fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese

Due to a delightful clerical error (a scheduled babysitter when we forgot Alex would be home from work), I got to have a weekday lunch with my husband on President’s Day. In a restaurant. With linens on the table and no sippy cups in a two-table radius! Oh, and maybe something petite, bubbly and pink in a glass. I admit nothing. But man, sometimes I think everyone should have kids just so they can get 80 times the joy out of excursions that would have been ordinary in another era. I am joking, of course. You should have kids because you detest sleeping past 6 a.m. Whoops, there I go again. It must be the pink bubbly.

what you'll need, besides hunger
frying thick-cut bacon lardons

It’s hardly a revolutionary concept, but like most parents, when away from a toddler’s totally respectably developed (his enthusiasm for both millet and cod, for goodness sake, far outweigh mine) but still quintessentially two year-old (“Mommy clean this” he said yesterday about a fleck of parsley on his carrot, while his father nearly fell off his chair laughing) palate, I go immediately for things he won’t go near, because, it’s cool, we can wait until your third birthday to introduce you do the joys of Sriracha. That day, it was a uber-bitter radicchio salad but quite often, it’s even simpler stuff — runny eggs, blue cheese, scratchy lettuces, sigh.

bacon vinaigrette so good you'll hate me

add blue cheese

Which brings me to my pre-kid favorite egg sandwich. A few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for the laziest, quickest, bodega knock-off egg-and-cheese sandwich on Cup of Jo. Nothing is simpler. It comes together less than five minutes and it is literally an egg formed a pocket of melted cheese. You’re welcome. At the other end of the egg sandwich elaboration spectrum is this, which introduces a classic French bistro salad to an American-style grab-and-go egg sandwich. They’re going to get along famously.

frying an egg
onto the sandwich

This is modeled after a Salade Lyonnaise, which is a frisée salad that’s been tossed with bacon, a bacon vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg. Here, the bacon-to-lettuce ratio is increased, the egg is fried instead of poached and a little blue cheese is added, just because. The result is a fantastic mess, more flavor than you ever thought possible to insert into an egg sandwich and hopelessly addictive. I first had a version of this at ‘Wichcraft (the Tom Colicchio sandwich chain that also inspired this beloved chickpea sandwich) but it’s even better made at home. For two. While the blue cheese-resistant member of your family tucks in a long weekend nap, visions of afternoon choo-choo train rides dancing in his head.

fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese

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Fried Egg Sandwich with Bacon and Blue Cheese [Egg Sandwich Lyonnaise]
Inspired by ‘Wichcraft + my favorite bistro salad

Note: If you don’t like like frisée lettuce, spinach is also a great friend to bacon vinaigrettes. The blue cheese could be replaced with another sharp, crumbly cheese.

Makes 2 sandwiches

2 ciabatta rolls

1 1/2 cups frisée (French curly endive), torn into-bite size pieces (about 2 ounces)
1 bacon slice, preferably thick-cut
1 tablespoon minced shallot (from 1 small)
1 teaspoon smooth Dijon mustard
4 teaspoons red wine vinegar
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese

1 to 2 teaspoons unsalted butter, divided
2 large eggs
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Split your rolls and put them in to toast.

Place frisée in a medium bowl. Cut bacon crosswise into 1/4-inch wide lardons. In a small heavy skillet, cook bacon over moderate heat, until pieces are crisp. With a slotted spoon, transfer bacon to paper towels, reserving bacon fat in pan. Add shallot to bacon fat and cook for one minute, stirring. Add red wine vinegar and let hiss and bubble for 20 to 30 seconds, then remove from heat and whisk in Dijon. Immediately pour hot dressing over frisée and toss with drained lardons, salt and pepper. Don’t try the salad just yet or you will be tempted to eat it just the way it is when, I promise, it’s even better with an egg on top.

Remove rolls from toaster and divide bacon-frisee salad between each bottom bun. You’ll want to heap on more than seems feasible or needed, especially once you realize how tasty it is. Top each salad pile with half (2 tablespoons) of the blue cheese.

Reheat skillet over medium-high heat. Add the butter and swirl it to coat the pan. Crack one egg into the skillet, season with salt and pepper and reduce heat to medium. I like to cover the skillet with a small lid at this point, as it seems to help the egg cook faster and more evenly. In one minute, you should have a perfect sunny-side-up egg. However, I find that for this sandwich, to somewhat rein in the mess, it helps to then flip the egg for 20 to 30 seconds, until the yolk is still runny, but less likely to run right off your sandwich.

Remove the egg from the pan and place it on top of the bacon-frisée salad on the bun. Repeat with remaining egg and come on, what are you waiting for? Dig in.

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279 comments on fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese

  1. This is a truly fabulous looking egg sandwich! I love the addition of bleu cheese!

    I recently tried the egg sandwich of yours I saw on Cup of Jo, and it turned out wonderfully, it’s my new go-to for a quick breakfast.

  2. Oh man, I have serious toddler-free lunch envy. And fried egg sandwiches are oh so good, this version sounds extra delicious. Especially after so many “carrot cleaning” experiences of my own.

    1. deb

      Karen — Yes. The first one was a delicious flop. But usually, I just take one quick photo (really: one, sometimes three; I like living on the edge, apparently) and we dig in.

  3. Gayle S.

    What an ingenious combination of flavors! A regular egg sandwich will pale in comparison from now on. Will make this soon to stoke me for the day. Thanks!

  4. Deb – I’ve been reading your blog for years now. And you always post recipes that make my mouth water. But mostly, make me reconsider the whole losing weight thing! Ha. Unfortunately I, like your very smart son, am not a huge fan of “scratchy lettuces” either, lol, but I’m preeettttty sure the bacon, egg and cheese will make it all worthwhile! Thanks for all the lovely ideas.

  5. Ariel

    my favorite salad on bread… I love you!

    You have a minor typo in the paragraph before the glorious picture of the bacon vinaigrette: I’m thinking you meant to type “simpler” :)

  6. It is nearly midnight here in London Town, I am stuffed to the gills from a hearty dinner, I HAVE TO GET TO BED because of the 6am dawn chorus you mentioned, and yet my mouth is literally watering looking at the photos. In my (greedy) mind I’ve already substituted smoked salmon for the bacon – which I know is a form of sacrilege, forgive me – and am wondering how some slow-baked tomatoes, or even sweet tomato chutney – would go with it. Pretty darn well I think. Right. That’s breakfast tmrw sorted. Only 6 hours to go…

  7. Anna

    I’m thinking of substituting spinach since I agree with Jacob about scratchy lettuces, but I’m tempted to throw away my plans for dinner and substitute this instead…

  8. This looks perfect and your egg is cooked beautifully. I could make a 7 course meal easier than I could make a perfect egg most days. Sunny side up eggs always seem a little gooey for me on top and the bottom is done long before the top is. You clearly have sunny side up eggs, among 898989 other cooking things, perfected :)

  9. Hi Deb, is there a particular type of egg (free range, brown, omega-3) that you find yields the richest, runniest yolk? I love farm fresh eggs, but if you’re at the grocery store, do you find there’s a big difference between conventional and specialty eggs, particularly for your delicious dish?

    1. deb

      Lili Lemon — I can’t say that I always taste the difference between farm and grocery store eggs. Sometimes, not always. However, if I’m not going by the farmer’s market, I do buy cage-free organic eggs almost exclusively from the grocery store. This isn’t because I have, like, high and mighty tastes in eggs, I just try to use my dollars to support the kind of agriculture I’d like to see more of. My other kind of finicky rule is that I only buy eggs in cardboard containers. It frustrates me to see eggs that boast all sort of earth-saving properties… in layered plastic containers. Nevertheless, this recipe, like all recipes on this site, can be made with any old eggs you have around. This site is not about soapboxing for me and, of course, the kinds of eggs I just described cost a little to a lot more.

      Averie — Actually, not perfected. One of them stuck to the pan, as evidence by the yolk drip on the sandwich board that I didn’t bother to wipe. :)

  10. I made your chickpea salad from ‘Wichcraft just this weekend! It’s a staple around our house. These sandwiches look just as amazing – you had me at “bacon”, “blue cheese” and “egg”. :)

  11. These are beautiful, beautiful photos. I would do anything (well, almost) for that light!

    I think I would go for arugula, too, but only because I always find it a little hard to eat frisee. Then again, maybe when it’s wrestled down in sandwich form, it’s more manageable. Thanks for the recipe!

  12. This post literally made me do a double take! I am absolutely making this on Saturday morning. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll share with the hubby… ;) Thanks so much for posting this!!

  13. Bea

    My husband’s favorite sandwich is a BLT + egg & white aged cheddar. This variation is definitely getting a try next Saturday. And my two-year old adores blue cheese (though she’s confused about why we call it that when it’s obviously mostly white), so it might be one of those crazy moments when we all eat the same thing.

  14. Oh my goodness. I lived in Lyon for three months last year and have been dreaming about Salade Lyonnaise ever since I left. I’m going to have to make this soon- I’m sure it will transport me right back there.

  15. I am loving the looks of this sandwich. There is something so satisfying about combining eggs, bacon, bread and cheese. This would be a kid and parent approved lunch in our house.

    I find lunch dates are much more fun than dinner dates. I think it’s because it feels like you’re sneaking out and playing hooky with your hubby.

    1. deb

      belleplusmel — It would probably be delicious but the baby arugula most of us get at the store would wilt a lot — and maybe not pleasantly. I don’t know where you are, but if in the NY area, I’m very fond of Satur Farms wild arugula, and think it would hold up slightly better. It also has great punch for boxed arugula.

      Annie — Funny, I just realized we were at another Colicchio place, Craft Bar. Total coincidence. Actually, we were surprised by how many of our favorite area restaurants don’t serve lunch.

  16. Yummy! I’ve got another one–I call it Moonstruck Eggs because it’s something that was cooked in the film Moonstruck. Take a large thick slice of rye bread and cut a hole in the middle. Put the bread on a buttered skillet and drop an egg in the hole. Flip and put parmesan cheese and marinated red pepper slices on the top and cook just until the cheese softens.

  17. Lilster

    Lovely looking sandwich, but I am also one who does not appreciate the bleu cheeses. My favorite way to fry an egg is to fry it on a bed of finely diced onion that’s been flavored with thyme. But your story reminds me of my own small boy, who recently had a fit when eating some pasta with vegetables. “What is this?” says he, pointing to the smallest thyme leaf. “It’s flavor, honey”. “NO! NO FLAVOR! GET THIS FLAVOR OFF MY PASTA!”. The next day he looked suspiciously at his dinner. “Is there any flavor in this?” “No dear, no flavor. Just eggplant.” So it’s back to ground spices for his food….

  18. I could eat that sandwich every meal of the day. I can’t get enough egg sandwiches and this one may just win my heart. Please please please never stop creating this wonderful food – you always brighten up my day and I never tell food bloggers this. You are a chart topper. Thank you for sharing food that I can make at home!

  19. Ashby

    I love this mostly because this is my two year old’s favorite sandwich (with slightly less fluffy lettuce, but heavy on the blue cheese and yolk). He won’t touch millet, though :o)

    I also want to say that I am beyond excited for your cookbook.

  20. Alisa

    Just a quick FYI: a “palette” is something that an artist uses for his paints. A “palate” is a part of the mouth and, in a form of metonymy, the word that we use when we talk about tastes–though inaccurate since we don’t taste with our palates at all! Those darn homophones!

    1. deb

      jennie — Ha! I got so many pearl clutching comments about that; people seemed aghast. I mean, I don’t make a habit out of buying fake cheese but I do, however, make a habit out of discovering that cheese (such as the better-adapted-to-adult-tastes Cabot sharp cheddar slices I also buy) is moldy when I need it not to be. Nevertheless. I was emulating a sandwich one buys off a dirty griddle at a corner store that also sells 40s and cigarettes; it’s hardly a place where one would request brie.

      Alisa — Blagh! I knew that. I hurried to get this post up because The Wee Boss was hungry for his dinner. Editing got stiffed. Sigh, it always does.

  21. Melina

    As a first time mom to a 6 mth old little boy, I know exactly what you mean about ordinary excursions being very exciting. My husband took me out for pizza and a hockey game (not normally my idea of a great night) for Valentine’s day and I was THRILLED.
    Thanks for all that you do. We are big fans of yours in this house.

  22. Lauren

    Hi Deb,

    I love your blog! I saw your comment about your choice to support only organic, cage-free eggs. This is awesome! I hope you might reconsider, however, your stance on plastic containers. Often, because of the intensive processing and environmental pollution that occurs at paper mills, it is actually much more sustainable to use plastic, which can be recycled simply through hot water. That’s why companies like Pete & Gerry’s, which sell Certified Humane eggs, choose to use plastic.

  23. Oooh sign me up for this! I recently discovered back and blue cheese pizza and was already in love with the pairing. Add in a runny egg yolk and I may just die from joy. Thanks so much! Glad that you got an opportunity for a middle of the day date!

  24. Lydia

    Love the idea of a viniagrette. I have been making sandwiches like this for awhile but just using a simple balsamic and olive oil dressing. Can not wait to try it with the bacon dressing!

  25. Mwahahahaha!! Love this recipe, AND this post. Also love pink fizzy tea. And the lunch sans children after having children and getting excited about spicy, sharp, oozy foods. Brilliant. x

  26. I don’t have ciabatta rolls on hand…but I do have a huge loaf! I’ll make this for breakfast tomorrow morning, toasting ciabatta slices instead of the role. I have to admit, I love fried eggs but can be hesitant to put them on sandwiches because the yolk drips and I’m a messy eater in general so all bets are off with gooey egg. I’ll have to put that to the side this time though because I have all the ingredients and it looks too delicious to pass up!

  27. I love a good fried egg sandwich – I usually do avocado and bacon on mine but need to consider scratchy lettuce obviously. This looks so divine. And I’m a bit jealous about the millet and eggs as my boy will hardly venture beyond peanut butter toast. (and moldy cheese slices really are a pain – just had an episode with swiss cheese slices). And I love your subway rider. When my boy was that age his fav excursion was seabus and skytrain (subway) to the airport to watch the planes and then return home. Absolute heaven for a transport boy.

  28. Seriously – did I ever appreciate the joys of eating out until I had a child? I used to think of dealing with restaurants and slow service would be a nuisance, when I could generally make better food at home. Now slow service is a blessing – its a few extra minutes when I don’t have to chase a sippy cup from under the table or catch slightly chewed food as the toddler pushes it out of her mouth when she decides its not to her liking. Kids – so charming :)

    This looks delicious! And aforementioned toddler is coocoo for eggs, so this is mother and baby-approved.

  29. In my world where gluten is an evil, stomach-punching, methane belching alien that has come to earth to torture me, this sandwich makes me sigh with longing. However, a nice runny egg and bacon and blue cheese might even make a rice cake tolerable. Thanks!

  30. Zoe

    Oh god…. that post on Cup of Joe…. I will be getting up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow to guarantee I have time time to make this before work!

  31. Laura Young

    This looks amazing Deb. I am going to do my best to make this for myself today. (The kids can get the quick egg sandwich right?) ;)

  32. Yum! I’ve eaten the bodega egg sandwich that you posted on Cup of Joe about 4 times. My husband’s hooked too. Sooo good on an English muffin in the morning. This looks delicious too, but my tastes in eggs run towards the unfancy side of things (unless we’re talking about poached eggs, in which case, there is little I will not try to improve with a poached egg).

    It’s kind of funny because I work less than a block away from Craftbar, and I feel like we just miss each other at places! If we do run into each other, I hope to not squee embarrassingly and gush about how much better a cook people think I am because of you.

    By the way, for other good grown-up lunch choices in the neighborhood (and by grown-up, I mean that they allow for awesome, slightly boozy lunches): ABC Kitchen, SD26, Boqueria, Rosa Mexicano…

  33. jwg

    There are many things on this sandwich that I am not supposed to eat-and I’d gladly kill for one. Good thing I don’t have any of the ingredients except the eggs at hand.

  34. Pat

    This is what I call comfort food. Thank you. On another note, I’m new here and I missed the bodega egg that everyone is raving about in their posts. Where can I find that recipe?

    1. deb

      Hi Pat — The lazy bodega egg sandwich recipe is over here, on Cup of Jo.

      krysmarru — Please say hi if you see us! TOTALLY forgot that ABC Kitchen does lunch; I’ve been meaning to get there forever. Haven’t been to Boqueria in eons either. I used to prefer Tia Pol for tapas, but remember that Boqueria pretty much *won* at patatas bravas. We swung through ABC Carpet on the way home and I gawked at serving pieces I won’t be able to afford in this lifetime or next. Then we went to Fish’s Eddys, where I would shop every week if I could.

      Bambi-Jo — It’s a ciabatta roll.

      Charlotte — AirTrain! Thank you for the suggestion. I cannot tell you how many hours of the week I spend plotting public transportation rides that will take us somewhere cool, but get us home in time for dinner. He would go ballistic over that. He just took his first airplane ride a few weeks ago and has spoke about it endlessly, adorably (“Jacob in the cloud!”) since.

  35. This sandwich looks amazing! Well actually everything you make looks like I would say THIS is my favorite…no THIS…you get the picture. I do enjoy the way you write…I had to read it to my daughter as she was leaving for school. The part about your 2 year old who said. “Mommy clean this.” How funny that he’ll eat millet and cod and still want that fleck of parsley removed from his parsley!

  36. donna

    Dear one,
    You are adored! Had my first Lyonnaise salad on Thursday at Five & Ten, Hugh Acheson’s restaurant (recent Top Chef judge), and it’s all I’ve been thinking about. You have now combined my favorite breakfast food with it? Pure love.
    P.S. I learned early on that you were Smitten Kitchen, NOT Kitten on my first internet search of your site. wowza. Thank you!
    Donna; Athens, GA

  37. Fried egg sandwiches are heavenly. They’re also what my friends like to call my signature dish. I used to make them for all my friends after school. Now, my kids love it when I make fried egg sandwiches and I love that I can please so many with a dish that is so easy to make! The addition of blue cheese… mouth is watering.

  38. Looks so scrumptious. When we were little, my dad used to make an egg and cheese on an English muffin whenever he got morning duty on the weekends (he called it an Egg McLiffmann). It was more like your pocket of cheese sandwich and was absolutely perfect. I love this grown-up version – I’ll have to make it for him next time I visit!

  39. Right about now, I’m wishing I didn’t polish off that hunk of blue cheese in the fridge the other night (I mean- I took a knife to it and ate the whole thing). Another inventive and I’m sure downright awesome creation Deb. This will be on my plate by Friday.

  40. Do you remember the movie Spanglish? There was a sandwich in it, one that Thomas Keller supposedly invented for the scene or something. This makes me think of that and want a mash-up of the two (I think the Keller fried egg sandwich had tomato, which I want, and different lettuce, which I do not want). Now I need to go Google the crap out of that and make a bunch of sandwiches!

  41. I have loved fried egg sandwiches forever; just thinking about them takes me back a lot of years. I think of how my parents fed us and as an adult I can more easily discern the hows and whys of some traditions. We were never without but with six kids I better see now why chicken, hamburger and eggs were such a big part of our diet; they were less costly than a lot of others things. There were days when we might have scrambled eggs for breakfast and fried egg sandwiches for dinner. But nothing like this!

    I do chuckle at your tales of the toddler but want to offer just one bit of encouragement. I never made special meals just for my children; they were expected to eat what was served for dinner. If they took issue with something they were not forced to eat it but I expected them to take one bite. And I did not give them something else to replace it either. They might grumble and sometimes might have left the table not as filled as I would have liked but you know what? Except for green peppers (and I’m a card carrying member of the ‘Green Pepper Haters Club’) those girls have a most adventurous appetite today. Heck…one of them insisted I try sushi after having some with a friend in high school! It will get better, promise.

  42. Anna

    Sadly, runny eggs and unpasteurized blue cheese are off the menu until our bundle of joy arrives this summer — but this is definitely going on the list of things my husband must make while the baby and I recover from labor. Also, thanks for making parenting look fun and delicious!

  43. Emma

    Oh lord this looks so delicious. I haven’t wanted bacon this much since I’ve been a vegetarian… If I were to make it without, though, do you have any recommendations for a dressing substitute?

  44. I had never had a runny-yolked egg on a sandwich until I studied in Spain during my sophomore year of college and, oh boy, was my world revolutionized. I can’t even imagine how delicious this version must be. I mean, c’mon, how can you go wrong with that combination of ingredients?

    On a related note, I am trying your buttermilk roasted chicken for dinner tonight. Honestly, I have been dreaming about it since I put my birdy in to brine last night. It’s about all I can do to actually finish my day at work and hit the gym quickly before going home to put it in the oven.

  45. Steph


    You’ve got to take Jacob on the Roosevelt Island tram with the Manhattan station at 60th & 2nd. It takes the Metrocard and counts as a “bus” ride. You can take the red bus (25 cent fare for adults, free for kids but watch out for surly people if you don’t fold up the stroller during rush hours) which’ll take you around the island. (I’d also point out that you can stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar, Serendipity, Patsy’s and Bloomingdale’s along the way.)

  46. Evelyn

    I’m assuming that you add the bacon to the sandwich? The directions tell you to transfer it to a paper towel, but never to add it to the sandwich, and I’d hate to see good bacon go to waste ;)

    1. deb

      Evelyn — Whoops! Yes. Now fixed. You just drain them briefly, then toss them with the salad and dressing.

      Steph — Yes, I was thinking the same! I was trying to remember how you get up to the platform — is there an elevator? Because stroller + child the size of a 5 year-old + steps = ugh.

      Emma — Be careful. I had been a vegetarian for more than 15 years when I ordered this salad at a restaurant, unaware that it had bacon on it. I left the restaurant no longer a vegetarian. :) Nevertheless, yes, you can skip the bacon. You’ll want a tablespoon or oil to approximate the lost bacon fat in the dressing.

  47. Haha! I hear you about the absolute luxury of dining out without our toddler. It feels like a slice of heaven to enjoy a meal out without chasing her from end of the restaurant to the other for half the meal (hubs gets the other half). Way to go on an impromptu date! I adore fried egg sandwiches, they are a big go-to in our house when we aren’t sure what else to throw on the stove.

  48. Restaurants are a distant memory for us these days….my solution to missing my favorite foods is recreating them at home….and save on tips :)
    Fried egg-anything is beautiful…thanks for adding this to my runny-yolks kick!!

  49. Oh dear, that is saturday morning perfection. We are big fans of the egg sandwich. My favorite is served on homemade english muffin bread. The greens, put this version over the top.

  50. Courtney

    Just made this for lunch . . .it is mind-blowing good. My husband declared it the best sandwich he’s ever eaten. This will be a staple in my house from now on.

  51. Mid Mod Tom

    You had me at Fried Egg … then Sandwich came screaming by and last but not least, my favorite: bacon and blue cheese! This is one of those ‘breakfast’ items I can see myself making for dinner too

  52. Susan

    I’m so glad you linked to your egg sandwich (recipe?) from the interview with cup’o joe so that I can have a (bite of) sandwich, too. On planet Susie, eggs only get eaten in cookies and cake..and custards and cream sauces and ice cream, sometimes.’s another world!

  53. Christine

    Deb – I’m a longtime reader of your blog and you’re my most trusted source for recipes! I had to comment today, for the first time, because this is my ALL TIME favorite sandwich at ‘wichcraft! And now I can make it at home! <3

  54. DEB! I love you. I look forward from a new recipe from you like I look forward to opening presents on Christmas! This sandwich looks so good that I’m kicking myself for not having frisee on hand (doesn’t everyone?) so that I can make it right now!

  55. Oh man, I want this for dinner. Tonight. I hear you about savoring restaurant experiences sans baby. The hubs and I just had our first date night a few weeks ago (we have a 3-month old) and blissed out on sushi and Sapporos.

  56. Susie

    I saw this but being a poor college student, decided to make it with things I already had. I had some homemade sourdough bread on hand, eggs, Trader Joes spinach, and their Parmesan, Romano and Asiago cheese blend. Turned out beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  57. Steph

    Hi Deb,

    There’s definitely an elevator albeit… ahem… fragrant (more accurately pungent) as per NYC. I would think the biggest pain in the a** would be 59th & Lex. It’s not a wheelchair accessible station (meaning not much in the elevator department) and the escalators are unreliable if they are there. I suppose the next closest with elevators (if functional) would be 63rd & Lex if you come up on the F. You could compromise and take the F to the island and the take the tram to the Manhattan side where all you have to do is go downstairs and escalators at 59th & Lex on the way home. If Jacob’s into toy trains, you’ve got to take him to Grand Central’s branch of the NY Transit Museum. They’ve got a little toy set and definitely little model subway cars and other train goodies.

    Onto the food though :), I’ll be riffing on this recipe this weekend with a variation, likely based on Little Luzzo’s potato and Gorgonzola Sicilian style pizza. Surprisingly awesome combination.

  58. oh i am drooling all over myself. i have recently given up both gluten and dairy but i am seriously tempted to put that off just long enough for me to eat one of these…

  59. Maartje

    Now you made me crave a fried egg/blue cheese/bacon-bits sandwich. Or any sandwich with eggs and cheese really. And that’s just mean, because I’m pregnant (and yes, I eat runny eggs :-), so my cravings are baaaaad and I can’t do anything about it now, because I’m at work.

  60. Kristina

    I made this sandwich this morning and you have ruined me as a human being. Although I used arugula, and I don’t think I rendered enough fat (…darn) to make that much brothy stuff. Also all I had was goat cheese and gluten free bread but WHATEVER IT WAS AMAZING.
    I can’t wait until I have all the proper ingredients.

  61. Ellen

    Ever since the 15th I have been making your egg sandwich from Cup of Joe non-stop! (Thank you!) I am in lovvve. I can’t wait to try this, methinks dinner tonight. My hubby and I are in the midst of packing and moving so anything quick & easy is perfect for us right now. Eggies! Eggies! Eggies!

  62. I recently discovered your site and I must have printed out a bunch of recipes. I was not successful in my own attempts at popovers and challah bread with other recipes so I will be trying your recipes very soon! Will keep you posted on how they turn out. The egg sandwich looks amazing!

  63. Liz

    This was delicious…BUT I tried to make it a little healthier!

    Pour out the bacon grease instead of keeping it in the pan, cuts on cal’s but keeps the flavor! :) Just kept the wine on a little longer for it to cook off.

    Also, I tried a different variation based on what I had in the Fridge…white wine instead of red, onions instead of shallots, spicy mustard instead of dijon and arugula instead of endive….it was STILL to die for!! Same concept with some tweaks.

  64. It’s my HUSBAND that doesn’t like runny eggs, but he did invent a surprisingly delicious new snack that he’s obsessed with: cottage cheese mixed with a generous dose of sriracha. The toddler demands “hot sauce” on his food whenever he sees us adding it, and so he too has come to love sriracha, at age two (though not nearly the amount that hubby does). Who knows, Jacob may be the same way, declaring, “Ooh, spicy! Need water!” between ravenous, delighted bites.

  65. Irina

    Some tiny part of me wants to go, “But. But. That’s not even a real recipe! It’s an egg sandwich! You know we’re all gonna put our favorite stuff in it anyway!”
    And the other part of me is just telling me to go make it right this instant. Gooey egg all over crusty bread and crispy greens and zomg bacon! Yeah. I need to go make ten.

    1. deb

      Irina — So funny you say that because, the first few years of this site, I refused to do sandwiches. NOT A RECIPE, I’d say. But then I realized that the sandwiches I really like (that chickpea one I linked to, egg sandwiches like this) really are about making something greater than its parts (i.e. it’s not just an egg + cheese + tomato). And then I got so excited about sandwiches, I put TWO recipes for them in my cookbook out this fall, both far more than the sum of their untraditional parts. I am officially a sandwich person, I guess. :)

  66. Irina

    Also, blue cheese. Oh my god blue cheese and bacon and runny eggs on…
    you get it.
    I’m making this. I’m even following the recipe. I won’t even dot it with Sriracha.

  67. Leslie

    Excuse me as I wipe up the drool from my desk. I’ve been on a grilled cheese-bacon-pear sandwich binge lately, but will have to insert this into the rotation!

  68. Oh, I love ‘Witchcraft! When I was in culinary school I would eat there almost every day. This sammie of yours looks soooo good– I’m a total sucker for egg sandwiches. I love the addition of the frisee– the crunch seems like such a nice contrast to the egg!

  69. Nice Global knife, there.
    Just picked up a Shun today, myself.

    Fried egg sandwiches are a thing of childhood nostalgia for me. My mom would put just a tad of miracle whip on there, and let me tell you, that little tang was FANTASTIC. This looks like a great recipe to dress up an egg sandwich though!

  70. Oh my goodness…. this is so much more delicious (and healthy) than the 2 peanut butter cookies and substandard coffee I had before my paperroute this morning. I love your banter about your kiddo too btw. I have a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old… does that make the wake ups 80 times x 2? It sure feels like it. My son is obsessed with cleaning specs of nothing off of food too.. which I find both hilarious and gruelling! Thank you, thank you for posting this and inspiring me to get out of my sad breakfast rut!

  71. Anna

    So the smoke alarm went off when I was making the bacon, I totally panicked and forgot to add the shallot and the bleu cheese, and the sandwich was STILL fabulous. This bodes well for making them round 2 tomorrow! Thanks so much :)

  72. Kirsteen

    Hey there,
    I made one of these for lunch today and it was fantastic. What a great recipe, and thank you! The only thing to note is that, as I was following the recipe, it wasn’t explicitly noted when the lardons should be added. I ended up scattering them across the salad once it was on the bun but afterwards, looking at your photos it looks like you added them to the salad before the salad was added to the bun. That would have been even better. Just a wee note.

  73. Wow! My mouth started watering as I read this post. That sandwich, minus the blue cheese, plus some sharp cheddar is my idea of heaven! That other sandwich you posted on A Cup of Joe looks magnificent as well! Oh the joy of eggs, cheese and bread…

  74. karen price

    Why is it when I get your emails with the new blog du’jour, I start salivating?
    You have to know that you are a FAB writer, and even if I never cooked another dish, I would read your blog for the pure enjoyment of it! Thank you Thank you. Ok,so upon reading this one, it is added to the gotta make list.Once again, another great menu idea,especially on those rush rush days.

  75. I was wondering when you would eat something like this, salad for breakfast, fried egg for diner!? Not really my thing. But then I came to think of my Sunday “morning” (around noon) hangovers and this sounds like the perfect solution! Thanks for the post- simple yet intriguing!

  76. Lisa

    Just finished breakfast and am happily sated thanks to you! Wish I could have eaten 10 of them. I don’t like frisee and didn’t have any spinach on hand so I used arugula. It turned out fine, but I expect spinach would be even yummier. I made an extra batch of the dressing to save for our dinner salad. Now I can’t wait for dinner! So delicious.

  77. Katie

    i made this last night… i’ve been basically living off egg sandwiches since your post on a cup of jo, and now this! i made two, one for me and one for my fiance, and he was begging me to make him a second one. so messy (we got generous with the bacon and blue cheese and salad) and so delicious!

  78. jennifer

    Lordy, Lordy, I made this for lunch today and it was superb (right down to our baby napping while we ate it)! I wanted to try Craftsteak or ‘WichCraft when we take our trip to Las Vegas but I’ve heard it’s not as good as the NYC Restaurants.

  79. What if you made your quick sandwich, with the blue cheese in the middle, and the bacon and frisee salad on top? That might be toooooo insane. I might have to do it tomorrow morning.

  80. April Rainwater

    Fried eggs, yolks runny with blue cheese crumbled on top is my go to quick no groceries in the house snack. Of course, I always have eggs and good cheese. I shared some today with my two year old dd while watching Blue’s Clues. You can’t beat the combination.

  81. Oh my, this recipe looks so yummy, I think I could eat like three of these (or more)! I managed to print this recipe out and will include it for next week’s meal plan. My kids are going to love these. They are crazy for runny eggs as much as I am!

  82. OMG! I literally stumbled upon this blog. It’s not fair I’ve just had lunch! Lovely pictures and a really good read. What camera are using to obtain such brilliant pictures?

  83. YUM! Recently, we have two nieces who have been living with us for 7 years this month. For President’s Weekend and Mid-Winter Break, they went to their Grandma’s so spend the week with her and their mom. We actually went out to a nice dinner, and had such a great time! I’m so with you on how much your appreciation for those moments increases exponentially with kids! This recipe would be perfect for one of the simple meals my husband and I usually enjoy when the kids are away for their visits. Thanks for passing it on!

  84. Anjali

    Just perfect! We’re vegetarian, so i omitted the bacon, but didnt miss it! I love that i now know how to make the perfect fried egg, and then create a gourmet sandwich.

    I’ve made so many recipes from this website, but this is the first time i am posting. Smitten kitchen never fails me. This is my go to blog for whatever new i’m in the mood for making. Thank you for always posting the perfect recipes.

  85. Suzanne

    I love all your recipes and your blog but was surprised when I pulled your page up and saw an ad for dating Asian women. Just sayin’…

  86. Stephanie

    As a long time reader & a resident of the east village, I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. This recipe, like so many of your others, was a smash hit that I’ll be using variations of for months to come. Looking forward to whatever’s next!

  87. Victoria

    Hi Deb,
    Just a note to say I’ve been enjoying your blog very much. I love the layout, your writing, and your pictures! I always look forward to reading your posts.

  88. That sounds pretty good as long as the amount of blue cheese is moderate! I find blue cheese too strong but I like it’s flavor in dressings and such.

  89. NicM

    We made this last week and since we still have pretty much everything on hand I think we’re making it again tonight. It’s so simple, just a little salad and a fried egg on bread, but tastes so amazing.

  90. Thank you SO much… not just for the yummy, best, most wonderful receipes – this one is fantastic too. But for also making me (a working mom of two under 2 – who are now two between 3 and 4) feel like I am not the only one who treasures unexpected midday lunches with my husband, a little pink bubbly and well… the occasional “sleeping in” to 7am. What on earth did I do with my time before babies? Oh, I was indignant when someone dared to call me before 10am on a weekend… it must be some kind of major emergency. And p.s. I 100% agree with your “no unsolicited advice” policy, as well intentioned as they all are… I have my trusted advice sources and seek them out when needed – for me that even means reading smittenkitchen to come across great parenting gems while figuring out my next great food adventure. I am sure you have similar “trusted advice sources”. Many thank yous for everything… I truly enjoy your blog.

  91. I love this combination!! I love fried egg, it’s just a bit dangerous for my diet ;) I used to make only the salad, with bacon and shredded emmental cheese, it’s fantastic too!!

  92. Susan

    Did you just go on vacation and leave us sitting here with an egg sandwich, of all things, that’s already a week old? Well…? kidding! (maybe)..Have a great time, Deb.

  93. Nico

    My fiance and I make egg sandwhiches all the time, and we use these amazing Artisan rolls from Trader Joes. They’re perfect!

  94. Phamished

    This sandwich was RIDICULOUSLY delicious!!!! Just made it for lunch and I could eat 5 more. I used Organic arugula instead of endives since that’s what I had, and I didn’t use blue cheese since I was out when I thought I had some on hand. I love Bleu Cheese though so will try it again with. I can only imagine how much better it will be with it. Thanks for the recipe!!!!

  95. Alexis

    I made these sandwiches twice this week for dinner. I’m not a huge fan of the fried egg but this was quite possibly the best.sandwich.ever. I used spinach instead of frisee. The spinach wilted just a bit under the heat of the dressing and it was divine!

  96. becca

    Made this tonight for dinner. I subbed sliced avocado for the bacon (blasphemy I know but I don’t like bacon.) It was fantastic-every bite was amazing. I do believe I’ve found a new go to breakfast sandwich.

  97. TONYK



  98. The pictures are very beautiful. I love when not only the tantalizing end result is shown but also the steps leading a marvelous dish. They make you want to go into the kitchen and start cooking right away.

  99. DocDiep

    That sandwich looked wonderful. (I’m impressed as much by the photos as your recipes) I had to make one. I just got back from an overseas trip and was awake at 03:00 and figured, what the heck. I think I saw blue cheese in the back of the refrigerator, and greens in the crisper drawer. No ciabatta rolls, but some sourdough should work. Well, the blue cheese was actually old – very old – jack cheese with an odd blue mold. And the greens were actually old mushrooms. So, while I still made a fried egg sandwich, the only ingredient in common with yours was the egg. I have got to be better at cleaning out my refrigerator before trips.

  100. This looks great. We just made our newest batch of home made bacon- so this is a perfect recipe.

    I know that people have strong opinions on Frisee, but I love the flavor with the egg and bacon. I can’t wait to make this.

  101. robin

    This is the most insanely delicious sandwich I’ve ever had…. it took me a week to try it…. but OMG!!!! I used baby spinach instead of the frisee which I couldnt find.. pure heaven, I love anything with a perfect over easy egg, and always looking for new reasons to use one.

  102. Kristin

    Made this sandwich for dinner tonight since I happened to have blue cheese, bacon and an egg on hand. It was simply amazing! I substituted spinach and a red onion just because that’s what I had. Great sandwich – cant wait to make it for my fiancé. Thanks, Deb.

  103. Walden

    Just mae it this morning after my ant referred me to your website. Loved it!!! I was not able to get frisee, so I used arugala. I waited minute to top with dressing to keep it from wilting. Cannot wait to make again.

  104. Elizabeth

    OMG! this has been on my “must make this immediately” radar since you posted it, and I finally got around to it this morning. Amazing! Perfect brunch fare and really simple… I absolutely love Smitten Kitchen, I’ve been following you for a while and have made multiple recipes, but this is my first comment. I’m a professional ballet dancer who loves great food and desserts :) thank you!!!

  105. I was thinking about making this instead of the bodega egg sandwich (because um, I get these food fixations, and I haven’t eaten anything else for breakfast on the weekends in weeks!) and saw your response! I will totally say hi.

    ABC Kitchen is a great option for lunch but is dangerous precisely because of the shiny objects you mention. They have a dedicated entrance on E19th if you want to avoid. Love Fish’s Eddy too! That’s where I found a few of the Anchor Hocking pieces I saw here and now love, like the measuring cup with a bazillion spouts.

    Tia Pol is now officially on my list. Just recently went to Almond on E22nd for lunch, I was kind of underwhelmed but it was totally packed on a Wednesday, so I could’ve ordered poorly.

  106. Monica

    Made this today, and it was delicious. I added sliced avocados underneath the bacon and blue cheese salad, which I would recommend. I tried making the vinaigrette with butter and olive oil rather than bacon grease, which was probably not as tasty but it worked anyway. Make sure you make enough dressing! I could have used a little more.

  107. Sue

    I came to your blog because I was looking for something easy and kid-UNfriendly, as my 3 and 6 year old were over a friend’s house for dinner. This was delicious and perfect! Thanks.

  108. Ing

    That looks amazing! One thing, though, what do the “one year ago,” two years ago” thing have to do with this recipe?

  109. Jodie

    Looks delish, as always!! You may already be aware, but Rose Byrne mentions your site in the current Aussie InStyle magazine – well done :)

  110. so, i actually made a modified version for my gf who is a vegetarian and it turned out super awesome so i thought i’d share. instead of bacon i used portobello and left them in when i added the sherry/dijon and shallots and let them cook down a bit more. it was super awesome. and she liked it so much i’ve made it 5 times in the last 2 weeks.

  111. Wanda

    Just got around to trying this for breakfast this morning. I loved this receipe. I really like eggs and the bacon and blue cheese combo is one of my favorites.

  112. Michelle

    Just tried this and oh my god I wanted to die it’s so good. I couldn’t find frisee, so I used arugula, and it was delicious. Thanks so much!

  113. Humanus Genus

    This made my boyfriend and I so happy! We subbed in baby spinach, yellow onion and Camembert cheese on a toasted wholegrain roll and it was delicious. I also used 4 slices of Canadian bacon as one didn’t seem anywhere near enough! I think I will use blue cheese next time and perhaps a second egg. Om nom nom!

  114. Linda

    Oh me oh my! Deb just made this Devine treat for my hubby’s birthday. Wowsers! A melt in your mouth bombshell. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  115. I seriously dislike blue cheese. But I love your blog and everything else about this recipe. Bacon dressing heck yes! My hubby has a “thing” for egg sandwiches. So I googled egg sandwiches to find a new way to make them for him, and your blog came up. I would totally eat like 2 of these hahaha… not sure about my guy. Will find out soon enough.

  116. Jamie

    I love you and dislike you for sharing this recipe (meant endearingly of course). It is far too delicious (the love part) that I can’t help but to make it far more than I should (the dislike part). Awesome! Delicious! Thank you…I think!

  117. Laura

    My husband and I are having a bit of a runny egg renaissance so I was really exited when this sandwich came up while I was taking advantage of the “Surprise Me” feature while I was bored at work yesterday.

    I knew I had to make this as soon as possible, so we made these for brunch today with spinach instead of frisée, as recommended. As expected, they were to die for! The runny egg was great, the salad was perfect, and the blue cheese was a great touch. Thanks for the great recipe!

  118. Paige

    This recipe looked too heavenly not to make immediately upon reading!
    I substituted much (which I’m sure isn’t as good as the real thing) and used:
    -spinach instead of frisée
    -feta instead of blue
    -white wine vinegar instead of red

    it was SO perfect, SO delish. the salad and especially the vinegar in it MADE this sandwich, don’t leave it out, you’ll cry! Also thank you for teaching me how to make a sunny side up egg :)

  119. Katherine W

    Loving this site and have been delving into past posts more and more lately! This was a fantastic Sunday breakfast today, though I didn’t use blue cheese as I had some other cheeses that needed using – I used a local brie-style cheese which was good but another time I’d like to try it with blue. The sandwich was delicious, and as good as any brunch I’ve had in a cafe!
    Thank you, and I look forward to trying lots more of your recipes!

  120. Dennis Johnson

    I adore you, Deb, but I have never been able to bring myself to do the runny egg thing. It’s just one of those lingering childhood things, compounded by the thought of salmonella. I contracted salmonella last year–tainted crab meat, I suspect–and thought I would die (and wished I would, several times). This recipe sounds lovely, though, and one of these days when I have had a couple of mimosas, I’ll give the runny egg thing a go.

  121. Mavis

    Such a delicious brunch! I used rocket because that’s all I had. And balanced the vinaigrette with a touch of maple syrup for my sour-averse husband.