herbed summer squash and potato torte

This poor things isn’t going to be winning any beauty pageants [psst, until it got fresh photos in 2023!], and especially not in the rushed, omg-it’s-10p.m., why-aren’t-you-ready-yet way I cooked it, but this torte should not be underestimated. It’s some delicious stuff.

Though this is far from the most pitiful offender on the cooking backlog list, I still won’t admit how many weeks ago I made this. However, I do remember that I had a hankering for potatoes that week, and not just any potatoes, but yukon golds. As Alex always says, my cravings come with very specific instructions.

herbed summer squash and potato torte-07

But summer doesn’t seem the right time our typical preparation–chunked and roasted until brown with salt, pepper and olive oil–and this torte, cut with yellow summer squash is lighter and perfect, especially served right from the oven with a green or tomato salad.

herbed summer squash and potato torte-10

If you’re like me, you’re probably going to look at the recipe and think, doesn’t that sound a little bland? And “sound” is the choice descriptor there, because this is anything but, and the secret is that it’s perfectly seasoned. There are few better homages to the value of the right level of seasoning–salt and pepper both–than the depth this recipe gets out of relatively simple ingredients.

herbed summer squash and potato torte-11

Herbed Summer Squash and Potato Torte

Note: This recipe was refreshed in the summer of 2023 — it used to look like this! — the changes are detailed in the notes at the end of the recipe.

  • 1 bunch green onions, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup (100 grams) grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons (15 grams) all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon (10 grams) chopped fresh thyme leaves
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 pounds (905 grams) yukon gold potatoes, unpeeled, cut into very thin (1/8-inch) rounds
  • 12 ounces (340 grams) any green or yellow zucchini or other summer squash, cut into very thin (1/8-inch) rounds
  • 2 tablespoons (25 grams) olive oil

Heat oven to 375°F.

Prepare your pan: Line a deep 10- to 11-inch ovenproof skillet or cast-iron pan or cake pan with a large round of parchment paper, pressing it across the bottom and pleating it up the sides. [Shown here in an 11-inch braiser with a skillet-like base.]

Prepare filling: Set aside 1/4 cup sliced green onions. Toss remaining green onions, all the parmesan, flour, thyme, 1 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt and lots of freshly ground pepper (about 3/4 teaspoon) in a medium bowl to blend.

Assemble torte: Layer 1/3 of the potatoes in concentric circles in the bottom of your prepared pan, overlapping them slightly. Layer 1/2 of squash in concentric circles atop the potatoes. Drizzle with 2 teaspoons of oil and sprinkle with 1/3 of the cheese mixture. Repeat with 1/3 potatoes, 1/2 of squash, 2 teaspoons oil, and 1/3 cheese mixture. Top with the last 1/3 of potatoes, drizzle with remaining 2 teaspoons of oil, and sprinkle with remaining cheese mixture. Press gently to flatten.

Bake torte: Cover pan tightly with foil (or with a lid, if your pan has one) and bake for 45 to 50 minutes, or until potatoes are almost tender. Remove foil (or lid) and bake another 30 to 35 minutes, until the torte is browned on top and the potatoes are tender.

To serve: Let cool for 10 minutes in pan then use the sling of parchment paper to lift the torte out of the pan and onto a serving plate or cutting board. Sprinkle with reserved green onions. Cut into 8 wedges and eat right away.

Do ahead: The torte can be made in advance and kept chilled in the fridge until needed. To rewarm, cover again with foil or lid, and place in a 350-degree oven until heated through, about 30 minutes. P.S. I think this is even better reheated because there is something about potatoes that have been cooked twice–they get more browned at the edges and more tender inside, creating an excellent contrast.


  • 2023 updates: Originally, this torte was made in two 8-inch cake pans and while they’re cute and petite, since 2012 I’ve been making it as one larger summer centerpiece-worthy torte, usually in a 10-inch cast-iron or other ovenproof skillet. In 2023, I finally photographed it as such and updated the recipe to reflect it. [No rush, Deb! ◡̈]
  • In case you miss the original directions for two tortes, it’s summarized here: Start by buttering two 8-inch-diameter cake pans. To assemble, instead of layering the torte [as written above] as 1/3 potatoes, 1/2 squash, 1/3 cheese mixture, 1/3 potatoes, etc. you’ll layer it as 1/6 potatoes, 1/4, squash, 1/6 cheese mixture, etc. per pan. Bake covers with foil or a lid, as written above, but for 40 minutes, which is a little quicker. Remove foil; bake uncovered until tortes begin to brown and potatoes are tender, about 25 minutes longer.
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    314 comments on herbed summer squash and potato torte

    1. I was hoping we’d hear about this recipe during your posting flurry this week (which is so fun!). I’ve been daydreaming about it since you uploaded the photos to Flickr. I think it both sounds and looks delicious. I am going to make it just as soon as I get around to ordering a mandoline.

    2. Laziza

      I’ve made this twice in the past week and love it. Just as good cold as it is warm, too, which is nice. I’m looking forward to varying it a little, too, maybe adding a spinach layer or different herbs or peppers, etc.

    3. Jen

      Wow, you weren’t kidding about the frequent posts. There’s been a new one every time I’ve checked back – I love it! This recipe, as always, look delicious, but I really don’t think I can turn our oven on until September.

    4. I don’t know how you always manage to take pictures that make such simple stuff look beautiful and interesting. I love that one of the sliced squash.

      I have a mandoline that I’ve never figured out how to use efficiently. This recipe will give me some great practice.

      I have a major blogging backlog right now too – almost 20 recipes, I think. But I’m saving them for some upcoming busy-ness.

    5. MMMMM, just in time for my free summer squash from the farmer’s market. I think I may use zucchini & yellow squash for added color. I’ve been thinking of trying a different cooking method than steaming, this fits the bill.

    6. Any ideas on slicing the squash if I don’t have a mandoline? Have you ever used the food processor slicing blade?

      This looks delicious, I am going to make it soon.


    7. Judy

      I printed this recipe and put in my “to cook” binder…now I need to make this. It looks as good in pictures as it did in my head and glad to hear its tasty too.

    8. Jack Etsweiler

      Hey – crack out that knife you’ve been honing to perfection – between the potatoes and the zucchini, you’ll get all the practice you could ever hope for! I love my big old Bron Mandoline, but those knife-things are pretty efficient!

    9. Audrey


      Looks yummy! I’m going to skip the potatoes and use zucchini and yellow squash cuz I’m watching carbs. (what that really means is I’m saving my carbs for all the homemade ice cream). I don’t have a mandoline cuz I’ve been afraid I’d slice off a finger. Can you recommend yours.

      Also, you’ve inspired me to take pictures of what I’m eating these days….just found out that my camera has a macro feature!

    10. Kath – I’ve used the food processor slicing blade with success. I think it would work well for this, although your slices probably won’t be as perfect as those from a mandoline.

    11. deb

      Hey all — A mandoline is not necessary for this recipe, just a very sharp knife. Make a slim bevel down the length of the vegetable–squash or potato–and rest it on that now-flat surface and slice away. This will keep it from moving, and hopefully your fingers intact. A very sharp knife is your best friend in the kitchen and will help you get the thin slices you’ll want. These aren’t paper-thin (for this I would say a mandoline is indeed your best bet, unless you’re a knife skills pro), but 1/8-inch. You can do it!

      I have a piece-oh-junk mandoline I bought for about $25 last year from some brand with packaging only in Japanese letters.

    12. simon

      Maybe it’s because you are such a great photographer, and it didn’t look like that in person, but I think it looks fantastic, and would certainly get my vote if I was a beauty pageant judge.

    13. ack! this sounds and looks worlds better than the summer squash fritters i made last weekend. then again, potatoes and cheese make everything better.

    14. Woo hoo! Just when the squash was about to overtake my refrigerator. I don’t even know why I keep buying it. Something about those sacks of squash for $1 at Union Square always seem to suck me in.

    15. I made this a few nights ago, with a few tweaks. My biggest complaint was that, by the time the potatoes were nice and soft, the squash had turned to complete mush. I think next time I might cut the squash a little thicker than the potatoes to even out the cooking times. (By the way, I laughed out loud when I saw the picture, because you totally beat me to this post. And to my wedding cake post, which won’t be until September, but still.)

    16. Oh my word! I have crookneck squash coming out my ears and a jillion more on the vines. This is definitely on the menu for this week. Can I mail you a few squash? *wink*

    17. This is one of my favorite potato dishes, and somehow feels casserole-y at the same time as summery? I add sour cream to the cheese/herb part, and also caramelize onions. Sometimes it looks like a big old mess but it always tastes amazing. The last time I made it was probably the most successful: in a lasagna pan, layered potatoes, squash, potatoes, then a layer of the cheese/thyme/sour cream, then a layer of caramelized onions, then squash, potatoes, squash, potatoes. Topped with a healthy layer of parm and baked with foil over it. Delicious!

    18. sonia

      Hi Deb,
      I simply LOVE your blog! I read your wedding cake chronicles carefully and must say that your work was admirable. I have a question about the swiss merangue buttercream – The ingredient quantities for a 9 inch round cake are for a 3-layered?


    19. i

      I just made this this weekend! It’s delicious. I didn’t use a mandoline either but I wish I had let mine brown like yours did… Your pictures look great.

    20. Looks delicious! I always need to cook my squash in a creative way to convince myself I like it. Which I do…most of the time… Can’t wait to try it!

    21. SAS

      I love the idea of this recipe. I agree with (Sarah #30 comment above). I always have to use my creative ideas to make it through yellow squash and zucchini …. this sounds divine in itself. My CSA has had yellow squash this last week.

    22. I am invited to a Pampered Chef party on Thursday night, and although I love all things kitchen, am not a big fan of PC and PC parties. However… the only thing that might make it bearable would be the thought of acquiring my very own mandolin. And this recipe has just put me over the edge. Guess I’m off to ooo and ahhh over a bunch of kitchen crap that I don’t need. And to get that mandolin once and for all.

    23. I tried this tonight and it was delicious. The grocery store was out of Yukon Gold potatoes (darn!), so I used red potatoes instead. I also forgot the fresh thyme and used dried. It still worked – proof of the recipe’s adaptability.

    24. Stephen

      Mandoline: I’ve got a red plastic Kyocera mandoline, with a ceramic blade, that was around $20. It works wonderfully. Comes with a food holder – a knob, basically, with pointy things underneath that get jabbed into whatever you’re running through the mandoline. Here it is (scroll down to the red, adjustable model).

    25. Susan

      I keep seeing and hearing about Yukon Gold potatos, but I’ve haven’t tried them yet. No reason..I just haven’t. I will now. This looks good. Do you think I could use shallots instead? I’m just not crazy about the way green onions cook-up. I only like the tops..used fresh.

    26. o.k., this just might be the recipe to get my husband to eat squash! I am going to go for it this weekend! Maybe with a glass of champagne since it will be his B’Day!Thanks for sharing.

    27. Oooh, so your mandoline isn’t a pricey one? That’s a relief, I’ll have to get one of those. My kitchen skills with the knife aren’t as good as I’d like them to be. I wish I had a steady hand.

    28. deb

      Radish — Not at all. I got it at Bowery Kitchen Supply. It is white and plastic (you can see part of it in this photo) and I’ve gotten more than a year of use out of it already, so it has more than paid for itself. That said, I’m not opposed to upgrading a bit next time, but I have a rule about not paying a lot for something until I am sure the less-expensive version of it doesn’t cut it. (No pun intended!)

      By the way, a friend of mine just bought this one from Sur la Table, on sale. It comes in a case that looks like it could hold a violin. She promises to have a dinner party soon which will be nothing but finely sliced food. I can report back after!

    29. I think potatoes and cheese are two of my favorite food groups…and I’m stoked to have new uses for all the summer squash I’m getting this year from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).Anything to mix up that my usual throw-it-in-a- pan-and-sautee-it-with-something method…

    30. maytal

      Deb, Can I just leave out the cheese? I want to serve a variation of this at friday night dinner which is going to be a meat only affair. Have any suggestions of anything i can add instead of the cheese?

    31. seelife3d

      Bought everything to make this recipe tonight. Decided to add spinach to it, as well as a clove or two of garlic…….bought some fresh salmon that I will grill up and serve along with it.
      Great recipe!!!

    32. @tigermilk: I have this in the oven at this very moment; it smells glorious and I can’t wait! I’m serving it as a side with grilled bratwurst – we have brats for dinner three or four times a month, and I’d been getting very bored with variations on potato-salad-and-a-veg, so this was a godsend.

      My adjustments were of the what’s-on-hand variety: basil instead of thyme, and a handful of small chunks of leftover cheese – about half parm, but also oddbits of white and yellow cheddar and Havarti.

    33. Jessi

      I made this tonight using a Vidalia onion instead of green and grated Romano instead of Parmesan, and by baking it in a 12″ cast iron skillet (kept the same amounts and, marvelously, the same cooking times!) It was SOOOO yummy. My roommates could smell it cooking and devoured it as soon as it was out of the oven. Next time I am going to try zucchini and spinach and maybe a little grated Swiss in with the hard cheese.

    34. Scott

      Sounds like a delicious recipe!
      Takes a while to filter out all the pretentiousness but is definitely worth the effort.



    35. OK my inner yum-meter just shot from the chocolate biscotti to this torte. Gah! I think I’ll have to start a to-cook binder too… and the bevel trick for slicing is a great idea.

    36. I made this the other night and it was completely delicious, so far bland. :) I’m reheating now for lunch and hope, as you suspect, it’ll just be that much better. Thanks for the recipe!

    37. Nancy

      Do you have to add the flour? What does it add to the dish?

      This looks delicious. I only recently discovered this site and am already impressed!

    38. LizD

      I found your blog while search for something new to do with my tremendous-volume-of-veggies problem (we are in a CSA and get a giant box of produce every week). I normally don’t like yellow squash, but we have some anyway (because you just get what they give you) and this recipe actually sounded so good. And I mean this was moan-at-the-dinner-table-and-make-hubby-laugh kind of good.
      I LOVE your blog. I am now firmly hooked and have RSSed you and am looking ever so forward to reading all your old, and new, posts. Thanks SO much for the humor, the recipes, the tips, and pictures. This is great reading!!

    39. Megan

      Made this yesterday with a layer of zucchini in it. Was very good, and it got some veggies in my husband, which is not easy. Thanks for the recipe!!

    40. Mollie

      SO happy you posted this. I have crooknecks coming out my ears (a sight to see for sure!). I saw something like this on iron chef of all places the other day and wanted to give it a shot, and then saw this which gave me some additional guidelines. Can’t wait to try it – I’m going to give it a shot in cast iron in the grill this weekend.

    41. Theresa

      I only had red potatoes, but I made this last night and it was delish! Was super easy and will definitely be a new staple. Thanks!

    42. I’ve been a reader for awhile now, but must de-lurk to tell you this is one of my favorite summer dishes and has a place in my ‘standards’ binder. In fact, I just made it tonight since the farmer’s market (finally) had yellow squash. I use a food processor to cut the veggies, and don’t use the 8 inch pans, I just layer it in a big casserole and cook it for a bit longer. Glad you posted this one! It’s a keeper.

    43. sonia

      this looks delicious- i’m making this for dinner!
      on a side note- did i see another sonia in the comments somewhere?
      if so- hi!

    44. Beth

      I made this dish, and holy cow: people, you must! A Godly recipe. Hie thee to the produce section. My son decided he has a newfound appreciation for summer squash now; he and my husband get it again tonight. (one 8″ pan served 3 of us x 2 pans). I served this with fresh corn on the cob and grilled salmon. Must mention: because we normally prefer/require reduced sodium diets (SO much better for you), I will certainly reduce the quantity of salt in this dish – by at least half – for next time. Parmesan also contains salt. Really a wonderful dish in every respect, but we are salt sensitive. Yep, a real keeper! You outdid yourself, Deb! My dish looked, and smelled :) like your photo – wonderful stuff. Tasted like more! Need to make it for my other sons, and extended family, and send it to foodie friends. Even my dog wanted some. I had to inform him: dogs don’t do squash. He stared at me in frank disagreement. We’ll continue the carnivore discussion tonight (when pan #2 will be reheated). The dog’s stares will be a problem, I can tell you.

    45. maytal

      OK help! I know I’m a complete dork when it comes to cooking but mine came out mushy inside, perfectly crispy on top, but inside icky mush. Could it have been the type of potatoes and squash I used? too much oil? I used a different potato (can’t remember the name right now) and some green type of squash, they both came out mushy. I plan to try again till I get it right. suggestions? ideas?

    46. Beth

      Response to Maytal:

      Deb’s recipe said to use crookneck, or yellow summer squash – which is what I used. I used Yukon Gold potatoes also. Since yousaid that you used green squash (?) maybe that was the problem w/ “mush.” Not sure. Also: The olive oil is to be drizzled on each layer…one tsp. per layer for 3 layers. This is times the two pans as mentioned in the recipe. Six tsp. total for two pans. Also: I dotted the tops of the ingredients in the pans with a very small amount of unsalted butter; worked great for me. Perhaps you could try again. It was a very tasty recipe, but I just need to use a lot less salt for us here. Beth.

    47. Made this this evening and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 out of our 4 family members aged 4-38 loved it! I made it in a cast iron skillet and the bottom potatoes crisped and browned and all the flavors are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    48. Amy

      Made this the other night and loved it. Lots of times I don’t have success with recipes, even ones that other people have raved about (arroz con pollo comes to mind), so I was really glad this one worked out. I used basil instead of thyme (it’s what I had on hand) and reduced the salt by about half. Oh, and used red skinned potatos. Thanks for a great recipe!

    49. I made a half recipe of this for my husband and I for dinner recently, and we both really liked it. I used dried thyme, which seemed to work fine. I used yellow summer squash, and my only complaint was that it was a little too watery. I think next time I’ll reverse the covered and uncovered baking times (so 25 minutes covered, then 40 minutes uncovered). The flavor was right-on though, and it was a pretty easy meal to make.

    50. Melissa

      I loved this dish when we made it. In fact, my dh and I ate all of it in one night, and nothing else…which is very unusual for my carnivorous dh. A vegetarian meal? Him? You guess it, yup, this time it was. And it was *good*! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us!

    51. gwen

      I made this for dinner last week and absolutely loved it… I halved the recipe because I didn’t have enough potatoes — and thought two pies would be too much for just me and my boyfriend — and then regretted it when there were no leftovers! Thanks very much.

    52. I had to rush over to the computer after eating this and let you know how good this is! Even though I decided to turn the oven on, on this very hot day, it was worth it. The nice thing about the dish (even though oven-baked), is that it is very light and summer-like. I was shaking my head while I was eating it… Thank you! By the way, for leftovers, would you suggest removing from the pan and storing or storing the torte in the original pan and then reheating that as is next day? I don’t want it to lose it’s nice shape.

    53. brunetterecluse

      My first time commenting! I saw this yesterday and knew what I was going to do with all the squash my cousin gave me from her garden. I made this tonight and it is so yummy. I love the site, thanks so much for inspiring to shake off the weekday doldrums and cook more.

    54. Jennifer in NYC

      I made this tonight and it is tasty! The summer flavors of fresh time, scallions and squash really come through. Thanks for the great recipe.

    55. Beth

      Just a quick comment.. Should you decide to halve the recipe, be sure to halve the entire recipe! I just somehow decided I could use half the potatoes and squash, but the full amount of flour/cheese mixture. yuk yuk yuk! I KNEW something didn’t look right. :-)

    56. Just wanted to let you know that I made this for dinner last night and holy summer squash was it spectacular. I made it in a pie plate (didn’t have a cake pan!) and halved the recipe and two of us at the entire thing. QUICKLY.

      I didn’t have any thyme or green onions, so I dropped those, but I did have a leek, which I chopped thinly and scattered over the parmesean in each layer. Amazing!

      What a wonderful, easy recipe. This is definitely going into my regular rotation.

    57. Kitty

      I am making this right now and I can’t wait! Thanks so much, I just found your blog and am sad that I have apparently missed many years of deliciousness. Will be a regular from now on.

    58. Maddy

      so good! I added chopped fresh rosemary and used little yellow, red, and purple potatoes and it turned out fantastically. Also, it’s amazing with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

    59. How funny that I’m the second commenter from Japan! Made this for dinner with rosemary instead of thyme, since my thyme plant is dying. Turned out delicious and perfectly browned on the bottom. Amazing!

    60. dior

      I found this recipe this afternoon when trying to decide what to make with the yellow summer squash & red potatoes from our veg box for dinner – how perfect! It was delish, and I’m certain it will be even better as leftovers…Thank you SK!

    61. hi deb! I knew that when I felt like making a new potato dish this weekend your blog would come through for me! This dish is amazing & simple. I’m pretty sure it’ll become a regular in our house. thanks so much for posting it.

    62. Emily

      Just to make sure my torte will really be perfectly seasoned, did you use regular or kosher salt? It looks delicious, by the way.

    63. Graciela

      Yeah this was really good. I made it last night but then I didn’t have enough squash for two so I used broccoli for the other torte and that was actually pretty good too. I also didn’t have parmesan so a mexican blend worked fine. Thanks!

    64. Kim

      I made this last night in a 9×13, with slightly less potatoes (just what I had). I didn’t have enough cheese but it was still very tasty. Thanks for a unique dinner idea. Between my boyfriend and I, we ate the whole dish. I really like the crunchy raw green onion garnish. I’m depending on your site for all these simple veggie dishes since I just signed up for a 4-week trial of my local CSA. It starts this Wednesday!

    65. Rhonda

      I made this today after seeing it on your sidebar as a reminder that this is good esp with just picked squash. I love this one and have made it several times. Thank you.

    66. Deb, I cannot believe how easy and delicious this recipe is! It was in the oven in under 20 mins with help from my mandoline, washing prep dishes was super easy, and it was SOO good!

    67. Aiminee

      No mandoline here but it was quick and easy to make and the leftovers are amazing for lunch. I always run out of ideas for all the summer squash I end up with… Thanks for all the veggie recipes and ideas. I’ve got you bookmarked.

    68. Eileen

      Love the new seasonal recipes sidebar!! This recipe fit my cravings and start of motherload squash season. I added fresh sugar snap peas which were awesome roasted!! Thanks so much for the inspiration and guidance–as usual :)

    69. so simple but delicious! i had alot of extra squash this week and wanted to make something new. i made this for dinner for my boyfriend & i last night. we loved it!

    70. Thank so much for the seasonal postings sidebar. I am not a big zucchini and squash person, though they are growing on me a little. But I get them every week pretty much from my CSA so I am always looking for recipes like this one!! Thanks I am definitely making this tomorrow night:)

    71. ProudCanadian

      i, too, can be very set in my ways… especially when it comes to the potato… Yukon Gold is really the only spud for me, no matter what i’m making which is a bit of a pitfall- but i don’t care! at our house, i’m cooking, you eat & make yummy noises- not critique or make suggestions!!! :)

    72. I just discovered your blog and i love it! What wonderful recipes. I tried this one last weekend. It looked nothing like yours but it was really good! I had no green onions so I caramelized a few onions first and added those. I also made it a lot thicker and cooked it a lot longer and we ate it cold with a salad ;-)
      I confess I have a hard time following recipes!
      Thank you!

    73. This looks great. I can’t wait to try it and agree with another poster that zucchini would be a nice add. Re: mandolines–I bought an expensive French-made mandoline but never used it and got rid of it, then needed one and got the Oxo model, which I like very much. Be super careful and ALWAYS use the hand guard. I’ve read that the cheaper ceramic and Japanese ones should be avoided as they break and slip and are dangerous. Like most things, the higher quality kitchen equipment is almost always worth the investment.

    74. Debra

      I made this and it did not quite live up to my expectations. I’m thinking perhaps it might bake more evenly if some chicken broth were added before baking.

    75. Kiki Cheng

      Today I realized how long it’s been since I’ve really cooked anything, and decided quickly without deliberation that this looked really good. So I made it. It is DELICIOUS! My flat mate loved it too.

    76. Rupi D.

      Thanks so much for this recipe! I made it last night and we loved it:) I followed the recipe mostly, the only thing I changed was i used White Cheddar instead of the parm and added Panko crumbs to the final cheese layer on top after uncovering it to bake longer- giving it a nice crust on top. Thanks again!

    77. Made this last night for dinner – mine wasn’t nearly as pretty! I know you say it’s not going to win in the looks department…but mine just sort of came out in wedges but then fell apart. Either way it was delicious!

      I didn’t have any green onions so I subbed some diced yellow onion instead & left out the “garnish”. My husband was wary of this dish while I was layering yellow (squash) on yellow (potatoes) but he named it a success!

      Now if only I can get it to come out a little *tighter* :-/ Will be eating leftovers tonight and trying it all again soon… THANK YOU DEB!

    78. innes

      i made this recipe with my “classroom” of infants today at our childcare center! they enjoyed smelling and tasting the ingredients, and the squash came from our own garden plot. the layering was somewhat haphazard, as you might imagine from helpers age 6 to 18 months, but the result was spectacular. we altered the recipe so it was vegan and gluten-free. thanks for the recipe!

    79. Erin

      I tried this last night and mine turned out incredibly salty. I was sad because I can see that this might become a favorite to make. I double checked my measurments and didn’t add extra salt-do you think it was the cheese?

    80. Charlotte

      Thanks for the recipe – I’ve been looking for one with potatoes and summer squash and here it is! That’s what’s for dinner tonight!

    81. tanya

      Thank you for the recipe! I made it last night for myself, my husband, and my sister-in-law. I used a 9” pie pan, which had the capacity to hold 3 layers of potatoes and two layers of squash, and I used up all of the cheese mix that the recipe calls for. I used very young green squash. To serve, I sprinkled the top with scallions and cherry tomatoes cut in half. As my sister-in-law said, it looked like a picture in a cooking magazine. You are right about the seasoning, Deb. It is absolutely perfect. The dish has a wonderful, fresh, summery taste, complex but not overpowering.

      I followed the advice of other commentators here and used less salt than specified in the recipe. The cheese has a strong salty taste. Some complained that their dish was watery. I did not encounter this problem. The squash was very tender, but held its shape and did not turn into water.

      To complete the dinner, I made a four bean salad from Trader Joe’s recipe.

      Oh, and the three of us ate the whole thing; there is only one small piece left. So I’d say, if you make it in a 9” pan, and it is your main course, it serves 4 people, just barely. It definitely needs a hearty salad to make a complete dinner.

      Thank you for yet another excellent recipe. This one is a keeper.

    82. Mary

      Um – YUM! I have a garden laden with yellow squash right now and a whole cabinet full of potatoes that I bought for another purpose and never used – match made in heaven! I altered the recipe in that I 1.) used red potatoes, 2.) used fresh basil instead of thyme since I have it in spades, 3.) threw in a chopped up italian sausage that was left over from last night. It definitely is NOT a glamorous looking dish, but it has unbeliveable flavor. I also took Deb’s suggestion and made it in a cast iron pan (just 2 layers).

      Thanks for another winner!


    83. Marcia

      Similar to a yummy ‘summer bake’ with tomatoes, squash,potatoes and lots of garlic. can’t wait to get the Yukon’s to try this. thanks

    84. misswendy

      we absolutely love this, i’ve made it 3 times since the day i first read it (last month). used oregano (not a fan of thyme) and along with the squash added some zuchini… i never know how to spell that.

    85. Andrea

      I have a plethra of squash in my garden so I was searching the web for recipes that included squash…which was how I found your blog. I made these tonight for dinner but I don’t have a 8 or 9 inch round springform pan so I decided to make mini tortes in my muffin pan instead (Note to self – I could have used a cake pan!). I used my little squash so I could still overlap them with smaller potatoes. This was AWESOME! I had company for dinner and they all raved about it. It made it worth cooking in 90 degree weather.
      I am so excited to try some of your other recipes. I also made the grilled pizza tonight and loved it. Next on the list is lobster rolls for my husband’s 30th bday…and I am excited to make the mini rolls too! Hard to find a good recipe for rolls.

    86. Su

      I love the taste of fresh veggies baked in spices so the recipe was right up my alley! But my problem is that the torte came out similar to my potato gratin and the layers don’t “stick”. Cutting it into slices always resulted in separated layers. More flour or Parmesan? Or is there something else I can do?

      Thank you for the lovely pictures though, mouthwatering as usual!

    87. sjm

      Just recently discovered your site – now my go to am read, Thank you! This dish is AMAZING, turning squeemish squash eaters into willing tasters, for sure.

    88. I made this the other night and we loved it! It reminds me of a healthy version of my mom’s “scalloped potatoes” (sliced potatoes baked in a bath of cream sauce…is that what they are to everyone?). Then, we were happy to find that it was EVEN BETTER FOR BREAKFAST.

    89. Liz


      This was my first attempt at a SmittenKitchen recipe, and what a success! Your directions were clear and concise, and the finished product surpassed expectation. I’ve now given the recipe (and the name of your website!) to three of my girlfriends and my mom. You were right on the money with the twice baked comment, the torte was even better the next day for lunch.

      I can’t tell you how excited I am to try many other recipes from your site, thanks Deb! You’re a kitchen inspiration to this SF gal.

    90. Lauren

      I know it’s been quite some time since this recipe was posted, but I had a snafu when I last made this – it was terrible! I followed the recipe verbatim and perhaps that was the problem – the potatoes and squash were entirely unseasoned, and it only tasted delicious when I got to the herbed cheese. Did you salt and pepper your vegetables, or add other spices to them before layering them?

      I have some summer squash in the fridge crying to be used in this recipe! Any and all advice is welcome!

    91. Lori

      I made this last weekend as well. I added carmelized onions to the cheese mixture (also grated some aged provolone and asiago in with the parm). Cooked it ahead of time, then re-heated the next day for friends. It was awesome! Both pans got gobbled up. I am going to try with spinach and portabella mushrooms.

    92. Hi Deb! Do you happen to know a good side dish I can use to go along with this torte? All the ideas I come up with end up being well, blah. Thanks so much!

    93. Laura

      I was wondering what might be a suitable alternative to the squash? The stores here in NE England aren’t to hot on the squash front. The best we can do is usually butternut or gem squash. Any ideas if they would be a suitable substitute?

    94. Wench

      For the first time in I can’t remember how long, I exactly followed a non-baking recipe. Oh, oh my maude, this is so. good.. It’s prime squash season at the farmer’s markets right now. I might have to make this on a weekly basis.

      I’m also thinking potatoes and carrots, maybe a bit of spinach, for the winter. MMMMMM.

    95. Cari Messina

      I made this last night and the aroma that filled every corner of my home was absolutely intoxicating, only rivaled by the taste of of this wonderfully simple torte once it was finished. I cut the recipe in half and made it in an 8-in pie pan, used most of the cheese mixture within and only sprinkled some on top, and seasoned each layer lightly with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper (amazing what thorough seasoning will do for a dish, as Deb mentioned above).

      It formed a delightfully brown and crispy top on it, very pretty! I noticed a previous comment about the squash getting mushy, which happened, but I thought of it as more ‘melt in your mouth’; I felt it definitely kept it’s integrity, as I could still see the gorgeous little half moons of pale yellow skin while I munched.

      Make it, people. You won’t be sorry!

    96. This is a family favorite of ours and I just wanted to let you know that I made a baby version for my almost 11 month old and he ate it right up! Peeled yukon golds, cubed yellow squash and dried thyme steamed in the Beaba and pureed with shredded fresh parm. It is baby approved! :)

    97. Mali

      I came across this website while trying to figure out what to do with the fridge full of squash that i need to get rid of. I was tired of making zucchini bread and biscuits. Tried your recipe, my family won’t stop raving.Thanks…..

    98. Caitlin

      I have made this once before, and am dying to make it again tomorrow for girls’ night. However, I’m one round cake pan down and was wondering if you think that I could make this all in one larger dish. This dish really is flavored perfectly!

    99. Christine

      This was SOOO GOOOD…I didn’t think it would taste that good (yeah..well, sorry). I was in a hurry, had all the “stuff” in the house, am into a cook-with-what-you-have-jag, so this was perfect. I was so much in a hurry…left the skins on the RED potatoes, forgot the thyme (!!! there were only 4 things I had to remember to put together and I forgot one of them!! sheeshhh), added onion powder (ick but no green onions in house), left out salt (cheese is salty enough for us) cut and arranged all and cooked it forever (it seemed… a rush). Had it with Tarragon Chicken Salad sandwiches on sprouted grain bread…and a beer?

      Hubby said so good. I’m glad there are leftovers….BREAKFAST

    100. I made this for supper last night and I’m in LOVE! I planned to serve it with a green salad, but it was late and I didn’t want to wash a bunch of greens. So I ended up topping it with a poached egg and it was perfect. Leftovers came to work with me today and I can’t wait to see how the day-after flavors have developed. Another keeper, Deb. Thank you!

    101. fs

      this is so good! I was lazy and sliced everything a bit thicker than 1/8th (more like a 1/4) and cooked it at 400. Turned out great, and served with chili/curry greek yogurt and salad. Yum! Green onion is key.

    102. This is the perfect recipe for yesterday’s CSA haul!

      On question though–a number of people mention adding spinach. And I am curious…how? Would you blanch the spinach first? Or just add the fresh leaves as an additional layer?? I want to do this and I have the fresh spinach, I’m just kind of new to this…

      Thanks in advance!

    103. Danita

      Found this recipe while searching for something different to do with yellow squash. I used red potatoes as that is what I had on hand. Turned out wonderful. I’ll definitely make this again. Looking forward to the cookbook.

    104. Kate

      WOW! I too was trying to use up some summer squash from the CSA box, and this recipe is amazing. Golden, crunchy, cheesy deliciousness. I made two modifications due to my kitchen supplies – I cooked the whole thing in a large cast iron skillet (turned out beautifully, took about the same amount of time) and used shallots because I was out of green onions. Delightful.

    105. Sarah

      Hi Deb! I was just introduced to your site recently, have tried 6 or 7 of your recipes, and have loved every one. I love all your helpful instructions and beautiful pictures.

      This recipe was absolutely delicious but I was wondering if you had any suggestions as to a meat that might be good layered in with the squash and potatoes? I love vegetarian dishes but boyfriend seems to think he needs meat with every meal.;)

    106. Kaylan

      WOW. I just made this and it is sooo good! I substituted the parmesan cheese with gruyere and used rosemary instead of thyme because that’s what I had fresh – it turned out great!

    107. Ingrid

      Made this last night – delish! Had leftovers today – what a great way to utilize all that squash the garden give you!

    108. Marna

      Has anyone tried freezing this? I’m looking for stuff to use up squash that I can freeze, not just freeze the squash itself.

    109. What a great use of everything that’s growing right now. I was looking for a recipe to use some of my CSA haul and this is it! All the veggies in the recipe came in this week’s haul, and my thyme looks the best it has all summer.

      Oh, and most importantly, it was delicious too. A great mix of light summery flavors and fall comfort food. This one’s going in my recipe binder.

    110. I saw this recipe and knew it was going to be awesome. I modified it a little bit, and added crumbled bacon, and used a teeny bit of the bacon grease in substitution of the oil. It was AMAZING! Also, used mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

    111. Melissa

      Yum! How have I not seen this before? Going to keep an eye out for squash. It’s been cool and rainy in Toronto and I am plotting all the things I can make in the oven this week before it gets hot out again.

      Speaking of which, Deb, I think there’s a typo in your newly added note. You mention making it with the season’s first summer “square” – guessing that should read “squash”. If you can find square squash though, you should post a photo. :)

    112. Jennifer L.

      I’m so glad you mentioned this again in the comments of a more recent post! I made it the other night, and it was DELICIOUS! You were also correct about the taste just getting better on the second and third day. Can’t wait to have it for lunch today!

    113. Julie R.

      Just made this torte for Father’s Day. Fantastic! The recipe was very easy to follow and my husband, who does not necessarily love squash, raved over this dish. Despite the fact that no butter was used, this torte tasted amazingly buttery and soft with a really nice crispness on the top. Every bite was so well-seasoned and delicious. So incredibly easy, too. Will definitely make this again.

    114. Chris

      Just made this tonight and it was awesome. I used a 9-inch springform pan and did the whole thing in one go-three squash layers and four potato layers. Once cooked and cooled down from nuclear, I just opened the ring, slid it off the base, and cut it into the nice wedges. Super tasty!

    115. Lee

      Oh my gosh. You are a lifesaver! I am growing squash (and cooking it for the first time) and this recipe looks right up our alley. I’m growing sage, too! Pardon my happy squeal. =)

    116. Sherry

      Great recipe. I made it first 2 weeks ago and it was wonderful. I made it again last night with this change: I added a layer of finely sliced and sautéed sweet onion after the squash layer. I also added about 2 or 3 tablespoons of Gorgonzola cheese that I had left over because I was a bit short on the parmasen and I wanted it to have a good kick. Lastly I used rosemary instead of thyme. It came out wonderful. I used a large decorative tart/pie pan and did not have as many layers, but it still worked very well. As you and others have said, it is even better the next day! Thanks!

    117. Jennifer

      This is delicious and definitely one we make a lot during the summer now! The only change we’ve made is to use smoked Gouda instead of the Parmesan. Mainly because we never have parm, but always have Gouda.
      I can’t wait to try making it in my little cast-iron

    118. Britt

      Just made this last night, with the following on-hand substitutions: cheddar instead of parm, 1 tsp regular + 1/2 tsp garlic salt, fresh sage instead of thyme, and 12″ cast iron pan. B/c of the size of the pan, I only did 2 full layers, plus a little extra on top, but it was fabulous! I also poured 9 whisked eggs over the top just before I stuck it in the oven, for some extra protein… both the husband & I *could not* get enough!
      This was my first Smitten Kitchen recipe adventure, and I can’t wait to make more – thank you so much for your beautiful, inspiring site!

    119. Shuggies mom

      I’m going to make this now but ‘m going to add some thinly sliced onion, and I think I will saute them first so they’re tender. I love to saute yellow squash with onion, so I think this will be good!

    120. Ann

      Trying this tonight – 2 pans in the oven now. I’ve been trying to sneak in all the squash into side dishes that I can – the boys in the house are NOT fans of squash. Nothing like mixing them with potatoes and cheese, woohooo! Made the bacon corn hash to rave reviews earlier in the week. You & your website are my secret weapon in the kitchen these days. Thanks for the great recipes!

    121. Dana

      OMG, all I can say is that this recipe is amazing. I have been making this nearly every week since zucchini showed up at the farmer’s market (hey, when I find a good thing, I stick with it). We eat it as a main course and my 1 year old loves it too!

    122. Erica

      Just made this a few nights ago–used a few less green onions b/c I’ve got “onion-phobic” husband AND son. It was so tasty–the seasonings cook into the potatoes and squash so well, and every bite is flavorful. Thanks!

    123. Michele

      This was Amazing!!
      My hubby had a great twist that we’re going to try tonight – same idea but with potatoes, broccoli, bacon pieces and cheddar cheese = like a baked potato

    124. Liz

      Incredible! I have had doubts about yellow summer squash since I was a child (when the only way I ever had it prepared was in a microwave. ick.), but you have converted me. I have an incredible influx of squash right now and decided to give this recipe a go. I had an excuse to finally use the mandoline lurking in the cupboards and went with the one-pan, stuff it to the top method. My boyfriend tried it and requested it for dinner every night that week. It was also particularly delicious to take to work for lunch.

    125. Brandi

      I made this in the skillet like you suggested in your update, and it was superb! I just kept layering it until it was overflowing, and it cooked down beautifully. I only had whole wheat flour, but it worked just fine. Thanks for a fine dinner!

    126. Dena

      I made this last night. My husband LOVES potatoes, and I’m always looking for ways to cook them more healthfully. We both commented that this dish reminded us of an “au gratin” side, without leaving you with the “heavy” feeling of all that cream and cheese. It was delicious, and I’ll be making it again. I served it with plain, herb-seasoned ground turkey burgers. I can’t wait to try reheating and see how it turns out.
      Side note: our neighbors smelled the dinner cooking, and told us later that they wanted to wait until we left for the night and run over and eat our leftovers! :) Thanks SK!

    127. I made this for the umpteenth time over the weekend, with a few adjustments for season and party size. Both changes worked beautifully. I omitted the squash because it’s not in seaon. And since it was a larger party I assembled the whole thing in a half sheet pan, cut it into 2×3″ rectangles, chilled overnight and reheated on a cookie sheet before serving. It was a hit!

    128. Erin

      Do you think this could work with squash I’d sliced and frozen from my garden? If so, how would you suggest cooking it so the potatoes get cooked through and the squash not overcooked? It looks amazing, but I’ve promised myself we’re eating up things from the freezer first. :) Thanks!

    129. Katie

      I made this for the first time this week – incredibly delicious! I wanted a bit thicker torte, so I just used one spring form pan (was surprised how much it shrinks down!) and it worked perfectly, although I took Deb’s suggestion and cooked it a bit longer. The only change I might suggest is that I’m a bit salt sensitive, so I might have omitted some of the salt, but other than that it was great!

    130. BJ

      Does anyone know if this can be made and frozen? I have abundance of squash now, but know I will want some this winter. Thanks

      1. deb

        BJ — Theoretically, yes. But summer squash is not my favorite to freeze because it gets mushier once defrosted. You might want to recrisp it a bit in the oven if you do freeze it.

    131. Shanteri Baliga

      I made this today and added zucchini flowers on the top as a garnish and it was amazing! I’m hoping to try this again with potatoes, onions and squash.

    132. Kyle

      I have made this twice now and really enjoy it. I made it in a 9X13 casserole dish to save time. I added some baby crimini mushrooms that I thought added a nice earthiness to the medley. Wife likes it with more cheese, so i put another cup of parm on top.

    133. Christina

      This is my favorite squash recipe. I made one and froze it before cooking – cooked it from frozen as recommended in the recipe with an extra 10 minutes and it was delicious.

    134. Shelly

      I just have to say that this is one of my favourite squash recipes. I baked it all in a springform pan tonight and it served up nicely. I am the only person at work who is still taking home the free zucchini that everyone brings in …. because I know I am making this a few times.

    135. Katie

      I had two pounds of sliced summer squash leftover from a roommates wedding and had no idea what to do with it until I found this recipe.
      This is definitely the best thing I’ve had all week- dinner last night and lunch today with a poached egg on top. YUM!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    136. Susan Glenn

      Made this tonight in a cast iron skillet and served it with grilled lamb chops-forgot the green onions when shopping, so sauteed a chopped Vidalia and added it with each layer. Also completely forgot the flour. It was absolutely wonderful, the crispy bottom was amazing, the squash wasn’t runny or mushy at all. We can’t wait to fight over the leftovers tomorrow! What a winner-would definitely make this ahead for dinner party or potluck.

    137. christine

      This is amazing! I can’t believe how much I LOVE this dish! I made it all in one 10 inch skillet and in oven longer and used pecorino cheese since I didn’t have parm. I also made squash a little thicker than potatoes using madoline. Absolutely fabulous – great flavor and will definitely make again and again.

    138. Irma

      I am waiting for this to come out of the oven. It smells magnificent! My squash were much thinner than the potatoes but I think it will make no difference in taste :) I am going to wait for it to cool down and eat it rewarmed for dinner, just like you recommended. Thanks Deb!

    139. Jon

      I made this the other day, and I will say it was almost perfect! The only issue was that the thyme was rather overpowering, but this might have partly been because I bought it at H-mart, an Asian market near my house. It might have been a variety of thyme that was more potent than what you usually find. XD That said, topping it with some eggs helped to diffuse the thyme flavor to much more pleasant levels, and everything else about it was heavenly!

      Next time i’m going to try using a mix of gold, russet, and purple potatoes from my local trader joes to see what it looks like! :D I’ll also cut down the thyme a bit while amping up the Parmesan cause I’m a cheese addict. :P The leftovers freeze quite well, especially if you defrost them in the microwave then finish heating them up in the toaster oven to get even crispier on top!

    140. Jen Manning

      I just made this with a little twist. I used patty pan and yukon golds and added the following; fresh parsley, garlic, paprika, and shaved parsnips. Half way through baking I added a little chicken stock….This was a huge hit. The thyme and parsnips were a delight. What a great recipe!

    141. sue

      I’m always looking for new vegetarian meals, this looked delicious and tasted scrumptious, I couldn’t stop eating it! Next time I’ll use a shallow casserole dish rather than 2 cake pans.

    142. deb

      Mary — Yes, I think you could skip the flour, or use a gluten-free blend instead. It’s about keeping the moisture in check, and not gluten/protein.

    143. Katy

      I used a 9 inch metal pan, and the resultant crunchiness was delicious! It was like eating a giant herb potato chip. My only substitution was dried thyme instead of fresh, and it was glorious people. I used this recipe since my man-friend hates zucchini and I had just been gifted some and wanted to experiment. Too bad he knows there is zucchini in it, otherwise I would totally try to trick him into eating it :D

    144. Nune

      I finally had a chance to make this recipe over the weekend and it was a major success. I didn’t have fresh herbs, so I used a small quantity of dry thyme and oregano, which helped to add some flavor. But, next time I’ll definitely invest in the fresh version for that extra oomph! This was absolutely delicious and I appreciated the addition of flour to keep the moisture from the squash at a minimum. Also a plus…hubby loved the recipe even though it didn’t have any meat in it! Total win. Thanks, Deb!!

    145. I have this in the oven right now! I was looking for summer squash recipes from the archives and thought i’d have the right(ish) ingredients for this. i also am using a cast iron pan with the 4 layers, but instead of parmesan i had to use (extra sharp) cheddar, red onion instead of green onion and dried thyme instead of fresh. i bet it will be delicious!

    146. stephanie

      i made this on wednesday and we didn’t get to eat it until friday…and it was AWESOME.

      i will say that i took a few liberties with the spice/cheese mix (i used the parmesan but also added some sharp white cheddar, i used the flour and the scallions but since i don’t like thyme i just used my penzey’s fox point seasoning) and i baked it in my little 7×10″ ikea glass casserole dish because i don’t have any cake/pie pans.

      i did four layers of yukon golds, three of the summer squash. i cooked it covered for 45 and then uncovered for 30 to account for a thicker torte, but the reheating for a half hour at 350 was perfect. i’m a cheese fiend so i definitely used quite a bit more than the 1 cup of parmesan but i can tell it would have been still really good made as directed.

      and for anyone out there with a “meat and potatoes” s/o, we had this as a side with jerk chicken and boyperson ate every bit of his two servings! (i initially just told him it was scalloped potatoes but i eventually got the “what did you say was in this?” question so i had to come clean, haha.) we had two squares left over which i’m going to eat for lunch today.

    147. Shelly

      AMAZING! So simple yet, so, so good and perfectly proportioned. Leftovers (if there are any!) would be great with a fried egg on top. I omitted sage, and used garlic salt, garlic powder and onion powder :)

      1. deb

        It should be fine with red potatoes. In general, the waxier the potato, the better it will work here. Red potatoes are slightly less waxy than yellow/yukon but definitely more so than russets/idaho.

        1. Leslie

          I made this with red potatoes. I did peel them, The torte was delicious, but I think would be much prettier with the Yukon Gold potatoes. It was kind of grey with the red potatoes

    148. S

      I just made this tonight and it was delicious, and my toddler is currently happily eating it too. I did make a few changes:
      – 1/2 an onion, diced, because I didn’t have enough green onions
      – 5 tiny cloves of garlic, diced, mixed with the parmesan cheese
      – pinch of Aleppo pepper mixed with the cheesw
      – dried thyme instead of fresh because that’s what I had
      I also made it in a 10″ pan and this did seem way easier than dealing with filling two 8″ pans.
      Thanks Deb!

    149. I’m eating this right now, it’s delicious. It’s filling but still light enough for these hot summer nights when I’m just not super hungry. I actually used garlic scapes instead of green onions cause I had some in the crisper who needed a destination before they went limp. Worked great.

      Thanks for the suggestion on Insta, Deb!

    150. Gwen

      Made this last night – aside from a small accident with the mandolin, it was a total success! We used a large cast iron skillet (around 13 inch) so I did an extra set of layers and it cooked down perfectly. Had it in the oven covered with foil for 45 minutes, 25 minutes without the foil. My boyfriend LOVED it, and already demanded we make it again, but wanted to up the herb amount and test with some basil or something else from our herb garden.

    151. Kathe

      made this with dried thyme and pecorino. forgot to put the green onions inside! next time I would make with way less olive oil, but seeing as i just ate almost one entire tin for a late lunch, i should hush.

      very nice with zucchini, especially because it adds another color.

    152. Stella

      Mmmm, this was very good! I had no spring onions so I used rosemary, sage and thyme. I ate it with baked portobello’s and I liked the combination of tastes.

    153. Sarahfina

      Could I substitute winter squash or a harder squash for the summer variety?
      I was thinking maybe steam it ahead of time so the cooking time would still line up with the potatoes.


    154. christine alison wilson

      This looks fab, but I don’t think I will peel the spuds as I am fundamentally opposed to peeling vegetables unless they are pretty gnarly.

    155. This is in the oven RIGHT NOW and smelling so great! I used my ancient 10″ square cast iron skillet, and for that pan and shape what organically happened was 3 layers of potatoes and 2 layers of zucchini (the squash I had on hand). My kids were screaming and I was pressed for time so I did not peel my yukon golds, hopefully that wasn’t a mistake. I’ll report back on the results!

      1. It was super yummy! My husband had 3 helpings and my picky 9 yr old even at a good portion. The unpeeled potatoes seemed to have no ill effect. Will absolutely make again. For how my oven cooks, next time I will take the foil off 10 minutes earlier to get it really crispy. Thank you!

    156. 925eats

      Made this tonight and it was delicious! I didn’t peel the potatoes. I added 3 small cloves garlic to cheese mixture. I assembled it on a sheet pan with sides and made 3 layers of potatoes and 2 layers of squash. On one side I used mozzarella instead of parmesan because my daughter can’t eat it (migraine trigger). It came out thin and crispy. Both sides were a hit and I’ll make this again. Thanks Deb for a great way to use up all the summer squash in my garden!

        1. deb

          The flour is to help things adhere, however, you could use potato starch instead, I’ve found it works fine, and is then gluten- and grain-free.

    157. David Williams

      Followed the recipe the first time around but doubled and baked in an oval, iron baking dish. Made the second time around doubled and added 12oz. of goat cheese to the layers and about a cup of heavy cream. Try it!

    158. Anne

      Am I ever late to the party. The torte is in the oven and smells heavenly.
      Made it according to Deb’s recipe but my gratin pan only accommodated two layers. Next time, will use cast iron skillet.
      Looking forward to leftovers.

    159. Amy

      I made this but with one major change, which was to whisk the cheese mixture ingredients together with a couple of eggs. So while the rest of the preparation was the same, the torte was kind of equal parts fritatta, maybe. It came out great, though; we loved it for dinner and for leftovers the next day. I’m picky about how we eat our mountains of summer squash from the garden (don’t really love them) and this was an *excellent* vehicle for a disliked vegetable.

    160. Bella Ben-Shach

      Has anyone tried this with a milder cheese, like mozzarella? My husband doesn’t like parmesan (a.k.a. delicious cheese)

      1. Angel

        Yes, I’ve tried a mozzarella & parm mix and it’s fabulous! You could definitely use mozzarella if he’s anti-parm. I use 1/2 cup parm + 8oz of provolone and we it as the main course.

    161. Christine

      I made this this week and I’m so happy to have found this recipe – it was delicious! Any thoughts on making it with sweet potatoes and beets instead of squash and yukon golds?

    162. Dana V

      Made this for company tonight and it was delicious. I prepared and baked it this morning then refrigerated until dinner. I reheated it (covered with foil) at 350 for 40 minutes, then turned up the oven to 375, (took off the foil cover) and after 10 minutes the top was crusty and slightly browned.
      I used a 2lb bag of small Yukon gold potatoes (I didn’t peel them because they were so small), 2 green zucchini and 1 yellow squash. I only used 1/2 a cup of parmesan and we all felt it was plenty of cheese.
      Simple to make, love that it can be made ahead, and the taste was fabulous.

    163. Emily

      I made this as our first squash from the season we’re ready to harvest. For Jamaica few ingredients it sure is tasty! I’d definitely make it again! Thank you.

    164. Molly

      Just made this and it blew us away! Tremendously good. The only rough edge was peeling the potatoes, but my plan is to try cooking them thoroughly by boiling so the skins come off easily and so that the torte bake will be more like a second cook that just makes the edges crisp and insides buttery-smooth. That’s the plan, anyway!

      1. littlemousling

        Verdict: wasn’t worth it! The potatoes were certainly creamier but the change turned a delightful cook into a slog. I’ll stick with it as written from here on in!

    165. Made this for dinner tonight and found it quite good, only wished I’d left out the thyme. Didn’t have fresh so used dried: jar says to use 1 tsp in place of 1 tablespoon fresh. I used 1/2 tsp thinking I was being cautious but it still overwhelmed, couldn’t taste the Parmesan. Will try again, it looks and sounds better!

    166. Angel

      I’ve made this so many times! I cut the parm to 1/2 cup and add 8 oz of provolone, and we eat it as dinner rather than a side. I always make in an extra large iron skillet. Perfection!!

    167. Cindy

      Made this tonight with zucchini from my garden… I cannot get enough! My summers will never be the same! Thank you!!! Missed the note about the cast iron skillet but will definitely try it next time!

    168. Francoise

      Made this last night with peeled russet potatoes (what I had), added garlic scapes to the green onion and cheese mixture (because, ditto), and added a little more cheese on top. Assembled it all in a large (12 “) cast iron skillet. My family of zucchini/summer squash haters loved it! Quote from my 16 year old daughter “It’s actually quite good” This is a win win win!!

      For those who are having trouble with wateriness, 2 suggestions: pat potatoes and squash very dry before assembling and absolutely do NOT skip the flour. The flour helps the torte to set up as well as absorbing excess moisture. If you need gluten free go with a gluten free flour blend, although I suspect something like oat flour or rice flour would also work. If watching carbs, soy or chickpea flour might do the job as well

    169. Caz

      Made this tonight w our CSA veggies. Garlic scapes instead of green onions. Fresh garden oregano instead of thyme b/c ours is going crazy rn. Used one 11” (?) glass pie dish as it was what I had and piled it high. I’d use cast iron next time just because.
      Boyfriend literally ate 3/4 of it last night and I had to stop him because I wanted some leftovers for lunch today. Will definitely make again.

    170. Kellie

      Made this for dinner tonight to go along some grilled pork chops. It
      was very easy to put together and super tasty. I made 2 changes: #1: I used a lot more squash than called for. 12 ounces of squash is only 2 medium squash, and I used at least 4 -5 squash, so i used at least 2 lbs of squash.

      #2: instead of using 2x 8” pans or a cast iron skillet, I layered the squash and potatoes (which I did not peel) in a deep casserole dish. I ended up with 4 layers of potato and 3 of squash. Since it was a deeper dish, it required more roasting time- almost 1 hour covered, then I sprinkled with more (unseasoned) Parmesan for the final uncovered 25 minutes. I let it sit for at least an hour before serving. OMG so delicious. Oh – and I also probably used more olive oil than required, as I just lightly drizzled each layer without measuring.

    171. Chelsea

      Although magically delicious, this torte did not cure my depression. Deb never promised that it would; however, I remained hopeful until it became clear that it would take more than one good meal to fix both me and the world’s problems.

      five stars, took longer to cook than the recipe said because my oven is weird.

    172. Dana

      I made this yesterday along with your “exceptional grilled chicken” and it was fantastic! My knife skills were probably lacking and my slices ended up on the thicker side, which would explain why I ended up with only 3 layers of potatoes and 2 layers of squash in my 10” cast iron…but who’s counting? It was still a hit. It will be made again, so I’ll either do a better job with slicing or use a mandolin.

    173. Kathy

      This tasted delicious and will definitely make again, but it was not a torte, just loose squash and potatoes. Not sure what I did wrong?

      1. Jess

        I had a similar issue. I suspect it was from one of the many ways I went sideways:
        – I rushed because I needed to get it in the oven
        – used fancy parmesan (shredded by hand) instead of packaged grated cheese, and didn’t measure the cupful really accurately
        – I ALWAYS forget salt and pepper (this time because I was rushing)
        – forgot to drizzle with oil after each layer
        – forgot to prep the cheese etc first and so just sprinkled some parm over the bottom layer
        – maybe my husband needed to leave it in longer? (Doubtful, as he is very good at following instructions, and all he had to do was remove the foil and continue baking)
        – my slices might have been *too* thin? I used the “super thin” blade on my mandolin and even measured a slice for 1/8″ (hoped to have the small human “be helpful” in the kitchen but no dice!) so might try the “thin” blade next time.

        Not sure exactly what went wrong, but hubs seemed to like it, and I was glad to have a use for the thyme on my deck and squash from my CSA. My 4.5 yo, on the other hand, decided before it was even assembled that “I’m not going to have that, because I don’t like it”, but he’s 4.5 so I’m ok with that.

    174. Holly Van Halsema

      Just finished making this & It was amazing! I added some extra herbs that I had left over in my fridge including basil & dill – such a great flavor.

      Plenty of leftovers for this weekend & hangs in the park. Thank you for such a great recipe!

    175. Nancy

      Thank you, made this over the weekend. Made it the original way in the cake pans, so easy to transport to a barbecue. I cheated and used my food processor so prep was a snap. Sliced and served in wedges along side grilled flank steak – it was delicious! Will definitely be making it again, and again and again.

    176. Akemi

      Thank you, Deb!! I am awash with potatoes from neighbors and zucchini from my own garden–this recipe will do nicely indeed. Making it tomorrow!

    177. Laura C.

      This was YUM! I sprinkled with panko breadcrumbs as well and ran it under the broiler for a few minutes to get some crispy tidbits. I tossed the zucchini and potato slices with EVOO, s, and p so I didn’t need to bother with drizzling each layer. I felt it was shouting for an egg with runny yolk but was too lazy. Next time!

    178. Nett

      Holy cow, Deb. You are always spot on but this was even more spectacular than usual. Followed the recipe and used a 10-inch cast iron skillet. So crazy good we had to fight to keep each other from eating the whole thing. Make this, people, do not delay!

    179. Ruby G

      We all loved it! I used 2lbs of potatoes and 4 medium zucchini from the garden in a 9×13 pan, 2 layers.

      It kinda took forever to bake but even my 7 year old liked it!

      I can imagine some version for a vegetarian Thanksgiving side too.

    180. Erica

      If you made this in a 9-inch skillet, would you use the same ingredient amounts, or cut them back somewhat? It looks delicious, can’t wait to try it!

        1. Stacy

          Do you think this would work to cook it in the 8″ cake pan in an instant pot? Any idea how long to cook it? And then finish under the broiler

    181. hannah

      made this despite it being winter and it was GREAT. Yukon golds and zucchini. my boyfriend hates zucchini, so it felt risky, and also we don’t have a cast iron pan, so I made it in a buttered fluted tart pan (lol). Amazingly it worked in the tart pan with a half-recipe. Regardless, the cheese and layering and bake times (spot on) with the browning made this really come together for something light but comforting and actually nicely seasoned, and I would totally make this in the spring and summer, too. The green onions were integral to me in this.

    182. Debbie

      I made this tonight and my husband can’t stop raving. You are correct that it isn’t the most show-stopping dish to look at but the flavor is great. I served this alongside grilled pork chops with blueberry chutney. I will be returning to this recipe for entertaining as it would be so easy to just pull this out of the oven and serve.

        1. jjjeanie

          OR just hold the stem at the top (skinnier end) and the use two fingers of the other hand to pull down along the stem. It truly is like magic.

    183. Lillian Spiller

      Could I cook this on the stove top covered on low/medium for 40 minutes and then quickly
      brown in the oven for 10 minutes?? Yes I’m trying not to use my oven!!

    184. Eliza

      This was actually really good. I used green zucchini, basil, dill, and thyme, with freshly dug potatoes. I would add a little cheddar next time or another sharp cheese. I used a large cast iron pan and could have fit more potatoes and zucchini. I skipped the green onions. I will definitely make it again and I am already looking forward to leftovers. Thanks for another great recipe!

    185. Made it tonight, in two 9” cake pans. Followed recipe exactly, except I used dried thyme instead of fresh. Although it didn’t look as mouthwatering as Deb’s does, it tasted really good. It will make an excellent side dish for several dinners. Thanks, Deb!

    186. Danita

      Made this last night for a 4th of July BBQ. I’ve made it many time over the past 12+ years. It’s a go to recipe for group dinners and always gets great comments. I’ve done the two-pan version in the past, but now always use my big cast iron skillet. I let it cook 50 minutes with the foil then 25 without. I butter the bottom of my cast iron a bit prior to adding the layers.

    187. CHRSF

      Would like to make this, but as someone who has an aversion to raw/undercooked alliums, I wonder if the scallions cook through in 30 mins. If not, I would precook them, before adding in. Could you please advise? Thanks.

    188. Kay

      Tried this last night…wow! Total flavor bomb. I used a 12” cast iron pan which allowed for 3 layers of potatoes and 2 layers of squash. I also needed an extra potato and half a squash to fill up the pan.
      Using a mandolin sped up the prep work. So glad I tried this. Thanks, Deb!

    189. Emily Lebowitz

      Do you think this would be a good side dish for a brunch? Planning a bridal shower and it seems like it would be perfect for a crowd.

    190. CarolJ

      Each summer I look forward to the appearance of yellow summer squash at our farmers’ market as a signal to make this torte. For our two-person household, I use one 8″ cake pan, a pound each of potatoes and squash, and half the amount of the other ingredients. With its burnished top the torte is beautiful and tastes as good as it looks.

    191. CHRSF

      Made this yesterday, and it was very good. My principal comment is that using fractions (especially 1/6) for quantities made the recipe challenging for me, as I did not want to take the chance of eyeballing & end up with not enough ingredients per layer. So, I spent time converting some of the quantities to ounces, and, then, dividing. Deb, if you ever have time, and are inspired to do so, it would be great to update this recipe so that fractions are shown as ounces. Also, what weight do you use for 1 scallion bunch? Other than that, can say that I used a food processor for slicing, so slices were a bit thicker than 1/8 inch. No problem with that, torte just needs to spend slightly longer in the oven. Last thing, is that I have placed the 2nd torte in the freezer, and hope it will freeze well. Anyone know?

    192. Lindsay C

      Mine is in the oven, but I keep wondering about the 10 grams of thyme…
      I grabbed a few sprigs and since my bowl was already on the scale I stripped my leaves. 1 gram seemed to be about 1 Tbl. so I stopped there. I couldn’t imagine 9x more!
      Only one commenter mentions an over powering of thyme flavor though, so maybe I’m imagining things

    193. ff

      The directions say to cover & bake “until potatoes are almond tender” — I’ve never seen that term before & am not sure what it means. In my experience, almonds never get tender no matter how long they’re toasted. Is it possible that “almond” is a misprint for “almost”?

      I really want to try this, since all of my neighbors with vegetable gardens are begging people to take their squash & I’ve already used all of my recipes for pickles & baked goods. Thanks for this great idea.

      1. Janine

        It’s definitely almost tender instead of almond – I came to remark on that typo too, and also say how good this is! I made it a couple weeks ago and I just finished putting together one tonight that’s in the oven. So, so good.

    194. Janine

      This was completely delicious! The whole kitchen smelled fabulously like thyme as it cooked, too. It was actually worth heating up the kitchen for on Labor Day. Simple, and as Deb says, perfectly seasoned.

    195. Erin

      This is one rockin’ torte! I had all the ingredients and thought, what the hay, give it a go. Great decision! While the prep, layers and proportions may be a bit to pay attention to, once you make it, you’re good going forward. A new staple on my list.

    196. Rebecca

      I’ve made this twice but with so many tweaks it’s almost a different recipe. Using the same technique, I layered potatoes, zucchini, homemade chipotle-cashew queso (riffing off of minimalist baker) and browned impossible beef, then topped the last layer with a few handfuls of Mexican cheese blend. Once it’s done, I topped with some chopped scallions and tomatoes, and a couple of dollops of sour cream if the queso is kicky – this week it was. It started out as a clean out the fridge thing, but it’s now a filling crowd-pleaser for my vegetarian and omnivorous family members alike. Thanks for the inspiration!

    197. Alice Angeli

      Hi Deb……….I made this and it was sooooo delicious my husband thought it was restaurant-worthy ( our terminology for THAT GOOD ). I would like to double this and make it in the 13″ Staub Paella pan. Would it turn out ok in that size pan and doubled??? Any issues there??