chocolate soufflé cupcakes with mint cream

I’m clearly some sort of grinch, because when I think of flourless chocolate cakes I imagine giant discs of truffle so dense and overly rich that even a sliver of somehow feels excessive, the kind of throwaway dessert restaurants bust out when they’ve got no better ideas. “Add a couple out-of-season, eerily red raspberries and a tuft of whipped cream from a can and it will, without fail, sell,” I imagine sinister managers instructing kitchen staff. Like I said, I’m a total pill.

cream for white chocolate mint creammelting chocolate and buttersecond try, just enough eggs leftribboning the egg yolks

However, when the same flourless chocolate cake is treated like a soufflé — eggs separated, yolks beaten until ribbony and whites whipped until weightless, then gently folded in — and then placed anywhere in my proximity, all bets are off. Because what it does is magical; what was once weighted is lifted off the plate. The top puffs and shatters a little, like a meringue, a meringue with butter. It manages to be both the lightest, barely-there wisp of cake and the most unabashedly rich chocolate fix. Yes, at once.

egg whites, soft peakslight, airy batterready to baketiny chocolate souffle cakes

But we should really talk about this thing nested in the fallen center of the cakes: white chocolate mint whipped cream. I know! I don’t know where it has been my whole life either. It is the answer to every question worth asking, from “How can I eat a puddle of melted mint ice cream without buying mint ice cream just to let it warm up?” to “How can I make this snow day’s cup of hot coca even more transcendent?” to “When will my kid stop doing this?” Okay, maybe not that. But I swear, even a little 6 a.m. is easier to handle with a surplus of minty whipped cream in the fridge.

sunken chocolate cakes meet white chocolate mint cream
chocolate souffle cakes, mint chocolate cream

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Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mint Cream
Cupcakes very generously adapted a Bon Appetit recipe; whipped cream brilliance via a Claudia Fleming recipe

Be ye not intimidated by all of the fancy words floating around here: this recipe is approachable stuff: melted chocolate, separated eggs, things folded together and whipped again. Your hand mixer does all of the work. You, however, may have all of the glory when you surprise your lady- or ladfriend with these this weekend.

[Updated to note: Many people who have made this say they’re getting 12! cupcakes. So you might have more chocolate awesomeness than you’d intended. If you end up with more cupcakes, go ahead and double the whipped cream recipe. To be safe. You will not regret it.]

Makes 9* cupcakes (see Note above)

Chocolate Soufflé Cupcakes
6 ounces (170 grams) bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped (I preferred this with bittersweet)
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick or 85 grams) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
Heaping 1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) espresso or instant coffee powder
3 large eggs, separated
6 tablespoons (75 grams) sugar, divided
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

White Chocolate Mint Cream
2 ounces (55 grams) white chocolate, finely chopped
3 ounces heavy whipping cream
1/8 teaspoon peppermint extract

Get the white chocolate mint cream ready for later: Place the white chocolate in a small bowl. Bring the cream to a simmer, pour it over the chocolate and let it sit for a minute to melt the chocolate. Whisk well. Add the peppermint extract and whisk again. Lay a piece of plastic wrap on the surface of the cream. Chill until very cold, about two hours.

Make cupcakes: Preheat oven to 350°F. Line 9 standard-size (3-ounce) muffin cups with paper liners. Stir chocolate, butter and espresso powder together in heavy medium saucepan over low heat mostly melted, then remove from the heat and whisk until it is fully melted and smooth. (I like to put the butter underneath the chocolate in the pan, so that it protects the chocolate from the direct heat.) Cool to lukewarm, stirring occasionally.

Using electric mixer (a hand mixer, rather than a stand mixer, actually works best here because the volumes are so small) beat egg yolks and 3 tablespoons sugar in medium bowl until mixture is very thick and pale, about 2 minutes. Briefly beat lukewarm chocolate mixture, then vanilla extract, into yolk mixture. Using clean dry beaters, beat egg whites in another medium bowl until soft peaks form. Gradually add remaining 3 tablespoons sugar and all of the salt, beating until medium-firm peaks form. Fold whites into chocolate mixture in 3 additions. Divide batter among prepared cups, filling each three-fourths of the way. (You might find, as I did, that you had enough leftover for a extra half-cake. That’s your “taste tester”. It’s a, uh, very important part of the process.)

Bake cakes until tops are puffed and dry to the touch (some may crack, embrace it) and a tester inserted into the centers comes out with some moist crumbs attached, about 15 to 20 minutes. Cool in pan on a cooling rack, where the cupcakes will almost immediately start to fall. It will be all the better to put your mint cream on them.

Finish your masterpiece: Beat mint white chocolate cream with electric beaters until soft peaks form. Remove cupcakes from pan, arrange on a platter. Fill each sunken top with a healthy dollop of white chocolate mint cream. Top with shaved dark chocolate, if you’re feeling fancy. I’d say “eat at once” but I suspect that you already have.

* Yes, nine. I honestly wanted it to make a neat, normal number like a half dozen so badly that in my first flop, I attempted to shove all the batter into six cups. Don’t do this.
** I also tried to make this without the cupcake liners, by just buttering the cupcake molds. Don’t do this either, unless you want you end result to look like this.

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508 comments on chocolate soufflé cupcakes with mint cream

  1. nan

    Love these! Will have to make them for my mister – he’ll hate them, but I’ll remind him it’s the thought that counts and then I’ll get to eat his share – it’s win/win…Jacob just could NOT be any cuter!!! Love that little face! xo, Nan

    1. deb

      Stevie — You can simmer the cream with fresh mint leaves and strain them out before adding it to the chocolate to melt it. It won’t be as strong, but it will be delicious.

  2. Krista

    These look absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to make them for my chocoholic friends.

    How would you recommend making these in advanced? Will the white chocolate cream stay overnight in the fridge so I could top them the next day?


    1. deb

      Krista — Yes, the cream will keep in the fridge, unwhipped, for a couple days. Or at least that’s how long we’ve had it, thus far. (I made too much. Such troubles to have!)

  3. Deb, would you adjust the time at all should you want to make these in mini muffin size? I have several bridal showers coming up and I think these would be a big hit in a bite-sized portion.

  4. I’ve been trying a lot of chocolate recipes lately so this one can slip under my I’m not that into chocolate radar. Apparently, I’m getting into chocolate, but just in the testing recipes kind of way…

    1. deb

      jb — I’d bake them for less time, yes. How much, you’ll just have to watch the first batch and see.

      Kari — I bought them at baking supply store on 22nd Street. They’re available many place online, including Amazon.

  5. I keep on baking cupcakes without cupcake liners and I keep getting awful results! Why won’t I just learn? So your tip made me laugh, because I am guilty of doing the same thing. These cupcakes look so amazing. You are right, they probably wouldn’t last very long, especially in my chocolate-loving apartment!

  6. Oooh, I think the chocolate part looks awesomely incredible, but I just looked at your orange cake with chocolate chunks recipe so I’m inspired to try to make an orange cream. Maybe with cream cheese? Yep, that’s what I’m going to do. I think my friends would forgive me if I doorbelled them with cupcakes, right?

  7. Martin

    I’m absolutely not into desserts and I have always preferred the savoury stuff.
    But your recipes always look so delicious I fear I’ll really, really have to try that.
    Valentine’s Day could well be the occassion to do so…

  8. yup–you’re a bit of a grinch–hahahhaa…

    these look awesome!!
    I made your bacon/spinach stuffed mushrooms for the superbowl again….RAVE reviews on those as usual….and you know, the leftover filling makes a killer omelet.

  9. Karen

    I love that you’re showcasing more recipes that either are gluten-free or can be easily adapted; your walnut jam cake was a huge hit here, your cocoa brownies were delicious, and these look wonderful.

  10. Natalie

    Sounds divine! But I can’t have coffee (or caffeine for that matter)! Any recommendations about substitutions or could I just leave it out?

  11. I have made something very similar before with just a hint of orange and oh my was it delicious. My mother stated that I did not need to make any other kind of dessert for her again. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

  12. Kate

    I’m with Natalie – I’m one of the 2.5 people in the entire universe that can’t stand coffee in their chocolate! Can we please leave it out? Or substitute something for it?

    1. deb

      Espresso powder questions/Kate/Nathalie — Leave it out if it is not for you. The first batch I made without the coffee and felt it needed a little something-something to make it more dynamic. The second batch, I used the espresso powder, more salt and also a darker chocolate so it is not the espresso powder alone that makes it pop.

      JC — Circo at Target. Cheap, cute. Runs small though. My 3-6 month size tot is practically filling out their 6-9. (And now I’m digging for the link and see that they are out of them. Sorry!)

      cd — There are ways to stabilize whipped cream. But it might dampen the tops anyhow. I’d bring it in a separate container, already stabilized or just whisk it up where you’re going.

  13. JC

    Surely I am not the only one who wants to know where the jammies are from?!

    Delicious looking cupcakes, especially on this snow day! Inspiration, indeed.

  14. Sarah

    hahaha, thanks for the couple of endnotes. i would have tried the same things with both number and liners, and i appreciate being headed off at the pass!

  15. kris

    My husband absolutely loves the mint chocolate combo and this is the perfect valentines treat for him! and the rest of the family i might add…Thanks Deb.

  16. cd

    Yummmmm. If I wanted to take these somewhere, I’d worry the cream would deflate on the way. Any tweaks you could imagine that make these more portable and long-lasting (from the cream perspective)?

  17. This time of year does call for cupcakes, I made Red Velvets using Cake Man Raven’s recipe over the weekend. Now my Wii Fit scale and I are in a FIGHT. I did buy awesomely cheesy Valentines cupcake liners though, I think that made them taste even better.

  18. Susan

    This will be a great topping to have over the Christmas holidays next year, too. I love that the mint is in the topping and not the cupcake. “Himself” is not a mint lover like I am, so I can change the flavoring, or make several smaller batches of other flavors to go with it or to use for another dessert. I Love this!

  19. Beautiful! I love chocolate and mint — the chocolate in these looks so dense and the mint so refreshing! Love the idea of adding fresh mint, as well! Thanks for posting the weights for the ingredients… I’m finding that weighing ingredients works so much better for me. Not only are the measurements more exact, I actually use way less dishes!

  20. When I moved to New York I realized people here had a craze for cupcakes. I didn’t get it at first as I hadn’t had a cupcake since I was kid. Man I had been missing out! Now I have a full blown addiction and I love trying new kinds. These look A-MAZING!


    S.S. DOBBS

  21. THANK YOU for posting a recipe that does not require flour. I am snowed in, with a work day not in sight — which I thought would be wonderful. Only I’m going stir and snow crazy, with my baking supplies dwindling and SOMEHOW I HAVE ALL THESE INGREDIENTS. Seriously, thank. you.

  22. Looks great! I just realized how the process of making soufflés is almost exactly like the process of making a mousse, just without the baking part. Interesting…

    This looks fantastic.

  23. This is definitely a better take on a Valentine’s chocolate dessert! They look so delicious and I agree there are too many ho-hum chocolate desserts out there at this time.

  24. Sarah

    I’m not much of a writer, but I *am* an eater. My pile of “must try SK recipes” is now ridiculous in size, but not so big that it can’t accommodate one more.

    Thanks so much – seriously – for doing all that research and reading all those books and magazines and website to cherry pick the best recipes. This is one of my most favorite corners of the web.

    p.s. To get me through the snowstorm (I’m still betting that Boston will miss the brunt, despite the predictions), I’m making some spicy caramel popcorn. Heaven.

  25. Rhonda

    Ah, perfect little cakes for Sunday and light. Honey loves white chocolate and I had thought about adding irish cream to a white gnauche. Nine cakes is a lot better for us than the 24 and love that you left the tasting…I have to just because.

    Glad to know that I’m not alone in the cupcake liner dilemma. I feel cheated sometimes when I look at unlined little cakes.

    Get use to that cute but mom baby look, they use it a lot, even my 12 year old though he sleeps in, now.

  26. Amy TH

    How do you always manage to know EXACTLY what I am looking for?!?!? My husband is getting a Valentines Day and his fave combo is chocolate and mint!
    p.s. My fave combo is that delicious baby of yours and every recipe you post with him in it!

  27. dusty

    Looks really really good to me. I am wondering …how you get your photos looking sooo delicous? Are you lucky having so much available light in your kitchen or is it the lens you’re using or the angle :-) Love your blog.

  28. Francheska

    I refuse to make these until I can find those brown paper cups, Hey I have creme de menthe and peppermint extract whats the difference? I know this aint very much related but a while ago I went on an extract frenzy and bought bubblegum and marshmallow too, Any ideas on what to use them for?

  29. Do you know when/why most (if not all) recipes around Valentine’s day started to feature chocolate in the US? Any big marketing company (Hershey’s?) behind this trend? I love chocolate and your cupcakes look really good… but I was just wondering…
    PS: I love how your first batch ended; it happens to me a lot. Cooked your brownies the other day but my baking dish was too big and they were not thick enough to deserve full publicity!

    1. deb

      Gaelle — Chocolate is big on Valentine’s Day, it’s “romantic”. Not because of Hershey’s, though I am sure they benefit from it.

      Susan — Sorry. Generally people yell at me for putting up extremely indulgent stuff in January when everyone is Resolving to Diet. So I wait until February.

      Dusty — Thank you. I use available light (though the kitchen is fairly dark, still) and a fast lens.

      Brown cupcake liners — I link to a source in comment #22.

  30. Oh how I wish I new someone besides my dad (who lives on the opposite side of the Atlantic) who shares my love for all things chocolate + mint! Then again, I guess that would just make more for me… Peppermint extract seems really hard to find in Paris–any ideas about making a fresh mint syrup instead?

  31. Larrianne

    Why can’t I have a husband who likes sweets so I could make these for him?!? I guess I should be grateful or I would be as big as a house. At least he is perfect in most other ways.

  32. These look awesome! And I have to ask – where do you get those brown paper liners? They look so professional. All I can find are pastel, white, or those party-themed ones (nothing says Valentines Day like balloons and party streamers…)

  33. Are you familiar with The Bakery Lane Soup Bowl Cookbook? ( Small, sadly defunct Vermont restaurant from the 70’s) They have a Half- Baked Chocolate Mouse Pie. You make a Chocolate Mousse. You spread half of it in a pie pan and bake it. When it is cool you fill the slumped interior with the chilled unbaked half. Then you top it with espresso-flavored whipped cream. Then you top that with chocolate curls. Your cupcakes are the closest relative to it that I’ve seen. I have to leave work early now, to go bake these.

  34. Kathy

    EVERY day is better with a little mint! I’m one of those folks who needs mint on a regular basis; I like to joke that I have some sort of mental circuit that’s completed when I smell or eat mint in some form. Wonderful recipe, Deb.

  35. Liz

    Good Gracious this looks incredible!!! If I wasn’t snowed in due to a blizzard I would love to make this. Note to self: prior to blizzard arrival stock up on these ingredients! Love your site! :)

  36. umm… hello lover? that’s all i really have to say to these cakes.

    calling them cupcakes seems childish for some reason….?

    great. Now i have a million +1 things to make for vday. I hope i have recipients for all of them!!

  37. These look perfect for my friend’s birthday coming up. She’s gluten-free and the idea of the substitute flours and gum Arabic mixtures to make a cupcake doesn’t appeal to me at all. I hate buying tons of ingredients I’ll never use again, so this is perfect. Thank you!

  38. bob

    Deb: the only thing greater in my mind than your use of brown cupcake liners is your use of the word “ladfriend” …just when I was thinking you couldn’t possibly get any more fabulous, you DO! THANK YOU.

  39. Liz

    Thanks for this receipe and the site – the cupcakes are currently in the oven (first time I’ve made something immediately from your blog).
    I like the way you’ve introduced grams – helpful for me in the UK! Also, thanks for the specific instructions re filing of cupcake lines, this has confirmed my suspicion that UK liners are different to US ones.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. Deb, your baby is absolutely gorgeous, and I don’t say that about babies other than mine these days. Congratulations. I’m normally not a fan of the chocolate/mint combination, but will keep an open mind here. These look just too good to ignore.

  41. Tula

    *Drool* No flour, yay! I may have to experiment and see if I can make this sans sugar so I can eat it on my low-carb diet. It’s worth a try, anyway :-) I may have to play with the mint cream, though, since I’ve never seen sugar-free white chocolate and I’m not a big fan of the stuff anyway.

  42. deb

    There isn’t really another way to talk about chocolate since it can take up a range of different volumes depending on how small it is chopped. 6 ounces is also half of most bags of chocolate chips, or about 1 cup of chips.

  43. Deb — I’m new to posting a comment here (but not to reading your blog!). Every time I jump on here I see things like this, and I am immediately swooned by how amazingly, fantastically delicious everything looks. Yum! Now I have dessert planned for Valentine’s Day!

  44. E

    How can I successfully get around the cupcake liner issue? I’d like to make these in small heart-shaped pans. Butter and flour? Butter flour and cut-out parchment?

  45. Sheri

    You’ve posted some good tips on dealing with the cream in advance. Can you do the cakes, unfrosted, the day before serving? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Sheri — I’m not sure I would. That dry, crackly top would be lost if wet whipped cream sat on it too long. And the cakes don’t need to go in the fridge, but the cream does. It’s best dolloped on last minute.

      E — Butter, flour and a little prayer? If a larger cake pan, go for a springform and line the bottom with parchment that you’ve also buttered.

  46. carolina

    as the people at my job tell me alllll the time…. “you are making me fat” LOL it’s ok though. I have wanted to try a flourless cake, but like you said, they look dense… thank you for your trial and errors!

  47. Liz

    I need to make dessert for a party on Saturday, and do not want to make another chocolate cake. You have, once again, answered my prayers (although I might be cursing you when I make my 80th one). Also, do you ever get sick of hearing about how cute the baby is?!

  48. Della

    Oh, yummy! I can’t wait to try this. Here’s a funny/sad story about whipped cream: at Thanksgiving I read my kindergarten class a story about a little girl going to buy cream so they could make whipped cream for the pie. They all had puzzled looks on their faces until I told them she was making “Cool Whip”. How are you faring with the recent snowfall?

  49. katherine

    can i make the whipped topping without the mint (mint reminds me too much of toothpaste) and just add a little more white chocolate or even coffee to it?

  50. NicM

    Awesome! I’m always on the look out for gluten free recipes for a friend and of course I could never turn down anything chocolate. I just made the cocoa brownies last night and these are definitely next on the “Must Make” list.

  51. mairim

    Deb, are these cooked all the way through, or more a “molten lava” type chocolate souffle with a wet center?
    Either way, looks scrumptious!

    1. deb

      Mairim — Not a wet center. I actually really, really dislike those molten center cakes. See above: grinch!

      WishIwereafoodblogger — It’s a little butter warmer that I find myself using like twice a day. I talk about it here.

  52. Jilian

    Hi Deb,

    These look great! Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I have a silicone muffin pan, which is in the shape of hearts…do you think with butter and flour I would be able to pop these suckers out? Are silicone pans better for that than regular pans? Or should I stick to a metal muffin pan and liners?


  53. I always get that icky feeling when I eat flourless chocolate cake, like it’s so bad to be eating pure chocolate and butter. Turning it into a souffle does make it sound more appealing!

  54. Liz

    I made these almost immediately after posting and I’m happy to report that they are indeed, fantastic. I made the honey nougat whip in Bon Appetit (for the milk chocolate souffles that I assume you adapted this from) and it was SOOOOO good. I too am an almond lover, and that whip will make you swoooon.

  55. Katie

    Oh my this is goooood – I made it tonight & my family and I ate almost all of them. My whipped cream turned out more like a white chocolate-mint flavored butter that melted in our mouths, not that anyone is complaining but I screwed something up somewhere.

  56. Denise

    @129 Jillian, I believe you can use your silicone muffin pan. Just remember that these will be delicate. Butter and flour might be good.
    I have everything but the heavy cream! I’ve tried freezing, but you can no longer whip once thawed. =( I always find myself having to make special trips for cream AND buttercream. Suggestions anyone?

  57. This is fantastic! I’m not a huge fan of mint chocolate, but my bf is. I was contemplating if I really wanted to make this since my bf will be the only one eating it, but then I remembered that I’ve been meaning to bake something and bring to work for the last 2983529875987 months now, but never did because I don’t have any gluten-free recipes for a girl who has celiac. The little gluten-free tag totally convinced me. Fantastic.

  58. CMT

    I just made the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes last weekend and everybody LOVED them so I’m looking forward to making these and making even more friends.

  59. When I was in college, I used to buy haagen daas chocolate chocolate mint chip ice cream just to let it melt so I could drink its velvety, minty goodness. Were you following me?

  60. Dara

    I think I’ve been waiting for this recipe my whole life! I can’t wait to try it. And I really enjoy the blogging that accompanied it.

  61. Sam

    Serious yum. My 9 year old and I attempted some healthy gluten free cupcakes. After one bite I vowed to always use good old butter and regular sugar from then on out. These look perfect, gluten free, rich, chocolatey, and YUM. Thanks for all you do – beautiful photos, wonderful recipes, and lovely words.

  62. Nicole

    WOW! These look scrumptious! I can’t wait to try the recipe. Like others who posted comments, I’m not a big fan of mint though. Any suggestions on what I can substitute? Or can I just omit the peppermint extract all together? Thank you!

  63. Sarah

    These look SO tasty! I will be trying these out within the next day or so for sure. It says the recipe is adapted from Bon Appetit…do you have some favorite cookbook recommendations? I am getting married in April (I’ve already got some of your great suggestions for registry’s on my list), but I’m trying to build a cookbook collection as well! If there are any suggestions, I’d love to have them! Thanks so much.

  64. Raich

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for including gram measurements in your recent posts. Also, for marking this one ‘Passover’ and reminding us that not all passover desserts taste like margarine and matza meal. Also, for gloriously presenting chocolate with all of the possible supporting actors, such as mint.

  65. Robin

    Jacob is as cute as my grandson (high praise, indeed!), who also learned to roll over and gets very annoyed when he can’t reverse the roll! This looks like an amazing recipe. As good as the recipes, though, is your writing. I really enjoy your blog.

  66. Fikanick

    That’s not a souffle, that’s a spongecake. A souffle is baked in a thick dish so that it’s never evenly baked through and the middle is a bit gooey

  67. Thank you! It’s my birthday next week and I always serve what seems like the latest best flourless chocolate dessert. Last year it was the Spotted Pig’s version with Bourbon Cream. Fresh mint is my favorite pairing with chocolate – cannot wait to serve these this year!

  68. I am making these pronto!! They are similar to the flourless chocolate cake that I posted last month, but a lot easier. I laughed when I saw you flop. It does my soul good to see that I am not the only one that has to trash something. Your photographs are so beautiful. I am so envious.

  69. Oh my goodness. This seems like the perfect “I am single and drunk on Valentine’s day” food. I can totally eat nine cupcakes! Twelve, obviously, would be piggish.

  70. Kelsey

    I made these last night; however, I did not have white chocolate, so I used some milk chocolate instead, and they were totally divine. I will definitely keep this recipe for future occasions. =]

  71. Ellebasi

    If you wanted it to be a nice even number of 12, it wouldn’t be hard to convert it over. Since 9 is 75% of 12. Everything that has a measurement of 6 would go up to 8, eggs from 3 to 4, 1/4 measurements to 1/3, etc.

  72. Oh, man. I’d just resolved to buy It’s-It’s for V-Day dessert instead of making anything, since I’m already doing a big dinner: filets mignon, twice-baked potatoes, some sort of veggie dish I haven’t figured out yet (spinach gratin?). But these look so amazing, I might just have to shoehorn them in.

  73. Chelsea

    If I had two working feet…I would be up making these this very second, but since the right one was just sliced open and all I have been banished to the couch. P.S Deb that baby of yours has got to be one of the cutest ever :-)

  74. Kate

    gluten-free- love it! thanks for this.
    I have a question about your electric mixers- I can’t seem to find any in the stores these days with the old-fashioned blades- they are all these wiry, wimpy looking beaters. Can I ask what brand you are using? I am starting to think I may have to just pick some up at a yard sale or the good will.

    1. deb

      Kate — I have a $16 no-name brand one I’ve been using for a decade. However, when my mother needed a new one I got her one from Kitchen Aid because people seem to really like them. Most befuddling, they come in 3-, 6-, 9- etc. speeds which always leaves me with a “whuu?” feeling because I how on earth could one need 9 different hand mixer speeds?

      Ellebasi — I wanted a nice even number like 4 or 6 but beating less than 3 egg yolks is just annoying. I was imagining these as a small dessert for a Valentine’s dinner date, either for two people or for a family.

  75. I’m with you on the flourless chocolate cakes served in a lot of restaurants – how can anyone eat those? It’s *almost* like solid chocolate. Way too rich. However, when treated like the cupcakes you’ve made here, the flourless chocolate cake is to *die* for. I am wondering how well these will keep. It’s just me and my husband and I certainly can’t handle more than, say, two of these and he’d probably only have one due. Most of what I bake gets sent to the office with him. The whipped cream would, of course, be taken in a separate container for dolloping at the office, but would the cupcakes keep overnight and still be yummy the next day?

  76. PatW

    There’s a Viennese recipe called Besoffener Kapuziner– Drunk Monks– that uses dried up cake crumbs, or recycled baking failures to make a lovely spicy small cakes. It would probably require some adjustments to work with chocolate crumbs, but it’s worth keeping in mind for the next time something doesn’t quite work. This sounds like a pretty workable version:

  77. LincolnSquareMom

    Deb, just wanted to say thanks, your site has to be my all time favorite. Discovered you a few years ago after Pioneer Woman. You have the best
    recipes and pictures out there. Although I’ve only tried 2 of your recipes
    so far, both have been a hit and I have an entire folder of your recipes just
    waiting. Will be making lighter than air chocolate cake for my bday tomorrow-
    can’t wait! And your baby is so adorable! Thanks again for keeping the
    recipes coming – I’m really inspired. I don’t know how you do it all!

  78. annabanana

    Made these last night – I didn’t have peppermint extract so I used some peppermint schnappes and it was great, just slightly sweeter. I followed the recipe exactly and got 15 cupcakes in my standard size muffin tin and standard cupcake liners – go figure, it was a pleasant surprise. An absolutely stunning recipe!

  79. Nan

    I use the apple corer to take out a center section and put whipped cream in the vacant space as well as on top. A nice surprise. Then, of course, you have to eat the little center sections individually, with some of the leftover cream. Who’s to know?

  80. SaraQ

    I bought my mother-in-law some silicon cupcake liners from Williams Sonoma. They are incredible. Even without greasing them they are completely non-stick. No more paper liners! They are worth the expense.

    1. deb

      Lots of questions about substituting mint extract — I’m not entirely sure what people are looking for. Something mint-like? If you don’t like mint, of course you should not use it. If you think you’d prefer it flavored with another extract, there are zillions out there, from almond to vanilla to curious ones like orange or coffee. You can also use no extract whatsoever, white chocolate whipped cream will have a flavor by itself.

  81. Hi! I’ve visited this blog a lot of time and every time I find beautiful food images… :-) I love this recipe, and I will try to cook chocolate soufflé this evening!! I will let you know!

  82. I was mulling over whether or not to make these. I had decided that with two quarts of ice cream, a box of cookies, a box of pop tarts, half a leftover football-shaped ice cream cake, a large pineapple, and two lbs of Twizzlers in the house that, well, maybe I should hold off on making sweets.

    But then my office building handed out free Jacques Torres white chocolate bars. The rest will be history.

  83. Jenna

    Hi Deb,
    Your blog is great. I love that you make it easy to prepare something in such a small kitchen and still make it look decadent. I may live in Montana, but being a college kid, I don’t have the biggest kitchen. This makes me want to bake even more than I already do!

  84. Hi!
    Longtime fan, first time to comment. I’ve tried a lot of your recipes and enjoyed them all – thank you! Last night I made these beauties and they were delish! But instead of 9 I got 12. (I noticed another commenter got 15!). I have checked, rechecked and triple checked but cannot figure out why or how this happened. If I were a little less neurotic I wouldn’t be asking but can you shed some light on this mystery for me? Thanks again for all the Yum!

  85. Sara in SF

    Holy Moly Guacamole!! Made these last night = AMAZING! The cream is so fun and fancy with the white chocolate, yet so simple! I love how they feel so light without dense frosting and a dense cake. Incredible – thanks! Highly recommended!!!

    And YES, the cakes are so delicate on the inside, liners are an ABSOLUTE MUST to hold them together! (Although I wouldn’t mind eating the crumbled pieces with a spoon!)

  86. Tirzah

    Deb, it’s amazing that you posted these right before VDay (and I think hundreds of sig. others will be eating these come Sunday). Quick question for you: do you have any suggestions for another light, but not whipped cream, topping that can be prepared about a day in advance?

    Thanks! As always, your food, photography, and especially your baby, are gorgeous.

  87. Ana

    These are absolutely amazing! I’m not a big mint fan myself, so I just didn’t add peppermint extract to the cream and added a tiny more bit of heavy whipping cream. Nonetheless, they were melt in your mouth perfect! Thanks Deb!

  88. Tonie

    Deb, I made these today and they came out of the oven with a crust on top that flaked off in parts. What did I do wrong. I have only a gas oven- is that the problem?
    thanks and I simply love looking at the photos of your little angel!!!

  89. Ginger

    Made these last night and what fun….and so delicious! Just the thing I was looking to bake. Shared them with business associates today…put individual soufflés in red chinese take-out containers and gave them as Valentine’s gifts…so sweet!!!

  90. Julie

    Oh, wow, these look amazing. I’m planning to make them for a family gathering this week!

    Do you think the recipe will work if I double it, without any other tweaking? Thanks so much!

  91. anna

    My best friend has a birthday next week, and had just requested “something chocolate, but not so intense that we can’t go dancing after dinner”. PERFECT! Although I may commit blasphemey and make a plain whipped cream and top them with sour cherries…?

  92. John

    These turned out well, though the first time around it was a bit hard to judge when they were just done. Even folks who claimed not to like mint (or frosting generally) though the topping was terrific. The structure the white chocolate gives to the cream might make it great as a filling for something like a Yule log.

    All in all, it’s hard to think of any way to improve the recipe. Maybe adding two words: Double batch.

  93. Carol

    Wow. Just made and DEVOURED these. I made two modifications: 1) I put in vanilla instead of mint, because my husband does not care for mint. I’ll bet almond extract would be lovely, as well. 2) Instead of whisking, I whipped the cream/white chocolate mixture, because after 2 hours the topping was still runny.

    That said, the textures and the flavors were rich and bright, and this recipe has DEFINITELY moved to my A-list!

  94. Steph E.

    These look delicious! Are they better served room temperature or warm? Also, could I make the batter and leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours until I’m ready to bake them?

  95. Ok. So I made these using my silicone heart shaped muffin pan. I buttered it up a lot and floured it very well, and the little suckers popped right out! I was so excited! I served these last night for an early Valentine’s treat! Delicious!

  96. These look stunning. I’m wondering if the main differences in the number of cupcakes people have been getting is how deflated the egg whites get when folding them in and whether you are filling the liners 3/4 full or 2/3 full. Between those two things I think that you could easily get this to 15 cupcakes. I tend to be overly careful when I fold in my egg whites, so I have a larger volume of batter to divvy up.

  97. Ilana

    The mint cream is new to me, but the cupcakes I have been making for years for Passover gift baskets. They are grate by themselves, although I imagine a cream would be a nice addition.

  98. Mirriam

    Thank you thank you!
    My little one will be born in April, and as it’s a scheduled C-section, I’d planned to bake cupcakes the night before she’s born so that my older two could celebrate the baby’s birthday the next morning….until I realized she’ll be born smack in the middle of Passover. Flourless chocolate brownies just don’t cut it. You’ve just given me the perfect solution!!

  99. Sandy

    Thank you for this recipe! It was a huge success at my house. I’m not a big fan of mint, so I used half a teaspoon of cinnamon in the whipped cream, and it was delicious. Somehow, I ended up with eleven cupcakes (how did that happen?), and already used up the cream I made on the ones we ate yesterday, so I’m going to make another batch of whipped cream today and use Baileys Irish Cream to flavor it.

  100. I am a little ashamed to admit that I have now made these twice. I couldn’t help it! The first batch was completely devoured by my Mr. Smith and I the day I made them. He humbly requested that I make them every day. We will have to see if I can manage that and still fit into my clothes.

    I substituted cinnamon in the whipped cream, just an 1/8 of a teaspoon, so it is just a hint. It is amazing!

    Also, I got 12 each time I made them. Not sure how that happened, but Mr. Smith was more than happy to take care of as many as I made!

  101. Kel

    I posted the other day, and then made them just now. I didn’t use mint in the cream, but they were still amazing!

    Thanks again, Deb. Phenomenal job, as usual.

  102. Happy Valentine’s Day! I just made these and they look great…but i think i over-whipped the cream. Is there anything I can do to salvage it? it looks a little grainy…

  103. I made these for Valentines and added a drop of red food coloring to the cream for a lovely pink color! And some sparkly red sprinkles in with shaved dark chocolate for the top! They were absolutely divine.

    I also used half bittersweet chocolate and half semi-sweet chocolate, which worked out perfectly and should be great for anyone who finds dark chocolate too bitter. And the recipe made an even dozen for me, but I think my cupcake liners are smaller than yours!

  104. pamela

    Oh.My.God. Here’s how it went when I served these (red liners, little heart-shaped sprinkles on top, and toothpick flags with hearts on them): “Oh, those are so cute! {bite} Whoa. {bite} Whoooaa. {bite} WOW. {bite} Whoa.” And then everyone ran to get a glass of milk.

    These are deceptively cute. Do not be fooled by their adorableness. They are intense and just insane!! In a good way, of course. I too made them without the mint and got 12 to a batch (but my silicone pan always get more than any recipe calls for).

    Hope you’re enjoying your new little valentine this year, Deb :)

  105. Alexandra

    Hi there,

    I just made these wondrous cupcakes – Amazing!
    But – there’s always a “but” – when I got the part of whipping the mint cream, everything went disaster. It does not want to puff. Not even a little bit. I retraced my steps, but cannot find anything that I might have done wrong. So I guess it is the products maybe? I used real whipped cream (not self made) that stood in every way you wanted it too, and normal white chocolate. Do you have any ideas why this could have gone wrong? Did it ever happen to you?

    For the moment I’ll enjoy my cupcakes with with Mint Cream Shake :) , and in the future I’ll just have to stack some gelatin in the house.

    Many thanks,

    1. deb

      Alexandra and others who had trouble whipping the cream — I found it took 2x to 3x the amount of time normal whipped cream takes to whip, but it does whip. It stays a bit softer too, but you will get peaks and the ability to dollop it.

      Kathie — That comment slipped under my radar and has been removed. I do not feed the trolls.

  106. jen

    My cupcakes are in the oven now. I would say it made about 15 (12 cupcakes & a small heart-shaped pan). I do wonder if it has to do with size of eggs & how much you whip them. I tend to over-beat my whites a bit, so that could be part of it. The batter was pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

  107. heatherc

    Just made these for Valentine’s Day for my celiac son and diabetic husband (used baking grade sugar substitute). Absolutely amazing! Alexandra – I had trouble with the ehite chocoate cream too and needed to add double the cream to get it to whip. I realized once I was done that the recipe calls for whisking together the warm cream, white chocolate and mint extract and then chilling for two hours before whippping. Perhaps you did the same? Still delicious, but I’ll read all the way through the instructions on a new recipe next time!

  108. Kelsey

    Hey Deb!

    I’ve been a long time lurker here and I wanted to comment to say that these are AMAZING. I got 12 whole cupcakes out of the batter and we used two for testers ;)

    I made one orange cream and one mint cream, but I found the chocolate with the cream kind of curdled before it was really fluffy. It was fine until a certain point, where it got nice and creamy, but it didn’t stiffen up like a soft whipped cream. Do you have any idea why this happened? I ended up just making mint whipped cream and orange whipped cream which turned out lovely, but I would’ve liked the white chocolate flavour.

    Either way, thanks for the super yummy cupcake recipe, it’s already in the recipe book!

    ps- My three year old son REALLY thanks you.. hah

  109. Patty

    Made these tonight for Valentines Day – and I agree – White Chocolate Mint Creme – Where have you been all my life?? Thank you for sharing this great recipe!

  110. Kathleen

    Very yummy cupcakes. I, too, got 12 cupcakes out of the recipe. I wonder why…
    The kids didn’t love the whipped cream, but that just means more for me! Maybe just vanilla next time.

  111. sophia

    i made these tonight for valentine’s day, and they were AMAZING. i’ve never done anything like this – i cook but do not bake, generally – and they were totally easy to put together, which i especially appreciate.

    we did a cocoa-cinnamon whipped cream instead of the white chocolate mint. it was delicious, especially when served w/ a sprinkling of cinnamon and cayenne for kick. it started to liquefy right away since it was just the cream – but that’s ok! we just ate them kinda fast :)

    thanks so much!

  112. Terrific recipe! The minty cream? I want to BATHE in it! I have recently moved, and everything is still in boxes, and I couldn’t find my peppermint extract. But I did locate some peppermint syrup from Starbucks. So I used a generous teaspoon of that, and the resulting cupcakes tasted like a peppermint mocha. YUM!!

    I even screwed up the cupcakes a little by misreading the recipe and adding the second 3 T of sugar and the salt to the chocolate batter instead of to the egg whites. But they still came out like tender little chocolate clouds! Oh, and I got 11 filling them 3/4 full. So I cleverly made half again as much of the minty cream to compensate. Thanks for this delicious idea, Deb!

  113. Julie

    I made two separate batches of these and got 9 in the first one and 12 in the second. Go figure! The smaller batch was denser and the larger batch was so airy that some of them were practically hollow; the one thing they had in common is that they all tasted divine. And the white chocolate mint cream…well, let’s just say that there may have been a tragic kitchen accident wherein I tripped and fell and somehow landed with about half of it down my gullet. YUM. These will definitely become a staple.

  114. Caroline

    Just made these tonight. They are easy and so good! Not sure what I did, but my batch made twelve cupcakes. All the better, because my fiance ate three in a row! This is a keeper!

  115. I just made these tonight as well. I got 10 cupcakes. I went with bittersweet chocolate, as suggested. They were so very yummy. They are rich, but really quite light. I liked the whip cream okay by itself (I substituted vanilla for the peppermint extract) but it worked so well with the rich, bittersweet cupcakes. What a great recipe. Thank you! This is definitely a keeper.

  116. clio

    I made these at the weekend… total disaster! I don’t know what happened but my cream was grainy and my cupcakes dense. When I mixed the egg yolks with the chocolate mixture they seemed to curdle? Ended up like a greasy mix with oil droplets around it. Everything was perfect until then, I can’t understand what happened! Any ideas?!

  117. Anni

    I got 12 cupcakes; half in liners, half in a buttered and floured tin. I preferred the buttered and floured tin route – they came out of the pan just fine for me (I loosened them and turned the pan upside-down). I could only find peppermint oil, but it seemed to work great for flavoring the cream.

  118. Kathy

    Wow. Who peed in Jojo’s cereal?

    Deb, these look delicious. It looks as though you made them with love, and that makes all the difference in the world. I look forward to making and sharing them soon.

  119. Kate

    These are amazing! I actually scaled up the recipe x 4 to take these to three different events and it worked great. Everyone raved. I also got more like 10 or 11 per batch instead of 9…the batter was very airy and I used a light hand in folding so there was a lot of volume per cup. They do fall quite a bit when you take them out of the oven – they end up kind of dense and rich, but delicious. I used mostly 72% bittersweet choc. and it tastes divine. The whipped cream is a-maz-ing. This recipe is a keeper – and super easy to make, too.

  120. Katie

    My husband and I made these for Valentine’s day yesterday. He was skeptical (how can there be no flour???) until he ate the first bite, but now we are both believers. Fantastic! We made them without coffee and we put cinnamon in the cream (since I can’t stand mint). They were wonderful, though I think I’d add more cinnamon next time since it wasn’t very noticeable. For clio above, perhaps the chocolate was not cooled enough?

  121. Erin

    I had a similar experience as Clio…everything was fine until I added the melted chocolate to the yokes. It totally seized up! I thought the chocolate and butter mixture was lukewarm…but maybe not. Perhaps it was too cold??? Either way, the consistency of the chocolate and yokes became very thick and grainy…I pushed on, but the results were not good. Any thoughts as to what I did wrong?

  122. Steph E.

    I made these for Valentine’s Day, and they were a big hit! They didn’t look as lovely as yours, but they were delicious. I let the batter sit in the fridge for about 1/2 an hour and it didn’t have any adverse effects on the cakes. Thanks for the recipe.

  123. Denae

    Made these yesterday. Simply divine! I overwhipped my cream as well; it was more like frosting. So they weren’t as pretty, but very, very tasty!

  124. This recipe forced me to post about your blog on my blog. I mean seriously, chocolate soufflee cupcakes with mint cream, are you kidding? Thank you!!! Have a great week!

  125. Sarah

    These delicacies were nothing short of magical. The tragic but necessary separation of white and yolk–infused with the spell-binding qualities of liquid dark chocolate-butter–reunited to form one of the most perfect unions I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I felt like I was eating a saliva-inducing cloud of bittersweet tenderness with each delectable bite.

    In short, thank you.

    I imposed a slight variation however, not upon the cupcakes themselves but upon the whipped cream, which I prefer without the peppermint extract and white chocolate, and rather with simple almond extract… but I lied about the batter alteration. The almond whipped cream IN ADDITION to a splash of cinnamon to both the batter and as a decorative flourish on top made for a happy fiesta in my mouth.

  126. haley

    Thanks for this recipe. I made them for our romantic Valentine’s dinner, and my boyfriend said that they were the best cupcakes he’d ever eaten. Quite a compliment, as he’s literally obsessed with cupcakes. I was nervous going into it, what with all the separating, whipping, folding action, but somehow I pulled it off and they both looked and tasted gorgeous. Thanks!!

  127. Deirdre

    I’m joining the chorus of people who made these for Valentine’s day. The cupcakes were wonderful, the only reason we didn’t eat them all up was the presence of boxes of candy (but the cupcakes were better…) But I seem to have done something bad to the cream. I will confess that I looked at the clock and thought that maybe I could speed up the cooling with a little time in the freezer, and when I tried to whip the cream I ended up with the chocolate separating from the cream in a big clump. It still tasted ok but it wasn’t very pretty. Did I whip too quickly or was the freezer my fatal error? I’ll definitely make these again though, they were a huge hit!

  128. Cynthia

    These little souffles should never be called cupcakes. They are one million times better than any cupcake EVER!. Huge hit with my family. I must also admit I messed up the frosting, but it did taste good. I cannot wait to make these again!

  129. brendalynn

    Wonderful! The peppermint cream didn’t sound particularly enticing to me, but if you’re thinking about altering it–think again! The souffle cupcakes and the cream were *perfect* together.

    The only minor alteration I would suggest is actually in the order of steps in the cupcake creation. To save time–and one set of beaters (or washing beaters mid-creation)–I would suggest beating the whites, then melting the chocolate/butter, then beating the yolks and incorporating altogether. No harm having a little egg white left over on your beaters when you start in on the yolks.

    But I loved these! As did the boy. And I *love* being able to rely on your site for wonderful, no-fail recipes!!!

  130. Kat

    I made these yesterday, and they were yummy! I just needed two cupcakes though, so I froze the rest unbaked. Today I tried to bake two of the frozen ones, and it worked perfectly.

  131. Jelena

    I love .. but love creams with peppermint extract and chocolate combined. However, where I live unfortunately no good mint flavors are available (there is one greenish thing with lame mint smell but not flavor ..).
    Can you recommend a way to make it or to substitute the extract with something else (mint like) so as to have that minty flavor. Would be eternally grateful if you manage to solve my mystery how to make tasty mint creams :)

  132. Eileen

    Deelicious! I omitted espresso powder and sub’d 1 Tbsp Kahulua in the cakes, could have handled even more. Also sub’d a bit of vodka for mint extract in the cream, to lighten the white chocolate, and I might go even heavier on the booze there next time as well. Beautiful moist, dense cupcake, thank you!

  133. Aimee

    I am not a baker, but this snowy weather inspired me to try. After a successful attempt at some cookies this weekend I felt brave tried these for Valentines Day… and they left the cookies in the dust. Hands down the best cupcakes I’ve ever had- and they were easy! So rich, yet so light and the mint cream is incredible. I didn’t have a standard sized muffin tin to I made minis. My husband and I have been taking them down two at a time. They are dangerous to have lying around!

  134. Abby

    DELICIOUS! And really not that hard, you are right. I made these last night for my post-Valentines single dinner with my roommate. I do, however, think that perhaps either my cupcake tin is smaller, or yours is bigger, as I got a full dozen out of one batch. I have found that I consistently have this problem with cupcake recipes, so it’s probably my tin.

  135. Nina

    Made these little beauties over the weekend. Doubled the recipe and it made 24 with batter to spare that could have made at least one more…go figure. I must admit I thought I had espresso powder but only ended up finding decaf coffee crystals…it worked fine. The double batch also enabled me to do it in my stand mixer which was handy. The peppermint extract worked fine but I found myself wanting to try creme de menthe next time…love the green tint it gives. so….the house smelled like chocolate which was fantastic for Valentine’s Day…and all 24 cupcakes minus one (pour moi) went to my vet’s clinic. They were bowled over needless to say. Hey…love me love my pets!!!

    Deb…love,love, love the site and am having trouble decided what photos to order…kudos to the photographer and the chef!!

  136. Jenny

    I made these for Valentine’s Day. They were so good my adorably geeky husband tweeted about them. I think i gave away my hand mixer so i did the whole thing in a stand mixer. except the egg whites, which I beat with an old-fashioned hand cranking egg beater (a minor wrist cramp ensued). All in all, it worked out really really well (hence the tweet). they were divine.

  137. Stevie

    I made these for Valentine’s Day, and they went over like gangbusters! Except that my husband and I didn’t eat all of them in one sitting, so our beloved dog decided to inhale 6 of them off the counter. Luckily, my husband caught her in the act so we took her to the vet and had them, um, removed from her digestive track, and she is fine.

  138. KrisM

    These were absolutely incredibly wonderful. My gluten-free husband loved them and my teenage son said, “Mom, these are bomb.” Now question about the cream. Did you really only use 3 oz? I found myself using more cream. Also I ended up w/ 12 cupcakes. Maybe I beat the egg whites too much? At any rate they were great and we just had more to enjoy.

    1. deb

      KrisM — It’s definitely because you (like many others) ended up with more cupcakes. I actually made double the amount of topping and had more than 50% leftover, so I suggested half. But I was assuming 9 cupcakes! I’ll make a note in the recipe.

  139. Maria

    I made these for a book group meeting and they were a hit. I ended up with 12 cupcakes, but only enough cream for half of them (but maybe I was too generous . . . (is there such a thing?). The mint cream is an amazing addition. Immediately copied the recipe to my “permanent recipe file.” Can’t wait to make them again.

  140. katiemcg

    What an amazing cupcake. I made one batch on Valentine’s Day with my husband, no mint in the cream, just white chocolate, and they were divine. We made 2 more batches for a work birthday the next day. One batch with white chocolate cream, one with dark chocolate cream. We tried to do a 3rd batch of white chocolate souffles, but the white chocolate wouldn’t cooperate with the butter, and it never came together. I assume that we’d need less butter with the white chocolate than with the dark, and will have to tinker with it.

  141. Sue

    Ooooooooh! I have friends with gluten allergies. I have to share this with them. It looks great! (Besides how can you go wrong with mint and chocolate?)

  142. Lauren

    Just put these in the oven! Surprise surprise, I was able to get a FULL 10 cupcakes out of it (and if I didn’t overfill some of them, probably 10 1/2!) Can’t wait to taste them :) Mint cream is chilled in the fridge already too! Thanks for a great recipe!

  143. lee

    I Nth the ‘double the cream’ update – I got 15 full cupcakes out of this one (using a standard #20 disher), but only had enough whipped cream for about 7. My guests ate the rest plain without much complaints, though! :)

  144. Lisa

    Made these last weekend and they were just delightful. I got 12 out of the recipe–all I can figure is that my eggs whipped up a bit more? Regardless, they were light AND perfectly rich–not a combo you often find. I thought they kept well–we were eating them for 3 days after they were made and there were no complaints!

  145. Beth

    I really, REALLY want to try this recipe. I’d like to make it as one whole cake, though, since peeling the papers from individual cupcakes sounds like a messy proposition with such delicate cakery. Have you tried this. and if so, how did it go, and what size pan would you recommend? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Beth — The original recipe that I heavily adapted this from was for a full-sized cake. It uses double the ingredients and is made in a 9-inch springform. You heavily butter the pan, line the bottom with parchment, butter the parchment as well, wrap the outside in foil three times and bake it in a water bath for 50 minutes. However, I have often skipped the water because I’m tremendously lazy (also, I lack one of those big roasting pans you can set a 9-inch inside) and the only thing that you risk is a cracked top. Which will be covered with whipped cream anyhow. Hope that helps.

  146. I don’t know how on Earth these lasted so long in our house, but four days after baking them we were still in Nirvana. Fresh and delicious to the last bite. I stored them on a glass cake plate with lid and put fresh mint cream on them (from the fridge) when we were ready to consume them. I got 12 standard-sized muffin souffles, like others! This is a keeper, Deb! Thanks for making me such a good cook!

  147. Lyn

    Oh, yeah, to make the refrigerated mint cream have the right consistency I added just a bit of sour cream, maybe 3/4’s mint cream to 1/4 sour cream. I actually loved the slight tartness this lent to the original recipe, Deb. Everyone around here swooned with each bite. Try it!

  148. Meghan

    These are amazing! I made one change, though. Instead of the White Chocolate Mint Cream, I used Alice Medrich’s recipe from Bittersweet for Cocoa Bean Cream made with cocoa nibs. Delicious!

  149. Lily

    So I live in Madrid where there is apparently NO peppermint extract to be found so I did the cream with dulce de leche and it was a hit :) Thanks!

  150. Sarah

    What a great recipe for me to make AFTER LENT. Good grief, enough with the chocolate in my face. First the girlscout cookie order came in on wednesday, and now this.

  151. Alexis

    I made the mint cream topping, but it ended up looking like cottage cheese when i was done:(
    I’m not sure what went wrong?
    I’m going to try this again with more cream and let it chill for a little longer.
    Any advice???

    1. deb

      Alexis — What kind of white chocolate did you use? Many are labeled “white chips” or “white baking bars” but are shamefully not white chocolate. I always have the most trouble melting those without getting a curdly (gross) mess.

  152. Katie

    These cupcakes were to die for. Complete bliss. Have never tasted a cupcake THIS good. I have enjoyed your site. I am learning photography (complete amateur) and your site was recommended to me. Love the food shots. Plus great recipes?! Doesn’t get any better than this. I’ll be making your granola bars soon, taking your suggestion to gift them to a new mom!

  153. Lindsay

    I made these on Valentine’s Day for the hubs. I couldn’t find bittersweet chocolate at the store, so I grabbed unsweetened chocolate hoping it was the same thing… um, it’s definitely not the same thing. My bad. The cupcakes were so bitter, we ate them with a cupcake-sized portion of the mint cream instead of the delicate little dollop (which neither of us complained about). That cream is crazy good.

  154. I made this on Friday night! Did a great job at diligently following the recipe for the cupcakes, then blew it on the whip cream. Got distracted and overwhipped past the point of firm peaks. : ( Still served them with the creamy, white chocolate chunky mixture that resulted. No complaints at the table at all!

  155. Bobanda

    Ooooooo-K. So my not-so-frequent baking friend made these and they turned out so wonderfully that I ran home and had to bake them that very instant. I consider myself a rather astute baker but mine weren’t nearly as good. They ended up grainy… did I over bake them? What was a masterpiece was the cream, which I split in half and added espresso powder instead of mint and it was delightful and not too sweet.

  156. C Ho

    I made these last week and failed miserably.

    Not sure what happened, perhaps I overmixed or folded improperly..but man oh man, my sister said they tasted like “rough, hardened, sand cakes”. (never using bittersweet/unsweetened chocolate again!)

    Any idea what went wrong?

  157. nancy

    I made these wonderful delights,and they were inhaled by the whole family,even those who are not into sweets.
    Thanks for sharing such a treat.
    (I doubled the recipe and it worked )

  158. Callie

    I love your website. Hands down, it is one of my top five favorite web-sites right now. I love your recipes; every time I make one, they turn out so well and they are simply delectable!

    I made these over the weekend…. and I was transported to heaven! The cupcake is rich and moist, but not over the top. And the cream topping is out of this world. I can’t even express how much I completely loved, loved, loved this recipe.

    Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Anne

    Let me just say, if you can decide to make these as a “study break,” panic half way through that it’s taking too long and take unacceptable short-cuts like not cleaning your mixer blades, which inevitably leads to your egg whites not stiffening… and then you throw it all together anyway and bake it and STILL get something totally delicious and presentable… well, then, anybody can make souffle…

  160. Deidre

    I had the same problem as Alexandra and others. My whipped cream stayed totally flat. But they were still so delicious and a lot of fun to make! Thanks for another great recipe, Deb!

  161. Hi Deb!
    I was totally inspired by your chocolate souffle cupcakes b/c I love intense chocolate but I don’t care for flourless cake for many of the same reasons you don’t. I was trying to find a recipe for the best tiramisu I could possibly make when I came decided to take a break to check your blog to see if you’d posted anything. Here I saw these cupcakes and the more I studied them the more I thought “What could be better than intense, light chocolate in tiramisu?” I’m sure I might sound like your husband but wow! It was so good in tiramisu! I just baked your recipe in an 8×8 inch pan for about 20 min. For more details check out my blog Thank you so much for your great recipes!

  162. cindy

    I want to make this for my daughter’s birthday as a cake and I am thinking that if people got 9 or more cupcakes then it should make a one layer cake; would you agree?
    Thanks, Deb….

  163. Jodi

    Finally got around to making these, and they were great. That white chocolate mint whipped cream was AWESOME and will definitely be made again. I actually did make these as mini cupcakes – I got about 45 of them. The cooking time was about 9 minutes for the mini cupcakes in case anyone is interested. Thanks again, Deb! I love your blog!

  164. nancy

    made these to take to a dinner party and they were a hit! my mint cream didn’t set properly so i pulled some cream cheese frosting out that i had made and froze, and added the mint to it – tasty! btw – 12 perfectly sized cupcakes for me.

  165. after thinking about these since the post, i finally made them last week…and they were fantastic! they were surprisingly quite simple to make and not very time consuming at all for such a yummy treat. i got a full 12 cupcakes after scraping down the mixing bowl. i LOVE chocolate and mint together but didn’t have any peppermint extract…i used a splash of creme de menthe and it worked well (i added some additional cream though because otherwise it wouldn’t really whip).

  166. Pachadora


    This is an attempt at an open love letter to your recipe. It is the first one that I have ever followed to the note. Nerve-racking as it was, my companions and I could not have been in deeper ecstasy at the end result especially because the recipe was extended, through mini cupcake cups, from nine to 26. It would have been torture to eat only one. Yet, after our gluttonous hands unconsciously reached for thirds then sixth’s, I continued to think about those fluffy morsels. Recipe and recipe concocter, I wish you well and pray you do not take sabbaticals from eating and cooking for you create pockets of happiness and satiation.

  167. Loved these. Like many have noted before, I got twelve cupcakes from this recipe. I also doubled the mint cream and used every bit of it.
    Didn’t make a difference in terms of taste, but I’m wondering if I’m supposed to completely integrate the egg whites when folding them in, or if there should be some streaking. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Deb!

    1. deb

      Hi Natalie — Glad you enjoyed them. A tiiiny bit of streaking is okay but mostly, you want to just incorporate it without going any further.

  168. These look fantastic. I discovered your blog through the Saveur awards, and I’m loving it!

    One question about these cakes – I want to make them for a brunch on Sunday morning. How do you think they would they hold up if I make them the day before? Or baked the cakes the day before, then topped them on Sunday morning?

    Looking forward to more great reads!

  169. Marion

    My daughter’s birthday falls during Passover, so I was thinking of whipping up these beauties. But she wants WHITE cupcakes with peppermint pink icing. Hey, she’s a six-year-old girl! If I can’t persuade her to go the chocolate flourless route, do you have a recipe that would work for the occasion?

  170. Tabb

    Just whipped these up as a thank you gift, and since the recipe produced 12 cupcakes for me, I didn’t feel guilty eating just one tiny little cake with a smidgen of mint cream. Oh my GOD these are to die for. So light and airy and rich at the same time. Kudos, Deb.

  171. Tasha

    When adding anything warm to eggs, use a technique calling tempering. You add a small amount of the warm liquid to the eggs and it elevates the temperature enough so that when the rest is added, you don’t end up with scrambled eggs.

    Another technique for the egg whites is called folding. Alton Brown demonstrates it best. You just sweep the side of the bowl and cut up the middle. A few streaks is better than whipping the daylights out of it! The less you beat the mixture, the fluffier and more divine it will be.

  172. Kate


    I am a baking novice, mostly, but need to make cupcakes for a friend’s wedding party during Passover and these looked amazing. I was wondering…How many days do these stay good for-I was hoping to make them Monday night for a Thursday night party. Also, should I wait until Thursday to put the cream on? Thanks!


  173. Shauna

    I am licking the mixing bowl as I type this- DIVINE! Wow, I’m tempted to take them out of the oven and just lick the cupcake liners!

  174. Shauna

    Finished them, then took them to a friends house, tasted one and wished I hadn’t brought them (does that make me a bad friend?) Thank you for the recipe, I will be repeating it!

  175. Sheryl

    I need a gluten-free recipe for a potluck on Sunday and these look fabulous. Will it work to double the recipe? I know sometimes it is not recommended to do so, I have never really understood why.

  176. Beth

    A friend sent me the link for this recipe and it was love at first site!

    I currently have 12 cracked and sinking cupcakes (yay!) in my kitchen with another 6 in the oven. Yes, 18 of these little sweethearts … and I didn’t change the recipe at all. My favorite recipes are ones that make twice as many as I expect!

    Anyway, thank you so much! I really can’t wait for the cream to chill so I can eat one :) My husband is almost as excited as I am (if that’s possible!)

  177. Oh. Wow. I just made these yesterday and all I can say is that they are INCREDIBLE!

    I made 1 1/2 batch for a party and every one of them was gone and ppl were raving! (someone even licked the plate!) They were even better than I was expecting! Like a small bite of heaven. Seriously! (good thing I saved 2 out for myself) I will be making them again. Soon.

    for 1 1/2 batch I got 16 “cupcakes.” I also did not have any cupcake liners and so had to make do. They did stick some, but not too bad. The first batch I cooked a little too long and the tops cracked off, so taking them out right before the cracking seemed perfect.

    What else? Oh the icing is divine. Beyond. I could sit and eat the whole bowl.

    Okay, I’m done raving. Thanks Deb, for such a fantastic recipe!!!

  178. Kathryn

    Just made these for the second time now since they were such a hit the first! I made a double recipes of mini cupcakes the first time for a little wine class at the restuarant I work at (with much appreciation from some major foodies!) this time around Ifollowed the recipe exactly. I absolutely love your site Deb!

  179. ann

    I am collapsed in bed after eating a couple cupcakes worth of batter (I tripled the recipe). All the better to stop me from getting into these before my sister’s early seder tomorrow.

    Question: I used heavy NON-whipping cream, whoops! When I beat the icing, it looked kinda not-smooth and not awesome (although, heavy cream, white chocolate, and mint obviously taste delicious). I can try again tomorrow before the seder – but do you think using whipping cream vs. heavy cream will make a big difference in the texture and consistency?

  180. Chrissy

    I actually have these in the oven now. I am making them for a pre-school Easter party. What I did though, was used the little tiny cupcake wrappers and tins rather than the big ones. These kids like icing better than the cake itself. So I figured if I did them in bite size, they wouldn’t be wasting the cake. I’ll let you all know how these turn out! I love this site and continue to come back for more!!!! I am addicted!

  181. I made these for Passover and they were a big hit. However, I did notice that my chocolate mixture kind of hardened to a thick fluffy paste before I folded in the egg whites, so I was worried about that. The final mixture didn’t seem to blend well when I added the egg whites. But, the taste turned out OK. Any thought on that? Also, my mint cream was more like a very thick soup on the cupcakes — maybe I didn’t beat it long enough?

    Overall, definitely making these again. So moist and good, even though they were def not as pretty as yours!

  182. I am thinking of making a two layer 9″ cake (I’m thinking similar to your homemade hostess cakes) with this whipped cream as filling and frosting. Will the given amount make an appropriate amount of filling/frosting, or should I multiply the recipe somehow?

  183. I made these with orange instead of mint, unsweetened chocolate instead of semi-sweet (I got scared by all the additives in the semi-sweet chocolate, and since I was making it for a celiac, I really didn’t want to take any chances with mystery ingredients whose origins may or may not have been wheat), and then balanced out the bitterness by using 9 tbsp sugar in total instead of 6 (so 4.5 tbsp in the yolks, 4.5 tbsp in the whites).

    Strange thing. These cupcakes were still very delicious, but they were VERY VERY VERY dense. Definitely not souffle-like. I mean, they were still a huge hit, and I love them very much, but y’know… when your mind is set on a souffle, you kind of want the souffle, no matter how delicious the alternative is.

  184. New ammendment to my previous comment made 2 minutes ago: My dough also does not look as runny or as smooth/light as yours. Mine was definitely quite tacky. I’m now slightly inclined to think that the extra sugar is what made mine tacky and dense, while yours is light and puffy.

    1. deb

      Hi Chare — Were your egg whites well whipped? That’s the really one and only place the lightness comes from. Using well-whipped egg whites and only folding them so gently that they do not deflate into the batter is the key to keeping the cupcakes light. Extra sugar could have affected it, but if the egg whites were in good, fluffy shape they shouldn’t have been completely dense.

  185. carol

    Hi there,
    Love your site! Just a question…i am making these to bring from boston to a party in Minneapolis and i know the cakes will survive if made a day ahead and transported carefully but since I am going straight from the airport to the party venue I am looking for a topping i can improvise by having the cab stop at a grocery store or won’t make the cakes soggy if i do it ahead…
    any suggestions?

  186. Shauna

    I’ve made these twice now and both times they were heavenly. The first time was a little better I think because I dyed the topping green (it was St. Patricks day) and for some reason, it was better. I know its illogical but maybe because of the mint color? :)

  187. Rachael

    Can the cupcakes be frozen and then thawed to add the mint cream- also, are these mini cupcakes? I can’t wait to make them!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  188. Juliane

    I’ve been lurking & loving your site for so long & finally had to say thanks for all the lovely food, photos and writing. We especially love these amazing souffle cupcakes which I’m making a second time at family request!!!

    (Note: Your peanut butter brownie recipe has been linked over an ocean and a continent to bro-in-law. And your ‘cole slaw’ is beyond an everyday taste sensation = cabbage-and-lime-salad-with-roasted-peanuts. Such taste and textures. YUM. All rather pretty too without being silly palavers. Thankyou. I should just make everything you make and then every meal would be a delight!)

  189. These are some of the BEST cupcakes ever. They’re very rich & decadent without being overbearing. The mint cream is a suprising addition that just lightens up the entire treat. I love this recipe… thanks SK!

  190. R

    I made these cakes for a dinner party last night (my batch made 12 cupcakes), and they were a smashing hit! I infused the whipping cream with fresh chocolate mint leaves from my garden; I was looking for the perfect recipe to use it, and this was definitely it! Thank you!

  191. Laura Bee

    I was super nervous about messing up the souffles, but they turned out great without too much fuss. The cream, however, was a bit of a mess. It was taking a really long time to whip up (and it was really hot in the house) so I put it in the freeze for 5 minutes to get it cool.
    When I took it out, it started to whip up better, but then all of a sudden got hard and clumpy like butter. I don’t know if the cream and the milk separated because of the cold, but it turned into a mess that will just not mix back together. It still tastes fabulous though, so I served it as is.

  192. made these last night for my gluten intolerant husband and some dinner guests who asked “these don’t have ANY flour?!” heh. delicious.

    i took the advice of comment #258 and changed up the order of things. worked wonderfully! also doubled the recipe and quadrupled the cream recipe (double batch for each recipe of the cupcakes) based on the advice of previous comments. i was SO glad i did that. it allowed for a generous serving of the cream, plus i managed to get 11 cupcakes out of each batch.

    note to those who aren’t fans of white chocolate (i include myself in this category): try these as written! i was amazed. somehow the mint flavor and the combination with the cupcake takes away the unpleasant “white chocolaty” flavor that i usually find distasteful. i LOVED this topping and could easily see it being used in a variety of different ways… in hot chocolate, on top of ice cream, straight out of the bowl… :)

    finally, i agree with beth (#279) that these cupcakes don’t come out nicely from the paper wrappers. i would like to try this in a springform as one giant cake, but didn’t want to experiment with it on the same day i had company coming over for dinner. if anyone does this, please post the results! i’ll do it if and when i get around to trying this as a giant cake.

    one more thing… i love these gluten free desserts that don’t require millions of different non-wheat flours and potions. i would love to see even more!

  193. Andrea

    these cupcakes were absolutely divine! i am a huge fan of choc souffles, flourless cakes and the lot, but these were some of the best by far! and that mint cream, i could just eat a bowl of that by itself!!!!n

  194. Chelsea

    I need to make 120 chocolate cup cakes as a friend’s wedding cake but I also need them to stay relatively fresh for at least three days as they need to be transported across the state. I’d love to use this recipe but how long will these babies last?

  195. Mich

    These are really good cupcakes! However, I could not get them to look as delectable as yours do in the photos when I tried yesterday.

    How long do you beat the mint cream for on what speed, and is cooling it for 2 hours necessary? My mint cream came out looking a bit like curdled milk which tasted delicious but looked a bit gross.

    1. deb

      Not sure why yours curdled (unless you were using a white chocolate that didn’t melt smoothly) but I beat it on high speed for several minutes with a hand mixer. You want it to be very, very cold or it will not whip — that’s why the two hours is suggested.

  196. Sarah

    there are a lot of people asking about making them ahead. I’m cooking these for a wedding, where the groom is gluten intolerant. I’ve been pretesting them to see how well they “keep” for a few days. I made one batch yesterday, and did an experiment: 2 in the fridge covered in plastic, 2 in the fridge in a tupperware, 2 on the counter with plastic, 2 on the counter in a tupperware. The cupcakes in the fridge fared better than the counter ones, which were good but lost their crispness. I THINK the fridge one in the container worked the best.
    As far as the cream goes, I think we’re going to make it self-serve — in a bowl, on the side, for dolloping on as the guest wishes. These go from delicious and brownie-like to soggy and drippy real fast when the cream sits on them.
    Hope that helps!

  197. Finally got to make these last night for my gluten-free friend for a dinner party.

    I decided to use the good chocolate (Valrhona) and extra fatty Irish butter since there’s so few ingredients. They were a hit and my friend was delighted to have something. She usually just eats the frosting off cake/cupcakes. Gross!

    I think I under filled the cups just a bit, they didn’t puff up quite enough to be beautiful, but I covered it with the (doubled) whipped cream. Definitely double the whipped cream.

  198. Louisa O

    I just made these cupcakes for my husband’s birthday (chocolate&peppermint is his favorite sweet combo) and they were FABULOUS. I ended up with 12 big cupcakes and doubled the cream recipe, but since he loved the peppermint cream so much and wanted it piled high, there was barely enough for the dozen! I also made your Chicken Marsala for the birthday celebration, which turned out perfectly. I am a huge fan and always consult your website first for recipes. Thank you!

  199. Mariah

    These were the first things I ever baked from scratch and they were delicious!! [Although I DO NOT recommend beating the egg whites with an antique hand eggbeater.] Even my really picky friends liked them. Thanks for posting such a good [gluten-free] recipe!!

  200. Whitney

    These look amazing…can you just spray cupcake pan? do you think they will come off okay, I’m having a dinner party, and I was thinking about making these with chocolate gnosh dolop on top, and a vanilla cream sauce on the plate, I don’t want the guests to have to peel paper off of there dessert. I think I will try it and let you know.

  201. mary

    my egg whites never reached the desired form (the way you described like it should), but i still used them. have you ever had that happened? my cupcakes look exactly like yours but does the inside supposed to be some what moist?

  202. Kathy in St. Louis

    These were the drop-dead-awesome cap on a special meal of grilled, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, roasted sweet potato fries, and green salad (with smoky bleu cheese, dried cranberries, and lemon-oregano vinaigrette). He took a bite and immediately lay his head on the table, the symbol for “you have slayed me with this delicious thing, which is hard to do because we have just eaten a very special and delicious meal.” And then he repeated this after each bite until it was gone… and then he asked for another.

    We got 10 cupcakes, by the way. Also, we used Trader Joe’s Pound Plus bittersweet chocolate; when I tasted the butter-chocolate mix, I cut back the total sugar to four tablespoons. That was just right.

  203. Kathy in St. Louis

    Oh, and we used about a tablespoon of decaf coffee beans in place of the espresso powder. I let them steep in the butter-chocolate mixture, then fished them out before stirring in the eggs. (Yes, we missed a few, but we didn’t mind.)

  204. Kathy in St. Louis

    Oh, and I made a batch of whipped cream based on the 12 (!) ounces heavy cream I had in the fridge, since the expiration date had just come and gone. You’re right: there is no such thing as too much of this white chocolate whipped cream. Also, I used about 20 drops peppermint essential oil instead of extract, as I prefer the flavor of oil to extract these days. (Heaven knows I used enough peppermint extract in my younger years to make up for it!)

  205. Sarah F

    WOW yum! These were absolutely amazing. Very light and airy…nicely matched with the rich, thick whipped cream. I followed the recipe pretty closely (probably added more chocolate than called for) and had plenty of batter for a dozen. I did double the whipped cream recipe, and glad I did since I wanted a nice sized dollop on each. Worth the effort…a wonderful gluten free recipe!!

  206. Cynthia

    I made these about a month ago for my boyfriend’s birthday party, and I’m STILL getting compliments on them! Nobody can believe how simple the mint cream is! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, and I’ll definitely be making it again in the future.

  207. Abby

    I made these for a birthday party of a friend with Celiac Disease and got many compliments. I doubled the recipe and ended up with 2 dozen. I thought they were delicious. Mine fell apart a little, but nothing crazy. One thing to note is not ALL chocolate is ok for people with Celiac Disease because many are made in plants that make other products containing gluten and cannot guarantee that the chocolate has not been cross-contaminated. If you aren’t sure, you should definitely research or use chocolate that specifically states on the package that it is gluten-free friendly.

  208. Frankie

    Made these (slightly adapted) for a Christmas party and they were fantastic. I made a Bailey’s Mint Chocolate whipped cream and it was heavenly. Perfectly light and not too sweet.

  209. Vell

    I made these the other day and posted the pictures on my Facebook page. They looked just like the photo. I used the smaller muffin pan instead of the traditional. They tasted amazing and I still had some batter left over! YUM!

  210. Nido

    Made these on Friday and they came out perfectly! I didn’t have peppermint extract so I used almond extract instead. Added a nice, nutty flavor to the cream topping. The recipe mentions that it makes 9 cupcakes but I used a 12 cupcake pan and had just the right amount.

  211. Jen-

    I just made this in a FAST frenzy this afternoon for our SuperBowl party. Someone who was invited complained in a whiny manner that she shouldn’t/can’t eat gluten and the lemon cake I made would be bad for her. Then she pouted and sniffed a few times to lay on the guilt. It worked. My mother trained me well, ugh.

    Well, thanks for a great recipe! It was a bit more than I had planned, but I loved that the ingredients were all in my cupboard and I didn’t have to learn any new skills to do this, just take some time and pay attention. No walking away from the kitchen to check my email or take the dog outside!

    She was surprised – what did she expected!? Doing a fake cry like that…sheesh. But then complained that she doesn’t like peppermint. I didn’t shave chocolate on top, I let my son crush peppermint pillow candy and sprinkle on top like a shower of candy goodness! It was lovely.

    Incidentally, the girl that can’t eat gluten and doesn’t like peppermint….ate two and a half….and THEN took four home with her! HA!

    Also, it made 12 for me (using a icecream scooper to keep them evenly distributed) and I even had enough for a small 13th had I wanted to scrape the bowl. I just licked it. Hehe.

    THANKS AGAIN for your awesome posts, and your most fabulously adorable lil Jacob. My eldest son is David Jacob…and he too had gorgeous hair and edible/nibble-able cheekies. Hehe.

    *hugs* Jen-

  212. Adam

    I made these on Valentines night for my mother. They where great. I simmered mint leaves in the cream instead of the extract and it was great. I was really amazed at the texture of the cupcake considering there is no flour in them. Side note, I would definitely double the cream recipe b/c I came up with 11 cupcakes and I also could not stop tasting the cream.

  213. Maya

    These are absolutely amazing! I’ve done them three times, the last time with wax paper bottoms and butter in a standard pan. Obviously I must be a masochist for omitting the liners, but with wax paper on the bottom, they came out beautifully, like real mini souffles! My sister loved them for her birthday and is requesting them for every year to come.

  214. Greta

    I tried baking these last week. So much work but the end result was fantastic! It was smooth, and moist, and intensely chocolatey and perfectly minty.
    But I have some questions.
    I know you don’t own a microwave, but could I, instead of simmering the heavy cream, melt the chopped white chocolate in the microwave in short, let’s say 15 second, intervals, and mix the melted chocolate with the cream and peppermint before chilling?
    And also, could I do the same thing with the bittersweet chocolate, butter and instant coffee?
    I definitely want to make there again, but I’m just wondering how I can reduce the workload, as I have lazy tendencies.

    1. deb

      Chocolate can always be melted in the microwave, but as you already seem to know, do it gently in short intervals with lots of stirring. Better to remove it still lumpy and stir it until fully melted than to take it out steaming hot.

  215. Ana

    These are amazing, moist, light and perfect. I made them for a co-workers birthday and they were a hit. The only problem I ran into was with the Mint cream. When i started it in the beater it quickly became chunky, curdled, and no matter how long I let it go nothing changed, other then a puddle of minty water at the bottom of the bowl formed. The best I can figure I got the chocolate to cream ratio wrong which is why this happened? I made mint whipped cream instead and it was still delicious, but I am hoping to get the cream right the next time.

  216. Greta

    Ana, the same thing happened to me the first time my mom and I made these. I THINK that once the cream curdles, it’s begun to turn into butter and has been over-whipped. But I’ve made these a few times, and ever since then I never let the cream get 100% whipped because I was afraid it would curdle. BUT, the last time I made them, the cream wasn’t completely whipped and I used it anyways, but there was extra, and the next day, when I took it out of the fridge, it was totally whipped like in the photos in this post. So maybe simmer cream, whisk it w/ chocolate + mint, chill, whip, then chill again??
    I think. I’m only a teenager :)

  217. Ana


    It started to curdle or whatever happened almost right away, it didn’t even look whipped ;) I’ll have to try making it again soon and keep your suggestions in mind. I wonder if I simmered the cream to long? Thanks for the suggestions!!
    P.S. Teenagers know a lot :) My teenage sister is a bomb baker :)

  218. Ellen

    Have you ever added a liquor to the chocolate “cake” part? Thinking of adding 1 Tbsp. of chocolate or coffee liquor to the batter. I don’t want to ruin what looks good on your website but I’m also not going to use expresso powder as have to buy a lot for only one use.

  219. Greta

    hmm, well I’m not really sure. Cream is so…complicate lol. And thanks! I’m making these again for a Passover dessert today. Just hoping I don’t run into many problems with them. Last night I baked the double chocolate torte on this site and there were so many things that went differently from how they were supposed to. I think it will be good in the end though. How could something with so much chocolate, butter etc. not be? :D

  220. Julie

    I’ve got this in the oven just now (second time in two weeks!). I followed Deb’s guidelines in a comment above this where someone asked about making this recipe as a full cake, rather than cupcakes. It definitely works, without a hitch! I only have a 10″ spring form, rather than a 9″, and it worked out just fine. I also skipped the water bath, since, like Deb says, it’s just going to be covered with the whipped cream anyway, so who cares if there’s a crack? I buttered the cake pan, laid down parchment, and then buttered again – it’s somewhat delicate, and harder to manage full-size rather than cupcake size, so I’d definitely recommend that. I doubled the cake recipe, and quadrupled the whipped cream recipe – I iced the cake generously with the whipped cream in the helpful crater that happens when the cake slumps, and only had a tiny bit of cream left – perfect for extra dollops!

  221. Iva

    These are AMAZING! I’ve made them twice, and both times they were straight-forward to make, and absolutely delicious! Thanks Deb!

  222. Matilda

    I’ve made these twice and both times I had trouble getting the cream to whip. My cream is 32% fat, so it shouldn’t be a problem . . . . unless I just don’t get something. HELP!!

  223. Hi there, These were sooo yummy. But I also had the same problem with the curdled cream as some of the others. It didnt looked whipped enough and then bam it was all curdly. Not sure what the prob is, followed instructions to a T. Also the recipe made 12 muffins and an a bit extra, maybe the muffin tins are smaller in New Zealand? Anyways would love to make again but would love a suggestion for fixing the mint cream problem. Delicious though, not too noticeable with the chocolate shavings on top :)

  224. Ez

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to reduce the amount of white chocolate for the cream as I find it too sweet and can the cream be pipeable? I tried making it but the cream won’t harden…

  225. Katherine

    I’ve recently become (totally) addicted to your site – and I _cannot_ wait for your cookbook to come out! I just wanted to drop you a line regarding these cupcakes.

    As someone who knows others with celiac, I love finding gluten-free recipes where the gluten isn’t at all missed. That way you’re bringing a tasty treat everyone can love, and it’s not a penance to eat (some gluten-free recipes have not worked out too well . .. ). And this has definitely joined my growing list of successful recipes. And they just get better every day.

    I discovered, because I couldn’t find a sane-sized container of the regular stuff, lactose-free whipping cream works and tastes just the same as regular cream. Which I never thought possible.

    My _only_ caveat with this recipe is the espresso powder, since coffee (though it is something I have loved in the past) now gives me migraines, I can’t really eat these in their original form: I was wondering if you might have any suggestions as to what you can use to replace the espresso powder to keep that richness of flavour you get from the espresso. Well, to clarify, I _can_ eat them in their original form (and believe me when I say I had two . . .), I just have to either take lots of Advil or suffer through (like when I forgot that there was espresso in them. Luckily the amount in a cupcake couldn’t bring on a full-on migraine).

    Anyroad – thanks for making my baking/cooking to do lists much more interesting!

  226. Jane

    Hi Deb, thanks for another spectacular receipe. It was amazing and everyone loved them. I am totally addicted to your website now! Jane x

  227. bell

    Dear lord! I think that I had underestimated these before I had made them (I should’ve known better than to doubt you, a VERY reliable source). I made them this evening and they are exceptional, just as you had expressed – light and somehow, intensely chocolatey… and please, just don’t get me started on that mint cream. Please. These are mysterious little souffles, I got thirteen very healthy sized portions out of this recipe; not that you’ll hear me complaining.

    Thanks a whole lot.

  228. Elise

    Hi Deb!

    I’m in the seventh grade, and every second Tuesday of the month we do Bake Day, which is where everyone brings something they baked (kinda where we got the name from.) One of my friends is gluten free, and another is dairy free. Could I adapt this to be dairy free without spending a fortune on ingredients I’ll use once? And also, in the spirit of Halloween, do you think I could make this fall themed?

  229. Bonnie

    I’ve made these before and they were delicious! I’m going to try now with orange cream instead of mint like a few people have been suggesting. This may be a really silly question but does anyone have any tips on how to do this? Would I have to use orange essence or would it work with zest? I guess juice would make it curdle? Thank you!

  230. Kyla

    I made these and WOW!! AMAZING…. The mint cream was to die for the cupcakes were a party in my mouth. I made them mini to make me feel like I got to eat more (ie. Have more than 1)! Thank you for this! Thank you!

  231. I made these cupcakes for my cousin’s birthday and they are DIVINE! It was a crowd pleaser, and everyone was saying how it’s so rich and chocolaty and just delicious! :) I’ll have to thank you for sharing this recipe with us! Thank you! :D

  232. Jessica

    I am making these for a dinner party I’m going to tonight – any thoughts on if I can do the whipped cream and put it on the cupcakes a couple of hours beforehand? I don’t want to be the crazy guest in the kitchen with the handmixer … Thanks!

  233. Stupid question – how much is 3 oz whipping cream? Everything is sold in ml and I don’t have scales (not even sure whether it’s fl oz or oz). Sorry to be thick. Could someone tell me in ml or cups? Will post again after baking these on Tuesday for a birthday – can’t wait, I wanna make them nowwww!

  234. As promised, back again after making these. Thanks for the reply deb! I got 14 smallish cupcakes out of this recipe, and doubled the cream quantity, and like you said I did not regret it. My verdict? Wow. That is all.

  235. kelly

    I served these last night – doubled the batter and quadrupled the icing/cream – and they were an enormous hit. I had people say they were the best cupcakes they’ve ever tasted. In their lives!

    And so now I’ve been requested to make 80 of these cupcakes for an upcoming 40eith birthday party. Do you have any tips for making such a large number? Could I make these in double or triple batches and then to enormous batches of the cream the day of? Is there some kind of limit for whipping cream for my kitchen aid mixer? That I wouldn’t be able to create volume/whip them if I put too much in the bowl? As always, great site and super receipes. Thank you, Kelly

    1. deb

      kelly — I don’t think you’ll have trouble doubling or tripling the mint cream because the volume is fairly small to begin with. No reason it cannot be scaled, it just may need to be whipped longer.

  236. kelly

    Hello. Me again. I wanted to add a tip of mine – when I’m worried about the cupcake sticking to the sides of the cupcake wrapper, I spray the insides of the wrapper with cooking spray and that seems to help.

  237. kelly

    Thanks so much for your reply and I’m glad I checked back. I’m making the cupcakes on Thursday and whipping the cream/serving Friday night. Thanks again for weighing in.


  238. Kelly

    Hello. I wanted to report back that I doubled to recipe and baked in a 9 inch round spring form pan wrapped in tin foil. My eggwhites were perfect and I also made 120 cupcakes with eggwhites that were weak and the cake was “eh” and the cupcakes were fantastic – lighter than air and sooooo good. Strange.

  239. yo

    hi, these were SOOOOO delicious! one question: how did you get yours to come out so pretty? when mine caved in the middle, it pulled the sides (the side walls, too, not just the sides of the top) in towards the middle, so they looked a bit like shrunken prunes. not attractive. i used paper liners, as you recommended.

    the only thing i can think of is that my cupcakes didn’t crack, like yours. did i undercook them? when i tested with a toothpick, it came out clean, with barely one crumb, so i was worried that i had overcooked them and pulled them out right at 15 mins. please respond, as i can’t serve them looking like this! thank you so much!!

  240. Tubes

    I tried these tonight! TO DIE FOR! I had some technical issues with the white chocolate mint cream so I had a fresh batch of milk chocolate buttercream! One word..OVERDOSE! Loved it!!! Thank u so much for this recipe! It really put a smile on my face!

  241. Kei

    Hi Deb! These cupcakes are absolutely amazing! :) However, the texture of the cupcakes did not look like the ones from your pictures, and the mint chocolate cream curdled. :( Such a shame since it tasted amazing!

    1. deb

      Hi Kei — I’m not sure how the mint chocolate would curdle. (Curdling comes from acids meeting dairy.) Can you tell me more about what happened? Might you have used a white chocolate that didn’t melt smoothly? A lot of things sold as white chocolate are not actually white chocolate, such as “white chips” and “white baking bars”.

  242. Donna

    I am wondering how I print this recipe. I just saw this on my facebook page. I have no idea how it got there, but I am GLAD it did!! I think I am going to like making your recipes! I will make these for Christmas Eve!

  243. Arlene

    Hi, I want to make these for Christmas dinner. Anyone who has experience with them — how far in advance could I make the cupcake? I figure I can make the filling the day before and then fill the cupcakes Christmas Day. The same for the cupcake? I don’t want to be baking on Christmas Day. (Many other things will be going in & out of the oven!) Thanks!

  244. Courtney

    I made this for my Christmas party and they were absolutely amazing!! I also scored extra points for my gluten free friends!! The white chocolate cream is simply to die for. I did actually run out though and think I will double the recipe next time!

  245. Susan Tessaro

    I have made these a few times and they always impress! Once, I even made them as hot soufflés right out of the oven. I made them ahead of time and pushed some frozen raspberries in before refrigerating until post-dinner clean up. Served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream (next time I might do ice cream), my guests, who are self-proclaimed dessert haters, absolutely raved for days!! They also lend themselves well to 1/3 size recipe for four individual soufflés. Gorgeous hot or cold, I’ll be making these again and again! Thank you!

  246. Victoria

    I made these for my boyfriend – first time baking for him – and was so scared they wouldnt turn out right (I have consistency issues in the kitchen) I made some of your brownies as back up . These turned out PERFECT! They were so easy to make, and so impressive to look at and eat :) Thanks and so glad I came across your site, amazing!

  247. Soraya

    Atlanta, GA 2:23 AM
    2nd late night baking from your site!
    Challenge accepted, Pictures to follow :) Thanks in advance! Last Night was Red Wine Schokolade Cake. I used (Gluhwein) and made a fresh strawberry compote.. it was perfect!

  248. Buklz

    I, too, had a bit of trouble with the mint cream, but I suspect mine was from simply being half awake and overbeating the chilled cream. I’ve never made my own whipped cream before, and now I know there’s a fine line between achieving a sublime dollop-y consistency and achieving an odd mashed potato-y consistency. When it looks soft – STOP – and check. Regardless, they still taste heavenly.

  249. These look great! I’m wondering if I could bake one larger cake instead of cupcakes. I saw your note about using a springform, but my question is, do you think I’d have to double? triple? the recipe for a 9 or 10″ springform? Also, is it a very rich tasting dessert? Thanks!

  250. Ash

    Oh. My. God. The cupcakes are delish, the mint cream is TO DIE FOR. Make a batch of it to keep in the fridge? Sounds like a plan to me!

  251. shira

    these are great! mine made 10, and it was a good amount of mint cream (this stuff is seriously yummy). these were very easy and nice for a gluten-free birthday! i have learned to trust smitten kitchen even if i havent tested one of her recipes before–they’re always great.

  252. Erin

    These were amazing! I just this week found out I am gluten-intolerant and have been mourning my new required bread/pasta-free life. These made definitely boosted my spirits! Thanks for a great recipe!

  253. Marianna

    When I first saw the photos, I thought they look so lovely got to make these. So I tried making a batch & they did not look like anything near what your photo did… Plus, had issues with the cream. As I was beating it it curdled!!!! I don’t know why I followed the recipe exactly & still nothing worked out like it should. Where did I go wrong?!!!!! Really disappointing!

  254. Joe

    I want to make this as a full on 3 layer cake for a friend this Saturday, how would I go about scaling it correctly? I was thinking of just following your Lighter Than Air Chocolate Cake’s recipe but increasing the amount of chocolate to an appropriate level to match the eggs. Would this work? I adore the lighter than air cake but this one here seems to be much more deep flavor wise.

    1. deb

      Hi Joe — I’d use the lighter-than-air because I’ve tested it as a layer cake. This one is closer to a traditional flourless chocolate cake — heavy, even with the whipped texture.

  255. These are perfection. The cream and cake are made for each other. Followed the recipe to the letter, got 12 cakes and doubled the topping. Brought them to my family’s Chanukah dinner, but forgot to bring chocolate shavings for garnish – bittersweet gelt and a cheese grater to the rescue! They looked just like your pictures. They were a serious hit. We all plotzed from happiness, and everyone requested them for their future birthdays. The mint cream is better than any frosting I’ve ever had, and the perfect foil to the cake, which was perfectly sweet/light/chocolatey. Thank you for this fantastic recipe – I plan to make it again and again.

  256. Stephanie S

    Hey, I have a quick question. When I was beating the mint cream topping to put on top, it was looking really nice and then all of a sudden it was like the fat separated out of the cream part and it started to look all curdled. I had this happen to me once during the summer when I didn’t have an electric hand whisk and I though it was because I took too long and it was too hot, but this time I am using an electric hand mixer and it is the middle of winter. Any idea of where I went wrong?

  257. stanze

    I wipped the egg whites till they held a soft peek thus it made 14 cupckaes. Loved and delitious! Thanks for the party pleaser! They are chocolaty and minty and amazing! <3

  258. Michelle

    HI! I was planning on making these for Valentines Day (but make them the day before) I was really wondering how long they keep?? Please get back as soon as possible! :)

  259. Meg

    I was lucky enough to have a friend make these for me and I think they were absolutely divine! Ours fell quite a bit more than what it shows in the photo, but then again, we’re baking at nearly 7,000 feet, so I totally disregard that. I was just happy to have a light and fluffy and absolutely divine dessert that was gluten-free. I often think that cupcakes are overly sweet, but I think these were perfectly balanced.

  260. Kristin

    Hi Deb! These were absolutely amazing. I made these for V-day and the fiance had to stop at 2 because he was too full. I noticed many people asking what to use for flavoring instead of mint, and I used cinnamon. Loved it! Thanks for another hit!

  261. Aarthi

    Deb..I made this for my chocolate loving husband for Valentines day and lets just say I am loved even more today. I make a 3/4 batch and got 8. No sticking to unbleached muffin liners either. I used almond extract instead of peppermint and used Green and Black’s white chocolate with vanilla bean. These are to die for. I am planning to nuke them for 5 seconds today before devouring them.

    1. deb

      Hi Rollie — There isn’t an exact science to miniaturizing cupcakes — the best thing to do is keep an eye on the first batch so you’ll know going forward how long each will take.

  262. I have to say something! I did it! Delicious! Thanks, Deb! I actually used finely chopped fresh mint. I didn’t think of straining it out. Worked beautifully. You’re right about the flavor not being as strong with fresh mint. Next time (there will be a next time) I need to triple the mint. Here they are:
    I wonder if I can claim the title of the only Smitten Kitchen cookbook owner in Taiwan. Probably not for long…or at least first? I enjoy just sitting down, reading it and dreaming of having all the ingredients for everything.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  263. Juliet

    I made these for our seder this year. They were delicious and a big hit. Because there are mint-haters at my seder, I used Kahlua in the cream (using much more than the mint extract) — yum! Also, I ended up with 15, I think because I was scared of them expanding too much. Next time, I’ll trust that 12 will be ok.

  264. I can’t stop making these! This time I put them into tiny cupcake liners. I set 24 on a baking sheet, and they filled perfectly. I increased the delectable white chocolate filling by one half and really piled it on. Perfect bite-sized morsels! Since it has mint flavor, we (the kids had fun with this part) put tiny mint leaves on top of each one. This will be my treat to impress when we host afternoon tea.

  265. alex

    i made a trial batch of these and loved them so much i made a double batch the next day! though instead of whipped cream, i poured chocolate ganache on top– the chocolate fills the deflated tops and makes them look smooth and pretty.

  266. Dear Deb,
    This recipe feels like karma. My daughter introduced me to this recipe and your blog a few years ago. She made and loved the cupcakes. I never got to them but made several other recipes. My daughter purchased your amazing cookbook for me for Christmas. I bought 3 copies of your cookbook, since; one back to her. Tomorrow, I will make these cupcakes for my new daughter-in-law, who manages her Celiac Disease beautifully, but misses good desserts. What is it about knowing you will prepare something that pleases someone else that brings tears to one’s eyes and a lump in the throat? You make the world a better place. Thank you Deb. Kate

  267. Anna

    I did not go through all the comments but I do not like mint. However I do love chocolate souffle:) Is there anything I can substitute the filling with. Should I just leave out the mint extract, replace it with vanilla? Maybe something fruity can go inside. Let me know. I have been wanting to make these for several years but the mint thing is stopping me.

    1. deb

      Hi Anna — You can just skip the mint, or replace it with another flavoring that you enjoy against chocolate (orange oil? almond extract? vanilla? etc.)

  268. Ceri

    Made these over the weekend for my daughter’s class to celebrate her 13th birthday. Made a double batch and got 24, wish I had tripled the cream though. Both components were amazing. Thanks for another stellar recipe!

  269. Sally

    Made these last night and they were absolutely divine.
    Just a quick note that if you are making these for anyone with Celiac or with gluten allergies, a lot of people are also quite sensitive to soy. You may need to buy special chocolate without soya lecithin. Enjoy Life brand and Trader Joe’s Belgian dark chocolate are totally gluten and soy free. :-)

    1. deb

      Jen — I haven’t tried it. Often in cakes, it’s not a problem. Here, we’re going for a featherlight souffle so I’m concerned that a heavier, thicker invert sweetener could weigh it down. I cannot hurt to find out.

  270. Ashley

    Hi Deb, I made these today and everything seemed to work fine for me until I tried to take the cooled cakes out of the cupcake liners. I’m not sure what happened, but it makes me wonder if I would have had better luck just greasing the pan really well. Any idea of why they would stick so badly? They were just regular paper liners, and the cakes didn’t seem under or over baked.

    1. deb

      Most cakes stick a bit to linings; eggier ones even more so. You might want to check out parchment liners next time; I bought some recently (of course, years after I wrote this) and was impressed that the muffins came right out. Parchment is silicone coated, thus theoretically nonstick.

  271. I can’t believe this post was already 4 years ago! I’ve been following you ever since, and I remember making these for the first time like it was yesterday. These are my all-time favourite cupcakes to this day! Just thought I’d share some love.
    I’m off to make your caramel french toast / bread pudding now!
    Happy Saturday.


  272. Amy Laura

    Named best Passover dessert ever by a discerning group of celebrants. I oiled the paper liners with olive oil — worked great. And folded the white chocoloate cream recipe into a batch of whipped cream to make a larger batch and because I was wary of the white chocolate. Proportions were 1:2 — white chocolate cream to plain whipped cream. Totally delicious and great in coffee the next morning. Thanks!!

  273. Another winner, thanks Deb. You’ve made me a family legend…with baking at least.
    Great Easter dessert, I stuck an Annie’s Chocolate Graham bunny in the whipped cream on each one.

  274. Anna

    Here’s what I did. I simmered fresh mint leaves in the cream then steeped it for a while. I was going to strain it, but hated to part with the mint, so I ran it through the vitamix, not long enough to whip it, just long enough to completely puree the mint. Not only was the flavor absolutely exquisite, the color was just beautiful. This was a stunner!

  275. Liz

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I am going to make these this evening and am so excited about it! And your two footnotes are wonderful, because I totally would have tried to make it less than 9 and they would have messed up and I almost never use cupcake liners, so would have tried to do without those also!! Thanks again!

  276. I’ve never made my own whipped cream before, and now I know there’s a fine line between achieving a sublime dollop-y consistency and achieving an odd mashed potato-y consistency. When it looks soft – STOP – and check. Regardless, they still taste heavenly.

    1. deb

      Miss — You can skip the mint, just use vanilla or even an orange liqueur, whatever flavor you’d prefer. Or leave it plain. It will still be a delicious white chocolate whipped cream.

  277. sonaly

    This is a before or after dinner mint that packs a lot more than a refreshing feeling after you consume it. This is pure delight for your taste buds.

  278. Jennifer

    I made these last night and while they were super delicious, they weren’t as pretty as your picture. They seemed to all cave in from the sides. I used liners thank goodness but they still shrunk in on the sides, do you know why that might be. The only thing I did different was I used only 3 tsp of sugar in the chocolate mixture instead of 3 tbsp. I did it by accident but I tasted it and it seemed sweet enough to me so I didn’t bother adding anymore.

    Also for the frosting, after it chills and we whip it up, is it suppose to be the consistency of whipped cream or more of a frosting denser consistency. Mine was the later but perhaps I did not whip up for long enough?

  279. Ashley

    I had the same problem as Jennifer with the frosting/ whipped cream. I also put it on the cupcakes while they were still warm, and it just melted right into them. They don’t look pretty, but they sure taste good (especially because they are still warm). What should I do different next time? Whip the frosting longer, or wait until they are cooler to frost (or both?)

  280. myna

    Deb, thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with us! I made these with jumbo size eggs and got 13 (and 3/4) cupcakes! I wonder if it is the amount of egg whites that determines the amount of cupcakes because I have made these with smaller size eggs too (and got 9-12 cupcakes). These cupcakes go with just about everything I have made so far (which includes different flavors of: french buttercream, sweetened mascarpone cream, meringue, mousse). This is my go to recipe for all parties and events!

  281. Tawni

    I made these for a birthday celebration, and they went faster than the regular cupcakes I made. Instead of mint cream I just did vanilla. I also made the raspberry filling on this site (the recipe is with the Double Chocolate Layer Cake) but made it a little thinner. I put a spoonful of this into the indents of the cupcakes, topped with the vanilla cream, and they were to die for. So delicious, you won’t even miss the gluten.

  282. Emma

    Hi Deb! I’m making these for a party and I’m so excited (I’m the only gluten-free one at the party but here’s something that everyone can eat without complaining!)
    I’ll spare you another mint extract question, but I was wondering if you had any ideas about using something like rum or bourbon to flavor the cream.
    I’ve spiked cream cheese frosting with bourbon without it curdling, so do you think this would work the same way? Maybe if I beat it into the chilled cream while whipping? Any thoughts?
    Thank you so much!

  283. MelissaBKB

    I ended up just using the volume measure (6 tbsp) instead of the weight because I’ve made this lots before and that always worked. What has never happened before, was all of the diners standing up and doing a slow clap for these cupcakes like they did Friday night!!! And then all 14 did the wave around the dining table. Awesome.

    My notes: doubles very easily, yielding 25 cupcakes. All bittersweet is too dark and intense for me so I prefer half bittersweet half semisweet. The all-bittersweet got the slow clap though.

    I love these because they seem super fancy but they’re barely more work than regular cupcakes. Thanks a million!

  284. deb

    Melissa — Sorry I didn’t see this sooner and YES. I am sorry for the confusion and am also a little surprised you’re the first one that noticed it. Glad it all worked out. Measurement now fixed, thanks.

  285. Elizabeth H

    Hi there! These look delicious and definitely scrumptious! I love that they look so light and airy, and the mint cream on top is absolutely wonderful. They kind of remind me of a thin mints girl scout cookie. I’m not sure if that was the taste you were looking for, but it definitely will be so good either way!

  286. Allie

    These are so beautiful. I just made a test batch (planning on making them for Mother’s Day tomorrow) and the cake has the most delicious, airy-light texture. I used semi-sweet, as that’s what I had on hand, and it was perfect. Not to sweet, not too bitter. I made a raspberry-coconut whipped cream to top them with, but I’m sure the mint cream is to die for as well.

  287. Erica

    I’m just wondering if I can put the whipped frosting on top and leave them at room temperature? Or if it would be better to store them in the fridge once the frosting is on? Or should I just frost before eating??

  288. Olivia

    So. I made these and they fulfilled all my hopes and dreams and then some, but my god was this a fussy recipe XD Never before have I wished I had three whisks and three stand mixer bowls, because I did not read the recipe ahead of time thoroughly enough, only own one mixer, and found myself cleaning tools during the process. So that was rather fussy, and a little annoying.

    That being said, absolutely worth it. The souffle also lasts for quite a while; the outside was deliciously crisp, and maybe I slightly undercooked mine but the center was lush, rich but not dense chocolate. The mint white chocolate cream was amazing.

    One note on the number of souffles – I got 12 when I filled each cup about 2/3 full, and they rose perfectly, but were a little… airy? They collapsed a good bit once I took them out. I wonder if squishing the batter into 9 (and a half) would have given me a better cupcake.

  289. Johanna Dieterich Horn

    Delicious! I skipped the coffee/espresso since I didn’t have any on hand. I definitely see how it would have added complexity though the chocolate souffle was fine with out it. After all it was chocolate souffle! Next time I’ll throw in a little cardamom for complexity.

    Regarding the topping, I had mint leaves so forewent the peppermint extract, and it turned out delightfully minty! Then I tried to save some time by chilling the topping in the freezer. Oops! Well it got a little too cold, and when whipped it turned into frosting. A happy mistake, but next time I’ll be more patient.

  290. Brittany Miller

    Hello! I made these tonight, and while they tasted delicious… I’m trying to figure out why they looked so horrible. I know they were supposed to crack a little, but these were BEYOND a little bit cracked. They were such crumbly little (tasty) messes. Many of them were totally broken even when I carefully lifted them out of the pan, and a lot of them were really misshapen in odd ways. They were pretty raw in the middle, but I’m not too sure how gooey they’re supposed to be. (My icing was also weirdly thick, almost cheese-like, but I’m pretty sure that was simply due to overdoing my handmixer usage.) Trying to figure out what went wrong here (yours look so uniform and perfect!)…

  291. These cupcakes are EUPHORIC! I followed the cupcake recipe exactly, then topped with a homemade fresh strawberry whipped cream frosting. Some of the best I have ever baked. You nailed it again Deb! (and my recipe yielded 9 perfect cupcakes).

      1. Laura

        Can I make these in the morning, refrigerate for most of the day and then bring to a dinner party where they will sit out until dessert time?

        1. deb

          Yes, although I might just keep the cakes out, keep the whipped cream in the fridge and assemble before needed. But what you suggested will work as well.

  292. Penelope

    HELP!! I made this and the souffles turned out perfectly but the white chocolate cream WON’T WHIP. I’ve tried twice, it’s cold, the cream is within expiration date….what the heck!??!

  293. Marianne

    My chocolate mixture split when I added it to the egg mixture but I managed to beat it back together with a little cream. The end result was lovely. Like a brownie cupcake and a perfect receptacle for my peanut butter frosting and caramel!

  294. Donna

    Loved the cupcakes, came out perfect! I doubled the topping and what a disaster. I chilled for three hours then whipped. I read the comments and I knew it could take extra time but it never worked. Tried again with a single batch and again, it just broke. I tried adding a little more cream and it recovered a bit but too runny. I think the cupcakes are delicious and I praise those who can get the topping to turn out. Wondering if the white chocolate makes a difference. Might reduce amount of chocolate to cream.

    1. Sarah

      “I did have some trouble with whipping the topping. I realized that it is like 50% white chocolate which is solid at room temp so I just remelted it for several seconds in the microwave and then it whipped up much better. The trick is that you want it cool but not too cold or else the chocolate solidifies and will not come together.” Hope this helps!

  295. Zeelomi Wadiwalla

    Same question, can I make this as a cake? Or will it sink and look all sad? If not, can I still use the mint cream recipe in between cake layers for a substitute recipe?

  296. Sarah

    I made these last night and they were phenomenal. They were quite a bit of work for the small amount they make, so next time I will double the recipe.

    I did have some trouble with whipping the topping. I realized that it is like 50% white chocolate which is solid at room temp so I just remelted it for several seconds in the microwave and then it whipped up much better. The trick is that you want it cool but not too cold or else the chocolate solidifies and will not come together.

  297. smeron

    These turned out delicious but I could not get them out of my muffin tin without them completely crumbling. I did not have cupcake liners and I think I overfilled the cups. It’s possible I also underbaked them but a toothpick came out with just a few moist crumbs as Deb instructed. They taste really good, though, so I will try these again!

  298. Liene

    I made these today for my Sunday brunch and they turned out truly awesome. I was following the recipe very precisely. My friends told me this was better than restaurant dessert. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  299. Isha Patel

    I clicked on the picture at the end of the post, Deb. I’m having a shit day and that made me laugh. Thank you for that.

  300. Sophie

    I have made these several times over the past year. Like so many of the recipes on Smitten Kitchen, this one is delicious. A neighbor introduced me to this wonderful site a couple years ago, and quite a few of the things I regularly make (baked goods and otherwise) come from here. Thank you.

    I usually double the recipe but still use only 6 tablespoons of sugar, sometimes a bit less. That’s out of personal preference (I often halve the sugar in baked goods). I sometimes also replace some of the chocolate with unsweetened chocolate (my latest addiction–eaten plain, in baked goods, anywhere).

    Instead of making the white chocolate frosting, I have always frosted these simply with homemade whipped cream with peppermint extract, largely because I am so fond of pure whipped cream as a topping.

    Especially after making it a few times, I find this recipe straightforward and easy to follow, not to mention very tasty. I beat the egg whites before the yolks. That way, I don’t need to stop to clean the beaters. I also add a quarter teaspoon or so of peppermint extract to the batter for an extra minty kick.

  301. Actually – these are amazingly delicious with a half teaspoon of mixed berry jam!
    (I was looking to make a cupcake sized version your ‘Tiny But Intense Chocolate Cake’ from your first cookbook, and was happy to find this recipe posted.)

  302. Karen

    What do you think about adding crème de menthe for flavour and color instead of peppermint extract? How much would you add? Thinking of doing these as mini-cupcakes and wondering if doubling would yield 24. Thoughts?

  303. Lisa

    This has become the most-loved dessert at my house, after I made it for the first time last week and the second time tonight. It’s SO delicious.

    Tonight I added an extra egg and got more lift. I like it both ways – with three eggs and four! Both times, I’ve used half bittersweet and half semi-sweet chocolate, and that was the perfect balance.

    The first time, I had no white chocolate, so I used some peppermint bark Ghirardelli squares left over from the holidays (I just strained out the candy bits after melting). They were great, and I had no trouble whipping the cream. Tonight, I used white chocolate, and the cream would not whip no matter what I did. I tried it cold, I tried it at room temperature, I tried it warmed up a tiny bit – nothing. I’m going back to peppermint bark!