potato chip cookies

When I was in the 4th grade, my lunch table mates had a habit of taking the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that their mothers had lovingly prepared, (trimmed of crusts, devoid of frights like gloppy grape jelly) opening them up, arranging some potato chips over the filling and smooshing the sides back together again before eating them. I don’t have a single other school lunch memory to draw from. I don’t remember if I ever ate a Sloppy Joe, if my school district considered pizza a vegetable, or whether my mother packed apples or cheesy poofs (likely the former, drat) in my lunchbox; I also can’t remember the name of a single person at that table. But I have a have a crystalline impression, unmarred by time (and, frankly, the current brand of early senility that has caused me to need 20-odd minutes to recall the word “unmarred”), of the odd delight that was those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; I remember their crunch and I remember how they tasted.

the not-so-secret ingredient
about to grind the chips

How they tasted was phenomenal. I’ve tried to explain this potato chip in a sea of sweet, rich ingredients to people for years and they, as you might expect, look at me like I’ve done lost my mind (nothing new, really). My husband, a guy who loves salt the way most people love chocolate, doesn’t restrain himself from looking grossed out when I bring it up. But I know the truth: they are wrong, the potato chips are right.

chopped pecans

adding the potato chip crumbs
rolling in sugar
smooshing is really fun

And now, I have further ammo; ammo in the form of a cookie. Here, you don’t have to apologize for hiding the potato chip, it’s right there, in the title, and sprinkled on the top, like the very best sea salt crunch. This is no time to feign interest in being a grown-up. These are like potato chip sandies or shortbread; the texture is crisp, the flavor is butter, vanilla, pecans and, you know, a little something-something. They’d be amazing dipped in chocolate, alas, I ran out of time. And I’d like to think that somewhere out there, that office mate of mine from a few years ago who would crumble potato chips inside her tuna sandwich when she thought I wasn’t looking, knows these are for freaks just like us.

sprinkling with salt and ground chips
potato chip cookies

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Potato Chip Cookies
Adapted from Emeril

Shockingly, we actually felt that these cookies needed more salt; just a smidge. Sounds crazy, right? If you’re using an extra-salty brand of potato chips, you might not find this necessary but I used Cape Cod, which is pretty salty, and felt that the salt in a crushed half cup was insufficient in the cookie batter.

I’ve included two “finish” options — one is the potato-and-sea-salt flakes you see on my cookies and the other is the chocolate dip I wished I had time for. I was thinking of these as an either/or finish, but I see no reason why both cannot be use. That said, I’m pretty sure the chocolate would steal the show.

Remaining weights to come! (I left my notes at home and am away this weekend.)

1 cup (2 sticks or 225 grams) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar, divided
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon table salt (optional, see note above)
1/2 cup chopped and toasted pecans
1/2 cup finely crushed potato chips
2 cups (250 grams) all-purpose flour

Potato chip salt finish (optional)
1 tablespoon crushed potato chips
1 1/2 teaspoons flaked sea salt

Chocolate dip finish (optional)
4 ounces (115 grams) semi- or bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 teaspoon butter, canola oil or vegetable shortening

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside. In a large bowl, cream together the butter with 1/2 cup of the sugar until lightly and fluffy. Mix in the vanilla and table salt, if using, until smooth. Add the pecans, 1/2 cup crushed potato chips and flour together and mix until just combined.

Place the remaining 1/2 cup sugar in a small bowl. Scoop a tablespoon-sized mound of dough and form it into a small ball with the palms of your hands. Roll the ball in the remaining sugar until coated. Place on prepared baking sheet and using the bottom of a drinking glass (or, in my case, a kitchen tool I’m unhealthily obsessed with) to slightly flatten the cookies. Cookies only need to be an inch apart; they only spread a little. Sprinkle with a few flakes of the potato chip salt, if using. Repeat with remaining dough.

Bake cookies until lightly golden at the edges, about 15 minutes. Transfer to cool on a wire rack.

If dipping in chocolate, melt chocolate with butter, oil or shortening in a double boiler or in short bursts in the microwave. Stir until smooth. Dip half of each fully cooled cookie in the chocolate, and let dry and harden on a wire rack.

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504 comments on potato chip cookies

  1. I just can’t imagine how they taste but I will try this recipe… it’s so… different and surprising that I must do it!

    Thanks for the idea and sorry for my English ; )

  2. Potato chips are a vastly underrated ingredient, they are so good in sandwiches. I’ve never thought about putting them in cookies but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to think about anything else until I make these.

  3. Abby

    My mom and I mix PB and jelly in a bowl and use it as dip for potato chips. It’s amazing, I’m glad someone else finally recognizes. These look great!

  4. Who can resist a little bit of salty and sweet together? These look delicious and I like your idea of dipping them in a bit of chocolate. We are huge fans of Cape Cod chips around here and I am certain my 4 year old would devour these!

  5. Are you sure you shouldn’t just call these “Crack Cookies”? I’d imagine that this would add the right amount of salt and a lovely texture.

    My husband and I have a house on the Cape in the same town as the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory and we always have a bag around.

  6. Cathy O

    I have been making Potato Chip cookies for the past 20 years (at Christmas time). One of the favorite on my cookie trays every year. I make about 15 different recipes every year, for gifts for friends. However, my recipe doesn’t have nuts in them, nor a topping! I like your idea of the 2 topping variations. I just roll mine in 10x sugar. I always have a problem identifing them, since they look just like another cookie I make, “Meltaways”. So, will use one of your toppings next time I make them, to identify. I call them “Secret cookies” to see if people can identify the secret ingrediant – Potato Chips. I think one person out of about 100 people has ever guessed it. I am leaning towards the chocolate dip!!! Then I can still call them “secret cookies”. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Suzanne

    This is genius!! I love the salty/sweet combo and the crunch provided from the chips in this luscious-sounding cookie seems perfect. I haven’t made these yet, but I know that they will be a home-run. Thanks, Deb!!

  8. Laura @ Sweet Life à la Carte

    Potato chips in sandwiches are the best! I learned the trick from my little brother on an elementary-years ski trip. Can’t wait to try these cookies!

  9. We used to make a potato chip cookie at a coffeehouse I worked at, and I was surprised at how much I liked them. I can’t wait try these – especially with chocolate.

  10. i sat next to a girl in college for 8 weeks, and still have her name committed to memory (despite similar senility issues, and the 20 years that have passed since), because she made INSANELY great cookies using rice krispies, cornflakes, and yes, potato chips.

    love this.

  11. Annie Patterson Rothgeb

    The pb&j&pc sandwiches were absolutely happening in a small city in Minnesota in the early 60’s. I remember the taste of this combination precisely.

    Your idea (brilliant!) of dipping these cookies in chocolate leaves me wondering how they’d be as a thumbprint cookie with a dab of jelly baked-in for good measure.

  12. Kim

    The very first homemade cookies I experienced as a child were potato chip cookies made by an aunt who was babysitting me overnight. I feel like I was 6 or so. I still make them periodically–they’re my “health-freak” daughter-in-laws favorite! These look like a fancy pants version. I will definitely give them a try!

  13. Donna, that sandwich sounds incredible.

    These cookies sound pretty good, but I’m already so convinced by the Compost Cookies at Momofuku Milk Bar, that I don’t need to be talked into it :)

  14. Iwona

    This reminds me of my childhood favorite. Growing up in Poland, we had our crunchy potato pancakes (latkes) topped with sugar. Yummy.

  15. Ann Marie

    I thought I was the only person who put potato chips in my peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly for me). I’m going to have to try these cookies!

  16. In my early years, during my “white food” stage, the only thing I would eat at family BBQs, school potlucks, and grill-based picnics was a hotdog bun stuffed with potato chips. I can still remember exactly how the soft, doughy bun gave way to the crunchy, salty chips — and especially how, as the bun flattened in my hands, those chips shattered into tiny shards. Can’t wait to try this recipe and be reminded of those times!

  17. Approximately 17 years ago I had my first potato chip cookie and was hooked. I am a California Native but went to the mid west for a meeting and had them there. What a treat – salty, crunchy and sweet all at the same time – truly a cookie lovers dream. These are on my list to make!!! Have a great Sunday!

    1. deb

      Faye — Salted butter has anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon table salt in it per stick, so it’s always hard to guess how much salt it replaces in recipes.

      Compost Cookies — Are fantastic! I find almost everything at the Milk Bar to be 1) awesomely, inspiringly creative but also 2) way too sweet for my tastes. Still, I live too close not to try everything at least once. :)

  18. I’m going to be honest…I don’t see why this is such a freaky combination to people! Maybe it’s because I down a few TJ’s salted chocolate and caramel bars a week, but I think these sound divine.

  19. This is definitely a recipe I have never seen before. I love it! I am a total salty and sweet gal. Love that combo.

    I remember my school lunches consisted either of peanut butter and fluff (my favorite back then) peanut butter and jelly and meat loaf sandwiches toped with ketchup. I think these items were all on white bread as well.

    My culinary habits have changed dramatically since them, thank goodness :)

  20. JanetP

    What a relief! I was afraid these were going to be peanut butter, jelly, potato chip cookies, which sound nasty to me. These on the other hand? Sound great.

  21. Jennie M

    I’m actually upset that I’m out of town right now and can’t make these! I’m generally not a fan of making or eating cookies but I want to try these something fierce!

  22. My grandmother always made potato chip cookies! As my mom and I are potato chip lovers, and salt freaks, these are one of our favorite cookies! Sadly, I seem to buy more BBQ flavored chips then regular chips, so I don’t make them as often as I should (maybe that’s a good thing- I know I would eat them all!).

  23. This sounds so tasty! Another cookie trick I’ve heard is that putting a chopped hard-boiled egg in your chocolate chip cookies improves the texture, although I haven’t tried it yet.

  24. Goodness gracious. You need to set up a table outside of the local lamaze class and sell these cookies.

    I’ve got potato chips on my mind because we just became addicted to Mad Men this week (yes, I know we’re about 4 years behind) and Season 2 is really all about the potato chip. There it’s Utz, but oh wow, Cape Cod are so good.

    And tuna fish sandwiches with potato chips shoved in the middle is pretty fantastic lunch fare.

  25. Sally

    LOVE these! If I wasn’t 10 days post-partum, they’d be in the oven tonight.

    Incidentally, I have a strong memory of eating ice cream sandwiches for lunch in middle school. Blech.

  26. Heather

    It’s not quite the same, but in high school it was customary to get a bagel and cream cheese, plus a bag of Doritos, and combine. The combination was exquisite and anyone who didn’t do it only gives me weird looks when I tell them about it. So, I can totally see this one.

  27. I, too, used to put potato chips on PB&J– in fact, I wouldn’t eat them any other way (jelly without the extra salt-crunch infusion of the potato chips was too sweet for me.) But with tuna? Genius.

  28. SkateGirl

    My grandmother used to make these all the time! My mom and I just ran across the recipe over the holidays. And, they are fabulous dipped in a nice dark chocolate. Thanks for the memory!

  29. I have never had pb&j with potato chips but often have eaten tuna sandwiches stuffed with pickles and potato chips – yum. As potato chips are one of my favorite foods, along with cookies I think we’ll be having these soon at our house.

  30. Annieboo

    Linda, it looks like the kitchen tool you may be referring to is a meat pounder. I’m not a baker, but I am a potato chip lover. So, I think I will be trying these cookies!!

  31. Oh I TOTALLY know what you’re talking about–I LOVED potato chips in my PB&J sandwiches when I was in grade school too! How fun to be reminded of that. :)

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  32. Phyllisa

    I cannot wait to try these. I have a chocolate chip, pretzel, potato chip cookie that I love. And, by the way, I have more than enough school cafeteria memories for the both of us. And, yes, pizza was a vegetable!

  33. Replying to Brynna’s and Annieboo’s suggestion, if you are fresh out of an espresso tamp…try using the bottom of a glass jar. Usually slightly dampen the bottom of the jar so the dough does not stick. Will peel off easily bc of the salt layer can’t wait to make these! love a sweet salt crunch combo!

  34. Jillian

    These sound fantastic. Will be put on my “to-do” list for sure! I’ve always put chips on my sandwiches–I love the crunch! My favorite combo is salt and vinegar kettle chips with a tuna salad sandwich. Love it!

  35. “They, as you might expect, look at me like I’ve done lost my mind.” I totally know what you mean — I get the same look when I ask people what their favourite font is. (What’s wrong with a healthy amount of “serif vs. sans-serif” debate?) Thanks for the recipe — looks great!

  36. MamaJoJo

    The comments for this recipe have had me in stitches. Girls, you are a funny bunch! I’ve never heard of PB&J&PC but that is what my kids are having for lunch today, for sure. And, I’ll be sure to save half a cup of PC’s to make these fabulous cookies. I’m all about creating food memories for my kids and these certainly will do the trick!

  37. Melissa

    We don’t eat potato chips very often, mostly because I can easily consume a whole bag before dinner. But every once in a while we have them as a “treat” and I am still fond of putting them on my turkey or ham or whatever sandwich makes up lunch that week. I cannot wait to try these!

  38. Linzi

    Crisp sandwiches are awesome! I’m not exactly au fait with American flavours but sliced tomato with salt and vinegar rocks or even just cheese and onion crisps on buttered bread. Also, and I can’t believe I’m gonna out myself but try taking a bite of nice sweet chocolate (usually a cadburys dairy milk) and a few salt and vinegar crisps. Yum. *runs*

    Actually, that reminds me of the hard, chocolate-covered pretzels that used to be around…. not looking so crazy now, are we?

  39. Susan B.

    You are so right about potato chips in pb&j! And in tuna! I used to put potato chips in both. It is so yummy. Especially ridge chips in the peanut butter. I’m going to have to try these cookies. And now I’m left with a craving for a pb&j sandwich with chips…thanks, Deb. :)

  40. Gail

    I never did it, but sat at lunch with plenty of kids who put potato chips on their PB&J’s. I preferred my accompanying salt to come from a Claussen’s dill pickle, a small salty nibble taken with each sweet bite. I totally get it. And will definitely try these delicious-looking cookies!

  41. Martha in KS

    I rarely buy potato chips & it’s even rarer to have white bread in the house. But if those two occasions collide, I make myself a PB&J with potato chips. I never buy grape jelly but that would make it just like my childhood fave when Welch’s was THE jelly. Definitely the salty/sweet contrast, plus the crunch make these irresistible. Do your hubby a favor & make him one. He’ll be sold.

  42. tj

    …”…these are for freaks just like us.” – If that makes one a freak then this is one happy freak! ;o) I am one who loves potato chips inside her pb&j sammies and in her tuna salad as well. Thank you so much for this recipe Miss Smitten! :o)

    …Enjoy your day!

    …Blessings :o)

  43. While the idea of putting potato chips into anything I eat throws my appetite off, this post made my morning–bringing a smile to my face and laughter to my lips. Thanks!

  44. Marcia

    That’s a pretty good school lunch memory..I too have only one,and it was the kid who brought the baggie full of chicken hearts to lunch, picked each one up by the aorta, and popped them happily into his mouth, while everyone else went “EWWWW!” You can see why it erases all other memories…can not even imagine trying to riff a cookie recipe out of that one. Cheers for Potato Chips!

  45. aa

    i love this idea! sounds so delicious – reminds me… there’s that ben and jerry’s flavor with potato chip pieces swirled in and it is HEAVENLY. i haven’t been able to find it here (i moved out of the US recently) but it’s by far my favorite. horray for chips!!

  46. Kristin

    As a kid, I always ate chocolate chip cookies with a big pile of potato chips on top of each one. It was delicious (and such a healthy afterschool snack). People always thought I was nuts, but to me the combination is obvious. Have never tried chips in a PB&J, but I don’t like PB&J unless I have a side of chips with it. Don’t know why I never tried putting them in. Not sure if grinding up the chips will provide the same satisfaction as the crunch of a stack of chips on top of the cookie, but I may give this a try.

  47. You know what’s funny, is that I have potato chip cookies on my to-make recipe list before you even posted this. I was actually going to make them as a guest post I was going to do on someone’s blog but will probably do something else instead but I have wanted to try the cookie/chip combo for awhile and I bought a huge bag of potato chips last week! Now you have me even more excited to try!

  48. That was definitely my “thing” in elementary school. I would spruce up my sandwiches with potato chips and I even tried out a lot of other different flavors. Plain would always win! Simplicity at its best. :)

  49. MJ

    I love potato chips in sandwiches, although I never thought to put them in a pb&j. I can’t wait to try these cookies, especially with the chocolate dip.

  50. Toast, egg over medium, bacon, mustard and potato chips was a standard breakfast staple in my house growing up. Potato chips made every sandwich better from PB & J to tuna fish to plain old ham and cheese! They make any sandwich better.

    And these cookies? Of course they were on the Christmas baking list every year. I’m sure mom would love to try them dipped in chocolate!!

  51. Tracey

    Oh, yeah. This is right in my wheelhouse! I love bbq potato chips in my salami sandy on sweet roll, or chicken salad on whole wheat, or turkey on dutch crunch. There is also a food truck that I visit that makes these–“Kitchen Sink Cookie: Coffee, Coconut, Potato Chips, Butterscotch Chips”. These are to die for!

  52. Tim

    Wow, brings back memories! I’m going to make these for my lab meeting tomorrow.

    Is there a good, non-nut substitute for the pecans, or should I just omit them? I’m allergic to nuts.

  53. Kathy in St. Louis

    I’m about your age, Deb, and I grew up reading old church and community cookbooks. That’s the only place I’ve ever seen potato chip cookies show up. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  54. Kathy in St. Louis

    Tim — you could leave them out or use something else. My tastebuds tell me that bittersweet chocolate chips or coconut shreds would be nice.

  55. Cathy

    YUM! We put fritoes in our pb&j sandwiches and bbq chips in our tuna!
    Here is a recipe for a no-bake cookie that we call PMS Cookies- 2 cups chocolate chips and 2 cups butterscotch chip melted together. Add 2 cups crushed potato chips and 2 cups salted or dry roasted peanuts. Drop by spoonful on waxed paper to harden. Then invite some friends over our you will make yourself sick on these! We also call them Naughty Cookies in mixed company.

  56. DCRunner

    Can’t wait to try these! I used to put chips on all my sandwiches as a kid… and frankly, I still do when I have some chips on hand!

  57. Sarah

    Thanks so much for these Deb! I also ate potato chips in just about every kind of sandwich imaginable growing up and was very recently pondering what it would be like to go back and try it again. I kind of nixed the idea, but these cookies are on. Someone left two bags of the chips in my apartment after a party and they’re the kind of thing I never eat on my own.

  58. I’m a fellow lover of the potato chip pbj, and its more grown-up cousin, the potato chip tuna fish (with crispy iceberg and tomato slices, of course) I just make these for my sons’ lunches this week! Okay, for myself :)

  59. Barb

    Chips on tuna sandwich or sloppy joes is the way to go. Why choose between the 2 toppings? Why not dip in chocolate and sprinkle with crushed chips. The best of both worlds

  60. Shari

    Potato chip cookies was one thing my mom knew how to make. She used to make them when I was in elementary school. All I can say is yum!

  61. Elizabeth

    The people who find this weird are probably also the people who think it’s weird to dip french fries in chocolate shakes! I started eating chips on sandwiches in college- it’s especially good on hummus-guacamole veggie pockets. The weird sandwich that fueled my adolescent growth spurt was peanut butter, honey and chocolate chips. What I would give to have that metabolism again…

  62. Kristy

    One of my early memories is making potato chip cookies with my grandmother. Loved them and I have her recipe. They were crushed and mixed in with the flour. And she added butterscotch chips. Oh they were so heavenly. I’ll have to try these too!

  63. Yum. I always loved potato chips on my sandwiches…tuna, I’m not usually a fan of PB&J. And may I recommend peanut butter and olive sandwiches? I prefer garlic & lemon marinated olives. Sliced, so they won’t tear through the bread. You can add a shmear of cream cheese if so inclined.

  64. Intriguing. Here in New Zealand, there are those among us who make potato chip sandwiches – chips with two slabs of bread slapped on either side. I haven’t quite brought myself to try this but your biscuits could be a half way house I might manage.

  65. Sarah

    YUMMMMMMMMMM these look so good! I think I might try these and add mini chocolate chips, sorta like you did with the espresso shortbread :)

  66. Potato chip cookies are a specialty of my grandmother’s, and, until today, I have not found a single person who claims to have heard of them. Finally!

    I shamelessly “chipped” my PB&Js and, like Adrianna, still chip my tuna sandwiches. Ah, adulthood.

  67. These look interesting! Love that there are pecans in them, too. Whenever my aunt used to pick me up after school, she’d show up with a chicken sandwich from Burger King…I’d always layer some crispy fries in that sandwich. I remember it being very delicious.

  68. Kay

    My mom used to make potato chip cookies with butterscotch chips. I don’t remember the rest of the ingredients but I loved these cookies. We used to get free chips from our neighbor who drove a chip truck so my mom got really creative.

  69. It is a huge relief that others also eat potato chip and PBJ sandwiches. Because of my habit my older brother and sister told me I was some kind of weirdo mom and dad found on the side of the road. I lived with this closeted knowledge for years. Now I am free! (The fun part is arranging them on the peanut butter for maximum coverage/chip per bite!)

  70. This recipe reminds of Afghan cookies from New Zealand which are a delicious shortbread cookie with cornflakes in them. They’re this wonderful combo of buttery and crunchy. I will definitely be trying this recipe.

  71. J Harrell

    My brother and I started putting potato chips on our PB&Js when we got braces and crunchy peanut butter was banned in the household. Its interesting to see others do the same thing.

  72. JamieF

    I love to put potato chips on my sandwiches (never PB and Jelly, tho)!

    Trader Joe’s sells bags of chocolate covered potato chips and they are disgusting and delicious at the same time. That makes me think these are probably very tasty. They look almost like those russian tea cakes but salty!

  73. laurie

    My grade-school lunch memory is a salami sandwich with crunchy cheetos between slices of rye bread. My mother never let us have soft white bread, like all of the other kids. That probably would have been acceptable in NYC, where I was born, but it was plain weird in Dallas in the early 70s.

  74. Paula B.

    Love potato chips, epecially Cape Cod brand, and I will definitely try these soon. As for the pb and j sandwich, used to buy one every day in junior high because my mom had given me lunch money, would take one bite or two and toss it. l like my pb sans the jelly. (By high school I had moved on to having the cafeteria’s homemade peanut butter cookies for lunch!)

  75. Nicole

    My best friend loves those TJ chocolate covered potato chips, so guess what I’m making for our girls weekend in 2 weeks?! I’m going to dip them halfway, and sprinkle crushed chips on that side. She will be in heaven!! And I do believe that the kitchen tool is a meat pounder used very delicately. Awesome recipe!

  76. RHCD

    I still do the potato chips in PB&J sandwiches and I’m smack in my mid 30’s. They are great with the uber fresh PB.

    and those cookies look devine.

  77. Very intriguing. Usually I wait to make your recipes then comment but am compelled to share that my grade school delicacy-discovery was to put potato chips OR Fritos on a bologna sandwich with French’s Mustard on white bread. Years later I tried bologna again and was shattered by how icky it was, but I will never forget my invention as the beginnings of my interest in adventurous cuisine.

  78. jwg

    The buttermilk chicken is marinating for dinner as we speak, and these will be desert if I have any nuts. I like potato chips crumbled into my container of low-fat cottage cheese. Sort of defeats the purpose I guess.

  79. hamletta

    My mom taught me to put potato chips in my PBJ, because she used to do it when she was a kid.

    And since we’re all sharing, my dad turned me on to PB and mayo sandwiches. Sounds disgusting, but it’s really good: The PB becomes the sweet half of the combo. Gotta have lots of cold milk to wash it down, though.

  80. Tracy

    These are amazing. My favorite use for potato chips is baking them on top of eggs in ramekins. They sink in just a bit and the egg, cheese, chip combination is so unbelievably good.

  81. Amy P

    I totally remember that too! Also, a college friend of mine introduced me to crumbled potato chips on top of the cheapest possible frozen pizza (after it’s cooked, of course). Sounds crazy, but so delicious. Especially after a long night out at the bars. =)

  82. Jen

    I share the love of potato chip sandwichs. Tom + Chee, a food truck in Cincinnati serves awesome grilled cheese potato chip sandwiches. I can’t wait to try these cookies.

  83. Carolyn S.

    I made these (already!) they are so good! I took your advice and went with the extra salt. I used salted butter and then added 1/8 tsp of table salt (I used ruffles potato chips) and in my opinion they were absolutely perfect. I topped them all with the crushed chips and flaked sea salt, but in addiiton to that I went with a variation of your chocolate variation and added 3 oz of mini morsels to half the batter.

    An absolutely outstanding cookie, and I will make them again and again!

  84. L

    I LOVE putting potato chips (and other kinds of chips!) on sandwiches. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. Can’t wait to try these!

  85. In Granada a week ago, my sister and I stuffed our pristine jamon bocadillos (Spanish ham filled rolls) with potato chips, as we have done since we were kids, and they were of course all the better for it. AMAZING recipe! Who needs flaky salt when you have crisps?

  86. Oh my goodness, a tuna sandwich without chips is like a day without sunshine!! Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but like I said, Oh my goodness!
    ps: Salt and Vinegar chips are the. best. for tuna sandwiches. At least around here ;)

  87. Haha, fond memories to be found in this post. Although, I was perhaps one of the weirder of the weird kids at the lunch table, for I like to put cheetos inside of my PB7J sandwiches. To this day, I kind of like that flavor pairing haha.

  88. I love sweet and salty desserts! These potato chip cookies look delicious.

    Ever tried putting fries in between a burger? Not only is it supremely delicious, but you get to eat your fries before they get cold.

  89. Carol

    My mom used to make potato chip cookies when I was a kid. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to get that recipe because I always loved them.

  90. Syd

    About a week ago I came across my husband’s aunt’s recipe for potato chip cookies. (Delicious!) And now, this. Sounds like the cookie gods are trying to tell me something.

  91. Mariha

    I read your recipes all the time and fall in love more and more, this one really hits home. I don’t have many memories of my dad but the one time that sticks out most in my memory is when my mum went away when i was much younger so it was up to dad to organise dinner he decided to let me in on a little of his childhood. That night we at BBQ chips and tamato sauce sandwiches washed down with strawberry milk. I still crave it till this day! I must make these cookies.

  92. Kaitlin

    I remember doing this in 4th grade too! I also enjoyed the cheddar sour cream chips on turkey pastrami sandwiches!! Makes me want one now. I tried a recipe for chocolate chip potato chip cookies last year and I will definitely have to try these too!

  93. Christina Clouse

    loved this post. I totally eat PB&J that way too.
    Also, sometimes
    I like to slip a slice of supersharp cheddar in there. yum.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  94. AJ

    I’ll be honest, on the surface this sounds really bad. But (as a cook) I intuitively know it sounds like it could very well be genius.

    I must admit though, to being a bit dismayed at the lack of PB in the cookie recipe after all the talk of PB&J and Potato Chips.

  95. Rebecca

    My first thought when I read this…french fries in Frosty’s milkshakes! But I see that Kelly beat me to the bunch! Certainly going to give these a try!

  96. Susan

    Tuna sandwiches require potato chips and tobacco. Kettle cooked jalepeno chips will suffice if no hot sauce available. Never occurred to me to thin it odd. It’s judy right

  97. PB & J isn’t really very Australian, but I used to eat my banana in school lunches with my potato chips to the horror of all my friends – I love that mushy salty crunch combo! I will have to give these a go!

  98. Myrna

    These look amazing. The sweet and salty combo is my weakness. My go to quick fix discovered while an exchange student in Austria, pretzel sticks dipped into Nutella – holy cow that was good. I won’t keep Nutella and pretzels in the house at the same time now. Will have to try these cookies during the week.

  99. It’s nice to hear so many people giving potato chips on sandwiches their due! I’ve never put them on PB&J, but rather on PB with butter and potato chips (I know, shocking, butter AND peanut butter, GASP). Have not yet had them in or on a cookie, but why not?! Will try these for sure!

  100. Staci

    My best friend, Misty, makes chocolate covered potato chips for me as a Christmas gift. They are my all time favorite and have been for as long as I can remember! I am making these cookies and shipping them out to her tomorrow! Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  101. Susan

    I can remember what I ate for lunch from 7th grade on, one tuna sandwich and one peanut butter and jelly sandwich; every day. EVERY day (and lived to tell of it even after storing them in my locker for 4 hours prior to lunch)…and I still love them both. I saw many people put potato chips on their sandwich but I never did. 1. I didn’t get chips in my lunch and 2. the one time I tried it, the chips got soggy and became chewy, I didn’t like that. But I do like sweet and salty, so I look forward to making these cookies.

    Little Mr. Cream Cheeks looks too adorable in that hat.

  102. Potato chips or doritos (nacho) on a pb&j is seriously the best sandwich ever! I have no idea where I got the idea as a kid (maybe it’s a “NY thing” as I’m from LI) but I’m still loving these sandwiches today with the requisite glass of chocolate milk. :) Anyway, the idea of potato chip cookies is obviously also right up my alley – thanks for sharing!

  103. Paula

    Very thin sandwich bread (without crusts) with ham, cheese, mayo and potato chips…that´s what we did at birthday parties when I was in grade school. The table always included ham and cheese sandwiches and potato chips that were supposed to be eaten separately. But we would open the sandwiches and make a mess trying to fit as many chips as possible. They were, and still are, great!

  104. Robby

    There is a Nestle recipe called something like Salty and Sweet Chocolate Chip cookies that is a chocolate chip cookie with both pretzels and potato chips in them. I’m not responsible for any new addictions, just wanted to point out additional decadent options in the world.

  105. When Chef Dale Talde said he was going to put potato chips in his cookies during Episode 10’s Quick-Fire Challenge of Top Chef Season 8 All Star, I thought he was insane! Even Cookie Monster, Elmo and Telly from Sesame Street (their judges) thought he was crazy! But what’s even more surprising was that his Pretzel and Potato Chip Shortbread Cookie with Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache was so incredibly amazing, that he won that quick-fire challenge and got $5,000. And i still thought he was insane. But when I saw this post, I knew that there’s definitely something with potato chips and cookies now. It’s probably gonna be the new in thing and it’s not gonna be insane anymore. These cookies look and sound amazing, I can’t wait to try them! Thanks for sharing! :)

  106. Kinsey09

    No lie, I just smooshed potato chips in a PB&J yesterday (husband away, no one looking)!!! Try it on cinnamon raisin bread. The. Best. Ever.

    Now gotta try these cookies.

  107. Sarah

    delightful post! i did that too with my PB + potato chips! the tradition lives on!

    these would be good for this weekends superbowl party. thanks!

  108. Definitely going to have to try this. Or do the same thing with a peanut butter cookie. Or do the same thing with a peanut butter cookie made into a thumbprint cookie with jelly in the middle.

    And I have put chips on all manner of sandwiches. The crunch as you put the top piece of bread back on and push down makes the whole eating experience better.

  109. Nan

    And I thought I was the only one who knew the secret to a good tuna sandwich was potato chips in the mix! This recipe brought back memories…we always put our chips on our sandwich…especially loved them on them on our Sunday night snacks – dad would grind up the remaining roast beef from Sunday dinner, add in a ton of mayo and spread it on toast and we’d top it with chips…absolutely the best part of being 14.

  110. For me it was Doritos on a turkey sandwich. That’s still the only way I like doritos. What a fun chip. My kids would love helping me make these because of the “secret” ingredient.

  111. Summer

    I STILL do this, without shame. People stare and think I’m nuts, but I’m chipped & all the better for it. ;) We even used to critque which chip was better; Doritos Nacho Cheese or Ruffles Sour Cream & Cheddar? I have recently found Ben & Jerry’s Midnight Snack a great delight.

    I am printing out this recipe as I type. I’m going to have fun playing with this one! :) Thank you! :D

  112. Becki

    There’s an episode of 30 Rock in which Liz Lemon is giving womanly advice to Jack’s newborn daughter. Just before she is pushed out of the shot by Jack, she yells, “PUT POTATO CHIPS ON SANDWICHES!”
    Excellent advice for us all. I do it all the time.

  113. Hanananah

    Ahhh!!! There used to be a magical place in Minneapolis called P.B. Loco. They made peanut butter (with flavors like raspberry, chocolate, and even curry!) and they served great big peanut butter sandwiches. They had dozens of toppings (like pickles, bleh! or bananas, yes!), but my favorite was a grilled pb and potato chip. Ohhh how I miss those days. I can’t wait to try these cookies…right after a PB and potato chip sandwich, of course.

  114. I can’t really imagine eating potato chips on a sandwich, but you have completely sold me on these cookies. And in the spirit of childhood, I think I’ll eat them FOR lunch rather than WITH lunch :)

  115. Margaret

    I recently made a potato chip omelette that was pretty awesome. So I’ll try these, but only because it’s you Smitten Kitchen and you have yet to lead me astray!

  116. Ann

    I made these yesterday and they are awesome! I finished them by dipping half the cookie in chocolate and then sprinkling the crushed chips on top of the chocolate! Yum.

  117. Tory

    My mom used to make potato chip cookies with the dregs from the potato chip bag. Her recipe came from this tattetered, splattered, and coverless Amish cookbook. Oh, the memories!

  118. You are hilarious and brilliant! I made potato chip chocolate chip cookies when I was about 12, and delight in seeing this recipe on your site! My boyfriend has a potato chip habit, and I’m pretty sure he would love me forever if I made these for him..

  119. anna

    @ Rena, my daughter snagged some last night at the store. I had to taste it since I couldn’t believe what I was reading on the package. I was oh so yummy!

    I have never placed potato chips on a pb&j, however, I never eat a ham & cheese without them added to the sandwhich. And they are a great compliment to chocolate ice cream! So this has Superbowl snack food all over it. I can’t wait to try these.

  120. Megan

    THANK YOU. Years ago my Aunt took me to a tea room in Santa Cruz for lunch and insisted we have the potato chip cookies for dessert. It was her fav! I looked for a recipe to make her a batch but never did match the tea room. I wish she was still with us because these look like the ticket! Oh well, I’ll have to suffer and make them for the family (of course, I’ll probably eat the majority!) Thanx!

  121. Lindsey

    I love sweet and salty! It’s the same concept as the Late Night Snack Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry’s, which have chocolate covered potato chip clusters. Heaven. Thanks for the ingenius recipe!

  122. Michelle G

    I have been putting potato chips in my tuna sandwiches and sloppy joes since I started eating solid food. I have never tried them in pbj though. Maybe I would actually like pbj if I added them. I am like your husband and love salt as much as I love to breathe. I can’t wait to make these and as an added bonus, my husband will think I am crazy.

  123. Doritos in ham and cheese. My fave. And french fries dipped in a milkshake or mcflurry. Depends on which fast food establishment I was dining at. Even converted my husband. Who still thinks I’m weird but does it anyway.

  124. Jennifer L.

    My husband teases me because to this day, if I am eating chips and a sandwich in the same meal, I always put the chips on the sandwich. It’s crunchy, salty and delicious! I can’t wait to try these cookies. They sound divine!

  125. JF

    My four-year old asks for Goldfish crackers pressed into his PB&J sandwiches. Not sure how he came up with this idea, and personally I find it a bit weird. But, there you go!

  126. Susan

    Oh I need to try these. I too vividly remember my friend M stuffing potato chips into her sandwiches at lunchtime – especially tuna fish. She converted me. Oh yeah… They make any sandwich better and now cookies too!

  127. Amy

    Ooh no! Am I the only person who cannot stand chocolate and crisps together? I call it ‘children’s tea party mouth” as the taste takes me right back to childhood birthday parties where sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and cake would all get eaten together. So very evocative of childhood memories, but not something I wish to remember or recreate, I am afraid. But I am intrigued by the popularity of your cookies – I am clearly in the minority! Still a great recipe, but just not one I will be trying. Phew – cuts the list down a bit! X

  128. I got such a tickle out of this post (and recipe!) I used to cram potato chips in a bun with a hot dog. You’re never too grown up to add chips to quench your crunch craving, right? Sweet and salty is a big hit for me, too so great idea with the cookies! Thanks for another lovely recipe!

  129. Sara

    OMG! I can’t wait to try these…I too was one of those children that carefully layered the potato chips on top of the jelly (grape) side of my sandwich then smushed the pb layer together…the sweet, the salty, the ooey gooey goodness! And now a cookie…you rock!

  130. rambant

    Pleased to know that other people enjoy potato chips (or crisps, as we say in England) in unusual dishes!

    As kids we would pile soft white bread with an entire packet of crisps- lovingly stacked and layered, add a few slices of cheddar cheese, top with another slice of white and voila- textured tastiness. The creamy, the crunchy, the soft.

  131. Stacey

    As a kid, I often added cheetos to my PB sandwiches (no jelly), so I don’t think you are crazy at all! The sweet and salty is a winning combination. I just might try these!

  132. My grandmother made potato chip cookies when I was a kid and whenever I tell people it’s my favorite cookie, they look at me like I just asked them to eat a worm. Her recipe is a little different: she insists you use margarine instead of butter (i’ve done both, they’re no different), there are no pecans, and we don’t smoosh them, rather just drop them by the tablespoon. But they are SOOO good. Mmmmmm.

  133. wow, i have to say i am very, very intrigued…i like my cookies with just a touch of salt, how great must these be? definitely they’re going on the list :)

  134. cindy

    I remember as a teenager we would go to the corner bakery for lunch and buy a fresh roll and a bag of potato chips. Put chips inside roll and squeeze to smash chips….YUM!

  135. Natasha

    Hi Deb! I had a general baking/cooking question – how do you know how to substitute? Especially with baking, when it seems like there needs to be a balance of dry and wet ingredients. How do you know how much extra of something to add without throwing off the balance? And with cooking, how do you know what to swap out, or what to add? I’d like to become a better baker/cook and change things up instead of what I usually do – stick really close to the recipe =) Thanks!

    1. deb

      Natasha — Trial and error. And, you get to know different doughs and how they work and what you can do to fiddle with them. There are no hard and fast rules.

      Amy — So funny you mention the sugar overload of kids birthdays! For me, cake + anything else sweet (candy and chocolate and soda) bring it back. Because of this, I really only like sweet things served alone, i.e. no dessert tables or trying more than one dessert at once.

      Randomly, two more potato chip free associations that have left me insanely hungry:
      1. I remember watching a show on the Food Network a bunch of years ago. Not sure if it was Unwrapped or another show like it but the person talks about different ballpark foods and mentions something that I might remember wrong but I think was called a Venezuelan hot dog and it was topped with a shredded, maybe vinegar-y slaw and crumbled potato chips and I died. I wanted one so badly. And I don’t much care for hot dogs.
      2. When I made a potato tortilla a few years ago (I still make this a few times a year for dinner; yum) I mention in a footnote about Ferran Adria making his at home with potato chips. Of course, he can get really great all-natural olive oil-fried potato chips and here, they’re more of a reach. But still. It sounds amazing, right? I also imagine that if you had extra of the potato chip salt I mention here, it would go well on breakfast eggs or potatoes.

  136. Mel from Durham

    I love all the true lunch room confessions. In college our favorite combination of snacks was peanut M&Ms and nacho doritos, washed down with miller lite. I have always loved sweet and savory together. At my favorite NC diner my fav breakfast is pancakes, country ham and French fries. Potato chip cookies sound like a natural to me.

  137. Ann

    I consider potato chips on tuna sandwiches a must – so why not in cookies? This from a mother who is sharing giant bag of Cheetos with her daughter, washed down with Sauvignon Blanc :-)

  138. Yvonne

    My husband laughed at me until he laughed no more. Potato bread slice #1, (untoasted) with a light coating of ketchup piled high with as many salty Lays potato chips as you can (my original sandwich was made with Charles Chips out of the brown can, but those aren’t readily available any more). Slice of bread #2, also lightly ketchup enhanced layed precariously atop the chip pile and carefully and evenly apply pressure to crush, but not enough to smash the chips. DELICIOUS! I’m making your cookies this weekend. Does Charles still make chips?

  139. Sara

    Never commented on this blog before, but had to say that pb and j and potato chip sandwiches are the best thing ever!! i still eat them to this day. my husband discovered this love of mine while on our honeymoon and thought i was nuts. long live the pb and j potato chip sandwich.

  140. Anne Anderson

    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has a flavor “Late Night Snack” and it does indeed have potato chips in it! Proabably not as good as your sandwhiches… Can’t wait to try these cookies!

  141. Carolyn

    I do chips in sandwiches all the time… The best, in my opinion, is Dill Pickle Pringles on a tuna fish sandwich, Jalepeno on a turkey and cheese, and Crawtators (Zapps, m’dear, I hope you can get them all the way up there!) on FRIED turkey and cheese.
    I cannot wait to whip up some of these! I’m thinking of them as Amelia Bedelia cookies.

  142. we put chips on our “grinders” in the school cafeteria…..i suppose depending on where you grew up a grinder could be called a sub or a hoagy…what ever you call it …IT is good with potato chips on it. love the blog…can’t wait for the cookbook. i will definitely try these….thanks

  143. I absolutely LOVE chips in sweet sandwiches. I think I’ve done honey/PB/chips. Another serious winner is my boyfriend’s favorite honey/PB/graham crackers (I’m sure potato chips would also be good on that one). Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  144. Beverly

    Made them. Sneaked a couple before I dipped them and they were delicious. Waiting for the chocolate to set, dying with anticipation. They took 18 minutes in my oven. Was thinking of trying them dipped in a glaze made of peanut butter heated in a saucepan mixed with a little milk next time around.

  145. This potato chip recipe reminds me that Susan Fenniger’s Border Grill in Los Angeles has a sugar cookie made with Lay’s potato chips. Her cookie is one of my favorites. Now I can’t wait to try this recipe and make potato chip cookies in my own home. Thank you.

  146. dead_elvis

    I loved potato chips stuck into a PB&J (or more accurately, love them NOW at 41 in a PB&J – when I was a kid you couldn’t pay me to have anything on my peanut butter sandwich except the PB, unless it was potato chips. Usually a treat reserved for visits to Gram’s house, where anything in the fridge/cupboards was fair game for this lucky first grandkid/only grandson).

  147. Brianna

    I am SO making these this weekend! I love putting potato chips on all my sandwiches, including peanut butter and jelly. There’s a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s that Jimmy Fallon created that has chocolate covered potato chips in it, sounds amazing but I have yet to try it.

  148. What a wonderful idea. I love salt and sweet together. In fact, I love a touch of salt in pretty much anything. Will definitely have to give this recipe a try.

  149. Lurlene

    Oh…they are so good…cookie jar winnin’ good. Speaking of tater chips however, once when my Mom didn’t have lettuce for my pimento cheese sandwich…she just opened up the bread and put a layer of LAY’s potato chips right across the top. Heaven, now I can’t imagine eating that sandwich without them.

  150. Rachael B

    I would take my sandwiches one step farther and add fluff as the glue to hold the chips in my sandwich. These look heavenly. Definitely whipping up a batch before my trip to Boston this weekend. Do you think these would work with Kettle Chips?

  151. I live in Ukraine as a Volunteer, and there are no pecans here (terrible, I know) but I’ve been following your blog and it helps me relax when I miss my family’s baking. Could you recommend a substitute nut for pecans (walnuts, peanuts, almonds?!) Thank you!

  152. Linda S

    How funny that you just posted this! On Sunday I saw a local Chicago food show that went to a Southside bakery that had potato chip cookies as their specialty. It reminded my of when I was a kid in the late ’60’s, early ’70’s. My parents had friends who we visited once or twice a year in a suburb fairly far from us and the mom always had potato chip cookies. They were SUCH a treat for us, as my mom never would make them. She used Jays potato chips which was a Chicago area brand back then.

  153. Heather

    Potato chips in the PB&J sandwich is the ONLY way to eat them!!! SOOOO, grade-school. Did this all the time, as did all my friends. So I completely understand.

  154. Kinsey09

    Still thinking of chips…does anyone remember the Charles Chips truck that used to DELIVER potato chips in a huge tin to your front door?? I remember my mother chasing that truck in the car to sign us up!

    So many memories in a potato chip!

  155. Melissa A

    Made these last night. Super easy and great result. They absolutely needed the salt hit from the potato chip/salt topper. Perfect.

  156. Mid Mod Tom

    I was a huge fan of potato chips on my pb&j and graduated the idea to my tuna salad (tuna, mayo, scallion) when I went off to college. I still occassionally serve chips on the side, but I haven’t put chips on my sandwiches in many many years. Funny enough, I came across Emeril’s recipe on a Food Network link, and another food blog I follow posted their potato chip cookie recipe. I guess people are ready to get back to eating after ‘dieting’ for the last 4 weeks ;)

  157. Chrissybe

    I’ll do you one better that chips…Fritos on pb&j sandwiches…>>>>AWESOME!!!! Don’t get me wrong I like pb&j w/smashed chips, but Fritos is another dimension!

  158. Alya

    I could not wait today to try the PB & J with chips. It was crunchy and delicious. But now I feel like I’ve eaten a big sandwich AND a bag of chips – oh, that’s because I HAVE eaten a big sandwich and a bag of chips.

  159. Naina

    As others have said–these are like the Compost Cookies at Momofuku! Yum!

    Also, what others have NOT said: there is an ice cream you need to try. Ben and Jerry Jimmy Fallon flavor has chocolate covered potatochips and salted caramel swirl in vanilla ice cream. It is heaven.

  160. Jordan

    LOVE chips on PB&J. Our favorite growing up was Nacho Cheese Doritos or Fritos though. Potato chips are better than no chips at all, but corn chips are a whole new level. I might have to go to the store now…

  161. Joanna

    I thought everyone did that with their sandwiches! My favorite was always butter pretzels. These look yummy though, I’ll have to try them!

  162. I made these last night for my boys. We have been “dieting” they were really, really good! I only put a few in the chocolate and I did not add any salt…they were as Tony the tiger said..”great!!!” I posted the picture on my blog.

  163. Colleen

    I made these on Sunday. They are amazing! I found the chocolate addition much needed, but the salt addition not so much. I actually found myself brushing off the potato chip salt. I used Lays Kettle Cooked, because that was the closest thing my store had to Cape Cod. I don’t generally eat chips, so I can’t speak to their relative saltiness. In the end, I had no difficulty brushing off the salt and the cookies were salvaged. Also, they have held up very well. I just have them loosely wrapped and they still taste fresh and are crisp. A great addition to my cookie repertoire. Thanks Deb!

  164. McGeeSisters

    One of my favorite chocolate makers (Chuao – San Diego, CA) just recently introduced a potato chip chocolate bar. I sampled a bit in their store and it was delightful, so potato chips in cookies don’t sound that strange.

  165. Emma

    love the combo. Favorite school sandwich: sharp cheddar cheese, peanut butter and lettuce salty, tangy and crunchy…could easily have added some chips to round it out!

  166. Alice

    Made these tonight and they are SO delicious. I’m not a sweets person, rather a salt person, but I love shortbread. These cookies combine a salty treat and shortbread. I topped half with salt and chips and half with chocolate for the chocoholics in my office. After crumbling my first two in the chocolate, I added some additional canola oil to thin the chocolate. The cookies crumble easily and I’d used 1 TSP of butter. The additional oil made it thin enough to dunk half without breaking a chunk off. Also, if you go the chocolate route, I’d add a dash of salt to the chocolate so you don’t lose that sweet/savory tang that makes these cookies so special. (I also have buttermilk chicken sitting in brine overnight.)

  167. Debbie C

    Wow, the timing! We were just watching a local (Chicago) show about the best restaurants/food places in town, and one of the featured shops was a place that is famous for their potato chip chocolate chip cookies! My hubby asked me to make them, and now I have a recipe! Thanks Deb!

  168. elyse

    okay, in no particular order:
    a) cape cod chips are hands down the best potato chips out there
    b) i’ve always put chips on tuna sandwiches, deli sandwiches and now i need to try them on pb&j’s (or maybe pb & nutella?)
    c) definitely adding these to the list of things to make while pregnant, i think they would fit the bill just perfectly!

  169. Robin

    These cookies….you are a genius. I just want to tell you that Smitten Kitchen is very very bad for my studies. Many hours are lost clicking Surprise Me! over and over and over. On the bright side, I don’t even have to think about what to get my sister for Christmas–you make things very easy, so thank you.

  170. Rae

    Are you kidding!!!?! Potato chips in PB&J is a classic! Also … Wendy’s fries dipped in frosty, Fritos in vanilla pudding, Chocolate covered potato chips, it is all sooo yummy. I can’t wait to try these potato chip cookies. There is another recipe you might like – Compost cookies. More sweets and salties involved (choc chips, pretzels along with the potato chips) Thanks so much for all the great inspiration, I love your blog!

  171. Connie

    To this day, if I make a PB&J, I put a layer of Ruffles Potato Chips between the slices. PB must be smooth Jif, and jelly must be Welches Concord Grape. I’ll be trying these cookies soon, many of my friends are fans of the sweet/salty combo.

  172. Grant

    HA! When you mentioned potato chips and peanut butter cookies, my mind went directly to using potato chips in the peanut butter cookie recipe you have. I was a bit surprised to see these weren’t a peanut butter base cookie. I’ll probably have to give that a whirl sometime, substituting the peanut butter chips for potato chips.

  173. Agnes

    Deb, I make many of your recipes and they almost always turn out terrific–I’m a huge fan. Which is to say: after years of following and mimicking your cooking, I think I have a sense of what kinds of things you like. This is my chance to give back: you need to make Christina Tosi’s cornflake-marshmellow-chocolate chip cookies from the momofuku milk bar cookbook. Here’s a link I found to the recipe online:

    (Btw, I’ve made other recipes from that book I that I didn’t love, but this one makes up for all of them.)

    I know it’s annoying to have to get milk powder and cornflakes. It’s worth it.

    yours in fanship

  174. I had a school mate that brought to school sandwiches of jelly and olives (green)!
    First I thought it was gross but I was too curios and asked to taste and loved it, when I asked my parents to make me the same sandwich they thought I lost it…

  175. Tammy

    In boarding school we had a different take on the potato chip sandwich, we used to spread strained yogurt on soft bread (something similar to a hot dog bun) then top with crushed potato chips, and then the more extreme amongst us would top this with sugar. It was so good, sometimes I still crave them.

  176. Chuck

    I’m sitting here reading this great article not minutes after putting potato chips in my PB and Honey sandwich at work. Looks like I’m still an odd ball.

  177. Breia

    I used to make these at a cafe I worked at in highschool. We served plain ruffles along side our sandwiches and would save all the small chips and crumbs in a tupperware and put them in the freezer. When we had enough we would make these cookies. They were one of my favorite things.

  178. Back in the ’70’s when I was going to Grand Canyon College (now a University) one of the girls in the dorm next to mine had a wonderful Grandmother that would make us Potato Chip Cookies – only she put butterscotch chips in hers. I still have the recipe and every September I have a nostalgic craving to make them.

  179. yup, I’ve made something similar before! It was a potato chip shortbread and I drizzled a chocolate glaze on top. I then sprinkled with some sea salt in order to get that really salty affect…delicious! And now you have me wanting to make them again right now…

  180. Brigid

    I made these and they are delicious! My baking buddy and I thought that shaved chocolate or few mini chocolate chips thrown in the dough would be a nice addition to the whole sweet and salty vibe. BTW, while I love a good PBJ, I save my chips to put on my turkey sandwich-mmmmm!

  181. HB

    Thanks for this post! I have been making potato chip cookies for years, and everyone has to be tricked into trying them. My friend refused to have one for months, then had a cookie table at her wedding. I made them, then refused to feed her any other cookies until she tried one. I admit a daring and cruel move, but it worked. She said “okay, they’re good, but you’re still weird for making them.”

    She is also a food blogger ( and now that you have posted on it, I am sure I will win some validity points from her heart.

  182. I don’t usually (actually almost never) make something i see online immediately. But i just couldn’t resist these. I kept opening this page so often the last couple of days. I finally made them just now and they are incredibly delicious. I was also on the lookout for egg-less cookies and was looking at regular cookie recipes with egg substitutes when i suddenly realised this recipe has no eggs. A double bonus. Thanks Deb.

  183. Elina

    I’ve never stumbled across a recipe this wonderfully weird, and so i had to try it immediately. My cookies are baking right now and at least the dough was absolutely divine. I did skip the pecans, though, due to allergies, but I believe this is going to be a huge hit!

  184. So glad someone else loves these combinations. When I was a young girl, a wonderful treat after school on special occasions was homemade chocolate malts with potato chips, eaten side by side. Have you tried salty, quality bacon with chocolate?

  185. Eileen

    I really like chips in a sandwich, but for some reason I have no attraction to these potato chip cookies. I love your choice of recipes, and now keep a stash of the recently showcased maple sugar cookies in the freezer at all times, but my inclination to the p chip cookies is just, why? Not a fan of bacon ice cream either; just seems like double the fat and calories for no particular reason. Still, I have not tasted potato the p chip cookies and that might convert me. If someone sells them in nyc I would try them. Love the blog!

  186. I completely remember doing this as a kid (not the cookies, the sandwiches). I have one other lunch room memory that involves eating uncooked ramen, sprinkled with the seasoning packet. Disgusting, but we all did it.

    These cookies do not sound disgusting. They sound awesome.

    Also, I love the photo of the bag of potato chips, with the chasm-like black background. It’s like, “Come, enter the land of potato chips, you will never look back.”

  187. molly

    FINALLY! someone else who puts potato chips in their peanut butter sandwiches! so glad i’m not the only one. will try this recipe post haste!

  188. Tim

    Wow does that bring back memories! I have done that with PBJ’s for years, it seems to be the perfect balance between salty and sweet for some odd reason. I just lost 20 pounds and I feel I just gained 10 back just reading this. Did you ever have the ham and beans with corn bread when you were in grammar school? I hated the ham and beans at the time but loved the corn bread with maple syrup poured all over it! I would roam the lunch room looking for kids that were not going to eat theirs.

  189. great recipe, thanks for sharing as always, deb! in addition to tuna and PB&J, i gotta toss out grilled cheese as another sandwich option for potato chip-placement. adds just the right crunch!

  190. Sam

    Sounds delish…you should try “nutchos” from the best of bridge. Chocolate chips,peanut butter chips,salted cashews/peanuts and crumbled ripple potato chips all melted and mixed together. Seriously addictive. Love your blog!

  191. Judith

    So I was thinking about these all day and all I had on hand were lime chips. I used those and replaced the vanilla with a bit of key lime juice and I now have the most amazing lime potato chip cookies on my counter!! They really do taste fabulous! But I can’t wait to try them again with the vanilla and plain chips.

  192. Dawn

    That was ( my favorite way to eat my PB&J sandwiches! Also amazing is peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon sandwiches with fritos. My brothers taught me that as a kid and people still make fun of me. I will have to try these cookies!

  193. Incredible timing. I visited the site in search of a sweet treat to make for a friend going through a rough time, and here were these cookies at the top of the homepage. She’s a sweet/salty nut (used to spread peanut butter on wedges of cheese) so I knew potato chip cookies would be perfect. They’re cooling now, and having snuck one I know firsthand that they’re incredibly crisp and delicious. The perfect cheer-up treat!

  194. Mary Katherine

    @ Robin, I do the same thing–spend hours clicking “Surprise Me” instead of writing my thesis, dreaming of all the things I’m going to make after I graduate. :)

  195. These are terrific, and came together really quickly. I love the ease of shortbread. I used almonds, cause that’s what I had, and regular old Lays original chips, since that’s what regular supermarkets carry here in China. I didn’t crush the chips as finely, because I thought they might disappear too much into the dough. And I added finely chopped dark chocolate, and dipped the finished cookies into dark chocolate and dusted with more crushed chips and chopped toasted almonds. Although the name of these cookies sounds a bit trashy, the finished product is 100% classy! (Not that I problem with trashy baked goods, just so we’re clear!)

  196. Just made these! So yummy – shortbread type taste! I replaced chocolate chips with the pecans and dumped a whole bunch more potato chips in. Will absolutely make again!

  197. Madelaine

    My mom has a potato chip cookie recipe that I love. No nuts, though. She insists that hers has to be made with Imperial brand margarine, and that she’s tried butter and other brands of margarine, but they just don’t come out right.

  198. Who knew you could use chips in cookies. Though, it’s not surprising.

    I too am a PBJ&Chips kind of guy. I must admit that my favorite sandwich to add chips too is a bologna sandwich. Use good bologna of course. Chips go really, really well on Boarshead brand Garlic Bologna.

    Going to have to try these cookies. Thanks for sharing.

  199. Amyt

    My high school lunch of choice was an underbaked chocolate chip cookie and a small bag of pretzels eaten simultaneously. I’ve enjoyed chips on my ham and cheese, but have totally missed out on the brilliant combo of tuna and chips. My current chip obsession is Schlotsky’s jalapeno, which I have been eating along side my sandwich. I think I will place them ON my sandwich this week! Can’t wait to make the cookies!

  200. These sound great. I had another interesting combo just today: kettle corn cookies. They were so spot on that when I bit into them I said, “these taste like popcorn!” Before I even knew what they were. They were storebought so I couldn’t get the recipe, but it wluld be worth figuring out.

  201. I have made choc chip cookies with potato crisps and they were good but I think I just wasn’t so keen on the crushed peanuts in them and they were a little greasy – but I love mashed potato in baking so why shouldn’t this work!

    BTW when I was at primary school we loved crushing our crisps into tiny pieces and occasionally putting them in a sandwich but just with butter never anything else – though I also loved them on tuna casserole

  202. Jill

    Potato chips have long been my Nanna’s secret ingredient in her phenomenal chocolate chip cookie recipe. At first Deb, I was saddened that you’ve finally “outted” my Nana’s secret ingredient, but having baked these delicous cookies, I’m willing to get over myself ;) and declare to the world, adding crushed potato chips to your recipe will make your chocolate chip cookies better. Promise.

  203. Can’t wait to try these. My food memory as a child was wrapping slices of corned beef or pastrami around a potato chip, and calling it lunch, so putting potato chips in cookies seems like just the right thing to!
    Another brilliant idea! Thanks Deb.

  204. not sure how old you are…just saw this post and know that i was in grade school in the late 60’s and we ate those same sandwiches……..every day. peanut butter, jelly and potato chips. i grew up in michigan. i haven’t researched where you are from …so not sure what else has been said…….but we ate the same thing then. classic. i haven’t tasted that since.

  205. True Confession? I’m too old to have been one of your tablemates but that is the ONLY way I ever ate a PBJ. I seldom have snacks like chips in the house but if I did? I would make one now. My twist though is that more than a PBJ I loved peanut butter and syrup mixed together on a sandwich…with chips on top. Don’t laugh until you’ve tried it.

    I’ve been making potato chip cookies for years and I have no idea where the recipe came from. It’s from back in the day prior to blogs. Or websites. Or the internet. I just gave someone the link to them on my site the other day and remember telling her; someone was ahead of their time with the ‘salted’ business! Mine are finished with a powdered sugar coating which I think would be equally nice with the addition of some chocolate. Maybe it’s time for an update!

  206. just read about this on your most recent post…It looks like I will be #350 and no “ewww” here…this takes ME back to 4th grade as well…sweet + salty =yum! I must make these for my kiddos. I love your photos! But who doesn’t?

  207. Sarah

    I made these a couple days ago. I don’t know if I did something wrong, but the dough was SUPER dry. I could barely form the balls, and when I smooshed them to make them flat…it was all over. So I added an egg and that seemed to solve the problem. I dipped them in chocolate, which is GOOD (cause chocolate is good) but I’d recommend going with more salt if you take the chocolate route.

  208. I made these today. My first, from scratch, baking experiment. Incredibly tasty cookies! My boys love them. They are salty-sweet and just about melt in your mouth. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Next time I’ll add the chocolate finish.

  209. Alissa

    I once had a boyfriend whose mom mailed him potato chip cookies all the time. They tasted like your everyday chocolate chip cookie recipe but made with butterscotch chips instead. She also mixed in pecans and crunched up (not that fine, though) potato chips. Dang, those were good!!!

  210. Carrie

    When I was a kid, I always liked to crunch potato chips into my vanilla ice cream! It was the perfect blend of crunchy and creamy, sweet and salty. For some reason, all us girls liked to do it and the boys thought it was gross (in the fourth grade, go figure aren’t boys into gross things at that age?)

    This recipe looks like a winner. My mom and I ooh’ed and aah’ed over it. We’ll definitely be making them sometime soon and definitely with the chocolate!

  211. Kae

    I remember my mother giving me this recipe and thinking “this is crazy.” But I had to eat my words and the cookies. They are so simple to make and a good use of leftover chips,especially the bottom of the bag. We never put any toppings on them though. Try them I am sure you will all love them.

  212. Jake

    Hmm, wonderful idea but I’m having a little trouble in the execution.
    Specifically, mine want to fall apart even as I form them before baking and, 10 minutes into baking, haven’t melted or spread at all and are very fragile.
    Maya is right, these want to be shortbread very badly = )

    Could someone recommend a binder that would help to hold these little gems together?

  213. Krystal

    I made these the other night and they turned out fantastic! I switched the white sugar for turbinado (sugar in the raw) but then added a couple extra tablespoons of white sugar because it didn’t blend as well with the butter. I also used chocolate chips (about 5 per cookie) and gently pushed them into the top. It might just be my oven but this took about 18 min to cook. My hubby is so weirded out by the fact that they contain potato chips that he won’t touch them wich is just fine with me and my daughter :)

  214. K.Lo

    Thanks for this delightful recipe! My grandmother introduced these to me at one of her favorite lunch spots. I can’t wait to make them myself. It will be a nice reminder of sharing the cookies with her.

  215. melissab

    my favorite sandwich as a child was potato chip: a slice of bread slathered in butter with potato chips crunched on top, then, folded over. no cutting allowed! folding made it tastier. too funny! one time my parents went out of town and the only thing i would eat under my aunt’s guardianship was said sandwich. she was worried about my nutrition and felt a bit guilty. love your blog and all these comments! p.s. i still eat one now and again, much to the chagrin of my own kids.

  216. Jilian

    Just made these for superbowl sunday! As far as the saltyness: I used Lay’s potato chips, and instead of unsalted butter I used salted (I almost always bake with salted), I omitted any extra salt listed in the recipe, and the cookies are perfectly salty.

    I went for the crumbled chip topping on all cookies, and dipped 1/2 of the batch in the chocolate as well for a variety.

    These are great! Even the fiance approved and he usually turns his nose up at my more “creative” cookie ideas.

    I love your site, and have made so many things from it. Thank you for always being a source of inspiration!

  217. Jilian

    Oh. I forgot to mention, I didn’t add any extra salt, I just sprinkled the chips on as topping. So perhaps with the added salt and my salted butter it would have been too much…

  218. Anne

    Your 4th grade colleagues were right. There is nothing quite like the taste of a fluffernutter from Peanut Butter & Co with crushed chips sandwiched between the peanut butter and the fluff.

    These cookies know what’s up.

  219. cheryl

    Fantastic!!!! I am a huge fan of chips when they are combined with other things… plain potato chips go with the very rarely eaten bologna & cheese, bbq chips go on the PB&J sandwich…Nacho Doritos go on egg salad sandwiches and Fritos go on my plain cheese….and Ruffles are perfect dipped in chocolate and eaten while drinking a glass of dry white wine. So thank you… I will be making these- soon!!!

  220. Sharilyn Unthank

    Great hit at Superbowl party! Easy to make. I did include the salt and found I preferred a chocolate drizzle rather than dipped. Thanks again for a great recipe! Cute pic of Jacob too!

  221. These cookies were delicious! However, my gf and I felt inspired to modify this recipe for a super bowl party we attended and suffice to say, it turned out amazing!
    Our modification included the use of Jalapeno potato chips instead of regular chips, as well as the addition of cilantro and bacon. All of the new ingredients were added to above recipe. Our potato chip salt was jalapeno chips, salt and cilantro.
    I realize this cookie sounds like hell for the stomach–it’s not though. This cookie is delicious and a perfect melding of sweet and savory.

  222. Shelli

    Long time lurker and lover of your fabulous recipes, and I was kind of intruiged by your potato chip cookie recipe, but I’m allergic to tree nuts! Is there some kind of substitute I can use to replace the pecans?

  223. When I was a little girl, my mother would know precisely when the Wonder Bread was delivered at the grocery store. She would pick up a loaf of white bread and come home to make potato chip sandwiches. Who knew potatoe chips and mayo on white Wonder Bread could be so good. Well, haven’t had one of those in decades, but the memories linger on.

  224. Hi! Just wanted to share that I made these cookies yesterday for a super bowl party. I thought a potato chip cookies was super fitting for a day of football and food gorge-fest. They were great! I totally agree that they weren’t salty enough. Next time I might consider doubling the number of potato chips.

  225. Auburn

    Like many others, I made these yesterday and took them to a Superbowl party. In lieu of the table salt, I have a salt grinder (with large chunks of sea salt in it) and ground in a good amount, tasted, and added more. I also made my chip topping a lot saltier by adding more salt there and using a healthy amount on each cookie. I loved these! Thankfully I tasted a broken one as there was not a single one left at the party when I finally went by to grab one! I did dip a few in melted chocolate but was running low on time so gave up on the rest but they didn’t suffer for the lack of chocolate!

  226. Tess

    I made this recipe yesterday and my cookies turned out with the consistency of peanut butter. They tasted like flour and were super crumbly. They also spread out like pancakes. I followed the directions to a T! what could I have possibly done wrong?!

  227. Wow. I’ve heard of putting chips on a savory sandwich (sea salt & vinegar chips on a roast beef, cheddar, and arugula sammy for example), but never on a sweet one. Although, when I was a kid my favorite thing was a peanut butter and pickle sandwich so I’m gonna have to try these!

  228. Rachel

    Oh yeah, chips in sandwiches is really the top of culinary satisfaction in my book. No, no, wait… the top is actually using kettle chips to scoop up bites of cottage cheese. That’s the top.

  229. Raich

    I made these without the pecans, added some extra lightly crushed chips for texture, and studded the top with chocolate chips. Delicious!

  230. Angela

    What a great recipe. These turned out perfectly. Not sure why some folks had trouble with binding. I did the scoop and level measuring technique for the flour (first time ever) and maybe this was the reason – less flour than you would see if you simply dunk in and scoop out. I highly recommend the potato chip salt for the top – you smell the chips right before you crunch into the cookie – really nice touch. My 10-year-old son wanted me to make these for him, but I’m sneaking a few to my Boston girlfriend who loves those Cape Cod chips and lives in Seattle now… Thanks for another outstanding recipe!!

  231. Annie

    I made these on Sunday and they were fantastic! My chocolate seized on me, so I had to incorporate some more butter and made more of a frosting than a dip. I’m thinking about experimenting and using peanut butter in lieu of some of the butter…

  232. Samantha

    Hi! I made these cookies on Saturday for our SuperBowl spread (potato chip cookies just seemed right somehow).

    My husband is a type I diabetic and so I made both a sugar and Splenda batch. Both batches were really excellent! The toasted pecans/potato chips (I used Kettle Chips) masked the not-so-optimal flavour of Splenda, as I hoped they would, although Splenda, alas, never browns properly.

    The full sugar version were perfect, like ridiculously delicious Pecan Sandies.

  233. These sound pretty spectacular, but given the popularity of the compost cookies (such an unfortunate name) I shouldn’t be surprised. I will have to try these the next time I am making something I shouldn’t eat!

  234. My husband is from England, and he grew up eating potato chip (crisps) sandwiches! They’re called Crisp Butties :-) You make toast, slather it with butter while the toast is still really hot so the butter melts, and pile on the crisps, er I mean chips and devour. The peanut butter/jelly/chip sandwiches sound FANTASTIC and are something I’m going to check out myself!!! Love your site and recipes xxx

  235. Amy

    My grandmother’s recipe box includes a yellowed, beautifully written card with a recipe for potato chip cookies. They are slightly sandy butter cookies with a lot of salty, crunchy chip crumbs mixed in. I thought they were our family’s quirky secret! Can’t wait to try your version, which looks wonderful.

  236. A batch just came out of the oven – I can hardly wait to taste them! I did have a hard time getting them to come together. I mix everything by hand since I don’t have a good mixer and although I got the butter & sugar nice & fluffy, they were still quite dry and I had to press them with my hands to get them to come together into a ball. Just curious if it’s just me?

  237. dee

    omg so surprise and happy to see this on Smitten Kitchen. I’ve been making these cookies for years!!!!! The dough recipe is exactly the same. I omitted the sugar coating and keep it a dome shape. For those of your who have doubts about this: try them!!! I have not met one person who tasted these cookies and doesn’t like them. They’re simply the most delicious and fool proof cookies I ever encounter. The recipe can be doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled without any problems. I make batches and batches of them for family gatherings. Eat them cool. They taste better.

  238. Olivia

    I have a recipe for these, which I’ve been using for years (literally, since I was in grade school) but it looks like mine come out much thinner and more wafer-like than yours! I’ll have to try these and see which I like better!

  239. These look amazing! I first had a potato chip cookie as part of an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck: Brown Butter – Candied Bacon Ice Cream on Potato Chip Cookies. It was unbelievably awesome. Can’t wait to try this recipe!!!

  240. Caitlin

    I made these last night- still not salty enough, even w/ 1/2 tsp salt and the salty topping. A very good shortbread cookie, the texture is wonderful, but not as potato-chippy as I had hoped. I think the chocolate would totally overwhelm the potato, since it’s already quite subtle. I used Sea Salt Kettle Chips, my favorite brand. I plan to try them with Salt and Vinegar chips for a little extra somethin’.

  241. Liz D

    I thought everyone knew about the beauty of the potato-chip-in-the-middle-of-a-pb&j. Particularly the kind of cheap white sandwich bread. Normally I prefer hearty wheat bread, natural peanut butter, etc, and so on. But every so often my inner school girl just wants a kid-style pb&j, complete with potato chips in the middle.

  242. Anne

    I just made these today to send to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Given I am shipping them, I wish I’d thought to use chocolate chips instead of dipping them. But even if they’re a little sloppy when they get there, they will be delicious. These cookies were amazing.

  243. Abi

    I made these with salted Land O Lakes butter and 1/2 tsp salt. I was out of nuts so I used 1 cup of potato chips. My toddler loved licking the spatula afterwards. Deb, more egg-free cookie recipes, please.

  244. Amy

    I made these yesterday afternoon and they turned out great! The first time in my life that *my* baking look like the finished product in the photo!

    I used a store-brand kettle cooked chip and added salt to the recipe. Half got dipped half in chocolate. I love the texture of these cookies. Mine came out light, and crisp like a shortbread (but not dense). Yes, it’s a bit crumbly but i think the crumbs add to the whimsy.

  245. Debbie

    I’m 41 years old and I still eat potato chips sandwiched between my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I thought I was all alone in this crazy habit :)

  246. Wow! This is something completely new to me. Peanut butter and jelly (jam?) sandwiches have always sounded a bit wierd but this takes it up another notch. Still, never one to be judgemental, I’m going to give these a try. Thanks

  247. Nida

    Tried this recipe just this week and it was amazing!!! i did add the optional salt that you had mentioned and it was great! thanks so much! Love your blog!!! I’ve tried the caramel chocolate cheesecake from here with great luck (my first time making a cheesecake) and am going to try the pistachip petit-four cake for my own 30th birthday this Saturday!!! :) Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  248. Robin M

    These were seriously incredible. I went all out on the topping and dipped in bittersweet chocolate, then sprinkled the melty chocolate with the potato-chip salt. To die for. There’s no reason to do it any other way! Didn’t have any problem with crumbles or dry dough. I think it might be because I mixed it just a little longer until it really came together.

  249. Sandee P

    These are my husband’s new favorite cookie! I’ve made them twice. The second time I added the1/4 teaspoon table salt. In my opinion they tasted better with the salt. Very easy to do, try it you wont be sorry!

  250. I think you’ve gotten the salt-sweet balance in this recipe just right, despite what some other posters have written. Salty and sweet go great together. Salt makes sweet things taste sweeter—that’s what the salt rim around a margarita is there for! I discovered the same value of salt and sweet cookies when I made a macadamia nut cookie recipe and used Mauna Loa nuts for eating out-of-hand instead of unsalted being nuts, They came out so tasty that I reworked the recipe to include the salted nuts plus chocolate chips and a sprinkling of sea salt on top. Wow.

  251. Terry

    The title alone had me – potato chips AND cookies? How could it get any better? Oh… add chocolate! Thanks for the recipe, I will be trying very soon!

  252. ann

    my father would of loved these potato chip cookies. when he was a boy his family made potato chips & sold them door to door. thanks for the recipe & sugestions.

  253. I just made these cookies, and they were totally amazing! The just ‘disappeared’ when I brought them to my friends housewarming party;) I love the balance between sweet, salty, crunchy and soft. I translated your recipie to Swedish and put it on my blog, for all my friends to read. Hope that’s OK.

  254. In Brazil they cook with an ingredient called batata palha, which is basically potato chips. They put it in everything, such as rice curries or pasta. Most American/European expats arrive skeptical and leave converted. Maybe try a Brazilian version of stroganoff with chips!

  255. wendyb964

    In grade school we used to plead with our mum to let us have those lovely packages of ‘tater chips and pre-packaged cupcakes/pies but were never lucky enough to get them. It was the “in” thing and we felt like poor step-children watching everyone doctor their sandwiches and lick sticky fingers. Now I wonder why, lol: I must be the only one in the world who dislikes anything salty or fried. Only exception is a to-die-for perfect onion ring or two. Hubby loves haznmat orange cheetos and will eat anything if it has salt. While I’ll eat the fairly-new-wave salty sweets, imho, can’t understand the hoopla. Most of my recent cooking/baking has had a much more liberal hand with salt and has gotten rave reviews. Next time we have chips I’ll definitely make these as know they’ll be inhaled. Thanks for such a lovely blog with delicious recipes, gorgeous pics, and excellent commentary. A trip to the book store to look for your cookbooks is a definite must. merci

  256. pnutsugar

    Used to make a sandwich of ketchup on white bread, bologna, American cheese, kosher dill slices and covered with potato chips. After my mother turned up her nose, she tried it. 20 years later, she told me she still makes one at least once a week!

  257. Dominique Veronica-Louise

    I used to eat Lays potato chips with vanilla ice cream at school lunch. My sister: Fritos and pudding.There is something to be said about the sweet and salty. Chocolate covered pretzels are a favorite Christmas “cookie” of mine.

  258. Sandra

    OMG, these were perfect! I love potatoe chips (a little more than is good for me, I guess …) and coming from a country where they are not a staple food as they seem to be in the States, my friends looked at me funny when I told them about these. But everyone loved them, not a single one was left! I really enjoy your site … wonderful recipes, great descriptions, funny stories, the cutest kid (except for my own, of course!) and really cool pictures. Looking forward to more!

  259. Trudi

    Marmite ( and chip sandwiches are pretty much a food group in New Zealand. Best when the Marmite is spread thin, the chips are salt and vinegar flavour, and the bread is white and fresh. I was going to say they are every kids favourite but that would be a lie, I’m 34.

  260. Emily

    Hi! I love your blog!

    I am in some way, distantly related to the man who invented Lays Potato Chips. As you can imagine, potato chip cookies have been a family recipe for who knows how long. We actually crush our cookies up in the batter, which gives the cookies a nice crunch and saltiness throughout, then my grandmother sifts powdered sugar over the tops. However, it’s really cool to see so many variations published on food blogs these days :)

    I can attest to the undeniable deliciousness of these cookies!

  261. Alex

    Your blog was recommended to me by a friend (she claims you have the BEST recipes). Amidst our discussion of food blogs, the topic of potato chips came up. My mother claims that they our a gourmet food. Anyways, we were talking about all the different things and ways we would like potato chip but potato chip cookies never came to mind. I am so excited to try these out! Thanks you giving us exciting new recipes, they all look so delicious it hard to decide which ones to choose. Keep cooking!

  262. Stephanie M.

    I’ve read a few comments about how some posters make or have a family member that makes these cookies. If it hadn’t been for this particular post I would have only been dreaming of them! When I was younger, on the rare occasions that I went to Wendy’s, I loved getting a Frosty just to dip french fries and chicken nuggets in it. A friend of mine shared this secret love, and although I admit that it is a bit weird, it tasted awesome. (What can I say? We were kids) Salty and sweet treats are the best. I am looking forward to making these cookies!

  263. I have now made these twice, both times with both toppings and with sunflower seeds instead of pecans (I work with what I got), and gotten rave reviews each time. I’ve found that the cookies get so crumbly that a chocolate dip is less successful than smearing a spoonful of dark chocolate over the top; after it hardens, the chocolate keeps the cookies together quite nicely! I gave my boyfriend’s best friend a batch for his birthday, and he said his 3-year old daughter burst into tears when she learned that Mommy and Daddy had finished the last ones. Seriously, everyone loves these cookies.

  264. Cheryl

    I personally LOVE potato chip cookies! And, PB&J sandwiches with potato chips! I have another weird combo for you… my husband thinks I’m crazy, but I love peanut butter and bacon on an english muffin. He thought it was just a weird pregnancy craving, but I still eat ’em!

    On another note, I saw the meat pounder tool you use to flatten the cookies, but in one of your other pics, there’s a little black doohickie tool-looking thing resting on the dish containing the crushed potato chips. It looks like a tool specifically for putting toppings on things. Can you tell me about it? I NEED one!

    Thanks! Cheryl :D

  265. Hi Deb,

    I am new to your site but oh-so-in-love. Thank you for all these wonderful recipes and your incredible photos and writing.
    Here’s my question: what is the name of that stainless steel cookie press thing in the photo? I really need one of these!


  266. GirlMysterious

    I have made these a few times now. I am allergic to nuts, so I substitute dark chocolate and butterscotch chips to my satisfy my sweet tooth more than it ever needs to be satisfied. These are absolutely delicious.

  267. Suellen

    My sis and I did these while on vacation in Bixoli, MS. No mixer. You will need a mixer or a man to help make these. Because there is no liquid in the recipe, the dough is STIFF! Really stiff. However, I have never had a cookie I liked better. We even scraped up the crumbs in the bowl. The only difference is our recipe is that we used powdered sugar and no nuts, although I think the pecans would be a nice touch. BEST COOKIES EVER!

  268. Krista

    I finally just made these, after sitting in my bookmarks for 11 months, and they are wicked awesome.

    I made a double batch so I beat the butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy using a stand mixer then mixed in everything else by hand (because my small mixer wouldn’t have fit all the dough) which was very easy. I might have over-mixed the butter a bit because my final dough was still really soft and fluffy but I didn’t have a problem rolling it into balls.

    I added the 1/4 tsp of salt and personally think it could take more! (although my brand of chips are very lightly salted, I think). Dipped half the batch in dark chocolate and Mmm Mmm. These would be an awesome holiday cookie.

  269. Lane

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe. My grandmother cut this recipe out of our local paper in Kirkland Washington in the mid 80’s. I and a group of friends are getting together to bake them for the holidays. Try thumb printing them and filling them with preserves, like strawberry or marmalade. My grandmother treated them as a poor mans shortbread, and added things like candied ginger, candied orange rind, lemon curd, canned high quality apple pie filling, Nutella. What ever you chose, make sure it’s not too wet, just dollop into the thump prints. ENJOY!

    Happy Holidays.

  270. spunkysmum

    Just a thought – if you felt the recipe needed a little more salt…..why does it call for unsalted butter? :D I think I’d start there in fixing the salt shortage issue.

    1. deb

      spunkysmum — Unsalted butter is used for consistency. A stick (1/2 cup) of salted butter can contain anywhere from 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon of table salt so it can easily make a recipe too salty. It’s easier to start with neutral butter and add a consistent amount to get the exact result you want.

  271. Hi Deb!
    I just tried these for the first time, and had a bit of a fail. They spread more than you described, and are very very crumbly… I’m a bit of a baking wannabe, so I’m looking for some insight. My first thought is that I needed to chill the dough more thoroughly – but I still feel like I missed something.

  272. AJ

    Growing up Potato Chips were only in our home for special occassions like birthdays so needless to say, the bag would be stale before it was eaten. My mother would take the stale chips and make these cookies at least 3 times a year. I’ve been making them myself for the past 10 years and telling the story of growing up. Funny, I get very odd looks — Chips only for BIRTHDAYS???— I am only 54 so that makes me feel VERY OLD. ENJOY not only are these awesome they are memorable :)

  273. PattyAnne

    Hi Deb,
    Will these keep reasonably well for a week or two, or will the crumbled chips on top get soggy? I’m aiming to mail them to my potato-chip-obsessed boyfriend and want to make sure they’re still awesome on arrival.
    Thanks for all your wonderful recipes — your cookbook arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I can’t wait to make my way through it!!

  274. viva

    i tried this recipe and was shocked to see no eggs. turned out great! not the chewy kind of cookies but you’ll get a perfect shortbread kind of texture. That’s what shortbreads are right, no eggs? anyway – that’s how it turned out but perfect with the ingredients. it helped with the crunchy texture of chips & pecans. my friends loved the cookies and it was pretty easy to make. love this website. thank u for all the amazing recipes.

  275. Kim

    I made these once a year ago when you posted this recipe. Today out of the blue one of my friends asked for a favor: for me to make those potato chip cookies again. Apparently they made an awesome impression! Thanks so much!

  276. Karen

    Hi Deb, love this recipe…how do you think they would be with baked chips? I know, why bother, but do you think the difference in fat would make a difference??

  277. Tracy

    I am one of those secret potato chip on sandwiches people — specifically, when I buy or make a turkey sub sandwich, it is not complete without salt-and-vinegar potato chips placed and then smushed into the sandwich.

  278. Chloe

    Absolutely fantastic. I added some milk chocolate chips in place of the pecans, as I was baking for someone with nut allergies, and they turned out very well.

  279. These are my husband’s favorite cookie! We like them with the melted chocolate and the extra chips/salt both on top. I made a batch today and didn’t have any chocolate to melt, so I swapped out 1/4 c of flour for cocoa powder. I think this version might be MY favorite cookie now. Thanks for all your great recipes–they inspire me in my tiny kitchen.

  280. I just tried these, and they’re good! I’m not sure though if I did something wrong (I was baking with a couple of kids, so I might have missed something, but looking back I can’t spot anything…) – the dough was too dry to make balls at all, so I added a couple eggs and it became more normal-ish cookie dough consistency. But then some of the butter melted out around the sides of the cookies, making lacey butter-and-sugar halos around them. So strange. They taste great, though! Next time I will add just one egg, added with the vanilla.

  281. Lara

    I made these for a work party and found them very dry and crumbly. Halfway through baking them off I moistened what was left of the dough with a little half and half, just as an experiment. Those ended up being the BEST cookies! Will make again with that alteration. Made the chocolate dip with coconut oil and it didn’t solidify very well. Would play around with adding dark chocolate chips instead of dipping next time. Fun recipe!

  282. Kara

    In college I told a friend one drunken night my idea for Nacho Cheese Dorito Vanilla Ice Cream. When I went to visit her across the country last year for a week, on our last night she brought out a carton of vanilla bean ice cream and a bag of Doritos. BFF4L.

    …broken Cheez-Its will also work.

  283. Munich Girl

    Hi Deb,
    Long time lurker and lover of your blog, first time poster!
    Can the dough be made earlier and frozen for later baking? Or can the cookies be frozen for later consumption? I’m on snack duty next week, and while I know these will be a hit with the colleagues, I need a recipe that I can prepare over the weekend and bake on Wednesday night for Thursday…..

  284. Carin

    Hi there,

    Sorry if this has been asked in a previous comment, but was wondering if you would recommend any adjustments if I were to omit the pecans?

    Thanks in advance!


  285. Clare

    Oh my goodness, I’ve just tried making these and they are absolutely delicious! I didn’t have any pecans so just used chopped nuts and actually didn’t have any plain ready salted crisps (only had salt and vinegar) but even with those adjustments the cookies were so short and crumbly, crunchy, salty yet sweet…and oh so incredibly moorish. I can see them sandwiched with strawberry jam or half coated in chocolate like pretzel flips. Thank you so much for the recipe. Who would have thought crisp biscuits :)

  286. Mattie

    If pecans aren’t an option (allergy!), do you think either almonds or hazelnuts would work well? Which do you think would be a better sub?

  287. Umi

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been in search for savory desserts to make and I’m hoping to enter this cookie in my company cookie contest. I made a batch and everyone already really liked them. I’m going to try and use truffle salt on top to see if it can add a bit more savoriness to the cookie without going over board. I noticed that the chocolate dip took over the cookie’s saltiness and I liked the non-dipped cookies better. Maybe a light drizzle on the next batch.

    Love your site so much! It’s always one of my go-to resources. I love that you don’t go too overboard on the heaviness of the dishes like other chefs do.

  288. Tamara

    Okay these are LEGIT. I just made them for our company holiday bakeoff and they WON!! Thank you for this recipe! I did dip half in chocolate (AMAZING) and I think I will add even MORE chips next time for extra potato-y-ness. Happy holidays!

  289. Tamara

    Coming back to say: I made these cookies a second time because once they won the bakeoff, everyone I knew wanted to try them. :) Some notes for the second time around:

    – I used walnuts because my store was out of pecans, and it tasted great–but I still prefer pecans.
    – I made them smaller/thinner this time around and ended up with a yield of FIVE DOZEN, which is GREAT. They are crispier, obviously, but if you are looking for a big yield, this recipe can give it to you
    – I added more potato chips to the batter and topping because I felt the saltiness was just a tad too subtle last time I made them, especially with the addition of the chocolate. I went with 3/4 cup of crushed chips in the batter.
    – If using chocolate on top, I think you need 8 oz, not 4. I used 4 oz. the first time around and was really scraping the bottom of the bowl by the last 10 cookies. This time I used 8 oz. and I had the right amount.

    Thanks again, I LOVE this recipe and will definitely be making it again many times! It’s delicious, surprising and adorable. Happy holidays!

  290. anne

    I made those yesterday. Agree with some previous commenters that more chips Are needed! Was unsure whether to crush the chips in crumbs or in small chunks. I did a mixture of both, and the few tiny chunks of chips in the cookies and pretty good! I out 3/4 cup of chips for the halved recipe, so a lot more than what is recommended – cookies were really delicious. They all looked perfect apart from one ( out of the 17 that the half recipe yielded) that spread so much. No idea why.
    I recommend this recipe.

  291. Meredith

    As a freak-of-nature (not a fan of chocolate) I decided to top these with toffee crumbles. Did not regret that. Also, incredible these work so well with no leavening!

  292. R

    I made these cookies today, for a cookie swap tomorrow. Had high hopes of having not-too-sweet cookies. But mine turned out very very dry and tough (not crumbly as someone else’s did). Taste is fine, but I cannot take them for the swap. I was sure I missed an ingredient when the dough did not come together, and when cookies started to spilt around the edges when flattened, but no I followed the recipe exactly. I should have read other comments about how they used half and half. Maybe next time I will add some baking soda?

  293. prinsas

    yes, this is one of those died-and-gone-to-heaven type cookies. Many years ago I had my first potato chip cookie; I didn’t believe that the chips were the secret ingredient when the cook told me. Not sure of the recipe then, but I’m going to give this one a go. (p.s., I am not a potato chip snacker – sandwiches, topping for a couple casseroles, and occasionally as a device by which to take in leftover buttercream frosting.)

    1. deb

      Jamie — I find that crisp shortbread-style cookies like this keep for a week and sometimes longer at room temperature in an airtight container.

  294. Mary

    I’ve now made these several times,pretty much as written. Instead of dipping them in chocolate, I’ve drizzled it over them, that way I could use the salty topping and the chocolate. I’ve made sure to use a salty potato chip each time. The second time, I made more of the topping, which added more potato chip flavor and salty contrast. After everyone’s initial skepticism about a potato chip cookie, they’ve disappeared quickly, with many comments about how awesome they are and that I can make more anytime. Thanks for another outstanding recipe Deb!

  295. Kristin

    I made these a week ago. They were delicious and I didn’t want to share them (so I hid most of them :) ). I used Kettle brand chips and they weren’t too salty. Next time I will do the optional salt chip finish to add a little more saltiness. I dipped some halfway in chocolate and that was the best! I didn’t have the crumbly problem others mentioned.

  296. Theresa

    Back in the 70’s, when I was in high school and college, I worked in a hospital kitchen that was actually known for having pretty good food! Potato chip cookies was one of their goodies! I don’t remember if their recipe included nuts – maybe, maybe not – but they WERE really good and I’ve thought of them for, oh, 40 years! Now they’re here and I’m going to relive my youth! Surely they can’t be bad for you if they were served in a hospital!

  297. So because I have actually lost my damn mind, I’m going to make these tonight with gluten free flour, swap the regular butter for brown, and (AND!) add peanut butter chips and chocolate chips. (Although I am concerned about the butter being liquid, so we’ll see if I regret that choice.) Stay tuned!

  298. Sophie

    Very good and very easy. Used Cape Cod chips and agree that a tad more salt in the dough would’ve been nice. I forgot to add the potato chip crumbs and sea salt to the cookie tops so that was my fault. I’ll do the chocolate version next time but for now, we’re all gobbling these up!

  299. TBerry

    Mouthwatering! Can’t wait to try this! I’ve been baking PC Cookies for a few years now, courtesy of Cook’s Country. (They specify Cape Cod Reduced Fat chips. Me? I prefer Herr’s. It’s a Delaware Valley thing, I guess.) May I also suggest instead of toasted pecans, try things like mini chocolate chips or, my fave, currants and finely diced dried apricots? And yes, those pecans with some chopped craisins. Whatever…just my absolute favorite cookie!

  300. Maybelle

    Will be making these tonight to thank our gracious friends who have hosted us for a week and I’m not sure if I should double the recipe. I cannot for my life find how many cookies this recipe will yield, and want to know because was thinking of doing a chocolate drizzle on half. About how many cookies from one batch?

  301. Jennifer

    “489 COMMENTS ON potato chip cookies” by June 2018

    This must be a record number of comments on a cookie recipe! But I will add that I too added chips to my sammys (and was thought weird) and we were the only ones that made Potato chip cookies back in the 70s! Our cookie jar was very popular – and quickly emptied.

  302. Tina Berry

    These are beyond good. My favorite variation: instead of pecans, I mix in currants & finely diced dried apricots. With or without the chocolate dip. Share? What’s that?

  303. Cathy

    Oh. My. Glorious. Goodness. These are simply amazing! Think Pecan Sandies but a billion times better!! Definitely a keeper in my cookie favs. Don’t change one. single. thing.

  304. Rox

    What do you think about adding some chocolate chips to the dough in lieu of chocolate topping? I may never get them into the oven…! I am going to bake a batch as soon as I make a special trip to the store for potato chips!

  305. Yinny

    With a nr. 50 scoop, this recipe made 31 one cookies. Definitely needed the extra salt. The chocolate dip made it! With bittersweet (80%) chocolate to cut the sweet and salt, it was perfect!

  306. Jude Schattenfield

    Ohmygosh……..I used to make potato chip sandwiches to help me get through my homework many, many year ago. Wonder Bread, spread with butter or what passed for butter in those long ago days and layered with many whole chips (not crumbled or crunched). I think they were Wise Potato Chips, but it was whatever my mother bought back then. Cape Cod PCs are and have been my absolute fave since discovering them on the Cape about 40 years ago, but alas since doing a binge on them during the beginning of my Covid diet, my doctor has forbidden me from having them in the house. (Blood Pressure and heart issues). But this recipe is calling to me. Pecan shortbread sandies being my favorite cookie and like your husband salt (before my health issues) comes before chocolate. I have signed up both my daughters (and myself, although I don’t cook anymore) for your new foodie newsletter which started yesterday. Thanks for making my day!

  307. Betsy

    Yum, like a pecan sandie but with a little potato chip twist. I agree with Deb, needs the extra salt and maybe an extra pinch or two.

  308. Luisa

    One of my favourite cookie recipes, so good!
    Also one of my favorite blogs by the way..

    As a trained chef and baker I just love the way you write about food. Keep on going!

  309. Peyton

    These unique cookies are definitely a conversation piece! I used Lay’s chips and agree it needs the extra salt. I recommend the chocolate dip and sprinkling extra crushed chips over the chocolate. These came out crunchy and crispy, so if you like a less crunchy cookie, try going light when you press them down on the cookie sheet. Per the recipe, they don’t spread much and using the glass makes them a nice perfect round shape. I think these are a fun addition to a holiday cookie spread.

  310. Lois S.

    Dipped one-half in milk chocolate. Everyone loves, often mentioned as one of the favorite ones I make. And I make a lot of cookies