even more perfect blueberry muffins

[Get the recipe for Even More Perfect Blueberry Muffins right here]

Since we rolled out the redesign, I’ve been flagging recipes in the archives I can’t stand looking at the pictures of anymore with plans to reshoot them. The perfect blueberry muffins were on this list except on my way to prettying them up, I made four other recipes first. Why make four other batches of blueberry muffins when you already have a favorite, is a pretty reasonable question, only if you’ve never shopped for jeans before even while wearing the pair you like most… or ordered steak at a restaurant besides the place you think makes it best. What I mean is, when a lot of people say “but the steak/jeans/cake here are amazing!” it’s hard not to wonder if maybe they’re onto something. What if they were just my favorite blueberry muffins at the time and there’s better out there that I didn’t know about yet? It’s been six years. Maybe it was time for a re-review. [Note: The prospect of a re-review with outside sources every few years is not recommended to be applied to spouses, children or hairdressers.]

New: Watch me make these muffins on YouTube!

Needless to say, this was a fun side project. There were a couple duds, but from most recipes, I picked up something new and worthwhile. From Stella Parks at Serious Eats, I came to agree that a full teaspoon of coarse sugar on top of each muffin sounds crazy but actually makes a delightfully crunchy lid. If the muffin underneath it isn’t too sweet, it doesn’t put it over the top at all — it’s just right. I also found her combination of coriander (I know!) and nutmeg crazy good and worth trying if you’re curious, even if I’m still defaulting to my lemon zest only here. From Blythe Danner, I realized you could put an inordinate amount of berries in each muffin and still have a very good muffin. I ended up doubling the berries in my go-to in the last batch and regret not-a-thing. (Should you be hesitant, just an increase from 3/4 cups to 1 1/4 is excellent but not over-the-top improvement.) From my own muffin recipes over the years, I knew I could one-bowl this (yes, a verb, at least around here) and while I was at it ditching the creaming of the butter, sifting (sifting! to make muffins! NO.) and ftlog, who — in practice, not just ambitious recipe writing — measures zest in half-teaspoons? Finally, it had always bothered me that my recipe made 10 to 11 muffins only. A muffin recipe should make an even dozen! Did I make it happen? Nope, I went the other way. I found in other recipes that very full cups of batter, so long as it’s a thick one, didn’t spill over but grew into perfect bronzed domes in the oven. The batter here is very thick. It makes 9 much prettier muffins that it ever made 10 to 11 of.

But mostly, I found that my go-to was still going to be my go-to, but with a bunch of improvements, improvements that have led to more blueberry muffins in our lives, and I hope yours too. I think you know what needs to be done.

[Get the updated recipe for Even More Perfect Blueberry Muffins right here]

even more perfect blueberry muffins

Vacation Dispatch: Can you guess where I am right now? GUESS. GUESS! We’re in Portugal! Last week we dragged a very excited almost 7-year old and a 1 year-old who I’d expected to be the source of the next longform thinkpiece on “why do people have to bring kids on planes, whhhy” but ended up being perfectly wonderful. (They shall save the full extent of their true selves for the return flight, I expect.) We started in Lisbon and have now made it to the Algarve region; we plan a day in Sintra before we return in a week. If you’d like vacation dispatches, you should follow my personal Instagram @debperelman or on Snapchat @smittenkitchen for some outtakes. This is a beautiful country (and everyone is so nice to kids).

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136 comments on even more perfect blueberry muffins

  1. Ah! We’re going to Portugal at the end of September and I can’t wait. Let me know if you find must-visit restaurants in Lisbon. For now, this new and improved blueberry muffin recipe will do.

  2. Tina

    I clicked on your link for your even more perfect blueberry muffins and the link takes me to a recipe from 2010. Is this the updated recipe? I want to make these muffins this morning! Thanks!

    1. gardencatt

      I think it is the updated recipe as her comments above the actual recipe include the August 2016 items she mentions here. Enjoy!

  3. Mel

    I can’t wait to make these as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler (no ovens in the summer here- too hot!) But this quote…this quote :) :) “Note: The prospect of a re-review with outside sources every few years is not recommended to be applied to spouses, children or hairdressers.”
    I love this Deb!!! :-)

  4. Nora

    Vacation! I’m also planning on Portugal in a month with a toddler. Any advice and suggestions is appreciated! This will be our first international travel with my 16 month old and I’m not sure how to adjust my normal traveling. How much moving around is too much in 8 days? Just stay in Lisbon and do day trips? Any advice on places to stay?

  5. Charlotte in Toronto

    I’ve made the 2010 version with blueberry /raspberry combo and love them. I’m looking forward to trying this new version. The sugar on top looks lovely

  6. Kate D.

    My niece and her hubby just returned from a vacation in Portugal and said it was amazing. And this is from someone who actually travels internationally for her work, so it must be fantastic!

    I’m heading to the farmers market for some blueberries.

  7. Sunday afternoon, made a batch of these muffins and I totally agree. These are perfect.
    One small note: I only had enough Turbinado sugar for two. I finished the rest with Demerara. I actually liked it better. The Demarara crystallized nicely and its golden color looks great.

  8. Lanie

    Delicious, as always! I made one small modification that turned out great. I did not have any turbinado sugar so i mixed together a small amount of local honey (~ 1tsp) with 1-2 T cinnamon sugar (saigon cinnamon and white sugar – I usually put cinnamon sugar in my coffee in the morning, so I had it on hand). I made a nice crunchy, but not dry top on the muffins.

      1. beemo

        tried this with (roasted) strawberries (same amount as the blueberries – roasted in over for 20 minutes at 400 and a tablespoon of sugar and quartered to keep them from going gooey). lovely!

  9. Rebecca

    I love the original recipe (have made many, many times)- and I think this one will be even better! I do usually make mine with some alterations, though. I’ve had excellent results in swapping out 1/2 of the total amount of AP flour for a mix of Whole Wheat flour and 1/4c flax meal. It keeps the muffins feeling more “healthy” and the flax meal keeps them moist.

  10. Rebecca

    Did you try the recipe from CI with the blueberry compote? It has the crunchy sugar lid and you get jamminess without sogginess. I one bowl it, and use blueberry jam instead of the compote to keep it breakfast-friendly. I live in Maine and have a slight obsession with all things blueberry, so from my extensive blueberry recipe testing: in cooked blueberry recipes cinnamon, coriander and/or lime zest are frequently used to add complexity- to restore some “fresh” taste to the cooked berries. Also, gin- best addition to blueberry jam ever. I think that came from Kevin West. Happy blueberry-ing!

    1. deb

      They were on my list to try when I decided I desperately didn’t want to make blueberry compote just to make a muffin. I am not surprised they were amazing. Perhaps next round of frenetic retesting. ;)

      1. carol

        i have to also say that the CI blueberry muffins are the best i’ve ever had. but they are certainly not ONE-BOWLABLE considering that you have to make the jam. thus, your recipe has a special appeal to me. i think i will try it for the school’s teacher appreciation breakfast on monday.

  11. roxlet

    Have you ever had the blueberry and/or corn muffins from Briermeir on the North Fork? Those are the ones my son dreams about. For years, I have made the ones from The Best Recipe and upped the blueberries because Briermeir has an inordinate amount in theirs. It’s like blueberries barely held together with batter. I will have to give yours a try.

  12. Connie

    OK, so I broke my right (dominant) arm and sprained my left wrist but I MUST make this. Can I use my Kitchenaid mixer? Please say yes!

    1. deb

      OMG. Are you okay? No, you may not. You need to get someone else to make you these muffins and deliver them because you need to rest. Okay, I mean, you of course can let the KA do everything, I just want you to rest because I’m a mom and stuff.

  13. Caitlin

    I made these yesterday and they were fantastic! I might make them again in a couple of days, since they’re going fast. The 1 tsp of sugar per muffin really was the perfect amount. I also went ahead and put in a whole lemon’s worth of zest and did not regret it! For people using frozen berries, I found that rinsing them a few times first (until the water ran mostly clear) and then drying them with a few paper towels really cut down on any bleeding/green batter issues.

  14. Susan

    I’m glad to know that you auditioned other recipes but found you had the best one all along. I do that, too. I allow that my tastes do change about many things over the years and feel the need to see what I might do to improve or update what I have. That said, I do love it when I find that my long time recipe is still ‘the one’. Your Perfect Blueberry Muffins fit the category of Gold Standard to which all others must match or surpass. None have.

  15. Victoria (aka zEmfIrKa)

    Made these last night. They turned out great – not too sweet, and the crunchy sugar top was a nice touch. I didn’t try the original recipe, but found there be a tad too many berries for my liking, I will probably have to decrease the amount next time or use Wild Blueberries that are smaller in size. I also used 1/2 cup whole milk ricotta + 1/4 cup sour cream instead of the yogurt – worked out great!

  16. My grandmother always topped her blueberry muffins with sugar for that sweet-crunchy top. I didn’t realize that wasn’t standard for many years, and after many disappointing (not sweet-crunchy topped) muffins. The best ones though were the ones she made with the blueberries we picked that morning, growing wild in the woods around their Cape Cod house. Oh the food memories… Now I must make blueberry muffins!

  17. Teresa

    Thank you Deb! I had blueberries that needed to be used Sunday and I was toying with a muffin recipe that involved the mixer (!!) and just couldn’t get motivated to make them. Then….your recipe popped up first thing in the morning and not only is this one bowl method so easy, they taste absolutely delicious! Didn’t modify at all and knew the teaspoon of sugar on top would be perfect, just like the topping on your pumpkin muffins which I make at least 3 times each fall/winter!

  18. Christine

    So I made the old recipe about a week ago and LOVED it…tried this one tonight and it just did not work. Even with the thicker batter, the berries all sunk down below an albino crown of sponge that tastes overwhelmingly like baking soda :( Could be user error, but the old recipe was tried and true for me. Maybe it’s because the butter was melted instead of softened? And the baking soda ratio did seem really high when I was making it. Please let me know if you have any idea why it may have gone wrong, or if you repost the old recipe because I adored it!

  19. Pdub

    The muffins look fabulous! I once spent so long trying to perfect a cookie recipe, my husband was actually _annoyed_ at having to eat so many cookies and then say whether or not he like it. Pfft! What a rough life it is for significant others of obsessive bakers.

  20. Made this today!!!!! I’m contemplating freezing them for work but am or rid the top won’t be as crunchy still. Oh well. I’ll just have to make more then.

    I ended up with 10 muffins. All delicious!

    The lemon is fabulous. I cannot stop raving about these muffins.

  21. yekcal

    These are SO good!! I made them yesterday. Doubled the batch, used vanilla grass fed yogurt, and left out the lemon zest because I was fresh out and didn’t want to wait. :)

    I used 12 large muffins and 24 mini muffins. My house smelled amazing!

    Thank you for sharing! :)

    1. deb

      I haven’t but I feel like it might be very good. Might need to double it to ensure you have any decent volume, though. Please let us know if you try it, so we can follow your notes!

      1. Mix406

        I made a double batch, but actually only have 2 muffin pans right now (1 regular, 1 mini). I *thought* they would all fit, but I was nervous about over-filling, and too impatient to wait for the first batch to be out of the oven, so I just plunked the leftover batter in a buttered glass loaf pan. It was only about an inch of batter, so definitely less than a full recipe. It came out delicious. I think I actually liked it better than either of the muffin sizes? It seemed more moist. Next time I will just try the loaf; it raised more than I expected, and the double would NOT have fit, so maybe a single batch would be fine.

  22. Thanks for sharing this! I have a go-to blueberry muffin recipe, but after reading about the extra helping of blueberries and seeing yogurt in a muffin recipe, I had to give this a shot. I made these for breakfast this morning, and my fiancé said they were the best “from scratch” muffins anyone had ever made for him (which is a compliment from my Italian, food-pretentious partner who, lucky me, is a wonderful cook ;).

  23. Jaleen

    I visited Portugal years ago. It was beautiful & just getting to Sintea was stunning. I make these muffins often & can’t wait to try the improvements. Thanks!

  24. Suzanne

    I make the old version of these, with some modifications, almost every weekend, so I tried this version last weekend and they are definitely an improvement! I’ll be using this from now on. I love that they are now one bowl – not having to use a mixer is definitely nice. Love the even more blueberries too.
    My standard changes – use half white/half wheat flour, which makes them a little more solid; use whole plain Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt since it’s what we have on hand, and again, makes them a little more solid; and I reduce the sugar to 80 grams because we like things less sweet. Also, I don’t usually use the lemon zest because it’s easier, but they are delicious when I do manage to get it together. I will have to try coriander and nutmeg!

    Thank you Deb!

  25. vicki

    Thanks for this updated blueberry muffin recipe, Deb. By far, this is superior to any of the numerous blueberry muffin recipes I have tried over the years. The lemon zest and the sour cream provide that little extra that rates these muffins off the charts.

  26. christy

    I only just now searched on buttermilk muffins so reading this way late, but Sintra!! Thanks for reminding me. One of my loveliest days.

  27. Trisha

    I made a fun version of these the other day. I only had small containers of yogurt so I used one plain and half of a coconut yogurt. For zest I used a lime. I used 1 c of frozen blueberries and whatever I had left of a bag of shredded coconut after making the coconut bread (which was about 1/2 c).


    I thought I burned them yesterday and the odd flavor was from that. It has this weird pretzel like taste. Like bitter… could it be from the baking soda??

  29. Suzzanne

    I have made these muffins many times since you first published your recipe. I love that these are not so sweet. And a use for the yogurt that doesn’t get used in summer smoothies. I learned to make muffins from Betty Crocker in the 1950’s, so I had the follow the rule ‘fill muffin tins 3/4 full.’ When I made these yesterday, I did exactly as you directed and made exactly 18 muffins (I doubled the recipe.) Each muffin cup filled to the top, then sprinkled with the sugar. I loved the resulting bigger, fluffier muffins. Now that Michigan blueberries are in season, I find you get a tastier muffin than when I use the flavorless berries available year round in the supermarket.

  30. I am pleased to report that with a couple of adjustments this recipe also makes an excellent cake! I was drowning in raspberries from the garden, and this recipe looked so easy…I just spread it in an 8″ pan, lowered the oven temp to 325 and baked it for just under 40 minutes. It is incredibly moist, and the sugar crust on the top is divine. We’ve eaten almost half of it already and I expect it will be gone by the end of tomorrow…can’t…stop…

  31. Anita Campbell

    I’ve made the muffins before, but had to improvise: picked blueberries this morning and made a cake (no muffin tin at the cottage) within an hour. Used half the amount (all I had) of sugar for the crust, and used goats milk sour cream. Used a buttered 8″x8″ foil pan, and baked for 35 minutes —it’s a hot oven. Unbelievably good.

  32. Jeanie

    All the links for the updated recipes lead to the old one (there is no coriander or the 1T of turbinado sugar you mentioned). Can you pleas tell me how to get the updated recipe? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Personally I use bananas to replace something, usually the sour cream, but it’s possible you can add them too, just less sure of the final effect.

  33. Juliet S.

    We loved these muffins!!! Perfect recipe–thanks! I had a little closer to 2 cups of blueberries so I used them. No problem. Thank you for always including what you changed and why. It’s always interesting and helpful! P.S. I have followed a long time–before you had kids. Your children are simply adorable!

  34. rachel

    make these instead of birthday cake for a blueberry-muffin-loving friend! so yummy and easy with greek yogurt I’ve already got in the fridge. and not too sweet, in a perfect way.

  35. Bonnie

    I used a large muffin tin with liners. It made 6 @115 [weighed 107 after cooking] grams each and one @ approx 67 grams. Used ~ 1/2 t. dark brown sugar on top – giving it a nice crunch and sprinkle of sweetness. So moist! Added frozen blueberries at last minute so not much bleeding. next time might try mixing flour and blueberries to see if there is better distribution while baking or take some dough before adding berries. Easy and quick to make and clean up. While not as light, sort of reminded me of dreamy cream scones. Deb, thanks for putting weights in. I work with a bowl on my scale, zeroing it out before each addition.

  36. I made these and unfortunately they were quite bitter, with a strong “baking soda” flavor that others noticed in the comments. Strange because I am a big fan of many of your recipes so I think this one just needs some tweaking!

  37. Suzzanne

    We are having a bake sale tomorrow at our church, and the blueberries are here from Michigan, so of course I made these muffins again! They always turn out. Thanks for a great recipe.

  38. Monica

    Hello! These look delicious! I have raspberries, peaches, and plums on hand…do you think these could be made with any of those fruits? Thank you (and thank you for your blog–it is my new favorite!).

  39. Steph

    My husband loves these so much that he has requested that I make him a blueberry muffin birthday cake. Do you think it would work to do this in two round 9 in pans? Would I just double the recipe (one for each layer)?

  40. Aisha

    I made these for Thanksgiving and subbed fresh cranberries in for the blueberries. I sprinkled the cranberries with a little sugar but otherwise kept the recipe the same. Worked beautifully and will go into permanent rotation!

  41. Leyna J

    Yup, these are pretty perfect! I add a teaspoon of vanilla with the yogurt. I also add cinnamon to the turbinado sugar and don’t skimp on the topping. I used salted butter and it worked just fine. Very very cozy on a rainy Sunday morning.

  42. Kathleen

    I am not sure these were the best I’ve ever eaten, but by gosh, at six in the am not to have to get out the hand mixer was priceless. We loved ‘em! The recipe was easy to make rather bleary-eyed, and was darned good.

  43. Laura

    My 2.5 year old insists on these muffins so often he has the ingredients memorized, grocery shopping is his fave, and we’ve made 4 batches this week. My husband and I both work and so I would have imagined baking 4x a week with a toddler to be ridiculous but it’s a one bowl recipe that is failproff and can be done in the early morning in the 30m while my coffee is still hot but I am not quite awake yet, and my child is already full steam ahead. He does most of the work, I just measure and scoop.

    And it’s delicious 100% of the time.

  44. mielegirl

    Excellent! The only change I made was mixing the zest of 1/2 lemon with 1/3 c. Sugar for the topping. (From cooks illustrated recipe). Delicious!

  45. olana75

    HI –

    I love this updated recipe. I also use it as a chocolate chip muffin base. Is it better to refrigerate the batter if I want to make fresh baked muffins the next day or is it better to freeze the baked muffins already and heat them up? I need some easy breakfast stuff for the kids during school days.


  46. KatieK

    Wonderful! I had two problems; I started to weigh my ingredients, 5 T of butter was almost 95 grams not 70. I checked a conversion table and it said 5 T. should be 71.5 grams so I don’t know if my scale was off. Weighing some other things with definite known weights were accurate. And there was no way I could put all the batter in just nine muffins papers; I needed ten. That said they turned out to be lovely! For certain use the sugar topping; it’s not gilding the lily at all. I took Deb’s advice about splitting them and running them under the broiler to get toasty and warm, with a little of butter. Yum!

    1. deb

      1/2 cup or 8 tablespoons of butter is always 4 ounces or 115 grams, so 5 tablespoons is indeed 71.5 grams. I always round to the nearest 5 here, just like we did in math class. Scales are very often off. I find I get about a year out of mine before they get wobbly and inconsistent.

      1. Stacey

        Maybe I can save you from having to buy a kitchen scale annually! I finally figured out that the reason that kitchen scales like mine get inaccurate is all about the feet. The feet on mine are part of the mechanism — you can confirm this by pressing them while your scale’s display is on. The feet stick out, so if I’m not careful, the feet get whacked on things as I take it out and put it away. Once that happens, the scale’s no longer accurate. So in case that’s the story with yours too, just baby the scale (particularly its feet!) and it won’t get out of whack so quickly.

  47. Colleen

    Thank you for the fabulous recipe! My husband is in a new job and wanted to bring his team a treat to help with a whole day of sitting in a training session. I got up early and made these fresh, and tonight his boss emailed him: “Outstanding is not a strong enough word for these blueberry muffins. Crispy top, solid blueberries inside — what more can be said? Please thank your wife for me.” Thanks for contributing to career kudos, Deb!

  48. Helena

    These are absolutely the best blueberry muffins out there, and they adapt perfectly to other fruits and baking vessels. My favourite adaptation is subbing a heaping cup of cranberries and half a cup of chocolate chips for the blueberries, orange zest for the lemon zest, half whole wheat flour, and adding the spice mix from the mulled cranberry bars the smitten kitchen cookbook. I bake it in a 9×5 loaf pan because I’m lazy, with two tablespoons turbinado sugar on top, and it’s amazing. Cranberries are my favourite baking fruit, and this recipe is my favourite recipe, so it’s a match made in heaven!

  49. These are, without a doubt, the best blueberry muffins on the planet! Thank you so much!

    The recipe also makes the best apple cinnamon muffins ever, too. Substitute 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg for the lemon zest. Finely diced apple ( I used a big Gala) subs for the blueberry. Perfect muffins, just sweet enough and not cupcake sweet like most muffin recipes.
    Again, let me say thanks! You ROCK!

  50. Made a half batch of these this morning. Took less than ten minutes to make and dirtied very few dishes (highly recommend a scale to minimize measuring cups). The only math that was a bit tricky was the half egg – I cracked and weighed the egg, then beat it and put half by weight into a tupperware and will add to my eggs this weekend. Probably could have put the whole thing in but didn’t want to chance it. These are great. Also, I made my muffins on the smaller size – about 50 grams per and a half batch yielded 8 perfect ones.

  51. Phillip White

    If by any chance you happen to be making these the start of your third month in isolation, and for some reason you’re a little frazzled (and maybe your infant is screaming for some unknown reason.. still) and so you manage to completely forget the yogurt, these are still pretty great. Just so you know.

  52. Diane K

    It turns out that if you sub half the sour cream with ricotta (because that’s what you have), forget the egg (that’s sitting on the counter right next to the one bowl), and have to re-start the oven after 20 minutes or so because it mysteriously turned off after you put them in, these will still come out delicious. They don’t rise as much and are loose and crumby, but still crispy and delicious.

    I might need a vacation.

  53. Susan

    These little gems are, hands down, the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever had. I’ve been cooking and baking for 50 years and these muffins check all the boxes. The turbinado sugar topping puts them over the top! The not-so-sweet batter perfectly complements the sugary, crunchy topping. So glad you mentioned the batter is thick. I would have thought I had made a mistake. I used 1 1/2 cups of fresh blueberries, which was perfect.

  54. Kirsten

    I’m new to baking and love your recipe. In your notes, I was a little unclear as to if you no longer melt your butter and why. (and just to be clear, no to sifting, which I tried once or twice).

    Also, I used frozen blueberries and found the mixture to turn purple-ish and the muffin turned out to be just heavy…. maybe it was the ice crystals….maybe it was because my toddler helped make the muffins but I’d be curious as to what a more studied eye at baking would have to say about the outcome.

    1. deb

      I do melt my butter, vs. creaming it. I find it easier with no negative effect on the final muffin. The muffins can seem on the sturdy side at first, but the sheer amount of berries inside should moisturize it as it bakes. Did the berries seem deflated before they went in?

  55. Theresa

    Fantastic made with 190 grams of halved frozen cranberries. Swapped orange zest for lemon, used sour cream and they were delicious.

  56. Jenna

    apologize in advance as my question might be all over the sight as your recipes our favorites?I want to bake treats and send them to friends and family that we can’t see..: and so do you think these would be ok freeze to send overnight or priority? Or would it be better to make the day before and just overnight ? Or do something else entirely? What about chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake? Any other suggestions?

    Thank you

      1. Jenna

        Thank you! Your recipes have gotten us through this with some smiles! My mom loves these muffins when she comes to visit but they maybe delicate for mailing

  57. Piper

    I just made the updated recipe and it baked up nicely in an 8×4 loaf pan–I saw several questions about this so wanted to verify that it works! My only change was to add a streusel topping as I did not have coarse sugar.

  58. Laura

    We made these (as written) 2x a week when my son was 2 and 3 yo (we made them A LOT). They always deliver. He wanted muffins yesterday. We had pumpkin purée on hand and I didn’t want to find another recipe so I used this recipe but swapped out yogurt for pumpkin purée, the blueberries for chocolate chips, and changed the spices to winter spices. They came out perfect and are easy to pull off while holding a new baby and navigating a preschooler because they are essentially a one handed, one bowl recipe.

  59. Hello and Thank you!!!
    The link to the “even more perfect” muffin recipe seems to be broken… it takes me back to the “perfect muffin recipe”

  60. Lucy

    Just here to say that these really are the ideal blueberry muffin. I’ve made them a few times and they’re perfect each time.

  61. Happy Birthday! Yes these are perfect and so easy! My son is coming from Brooklyn next week. I haven’t seen him in 18 months! I will definitely serve him these muffins.
    Congratulations on your videos 🌻🌻

  62. Lindsay

    Deb (or anyone else!), have you tried subbing cornmeal for a bit of the flour? I tend to do that on most fruity breakfast breads/cakes. For example, for your Raspberry Buttermilk Cake I use 1 cup AP flour and 1/4 cup cornmeal (either medium or fine grind). It gives it just a bit of crunch and makes it somehow feel more breakfasty (?). My family loves corn muffins and blueberry muffins and I thought about just adding blueberries to my corn muffins, but after watching your video and listen to you wax poetic over these, they are now very much on my list to try!


  63. Maria Saiz

    This is my go-to recipe for blueberry muffins! So delicious – my husband likes them a lot. It’s one of his favorite baked goods. I add a little bit more blueberry and zest. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  64. Michelle Lancet

    Without fail, our absolute favorite go-to blueberry muffin. We often push the boundaries of how much blueberry we can fit in if we’ve been summer blueberry picking (I get crazy and put in nearly 2 cups) and it is so good! Always fan of a one bowl wonder, too. We never try any other recipe because this one is so perfect!

  65. It took me FOREVER to try and get your recipe for perfect blueberry muffins! At this point I don’t care how good they are
    Your constant pop ups AND your endless comments were do overdone. When you have an option to get the recipe NOW ( like most professional websites for cooking) you should be able to view it immediately
    I will skip any recipe of yours. It does you prefer to TALK more than BAKE

  66. Lindsay

    Patricia, how sad for you. Deb’s writing and her amazing recipes are both delectable treats you’ll be missing out on. And, if you had taken the time to look, you’d have seen that there is a link at the top of every recipe (right under the picture) that says “Jump to Recipe”. ;-)

  67. Nancy

    These blueberry muffins are DELICIOUS! They are fluffy, chock full of blueberries, and that crunchy sugar top… oh my! I made these in a jumbo muffin pan—just about made 6; next time this baby is getting doubled! Thanks, Deb, for a lot of awesome recipes! Now I have to go, ummm, “test” my cooled muffins!

  68. Bess Yates

    I love your video!!
    Just made your pumpkin muffins!
    Sooooooooo goooooood!!!
    Thank you for these recipes and your wonderful sense of humor. ♥️

  69. JC

    These are perfect; as is ! MAKE THEM TODAY !!! The best blueberry muffin recipe ever. I have been making these ( and sharing them w friends ) for years.

  70. Ania

    Hi, thank you for the recipe. I’ve done these with blueberry + walnut, blackberry + almond + now apple (140ish grams + 150g frozen blueberries + ~70g walnuts. They are so quick, yummy + totally perfect!

  71. MJ

    These are my favorite muffins to make! It’s been awhile since I’ve made them, and I forget if mixing them by hand or with the electric mixer is better? Thanks!

  72. Susan Perone

    I’ve made even more perfect blueberry muffins several times. Today, I can’t get to the recipes. The links ( click here for recipe) go to the 2010 version, not the new 2016. 😢

  73. These were absolutely GREAT! Surprisingly, no vanilla used in this recipe, but that allows the blueberry and lemon flavor to shine through! And I loved the crunchy sugar topping. I used plain Greek yogurt which I liked. I think the large amount of blueberries used in this recipe made these muffins extra juicy but great! They are now my favorite!

    Next time I will use the standard size muffin tins AND paper AND only make the 9 muffins as you suggested. I used my non-stick Hoffritz muffin tins (which are slightly more shallow than the standard muffin tin so knew I could make more muffins) and no muffin papers – only spray vegetable oil – because I wanted browned sides. Was able to make 11 muffins. I noticed the blueberry juice baked out over the sides, making it just slightly messy getting out of the pan so the papers would have been helpful. But they still came out easily with using the vegetable spray with the non-stick pans.

  74. Ellen Bridle

    Deb, your links for the ‘Even More Perfect Blueberry Muffins’ recipe takes you to the previous Perfect Blueberry Muffins instead. Can you update the link please?
    (I’d love to try and hope they’re as good as the Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins recipe, the previous GOAT. And I think they were to first to put coarse sugar on rop.)

  75. Jenna

    When I click on the hyperlink it sends me to the perfect blueberry muffin and when I click on the update of perfect blueberry muffin it sends me here so which is the winner?

  76. Sue

    I have made these muffins many, many times, and always get very positive comments from the recipients. I have even replaced the blueberries with chocolate chips for some who don’t like the berries, and they too love them. This is a wonderful recipe that hits all the right notes, and is quick and easy to make. The sugar sprinkled on top gives that perfect crunch. I have, on occasion, for my lemon-loving friends, added a simple lemon glaze on top after they cooled, and for those with more of a sweet tooth, I have added a brown butter glaze. (But still baked with the sugar sprinkled on the top) Thank you for creating and perfecting this versatile and delicious recipe.