your site.

    Without knowing you had a recipe (sorry!) I did something similar this past summer with my overwhelming tomato rush in August – but blended them up into sauce & froze it in bags for the winter. A delicious taste of summer during the cold months. I will have to try this come harvest time 2017 – because I am sure I will plant too many yet again :)

  184. Victoria

    I am growing my first tomato plant this summer, and I came to smittenkitchen to look up some tomato recipes on your site. I was confused when I saw that tomatoes are listed under “vegetable” and not under “fruit” on your recipe index. I realize this is a common misconception, but I was sure you would have it right. Just something I noticed and wondered about. Thanks Deb; you are my go-to when I need to find a new recipe. You have never failed me!

    1. deb

      Would you believe that I had it under fruit for years — you must know what a pedant I am ;) — but it was too confusing for others to find because we treat them like vegetables. Plus, beans, corn, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkin, and other square are also technically fruits, so you can see where it unravels organizationally.

      Hope you enjoy the tomatoes!

      1. Victoria

        Hahaha….that makes sense! Maybe there should be a new category: “Fruit that everyone think are vegetables.” Kidding! ;) Thanks for clearing that up!

  185. Caroline

    I made these last summer and they were SO yummy! But when I stored them in oil as you suggested, they turned into straight-up mush. Do you have any advice to prevent that from happening this year?

  186. Cate Callard

    I do and freeze them in a zipper bag to use all winter. They are a great addition to egg bakes and any sauces or pasta. Yum

  187. Claire Peterson

    I make roasted tomatoes all the time and I love them too, I usually cook them at a higher temp 400 degrees but only for an hour, so I will have to give this a try. I also use larger tomatoes and then I make salsa, pasta sauce with them or we eat them with cheese and crackers or whatever is around. Mister Anal “I control the heat and try to keep it cool-” will not be happy tomorrow 😊

  188. Maren

    This is now a tradition every September. Perfect use for my cherry tomato plants, sweet and tart and delicious. They don’t usually last long enough to freeze but I’m trying it this year so we can have some summer love during the winter.

  189. Virginia G

    Do you think these are freeze-able? I have so many cherry tomatoes of all colors that as delicious as these might be, we can’t consume them fast enough!

  190. Nadia

    Hello, this looks absolutely AMAZING. Seriously. I love this so much, that for the first time I decided to grow multicolored tomatoes next season (usually I only have red and yellows). I am however struggling to find the purple variety. Do you by any chance know, what variety this is? Do you grow it yourself or buy it on a farmers market? (clearly these are no supermarket tomatoes :D )

  191. My tomatoes are larger-not tiny tims-grapes -but the size of my fist I know they( Food Mfgers) do do larger ones-do you know how I can dry mine ?-or should I just go for it ?TTFN Jen

  192. Dianna

    To the folks asking about canning the tomatoes after they’ve been roasted in olive oil, as far as I am aware, the only safe way to can tomatoes with any kind of oil involved is canning by means of pressure cooking and not water bath canning. The safest bet would be to freeze your tomatoes if they have been exposed to any kind of oil. I’m no expert but this is what I have been reading on various sites. It may also have to do with the extra sweet processing of roasted tomatoes, but my best recommendation would be to check with the experts on pressure cooked preservation vs. water bath canning. Roasted tomatoes are absolutely the best method I have found for making sauces and freezing. I wish I had known about this 10 years ago!!! I roast mine with olive oil, fresh chopped garlic and onion, a chopped red bell pepper, and spices according to what I plan to do with the final product, Italian, Mexican, Indian, etc. Obviously, you can omit the spices and add when you finally choose what you want to do the tomatoes whether it be Italian-based sauces, Mexican salsas/sauces, etc. Freezing the tomatoes won’t last as long as canning but you need to be aware that the involvement of oil in the process determines what method you use in the canning process. Roasting tomatoes truly makes them so much better than the usual method of throwing them in boiling water to remove the skin, then removing the seeds and waterbathing the tomatoes. Got a batch in the oven now that I will whir up in the blender and freeze. I’ve only roasted cherry tomatoes so far but am looking forward to trying the roasting method for plum and larger sized tomatoes (without oil) which I will water bath.

  193. Vivienne

    Love all your recipes….have alternative to having oven on in the heat of the day! Living in Perth WA sympathise with temperature issues…..preheat oven to 200….put tomatoes in & immediately turn oven off. Leave overnight & the results will be delicious! Would like to claim credit for this but it’s thanks to Delia!

    1. deb

      I made a version of these from Nigella a few years ago — Moonblush Tomatoes, I think — but it was a total fail for me. Maybe my oven is weak or not well-insulated, but they were basically raw in the morning. I so wish it would work; it would be so much more enjoyable than running the oven during the day in the summer.

  194. Danielle

    For the love of everything people, please please try this with bell peppers. I just did it with some red peppers and I can’t deal with how good it is. Off to experiment with other vegetables!

  195. Lisa

    I don’t think I ever commented last year when I made these, but here I am making them again. I froze them and later in the winter had a brilliant idea to make a roasted tomato aioli. That was the best thing to spread on everything for about a week. I hope I get more made this year to last me longer!

  196. Christina

    So… OK. I have made these for years now but have come to a problem. Should I process my confit tomatoes, garlic, rosemary olive oil all in jars, in a water bath to process them so they are preserved for a longer time than just a few weeks in the fridge? I want to be eating these all winter until i can grow more!

  197. Lauren

    Before I roast I salt sliced tomatoes and let them sit for a few hours. It removes some of the moisture, and makes the final product even more of a flavor explosion!

  198. Val

    These sound so good I have lots growing in my garden ,just made a roasted tomatoes sauce with some and canned them ,but I will try these just wondering can you can these as well or is it better just in the fridge with oil

  199. Jan

    OMG, these are DELICIOUS!!! I just made my second batch of these and cannot stop eating them. Even with store-bought cherry tomatoes, they’re so good! (I discovered this recipe late, and my cherry tomato plants weren’t putting out as many as I NEEDED for this recipe.)

  200. vivian

    along with the ultimate zucchini + ultimate banana – this recipe for slow roasted tomatoes is a look no-further + on-repeat recipe.
    gold star + gold standard ✅✅

  201. Mike Czechowski

    Try this on the indirect side of your BBQ setup, with a little mild smoke wood (like maple or fruit tree wood). Really!

  202. Lisa Feldstein

    Hi Deb,
    I couldn’t figure out how to put this comment with the relevant Topic of this week’s newsletter; please do relocate it!
    Two additional resources for your amazing list of Black cookbook authors and their output:
    Michael Twitty, who is one of my favorite people in the world, has a second blog that is more of a mashup of food and cultural commentary. For those interested, check out
    Marcus Books, the oldest Black-owned bookstore in the country was started in San Francisco 60 years ago. A few years ago they were forced to relocate after their rent was raised an unconscionable amount, and they are now in Oakland, across the Bay. They have struggled since then, but they are still open (on-line orders only for now, because of Covid-19). You can find them through their Facebook page while they are redoing their website: Scroll down for their order form.
    And now, thanks to you, I’m about to spend a pile of money on new cookbooks for which I have no space!

    1. deb

      Thank you! I updated Michael Twitty’s site link (I don’t think he uses the Cooking Gene site as much) and I realized I’d omitted Marcus Books just because I couldn’t find a website of any sort, wasn’t sure if they were still in business — will add them with their FB page.

  203. Dede Brink

    OMG you are soooooo right about the slow-roasted tomatoes! My husband used to grow them and I would halve them and roast them just as you said, to use for tomato sauce, etc. NEVER made it that far….. I would eat the whole sheet myself. What a TREAT!!!!!
    Love your newsletters and virtual tours! Keep ‘me coming!
    (p.s.. your book “The Italian Table” is decorating my kitchen this summer!)

  204. Katie Holly

    Hi Deb!! Just spellchecking you’re recipe here, but under ingredients you have gloves of garlic instead of what I think is supposed to be cloves. Love your stuff!! Thanks for the recipe! I was worrying all night about what to do with the THREE PINTS of grape tomatoes I bought this last weekend. Phew! Thanks for saving me!

  205. Mike Czechowski

    For even more flavor, do this in a covered charcoal or pellet grill or electric smoker. 225°F is “normal” low & slow BBQ temp. You get the addition of some (or a lot – depending on how you run your grill) smoke flavor in there AND the thing is outside – no heat in the kitchen!

  206. Susan Robinson

    Great minds…we’ve been doing this with our garden cherry tomatoes, but outside on my husband’s smoker, so they have an incredible smoky tomato-y flavor. We vacuum seal portions of them and freeze them. Add them into soups, chilis, etc all winter long. Tomato crack!

  207. Lori

    I’ve made these two times already this season. One tip I have to make slicing easier, is to put a bunch of same size tomatoes on a plate. Then put another plate on top and slice between the 2 plates. Cuts the slicing time by more than half😊

  208. Liz Rehrauer

    Thanks for putting this in your newsletter. I made these last year and ate them like candy…just like you said. I would have forgotten about this had you not reminded me.

  209. Suzanne Miller

    Why not just use the Nigella Lawson “Moonblush Tomatoes” version?
    Heat the oven to 450 degrees.
    While the oven heats, cut tomatoes in half, place in an oven proof dish (glass/ceramic is preferred). Drizzle with 1 -2 TBS. good olive oil; 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. thyme; 1/4 tsp. sugar.
    TURN OFF THE OVEN. Place prepared tomatoes in the oven. Allow them to sit, undisturbed, overnight.
    Viola! Use as you see fit.

  210. Melissa

    There are no words….. My husband has been growing tomatoes for years and this year he went nuts!! We had tomatoes coming out the ying yang and I’ve been cooking with them all summer which I don’t usually do because we’ve never had an over abundance of them. Well after several attempts at spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, bruschetta and many other recipes (I’ve even been freezing them) I came across this recipe and was reluctant to try it but Smitten Kitchen has never let me down with a recipe before so I said why not. BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE WITH A TOMATO!! I used a combination of cherry, grape, sun sugar and bell shaped and pear shaped yellow ones that I don’t know the name of lol. I brushed them with olive oil, sprinkled with a little bit of salt and pepper and threw on about 6 garlic cloves and opted to leave them herb free. I have to admit I ate the whole tray!!! My only complaint is I wish I would of made a larger tray!!! The sun sugar OMG were like candy although those are my favorite anyway and I’m always popping them in my mouth raw but they were ALL fantastic!! I’ve made this recipe several times now in a bigger tray and it’s extremely hard to show restraint so everyone else gets some. These would be one of those snacks that you have to hide from your kids lol and I would if I had a refrigerator in my bedroom!! Anyway if you are a tomato lover try these you will not regret it!!

  211. Jan

    These are so delicious. I’ve made them with thyme and rosemary, and thyme and oregano. They were great both ways. My daughter and her fiance couldn’t get enough of them when I put them on the charcuterie board, so I forwarded the recipe to them. The garlic is delicious squeezed out onto crusty bread or little toasts; no waste there.

  212. Rachel

    Just leaving a comment to say this recipe might be the most often thing I make year-round ever since I found it. So good. Thank you!

  213. TXTrish

    Oh yum. In the summer, and winter (not as tasty) I roast tomatoes of all shapes and sizes once a week. They are used in all kinds of recipes, on buttered toast with a sprinkle of Alleppo, or with cottage cheese, avocado and roasted spiced pumpkin seeds. Having roasted tomatoes onhand as important as homemade hen broth.

  214. I like to slow -roast dry-farmed early girl tomatoes. I sprinkle with salt, herbs and a few drops of olive oil.
    They are delicious to eat out of the pan but I also freeze them in small containers to use all winter in any number of dishes

  215. Libby

    I just couldn’t face cutting all those tiny cherry tomatoes in half so I’m roasting them whole…we’ll see how that works out!

      1. Libby

        It worked out okay but the tomatoes didn’t burst open and were therefore juicier they would have been. I ended up blending them with the garlic and freezing the sauce, which was tasty.
        I recommend getting your hands on some larger cherry tomatoes for this method – mine really are too small for cutting!

  216. Betty Frost

    I love the article about slow-roasted tomatoes. I couldn’t agree with you more about the horrible sun-dried tomatoes that we were subjected to. When I went to France in 2002 I was in the south of France, Cassis, at a wine bar. The person behind the bar pulled out a huge jar of roasted tomatoes that his mother had prepared. What a revelation they were. Shortly after that, I began slow-roasting tomatoes and now they are a favorite treat to take to parties and give to friends.

    1. kitchenkd

      Teresa, I kept mine for several months in the fridge & they were fine. When I opened the last jar about 4 months – well, it kind of opened itself! – it had definitely gone off. For safety I threw it out – jar & all. A very sad moment. I’m going to investigate whether I can “preserve/can” them.