raspberry breakfast bars

We had a decadent weekend in the North Carolina mountains, and I never wanted to come home. The air up there is so delicious and clean, I never realized how cautiously I inhale in New York City, not that you can blame me if you’ve ever gotten a curbside whiff on a humid summer day after a long holiday weekend with no trash pickup.

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But up there, everything is a delight. We hiked, we played with the sweetest Schnauzer there ever has been, we ate proper vinegar barbecue, the best peaches in the world (from South Carolina!) and even hit some stores and a craft fair. And oh, how we cooked. Alex and I get a little hog-wild when we see a kitchen bigger than 60-square feet with not one, not two but three large counters and a grill that resides outside. Like, on a giant porch and everything! It took a mighty amount of restraint to not take a tour of the entire archive, but we did make a good dent in just 72 hours, with the kefta kebabs, dimply plum cake, napa salad with buttermilk dressing, pork tenderloin and noodle salad, grilled eggplant with caponata salsa and even the big crumb coffee cake, updated for late summer with a blueberry filling, made a showing.

Actually, it stole the show. I am currently angling an excuse to make it again. Like the fact that it’s Tuesday and I haven’t had lunch yet.

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I did, however, squeeze in a new recipe or two before the weekend, these Raspberry Breakfast Bars packed in a tin as a hostess gift. The recipe is from the Baked bakery in Red Hook, an adorable little place famed for their brownies (more on that later, if you ask nicely) and general awesomeness. They have a cookbook coming out in October but a friend slipped me a copy, and well, yikes. I have to make everything in the entire book. Everything.

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But I’d start with these. I have to giggle at the use of the word “Breakfast” in there, as if that makes them health food. But they do share similarities with granola bars in that oats and cinnamon and brown sugar kind of way, but so much better because they’re homemade and you can use up all of those U-Pick raspberries you’ve been trying to give away.

raspberry breakfast bars

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Crumbly fruit bars, previously: If you’re looking for something just like this, but less “breakfasty” you might be one of the two people out there (I kid) who have yet to make the Blueberry Crumb Bars. Hurry! Before the blueberries are gone!

So, there’s this, too: My original plan for the hostess gift had been to make the Brown Butter Peach Bars from the Big Sur Bakery, featured in the New York Times last month, because I think we all know by now how I feel about things like brown butter and vanilla beans and peaches, glorious peaches. And you know, I don’t even mind a fussy recipe, in fact, I look forward to a project from time to time. But. BUT. The very first step of this recipe was “Make the peach jam” and people, I just couldn’t do it. (It is followed by two batches of brown butter, one of which is frozen and then cut into a pastry, then a filling, then a topping…) Am I broken? Am I finally cured of my no-recipe-is-too-elaborate insanity? Has anyone else made these or tried them in person? Do you all think I should take a deep breath, step back and make them anyway? I am at an impasse here, and could use your advice.

Elsewhere: Forget the milk and cookies! Over on, I created a slideshow of ten after-school snack recipes, and by “after school snack” I mean “after work” or “It’s two hours from dinner and what can I eat.” Because if you think I stopped craving banana-chocolate tortillas the day I turned 30, well, then you just don’t know me at all. Check it out, and do let me know if you try any of them.

Raspberry Crumb Breakfast Bars

These aren’t, as the recipe notes warn, actually “crumb” bars, with the streuselly topping you might see on crumbles or coffee cakes. Instead, they’re more like a raspberry sandwich cookie, yet less sweet than a typical dessert, and more earnest somehow. I think you could easily swap the raspberries with blackberries.

Note: New, more detailed process photos were added to this recipe in 2018.

    For the crust and crumb
  • 1 1/2 cups (190 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup (190 grams) firmly packed dark brown sugar
  • 1 1/4 (120 grams) cups rolled oats
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks, 170 grams) unsalted butter, cut into 1-inch pieces
  • For the raspberry filling:
  • 1/4 cup (50 grams) firmly packed dark brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons (15 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1 pound (455 grams) raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1/4 cup (60 ml) fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons (30 grams) unsalted butter, melted and cooled

Make the crust and crumb: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Butter the bottom and sides of a 9-by-13-inch glass or light-colored metal baking pan. Put a long piece of parchment paper in the bottom of the pan, letting the parchment extend up the two short sides of the pan and overhang slightly on both ends. (This will make it easy to remove the bars from the pan after they have baked.) Butter the parchment.

Put the flour, brown sugar, oats, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon in a food processor. Pulse in short bursts until combined. Add the butter and pulse until loose crumbs form.

Reserve 1 1/2 cup of the mixture and set aside. (Note: The book suggests you reserve one cup only. My gut told me that was too little, and I upped it. I wanted to make sure the top of the raspberries were mostly covered, at least for packing purposes, and was glad I had changed it.) Pour the rest of the mixture into the prepared pan and use your hans or the back of a large wooden spoon to push the crust into an even layer at the bottom of the pan. The crust should touch the sides of the pan. Bake until golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack and let the crust cool. Keep the oven on while you make the raspberry filling.

Make the raspberry filling: In a medium bowl, whisk the sugar, lemon zest, cinnamon and flour together. Add the raspberries, lemon juice and butter and use your hands to toss gently until the raspberries are evenly coated.

Assemble and bake the bars: Spread the raspberry filling evenly on top of the cooled crust. Sprinkle the reserved crust mixture evenly on top of the filling.

Bake for 35 to 45 minutes, rotating the pan every 15 minutes, until the top is golden brown and the filling starts to bubble around the edges.

Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely, then cut into squares and serve. The bars can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to two days.

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494 comments on raspberry breakfast bars

  1. Liz

    I’m originally from NC and I absolutely miss every single thing you mentioned… the air, the absolute best and most perfect vinegar based BBQ (you must try eastern NC though!), and the peaches (farmer’s market, grocery store, or whatever, they just can’t match up in the mid-west). What a great food weekend… and thanks for bringing me back to NC for a few minutes

  2. kookie in London

    ooh you’re killing me deb. i’ve just made the blueberry crumb bars for a friend’s party tmw (really hoping a night in the fridge will make them less crumbly and more bar like…) and these raspberry treats look like just the thing to get me through my impending labour and the birth of my child. I’m obsessed with finding the right snacks! Will try them and let you know if they get me through, along with all that huffing and puffing….

  3. Oh, I wish we had surplus raspberries! It’s been such a COLD summer in the PNW that nothing has ripened properly in my family’s gardens. The raspberries were scant and tart, figs normally ripen early August and are still tiny and rock hard…even wild blackberries, the kind that take over your yard in 2 summers, are puny and bitter! I’ll have to file this away for a better harvest year- it looks amazing!

  4. kookie in London

    oh and can I be the first to ask nicely about the brownies from the Baked bakery and everything else you’re going to cook from their book? :-))

    1. I made this with vegan butter (Earth Balance) and it turned out wonderfully. I also used a mix of red, golden, and black raspberries kind of due to necessity to have enough fruit to fill the whole pan but the tri-color ended up looking beautiful.

  5. Michelle

    These look like the perfect thing to use up some of the blackberries that have been almost literally throwing themselves at me on my walk to work. It rains a lot in Seattle, but in return we get a free all-you-can-eat blackberry buffet for a few weeks, so it all evens out.

  6. Rachel

    Yes, please tell us about the brownies! I am still on the look out for the perfect recipe. I have considered making a recipe you posted last year but have not had the time. The pictures looks as though they might be a bit grainy; are they? That has been my result with most recipes. Is it something I’m doing?

  7. I got all excited then at the idea of Brown Butter Peach Bars. But seriously, “make the jam first”…

    Hope somebody will be up for trying these and reporting back? I’m too much of a baking wuss to be the first to risk something that sounds so fiddly :-)

    The raspberry breakfast bars look very fine too and versatile (I’m thinking of the laden plum tree in my garden!). I’m a complete sucker for this kind of oat-based, healthier baking!

  8. Please, please, please?
    Is that nicely enough to earn a new brownie recipe? (Not that breakfast bars aren’t great, but brownies…well that’s a whole different story.)

  9. Allie

    where do you buy tins for packing up hostess gifts, etc? and any tips on packing up these bars – looks like you wrapped them (in parchment paper)? do you tape each one?

  10. cck

    You had me at South Carolina peaches… Carolina peaches are the best in the world – despite our neighboring copy cat state (ahem, Georgia). These look delicious – can’t wait to make them this weekend!

  11. deb

    Allie — The tin is from The Container Store but you can buy stuff like that online at Specialty Bottle and Glass and other sites. I used slips of parchment paper to pack them. I prefer the look of flattened mini-cupcake liners for presentation, but not the way they collect greasy marks from baked goods. This is better because you can pop it right into the freezer like this if you wish, or keep them from getting stuck together when defrosted.

  12. Derek

    Long overdue first comment…You and your site are AWESOME!!! I have yet to be disappointed by any of your recipes and your posts always make me smile. From the chicken and dumplings for a casual winter dinner gathering, mini empenadas for the 4th of July (tasted amazing but I think I overstuffed them since some didn’t seal), to the blueberry crumb bars last month for a picnic that went over so well, people actually left other store bought desserts (like one of those giant chocolate chip cookie pie things) completely untouched, AND washed the carrier I brought them in for me. Although I think that was just because they wanted me to run home and make more. These raspberry bars just got pushed to the top of my must make list, they look perfect for back-to-school to grab and go for my early morning lectures/rotations. Thanks and keep up the greatness.

  13. Susie

    First, these look delicious and I will definitely make them. Second, no, you are not broken. You don’t know me, but I feel like my little girl is growing up. I used to make the most complicated, intricate recipes I could find, just to prove to myself (okay, and to others too, I’ll admit it) that I could. I owned a catering company and did some fancy-schmancy stuff in the 80’s & 90’s. But then you read a recipe that begins with “Choose, kill, & pluck a 7-lb. hen.” No. You get a little older, your time seems a little more precious, and you just think “Life is too short”. Not to say that you won’t break out one of these epic masterpieces and tackle it at some point. But don’t feel badly. The simple things are often the best – trite but true.

  14. WOW. These look beautiful- I LOVE raspberries. I’ve been on some crazy baking kick lately, and I see no reason why these can’t be added to the list. Except I’m out of parchment paper. Argh.

  15. Liz C

    so glad you had a good time in NC! i had some amazingly delicious peaches last night myself, with a little mascarpone/powdered sugar combination. oh, and that article at those graham cracker cheesecake deals will probably get made at my house momentarily.

  16. these look amazing. i love oat-y desserts…er breakfast items…these taste amazing i’m sure with a nice cup of coffee. must go out and buy some berries! i am so glad that you agree that the big sur peach bars recipe is seems outrageously time-consuming / difficult. that said, i LOVE big sur bakery and am sure they are perfectly dreamy to eat. but now i don’t feel so bad about abandoning the recipe.

  17. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods, hanging out in the NC Mountains! I understand not wanting to go back home after spending time on the Parkway. I heart fresh air, too. Oh, and thank you for giving me a reason to accept 10 lbs of back and raspberries from a neighbor. It’s only me by myself in my little kitchen, but I’d really enjoy making the bars. Snacking is what I do best, and I think I’d eat them all… Ok, I’d share some too, but the majority would be in my fridge.

  18. Ah, yes. I grew up in Raleigh and we used to go the the mountains twice a month in season. They’re so lovely, though I prefer September or October when it’s a little cooler! Glad you had a good time.

  19. I need to try these in a must run to the grocery store even though my husband’s at work and the kids need to go to bed sort of way. And believe me, for me to even consider putting off the precious quiet of bedtime, it has to be for something good. The thought of me having a moment with these raspberry bars and a cup of coffee in the morning, that’s more than good!

    As for the “make the peach jam” – definite deal breaker!

  20. The bars look deliciously – exactly the kind of thing to pack in my kid’s lunchbox for dessert – cause you know she’s going to eat that first, now that she’s in first grade and eating lunch in the cafeteria & gets to pick the order of lunch. I also checked out the snack ideas – they’re terrific! This is my first time commenting, so I have to also mention that everything I’ve tried from your site as been delicous – your first macncheese recipe that I tried a while back has become a family favorite, an extended family favorite, and a church-wide favorite. Thanks!

  21. These look SO good! The raspberry pink is so inviting. Looks like y’all had a great time on vacation. My vacation was TO the city air of NYC! :-) Can’t wait to hear all about what you cooked while away.

  22. Tara

    Surplus u-pick berries? – hard to imagine that happening. There’s never enough, especially here in Cleveland. I wonder how frozen berries would work in this recipe?

  23. rachelk

    Oh dear, now you’ve gotten me fixated on the big crumb cake variation…I know nothing could replace the rhubarb for first place, but how much did you decrease the sugar when you made it with the blueberries?

  24. i used a smaller dish, so mine will be way thicker, but I have to ask if 250 degrees is right for the second phase of baking. They’re still in the oven, but i’ll let you know if they turn out…

  25. Carol from Bama

    I love North Carolina! Love to visit, especially in the fall, and wander the woods and mountains and then going to search out a neat farmstand or antique store. I’ll have to try these bars as I have some raspberries and was going to freeze them – but this would be much better as an almost-instant gratification.

    And do tell about the cookbook…I have purchased about 5 since reading your blog and all of them are wonderful!

  26. deb

    Sharon — They freeze just fine. We have extras in the freezer now. However, the only thing I am not mad about–and likely, this would happen either way eventually–is that when they defrost, the tops are a bit soft, no longer cookie like. But I guess that is to be expected with a fruit layer so thick, that they’d only be super crisp on top when freshly baked.

  27. Wow, i just want to lick my screen. Ill give these a try this weekend! Yummo! I have a daily 90 mile commute so these will be great to eat on the early morning drive (6:30am).

  28. You sold me immediately with the pictures… the raving about the NC mountains was just a bonus. I’m getting married somewhere near where you probably were in 3 weeks. I don’t live there and people keep asking me why I chose that location. They obviously have never visited!

  29. Deborah

    Loved the kiddie after school snacks too…but the Peanut butter cookies?
    No flour?

    Really? just peanut butter, sugar and an egg?

    I want to believe! LOL

  30. Kara

    I guess it would be blasphemy to suggest maybe a little shortcut on the peach bars? But I’m going to anyway. What about finding a really, really good peach jam that you can buy, then proceeding from there. Once made, you may decide that they’re just THAT amazing and would be even more amazing if you did the homemade jam, so you may decide to do it again, including that step. But if it’s not your favorite, then you can give it a pass and feel good about all the time you saved with the shortcut.

  31. Hi! This recipe sounds awesome. I keep a blog about making great food with what’s available. One of the things I’m missing is a functioning oven, so I’ve been experimenting with using the grill in it’s place. I want to try baking these in the grill. I’ll let you know if it works!

  32. Recipe question: Do you think this might work with an assortment of berries? I am very limited on my shopping options. I think I could get around a cup of blue berries, maybe a cup of black and rasberries…possibly some strawberries too. We are stationed in Germany and our military grocery store choices suck. I have guests coming into town this weekend and I would love to impress them with some homade berry bars.

  33. This post is TOO MUCH!! Those bars look INCREDIBLE. Like I need one NOW incredible. You mention the famous brownies. I’m begging for more on that with all my tastebuds. AND THOSE AFTERSCHOOL SNACKS ARE AMAZINGLY WONDERFULLY AWESOME!! Sorr about all the caps, but if your post was less overwhelming I would have to use them.

    You’ve always sorta been my hero, but now you’re number one, lady!

  34. Johanna

    I’ve had a rather unpleasant experience with raspberry bars a while ago, but as all your recipes I’ve tried so far have turned out to be really good and yummy, I might just as well give these a try!

  35. Sophia

    The bars look amazing and I’m truly jealous that you have berries that you desperatly want to give away. Why don’t I know somebody who has to many berries?

  36. S from Bucharest

    Honey, you are wonderfull! i read all the receipes, here in the eastern europe we don’t measure with cups, but i-ll find a way to convert the quantities! I forgot, all your pictures are a delight for my eyes , a big hug from Romania.

  37. Melody C.

    Christy, I’m in England with the same limited shopping options on base.The quality seems good but the prices are outrageous! Nothing like a $10-15 homemade dessert! Where are the U-pick places! I bet the mix of berries would be great! And you know what, frozen berries would probably work too.

    I have blackberries ripe in my hedge but they are the tiniest, seediest blackberries I’ve ever had. Thought maybe last summer was just a bad season, but they are just as bad this year!

    Here’s hoping the dollar improves!

    Melody C.

  38. Oh, the bars look heavenly, and congratulations on the feature, the recipes look fantastic. I can’t wait to try them on my kids! I only wish all-natural peanut butter didn’t cost the price of a small house here in Berlin!

  39. What deliciously moreish bars these are! Not sure about having them for breakfast, but I’d love one (..or three…) right now with my tea. Think they might be good with blackberries too – shall certainly be giving these a try!

  40. Linda

    Your slide show is terrific, love the easy, quick ideas. Sometimes I use up the recipe ingredients before I get a chance to recreate the smitten magic. Like fresh whipped cream and a pint of blueberries for breakfast, oh shame. Or the chocolate sorbet goodies that ended up being home made Frappacinos, oh yummy shame.

  41. deb

    I had used a 1/2 pound of blueberries (the same weight of rhubarb in the original recipe) but found it to be too much, not in taste, but in the fact that the upper half of the cake nearly slid off the bottom half. A quarter to third of a pound would probably be better–not sure how many cups that is.

    Oh! And I forgot to mention the most important thing: I did this all uphill! Both ways! No, really, what I mean is that I tried my hand at high-altitude baking for the first time (we were at 4,200 feet) and it was very interesting. Fortunately, the Joy of Cooking explains clearly how tricky it can be and what you might try–we did a combination of less flour, less sugar, less baking powder/soda and a higher baking temperature, and miraculously, it all worked out. But it was definitely different. I am very impressed with those of you who bake like this all the time, since there is no precise science to what will work.

  42. Jen

    These bars look amazing. I wish you could have seen my jaw drop and drool begin to form as I saw the first picture. Also, loved your piece. The peanut butter cookies were one of my first recipes! I loved to make them growing up … well and now (I don’t have a very extensive pantry, but I always have those three things). Thanks for another delightful post!

  43. Ditto Susan – we’re only a few miles from the beach and my couch is really red, do you want to come sleep on it and bring me raspberry bars? Though how you could write such blasphemy as GIVING AWAY RASPBERRIES is beyond me, I forgive you. I can’t imagine having too many of those expensive suckers – we buy the little flats and eat them before we’re out of the parking lot and then wish we’d shelled out for a dozen more.

  44. Katie

    I was so happy to see this recipe, I have a girls-only weekend coming up and I want to bring a breakfasty treat. Do you think blueberries would work instead? I have tons of them left over from a trip to the farmers market. Would you suggest any changes to the recipe to accommodate the blueberries?
    P.S. I absolutely love your blog!

  45. Cheryl

    I made the blueberry crumble bars and they were an absolute hit. I had intended on taking them to work for a birthday treat, but I decided they were too good for the office. My husband and I enjoyed every bite. I can’t wait to try these raspberry bars. And yes please, I have been looking for a decent brownie recipe. The cookbook sounds amazing. Can’t wait to get my own copy.

  46. Kinsey

    What a summer it has been. Deb, you had me at homemade Oreos and then I went on to potato salad, Key lime meltaways, slow roasted tomatoes, flat bread, hummus, blueberry crumble bars (4 times!)… and now these. AND I DON’T EVEN COOK! I thank you, my husband thanks you, my workmates thank you…

  47. deb

    Lazybrideny — Phew. I am glad I didn’t totally ruin your batch with my mistype. I’m glad I caught you comment.

    Sarah — I used the same amount of sugar. It didn’t taste too sweet at all. I find blueberry when baked quite tart–of course, not nearly as tart as rhubarb, but the amount of sugar was pretty low to begin with so I didn’t fret.

  48. You are officially my hero. I have made a couple of items from your blog, but I mostly sit back and drool at all the wonderful things you make. Being that I have 3 kids, I just don’t have time to tackle the recipes you use. But now? Now. You have gone and made 10 simple and super delicious looking snacks that not only are easy to make, but my kids will eat 8 out of 10 of them. And that’s saying a lot. Because when you quoted your friend whose kids will eat nothing but cheese, I truly thought, “Oh! She knows me!”

  49. Holy cow! I don’t know where to start. Those breakfast bars look amazing. And the thing? LOVE the yogurt boats. I’ll have to try that, except The Husband and I don’t have any kids so I’ll probably skip the sail. Maybe The Husband will like it anyway.

  50. courtney

    I haven’t made the peach bars, but may I make a cheat but not feel bad about it suggestion?

    Pick up some good peach jam, and hold it until January, when you can’t get peaches, and don’t mind spending all day inside cooking, and make the bars with the jam. Then you get a peach fix, don’t have to make jam, and don’t feel bad about using the jam because you couldn’t get peaches anyway. Voila!

  51. Diane

    I just tried your chocolate banana tortilla… except I didn’t have any tortillas! I used some nice, airy whole wheat bread (though admittedly I did try to smash it a little so it was more like a tortilla… it didn’t work), and it was actually quite delicious! My only regret was that I didn’t heat it quite long enough, so the insides were only warm and not molten.

    I was about to give you encouragement with the peach bars… until I looked at the recipe again and saw the jam needed to be cooked for over half an hour. That would try even my supposed patience, for just one component. However, if I had a candy thermometer… and vanilla beans… and heck, peaches, I might try it just once.

  52. Don’t you just love cookbooks where you have to make every recipe in them?! They’re my favorite. Recently, I added a cookbook of just this sort to my ever-evolving collection and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I’m enjoying bite after scrumptious bite!

  53. Suzanne

    Your recipes for after school snacks on are great! You should make a separate entry just for them. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes!

  54. Wow! Looks fabulous! Maybe I’ll be able to go next year…..if everyone would STOP getting married then maybe I can free up some time & funds for weekend getaways with Molly!

    Gorgeous photos! XOXO

  55. tanya

    okaaay. I just mailed my request to The Pope for your beatification because i had NO FREAKIN IDEA i could use my microwave for something useful like potato chips! You are my new and forever hero. Thank you thank you thank you. AND the peanut butter cookies on the parent site? THANK YOU again (because honey my husband has decided food storage is the way to go and we have over 100 Very. Large. Jars. of peanut butter in the “emergency food” area. Do you know what it was like to cart over 100 jars of recalled peanut butter back to the store by the way? So i have two new projects when i go home. Peanut butter usage and POTATO CHIPS!!!! Thanks!

  56. Therese

    Am officially in love with these bars! And that is just by looking at the pictures! That is – drooling over them, rather.

    Another thing: Was going to show your page to a friend on her computer, and just googled “Smitten” and “blog” I think it was, and somehow ended up on a page by someone called Smitten. Which obviously wasn’t you, as the headline for the day was “My horribly awkward sexual experience”… now, I DO know you have a passion for food, but to call it an awkward sexual experience… I’m not even gonna go there. Found you at last, though, and you now have one more drooling reader! :)

  57. As lovely as this bar sounds, who can *afford* to use a whole pound of fresh raspberries on something like this . . .? I’d rather have a cake or a trifle to show off the goodness of the berries therein. It may have something to do with the fact that raspberries are seriously rationed in our household. Probably if I did end up making this cookie bar, I’d use raspberry jam instead. :-)

    Speaking of berries!–If only strawberries were still in season! Then I’d ask for a cake with cream and fresh halved strawberries on top for my birthday. It would be lovely to live in a city where all the fruit in the store is nice and fresh. Super Walmart makes things easier now, but there are still some things that are out of reach. Like avacados that are ripe the day you want to use them without having to plan ahead, or artichokes that are as big as your head. ^.^

  58. I know with many things, butter can be replaced with applesauce. As health conscious as I am (thank you, my diet,) I cannot fathom using that much butter… Sigh.
    Any suggestions? I’m betting applesauce wouldn’t really work here, would it? Half applesauce, only on the bottom, non-crumb layer, perhaps?

  59. deb

    Jill et al — I made these with frozen raspberries. I, too, cannot fathom buying a pound of raspberries at their current price just to bake with them. I use frozen berries a lot in baking, esp. blueberries.

    Erin — I know that it can work in cakes, but I haven’t tried it with cookie-type creations, where you need structure and a crispiness. On these at least, I prefer to just cut them smaller/eat less of them than mess with the recipe.

  60. Those raspberry bars are gorgeous! Better than a bakery!
    I made caponata this weekend too for Labor Day, came out great.
    Great minds think alike.
    I am linking your fantastic blog to mine.
    Thanks, Stacey

  61. Gloria

    Gosh I love your site! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come here and been inspired to make something *right that very night*. It’s exciting :)

    Like today. I’m sure you probably hate this type of post – “oh, I made this same recipe, except I used x instead of y, p instead of q, r instead of s, and a instead of b!” I’m always like “ok, you made something vaguely similar, but not really the same thing at all!” Well now I’m guilty of it myself.

    I didn’t have any raspberries, but I did have some figs that were sitting in the fridge looking lonely and suspiciously like they’d go moldy while I was at work tomorrow. But, I didn’t have quite enough to make a whole filling. I cut up my figs, threw in the last handful of prunes and the rest of a packet of Trader Joe’s Dried Pears, added some water to get everything going, and threw in some cinnamon. I cooked it until everything had softened, and then used a stick blender to blend everything together.

    I used the crust as advertised, and this filling. It’s baking in the oven and smells insanely good! I hope they turn out as pretty as your raspberry ones did. I loved how easy the crust was to make, and how it doubled as the crumb as well.

    Thanks again!

  62. My heart started beating faster when I saw these beautiful babies. Luckily I have to take something breakfasty with me to something tomorrow and it is going to be a batch of these rather than the boring old muffins I was planning on!

  63. I’m always looking for good breakfasts on the go. This may not be the healthiest of them but I’m sure it’s easily modifiable to be a bit more nutritious. They look wonderful and the time in NC sounds great! I’m from LI and go to NYC every weekend but I love getting away to areas with clean air, open landscapes and concentrating on the basics: food, family and conversation – there’s nothing better!

  64. Ooh, these sound great. I read you all the time but never comment–that is stopping today. You’re a great writer. Anyway, I want to try these with strawberries–which just goes to show I want what I want and to heck with seasonal. :)

  65. I just love these bars, but more importantly – just love that you were able to visit the mtns. of NC! This is where I go every summer to refill my spiritual tank. Yes, we are still enjoying SC peaches as we speak (er, write). I have a source where I can get juicy SC peaches for about 2 more weeks.. yummy.
    Your site is amazing and I visit often.

  66. I have a similar recipe using apricots, and OMG, I cannot stop eating them. I can’t even allow myself to make them or else I wouldn’t fit into my pants. Addictive.

  67. AmberDawn

    I love what you do, the pictures you take, the food you make… it all makes me swoon. I’ve made so many of your dishes for parties that people now answer for me when asked where I got the recipe. oops. Your snack article for Parenting is great. I just made some YUMMY potato chips, sprinkled them with a little kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. I was going to throw on some vinegar but I couldn’t stop eating them long enough to reach into the cupboard…

  68. Jill

    These look great and I am going to make them this weekend but I wondered why it says you can only store them for two days? They may not last more than two days in my house but that seems like a very short period of time.

  69. Sarah

    So I went to out of curiosity, and I had to let you know a lot of this is perfect dorm food… THANK YOU SO MUCH for some new flavors in dorm/kid-friendly cooking!

  70. Mary

    Alabama peaches are, in fact, the best peaches in the world. Specifically, Clanton county peaches. North Carolina mountain air IS unlike anything else, though.
    I’m glad you had a lovely weekend!

  71. shannah

    Thank you so much! Definatly making these this weekend, going to try it with blackberries though since we have so many right now. Also thank you for the link to the “after school/work snacks” I think i am going right now to make a banana chocolate tortilla! yum!

  72. PeterW

    I just made these. They turned out a lot softer than I imagined, more like a crumble pie than a granola bar type thing, are they supposed to be like that? It didn’t seem to harden even though I used the longest of the cooking times noted in the recipe.
    Also, I was very disappointed in the flavor – the cinnamon doesn’t go at all with the raspberries to the point of almost being inedible. I would place a serious warning against using cinnamon at all or at least seriously reducing it if you are going to make these.

  73. I just made these at 250 degrees… unfortunately I printed the recipe before it got changed. I changed it to 350 for the last 25mins though and they came out great! I packed some up and brought them on a hike and they were a big hit!

  74. Taryn

    I was wondering if you could tell me how many pints of raspberries are equal to a pound? I am not much of a baker, and I want to get the measurements correct. Does it matter if you use to many raspberries in a recipe like this?

  75. Vu-Do Brew

    Thanks for this! I can verify that blackberries are amazing in this. I made it for a traditional English tea party and they were a hit. I got the blackberries from my Mom’s farm – fresh picked… About 1 quart bag of berries is equal to a pound.

  76. oh glory. They are fabulous. I made them and sent them little packages of 4 in with the kids to give to their teachers. Does that make me a suck up?
    Frozen raspberries worked just fine.

  77. I can’t WAIT to try these. I’m catering a breakfast meeting this weekend, and I might have to do throw these into the mix with the scones and muffins. AND I feel so special (and kind of sad) that you were in my state!! Alas, I didn’t know it. And I don’t know you which would’ve made it awkward if I’d shown up for lunch one day. But I’m glad you enjoyed NC. It’s beautiful, right?

  78. Beth M.

    Made these a couple of days ago, but subbed in the plentiful urban blackberries growing everywhere around here right now (Pacific Northwest). The “1 lb” quantity was a little clunky for me – it netted me about 3 cups of blackberries, but next time I’ll bump it up to 4 cups for better berry coverage on the bottom layer. And horror of horrors, these were not all immediately consumed, so by today (day 2) they were pretty soggy from all the butter. Not that anyone minded.

  79. Have any of you tried to make them using strawberries instead? It’s nearly impossible to find raspberries here (either fresh, canned or frozen), same thing for blueberries. So I was considering strawberies but I’m afraid they’ll be way too juicy and ruin everything. Help me, I loved this recipe! :)

  80. Lulu

    Hi Deb, These turned out well. Especially fun to make with the beautiful red colored berries. You are such an inspiration with all your great recipes.

    Question for you since you are so smart when it comes to baking… I have this ongoing issue with getting the things I bake to rise properly. These bars turned out thinner than yours appear, not that they are to be real thick. But with everything, muffins, scones etc… It seems as if they always turn out flatter than they should be. I’ve tried the usual things – fresh baking powder/soda, oven thermometer to check for correct temperature and even heard that really cold butter helps with rising. Nothing seems to work (though the cold butter makes some difference). Any other suggestions??? Thanks.

  81. Kate

    WHERE IN THE WORLD did you come up with those amazing potato chips? I made them last night and shocked my husband, who came home from work and didn’t understand when I had suddenly taken up deep-frying. They are fantastic, taste shockingly like they had been fried, but they aren’t greasy, you can taste potato, and they’re so freaking healthy! I’ve had a lot of fun reading this site for a long time, but that might be the best thing I’ve seen yet. I may have to try it with a sweet potato next.

  82. Haley

    I love your website. I have been trying to create these photo collages that you always have (I am not great with computers) and cannot for the life of me figure it out. Can you help me?

  83. deb

    They’re not actually collaged. If you line up the code for your pictures in your HTML/entry space on after another, they’ll naturally fall in line until they hit the width of your entry area. Hope that helped–just try it, it works.

  84. Vicky Lynn

    A little late, but wanted to say that I tried the potato chips from your article. I was skeptical at first, but very pleasantly surprised. Quite the smart little trick! Will keep this one in mind. I’ve been out of touch for the past few weeks and look forward to catching up with everything.

  85. Amy

    So good. I just can’t even express how delicious these are. I used some zest and juice from a tangelo and from a lime because I was out of lemons and just couldn’t wait! The orange flavor with the raspberries is perfect! Thanks for another winning recipe. You never disappoint!

  86. Beth M.

    Grrr. Me again from 125. Have made these three times now with blackberries, and the consensus is these bars, while delicious, end up being way too soggy. Perhaps it’s because blackberries contain more moisture than raspberries?! Anyway, I’m off to recipe tweaking land with this one. I think I’ll use a crumb pie crust for the bottom layer as it’s potentially sturdier, and also why oh why is there leavening in the bottom layer? Makes no sense to me. And I’ll mix some of the above crumb into the berries to soak up extra berry liquid. At least I’ve put about 8 million cups of blackberries in my freezer in the past couple weeks!

  87. Ree

    Picked a ton of raspberries this morning (they are just ripening here in MN). Was looking for something to do with all those berries, and this was just the thing.
    I can’t believe how great these bars turned out. I added a bit of extra flour in with the berries because they seemed so juicy, and ended up cooking a few extra minutes to get a gorgeous brown color.
    These have a great sweet-tart balance, and the texture (crunchy, crumbly & juicy) is excellent.
    I hope they stay well overnight so I can share some tomorrow.

  88. Brooke

    Freaking fantastic recipe!! I just made these tonight and had to eat a few… who can wait for breakfast?!?! Thanks for all the great recipes.

  89. ….Excuse me whilst I eat my screen….

    These look sooo scrummy!! I think this is by far one of my favourite spots on the web. These will definitely be made sometime soon, as well as that cauliflower salad you posted the other day.

    Are there any other bakeries that are a must in NYC?? I’m visiting in Feb and so far I have Baked and Magnolias on my list.


  90. Jennifer

    These are fabulous. I have made them with just raspberries and also a mix of frozen blueberries and raspberries. I just added a little extra flour to the filling because of the frozen fruit. They were a huge hit in my house. Thanks for such a great site.

  91. Lea

    It’s a cold day here in Northern Wisconsin so I decided to do some baking after I dropped my son off at school. These bars had been in my “to-make” folder for quite a while. They are tremendous and are not too sweet. In the future, I will bake the flour/oat base for the shorter amount of time. It got a touch overdone in the final baking. Delicious!

  92. Dear Deb, I’m reading your awesome blog from Hungary, and I’ve already tried a lot of recipes of yours. Of course they all were fantastic :-)
    I would like to ask, whether 1 cup = 2,5 dl, or just 2, because it is a bit unsure for me.

  93. these are sooooo delicious! i’ve made them a half dozen times already. thanks for posting this, and also for the recommendation to reserve more topping – definitely a good idea!

  94. Cc

    agh… was going crazy when I couldn’t find this in your recipe index! I thought you deleted it or something! Good thing I found it on my reader… whew :)

    Just a heads up, it’s not in the index… thanks! :)

  95. Hannah

    I just made these for breakfast for tomorrow. My boyfriend will forget he should go to work while eating these.
    The taste is very good but the bottom bit is a bit crispy. Is this normal or did I burn it?

  96. meagan

    I just made this after bookmarking this a long time ago. They are amazing. When they first cooled the bottom had a nice crispy texture I loved but by the night time it had softened. I cooled it on a wire rack, so I wonder why the crispness went away? Either way these are wonderful!

  97. wm1

    If this is as good as it looks..I am in for two pounds. One thing I have learned is the quality of spice in the recipe matters. I got some Ceylon Cinnamon from an online Juliet Mae Spices. Fantastic. It makes the other cinnamon I bought at the grocery store taste like dust.

    1. deb

      They can be frozen. Any baked good can be frozen. The trick is wrapping them well. How long they’ll keep depends on your freezer, some pick up freezer smells in just two weeks, others can keep stuff in a deep freeze virtually undisturbed for months.

  98. I love North Carolina. We used to vacation there frequently in the mountains or on the beaches. Transplanting oneself from country to city is not the easiest task (not for this mouse, anyway), but it sure does make me appreciate clean air and the sound of crickets and frogs on a summer night. P.S. Can’t wait to make some berry bars.

  99. Barb

    I made this recipe today using half fresh raspberries and half fresh strawberries. It turned out really well. I love how crisp and buttery tasting the cookie part is. And I found the fruit layer delicious, not too sweet which is the way I enjoy fruit desserts. (I think my preference is to eat it as a dessert or sweet with tea rather than breakfast.) Thank you for a “keeper” recipe!

  100. Katie

    Do you think these could be shipped via mail if vacuum sealed? My husband is currently deployed and would love some home-baked goodies, these seem like they would travel well but I’d like to make sure first. It takes 7-10 days for packages to reach him.

  101. sarah

    Hi! I’ve made these twice. First, following Deb’s recipe (including reserving 1-1/2 c. of the crumb mixture for the top); the raspberries were a touch tart this time of year, and I wished I’d added more sugar to them. But the final bars were still quite good.

    The second time, I substituted 1 lb. of blueberries, used a touch less lemon juice (I used 1/2 lemon, squeezed gently by hand. I’m estimating it was maybe 1 or 2 Tbsp. of juice. I was afraid that the mixture would be too watery and tart if I added more.) And instead of mixing the melted butter, I poured it on the top crumb layer (because I forgot to mix it with the blueberry filling, as directed.)

    In a word: delish. The blueberries are just barely sweet (I don’t like fruit that sweetened; I find jams and jellies to be too sweet for me), and the crumb topping tastes touch a touch more rich and buttery.


  102. Hello all! A co-worker of mine recommended this blog and I must say it is the best I have ever seen! I particularly love this recipe and have plucked some fresh raspberries from my parents’ garden in anticipation of baking however due to some health issues (hypothyroidism) I am trying to go gluten/soy free- has anyone tried making this recipe with rice flour or any other gluten substitute? I am new to this gluten/soy free thing and am having a difficult time creating new eating habits. Would love to hear if anyone has tried this! Oh- I am also in Denver, Colorado so any high altitude tips are appreciated as well, usually I am pretty good with baking but in case anyone ran into any issues I would love to hear your solution!

    Thanks so much!

  103. Kat

    Made these, love them. I don’t like things too sweet so I cut the sugar to 2/3 cup in the crust and completely out of the raspberry layer, and also subbed in 1/2 cup whole wheat flour in the crust. Worked beautifully!

  104. Deb, would you say these bars are more crisp, or are they chewy? I think if they’re chewy, I might make them and then face-plant directly into the pan.

  105. alix

    could you substitute honey for the brown sugar? we are trying to decrease the amount of sugar we use and this recipe looks too divine not to try… could you suggest what proportion of honey or is it the same amount of the brown sugar?

  106. sharie

    Raspberries, brown sugar, and butter, oh my! I went raspberry picking today in Oak Glen, CA and have two pans of these babies in my oven as we speak! I got crazy with the second pan and added chocolate chips (on top of the crust, under the raspberries). Can’t wait to try one! Thank you for the great recipe!! BTW, I licked the raspberry filling bowl CLEAN! Dee-lish!

  107. Amy

    Yummy! Sweeter than I thought but that doesn’t bother me one bit.
    Very good and they came out looking just like the picture. Phewww.

  108. Stephanie

    I tried my hand at these gorgeous bars last night and have the following observations. You were right on about reserving more of the mix for the topping. I bumped it up to two cups and was very happy with the results. Also, I found the lemon to be overpowering. When I make these again, I will double the raspberries to 2lbs and decrease the lemon juice by half.

  109. Shelley

    Made this recipe tonight. I opted for strawberries, my personal preference, and used frozen due to the season. I suppose strawberries are more moist than raspberries, (maybe I should have thawed them first??), what I got was a super delicious cobbler style concoction instead. The bottom layer was solid, but the fruit and top crumb mingled together and never solidified. It still tastes wonderful and will go perfectly with a scoop of ice cream!

  110. Jen

    i made these tonight with a lb of frozen blackberries and a large handful or frozen raspberries (all what i already had on hand) and WOW. delicious. the bf can’t stop eating them.

  111. Francheska

    I somehow adjusted the recipe to fit an 8×8 and kinda eyeballed everything, im no good with math, anyway the scent is driving me insane, I found frozen raspberries and fresh ones, I couldn’t believe my eyes I went crazy and instantly remembered this recipe and had to buy the ingredients and make it right away!

  112. Alyce

    Made these this afternoon. They turned out perfectly and are so yummy! We can’t stop eating them :) I am already thinking of different variations to try out. Great recipe.

  113. denise

    just made these- yummy! i only used one stick of butter in the crumble mix b/c of all the comments about how they have gotten soggy for some people later. i used 12 oz of fresh blackberries, 6 oz of frozen blueberries and some frozen strawberries as well. it worked fine this way, the berry mixture tastes great! the only problem I had was that my cook time was WAY longer than what’s listed. took about 10 mins longer for the crust and over an hour for the second stage of baking, rather than the 35-45 mins that’s listed. will make again.

    1. deb

      Joe — I think this year is the year. But seriously, I read the recipe again yesterday and remain appalled by the amount of work. I’m up for it, but I might be the only one crazy enough!

  114. Krista

    I just pulled these out of the oven. My oven usually runs hot but I did end up baking them for 45 min. I used fresh berries because here in FL right now they are on sale. I left them in for 45 because I kept waiting for the filling to “bubble” around the edges but that never happened. Also, my berries look like they kept their structure, I guess I expected them to fall apart. Do you think this is due to using fresh berries instead of frozen (frozen having more liquid)?? I tasted them already and they do taste good, I am interested to see how they are once fully cooled and set.

  115. Krista

    I think I’ve come to some conclusions the morning after:
    when I tossed the berries I was very gentle, they did not break at all. Maybe next time I will slightly crush them so they will spread out more over the surface of the bottom crust and/or I may add a little more berries. I weighed them out but it looked like less berries than your picture. Still thinking of using frozen too, maybe that would make a difference and I’ll get more “bubbling”. I actually really like the taste after they have chilled overnight and they did receive the seal of approval from my 4 yr old :) I also froze half right away after cooling so I am interested to see how they hold up. I am thinking too of trying with blueberries because they are currently $1.50 a pint!! and I love blueberries. Recently made the blueberry crumb bars which were amazing but I do enjoy a little oats once in awhile.
    I would still love your input on the bars, thanks Deb!! Love, love, love your site!! (btw: checked out your baby site too, my daughter is now 4 but I made all her baby food. I think you are providing a wonderful resource for moms who may be a little scared to make their own food but will reconsider once they see how approachable it is)

  116. jarrelle sartwell

    before i left the office last night i stopped by the produce dock and grabbed 3 containers of fresh raspberries and went home and whipped these delicious bars up! i brought them into work this morning and the minute my foot hit the dock and the hands started grabbing! they were a hit!!! thanks again for an amazing recipe!

  117. Jen

    Just a quick thank you for posting this! I took my toddler sons raspberry picking yesterday just for a fun Sunday activity and it was so much fun that we got a bit carried away… well I searched the internet until I found a recipe that used fresh raspberries and not jam. This was the first one I found and I can tell it’s perfect! I will search no more. Don’t hate me but I’m planning to try this as a whole grain recipe, as I usually convert most recipes. I am sure it will turn out beautifully.
    Thanks again!

  118. Ruth

    I followed your example and made a tin of these bars to bring as a hostess gift for a friend that hosted my family (myself, my husband and my four kids) while we went to Disneyland. She loved them; I loved them; the kids loved them. I left out the cinnamon, other wise the recipe is perfect for my taste.

    We got home late last night and I couldn’t wait to make more. My house smells so good right now.

  119. Hayley

    Oh yum!! Not only did the house smell amazing, they are soooo delicious!

    For all you fellow Canadians, I found an online converter that told me 1 pound = 2 cups. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s just not enough! I will use 4 cups next time! I had about 3/4 cup fresh raspberries in the fridge that I added in with the 2 cups frozen last minute. Again, STILL not enough filling! I think I will also reserve 2 cups of oat mixture for the top, as the 1-1/2 cups barely covered the raspberries.

    But these are all just minor details. The end result was well worth the prep time and I think my partner will love them! Thank you, Deb for yet another fabulous recipe. This one is a keeper. :)

  120. Mike

    Am trying to print this recipe out so I can try it but am having no luck at printing it. I will hand write it and will get back with you.

  121. Eleanor

    I just made these this morning!
    I used strawberries instead of raspberries and cut out the lemon zest. They’re tangy and sweet and quite delicious! I feel like I could eat half the pan in one sitting!!!

  122. Ily

    I have to say that these breakfast bars look really to these bars that a friend of mine mad once. Though I will say that hers were on the crunchy side. I guess you could possibly overbake these and then they might turn out crunchy right? I’m going to attempt to make them but I like mine crunchier. How would you do that?

  123. Ok, this looks amazing. But the best thing is (today anyway), the link to that silly NYTimes peach bars recipe. Why?

    Because I have some leftover peach jam that is languishing in jars that just found a future. Thanks as ever for a great blog!

  124. Sonia

    Has anyone tried replacing the raspberries with super sweet grape tomatoes??? I might be doing a little culinary experimentation if no one warns that this will be disastrous.

  125. Kyra

    Hello! I love your site and had a question about this recipe:

    I do not have a food processor- is there something else I can do about the crumb mixture? Would a handheld pastry blender work?

    Thank you!

  126. Marisa

    Amazing!!! I used half frozen raspberries and half fresh strawberries. LOVE smittenkitchen, haven’t had one recipe go south yet.

  127. Kyra

    Thanks Deb! Worked great with the pastry blender and if anyone lives in Europe like me and does not have access to all the ingredients, I did the following and it still turned out delicious: made my own brown sugar adding molasses to white sugar and used mixed frozen berries. I love your site- it is such a fantastic resource. I recommend it to people all the time. Thank you!

  128. KQ

    thank you, thank you. I have made these three times since I first found it in your archives (LOVE your “surprise me!” feature) in early September. A. mazing. (Delish with ½ rasp and ½ black berries, too!)

  129. Made these tonight… cheated a bit and used a bottle of aging homemade raspberry jam. Turned out AMAZING. Was forced to give four squares to the pregnant couple upstairs, taking 3 to favorite office friends tomorrow and reserving the rest for friends coming for dinner on Monday. Thanks for a great recipe, Deb! :)

  130. Anneliese

    I would like to make these for breakfast on Thanksgiving since who really wants to make a proper breakfast on that day? Not me! I have frozen raspberries in my freezer. Do I have to let them defrost and drain before I use them in this recipe? Thank you!

  131. Noah

    They really only last for 2 days? In the fridge?? Is there some uncooked component that requires refrigeration? I’m thinking of making these and flying them to some of my friends on my next trip to atlanta, would they go bad?

  132. Rene

    These are fabulous! I made some right after Thanksgiving with leftover cranberry sauce, and they were absolute tops.

    Also excellent with some sliced apples and just a bit of applesauce thrown in for the filling, which is the version I just tried now.

  133. Sandi

    I made these as written this week–so good! The family wanted more, so I switched out half the butter for coconut oil, used the orange zest and juice idea, and replaced the berries with cranberries…a new favorite. A foolproof recipe, good for whatever is on hand! Thanks!!

  134. Jendorf

    Made these last night and everyone (kids and husband) loved them!! I forgot the butter in the raspberry filling, but didn’t miss it. I also subbed in whole wheat flour for part of the flour and it was delicious! I will be making these all the time now! (I actually made a double batch because I had so much faith in your recipe, and froze the second half for a little trip we’re taking out of town this weekend. . thanks!

  135. Tamara

    These are SO good! Had to give some away as Valentines and get the rest in the freezer as quickly as possible-the temptation to eat half the batch in one sitting is that strong. I used 1/2 oat flour and 1/2 Whole Wheat Pastry flour. I would like to scale the butter back to one stick. Has anyone tried reducing the butter by quarters? With what results?

  136. Mindy

    Easy to make gluten free by subbing oat flour. Made 3 batches last night for my husband’s class and I literally had to hide them so they wouldn’t be eaten! Thanks for sharing :)

  137. I have made many versions of this delicious recipe over the last few months. Fresh and frozen blueberries are actually my favorite way. I also use whole wheat pastry flour with equally good results. When I want to make them gluten-free, I sub gluten-free oat flour and oats, but I prefer them refrigerated this way since then can get a little too tender. Also I cut back on sugar in the crust to 2/3 and omit the sugar in the filling and they are still plenty sweet. I also cut the lemon juice in half and add chopped pecans to the topping. I recently brought the bars to a cub scout meeting and not a crumb was left!

  138. Am in the middle of making two batches of these bars (attempting to homemake some of the crafty for a film set I’m working on; clearly I’m insane) and did two version: mixed berry and apple cinnamon w/ slivered almonds. The berry ones came out fantastic and look bee-yootiful sitting on my counter top. Apple ones are almost done and the mixture looked and tasted great before, so I’m pretty excited about what the results might be. Usually I’d sneak a bite, but at 3 am I just want to get them out of the oven and myself into bed. =P

  139. Molly

    General soggy fruit bar question: (and I see that other commenters have asked about this as well..) I made these and they were perfect once cool. We cut one edge off to taste, and then stored the remainder, uncut, in an airtight container in the fridge overnight. The next am, the edge that had been cut was soggy; the uncut remainder of the pan still had a crispy base although the top layer was no longer crispy. After cutting them all and storing the few leftovers, leftovers got soggy too. I’ve noticed this with other fruit bars as well (e.g. lemon squares) and think that the issue is a bar w/ a crunchy/crispy layer and moist fruity filling — when stored in an airtight container, the moisture of the fruit layer permeates the crispy layer and changes the texture. How can this be prevented?? Is there any trick (like keeping granola in the freezer?) Do all fruit bars need to be consumed immediately? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  140. Kate

    I am currently living abroad and I can only get baking soda here … no baking powder. Both are controlled substances here (in Ecuador) because drugs dealers use them to cut cocaine. Really sucks for those who like to us them TO BAKE!! anyways, can i just use baking soda or what can i do??

  141. Olive

    This recipe is absolutely amazing! It hasn’t failed me yet (and I’ve made it more than enough…)! The end results are just too good. I have noticed though, that they seem to last longer than two days. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing that everyone in my family and I am eating them a little past the time you say they should be kept, but they don’t look like they change at all!

  142. Maddy

    They’re in the oven right now. As I poured my cooled melted butter and lemon juice onto the frozen froze. Zapped the fruit mix into the microwave for a couple of minutes..everything still tasted delicious uncooked..looking forward to eating soon. Have to say Jacob is gorgeous Deb, love your blog!

  143. Katya

    Thank you for this delicious DELICIOUS recipe! We just got a good bite- amazing! Substituted blackberries for raspberries and lime for lemon- can not wait for breakfast :-) Thank you!!!

  144. Emelie

    Just put them in the oven for their last stay of 35 minutes. Can’t wait to eat them! Hopefully there will be enough left over for the neighbors that I made them for after my quality control :)

  145. My in-laws own a raspberry farm and we are always looking for recipes that use LOTS of berries :) These bars are cooling in front of me right now and I can’t wait to try one! I have made the Cooks Illustrated raspberry streusal bars many times -which are great. They call for raspberry jam, but don’t ask that you make it from scratch.

  146. Nora

    i just made these and they turned out wonderful im only 12 and i love to bake. i made raseberry and quartered strawberries for the filling. they taste fantastic. i bake most of the things in my house. I have 2 picky sisters and i love it when they smile when i bake them something yummy and this was deffinently a hit with them. my kitchen smelt lovely and i hope to try more recipes soon

  147. Jessica

    Hi Deb, I’d bookmarked this and been planning on making them for the past, mmm, three years but could never bear to part with my beloved raspberries, so I finally compromised with the following: overripe fresh apricots, chopped small and using lime instead of lemon. Brilliant! Must never drag my feet on a recipe of yours again.

  148. Anita

    i made these last night, cooked them 45 minutes, and they are delicious. but somehow the top is not firm- it’s more like a raspberry crumble than a raspberry bar- i wonder if i had cooked them longer whether they would have set more. the bottom is perfectly firm and crispy.

  149. lindsay

    delicious made with the best of British blackberries, straight from the hedge. Yum! I substituted clementine zest and juice for the lemon.

  150. Hi! Love you blog so very much.
    I just made these with coconut oil instead of butter and they turned out great.
    My 4 month old nursing baby is can’t handle it when I have dairy so I am on the lookout for recipes, desserts especially, that I can make dairy free.
    Oh how I miss butter!
    But even without the butter, these were still utterly delish.
    Love from,

  151. Abbey

    I just had a quick question. How long do these bars keep? I would like to make them for Christmas gifts, but I am not how long they last without going bad.

  152. Cian

    I made these and they were yummy. However, I thought the recipe was more of a dessert/treat than a snack. So I decided to add some things so they’d be more of a healthy snack. I made a combo of oat flour, milled flax seeds, hemp seeds, ground almonds, and spelt flour to be used instead of just the flour (I would have added wheat germ but I was out of it). I cut back on the sugar only a bit because I was worried about them holding together but I did cut the sugar out of the raspberry mix and just added a splash of maple syrup. They were still sweet enough to be a treat or even a dessert but a great mid-afternoon snack for my athletic teenage boys (the protein helps keep them going). Certainly didn’t last long enough to wrap them individually in paper! To the woman in Ecuador: try asking at the farmacia: polvo de hornear. I made it with fresh raspberries because they were deeply discounted at the end of the day at the Sunday market. So… My question is the same as a few others: did you defrost your raspberries or did you use them frozen? If defrosted, what did you do with all the liquid?

  153. steph

    Made these last night with the intention of giving them to the kids as an on-the-go snack. They were fantastic, though the kids thought they were too tart. I will try making them with another fruit – maybe blueberries or strawberries and less lemon juice. I also baked them for an additional 20 min – this was key to making them stay together as the filling turned jammy and held everything together. This morning they were still crisp, not soggy at all.

  154. Beth

    Can I ask why they are only good for 2 days. They are a lot of work to only be good for 2 days! I plan on freezing some of mine then, but if there is a way to make them last longer I would love to know, thanks so much!

    1. deb

      Actually, I think they can last longer but they might start to seem a little soggy after two days in the fridge.

      (FWIW, I often take cookbook’s suggestions of expiration dates literally, as I did in this case. It’s not that I don’t think they’d last longer, I just figure that since I’m not an expert in food safety that they might know something I don’t. At home, however, I don’t care what the date is. If something looks, smells and tastes good, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still actually good.)

      1. Kim

        So, years later, I can attest to the fact that these keep REALLY WELL, in the fridge for at least a week. I cannot tell you HOW they remained in my fridge that long, because I wanted to inhale the entire pan immediately. But one week in, I have four bars left and they aren’t soggy at all. The top is soft rather than crisp, but the bottom crust has remained crunchy, not soggy. This recipe is definitely a sk keeper, even if it doesn’t make the new book. 😉

  155. Sarah

    These bars turned out great. I used the frozen berries I had on hand (raspberries and strawberries) and ended up pulsing the filling ingredients in the food processor to make it easier to spread.
    I wonder if you could use canola oil or anything else as a substitute for butter—has anyone tried it?

  156. Michelle

    These are delicious! I made the bars for my dad last year on Father’s Day and he LOVED them. Needless to say, I will be making them for him once again.

  157. Bridget

    I made these yesterday and they’re very raspberry-y and delicious, but I feel like they’re just missing something. Two things that I will try next time:

    1. Not pulsing half the oats, and adding them later (mine pulsed too finely, and I feel like proper oat bits would give the bars more substance)
    2. Maybe adding some dessicated coconut, to add another flavour dimension. I love raspberry and coconutcake, so I’m sure it would be great in a slice too.I’m not sure though – should I sub out half the oats then, so that it’s not too dry?

    1. deb

      Hi Bridget — I think coconut would be delicious. Don’t know the precise math on it. You can start by subbing half. If it looks too wet, you can always add more oats to help it crumble/clump more.

  158. MrsBaddaBing

    Made these today with freshly picked berries from the farm. They went great with tea!!! Awesome night snack :) thanks for the recipe!

  159. Lisa

    I have made these twice in the past week! They are amazing! I have replaced the white flour with whole wheat pastry flour and I love them! Thanks for yet another fabulous recipe!

  160. MrsJourns

    I liked the idea of these, however found the taste of baking powder and soda a little overwhelming. If I was to make them again I would leave these ingredients out as I don’t think the recipe needs them.

  161. Leigh


    Your recipes are like heaven. I’m making these and your blueberry crumb bars to take camping! :) Thank you dearly.

  162. Kerry

    hi there, can you tell me how many bars this recipe makes?
    i think i could count 28 in the top picture but wasnt sure if that was just one batch!

  163. Mallory

    I just made these and they are absolutely amazing! I substituted half of the butter for a small banana so they would be a little healthier. My new fav bars:)

  164. eclecticdeb

    After eating a raspberry bar purchased at a grocery store, my boyfriend challenged me saying “there’s NO WAY you can make these at home”. As always, I bite and wisk up whatever he mentioned. Yeah, I’m a goober.

    Anyway….what kind of oats do you use? Quick Oats seem like they would fall apart — do you use the 5-minute version?

  165. eclecticdeb

    OMG, just out of the oven…trying to avoid inhaling the whole tray before they cool. Really hoping a few survive the day to give to the boyfriend!

  166. Julie

    Love these! I just went to the Parenting site to check out your after school ideas too – was glad to see they were still listed but, man, their site stinks! They have too many ads, it’s so slow! Someday maybe you can pull a few favs over here. :)

    Oh – and can’t wait to see you in Austin! I’ll be there!

  167. Shweta

    I have been eyeing this recipe for over an year now and I finally just made it!! It was AMAZING!!!! I must say I’ve tried a couple of your recipes and none go wrong :) Cant’t wait to get hold of your book! I am based out of India so is there any website which will ship it out here safely? xx

  168. Laura

    My great grandma passed down a similar recipe using prepared jam. She called them “Matrimonials”, never learned why. I’m looking forward to using fresh fruit for the filling! They do store well, unless the whole family knows about ’em. Then its just a matter of time. :)

  169. Vivian

    Ok. so these are defintely kid-tested and mother approved! Going to make the blueberry version today! Thanks for a great recipe!

  170. Hanna S

    i substituted blueberries for raspberries and OH MY LANTA these were divine! single handedly the best recipe i have ever tried!
    i also just realized that other people have been trying the blueberry thing too! and i think this definitely needs to be endorsed as they are OH SO YUMMY! thank you for yet ANOTHER great recipe :)

  171. Ellex

    I just made these and they’re fantastic! I’m always interested in something easy and portable for breakfast, but I dislike the excessive sweetness of most commercial fruity breakfast bars and pastries.

    I used a 2/3 raspberries and 1/3 blackberries mixture for a little variety in the fruit, and as I dislike lemon zest, I combined a 1/8 cup of lemon juice with 1/8 cup of key lime juice.

    My mother wants to try this recipe with a rhubarb filling, and I intend to try a caramel apple filling. I’m also eager for this summer, when I can harvest fresh blueberries from my backyard and try this recipe with those.
    Your tips on using parchment paper in the bottom of the pan (easy clean-up!) and reserving 1 1/2 cups of crumble mix for the topping were excellent. You were absolutely correct: 1 cup would not have been sufficient.

    Thank you!

  172. Hello!

    I found this recipe on Pinterest MONTHS ago, but I decided to give it a go, and we absolutely loved it. Not trying to promote my website here, as I just want to comment on the recipe, but I did do a review of it on my site (which should be linked to my name), in which I test Pinterest recipes I find (some are duds), and I linked back to this post. Though mine don’t look close to as pretty as you have them here, they taste really good! I love that it seems like the recipes here are recipes with ingredients that aren’t imports from random countries, costing an arm and a leg. I only had to pick up lemons, raspberries, dark brown sugar, and parchment paper. I don’t have time to go through every single aisle looking for some ingredient I have never even heard of just to make a dish that is supposed to be “simple”. So thanks for that! I may just have to order your cookbook…

  173. Roxanne

    Was thinking of replacing the raspberries with blueberries… had 4 gallons given to me and want to try some new recipes ….. thanks…. happy gardening!

  174. Kelly

    I’ve made this recipe a million times with different berries, but I had two huge, old apples and decided to whizz them in the food processors and subbed them exactly for the berries. Used the lemon juice and everything, but left off the zest. That’s it… We’re calling them Apple Pie bars because my 5yo who helped me, will eat anything with “pie” in the name. So will his class for snack time tomorrow, I’m sure. This is a great base recipe for anything, it seems.

  175. Hi Deb,
    I really enjoy your site and your recipes. I am a professional chef and really only follow a few other food blogs. I have made these bars a few times, usually subbing a gluten free flour mix that I made (per Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s instructions) and they always come out great, no matter what fruit combo I use! I also, just wanted to say that I forgot to prebake the bottom crust last time and they still turned out great! So – just another way for people to make it even simpler.

  176. Marye

    I used a jar of raspberry jam instead of fresh raspberries (I see others have done this). I wanted to make sure that I could make this at any time, with any kind of jam, during the winter. Delicious! (Typically smitten kitchen?!)

  177. Leyla

    I just made these today for my mom. She’s fasting this month and has been craving something sweet but-not-creamy for suhoor. I hope she enjoys these because I sure did :)

    as a note; I have no clue how much 1 pound of raspberries equals to. I used about 2 cups of the raspberries from our lawn but it seemed too little so I threw in some more frozen ones. I have no clue how much is actually in here but im glad I threw in more because 2 cups raspberries would have been too little.

    1. deb

      Leyla — Glad they were a hit. I’d estimate that 4 cups of raspberries are closer to a pound, for next time. It’s hard to give an exact number because they can really range in size, and thus weight.

  178. Marye

    Another great addition: put the flour in the bowl of the food processor, than add a handful or two of pecans. Grind them, then add the rest of the dry ingredients. (Gilding the lily?)

  179. Shelly

    Made these today, threw some walnut pieces into the food processer and whirled them a bit before adding the butter. I will use more raspberries next time ( tonight) and omit the walnuts (don’t have any more). I think I will cut the sugar back a bit too …. so that the raspberry flavour shines through a bit more. All in all a lovely recipe and one I am sure to keep using

  180. Teresa

    I am not sure if anyone really answered your question about the Brown Butter Peach Bars — and considering that peaches are just making their major appearance around the area I will chime in on the comment about complex baking as well. In the summer, this summer I have been less likely to cook anything given the crazy heat. But — It’s brown butter and to be honest is there anything that smells better or tastes better? I say tackle it in steps if you aren’t feeling the mojo for a day long hike into Brown Butter Nirvana. Make the jam (peach jam is best if you let it macerate over 3 days anyhow. (Its how I make my lime marmalade too — wink wink — nudge nudge) then get those butters a browning and put that pastry in the fridge and three days later make some bars. I think anything great is worth the effort. And a grand experiment in cooking is always worth the effort.

  181. Suzan

    I don’t remember if I commented yet and I am too lazy to scroll through and check but I wanted to say that I made them during the school year for fellow teachers and we died and went to heaven! They are sweet and tart. Normally you would be slightly sick if you ate two without milk, but I easily put away 2 without milk! They are so good. I had thought about using my freezer jam if I didn’t have any raspberries frozen and didn’t want to buy them at high prices, but I worry that would make them too sweet. The level they are at now, in terms of sweetness, is so perfect. Thank you for the recipe! I am getting ready to make them now to take on a beach weekend. I might not share with our guest….hmmm, will have to think about that one. (o:

  182. Emily M

    Made these last night – I love the flavor…tart and delicious! However, the next morning, they did soften up quite a bit. Definitely best to serve the same day (I’d imagine this would be great to bring to a picnic or potluck!).

  183. Bella

    Deb, love these bars…but since I started using my scale a few months ago, I can’t go back. Can you please add weights to this recipe? Thanks!

  184. Tessa

    Hi Deb, this is my first time commenting on a recipe but my early rising two-year-old son and I bake things from your site most Saturday mornings. Thank you so much for the work you do! Your blog is wonderful and greatly appreciated.

    We made these bars this morning with blueberries (because that is what we have in the freezer from summer picking) and used half whole wheat flour, half white flour. The bars turned out delicious! I will definitely be making them again. Thank you!

  185. Dawn

    Deb, I just made these, one word, FANTASTIC. Theses bars are the perfect balance of sweet with the fruit filling….is there anything you make that doesn’t taste wonderful?

  186. Hillary

    I have a preschooler who is picky about what’s for breakfast to the extent that he usually won’t eat until he has to which means tummy rumbling in the car on the way to school. He likes TJ’s cereal bars but I’d like to make him something healthier (less sugar and preservatives). Do you think I could tweak this to suit his needs?

  187. RZH

    These are in the oven for a one year olds birthday party and I am in a panic–one pound raspberries does NOT evenly cover a 9×13 pan. I am hoping they spread and fill the gaps but have little hope, as the recipes seem to assume full coverage.

  188. Laura

    It’s 0200 here and I just pulled these out of the oven for a part of Father’s Day brunch for my husband today. These look and taste AH-mazing! Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!

  189. Morgan

    I’ve made these twice now, once with fresh blueberries and once with a combo of frozen blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Both times I subbed half the flour for whole wheat in an attempt to make them “healthy-ish” so we feel okay about eating them for breakfast. And both times, it has been amazing. Better the second time, I think – the more tart berries, rather than blueberries alone, really make this incredible. I don’t think the fresh vs. frozen made a real difference, so it’s nice to know I can make this year round!

    Also, I cannot stop giggling at the typo in the third paragraph of the recipe – “use your hans”. Shouldn’t everyone have a manservant named Hans to do their dirty work in the kitchen? My boyfriend and I call out “Hans! HANS!” every time we get to that part of the recipe. It’s made this recipe even more memorable for us. =)

  190. Gina

    I really loved how easy and straightforward these were. I made them in one bowl with a pastry cutter and just used homemade raspberry jam. I really felt like they were very forgiving. I made a little less crumb to bake it in an 8 x 8 pan and I subbed white sugar with some molasses instead of brown sugar. This is a great recipe base to use up the bounty of homemade jam I have. Thanks!

  191. mimi

    I made these last night for a work function and they turned out great! I subbed Trader Joe’s gluten-free all-purpose flour and added 1/2c chopped pecans to the topping. I will definitely make them again, and probably try different fruits as well.

  192. Lori

    I want to know who EVER has u-pick raspberries to give away. I can barely salvage enough for a recipe or two by the time I get them (ahem) home. :)

  193. Jennifer O

    These are a staple for our family now! So delicious! I switched this week to oat flour because I was making them for a spring break road trip with our favorite gluten-free family! They were still delicious, texture was perfect. This one is a winner!

  194. Heather Z

    Your cinnamon looks so lushly red I first thought it was cayenne. Do you have a favorite place to buy good herbs and spices?

  195. Dawn

    Question: I have lots of frozen blackberries. Should I thaw berries before using? What about the resulting juice as they thaw? Thanks! And thanks for some of the very bestest recipes EVER!!

  196. Wendy

    I just made these and they came out pretty crumbly. I was expecting something that would hold up a little better, but it’s ok because they’re delicious! Not too sweet, which is a nice change for dessert.

  197. deb

    Dawn — I might thaw them and drain them a little, just to be safe. You won’t miss the extra moisture.

    Heather — Probably just the great light in that old kitchen (with a skylight!)… I like Penzey’s for restocking spices; I’ll do an order maybe once a year and replace what’s dusty or diminished. I’m a great fan of Vietnamese Cinnamon too; it’s a bit stronger but a lovely flavor. I keep both this and regular cinnamon around.

  198. Rachel

    Making these tonight for a work treat tomorrow. When I opened the bag of frozen raspberries I picked last summer, it smelled like summer! Which is a huge stretch considering it snowed here today (Niagara Falls). Can’t wait to taste them!

  199. Theresa

    I love this recipe! I made them last night and they came out great, but they are sort of mushy. Any tips for how to make these less soft?

  200. Adrienne

    I made these this morning and they are delicious….I am just curious, do you think they HAVE to be refrigerated? I feel like when I put baked goods in the fridge they just get too dry and harden. OK to leave out if they are eaten in a couple days? Thanks!

    1. deb

      Adrienne — I find that wet-ish baked goods like this really do better in the fridge. They soften the crust less quickly. They also will last longer. The moisture will attract mold faster at room temp.

  201. Beth

    I made these yesterday with raspberries from my garden. Because they were more ripe than store bought berries, I think they were more runny so I added about 1 to 1.5 tbsp of tapioca starch to thicken up the raspberry layer. It worked perfectly! Amazingly delicious!

  202. I just made peach vanilla bean jam a couple weeks ago. I believe that requires me to make the peach bars since I’m already half way there. Thanks for the recipe!

  203. You and your recipes are brilliant, Deb! I love everything you come up with. I plan to make these raspberry bars. Do you think I could reduce the amount of brown sugar in the crust without impacting the recipe too much?

  204. Jill

    Just made these with nectarines instead of raspberries (I bought 10 lbs of them recently so have been looking for ways to use them up…). Delicious!! I love this recipe b/c it’s reminiscent of a fruit crisp, but even better b/c of the much higher crust to fruit ratio.

  205. These were good (I especially liked them the next day, after a turn in the fridge) but the SK blueberry crumb bars are so, so, so good and much easier to make. And honestly, I think the raspberry bars are probably nearly as buttery and indulgent as the blueberry bars. Next time, I’ll probably stick with a quick bread or coffee cake when I want to bring breakfast to a friend’s and with the blueberry bars for a portable summer dessert.

  206. Sara

    Made these with peaches instead of raspberries, and swapped half of the flour for buckwheat flour. Delicious! I think next time if using stone fruits (which are less tart than berries) I will decrease the sugar even more (I used 4/5 cup of brown sugar instead of 1 cup for crust, and 1/8 for the fruit) to make it more breakfast-like.

  207. Amanda

    These are so good I made them twice in one week. Both times I shared them with friends and everyone needed the recipe. I had to stop myself from eating spoonfuls of the berry filling while I was waiting for the bottom layer to cook. I also used a mixed bag of frozen berries. The first time I defrosted them and drained some of the juice, the second time I just used them frozen. I think they may have been better frozen – the easier route was the better route! Thank you, these are glorious.

  208. Amy

    These are so lovely. My rhubarb plant was exploding this week and so I made a rhubarb filling today instead of the usual berry one – AMAZING!! Thank you!

  209. Stacey

    Could you make these with reduced sugar, and if so, by how much? These would be awesome to have on hand for weekday toddler breakfasts but they seem high in sugar. Thanks Deb!

      1. M. Eileen

        I’ve made this dozens of times and it’s always a big hit with the whole family and all of the kids’ friends. I’m also a big fan of your strawberry rhubarb crisp bars, which are quite similar. I’m curious about the differences though — this one has baking powder and soda and the other one doesn’t, and the strawberry rhubarb bars call for melting the butter, which allows for the whole thing to be made in one pan. How does using melted butter change the outcome? And the powder and soda? Thanks!
        This is one of many recipes from your site and cookbooks that are in the regular rotation in my house.

  210. Kate

    Deb. Help. What is your technique for buttering loose sheets of parchment paper? I tried it with your lemon bars and ended up with flaps of greasy parchment stuck to my elbows. Am I just irredeemably klutzy?

  211. Molly

    These were heavenly! I’m ashamed at how many I have eaten on my own! Great recipe, can’t wait to try with other fruits!

  212. Tara

    My partner has gone vegan recently but I really want to try these. Is there anything you would recommend as a substitute for the butter? Thanks!

  213. Pamela Freeman

    Fabulous with a pinch of nutmeg in the crust/crumb mixture! I just made these, and while doing so, mused to myself that I really do love nutmeg, and this is just the sort of thing that usually calls, nay, screams for it. So I added some. Just a pinch, really, ok, maybe two pinches. To the crust/crumb mixture.
    And I used 12 oz of raspberries and about 8 of black berries. Just because I could and why not? Fabulous. I bet you could do a three berry combo here, as well, my fave is raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, but you could do blue berries perhaps and two others. Again, why not? Also, I didn’t have a lemon on hand, but I had lemon oil, so I used the tiniest drop of that and sadly, real lemon brand juice, because, no real lemons on hand. It worked out fine.
    Yum!!!!! I can’t wait for breakfast!

  214. Jane

    These look delicious! Just wondering how you thought they’d be if I substituted almond flour and coconut sugar (I’m trying to stay away from white flour and white sugar). Thanks!

  215. Marie

    Funny you brought up the brown butter peach bars because I had the exact same reaction. I wanted to try them because of the brown butter and the peaches – how could this not be heavenly – but stop reading at the make the peach jam part. I didn’t even know about two batches of brown butter… Didn’t make it there! I am with you, this is too involved, better buy them at the pastry shop!

  216. Made these yesterday with freezer raspberries that were picked this summer. I defrosted the berries until they were just cold and drained off the excess liquid. These were so delicious that they aren’t going to last past lunch today. Keeper recipe!

  217. Avi

    Hi Deb, these look yum! I was a bit confused that 1.5 cups of flour and 1cup brown sugar were both 190g. I weighed my flour and it was around 215g,
    1.25 cups oats was 100-110g (I put in in the food processor and had to scoop it back out to weigh!)
    1 cup packed brown sugar was 150g.

    Don’t know if my cups are different size to yours? (I’m in the uk)
    So I stuck to cups for now, but would love to know grams for next time…

    1. Avi

      Follow up post to say that they were delicious and went down a storm with the friends I made them for. And I even substituted GF flour (Dove’s farm if you’re in the UK). Thank you!

  218. Crystal

    I made these with a mix of raspberries and cherries. They were a huge hit with the entire family! Thank you for another amazing recipe!

  219. Abigail

    I made these with peaches instead of raspberries because that’s what you do when you have 23 lbs of peaches to use. They were incredible! I pre-cooked the peaches for about 15 minutes on medium on the stove and added about 2T extra brown sugar. Thanks for another great recipe!

  220. Carmen

    Hi, I made these bars last night and followed the recipe to the “T”, except I used a combination of fresh raspberries and frozen mixed berries; but they came out soft and gooey. Where did I go wrong? Should they come out firm like a granola bar? Should I have baked them longer?

    1. deb

      Try leaving them in the fridge overnight and seeing if they set up a bit more. They’re not granola bar-like at all, more of a pie bar. But slightly more firm than one too.

  221. I live in Singapore and raspberries are hard to come by. Do you think this would work with Mango? Any other suggestions- typically berries are not available- we have apples which are expensive, or melons or fruits like longans, mangosteens, kiwi and pineapple. Or apples but they are expensive. Thanks so much!

  222. Susan Levenson

    I am looking for the raspberry shortbread recipe where you make the dough, freeze it and grate it into the prepared pan with a layer of raspberry jam in between

  223. Hey! I would love to make these for gift baskets, wondering if I want to keep them dairy-free what would be the best butter substitute for these? I read through all the comments and didn’t find an answer.


  224. Jeni

    Just made these with my two littles for a snow day treat. They are delicious! Even my picky girl who “doesn’t like raspberries” is loving them! We used frozen berries, but will definitely make these again after berry picking this summer.

  225. Jewel Morris

    This is such a crie de jere, to breathe fresh air, wander the outdoors, be creative and eat great food. Now I am talking like a great Aunt. Take your writing and business savvy and head for North Carolina. You guys would love it there. NY is only a plain trip away.

  226. David

    I’m looking for a breakfast bar that is somewhat healthy and cover my food needs for the morning. This recipe has loads of sugar and butter? It’s desert for breakfast. They look great but come on!

  227. Morgan

    I made these last night for a work function and they are delicious! I have a few changes I’ll make for next time, though. I’ll make it in an 8×8 pan to make smaller, more compact bars. I’ll also use jam (homemade or no) for the fruit filling. I used strawberries, which I think added to the amount of liquid, but I think jam would give the effect that the fruit calls for- I don’t think fresh fruit is necessary and I don’t know what the liquid content would have been like if I had used frozen. The crust firmed up better than I expected, I will make this again, but will revise. Thanks!

  228. Made these last week and just polished off the last of them for breakfast. They’re so delicious and held perfectly in the fridge for 8-ish days. The bottoms stayed nice and crunchy even after the extended fridge stay. I used a pound of strawberries in place of the raspberries (they got so deliciously jammy!), and I swear they taste like strawberry NutriGrain bars, only way better. These will become a staple in our house, for sure.

    1. I will add that, out of an abundance of caution, I tossed a spoonful (maybe a tablespoon) of cornstarch into the strawberries, as I find sliced strawberries much wetter in baked goods than whole raspberries. Whether they needed it or not, I can’t say, but the bars were perfectly moist without being soggy!

  229. facethewind

    Made this today with a 12 oz jar raspberry jam mixed with a cup of frozen mixed berries for the filling. Served warm – everyone loved it. Was thinking to try fig jam with diced softened dried figs. Possibilities! They were excellent!!

  230. Rede Batcheller

    It’s almost nine years since you posted this recipe and I find and I find it and make it and it is a HOME RUN. Now I get to do three or four more batches with the rest of the raspberries from my garden . . . I need a rainy day to keep me indoors to bake all day! Thanks so much!

  231. Dawn

    I just finished pitting 16 quarts of sour cherries last night an am going to try them in this recipe I will have to cook them down a bit because they are so juicy. Made jam and your slab cherry pie this morning.

  232. Lives In a Shoe

    I just made this with blackberries, and for me it was completely too sweet. I’d like to try the same approach with a much reduced sugar, so more like a short pastry bottom with oats, and a crumb topping. Maybe the berries were overly sweet? Anyhow, a little went a long long way.

  233. Emily

    I just made these with blueberries, as that’s what I have a ton of. It worked quite well, they’re delicious. I used nearly 5 cups of blueberries which is more than a pound, but it seemed like the right amount to cover the crust. I also subbed 1/2c of the regular flour for whole wheat. Yum, I’d make them again!

      1. Patricia Fogelman

        Deb! I used my homemade jam & it was perfect. I added one fresh sliced peach, kept the 2 tbsp flour, omitted the brown sugar & lemon. My hubby loved ot! Thank you so much.

  234. Daphne

    I can’t seem to print just the recipe from my phone, which is where I most frequently see your amazing posts. What am I missing?


    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template.

  235. This was the perfect recipe for my not-so-perfect raspberries. Followed to the letter with the exception of using lime juice/zest in place of lemon because I had several limes that needed to be used up.

    1. Amy

      I some how totally spaced and forgot to add the brown sugar to the raspberry filling! I was so mad/disappointed with myself while they were in the oven, thinking they would be too tart for my taste or that the filling wouldn’t be a nice jammy consistency without the sugar, but I just tried one now that they are cool, and they are totally delicious!!! To anyone who left comments saying the bars were overly sweet, or anyone thinking of making this and now has concern about the sweetness level due to those comments, I say I think you can honestly skip the sugar in the filling all together! Or perhaps dial it back all the way to 1 tablespoon – I think that is what I will do when I make these again in the future. These are great! Also of note, I used slightly more than one pound of berries and could have maybe even used a bit more, and I tried to “health” them up slightly to make them more breakfast-y, swapping 1/2 cup of flour for wheat and adding 1/4 cup of wheat germ. Now the lack of sugar in the filling just “healths” them up even more – happy accident! ;)

  236. Jennifer

    Made these last night. Delicious flavor, but agree with other reviews that next time I will use a smaller pan, either 8×8 or 8×11. They were softer than I thought they would be, and not as lovely looking as Deb’s, but still good! Family thought they were very tasty, but a tad sweet for breakfast. We’re eating them for dessert!!

  237. Katrine Schleiger

    I’ve made these bars and they are utterly delicious!! I used coconut sugar because I had it on hand and it worked really well. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. It’s definitely going to be a staple in our house.

  238. Kathryn

    Tomorrow is the first day back to school for my 2 kids. When deciding what special breakfast to make, we broke out the SK cookbook and decided on the raspberry ricotta scones-always a winner here. I will get up early to make them, as they really don’t take much time. I also made these for the first time tonight, using thawed and drained frozen raspberries, 2/3 cup sugar in the crust/topping, a combo of WW flour and WW pastry flour because I was low on AP. I thought I did something wrong when the finished product seemed runny. Placed the whole pan in the fridge, allowed to set several hours, and that was all it needed. I cut them into small squares, wrapped most for the freezer, and have 6 for everyone to share in the morning, or pack in the lunch box. Yep, on the same day as the scones. Don’t judge-it’s the first day back to school :-)

  239. Lynn

    I was concerned that their shelf is just two days. With just the huzzleband and and I too eat them, some might go stale. Yeah, no longer worried. We ate a 2.6 inch ribbon going the 9″ direction before those babies cooled off (which they are still doing). Delicious warm. Looking forward to more tomorrow morning with my latte…

  240. Teri

    Delicious! I made this with frozen olallie berries, which took maybe 10 minutes longer in the oven. This recipe was easy and is a new go-to choice for breakfast (or snack) bars.

  241. Diana

    Made these with frozen raspberries. Amazing the first day! Great berry flavor, the lemon kick was nice. Crust baked up nice and firm. I did add an extra Tbl of flour to try to offset the liquid from the frozen fruit – thinking I should have tried cornstarch as one person suggested? After the first days the bars were smooshy, and unfortunately we just couldn’t eat them fast enough (we tried!). Any other suggestions, would be appreciated bc we loved the flavor!

  242. Kristina

    Such a great recipe for using up extra fruit. My favorite is half raspberries, half blackberries, but I’ve also used a mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (same weight as specified in the recipe) – I made sure to chop up the strawberries a bit.

    This recipe also takes well to experimenting with different flours. So far I’ve replaced 1/2 cup of the all purpose flour with buckwheat, and also done 100% whole wheat. We loved both!

  243. Kris

    My kids and I love these bars; the recipe is easy and wonderful. But what finally made me post a comment is that I had a bunch of leftover fresh cranberry sauce (not canned) after Thanksgiving and needed something to do with it. I used it in place of the raspberry filling! I added a bit of flour and the cinnamon. The result was WONDERFUL!!!

  244. Annie

    I make these once a week – they are amazing, and travel well to work for breakfast! THANKS DEB, for many many weeks of happy breakfasts!

    Short cut options I’ve found through my many rounds of baking:
    -Parchment paper not required – a good smear of butter (or similar) will work.
    -No need to cool the oat layer before adding the berries – just throw them on as soon as it comes out and launch it back into the oven!

    Dairy/soy-free alternative: I’ve been using Nutiva shortening (organic red palm and coconut oils), and I honestly can’t tell the difference from butter. I suspect any fat that’s solid(ish) at room temp could work here.

  245. Elizabeth Simpson

    Made these with beautiful organic Michigan blueberries frozen from last summer. I cut the sugars by a third and swapped in some rye flour for 1/2 of the total. I completely missed the step of pre-baking the crust. Realized this before putting the bars in the oven- covered the pan with foil, extended the baking time a little and removed the foil for the last 10 minutes. Perfect!

  246. janelle

    These bars are delicious and simple to put together. The recipe lends itself easily to adaptations like swapping some coconut oil for butter or adding a tbsp or two of ground flax to the crust/crumb mix. I have made them with mixed raspberries and blueberries as well as straight raspberry and they’re great each time.

  247. Rachel

    I’m jonesin for true summer berries over here, but made this with a frozen variety (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry) instead. Big hit! I didn’t let the berries thaw all the way, or drain them, so per some other commenters’ suggestions I added a little flour and also threw in a few extra oats with the berry filling to absorb some of the extra liquid. Had to bake for close to an hour to compensate for cold berries, but didn’t find it too be too smooshy/gooey at all. We served with ginger ice cream. Yum! Thanks for another great recipe.

  248. Pauline

    I made the crust and crumb with 3/4 cup of brown sugar and it still tasted good. I also followed the recipe exactly a couple of times before and they all turned out well too. I kept the amount of sugar the fillings the same as the recipe. It wasn’t too sweet.

    1. I was just going to ask about rhubarb too! Wondering whether it’s too tart on its own and needs a sweeter friend to go along with, or will the less-sweet base go well with the tart rhubarb? Also, since rhubarb is so firm and fibrous, I’m wondering whether it needs to macerate or be cooked a bit first?

      1. deb

        I think it could work here. Might be good to macerate it, or, basically it’s never harmful, just reduces the change of a “soggy bottom” (as Julia Child use to say).

  249. I made these yesterday! Through necessity, I had to tweak it, though. I didn’t have enough raspberries so I added a handful of blackberries to get the full pound. Also, I didn’t have lemons on hand, but I did have a bag of limes so I swapped out the lemon zest and lemon juice for lime zest and juice. Next time, I will make sure to use the lemon, but the lime swap was pretty amazing.

  250. Sarah

    I’ve made this many times, never once with the same fruit combo, and forever delicious. I always use more than the pound called for in the recipe and always wish I had used even more. I think 1.5 lbs. would be perfect. I also forego the sugar with the fruit, sometimes the butter, sometimes the lemon, depending on what fruit I’m using. This is a favorite.

  251. Patricia Rader

    This sounds so delicious. I will have to make them this weekend.
    You are not broken, please don’t make the Brown Butter Peach Bars. If you do I know it will make me want to try it, and that really sounds like a lot of work.
    That is a very cute schnauzer, we are on our third schnauzer they make great pets. A big plus, they don’t shed.
    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes.

  252. We still have frozen raspberries from last summer, and I’ve been trying to use them up. This was today’s project. In an effort to make them a tad healthier, I subbed all whole wheat flour, halved the sugar, and only used one stick of butter. Per one of the comments, I added a tablespoon of corn starch, as I was worried about my frozen berries getting too liquid-y. Cooled them in the fridge to set them up. They came out beautifully and SO delicious! I will definitely be making them again.

  253. katie near seattle

    Ya, these are good! Made with fresh raspberries and a handful of the first wild blackberries of the season. Baked in one 8″ glass pan plus a little Le Creuset ceramic pan. Seemed like lots of the crumb mixture, but oh my, turned out great! Might up the fruit quantity next time (and there will be an all-blackberry version very soon).

  254. I’ve made this a huge number of times and it never fails to please. I switch the fruit for everything under the sun by making a quick compote separately and using that as the filling. So far peach, cherry, and strawberry-rhubarb have been favorites. Of course, the original raspberry is fantastic too!

  255. Sooo a million years later, but Deb just in case you are listening and up for responding to my question: I was actually thinking of replacing the raspberries here with peaches, which I have too many of. Do you think it would work?

  256. Athina

    Why do these bars have a mere shelf-life of 2 days in the fridge? I’ve made similar types of baked goods that seemed to keep for at least twice as long as that.

  257. Lisa

    I have made these many times. It is an excellent recipe. For my personal taste, they are just a wee bit too sweet as a breakfast item, so I reduced the sugar from 190 grams to 130 grams in the crust and to 30 grams in the fruit. I’ve used blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries…whatever is in season and looks good at the market. I also like a thicker bar, so I make it in an 8 inch square pan. It just takes a few more minutes of bake time. I have satisfied eaters every time. You will not be disappointed if you make these.

  258. Amanda

    I’m always looking for something for the kids snacks. Do you think I can use a combo of whole wheat flour, Teff and AP for the crust/topping? Thanks for all your good work!!

  259. Jean

    A great recipe; easy and so good. I find that a mix of raspberries and blackberries makes for a beautiful top. Also, adding one teaspoon of almond extract to the crust dough (with the butter) is a lovely variation.

  260. Cambria

    My North Carolina soul couldn’t resist adding a handful of chopped pecans to the food processor when I made the crust. The crust tolerated it well and it still came together just fine.
    I used raspberries and peaches because it’s what I had on hand to equal 1 cup of fruit. I used a 8×11 pan and recommend reserving just 1 and 1/4 cup of crust mixture for topping, in that case. I never have to alter your recipes, Deb, but I also appreciate that they are forgiving enough to accommodate what I have in the fridge/which baking dish is clean at the time. Thank you!

  261. katieonwhidbey

    Made a half-batch in 8×8 pan, using 2 cups of blueberries plus a couple handfuls of frozen tart cherries. Amazing! I actually added some of the melted butter into the reserved crumb topping to make it really clumpy, cause that’s how I like it. Thanks for a super-adaptable recipe.

  262. Liza

    Made this last night and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Not only it’s delicious, but it doesn’t crumble when you cut into it. Looks awesome cut up for presents!
    Thank you SO much, Deb!!!!

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign.

  263. Donna MacNeir

    I saved this recipe and will sub out the raspberries, they are running 3.99 for a half pint. Hello, mid west?I will size up what’s affortable, as I wait for CO peaches…

  264. M. Eileen

    I’ve made this dozens of times and it’s always a big hit with the whole family and all of the kids’ friends. I’m also a big fan of your strawberry rhubarb crisp bars, which are quite similar. I’m curious about the differences though — this one has baking powder and soda and the other one doesn’t, and the strawberry rhubarb bars call for melting the butter, which allows for the whole thing to be made in one pan (yay!). How does using melted butter change the outcome? And the powder and soda? Thanks!

    1. lauren

      following up on my own question for anyone who comes after me: i swapped the AP flour for about 2/3 almond meal and 1/3 teff flour and they came out great! I baked the crust for about 5 min longer than the recipe stated and then the overall bars about 10 min longer. also swapped out the flour in with fruit for cornstarch. were great to drop off for gluten free friends with a new baby!

  265. Jane

    Made these today. Absolutely delicious! The bar is just a bit sweet and chewy from the oatmeal, complimented by the tartness of the raspberry filling. So good, will make again.

  266. Anna Carl

    Any chance you could repost that list of ten after-school snack recipes? The article got taken down. Preparing interesting and wholesome food for the kiddoes amid all the school chaos is feeling like a heavyvtask right now.

      1. LadyDiTejas

        Awesome, thanks for re-linking! (I too was intrigued by the chocolate banana tortillas link, and then disappointed when it 404’d.)

  267. Tasha

    I made these and they are amazing!!! They arent as hard as they seem and my family loves them. I tried to make them a little healthier by using 1/3 less sugar overall, substituting 1/2 of flour with milled flax, and adding about 3/4 cup of cupped walnuts to the topping. I made the raspberry jam without the 2tbsp of butter, and a little less sugar, but only do that if you like the jam a little bit tart.

    These bars are bright and flavorful, and I love the toasted nut flavor with the walnuts. The bars stay together and store well.

  268. Emily

    These are amazing. I made them for school lunches. Cut into smaller pieces and put in the freezer. Used Blueberries since I didn’t have raspberries. Everyone loved them

  269. Miranda

    I made these and added more berries than it called for & only sprinkled brown sugar not the full quarter cup it called for. HEAVEN! Not too sweet. No issues using frozen berries either. These will not last the weekend. Going on my list of go to recipes. Thanks again Deb!!

  270. LadyDiTejas

    So… I thought the containers of raspberries in my fridge were *about to go* bad, and started making this to use them up. Got to the filling step only to find that they were ALL moldy 🙁 (and yes, mis en place might have uncovered this sooner!), but I punted and substituted the equivalent weight of frozen sweet cherries pulsed into smaller pieces in the food processor with the rest of the filling ingredients. It is taking longer to cook, as to be expected, but doesn’t look too wet, and smells great, so I think Cherry Oat Bars will be a lovely baking accident (which happens to me a lot in these corona times…)

  271. Laura

    These are simply amazing! I made them using my blender rather than a food processor, and might have pulsed the crust/crumble a little too long, but it still worked like a dream. 1 lb of fresh raspberries was just under three of the small baskets, for me. I will definitely be making these bars again!

  272. Jennifer

    Made these last night for my swimmer teen. Had a couple of issues but they’re quite tasty! Recipe calls for 1 lb berries. I had 18 oz and it wasn’t enough to cover the bottom of the 9×13, so I dropped dabs of homemade raspberry jam into the empty spots. 2nd, the crust seemed to take 2x the amount of time the recipe stated to get golden. .and it never really reached a golden color. I finally called it and pulled it from the oven. Strange. Then on the 2md bake, same thing, much more time than the recipe stated. They never fully looked done, so weird. They tasted done though. They were very soft. I put them in the fridge overnight to firm up. I will try these again with blueberries. We have gallons in the freezer from bushes in our yard.

  273. Sheila

    These were amazing!

    I used blueberries & peaches, because those were the fruits that I had here at home (peaches fresh, blueberries frozen). I removed most of the liquid after they’d macerated so that the base wouldn’t get too soggy. I am thinking that I’ll double the base/topping mix next time so that I have a base & topping that are closer to equal in depth, and any extra can easily be frozen or refrigerated (make a tiny quick crumble with it!).

    They were a huge hit with the family and the neighbours that I shared them with. These will definitely go into regular rotation.

  274. Kate

    Lord have mercy! I adore Smitten Kitchen and regularly use your recipes, but I respectfully disagree that these bars are anything but dessert items. While they are deliciously decadent, they do nothing but send my glycemic index thru the roof first thing in the morning, which doesn’t help me to be healthy, productive or focused. I’m now on the hunt for much healthier alternatives, but will hang onto this recipe for an easy dessert.

  275. dana weiss

    Deb, don’t know if you remember me from the Fitness event, like a million years ago! These are my family’s favorite. We use blueberries b/c my husband is addicted to blueberries, but he eats them for breakfast every day. I keep frozen berries in the freezer so I can make them at any time. They are SPECTACULAR.

  276. Janice

    I made these these and they are delicious! I was surprised at how many berries were needed to make 1 pound. I have raspberry patch which is producing abundant berries and this was a great way to use a lot of them up but I was just shy of 1 pound. Maybe next time I will add some chopped walnuts to the base.

  277. Moonvirgo

    Made these – delicious but wished I’d had time to read all the comments before making – have you, Deb, tried the method many commenters talk of where they don’t double back them? Would love a time save. Also, have you tried this with the no butter in filling and cutting the sugar back? The levels feel a bit 2008, no disrespect. I’ve been reading since the beginning and avoided this one because it seemed like so much work – and in other recipes (strawberry milk or marbled banana bread for ex or even perfect blue berry muffins) I’ve held off decreasing the sugar becaus you sometimes specifically says it might seem like a lot of sugar but trust me – and I do trust you, so I always hold off! Finally, have yo7 tried this with flax seed in it or wheat germ? ReaDers have commented using these and I’d love to up the health factor. Thanks for all you do maintaining this site and reminding us of great recipes way back here in the archives.

  278. Caitlin D.

    This was a hit! Mine came out a bit squishy (because I used frozen berries? maybe it was under-baked?) so instead of having it at breakfast I topped it with ice cream and called it dessert!

  279. jennifer

    So good and different. I added a swipe of farmer’s market peach jam between the crust and filling.
    This was sort of like a raspberry crisp the night before when it was warm with ice cream, the other half I cut in bars after being in the fridge all night. great with coffee and too early in Saturday soccer games.

  280. Cindy Gilmore

    I made these with my granddaughter, and they were delicious, warm from the oven. However, once they cooled, were too soft to even pick up. I tried reheating them to see if they would crisp up again, but they were soft. Did any of you have this issue or could you tell me what I did wrong?

    1. Jillian

      You didn’t do anything wrong. There is just so much butter in these that at room temperature they get kinda gooey. I keep my stored in the fridge for this very reason.

  281. Jillian

    Put a dollop of plain greek yogurt on top to justify that it’s for breakfast and not dessert. That’s what I do with my kids so I feel better about letting them have it for breakfast. ;)

  282. jjjeanie

    made these yesterday with my adult niece. We cut back on the sugar, and subbed coconut sugar for about 20 grams. Also added some toasted pecans. It was sweet enough, but way too soft (even after storing overnight in the fridge). The flavor was good, but I guess it just wasn’t what we were looking for–I like a crisper crust! There are certainly many ways to “doctor” this recipe, but I probably just won’t make it again. Still, I wouldn’t exactly call it a fail! Just not outstanding, like most of SK recipes.

  283. Alex

    I made these with some lazy jam (honey and rhubarb and honey and plum) I have needed to clear out my freezer and it was so good! Worked perfectly. I just added flour and cinnamon to the jam before spreading it on.

  284. Jen M.

    These were so good. I made them with leftover cranberry sauce and subbed vegan butter. Mine needed the full 45 minutes in the oven but they otherwise came together quickly and smell so good.

  285. Barb

    As winter has just passed up here on Vancouver Island in BC, fresh berries are in the distant future. But on another note, rhubarb is popping up all over. Do you think I could sub it out for the raspberries?

  286. C W

    Question: So you take the bottom layer out of the pan to let it cool… doesn’t the transfer make the bottom layer all cracked?

  287. Elizabeth Leonard

    Delicious – I swapped the AP flour for Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 (blue bag) – by weight. Turned out great. Also used frozen berries, which I would do again- makes the bar a bit too moist.

  288. Elisabeth Hardcastle

    I had a lot of fall raspberries I needed to use before they passed-and this recipe used them up nicely! This was so delicious! Followed the recipe exactly-they are sweet, too sweet for breakfast-perfect treat though. Yum!