mushroom marsala pasta bake

Over the last couple years — a dark time in which I’ve slowly had to accept that my once-tiny baby with fairly simple needs now required real square meals at very specific times of the day, such as dinner, far earlier than we ever do and that he’d likely be looking to me (me!) to provide them or face the hangry consequences — I’ve attempted to increase my repertoire of two things: 1. Dinners that can be made easily in under an hour that I actually want to eat, and 2. Casseroles. No, no, I don’t mean the canned cream of soupiness things. I mean, the idea of taking disparate meal parts and baking them in a big dish until they’re much more than the sum of their ingredients. Plus, they’re dinnertime magic: they reheat well; they make excellent leftovers for as long as you can stretch them; and they rarely require anything more on the side than a green salad (for grownups) or steamed broccoli (for people who haven’t yet come around to salad). Long Live The Casserole Rethought With Minimally Processed Ingredients! is hardly a sexy catchphrase, but there you have it: my new battle cry.

what you'll need

In the first category, Alex’s Chicken and Mushroom Marsala from 2008 in the archives became a favorite again in 2013 when I began making it much more quickly with thigh cutlets. Within the second, I’ve been trying as best as I can to reimagine baked pastas into dishes that are less of a cheese-valanche and more of an insanely good flavor assault with a sizable portion of vegetables within. (See also: Baked Orzo with Eggplant and Mozzarella and our previous house favorite, Baked Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage).

brown the mushroomsadd the onionsadd butter, then floursimmering until thickened

On Sunday, these two dishes collided deliciously as I attempted to take my favorite part of chicken marsala, that incredibly rich, intensely flavored mushroom sauce, and tangle it with al dente noodles, mozzarella and a crunchy parmesan lid to make a baked pasta that became instantly our new favorite. Seriously, if you come over for dinner this winter, prepare to be served this. This couldn’t be further from the jarred red sauce, grainy ricotta, overcooked-to-collapse ziti most of us associate with baked pasta and it’s not sorry at all.

add pasta to saucy mushrooms
mixed before baking
mushroom marsala pasta bake
mushroom marsala pasta bake

Casserole-type dishes, previously: Green Bean Casserole with Crispy Onions, Broccoli, Cheddar and Wild Rice Casserole, Baked Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms, Spinach and Cheese Strata, Baked Orzo with Eggplant and Mozzarella, Baked Rigatoni with Tiny Meatballs and Baked Pasta with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage. Plus, one of my favorites from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is a Wild Rice Gratin with Kale, Caramelized Onions and Baby Swiss. [New! Smitten Kitchen Casserole Category]

Unrelated: Out of curiosity, as ’tis the season and all, how long does it take you between “thinking you might be getting sick” and “admitting that you are really, actually sick?” I mean, I guess we all should all know from life thus far that the key to returning to the Land of the Fully Functioning and Unmiserable is to make this gap is as narrow as possible, so you can get on with the bone broth/day sleeping/Good Wife bender portion of your illness and hasten recovery along, but we rarely do it, right? Because it might sort out on its own? But for the first time ever, I narrowed this gap to a mere 36 hours this weekend and when a doctor told me Saturday afternoon that I had not, say, swallowed razor blades but caught strep throat (again, seriously), I actually wanted to high-five myself because as completely terrible as it feels, it’s curable. Antbiotics fix it. And, lo, by Sunday afternoon I was not only high-functioning enough to decide out of the blue to Old English all of our furniture (my husband thinks they may have accidentally laced my meds with Domesticity), I was hungry and eager to cook again. This, specifically. Pasta: A friend to achy throats, hurrah.

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Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake

Prep time: 30 minutes, tops
Cook time: 30 minutes, tops
Servings: 4 really generous or 6 slightly more moderate ones
To serve a crowd: Double it in a 9×13-inch or lasagna pan

1/2 pound (8 ounces or 225 grams) pasta of you choice, such as a ziti or twisty shape
1 tablespoon (15 ml) olive oil
3/4 pounds (340 grams) fresh mushroom, sliced (I used pre-sliced cremini, my new favorite thing)
1 small-to-medium yellow onion, halved and sliced thin
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1/4 cup (60 ml) dry marsala wine (see notes at end for more information)
3 tablespoons (45 grams) unsalted butter
3 tablespoons (25 grams) all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups (355 ml) stock or broth (chicken, vegetable or mushroom)
1/2 cup (50 grams) finely grated parmesan cheese
4 ounces (115 grams) mozzarella, cut into small cubes
3 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

A tip: If we play our cards right here, this can be made entirely in one dish. I used a 4-quart Staub braiser (Happy Hanukah to me!) but any 3-to-4 quart stovetop-to-oven type dish will work.

Cook the pasta: Bring a pot of well-salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook until al dente, about 1 to 2 minutes before perfect doneness. Drain and set aside.

Heat oven: To 400 degrees.

Make the sauce: Reheat your empty pasta pot over high heat. Add oil and once it is hot, add mushrooms and cook until they’ve begun to brown and glisten, but have not yet released their liquid. Reduce heat to medium-high, add onions, salt and pepper and saute together until the liquid the mushrooms give off is evaporated. Add Marsala and cook mixture, stirring, until it has almost or fully evaporated (depending on your preference). Add butter, stir until melted. Add flour, and stir until all has been dampened and absorbed. Add stock, a very small splash at a time, stirring the whole time with a spoon. Make sure each splash has been fully mixed into the butter/flour/mushroom mixture, scraping from the bottom of the pan and all around, before adding the next splash. Repeat until all stock has been added. Let mixture simmer together for 2 minutes, stirring frequently; the sauce will thicken. Remove pan from heat.

Assemble and bake dish: If you’re cooking in an ovensafe dish, add cooked pasta and stir until combined. (If you’re not cooking in an ovensafe dish, transfer this mixture to a 2-quart baking dish.) Stir in half the parmesan, all of the mozzarella and two tablespoons of the parsley until evenly mixed. Sprinkle the top with remaining parmesan. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until edges of pasta are golden brown and irresistible. Sprinkle with reserved parsley and serve hot. Reheat as needed.

A bunch of notes:

  • Why marsala? Because it’s the Pantone Color of the Year 2015! More seriously, Marsala is a fortified wine from Sicily with a deep, complex flavor. It comes in dry and sweet versions; for savory dishes, use the dry. (For zabaglione, use the sweet. And invite me over.) It shares some commonalities with Sherry and Madeira, which aren’t exactly substitutes, but would also taste good here. You can buy dry Marsala it at wine shops inexpensively. I find that mine keeps open in the fridge for a year, but I have a feeling wine experts are grimacing. Seriously, though, ours still tastes for cooking great very long after it’s been opened and that’s all I need to know.
  • We don’t consume or cook with alcohol: Here’s what I’m not going to say, “But the alcohol cooks off!” as most recipes will tell you because it, yes, it largely/mostly does, but not completely. Since I’m cooking for a mixed-age family, I cook mine down to nonexistence (I’m after the flavor, not a nap, though naps = swoon, you know?) but I know that many people will not want to use it at all. And you don’t have to. This dish will still be incredibly delicious without it. If you’re looking to try something clever/delicious in a different way, you might rehydrate a few dried porcinis in 1/4 cup boiling water. Remove them, chop them find and add them to the other mushrooms for a louder mushroom flavor. Then, strain the porcini soaking liquid to remove any sand/grit, add 1 teaspoon sherry or red wine vinegar and use this instead of the Marsala for a little extra flavor oomph.
  • If it weren’t me making this: You might add some diced cooked chicken to the final baking portion. I personally am incredibly put off by chicken in pasta dishes, but seriously this is no time to start opening the terrifying large can of Implausible Things Deb Doesn’t Like.

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553 comments on mushroom marsala pasta bake

    1. Valerie File

      There is actually a marsala cooking wine which is very easy to find in the grocery store if you don’t have time to go to a wine store.

      1. J. Daniel Sharp

        TJ’s usually has Marsala on the shelf as well as “fino” Sherry. Marsala is more interesting in a dish like this, but sherry works pretty nicely.

  1. This looks delicious!

    Also, thanks for including the tip about adding chicken (I was going to ask!) and avoiding alcohol if necessary (I hadn’t even thought to ask, but I should have!)!

  2. This dish encompasses so many of my favorite things, and looks like the absolute comfort food perfect for this horrible dreary, weather. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! My boyfriend is at home with a fever and I’m praying I don’t get it! He gets better in a day where I take two – three weeks to feel better! Ugh is it spring yet?

      1. Kim+Nitchkey

        And now it’s Covid 2020! Hope everyone is well :) This looks perfect for post-election, 2nd wave hunkering down whilst dreaming of visiting my daughter across The Pond. And a Manhattan. A Perfect Manhattan. Deb taught me that.

        1. Lissa

          This was my election-night comfort food dish – so tasty! I’m going back to make it again tonight, more comfort food needed for our Covid-winter! Thank goodness for baked pasta with mushrooms and cheese.

  3. I love this this! My SIL just had a baby, so excited. Will be making this scrumptious mushroom marsala pasta bake for her. Will double the batch so we can eat too!! Nothing beats a good re-heat meal for the next day. It’s the difference between another PB&J sandwich and this awesome pasta bake.

  4. Aron W

    Oops I just saw your suggested alternatives about Sherry, Madeira, or mushroom redux. Thanks Deb. (Think I’ll go with the mushrooms and maybe a dry white wine for the liquid). Do you think bacon would be appropriate here?)

  5. I just ended a course of antibiotics. I suspect I caught something on a plane between Boston/NYC and London. My toddler gave the first frightening cough on Friday morning, and I was down for the count by Sunday. I knew I was ill, but it wasn’t until Wednesday when I was basically carried into my MD’s office that I found out I had a 102.8 temp and was put on antibiotics. I did not have an urge to clean anything once I was finally feeling better, though. That I’ve never heard of before.

    The steamed broccoli thing is going to last a few years, huh? She does like mushrooms, so this could very well work. Your little one doesn’t like cheese, though, right? He’s OK with this much?

  6. Hi Deb! I just finished writing a story yesterday for the publication Remedy Quarterly in which I talk about how “Alex’s Chicken and Mushroom Marsala” forever changed the way I feel about mushrooms (aka how I love them now). I find it so crazy that you published a (new) mushroom marsala post today. Can’t wait to make it!

  7. Steph

    It takes about two days for me to recognize I’m sick. Up until that point, I just always think it’s a bad allergy attack. You know, one that has me exhausted to the point of falling over, a throat full of razor blades, and nose like Niagara Falls.

    If I were attempting to make this somewhat gluten-free-ish (and providing I can find a decent ziti-like GF pasta), would you say arrowroot/cornstarch/tapioca flour could be used in place of the AP flour? It doesn’t look like you’re browning it, just using it for thickening, so I’m guessing it would not impact the flavor much.

  8. Erin

    This is probably a bad question- but what would happen if you subbed white wine? I have a giant bottle of white wine, open, in the fridge, that I’m not drinking. I’ve been trying to cook with it as fast as possible!

  9. JP

    Part of the problem, I think, is that a lot of us find it very hard to admit we are sick…maybe if we ignore it, somehow, we won’t be sick. This just does not work. If you are sick, face the fact quickly, and get in to the doctor. Speaking of that, you are likely going to see in these comments that some people refuse to go to the doctor or think antibiotics are evil, etc. Ignore these comments! Think of the hundreds of years the medical field has put into making meds that actually work and they do! We are so lucky to live in a time like this. Prescription medicine is obviously not for everything (common cold, etc.) but sometimes it is still a miracle. Glad you are feeling better. Your recipe sounds delicious and I agree with #8 and think bacon would be a great addition. Now stay healthy! :)

  10. Alyse

    Did you use fresh mozzarella or just standard? I find that fresh tends to be too watery for a baked dish like this, but I could be 100 percent wrong.

  11. nicole

    If you married a man who is pretty close to perfect, except that he refuses to believe a meal is complete without a meat, could this casserole easily include a chicken or sausage or something without changing anything?

  12. Liz

    Yummy! How do you think it would fare in the freezer, prior to baking? Having a stocked freezer of meals ready to bake at a moments notice is my special kind of happiness.

    Also – one of my absolute favorite casseroles is Pamela Anderson’s Chicken Potpie with Green Apples and Cheddar Biscuits. So beloved in our household it has earned the nickname of “Hug in a Mug” (because the leftovers are best eaten warmed in a giant coffee mug, it’s a fact). A little more effort to prepare, but so very worth it!

  13. Mary K.

    1. With you on the chicken and pasta never together (and I don’t think it’s implausible — didn’t Marcella Hazan agree?). Only exception I make is for chicken parm at old-school checked-tablecloth joints.
    2. While you’re on a baked-pasta kick, have you ever considered a winter squash baked ziti? I have a vision of ziti folded into roasted, mashed butternut or kabocha squash instead of red sauce, maybe with some bechamel and a little cheese. I’ve tried a couple times and keep ending up with something that’s either dry or one-note.

  14. This looks delicious! I’ve also been trying to embrace casseroles more lately for all of the reasons that you listed.

    I hope you’re not getting sick! Sending best wishes your way and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  15. Jen

    Looks fantastic. Now, can you try and tackle Chicken Divan without any canned soups? Pretty please? I have a lingering love for the dish from childhood, but won’t make it with cream-of-whatever, and have been wholly unsatisfied by the soupless recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. You could add it to your casserole repertoire, leaving more time for Old English-ing things. :)

  16. Catrina

    Well, I know what I’m making for dinner. Mushrooms are my go-to for meatless dishes (and I too am completely put off by chicken in pasta, especially bakes).

  17. WendyM

    Thank you for this! I did not grow up eating casserole so not my type of go-to dish…but this! I will make!I love that I can make this for my son who is strangely allergic to a lot of things most meats, thus I can leave it meat-free or add a meat he can have. I love the minimal ingredients. And I love your “cheese-valanche” terminology. Thanks for the quick meal!

  18. Barbara D

    Deb, you always seem to be reading my mind. I look forward to more Casseroles Rethought With Minimally Processed Ingredients. Thank you for helping me with the 1.5 lbs of mushrooms left over from last week that didn’t make it into your chicken pot pie recipes due to flu. Now, to the kitchen…

  19. I love that this doesn’t have cream of anything or an avalanche of dairy (not that I don’t love those casseroles. I mean, I am Southern). Definitely need to check this one out.
    I started feeling possibly sick Friday early afternoon, but refused to admit it until I woke up around 2 am Saturday morning shivering from a raging fever. So I’d say…12 hours. Oof.

  20. I’m new to this wonderful land of culinary craftsmanship, and I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed, Deb, the creative spirit in your writing and love for food. I look forward to using many recipes from your vast collection here (most immediately this one.) Thanks!

  21. Kimberly

    I can’t have enough dishes like this. On Sunday afternoon, I try my best to prep as many meals in advance for the week that I can. Your other casserole (the sausage and béchamel) is in the rotation about once per month in the winter. I maintain: there are few things in the world better then the feeling of coming home from work + traffic + slushy winter weather to dinner already made. Thank you!

  22. Aarthi

    This is on the menu for this week! I made the cauliflower pasta from David Tannis and while it was delicious without the sauce it was a little dry. This seems more up my alley with the proportion of pasta to mushrooms. What do you think of a little capers thrown in? Love what they do to mushrooms(thinking of your broiled mushrooms recipe which I make so often, I know it by heart).

  23. Aunt Vixen

    Suppose a person is allergic to mushrooms? I realize the answer might be “then marsala is not the dish for you,” because it’s not marsala without – well, without marsala wine, but also without mushrooms? The same way you’re free to make your salad without olives but then you should call it something other than nicoise?

    Anyway. If you can’t eat mushrooms, but think a lovely pasta bake sounds lovely, what might you put in there instead? I thought of chicken before you said chicken, but I also thought of beef, just to make it really casserole-y. Hmm.

  24. Because I’m such a sheep, can you tell me the size of your Staub braiser: 12″ or 14″?
    I am guessing 12″ based on capacity.

    Also, thank you, thank you, thank you for embracing but remaking the casserole, the timeless friend of busy mums everywhere. I look forward to future amazing recipes like this.

  25. Lisa

    On your unrelated note, I tried to go on a ski mountaineering weekend trip with conjunctivitis (pink eye) on Saturday, because when I woke up at 2 am with a swollen eye, i thought, maybe its not so bad, and left anyway at 6 am for my trip. Lets just say 24 hours later, I was whimpering and taking the train back home and cutting my trip short, and cursing my idiocy for having attempted to go skiing with one functioning eye. When I got home, i stir-fried peppers and eggplant and left over poached chicken with soy sauce, sweet vinegar, chili oil, and garlic, mixed it all with some noodles, and had a very comforting lunch, until i ate a very spicy dried chili that I was too blind to see. and took a break from the food to suck on ice cubes for 5 minutes. Excited about the recipe too :)

  26. IMS

    Hi Deb,
    Do you think this will freeze well. Hubs & I are always looking for new & delicious recipes to freeze for dinner at a later date. Thank you & I can’t wait to make this dish. :)

  27. Susan

    Casseroles, I wondered when you’d see the light! It takes a kid and a busy schedule to make you seek it out! (except me as a kid, I couldn’t fathom eating food that was touching other food!)

    I love chicken marsala and Alex’s is superb. I have found that I prefer the sweet marsala over the dry as it’s not really sweet, but smoother flavored and less alcohol-ie in flavor. Paired with savory or more salty things, it seems to calm it down some…sort of like using chicken broth or stock in a sauced beef entrée or onion soup. But that’s me!

    Under 30 minutes is where Rachael Ray comes in. People can say what they want about her, but her recipes really are varied, faster, easy and mostly, good. She uses the least offensive prepared foods where fresh is hard to get (canned tomatoes and the like) but more fresh than prepared. ….And, there is plenty of room for tweaking, which she encourages! I know you, Deb, (well, from here only), but you are the master tweaker (uh, not to be confused with…) When I had a kid-house and a job, she was my dinner time gal!

  28. Kat

    I love your recipes! Too bad this would have to be for just me … hubby doesn’t like parmesan and the kids don’t like mushrooms. Pffft! But I can *imagine* the taste and enjoy it that way, lol!

  29. Aimee

    Oh-em-gee… The Good Wife. I was ignorant of The Good Wife until early October. Since discovering it I have been on quite the bender. I’m now three episodes into season 6 and more than a little ashamed of how many episodes I can squish into a week. Not ashamed enough to slow down, however.

    This recipe sounds fantastic. Alex’s chicken marsala is a standard winter dinner in our home. I’d also love to try out a riff on it by substituting the marsala for white wine and whole grain mustard, and adding a splash of cream, and perhaps cooking the mushrooms with some fennel seeds and red pepper.

  30. rootlesscosmo

    If there’s an importer of Iberian food specialties near you (like Berkeley CA’s Spanish Table) you might be able to find a dessert wine called Moscatel de Setubal. It’s very reasonably proced–like $11 or so for a bottle that will last you a year or more–and it makes really delicious Zabaglione.

  31. Shan

    I do a similar dish – only difference really is I add garlic and a bit of thyme. I can vouche for its delectiosity.

    2 side notes: 1) I am pissed that your kid eats mushrooms. Or I am in awe. I am on medication and seem to get emotionally confused when meds meet starvation. 2) I hate to break it to you, but sudden polishing with the so olde it’s sticky Olde English may mean you are wanting another big-curled-leg-hugger. But maybe that’s just me.

  32. deb

    To freeze — I’d expect this to freeze well, however, I might even freeze it unbaked. The sauce and pasta are cooked, after all. Might as well just assemble, freeze and bake together once defrosted.

    If you’re allergic to mushrooms or just don’t like them — Theoretically, this sauce could work with other ingredients. Maybe cauliflower, asparagus (though don’t overcook it), green beans, peppers, hm… whatever you like with a hearty faintly wine-y background.

    Anne — Hear, hear!

    Sylvie — That’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Alyse — Standard, dry-packed, almost always. Fresh is best for raw, salads, sandwiches, etc. in my opinion. I definitely think expense can be saved when you want it to bake up stretchy. (And not wet.)

    Erin — White or even red wine would be great here. You could probably use a little more, maybe an extra splash, so the flavor comes through more.

    Mary K. — Yes, well, kind of. There’s something I’ve been fiddling with for the next cookbook in this regard, which I hate saying as it’s such a tease (because the book will never be done or come out on time, sorry) but yes? I agree it would be a great dish?

    Margaret — Just measured and it’s 11.25″ diameter. Also, I mislead. I forgot that I switched to a 12-inch/2-quart oval baking dish to bake this up, but that was purely so I didn’t have to photograph a half-full dish. If no photographs would have been involved, I would have fully one-potted it. And thank you.

    Susan — Oh, I’m totally with you on Rachel Ray. For me, a lot of her recipes are a little to meat-potatoes-cheesy for my tastes, but they’re fairly reliable and I don’t know why anyone would clutch their pearls over canned tomatoes. Got bigger fish to fry!

  33. Jill

    Such a fab recipe! I’m doing it exactly your way first. Then I may tweak it. I love cooking it up as you do, then tweaking the next time if needed. Usually don’t need to tweak your recipes tho.
    Wait a minute! No chicken and pasta casserole for you, Deb?! No alfredo?!! Omgosh. Have to have my Alfredo.

  34. Lynne

    What about a red vermouth, in place of Marsala? I have some Martini & Rossi vermouth here (for Manhattans!) but that’s the extent of my red anything :(

  35. heather

    Just bought mushrooms and mozzarella the rest I had in the pantry. Love love marsala! I’m tossing in some shallots and 2 chopped slices of bacon because I have them. Horay for no cream of chemical soup casseroles!!!!!

  36. jan dash

    Thank you for this recipe. I have recently had to make casseroles and freeze them for a friend who is undergoing chemo therapy and does not have the energy to cook for her large family. I have cooked for my own family for 40 years but I had never made casseroles before and had no experience of freezing foods already put together. Freezing doesn´t improve anything’ so I was never motivated to do it before. The cookbooks I consulted were on the level of take a can of this and add a can of that. So I am just thrilled to get this recipe I will definitely be making and freezing it…
    I have developed quite a file of my own inventions now however any future Smitten Kitchen ideas will also be welcomed

  37. Mellybrown

    Our kids are 7, 5, 2 and 6 months and my husband still doesn’t understand why we eat dinner at 5:30. IT IS FOR THE CHILDREN! I had to convert to casseroles too, because if it doesn’t get made (or seriously prepped) during nap time, a real dinner just isn’t happening. I use Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce as the base for a lot of them and mix up the extras — tonight it’s cauliflower + chicken and some parm to round it out.

  38. You’re reading my mind. I’ve been becoming a huge fan of the reinvented casserole…SO great and so easy. I made your sausage and broccolini one this weekend again and it was so so good and gone too soon…definitely trying this soon!

    p.s. I agree. chicken in pasta is just…euurgh.

  39. Jane M

    Pity Party Time. No carbs allowed – living with a Type 1. I eat the same so the hubs doesn’t feel left out. But man-o-man could I go for a vat -OOPS I mean plate of this casserole. Que the violins now!

  40. Jenn

    I was all set to make your very fabulous mushrooms bourginon tonight, when you posted this. Since I had all the necessary fixings, I made it instead. And holy mother of Pete, I’m so very glad I did! One pot wonder indeed! The only change I made was that I used smoked mozzarella, because it’s what I had, and it was divine. I will be happily foisting this off on everyone who comes for dinner for the remainder of the winter, and beyond! Fabulous!

  41. StephieDooDah

    Ahhh!! I just LOVE Smitten Kitchen! Couldn’t decide what to fix and voilà, you came to my rescue! :) Nothing like coming across a delectable recipe and discovering you have all the ingredients! Wish it was already in the oven!!

  42. pattyk

    This looks delicious! My take on freezing casseroles is to leave the pasta out and freeze. The pasta cooks up fresh in minutes, add it along with the cheeses and bake.

    It is still very quick and the texture is much improved. Thanks Deb.

  43. Joanne

    I have done this for years, but instead of cheese i use (really good quality spanish) tuna, and sometimes some chopped hard boiled eggs. ANd toasted breadcrumbs on top. Always a winner.

  44. Lynn

    Made this for dinner tonight because we were thinking pasta anyway – It was incredible! This will be a regular in the repertoire. Thank you!

  45. Susan B.

    “I personally am incredibly put off by chicken in pasta dishes.” Thank you, Deb. Finally, someone who agrees with me! What is it with chicken and pasta?!? And, here in MA, chicken on pizza?!? I’m with you – I just don’t think they belong together. Chicken broccoli alfredo? No thank you. Just add extra broccoli to mine, preferably roasted, please.

    This recipe sounds great and I have it on my list for later this week.

  46. Jen

    This looks delicious! My mom used to make Turkey Marsala a lot when I was growing up, which was all well and good…until one night she made zabaglione for dessert. My brother and I took one bite and screamed, “This tastes like turkey! We’re not eating the turkey dessert!” Of course, it tasted not of turkey, but of Marsala–but the distinction was lost on us, and I still reserve Marsala for savory dishes. :)

  47. Thomas Sauer

    Probably the fastest one of your dishes has made it from being published to becoming one of our favorites. Made it tonight because we had everything in house. Absolutely delicious. The four-year-old, who at first turned up her nose because she was expecting a red sauce on “pasta night”, asked for seconds. And everyone should just trust you, this recipe does not need chicken added. It was so full of flavor. Can’t wait to make it again.

  48. Anne Talley

    Long Live The Casserole Rethought With Minimally Processed Ingredients! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

    And I’m with you on the chicken with pasta thing. Ew. Chicken with rice, however…

  49. This looks and sounds delicious! I share your preference for pasta dishes which are just as much about the vegetables as the pasta and cheese.

    Regarding the marsala, would it be terrible to use a sweet one? I recently bought a bottle for a dessert recipe, and going by the description on the bottle, it’s sweet. As someone who doesn’t know much about liquor, I didn’t even realise that there were sweet and dry varieties. Or, would a dry white wine be better in this case?

    As for your unrelated question, it took me about 5 hours this time. I woke up at 3 am on New Years Day with an uncomfortable feeling in my throat which could have passed as just a dry throat, but which I had an inkling might be something more. That suspicion was confirmed when I woke up in the morning. And it’s summer here, proving that a cold is unfortunately not confined to any particular season. I always forget how terrible it feels to be sick until I’m actually sick. I hope you get better soon, Deb!

  50. Nancy

    Made this for dinner tonight – delicious, perfect on this rainy night. I would definitely advise using cremini rather than button mushrooms, adding a bit more marsala and going with a light-tasting broth. Casserole was delicious but the marsala got a little lost in the roux with the less fragrant button mushrooms!

  51. Elyse

    Yum! Made something similar New Year’s Eve but with a cauliflower “Alfredo” sauce that both the grown ups and toddler set liked! And then I got strep. Ugh. That was not fun with a new baby.

  52. Cassie

    I made this for dinner tonight and added cooked spicy pork sausage on half for the guy of the household (it’s not dinner without meat). It was even more perfect than you described!

  53. Tyler

    I made this tonight and it was delicious. Hardy comfort food for a chilly winter night. I substituted with the red wine I have on hand (a cabernet) and it was great. Thanks for this recipe!

  54. Deb, this was a perfectly delectable meal tonight! I loved that I had almost all the ingredients in the pantry or fridge and appreciated how quickly this dinner came together. This was a perfect start for weeknight meal planning! Fed, filed and ready to tackle bath time with the kiddo!

  55. Jenna B.

    I made this tonight, and it was delicious and filling paired with a green salad. One slight adjusment I’ll make next time (and there will be a next time) would be to decrease the broth by a quarter cup or so. Even though I simmered the sauce for a full five minutes, our final dish was nicely browned and bubbly when I pulled it from the oven, but still slightly more moist than I anticipated.

  56. Jenn

    I’ve made Alex’s Chicken Marsala many times but never with Marsala–I think sherry, vermouth and lots of different types of wines. All yummy.

  57. Anne

    I made this for dinner and we absolutely loved it. My only comment is that when doubled, it took way longer than 30 minutes to prep. It took 20 minutes just for my mushroom liquid to evaporate! It also would have gone faster had I not tried to keep it to one pot. I should have started cooking the mushrooms while I was boiling the water/cooking the pasta rather than waiting. Lesson learned! We will definitely make this again.

  58. Brurya

    This looks amazing!! Will have to make it soon.
    As for the strep thing, last year I got strep six times (!!!!) before a doctor suggested I get cultures done for my kids and husband. Low and behold, three out of four were carrying it and getting me sick (even my mother in law tested positive). So if you have a strep tendency I’d suggest getting the whole family tested…

  59. Dahlink

    As soon as either one of us even suspects we are getting sick we use the Neti pot. More often than not, we feel a whole lot better the next day.

    We haven’t had strep since the kids grew up and moved out, but it used to be a frequent visitor to this house. Glad you are feeling better, Deb!

  60. Schatzalini

    Can we talk about Florio marsala and how it is basically the only acceptable marsala in the universe? BECAUSE THAT IS A FACT. It isnt easy to get down here south of the Mason Dixon, and I load up on it when I travel home to NY… The sweet is actually better, not too sweet and very marsala-y and my #1 preference, Ill take the dry if its my only option. Madeira, Sherry, Vermouth… fine, they will kinda ACT like marsala but they are not even close. I use Florio in as many things as I can– it’s actually amazing in red sauces (surprised myself with that one!) And I make a mushroom and sausage tomato sauce that goes to 11 with the addition of Florio. #FlorioForLife

  61. Looks awesome! I believe I’ll try it! Sorry you have been sick – continue with getting well. I say, anything with mushrooms is good with me. :) Thanks for sharing!

  62. Robyn

    Mmmm! This recipes looks wonderful. And I love cooking with wine! I will be making this dish and I already know it is going to be fabulous!!!!

  63. BlessedMama in NC

    Thank God – a voice of reason and taste! Chicken + Pasta do NOT belong together!!! (neither does chicken + tomato sauce or fish + cheese). Not all food items were meant to be combined and, for the love of Pete, let’s try to stop forcing them together!

  64. Margy

    Your introduction has somehow made clear to me that those of us (am I the only one?) who live alone must feed our INNER tantrum-ready, food-as-love-and-just-food-needy child (not that adorable Master Perelman has tantrums, but I do) who is all the more impatient because after all it’s only us, it doesn’t have to be fancy, why isn’t it here? But it should taste good! and reheat so that it’s ready when we are the next night (and later – and I usually skip the reheating part.) So thank you for us too.

  65. SNP

    I made this last night and it was easy, warm, comforting and delicious! I added garlic to the mushroom/onion mixture and I think it could have benefited from some thyme or another fresh herb, but it was SO good! This was my first time cooking with marsala wine – the wine shop next door only had a cheap bottle of Cribari so I was nervous using it, but it definitely didn’t harm the dish. I boiled the pasta in one pot and made the mushroom/onion mixture in my le creuset which I also used to bake everything in. Not too many dishes. Big hit for me and my pasta loving husband and will be added into the rotation for the rest of winter. Gotta try Alex’s Chicken Marsala that everyone is raving about next!

  66. Reg

    OMG…made this last night for dinner. Even with plain old cooking sherry, it was d-i-v-i-n-e! Our new favorite comfort food. Thanks for sharing!!

  67. Laura P.

    I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I sometimes eat frozen meals for lunch at work–one of the “healthy” brands. Over the years, I’ve stopped doing this as much because most of them just start tasting like punishment to me after a while. One of the very few I actually still really like is a portobello marsala pasta meal. You can imagine, then, how happy I am to see this lovely recipe for a homemade version! It looks delicious! I think that given the strong flavors of mushrooms and marsala, it would stand up well to whole wheat pasta instead of regular. Yum.

  68. Christina

    RE Unrelated:
    For a terribly sore throat such as you describe, your acupuncturist can bleed one tiny drop from LU-11 ( and usually relieve it, mostly or wholly, almost instantly! I know that seems far-fetched, but in my experience, it is usually true. And you can do it yourself if you buy lancets (it’s easier if you have a lancing device.) You can use the point on the same side as the worst of the sore throat, or in an abundance of caution (or desperation) do both sides.

    There are many other protocols (needles and cupping and more) that can relieve many other terribly uncomfortable symptoms and vastly shorten the duration of such an acute as you and your commenters describe. Acupuncture and herbs have the advantage of working on bacterial and viral invasions both, whereas antibiotics work only on bacteria.

    If you keep some form of immune boosting herbal tincture around, you can take it at the first exposure to someone you know to be ill, or at the first hint of a suspicion that you might be beginning to get sick… (the perfect time to take that kind of formula) and give the whole thing a miss! Also if you take that same tincture the day before you fly and the day of the flight, you will probably not get sick from that very dry pressurized tin-can environment either.

    Some formulas work better than others for each individual. I like Cold Snap, Zand’s Insure Immune Support and HerbPharm’s Echinacea/Goldenseal, but there are many other good brands and formulations. Just experiment until you find the one that works best for you, or ask your herbalist or acupuncturist.

    This has been a Public Service Announcement from your friendly local Licensed Acupuncturist :)))

  69. stephanie

    deeeeebbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. deb!

    i love this series idea. and i love this casserole. alas, the boyperson hates mushrooms. it’s terrible. torturous, even. but he’s not terrible, so i must work around it. maybe someday someone will make this casserole for me. in the meantime, i look forward to more of these types of recipes!

    re: getting sick – i am super susceptible to strep too, for some reason. i remember one time when i was a kid i went for a checkup and the doctor told me i had strep throat. i didn’t even have any symptoms yet. ridiculous. normally, i’d say it takes me only a day or two to decide if i’m Really Sick or Just Felt Weird For Some Reason, but this year has been bizarro and i feel like i’ve spent tons of time wondering “what the hell was that?” as a person who gets sick maybe twice a year, to be sick thrice already this season, with symptoms that linger on and on (do i have allergies now? is this some kind of two month ultra mild version of whatever virus is popular?), i’m done! maybe now that it’s consistently freezing it will freeze all the germs away.

  70. Danae Steele

    my favorite in the “quick to make, contains vegetables and protein, and a 6 year old will eat it without complaining” is crustless (my partner has celiac, and this is easier than making lousy gluten free crusts) quiche. 4 eggs, 1 cup milk, a pile of cheese, and whatever sauteed vegetables we have…

  71. Heather Pine

    So I see you’re at the marvelous point in life where: Oh crap! I have to feed this kid food? I’m going to mention a book here, feel free if it’s inappropriate to mention another person’s book to delete me. It’s not my book, but I’ve reccommended it to lots of people who want to do other things besides cook dinner for the family. It’s called Saving Dinner by Leeanne Ely. You spend one day cooking the meals for your family for a month. The food is good (I was surprised at this) and the families all seem to like it. You are then free to go about your life and when asked at 4:30 by a small person: “When’s dinner? What are we having?” You go to the freezer, pull it out (if you forgot in the morning) and spend very few minutes putting it in the oven. Maybe make a salad, veggies are usually included. Thanx Jen for all the times you saved my dinner! Last night for example: mushroom marsala pasta bake was delish

  72. Articul8er

    Looks so YUM, Deb! Can’t wait to try it (tho’ the fungi-phobe in our house will be making her own dinner that night). One thought & one question:
    (a) you do know that mushrooms are said to have anti-viral/immunity-boosting properties, so maybe that’s why you made this?
    (b) when you buy pre-sliced mushrooms, do you wash them?

    Glad you’re feeling better, thanks for all the kitchen fun!

  73. Oh I would make this but hubby is sensitive to mushrooms!But I will be making a version of this for friends tho. Just the other day I created a casserole style dish for hubby, Kale, Potatoes, fettuccini Rice pasta (No cheese, he is Vegan, I used a combo of coconut ,almond milk thickened with rice flour and vegan butter, seasoned with cayenne, cumin, garam masala fresh dill, parsley, basil. I know sounds crazy but trust me it’s wonderous! He loved it and he is not a fan of the casserole. just goes to show anything is possible with the right ingredients and a skilled risk taker! Thanks Deb for the inspiration!

  74. Marcia

    “… this is no time to start opening the terrifying large can of Implausible Things Deb Doesn’t Like.”
    Besides your absolutely fantastic recipes, which have NEVER failed for me (thanks to you!), imagery such as this why your blog is so delightfully enjoyable.
    And just makes me laugh out loud.
    Keep up the great job, Deb, and thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed, fed, and entertained.

  75. deb

    Connie — If it’s not too sweet, it might be fine. I haven’t had or tasted on in years, so I might be remembering them more sweet than they are. A few commenters here have said they don’t mind a sweet Marsala in savory dishes, so…

    Lillyanka — You can use a wine, but I might use a little more because the flavor will more easily get lost.

  76. Mushrooms! Yay! I love mushrooms so much and would put them in everything if I could.
    It takes me a loooong time to admit I’m sick, which is probably part of why I’m home from school and typing this this morning. Womp, womp.

  77. Mary

    this recipe looks amazing, but I’m vegan, so I’ll need to ditch the cheese. Any pointers on what to do without the cheese? How essential would you say it is to holding everything together? I was thinking I could try some winter squash as a loose binder. I imagine the butter is easily replaced via Earth Balance/olive oil.

  78. I know my Midwest is showing, but I flippin’ love casseroles. I’ve started making them more, and since we’re a family of 3 (plus a baby who is content with a single piece of frozen mango at dinner time), I split up a batch into to 8×8 dishes and put on in the freezer. I’ve found that as long as you don’t overcook the pasta to start out with, pasta casseroles freeze and bake pretty nicely. Ok, I officially am a grandma talking about how I love casseroles and freezing leftovers. At least I didn’t say, “hot dish”. :/

  79. Meredith

    Tried this today and it came out beautifully, and so quick! As it is January, and healthy is our watch word, I used red quinoa instead of the pasta and added a chopped-up head of raw broccoli in when I added the onion. Also in the name of health, I used cooking spray instead of olive oil and cut the butter down to 2 tbsp. Oh, and I didn’t have an Marsala handy so I used some Port and the dregs of a bottle of Cabernet. Delicious! Thanks for posting!

  80. Megan

    I made this last night and really enjoyed it. It has a meaty taste without the meat. Added more cheese than called for…why not? :-) Will be making it again and look forward to making this for others, I know it will be a hit.

  81. This looks great. I’m really into Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Fast right now, and he has a great-looking how-to infographic on putting together a casserole without a recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

  82. CarolJ

    I’m in a vacation rental at the moment with no baking dishes provided, so this treat will have to wait until I’m back home. Meanwhile, I’ve also enjoyed reading about the foods that don’t go together…I’m betting I’m not the only Midwesterner who grew up on chicken-noodle hotdish (Hi, @ Christina #124), and as for fish + cheese…tuna melts! As others have said, Deb, your blog is a joy for more than just the (wonderful) recipes.

  83. Barbara D

    Enjoying it right now and it is heaven. (I didn’t have any mozzarella in the house and it is too rainy and miserable here to run out so I substituted about 2 ounces of Trader Joe’s La Fondue (Emmental, Comte and Gruyere Cheeses). Fantastic. Thanks again, Deb. You made a dreary day come alive.

  84. deb

    Betty — Fresh pasta would be delicious here. If you have sheets, you can just cut it into rough shapes. I do recommend par-boiling the pasta, though. I find that baking uncooked fresh pasta leads to mushy baked dishes (such as lasagna). Getting it in boiling water very briefly, enough to get it al dente, stiffens it up so it holds up to sauces when it bakes.

  85. Petunia

    Just made it–loved it! (Finished eating dinner about 5 mins ago) My husband said my pasta was too “al dente” but it didn’t stop him from scarfing it down! This is going into my monthly rotation.

  86. Paula

    I just made this and it is delicious! I only had a half pound mushrooms so used some dry mushrooms and used half mushroom liquid and half chicken stock. I will definate make this again!

  87. Cat

    I tried this last night and my husband declared it “fantastic” and never said anything about the missing meat. A true success!

    I do wonder about browning the mushrooms before adding the onions. I think I waited too long to add the onions because they mostly ended up being boiled in the mushroom liquid.

    And I don’t think twice the marsala would be too much.

  88. Carly

    This was absolutely fantastic! My mushroom-loving boyfriend is making a believer out of me (the texture of mushrooms used to wig me out), and this was as successful as the mushroom bourguignon from your book, but simplified. Perfect end to an insanely cold weekday, thanks for the recipe!

  89. Omar

    I have also been rethinking casseroles lately. Hearty comfort food baked in a dish, usually involving pasta and cheese. What’s not to like? Amen on the “minimally processed” side of things. Ho, ho.

  90. Terri

    Follow up note: Made this tonight as promised above and it received rave reviews from me, my spouse, my cousin and her 7 year old daughter who went back for seconds. I doubled it, made it ahead and put it into a 1.1 litre LeCrueset oval baker, then baked it while I sautee’d broccolini with lemon and garlic. Fabulous umami flavor from the veggie stock combined with the wine and mushrooms. My family voted this an absolute keeper/repeat. I’m so glad I made enough for leftovers! The only change I would make is to slice the crimini mushrooms myself; the pre sliced mushrooms were too big and thick; I had to re slice then both directions. Thank you, Deb!

  91. Shelly

    Wow, great flavour. Cannot imagine NOT using Marsala as I think it really gives it a great depth. I used cremini mushrooms as I like their meatier texture. I like that its not overly cheesy (too many bad memories of overly cheesy, greasy potluck pasta casseroles) yet just cheesy enough. I do think that it could use a stronger flavoured cheese, maybe a good gruyere would be nice in it.

  92. Megan

    This was amazing!! I added half of a sliced red bell pepper because I needed to use it up and sherry since I didn’t have marsala. Already sent the recipe to my sister and dad. Yummy!

  93. Shannon

    I added kale! How 2014. So easy! Soooooo delicious! But I skipped the Parmesan because there is a terrifyingly long list of “Implausible Things Shannon Doesn’t Like” too. Thanks for the recipes and the laughs!

  94. This is amazing. I couldn’t stop obsessing after I saw it til I just made it this evening. It is just what I was craving…..perfect for cold winter days.

    I added lamb sausage with the mushrooms and it was a very nice addition, I must say. I think it would still be pretty awesome without but this made it just so perfect.

  95. Emily DeVoie

    Cooked this last night and it was amazing! The liquor store I went to only had sweet Marsala, which ended up tasting fine.

  96. betsy

    i made this last night and it was so good. i used red wine instead of marsala. i also added garlic and thyme. it was an easy peasy one dish meal:) we had a salad on the side.

  97. Kimberly

    My three year old son already loves the Mushroom Marsala pasta from your post in 2009 (minus artichokes). I have no doubt this will be a dinner mainstay. Long live the re-made casserole.

  98. Karen T.

    I made this for dinner last night and it was a hit! My husband does not eat cheese so I omitted it and was really pleased how flavorful the sauce was without it. Will definitely be making this again!

  99. Tessa

    Oh gosh…. Made this last night and loved it! It has that pasta/creamy sauce/delicious flavor/just the right amount of cheese combination that’s a must in any comfort food! I followed the recipe exactly except I didn’t have flat-leaf parsley so I omitted that.

  100. Richard

    “… Rachel Ray… a little to meat-potatoes-cheesy…”

    Amen to that, Deb. I’ve recently been fiddling around with one frying pan/quick suppers with more of an Asian accent, i.e., chicken, onions, bean sprouts, rice, ginger, snow peas, etc. I am looking forward yours. Thanks.

  101. Ioana

    Just made this and ate a double helping. I feel like I’m going to burst!! So easy and delish! I use whole wheat pasta for everything ever since my kid came along and I think it gave it an extra layer of yummy-ness… If your kid is not a *very* fussy eater, this dish covers all the bases (my kid loves pasta, cheese, mushrooms, not a fan of parsley but didn’t even notice it was in there- probably the first time ever!). I was thinking that I would have left overs and maybe even something to freeze but I think this will always be a one off dish. And happily so!

  102. I thought I’d try this and was buying the ingredients and came to the cheese department and didn’t remember if it called for fresh mozzarella or the other. I bought the fresh and now am wondering if I made the right choice. Maybe this was already addressed but I can’t find it. Thanks for your website, Deb.

  103. My husband made this for dinner tonight. It was wonderful! I’m thinking that next time I’ll have to double it because there’s hardly any left! We also found that it needed a bit more salt, but that’s because we use homemade vegetable broth that doesn’t have much salt. Thank you for another wonderful dish!

  104. you are so lucky your little guy eats mushrooms! maybe it’s just a phase but mine turns his nose up at anything that ISN’T a cheese-valanche. they say to just keep trying but it seems like such a waste when he won’t eat it! anyway, this looks absolutely delicious to me.

  105. Heather

    My comment is almost the same as Samantha B. (#157) except: I cooked it, and it’s all gone. It was delicious! I too used homemade veggie broth and needed to add a bit more salt. I only had shredded mozzarella; it worked fine. Thanks Deb!

  106. Sara

    Made this last night and doubled the recipe; it was a huge hit with my boyfriend (and me, but that’s obvious)! This will definitely be re-made in my household. I didn’t know that I’d been craving a pasta bake until you wrote this up – more, more, more!

  107. Katie

    I made this last night, and it was pretty fabulous. I’m picky about soggy pasta, though–al dente is my maximum. I wish I’d have taken the pasta off closer to 3 minutes shy of al dente, instead of the recommended 1 to 2 minutes.

  108. Oh my gosh, I completely agree on the chicken in pasta thing. Super offputting.

    This looks delicious though, love a baked pasta dish & this seems like a nice change of pace from baked ziti. Looking forward to trying!

  109. Monica

    This was a big hit at dinner last night, thank you!
    Quick question- my mom always told me to never put flour by itself in a sauce to thicken it up, and instead mix it with softened butter. Fearing her wrath, that’s exactly what I did with the butter and flour this recipe called for last night. Turned out delicious but would it have even made a difference if I put flour in by itself like you say or is mixing the flour a wives tale?

  110. Marianna

    This is fantastic!
    My fiance and I made this together last night and I’m reporting back that this is a very forgiving recipe: We didn’t have enough mushrooms (only 8 oz.). We didn’t have the parsley. The mozz we used was old frozen shredded stuff. We used marsala cooking wine and skipped the step of reducing it with the mushrooms–we just added it with the stock. The parm topping looked scant so we topped with panko too. Also we added sausage. We took our pasta out 3 minutes early, and the final texture of the pasta was excellent, in agreement with Katie (165) above. I will be making this over and over again. Thank you, Deb!

  111. Kathryn

    Great recipe! We didn’t have any fresh mushrooms but half a cellar full of porcini & other wild gems that worked perfectly. Would be nice to have at least weights though – I can work in oz or g quite happily but hate having to switch between various websites converting from cups & Fahrenheit….

  112. deb

    Kathryn — Now added! Glad it was a hit.

    Monica — I might not be following because that’s more or less what we’re doing here. You melt the butter on top right into the sauteed vegetables — fairly dry by now, save a small amount of marsala if you didn’t cook it off — and then you add the flour before adding the sauce liquid (stock or broth). It’s not very different from a standard butter-flour roux except we don’t bother removing the vegetables from the pan to make it.

    anna — But he won’t eat CARROT STICKS. Baby carrots were invented for lunchboxes for humans exactly his size, I try to reason. I do not win.

    Anne — I definitely think cognac could be good here.

    Linda — I should clarify, you’re right. I just use the dry-packed stuff, a good brand you like, but no need to get the water-logged type. Those are better fresh, IMHO, caprese salads and sandwiches and the like. For melting purposes, less water is better.

  113. I’m caught by the info that some folk won’t use any liquor at all in their cooking. It made me go look up the facts and boy was I surprised to find out that my long held assumption of all alcohol being cooked off a falacy. It does make me wonder about using vanilla extract and other such things. Ah well, think I’ll still splash the wine in like the Greedy Italians do!

  114. Richard A

    I made this dish today in Panama using all of the stated ingredients in a 8×11 inch glass pan. The flavor is AWESOME. Delicious. The Marsala was an excellent choice.

  115. Alissa

    As soon as I saw this, I knew it was on the menu for this week! It was an absolute hit, particularly with my younger daughter (2) and my husband, who as soon as he started eating informed me, “you definitely need to make this again!”. I added some sweet Italian chicken sausage, and also used some shitakes along with the cremini mushrooms.

    An absolute keeper, thanks Deb!

  116. Made this for dinner tonight. I ate a small serving while waiting for my hubby to come home. Had a second serving when he didn’t come home right away. Ended by shamelessly picking golden parmesan encrusted bites right out of the baking dish and praying he got home before I ate half the pan and had to explain (he did). Three adults ate this for dinner and would have eaten more if more had been available. It’s mac and cheese for grown-ups and it is decadent and DELICIOUS!!!!!!

  117. Erica

    When I put the mushrooms into a 3.5L LeCreuset dutch oven I thought there were way too many. When I added the butter I thought 3T was too much. When I added 3T of flour I thought,”oh no, glop.” When my TJ’s rigatoni seemed unusually thick and took forever to cook- my heart was sinking sinking. But then…when this came out of the oven…OMG. happy happy! This dish is so impressive and came together really quickly. Has anyone asked, Deb, can this be frozen? Thank you!

  118. Made this last night and it turned out great. I added it some shredded rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and ended up using some random red Italian wine instead of Marsala. Will have see if I can track down some Marsala for next time. I am so impressed with all these mushroom loving kids!! I’m afraid my three were not fond of it. But I’ve found that if I keep serving dishes to them that they don’t like they’ll usually come around after after 5-10 times. Ha! This was so easy and quick–I’ll definitely be doing that with this dish.

  119. Debbie

    I love the recipe and made it a priority to make it tonight for supper – very yummy indeed! However, being a NYC gal in The UK, I loved that you included both imperial and metric measurements for the food. When I went to measure the pasta, I think the amount is incorrect since 22g is a handful of pasta! I haven’t had time to look through all of the comments so if someone mentioned this before, then apologies!

  120. Martha

    This was absolutely delicious. I used part cremini and part fresh shiitaki because I love them. I would use less pasta next time – but will soon try with spaghetti squash instead of pasta. I put it together earlier in the afternoon/evening and then baked – it was perfect. Another home run for SK.

  121. Kim

    Weight in grams of the pasta can’t be right…right? (says 8 ounces or 22 grams) Also just saw your clarification in the comments about the mozzarella, I got fresh and we’re making it right now so I hope it still turns out okay!

  122. Matti

    I cringe at chicken chunks in my pasta, too! I’m glad I’m not the only one possessing a large can of Implausible Aversions <3.

  123. WOW! This recipe looks amazing!! I’m looking forward to make it as soon as the wheather cools down a little bit here in Brazil!
    By the way, I wanted to say that I love that you think of us in the opposite hemisphere when adding links to the recipes from 6 months ago! Very thoughtful!!

  124. Washington Cube

    I made this last night with only a few minor changes. I used 1/2 pound baby cremini mushrooms and 1/4 pound shitake because that was the best looking that Whole Foods had. I used a twisted pasta from Wegman’s called Girelle which has a really unique shape. I used vegetable stock. I used a mozzarella from a Vermont Dairy which was exceptionally good (Maplebrook Farm) and a good quality parmesean. I had no trouble with liquid reduction or the roux process. It absorbed easily. The only two things I did differently was that I left the chopped parsley off the top (I forgot, and I think it would have benefited by my remembering,) and I did a very thin sprinkling of Whole Foods bread crumbs. The dish was done in 25 minutes in my oven, but I gave it another five to make it extra crispy….and it was, and bubbling goodness. I got raves over it. And all within one hour, as you said.

  125. Washington Cube

    I should have also added, I used a 9×13 Pyrex dish and dearly wish I had your brasier, and it does feed a generous portion four. It’s not often I say this (sadly given how much people write about food,) but this is a solid keeper.

  126. I agree with Debra — especially the advice on adding the broth a splash at a time. I’ve had some trouble with a similar recipe, and this time the sauce was perfect. Thank you!

  127. anne

    I made this and I was a little bit of a disappointment -esp from smitten kitchen which usually never disappoints. Just reporting what I would change in case it helps other home cooks. This was very stodgy, very heavy. I would probably add garlic, thyme, or some green leaves in there to make it less heavy. The sauce was also a bit stodgy so I increased the stock once I realized how thick it was, next time I would just put less flour. I think double the Marsala is needed for the flavor, and more salt. When you season your mushroom, you should bear in mind that the salt is needed for the entire dish, so out more than you think you’ll need. So, in conclusion, I will defs make this again, as it is true comfort food; but: more Marsala, some garlic and thyme, more salt, and less flour :)
    Thanks for posting the recipe! And thanks for your blog!

  128. Oh, yessssss! My boys will love this! I am definitely making this dish. I think that brown rice or barley might be a healthier substitute for people who try to avoid eating pasta. Will try both versions.

  129. Jennifer

    Oh Deb, this was just delicious! I am eating less and less meat, and this dish is so satisfying just as written! I am inclined to agree with your comment about chicken w/ pasta dishes. I don’t think I’ve ever made one that I truly savored. Your recipes never disappoint, and your insights inspire me every day. Thank you.

  130. allison

    made this tonight, and am so pleased i did! doubled the recipe, cooked everything in my dutch oven, and added chicken sausage. it was super easy and absolutely delicious. next time i’ll probably replace some of the pasta with something green (kale, or even broccoli) just to lighten it up a bit and increase the vegetable to pasta ratio. but definitely a keeper! thanks, deb.

  131. Rachel

    I made this tonight and my family loved it! I doubled it and served it with a simple spinach salad on the side. I got impatient waiting for the mushroom liquid to evaporate so I added about 1/2 cup less chicken broth and it turned out perfect. A delicious, rich, comforting meal. Thanks so much!

  132. This is the precise weblog for anybody who needs to seek out out about this topic. You notice so much its almost arduous to argue with you. You positively put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

  133. diane

    YUM! Can’t wait to whip this up for me and my boyfriend. I think i’m going to use up the last of some Italian chicken sausage I have in the fridge!
    I know i’m Officially sick when I come home from work and there are multiple tissues jammed into all of my pockets. that’s when I start taking shots of Dayquil!

  134. mary

    Made this last night… Will be a go to for Sunday family dinners.. So delicious…Made recipe exactly…Can’t wait to have it again.. thanks from the Patterson Family!!

  135. Gwen

    I made this last night, and used fresh mozzarella because it’s what I had. It was awesome, and I didn’t find it too wet. I like my cheese gooey…it didn’t disappoint. My husband was two bites in and already gushing, “This is delicious!” And when I said it was going in the rotation, he agreed immediately.

  136. Ashley

    Deb-thank you for posting this! As a mother of a 16 month old who’s transitioned from baby food to people food this will a perfect addition to our dinner menu. Something to be done in under an hour and something yummy that we ALL want to eat! Lol! Any other 1 pot/yummy but healthy recipes posted would help me greatly! Now if I could just get my sleep again! ;-) thanks again Deb! I love love your website!!

  137. Jay

    I made this for a dinner party using whole wheat pasta and flour, and it was both astoundingly delicious and perfect for the winter evening. If you reheat any leftover slices in a covered skillet on the stovetop the bottom becomes wonderfully buttery and browned. All-around winner! Thank you!

  138. Rebecca

    Just made this with a can of tuna. Used tuna in olive oil and sautéed the mushrooms and onions in the oil from tuna. It was delicious! Thanks for a wonderful recipe and inspiration!

  139. Ben

    Putting this together as I type- smells wonderful. One thing I wanted to mention is that 1/2 pound is around 220 grams, not 22 grams. I’m guessing it was a typo.
    Can’t wait to dig into dinner!

  140. Liza

    I made this on Sunday and it was delicious. I posted a photo on FB and the same evening 4 of my friends also made it for dinner – it was a hit all around! Thanks.

  141. I don’t know if it would work in this one, but in the past I’ve found that balsamic vinegar can substitute for marsala in a lot of recipes if you don’t want to use alcohol (Obviously not *proper* balsamic, which would be too thick and way too expensive)

  142. Dana


    This is so delicious! I don’t often comment, even though I am a regular reader of and cooker from your website. You are always my go to for meals.

    I got in from a flight yesterday afternoon and wanted something hearty, easy and satisfying. I found this and was so excited. I purchased the ingredients and whipped it up. To make it a more complete meal, I added one bunch of kale to the bake. What a treat. Eating it as leftovers for lunch and am again so satisfied!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful recipes and life lessons. :)

  143. Chelsea

    This dish turned my Monday night from drab to fab! Easier than the mushroom bourguingnon but just as satisfying. Like Dana above, I cook almost exclusively from your blog but this is one of the few dishes I have ever felt compelled to comment on.

  144. Janet

    I didn’t have any mozzarella, or anything to use as a substitute, so I just left it out and this was delicious anyway–such an intense mushroom flavor. Next time, I think I will try a sweeter marsala or sherry. A tip: Be careful to check it during the last few minutes of baking…I think I left mine in a little too long, and some of the pasta was a little too crispy. All in all, a yummy dish that I will definitely repeat!

  145. Caroline

    I love pasta and I love chicken and I love all food and am rarely picky. But I can’t stand chicken mixed into pasta! Glad I’m not the only one. You’ve given me some strong backup next time this comes up. :)

  146. meredith

    I made this last night and it was absolutely phenomenal. I doubled the recipe and baked it right in my 5-qt saute pan, both of which worked well. I used medium shells for the pasta, which was great because the shells ended up filled with gooey-mushroomy-sauce. I loved how the edges got crispy from the parmesan, and the middle was so soft and cheesy — definitely one of my favorite Smitten recipes to date (and i’ve tried hundreds…) Reheated well for lunch today too– Thanks!

  147. Delphine

    Delicious! I made this yesterday afternoon, but didn’t bake it so my husband could toss it in the oven (not literally toss – that would be messy) this evening – it was ready when I got home from work. I used a bit more Marsala then the recipe called for, rice ziti pasta, cooked chicken, and ricotta instead of mozzarella (because that’s what I had – but I recommend the substitution). Needed an extra 5 minutes to cook through because it went in the oven cold, but it was FABULOUS. My husband suggested trying a little hot Italian sausage instead of chicken next time to add in some heat, though I thought it was just right as is. Thanks for the recipe! Please keep putting up casseroles with minimally processed ingredients – I work late several days a week and they are great to prep the day before!

  148. Sabrina

    I made this for dinner on Monday and it was DELICIOUS!!! I’m crazy about mushrooms, so I used cremini and for the pasta I used campanelle. My house smelled so divine!! My husband who is a meat lover and always gets mad when I make meatless dishes, didn’t even miss the meat in this one! The only thing I didn’t like was that it was kind of on the dry side, some of the pasta on the top became hard and crunchy when I baked it in the oven. I’d make it extra saucy next time with more wine, butter, and broth. I’ll probably add extra cheese too since my kids love cheese! Also, we are a family of four and there was none left for leftovers the next day! Next time I will double the recipe for sure! Super yummy!!! And restaurant quality!!!

  149. Amy S

    I made this for dinner last night, and it was amazing. It was easy to do, and I used whole wheat gemelli. I don’t normally like whole wheat pasta, but this dish rendered it tasty and second-helping worthy. One change is that I might use some reserved pasta water to moisten the whole thing before I put it in the oven, however it was wonderful as-is. I’ll make this again, most definitely.

  150. Sara P

    Hi Deb! First of all: THANK YOU for your wondrous blog and cookbook. It is not unusual for my family to eat your recipes at least three days a week, sometimes more. You are giving me faith that as mom of a young baby I can continue to satisfy my cooking-delicious-things urge! Second of all: I am VERY excited about this new casserole, since your broccoli rabe/sausage casserole has been a winter staple for two years now & this seems an exciting variation. Will try this weekend! Third of all: a request! Can you please recommend what SIZE of cast iron casserole dish will get me through life? I am very excited about this one-dish cooking concept, and I think it will require an investment. Today at the cooking store, I got flummoxed about the 4 vs 5 vs 6 quart options, since I know that the bigger I go, the heavier it gets. Tips?

  151. deb

    Hi Sara — Thank you, I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the book and site. :) I use a 2-quart here. 9×13-inch is a very common size for a casserole and they’re mostly 3 quarts, so this too would be a good investment. But, I only have cast iron up to 2 quarts and I use an inexpensive but beloved white dish for my 9×13-inch needs. If you don’t mind the rustic look, you could also use much less expensive cast-iron skillets to bake in as casseroles, however, unlike the Staub I showed here, they won’t be enameled. Not an issue for this dish but a tomato- or more acidic ingredient-based casserole could wear at the finish.

  152. Brittany W

    I figured out as I was cooking this that we don’t have marsala anymore, so I used a last-minute substitution of a combination of balsamic vinegar and a tiny bit of vermouth, and it worked out pretty well. I liked it, but my husband mentioned he may have preferred it without the balsamic. We baked it in a 9×13 and it was appropriately crispy, but not dry! I will have to pick up some marsala soon and try it again!

  153. Sharon

    Just made this – delicious, but this took us from 9:15pm to 10:45 before we were able to dine on this yummy casserole (we doubled the recipe). We used porcinis with their soaking water and a splash of red wine vinegar (and added 6 cloves of garlic) in place of the marsala and it turned out great!

  154. Kathy

    Made this recipe last night-amazing smells and because I followed your process carefully, I was totally successful-thank you! We didn’t have Marsala, but used some leftover white wine and it worked perfectly (for us). We both had a second helping.
    Just a thought, the mushroom and gravy it makes smelled and tasted like a good basis for Stroganoff. Oh, and I used baby bellas for the mushrooms-again thank you, love this fancy mac and cheese!

  155. Liz

    Good golly Miss Molly!!! I made this for a late lunch this Saturday afternoon and it is WONDERFUL!!!

    Run, don’t walk, to get all ingredients and make this. Srsly so very good. I made per recipe except for subbing cilantro for the parsley.

    Yum, yum, yum. Thank you Deb and also for the introduction to Marsala which I think is what Chai would be if were a wine …LOVE the Marsala. I bought Columbo V.Q.P.R.D. Dry Italian Marsala.

  156. Regarding that onion…

    Do you thinly slice both halves or do you thinly slice only one half and reserve the other half for something else?

    I tend to overthink things sometimes.

      1. Lucy D

        Fabulous recipe!!!! Working with what I had on hand, I improvised and absolutely loved this dish!!!!! I had only a half a pound of baby bellas, so I reduced the pasta to ~6 ounces. I didn’t have mozzarella on hand so I cubed some sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese and stirred in….probably about 3 oz. It wasn’t noticeable in the final tasting but probably added some depth of flavor and a bit of protein. I had no parsley. Also, I used grocery store Marsala, which is perhaps not the best, but it was good enough. I ended up adding burrata cheese when serving to make this over the top decadent, but really, it didn’t need it. Wow!!! I will be keeping this recipe in rotation!! Thanks, Deb, as ever!!

  157. The finished product looks so good! Do the mushrooms have to be cremini to work with this recipe? Or could you use other types of mushrooms without changing the overall taste of the dish?

  158. Deb

    Just ate the small plate of leftovers. Shocking there was any because this is Sooooo good. I served with chicken tenders on top but it definitely did not need any. This will be a regular on our table.

  159. deb

    Eizel — It’s a cast iron dish from Staub, like this. (I found one on sale a few years ago, and paid much less.) We use it a lot for roasting too, it was a good, beautiful investment.

    Margaret — You slice both halves. I would have said “Half a small-to-medium onion, sliced thin” otherwise, which I mention just it helps in the future, not to, I hope, seem annoyingly correct.

    Emily — You must be totally in my head as this was my first plan for this dish, but the siren call of refined carbs won out. So, I didn’t test it that way but I love the idea. Maybe start with 4 cups cooked farro?

  160. erica

    For the GF peeps out there – made this to the letter with Jovial GF penne which was cooked the night before and left over so good and dry and a home grown GF flour mix consisting of sorghum, millet, tapioca and potato starch (see Gluten Free Girl for proportions) and it was PERFECT. I know that I’ve missed pasta bakes when I had to give up gluten and dairy but now that dairy is back in…hooray! Thanks Deb, this is divine.

  161. Tucker

    Just made this. The house smells amazing. I bought my Marsala Wine in the grocery store in the vinegar isle. I never thought to look for it in a wine shop, the quality is most likely a much higher quality there! Mine does not look like the pictures because I doubled it, selected a different noodle, and is in a deep 9X13 dish. New Yorkers: we are thinking of you, and pray that you all stay safe and warm. Beautiful in Phoenix Arizona USA today. Go Seahawks!

  162. Joy

    Oh my gosh…this tasted even better than I imagined! The best part? My husband made it! My only regret? That we served it when we had friends over, leaving exactly zero leftovers. Good thing it’s so simple and easy, and now we have marsala in the fridge…we will definitely make it again soon!

  163. Kit

    Made lots of your dishes, but I’ve never commented before. Tonight I had to. Made this for my vegetarian-dish-suspicious husband, doubled it, and in the midst of a blizzard in MA, this hit every perfect note tonight. We are attempting to be models of civility by not finishing the entire 9×13 pan (“good for a crowd” doesn’t seem to apply to us)in one sitting, but with the accumulating snow, every person for themselves.

  164. Kathleen

    Oh my goodness! This was delicious and so very simple. I’m typically casserole-averse (or, as my Dakotas-bred husband refers to them, ‘hot dish’ as in “ooooh, we’re having hot-dish for dinner.” FYI; those words have never been spoken by him in my kitchen.) This was fantastic, Deb and will definitely be coming from the kitchen again. How can one combine so many of my favorites in ONE serving/cooking utensil? I’ve a question though; do calories/fat count if I consume cold leftovers from the container standing up in front of the fridge with the door open?

  165. Delicious! I made this GF with Garofalo GF Casarecce which I find much less leaden than other GF pasta options (available at Eataly in NYC), and some Teff flour I had on hand. So nice to have make ahead options, thanks Deb!

  166. Casey

    Made a double batch of this nearly to the letter of your recipe (used a bit of extra butter and broth plus a dash of pasta water since I prefer saucy to crunchy pasta) and added some crispy fried sage leaves to serve. Turned out perfect!

    It did take me a lot longer than the advertised time, but that is mostly due to (a) my market not having sliced mushrooms (which I also just discovered and am now in love with) in stock and (b) me being possibly the slowest cook ever. Hence my successful plan to spring for the double batch in order to have awesome leftovers — even though I really do want to eat the whole shebang in one go, it’s actually lasted a good while thanks to being quite filling.

  167. Amanda Hindson

    I made this last week. It was easy and delicious! I’m making it again tonight. Thanks for a new weeknight standard that allows for lunch leftovers.

  168. Dorothy

    Made this tonight but subbed parsley for a few leaves of finely chopped kale…. and had a very lovely sense of parental achievement watching my child snarf down kale unbeknownst to her. Funny comment you had about recently loving sliced mushrooms — before I had children, I would scoff at the sliced mushrooms, thinking “how hard is it to prep your food?” … but now with children, suddenly pre-sliced mushrooms seem like a godsend.

  169. Made this last night and the hubs and I completely fell in love with it! I somehow ran out of Marsala (gasp!) and used 2T sherry and 2T dry white wine instead. We love rosemary in our Marsala dishes so I threw in 2 sprigs while the sauce simmered and removed them before baking. This was a hearty and filling meatless meal and one that was perfect for a frigid New England winter night. Thanks, Deb!

  170. Brian

    Just checked the comments. Am I the only male that cooks? Sunday night is my dinner night. Rookie mistake. I bought the wrong mozzarella. So grate it finely and substituted it for the cubed softer variety and dish still came out great. Kids and wife loved it.

  171. Todd

    I’ve been eyeballing this dish since it was initially posted. Finally made it tonight and WOW, it’s so delicious! A little challenging to make a new recipe while watching the Superbowl with a 17 month old running around… but it turned out well! Would totally make this again and double the recipe next time. Company worthy, and for what it’s worth, the picky toddler loved it and ate a substantial portion. Thanks Deb!

  172. I made this two nights ago, and it was perfection! Just the right amount of creaminess, without feeling like I needed to walk it off immediately. (Like someone mentioned above, I feel this would be amazing with farro in place of the pasta. Will probably try that soon!). My fiance exclaimed after the first bite, that it was a keeper, and then asked if it was a recipe “by your guru, Deb?”. Ha. My secret is out.

  173. Mary Jane Cassaro

    This is the best recipe from you, Deb! It was warm and nutty and just the right thing for my glass of Nebbiolo. I cooked up some farro pasta – maybe a bit more earthy, and dare say, better?! Thanks – its a regular for me and my man.

  174. Lindsey

    Love SK…so much that I travelled across the state to have my book autographed! Made this as written and it smelled heavenly, pretty straightforward recipe, only used a lot of dishes and well I was slightly disappointed with the finished product. I was hoping for more flavor, more of a WOW! I’m not sure how to create that effect so might put the recipe on the back burner to brew a little.

  175. Carol

    Made this today and it was absolutely delicious! We could not stop eating it! Made as directed though I did end up adding about 1/2 teaspoon of chicken base to the sauce about 1/2 teaspoon salt to the mixture at the end…other than that…perfect!

  176. Meghan

    YUMMERS. This was the second time I made it and one particularly finicky guest wanted seconds. Yay. My only change is to double the Marsala. I also don’t let the Marsala/broth bubble down to nothing, because I like casseroles on the oozier side. As for prep – I have a two-month-old and got it done in one nap cycle! HALLELUJAH.

  177. Aimee

    Just made this over the weekend (doubled the recipe but otherwise followed it to a T) and it was delicious!! Can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch today :)

  178. Stacey

    I was wondering if you could make any suggestions as to brands of dry Marsala that you’ve tried and been happy with. People always say “cook with what you’d drink” but I don’t know anyone who drinks Marsala (do people?), so I’m always petrified of making a bad choice, which in turn makes a bad meal, and then I’m stuck with an almost full bottle that needs to be dumped out. Anyhow, any brand suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

    1. deb

      I’ve only used one brand, Florio, and I’ve been happy with it. It’s not terribly expensive but is levels above anything labeled “cooking wine” or the like. We buy it at a wine store.

  179. Lissa

    Absolutely delicious! I used a Malbec instead of marsala wine (probably double the amount), brown rice noodles and Cup4Cup flour to make it gluten free. It worked out perfectly! The pasta wasn’t even mushy.

  180. Suzanne

    Made this tonight and it was all the NOMS!

    Added garlic because that seems like an obvious thing to make this dish better and it was. Also chopped up some rotisserie chicken and that rounded it out to be a super filling meal.

    I LOVE YOUR PASTA BAKES. They are always so spot on.

    Thank you, Deb!

  181. Steph G.

    Making this for our Sunday dinner tonight. I love it already, but I’m adding some cubed up pork chops into the mix (salted, peppered, and seared off) to round off the meal with some protein. I also added some peas for a pop of green color, as it just seemed like the right thing to do since I don’t have any fresh parsley on hand. I think it’ll be a hit :)

  182. Wendy

    Just got done making it and IT. IS. DELISH. This recipe is so very easy to put together and very forgiving ( I have to substitute the Marsala wine with sherry). I kicked it up with some jalapeno peppers and french onion on top just before serving. Completely ooey-gooey, fragrant and perfectly suited for cold evenings.

  183. Tracey

    Just made this – delicious! I didn’t have any mozzerella so just added extra asiago/parm/fontina mix and it was still great. Perfect for a cold day like today.

  184. Lindsay

    Just made this and it was heavenly. I didn’t have marsala wine, but I did have a bottle of Tempranillo open from dinner last night, so I used that. I’m not sure how or if it changed the flavor, but regardless, it was delish. I also used pecorino instead of parm. Right before serving, I thought it needed a little more flavor, so I sprinkled some garlic powder on the top and mixed it around, and that made it perfect. So next time I will add fresh garlic to the mix while cooking. Thanks!

  185. Magic baker

    Have been wanting to make this dish since you posted it. Finally made it tonight for company and everyone LOVED it! My husband knows he will be having it a lot because when I find a recipe this good, I “beat it to death.” Most of the recipes are yours! Congrats on your baby news, too. Still telling people about meeting you on your book tour. Huge fan!

  186. Suraj

    Not sure if anyone followed up but the recipe freezes beautifully; unbaked as you recommended. Warmed up on 350 then 400 to finish and get crusty. Of note, it almost didn’t make it to the freezer. My (then pregnant) wife wanted to eat it before but she is happily enjoying it with our daughter in her arms now. Thanks Deb!

  187. Helen

    I made this tonight in an effort to use an 8oz tray of crimini before they went bad, I added some rehydrated shitake/maitake/oyster to make up the difference and used smoked gouda b/c that’s what I had on hand, holy smokes this is a keeper. So simple, so good! Thanks!

  188. Benjamin

    I am sitting here eating this as I type. Made it tonight for the first time, and I can’t get it into my mouth fast enough. Absolutely delicious!

  189. Amethyst K.

    Sublime! I’ve made this 3 times and and love it more each time. Mushroomy flavor bomb, not too rich or cheesy. A triumph!

  190. Maggie

    This is great. I used sweet Marsala on hand, and it still tasted wonderful. It’s easy, and it reheats well. Great recipe. Thank you!

  191. Lauren K

    Made this for the first time a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to make it again. So creamy, so comforting, so delicious! Also the smells in the kitchen while it cooks?? Unreal. Planning to make this again this weekend. So glad I tried this recipe!

  192. Sara

    The first part of this made me laugh–I have a three-year-old, and casseroles now fit far more prominently into my recipe collection than they did pre-toddler. :)

    This looks amazing–we’re having my family over for Sunday night dinner tomorrow night and I look forward to making it for them!

  193. Kristine

    I made this tonight and added 1/2 lb chicken Italian sausage for my carnivorous family. I made a double batch because two of my sons do not like cheese. One batch was exactly like above with the added sausage. The other batch was without any cheese, I simply omitted the cheeses but it did have the added sausage and it still tasted awesome. Great comfort food and easy to cook! Thank you Smitten Kitchen.

  194. Rheanna

    This was dinner. I followed the recipe as written. So, so, so amazing. Me, my husband and our 17 month old ate the WHOLE thing. Tomorrow I’ll be wishing there were leftovers. Thnx for a great recipe.

  195. I’ve never been big into mushrooms (though marsala is another thing entirely!) But boy-oh-boy do I love good pasta bake. I’ll definitely be trying this out soon. Might pair it with a nice Txakoli.

  196. Diana

    I’ve made this dish a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it. Last week I made the Mushroom and Vegetable Pho from Food52 and the crispy roasted mushrooms have rocked my world (the pho was also excellent). I had some leftover and decided to make the Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake again and top with the leftover crispy mushrooms before serving – so freakin’ good!
    Seriously, I want these with everything…pastas, burgers, salads… How have I not heard of doing this with mushrooms before?

  197. Rachel

    This was delicious! I made the following changes:
    -made it gluten free with GF pasta and GF flour (I would recommend pre-cooking the pasta even less in this case, as GF pasta easily gets mushy)
    -added a small bundle of kale for greens
    -added some chopped up Italian chicken meatballs
    -since we added some bulk I also increased all the liquid components slightly

    We had no marsala and couldn’t find it at our sketchy local liquor store, so I substituted 1/4 cup of white wine (its what was open) and a tablespoon of brandy (which I had leftover from French Onion Soup). It was actually a pretty faithful substitute!

  198. Britta

    Deb, I really enjoyed this recipe and went on to try Alex’s Marsala Chicken a few weeks later. Both of these recipes are incredible and really do maximize the amount of flavour one can get out of even humble button mushrooms. You’ve helped me build my mushroom skillset!

  199. Jennifer

    This looks yummy! Really not a fan of yellow onions though. Would this taste just as good with white onions? Or should I omit onions all together? Thanks!

  200. Deb, had to find this again, just so I could repost about how absolutely delicious it is. First time I made it, it was so wonderful that I made it again the following night. This was back in January. Made it again last night and oh my word…have to say there was a little moaning while we were eating. It’s flavorful and chewy in a al dente pasta sort of way. Love the golden, crusty parmesan on the top. Don’t miss the meat at all. Thanks for sending great recipes, pictures and stories our way!

  201. frances

    well. even with THREE TIMES the required amount of marsala, it was still as good as the first 8 times i made it. don’t ask me where i got 3/4 instead of 1/4. this recipe is so forgiving of substitutions, doubling, added ingredients, and epic space cadet syndrome and is always still easy and delicious.

  202. Shira

    This was absolutely delicious. I do think it needs more marsala than called for; the flavor really wasn’t that prevalent. But I loved only using one dish (cast iron dutch oven) — made it so much easier. Well, OK, I technically used two because I cooked the pasta in another pot while I was making the sauce, but that’s easy enough to clean up. I’ll definitely be making this again, though. Thank you!

  203. Amazing work Deb! We just discovered your beautiful blog! Loved your style. Excellent recipe btw, a perfect comfort food and a great idea for a dinner with friends.
    Thanx for sharing this,
    Panos and Mirella.

  204. Angela

    Just made this for next week and it is amazing! Tired of my normal pasta bakes and finding mushies extra cheap at aldi I googled mushroom pasta bake and luckily found yours! Ill be adding it to my recipe book and using itnagain. Thanks!

  205. I just popped this into the oven. It’s only the second time I’ve made it, but I think it’s going to be something we eat regularly. Thanks for such a delicious recipe.

  206. Jam

    I made this last night using trofie pasta. It was delicious! My husband who is not a big fan of baked pasta gobbled it all up and my eight year old had to have a second helping even though he was already quite full. Thank you!

  207. Wen

    Made this with 1lb of Italian sausage, 8oz of button mushrooms, 8oz of cremini mushrooms and fresh mozzarella (and left out the marsala wine) and it turned out great! My 16-month-old LOVED it and he’s a picky eater! My husband requested that it become “part of the rotation.” Thanks! :)

  208. Timothy

    Hi Deb — I already tried this as written for a vegetarian dinner party and it was fantastic! My friends loved it. Going to try sausage next time. I saw a couple people ask above if some of the pasta could be subbed out for vegetables, but what about all of it? Would that make the sauce too watery? I’m thinking of doing this as a squash and zucchini bake. It’s good, and big, and cheap, but healthy would be nice too. :) Thanks!

  209. This was very, very good. The marsala is indispensable and turns a run-of-the-mill pasta bake into something special. The next time I make it, I’m going to double the sauce ingredients. As written, it’s cheesy enough but not saucy enough. Also doesn’t make a huge amount, but it does clearly state that it only makes 4 servings.

  210. meredith

    I baked this last night for a a dinner party tonight. Any tips on the best way to reheat?
    350 until warm?
    lower? higher? covered in tin foil?

    Not sure if i i should have just prepped yesterday and cooked today ( was worried the pasta would soak up all the juice then… though not sure this is any different.

  211. Leigh

    Hi! I made this dish last winter for myself and loved it. I’d like to make it as part of a dinner party. Could you recommend a good appetizer or salad to go with it? I would appreciate it!

  212. Lori

    I made this twice. The first time, I was too lazy to buy marsala and used sherry because I had it. It was good, but when I made it again with marsala, it was something entirely different. I threw in some sauage for the boyfriend who isn’t into meatless meals, and we fought over the leftovers. While we often eat the same thing, it’s unusual for us both to love the same thing. Also, it only dirties one pot. What’s not to love!

  213. Rebekah

    This was incredible. I don’t have marsala and so used a chianti that had been in the fridge for a while. I planned to freeze it for when we come back from Thanksgiving but ate away a whole corner before I could make myself wrap it up.
    Double batch next time, Deb. Thank you!

  214. Kate

    My grandmother sent my a red terracotta casserole dish today and I christened it with this beauty of a dinner. (I subbed half the mozzarella for mascarpone and it’s phe-no-men-al.) I’ve told countless people about your site and always check here first if I want to make anything for the first time – I tell them you’re one of my favorite humans. Which you are! Thank you!

  215. Erika

    Made this tonight, and wow! This is so fantastic. Thank you for another amazing recipe. Your apple pie was also a huge hit at Thanksgiving. You are my go-to food site these days! Never disappointed.

  216. Judy

    I’m drooling! Dang, now I have to toss my t-shirt into the wash because of you. LOL. I adore chicken marsala but as we know, the best thing about chicken marsala are the mushrooms and the sauce! I used to make something similar ages ago when I was in college. Back then the decision was “Hmm…do I splurge on the chicken or, just go for the sauce?” and the sauce always won! Thanks for reminding me!

  217. Carol

    Made this over the weekend and doubled as suggested. 1/2 in 8-inch foil pan to give to friend and the other in smaller foil pans for me. I must admit I sampled a little before sealing up containers- YUM!
    Question-I am freezing it unbaked for future time-do I defrost it first and then bake or just put it in the oven straight from freezer and bake it for longer?

    Want to know so I can tell my friend when I give it to her. Thanks so much for another delicious recipe.

  218. Laura

    Made this tonight – doubled it for a crowd of 7… there was probably 1 serving left over. I served it with your Kale salad with pecorino, walnuts, raisins, and bread crumbs. So good! I didn’t make any substitutions to this recipe… made it exactly as written. This is going to be one of my go-to recipes for company. It’s delicious, got rave reviews, and is easy to make ahead! I am going to make this not just for company but for myself regularly too!

  219. Erika

    This was so freaking good. Didn’t have Marsala and didn’t want to go out to get it, so I threw a handful of dried porcini mushrooms into 1 3/4 cup chicken broth and microwaved for a few mins, then chopped the rehydrated mushrooms and added with the onions. I once tried this with whole wheat pasta and was underwhelmed, but with regular penne it was delicious. Oh and I cut the butter and flour to 2 tablespoons each with no ill effects.

  220. Donna

    I made this exactly as written with the exception of adding approximately half a pound of roughly chopped sautéed chicken breast. It is going to be my go to comfort meal!!!

  221. Liz

    I bought a bottle of Marsala when you posted this, but sipped away the wine before I got to making it.

    Last night, I remembered the recipe, had mushrooms but no Marsala. I used a syrupy red balsamic vinegar and WOW! – delicious and it comes together quickly. I made a salad while the pasta was baking and was VERY happy with my Sunday supper.

  222. Cara

    I made this last night and it was so delicious! I added chicken of course :) and used cooking wine. I made it all in my 10 inch cast iron skillet except boiling the pasta. This is a pretty and delicious recipe that came out great with my whole grain pasta and minor changes.

  223. Sarah

    I made this last night for dinner with one change – I couldn’t get marsala so used vermouth instead and that worked really well. Will definitely be making again, and getting some Marsala to try it properly!

  224. Candace

    This incredibly delicious pasta is now in our regular rotation. We substituted aged provolone for the mozzarella the 2nd or 3rd time we made it – and threw in some fresh baby spinach. I kept thinking “why didn’t I think of this”? We’ve missed Chicken Marsala since going vegetarian about 5 years ago . . . THANK YOU for all your wonderful recipes!!!

  225. Carol

    Made this and froze it in disposable foil pans before the last baking step as you suggested. Gave one of them away. Kept the other smaller pans for me. Defrosted and baked one. Delicious. It is remarkably ‘meaty’ in taste. Loved it. Will definately make it again. Thank you for another winner.

  226. JP

    Thank you! Made this tonight after having it on my “to do” list for a while. I don’t know why I waited so long! Your recipes are always wonderful. Loved using just one pot!

  227. WORD this sounds so good! I’m gonna switch pasta for cubes of polenta, rice or maaaybe potato. Super stoked and cannot wait to shovel into my face! You rule, thanks a mil for all the deelish posts!

  228. Kristen Berry


    I confess i did not read through all of the comments but I m wondering how you think this would work using quinoa instead of pasta?

    Thank you!

    Kristen Berry

  229. Wendy

    I too put this on my “to do” list when it first posted and only got around to trying it tonight. And now I mourn the lost time this was not in my life! Fearing wimpyness, I amped things up with the recommended dried shitake and a beef stock, and boy, does it hold its own in a non-vegetarian house! This is definitely on the regular rotation now.

  230. Bettina

    Made this yesterday, adding a bit of bacon. Delicious recipe, thanks Deb! I could not get hold of masala and used a mixture of dry and Pedro Ximenes (kind of sweet) sherry instead. worked out great!

  231. Stephanie

    Excellent dish that ticked so many boxes: I was able to throw this together in 30 minutes with a toddler running around, it was primarily made in one bowl, and most importantly, it is delicious. My home cooking is so much better because of your website – thanks!!!

    1. deb

      Hannah — I haven’t frozen it, but I’d expect it to freeze and rewarm well. You might want to double it though. It doesn’t make a ton.

  232. Pam

    Finally got around to make this last night and it was delicious! Next time though, I’d double the mushrooms. I loved them in this dish and felt like I could have eaten twice as many. Yum!

    1. lisashin

      BQuestion – if I wanted to make this ahead by a day, what would you recommend? Could I make the dish in its entirety and just refrigerate it overnight until the next day and then reheat in the oven? Or just make the sauce ahead and then cook the pasta and assemble/bake the next day?

      Thank you!!!

  233. Gail

    ha! I had this moment too – all these people in my house expect to eat every day!? and they look at me to feed them? gah! not ready! This is when I totally appreciate my mom, btw, for doing this for years, seemingly effortlessly. And this is also when I realize why she always baked everything. Because that chef-y way of sauteeing everything ain’t happening with “hangry” kids. Love it!

  234. We love this recipe and have made it multiple times, thanks for sharing! My wife is allergic to red wine so we substitute in a dry white wine and it comes out great. We also have tried using wild rice instead of pasta. Not quite as carb-a-licious but still a yummy variant.

  235. Cheryl

    Amazing Deb! I subbed porcini soaking water for stock and added some chopped cooked chook to keep the carnivore happy. We served it just with some rocket – what you call arugula. Perfect for a rainy, chilly night. Thank you!!!

  236. Colette

    Made this today when I was looking for something to do with 1 1/2 lbs of sliced crimini mushrooms. Sooooooo good!!! I doubled the recipe and used a head of cauliflower, sliced and roasted with salt, pepper and olive oil, then chopped, instead of pasta. Yum – definitely good enough for company!

  237. Martha Perez

    Just made this! Tastes INCREDIBLE! Wow. Definitely recommend having all the ingredients ready and measured once you start the sauce because things move pretty quickly after that and my kitchen looked like a tornado ran through it once I was done. Looks beautiful coming out of the oven…perfectly crispy on top after about 25 mins in there. Thanks!

  238. Betsy

    You can add eggplant instead of chicken! I cut a whole eggplant into chunks, tossed it with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and roasted it until soft and a little brown in the baking pan. Doubled the recipe and added the eggplant in when it was time to mix it all together. I made the recipe as-is before, but the eggplant really adds something. I maybe often feed someone who is hard to convince about nearly vegetarian meals, but eggplant usually does the convincing.

    Also, I’m not good at planning ahead but have had success using water and bouillon powder instead of stock. I’m just really careful about adding any other salt.

  239. Tasha

    This was hands down the best dish I’ve ever made…and so simple too! I made the chicken option and used a dry sherry because my local wine store didn’t have marsala and it was still scrumptious. Will definitely make this again – thanks so much for this recipe!

  240. Kate

    Question! Recipe instucts to sauté mushrooms and onions until liquid they’ve given off is evaporated. Every time I’ve made this, that never happens! I always have quite a large amount of liquid in my Dutch oven and end up using less broth. Suggestions?

    1. deb

      Huh, I’ve never had it not happen. Perhaps your mushrooms hold a lot of water; regardless, crank up the heat and cook it off. That concentrated flavor leftover is great for the whole dish.

  241. Susan Kehm

    Tried this for a family dinner, half vegetarians. It was great, but I really love Marsala so am going to increase wine and decrease stock slightly. We added a veggie plate and my husband’s BBQ chicken for the carnivores. Love to have a vegetarian main dish that everyone likes.

  242. Devorah

    Thanks for adding something for alcohol substitution, Deb! Despite the actual alcohol cooking off, my husband, an addict in long-term recovery, has told me that the flavor of it lingers and that he is afraid it will trigger his craving… So I avoid it like the plague! I use grape juice and a little red wine vinegar in meat dishes, and used it successfully in one of your mushroom recipes, I think it was a quiche.
    P.S. He just discovered what vanilla extract is made of! I’m not getting rid of that one as I’m pretty certain he’s had it regularly since becoming sober 10 years ago and hasn’t noticed even a trace of whiskey :)

  243. Monika Roe

    I made this for a dinner party last night. I doubled the recipe and it was fantastic. Even my guests who are always on some kind of diet and “don’t eat that” had seconds and thirds. Very good! Thank you!

  244. Shauna

    As a crazy busy working mom, I’m now completely strapped for time and would love to prep this ahead (say, on a Sunday afternoon) to finish cooking in the oven later in the week (perhaps Thursday night before we scatter to violin/baseball/choir). Will this keep in the fridge and/or freezer for a few days? If yes, how should I adjust cooking times? Thanks!!

  245. Laura R Benedetto

    My husband was in upstate NY at a golf outing. Saw this recipe and thought that he would just love it. Made it Sunday for his “welcome home honey meal”.
    I also purchased both Emile Henry cast iron dutch oven and dish. (and got an amazing deal too!). To top this meal, also made your Mom’s Apple Cake (my hubby’s favorite now!). Needless to say, my husband was delighted and absolutely loved it! Thank you!

  246. Grit H.

    So good and so easy! I made it half cremini and half girolle. I was a little sceptical with the girolle but after giving it a little less time in the pan before putting it in the oven it turned out pretty good. My husband and I were looking at the girolle coming to the grocery stores and our local Italian fresh food market saying we have to make something but weren’t quite ready for the traditional dishes. They are delicious no doubt but I refused to get into pre-winter mode yet that kind of comes for me with cream sauces and Bavarian dumplings. :) And I didn’t want to fancy it out too much. So that dish was just perfect though I used a little less mozzarella.
    Thanks for the recipe!!!

  247. Beth

    Incredibly good! I make a turkey marsala so I suspected this would be tasty using this fragrant, nutty wine. My husband and daughter simply loved it and I had to stop myself from going in for “thirds”. Easy to make. I didn’t buy pre-cut mushrooms yet the prep time still wasn’t long. The flavors are so rich and satisfying. Thanks, Debbie, for making me look like a kitchen superstar.

  248. Eleanor

    This is one of my favorite vegetarian winter mains. I made it tonight for the first time this season and added a lid of Panko breadcrumbs just before it went in the oven. Broiled it for the last minute so they were nice and golden, and it added a super nice crunch to the dish.

  249. Candice

    Wow. This was amazing!!!! I don’t like the taste of wine (I know…), so I scanned the comments for substitutions as I also didn’t have dried porcini on hand. I used balsamic vinegar instead of the marsala (about half of the amount as I feared it tasting too “balsamic-y”). I also didn’t add the mozzarella as I wanted to lighten it up a wee bit. So flavourful, I didn’t miss any of the called for ingredients. I will definitely make this again! Thank you so much, Deb!!

  250. Leslie Renaud

    Fantastic. We make it regularly and it’s a family favorite. We have made it for friends and family, and all give it rave reviews. One of my favorite recipes of yours, Deb!

  251. Your casserole looked so delicious! I had some eggplant from my garden I wanted to use, so I mixed 1/2 mushrooms and replaced the other 1/2 with peeled and cubed eggplant. OMG! It was delicious the first night, better the second night and even BETTER the third night (I live alone).
    I used penne pasta and after eating it three nights in a row, I am still not tired of it! Can’t wait to make it again!
    Thanks alot!

  252. Helen

    Hi Deb,

    I LOVE this recipe and make it often. I want to make it for my mother, but she will complain that it does not have meat. How and when could I add ground beef, or should I just make her another dish ;)

  253. Anna

    Lovely recipe. I’m making this today for the third time. It’s cold and snowy and I think hubby will appreciate having something warm and comforting after work. I normally add fresh spinach to this because it’s always on hand.

  254. I’m doubling the recipe (adding celery since I don’t quite have double the mushrooms available) so I can freeze half. I’m curious if anyone has frozen it and has a recommendation of whether to bake then freeze, or freeze then bake? I’m leaning toward freeze then bake.

  255. Cadie

    Made this for dinner last night. Its legit the tastiest thing I have ever made. Per your suggestion, I subbed cooking sherry for the marsala wine, because I had everything else on hand. Thanks for this delicious and easy recipe. I love a good scaled-up casserole.

  256. Jennifer Swanson

    Loved it! This will be part of our regular menu. I love the fact that you can make it in one pan and it tastes delicious. My husband, who doesn’t normally care for a vegetarian dish, even loved it. Thank you!

  257. Mamayo

    Can I make this in my cast iron skillet? I would cook the pasta separately. But I was wondering if I can use wine in an iron skillet. Worried about the acid. If I can use my skillet would the 12 inch be the best size?

    1. deb

      I don’t see why not. Wine once in a while in a well-seasoned cast iron shouldn’t be a problem. I absolutely do it. I think you could do this in a 10-inch since it’s just a half-pound of pasta. For full pound, I use a 12-inch.

  258. Cheryl

    This was an amazingly easy, delicious and quick Saturday night meal! I resisted throwing in the leftover chicken I had in the fridge- and so glad I did! I wouldn’t change one ingredient. Served a nice green salad, slice of fresh bread, glass of red, and hubby and I were very satisfied (:

  259. Sarah

    This has become a go-to for me when I’m craving something cheesy. It’s delicious and my boyfriend who claims not to like mushrooms loves it too. I’ve used red wine when I didn’t have Marsala and it was still great. I do suggest cooking the onions first then adding mushrooms because done as written the mushrooms got rubbery.

  260. Candace Cappio Gebhart

    After becoming committed to a vegetarian lifestyle we really missed Chicken Marsala in our meal rotation. This dish so far exceeds that in all aspects!!! When it’s Mushroom Marsala night there is dancing in the kitchen!!! And fabulous leftovers. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  261. Susan Leigh

    Just made this for dinner tonight. It was so delicious that 3 of us finished it off.
    Thank you for a great pasta dish; they are not usually my favourite.
    in London UK

  262. Jessica Boley

    This dish is a favorite. We usually make it once a quarter. Only change we make is a different cheese. Mozzarella isn’t my favorite so usually sub it for a gruyere or a dry jack or something fun from the cheese shop. Pair it with a nice salad to balance it out.

  263. Courtney

    Delicious! I added 2 cut-up roasted chicken breasts but otherwise keep everything the same. It came out so well and was so tasty. Next time, I might try it with another veggie instead of chicken. I liked someone’s suggestion to add eggplant. Will try that.

  264. Another Mary

    I’m trying this out tomorrow for a date night (yay!). Thinking about adding a big bunch of leafy greens a la your sausage and broccoli rabe pasta bake, so I can get some veggies in without revealing how much I dislike salad. A) is this a terrible idea for reasons I haven’t thought of? B) any suggestions for a leafy green that can hold up under the bake without throwing the flavors off? Collards maybe?

  265. Btat

    Made this tonight. Delicious!! I could not find Marsala at the Whole Foods (boo), so I used a dry red I had at home already. Great comfort food without being too heavy!

  266. Allie

    This dish is always a hit, even with people who claim to be on the fence about mushrooms. I always use Deb’s substitution suggestion with dried mushrooms instead of the marsala because I found after trying it both ways that I much prefer it here. I don’t make it using the one-pan method because I’ve never figured out how to do that and still prep it in “30 minutes, tops” because it takes me 15 minutes just to get the pasta cooked in that pot! Regardless, the dish is good enough to warrant however many dishes it takes me.

  267. Mollie

    Hi Deb! I’m making this for my cousin that’s going to be a x2 Mom in a few days/a week. I was wondering how you would recommend freezing this? would you assemble, and freeze before baking? Also would you recommend thawing prior to baking? Your old school ziti one suggests freeze prior to baking, then thaw and bake as usual when you want to eat. I just thought this one would be a better choice because a) she’s vegetarian, and b) it’s a little different from the usual ‘meal train’ pasta with red sauce/mac and cheese sorts of casseroles.

  268. This turned out really well. I couldn’t get any marsala so I used port instead and it still worked very well. I used 450g of pasta and proportionally increased the rest of the ingredients. In retrospect, I might have used a little less mozzarella but apart from that, I would happily make this again.

  269. Lindsay Woolsey

    I love this recipe, but had to up the marsala drastically to get good flavor. It’s outstanding (and bubbly, and saucy!) with 3/4 to 1 cup of marsala (and the rest of the recipe unchanged). I found that “boiling off” the alcohol wasn’t really necessary, as baking it in the oven really takes care of that on its own. Even with a lot of marsala there was no alcohol taste.

  270. Elizabeth

    I made this tonight and was faithful to the recipe. It was delicious! Such nicely balance flavors! I made some steamed green beans for a simple side. Next time, I will use more mushrooms. I love them in this sauce, and could have used more.

  271. Once again, how did you know I had a big box of mushrooms in the fridge? This was fabulous with a big kale salad on the side. I added chopped cooked chicken and froze half for later. So delish!

  272. OtherSilentBob

    Was making this for the second time and realized that I have been making with Madeira. Still a great recipe that I crave!

  273. Kate

    I’ve made this 3 or 4 times and it’s a hit. Tonight I used a package of cauliflower rice to lighten it up and some pasta shells (less than 4 oz., probably). Upped the marsala since I recall wanting more moisture the last time we made it. We’ve done it with all pasta, with farro, and tonight’s version and they’re all terrific.

  274. Kay H

    Outstanding!! I doubled the recipe and baked in a 15×11 dish. We love cheese, so I topped with additional shredded mozzarella after 15 minutes of baking and returned it to the oven.

  275. Margaret Jones

    Oh, how I love this recipe (mushroom marsala pasta bake)! My daughter in Tacoma introduced me to SK with this recipe two years ago, and I’ve made it many times since. In fact, I’m getting ready to make it again right now 😄

  276. Margaret E Jones

    I love this dish so much. Discovered it 2+ years ago, and make it every 3-4 months. I live alone, so stretch it out over several days– I never tire of it. Never fails, incredibly good.

  277. Ginny

    This recipe is a keeper, still something needs tweaking. Some say to add more marsala which I haven’t tried. I do want to figure out how to improve the sauce to be a less gray and more brown color. Less flour? Add worchestershire sauce?

    1. My sauce was a lovely brown. I used cremini mushrooms, which are brown, and let their juices brown and stick to the pan a little. I use stainless steel to cook- I don’t know if it works with non-stick. When you add the marsala it loosens up all the little brown bits costing the pan and makes the sauce a lovely brown.

    2. Bev

      Kitchen Bouquet is a no flavor, coloring in a little bottle in the spice isle, that makes the richest brown shade you could ever want, and lasts a long time.

  278. u have an unbelievable imagination. this is the first e mail i have recieved from you, did not go further. just saw mushrooms & just was paranoid earlier this am that i has 1 pts and what was i going to do different?
    i have a sharp mixture of ideas but its a holiday & i realy needed help & i did not go further. i made this with a few substitutions & add ons & look forwardto a fantastic amt of praises this evening. needless to say i had a nice portion , so it doesn’t look perfect! thank you.
    i did not read furger or your back grond as wote its the first e mail &look forward to others. thank you. hope you have low fat, sugar recipes. health realth reasons, but i am very CREATIVE.

  279. Eva R

    I didn’t realize how long the prep would be (bought unsliced, unwashed mushrooms!), and so prep took me about 45 min. HOWEVER< we loved it! I will make it again, double the recipe and invite friends over. We've enjoyed all your recipes!
    I never have Marsala on hand, so used red wine and a splash of Tio Pepe sherry. It was delicious.

  280. Jordan

    I’m generally quite put off by chicken in pasta dishes as well, so don’t feel so implausible! ;) This looks delicious, I heart marsala dishes!!

  281. I made this, or a version of it tonight and it’s delicious! I had some gnocchi that needed to be used so substituted that in as well as added kale and some reconstituted porcini mushrooms. Will definitely be a regular item on our dinner menu!

  282. Caroline

    This pasta was LIFE CHANGING! My girlfriend and I took just a few liberties–in that we completely corrupted the “easy weeknight dinner” by taking three hours to braise a lamb shank, building the sauce in the braising dish, and substituting reduced lamb jus for half the stock called for. it is sooooo good! i can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow

  283. Shoshana in the Midwest :)

    Fantastic! Very malleable recipe but I didn’t stray too far… I only boiled the pasta ( same shape as Deb!) for four minutes and at the very end I blanched a couple of broccoli spears with the pasta in the same hot tub-just a handful. For the mushrooms, I used oyster and shiitake. I added garlic and one chili with the onion. I too, sadly do not have any marsala wine on hand. I used a really great red wine vinegar and I also had some roasted black garlic paste which gave a real depth of flavor- didn’t know the difference or miss the marsala! Homemade chicken stock made this a real winner. Threw in a cup of shredded leftover roasted chicken at the end. Also lots of fresh minced herbs: chives, parsley, thyme. Wow, question: would voice text have recognized how to spell thyme if I hadn’t typed parsley right before it?! The answer is yes because I just had to go back and edit the previous sentence! Deb, I think you should buy the rights to this recipe and sell it to something like blue apron or hello fresh!

  284. Shoshana in the Midwest :)

    Fantastic! Very malleable recipe but I didn’t stray too far… I only boiled the pasta ( same shape as Deb!) for four minutes and at the very end I blanched a couple of broccoli spears with the pasta in the same hot tub-just a handful. For the mushrooms, I used oyster and shiitake. I added garlic and one chili with the onion. I too, sadly do not have any marsala wine on hand. I used a really great red wine vinegar and I also had some roasted black garlic paste which gave a real depth of flavor- didn’t know the difference or miss the marsala! Homemade chicken stock made this a real winner. Threw in a cup of shredded leftover roasted chicken at the end. Also lots of fresh minced herbs: chives, parsley, thyme. Wow, question: would voice text have recognized how to spell thyme if I hadn’t typed parsley right before it?! The answer is no because I just had to go back and edit the previous sentence! Deb, I think you should buy the rights to this recipe and sell it to something like blue apron or hello fresh!

  285. KYC

    Hi. I made this recipe and it was delicious.. BUT.. next time I will only use 2 tablespoons of flour. I found the sauce a little thick for my taste and when the dish went to the oven, it got thicker!! I used brown rice spirals and white mushrooms.
    Will definitely do it again!!

  286. This was wonderful! Amazed at the rich mushroom flavour – and I only used supermarket generic mushrooms! Did not have Marsala, so I used a splash of white wine and tequila – yum!

  287. Chana

    This is the dreamiest pasta bake. Someone made this for me after I had my son 3 years ago- to say the least– it was the BEST dinner we received. 3 years later- It’s still a favorite and the perfect comfort food indulgence.

    1. Anne

      I made this tonight and substituted mostly cooked butternut squash for the pasta, and then added some kale – just because I had it.

      It was fabulous! This is going into my long term rotation.


  288. Betty Farley

    I have been saving this recipe for when I wanted a vegetarian entree. Mad3 it the other night. Only complaint…wish I had doubled the recipe as there were no leftovers. The vegetarian of the group insisted her husband (the cook of the family) get the recipe. Everyone agreed it was a keeper. Thanks.

  289. Ariel

    Love this dish, and so festive, but it typically takes us almost an hour of prep time, even using pre-sliced mushrooms. Worth it, though!

  290. mona

    made it last night for the first time and really liked it. will replace some of the broth with more marsala next time – it got a little lost. looking forward to leftovers tonight. thanks, deb.

  291. Courtney

    I’ve made this recipe a dozen times, and I love it! It always takes about an hour before it’s oven ready, instead of the promised 30 minutes (cooking the mushrooms down and the marsala off are both lengthy). I usually use a pound of mushrooms instead of 3/4, but I can’t imagine that’s the difference. What else could be slowing me down?

  292. Katie

    We forgot the mozzarella, which was probably important. The leftovers tasted better. We hope to improve the flavor next time.

  293. Gaby

    I have a question about the parmesan. It says half a cup or 50 grams. When I grated into a tared bowl on my kitchen scale, I got to what looked like way more than half a cup by around 30 grams. Is that an error or is it just super loose and I should trust the weight?

    1. deb

      What kind of grater did you use, what kind of holes? Varies a lot depending. I’d keep grating until you got to 50 grams, regardless, so you get the right flavor balance.

  294. Diane

    This looks delicious! I’ve always steered clear of cooking with wine as we’re not big wine drinkers and I hate using only a little for cooking and then tossing the rest. But, I know cooking with real wine (vs. the “cooking wine” found at the grocery store) can’t be beat. Is there a way to keep the unused wine – like freezing it? Any suggestions?

    1. Emily

      No even!!! The cooking wine works better than the “Real” wine in my opinion. Try Holland House and compare to another. You’ll see :)

    1. Anne

      I think if you don’t like mushrooms, you should look for another dish. The mushrooms are an integral, and imho, irreplaceable, part of the dish.

      1. Margaret E Jones

        I agree with Anne. This dish is all about the mushrooms, and the proportions of other ingredients all geared to the mushrooms. You’d be better off choosing another pasta recipe.

  295. Korinne

    This is SO GOOD, like ridiculously good, like where has this been all my life/how have I not made this sooner, GOOD!!

    Thank you Deb! You’re the best!

  296. This was the bomb! I was actually looking to use up some ground lamb and I saw this recipe on your instagram account. I replaced some of the mushrooms with ground lamb. It was so good. The sauce was beautiful. By the way my Marsala is a lot older than yours and I thought it was still fine. Thanks for the recipe on this chilly April day.

  297. Katie

    Made this again last night- yes the mozzarella was important! It was truly delightful to dig into the noodles and find chunks of gooey cheese. I thought it was a bit dry (but that’s on purpose, right?) but I am still looking forward to enjoying it for lunch.

  298. ezachos

    Eek, I think I must have done many things wrong here. I used fresh mozzarella (do NOT do this. It either melts and is textureless or cools down and is rubbery). All I had was gnocchi, so I subbed it in (again, DON’T. Texture is too similar to the mushrooms. Uniformly spongey). I wouldn’t use 1 1/2 cups, of broth, it cooked up nicely thick, but there was too much of it and everything else was just swimming around in the pan. The parmesan cheese sunk in and dissolved. No crunchy lid. All oretty glue-y. :((

  299. Emily

    Delicious! I love making chicken marsala at home but the chicken stage can be consuming. This recipe is much better for weeknights and putting together something that doesn’t take too long or make too many dishes.

    Here’s the changes I made that worked well.. 1) used 1 cup marsala cooking wine. I really think Holland house is the best brand for this. I like a sweet, strong, marsala flavor and so I add a lot more. Takes a little longer to cook out but worth it. 2) Had a hungry kid and it was getting late so I skipped the oven. Ate it just as was — pasta mixed into the creamy mushroom sauce. So good! And I sautéed the mushrooms in oil and butter.. so more butter.

  300. MJ

    This has become a much requested dish in our house, and is in fairly frequent rotation. It’s one of our vegetarian options so I don’t add chicken but instead serve it with a green salad. I’ve used vermouth successfully instead of marsala but must say that I really prefer it with the marsala flavour. I’ve made it several times following Deb’s use “one pot only” and it does work but I find it easier/faster to make it using a pot (actually dutch oven) for the pasta and doing the mushrooms in a saute pan. I then combine them all in the dutch oven and bake. Yes, it gives me one more pot to wash but it streamlines the process as I can cook the pasta while I’m doing the mushrooms and then it’s ready for the oven.

  301. Ellen Schrier

    For years I have succumbed to strep throat multiple times during the year but last year I started swigging a capful of apple cider vinegar every morning and have had nary an incident since 👍🏻☺️

  302. rosenpsydattnet

    I made it tonight and it was a big hit. Thought I had some hard parmiagano in the fridge but it disappeared. Instead I shredded some muenster and added Panko to it and heavily seasoned it so it made a great crust.

  303. Kathe

    AMAZING. a perfect weeknight meal. i used 8 oz button mushrooms, forgot to put the parsley topping on (altho it was in the bake.) so delicious i had to lock my cats in the bathroom during the assembly bc they wanted to try it.

  304. jody

    I made this last night and it was FABULOUS! I did add some leftover roast beef from our Christmas dinner but that was only to use it up.

    I don’t think I’ll bake it next time as I think it would be just as tasty (and ready faster!) to just leave out the cheese. That way I won’t lose any mushrooms when they over-cook and stick to the side of the pot in the oven.

  305. HH

    This was delicious. I didn’t have marsala so used red wine with no problem. It actually was ready in under an hour. Served three people with no leftovers. Next time I’ll double it and add some thyme.

  306. Johanna Bettinger

    A great change from standard Chicken Marsala! I believe this was easier to make, too. I did add chicken breast to the dish, cut up little pieces and added with everything together… (I like to marinate my chicken over night for best tenderness!) DELISH!!

    1. Hatuly

      I would use almond flour instead of regular flour. It will thicken up the sauce and won’t change the flavor. It’s something I usually do even if I’m not looking to make a gluten free dish

  307. Debra Kirk

    I veganized this recipe using Miyoko’s vegan Mozz, vegan butter, and vegetable stock. This was one of the most delicious vegan dinners I’ve ever had. Make this!

  308. Anita

    I just discovered your website thanks to a friend. She made this dish for me, and I liked it so much that I made it for myself this evening. Your instructions are clear and the recipe turned out perfectly. I look forward to exploring more of your recipes.

  309. Patti

    Served the first night as a side to roast chicken and it was delicious. Second night on its own with salad, even better. Only change was white wine for Marsala because that’s what I had but am going to pick up some for next round. Will also try with a mix of mushrooms. Thank you Deb. Quality of your recipes is just superb.

  310. Diane

    Oh my! Made this tonight. SO good! Will keep in my rotation, as well as when I’m hosting lunch/dinner get togethers. Awesome!

  311. Hatuly

    Debbie, do you think I can use gluten free pasta to make this dish and still get the same texture as regular pasta?
    I really want to serve this for Passover as a entree along with a meat dish -milk / meat is a non issue for me.

  312. Carla

    Late to the party…but…made this tonight to take to my daughter’s house for dinner….BIG hit!! This stuff is delicious! Fabulous recipe!

  313. Heather

    I made a few adjustments driven by the need to put dinner on the table with what was in the fridge: only 4 oz of shiitake mushrooms, chopped up some leftover sliced red onion, subbed dry sherry for marsala and fontina for mozzarella. I also added a very full handful of frozen peas before putting it in the oven (perhaps out of guilt after taking a heavy hand with the cheese) and mixed seasoned panko with parmesan in the topping. Delicious. In fact, writing this makes me feel compelled to go have some leftovers.

  314. Ellen

    Hi! My friend is having baby this week and I’d like to make her some frozen meals to reheat in the coming weeks….if I wanted to make this recipe, or the broccoli rabe and sage pasta, at what point should I freeze it? Completely cook it and then freeze so she can reheat later? Will the pasta be soggy?

    Thank you!

  315. BBac

    This is a keeper! Made it twice, and loved it both times! We have friends coming over this weekend and planning to serve this as our main attraction ;)
    Any suggestions for a good side salad to serve with it? I’m thinking something light and leafy because this the pasta is on the heavier side, but wanted to see if there’s something you’ve defaulted to in the past? Thanks Deb!

  316. AB

    Even though I used an expensive and high quality Marsala, and even though I quadrupled the amount, the finished dish (which I made as written except for the amount of Marsala) tasted almost nothing like Marsala at all, and really just subsided into a greasy pile of pasta. If I make this again (which is doubtful) I would bind the Marsala to a cream based sauce, not a stock based one.

  317. Irene Birrell

    Hi Deb – I love your recipes but in the past month your postings on facebook won’t allow any recipes to be emailed to the reader because ads are covering part of the email form. And when you close the ad the message “closed by Google” continues to cover the email form

    1. deb

      Hi Irene — Is the problem here, as in, below the post or on Facebook? (I haven’t changed anything with ads in years, so I’m not sure what it could be here.)

  318. Lea Filippi

    Fellow readers/cookers, If you should find as I did that you accidentally purchased only 1/2 a pound of mushrooms then you should press on and make the recipe with what you have. It will still taste great!

  319. sallyt

    I can’t believe I’ve never commented on the result – I make this all the time, with 1 lb of mushrooms and a handful of minced fresh thyme, added whenever it’s ready. It’s my 13 yo’s favorite meal! THANK YOU!

  320. Yasmine

    This was legitimately one of the most delicious things i’ve ever made. Phenomenal flavor and super easy to execute. Will definitely make over and over again.

  321. Nina in Zurich

    So easy! So quick! So DELICIOUS! As I am the only woman in a family of six, I added the leftovers from a rotisserie chicken the first time I made this, to avoid any protests of “Where’s the MEAT in this casserole?” As we are now enjoying a splendid mushroom season, I made it again this evening, this time without chicken. Not a single one of my guys noticed the difference! They were all simply happy to see this casserole appear on the table again.

  322. Pierre

    Another winner :) Really fantastic.
    Only thing I might change is the amount of butter used because of waistline not taste (which is amazing).

  323. Teri

    This is beyond delicious and I am NOT a mushroom fan! I’ve already got mushrooms on my grocery list for another round and since it’s the texture, not the flavor, that I don’t care for I’ll puree it before assembling.

  324. Heather

    COVID-19 necessitated compromises meant I made this with only a 1/2 lb of button mushrooms, and I subbed in a vermouth/sherry combo for the marsala. I also threw in some fennel we had in the fridge (thinly sliced, along with the onion) and added panko to the topping (because Passover is coming up, combined with the fact that I’m on a “how to maximize usage of foods in the pantry/fridge if I can’t go to the grocery store for months” kick). Came out great. Now I’m trying not to dwell on how the serving size was described as “4 really generous” portions, yet there were two of us for dinner and only a serving for one leftover.

  325. Celeste

    Love this recipe! In fact just made it again yesterday for Sunday Dinner. Love knowing its in the fridge for a go to comfort food. You are Amazing and we are Blessed to have you share your wonderful recipes and stories with us. BeSafe, BeKind, BeStrong. xo

  326. Diane

    Just finished my first serving, heading for my second. This is so good and so easy to make. I had a big bunch of mushrooms I needed a recipe for. Went directly to SK and found this as well as so many other delicious looking mushroom recipes. A great recipe for “stay home” cooking. Stay well!

  327. Kris Haight

    Looked on your site for a recipe to use some mushrooms that came in my CSA.
    Generally, I am not a big mushroom fan …I think too much cream of mushroom soup from a can as a kid.
    This was delicious. Enjoyed the cooking process. I appreciated your substitute for the Madera which I did not have. I didn’t have mozzarella so substituted a very mild goat cheese which worked well.

  328. Laine

    Holy forkin’ shirtballz! This is fantastic! Enjoying it right now w/a salad on the side. I’m a lazy cook who hates prep, so i used pre-sliced baby bellas & finely shredded “Mexican blend” cheese. Cooked mini shells in a separate pot while I did the mushrooms/sauce in my large cast iron pan. I let the mushrooms get bronze-y, which with the “no beef” broth & marsala made my sauce nicely brown. Used a full cup of dry marsala (Santini brand, $8.50, found w/ the ports & vermouths in Wegman’s wine shop). Used only half the parm (just normal, pre-grated kind in the round plastic jar). Added 1.5 cups of frozen green peas and (nervously) added ~1.5 cups of light sour cream that needed using. (So glad I did – – it made kind of an awesum pasta-mushroom stroganoff.) Didn’t have parsley. I have a lot left that I’ll freeze and enjoy the combo of my culinary laziness + Deb’s brilliance in months to come. I really appreciate the helpful comments – esp. the one to increase the marsala.

  329. Diane

    Usually, I try to make a new recipe as written the first time. Alas, in the time of COVID, I no longer make quick trips to the grocery store for one or two things. A lack of mozzarella cheese led me to use a 4oz. log of goat cheese I had on hand. It was delicious and I will make it again, the same way. Another substitution out of necessity was a quinoa fusilli pasta. Neither of us noticed the lack of wheat. Thank you for this recipe!

  330. Patti Hohne

    This is Amazingly good. I used 24 oz of sliced Cremini mushrooms, plus 1 oz of dried reconstituted. Almost everything according to the recipe except that I browned 1/2 lb of sweet Italian sausage and added that to the final assembly, which filled a 9×13 Pyrex. I’m not sure why I have never had something like this in my arsenal. It seems like a wonderful and easy meal for a crowd if doubled. Add green salad and peach cobbler!

  331. Olivia

    I made this but didn’t think it was very good. Just sort of dry overall, high pasta to everything else ratio, and kind of bland even with extra salt. It was disappointing.

  332. Tamara

    WOW! So incredibly tasty and rich. I wasn’t expecting my 6-year-old daughter to like it because marsala is a somewhat sophisticated flavor, but she said it tasted like “restaurant pasta.” !!!

    I am only sorry to have stumbled upon this gem of a recipe so long after you posted it, but happy to now have it in my repertoire. Thanks!

  333. Nicole

    This is the most wonderful recipe! I bumped the cheese and mushrooms because why not. This recipe is amazing and will get added to my rotation, especially in autumn. Thank you! I’m also very grateful for the “Popular Now” feature, as it has introduced me to so many wonderful gems from the archives. <3

  334. Janel

    I really love the overall idea of this recipe. I made it as-is and am enjoying it. However, next time I’ll sub half of the mozzarella with gruyere and caramelize the onions separate from the mushrooms. It just needs a punch.

  335. This was delicious. I had half a box of orchiette so I used that and it worked really well. The sauce coated the noodles well and the top layer of pasta was cheesy, saucy, and slightly crispy.

  336. I feel like I’ve already commented here some time in the past 5 years, but I wanted to thank you so much for this recipe!! It is my “go to” dish for when mama needs some “soul food.” I wrote about it on my own blog today and linked over to you, so hopefully it brings you some traffic.

  337. Alice

    What a surprise this dish was. I love marsala, and was excited to make this. I followed the recipe closely, except I added some extra chicken broth and marsala wine, and threw in some rotisserie chicken. When it came out of the oven it looked beautiful but tasted disappointing. Kind of dry, not much flavor, and the mozzarella seemed like a bit of a needle scratch. Oh well. Edible but nothing special. Then I heated it up in the microwave the next night and it was fantastic. The dryness had disappeared and it was full of flavor. What a surprise. So next time I’ll make it, skip it the first night, put it in the fridge, and then enjoy it the second night. I wonder if anyone else had this experience.

    1. Janel Sharma

      I experienced the exact same thing. Next time I’d use a few more flavorful cheeses, caramelize the onions and add more stock.

  338. Kimberly

    I made a half recipe for the two of us, with the exception of substituting a little minced fresh sage because I didn’t have parsley. In future I will add a little more Marsala, and minced fresh rosemary because it’s a favorite with these flavors and I always have it. Yes, I will definitely make it again.

  339. Masha

    Made this last night for me and my boyfriend; used extra mushrooms and a little more marsala and cheese. Came out delicious; one of those dishes that’s straightforward but feels very fancy. My boyfriend loved it, as well.

  340. LlamaMama

    This is absolutely delicious. As a vegetarian, I don’t eat a lot of “umami bombs,” but this is one, and I loved it. Thanks.

  341. AML

    Hi, has anyone made this without the onions and mozzarella?? Cooking for someone that can’t eat onions / cheese but loves mushrooms. Thanks!

  342. Teri

    Every time I make this I realize I don’t make it nearly often enough. It’s that good and it’s the only reason I keep marsala on hand. The other night I added some shredded rotisserie chicken to it. Totally delicious!!!

  343. TracyL

    Made this for dinner tonight – it’s sensationally delicious. The only change I made was to use dried thyme which I had (in reduced quantity) in place of the fresh parsley, which I didn’t. This recipe is a keeper!

  344. Cynthia

    Great pasta dish. We had it last night with scrumptious results. I’m making it a point to eat more American food because we’re American :) I enjoyed every bite. Thank you, Deb!

  345. Mavis

    This recipe is really underrated. I made it this weekend and my husband said it was the best pasta I’d ever made.

    It is so ripe for modification too. I’ve used twice the amount of mushrooms, different kinds of mushrooms, three some green beans in there, left out the Marsala, added garlic powder and/or Worcestershire sauce, added chicken, added guanciale….

    What I ALWAYS do though, is use an amazing home made chicken stock. As it is the main flavour profile here, using your best one takes it from a good dish to “I think I’ll have lunch at 10am today”.

  346. Lily

    Thank you! Made this and it was very comforting and delicious! Used what I had so subbed the mozzarella for a mix of fontina and white cheddar and omitted the parsley. I read through the comments about it being dry for some people, so I also mixed in about a cup of saved pasta water. It came out saucy and delicious!

  347. Susan in Seattle

    This is a fabulous recipe! I wilted a 9 oz bag of spinach before starting the recipe, cooled, squeezed and chopped, and stirred it in after sauce thickened, right before final assembly . Only used 8oz of mushrooms. Garofalo casarecce pasta (Costco). Now in permanent rotation.

  348. Lytie

    I would like to make this for a dinner party today and serve it tomorrow. Thinking I could make it all the way up to the bake part and bake tomorrow ? Also what vegetable dish would you recommend for a side dish or just a salad ?

  349. Sharon

    Made this last night for the first time – delicious! I had to multiply for a large gathering so used 2# mushrooms and 2# pasta. For liquid, I used 2c chicken stock and 1 c pasta cooking water to help thicken and blend sauce. I used 1/2 c each butter and flour for the roux, and used shredded mozzarella instead of diced. This will definitely go into the standard rotation. It’s a great dish, and a nice change from pasta with marinara…

  350. Kat D

    Followed this recipe to a T and then added browned breakfast sausage and peas for color. Mmmmmmmm. I do love Marsala recipes and this satisfied that craving. Will definitely make this over and over.

  351. Lytie

    Can I substitute ricotta cheese for the mozzarella cheese in this dish? I forgot to get the mozzarella.
    Love it as s but having guest over and don’t want to disappoint !

  352. Cathy Dellinger

    I saw this after I drooled over your farro and tomato recipe. Do you think farro could be substituted in this amazing recipe??? Could it work?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  353. Ron

    OMG! How did I miss this recipe??? It is in the oven now and I really wanted to dive into that mushroom sauce with abandon!!! It smells like heaven and I can’t wait to taste it fully because truth be told…I already tasted (more than I should) the sauce!!!! Thanks Deb!!!!

  354. Colleen L.

    I made this pasta dish tonight to use up some cremini mushrooms. I’m so glad I did. This dish was SO good. I didn’t have Marsala wine so I used the Malbec I had on hand. The dish turned out perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing this winner.

  355. Sarah

    Delicious and easy to make! Will be added to our regular rotation list. Only change I made was adding some chopped baby spinach. Thank you for such wonderful recipes!

  356. cR

    I made this on 1/1/2023 for the extended family – with two of our young adults who are vegetarians particularly in mind. Deb, the whole family loved it! Not a speck left. Thank you so much. You give so much to your readers. Wishing you and your family a wonderful upcoming year! <3 <3 <3

  357. Lindsey

    Made this two weeks ago and making it again tonight. I will say for a family of 4 that eats a decent meal, there won’t be much of anything left over. In fact my 11 year old son prevented us from having much of even a few extra bites.
    I went with the dried porcini mushroom – rehydrated instead of marsala because I had none. Also I didn’t use mozzarella because I didn’t remember to buy any. I think it actually made the meal a little less heavy. It was delicious!

  358. Maya

    I went off track here and would recommend – I really loved your Pizza Beans and wanted another vegetable-heavy bean gratin. I scoured your casserole list and decided the Mushroom Marsala bake was it! Made the recipe exactly except replaced the pasta with 1 lb dried (then cooked) Christmas Lima beans plus 6 oz kale. Like Pizza Beans’ richer, fancier cousin! Served with your recent roasted cauliflower salad.

    For anyone looking to freeze it, I froze half the unbaked dish for future meals very successfully. Defrost overnight in the fridge then put it in cast iron or a metal pan to bake and add 10-15 min to the time.

    Thanks for all of your recipes and inspiration – my family and friends would not be surprised to hear that 4 of the 5 dishes in my fridge are your recipes.

  359. Susan Chanel

    This is an oldie but sooo delicious, especially on a cold winter night. For anyone worrying about the Marsala, two things. The alcohol cooks off and even if you do not enjoy drinking it, it adds a unique flavor to this dish. I also like to add a cup of still frozen peas before turning it into the pan to bake for some added protein and color. Umm, can’t wait for dinner!

  360. karen

    Second time making this dish in 2 months. Wonderful flavors. I made 2 additions: added 2 minced garlic cloves and added fresh spinach before baking.

    My question is a general one: is there a way to add a field to your recipes on line that allows for personal notes to be added? I’d like to remember my additions, subtractions, overall impressions and the site doest allow any private comments. I make many of your recipes and do not publicly comment so I have no record of my actions and impressions.
    Thanks Deb.