blueberry yogurt multigrain pancakes

I had a little crisis on Father’s Day, and unlike the week that proceeded it, it did not relate to a feverish toddler who landed himself in our bed (and proceeded to be well enough at 5 a.m. to stand up and announce the different parts of our face as he poked them “NO” “EYEAR” “AYE” “MOUF”), the gutting of our (single) bathroom so that plumbers could access a wayward pipe in the building or the thin film of dirt left on every surface of every room when they were done working. No, by Father’s Day, most of those things had thankfully righted themselves, leaving only crises of less grave proportions: the blueberry pancakes I’d always known and loved no longer worked for me.

all ready to go
batter, berries, separate

I mean, they work, in terms of technically executing what they’re supposed to. They’re a bit runnier than I remembered, thus making it difficult to flip and bake them through cleanly, but they’re hardly worth complaining over, or so felt the Dad of Honor who found them–as he is contractually obligated to–delicious. We ate our pancakes, showered him with gifts and set off for the playground. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them; they didn’t sit right and I realized that it had less to do with the recipe and more to do with … me. I’ve changed.

studded with blueberries


Suddenly, using all white flour in a breakfast baked good felt a little funny. I’m not saying I’ve sworn it off — heavens, no! — but once you figure out ways to tuck more grains into baked goods without compromising their flavor, it’s hard not to do so regularly. And buttermilk, lordy, I love buttermilk. But I don’t always have it around and yet I always have yogurt around. And doesn’t yogurt somehow seem more fitting for breakfast? New decade, new pancake, I concluded. I would embrace change!

kept warm in the oven

And so on Monday, long after the last blueberry pancake had been inhaled (I told you we liked them), I got back to work and these, these are my jam, um, I mean, the kind of blueberry pancakes I’m more enthusiastic about these days. Two grain flours a big helping of plain yogurt and absolutely no compromise on flavor, texture or deliciousness, especially when draped with maple syrup. Loads of it. What? I never said I ate pancakes like a grown-up, did I?

blueberry yogurt pancakes

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Blueberry Yogurt Multigrain Pancakes

Makes 12 to 14 4-inch pancakes

2 large eggs
1 cup plain, full-fat yogurt
2 to 4 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons butter, plus extra for buttering skillet
1/2 teaspoon lemon zest
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup (62 grams) whole wheat flour
1/2 cup (68 grams) all-purpose flour
1/4 cup (32 grams) barley or rye flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon table salt
1 cup blueberries, rinsed and dried

Melt half of butter. Remove from heat and stir in second tablespoon of butter until melted. This keeps your butter from being too hot when you next want to add it to the wet ingredients.

Whisk egg and yogurt together in the bottom of a medium/large bowl. If you’re using a thin yogurt, no need to add any milk. If you’re using regular yogurt, stir in 2 tablespoons milk. If you’re using a thick/strained or Greek-style yogurt, add 3 to 4 tablespoons milk. Whisk in melted butter, zest and vanilla extract. In a separate, small bowl, combine flours, sugar, baking powder and salt. Stir dry ingredients into wet only until dry ingredients are moistened. A few remaining lumps is fine.

Preheat your oven to 200°F and have a baking sheet ready (to keep pancakes warm). Heat your skillet or saute pan to medium. If you’ve got a cast-iron skillet, this is my favorite for pancakes. Melt a pat of butter in the bottom and ladle a scant 1/4 cup (about 3 tablespoons) batter at a time, leaving at space between each pancake. Press a few berries into the top of each pancake. The batter is on the thick side, so you will want to use your spoon or spatula to gently nudge it flat, or you may find that pressing down on the berries does enough to spread the batter. When the pancakes are dry around the edges and you can see bubbles forming on the top, about 3 to 4 minutes, flip them and cook for another 3 minutes, until golden underneath. (If you listen closely, after a minute you’ll hear you blueberries pop and sizzle deliciously against the pan.) If pancakes begin cooking too quickly, lower the heat. Transfer pancakes to warm oven as they are done cooking, where you can leave them there until you’re ready to serve them.

Serve in a big stack, with fixings of your choice. Do not anticipate leftovers.

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434 comments on blueberry yogurt multigrain pancakes

  1. I made very similar pancakes this past weekend. The best ones yet. I love how high they rose up. I love a light and fluffy pancake. I would have never thought you could get this kind of texture with whole wheat flour.

  2. Nicole

    Hah! I actually thought the same thing about your old blueberry pancake recipe – I thought it ran like crazy, and who has buttermilk? So I started making your cottage cheese pancakes with whatever dairy product I had on hand (cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, all three), thinned to whatever looked right with whatever liquidy dairy I had. Always delicious! But considering the new pancake favorite around my place is the oatmeal pancakes you posted from Good to the Grain, I’ll have to give these multigrain types a whirl.

    Just please promise me you won’t start making birthday cakes with barley flour!

    1. deb

      Nicole — Ah, no! Cake should be cake. I just like to see a mix of grains, or yogurt, or at least some fresh fruit, at breakfast. Cake at breakfast time must still play the breakfast game.

  3. I make similar pancakes, but I throw in some shredded coconut, which adds both subtle coconut flavor and a little texture. Orange zest and cardamom is a good combo for pancakes, too.

  4. Marissa

    I also use cottage cheese, which make it gooey yet solid enough to pick up with a fork, even when drenched in syrup.

  5. Joanna

    OK – how did you know I was looking for this EXACT recipe this morning as I made my toddler yet another batch of nutritionally deficient buttermilk pancakes!? Thank you!

  6. Jodi

    Just picked up blueberries at the farmers market this morning!! Also, lately my two year old is obsessed with cakes and pancakes. He wakes up screaming “cake”, “pancakes”. Will have to try.

  7. Lucy

    I’ve been trying to figure out other ways to use our rye flour. This sounds perfect. Our toddler’s currently at the stage where she announces “no more mama sleeping” and “daddy more sleeping” while attempting to use our heads as pillows for her 90th%ile noggin. Pancakes should make that slightly less painful. Is lowfat yogurt acceptable?

  8. These sound and look absolutely delicious; I love the look of pancakes prepared in a cast-iron skillet. And I find myself in the same spot lately – love buttermilk, but more often swapping yogurt.

    Just to be sure.. did I miss a Jacob pic? sometimes I’m not real observant. But I think if you were to post a video of Jacob’s facial anatomy lesson, I might just fall over from cute and never get back up. That BABY.

  9. I just picked up ‘Good To The Grain’ after your glowing review, and am enjoying experimenting with different flours. Thank you! These pancakes look so great – I have a wheat pancake batter that is okay, but this looks much better. I’m sure we will try it out this weekend.

  10. s

    would we be able to use oatmeal flour rather than the barley flour, as i don’t have it around? also, do you think other types of berries (raspberries, etc) would be a possibility, or too large/runny?

  11. Ellen

    Seconding the questions about a) greek yogurt (my new favorite thing, because it is usually pretty rich and delicious even at low fat contents) and b) alternate flours. I don’t want to keep barley or rye flour around for the one time I want to make these pancakes, but oat flour (via pulsing oats in the blender) is always doable.

    1. deb

      I realize that there are going to be a lot of questions about alternative fruits, flours and dairy. I have only made the pancakes this one, and it’s the only arrangement of ingredients that I can vouch for. As for the barley and/or rye flour, that’s the only one I can say with confidence would probably work with any flour you had around, as it is a minority ingredient. Other berries may work, but might get messier, however, no reason not to use what’s currently in season near you. Should you only have white flour, you can replace all the flours for regular all-purpose and it will work just fine.

  12. Jeanne

    How’d you settle on that proportion of flours? When I’m cutting in whole wheat flour I never go more than half since it affects the texture.

    1. deb

      Jeanne — Actually, I’ve been playing with this formula a lot in the last year for a book recipe. So, just practice. I knew what would work by now.

  13. I’m finding the more that I cook, the more that the junk or convenience food you can buy in the supermarket tastes bad. Last time I tried using grains in baking, it was a bit of a disaster (although that may be more to do with missing out the sugar!) but these would be perfect for a ‘healthy’ breakfast. Thanks Deb!

  14. Looks great. I was curious if part of the blueberries could be pureed (or diced very finely) and added to the batter. It would not only look nice but the flavours would be more evenly distributed. However extra effort would be required!

  15. I, too, used to be hesitant about putting whole wheat or healthier flours into my pancakes ( aren’t pancakes just supposed to be sweet, fluffy, and like dessert?). But then I messed around with some whole wheat flour and strawberries one Saturday morning and managed to produce this ridiculously delicious that were still light and fluffy and wonderful, but didn’t make me feel so terrible after eating them! A win win! I can’t wait to try yours, the blueberries and yogurt sound perfect.

  16. Nida

    I compared this with your older recipe and there’s major changes. But, question, if I wanted to not go the whole grain way but just opt for the remainder of the changes, would subbing 1 1/4 cups AP for all combined flours work?

  17. Nice mix of grains – I find ground flaxseed also works well in pancakes (without compromising taste). I particularly like the yogurt – what type did you use? Greek has a wonderful, rich quality to it – even the low fat varieties (although I’m quite happy to see someone using full-fat without apology).

  18. You had me at “whole grain”…. I’m trying to transition our diets from regular old processed white flour foods to whole grain stuff. And yogurt too (especially if I can use greek yogurt and get the higher protein and lower fat). These sound delicious!

  19. Sam

    I agree. Only white flour doesn’t cut it for me anymore either. These look amazing. Maybe I’ll make them tomorrow morning and use up the last of my raspberries.

  20. Arti

    Deb, I have always made your old blueberry pancakes recipe with W.W pastry flour and yogurt :).. I sometimes even skip the butter in the batter and use it on a skillet. I agree with the others that a cast iron skillet makes a huge difference. So does not over mixing the batter. Love, Love , Love your pancake recipe. My friends and family also love it and won’t believe how easy it is. I have to try this with barley flour. What an awesome father’s day breakfast.
    Btw, i just made a single layer of your double chocoate birthday cake ..and I am resisting it till today evening when our birthday girl (my mom-in-law) can cut it. It was insanely soft when I took it out of the pan. I am planning a simple chocolate ganache with some sliced strawberries for color. I hope she loves it.

  21. Shawn

    Always looking to increase the fiber in ourselves and our little girls around here as well…and haven’t quite found the right recipe– this looks perfect! AND we just happen to be heading up to maine in a few weeks, I think I’ll pre-make the dry ingredients and add the fresh picked wild blueberries, etc. when we get there!

  22. I’m with you on the yogurt vs. buttermilk debate! I feel the same way about my biscuits.

    And now you’re making me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t start sneaking some whole grains into them, too. (Not that they’ll be healthy, drenched in butter and jelly or sausage gravy. But you’re right. Why not add some fiber?)

  23. Awesome. I’ve been doing a lot with alternative flours, but mostly nut flours rather than grain flours. I will have to try these with the hazelnut flour I have around (or maybe if I’m feeling virtuous the chickpea flour).

  24. CJ

    Deb, this arrived just in time to provide me with a luscious lunch. Also provided consolation for not being along with hubby on his trip to Paris.

  25. So weird. I was just asking my husband to pick up syrup on his way home so I could make pancakes for dinner. I have some whole wheat flour that’s been just staring at me from my pantry (I’m pretty sure it’s begun mocking me) that I really need to try. And there’s an entire container of Greek yogurt that I’m afraid will go bad if I don’t start using it. You are my hero!!! ; )

  26. Susan

    Ok I have to try this because I’ve been following Giada’s blueberry ricotta pancake recipe but this looks delicious. Is that a glass berry crate?

  27. I just made some Rhubarb muffins with greek yoghurt and cut out some of the butter and they turned our fantastic. I think these pancakes would have a similar texture. Next time I will add some “healthy” flour into the mix and see if I can make the muffins just a little bit more health friendly.

  28. Katie

    It is soooo true. Once you start adding whole grain flours, and it works, it’s almost impossible to stop. Other than cake (a.k.a. my undoing in life. mmmm cake.), I find I just don’t like most, as I call them, “plain” baked bread-y things anymore.

  29. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Those photos are so good and I could eat your share of the pancakes anytime. It’s winter down under and this would be perfect for this weekend.There is something about a recipe that doesn’t ask for much. A recipe without pretense.

  30. Deb, it’s very funny that I would read this post just moments after cracking open and perusing my newest cookbook–Good to the Grain, by Kim Boyce. The whole premise of the book is that whole grains not only provide greater health benefits, (a fact that seems almost incidental here) but more importantly, they provide a depth and richness of flavor that cannot be achieved with white flour alone. I cannot wait to try out ALL of the recipes in her book, as well as this pancake recipe of yours. I am just now realizing that there is only the slimmest of chances that you are not already well aware of this cookbook, but on the off chance you are not, you should definitely check it out!

  31. I love whole/multi grain pancakes. It used to be for health, but now it’s more for taste. I had a breakfast meeting at a cafe yesterday. I ordered the strawberry pancakes (even after asking if they had whole grain pancakes…no). They were light, fluffy, and cake-y, but rather flavorless. I’m glad you posted a multi-grain version of one of my favorite breakfasts!

  32. mairsydoats

    LOVE! I must thank you for introducing me to barley flour (Mary, this is barley flour, barley flour, this is your new advocate Mary!) in the Strawberry Summer Cake. Can’t wait to try this too… I’m especially partial to Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes, but sometimes switch it up for Buttermilk (or Yogurt). Pancakes – one of the first things I learned how to cook, along with French Toast (which I consider an art form).

  33. Susan

    That’s a lot of baking powder for only 1 1/4cups total of flour. I imagine it might have needed a little more , but still. I’m surprised there’s no baking soda (1/4 tsp) as well. Did any of your research turn up any answers as to why you might need so much BP?

  34. I feel the same way about flours, the more color often means more flavor. Cookies even get a little scoop of whole wheat flour and they turn the corner to awesomeness really fast. I nip of different flour in often heavy laden pancakes, sign me up!

  35. So… I just made yogurt blueberry pancakes for the fella and me on Sunday. And then you post this. I toyed with the idea of throwing rye flour into mine but decided to save it for a loaf of bread. We plowed through our entire stack, just the two of us. I’d be embarrassed by our gluttony, but there is nothing better than tangy sweet pancakes with honey and butter. Thank goodness for local seasonal berries in anything and everything. Heck, thank goodness for lazy weekend breakfasts in general.

  36. Stephanie

    I feel the same way about breakfast baked goods. All-white flour just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I need multi-grain to feel full and satisfied.

  37. My sweetheart has his first day off on the 4th of July after a long month of 60 hour weeks, and I intend to make these for him! They sound like the perfect start to a perfect day together!

  38. I’m always looking for ways to turn desserts into acceptable breakfast foods, and including yogurt in the recipe goes a long way in alleviating the guilt of eating things like cinnamon roll pancakes first thing in the morning!

  39. Liz

    Your blueberry pancakes were the very first recipe I ever used off SK! I was looking for a good pancake recipe one day, and googled “blueberry pancakes” and viola! The best food blog (and only one I follow religiously) was right there :)

  40. any thought on what i might be able to use instead of the yogurt (baby is dairy free)? love a good whole grain pancake recipe and would be anxious to try yours if i could add a decent yogurt substitute!

  41. Please tell me you’re not about to start making vegan chocolate teff cakes, Deb. Please. OTOH, I get that multigrain pancakes feel appropriately breakfastier, and I do make french toast with multigrain bread. Just stay away from the slippery slope.

    I know what you mean about yogurt though — I don’t even like the stuff, and yet I usually have it around. I blame the small person. Although come to think of it, said small person will also drink buttermilk straight. I should keep it around more.

  42. Mental Chew

    I love love love this! Just this morning my 4 year old asked me, “Mommy, can you kick up the pancakes?” Seriously. Do you see what I am up against? Today we went with banana and vanilla, but TOMORROW these will knock his socks off! Thanks!

  43. I love how you were able to bring more whole grains into these pancakes. I always shy away from pancake recipes with buttermilk because I never seem to have it, but the yogurt will definitely make it easier. Thank you also for the blueberries! It was such a joy to see them at the farmers’ market this week!

  44. Yay! I’m glad you’re leaning towards more whole grain baking! I too felt the guilt of so much white flour in breakfast goods. I think leave the ALL all-purpose flour treats for dessert, and add the whole grains to breakfast!

  45. Noa

    I must admit I don’t consider myself a pancake person, but these… these call out to me. I’m totally with you on the mixed grains – I think barley flour, with its sweet lovely flavour, would be perfect.

    1. deb

      Brittany — Actually, the flavor most people recognize as rye bread isn’t even rye — it’s caraway seeds! So no, it won’t. Promise.

      Susan — When I tried to swap out some of the baking powder for, say, a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, there were discoloration issues with the fruit. Berries seem to be much more sensitive to baking soda! Of course, pancakes usually use more leavener than cakes, muffins too rarely follow the rules. However, you had me curious so I looked at my other recipes. The original buttermilk pancakes I’d made used 2 teaspoons baking powder and 1 teaspoon baking soda for 2 cups flour; Kim Boyce’s beloved oatmeal pancakes use 2 teaspoons baking powder (much less) for an equivalent 1 3/4 cups flours, but I do remember finding them fairly sturdy (delicious, but not lightweight) and those cottage cheese pancakes use 2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda for 2 cups flour. Yowee.

      Heather — Yes! I loved Good to the Grain so much, I covered the Rhubarb Tarts, the Oatmeal Pancakes (linked above) and the Oatmeal Cookies and then I had to cut myself off. It is how my pantry got so stocked, and how I came to embrace whole grains not as a compromise with baked goods but an improvement. When used well. Boyce really has a gift.

  46. Ever since getting Kim Boyce’s book last year, I have felt the same way about almost everything I cook that requires flour. For a whole year now, I have been obsessed with all of the different flours in her book (plus millet, which she doesn’t really every talk about). Have you tried her multigrain pancake, BTW? I know you have posted on her recipes before so I assume you have perused it at least. It’s pretty nice for a pancake recipe that doesn’t separate eggs, which I am partial to!

  47. I can never resist a blueberry pancake and the addition of yogurt in this recipe makes my mouth tingle with anticipation. I’m trying to decide what to put on top. Yum.

  48. Amy

    I feel the exact same way. I used to have no problem with inhaling all-white flour muffins or pancakes for breakfast, but now it just feels weird. I know it’s better nutritionally but I really love the taste and texture of using whole wheat or multi-grain flours. I love using Heidi Swanson’s Multi-grain pancakes recipe, but this one looks fantastic as well.

  49. That’s so funny, I just did a post last week on my food blog for oatmeal blueberry pancakes :) These look wonderful, Deb, long live the pancake!!!

  50. I love your more complex take on the pancake, life’s too short for flat, boring cakes that lack character. The addition of the rye or barley flour has me intrigued. – S

  51. I will, I will, I will absolutely be making these this weekend. They sound hearty, delicious, and healthy. First off I love blueberry pancakes, they are my favorite, but add wheat, rye, or any bran type stuff, and I am in. I love how tiny and cute they are, plus the use of the cast iron. I am drooling… Thank you!

  52. Jean Marie

    Your oatmeal pancakes are a favorite around my house. I’m sure that these will be too. Did you ever try pumpkin pancakes? So good, especially when the weather turns cool.

  53. Monica

    I love it!! I feel the same way about flour now… eating refined flour baked goods, bread, white rice… it just doesn’t taste as good to me anymore. I’ll use all-purpose in recipes, but never 100%. I always swap out at least half for whole wheat (usually white whole wheat). Hopefully I’ll get more creative soon and try some different flours. I can’t wait to try your pancakes!! I’ve been thinking about and looking for multigrain pancake recipes lately :)

  54. Amy

    I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Things made with refined flour make me more hungry. I’m even putting more and more whole wheat pastry flour in my homemade pasta each time. And pie crust is ALWAYS half white flour and half whole wheat pasty flour. The flavor is much more complex and it doesn’t get in the way of texture at all. I started using the multi-grain pancake recipe from the Joy of Cooking recently and it’s my new favorite. I promised my daughter pancakes for tomorrow–I wish I had yogurt on hand to try these!

  55. Gayle S

    I will be making these also, they look amazing, and anything with blueberries is an automatic must-try in my house! Jersey blueberries are just coming in now, and plan to go pick a mess of ’em this weekend.

    For everyone asking about the other flours, I have found them at health-food stores or even a well-stocked regular grocery in smallish amounts. If you keep them in a zip bag in your freezer, they will stay fresh for a long time. Also look online, there are more and more recipes using alternative flours to make the most of your purchase. Whole grains are indeed a healthy and flavorful way to improve any meal!

  56. Carissa

    Funny because I, too, just decided that there’s no point in making all white flour pancakes when you can throw in some whole wheat and no one’s the wiser. In fact this past weekend I used the whey leftover from the homemade ricotta recipe you posted as the liquid. They came out really fluffy and delicious. :)

  57. Stephanie

    For a while, I replaced only half of my white flour with whole grain. Then I started forgetting to only do half, and accidentally made your butter-brushed biscuit crust for the tomato and corn pie (SO looking forward to that this summer) with 100% whole grain spelt flour. Guess what–didn’t notice! Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not whole wheat, which sometimes can be bitter, and is whole spelt instead? Anyway, that got me completely off white flour, which is good since white spelt costs twice as much as whole spelt!

    I make the NYT “best chocolate chip cookies” with whole spelt, almond and buckwheat flours, and with a combination of butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. While I’m sure the texture is not the same as the original version, everyone who tries them is hooked on their complex decadence.

    Don’t be afraid of whole grains!

  58. 1. gah! your oven is crazy tiny!

    2. you missed an ‘e’ on leave in the last paragraph

    3. in the absurd case that there are leftover pancakes, what are your thoughts on best reheating methods? microwave is awful. freezer then toaster? fridge then low oven? skillet?

    4. batter seems to keep in the fridge for almost 1 day in my experience making for an almost ok monday morning. any thoughts on stretching this out?

  59. Susan

    Thanks, Deb. After I thought about it, I seem to remember that you use Rumford BP, and it has the soda already in it. I’ve not had issues with discoloring in the pancakes since I copied your technique from awhile back and add the blueberries to each pancake as the first side is browning. Muffins work okay, only some minor greening and not always..I can’t figure that out! I use the other BP, (yes, with the aluminum..I just don’t taste a difference) and add 1/4 tsp of soda for each cup of acidic liquid in my batter.

  60. Emily

    I needed dinner inspiration and your post came just in time! Nothing beats breakfast for dinner. Our family loved these!! The lemon is wonderful. My 2 year old (tall, skinny guy) ate 6 of them! I kid you not. We’ll make these again! :)

  61. Kathy in St. Louis

    Cindy – we like to reheat pancakes in two steps. First, a quick blast in the microwave to thaw them, then into the toaster oven to crisp them up. However, if you’re okay with waiting a little longer, just put them in the toaster oven at a lower heat so that they both warm through and crisp up.

  62. Little dude and I make blueberry pancakes almost every Saturday morning. I admit I use a mix but then add in healthy stuff like wheat germ, flax, walnuts and of course, blueberries. Very excited to try your version with yogurt and whole grains next weekend. They sound like a delicious change of pace! Change is good.

  63. amy

    I just tried your other blueberry pancakes last week and it was an epic, EPIC fail. I mean just awful. I don’t know where I went wrong, except maybe not beating the egg whites stiffly enough. I prefer whole grain anyway – so I’ll have to give these a whirl and see if I can redeem myself in the pancake department.

  64. Sara

    So, It is probably a bit annoying when people ask the same questions as others do, BUT I just noticed form your pictures how INCREDIBLY tall your bowls are and fell in love. It completely makes sense with how small your kitchen seems to be! So as tiny-kitchen cook myself, I would LOVE to know where you got them, or where I can find them. They look wonderful for space conservation!

    And, to say something about those fabulous pancakes, my husband LOVES blueberry pancakes and we both absolutely love wheat pancaked. We do an oatmeal, cornmeal, wheat mixture that he never uses measuring cups on and tends to get dense really fast if he’s not careful, So I bow my head in gratitude for your genius in making these multi-grain pancakes! Now I have a recipe! Yes! :-P

    Around here (Idaho) we have wild huckleberries. I prefer them to blueberries and they are a bit smaller. IDK if you have ever used them, but I like them for pancakes because if they are frozen when I use them they won’t take forever or leave the pancake around them doughy~

    Also, definitely agree with the Walnuts, I love the flavor they add, I blend mine when I grind up the wheat because I don’t like the chunks and it gives the whole pancake the nutty flavor! Delicious!

  65. Matt

    Interesting, I’ve substituted yogurt for buttermilk before and my pancakes came out kind of rubbery. I’m excited to see the yogurt working out!

  66. Thanks for another great pancake recipe! We make pancakes all the time in our house for breakfast, even on weekdays and have various go-to recipes but love the idea of adding a new one. Especially a higher-protein pancake which with the eggs and yogurt this probably is.

    Quick question: I often like to make a batter the night before to have it ready for a quick weekday breakfast. Do you think the recipe would work well in this regard?

  67. I wanted to weigh in on the “baking soda/berries” discussion. Deb, you’re right – baking soda is NOT kind to berries. Berries are colored by a pigment called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins generally don’t react well to alkalines, like baking soda, but they get along much better with acids. Acids tend to bring out the “red” of anthocyanins, whereas alkalines bring out the “blue.”

    For example: if you’ve ever boiled red cabbage and noticed the cooking water turns blue, it’s because boiling water causes it to become more alkaline, which isn’t ideal for anthocyanins; that’s part of why red cabbage is often seved in tangy (acidic) preparations.

    (taking off nerd hat, stuffing in back pocket)

  68. This looks divine, perfect. And Debs, you are the epitomy of a perfect food blogger. your blog posts always make me so excited. You’re an inspiration to all those wanting to share their recipes and you inspire me to keep going!

  69. Isabella

    They sound sooo wonderful!!! I LOVE this site, its so wonderful!
    I have a question about the batter….Can i make the batter at night before i go to sleep, and leave it overnight in the fridge and make the pancakes in the morning???

  70. When it’s dark and I’ve nothing sweet to eat. When I’m hungry and there is only one egg left. When I’ve no idea about a great afternoon snack. Pancakes, yes.

  71. once again you have elevated pancakes to such a high place! And thank you for a is sometimes too much to mess with a griddle .. plus with the cast iron I can eat more pancakes without feeling guilty ..good arm workout!! the early morning “conversation” made me smile~

    1. deb

      marietta — It’s a Lodge 12-inch, so no, not thin. Totally standard.

      Lisa — So awesome! Smitten Kitchen is pro-nerd.

      Sara — I list a bunch of resources for those bowls in this post.

      et — Anyone can round up or down if they wish. I presume most people are using digital scales these days, however, so no reason not to be precise.

      Cindy — I reheat just about everything low and slow in the oven. Plus, it restores a faintly crisped edge.

      Cristina — 200 degrees F. I’ll clarify that.

  72. Kim in MD

    Yum! I love blueberry pancakes, and I really like the yogurt and whole grain flours in this recipe.

    Jacob is so cute! I’m glad he is feeling better!

  73. I stopped using white flour in pancakes years ago because the whole grain ones just taste so much better. To make these GLUTEN-FREE, substitute GF buckwheat flour, GF oat flour and brown rice flour in the same proportions listed in the recipe. To make these DAIRY-FREE (they won’t brown quite as nicely), substitute unsweetened soy yogurt and unsweetened hemp milk, as well as coconut oil for the butter. I am not dairy-free myself, but I always cook our pancakes and French toast in coconut oil — delish!

  74. Mmmmm these sound amazing! It’s still solidly strawberry time here in Chicago, but blueberries should be on their way soon! I’m starting to feel the same way about breakfast goods, and thinking that I should just bite the bullet and get that book Good to the Grain everyone keeps talking about. But I’m working through so many new cookbooks and garden books right now that I can’t seem to justify it! I made Molly Wizenberg’s buckwheat pancakes last Saturday with fresh sliced strawberries and maple syrup, and almost died and went to heaven. These will be on the menu this weekend! Thanks Deb! :-)

  75. Was inspired, so our household enjoyed “breakfast for dinner” last night. Followed the recipe exactly, and wound up with a happy, happy family.

  76. Just Jeannie

    I have been also using a whole grain pancake bulk recipe (From King Author Flour’s web keeps nicely in the freezer) that uses almost no white flour and halfsie halfsie w.w. and oat flour. I have found making oat flour easy to do in the food processor.. and the using it to mix, since it’s already dirty, the rest of the recipe… and it makes yummy baked goods without the heaviness of w.w. + white.

    Bannana pressed into the pancakes in place of or addition to blueberries are awesome. They almost make their own creamy bannana ‘syrup’. My grands love these we always make extras and reheat in the toaster oven.

  77. DollySue

    I buy powdered buttermilk at the health food store and keep it onhand for pancakes. You add the powder to the dry ingredients and the water to the wet.

    And never have to worry about buying a carton of buttermilk at the grocery store again. Why don’t they sell it in smaller quantities? I couldn’t think of drinking it.

  78. Eileen

    I’ve been lurking here for a while, but had to comment on these because we just made a batch, and they were AMAZING! Lovely texture and taste, not to mention the prettiest we’ve made from scratch. And we make A LOT. As in, we should be pancake recipe testers. We have a few favorites we always return to, but this just moved to the top of the list, particularly for feeding guests. This batch made the perfect amount for our family of four (though the two littles are quite young-22 months and 3 1/2) And we used frozen blueberries with deightful results.

  79. Joe

    These look wonderful, but I have the opposite problem I guess. I always have buttermilk, breakfast every sunday and I usually make waffles/pancakes/coffee cake, but never have found a really good multigrain recipe for buttermilk pancakes. Adding wheat germ will only take you so far.

  80. I am obsessed, obsessed — obsessed, I tell you! — with making pancakes. I make them constantly. Without gobs of syrup (though we do that often enough), they’re fairly healthy. I make them so often that I’ve stopped using measuring cups and spoons and just eyeball everything… I know, sacrilege!

    Here some ideas for Good Pancake Eats:

    1, try lemon juice (a whole lemon) + zest + ricotta (instead of yogurt, might need a splash of milk to keep the right consistency). The texture is heavenly, not to mention the strong lemon flavor (little or no sweetener needed)

    2, handfuls of wheat bran (added immediately before cooking) makes for a wonderfully nutty texture and ups the health value. The pancakes need to be eaten right after making them or they’ll get a little soggy… but they are really, really good right off the griddle

    3, coarsely ground pecans for sublime texture and flavor (replace some but not all of the flour… I’ve done everything from a 1:3-1:1 ratio of pecan grind:flour)

    4, if you’re puttin’ in blueberries, try adding almond slices (the really thin ones that come in a bag)

    5, kefir works well, too, though I find I need a bit of sugar or syrup in the batter then

    Pancakes rule! :)

  81. oh my goodness – I made these for dinner last night. I’m in love. I didn’t have any barley or rye flour so I used oat, and they still tasted great. Also, I was out of plain greek yogurt, but I did have honey flavored so I used that and skipped the extra sugar. wow. wow. wow. I’ll be making these again soon!

  82. all of a sudden, i’m not so sad that its kind of a drizzly day. pancakes for lunch! huzzah! probably with strawberries, which are perfect in my neck of the woods at this point, or some frozen blues.

    also, deb, i totally, completely agree on the whole-grain front–using all white flour seems a bit boring at this point! and with so many local mills popping up (even milling local grains) it is all the more fun to experiment with new ones.

    excellent, excellent post.

  83. I made them this morning, but used buttermilk since I had it on hand. Absolutely delicious. Fluffy, moist, not dry and dense like I’ve experienced before with whole grain pancakes. I used my cast iron skillet (which we typically only use for pancakes while we’re camping) and it produced beautiful golden slightly crisp pancakes. Can’t wait to make them again, and to continue working with barley flour… Next up- strawberry cake!

  84. Jan W

    These sound PERFECT. Can you use 2 flours if you don’t have rye of barley on hand? cuz I want to make them right now. Also I want to use Truvia instead of sugar. Thanks again for another great recipe

  85. With all that comments you have i hope you’ll see mine! Your waffles look just great! They are perfectly golden on each side and the last step, the icing sugar one, I LOVE IT!!

  86. Reena

    Blueberry pancakes are delicious anytime!
    I could not agree with you more to swapping out some of the white flour in recipes for whole grain flours. Being newly married and in charge of making most of the meals, I have become more contientious about trying to increase the nutritional value of our meals and still hold on to the flavour. To this end, I am always looking for new recipes like this and pay close attention to the ratio of other flours to all purpose white flour.
    Thanks for your wonderful posts- it is a great resource I keep coming back to!

  87. heidipie

    Out here in northern California, a grain mill called Giusto’s makes a wonderful whole-wheat pastry flour that’s light and fine enough to substitute completely for white in breakfast-type baking. Another of our luxuries. Question: the recipe has a lot of baking powder–did you end up with any of that undercurrent of alkaline flavor that I sometimes get when I use that much?

    1. deb

      heidipie — I discussed the baking powder level, and how it is not out of line with other pancake recipes, in Comment #99. That said, as Lisa mentioned, it’s best to use an aluminum-free baking powder. Aluminum is usually the cause of that tinny flavor. I’m not sure, however, that I’d recommend her homemade baking powder solution, only because the baking soda tends to discolor the berries, which is why I avoid it in this recipe.

      Valerie — Thank you. I read every comment. Twice!

  88. Sorry to continue nerding out, lol, but heidipie: check your baking powder to see if it’s aluminum-free. Aluminum-free is generally preferred because it doesn’t impart flavor to baked goods.

    If you’re stuck with aluminum and need something in a pinch, this is a great baking powder swap: 1/4 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 tsp. cornstarch, and 1/2 tsp. cream of tartar. In fact, I usually just keep this mixture on hand instead of buying baking powder (usually because I, um, forget that I need baking powder EVERY TIME I grocery shop). It works very well and there’s no flavor.

  89. caity

    Wow, these look even better than the Martha Stewart all white flour pancakes! I generally can’t even stomach all white flour breads (unless, of course, it’s of the french, sourdough variety). The whole grain products really are more substantial and leave me feeling full longer.

  90. Becky

    Deb-thanks for all the great baked goods with the whole grain flours. On your recommendation I picked up “Good To The Grain” and love it, and have loved all your recipes with more wheat and other flours–I am cooking healthier and my kids will actually eat what I bake/make because it still tastes good. Keep it up!!

  91. We’ve gone down the same path with pancakes and waffles – all whole wheat, all the time. That being said, I am still looking for the perfect whole wheat pancake recipe. These look as though they could be serious contenders.

  92. Mmmm. I just posted my favorite pancake recipe a few weeks ago, and made some more for dinner the other night. With blueberries, of course.

    I always use full whole wheat flour in my pancakes and waffles, but I guess I don’t notice the difference because that’s what I grew up with. As for the buttermilk dilemma, have you ever checked out powdered cultured buttermilk? Again, it’s what I grew up with using for Sunday morning pancakes and waffles. I’ve only used real buttermilk once or twice for baking, but I always have a canister of Saco cultured buttermilk in my fridge for when a recipe calls for buttermilk:

  93. Claudia

    I’m kind of a freak just like you concerning pancakes, actually I won’t eat them outside my house (hum) so having said so here’s my question as much of a freak I am about pancakes I’ve never made blueberry pancakes so is it ok if I try it with dehydrated blueberries since I live now in the southern hemisphere and it is not blueberry season and want to give it a try?

  94. Courtney

    Just made these and they were awesome. We did 1/2 c all-purpose flour and 3/4 c whole wheat (no wheat or barley flour on hand). Also a little extra lemon zest. Made them on our cast iron skillet.

    The batter was really thick and I was a little worried it wouldn’t, but they came out great – big and fluffy. We got 11 good-size pancakes. My husband loooooved them. We saved some for our 22 month-old tomorrow. I wanted to freeze the rest but my husband said there was no way they’d last more than 24 hours in our house.

  95. Hemp nuts, ground flax seeds and chia seeds get added to almost all my baked goods. They blend in and add goodness. All purpose organic flour gets used for about 80% of the recipe, whole wheat spelt for the other 20%. I can simply not bake with plain white flour anymore.. feels just wrong…

  96. I’ve been using a combo of ground flax seed, whole wheat flour, and either unbleached AP or the King Arthur High Fiber flour. I usually have either buttermilk or dried buttermilk, which RULES. Also: instead of putting the blueberries in the pancakes, which makes them stick to the griddle no matter what I do, I start the morning by dumping a bunch of blueberries (I IQF’ed about 25 pounds last summer) into a saucepan with some honey, and, if I have it, some lemon or zest, and just letting it simmer for awhile. The blueberry compote lasts very nicely and can be schmeared on the pancakes in greater quantities than blueberries can be inserted, so it’s great.

  97. Oh! And! I’m usually just feeding me and one other person, so there are leftovers, but they’re very hearty, so I”ll just chow on the leftovers out of the fridge for a breakfast on the go.

  98. Hey Deb…

    Ever tried making the bb cakes with dried blueberries from Costco? A) You’ll get them year ’round B) the bb flavor is amped up C) [most important in my mind] the dough around the berries cooks instead of being overwhelmed by bb juice and therefore, doughy and stuck to the pan. D) INSTANT PANTRY PANCAKE STATUS!

    I know you’ll give it some thought… next winter. :)
    But I’ll try your yogurt/multi-grain cakes much sooner! Thanks!

  99. I love the thickness of these pancakes, they look like they will give a really good bite. As a mum of 2 I love recipes like this – recipes that deliver on comfort, fun and yet importantly on nutrition. My husband is the pancake maker in our house so I shall be passing this on to him. We use buckwheat in ours sometimes, which is delicious also.

  100. Robin

    I’ve been making banana bran pancakes for the past two weekends…I love when smitten kitchen and I are in-sync thematically. I’ve been using half bran, half white flour, but I might try and sneak some whole wheat in there next time. And I’ll definitely have to try making them with yogurt, instead of just plain old milk.

  101. Oh my god, this the ultimate tower of sin ;). I have to try this recipe at once, if it will taste at least as it looks, it will be one of my new favorite pancake variations.

  102. Dani

    I love pancakes but hate that they’re never warm by the time the cook (me) gets to sit down and eat them. But of course, put them in the OVEN to keep them warm. Duh! Way to go for the obvious solution. I see a lot of (warm!) pancakes in my future.

  103. Catherine

    These sound delicious. In a similar vein you might try the multigrain pancakes in Heidi Swanson’s new book. They have whole wheat, rye and oat flour. They call for buttermilk but I use kefir. They are fabulous and I am quite addicted! I will have to try your version since pancakes are the best!

  104. Erin

    I just made these this morning and they worked like a breeze! I substituted white whole wheat flour for the regular whole wheat flour and rye flour with no problem! Thanks for another great pancake recipe, Deb (my husband and I have already had success with the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Oatmeal Pancakes)!!

  105. Whenever you make pancakes, and in turn post the recipe, I have to drop any and all dinner plans to make myself “brinner”. I love how thick the batter is, and how the blueberries seem to be sitting on little pancake batter clouds before flipping. I, like many of the people commenting, used a mixture of whole wheat flour and all-purpose. Someday I’d like to get my hands on some rye flour! Seems like they only sell it in huge bags around my parts (Boston). Huge bags of flour and mini-freezers don’t go hand-in-hand, even despite desperate coaxing. Thanks for posting this recipe! I can’t wait to make these pancakes for a brunch – or for myself… again!

  106. Bobbi Hain

    Holy Hotcakes Batman, these are awesome! I was skeptical since they had yogurt and healthy flour in them, but goodness, they were delightful. Thank you!

  107. Sara

    Just had to say that our boys, who are only a day apart (we have a 9/18/09 birthday) are apparently in the same phase-we do a lot of eye and teeth and mouth poking, too. Usually at about 6 am, when he is up and bubbling over with energy and happiness. “eyesh!” “mouf!” “teef!” poke! poke! poke!

  108. Heidi J

    These are so good! I love the lemon with the blueberries. I even had all the ingredients (except for the rye flour, which I subbed) on hand so I didn’t have to go to the store!

  109. Kim

    I highly recommend using Liberte lemon yogurt. It’s all I had in the house, and…oh…my…gosh! Divinity on earth! Thanks for the updated genius, Deb!

  110. Rachel

    I had a total brain malfunction when making these this morning – I used wholemeal bread flour instead of the wholewheat and rye flours in the recipe because it’s the only non-white flour I had in, I forgot to add in the melted butter, my pan was too hot so the butter for frying them in burned and then the pancakes got way too brown before they were cooked through, and after we’d eaten them I realised I had also forgotten to add in the egg! BUT, they were still delicious! Can’t wait to try them again tomorrow, and make them properly this time.

  111. Anna

    I like how you said some stuff ‘no longer works for you’ That started happening to me and I was not sure how to deal with it. For example I used to make lemonade but now I just mull the lemon slices and sugar and add water. It bothers me because the lemonade was awesome but I am not longer into it. Anyway I am happy to report your old blueberry panckakes still work for me:-) I am sure I will give these a try at some point as well. They look delicious and interesting.

  112. Jennifer in SC

    Hi Deb, I’ve never commented but have made a few of your recipes. Just wanted to say that these pancakes were just elevated to my favorite pancakes. I made them this morning (immediately after reading your post) and loved them. Thanks for a great recipe.

  113. Laura

    I only kind of like pancakes but I really like that you left for the park and couldn’t stop thinking about your breakfast. That said, in about a month I’ll be picking huckleberries up the road from my house and THEN I’ll try this recipe.

  114. Unfortunately, no blueberries in Malaysia, but plenty of tropical fruits to try this out on. Might have to experiment with a few different ones. Thanks Deb. Happy 4th of July weekend to you and your family!

  115. Vidya

    I made these without the blueberries, which kind of defeats the point but they’re not in season here, and nothing else is either…so I had plain multigrain pancakes. They have a great texture though, I find pancakes made with just white flour way too sticky and slightly rubbery and just boring. I was also out of maple syrup and I absolutely must have syrup on my pancakes but was too lazy to go to the store. So I whipped up a quick caramel syrup inspired by this and and David combined have taught me how to effortlessly make amazing caramel. Quite the indulgent breakfast.

  116. k10

    Ah, they look delish! Only thing is, “tucking more grains” into baked goods is of no benefit, as least health-wise. Like using starch/grains in general, they’ll just make you tired and internally compromised. I wonder if you’ve ever experimented w/ gluten-free options…

  117. Pamela Greene

    Excellent pancakes! I subbed buckwheat flour for the whole wheat flour and they turned out great! After reading your post, I was inspired to give my old second-hand cast iron pan a try again, but was disappointed when my pancakes cooked so unevenly – much browner toward the middle of the pan. I thought cast iron pans were supposed to cook evenly – I had it on an electric burner the same size as the pan, so it wasn’t that the burner was too small. Any ideas?

    1. deb

      Rosh — I don’t usually you can if you want to keep them extra-moist. (I like a faintly crisp edge, so I let the oven dry them slightly.)

      Pamela — Actually, I have the uneven problem all the time but not just with cast iron, with all my pans. I presumed it was a gas burner thing, and especially mine as the lowest of flames (thus, smallest ring of flame underneath) makes the pan medium-hot. I find that cast iron keeps better evenly heated than lighter pans, but still, I do have heat uneveness and understand how an electric griddle might be less annoying. I sometimes rotate my pancakes 180 while cooking them so they brown more evenly.

      k10 — I’m not sure where you got your information about grains making you tired or internally compromised, but whole grain flours do indeed carry more nutrients than refined white flours. That’s the health benefit. Frankly, though, I’m after a more interesting flavor, and that’s mostly why I use them.

  118. annie

    definitely a keeper. I love that they’re less than half white flour, and I love the vanilla and lemon in them. I make blueberry pancakes (usually with yogurt and half whole wheat flour) at least once a week for my toddler who loves “berry cakecakes”, and these will be my new go to. They were far better than the blueberry pancakes I had been making. My husband considers himself a bit of a pancake snob, and he said these are easily the best he’s ever had. Thanks for the recipe!

  119. Just followed your recipe to the letter – thanks to you I keep barley flour around – and they were perfection. Beautiful, light balance of grains with a satisfying texture. Now our go-to.

    K-10 – perhaps you are gluten intolerant? Those are the symptoms. If that’s the case, you should avoid all wheat flours, and others with gluten, including barley.

  120. Jillian

    Had these for breakfast and they were really good. So much more interesting flavor and texture than regular old white flour pancakes. I don’t feel tired OR internally compromised! ;)

    I used 2 parts whole wheat flour to 1 part barley, btw.

  121. Jodi

    Made these this morning and loved them. Used chopped up strawberries & small raspberries in place of blueberries (since they are both in season). Fabulous recipe!

  122. Kerri-Ann

    I had these for breakfast – best pancakes I’ve ever made!
    I love the slight lemon flavour. I too grew up in a house where pancakes were made most weekends (using the trusty Edmond’s Cook Book with it’s battered recipe page)
    I’m keeping the leftover batter in the fridge for later.

  123. Oh wow, I was just browsing online for ideas for dinner and came across these. So, dinner….. I can eat pancakes. Right? Don’t care if I can’t – these look amazing and I’m off to the kitchen to give them a whirl, and what GORGEOUS photos you take.

  124. I just made them gluten-free! Definitely the best I’ve had in a long time, and my omnivorous husband concurs.

    I used 62 g sorghum flour, 68 g millet flour, and 32 g cornstarch, plus 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. Thanks for including the weights and making substitution so easy.

  125. Valeri Kershaw

    We just made these pancakes but used Bob’s Red Mill 7 Grain Pancake and Waffle Whole Grain Mix – wow, long name – in place of all the dry ingredients. I added 1 1/2 cups of the mix to all the other ingredients. It is hard to find the various whole grain flours in my small town. There is one health food store in town but they are closed on Sunday (today). I’m sure they would be even better with the ingredients listed but these were the best tasting pancakes I have EVER made. I have a happy tummy.

  126. Alejandra

    Such a treat! I’m pregnant and finally coming out of the first trimester and finally getting my appetite back. What a great way to reintroduce cooking to my kitchen! After two months of take out and not being able to even look at your website for the worst food aversions ever, I can say I’m so happy to be back!

    I also just wanted to Share that I was able to find rye flour for 99cents a lb in the bulk section at the Whole Foods by my house.

    Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe, I think next time I’ll sub the plain yogurt for the Wallaby Vanilla Banana yogurt, yum!

  127. Katie H

    These look fantastic! Next weekend’s brunch for sure. :)

    I’ll agree with everyone else who agreed with you on the just-white-flour-just-doesn’t-do-it-anymore section of the post. I’m a long-time lurker and honestly, the conversation about whole grain flours drew me out because spelt has become my favorite non-white flours– my girlfriend makes the most incredible pizza crust in our crappy little electric oven using half spelt and half white flour- it’s so nutty and buttery.

    I saw two other people mentioned spelt in their comments but not in the context of subbing it for the barley or rye flour in the recipe- we’ve only got spelt in the house, so we’ll let you know how the pancakes turn out with spelt!

  128. Jami

    I’ve always made your other blueberry pancakes with yogurt instead of buttermilk, and it makes them much easier to pour and set and flip. I will maybe try that recipe with half or a third whole wheat flour next time.

  129. Tali

    First time coming to the site, first recipe seen, first recipe and complete success! Our pancakes today were much fluffier than before. I can’t wait to try your other creations.

  130. Avi

    These look delicious, Deb! Going on my “recipes to seriously try soon” queue :)

    If I may ask, where did you buy the plate/dish/platter featured in the first photo?

    Thank you,


  131. shira kestenbaum

    these look yum!

    ANother great grain to try is whole grain spelt flour – it’s really tasty, adds a bit of a nutty flavor to the food.

  132. Sheryll

    I agree with Shelly in that we had no words because we were savouring every wonderful flavor. These outstanding pancakes started our July 4th perfectly! They may be the best pancake I’ve ever had. Now time to work them off on our bicycles…

  133. Frances

    I wonder if there might be two comment threads. One for those who have cooked/baked/created the recipe so generously and beautifully offered and one for those who have not yet. The “this looks great!” comments are not as helpful as the “I tried this recipe and…” comments.

  134. Lauren

    i made these for my boyfriend this morning (we didn’t have plain yogurt so i nervously subbed sour cream) and he loved them so much that he asked me to make a SECOND batch to heat up for breakfast tomorrow.

    i’m also wondering (maybe someone has suggested this) if cutting the sugar and putting smoked salmon in instead of berries would work. savory pancakes can be delicous!

    thanks for all of your fantastic recipes!

  135. Karl

    Just made these for dinner this evening. My wife absolutely loved them (I did too) and made sure that I had bookmarked the recipe. In the early days, I often skipped the step thinking that I could always find the recipe again – not so! Plus, having an extensive list of great recipes bookmarked that you know worked the first time is a great reference tool when you are looking for ideas for dinner. This one is a keeper.

  136. Susie

    I made the switch from buttermilk to yogurt in all of our pancakes a couple of years ago when we had run out of buttermilk. I’ve never gone back to buttermilk–yogurt is tangier, tastier, and somehow makes a softer pancake, in my experience.

  137. Grace

    These were really good! A nice change of pace from the usual buttermilk pancakes. My daughter is 9 months and these were her first pancake this weekend…. which worked out especially well since she eats whole milk yogurt. Thanks!

  138. Shana m.

    These were amazing. There were few leftover. Your oatmeal pancakes are my go to pancake. I think you are my fo to for pancakes!

  139. Bar

    Made them with bananas this weekend – the bananas carmelized – the pancakes were fantastic. Threw in some ground flax seed and almond flour – used banana yogurt.

  140. Nicole Shugars

    I’m like you with yogurt — it is always in the house. But…I think I went over to the dark side when I bought my two quart yogurt maker from King Arthur a couple of weeks ago. Who knew you could make yogurt and that it would be oodles better than the store bought stuff — AND easy to make. I take the extra step to strain it and make it more like a greek yogurt texture but I am a believer. Maybe after the craziness of your book is over…

  141. I have never made pancakes from scratch! Considering everything else I have made from scratch is always WAY better than from a mix, I should give these a try too.

  142. Jess

    Wow! I’ve made them twice, and didn’t have barley so used buckwheat. The next time I made them gluten-free with a whole bunch of different grains and cinnamon added. So good. Once used yoghurt, the other time, milk with added vinegar. So good! My new favorite pancake recipe.

  143. These sound great! Love the addition of the yogurt—one of my favorite ways to replace fat in a recipe! Can’t wait to try these with a combination of gluten-free flours… coconut, flax, and corn flour, maybe?

  144. Kate Harris

    I have three words for you: white chocolate chips. I added about 100g at the request of my 6yo and oh em gee, so freaking delish. Rich and decadent, they would make a great dessert. (Note: because of the chips, I burned my first batch – fixed by lowering the heat and waiting patiently for them to be ready to flip.) Another note – I only have w/w flour, so they were 100% w/w and 100% awesome.

    Thanks for another great recipe.

  145. Emily

    I made these as described, except for no lemon zest or rye flour (didn’t have in the pantry)… They were awesome! A big hit with everyone…

  146. Donna

    I haven’t tried your recipe Deb but I use a recipe called Every Day Pancakes, Mark Bittman’s, I think, from the NY Times. I always use White Whole Wheat Flour in my pancakes and it is yummy with NO heavy “whole grainy” taste or texture. I buy either Trader Joe’s or King Arthur’s. I even use it in almost all my cookies and no one even notices. In case you’re not familiar with it White Whole Wheat Flour is 100% whole grain. The word white refers to the fact that this flour is made from a variety of wheat called “white wheat” as opposed to the “red” variety most commonly used to make whole wheat flour. According to Wikipedia, ” it also lacks the tannins and phenolic acid that red wheat contains, causing white whole wheat to appear and taste more like refined red wheat; it is whitish in color and does not taste bitter.”

  147. Donna

    Sorry, in my previous post I meant to say that I use only the white whole wheat flour in my pancakes; no refined white flour at all.

  148. Kara

    I made these without the blueberries in mini form for my 11-month-old as a finger food. I used single-grain barley cereal instead of barley flour, and they turned out great. I also used a thick, full-fat greek yogurt and needed more like 5-6 tablespoons milk, maybe because of the barley cereal or because I was trying to make smaller reasonably round pancakes, idk. But they’re a great, filling baby panacakes. I frozen them in sets of three to reheat in the toaster oven. Not bad reheated!

  149. sarah

    I made these for breakfast but used orange zest instead of lemon, brown sugar instead of white, and added a dash of cinnamon. They were good! I do think I am missing the pancake gene though. Its the one thing I always have trouble with…

  150. Jessica

    Followed the recipe to a T (using Rye flour and greek yogurt) and they were fantastic. I only got 8 pancakes, but they were think and probably closer to 5 inches. Paired with some pure maple syrup these were a win/healthier (ish) choice from the edna may sour cream pancakes that I love.

    1. deb

      Susan — I bought it a couple years ago with the others in this set from Roost. Just a heads up, the one I show here is pretty decent but the others feel flimsy. I.e. They won’t be long for my kitchen with a toddler around. :)

      Honey — Right now, I have a bear of honey from Stiles Apiary in NJ. It’s not strongly flavored by any means, but I’m total wimp about honey and prefer it even weaker than this. Had it been lighter in flavor, I might have flooded the toasts with honey as they did at the restaurant.

  151. These look fantastic. Added to the list of stuff I gotta make really soon. I love that you are making pancakes in a cast iron skillet, I always use the griddle, so I can make multiples.

  152. YUM. Making variations of whole wheat pancakes on lazy Saturday mornings is a favorite pastime of mine. I’m always looking for new ideas, and love baking with yogurt, so I can’t wait to try these!

  153. It’s “carmegedon” weekend in Los Angeles so I checked out the recipes from my fave blogger and stocked up the kitchen with supplies and prepared to hunker down at home for a marathon of fun cooking. These pancakes were on the top of the list and you were right. There was not one pancake left over! My husband and toddler son could not get enough. My husband even commented that the pancakes were so good that there was no need for even syrup. The pancakes were fluffy and the fresh blueberries cooked perfectly into them. These pancakes will now be a regular breakfast item. Thank you!

  154. Cinda

    These sound wonderful and I’ll have to try them. Yogurt is always a nice addition with baked goods, but just so you don’t have to limit your repertoire…narya mentioned this briefly above, King Arthur’s Flour sells buttermilk powder. You add it to the dry ingredients and then just add water when you mix in the liquid. You might want to check it out; then you’ll always have buttermilk available. (No, I don’t work for them but spend much time drooling over their catalog.) :)

  155. Andrea

    These looks amazing, may try for my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday — speaking of which, I feel you on the poking parts of the face and labeling — apparently it’s a fun game at this age! :)

  156. Went blueberry pick with my little guy and then we made these delightful pancakes. Swapped out the rye flour for oat flour and added some real maple syrup and nuts on top. Totally delish!! These have now replaced my usual mix pancakes for our Saturday morning routine. Thanks for sharing!

  157. Sara

    These were amazing. Period. So simple to make, but so superior to anything you get out of a box. I doubled the recipe and the group of 6 devoured them. I only made a few minor changes: I substituted regular flour b/c I didn’t have any Rye flour. As well, I just threw 2 pints of blueberries in the batter and mixed it up before throwing the batter on the pan. Worked great.

  158. Anita

    The yummiest pancakes! I made these for the second time this morning and replaced the white flour with extra whole wheat and used buckwheat instead of rye because that’s what I had on hand. I wanted to try this recipes using all whole grain flours just to see if the flavours and texture would hold up – and did they ever! Thanks Deb for this wonderful recipe.

  159. Whoa! You read our mind! How did you do that?! Oh well, we’ll just read the ingredients:) Smearing it with Peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff would be an amazing treat. Added of course to your already amazing creation. Thanks for sharing!! And Bon Appetit!

  160. These were so good! I made a double batch for company and they were a big hit. Nice and fluffy and delicious with the local blueberries I just picked. I didn’t have rye or barley flour on hand so I just substituted whole wheat. Thanks for a recipe that I will come back to again and again!

  161. Mary

    First time commenting. These were so good! I’ve not used rye flour before, so I was not sure what these would taste like. They were delicious, even when using “waste” sourdough starter! YUMMY! Thanks!!

  162. My family love, love, LOVES these blueberry pancakes!!! I TRY to keep enough to freeze for the next morning for my twin 1yo boys… but my husband usually bribes me into letting him eat the rest! This has also been a hit when we have over night guests. Since you’ve posted this recipe, I think I have made them at least 10 times or so!

  163. Jodi

    Just made these with unbleached white whole wheat flour instead of just regular whole wheat flour. Followed the recipe just as is and they were amazing! I think I’ll replace the white flour with all whole wheat next time. My three year old devoured them and my ninth month old loved them! This will be our new go to pancake recipe. Thanks!!!

  164. kathy in st. louis

    So tasty! Used nonfat yogurt (all we had on hand) and used white whole wheat in place of the whole wheat & rye flours (ditto). Added orange zest and ground coriander. A highly satisfying pancake indeed.

    p.s. #292 looks like spam.

  165. After a lifetime of hating pancakes, I tried these and they are delicious! I didn’t have rye flour so I used spelt flour instead and it worked beautifully. Next week I’ll make them with Saskatoon berries: the Canadian Prairie Berry! In my humble opinion, you haven’t lived ’till you’ve tried them.

  166. Lovely pancakes! I made them with to tsp of baking soda, though, and didn’t have any discolouring issues…as far as I know, baking powder is baking soda with corn flour and an acid – so where the is an acid like in yoghurt you can use baking soda, if you use plain milk it will only work with baking powder since the leavening agent needs the acid. But anyway, the danish products might be different from the american. I also substituted kefir for the yoghurt, since that is what I always have on hand, and it worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing!

  167. Sabina

    I made these pancakes this morning and they were every bit as awesome as I hoped they would be. Followed the recipe fairly closely. I used Greek yogurt, added 1/2t cinnamon, and didn’t have rye flour so I subbed it for quick-cooking oats. Worked like a charm! Came out so fluffy and delicious. This is going to be my go-to pancake recipe from now on. Thanks Deb!

  168. Tim

    Delicious! I made mine with Olympia-brand (the cheaper one available here in Vancouver) non-fat yogurt — it had a sharp tangy yogurt aftertaste that I didn’t love as much as I thought I might. Going higher-fat might help round out the flavor a little. I used frozen berries that I’d picked & processed a few weeks back, tossing them in a bowl of hot water when I started the prep and draining them before adding them to the pancakes. They softened a little but it was fine for pancakes.

  169. Liz

    Hi Deb, I’ve never posted on here before but have made many, many of your recipes. The week you posted this, I had just been lamenting (for almost identical reasons to yours) that my fantastic go-to recipe for pancakes made my heart feel empty and let down. The timing of this post was eerie! Well, I just tried them with handfuls of wild blueberries I picked myself–the Adirondack’s consolation to those of us who go the whole summer without any gigantic, juicy, fresh heirloom tomatoes. And they were incredible! Thank you so much for pulling me out of the pancake slump! Can’t wait for your book–even if it weren’t going to come out for years, I would be patiently waiting to click the order button on Amazon!

  170. Paula

    I just made these and they are soooo delicious!!! I was looking for a pancake recipe with yogurt and something other than just plain white flour and knew you would have a recipe!…and of course you did not disappoint and this was perfect. My 2 year old loved them too! Thank you so much for your blog. I’ve used many of your recipes and they have all been great.

  171. these made for a fabulous post-irene breakfast today. we didn’t have quite enough blueberries, so they became blueberry/banana pancakes. and adding all that whole grain flour surely meant i could have as many as i wanted, right?

  172. kami

    I made these this weekend for my 1 year old. She loved them. I knew they would be great when I couldn’t keep my finger out of the batter. I would like to make these as muffins b/c i can freeze and then send them to school w/ her. Any changes to make muffins instead of pancakes?

  173. Tanya

    I’ve made these three times now, substituting buckwheat flour for the rye since I have it, and loved the results every time. The only adjustment was I had to add about 1/4 cup of milk, even though my yogourt was quite runny. My pancakes were still thick and needed to be patted down a little after I placed the blueberries on top. Tasted delicious and nutritious though!

  174. I loved the buttermilk tang – how do you think about changing the yoghurt back to buttermilk, but keeping the other changes would work? Would it be cup for cup?

    1. deb

      Cup for cup should be fine. With a thinner liquid, you have an ever-so-slightly greater chance of the fruit sinking. But, I hardly think it will be enough to be noticeable.

  175. Manne

    Greetings from Sweden! Many thanks for this recipe, did a lovely sunday breakfast for my family this morning and everybody loved the pancakes! Used blackberries instead of blueberries – highly recommend. Thank you for making our Sunday morning so wonderful!

  176. jean

    A late comment on these as it is now blueberry season in Australia. They’re excellent, good enough to inspire my two year old to actually use his fork – carefully dipping each piece in maple syrup. He can eat a third of the recipe . . .

  177. LisaG

    I’m new to your site (discovered via Happiness Is…blog) and have really enjoyed reading it, especially your disaster pages, very entertaining! Was inspired by this recipe, and made it this morning for me and my fiance. I struggle to find wholesome breakfasts we can both enjoy, as he can’t do any form of hot cheese, or strong cheese, and hey, you can’t eat scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast every day.

    Wow! Utterly, mindblowingly delicious!

    I was nervous at first, as have never attempted anything like this. Have made standard pancakes a few times, but not for ages.

    I really thought the mixture would stick to my stainless steel pan, as lots of things do, but it behaved impeccably, and even when the mixture spread and flattened a bit, and met another dollop, it was easy to rein it in and separate.
    I didn’t have the exact ingredients you specified, so you might find this of interest:

    I used rye flour, wholewheat flour and a gluten free flour.

    Organic sheep’s yoghurt instead of cow.

    Rice milk instead of cow milk. 2 tablespoons as my yoghurt was medium-thick.

    Lime zest as didn’thave any lemons. Probably not enough, would add zest of 2 limes next time. Maybe a mix of citrus: orange, lime, lemon?

    Unsalted butter

    Caster sugar.

    The blueberies were FAB, and I may experiment next time as I have frozen raspberries. I think they would work very well too, either in combination with blueberries (which, of course, are out of season and so I feel guilty using them) or on their own. I loved the blueberries being whole as they provided an intense fruity burst of joy.

    Oh – I kept making each pancake too big, so only ended up with 8! Needless to say, there are NO LEFTOVERS, and they will be made again, very soon!

  178. LisaG

    Heh heh! Just made the pancakes for the THIRD time in 3 weeks, this time a double batch as took some to a friend who has just had a baby. Today I added a teaspoon of cinnamon, and instead of blueberries, used little chunks of banana and some de-frosted mixed berries (blackcurrants, redcurrants, strawberries and blackberries). Once again – delicious, and the new parents were extremely appreciative too!

  179. Allisan

    I was so excited to make these, but sadly disappointed that they tasted too much like baking soda. So much that, we cant eat them. Kind of a waste of costly organic ingredients, but c’est la vie. I will try again will less soda. thanks for sharing.

  180. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    My oldest has severe picky eating disorder. That’s right SPED. Ok, I made that up. But he doesn’t eat much protein. I was thrilled that he loved this! Next time I will use greek yogurt to double the protein. And he gets more with the whole wheat flour, and I substituted the barley flour for soy flour which worked great — another protein punch! So thanks, I need this in my arsenal.

  181. Payal

    Haven’t made pancakes in such a long time, and these turned out beautifully (even with frozen blueberries). I must thank you for introducing me to barley flour with your previous posts. I have never used a whole grain that feels so light in everything I bake. In fact, I doubled the barley, and halved the wheat for this because I love it so much.

    I have also decided to mix a large batch of the dry ingredients to store and use as “pancake mix” for the future. Pancake making has never felt so easy, delicious, and surprisingly healthy.


  182. Dalia

    Loved Them! Thank you for sharing this nutritious recipe. Both of my little girls approved which means the flavor was not sacrificed at all. I had to make a small change because my 2 year old ate all of the blueberries so I added cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. And I had bought multigrain pancake mix so I used that instead of the all purpose flour, whole wheat and rye flour leaving everything else the same.

    Thank you!

  183. Daisy

    I came across your blog a couple of weeks ago on the hunt for blueberry recipes (the winner were your blueberry bars), and I’m hooked since then. I’ve just done these pancakes with the really juicy and sweet peaches we have in Chile at the moment and real American maple syrup that I had sent over. They tasted amazing, love them so much more then the original ones. Thanks a lot….mmmmh.

  184. sally d

    Hi, Deb,
    Just made these substituting wheat bran for the rye flour. (And used frozen blueberries.)
    They are so delicious! It’s amazing how the lemon zest comes through.

  185. PG

    This recipe is so wholesome and am sure its yum too! Can’t wait to try. My kids announced today at breakfast that they were bored with all the options they had. So I started a search for healthy breakfast recipes. This one wins!

  186. AR

    This is my favourite pancake recipe. I just use all purpose flour because that’s what I usually have on hand and they come out so tender from the addition of the yogurt.Really delicious.

  187. LOO

    THIS IS PERFECTION- as someone who has struggled to make pancakes for years-I was one of the fools who bought the Perfect Pancake–and has dietary restrictions- I love. love, LOVE this recipe. I used oikos greek yogurt with honey (so no sugar) and a little water to thin it out, oat flour, and a griddle with butter and coconut oil. I love the blueberries and lemon zest combo- SO tasty- I knew I could trust SK to give me a perfect recipe guide ;) You have the best recipes!

  188. Tim

    Wow, that is a lot of baking powder relative to the other ingredients. Is that possibly a typo? Looking at other pancake recipes (including yours) it seems to be 2 to 3 times more than usual. If this is correct, what is the purpose of using so much? Does it take more gas power to raise these babies?

  189. ayten

    Sorry if this has been asked, couldn’t read all the comments. I’ve started to use whole wheat flour in my pastry but i fail every time:( (i’ve only 2-3 years of experience in the kitchen maybe because of that!) My pancakes turned out moist and almost like uncooked inside, not like the ones made with all purpose flour. Are the ones you made the same? :/

  190. Alice

    Wow! Just made these and they are delicious!!!! I am a pancake fanatic and really haven’t had a recipe that just “does it” for me. This one does!!!! Thank you, Thank you for satisfying my pancake quest. I am totally excited about the healthy aspect of these babies too. The whole wheat pastry flour is what I used and I didn’t have barley flour, so I just used the wwpf for the 1/4 cup as well ( plus the all purpose as you said) This makes my morning so happy!

  191. marilyn

    I love these pancakes and had a wicked craving this afternoon. Due to the contents of my cupboards, I had to adapt them and just had to share my results: Pear Gingerbread Multigrain Pancakes. They were divine. I only had Pear Ginger yogurt and I had fresh pears, but not blueberries. So, I replaced the sugar with two tablespoons of treacle, which I heated together with the butter and added it with the butter. Then I added 1tsp ginger and 1/2tsp cinnamon. I did not use the zest. At the end, I stirred in 1 grated pear. The result, with butter and maple syrup, was beyond expectation. Delicious winter week end food!

  192. Oh my! Some day I will try a pancake recipe and maybe it would be thise one! I have never eat blueberries… :/ I can remember myself!

    ps: Love the blog!

  193. Sara

    I can’t recall if I commented on these before, but I made them this weekend (not for the first time) and were reminded just how fantastic they are. SOOOO GOOOOD!

  194. Renee

    Last night I saw the recipe for these pancakes. I think my search fora wonderful, healthy pancake recipe is over! I decided to make them this morning — I’d promised pancakes for a friend — and I had all of the ingredients in the house! I used an ancient electric pancake griddle that once belonged to my parents. I think I’ll make them for my husband over the weekend because I really want them again! (and if we can pick enough raspberries to get more than a cup, I’m going to be making that wonderful looking cake for the 4th)

  195. jennifer

    just made these the other night and i can say these are probably my favorite pancakes ever! my husband said he liked them but didn’t love them because of the lemon… but then proceeded to eat 6 pancakes. that’s pretty excessive for him so obviously he enjoyed them more than he admits. haha. keeper recipe for our family. thank you!

  196. MrsJourns

    Just made these this morning and they are divine. I didn’t have any lemons so added a drop of lemon extract. My younger son loved them, didn’t notice they were made from more wholesome ingredients, just going they have the same results with the teenager!

  197. Jodi

    These were our go to pancakes last summer and just made this morning for the first time this summer. Amazing! My husband and two toddlers LOVE them. Definitely agree with using the cast iron.

  198. TaraM

    I made these as a healthy breakfast option, and they were really good! I subbed 2% greek yogurt and non-fat milk, and used buckwheat flour (because I had some). The batter seemed really thick, but they came out really nice. There are some frozen ones for the rest of the week, but I had to freeze them immediately, or we would have eaten them all!

  199. Sarah

    My instinct told me this was too much baking powder as well, but I tried it. However I experimented with different flours and I definitely think this quantity of baking powder must only work out in the formulation you have here. I subbed oat flour for the whole wheat, and fine cornmeal for the rye, and the baking powder caused the batter to turn into completely fluff before I could get it in the pan. Had to add milk and water to calm it down. I also wonder if the brand/type of yogurt could have an effect. I was using Straus dairy’s whole milk yogurt, which has far more acidity and active cultures than, say, Dannon or Yoplait.

  200. I really love the taste of these pancakes, and that they are breakfast-proof (fast, easy and healthy), but I can’t get the recipe to work for me. By baking them as suggested they are undercooked, but when cooking longer they get too dark (even on low heat). They stick to the pan, tried different pans and different fats, but didn’t help. I tried to let my boyfriend fry them (he can fry anything), but he didn’t pull it off either. I tried to bake them in the waffle iron (works for other American style pancakes), I tried to bake them in my poffertjes pan ( and I tried to bake them in rings…. and all that didn’t work either. It all ends up like piles of scraps, partly undercooked and partly too dark, quite nice but not really satisfying. I really would have liked to be able to make this recipe…. but after trying all this times I give up. I guess it is either my inability to make American style pancakes (Dutch pancakes are more like crepes) or this is one of those baked goods in which the difference between American and European/Dutch flour does give a problem.

  201. Anna

    Can we talk about how you are the only person to successfully get me to make not only decent, but fantastic pancakes?

    You are wonderful.

    P.S. I just received your book in the mail last week. I literally jumped up and down when I got the box.

  202. Elise Villemez

    These are exactly what I was looking for this morning and of course it is your recipe :). Getting used to being directed here! I tried it with oat flour (from processing some quick oats I had) and used frozen blueberries (put in one by one as suggested to not end up with purple pancakes) and threw in some walnuts. My husband (who is the usually willing subject of my pancake-experiments) said these were the best pancakes I’ve ever made. Now for 6 years of pancake experimenting with him, I’d say that’s a win! Thanks for the recipe and ideas from other posters :).

  203. Dory

    Whipped these up quickly for breakfast this morning. They were amazingly fluffy and so delicious! I substituted the barley/rye flower with flaxseed meal and grounded quinoa. I also used a tablespoon less butter and only one table spoon of baking powder. I had to add a few more table spoons of milk as well because it was way too thick. I was very pleased with this recipe, one of my favorites! A must try!

  204. Sarah

    Thank you! My first american style pancakos turned out supreme! And it’s just the right amount for 2. Making them again next Saturday!

  205. moana

    Just tried these pancakes and I was thinking it seemed like too much salt but tried them exactly as the recipe suggested… the only thing I changed was I used oil in my cast iron instead of butter.

    Unfortunately, we found them to be way too salty and when I looked at some other recipes in Williams Sonoma and some of my other cookbooks these had 2-3 times the amount of salt for the amount of flour (even the whole wheat recipes).

    I LOVE salt but comparing it to many other recipes it does seem a bit on the extreme end in terms of salt content and I had to use much more maple syrup than I would normally use to offset the saltiness of these. Overall they taste good but more like what I would expect to get at a fast-food type restaurant rather than a slightly more healthy home made pancake… and we thought they were inedible without the syrup:(

  206. Samantha

    Made these for breakfast this morning, with spelt flour in place of the rye because it was on hand. Wonderful! Thanks for another lovely recipe.

  207. Jamie

    These were fantastic! I subbed more whole wheat flour for the rye/barley because I had none. I also added in peaches because they are currently plentiful in my kitchen. They ended up almost tasting like a cobbler, yet they were still quite nutritious! Thanks for another great recipe!

  208. Mike

    Thank you – a recipe that actually works! So many are missing something, or have quantities wrong. This one’s great – made these for breakfast on my wife’s 62nd birthday, using homemade yogurt and locally picked wild blueberries. Great with both maple syrup and with honey (our own bees). We both loved them! Oh – there were two differences – I left out the salt, which didn’t seem to be necessary anyway, and cooked them in coconut oil – it seems to have a higher “smoke point”, and there’s no residual taste or oiliness. Thanks again!

  209. Sarah U

    I made these this morning to kick off Labor Day weekend and they are AMAZING! And I kinda felt “healthy” to boot. :) These are the new official pancake of our home! Thank you, again, for another perfect recipe.

  210. par_parenthese

    OK, Deb. This is the second Christmas in a row I’ve made this masterpiece of a recipe for the whole family, and it was once again a huge hit. Two and a half years after you published it, it’s made my pancake-hating dad a pancake convert.

    I can also vouch for pecans instead of blueberries for the berry-averse, and I’m telling you that these babies are out of control with a little lightly caramelized sweetened condensed milk as a topping instead of syrup. Although they’re pretty darn good with syrup as well.

  211. Kathleen

    I just finished making these with clementine zest instead of lemon, plumped cherries and cranberries instead of blueberries, and subbing a quarter cup of buckwheat for half the whole wheat flour. Had them with honey and I seriously think they were the best pancakes I’ve ever made- a little flatter than yours but nothing major. Thanks for the detailed instructions and the inspiration, as always!

  212. Katy

    I made these this morning for Sunday breakfast for my husband and I. We loved them! I subbed in oat flour for the 1/4 cup of rye because that is what I had on hand. Had to sub sour cream for yogurt. I also added just one more tablespoon of sugar because we are sweeter pancake with less syrup people. My batter was quite thick, so I thinned it with just a couple tablespoons of milk to the perfect consistency as you suggested. Thank you!

  213. Grace

    These are the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. We’ve made them several times and I can’t imagine going back to plain pancakes. I was even surprised at how much I liked the lemon zest in there with the warm blueberries that burst in your mouth. Amazing.

  214. Emma

    I don’t usually post comments, but these were exceptional. They puffed to well and had a bit of a crunch with a moist inside. Great recipe!

  215. abiebaby

    This is a pancake fantasy achieved. Every good thing written about these is true. Frozen blues and half the sugar made it even better for me. A little more rye flour also works. Make sure to have extra full fat yogurt for service. Save the greek yogurt for the plate. this recipe likes thin sour yogurt like 7 stars organic or Erawan.
    359 comments. WOW! that is a giant vote for trying this out. Sorry to see so few fellas represented in the comments. Dumb guys missing out. This man is smitten kitchen and then some.

  216. Erica

    These were so tasty! I used wheat germ instead of rye flour and 1/4 teaspoon almond extract in place of the lemon zest. We had them with sliced almonds and maple syrup!

  217. stephanie

    Hi Deb,

    I made the pancakes today and they came out REALLY fluffy (yay!) but also a little bit dry. :( Any tips on how to keep them moist? I did use buttermilk instead of yogurt, but otherwise all the ingredients were the same. Thanks! Btw, if you HAD to pick, which of your pancake recipes is your favorite? :D

    1. deb

      steaphanie — It might have to do with the mix you’ve used; it could be a bit heavier. You could probably use 1 to 2 tablespoons less flour and you’ll find them more moist. Currently, we’re back enamored with the zucchini bread pancakes. It’s the season, after all!

  218. Tamara

    Hi Deb, I’ve been playing with multigrain blueberry-lemon pancakes for a while now. I am also Russian, like your mother-in law, which implies love for everything buckwheat, my cavorting flours combo for blueberry pancakes is white whole wheat, all-purpose and buckwheat. I will try to use your recipe next time, because it uses a lot more more backing powder and no baking powder. Thank you so much for your wonderful site!

  219. Tamara

    Sorry for the previous post,accidentally sent it before checking for errors.
    Here is the corrected one:
    I’ve been playing with multigrain blueberry-lemon pancakes for a while now. I am also Russian, like your mother-in law, which implies love for everything buckwheat, and my favorite flours combo for blueberry pancakes is white whole wheat, all-purpose and buckwheat( 1/2 cup each). I will try your recipe next time, because it uses a lot more more baking powder and no baking soda. Thank you so much for your wonderful site!

  220. Angela

    I made these for dinner tonight just as the recipe is written. We loved them and will definitely make again. All your tips, detailed instructions, and pictures gave me confidence and a DELICIOUS dinner. Thank you!!

  221. Brooke

    This is our new go to recipe for pancakes! So good! I add a tablespoon if flax meal and sub in oat flour for the rye…my kids love them!

  222. Chris

    I just made this recipe, and everyone loved it (my wife said, “these are the best pancakes ever”). However, it only made 8 pancakes, not the 12-14 identified in the recipe. I am attributing this to the thickness of the batter (which was very thick even after adding 4 tbsp milk). I also used fat-free greek yogurt (what i had), so added additional butter to compensate (recipe as written calls for full-fat yogurt).

  223. Just made this recipe here in Ireland for my family.. so so good..topped them with a spread of nutella, chopped banana, grated roasted coconut I brought back from Mysore, India and drizzled with Maple Syrup… just sublime! Thank you for sharing! xxx

  224. Kit

    I made these for my boyfriend’s birthday this morning (he is a very picky pancake aficianado), and they were absolutely delicious! The batter was a little thick so I added slightly more milk than the recipe called for, and that helped make the consistency less like cookie batter and more pancake-like. I also used buckwheat flour instead of rye/barley, and that was perfect. I did not have plain yogurt so I used vanilla greek yogurt, and it added a touch of sweetness that was delightful. I highly recommend! Easy to make and very tasty… they were a hit!

  225. E

    Made these today with whole wheat pastry flour in place of both the whole wheat and rye flours. We didn’t have vanilla or a lemon zester at the cabin where we are staying (I brought everything else pre measured), but we did have cinnamon so I used 1/4 teaspoon. We also got eight thick pancakes, and the batter in the bowl puffed up like crazy! Our new house pancake recipe. It’s delicious and stuck with us for awhile.

  226. Christine

    My son and I have started working our way through your pancake recipe archive and I have to say these are the best yet – so light and fluffy and delicious. Yet wholesome. A big winner all round. I’m new to the world of pancakes and was beginning to doubt whether I would ever be able to achieve thick, fluffy American-style pancake perfection. Thank you! the oatmeal pancakes are also a favorite.

  227. D’Ann Lungberg

    Made these today and they were fantastic. So much better than any pancake I have every made. Love your website and your receipes. Thank you for what you do to share with others. Nothing more phenomenal than being able to make a delicious dish to feed others. It is so much more than just food.

  228. Hilary

    These are wonderful – so flavorful! I made them for my 14 month old for dinner, and we both loved them! Thank you for an easy, healthy, and delicious pancake recipe. I subbed oat flour for barley/rye flour and loved the way they turned out.

  229. Cass

    Thanks for reposting this recipe. In my “new life”, I had all these ingredients at home so could make today, just because I wanted something tasty after yoga. I ate almost all of the first batch (4) while cooking the second, so I ate a fifth one just to be sure…. They are great! The “scant” 1/4 cup is key. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time!

  230. Pen Fox

    These are my family’s absolute favorite weekday pancakes. I love that they have a good dose of protein and whole grains. I’ve made them several times, and here are my favorite substitutions:

    – Use almond meal in place of the barley/rye flour
    – Use greek yogurt for an extra boost of protein
    – Use a little more whole wheat flour, and a little less all purpose flour, than the ratio called for above
    – Substitute lemon extract for lemon zest (it’s faster on a weekday morning)
    – Substitute olive oil for melted butter (healthier and faster)
    – Use frozen blueberries instead of fresh

  231. Thanks for the great pancake recipes that can wait a while in the oven! I run a B&B here in Freeport Maine and typically don’t serve pancakes with a full house as it is near to impossible to do ( I don’t have help in the kitchen). I made your Strawberry Cornbread Griddle Cakes this morning and they were a hit! Now I’ll try this one, and the others in the comment section too. You’ve added a whole new detention to breakfast!

  232. This is the homemade pancake recipe I’ve been waiting for all my life. I am always, always, always disappointed with the pancakes I cook at home (too thin, too caky, too mealy, too tough), but I made these this morning and couldn’t find a single fault with them. Tender, fluffy, slightly crispy, slightly tangy, absolutely perfect. Full disclosure: I halved the recipe and used 1/2 cup regular flour and just 1/8 cup wholewheat flour (it was all I had in the cupboard). Worked a treat. Thank you!

  233. Sarah

    I made these with a few modifications (a little lemon juice, bananas instead of blueberries and only regular flour) but it was SO bitter. i had to throw them out something i think I’ve never had to do!! What happened? help!!

  234. Nina

    Im so glad I found this recipe this morning. Just what I was looking for! Craving for pancakes subdued and no wild sugar crash. I initially worried these would be very dense with the whole wheat flour but boy was I wrong–even the traditionalist husband loved them! Had to make a few adjustments for what I had on hand but turned out great–had strawberries and peaches on hand and nonfat Greek yogurt; the latter required more thinning with milk and 1/4 cup less flour. Topped with a little almond butter (and of course syrup) and now I can’t wait to do it over again next weekend! Thanks, another winner!

  235. elyse

    These turned out perfectly! Made them this morning with coconut yogurt (all I had) and quinoa flakes instead of rye/barley flour. I also used white whole wheat flour and could probably use more next time and less all-purpose. My kids won’t eat fruit in their pancakes so I threw in some chocolate chips instead and we had our berries on the side!

  236. Rachel Joy

    Just made these and they were delicious!! I didn’t have barley or rye flour so I used what I had – coconut flour, which was great and maybe even added a bit to the good flavor. I had to add extra milk, little by little after I mixed everything together to get the batter to a good consistency, it was too fluffy at first. Thanks Deb, another yummy pancake recipe! Your 101 Pancakes Blueberry Pancakes recipe is my go to. Happy breakfast!

  237. Hands down the best pancakes I have ever made. I used a cup of buttermilk (because I had it) and 1/4 C buckwheat flour in place of the barley or rye. Fried them up in my cast iron and loaded them with frozen blueberries. Surprisingly light and fluffy with tons of flavor. Next time I’ll use my Belgian waffle maker, just for the fun of it! So darn good!

  238. After 2 dozen batches, I am finding that my batter is thicker than I like for pancakes. I live in the Canadian prairies. I am guessing that both atmospheric conditions (higher sea level) and humidity (extremely dry) are working against me. I usually add milk to the batter to thin it – ~1/3 to 1/2 c, depending on the batch. Do you have advice for me? Thank you!

    1. Monica

      I also live at high altitude… I added more milk. about 2-3 Tbs more than the recipe. However, the batter is still thick but more billowy. Cooks just fine. I think the yogurt helps. Trust the process.

  239. Anne Marie

    I made these this morning exactly as written (except kefir instead of yogurt, so no milk) and they were the bomb dot com. I took a lesson out of the blueberry muffin pages and overloaded them with blueberries and they were great. These did better in fluffing up than the banana/oat cakes and they feel almost as healthy. I had rye flour left over from a holiday stollen I made and I was glad to find a new use for it. Thanks as always! You are really shaping the kitchens and eating habits of so many families across America – I hope you know what a huge contribution this is to all of our lives.

  240. Nisha

    I ground my own barley flour for this and used homemade yogurt. We loved the flavor but they were a bit dry. I’ll try adding more milk next time for a wetter batter.

  241. Barb Pantos

    Just made these for a special Saturday morning breakfast. They are fabulous. Love the deeper flavor of the pancake, the touch of lemon and sweet blueberries. Definitely a keeper.

  242. M. Franklin

    I didn’t have plain yogurt, so I used sour cream (cut with a couple drops of water) instead and oh. My. Gawd. Insanely perfect. Halved the recipe and it made two big pancakes and they were perfect. I only realized after the fact that I skipped the sugar and found that I didn’t miss it at all. Used dark rye flour and I wish I used double the blueberries! Thanks Deb!

  243. Nancy

    I cheat this one a bit and swapped the bobs hot cereal grain for the barley/rye flour. I had it from making smitten wheat and swirl bread. So delicious and easy I’ve take. To just eyeballing the ingredients for a super fast make the kids happy breakfast or dinner

  244. Monica

    I made these today. Man, it is hard to find barley and/or rye flour out in Utah but finally did.
    I ended up adding 6 Tbsp. of milk (maybe because my WW flour is courser from hand milling? Or altitude?) I used a full fat greek yogurt.
    If you like sweeter pancakes, add more sugar. I liked these as is…so soft and pillowy! Plus I get sugar from the maple syrup. Delicious with a berry syrup too!

  245. These are my favorite pancakes, period. Light and fluffy but with a great crispy edge. I love the lemon-blueberry marriage here, and the mix of grains makes for a nice texture. The recipe takes just a bit longer to mix than the shortcakes Deb has on the site (my other favorite, a very close second). That said, these are filling and delicious and worth the time.

  246. Alice

    Wow! Delicious pancake! I used only white and rye flour and added closer to 1 tsp lemon zest. Love these and will be on my favorites list!!

  247. Louise Allen

    Omg – these are the bomb. The perfect recipe and easy to vary. I make pancakes every Saturday with my granddaughter and I’m sure this recipe will be the basis for many weeks. Today we used orange zest and made 1/2 banana and 1/2 blueberries. I also used the commenters suggestion to use coconut flour since I did not have barley flour.

  248. Deb Evans

    Made these this morning- mine were not pretty- my batter was way too thick and had to have quite a bit more milk added to even get a close to “ladling” consistency. But, wow! They were delish! A top pancake recipe for me. Thank you!

  249. Amy W

    I saw an article about the best Smitten Kitchen recipes according to Eater website staffers during the country Covid lockdown (NOTE they missed my beloved butternut squash Gallette!!, which, if you are reading this – stop reading and make it, I have been know to add a little cooked and crumbled turkey sausage)
    article here:

    Anyway – they listed this pancake recipe – amazingly during the COVID lockdown, in my tiny SF apartment, I actually had all the ingredients. made them today.
    This recipe is a KEEPER!!!!
    Thanks Deb.

  250. Louise

    These are perfect! We make pancakes and waffles every Saturday, both savory and sweet. These are our favorite.

  251. JP – Seattle

    I just couldn’t muster up the energy to stand there flipping pancakes today, but wanted to use this recipe. So I mixed it up, using 1 cup regular and 1/4 cup white whole wheat flour and slightly more than a cup of blueberries, and poured/spread the batter in a smallish sheet pan that I’d lined with buttered parchment. Baked it for a total of approximately 23 minutes at 425 degrees (15 to start, not browned at all so on for 5 more, almost done so 3 more, perfect). Cut squares piping hot, added some fresh chopped strawberries on top, maple syrup, and called it brunch! It was amazing. Thank you, Deb!

  252. Edie

    I love your recipes and the back story or info that usually go along with them! It makes me feel like I’m sitting in your kitchen and you are just sharing your day while you cook. We just picked some fresh Nova Scotia blueberries and THIS is what I’m making for supper 🤗

  253. Mary

    Made these this morning and they were delicious! I halved the recipe and got 6 nice pancakes. I used 1/2 cup 2% Greek yogurt and 2 T whole milk. The batter was very thick but turned out perfect. Smushed a little with finger then a little more when adding berries. I had frozen blueberries which I rinsed and let thaw while making batter. They were fine but I’d probably get fresh for guests! I did have all the flours, including Rye (one of my kids went through a bread phase)
    Thank you Deb!

  254. Dana

    I have used this recipe for years now! I mix the dry ingredients in a 6x batch, and then just scoop out about 1.25cups every Sunday morning to mix with the wet ingredients. No, it doesn’t save much time, really, but it makes my partner think we have “pancake mix”, which means that sometimes, he makes them instead.

  255. Ashley

    These are delightful! My husband and I loved them! I have always struggled to make pancakes and these directions were perfect. Thank you for this new go-to Saturday morning recipe!

  256. Sarah

    These are the best home made pancakes I’ve ever made. I used oat flour – 1 cup and 1 cup regular all purpose flour. Came out great. I really recommend this for fluffy delicious pancakes ! :)

  257. Julie

    I found this recipe too late to make them for breakfast. So tonight we had breakfast for dinner. I thinned out the batter with milk because my family prefers thin pancakes. I also dumped the blueberries into the batter because I was too lazy to add them while the pancakes were cooking. They were a hit! The best pancakes I have ever tasted. Decadent, yet loaded with whole grains and fruit. Luckily, there are leftovers so my son will have a nice breakfast tomorrow before school. This recipe is a keeper.

  258. Moe

    Yum! Based on some of the reviews I reduced baking powder by one tsp, used einkorn flour for the whole wheat (it’s what I had), and they were delish. Grandbabies ate massive amounts and declared them the best pancakes ever! Almost didn’t have enough for Gramps, who was lazing about in bed, lol. Thanks for the recipe.

  259. KK

    I’m always experimenting with healthier pancakes, and they often come out too thin, soggy or fall apart easily. These were great – I was worried they wouldn’t cook through as they were so thick, but they did. I used buckwheat instead of barley/rye and frozen, chopped strawberries instead of blueberries and it worked great. A repeat for sure.

  260. Franziska Broell

    I made these with raspberries instead of blueberries and served them with caramelized walnuts, vanilla Greek yogurt, maple syrup and chocolate chips. They were amazing – I love the combination of flours!!

  261. Kristin

    These were very good. The lemon and the yogurt made these much better than my average pancakes. However, I was concerned about the amount of baking powder, which seemed kind of excessive compared with pretty much every other pancake recipe I’ve ever seen (including on this website)–and a couple people said their pancakes turned out very bitter. So I used 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp baking soda and they turned out great. I also used half whole wheat and half white flour.

  262. Cassandra

    Love this recipe! It was my gateway to barley flour, which turns out to be not nearly as difficult as it sounds! The recipe is amazing as written, but I like to make the following subs:

    Reduce baking powder by 1tsp… avoids a bitter taste while keeping it fluffy

    Swap the amounts of AP and barley flour – still just as fluffy – or use all barley and no AP, not quite as fluffy but still very good.

    Replace one egg with a chickpea flour egg (2tbsp chickpea flour + 2tbsp water). This stretches my egg supply while not affecting rise.

  263. Cathy

    I made these yesterday to celebrate Pancake Tuesday a bit late. They were awesome and will become our regular pancake recipe. Although, I also solve your ricotta pancakes. 😊 Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  264. Marianne

    These became my standard breakfast for weeks with almond butter, a sliced apple, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Fluffy but also substantial enough to get you through a morning.

  265. dia

    Hi Deb!

    finally! a pancake I can bake. I did not think I would come across anything I would really want to try until I saw your site.
    I will try your pancakes. Have not done it yet. Just saw it yesterday and I bookmarked it and copied it off today! I always jump down to the recipe. Glad to see the whole grains. for medical reasons I need that.

    Dia :)

  266. Moe

    Yummmmmm…new favorite pancake recipe. My grandkids sleep over almost every weekend, and always request pancakes. I added some raspberries – what I had from the farmer’s market. Sometimes it’s another berry or apples, etc. Golly, these were so good! Light and fluffy, with a hint of nuttiness from the whole wheat/rye flour. So, so, so good!

  267. Moe

    These are bomb. A standing request from my little grandkids for weekend sleepovers at Nana and Gramps place. I change the fruit, according to the season – berries, apples, bananas, pears, etc. Great recipe!

  268. Katrina

    These are my go to Pancakes. I’ve been making them for months (years?) and they never let me down. We love them both with and without the blueberries, and I often make a double or triple batch for leftovers throughout the week.