chocolate caramel crackers

[This recipe got new photos in 2018 mostly because I was tired of looking at the old ones, heheh.]

Yes, crack. As in “made with crackers”, as in “crackly like toffee” but also in reference to the addictive nature of this stuff. I may make what seems like an elaborate cake a week these days, I might bake my own icebox wafers and fill and frost my cupcakes but these things right here? They’re the thing everyone asks for by name, and they take almost no time to make.

what you'll need

Thus, despite that fact that this recipe is incredibly easy to find elsewhere on the web, it only seems right to give it a home here as well. Because if there was one person out there that hasn’t made it yet that makes it after reading this, my work here will be done.

whisk whisk and it will come togetherpour it over the crackers
add chocolate chips to hot crack(ers)
spread the chocolate

You start with a foil and parchment-lined baking sheet, a fantastic thing if you, like me, hate doing dishes. (And seriously, if you don’t hate doing dishes, who are you? And would you like to come over?) You lay out the cracker of your choice — for this week’s festivities, we used matzo but, trust me, if you try it with Saltine crackers, it just might blow your mind — in a single sheet, make a quick brown sugar caramel and bake it onto the crackers for a few minutes. Hot from the oven, you drop chocolate chips on top and when they’ve softened a minute later, spread them into a thin layer. Sprinkling it with sea salt or toasted, chopped nuts is optional, all that matters is that you share with me.

sprinkled with almonds

Oh, and this can be our little secret, but you might consider not putting all of the crack(ers) out when your friends and family come over. Because it might just disappear before you get any, and then you’ll wake up the next morning, well, fiending and regretful that you didn’t get any, with no choice but to make some more. Don’t say these didn’t come with a warning label.

chocolate caramel crack(ers)
matzo crack(ers) crumbles

P.S. These make some pretty fine ice cream sandwiches, too.

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Chocolate Caramel Crackers

  • About 4 sheets matzo or approximately 40 saltine-style crackers
  • 1 cup (8 ounces or 225 grams) unsalted butter, cut into a few large pieces
  • 1 cup (190 grams) packed light brown sugar
  • Sea salt, preferably flaky
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1 1/2 cups (9 ounces or 255 grams) semi- or bittersweet chocolate chips, or 9 ounces chopped semi- or bittersweet chocolate
  • 1 cup toasted chopped almonds, pecans, walnuts or a nut of your choice (optional)

Prepare your pan: Heat your oven to 350°F. Line an 13×18-inch (half-sheet) pan completely with foil, then line it again with parchment. This seems excessive but the foil will keep your pan neat and the parchment will keep the crackers from sticking to the foil. You’ll be glad you did.

Line the bottom of the baking sheet with matzo or crackers, covering all parts in a single layer. [If using matzo, you’ll need to break pieces to fit any extra spaces, which will be annoying because despite being perforated, it does not actually break in straight lines. I have some luck making cuts by gently, carefully sawing with a serrated knife.]

Make the caramel/toffee: In a medium saucepan, melt the butter and brown sugar together, and whisk it over medium heat until it begins to boil. Once it has begun boiling, let it bubble for 3 more minutes, whisking it the whole time. The butter and sugar will come together, and the mixture will thicken a little as it cooks. Remove from the heat and add a couple good pinches of sea salt and vanilla, if using, and then quickly pour it over the matzo or crackers. Use an offset spatula to spread the caramel quickly over all the crackers, as it will begin to set as soon after it is poured.

Bake: The caramel-covered crackers for 13 to 15 minutes, watching carefully as it will bubble and the corners might darken too quickly and/or burn. You can reduce the heat if you see this happening.

Finish the crackers: Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle with chocolate chips. Let stand 5 minutes, and then use an offset spatula to spread them in an even layer over the caramel. If you’re using them, sprinkle the chocolate with toasted chopped nuts and/or sea salt. (The extra sea salt is great on matzo. On saltines, it’s really not necessary.)

Cool: Once completely cool — I speed this along in the freezer, impatient as should be expected in the face of caramel crack(ers) — break or cut it into pieces and place in an airtight container. When cleaning up, you’ll see a lot of messy crumbs and bits; sweep them all into a jar for the best ice cream topping that has ever existed, trust me.

To store: Keep both the jar of crumbs and the crack(ers) in the fridge; it won’t go bad at room temperature but it’s less sticky and messy when it’s cold. It should keep for a week but I’ve never seen it last that long.

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572 comments on chocolate caramel crackers

  1. Amanda



    But on to more pressing matters:


    Was I so used to seeing it that I didn’t even realize it’s been gone so long? It was the funniest tag line ever!! I loved that story.

    What’s the word you darling you?

  2. Kara

    Oh I got this recipe (the Saltine version) from a co-worker years ago and I’ve made them every year as a Christmas treat since. I try not to make them the rest of the year because I can see myself making and eating pan after pan after pan. I’ve never used matzoh crackers, but I bet they’d be good as well.

  3. Amy

    Well, that’s kind of cruel…putting this up so close to bed time and without warning of what ingredients I should have on hand. YUMMY!

  4. Kaitlin

    These are usually a Christmas treat…but since you brought them back into my life, I guess it is meant to be. Delish!

  5. So I’m pretty sure this will be phenomenal with toasted coconut over the top. And you know, I just happen to have some leftover after all those balls I was handling last weekend. Funny how things just work out like that…

  6. Oh man. I’m gonna go ahead and be one of those people that complains about how I’m reading this right before bed and you’re so mean, but I’m going to make it this weekend. Yum.

    1. Liz D

      The pan prep tip = genius! I LIFTED the entire thing out of the pan. The glee I felt in this moment is his CCC Christmas should feel (that’s when I make it).

  7. I can vouch for the excellent recipe. It will make you popular.

    If you live in an area where Matzo is not always available (or you are trying to make this any other time of year) saltines are an excellent substitute.

    I have a box of Matzohs right now at home and am might tempted.

  8. Jan

    I’ve been making this recipe for years at Passover. I’ve never used parchment on top of the foil…and have never had a problem…so save yourself the extra expense (and the environment) and eliminate the parchment. Only the foil is necessary.

  9. Laurie

    Well, consider your work done on this one. I would never, EVER have made this recipe. I have passed it up many times. But your glowing accolades and recommendation have convinced me to try it for an upcoming event.

  10. Debra,
    Why so late? We just finished our 2nd seder and I would’ve loved to have made these along with my macaroons for this dessert challenged holiday!
    You were holding out on us!
    Next year!

  11. We have a few things that we call “crack” as well, including a chocolate pistachio toffee. However I have never seen this before. I think I’m in trouble! Wow.

  12. Wow, this sounds so delish and simple! What better combination?!? Thanks for posting this. I’m going to try it with the saltines and then with graham crackers.

  13. Also good frozen solid in the middle of summer (or now, because it was 90 degrees here in central Texas today)! I need to go buy some more butter….

  14. This is great–I wanted to bring something delicious to work, but I didn’t want to mock the people celebrating Passover with brownies or cupcakes. Thanks for the recipe!

  15. Nicole

    Been a lurker for a while now, I am in love with Smitten Kitchen and regularly rave about this site with friends. This post compelled me to write though, I think I have to make these in the morning! My favorite things all together in one easy, clean-up dish? Can it get any better? Thank you, Deb!

  16. Steph

    I think I am going to have to do this. Like, now. It looks so ridiculously good.

    And I love doing dishes. It reminds me of my time working in small restaurants, when washing dishes was the only task not requiring me to cater to peoples’ whims on a bad day.

  17. Susan

    You are so right..this stuff is addictive. We have to have it as a summer treat, when it’s dry here in CA. During the winter holidays is when I want it, but the rainy weather makes the toffee sticky and icky! But, summers comin! You’re safe, for now, but’ll be too humid there. kill!

  18. I married a Jew YEARS ago and only yesterday for the first time learned about “matzo brittle.” And then you go and post the gourmet version, so of course this is what I’m going to make for the family dinner this weekend. With sea salt, it sounds PERFECT, thank you!

  19. This looks so addictive. I love stuff like this. Mmm, all you had to do was say caramel and chocolate and you had me sold. Plus, this makes Passover all the more exciting…mmmm, chocolate and caramel matzoh…delicious!

  20. I’ve seen recipes for this stuff for years, and it’s one I just never bothered paying much attention to. All I needed was a photo! This looks worth compromising expensive dental work for.

  21. Oh I haven’t made this in ages – thanks for the reminder! Love the idea of topping with a little bit of seat salt. Think I may have to make these this weekend, for research purposes, of course.

  22. Yay! I love matzoh toffee SO much and spend every Passover trying to spread the Good News about it to everyone in earshot. I lit my oven on fire the first time I made it (miniature, ridiculous oven + tired law student brain + forgot to reduce the proportions in the sugar mixture to fit tiny oven = sugar mixture overflowed and caught on fire) and persevered to make it again…very much worth it. I feel like this is one of those Looks Much Harder Than It Is recipes that people are reluctant to try, but are amazed when they do as it’s really simple.

    Chag sameach!

  23. Stacy

    I just served this at my seder and it was a hit! I’ve found that halving the caramel is totally fine–it requires a little more spreading but it’s really enough. And I used a bar of dark chocolate, chopped up (all the chips I could find had soy lecithin in them, so not good for passover). mmmmm. is it wrong that I secretly put some aside before serving them?

  24. Louise

    This looks insane! Wow, I’ve just started reading your blog and I don’t know what to cook first! Never seen or heard of this recipe here in Australia but lucky we do have saltines. Yum.

  25. haha, that would be ME, I actually like doing dishes. With all this yummy food you make all the time, I’d LOVE to come over and do your dishes if you feed me! I’ve subscribed to your site for a while now, but it’s my first time posting a comment. Thank you for your site. It makes me just want to cook! I recently made the mushroom bourguignon, OH YUM!

  26. Martha Ann

    girl – you are the best! It reminds me of the cookie/cracker that I put in my recipe book and marked ugliest cracker in the world but the best! Now, have you tried the pretzels with rolos? Square pretzels lined up in a pan, 1 rolo on top, bake at 350 for 2 minutes, remove from oven and immediately top with 1/2 pecan. Outstanding!

  27. A friend of mine from college used to call this matzoh brittle and make it around passover. He also made this yummy chocolate-chip cookie bread, but I forget what that was called. It was funny because, other than a couple of sweets from his family, he mostly learned to cook when he was the delivery boy for a Thai restaurant (on slow days, he would just hang around the kitchen, and sometimes go on grocery runs), so when I went over there for food, we had curry and matzoh brittle.

  28. eliza

    We call it Motzo Crunch… and it is so addictive. I’m making it for Seder Saturday with pistachios and white choc, as well as a classic plain choc. Addictive!

  29. I’ve been making this for a few years and yes, it’s that addictive! A few differences, though:
    I spray the hell out of the foil with Pam so it doesn’t stick. I use saltines and don’t cook it in the oven as long (only about 5 minutes). And I use a whole bag of semisweet chocolate chips and a bag of peanut butter chips (8 oz, smaller than the choco chip bag). Pop that back in the oven for a minute and then use a fork to break down the melted chips and spread it all over. Gawd, I want some NOW!

  30. kat

    yes, love me some crack. the husband says it may be the only redeeming thing about passover! i always put it in the fridge or freezer – and actually prefer it that way! it also lasts longer – since it’s out of site!

    So I made these and the chewy amaretti cookies for seder this year – i loved them! as did other guests at our seder! thanks for the goodies…

  31. Gerrie

    I’ve been making this for years now at Passover. It is requested by co-workers and family alike. We call it Matzoh Rocca! I ate a bunch last night for dinner. Mmm….

  32. Caitlin

    My mom snagged the recipe for these from the wife of one of my dad’s coworkers years ago, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since. Although my mom normally uses graham crackers with chocolate chips and crushed pecans, I’ve tried using saltines and adding shredded coconut and they’re fantastic. May have to try the matzo, though.

  33. Jammytoast

    i’ve made this for a few years using saltines and yes, we do call it Crack at our house, too. I usually use toasted pecans, but the almonds look like a nice change

  34. JS

    I made this for Passover this year, and I was disappointed, sadly. But I think it was because we went to a full-on kosher seder (as in, dairy-free Passover friendly desserts, as in, THANK GOD for your meringue cookie sandwiches, which get yummy and soft when filled with jam) so I had to use Earth Balance buttery dairy-free sticks. The recipe went well, and it all looked right, but the toffee tasted…off. Almost-but-not-quite burned and just…weird. I don’t know. I want to try it again with butter, but knowing how good these could be and having them taste off has filled me with ennui. Sigh.

  35. Melanie

    I made the original version with saltines, but I’m always looking for an original recipe to serve at Passover. I never thought to do this with matzoh – brilliant! I can’t wait to try it next year. My seders are over for this year, and if I make it for just my immediate family I will eat the whole thing! So next year I will give this a try!

  36. I totally agree with spreading the gospel of this recipe far and wide — I have been making matzoh crunch (what I call it) for a couple years now, and it is so delicious and so easy. I prefer bittersweet chocolate to semi-sweet, with a generous sprinkling of fleur de sel over (the fleur de sel’s flatter flakes seem to dissolve better on the tongue and also have a more potent, purer flavor). My co-worker just made them with cocoa nibs sprinkled on top of the chocolate, which sounds great, too.

    Also, I’ve been hearing about this saltine idea for a long time. I always thought that matzoh would be the perfect vehicle for this candy — relatively neutral in flavor and cardboard-y enough in texture to support all this caramel and chocolate, whereas saltines would get soggy. But with your encouragement, next time I’ll try saltines.

    You can see my matzoh crunch here.

  37. Laura

    This recipe is helping me survive the banality that can be passover! Its such a nice treat and you don’t even realize you are consuming the otherwise bland and boring Matzah – thank you!

  38. Dawn

    Been making this at Christmas for a long time, and it is always a favorite. I love it because you can make 3-4 batches a night and it makes a lovely gift. For toppings I use almond slivers, toasted coconut, pecan pieces,and candy cane pieces (at Christmas natch), but I will definitely have to try sea salt. Also, Deb, Reynolds Release Wrap is truly the greatest invention since Gladware in my book. Could not live without it, especially when making stuff like this, and even when making brownies, etc.

  39. Yum! Your pictures always look so gorgeous. I’ve made this before with saltines. Instead of nuts on top… I used mini M&Ms and crushed pretzels. The chocolate/salt combo is amazing!

  40. deb

    By the way, I went to Whole Foods the night before I made these and grabbed a box of “Yehuda Organics” matzo, only to come home and find that it was WHOLE WHEAT. Which is so so so wrong (I mean, is it possible to make matzo taste worse? Yes it is!) and also completely not in the spirit of matzo crack. Also wrong: It is not labeled as such, you’d only know by checking the ingredients. So, this is part story, and part warning, so nobody else falls for the label trap.

  41. Yum yum yum. Just have to get the crackers and I’ll be set…the question now is, saltines or graham crackers!? I think I like the idea of the salt from the saltines…

  42. Bun

    No kidding…I literally got up to make these last night (from David Lebovitz’s site) but then decided I would be indulging in enough Easter food this weekend not to add more fuel to the fire. They can wait until next week. :D

    These really are like crack, they’re so incredibly addictive…

  43. Beth

    I make this every year from the Marcy recipe (without the sea salt–must try that next time). It reminds me of those amazingly deadly Viennese crunch bars from the candy store. I wonder if it would work to crumble up the matzoh and mix it with the butter/sugar and drop them like cookies. Will try next time…

  44. I have got so many recipes that I want to make, and you just added another one to the bunch! aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Not enough time, not enough time….need time! Thanks!

  45. Limor

    I made these (using Marcy Goldman’s recipe & added almonds) for last night’s seder and they were the biggest hit. People couldn’t believe matzah could taste so good!
    To make it look a little prettier, I use a fork after I spread the chocolate chips to make lines horizontally & vertically…giving it a basket weave texture.

  46. I actually made this for my LOST Pot Luck (don’t laugh) but I think I accidently printed out a recipe for crack, because it was THAT freaking good. I’m bringing the leftovers to my family Passover party, otherwise I’d eat it all and feel horrible about myself the next morning.

  47. Dana

    I made this for the first night of Passover and it was soooooo good! I will definitely try sprinkling some salt on it next time!

  48. Kim

    My Mom has made this for as long as I can remember (minus the almonds). We call it Soda Cracker Candy. You’re right, it is SO addictive. I love this stuff and can only make it once at Christmas time, otherwise I will eat the entire pan by.myself.

  49. Lee

    This may be a silly question, but what’s the point of the bakingl? Could I just cook the caramel to desired brown deliciousness, spread, wait to cool, then top with melted chocolate? I feel like I would have more control that way (control freak, hello!)… unless I’m missing something?

    1. Janice Clarke-Reiter

      I like to sprinkle all the bits that fall off the matzo toffee (crumbs, chocolate, nuts) onto ice cream. Yum.

  50. carma

    I used to make something like this when I was a kid, but the recipe was only slightly different. I’d use graham crackers, and the brown sugar and butter wouldn’t be heated long enough to make a proper caramel. Just a sort of sauce so that when poured over the crackers it would be a lot more buttery. The graham crackers would lend a different texture and flavor too. It’d get chewy in some places from absorbing the sauce, and still be crisp near the edges.

  51. albondigas

    Deb–did you make it w/the whole wheat matzo? did it come out terribly? i made the same mistake and bought the whole wheat matzo (the only kind the bodega i went to had, oddly) and am wondering whether i can just go w/that or whether i need to go track down some regular matzo. thanks!

  52. I used to make these when I wanted to feel especially needed. Then my little sister learned how to make them. I’m no longer needed. I’ve moved out

    But maybe if I do like you suggest and put sea salt on top? Maybe then they’ll need me again?

  53. One of my coworkers makes these for all of our office parties…crack is absolutely the best description for these addictive chocolate/toffee goodies!
    One of my favorites…

  54. deb

    Lee — It helps it set in with the crackers a lot better. It bubbles up and around them and gets baked on, not just spread.

    Amanda — I was rejiggering the sidebar one of the seventeen times I’ve done so in the last year and took it out briefly. And then I never put it back in because although I also loved the tagline, I decided it was too “insidery” wherein you had to click to another page, six bullet points down to find the meaning — I want people to feel at home as soon as they click over here, and not have to dig around for basic information. I probably didn’t explain my reasoning well — it made more sense in my head.

    Albondigas — Nope! I asked Alex to stop at a “normal” store (Gristedes) on his way home for “normal” matzo, while the ww matzo and I are at a standstill. I’m considering whether peanut butter or laughing cow swiss spread would improve it, but I don’t have high hopes.

  55. heather

    I’ve never made these (heard of these) but I am going to go make them right now. Put a fork in it – your work is done!

  56. We make these every year for Christmas. I’ve never thought to make them during the year but then that’s how most of our cookie recipes are. I usually stick with chocolate chip cookies all the time except Christmas. Now I’m all hungry for them.. I think I’ll have to make them…

  57. These look delicious!! I’ve never heard of them before (I know, I live in a cave or something), but they’re on my “to make” list for next week! Thanks! ;)

  58. kristy

    YUM I love these with pretzel rods instead of crackers. Basically anything salty goes awesomely well with chocolate and caramel.

  59. These look SO INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, because I’ve never heard of these before! What an awesome combo of sweet and salty and oooey-gooey! I was in the market for an interesting (read: not your basic brownies) dessert recipe to bring to an awards dinner next week, and this is totally it.

  60. Laurel

    This recipe is hugely popular in my family! Unfortunately, I made this for Passover and lined my foil-covered pan with parchment paper…which then proceeded to glue itself to my matzoh! How do I rescue my chocolate-caramel matzoh crack?

  61. Rachel

    I saw them this morning, had everything on hand, and decided to make them to bring to an Easter gettogether. I’m not sure they’ll make it until Sunday.

  62. Donna Sue

    I love this recipe, but I’ve never made it with matzo – just saltines (I need to be more adventurous). I’ve seen Ritz crackers substituted for the saltines, too, to make it even “butterier.” I’ll definitely try sprinkling some sea salt on top next time I make it – yummy! :)

  63. Deb, as you put it, “your work here is done.” I saw this recipe for the first time this morning and made it with kid I babysat this afternoon. It’s great to find something to help tide us through the next un-leavened week! Incidentally, I’ve been following your blog for about a month and have made many successful delicacies from it, including the *first* sesame noodles I’ve ever liked, etc etc. Your “Surprise Me” button has whiled away many an hour with me. Keep it up!

  64. Erica

    I always get requests around Christmas for these! I made them with Club crackers, though – the salty/buttery taste of the crackers works well with the chocolate and caramel!

  65. Andrew

    Ok. Ok.

    Saw the recipe, happened to have had all the ‘gredients, happened to be going to Passover dinner at my sister-in-laws, just happened to make them.

    Just happened to not exactly let them cool as advertised.

    We like them. The kids like them.

    We’ll pretty much possibly have some left for tomorrow, mostly. Kind of.

  66. Crack is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I am licking my fingers after breaking up my pan and putting the two containers of it away.
    My pan was a little small (I didn’t have an 11×17 w/ enough of an edge to keep all the goodness in the pan), so I ended up using about one sleeve of Saltines for mine – next time, I might break up two sleeves a little and use the same caramel & chocolate amounts (or just buy a new pan) — just wish there was a little more cracker in my Crack.

  67. Just when I was resolved to only make yummy desserts when I needed them and not just ’cause’… turns out I need these! Whaddya know. They look fabulous – perhaps a new Easter tradition of chocolate caramel crackers is born!

  68. Oh my Lord! Why did I have to come across this when I’m PMSing?? Are you trying to KILL me?! Making them as soon as I can gather the ingredients. Then hovering over them and growling if anyone comes near.

  69. michelle

    my grandmother used to make this, and like everything in her house, it smelled mainly delicious and faintly of mothballs. thanks for the recipe!

  70. OK. These are really good. Too good. We have a huge batch of them sitting here in front of us and they may not survive the night. I am gonna make myself sick!

  71. Ohhhhhhh yes.

    So I was invited to a party on Saturday, and I realised that if I want to eat (this is Iowa, after all), I’d need to bring something K for P of my own. I found your 17 ideas bookmarked post from last year and this was the one that stood out. I followed D.L.’s recipe, but I did do the toasted almonds *and* the sea salt, as you suggest. They’re *amazing*! I made them yesterday, divided into three baggies (two to take, one for me) and I’ve already consumed the whole baggie that I sat aside for myself. Fail. But at least Passover isn’t nearly so depressing this year.

  72. Arin

    I’ve never written in your comments before, but I have been reading your blog for oh let’s say about a year now, and just wanted to let you know your blog is sort of like my secret cookbook. I have everyone in my life hooked on your blog, my aunt, my sister-in-law, my best friends, ect… This year we had our 4th annual second night seder in our apartment in brooklyn with 40 friends, and we made: caramelized shallots, your matzah ball soup, the sh*t cake, and 6 times the recipe for matzah crack (with pistachio, white chocolate, and himalayan sea salt varieties) Just wanted to let you know we’re out there, and that you’re doing great work. Oh, and feel free to come for seder with alex next year. :)

  73. Gwen

    Yum…count me amongst those who grew up with the graham cracker version of these. We stirred pecan pieces in with the brown sugar and we called them praline cookies because they tasted so much like southern pralines but were so much easier (no candy thermometer required.) I’m ashamed to admit that adding chocolate never crossed my mind, I’ll have to remedy that.

  74. Andrew

    Hey, here’s a little trick:

    No way I was going to be able to fit this pan into our fridge. I wish.

    Anyway, after sitting to cool for a few hours, once the chocolate was no longer too tacky, I:

    – put a sheet of wax paper over the tray
    – fill 2 large ziplocs with enough ice to let them lay pretty flat
    – zip tight!
    – lay each on top of about 1/2 the tray

    This worked really well! Only about 1/2 hour or so and the chocolate is pretty firm. No sticking problems at all.


  75. cybercita

    i made these a few years ago. i’ve been afraid to make them ever since because i WILL eat the entire batch instead of serving them to guests. jeezum crow they’re addictive.

  76. Wow – what a salute to my recipe, Caramel Matzoh Buttercrunch.
    And on top of it – you call me a genius for inventing it! Thank you so much. You did such a gorgeous job too of photo capturing the pure art of this delicious Passover convection I first made in the early 80’s, (thinking one day – there has to be something easy and tasty for Passover I can create), wrote about it first in the Montreal Gazette and Boston Globe and then it spread from there. The recipe ‘permanently’ appeared in my first cookbook, A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking which I am proud to say will be out again, in an entirely new 10th anniversary edition by Whitecap Books, Fall 2009. Caramel Matzoh Buttercrunch also appeared at the Smithsonian when it was presented as a recipe that became an urban legend. I am honored you featured it on SK and more so, that it has graced many a Passover sweet table. If I was so genius however, I would figure out the no-calories version. With affection, Marcy Goldman, Pastry Chef and Cookbook Author

  77. Sue

    I’ve heard of this treat(Paula Deen, I think), but have never tried it. Now, I must! Sounds like a favorite to many! Who knew saltines could be so gourmet:)

  78. cathy

    deb – have been making a version of this w/saltines under the recipe name of ‘bark’ but i have to confess your name is by far better suited! thanks for your blog – i’ve made it my homepage :) cathy

  79. Maddy

    I find doing dishes theraputic and I actually really like it! I’ll do your dishes anytime except that I am from California, go to school in Washington, and am studying abroad right now in Prague, Czech Republic! Sorry :)

  80. marci

    These sound like just the ting to take to friends tomorrow!There will be a ton of kids there – would it be overkill to use graham crackers??

  81. Nan

    I had some of this a while back and, of course, loved it and I can’t believe I never made it! Thanks for the recipe – I’m having a baby shower this week and I’ll serve these …if I can stand to part with them!

  82. Daria

    I’ve made these with graham crackers and no chocolate chips. Also amazing but could be even better with chocolate. thanks for the idea!

  83. Thanks for posting this recipe! I tried this the other day as a Passover treat and was dying to find out how it was made and randomly came across your post. I can’t wait to try it!

  84. Janis

    I’ve always made these with graham crackers, I love them that way! I encourage everyone to try graham crackers in the recipe.

  85. Janina

    OMG!!! These were amazing. Have never come across anything like them before so made them for our Easter Lunch today and they were a hot. Very addictive and so so easy to make. Thanks for sharing….

  86. How great that Marcy Goldman came to comment and approve. I made this last night to, um, take to Easter dinner at a friend’s. Got to show well for my people. I decided, after putting a little piece in the freezer for an advance taste, that it really, really wants salt. Also, it’s fun to watch as the matzohs heave and bubble in the oven.

  87. Did I ever tell you that I love your geniusness? If I have something in mind that I wanna make, I google search it and you come up EVERYTIME, and with pretty pictures and delightful quips! So you’re awesome and I love you (as a fellow blogger that is!). Thank you for being you!

  88. miri

    This was a FABULOUS way to beat the “pesach blahs”. It was an especially welcomed treat considering my husband made it and I didn’t really have to lift a finger except to lick the salt/chocolate off afterwards. Thank you so much for sharing!

  89. Anne

    My boyfriend is observing Passover and requested these, and good *lord* they are tasty. They’re also incredibly easy to make. Can’t wait to try these with other types of crackers.

  90. Deb,

    I love love love your blog. And the fact that you have this beautiful DIY chocolate cover matzo recipe…and I happen to have a craving for chocolate covered matzo and a box of (rediculously expensive) gluten free matzo…oh it’s a match made in heaven.

    Happy Passover!!

    – Dana

  91. Kimberly

    OMG, I am in awe that Marcy Goldman herself stopped in to comment. I think that is truly a testiment to the awesomeness of your blog. BTW, I made these for the first time last passover and they were a hit! Gorgeous photos, as always!

  92. Katy

    I think you may have linked to these on David Lebowitz’s page last year because I made them then – I love matzo anyway because I’m quite odd, but this is something really special. The only change I made was to use dark brown soft sugar instead of light brown – I did it last year because I had no light brown sugar in the house, but I really like the extra-dark treacliness of the dark sugar. I’ve just made another tray of them and it’s cooling downstairs now…

  93. oh my gosh these are the best ever! a friend of mine made these for me a couple years ago and called them wonder bars and they are sooooooooooooooo addicting!

  94. oh, thank you for posting this. my mom makes something similar, but she makes it with graham crackers and its just a pinch too sweet. i can’t wait to try the recipe with saltines. chocolate and salt?! shut up!!

  95. I made these twice this weekend and they are truly crack! I knew when I saw the title of your post that I had to make them, as “crack” in food is a standing joke in my circle of friends. But we all agreed that this is the REAL crack! :)

  96. I made this. So goooood. Fast and fills the candy void that some times opens up and threatens my sanity unless I stuff it with chocolate or chocolate related things. I used a buttery cracker, mmmmmm.

  97. sarie

    deb i’ve read your site for close to a year now, and have made many of your recipes (next on my list is that yummy looking pear-chocolate torte–just got my first springform pan.) but never have i run to the store within 24 hours of a post just to by ingredients to make one of your posts. i did mine with macadamia nuts–amazing. my mom-in-law went crazy over it, as did my picky teenage kids, and i’m sure my coworkers will hate me for not making more. nice.

  98. jael

    My mom makes these with Club crackers and they are hyperawesome. Less tooth-breaking than toffee but just as delicious. Dark chocolate and sliced almonds on top take it over the everloving edge.

  99. That’s me! I’ve never made them but I’m definitely going to now. And it looks like it would travel fantastically as a little goody bag for me to take on my plane ride toward the end of this week… if they last that long, that is.

  100. Sara

    I made these to bring to Easter lunch with my family, and from the look my mother gave me I’d say I’m in huge trouble for giving her a new addiction. I also made the mistake of telling her how easy they are to fix, so I’m a bit worried that soon she’ll be demanding a steady supply of her new crack…

  101. Zahava

    Haaaaaa!!! I have been making these for years as a Pesach dessert — am laughing because my husband named them the exact same thing the first time I made them. I have made them (when it is not Pesach) with graham crackers or tea bisquits as a base and they are quite good as well! Wishing you a happy Passover, from Israel!

  102. Cath

    These were great! I was one of the last to jump on this train but I’m glad I did. I gave them out as Easter favors to avoid eating the entire batch myself. Nice easy recipe!

  103. Jessie

    Matzoh Bark! I made this over the weekend and it was truly amazing. I impressed my friends and family, later admitting just how easy it was to make. I didn’t add nuts but would like to try it with finely chopped hazelnuts. A great treat to make for gifts, mostly because it is too tempting to have around the house….

  104. And we have two boxes of matzo left over this year! (Mostly because Easter was so close to Passover. As a two-religion home, we celebrate both holidays–and so we couldn’t even get the brisket and matzo down before we had to turn to the ham.) Love the sea salt. Genius.

  105. Isabelle

    Thank the goddess that my husband manages a bike shop and that I can make goodies like these–and then send them to work with him instead of keeping it all to myself! I have also discovered something else potentially deadly with this recipe (I use saltines): when cutting the ‘crack’, I end up with lots of chunky crumbs and nuts that didn’t quite stick to the chocolate. Not wanting to throw them away, I add them to softened vanilla ice cream–my version of a Ben & Jerry’s ‘stir in’. Add some thick chocolate fudge and…..oh dear I get light headed just thinking about it!!!

  106. Fran

    Fear the organic whole wheat matzoh NOT! As a last minute no-other-option fling, made with Yehuda on Sunday – 1/2 pan plain chocolate; 1/2 pan w/almond. Consumed by Easter and Passover celebrants alike – all raves.

    I love love love me some sea salt, but as the fridge only contained salted butter, there was no way to indulge. And am I the only kook who wants to try some fleur de sel AND a bit of cracked pepper?

    Since it’s organic, it doesn’t go to your hips, right?

  107. Patty Yeradu

    I have a friend that “accidentally” added some white chocolate chips and dried cranberries on top – delicious! Thank you for posting this one.

  108. shev

    I made these, and THEY DIDN’T WORK. It was shocking, not to mention Deeply Disappointing (what am I supposed to EAT today?)

    Please suggest where I’m going wrong: the butter just puddled around the caramel. I wound up pouring most of it off. I tried again with 1/2c butter to 1c sugar which worked fine.

    But in two different batches the caramel took on an unpleasant smokey/ burnt taste. HELP! You all make it look so easy peasy – where am I going wrong?

    Happy Passover!

  109. deb

    Kimberly and Shev — It sounds like you are having caramel issues. Check the brown sugar that you are using, a tip I am pulling from David Lebovitz’s post: The grittiness and buttery separation comes when the brown sugar doesn’t dissolve (and it should, after all of those minutes boiling) and it might be the brand you are using. “You want a real brown cane sugar like C&H or Domino… To test your brown sugar, rub it between your fingers: if the brown coating rolls off, it’s likely beet sugar sprayed with a syrupy coating and that may be your problem.”

    Kimberly — You may also be having altitude issues. I know that in a lot of baking, adaptations need to be made to recipes at high altitudes, however, I live at sea level and haven’t had any need to test tips out.

  110. pam

    funny. we call it “crack” here too. because damn, it’s good. but here, it’s christmas food. but i’m glad to have a recipe here so i will be able to find it easily in december. mustn’t have it now.

  111. I made these yesterday as a thank-you gift for my husband’s workmate (he designed the bookmarks we gave out at our wedding three weeks ago!). From what I understand, my husband said they were a hit!

  112. maya

    Made these last night, and yes, they really are as amazing as you say they are. The baked on caramel is out of this world. I put quite a bit of salt in the caramel (and sprinkled more sea salt on top) and I think it could have taken even more. Fantastic!

  113. I love love love these. Very addicting. I remember the first time that I had them… a friend made them for a Christmas party that was at my house – and left all the leftovers! I didn’t want to throw them out, and I didn’t want to eat them too quickly, so I put them in a plastic container in the freezer… little did I know that this would not slow me down! Instead I discovered that I really love eating these frozen – extra crunch!

  114. Marissa

    WOW! Made these for my dear friend who is preggers with twins and stuck at home on bedrest – she near about DIED from the delicious-ness! She didn’t have peanuts, so I chopped some walnuts on top…SUPER yummy!!! THANKS!! I’m hoarding my own stash in the freezer, hidden under a bag of edamame (which my roommate hates) so there’s no risk of him finding it and eating it ALL UP.

  115. Amy

    Consider your mission accomplished! I had heard of these (they sounded gross when described!) but never tried them until this inspired me. Thank you! My 4 and 2 year-old girls had a great time helping and we all enjoyed the results! Even without any nuts on top these were addictive.

    Also, a tip to those that may try a short-cut that I did….I only used one sleeve of saltines, which left me about 3 crackers short of 40 and some small open spaces between a few rows of crackers. During baking, the caramel sort of “pushed” the crackers to the side so I have some pieces that are crackerless. Not a huge tragedy, just thought I’d report my results!

  116. sonya

    this looks ABSOLUTELY delicious! i have a recipe for the crackers with lemon pie filling and meringue that i LOVE…and NOW THIS! yum!
    thanks for the calories!

  117. Hey there!! Love your blog!! I’ve included this recipe post in my top 15 recipes of the week on Twitter. WEll done, and I hope to see more of these fabulous recipes come swimming through the twitter stream soon.

    Love, Bridge.

  118. I spent Good Friday snacking on this at a Pesac lunch and yesterday making it with non jewish friends.

    It’s nice to know that some recipes are international!

    It’s also nice to know that the recipe can be sent to people in one text message.

  119. Update to comment 99 – my NEW FAVORITE DESSERT. The best thing about them is that they’re so intense, I can’t eat them all in one sitting. But oh, my, they’re tasty!

  120. Amanda

    I have made these and they are oh so deliciously EVIL! I had to give much of it away as gifts, as it was becoming my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  121. Geralyn

    I decided to make this today. It tastes like the progeny of a chocolate covered pretzel and a Skor candy bar. Very cool recipe.

  122. Heidi

    I mistakenly bought the whole wheat matzo at Whole Foods as well, but there was no way that would stop me from making these, and they taste wonderful anyway. In fact the whole wheat matzo with just some butter spread on them taste good, too, and I usually don’t like whole wheat at all.

  123. Claire

    About how much would 40 Saltines weigh? I’ve not seen them in supermarkets here in the UK, but HAVE to find a substitute to make this recipe.

  124. I’m so delighted to have found you (via Pioneer Woman) – what a pleasure. I’m determined that our new foray into homeschooling will consist largely of my children cooking and me eating…this, lots of this!

  125. v

    i’ve made this twice but the chocolate chips don’t spread very well! i even tried popping it back in the oven to help the melting process… and then i tried the broiler and that burnt things a bit.

    has anyone tried with cocoa powder?
    what am i doing wrong?

  126. vickie

    i made these for easter… could not have been easier! you are certainly right kitten… these are very addictive…. was on another site and found someone who made them with the big cheezit crakers…. i am going to try that next…. dont laugh…. you all remember mixing up your chedder cheese popcorn with the carmel corn… thats right, yes you do!!!!!!! will definately make this recipe again!!!!

  127. Nan

    Can you stand one more comment from me? I posted about these today on my blog, right after I finished off what was left of the THIRD batch. I don’t know whether or thank you or ban myself from EVER reading your blog again…of course, I could never do that, because how else would my back fat continue to grow?! Thanks a million calories over! xo, Nan

  128. laura

    wow. i passed this recipe along to my brother-in-law and hes made them 2x already. i’m fatter already. thanks for sharing this divine treat. and congratulations on the baby news!

  129. Ghislaine

    I hereby decided that you… are evil! This recipe is evil and you placed it on this here website, so there, conclusion is, you are evil.
    There goes my diet……………….
    Thanks a lot!

  130. Jen

    Just made this last night with reduced-price Matzos. I used dark brown sugar so it has the burny flavour. I only used 1 matzo and quarter of the recipe, so next time I might try the light brown sugar or white sugar and see what happens, but whatever, it’s yum!

  131. Vica

    These are insanely good! So good I will not make them again until I have a party (otherwise I could eat the whole batch myself) I made them this weekend and have passed the recipe on to three people so far. How have gone through my life so far without ever having these? they will be my new go-to party recipe.

    Congrats on the baby!

  132. Kimmie

    Hey Deb, I love the blog! And I (like Laurel at comment #100), had trouble removing the parchment paper from the crackers… Do you have any tips on how to take the paper off? Thanks so much!

  133. Molly K

    oops….. I think I baked it about 1-2 minutes to long. The edges are burnt. I’m hoping that once it sets the inside will be ok.

  134. Michelle

    My 14-year old son made these. Oh, wow! Maybe we could consider it a “health class experiment” to explore the process of adiction. :) We were just about fighting over the last few pieces. The only problem was that the edges were a little burnt, so half of our family didn’t want to eat them, which happily left more for the rest of us! I think next time we’ll just bake it a couple of minutes less. We used saltines, and who knew saltines could be so sublime???

  135. Susan

    The recipe I have for this is made with Keebler club crackers. I’ve made it with saltines…never with matzoh or graham, but prefer the club crackers. They really absorb the butter/sugar mixture and form a very homogeneous brittle on the bottom. You really can’t tell there’s a cracker in there. They are also a very nice compact size and make it easy to fit them into the pan.

  136. shannon

    I just finished making these for my tween girls! They loved them! Everything turned out perfectly, no burning ( I turned the oven off after 12 min and let them sit in there for another 2 min) and I used mini choc chips that I had on hand. I have a cold so can’t taste them right now but they look fantastic!!! I used the Matzoh! Thanks for the recipe!

  137. Three words: Yum, yum, yum. I know my oven has a tendency to burn, so I lowered the temperature to 325… and I almost couldn’t wait for them to cool properly before digging in. They remind me of the Heath Bars I loved in the States — perfectly buttery, toffee-y, chocolatey, and crunchy. Because it begs to be said again, YUM.

  138. Randi Lynne

    This recipe has been passed down in my husband’s family. I made these this morning. They are going to be a hit at the work party! They are so tasty!

  139. Susan

    This is one of my go-to recipes when I have to bring a casual dessert. I’ve been making it for a few years and people love it. Down here in Atlanta, its one of those recipes that has been passed down for generations. It is YUMMY and so easy!

  140. Sara

    Just as good as you say! And super easy too! Thanks! I made half without nuts, and much preferred the side with nuts.

  141. Anne

    This was amazing…made it with triscuits, leftover matzah, and Wasa Multigrain crackers to see what I liked best. I made two batches for an office party and when I ran out of chocolate chips I crumbed up some remaining chocolate covered macademian nuts (= the bomb).

    Am taking all of into the office tomorrow morning so I don’t devour it here at home. Thanks for sharing this – it was easy to do and tastes like you spent significantly more time on it than you did!

  142. Sarah

    deb. i have been an avid reader for what seems like ever. you always rescue me in the birthday cake department, and even convinced me to try liking cauliflower. which i now do.

    but this… THIS is currently setting in the fridge, and in the past 30 minutes i have eaten no less than five pieces of not-even-set-yet crack. this is actual crack. it brings you soaring to heights you never knew existed, and then leaves you crawling to the fridge after the crash.

    i thought it was just innocent crackers and chocolate. but this is not just crackers.

    heaven help me.

  143. hillarybug

    Made this twice and both times it was delicious. However, the second time I made some changes that I would NOT make again. I wanted more caramel and a little less chocolate, so I made more caramel, using 1 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1 1/4 cup butter. The caramel itself was good, but too much of it accumulated on the bottom, sticking to the parchment paper and making the crackers chewier than I wanted. Also, I didn’t carefully seal the package of matzos, and they were kind of stale for the second batch. The staleness was only noticeable when eating the crack at room temp; it was fine cold. In the future I will use even more salt. These were a big hit with my family and friends both times, even the second time.

  144. Oh my goodness! So, I guess I was one of the few on the planet who had not had this. I had been craving a chocolate toffee cookie crunch bar that I used to have a recipe for. Found this. So much easier, and so much better. Absolutely amazing. My hubby is allergic to nuts, and I’m kicking myself for not making two batches, so I could have some with nuts! Just an excuse to make this again. Thanks so much!

  145. I just made these yesterday for a graduation party and fell in love with them. Made them again this morning.

    Just reading over the comments – I think the graham cracker suggestion is intriguing. Will have to try that next time. Also with the matzoh and sea salt.

    This might sound totally disgusting, but I’m wondering if you could sprinkle with ground up potato chips instead of nuts.

    I swear, I’m not pregnant and subject to bizarre food cravings, honest.

  146. Irene

    Try making these with chopped pretzel pieces instead of almonds for those with nut allergies. We also made them with salty chopped peanuts (even better than almonds, IMO), dried cherries & apricots bits, toasted coconut flakes, dried banana slices broken up along with chopped up smaller pieces of mini-marshmallows. Yum!

  147. Sarah

    I have only ever made these with graham crackers and called them “easy grahams.” I also throw pecans on top with the chocolate ;)

  148. I’ve had this recipe saved ever since it was posted, but just have never got around to making it. This morning for some reason I was looking through a folder of my granny’s recipes that we had copied from her computer after she died a few years ago. One of the recipes was titled “Warm Welcomes”. Odd name and I couldn’t recall seeing it before. When I opened it up I had to laugh because it was the Crack recipe! I can’t say that I ever remember her making this, nor do I have any idea where that title came from. Now I’m thinking maybe this is a sign from the heavens that I must make this, like, now. :o)

  149. My college roommate’s grandmother made a batch of this for us before we when on spring break about 5 years ago. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. I’m glad to have come across this recipe and especially pleased to have just read that Sarah uses graham crackers, how tasty I’ll definitely give that variation a try!

  150. Michellers

    This recipe is insanely good, and insanely easy as well. I’ve tried it with saltines and graham crackers and definitely prefer the saltines–the grahams are just a little too sweet with the toffee where the blandness of the saltimes is perfect and the extra salt makes it really special. Now I have some leftover matzo crackers (leftover from Matzo Ball Soup–yum!) and can’t wait to try the recipe a third way.

  151. Sonja

    I have a batch of these cooling in the refrigerator right now. Since I don’t have a stove-top or an oven…..I have to improvise. I made the caramel in the microwave (hope it worked), I had to halve the recipe so it would fit on the cookie sheet that goes into my toaster over, and…well, I had to cook it in a toaster oven. I’m hopeful, it looks really nice cooling on the tiny cookie sheet.

  152. Jess

    I made this successfully vegan for a holiday party by substituting margarine for the butter. The caramel took a little longer to cook and seemed looser in the oven than when i’ve made it with butter so I gave it an extra couple of minutes. It set up just fine and tasted great.
    The more you know…

  153. joy m

    I was just at a party where I had 8 huge pieces of this stuff-it was absolutely delicious and I had never had anything like it. It was bought from a fancy bakery in my town so now I am so happy I can make it myself!!!!

  154. Leslie

    I just made these for the first time and WOW. I have had these at parties before but this recipe is by far the best! My grocery store didn’t have matzo (can you believe that?) so I had to use saltines but they were still so good! Usually I make sweets and then give them away instantly so I don’t become a Fatty McFatterson but I don’t even want to give these away! Thanks!

    1. Pam

      Made this for the first time and it was delicious. We made a few batches and Put marshmallows in with the chocolate chips and swirled them around together for total deliciousness! How do I keep the margarine from separating. The end product was fine but I can not get the margarine and brown sugar to come together. I had to pour off the extra oil after baking. Is this normal?

  155. Allison

    Thank you for this recipe! I am now calling the modified version I made Christmas Crack. I used magic flake crackers, purchased from the Vietnamese grocery store, which are sort of a cross between club crackers and saltines. For the topping, 60% cocoa chocolate chips, and crushed candy cane. They came out perfect (and way better than the version someone served at a party last night).

  156. Julie

    I made these from Marcy Goldman’s recipe. Now I think its the only reason I get invited to the party!!LOL!! They are very addictive especially if you add some extra choc. chips on top to make the chocolate layer thicker. When I can find them I like using the organic coffee flavored chips. I then add toasted, coarsely chopped pecans and press into the thick melted chocolate. I will then use a metal salad fork and perforate the whole pan into squares about 2-1/2″ while it is still warm, sorta like what you are supposed to do with shortbread cookies. Once it cools its easy to lift up the foil and get the “Crack” off the pan. I have also drizzled white choc from a plastic bag over the top for decoration.

  157. Jennifer

    Hi Deb,
    Congratulations on your amazing food blog… since i bumped into it im absolutly addicted! Thumbs up on evertyhing.. the recipes, the pictures and your stories….
    I had a question about the Crack crackers…. I tried this recipe, the flavor was amazing.. but the chocolate never dried… so it was stick! Very stick…. is there a trick im missing.. please Help! I see in your picture you stacked them up…. with this stickiness i wouldnt be able to do that…. Let me know what you think.
    Again congrats!

    1. deb

      Jennifer — Yes, it is sticky. The only way to get chocolate to cool without being tacky is to temper it. Which is a complicated process of raising then lowering then raising again slightly the temperature of melted chocolate so that when it cools completely, it is like chocolate pieces that you can buy. (You can Google about for the exact directions.) It’s a tricky process, which is why I didn’t bring it up for something so simple as this. But once you get tempering down, you can really dip anything into chocolate and it will have the shiny/hard look of good chocolate shop chocolates.

  158. I made these with the five million pounds of leftover matzah I have every year – soooo amazing. (did this a while ago but just leaving the comment now since I just remembered) I love your blog and especially your pictures – they are amazing. I just got a nice camera and I’m trying my hand at documenting my cooking adventures as well! next up – the monkey bread!

  159. carduelis

    I’m from Germany, so this recipe has passed me by for a significant part of my life, but when I recently found your blog these crackers were like “BAM! Make me!” I brought a batch to school and all of it was gone within minutes… Though they are quite delicious, I found them a bit heavy and buttery. Do you think it would also work with caramel from water and sugar, with maybe a little bit butter? That might alo be helpful for the kosher folks, since it’d be parve then… If I haved any success with my experiments I’ll post again :)

  160. Kathy in Madison

    Made ’em Friday night. Yep, they’re dangerous… very dangerous. The million possible variations tantalize and taunt me and my efforts to exercise and healthily-eat away the winter weight.

    I gave most of the pan to relatives, but I did keep a few pieces for myself. They have lasted a surprising amount of time, though I think I’ll need a treat tonight.

    Thanks for letting me in on the secret, Deb, and welcome back from vacation.

  161. carduelis

    Me again :D
    I tried using the same volume of water instead of butter and cooked the syrup until it seemed thick enough, about 10 mins on low heat, I think.
    With this method, I’d rather use white sugar so you can see how it darkens, I was constantly afraid of burning it. Then I put it into the oven for another ten minutes because the caramel didn’t harden; but 15 might be better because the middle is still a little soggy.

  162. Danielle

    Wow! Made these yesterday for Sedar. I’ve never been a fan of store bought chocolate covered matzah, but these are just amazing. I didn’t have any sea salt, but kosher salt worked well. These have a permanent place at my Sedar table. Thanks for another awesome recipe.

  163. Heather

    I brought these treats to two seders this year (one batch made with butter and the another batch with margarine). Both nights, these were obliterated while the ten other desserts full of matzah meal sat untouched. Thanks for getting me seder invites for years to come!

  164. susan

    This is one of my favorite Treats! Its better than chocolate covered pretzels! If you like the caramel taste to be overwhelming you can use caramel chips instead of the chocolate!

  165. Elizabeth

    Bless you, bless you, bless you. I have been wondering about these for a while and I rejoice to find this fantastically easy recipe in your archives! Of course, with all the incredibly simple ingredients I could make this just about any time I want with what’s on hand and that will be DANGEROUS! But, I can pretend to trick myself and my husband into having these around because I can say “the kids like it” or “it’s something the kids can make with me since it’s so simple”. In truth, though, it’s just ‘cus it’s unbelievably delicious. Crack indeed!

  166. Naomi

    I made 2 batches of these for Passover this year. I made the first batch with salted margarine (I omitted the additional salt) because I wanted it to be Parve (non-dairy), and I made the second batch with butter (and just cuz I had a craving for more). For anyone who is curious, both batches were awesome and highly addictive (obviously!). While the butter batch looked and tasted like a Skor bar, the caramel from the margarine batch had a thinner consistency and was slightly less sweet. But again, both rocked and earned me rave reviews! :)

  167. Oh, these are SO good. I made these for Passover this year, and they were gone too fast. This is the PERFECT treat for the time when you cannot eat “some good stuff”. I love it at Passover, and I will love it anytime. I take it as a divine inspiration that the one lady thought to apply this to matzo.

  168. Hurray for this recipe, I made these over Christmas! (see my website above for a photo). I used some dark orange flavoured Lindt chocolate for the top layer :D

  169. Monica

    I’ve made these several times and after the first couple of times came to the realization I cannot make these unless I’m taking them somewhere for others to share as I will eat them until I’m ready to explode. Crack is right!

    Took them to work for a bake sale last week, too. They are gaining a reputation far and wide for being highly addictive! LOL

  170. Jilly

    I made these as a treat for my boyfriend who was helping to install my air conditioner and curtain rods in my apartment. I ran to my car to get something; when I came back he was standing over the sink and trying to eat tray of crackers whole.

  171. kareen

    i made these today with saltine crackers. absolutely amazing. i love how the crackers become soaked in the caramel and then baked. wouldn’t change a single thing. perfect.

  172. Nickie

    My family has made a variation of this during the holidays (really any holiday) that uses graham crackers and pecans with the brown sugar caramel and chocolate as outlined here.

    It is always everyones favorite, so much so that we will eat it frozen, should we try to hide it in the freezer :) It freezes well…a little toooo well.

  173. Amanda from Chicago

    I recently made these, and I didn’t want to open 2 sleeves of Saltine crackers, so I used some tortilla chips instead, and wow. They were amazing! Next time, I will only use tortilla chips.

  174. Glen

    Our daughter makes this recipe using graham crackers and pecans. Completely off the charts amazing. The last time she made them, I told her, “Emmie, this is my favorite food.”

    It is.

  175. Heroine Bark is what we call this stuff! I’ve made these for the last few years using graham crackers and foil only (not buttered, just plain). But HELP?! Sometimes they’re crackly, sometimes they’re chewy and, damnit, I always want ’em crackly! I’m using fresh crackers, I’m boiling the caramel, I’m baking ’em until they’re dark. What in the name of Marcy Goldman am i doing wrong? Is it truly a humidity thing? I live in California but do live at the beach — is location, location, location turning my Heroine Bark into Heroine Chew? Thanks, Deb!

  176. Samantha

    I made these last night with 4 matzo sheets and extra chocolate. OMG they are to-die-for! My hubby and everyone at my office loves them, they are seriously like crack. I wanted more even after I felt sick from eating too much! I will be making these for christmas, thanks so much for the recipe!

  177. Oh my God these are amazing. I made a “test” batch yesterday because I’m planning on giving it as a Christmas present. Amazing. I got tired of calling it Chocolate Caramel Crack….ers, and started calling it Christmas Crack which caught on way faster than I expected.

  178. Danielle

    I just made these for a holiday party tomorrow. I used Kavli brand whole grain crisp bread, Guittard’s Akoma chocolate chips, and substituted hazelnuts for the almonds. Delicious! You’re right…they definitely won’t last a week and now I’m wondering if they’ll even last until tomorrow! :)

  179. Mary

    I made these with toffee chips rather than chocolate (I realize this defeats the purpose for some people!). They were fabulous! I had to put them in the car overnight to make sure they lasted long enough to make it to the holiday party at work.

  180. Anne

    Deb, I just finished making my third double batch of these in about two weeks. I haven’t baked Holiday treats in about 3 years. I made these because I just loved saying the name. My husband just helped me make this last bunch to give out to his employees. We like these best with saltines. Love that salty-sweet combo.

  181. Katherine

    Not sure if you or anyone will see this comment since this sinful post is old but still truly valuable. When I saw that you used Matzo I immediately was reminded of the word sacrelicious.

    sacrelicious: 1) A description of a recipe that should not exist for religious reasons, but tastes good anyway. 2) Any cooking done with communion wafers.

    I love it. I wonder if I can get my hands on any matzo, because this will be delicious!

  182. Abby

    Beautiful :)
    I made some today, they didn’t turn out quite right though- I didn’t read the directions all the way through. I put the chocolate on before the oven, so the caramel and chocolate got all mixed together and a bit grainy, but it was all still delicious :)

  183. Claire

    These are so good! I haven’t made them for a while, but made a large batch last night to take into work. I decided to adulterate a small corner with my latest obsession. If you want something mind-blowingly, eye-poppingly, palate-tinglingly good, try sprinkling on some fine lime zest (microplaned) and flaked dried chilli just after you’ve spread the chocolate. It was so good, I had to put one tray back in the oven this morning to melt the chocolate enough to cover the whole tray with this newly discovered codicil. The only question is, will my colleagues be brave enough to try them?

  184. angela

    Hi Deb,
    I made these for an anti Gov. Walker party (he’s ruining the state of Wisconsin!) and they were delicious. I do have one question though – you said you tempered the chocolate to make it less sticky. Did you temper it and drip it on the caramel? From the photo it looks like you just dropped chocolate chips on and spread them when they melted. There’s not a way to temper the chocolate after it’s been dropped, right?

  185. diana

    Hi Deb,
    I’ve made these twice with the saltine crackers and they are awesome. I want to send some to my family and I was just wondering if they ship well?

  186. Sarah

    HI there,
    I tried sticking some rice crackers (lightly salted) on the tray too, just out of curiosity, and they were awfully good. Might require you to make a new batch to try em. Monster crunch.
    Thanks for your delightful, amazing website. The pics are exquisite too.

  187. alison

    Should the matza be really wet with the caramel? – I’m not sure if my proportions were off or if I should make more sugar/butter mixture to really soak the matza.

  188. Deanne Draa

    help! Mine stuck to the parchment paper and I was covered in a chocolate bath…what did I do wrong? I cleaned up well though, lick lick!

  189. Jeff

    An etiquette question from a non-Jew invited to a Seder at a childhood friend of his partner’s: would this be a nice hostess type gift to bring along? I know that matzoh is a part of the ritual and I don’t want to do anything too embarrassing. They’re a pretty liberal, not strictly observant group. Thanks!

  190. I think it would be perfect, with one caveat: you might check whether, just for Passover, they keep to the kosher separation of meat and milk (surprisingly non-observant Jews may hold to this remnant), and if they do, make it with margarine.

    Mine’s in the fridge chilling right now! I put chopped salted peanuts and coconut on half, chopped almonds and sea salt on the other half, and a tiny sprinkle of cayenne on one matzoh-panel of these latter.

  191. Hanna

    To add to haruspex’s comment, you may want to note that it was not made in a kosher for passover kitchen (if you’re not keeping kosher now or any other time of the year). I made the recipe last night – 2 batches for work and for Seder later. Thank you Deb!

  192. I made these last night and let it sit for 5 minutes after baking (while I was distracted but that’s neither here nor there), and then I remembered the chocolate chips. They didn’t start to melt right away, so I put it back in the oven for 2 minutes with the chips and let them warm in there, then took it out and spread the chocolate. To my surprise, I found it was a lot less messy than when I’ve made it in the past and did the chocolate right after baking. Just FYI

  193. Yup, crack. I made these as soon as matzos graced the Seattle supermarket shelves this year! I brought them out for a birthday gathering and they were devoured. Topped them with sliced almonds and a sprinkle of kosher salt.

  194. Joan

    I made these for first night Sedar. I mixed about 1/3 dark chocolate with the semi-sweet, and used toasted pecans and a hit of sea salt. What a hit! I was pretty much the favorite at the table. Thanks for the recipe!

  195. consider me the person who just made this for passover. it is an astounding hit so far, and i just finished making my second batch. your work, my dear, is done :)

  196. M

    Goodbye, Passover calorie deficit! I normally replace parchment paper (which I never have) with waxed paper, but the wax melts and bonds with the caramel, so I just go with the foil lining (good call!) and it always works perfectly. Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  197. laurie

    Yes, this post did inspire me to make this! (and Marcy’s book has been on my shelf for years.)
    Couldn’t find Passover chocolate chips–only bars so I carefully melted the chocolate in the microwave stiring it frequently and then let it cool while the matzoh was in the oven. After letting the pan rest for five minutes after baking so that the caramel would firm up, I dropped dollops of chocolate all over and spread with a spatula. It worked beautifully and the chocolate set up nicely after a stint in the freezer.

  198. Alex T

    Just thought you should know that this was specifically requested for the 3rd year at our interfaith seder. Made double last year and brought NONE home. Not bad for a Catholic shiksa!

    Deb- Your success is a joy to see and that baby (not so baby) is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen

  199. kate

    While hunting for passover sweets for my husband I stumbled onto this with the matzo…. and it caused a big stumble in my diet!!! So good and has now been filed in the “keeper” section of the recipes. (I didn’t have parchment paper and buttered the foil and it peeled right off.) Thanks. LOVE your site!

  200. Johanna

    This is NOT the matza of affliction. We are calling it the matza of addiction. It has now been banned from 2 households!!

  201. Shiri

    Hag Sameach! I have been reading your blog for a year now (& have reached levels of excessive OCD during final exam times when I enjoy pushing the “surprise me” and day dreaming about a life after law school when I can make all of your fantastic treats). I thought it was high time to leave a comment since your matzah crack recipe has become a family favorite of ours for as much as its taste as its name (we’re a very mature group, you see). Thanks for this fabulous recipe, pictures, and much appreciated study snack!

  202. Jessica

    My husband loved these and so did I. Crack is a very appropriate name for them:) And I like others am gonna make them with Graham crackers. I think I will add marshmallows to the top along with the chocolate. Mmmmmm caramel s’more yummy goodness

  203. Steph

    Has anyone tried a shot of espresso or instant coffee crystals in solution in lieu of the vanilla extract? I’ve got an acquaintance who loves chocolate and coffee.

  204. Wes

    I have made these for about 15 years to give our neighbors at Christmas — the number of recipients has grown as word has gotten out about how wonderful they are! I only make them when the weather is cold because I have to put the cookie sheets out on our screened porch to cool — there is never room in the fridge for those big sheets. Several neighbors have told me they look forward to getting this every year, AND that they hide it from their kids!

  205. Steph

    Made these again for the office to rave reviews and curses that I’m not being a good influence. (Ha!) I’ve been using gluten free rice crackers with sesame as a base which means everyone in the office can eat them. Because of the small cracker size, the pieces actually break apart in reasonable sizes. A tip for people who don’t have an offset spatula, a Chinese soup spoon works really well.

    Deb, I suppose this is a compliment but when I offered to make your most recent apple challah bread recipe, people actually said they preferred these treats since they could get a semi-decent challah anywhere! These, not so much.

  206. So Deb, made these last week and would you believe I only had the Yehuda Whole Wheat matzo on hand? I had it leftover from a lasagna I made (which I highly recommend – matzo lasagna). Anyway, though I understand not wanting to ruin your chocolate toffee experience with whole wheat, I don’t think it’s possible. The chocolate, toffee, and salt are just too darn good. I was too eager to make this and decided just to go for it. The 8×8 sheet was gone in less than 24 hours. Safe to say, it was still a success.

  207. Sarah

    I come here to do a search for salted caramel and I stumble across my favorite Holiday time creation! My family/friends/coworkers/whoever stumbles across it calls it “Christmas Crack”. I make it with Saltines and I’m lucky if it makes it out of the house to give as gifts. Whenever you tell someone that the base is Saltines they look at you like you’ve got four heads…then they try it and the world is never the same. hahaha And since I only make it at Christmastime in New England and I never have enough freezer space to cool it off as quick as I’d like I use the wonderfully(<–sarcasm) snowy great outdoors instead. I throw a trivet on the deck, toss some wax paper or foil on top of the cooked goodness and out goes the Crack until it can become well…cracked lol

    I gave the recipe to a coworker and she now makes it with white chocolate and almonds instead of simply chocolate chips.

  208. RReid

    OMGosh! Do these look devine. I was looking for a recipie for stale crackers (just because I have some and I’m curious). I came across this and I’m heading for the kitchen. I’ll let you know when I come up for air! :o)

  209. I could have made these by now if I hadnt sat here reading all these posts. This thread looks like it could go for years.
    I have the @eatyourbooks girls to thank for connecting me with this fabulous blog.
    I am thinking of adapting this for an Australian Xmas treat (Macadamias,Murray River Salt) thing about that is what’s with the humidity warning? Australian Xmas = Humid. Cheers!

    1. Ali Bear

      Ha! Depends where in this wide brown land you live – not often humid in my neck of the woods! I am going to buy Saladas on my way home though… :D

  210. Joy

    I made this recipe with saltines the first time (yum!) and with honey graham crackers the next time. I have gained 5 pounds in 3 days. Thanks!

  211. Jordan Riley

    Okay, I know that 300 or so other people have probably already said this, but I love these so much. I made a gluten-free batch and a matzo batch at Christmas last year to give to friends, and then my mom made some more to give to *her* friends, and then I just made my first batch of the year in the common room with Saltines last night. So delicious, and so so easy. There will be more to come. I know what all of my friends are getting this year.

  212. This will be my new “English Toffee” replacement after several (what’s a number higher than several) failed attempts. The last being when the butter and sugar separated after it reached the perfect stage and no amount of stirring salvaged it. I threw the whole thing into the toilet. BIG MISTAKE. I was on my knees with my elbows in the bowels of the toilet trying to remove hardened toffee (yes finally a success but I don’t think it would look good in the recipe: “place mixture in toilet”) with my bare hands. And that is just one failed attempt – they get better!
    Long and short – this is my new take on toffee – you have redeemed my faith in having ONE thing I can assemble for Christmas – EASY! Also, I used Wilbur Buds semisweet chocolate and lots of them so my chocolate layer was THICK (available on line). THANK YOU!!!

    1. Ali Bear

      That made me laugh so much! But hint – don’t put anything down the toilet that didn’t come out of your body (plus loo paper). The bin is a much better option…

  213. Lori

    I made these to give as holiday gifts. They are delicious but the caramel got under the crackers and made quite a sticky mess. They are hard to package up because of it.

    Any suggestions for preventing this with future batches?

    1. Ali Bear

      You could also try what Aussies call icing sugar and I think in the US is called powdered sugar? Still sticky, but might stop it from all sticking together so insanely.

  214. Anna

    Dear Deb,
    my sister and I have been absolutely obsessed with this stuff. We have been using pretzels instead of saltines because of personal preference and we LOVE it. But, both times we’ve made it the toffee has been pretty grainy. The second time, we tried boiling the sugar/butter a little longer, but it still turned out kind of grainy. DO you have any tips for getting the toffee smooth?
    Thanks so much!

  215. Rachel

    I just made these because I’m trying to use up our extra matzah from last Passover before we hit the next round. I actually made them with whole wheat matzah (because that was what we had) before seeing your note saying not to, and actually, they are quite good. The Aviv organic whole wheat matzah is quite yummy (as opposed to the Streit’s cardboard). These are delicious! Thank you for the recipe.

  216. Brittany

    I’ve made these a few times, and the last few times they got messed up. My caramel burned in the pot and deflated… What did I do wrong?

  217. Crista

    I made these a while back for passover & I’ve never made caramel. I think I completely messed up because it never got hard. The matzah and caramel were a soggy mess. Any suggestions?

  218. emily b

    i’ve always come out with a very vaguely burnt-tasting toffee, and i don’t know whether it happens while boiling the caramel or baking the crackers, but i’m going to try a quickened, shorter boil with a few drops of water and a longer lower baking temp this go ’round just to see if it helps. i’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t need much chocolate, so i think i’ll also melt my chocolate before hand and drizzle it out of a ziploc. LOVE the recipe, though, there’s never more than crumb of evidence after 2 or 3 days.

  219. Rachel

    whoa~ these are so good. I will be making these a lot for passover. I toasted hazelnuts and topped the “crack” with them, chocolate, and sea salt.


  220. Jennifer

    I just want to say I have made this a couple of times, and I have become completely addicted! Thinking about making this again today even! :) I make mine gluten free and dairy free even and it turns out great! I also just put mine directly on the baking sheet and it turns out great! Thanks for such a yummy recipe!

  221. Ruth

    Wow my family have just gone mad over this. I made it to take to my Mum’s tomorrow night but I don’t think it will make it there. Can’t say I wasn’t warned though! The saltiness really adds something amazing to the matzo. In grams I used 160g sugar, 250g chocolate chips, 100g nuts, 230g butter.

  222. Debby

    I made these for a small cookie type dessert to add to my usual Passover desserts. They were the best ever. Even the people who never eat dessert couldn’t stop eating them. Thank you so much.

    My daughter’s contribution: Take the crumbs left after cutting, and use as a topping for ice cream.

  223. Hi Deb,
    Happy Passover!! I tried these last year and now today. The caramel both times comes out grainy. It’s brown sugar grains and butter and not caramel. What am I doing wrong? Please let me know so I can try again next year.

  224. Michael

    Just made these last night. I too had a slight issue with the texture. Also, while nearly all the caramel hardened, there was a patch where a good amount had leaked under the matzo and for some reason, stayed rather soft. I noticed that my butter and sugar wanted to separate like some have mentioned before. In any case, just took my first real bite a few minutes ago. I don’t see these lasting past tomorrow night. They were totally crack. I figure I’ll make some for my friends, but this batch is mine :D

  225. MJ

    I make these with saltine crackers and call them PMS bars. Sweet. Salty. Crunchy. Chewy. Chocolate. What more does anyone need?

  226. plainsgal

    Once again I’m sending people to your website for this recipe, Deb! Made them for a picnic at church this morning, then passed them around before they started melting. Ate my own fair share, I might add. My son insists they are better without chocolate, and he may be right! Made a batch that way too.

  227. Sarah

    These are the only request I ever get from my husbands family! Hot tip: a pizza cutter works wonders for cutting the dry matzoh as well as cutting the finished product! :)

  228. Crystal

    So I just put this in the oven. I don’t think it’s going to come out right though. The butter/sugar mix never thickened up. I tried adding a bit more sugar and cooking it a bit longer, but no luck. So I gave up and poured the liquidy mess on the crackers and watched them all float to the top. The mixture smelled like pancake syrup. I hope they taste good even though it didn’t work right. I hate wasting money. Any tips on what I did wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  229. Laura

    Hi Deb – a question as I get ready for passover. I am going to a seder where I cannot bring anything made with dairy. Do you have any thoughts about the best butter substitute for this recipe? It pains me to ask….

  230. deb

    I haven’t made it with margarine but if you do a quick word search for it in the comments, many many people tried it and found it fine enough. I’d be more curious to try it with virgin coconut oil; it would change the profile but be a nicer fat, lighter on the tongue. Could work nicely here.

  231. Julie

    Shalom from Israel! OMG your site is going to save me next week when I am in charge of bringing the dessert to the Seder. I have been in Israel for 17 years and never once taken a bite of a Passover dessert that I can stomach. All of those on your list sound DIVINE! THank you! And now I’ll get to my question ;-) … Here in Israel, there is only dark brown sugar. Do you think it would work as well?

  232. Janice

    OMG, crack is right. Ate a bunch of it, had a sugar high, passed out, woke up, ate more. Wow. Topped mine with fleur de sel, tomorrow’s batch will be toasted hazelnuts, also thinking of some candied orange peel… You can put anything on them I think. So easy… Wow again. Thanks!!

  233. OMG is right! I just whipped up a batch of these for seder tomorrow night and I’m wondering if there will be any left. Thanks for the delicious and easy recipe. This will be my new Passover tradition. I can’t wait to try it out with saltines. I too topped mine with fleur de sel and think it would be delicious with pistachios and dried cranberries. Off to hide the rest of the batch!

  234. Catherine


    I actually prefer using dark brown sugar. In this preparation, it yields a caramel that is less sweet, and tiniest bit more bitter (in an amazing way!).

  235. Mirandaswriting

    @Anna @Michael
    The butter and sugar need to boil in a metal saucepan, not a coated one…otherwise the caramel will not get hot enough to combine and thicken properly.

  236. Laura

    FYI – I tried making with coconut oil instead of butter or margarine to keep it non-dairy and kosher for passover, but sadly either I did something wrong or coconut oil just does not make good caramel. If anyone else has success with this method I’d love to hear about it because I wonder if I just did something wrong.

    1. Shelley

      when I started making caramel sauce parve I discovered that the coconut oil doesn’t mix with the sugar. it just sits on top of it while the sugar caramelizes and burns. I’ve had success making caramel using coconut cream but I can’t tell just from looking at the recipe what ratio of coconut cream to sugar to use here. will have to experiment.

  237. Juliana

    Wow! These are so good.

    I made these with matzoh crackers tonight and they were just as awesome as everyone claims. As salted matzoh is apparently hard to come by, I added sea salt and found that this is an absolute MUST if you don’t have salty crackers. The chocolate and caramel is so sweet…the sea salt provides a perfect contrast and takes these to the next level.

    Yum! I’m sure my office and my sedermates will be thrilled tomorrow.

  238. Deb,
    My caramel never works. This is my third Passover year trying this recipe and this year I tried it twice. I’ve switched brands of brows sugar because I read in the comments that this may be the cause and I follow your instructions completely. The caramel is always grainy. Any thoughts on this? Also I used Trader Joe’s chocolate chips and they never completely solidified back to normal if that makes any sense. Please help. I would not let my husband buy Whole Foods chocolate covered matzo because I said I was going to make him something much better and I totally did not.

  239. Oops, just read Mirandaswriting comment. Mirandaswriting thank you for your comment. I have an IKEA pot which was probably under $10. Is that not metal? I have no idea. If not, what is a metal pot or more like which brand do you use?

  240. Hi Deb – first time writing to you. I made the crack tonight – tasted great (okay awesome), but the layers seemed to separate when I broke it into pieces. Is this the norm or am I doing something wrong? Also, I love your blog!!

  241. Yvonne

    Lola, yes this freezes very well (if you don’t eat it first). Another addition – chop up candied orange peel – add it after you have smoothed out the melted chocolate.I use the recipe from the Settlement cookbook.

  242. Aliya Cheskis-Cotel


    Do you think it might be possible to make Matzo Crack with 2 of the ingredients reduced – 1 stick of butter instead of 2; and 1/2 cup brown sugar instead of 1?

    Thanks so much for answering since I have to make it for the intermediate Sabbath of Pesach and it is in a day!

    1. deb

      Aliya — You’d like to reduce the caramel but not the cracker? I suppose you can. It will be less brittle-y but the flavor should still be there a bit.

  243. Judy

    Yum, Yum, Yum! Huge hit at Monday’s Seder. Crack is right! I made 2 pans and they were devoured by hungry masses ranging in age from 13 to 57.

  244. Made this for Passover first time. If anyone struggled with the butterscotch/caramel in the recipe there is an alternative. I purchased a jar of caramel sauce instead of making the butterscotch, since in my experience the butterscotch can come out grainy. I also changed the method ever so slightly. First I put my plain matzos in the oven to crisp up in case they had gotten stale. 5 minutes or so. Then I lightly brushed on some melted butter flavored with a little salt and sugar. I put that back in the oven for a few more minutes. (I did this for flavor and because my purchased caramel sauce has much less butter in it than the butterscotch in the recipe) After a few minutes in the oven I brought the whole thing out and spread the caramel sauce onto each matzo near but not over the edge. I baked the matzo for 15 minutes and followed the rest of the recipe as written. My caramel sauce achieved a crispy candy like consistency as it cooled and the matzo crack was much easier to handle and didn’t stick to the silpat. Almonds and maldon salt to top. Next time, if I have time, I will make homemade caramel instead of buying a jar. Glad I tried this dessert idea:) thanks!

  245. Meghan

    If you make these with saltines, would you put the salt side down when lining the parchment paper? Does it really matter? I’d assume they would taste the same either way but I’m not sure so I thought I’d ask!

  246. Alison

    God, these are so good. And so fast and easy! It’s my go-to recipe when I need something to bring to a party, or as a hostess gift. Everyone goes nuts over it.

  247. Mia

    Hi Deb. I am interested in trying these for holiday gifts. Can I freeze them? If so, how should they defrost when i’m ready to give them away? Thank you! Love your blog!

  248. Teresa

    Hello Deb!
    I’ve made this recipe several times to great success.
    Currently the kitchen I have access to has a tiny oven and only 10 inch round tart pans. I’m thinking of halving the recipe to adjust the proportions for the tart pan.
    Is there any reason using a round pan would mess up the recipe?

    1. deb

      Teresa — No, I don’t think it would be a problem, but if the tart pan has a removable bottom, definitely have it on a foil-lined tray. Of course, if you have a tray, you would just be able to make it there instead. I think for a 10-inch round you’d need barely 1/3 the full recipe.

  249. Madrigal

    I made two batches of this – I burned the first one a little in the oven, and I pulled the second batch before it could start bubbling and burning at the edges. The burned ones were actually a huge hit! People loved the smell and taste of the caramelized sugar underneath the chocolate.
    Thanks for the recipe! It’s quick and easy, and great for large groups.

  250. Patty

    Hi Deb – I know you are not one to judge, so here is my oddball question. Would these be considered ‘kosher’? To come clean, my family is Catholic but my daughter works somewhere that is predominantly Jewish and would like to bring something to the office and make a nice impression. Actually two oddball questions…what Jewish Holiday (Holy Day? – sorry) would be a good time to bring something in? Greatly appreciate a response. We adore your website and can’t wait for baby #2. Truth be told, rooting for a girl.

    1. deb

      Patty — Happy to help. Kosher comes in two layers, as I see it. The first is in the ingredients — obviously, bacon is out. :) No ingredients here aren’t kosher, so yes, it’s “kosher.” The second layer is the meal it’s served in. You’re not supposed to have dairy and meat together. This has butter in it, so someone wouldn’t have it with a meal where they’d eaten meat or for X (different people practice this amount differently) hours after. Since these are made with matzo, they’re ideal for Passover, which is coming up, where Jewish people aren’t supposed to have bread products but matzo is okay. That said, nobody turns it down any other time of year. Hope that helps.

  251. fiona

    hi deb, these look awesome. being that i am religious and want to serve these at a meaty meal, could i substitute oil instead of the butter? would they still taste good? (also not using margarine…)thanks

  252. Lyn

    I just made a batch of these babies AGAIN for this Passover. I’ll be mailing some to my daughter who’s away at college. These are absolutely adored by all who taste them, Jews and Gentiles alike. Totally easy to throw together and they travel by mail perfectly. Thanks again for this awesome recipe, Deb! Passover just wouldn’t be the same without them! Feeling deprived at Passover? Nah!

  253. Sarah

    Hi Deb! I’m in need of your expert guidance! I made a batch of this on Monday with no problem (the sample piece was delicious), but for the life of me I can’t get the sugar and butter to properly form when I’ve tried to make the second batch. I’ve now tried it FOUP separate times (FYI I’m using the same utensils and brand of sugar from Monday) and each time the butter melts but separates from the sugar and I end up with a watery and yet slightly burnt mess (which is impressive). If I know my guests and family, one pan will simply not be enough on Friday night. Thanks for the this wonderful site and all your wise insight.

  254. deb

    I’ve had it separate from time to time on the stove and while it’s frustrating, I don’t remembering it having any grand detrimental final crack(ers), mostly because they’ll then bake together for a bit. I hope that helps. Don’t let it frustrate you (advice I never listen to when it’s my own cooking frustration, to be honest).

    Or did you mean that they were separating in the oven?

  255. Arlene

    I’ve been making this for several years, but with a slightly different technique that doesn’t require watching like a hawk to guard against burning.
    Ingredients are all the same, and so is the matzo layout, but preheat your oven to 450. Combine the brown sugar/butter/vanilla/sea salt and pour over the matzo. Put it in the oven for 2 (two) minutes. Remove from oven and Turn Oven Off. Sprinkle the chocolate chips over and return to hot, but turned-off, oven for another two minutes. The chocolate should now be soft enough to spread; sprinkle with nuts if you’re using them, and then freeze for at least an hour. Overnight is better. I don’t use parchment paper, just heavy aluminum foil.
    Using this technique, I’ve never had a problem with scorched caramel, burnt chocolate, or removing the foil at the end.
    Credit where credit is due: this came from a Passover cookbook published by a consortium of UJA-Federation chapters in Connecticut.

  256. Angie

    This is my 6th year in a row making this recipe, I’m on my 11th batch! Everyone from my barre instructors to my colleagues to my in-laws gets a batch!
    Thanks for this wonderful tradition, Deb! Happy Pesach!

  257. Great idea for Passover! Never thought of making this with matzoh! This is also great made with pretzels (not at Passover of course!). I used the little stick pretzels and lined them up in the pan. It was even better than crack made with saltines!

  258. Susan

    I love these! I make them every year at Christmas but with two changes: I use graham crackers on the bottom and walnuts on the top. 1. Easy. 2. Crowd pleaser. 3. Leftovers for me.

  259. debby

    have made this for years!!! keeps well in the freezer too….just be careful: it can burn in the oven VERY EASILY….i suggest take it out ‘early’

  260. Skye

    I just made these and I’m sorry but they are too sweet. I’ve scrolled through the comments to see if anyone else felt this way. I find them interesting and would like to make them again- can anyone recommend an adjustment? Could I use a little less brown sugar next time? Would it still work? Thanks in advance.

  261. Emily

    @Skye: I added a good amount of kosher salt between the matzah and toffee and also used dark chocolate and found that cut the sweetness pretty well.

    I made a batch of this yesterday for my friend’s Easter party (rather selfishly so that I’d have something to eat there). I tried a small piece and was pretty happy with it. When I woke up this morning, half of it was gone! My housemates confessed to trying “just a small piece” and then losing all self-control. I guess I’ll have to make another batch today for the party- thanks so much for this fantastic recipe!

  262. Tina

    Made a batch for Passover – half with sea salt on top, half with mini peanut butter chips. So easy, so incredibly good! Everyone loved it, from kids to grandparents. You are my go-to source for reliable, excellent recipes, thank you!!!

  263. Stephanie

    I love that you get new comments on this every year! I am writing to report on my experiments with making a dairy-free version. Spoiler alert: Success in the end.

    I have learned that you cannot just replace butter with coconut oil and do it the same way. The coconut oil melts first, floats to the top, and somehow keeps the brown sugar from melting. I had to pour it off, ended up with clumpy (but delicious) and very hard caramel in the end.
    Instead: melt the brown sugar first. When it’s melted, turn off the heat and pour a tablespoon or 2 of coconut oil on it. Then use your wooden spoon and basically knead the coconut oil into the mass. You can add the salt and vanilla part way through, and add more coconut oil if you want. (I have no idea how much I ended up using–I would estimate 3T per batch.) When it looks smooth, pour it on the matzah. You can’t really spread it, and it ends up harder than the butter-made stuff, so keep the layer on the thin side. Then follow Deb’s directions.

    I made 3 types: gluten & dairy free with nuts, gluten & dairy free without nuts, and dairy-free spelt with nuts. Those in my office with these restrictions went crazy for it, but so did everyone else! Some said they would never have known it was dairy free.

  264. Stephanie

    Skye, They are definitely too sweet. But for the majority of humans, they are insanely addictive as well. This is why I only make it once a year!

    If you really want to figure out a less sweet version, try a thinner layer of caramel, darker chocolate, and tons of salted nuts.

  265. Jen

    Quickly becoming a favourite here. Made some for a fundraiser and we sold out quickly and the request has come in to make more for the next fundraiser – so I’m officially cooking crack to help raise funds for the 12 year old girls’ soccer comp, which gives me a bit of a Walter W. vibe to be sure.

  266. Anne Winsor

    I used to make this years ago when my daughter was young – esp when we took long trips – great car snack… I would make mine with the butter and brown sugar and put coconut on while still wet.. never thought of the chocolate
    So going to make this tonight….
    thanks for such a great site – very creative and the detail of each recipe with all those photos – just grand!! keep up the great work!!

  267. Oh my goodness. I know I’m 6 years since this was published, but my hat, I have just made this, and it is awesome. I’ve eaten a 1/4 of the tray already, and it has to survive another 3 days in my kitchen. This is bad. Very bad.

  268. Patty

    Okay, so I’m late to the party, but had to tell you how wonderful this is. I used gluten free matzo, out of necessity, and it is absolutely what I’ve been craving. Thanks for sharing!

  269. Susan K

    I just found your recipe for this and will try it. However, last March, we celebrated Passover with our son, his wife, and their friends in Lesotho (small kingdom surrounded by South Africa.) I emailed back to the US for a similar recipe, used the chocolate, brown sugar and matzo that you could find in Lesotho—-and they are not like the US equivalents—and made a reasonable proxsimile. As you can imagine, it was a big hit.

    But I think I’ll make your version for Christmas this year!

  270. Charlotte in Toronto

    I love that you’re digging up all this stuff from the past and posting it on twitter. I know it’s all in your recipe archive but there’s so much in there that I haven’t seen. Really good idea.

  271. F

    I saw it and had to make it for a dinner party tonight. I couldn’t wait for it to cool down and had a cracker still warm (I used saltines). I think this is my new ‘crack’ (as in ‘irresistibly addictive’) recipe.

  272. Gwen

    When I was a kid we made this with graham crackers and the nuts got stirred into the brown sugar mixture (no chocolate required), the recipe was titled “praline cookies” and you can imagine why. Then I grew up and moved to “the south” and ran into the salty saltine and chocolate version… not sure I can pick a favorite, they both have their charms. Guess I’m just saying this is a fun one to experiment with, the possibilities are all yummy.

  273. C

    I brought a small batch (scaled to one 8×8 pan) to a party this weekend. They had a nice toffee flavor and were well received — one person wanted to know how to make them. I forgot to put the crackers salt side down — made a note about that for the future. Also, I didn’t realize how long chocolate takes to cool. Outside of the fridge (admittedly probably at warm room temperature), it must be at least 2 hours. My fridge was pretty full, but eventually I made room for them so I could get to the party.

    1. deb

      C — FWIW, I just stick the pan in the freezer for 20 minutes to get it to cool fast (and did so this weekend), or, outside for the same, if it’s winter.

  274. Rachel

    I made these to bring to a Halloween party, and they were INCREDIBLE! I even committed the faux pas of bringing some back home with me, instead of leaving them with the host like you’re supposed to do. I couldn’t help it, these were truly as addictive as she says. I ran out of light brown sugar for the last 1/4 cup, so I used dark brown to make up the difference and it didn’t affect things. My caramel looked a little lumpy coming out of the pot (maybe I needed to stir it more?) but spread easily enough. Don’t let the simplicity of the recipe fool you; these are SO GOOOOOD.

  275. Jessi

    I’ve made this recipe over, and over, and OVER again! It’s a huge hit, but incredibly addictive. I constantly have people begging me to make it! I use a whole bag of chocolate chips (2 cups instead of 1.5 cups) because c’mon, no such thing as too much chocolate and easier to dump a whole bag than measure out 1.5 cups! :)

  276. Janelle Nutter

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Buzzfeed type videos for this dessert (though perhaps not your exact recipe) in the last three months, and all I keep thinking is, “yeah? I’ve been making it for seven years already!”

  277. Alice

    I’ve used another recipe for the past two years, but trusting Deb’s would be better, I used hers this year. And Deb did not disappoint! These were the best ever, and they now are the only matzo crack recipe I will use. Everyone thought these were fabulous; I agree, alas, for my waistline… I used slightly less than a cup of brown sugar and “only” 1 cup of chocolate chips. Didn’t matter. Still terrific.

  278. Emily

    I just made these for the first time, and am kicking myself for not making it before! I subbed in a little dark molasses for some of the brown sugar, and used dark rather than light brown sugar…heavenly.

  279. I make these every year for Passover and my family can’t get enough of them! Lessons I’ve learned: cool them in the freezer for easier breaking, break into small bite-sized pieces for irresistible snacking, DEFINITELY sprinkle with sea salt (and maybe some cayenne or cinnamon), and last but not least – make more than you think since they will disappear after the first seder.

  280. Leah

    Such an easy project. Made it last night in under half an hour. I only used foil (no parchment) and it did not stick. I used Ghirardelli 60% bittersweet. I maybe would use something sweeter? It’s quite dark. Also i crushed up pistachios and put them on top along with a sprinkle of espresso salt. Yum!!

  281. Nora

    In case anyone is wondering if it’s possible, I made this with half the caramel and half the chocolate (it was all I had on hand) and it was delicious and addictive. It can be done!

  282. J. Burke

    I made these yesterday and followed the recipe carefully. They all burned and had to be thrown out. Did I miss something? It was an incredible waste of time and ingredients.

      1. Suzanne

        Other recipes on the internet specifically say not to stir the butter and sugar while it boils- but your instructions say to keep whisking as it is boils? Obviously, I’m team Smitten Kitchen, but what’s the difference in the end result with stirring vs not stirring?

  283. flowerblossom

    I can’t believe yet at the same time I am so grateful I didn’t make these sooner. If you make these at night and let them cool while you sleep, you will eat some for breakfast.

    I have to make them with earth balance (new dairy intolerance), and structurally everything works out great as written in the instructions. But use butter if you can.

  284. Lulu

    I just made these last night with some friends for a Christmas party and this is such a good, resilient recipe. We accidentally made one batch with half the butter (1 stick instead of 2) and it turned out well! I actually may prefer that one since it seems a bit less greasy. We made two batches, one topped with walnuts and another topped with peppermint candy pieces. Loved it! Thanks so much Deb!

  285. Liz

    Wow! Fantastic, ridiculously easy and insanely addictive! I will definitely make again to take to Christmas parties. Now, I just need to put a padlock around it so I stop eating it! Thanks for a great recipe :)

  286. Jenn

    I used to make this years ago, and your post convinced me to make it again this year (as if I needed convincing…) — and it was delicious, perfect for gifting, but I later found my old blog post about this and I would like to propose one small tweak, Deb, that I ask you to try:

    Use 1.5x the caramel/toffee ingredients. Keep everything else the same.

    Trust me — try making it this way. You’ll never go back!

    1. Susan

      I just made a double batch of these, and followed the recommendation to increase the caramel by 1.5- because more is more! My greed for toffee overcame me. Unfortunately, most of the extra caramel puddled under the matzoh and as soon as the temp started to rise, the mixture flowed off the baking sheet into the bottom of the oven. Within about 4 minutes of bake time, I had smoke billowing out of the oven, and a big mess to clean up.
      They were warm enough so that I was able to spread the chocolate. I currently have them in the refrigeratior, and am hoping they crisp up enough to be at least edible.
      I recommend fighting the gluttonous urge ,and sticking to the original measurements. And maybe lining the oven racks as well as the bake sheets in foil.
      Happy Passover!

  287. Lisa

    Thanks for this recipe! I’ve been making it for a few years now and everyone always loves it. This year I made it with wheat saltines (as opposed to the generic white ones) because it was what I had on hand and they were still fabulous.

  288. Okay this might be the silliest question ever, but does it matter if which side up the saltines are? Do you want the salt on the bottom so it doesn’t dissolve in the caramel? Does it matter? Does anything matter?

      1. As everyone says, these are delicious. But it’s really toffee, rather than caramel, which changes the experience. I don’t care for toffee but had never made either before so didn’t anticipate this flavor. I’d love a more caramelly version. Otherwise, yum!

  289. Adele

    I would like to save and/or print this recipe but I do not see any way to do either. If there is there and I missed it which is certainly possible, then it is not easy to find. I have looked several times. Perhaps you may want to consider changing the website making it easier for your readers like me. Thank you.

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template.

  290. Natalie

    Made this last night with gluten-free matzo.

    None remains this morning. Introverts beware: people will want to talk to you and shake your hand and make you kiss their babies for bringing this into the world.

  291. Erica

    Hi! I would like to eat this forever until I die.

    I only baked it for five minutes, and used double the chocolate, roughly — didn’t measure, just added chocolate chips until they about 3/4 covered the sheet. Then there was softer caramel and lots of chocolate and everything was great!

  292. Sarah

    I made this for the first time today, and it’s going to take every ounce of willpower to take them to work tomorrow as intended. My only fear is that I’ll never be able to bake anything else again for my colleagues because they’ll be disappointed it isn’t this.
    And if you have some way of measuring views or links to your recipes, don’t be surprised if there’s a sudden spike in this one thanks to an Australian podcast called Chats 10 Looks 3. Someone made this for the hosts and it’s getting a lot of mentions in their FB group at the moment. 14 people in one thread alone were making it today. Seriously!

    1. Michelle

      Make that 15 people making it because of Episode 61 of Chat 10 Looks 3! Listened to it this morning, visited the Re Store, got myself some matzoh and will be making it in about 10 minutes from now!

        1. Emma

          I think we need to update you, Deb. There are now 10,000 members of this podcast group, and I honestly think hundreds of people might have made crack by now. It’s an amazing phenonomen!

          1. Brianne Danzeisen

            These are delicious! One thing I’ve found to be helpful is to use mini chocolate chips instead of normal ones because they melt faster and more evenly for me.

    1. deb

      This is incredible! I am so glad more people are falling in love with basically the only dessert anyone will want you to bring to a party ever again. (Occasionally tied with these.)

      1. Liz

        Sadly I did not end up taking a picture! I suppose you’ll need to make it yourself to see. ;) Now may be a good time to do so, because candy corn is on sale everywhere post-Halloween!

  293. Cherie

    I tried making this tonight and all seemed to be going well until the chocolate chips… I put them on after baking, waited 5 minutes and they wouldn’t spread at all. So I thought it didn’t get warm enough (they got glossy but not spreadable) so I put the whole sheet back in the oven which had been turned off but was still warm. Still didn’t spread so I tried turning the over back on and warming it that way and they never got soft enough to melt and spread :( They just sorta crumbled. What went wrong? Bad chocolate chips?!

  294. Hi Deb, I’ve made this several times with Saltines and love it! I was wondering what would happen if I spread already melted chocolate directly onto the caramel without baking the caramel in the oven first. I was trying to understand why one needed to put the caramel covered crackers into the oven before spreading the chocolate, and if this step could be omitted. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  295. HI Deb, I’ve made this with saltines several times and LOVE it! I was just wondering if it was necessary to bake the caramel covered crackers before spreading chocolate on them or if I could just spread already melted chocolate on the caramel without putting it in the oven first? Is there a reason it needs to go into the oven? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

    1. Portia

      My guess is that we aren’t cooking the caramel to hard crack (or whatever the temp is for toffee). When I leave my spatula to cool, that caramel stays soft. Time in the oven continues to cook the caramel into a toffee.

  296. Leah King

    Deb, I am having a piano recital here on Monday. I love cooking for these people. And our local high school has a culinary class. One of the students is coming in his chef coat to assist with the kitchen while I guide students and guests through recital. The pecans in this post are prepared and waiting, and because there will be young children with less sophisticated tastes than Homesick Texan’s queso, I’ll prepare your cracker cookies Thanks for help just when needed! So sorry I missed your Texas tour. Your newest is a gift to my goddaughter, and it will be spattered here and there as I am using before I gift it!

  297. Hello! Thank you for this recipe! I have a question – I made 4 batches yesterday, but one of the batches turned out softer in the middle. I’m not sure if I didn’t boil the sugar/butter long enough or if I didn’t bake it long enough. It was almost chewy and didn’t snap as I broke them apart. Any idea on how to prevent this?? Thank you!!

  298. Aja

    Ugh twice my caramel did a weird thing and the butter didn’t full combine! So it was like a blob of caramel in oil 😔 What did I do wrong??

    1. Francesca

      It can happen. I had to make a double batch of caramel today because mine separated too. I melted the butter first, got distracted, then dumped the sugar all at the same in the melted butter. Big greasy mess. Did it again, carefully and stirring regularly, nice smooth caramel. My saltine crack is now ready to ring in a new (and hopefully better) year.

  299. Maria

    A fam favorite. We call it crack, too. My teen daughter makes it from memory. It is demanded multiple times a year from her friends for various occasions, major and minor. It is gifted to teachers who stop her in the hall and exclaim its deliciousness. Crack can take over your life.

  300. Lindsey

    Made this tonight using chocolate graham crackers and eliminating the extra chocolate on top (saving my chocolate chips for something else) and nuts (allergies in the house). Simple, but hit the spot. Thanks, Smitten Kitchen, for years of reliable recipes and laughs.

    1. K

      Pretzel crisps is a genius move for this! I’ll be trying that next time. Today, though, I did the standard recipe, but added minced, candied ginger to one portion of the toppings. That’s the portion I’ll be eating, as the most adventurous eater in the room.

  301. Heather

    I made this around the holidays with Glutino brand “table crackers” for GF guests, and it came out almost identical to the saltine version. I would sprinkle a little extra salt on next time, because the Glutino table crackers were not as salty as saltines, but the texture was the same!

  302. Amy Westheimer

    Hi Deb- I am a longtime admirer of your recipes. You are my go to for all things in the kitchen. We are making this tonight to have after Seder Dinner . Have you ever considered making a cookbook with all holiday recipes??!!!??? Please???? Thanks for sharing all your recipes! :)

  303. CJ

    I just made these in preparation for Passover and they are so delicious (it was impossible not to sample a few (a lot) as I broke them up). Thanks for another wonderful and reliable recipe.

    Also, sending you condolences and warm wishes during what must be a challenging time for you.

  304. Becki English

    A professor brought these into work and share with the staff. Amazing he emailed us the recipe. Thanks! I can’t wait to make them myself and share with my family.

  305. Sarah

    Love these so much – my mom has made them for years! Also delicious and beautifuk with slivered pistachios. Crumbs are phenom with ice cream too.

  306. Liza

    Delish- of course! How could they not be. I’ve received this as gifts for years and they always run out before I have my fill, so now I’ll never have to share!

  307. Sigita Clark

    Oh my! I have been eyeing this recipe for so long and tonight seemed right to break down and make it. So simple yet so incredibly delicious. Love that it keeps in the fridge. I used 1 cup of chocolate chips instead of 1 1/2 and seemed still plenty to spread around. Looks like a new favorite. Thank you Deb.

  308. Pmarv

    My caramel had grainy bits of sugar dispersed throughout. Did I not boil and stir long enough? Also, some of the caramel de-laminated from the crackers once cooled?!?! Thanks for any tips!

  309. Anita

    On my god I was one of those who had never seen this before and felt I had to try it. I have never commented on your site before, but felt I had to say something.
    I love your recipies. They are easy to make but usually have a lot bang for your money.

    This crack, is totally addictive and KNOW that I will have to be making more before Chirstmas. Never knew it was so easy to make caramel.

    Thank you ever so much, and best wishes for the holiday season

  310. I am not a frequent baker these days, but the crack is irresistible!

    Made them for reception after a Christmas service at my church. The room was packed, and I ran into a friend walking through the crowd with a piece of this magic in her hand, looking for who had made them! She wanted to go home right away and make some herself! So simple, so delicious.

  311. MPT

    I made half of this recipe in an 8×8 pan using saltines and European salted butter…I still added a bit more of salt to the caramel and I think I will add more next time. I also used trader Joe’s chocolate chunks and a mix of roasted sesame seeds, almonds and pecans. I really liked how this turned out not only because of the flavor, but because I was looking for this recipe to be able to withstand room temperature without loosing its charm, and it worked! However, I must said, that I put a couple of them in the freezer and those are outstanding. The sesame, caramel and salty concoctions worked great. I’m doing the full recipe today for a cookie exchange tomorrow! Thanks Deb!

  312. I just made this and I couldn’t figure out how to fit 40 saltines into a half-sheet pan. After the fact I measured my pan – the measurements you give are 13 x 18 which is for a full cookie sheet. We shall see how it turns out. Explains why the saltines were swimming in the caramel sauce. I didn’t read through all the comments so maybe someone else had already commented on it. Fingers crossed it will be different but still good.

    1. Mpt

      I just realized that I never counted the saltines and I ve made this recipe twice, one of them with half the ingredients. Both turned out great so dont worry!

  313. Rachel

    Hi Deb! Now that Milk Bar has renamed their Crack Pie will you follow suit with this recipe? It’s been ten years and the joke about addiction continues to not be funny or okay. Thanks.

  314. Caroline

    Hi Deb- wondering if I can double this recipe (using two sheet pans of matzo). If so, would you double the caramel recipe or make 2 separate batches of the recipe? Thank you!

  315. witloof

    I was at a party yesterday and someone brought them, but instead of chocolate chips, he had spread them with homemade boiled chocolate frosting, the old fashioned kind that gets a thin crisp layer on top, and it was so much more delicious than the ones I normally make. I found a recipe for it online and will be doing it that way too from now on. It’s basically sugar, cocoa powder, butter, and milk, boiled and then beaten, like a quick fudge.

  316. Make these every year… they are terrific. Although last two times my chocolate bloomed like crazy. Any recommendation on brands or tips that prevent that from happening?


    1. deb

      Honestly, it’s just what happens when chocolate is melted and then solidified again without tempering. So, you could temper it, but that’s a persnickety amount of work. You could add some coconut oil or butter to the chocolate, but it won’t get as hard unless it’s cold. Or, you can do as we do and just cover it with nuts or sprinkles or other toppings so it’s not visible, since it shouldn’t affect the taste.

  317. Lynn in Tucson

    My dear friend makes these with dried cranberries and chopped pistachios and believe me, they will change your life.

  318. margaret asch

    Dear Deb,
    I have made this for years and from your recipe and I, like so many and you, referred to it as matzo “crack”. Of course, the idea here is, as you say, it is so good that it is addictive, can’t stop eating it delicious. It is CRACK. I made it again this year for the family but following the thoughtful critique by San Francisco food writer Soleil Ho about the language we use in talking about food, I won’t call it “crack” – ever again. Those of us who have not experienced serious addiction closely might not understand how addiction – and the slang for addictive substances – is not a joke. Further, there is more than a racist note to the use of the word crack (and not just for this matzo chocolate caramel creation – it’s all over the place to describe all kinds of delicious stuff) for a substance that destroyed so many in the African American community. And if anyone thinks this may be an over-sensitive reaction, consider for a moment whether you would ever refer to something as matzo “fentanyl”, another substance that nobody (correctly in my opinion) makes jokes about or uses as a fun word to denote incredibly tasty. I hope you read Ms. Ho’s article on food language, consider her argument and refrain from using descriptors thoughtlessly. I love and admire what you have created and accomplished. But it is time to think about our privilege and position to make positive change. Thanks for all your hard work.

  319. Anna

    I think I figured out the butter sugar separation problem after many many years. The problem is I melt the butter and then add the sugar and that causes separation of butter and sugar because of something to do with temperature. It does not have anything to do with type of sugar, pot you use or climate. If you heat butter and sugar together simultaneously butter and sugar will not separate. I don’t know what happens if you boil for too long. Maybe it seprates again but if you just bring to boil you will have caramel. Now I have to go clean up the mess I made in the kitchen while doing this experimentation. Loking forward to passover when I can try this again!

  320. Jennifer Reft

    I came across this recipe in a local paper years ago (back when those existed) and made it from memory a couple times just in the past few months but I was guessing on that the time to boil-thanks

  321. Sue Schecter Keir

    Love me some matzoh toffee which I have been making for years. Family favorite, but you already know that. What I discovered during our ‘shelter in place’ is that the debris or crush it to make some debris, if necessary, makes a great frozen banana topping. I have perfected frozen bananas during the pandemic. What to do with the over-ordering of bananas that has occurred due to not going to the store and mistakenly ordering 20 bananas on Instacart. I use dark chocolate morsels and coconut oil. Melt 1 cup morsels with 1/2 cup of coconut oil. I halve the bananas and found out that you’d better put the sticks in before freezing. I use a pint mason jar and I allow the chocolate to slightly harden before rolling it in the matzoh toffee (not caramel) crumbs and voila. Something to look forward to each evening. It helps to double dip the bananas for all of us chocolate lovers.

  322. Deb

    These were my mom’s go-to for the holidays, but with canned crescent rolls for the base instead of crackers; straight from the Pillsbury recipe book. I love them no matter the base!

  323. Tami

    I got the saltine version of this from a colleague 20+ years ago and subbed in club crackers, which took them from really good to magical.

  324. Melaura

    I know at some point in the past I made this and it went well, but I haven’t been able to replicate that imagined perfection. For those of you making this vegan, I tried this with earth balance and it did NOT work for me. It was greasy, the caramel didn’t thicken well, the taste was off. I’m not experienced with making vegan things, to be fair, but for anyone else thinking a straight substitution will work, beware. Or be more skilled than I am, hah!
    I tried again following the instructions exactly and I still got a grainy caramel layer, but the flavor was amazing as I remembered. I topped with toasted flaked almonds, and the extra coarse salt on top was key even with saltines.

  325. Teresa

    This recipe has been a favorite for many years. Due to lactose intolerance, I no longer make it with butter. Earth Balance margarine sticks work well to replace it. I’ve tried coconut oil before, and like other commenters have mentioned, the oil doesn’t incorporate into the caramel and separates after baking.

      1. Tracy

        Deb can you do one more thing and edit the article to remove references to crack and how the addictive nature of this recipe is comparable?

  326. Cindy

    I have made these for the last few years (and am making them again this year). I have a family friend who is gluten free. The first year I made this and she couldn’t have any. The following year I made it with gluten free matzo and it is phenomenal. It’s as if a saltine grew up and decided to be Jewish just in time for Passover. They are salty like saltines. My friend’s not coming this year, but I’m making this recipe with gluten free matzo anyway, it’s that good. Thanks for always having the best recipes!

    1. deb

      Cold from the fridge, serrated knife on a cutting board. If it’s very sharp, you can go straight down. If the nuts are getting caught, gently, gently saw it to cut through.

  327. Aimee L.

    This is THE MOST ADDICTING DESSERT you will get your hands on! Wow!!
    So excited to have found this recipe. Made it for Passover. Everyone raved about how delicious it was. We ended up finishing all of it and I wished I had made more.
    Recipe is easy to follow. Will definitely be making this even when it isn’t Passover. Perhaps with Saltines next time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  328. Adrianne

    Thank goodness this has almonds on top! I was busy chatting with my kids about April Fool’s jokes, and forgot that I had to bake it before spreading chocolate on it! I salvaged it, I think, but the chocolate I scraped off (and then reapplied) is pretty grainy from the undercooked toffee that mixed with it, so I’m thankful the almonds cover that up. So, the joke’s on me, but I’m pretty sure my kids will gobble this up regardless!

  329. Katy Newton

    I made this years ago to your recipe and it came out just right despite my fear of burnt sugar. Made it again using David Lebovitz’s recipe but going by the grams. The quantities you come out with for a cup are quite different. Yours produced a sort of chewy/crunchy caramel, his produced a more sort of powdery fudgy/flyaway thing. Both delicious and his surprisingly robust in a tin but I think I slightly prefer yours (and also it proves my general theory which is that recipes that start out in cups should probably just stay in cups really).

  330. Sarah Stuart McIlvain

    Do try your recipe with graham crackers. My experience is that the extra bulk in the cracker does slow down the disappearance rate.

    (written with love)

  331. Beth

    I make this all year, but at Passover I also add chopped dried apricots. At Thanksgiving I use saltines and add pepitas and dried cranberries, apricots and any other thanksgiving colored items I can find. Its a hugh hit!

  332. Diane Sweeney

    I am going to try these with GF matzo [which is yummy] and a plant based butter for the caramel, because my daughter is GF and Dairy Free…I can’t wait to try!

  333. Nancy

    Made these today! My caramel separated, got pretty dark, and it looked like I was going to have to dump it. I saw a suggestion elsewhere to add a little hot water (1-2 T) and keep whisking and it came together almost immediately. Crisis averted!

  334. Sandy Miller

    This. Is. INSANE.
    After reading your post, I dove right in and made a batch to bring to tonight’s seder at my bonus family’s home. I knew I didn’t have to make a test batch as your recipes always turn out perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes and anecdotes and notes. Baking/cooking is a pleasure alongside you.

  335. Julia Schrenkler

    We’ve made this twice now and I think we’re delighted-doomed to make it on the regular as people really love it.

    We use saltines, sprinkled with toasted&chopped pecans & yet more flaky salt. And I might make an entire tray sometime just to smash it to bits & give it out as an ice cream topping.

  336. Indrani

    I have made these 4 times – the last time I added chopped macadamia nuts and unsweetened coconut shreds. A crowd pleaser?

  337. Susie

    I’ve read variations of this recipe for years but this is the first time I tried making it. I followed all directions exactly, but my caramel layer seems to have mostly seeped into/become one with the saltines. I baked for 13 minutes and my oven does not generally run hot. The entire surface of the caramel/toffee definitely bubbled while baking but didn’t seem to be burning, although after cooling I see some of the edges are more done than I would want them to be. I assume I overbaked them. They’re good enough that I can envision how incredible they would be if made correctly. Any tips on what to watch for next time to signal doneness?

  338. Beth G

    This is a tradition to help use up all the matzah at Passover. Love it! I’ve had many versions of this. A friend brought some over for Chanukah and accidentally used gluten free matzah and I have to admit it was a revelation. Crispier and better, I would argue! I was in shock.

  339. Jamie

    I bring this for Passover every year. It is so good and Just got a request to bring more. I just want to say if you can fit a full sheet pan in your oven 6 pieces of matzah fit perfectly! I 1.5 timesed the recipe.

  340. Becca

    I’ve neatly circumvented the issue of breaking up matzo by making 1.5x the recipe. 6 sheets of matzo fit perfectly on a sheet pan, no pesky breaks required! And bonus… more crack :0)