artichoke-olive crostini

My husband and I have different packing personalities. First, I need a clean apartment, you know, before I wreck sections of it at a time. Then I need to go through every single thing we own before any of it gets packed and determine whether it should stay or does it need to go. I cannot stand the thought of moving, well, useless baggage to a new and supposedly clean slate of an apartment. Then each box has to have a separate topic; if desk stuff gets in with book stuff, I get itchy and start pacing the floor. How does Alex pack? Oh, he puts stuff in boxes until everything’s packed. I probably don’t need to tell you who is better at getting the job done.

olives, capers
artichokes, olives, etc.

My method doesn’t just apply to boxes. I need to feel like my life is, like, totally in order before breaking it down and taping it up. I realized when I talked about braising artichokes last week that I hadn’t even told you about revisiting my favorite quick party food starring them and people, I cannot pack another box until I get this off my obviously very disorganized plate. (Like I said, good thing I’m married to someone with no such packing hang-ups.)

whirling it up

I briefly mentioned these crostini over two years ago, in what I swear up and down is the worst photo on this entire site. I can’t even look at it. I had no choice but to make it again — also because it is delicious — when we had people over in January. You can make it from things in a well-stocked pantry: a can of artichoke hearts, some capers, a jar or can of good green olives, a clove of garlic and olive oil. It couldn’t be easier and although the hideous shade of green has taunted me in these photos too, it’s so not the point. This stuff is addictive and when you put it out with toasted slices of baguette that have been rubbed with a halved garlic clove, people will ignore almost anything else on the table. You know, until you bust out the gougeres.

green crostini spread

One year ago: Spring Panzanella
Two years ago: Artichoke, Cranberry Bean and Arugula Salad

Artichoke-Olive Crostini
Adapted from Mario Batali

In addition for making great crostini, we tossed some of the leftover paste with pasta for dinner that next night and it was delicious. I think it would be especially good in a cold pasta dish, like a salad.

1 garlic clove, peeled and smashed
1 cup large green pitted olives
1 tablespoon capers, rinsed and drained
1 15-ounce can of artichoke hearts, drained
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
8 large slices of crusty bread

1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. In a food processor, process the garlic, olives, capers, artichoke hearts and olive oil to a coarse paste.

2. Toast the bread on the oven rack for 6 minutes, or until crisp and browned. Spread the olive paste thickly over the toasts and serve.

Do ahead: The olive paste can be refrigerated for 2 days. Let it return to room temperature before using.

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204 comments on artichoke-olive crostini

  1. mmmm….i love artichokes and olives. i bought a HUGE jar of marinated hearts yesterday afternoon and my husband thought i was nuts. i did have some gougeres this weekend.

  2. Hi Deb! I love artichokes too! By far my favorite vegetable. This spread looks amazing. Looks like you’re building quite the cache of artichoke recipes…looking forward to many more!

  3. This is exactly perfect for today! I need flavor, ease, stuff in my pantry already. I admit I can’t tell which of the photos from that previous post is the “worst ever.” Will you give some more detail?

  4. What an interesting combination of ingredients…sounds really good. I can imagine all kinds of places to put the artichoke / olive mixture that would be so tasty…on a bed of lettuce, on a baked potato with some chicken, Mmmmmm.

    Happy packing… I know it’s a pain to do, but think of the extra organization you’ll have at the new place after having tossed the extraneous stuff during the move!!

  5. I love love love artichoke tapenade! Never thought to make my own though, who knew it was as easy as opening a can of ‘chokes? Mix in some crumbled asiago cheese, gimme a spoon and I’m in heaven. Great idea to use it as a pasta sauce too, thanks for the recipe and inspiration!

  6. I love the way you describe you and your husband about your packing personalities. My husband and I are on two different planets when it comes to house cleaning, packing, preparing to travel etc. I’m glad others are the same as us. Beautiful crostini.

  7. Oh man. I’m going to a party this weekend and I was already planning to make the Robert Linxe truffles. Now I’ll have to bring this too. Thank you, in advance, from the party goers.

  8. This looks amazing Deb! There are half-decent artichokes in the markets now, I’ll have to buy wholesale to make so many of your artichoke recipes!

  9. Wonderful combination! I have tried several artichoke dips but never am very happy with the results. I think capers and olives may be the perfect solution. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  10. Dancer who eats

    YES!! Recipes that can be done quickly, with just a few items stashed away. In case of emergency, DO THIS!

    I very much appreciate this!

  11. Susan

    The color wouldn’t look so bad if you had something black on it somewhere. Like chopped ripe olives or kalamatas or a sprinkling of poppy seeds or black sesames, just as a color accent. Or not.

    We had artichokes at dinner last night. They were so meaty and good. I thought of you!

  12. Yum! Oh, and I am totally with you on the packing thing. We’ve moved twice in the last year and are going to be moving again in August. Every time, I have to meticulously go through every piece of paper/utensil/gadget/cord before determining whether to sell, keep, analyze further, throw away, or pack. It drives my husband crazy. But, I keep reminding him that he chose to marry me so he chose the craziness.

  13. molly

    haha, that’s how my ex-partner and i were with packing too. i get so stressed out and overwhelmed by the piles of nostalgic objects to sort through and decide whether or not to keep. he always says, “just put stuff in boxes.”

  14. Sonia

    Looks yummy.

    I bet this would look really good in an orange-colored bowl…..unless, you have already boxed up said orange bowl :-)

  15. I was planning on chopping up those braised artichokes for crostini for my birthday party I’m throwing myself. But this is 2039483758 times easier. And it has olives.

  16. OMG!!! You and David Lebovitz are totally helping me put togehter my dinner party. First him with his Penna Cotta recipe and now you with this fantastic make ahead pass around treat.

    Thanks for the idea.

    I have had something similar on Whole Wheat pasta, artichkoe pesto, Yummy! :)

  17. Nicole M

    Once when my husband and I were moving we came across a box he had packed 2 years and a couple of moves earlier! He’s no longer allowed to complain about the pre-moving purging process :-)

  18. deb

    I am most certainly not leaving New York. New apartment, new neighborhood, same island. I’ll tell y’all about it when I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  19. Nishta

    um, yum! good luck with packing/moving/etc, Deb. I know you have turned to Costco (or Costco via your mom) for large & reasonably priced quantities of nuts in the past, but given your love of the artichoke, I’m wondering if you’ve got a giant (and I mean giant) jar of their marinated artichoke hearts in your fridge? we *just* defeated ours a few weeks ago. now I’m going to have to buy another to make this!

  20. Having just helped my in-laws move from a house they’d lived in for over forty years, I feel your pain. We started out packing your way, then quickly degenerated into Get It All Into Boxes NOW as the movers were sweeping through. Whee!

  21. Yummy! Olives and Artichokes are my boyfriends favorite things.He will be so happy when I make this for him! Thanks for the recipe! Gorgeous SCRUMPTIOUS photos too!

  22. MK

    Yum! I’m making it this week. It looks perfect for spring…and summer…

    I can understand the moving planning! I give you my best moving tip – quick catch it ;)
    Instead of packing your suitcases on the moving truck, pack them as if you were going away for a 4 day vacation. Keep the suitcase with you instead of on the truck and wheel it right into the new apt.. That way you have clothes, toiletries, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc. to get you through 4 days of chaos and still be ready for work in the morning without a thought as to where everything is. By the 4th day hopefully you know where you are when you wake up – hopefully. :)

  23. Heather

    Sounds delicious, i’ll definitely be making this one. I just made one of my favorite dishes the other night, ARTICHOKE LINGUINI. butter, olive oil, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, capers, lemon, garlic…yummy. (I”ll post the recipe if anyone wants it.)

  24. Yum. I think I’ll definitely whip up a batch of this. I’ve got a houseful of people next week for a video shoot and I definitely need to keep them well fed. This will do the trick nicely. What a find.

  25. I literally swooned when I saw this, it has all of my favorites. My hubby thinks I’m nuts when I buy those ka-junga jars of marinated artichoke hearts from Costco, he doesn’t care for them, I’m fine with that – it just means I don’t have to share. I will be making this very, very soon, possibly even tonight. I understand your packing quirks, my hubby and I are on opposite ends of th spectrum too, he packs stuff and then I go back through the boxes and rearrange or repack the things, I even sneak stuff out that doesn’t belong in there and start a new box and YET, he loves me….

  26. Any advice for people who don’t like olives? This looks amazing, but I’ve just never been into olives. Did you always love them or where they an acquired taste?

  27. Marie M.

    This looks so good — as does everything you make. Moving is the pits, but . . . can’t wait to see your new kitchen.

  28. soomin

    This sounds delicious! I wonder, with the green olives and the capers, does it get too salty at all? I don’t eat a ton of capers…I bought a jar once and it turned everything I put it on super salty. I guess the key is to rinse them?

    1. deb

      Soomin — Sounds like you bought salt-packed capers. You can also buy brine-packed ones, still salty but not, say, crusted with salt.

  29. Made this at once and am now eating it, yum! Hope your new kitchen has even more ‘scope for the imagination’ :) At least your husband uses boxes – my boyfriend thought it was ok to throw all his gear into bedspread covers when we moved in together. They took… some time to unpack. But I’ve basically forgiven him :)

  30. Cris

    Are you KIDDING ME? It is almost 11:00pm here and you’ve posting something that, from the moment I saw the photo and read the title, is yelling at me to make it NOW. Serious love-hate thing going on right now!

  31. I almost assumed that you used leftover artichokes from your braise the other day!
    Thinking of those artichokes, you could make something a bit milder/fresh using those artichokes and those quick brined bright green olives that tsate like avocado (that i always forget the name of).


  32. Elise

    I must try this recipe – it looks amazing! So perfect for spring. Plus my mom loves artichokes more than life itself so this would be super fun to make for her!

    I have a third packing personality: stress out about it, don’t do anything, then freak out the night before the movers come and have a nervous breakdown until husband saves the day by organizing everything while I take a nap. Good times!

  33. deb

    Treehouse — Thank you. Photo information and more about our approach is in this post.

    Those of you who commented on these photos — None of these were the photo I was referring to as the worst photo, ever on this site, promise. It was the one at the end of this post, where the crostini are a sickly green-gray-brown. I was still in my “available light or bust” phase, an unfortunate thing at 10 p.m. with only a ceiling fixture on.

    1. deb

      Another Deb — The color might be a little funkier but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. The original name of the recipe was “Green Crostini” — probably the reason for the green olives.

      S. Stockwell — I am sure it could work, but I’m not sure that it would improve the color (if pureed); in painting, green + red = brown!

  34. Karen in Canada

    I found out about your blog thanks to this recipe! A friend made this recipe for our first book club meeting back in the fall. Since then I’ve made it twice (it’s also a great dip)! Naturally our book club has become all about the food and wine, with the occasional literary conversation thrown in. I’ve bookmarked your site and visit regularly. Thank you.

  35. I love the food processor picture. This post reminded me that artichokes should kinda sorta be in season now! (I still buy canned ones year round though–the ease is sometimes worth it!)

  36. Patrice

    I’ve been making Green Crostini ever since you first printed the recipe. They are indeed one of our most favorite appetizers. They get made at least once a month and never last long. I’ve taken to doubling the recipe when sharing with others. Good idea to reprint! Wish you all the bet in the move. Just went through it ourselves.Very exciting!

  37. Bria

    Ah…I’m with Suzanne (@81) – I am totally making something on the order of an artichoke/olive spread and putting it on matzo this week. As I just informed my (grocery shopping) husband: “we are dressing up Pesach this year.”

  38. This looks so good. Here’s another thought: I have a new go-to spread (parmesan-cheese spread) that I put on lightly toasted ciabatta topped with an egg “fried” in olive oil. I bet this would be fabulous like that, too.

  39. Yet another Anna

    Ah, yucky looking delicious food. It usually means I get it all to myself.

    Reminds me of the Oysters Rockefeller dip recipe that Cooking Light printed some few years ago. For a while I wondered why they had no photo, then realized that this was NOT photogenic food. Chopped up oysters and spinach? Not so lovely. Can’t recall how I thought it tasted, though.

  40. Jo

    I sympathize with you about packing! I’m moving relatively soon, and I’m already trying to persuade my partner of the merits of going through our filing cabinets, not to mention throwing out anything that’s still in a box, buried in a closet, from our last move. It’s an uphill battle.

    But this dip looks great, and I’ll have to make it next time I go to a party!

  41. Wineywhites

    Already salivating! Can’t wait to make this for the Easter weekend. The green will make it perfect for spring. :)

  42. It sounds like we have extremely similar packing styles! Although, I must admit: I thought I was anal until I met my boyfriend…he’s even worse about being an anal packer than I am! I’m like this with my food, too. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. Okay, enough of the OCD. Your crostini look fabulous!! I can’t wait to try out the recipe. I adore artichoke; yum!

  43. Ah, the eternal battle between men and women! Your packing styles seem to mirror pretty exactly those of me and my boyfriend. But this I think sums up the whole thing: When I was living in Philadelphia for grad school and my boyfriend was in New York, he had a leak in the bedroom that he said soaked half of our bed. Me: Oh my god, what did you do?!! Him: Slept on the other half of the bed, what else would I have done?

  44. Eileen

    Made this last night – thank you, it is a delicious quick fix. I could only find olives sans artificial preservatives stuffed with pimentos… which actually made for a delightfully festive color! Recommended!

  45. Kate

    I make this often as a dip for pita chips, I can’t recall where I first saw the recipe. I add some lemon juice (it helps keep the green color and adds some zing) and sometimes I buy the green olives already stuffed with garlic cloves to make it super-easy!

  46. I confess I’m often too lazy to cook artichokes from scratch, so it’s nice to see a fancied-up recipe using canned artichoke hearts. Looks delicious!

  47. Deb & Alex-

    My sister turned me onto you last week (last.week!) and I must admit, I am smitten. (And also, horrified.) HOW have I made it thus far in my life without discovering you?

    Your pics from this post had my mouth yearning for a warm, crosty bite. I will have to concoct the recipe toute suite.

    Cook on. Write on. And I will continue to check in on…and on…and on…

    ~Your Newest, Adoring Fan.

  48. If I could forgo meals for the rest of my life and just eat snacks, small plates and appetizers, I would do it. I would. I’m a sucker for variety, the joy of a little bit of this, a little bit of that. If I could, I would, and I’d start with this crostini.

  49. I honestly don’t think you can get any better than olives, capers, and artichoke hearts all blended together. That is literally the best combination EVER

  50. beth

    I made this last night on a whim and OMG it’s SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!! I almost ate the entire baguette and barely left room for the “not single for long” penne a la vodka from one of your earlier posts (also delish). This crostini is my new go-to for any event when I need to bring something. So easy and SO TASTY! Thanks Deb!

  51. I just made this for a dinner party we’re going to this evening – It’s amazing! I’m trying to shed a few pounds so I left out the olive oil completely and it is still delicious and has great texture. Thank you for sharing this!

  52. Allan

    Hi! Thank you for posting this! In my country we dont have the canned type so I guess I should buy artichokes and boil the hearts?
    Thank you!

  53. Amanda

    I used tinned ‘chokes, handful of mixed marinated olives, capers and garlic. NO extra oil, and the consistency was great. I sprinkled a little grated parm dheese over the toasted bread, so it just coloured a little.
    Substantial without being oily – will def make again.
    First time I made it I forgot to add garlic – well der! Tasted it before serving and realized it “needed something”; I mean what’s Italian without garlic! Lemon sounds a nice addition.

  54. Allan

    Today I made this for dinner and it was amazing, I ate a LOT and then I came back to the kitchen and grab some more =D this recipe is definitely on my “those you cant stop eating until the container is empty” list.

  55. anadimae

    This is delicious~!! It is too easy to be this good~!! THANK YOU~! It’s one of my appetizers for Easter tomorrow. Thanks so much~!

  56. I made this for a little get together this weekend and it was terrific. Even the olive dislikers were fans. Couldn’t be easier to make, and the leftovers will be great with pasta. Hope your move is smooth and blissful (or at least worth it!)

  57. Valerie L.

    OMG! I made this for our Easter gathering. It was devoured by all. I didn’t have any plain artichokes, but did have the marinated ones. The only green olives I had were the double-stuffed with jalapenos and garlic. The capers I had were the ones with anchovies wrapped around them. I figured I was pushing it with the jalapenos, so didn’t use the fishy capers! I didn’t need to add any extra oil since the marinated ones carried their own. YUMMMMMMM! The little bit of spice the jalapenos brought to the party was awesome! I don’t know how many people said on the first bite, “Well, I’m not sure if I like that.” However, those were the same people who kept coming back over and over again!!
    I love the fact that this recipe is so forgiving and I could use your recipe as a “jumping off point” and use what I had on hand and it is still delicious! Thanks for a wonderful blog. I read every day and have been inspired by the amazing photos and just plain fun you have in the kitchen! Good luck on the move! Bigger kitchen, bigger recipes??!

  58. erin

    I also made this for Easter…and didn’t have enough green olives, so I added some Kalamatas. The little bit of purple was quite lovely and tasted good too.

  59. This makes me homesick for when I use to have a dish of tapenade on hand at all times. I don’t know why I suddenly stopped making it. Your simple great dish inspired me to bring that good habit back. I never used artichokes in it before, I bet it will be good.

  60. I made this over the weekend…and let me just say it was scrumptious! Love love loved it!
    I dipped TJ’s warmed brown rice tortillas in it.

    Also, I didn’t have green olives on hand so I used black.

  61. Marissa

    This was GREAT. I made it for Easter and it was gobbled up in an instant! I added kalamata olives, freshly grated parmesan cheese (in the mix, as well as on top for garnish), a dash of Italian Seasoning, some salt and pepper, and it was DELISH! I think next time I’ll roast the garlic before putting it in, because by day 2, it was pretty odiferous, but still really delicious.

  62. Kimberley

    Not sure how I missed the news that you’re pregnant as I read the emails quite religiously, but anyway, very exciting for you both, congratulations. But the felicitations mail is really just an excuse to say how much I enjoy your posts and your recipes. So well written and so real, it’s such a refreshing change from the celebrity chef culture that seems to have taken over the TV in this country and makes for cookery book shelves to be so homogenous – Jamie this and Gordon that, boring! (Did I mention I’m from the UK) Having said that, I guess they woudln’t be popular if they weren’t any good and I am a fan of Jamie’s style and can confess to having some of his books on my shelf too! But the recipes you choose are so varied and it’s great to have your tips on what to watch out for. I love it and sent it to my sister who sent it to her friends and now we’re all hooked. So thanks very much!

  63. You hit the mark with this one. I can tell just by reading it how good it will be. Once I make it I will be able to eat it all myself. Hubby and son at home probably won’t try it if they know there are olives. Don’t tell them you say. Phhhtttt. Why would I do that. More for me.

  64. Barbara Solomon

    Loved the green olives with the artichokes. Added a fair amount of chopped continental parsley which made a terrific appetiser even better.

  65. denise

    i made this on easter for my parents-in-law and they loved it :-) it was great because i made it the day before so all i had to do was toast the bread on the day of…the olive taste is strong, so the folks who don’t like olives didn’t enjoy it, but for those who did- AWESOME. and so easy.

  66. EC

    This was spectacular. I had 15 girls over for a bachelorette party I hosted for a vegetarian friend. I put out a huge bowl of this with toasted pita wedges, and it was gone in no time.

  67. Tasty! The leftover spread also worked well in a vegetable panini with roasted red pepper and thin slices of red onion and mushrooms precooked on a Foreman grill.

  68. oh wow! added some parmesan cheese to this and it was sooooo good. even picky 14 yr old son devoured it and asked for more! we’re going to add it to pasta per your suggestion tonight and see how good that is. had this with the potato green bean salad and left the table happy for the first time in a long time!

  69. Kim

    I made the artichoke spread but paired it with the rosemary flatbread instead and it was a great success. Thanks for the recipes!

  70. Susan

    Somehow I missed making this when you first published it. Where was my head?
    I made this tapanade yesterday after reading about it on David Lebovitz site. It’s wonderful; the perfect combination of savory, briney and crumbly texture. I can see this used as a sandwich spread, with cream cheese or ricotta as an appetizer or even as a topping for fish. I served it along with some fresh grilled albacore for dinner last night and it was outstanding; better than tartar sauce (which it could be mixed with some mayo to make a better tartar sauce) Excellent recipe, so versatile. Thanks, Deb.

  71. robin

    I made this on Saturday. It was really good. It was so good that I made another batch tonight. It was dinner. It will be lunch tomorrow. A thin smear of fresh goat cheese topped with a big old dollop of this stuff – awesome, simple, it’s a perfect “I’m lazy and don’t feel like cooking” thing. In a fit of total foodie dorkiness, I did a side by side comparison of yours and David Lebovitz’s versions. Yours won, hands down.

  72. clubferndale

    Stumbled across your wonderful blog yesterday and KNEW this crostini was going to be so good, I’d better make a double batch! Taking it to a party tonight, but my husband and I are having trouble not eating it all with a spoon. I agree with Robin..schmear of goat cheese on the bread. Yesssss! Thanks for a great recipe and really entertaining blog.

  73. Lisa

    LOVE THIS! I made this for our NYE mezze table, and it was a super hit. The somewhat cruddy artichoke hearts I bought needed a little jazzing up with some lemon juice, but otherwise, spot on. And not even unhealthy! Thanks for this great contribution to my go-to party recipes!

  74. Jess

    A note: a little bit of flat-leaf parsley tastes good in here and helps with the color, I’ve also added a handful of wilted spinach.

  75. Sandy Kay

    I made these for an Oscars party last night and they were a big hit! Plus they were insanely easy. I like garlic so I used two cloves of garlic but it was just a little too garlicky so I think I’d either go back to one clove or choose two smaller cloves. I tossed in a little parmesan cheese just for the fun of it and that was OK. Yet another winner from Smitten Kitchen.

  76. Kara Joy

    I just made this for a baby shower in a few hours.
    I tested it out on a spare slice of bread … YUM. Insanely good. Super easy!
    I doubled it and didn’t have quite enough olives, added a little lemon, but it was quite forgiving to me.

    Love it.

  77. SmallE

    Making this in the morning to spread on some homemade black olive, garlic & basil focaccia and topping with a poached egg, prosciutto and shredded havarti for a special Sunday brunch date. Should work nicely paired with mimosas…yummm!!!

  78. Erin

    I know this is about a hundred years after the fact, but I served this the other night, and my three year old, who basically lives on . . . eggs, could not get enough of it. There was none left for the rest of us. I think his mind has been opened- and all by an hors d’euvre. Thank you!

  79. Annie

    mmmmmm…..I tried these out on two parties back to back and at both events, everyone loved them. Although not necessary, I put a shaving of parm on the top. Can’t wait to make it again.

  80. Lindsay

    I have the same question as fabs. I don’t have a food processor, although I do have one of those mini food chopper/processor things. Maybe I could do it in batches? I think a blender would liquefy it…eww…I NEED to buy a food processor!

  81. Lindsay

    The mini worked fine and this was soooo yummy, a big hit at book club! I will definitely make this again and again! Thank you!

  82. Christina

    Super easy and FANTASTIC with a martini! This has become a weekly appetizer. First time I tried this with a blender but it didn’t work out so well but the food processor works great.

  83. Jessica

    I was supposed to make this for a family dinner tonight but my mom inconveniently forgot to bring me the olives and capers I was so sad but it was probably better that she forgot anyway. The bread my husband brought home from the store was still half raw and I didn’t have time to make my super yummy bauggett. I will for sure be making this within the week though. I’m probably going to dream about it tonight. Loving all of your recipes and one day I hope to work through your entire blog. Lol.

  84. Diane

    I was trying to find a recipe like this, after trying the Canadian President’s Choice Artichoke + Asiago Tapenade, which sells for about $6.00 for a small jam sized jar.
    The ingredients listed on that heaven in a jar are: Artichoke hearts, Asiago cheese, Canola oil, Garlic, Extra virgin Olive Oil, White vinegar, Herbs, salt and lemon juice. I am going to try your wonderful sounding recipe and will add olives and capers as well. Look so forward to trying your wonderful recipe!

  85. Amy

    You know what I love about this recipe? I was hosting a party for 60 people so I bought one of those gigantic bulk cans of artichokes. Those artichokes are not really great, I often find them bland with a taste redolent of the tin can. But something about the alchemy of this recipe resuscitated their true artichokiness. I made an armada of them, alongside a few other flavour combo’s. These ones were hands-down the most popular.

    Love your #1 fan from South Africa

  86. Jamie

    I made this to put on a chicken sandwich and it was quite good. I used grilled sourdough bread and bought a lemon pepper rotiseree chicken at the store. I used a garlic feta cheese and green leaf lettuce as well. It was tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

    I do think if I made it again I would use half as many olives and double up on the artichokes.. The olives I found a little overwhelming. All in all very grateful for something different. Thank you!

  87. bell

    Thanks for this recipe. It’s great. I omitted the olive oil, which I thought might make it a bit too powerful, but it was actually delicious. There’s a lovely little shop down the road from me in Ireland that sells a fantastic black olive tapenade. They add a small amount of finely chopped chilli; next time I make this I think I’ll add a tiny bit of green chilli, for an extra kick. But, as it is, it’s absolutely great and I plan to make it for the next time I’m entertaining.

  88. Samantha

    Hi, I’ve made this before and have a roundabout idea of how much it makes, but wondering if you have an estimate on servings? I want to make it for a party of about 30 people…


  89. MrsJourns

    So simple, so tasty. I can’t believe how easy this was to make. I just guesstimated how much I needed of each ingredient and it turned out delicious. Normally bruschetta and a salad would not constitute a meal in my other halfs eyes but he was full of praise for this.

  90. Loved this recipe! I read your blog and was searching for dairy-free ideas for a party… and found this! I added more capers than the recipe called for, some smoked paprika, and a dash of smoked salt and some lemon juice. Have made this multiple times now and it’s always a hit.

  91. Robin Bear

    Is everyone just using regular green olives, the kind sometimes stuffed with pimentos? If I’m wrong about the type please suggest the type of olive to buy. This looks wonderful!

  92. KatieK

    Okay, this stuff might be addictive! Made it for a Bunco party this evening, and I’ll need to hide it or it’ll be gone. What a great combo of flavors. However, I could find only one company which cans the large, pitted green olives. Almost thought I’d have to start taking pimentos out of some stuffed ones. Those, even unstuffed, would have been too salty.

  93. I recently had a marvelous savory biscotti with a whipped cheese of some kind and a drizzle of fig. Do you have a recipe for either the topping or something close to it that I could use on a savory biscotti or even better a recipe for a savory biscotti. I usually make the usual biscotti that is more sweet in nature. Thanks so much. Claire

    PS Love you cookbook and gave it as a shower gift

  94. Abby

    I live in Italy and buy jars of this all the time – no more! Thanks for figuring out the recipe. My girls (5 and 7) love it and it makes for a great snack at the beach.

    Also, I LOVE your cookbook and have been checking off the recipes as I make them. I have yet to be disappointed. The slaw and roasted chicken with potatoes are so simple and delicious and get me loads of compliments. Made your maple bacon biscuits for breakfast yesterday and felt no guilt about the amount of bacon fat I was eating as I finished off 4. Thanks and can’t wait for the next one!

  95. Poonam Chandak

    I tried this last evening and it turned out delicious ;-) only addition to it would be some crushed red pepper/black pepper on the crostini. I do not have a food processor so I used my blender which makes the paste extra-smooth and not as coarse as in the picture.Yummy amazing recipe, loved it!!

  96. I just wanted to let you know that I make this on a weekly basis. My husband and I work long crazy hours and when we come home sometimes all we want is a martini and this amazing appetizer. We bring it to parties, we eat it as a spread on sandwiches, crusty bread, crackers, it’s incredibly versatile! Thank you so much for bringing this recipe into our busy lives. It’s something for us to look forward to.

  97. Susan

    I am making this wonderful looking dip tomorrow (Saturday) for a wine dinner. What kind of green olives do you suggest? The tree ripened ones that are buttery flavored or some other kind of pitted green?

  98. Greta

    Where have I been? So glad a woman I know told me about your website this summer when I was raving about the artichoke-olive crostini that she made.
    She made it as a spread for crackers or toasts and used pimento olives. I have made it many times since and shared the recipe with others who loved it.
    I just started looking at some of your other recipes and I am hooked. They all sound yummy and I really like that you mention and link to previous recipes that you have posted. I t does get me jumping all over the place (and salivating) but provides great options that I may not have thought about.

  99. TreaclePie

    Hi. Very late to this party, but as my Mother and I share a deep love of olives and artichokes this would make a great gift. But how long does it keep, if at all? She lives an hour or two away, and I’d want her to have some time to eat it before it’s demise! If it’s too perishable, just the recipe might have to do ;) Thanks

  100. Kate

    Delicious flavor and so easy but way too much oil. I added lemon juice to try and cut it, which I’ll use again next time, along with half the oil to start and go from there.

    1. Jessica

      I didn’t measure the oil – kind of guessed at about 3 tablespoons or less, then added a glug of lemon juice for the acidity. Definitely needed that lemon juice!

  101. Sandy Radeke

    This is my “go to” recipe when I need to bring appetizers. I just made it again tonight for an after work event tomorrow. I don’t bother measuring the olives. I just use the entire can of pitted green olives. Also, I like to add a handful of shredded Parmesan cheese.

  102. Blandine

    Sooo good. Thank you, since I came across this recipe, I do it maybe twice a month. It is so quick and I always have the ingredients. It is also a big hit with my four-year old.

  103. CS

    This is easy peasy to make and super yummy. I subbed 3 Tablespoons of oil from a container of TJ’s marinated mozzarella balls since we had one open. After whirling in the food processor and tasting it I added 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a scant 1/4 cup of Parmesan. For GF guests I baked up some TJ’s GF flatbread.

  104. lifeonthemed

    Looks like a great recipe. Just learned how to roast and steam artichokes. An anomaly for me. I will definitely take it one step further and try this out! Thx.

  105. Jennifer

    And I thought I disliked artichokes! Wrong again. I put this on pasta (with a dollop of ricotta on top) last night and I thought it was terrific. Spouse concurred. I will definitely try it as a crostini topping for an upcoming shindig. Thanks for another winner.

  106. Carol

    This was easy and delicious. I did add a small bit of lemon juice, mentioned by others ( about 1 Tablespoon). Big hit. Will definitely make again.

  107. Chuck Hooker

    Found your link recently, tried the Artichoke Tapenade and it’s a real winner. One problem, perhaps our fault: the canned artichoke hearts we used, probably not a primo brand, were overly stringy and tended to offset the recipe’s virtues. Simply upgrading to a better brand or are there other safeguards to try?
    Many thanks,