feta salsa

A few weeks ago, Alex and I were in Whole Foods and just as we were hoping, they had some samples out in the cheese section for weary travelers. (Yes, walking from Chelsea to the Lower East Side counts!) One of them was something that, being me, I initially kind of shrugged over, because who would buy something called Feta Salsa which was clearly not salsa, really a throwaway of a “recipe” and also like $8 for the tiniest of containers.

mount feta

As it turned out, we would. Basically, Whole Foods took a bunch of ingredients that are usually presented in their own separate dishes if you were putting out snacks — olives, sun dried tomatoes, feta, olive oil — chopped them all together and adding some herbs to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

pour in olive oil

Of course, if you think I was going to use this platform to tell you to go to a store and shell out upwards of $10 for 2/3 cup of this, well, you must be new here. Instead, I see no reason why you can’t make this for yourself at home, the kind of thing that is perfect to have on hand when people “drop” by*. It’s delicious scooped up with crackers or flatbread, but let’s say it got to be 8 p.m. last night and you realized that all you’d made that day was crackers and feta salsa? Le voila: just scoop it over salad greens, and a light dinner is served.

feta salsa salad

* Does that happen in real life, that is people “dropping by” just because they were “in the neighborhood”? Or just in the Smitten Kitchen?

Feta Salsa

Definitely consider this recipe as more of a guideline. It works as is but is infinitely flexible should you want to use different herbs or add capers or skip something or other. Also, if your store has more than one type of feta, I love trying all of them — some of our favorites are the Bulgarian and the French ones, but the everyday sturdy stuff works just fine, too.

1/2 pound feta (cow’s milk)
2/3 cup sundried tomatoes in oil
1/2 cup pitted Kalamata olives
2 tablespoons fresh dill
3 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley
2 scallions
1/4 cup olive oil

Crumble the feta into a bowl. Chop the tomatoes and olives, dill and parsley and thinly slice the scallions. Gently mix the ingredients together and drizzle with a few tablespoons of olive oi, or to taste.

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  1. Vidya

    Oh. My. God. I was wondering what on earth feta salsa could be – I was expecting a tomato base-feta combination…but this absolutely blows my mind. YUM! It does look a lot like salad. I am sooo making this for the next time I have guests over. A question, why do you use cow’s milk feta? Can goat’s or sheep’s milk be substituted?

  2. Sulk. No one ever drops by here, despite my extensive cracker and condiment collection. Mind you, I live on an island, and it is 10 degrees outside, but I don’t see why that should matter…

  3. Sarah

    Lovely and yummy. Trader Joe’s sells a really delicious Israeli sheep feta.

    I think (could be stretching things here, but..) that loving food and being hospitable tend to go hand in hand. We gather around food; it’s communal. You obviously love sharing food (hence your wonderful blog), so no wonder you get folks just “dropping by”. They know they’re welcome and that there is something to gather’round. Love the open door policy.

  4. The further along I read in your most… as I progressed through the photos… I slowly but surely became a fan of feta salsa. Feta Salsa. Feta Salsa. Ok… I might need to say it a few more times before it sinks in.
    And Yes! People actually do “drop in” even in Los Angeles, where it’s not all that easy to just “drop in”. This holiday season I’m totally welcoming it. I’ve got a couple of drop ins this weekend!

  5. debby

    I just threw away my sundried tomatoes in oil. Now, I can see, I’m going to have to make some more. Maybe this time I should just cave and freeze them. Also, stupid question, probably, but can you sub another cheese, or will that miss the point entirely?

  6. Slack

    I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone just drop by (and would really be uncomfortable if they did). But I really like inviting people over and salty feta and olives are both a love! I just got back from the store and wish I had seen this first!

  7. Allrecipes has a feta avocado salsa recipe that is out of this world. I’ve taken it to many many parties and ti’s always everyone’s favorite:)

    yours looks delicious too. May have to make some of that this weekend:)

  8. gab

    i just had two different sets of drop-ins overlap last friday. couldve served this, as i keep most of these ingredients on hand! oh well, cheeseball and salami/pepperoncini worked too. but next time…!

  9. A drop-by in the ‘burbs is regarded with the same enthusiasm as a drive-by in the city. Door bell rings. “What was that?” “I think it was the door bell.” “You expecting anything from FedEx or UPS?” “No.” Tip-toes over to the peep hole. “Shhh! It’s Portia and Colt from across the street. Now, what could they want? We’ve already waved ‘hello’ for the week over the tops of our SUVs. Do you think they heard us?” “I hope not – just stand perfectly still….”

    Although, if we did have drop-bys, this would be ever so nice to serve. When I first saw the photos, I thought the black things were black beans … which gave me a craving for salsa with black beans in it. Black beans and feta … hmmmm ….

  10. i am a longtime lurker – i have never been a big commenter – but wow….this looks great! i really appreciate all your great recipes (i have made many of them) and terrific photography. thanks and keep up the great work!

  11. I highly discourage visitors from “dropping by” – otherwise I’d always have to keep my house clean. I do love feta cheese however, so maybe I’ll make some and drop by somebody else’s house with it.

  12. VSE

    You could even skip the cracker part by toasting up some cubes of good bread or soaking them in water a bit if they’re old and adding them to the bowl. Then you’d have feta salsa fattoush or feta salsa panzanella.

  13. Wow, this looks good. I’ve been making a few of tapas-style salads recently, such as courgette salad, tabbouleh, rocket salad, etc. This feta salsa would go perfectly with that sort of thing. What a great idea – I’d never have thought of putting feta in a salsa.

  14. I’m going to experiment with your cracker recipe this weekend and tweak it to be gluten-free, so I’m thrilled that you followed that one up with a nice salsa spread to go with them. This does look tasty and you’re right, why pay the outrageous prices at WF when you can make your own? Much more fun anyway! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  15. This sounds so perfect, I’m going to try it this weekend! (As a matter of fact, it’s about 8:30 a.m., and I even wish I had some now …)

    Thanks for the guideline recipe!

  16. Looks awesome! I have to say, the name gave me pause like earlier commenters. I’m not sure what else you might call it, though. “Feta medley”? “Mo’ betta feta”?

  17. Eleni

    I often make something similar with tomatoes, scallions, feta, olive oil, oregano and a little bit of lemon juice..It ends up working really well when added to couscous. Makes for a light and super easy dinner or lunch.

  18. don

    This is great. My son when he was about six invented a similar (the same principle) dish. He was helping me clear up after a get-together and put all the olives , cheeses, pickles, etc in one container to store.
    ‘There wasn’t enough to make a real dish full in any of them Dad.’
    I tweaked it a bit (he hadn’t put oil and vinegar dressing in with it) and voila.
    He’s thirty something now and still loves to cook.

  19. Mmm, this sounds great! You could even make it a vegetarian main dish by spooning it over lentils and wilted spinach…and I think I’d throw in some grape tomatoes b/c I’m a tomato fanatic. Thanks!

  20. Elizabeth

    Do you think orzo would make a good addition? I’m making this for a party, instead of doubling the recipe, I was just thinking orzo would be a good way to stretch it.

  21. deb

    Dania — I don’t have a preference. I was simply using what WF did in their original that we’d liked so much.

    Elizabeth — Orzo would be *fantastic* in this. Great idea.

    P.S. We served this last night with pita chips.

  22. Carrie

    Now I can stop worrying about what to serve at the Christmas party we’re hosting next week! I’ll serve this with a big ol’ mess of Trader Joe’s Sea Salted Pita Chips!

  23. Sara M

    I’m thinking this would be delicious as a lettuce wrap….

    *must remember to pick up lettuce when I head to Whole Foods tonight*

  24. of course people stop by, you’re always cooking! people don’t stop by my apt too often, unless i let it be known i made something. otherwise, the only thing i have to offer guests is wine, which i always have an open bottle of.

  25. Elizabeth

    Ok, so I tasted it before adding the orzo *swoon*. Then after the orzo found it loses some of it’s flavor punch. I added oil from the sundried tomatoes, a bit of kosher salt, some fresh cracked pepper and a couple more scallions. VOILA! I love this! Thank you so much!!!

  26. deepa

    That’s so funny – one of my “go to” recipes is based on a whole foods free sample: goat cheese, honey, diced pears and dried cranberries. I usually roll it up on some puff pastry, but it is heavenly on a cracker:)

    Thanks for the recipe!

  27. ha, I love SoupAddict Karen’s drop-by scenario, hilarious. People do drop by here at chez-puku, but they’re close friends, so I don’t mind that there’s piles of washing on the floor and grime around my bathroom taps!

    This looks like a great combo to have sitting around in the fridge for emergency hostessing, pre-dinner snacking on crackers and throwing through pasta or onto a pizza base for a quick dinner. mmmmmm. :)

  28. Sara M

    oh man! I just made this and it’s amazing! I forgot to get lettuce so I’ll have to try the lettuce wraps next time. I added some garlic *ok…a lot of garlic* and some lemon juice and it’s delicious!


    1. Mtn grrl

      Cookbooks are fond of saying things like “great for when people drop by”,” keep this in the freezer for when friends stop in”. I think this is an emotional hook for people that wish they lived in such a chummy world. Pre cell phones, I do remember people dropping by. Now they text first, the play date or tea date is set up. No, people do not drop by, and I live in a small town!7

  29. gigi

    just made this for an app. tonight. had friends over for dinner. 2 of those friends DETEST olives, and couldn’t stop stuffing thier faces with this salsa!
    i am obsessed with this! so much so, that while my guests wanted more dessert, i chose more salsa!
    thanks so much for sharing!

  30. Amber

    Looks delicious! I make an orzo pasta salad that’s similar to this, but also includes artichoke hearts and toasted pine nuts. A big bowl of it feeds a bunch of people and is easy to throw together. Great party food/dinner party side.

  31. Deanna B

    I know what I’m going to be snacking on while I finish my paper and study for finals. And someone earlier asked about using another cheese, and I am guessing that a ricotta salata or Mizithra would work really well too. With the ricotta you would need to up the salt a bit though. Mizithra is one of my favorite cheeses especially with spaghetti, broccoli, garlic, and browned butter. Although I have been known to leave out the pasta.

  32. amanda

    I took this and 2 batches of Spelt Crackers to an x-mas party last night. Both were very well received. For those that are into feta, this is a winner. And those Spelt Crackers? Deeeelicious. (though, because I didn’t have a spray bottle, I tried to sprinkle water on the dough and rub it around for the glossy effect. unfortunately this was a bad idea as some of the most damp parts of the dough refused to crisp and were more bread-like. still tasty though with the everything style seasoning blend.)

  33. Alivia yo :)

    ok……so im a teenager who loves 2 cook! when my dad e-mailed me this, i was like “wow” except i kinda want 2 throw it over something like grilled chicken & c what that does. what do u think?

  34. OK, I just found your site and I have spent 2 hours looking your different recipes. No I have not gotten through them all yet. But as a native San Franciscan who now lives deep in the heart of Southeast Texas, I love reading these recipes. I love to brighten up meals with what people around here would call “exotic” recipes. I’m sure as I send my Kindergartner to school with brown butter brown sugar shorties for the class treat, I’ll get notes from the other moms about corrupting their children with fancy cookies.

  35. Alivia –

    I think that’s so great that you’re starting to love cooking so young! (You should know that I’m not the author of this blog, but I just read your comment and thought I’d throw in my two cents.) I think the grilled chicken idea sounds great. You could even stuff the feta salsa INSIDE a chicken breast and bake it for a yummy stuffed chicken dish. Serve it with a green salad…mmm. Good luck!

  36. Jo from Sydney

    Yum. One of my favourite salads is simply roast butternut pumpkin, rocket and feta (pinenuts optional). The flavours go beautifully together.

  37. You have nooo idea how quickly I bookmarked this!! Feta cheese is one of my favorite things in the world and this looks absolutely fabulous!! Drooling…

  38. This looks delicious. Good you didn’t buy the pre-made version, it is always overpriced and to be honest, yours looks so much better. I can’t wait to make it. My boyfriend loves feta cheese, he will put it on anything and everything.

  39. jeni

    made it for a small party as a “cheese dip thing”. i knicked my finger while i was chopping the the parsley and herbs though (my fault, cause i was yapping while under the blade). i used the tops of a fennel bulb and omitted the olives.(crazy friends that doesn’t do olives) but i was fun and super easy to eat! it is also a fantastic way to use up my costco sized sun-dried tomatoes. i gotta got get another humongous jar cause i am running out! save the oil from the tomato jar for the dip! i think it would work great in a chicken sandwich later this week!

  40. I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love love LOVE feta cheese and I’m always looking for new ways to use it! Looks like I’m making feta salsa tonight.

    (And people always seem to be dropping by when the are “in the neighborhood” here

  41. Thanks for coming up with the recipe for us so that we don’t have to drop all of our cash at Whole Paycheck! :) I absolutely love that store, but gawd it’s Dangerous.
    I love anything with feta and I’m making this ASAP!

  42. JC

    Zoe / Puku – GREAT idea to use the salsa as a pizza base!

    Elizabeth – Love the idea of adding orzo. My friend is making this for a holiday party and I will give her that hint for stretching it.

    I think this will be our new go-to fridge item, replacing ever popular Sabra Hummus.

    Sometimes it pays to wait a few days to read comments, good ideas people!

  43. Denise

    I’m going to a holiday party tonight and I think I’ll be taking this. YUM!
    People DO NOT just drop by our house. My BF and I are firm believers in calling before you come over. We don’t care if you call in our driveway (which people have done), just call. :)

  44. Nicole M

    Seems closer to a tapenade than salsa, but who cares if it tastes great? Just showed this to my husband and now he won’t stop bugging me to make it RIGHT NOW! ha ha This is really versatile and I can’t wait to try it in different dishes.

  45. Denise – hee hee, I sooo hear you. I’m a great fan of the call-ahead. I’ll never say, “no, don’t come over,” but I do need that five-minute head start to change my outfit (which, unless I’ve just walked in the door from somewhere else, is usually jammies – tops and bottoms sometimes color-coordinated, sometimes not – it’s the luck of the draw), and shove the stray dirty bowl, pan and splattered apron into the oven.

    I keep coming back and looking at this recipe … it must be a sign …. I think I’ll try it with the orzo and the pita chips.

  46. I encourage and love when my friends drop by. If my house is a mess or I am in my sweats, well, so be it! I always have a bottle of wine open (okay, tea or coffee if before noon) and I usually have a recipe that I have tested that I want an opinion on. Last night I had a half dozen neighborhood women over sampling my new spinach ball and spiced nut recipes and drinking wine. Today as my Tortilla Pie was coming out of the oven my parents stopped by (okay they did call on the way) to borrow some peanut oil so they got to sample. I plan to try this feta salsa asap and hope for a visitor to stop by and sample it — that is if there is any left after my family gobbles it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  47. Sara M

    I just made this again *ate it all in one sitting!* and this time substituted sliced cherry tomatoes for the sun-dried and added some lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Extra tasty! I plan to stuff some pita shells with it and take it to class with me :)

    They’ll all be so jealous

    I’m excited to see what you have coming next!

  48. OK, there must be another Smitten reader in Minneapolis, because I went to a party last night and someone brought Almost Exactly This. Except without sun-dried tomatoes or dill; instead they added a snowfall of Microplaned lemon zest. The Mister stood over the bowl and growled whenever anyone else came near. (And no, the WF here doesn’t make it. Nor, to my sorrow, do they make the ultra-amazing smoked salmon salad turned out by the fish guys at the Atlanta WF.)

  49. Wow. I will be making this tomorrow! Raw milk feta cheese, cold-pressed olive oil will make this delicious salsa Nourishing Traditions friendly. I’ll probably experiment with it, too. I’m a cilantro gal, and it sounds like it could use some unpasteurized balsamic vinegar. And maybe something crunchy, too, like pine nuts or sunflower seeds.

  50. Mel

    I made this for a party at work and it went over really well! I highly recommend using a flatbread or pita with it though. I had originally bought some Roasted Tomato Triscuts but they WAY overpowered the salsa. Here’s to tasting your food beforehand. I ran out and got some pita bread and toasted it – yum!

  51. I just found this blog and fell in love! I can’t wait to try this recipe because it has all my favorite ingredients. If I made this recipe and put it in a jar how long do you think it would stay good for? I have never canned anything.

  52. Kathy B

    I make a similar dip without olives and dill but with garlic and some balsamic vinegar. It improves with age so is great to make ahead. It’s also great tossed with hot pasta for a quick and easy supper.

  53. JC

    It was a hit! I would recommend baguette slices for serving as an alternative to pita chips, making this a spin on bruschetta. I added a crushed garlic clove and left out the dill. I too thought it would have been wonderful tossed with some fresh linguine. I only wished I had made double and saved a batch for myself. Next time!

  54. Stephanie

    I made this for a holiday party I hosted over the weekend and it was a huge hit. Added capers and my homemade sundried tomatoes. I saved a little bit for the over-nighters and the next morning added the remainder to scrambled eggs and it was AMAZING! Best eggs ever. I think they loved it in eggs even more.

  55. I made this for a get-together last night and it was a huge hit. When I got home I noticed that my olives weren’t pitted so I just left them out and it was still wonderful. Next week I’m going to make stuffed chicken breasts with this mixture.

  56. Jen

    I made this for a holiday party last weekend and it was crazy ridiculous how much people raved about this stuff. It was such a hit! I had people crowding around the table to get more, it was that popular. Oh, and P.S. I think everything that I made for that party was a recipe from your site! Thanks for making me look like a wonderful cook.

  57. Just made this for a new year’s eve gathering – skipped the olives (crazy friends who don’t like them), and the dill (grocery store was cleaned out), but added capers and more sun-dried tomatoes, and a spoonful of homemade harissa.

    It’s very difficult knowing that it’s sitting in my fridge and that I can’t eat it right now, and if there are any leftovers, they’re going on pasta for tomorrow’s dinner.

  58. La La

    Monday: Served Feta Salsa mixed with Watermellon for savory sweet salad
    Tuesday: Served Feta Salsa over whole wheat pasta w. spinach for office lunch
    Wednesday: ……?

  59. Brianna

    THIS! This is my favorite and long lamented ‘Mediterranean dip’ that Whole Foods got me hooked on and then have cruelly withheld for months and months.

    Theirs is made with fresh tomato, so I did a 50/50 sundried/fresh mix, and eat it with fresh bread. A smackrel of salt and an hour’s chilling and it tastes better than I remembered. =)

  60. laurie

    Such a popular appetizer and perfect for yesterday’s Super Bowl party.
    I used feta crumbles last time, and hunk-o-cheese in brine this time. I rinsed off the brine and then crumbled the cheese, but it was saltier, and I think, too salty. I used a common supermarket brand of feta. Any suggestions for making it less salty? Thanks.

  61. Meredith

    hey so i did this last night and mad a few adjustments and I appreciate the “guideline” at the bginning of the recipe too.One of my friends that came to dinner doesn’t like dill and so I did a switch and used 1 tsp red pepper flakes and 1 tsp of red vine venigar and … truth be told it was okay.It had a kick thats for sure,but it was enjoyed by all,thanks for a great guideline recipe!

  62. Sarah

    I made this for our backyard party last night and people went crazy over it! I doubled the recipe and our guests polished it off in record time. Thanks!

  63. Golfdog

    LOVE IT! I made this for a family BBQ and everyone enjoyed it. We are all foodies and can be hard to please but this was slam dunk. I added 1 tbsp. capers and 1 lb. chopped and seeded baby heirloom tomatoes. Absolutely delightful.

  64. Lorelle

    This looks so good! I would make it tomorrow except, I don’t like dill…at all. Has anyone tried this with a different herb and it worked well??

  65. Sarah

    I recently found this recipe, and I made it for a holiday party last week. It was a hit! I will definitely double or triple it next time!

  66. SP

    I made this for a Christmas party last week – a total hit! Everyone loved it. It was even better the next day mixed with fusilli. Thanks, Deb!

    1. deb

      Thanks for all of the “too Martha” responses. Honestly, I hadn’t meant to have a conversation about what is/is not “too Martha” — only about the accusation itself. I think of this site as a place for people who like to tinker with things in their kitchen, figure out how to make what they’ve come to expect to taste lackluster better. Sure, maybe not everyone wants to make crackers because maybe not everyone dislikes the crackers they can buy. But that would just mean that this recipe is not for them; not something too fussy (I suspect this is what people mean when they say “too Martha”) for a home cooking site.

      Hey, it’s not like I suggested you mill your own flour (or wherever my line in the kitchen sand may fall).

  67. April

    I’m so glad you linked to this from your other post! I buy this from WF sometimes and love it, but would really love making it myself. It’s great on a toasted baguette with shrimp, in an open-faced sandwich. I bet oil-packed tuna would be yummy too.

  68. Polymnia Kypraiou

    Nice site, very delicious recipes.
    But… the is no Bulgarian or French feta.
    They are Bulgarian and French white cheese.
    Feta cheese is only Greek!
    Thank you,

  69. Sarah

    I just wanted to post an update: I made this into a delicious pasta salad last night. I threw the salsa in with some chilled whole wheat bowtie noodles, and it made a fantastic salad. Next time I may add some grilled chicken and make it a meal.

  70. Natalie


    I brought this to a recent potluck and it was a huge hit. I served it with sea salted crackers and I’ve also used it as a wrap filler along with some turkey and red pepper strips. Instead of using regular olive oil, I drizzled a bit of the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes in.

  71. Sara

    Ha! I just stumbled upon this recipe. I work for Whole Foods and when they started making this I would totally buy a container plus a bag of crostinis first thing in the morning and that is all I would snack on all day. Yum. I <3 feta!

  72. Made this with avocado for a party and it was FABULOUS. I baked pita chips (if you’re already eating cheese, why not save a bit of fat where you can?) to serve alongside, nixed the dill (several dill-haters in my household), reduced the amount of olive oil to 2 Tbs. and added a whole, diced Haas avocado. It was delicious! While it doesn’t seem the flavors of feta/kalamata/s.d. tomato and avo would necessarily match, there’s a sandwich shop in Manhattan Beach (North End Caffe) that schmears avocado on everything — to great effect — so thought I’d give it a try, per another reviewers suggestion. It’s in the party rotation now. And leftovers? AWESOME hangover food.

  73. I know this is a year and a half late, but that’s why we can access these recipes anytime, right?

    I made the feta salsa for a party where my professors (people I wish to impress so they’ll give me a doctorate someday!) and their spouses were also in attendance.

    First, I loved it as an affordable alternative to Whole Foods’s delicious but overpriced feta salsa.

    Second, it is delicious. You are amazing.

    Third, I got asked (by a prof) if I was Greek! So … let’s say that’s positive affirmation. I’m not, but I do love Greek cuisine and Greek-esque dips like this.

    So, thanks!

  74. robin

    Just made this for an appetizer for Thanksgiving tomorrow–it’s fabulous! It’s going to take everything I have not to eat this all up today!

  75. Arielle

    I just discovered your site the other day and I love the pictures and i love your posts. Browsing through your entries -I came upon this post (i love feta!). In response to your very last question – I married a Sephardic Jewish guy (middle eastern as well as W. European decent) and his policy is an open door policy- anyone is welcome anytime (although most Sephardic families are very hospitable). I am Jewish as well, but my family comes from Eastern Europe. So, I have adopted this custom… and yes, people do randomly drop by for dinner at our house. People randomly drop by on the weekends just because they were in the neighborhood. Two things I always do – invite them in and offer them something to eat. (I always make a little extra dinner … just in case).

  76. Rebecca

    This is similar to a recipe my step-mother uses around Christmas time. Pomegranate seeds, avocado, roasted zuchini, feta, red onion, a little S&P and a squeeze of lime juice (all proportions to taste) to bring it all together. Scooped up on pita chips it is one of the most delicious, surprising ‘dips’ I’ve ever had. The ingredients just don’t sound like they’ll go together and yet one taste, and you end up gobbling it up! I’ve never thought of putting it over greens or spinach. . great new idea! Thanks Deb ~

  77. Alyson

    So this is fantastic. I have a friend who made a delicious halibut and couscous the other night…when I asked what was in the couscous to make it so unbelievably amazing, she said “feta salsa” and pointed me to Whole Foods. I just decided to Google it…sure that someone had a homemade (read: cheaper) version and what was the FIRST LINK? My favorite book-marked food blog…Smitten Kitchen! Thank you, thank you! (And definitely try the feta salsa combined into couscous with flaky white fish on top…YUM)

  78. Tiffany

    I made this today for a dinner party and it was DELICIOUS! Everyone loved it. Served it with flatbread, pita, and cucumbers. It was really tasty atop a cucumber round!

  79. HZ in DF

    My Greek husband was skeptical about my making this with feta made in Mexico (where we live), but he gave it the thumbs up after tasting it (served on the SK rosemary flatbread). It was the perfect appetizer to go with the white wine from Greece that we brought back to share with friends after our summer visit with his family.

  80. Carolyn

    I make a similar dip with black olive sundried tomatoes chopped garlic and feta. my teenage daughters all love it, even though they won’t eat fresh tomatos!

    Love the website, and just bought your cookbook for my husband for Christmas. He is making cinnamon toast french toast for breakfast.

  81. Stephanie

    I know this is years old but I’m just wondering, who drops by your place? I’m half undresssed half the time — is that not normal?

  82. I made this yesterday to eat with Matzah for Passover and it was so good. I used dried herbs instead of fresh because that was all I had, but it still worked well. That is going to be a go to appetizer for parties as well. Thanks!

  83. Reneé

    I thought those were black beans in the photo, too…and I had no olives, so, I tried it! Delicious and hearty w/ the beans (I added capers for salty notes). Also, I had only ricotta salata; it was very nice over some lightly dressed arugula. Thanks, Deb!

  84. Karen

    Ohmigoodness! This is like feta crack! The version I had used a wee bit of rosemary instead of the dill, Italian parsley and no scallions. It was delicious with pita the first day and the leftovers were amazing tossed with greens and balsamic vinaigrette. The sweetness of the balsamic with the salty olives and cheese was kind of magical. If you haven’t tried it you really, really should. I saw that someone was thinking of adding orzo which sounds super tasty.

    Ooo! What about a dollop of this on top of the one pan farro with tomatoes??

  85. Shifra

    Hi Deb,
    If I make this and then transfer it to a glass jar to keep in the fridge, how long do you think it’ll stay good for? Will it get soggy or still be good as a dip after a week or so?

    1. deb

      Shifra — Everything will keep just fine in the fridge for even a week, however, I might leave out the parsley and dill until the last minute (or, at least the last day) in case it wishes to discolor in the acidic ingredients.

  86. Michael

    Oh my goodness this stuff is ADDICTIVE! I used my fancy herb de’ provence olive oil that I use for salads and it was so perfect here! I particularly like this with the almond/rice “Nut Thins” cracker (after emptying multiple boxes of half-consumed cracker options in my house).

  87. ross

    Nice work. I was looking for a pumpkin and feta salsa recipe as a hotdog topping for a charity stall and this is a great idea, Thanks heaps

  88. cristina

    Made this salsa for a party – was very good! Next time, I’ll add finely chopped celery to tone down the saltiness and add moisture and crunch. I’ll add lime juice or vinegar per others’ comments.

  89. Molly

    I’d somehow never seen this at Whole Foods (maybe they don’t stock it anymore since you showed us all how dead simple it is?). Regardless, this is my go-to when I need a quick appetizer or have to bring something to a party. It is so delicious that even my olives-hating husband practically licked the bowl.

  90. Cate

    Yum! I just sampled this at WholeFoods in RI… I am in love! I immediately looked for a recipe to make it for cheaper at home. Thanks!

  91. Quenby

    Latecomer to this post. If you don’t like to call it feta salsa, call it “fetapenade.”
    It sounds so good, that will be dinner tomorrow.

  92. altwombly

    I made this for everyone while staying at a beach house for my friend’s 50th birthday this past weekend. It was a hit! I then topped my scrambled eggs with the leftovers and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I love your recipes! Thank you!

  93. Shannon

    I made this, knowing my husband wouldn’t touch it (he has a goat product aversion). However, my son and his girlfriend plowed thru it at a record pace. If I could show you a pic, it would be of the 99.9% empty bowl he left in the fridge for me. Yum!!

  94. abby

    Yummers! I cut the recipe in half as I was only serving it to 4 people, the recipe didn’t say how long it would last in the fridge, so I am assuming it would go for about a week. Could this dish be frozen? I eyeballed the ingredients, which worked out perfectly, as it gave me the opportunity to use up some sun dried tomatoes and capers! Is there another herb I could use instead of dill? I will definitely do this one again! Kudos on a great find!

  95. Clara L Currier

    I’m glad to finally have a recipe for this, after tasting it at Whole foods for years now. I think, however, in keeping with the Mediterranean theme, I would use rosemary rather than dill. Just thinking, Clara

  96. TessMarie

    Made this many times and always a hit. So adaptable to what you have on hand or what flavors you like. (Tried adding cucumber once but that was the only thing that hasn’t worked for me). Fresh dill is a must!

    My modified version includes capers, garlic, fresh tomato (minus the goop/seeds), splash of balsamic vin. Tossing everything then gently folding in fresh avocado just before serving.

  97. Jennifer

    I always feel accomplished when I make something just with me in mind! I added some goat cheese crumbles and pesto, and some cut up pickled green beans so I cleaned out the fridge and made lunch! I served it with some Greek yogurt with olive oil and salt and baby cucumbers and wheat thins, and it was very Christmassy!

  98. Jane

    There was a store called Fresh Fields in the west suburbs of Chicago. The deli manager made this and called it “Jack’s Delight” because it was the store manager’s favorite. Whole Foods bought Fresh Fields – maybe that’s where this came from? Anyway, I’ve been making it for years and it is always a hit. And I always have the ingredients in the house so I can make it whenever. I’m glad you posted this – everyone should try it. People will thank you.

  99. Jane

    I should have noted that “Jack’s Delight” used fresh basil, which is what I prefer.
    I’m going to try adding capers as some others have done.

  100. Yafa

    This was fabulous!! I skipped the dill and we ate it atop “fresh from the garden” lettuce. I used dehydrated cherry tomatoes plumped up in microwave with a bit of olive oil.
    I am kicking myself because I often make something like this with fresh rather than dried tomatoes, usually skip parsley in favor of oregano and mint and add lemon juice. The flavors in this just popped. While my usual feta salad is great, it doesn’t have the same zesty pop.