make your own bread flour

The biggest different between all-purpose and bread flour is the amount of gluten: bread flour has more of it. But it may seem annoying to have to keep a giant bag of bread flour around if you’re only an occasional bread-baker. Enter a product known as a “gluten additive” or gluten flour, something you can usually add one tablespoon of to each cup of all-purpose flour to turn it into bread flour. Think of all the cabinet space you’ll save!

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9 comments on make your own bread flour

  1. Corinne

    THank you for the tip! Very helpful! :) ps I think tom has some insecurities of his own that he’s putting on to others. I’m so sorry tom that you are not comfortable in your own skin :(

  2. debbey

    very useful tip but want to clear one thing that should the one tablespoon be added to the 1 cup of flour or for every one cup of bread flour, place one tablespoon of gluten into 1 cup measuring cup, then top it up to with flour.sift it .
    please guide me on this as i have a pizza recpie that calls for 1 cup of bread flour.