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  1. Deb,

    I’m a recent newcomer and was hoping to find your first postings, or perhaps your original blog? I would love to see how this all started. I loved reading your wedding cake saga. Do you have a live link to your original blog and/or to your first intro/hello post?

    Thanks! Suzanne

  2. Elle

    WOW. I just made it through the last four years. I believe, DEB, it is about time for you to have either a) your own cookbook or b) your own cooking show. You are an inspiration and I love the beautiful photography!

  3. SarahEllen

    Amazing. I have been looking for that one website to inspire me to cook every day for my man, my love, and, well, here it is. Thank you so much Deb for getting out there and sharing your beautiful gift of cooking and photography. We have similar taste, which is probably why I bookmarked a good portion of your recipes :) I hope you’re able to bring this amazing collection together someday soon and make a cookbook!!

  4. linda

    i know i have a good read for the winter…want to be super ready (reading archives) when your cb comes out & i meet you @ a signing!
    all the best!

  5. sarah vernell

    I made it! I found your website a few weeks ago and I’ve been looking at every recipe moving backwards through your blog. Especially love the kitchen pics and stories. Beautiful blog!

  6. Well, I’ve just taken a lovely trip through your entire archive, and I’d like to say I am now culinarily (yes, that’s now a word) ready to face the world. Okay, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration, but really, it was pretty darn inspiring. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and recipes, and keep it up!

  7. Just read through your entire website, your photography, recipes and commentary are amazing. I’ll def be lining up to buy that cookbook in Spring 2012.

  8. Cy

    Like many others I just read through your entire archive and ended up here, in the very beginning. I must admit that I have tears in my eyes! I’m so touched by how positively you and your wonderful recipes and pictures have influenced me in the past couple of months! I’m in a transition moment in my life and I see that discovering the joy and reward of baking/cooking has added a lot more colors to my life! Obviously I’m a fan of yours and I already bought your cookbook on pre order! I’d love to see you on TV or meet you someday. Thank you, my kitchen guru! <3 :-) Like I have said so many times, you are amazing!

  9. Letha

    It’s 2013 and I also just recently found your blog. I had to find the beggining and come to find out your fist post here was in 2006. That is amazing! I love it. Keep cooking because You are a inspiration. I can’t wait to get your cook book.

    1. deb

      Mariam — Yes, it was just a test post for formatting but then people commented so I left it up! Previously, I blogged at but about dating and other dull stuff, only sometimes talking about food.

  10. Deb,

    I feel like I can use your first name because your writing style makes me feel like I know you a little after reading your book (your personality and sense of humor..but maybe that was the bourbon you mentioned that your editor gave you). Anyway, I bought your book recently and began reading with earnest today. I can’t wait to start cooking once I publish this comment.

    I love your comical description of Kale and using it raw in salads.
    I agree. It is pretty bitter.

    Moving on, I will admit that I feel a little embarrassed to be wanting to tell you about a recipe I think you will like…considering I am telling you on your famous website about your famous cooking book. Maybe it’s the voice that comes out of your writing that makes me think you’d not be offended or would enjoy hearing of a recipe someone thinks you might like.

    It’s from Heidi Swanson’s “super natural every day”. If you don’t like coconut, you may not like it. The only reason I send it to you is because I thought you might and at least deserved to know of it and try it for yourself.

    After my long-winded preface, I’m realizing maybe I’m not supposed to give out the recipe verbatim. But its called “Kale Salad” and is a refreshing rendition that incorporates toasted coconut, sesame oil, shoyu/soy, and farro.

    Hopefully you aren’t offended. I just had that human thought of ‘I bet she’d love this recipe!’. But maybe you wouldn’t. Cheers.

  11. Deb,
    You are real. Everyone should buy your book. Not only because every recipe as solid as it proclaims to be, but because they come from an author who uses more or less fairly-available/simple ingredients, which will bring gladness to any hungry heart who prepares them for themselves, their girlfriend or wife, or their parents/friends.

    Just today, I cooked the peach pancakes for my parents to start the day and finished the breakfast with your latkes. Last night I made two pizzas, one of each with the two types of dough you provide. After they left today, they told me that they had never had a better series of meals that were so spot on.

    You have a real talent, Deb. You and anyone who doesn’t have your book yet should know that. And all of you buyers out there who are skeptical like me, good for you. If I was you, I would question the real value of the food prepared by these recipes…but I can say that after questioning them despite doing extensive product research even before buying the book and reading it entirely-through…that the recipes are legit. The food tastes amazing. The ingredients are NOT impossible to find. The preparation is common or requiring less time, relative to food of this quality. And, if you like entertainment and appreciate other aspects of recipe/cookbooks, I can tell you this: This is the most entertaining and fun to read cookbook that I own. Deb makes me laugh when I read. She makes me believe I can be a good cook as she begins her introduction with an attempt to excuse herself for not having a more glamorous preface for why she started to cook.

    Look, she is one of us! And she is better than 88% of them. She’s amazing. Buy this cookbook while you can. If you need, rent it or somehow check it out for free…borrow it..whatever…and put my advice to the test with normal oven and ingredient conditions. I am willing to put your (and my previous) suspicion to the test. Personally, I already did and not only did the book pass my rigorous product-review testing demands, but the recipes passed my even more rigorous taste expecations.

    This book is for real. If you pay full price, it’s worth the money. If you get it at a discount, it’s even more worth it. And if you can share it with someone, consider yourself lucky enough to play the lottery. Seriously, I don’t know how Deb jumped the need to go to culinary school, but she has crazy palette-intuition. And I’m not even her close friend. I just call her by name because her book is written so personally.

    I went the full spectrum from skeptic to believing-eater. I don’t usually write follow up approvals. But this book caused me to become and do both. Buy, make, and be merry. Thanks to Deb.

  12. Ashley

    There’s no recipe here:(.

    I love your book! My husband bought it for me as a present two years ago for Christmas but in a last minute need for a present, it was gifted to his brother and wife instead. They made up for it this year by re-gifting it to me last Christmas. I made my husband your Baked Ranchero Eggs with Blistered Jack Cheese and he very much regrets his gift decision from two years ago but we are both happy that family helped make it right.


  13. Bahb

    In the good old days, your daily newsletter had places on which I could click and get to your website. But with your new website, there is no place on the newsletter to click. Not that I’m too lazy to put your URL in the proper place in my browser to go to your website, but it’s just quicker if, while I’m reading your newsletter, and can click through to your site and what I’m reading instantly.

    1. deb

      Thank you — I’m aware of the “Read more” glitch, just cannot figure out how to fix it yet. In the meanwhile, the title of post and the top photo will always link to the full post you want to read, i.e. they perform the same function.

  14. Hello! Huge fan of your blog and cookbook! I’m starting a blog for my Italian bakery and wondered how to access your very first blog post – it seems to have been taken down perhaps? Would love to check it out! Thanks!

    1. deb

      This is it! I was just testing out formatting and never deleted it, then it grew a lot of comments so it stays. [Oh, do you mean my earlier blog? I think I just let the hosting lapse… will find out what happened.]

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  18. Richard Utt

    I just went back to look at your first post, but all I found was a picture of cherries. Comments made me think it was probably about cherry pie. But there was no content. Or am I doing something wrong?