peanut butter cookies

People often ask Alex and me if it is difficult living near a trendy NYC bakery, the kind with the mind-bogglingly long cupcake lines outside at what seems like all hours. It probably would be if I found their generic cupcakes, brownies and cheesecakes more tempting but come on, this is me and you just know I think I make these better in my tiny kitchen.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Of course, this completely excludes their peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, a recipe I have been promising you I’d conquer for so long, I can’t believe you all haven’t organized a mutiny yet in disgust–especially when you learn that the recipe had been at my fingertips the whole time, it just hadn’t occurred to me.

 peanut butter chocolate chip cookies peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

It circles back to so much of what I just don’t *get* about these trendy bakeries. Their recipes are so generic–1-2-3-4 cupcakes with back-of-the-box butter cream frosting; chocolate chip cookies not any better than Toll House; Hello Dolly bars that they neither invented nor make better than the least baking-inclined person you’ve ever met–I fail to see what’s queue-forming worthy about them. [Then again, I don’t believe in waiting on a line for anything in a city this big, and oh, I bake regularly at home, so of course I don’t get it. But I digress.]

Not only are the baked goods unoriginal, there is a veritable family tree of bakeries simply stealing their former employer’s recipes and shop look-feel.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Adam Sternbergh at New York Magazine sums it up well:

Together, [Jennifer] Appel and a high-school friend, Allysa Torey, begat Magnolia Bakery in 1996. When their partnership, and friendship, dissolved in 1999, Magnolia begat Buttercup. In 2003, Magnolia begat Billy’s, a bakery in Chelsea, opened by a former Magnolia manager, and Buttercup begat Sugar Sweet Sunshine, started by two former Buttercup employees. Now there are at least a half-dozen similar bakeries throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, with such jolly names as Baked, Happy Happy Happy, Polka Dot Cake Studio, and Cupcake Caboose (an all-cupcake catering company), each serving up cupcakes topped with dollops of sugary frosting swirled artfully like beehive hairdos.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Within this lies my “duh!” moment. If Billy’s–the bakery with the coveted peanut butter cookies–is a semi-replica of Magnolias, then odds are that the peanut butter cookies I adore so much came from there as well.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

A quick skim of the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook confirmed these suspicions. A quick batch of these allowed me to–at last–fulfill my promise of this recipe to you, and fill our bellies with so much peanut butter, it may have been safer when we had to wait on line to get one.

But you won’t hear me complain that we’ll never have to again.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

One year ago: Braised Beef Short Ribs, Potato Latkes

Peanut Butter Cookies
Adapted from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

The brilliance of these cookies is that they have include two different formats for peanuts–three if you use chunky peanut butter. They’re crisp on the outside, and almost cakey on the inside. Bake a batch and then hide the results in the furthest and most forgettable reaches of your kitchen. You’ll thank me later.

1 1/4 cups (165 grams) all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (115 grams or 4 ounces) unsalted butter, softened
1 cup (255 grams) peanut butter at room temperature (smooth is what we used, but I am pretty sure they use chunky at the bakery)
3/4 cup (150 grams) sugar
1/2 cup (145 grams) firmly packed light brown sugar
1 large egg, at room temperature
1 tablespoon (15 ml) milk
1 teaspoon (5 ml) vanilla extract
1/2 cup (120 grams) peanut butter chips
1/2 cup (85 grams) chocolate chips

For sprinkling: 1 tablespoon sugar, regular or superfine

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine the flour, the baking soda, the baking powder, and the salt. Set aside.

In a large bowl, beat the butter and the peanut butter together until fluffy. Add the sugars and beat until smooth. Add the egg and mix well. Add the milk and the vanilla extract. Add the flour mixture and beat thoroughly. Stir in the peanut butter and chocolate chips. Place sprinkling sugar — the remaining tablespoon — on a plate. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls into the sugar, then onto ungreased cookie sheets, leaving several inches between for expansion. Using a fork, lightly indent with a crisss-cross pattern (I used the back of a small offset spatula to keep it smooth on top), but do not overly flatten cookies. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Do not overbake. Cookies may appear to be underdone, but they are not.

Cool the cookies on the sheets for 1 minute, then remove to a rack to cool completely.

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679 comments on peanut butter cookies

  1. Mmmm, these look incredibly yumtastic. It’s a shame that I have this amazing ability to turn a good recipe to utter crap, but I’m going to try it anyway.

    And as a fellow New Yorker I can’t understand those crazy bakery lines either, despite the fact that I can’t bake to save my life.

  2. charlotte s

    wow! these look beautiful and delicious! cant wait to try them! we dont have peanut butter chips around here, any thoughts on what i could sub them with? maybe just using chunky peanut butter?

  3. i lived 2 blocks from magnolia in law school, and i agree that their cookies were delicious. their cupcakes were too, of course, but i mostly only went there when i had out of town friends visiting, or when it was raining/snowing/2 pm on a tuesday/anything that meant there wouldn’t be a line. :-)

  4. These are gorgeous photos — I always try to take photos of my cookies but they never quite turn out that well! I don’t usually use chocolate chips in my pb cookies but, um, now I think I have to. Yum.

  5. these look fabulous but i actually need to comment about the rugelach pinwheels. i made them last night, struggled a wee-bit with rolling out the dough, but well worth it. they solicited a this from the boy: “you’re a great baker! these taste like fresh bakery cookies!”. they were supposed to be good-neighbor cookies, but we ate most of them…..score! thanks for another beauty!

  6. Mona

    I have to make these for my husband…PB cookies are his favorite! And I am thinking my mom will love the espresso cookies from the other day…Yum!

  7. Oh my, I cannot wait to try these. My husband loves peanut butter cookies and when you thow in peanut butter chips, they may fast become my favorite.

    David, not sure where you are but check the same aisle with chocolate chips. Look for REESE’S Peanut Butter Chips.

    Too bad I have to wait until Saturday to bake these.

  8. Ann

    I work two blocks from Billy’s and my coworkers and I have been wondering about the recipe for their butterscotch gingerbread cookies. I’ve tried a recipe or two I had around, but I don’t quite have it. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. OH these cookies do sound heavenly. I’ve got to stop baking! I’m gaining too much weight! My family, well my husband won’t touch the stuff, my son never gains a pound, and my daughter is like me…gaining gaining gaining. But it is so fun to bake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking I wanted to make every recipe, in order, from the Dorie Greenspan BAKING book. But that’s just copying the Julia/Julie story. I’d only be doing it for myself anyway.

  10. Aðalheiður

    Love your site and check it out every day.
    I have one question regarding cranberry sauce served with a turkey – is is traditionally served hot or cold?

    My mother has been cooking turkey on Christmas Eve for almost 20 years but we never tried the cranberries with it, and as I just saw the most gorgeous fresh cranberries in my local supermarket I want to try to spice up our christmas tradition with a little twist.
    Thanx Aðalheiður from Iceland

  11. Joy

    Yum yum. I haven’t had peanut butter biscuits for so long. My mum used to have a great recipe and she always finished them off with fork marks on the top. I think I’ll have to give this one a go and get my fork ready for stamping!

  12. núria

    I’m a fan of your blog from Barcelona, Spain. I’d love to have the time to cook so many delicious things. Please keep on writing such cheering posts!

  13. thank you for posting this! i cant wait to try out the recipe!
    it’s funny- i’ve been on several cupcake taste testings and still haven’t found one that I like. The cupcakes at billy’s were super stale :(

    I think that making food in bulk (like they do at all the bakeries) gets you further and further from the wholesome goodness you can find in a simple apartment kitchen. Thanks Deb!

  14. margot

    Oh, yes I have the same question as to the type of peanut butter used. I usually buy the sugar-free natural stuff, but will that affect the overall sweetness too much (ie- not enough)? I’m okay with buying the creamier, sweeter kinds if that’s going to be the kicker for these cook-sters. Just wondering if it matters!

  15. My peanut butter standby (you would be positively shocked to taste how yummy these are): 1 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg. Mix together thoroughly. Preheat oven to 350. Bake for 5-6 minutes (they will not feel done) and let cool.

    Remove the flour and all you’re left with is peanut butter!!

    Thanks for posting these wonderful recipes while away… hope you guys are having a fabulous time!!

  16. Casalea

    If Billy’s makes them like Magnolia did (used to work there), they don’t use chunky PB, they use smooth and add chopped peanuts to the cookie dough. I agree these are addictively delicious.

  17. Liz

    For those wondering about the peanut butter, you should absolutely use store-bought, unnatural stuff a la Jif or Skippy. The hydrogenation is important for the cookies’ texture. (signed “been there, made that mistake”)

  18. janna

    I just made them, and they are delicious! I think their small size (I tend to want to make huge cookies) is important to their texture. Next time I might try mini chocolate chips, because the big Ghiradelli chips that I used didn’t distribute very evenly, and some cookies were left with no chocolate at all.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  19. Elaine

    I made these last night when I got home from work and they look beautiful and taste good. I think I may have made a mistake though, I used bakers sugar (extra fine) instead of regular white sugar and the cookies are almost too sweet. Should I have not made the replacement?

  20. Deb, these are sinful! I just baked them a couple nights ago and boy were they good. A good third of the dough ended up being consumed prior to baking as it was that delicious – hubby couldn’t quit eating the dough! Thanks for the recipe, it was exactly the kind of peanut butter cookie I’ve been looking for.

  21. I made these to rave reviews. Thanks for the recipe, I’m sure these will make it into my regular rotation — especially if my friends have anything to say about it. :)

  22. Ok – I just made them and this is the perfect batter base (before adding chips) for a delicious peanutbutter cookie!! I added just 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips as I just wanted a hint of chocolate. I also added 1/4 cup chopped salted peanuts rather than pb chips and it gave that extra peanutiness! Mmm mmm good! Next time I think I will leave out the extra sprinkle of sugar as it was just a tad too sugary for my liking. Thanks again!

  23. Jessica

    Has anyone tried making these in a 9×13 as a bar cookie? I don’t know if I have any more scooping in me! If you have any experience in this arena, let me know…

  24. Corinne

    The recipe is so delicous! I made them last night for my work place. I could use some advice though – mine spread out to make an extremely thin cookie (but still tasty) – any ideas on how I should fix that for the next time?

    Happy holidays!

  25. Claire

    Amazing cookies. Because of Janna’s post above, I made mine with half mini-chips and half regular chips and it was perfect. The best part — they were stupid easy to make! I was a bit worried about making the dough because I blew up my hand mixer earlier in the week making sugar cookie dough so I had to do it by hand — not even a little bit of a problem! Thanks for the recipe!

  26. stella

    I have the same question as Corinne. I made a batch of these cookies this afternoon, and mine spread out as well. I’m wondering how you got your cookies to retain their thickness?

  27. deb

    charlotte s — Definitely think you could use chunky peanut butter. You could easily replace the peanut butter chips with a) more chocolate chips, b) some other type of chip you might like or c) if you’re daring, some chopped peanut butter candy. If it is frozen, it might be easier to chop–I’m thinking peanut butter cups or something like that. Good luck!

    Adam R, Laura W, Margot — On my own, I use all sorts of natural/organic/hippy stuff. However, for baking, I think that Jiffy/Skippy/Peter Pan, etc. (god, are these brands still around? I feel terrifically old) are the safest, because they’re the most consistent in flavor/texture.

    Ann — Butterscotch gingerbread? I haven’t been in ages–guess why? Yup, because I have cracked the peanut butter cookie code and no longer need them–but I must check that out. I’ll see what I can come up with.

    tracy — I completely agree, and find Billy’s cupcakes to be especially and consistently stale. I cannot for the life of me understand why they don’t do better QT on them. Even Magnolia got the moist cake issue down! I digress–things are infinitely better in small batches from your own apartment, always. You never have to compromise flavor or quality for consistency and budget reasons.

    janna — Agreed. I used the Ghiradelli chips and since I like cookies very small, they were very dominating. However, when I have a few extra minutes, I prefer hand-chopped chocolate to chips any day–fewer stabilizers, better flavor and exactly the size you need every time!

    Andrea — Sadly, I never counted. Of course, I make cookies really tiny so my count might not be helpful for others. I’ll try to check next time!

    Elaine — Because extra fine sugar is so, uh, extra fine (don’t know why that made me giggle–it’s late!) it is possible that you’d end up with more sugar in the same volume thus extra sweetness. But these are a definitely sweet cookie. I didn’t think cloyingly so, but certainly no minimal shortbread. If you want to cut down on the sweetness next time, you can simply sprinkle a little sugar over them at the end instead, and not roll the whole cookie in it–should make a noticeable difference.

    Corinne, Joycelyn — Not sure what went wrong, but it definitely sounds like something did. These cookies spread for me, but barely, which is why they need to be pressed a little on top. I am wondering if you were a little short on flour… If nothing else, chilling the batter for a little time before scooping might keep it from spreading as much–if nothing else, gives you a cleaner scoop. However, I made batches with room temperature dough and frozen dough and neither spread for me.

  28. I cannot express in words how much I love you for this recipe. Haha. I’m serious! I’m hopelessly addicted to peanut butter, really beyond all reason, and I can’t wait to make these cookies. I just moved to NYC, and am bummed that there is no such thing as a sleepy, local bakery to be found (at least, I haven’t found one yet). I like to bake for myself anyhow, but I’ve never been able to settle on a really satisfying PBcookie recipe before. Thank you! This one looks so terrific. I bet you will see the results (I’ll give you full credit for tipping me off to the recipe, of course) on my site in a few days.

  29. AJ

    I’m a little confused about the sprinkling part. Do I use 1 tablespoon of sugar for each ‘teaspoon’ of dough? Or do I use the 3/4 cup + 1 teaspon sugar for dipping the whole cookie dough in it? Gonna try this tomorrow since it looks fairly simple to do. Would appreciate your help. Thanks.

  30. mia c

    These are the best peanut butter cookies I have ever made. I cannot thank you enough. My husband to be said they were as good if not better than his grandmothers! If you have had his grandma’s cookies, you would know what a compliment that was!

  31. Melanie

    I desperately desire these cookies. My allergy to peanuts be darned! Do you think adding Benadryl to the recipe will alter it in a negative way? I am my own worst enemy. :(

  32. Lynnley

    I have just found this blog… OMG my life has been soooo empty! This has got to be the best blog in the world!! I have a question though… What on earth are PB chips??? have never heard of them here in New Zealand. I love what I have seen of your recipes so far (only four) I have no interest in dinner or lunch, just dessert and other sweet things… no wonder I cannot loose weight.

  33. I just made these for my boyfriend’s New Years Eve party and they are so good! I have to not to eat all of them before bringing them over now….

    Thanks for another great recipe!

  34. Linda

    Just beautiful!I am always in search of a great peanut butter cookie! I am going to give these a whirl as soon as I throw out the rest of the holiday cookies haunting my house! (and my tush!)
    Have you ever tried Dorie’s peanut butter cookies…I like them a lot…minus the nutmeg!

  35. Erin

    I made these last night to take to a gathering this weekend, and they are awesome–truly beautiful, delicious cookies! I counted, and I got forty-five cookies using my small cookie scoop. It came out almost perfectly!

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe (again)! I’m making the Chocolate Stout Cake today…I’ll post about how that one turns out later.

  36. I made these cookies yesterday afternoon while my sons slept. These are the best PB cookies anyone in my family have ever had and I was told numerous times to keep the recipe forever. I made a double batch and ended up with roughly 4 dozen cookies when using half a regular ice cream scoop. I also omitted the PB chips and used chopped chocolate instead of chips.

    Here’s my blog post about them.

    Yum! Thanks for the recipe!

  37. thank you- I hate pb cookie recipes where there is an equal amount of butter (or even shortening- ick) it totaly dilutes the pb flavor, and isn’t that the point?

    peanut butter cookies should taste like peanut butter. i made these without either chips and they came out just fine- yummy base. I’m thinking it would be yummy with white choc chips and raisins, like a PB&J sandwich cookie- hafta try soon.

  38. Honestly, this recipe has been open on my browser since I saw it, over a MONTH ago! They look amazing, & I promise myself that at some point I’ll actually make them!

  39. Gord

    Wow. These cookies are deadly!!

    Next time I might omit the sprinkling sugar..though I suspect it may be an important part of the nice outer texture…and will definitely add in some chopped peanuts. Even using crunchy peanut butter I think a few larger chunks of peanuts would be great.

    Thanks for the recipe…off to explore more of your site now…

  40. Janna from Texas

    HOLY MACKEREL! These cookies ROCK!!!
    Thanks, Deb! My husband thanks you, yet again, for posting another fabulous recipe.
    I don’t even like peanut butter cookies, but these are exceptional…it’s the sugar and chocolate…mmmmmmm.

  41. kristi

    I made these today, lactose free even ;)

    I used Fleischmann’s unsalted margarine (soy based) and omitted the milk, substituting extra vanilla. I skipped the chips entirely (to keep them milk free) and these are amazing, thank you for sharing! When I took the first batch out of the oven, they were beautiful! I even did the the traditional fork criss-cross, and they didn’t fall apart like some recipes, even though I really lay on the outer coating of sugar (my favorite part). Thanks again!

    Also the OH appreciates cookies he can eat that the answer to “Is there milk in this?” is “Nope!” I appreciate something basic enough that I can adapt to make us both happy.^^

    Aren’t you astounded by the sheer volume of us that don’t have a fall-to peanut butter cookie recipe? Hooray for the internet!

  42. Melissa

    I was SO disappointed by Magnolia. Especially after working at Sprinkles Cupcakes. The long line was expected, but something is hygenically wrong with the “serve yourself” atmosphere, along with the ridiculous prices. Sprinkles has very strict rules on customer service and packaging cupcakes. Magnolia was just a complete letdown on many levels.

  43. Katie

    I baked these cookies for Valentines to the delight of my roommates, classmates, and my guy. They were such a big hit! I used natural PB (the texture was still great) and mini dark chocolate chunks. I also advise making them small and not omitting the sugar sprinkling- they look like little gems!

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I’ll definitely be baking more of your concoctions!

  44. deb

    Hi Cat — The last tablespoon is for sprinkling (though you might need a second tablespoon extra). We’ll clean up the gibberish in this recipe later.

  45. I have made this recipe twice. Once, because I am always on the lookout for a good PB cookie, and the second time because OMG!!!! I could not stop thinking about these cookies after the first batch was gone.

    I used hippy dippy peanut butter and it worked fine. I did find my cookies were especially crumbly, and also very fluffy – the criss-cross disappeared completely and they puffed up considerably. Maybe I’ll try decreasing the leavening? I actually found that this recipe seems especially suited to giant cookies – the kind you find in a bakery. They maintain the great crispy/soft texture that is hard to get in giant cookies.

  46. I made this recipe last night and it was picture perfect! I used only choc chips (I added between 3/4 and 1 cup of the chips) and it worked great. My husband was dreaming of using this dough in a potential cookie dough ice cream. I know this will be made again and again. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  47. Judy

    Hi Deb,
    I just recently discovered your blog, and I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your charming wit, mouth-watering photos, and delicious recipes! I’ve made these cookies twice already, and also the recipe you shared for the Tomato and Sausage Rissoto. Both were so good! My stomach appreciates you! Thanks again!

  48. Very yummy, with or without the chocolate chips! I used Smucker’s Natural peanut butter, and that added a very pleasant texture to the cookies. It’s “creamy” on the label, though in my book it is not truly creamy.

  49. “A”

    I’ve seriously been searching for a peanut butter cookie like the ones I use to buy when I was a little kid from a lady at my church. These come particularly close! Maybe a stronger peanut butter taste but the Reese’s Pieces I added should take care of that!!!!!!!

  50. Megan

    I came across this site google’n for peanut butter cookies. Im happy that i landed here, the site is very cool. I live for food, and I’m pleased to come across someone with the same passion, willing to put in the time and effort to share some great info(and wonderful photos). I tried this recipe and it was fantastic. Just what i was looking for. I used all natural crunchy peanut butter, and reese’s chips. Turned out great. Thanks!

  51. on this rainy, wet, new england day you made our day! we’re craving choc chip peanut butter cookies, so in doing a search we landed here! these look exactly like what were looking for! love your blog ~ we’ll be back for more! xo

  52. uncle jim


    I am so impressed with your blog. I hope you will keep it going. I cant wait to take you to the farmers market in charlotte.


    Uncle Jim

    PS: Eliz is making cc cookies. Smell great!!!

  53. Kim

    I made these with 1/2 white whole wheat flour and they came out great. Yumm!

    P.S. I LOVE the little cookie scoop now on your Amazon list (available on recent posts). My smallest scoop is two teaspoons.

  54. norma

    I don’t know if i did something wrong but I found the batter really oily. Once the cookies were baked they seemed ok but…..The centres didn’t appear cooked. any suggestions??????

  55. cookin ICHI

    this recipe is amazing! me and my guys just polished off 15 cookies right out of the oven, and it is just like the picture, delicious, crunchy on the outside and moist in the center. i would recommend using semi sweet or dark chocolate chips because the dough is very sweet. at any rate i give the recipe A++ and the best part is you really feel like an artisan preparing and serving these cookies

  56. boatswainsmateswife

    I tried this recipe out the day before my husbands ship pulled in from deployment. My sons and I ate the whole batch, they were so good!! I had to make another batch as I had promised them to my husband, and he LOVED them. Now all the sailors in his dept constantly beg me to make cookies for them…..

  57. adela

    We totally loved these cookies!!!!!I did not chocolate chip cookies so i skipped that and were mmmhhh don’t have the words for it my hubby is very peaky with the sweets let me tell you he gobled down 1/2 dozen in one sittin …. today I will try it with the chocolate chips : ) THANK YOU for the terrific recipe…adela jacobo

  58. Connie

    I am a cookie snob. Just made these. Holy cow! This is a keeper recipe. I don’t need to look further. I doubled the recipe, added more vanilla because I always do. Great cookies.

  59. Lainy

    I made these cookies last night and by accident used 2 sticks of butter instead of 1. Let me tell you they were AMAZING! They spread quite a bit more as the dough was somewhat softer, but tasted fabulous, and even the next day they were still soft and chewy (and I didn’t even cover them up…). We ate them in record time and I’ll be making more…YUM!

  60. Marisa

    I made these cookies this weekend. They are truly wonderful and loved by all taste buds! I was tempted to use my regular natural peanut butter, but used Skippy (or similar) as suggested. I also chopped up my chocolate from a bulk bar. I put the dough in the fridge for 20 mins before rolling them and baking them off – I think this helped he spreading problem. I will make these for ever…….

  61. Nathalie

    Oh my! These are possibly the best cookies I’ve ever baked (and I’m not even that big a fan of peanuts.) For extra oomph, I used super chunky peanut butter and added 1/2 C of chopped peanuts. I made them small and rolled in a mix of raw and cane sugar. Delicious! Thanks so much, Deb!

  62. Laura

    Just made these, and they are scrumptious!!

    Note to other readers: I like my cookies crispy, so I let them cook until they were JUST starting to brown on the edges. They were crispy all the way through, even in the middle. Perfect for me! If you want a softer cookie, take them out as directed. They wont seem done (may even jiggle a little), but once out of the oven, they harden up.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Definitely a keeper.

  63. I have had to make these the past few weekends. My family BEGS for them. My son and husband can’t get enough and now, my mother and sister have started to request them. GREAT cookies.

  64. Lea

    I’ve made these twice in less than 2 weeks…soooooooo delish. Made 2nd batch with whole wheat flour (mostly to feel less guilty about eating them for breakfast)…sifted dry ingredients 3 (or 4) times, I lost count, but still taste great. Also, did 10 minutes only, and am at high altitude (Colorado) and didn’t adjust the recipe at all. Yum

  65. Bettina

    these are so, so good! we finished our first batch within two days– TWO DAYS– and are already contemplating making more.

    thank you for posting!

  66. I made these last night for my husband, since they’re his favorite flavors. I’ve been threatening to do it for months… you see, it was also my first foray into baking anything. Ever. So thank you Deb for posting something so simple and delicious that also made me feel accomplished. I did it! I baked cookies! :D

  67. Stefanie

    Oh my, these are so yummy! I didn’t have peanut butter chips at home, so I used a total of 3/4 cup of Ghiradelli chocolate chips instead. I made one dozen without sugar coating and I think that was a mistake.

    Making these small is perfect! They melt in your mouth and are so much lighter than a normal peanut butter cookie.

  68. jippo

    Thanks so much for this recipe! They turned out beautifully, and I can’t wait to try the variations that people have posted above!

  69. julie

    Yummy! Super rich. I used chopped up dark choclate and pb chips. The only problem I had was that the dough was really loose and messy to work with. I put it in the dough for an hr and then shaped it into the ball.

  70. Ben

    My wife and I just made these cookies and they are ridiculous. I cannot make them fast enough for us to eat them. We had rasberry flavored chocolate chips. Imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with chocolate! These are definately going into our Christmas baskets this year!

  71. Susanna

    I made these last weekend as a pre-Thanksgiving treat. They were so delicious and pretty. I used Whole Foods peanut butter. They have it now in a hydrogenated, all-natural version (is such a thing possible?) and it made me feel slightly more self-righteous than if I’d used Jiff or Skippy.
    I put the dough in the fridge for about an hour before I spooned it out. That made it really easy to handle.
    Thanks for being the best food-blog around!

  72. Julia

    I just made these with chunky pb and chopped Ghirardelli 60% chips- outstanding! I had the same flat cookie issue that others have mentioned, but I like my cookies crispy so no problem. I rolled half in the sugar and sprinkled the other half with sea salt instead. I liked the salted ones far better and would highly recommend this variation for folks that don’t like things too sweet.

  73. Stiffler

    Made these cookies last night. they are delicious. i’ve used betty crocker’s peanut butter cookie recipe before. i like this one with the peanut butter and chocolate chips.
    thanks for sharing the recipe. i like a cookie.

  74. Lynn

    YUMMY!!! these are the best PB cookie ever. I made a different PB recipe the other night and they were awful, had to throw the whole batch away. I searched for another recipe and came upon your site……..LOVE IT!!

  75. jill

    I have been craving peanut butter cookies for no reason at all… and then I saw your post and had to make these immediately. My boyfriend – who LOATHES peanut butter cookies – ate four within the first couple of hours of their coming out of the oven. Best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had, hands-down. And so easy!!

  76. Thanks for another great recipe! A couple things I noticed.

    In the recipe you say to add the “sugars” to the mix. The plurality confused me a little since the only sugar in the actual recipe was the brown sugar. The white sugar was for rolling. I had to read it a couple times to be sure I wasn’t missing something. Am I wrong? Also, you never mention in the recipe to incorporate the chocolate chips, just the peanut butter chips. I figured they just went in with the PB chips. As someone who has messed up far too many recipes by not reading it thoroughly or missing a step, I’ve finally learned to be more careful, but I still need things spelled out for me. Haven’t developed my bakers intuition just yet. Thanks for such a great website!!!

  77. deb

    The recipe has been clarified now. You are mixing both sugars — all but the last tablespoon — in the recipe. Both chips get added at once. Hope that helps.

  78. Thanks, Deb! I actually left out the white sugar (per my mistake) and they were still pretty good! I guess rolling them around in sugar at the end made up for whatever was lost. Thank you so much!

  79. rachael

    my entire family thinks i am a fantastic baker now thanks to your recipes. i have made 4 different cookies in the last 2 weeks. this one is so tasty. thank you for so many amazing recipes. i would stand in line at your apartment also!!

  80. Katie

    Made these last night on the first anniversary of their posting. They are SO SO SO yummy I don’t even know where to begin! I am a huge peanut butter + chocolate fan and these were absolutely perfect. Not only did they satisfy my cravings but they make a beautiful little holiday cookie for coworkers and friends too. Thanks, Deb!

  81. Jennifer

    These are just splendid! I made them for my holiday bake-off party and they were a HUGE hit. So easy to make – definitely a recipe I will continue to make over and over.

  82. Joy

    Made these cookies today too! Just as I did before (I am the Joy in DC post above), I just used about 1 cup of choc chips and skipped the PB chips. As always, they turned out great! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  83. Cameron

    I made these cookies today, and they’re delicious. A little sweet, but still really popular with the kids. I tried three different recepies today, but this was the easiest and the best tasting. Great stuff!!

  84. Wow – these look so good they made me dizzy. I’m going to give them a go without chocolate as we have one non-chocolate eater in the house. I think extra peanut chips should do it.

  85. April

    these cookies are great. i made them three times so far. i experimented a few times with the cooking time, and found that NINE minutes works the best for my oven. anything longer than that and they are on the crunchy side. thanks for the recipe.

  86. doinwhatyodoes

    these are so good. very greasy but delicious! I made ice cream sandwiches with these with haagen-daz ice cream- it was surreal! I also used natural paenut butter and did not add peanut butter chips! I dipped it in sugar and it made it glisten! love it! I also did the red velvet and it taste as good as box cake! love this site. the pics are gorgeous!

  87. Heidi

    Thank you sooo much for this recipe. My hubby and I were in the mood for some peanut butter cookies, and I wanted a really good recipe to make them. I am so glad that I checked here on your site (which I just recently stumbled upon – love, love love it!). They are awesome!

  88. lisa

    I just made these tonight. They turned out really well! They are very filling. I can usually eat loads of cookies, but I ate a lot fewer than I usually do with these delectable ones. They were absolutely yummy! Thank you, Deb!

  89. Susan

    Your recipe is very close to the cookbook one in the Buttercup Bakes at Home Cookbook I recently found at the library. They called them Drizzled Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They are excellent cookies!

  90. Juliana

    Just finished making these as a surprise for my husband. Im going to pack them into his duffle bag tonight before I go to bed so he finds them whn he gets out to sea :) Made the without the peanut butte chipsr or chocolate chips they look fabulous!

  91. Caitie

    I made these last weekend, just half a batch because there’s only 3 of us and we tend to power through the sweets. I did not use peanut butter chips at all, just lots of yummy chocolate chips. I also used half smooth, half chunky; both Skippy brand. I also never use unsalted butter, so I skimped a bit on added salt. I’m interested about the effect of Skippy-type PB vs. no-sugar-added PB on the flavor.
    In any event, they came out bangin’. The granular sugar on the outside gave it a delicious sweet, crunchy outside with a fluffy, not-too-dry interior. Seriously, do not overbake them! They were Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect in Every Way.

  92. Wendy

    I love cookies. I mean really love cookies. Chocolate cake? No thanks. Cheesecake? Meh. But gimme a chocolate chip cookie for dessert and I’m in heaven! How can it be then, that I hate peanut butter cookies?! Maybe because all the ones in bakeries are giant and dense and just generally blah. Oh, and they have no chocolate. Not so with these!! They are fabulous! Crunchy on the outside chewy in the middle with just the right amount of PB and chocolate. My husband is so happy because PB cookies are his favorite and I’ve always refused to make them. Thanks! Recipe notes: I followed the recipe to the letter, using Simply Jif and mini chocolate chips. Yum! And they look EXACTLY like the picture (an amazing feat for a not so amazing baker!) Thanks!

  93. Juliana

    Ok, back again. Made them again, this time with Chunky peanut butter and reeses peanut butter chips. wow. takes it too a whole new level. I love these cookies even more now :)

  94. hi deb,

    agree with your assessment on designer cupcakes. additionally, i find that the boutique-y cupcakes tend to have waaaaaay too much frosting. i’m not a fan of equal parts frosting & cake. i’m a cake girl, so i like that to take center stage in the flavor/texture dept.

    anyway, i recently (and happily) came across your site. being a fan of witty repartee & baking/cooking, i am enjoying your posts.

    my main reason for scanning your site yesterday was to find a fun way to dispense with the chocolate-almond ganache leftover from making my friend, laura, mini chocolate almond cupcakes for her b-day last week. i knew i had about another week before it would go bad, so the pressure was on. my concept: peanut butter/chocolate sandwich cookies. i searched on a few food sites for recipes, but decided yours was the one i HAD to try.


    i made the cookies (sorta) small as per your advise. probably somewhere between a teaspoon & tablespoon of dough….used a melon ball scooper for size-consistency). for those who asked, this yielded about 6 dozen cookies.

    my 1970s oven baked them fast — about 7-8 minutes. i have a thermometer in there, and it DID read 350°, but doubt that i should trust its accuracy.

    i used trader joe’s organic chunky peanut butter — i mixed & refrigerated it overnight FIRST, so it wasn’t separated, plus it had a thicker consistency after being chilled.

    i left out the peanut butter chips (even though i LOVE them), just because this recipe called for more peanut butter than any other one i’d seen. figured i could add them next time to compare… BTW, wondering what the 3rd ‘peanut format’ is that you mention in the beginning?
    i almost omitted the choc chips since they would be slathered with ganache later….but self-control went out the window, so the chips didn’t.

    after the cookies cooled, i spread the underside of a cookie with semi-softened (but not runny) ganache, then took another cookie and made a sandwich. i chilled them in the fridge for 30-40 minutes minimum to set the chocolate, but of course sampled a couple warm. :-)

    one other note — i used regular granulated sugar (not superfine) for sprinkling, and found that it dissolved pretty much on contact…would you recommend coarse sugar? i often use the ‘sugar in the raw’ for pre-baking sprinkling.

    anyway, will post pics to my facebook profile later. if you’d like to see, lemme know.

    sorry for the lengthy post!

    michele, ex-new yorker in san francisco

  95. Colleen

    I just made your peanut butter cookies this afternoon. I used mostly crunchy peanut butter with just a little creamy but omitted the chocolate and peanut butter chips. Everyone in my family loved them. This was exactly what we’ve been looking for a cookie that is chewy.

  96. Erica

    I’ve made these with all chocolate chips, and without any chips, and either way, they are delicious. (I also tend to prefer an unsugared cookie, since sugaring peanut butter cookies seems like gilding the lily, to me.)
    This is a great recipe! Thanks for sharing, Deb!

  97. Robin

    These are so delicious! This is my new go-to recipe for peanut butter cookies. And it’s not the same without the chocolate chips. :o)

  98. Kelly

    I made these just now with whole wheat flour and white chocolate chips. Also, I used less sugar than the recipe called for (I had no brown sugar, so I just added 1/4 cup white sugar). Fab!

  99. Jean Marie

    The first time I baked these, I used some “healthy” lower sugar peanut butter that I must have bought in a moment of insanity. Also used the mini chips. They were good but my No. 1 peanut butter cookie taster didn’t think they were sweet enough. Today, I made them with good old Peter Pan chunky and 1 cup of regular chocolate chips and they attained OMG status. My plan was to take the batch to new neighbors but … This is our pnut btr cookie recipe for life!

  100. Jackie

    All week I’ve been eating peanut butter oreos trying to get that peanut butter/chocolate flavor and not getting quite satisfied. But i just made these cookies and they were totally AMAZING!!!! and were definitely satisfying!!! All 6 of my roommates have tried them and gave them an A++!! I’m going to make these cookies for years. Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  101. Cricket

    This is the quintessential chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe. Thank you. My oven is sassy so she finished the baking process in only 8 minutes which made her impatient feeder quite happy. I accidentally poured in too much salt ( all that was on hand was sea salt and the cover is caved in from being hit angrily with a fork ). But the saltiness actually worked. It gave it nice aftertaste once the sweetness hit the tongue. The size and shape and texture are perfect and they will be even more delicious tomorrow.

  102. Dana

    Made these for a housewarming party last night. Rave reviews. They thought I stopped by a bakery on my way there. :) I love the spatula imprint as opposed to the traditional fork. And the bit of sea salt I threw on when the cookies were just out of the oven really did for me. Thanks, Deb!

  103. Lydia

    I made these for Easter today and brought them to the in-laws house – huge hit!! I also made your olive artichoke tapenade and everyone loved that as well. Thanks for the amazing recipes that make me look so good!!

  104. Sarah

    Made these twice, the second time sticking closer to the recipe (I thought it wasn’t enough flour the first time, silly me) and, no surprise, the second batch was AMAZING! Rave reviews. thanks so much.

  105. Cookie

    I brought these to a birthday party and they stole the show from the cake. Three people from the party demanded I bake them their own batch. I refrigerated the dough overnight and the dough spooned out easily and stayed together.

  106. Jess-Dublin

    Oh I think I might have made myself sick. I just took the last tray out of the oven, having sampled liberally from each one. They are perfect in every way, but I particularly love the texture. They are possibly the best cookies I’ve ever eaten, and almost definitely the best ones I’ve ever made. Oh yes, being in Europe, there are no peanut butter chips, so I went with a mix of the only two kinds of ‘chip’ available–milk choc and ‘plain’ choc. Used crunchy peanut butter labelled ‘American style’. Think I’ll convert a few Europeans with these!

  107. Viola

    been a silent following for ages but had to comment on these cos they were soooo super good!!

    just made a batch and they lasted less than 15mins amongst my housemates :)
    i reduced the sugar in the batter and didnt do the sugar coating either..
    and if only we had peanut butter chips here down in australia…

    despite being someone who super RARELY repeats recipes, this recipe is definitely a keeper…

    Thanks :)

  108. Katsby

    Can you bake these cookies with jam on top? Something like thumbprints? My husband wants a peanut butter and jam cookie!

  109. Linda

    I have made these cookies before in April and they were absolutely the best PB cookies I have ever made. I used milk chocolate chips only. I don’t like dark chocolate or PB chips. I’m making them again today and taking them to my sister’s house for her family to try and I know they will love them..

  110. Jess from MD

    I made these for a friend as a house warming gift. I received the following compliments from her sons: her youngest said that he was going to marry them & her middle son said that I need to make them for my own baby (I’m currently pregnant). Kids are too cute! I think those are the best compliments I’ve received in a while. Thanks for consistently providing awesome recipes.

  111. taylor

    best pb cookies evar. this should make about 40-45 cookies using a small (1/2 in) ice cream scoop. omg im going to eat all of them

  112. Jennie

    Love your photos…and tried the recipe tonight, and doubled it. My cookies turned out flatter than the photos…and not as chewy, more crunchy. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong???

    1. deb

      Did you use an all-natural pb or something like Skippy? Did you make any changes to the recipe? Was your kitchen especially warm? Always hard to guess what’s going on if I’m not in the kitchen with you, but any of these things can throw a recipe a little.

    2. Gammy

      I used 3 quarter sheet pans to bake these, 2 were heavy aluminum (Fat Daddio) and one was a darker non-stick pan (Calphalon). And although I used a small cookie scoop to portion out all, the cookies baked on the darker one, perhaps because it WAS non-stick, spread much more than the others.

  113. Jessica

    163 comments?! Well, here’s mine: these are perfect cookies…as are your chewy oatmeal raisin cookies. I’m so glad I found you & I can’t wait to keep trying more. Thanks for a beautiful site.

  114. saramariesue

    I would love to make these cookies – they sound delicious. One question I do have…can I go without or substitute the milk? I cook more than I bake – so I’m not sure how the milk affects the recipe as a whole. I don’t normally buy milk and it’d be nice to avoid buying a container of it for just one tablespoon. But if I’ll have to…then I’ll have to! Anything to make the cookies :)

    1. deb

      I never even thought of that. (And I never have milk around, either.) I’d say try a tablespoon of another liquid, like water. I am sure it will be fine.

  115. Amy

    This recipe makes the best peanut butter cookies I have EVER had, although I skip the peanut butter chips. When I pull them out of the oven, I sprinkle a little more sea salt onto them – amazing. Question – I want to make these for a trip that we are taking at the end of next week. Do you think that this dough could be frozen? If not, how long do you think it could be refrigerated before baking? I am trying to slowly prepare food ahead of time that we can cook/bake after we arrive at our destination.

    1. deb

      I don’t usually refrigerate dough for more than a day but I freeze it all of the time. Well-wrapped, you can keep it for weeks, bake pieces off as you need them. Which — who are we kidding — is always.

  116. Morna

    Wow! These cookies are phenomenal. I’ve been bored during the summer holidays & thought, I’ll do some baking. I’ve just made these cookies & they are sooo good! I substituted peanut butter chips with slightly crushed peanuts as they don’t sell peanut butter chips in Scotland :'(, but they still taste fantastic! x

  117. royann

    These cookies are fantastic. I have made them a half dozen times now. The dough freezes beautifully, I make a double batch and freeze half every time.

  118. Mestebla

    I made these yesterday and OH MY they are absolutely heavenly! I made my husband take what was still left to work with him because I knew I’d sit here all day eating away at them. I didn’t have any peanut butter chips on hand, so I replaced them with semi sweet chocolate chips and the cookies turned out great! I love the extra chocolate in there. :) Thanks for another great recipe, Deb!

  119. Rebecca

    Hi Deb! I’ve made a few recipes from your site and all of them have come out delicious! I made these cookies tonight, but they didn’t come out looking like the ones in your photos. Mine came out fat. :( The cookie dough was kind of runny, so I put it in the freezer for a bit before portioning them out and baking them. It helped a little, but still came out flat. Any advice?

  120. cierra

    ive made these cookies a handful of times by now and have yet to hear anything other than, “oh my god i LOVE these cookies”. i stick to the recipe for the most part, using creamy peanut butter and reeses peanut butter chips, but i omit the chocolate chips and i use dark brown sugar rather than light brown sugar. not sure how different the taste would be with light, but i like the molasses taste of the dark. thanks for sharing this five-star recipe. wins every time!

  121. Erin

    These cookies taste delicious! However, mine turned out completely flat! What am I doing wrong??? My ingredients were at room temp, maybe my bakind soda/powder are old?!?

  122. ApronGirl

    I made these over the weekend and brought them to impress my in-laws. Thanks to this recipe, they now think I’m a baking genius! My cookies even looked like they came from a bakery and tasted oh so scrumptious! This will be an all time fav :)

  123. thanks so much for this recipe!
    i just made these cookies and they’re amazing!
    i love your website, i read it every chance i get.
    i can’t wait to try more of your recipes :]

  124. kris

    made these last night….. after doing a search for THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES. i used the 1/2 cup choc chips, but instead of peanut butter chips, i diced 4 reeses peanut butter cups. i also kept the sugar coated dough balls really “tall” to make fat cookies, chilled them in the fridge a bit before baking, and lightly tapped the tops with my potato masher to give them a cool waffle print. they are FANTASTIC. my new favorite recipe. thank you!!

  125. Viola

    Hey Deb..
    these are the best, most awesome cookies ever..
    one of the few recipes that i time and time again
    with no temptations to try another peanut butter cookie what so ever..
    and i dont even have peanut butter cups here down under..

    btw, congrats on the cutest baby :)

  126. Brittany

    I searched google for the best peanut butter cookies because they’re my boyfriends favorite and we’re seeing each other for the first time in a month (I went away to college this August) and wow! They are amazing! I know he’s going to love them thank you sooo much for posting this recipe he’s going to be so impressed!

  127. Lydia

    WOW, these are GOOD!!! Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations on your beautiful little Jacob Henry! He’s such a little angel and deserves to be in as many pictures as you have rolls of film. Mazel Tov!

  128. Pat

    These cookies rock. They are the best peanut butter cookies I have had, I could find no peanut butter chips and used TJ’s miniature reeses cups instead. my co workers thank you and so do I!
    congratulations on your son he is beautiful.

  129. i love your blog and follow it already, but when i did a search for the best peanutbutter chocolate cookies, it came right to you! should have known! however, i wonder if the batter shouldn’t be chilled prior to baking so that the traditional little cross hatching on the cookie tops comes through and they don’t get too thin

  130. jenna

    The peanut butter cookie connoisseur in my life has deemed this the best peanut butter cookie ever… even better than the “best peanut butter cookie ever”

  131. TJ

    Just had to say how fantastically delicious these are, Deb. Like many, my cookies are not as puffy as yours, but I think if I chill them next time overnight this will be rectified. I didn’t have peanut butter chips so I doubled the chocolate, and in addition to rolling them in sugar sprinkled sea salt across the tops before baking. The result is indescribably good – these are so rich and delicious that I don’t know if I can even handle more than one at a time without swooning.

  132. amy

    Sigh. I can’t make anything BUT these cookies and the peanut butter brownies now. I’ve gained 20 pounds in the past few months – not even kidding. They’re so good, and I have no self-control. I think I’m going to try forming them into balls and then freezing them so I can pull out 3 at a time or whatever to see if that helps. Of course, it’s just as easy to pull out 5, or 10…I love you…

  133. Rebecca

    I don’t really like peanut butter cookies, but I included these in a care package I sent recently and of course I had to sample some…quality control, you understand…and they were my favorite of the 4 different cookies I sent! As a matter of fact, these are now one of my favorite cookies EVER! I left out the pb chips and doubled the choc chips. After spooning out the dough for each cookie, I flattened them a bit, flash froze them, then put them in a ziploc bag with baking instructions written on it and stored them in the freezer. When I want to bake some, I just pull out however many I want…or, feel comfortable eating at one time…sprinkle them with coarse salt and sugar, and bake them. FANTASTIC!

  134. Rebecca

    I made these again recently using natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts, salt) instead of the “unnatural” stuff, and the only difference I saw was slightly more spreading. They’re still really good, with a bit more texture.

  135. Audrey

    This cookies are amazing! I made them without the chocolate chips, though. I think that it makes them too sweet and takes away from the peanut buttery goodness. I’m also really happy because these cookies are the closest recipe that I’ve found to tasting like the peanut butter cookies that I used to have in high school. I think it must be the peanut butter chips. I will definitely be making these again, and this is now *the* peanut butter recipe that I will use every time I make peanut butter cookies! Thank you!!

  136. Teresa

    AWESOME! Thanks for the recipe – everyone needs to be able to bake these. Didn’t have PB chips – didn’t matter. Took them to an assisted living ctr & the “old folks” couldn’t quit raving about them.

  137. Hannah

    Do you know that song ‘I just died in your arms tonight’? Well it was written about these cookies because they are that amazing.

  138. jula

    i have to agree with the above comment! absolutely amazing. I just made them and can scarce keep from eating them all! I too used the super fine sugar and didn’t get that cool looking crystal thing going on, would probably try a little coarser white to see if I got that look, otherwise superb. Used T.J’s smooth peanut butter and half a bag of milk chocolate chips (put through a mini processor to cut down their size) AND used salted butter as that’s all i had and they still turned out deelish! Thank you!

  139. Kate

    I made these using 1/2 whole wheat flour, no salt and vegan “Earthly” buttery sticks… slightly healthier and they are delish! I didn’t have PB chips, but added extra chocolate chips instead and they have all but disappeared in a matter of a few hours!

  140. katie

    These are terrific! Thinking of trying an even coarser sugar, too. I mistakenly put too many chocolate chips and the right amount of peanut butter chips and also found them delicious. However, I want to make a plea for my dad – put the fork cross hatches on all peanut butter cookies! He hates peanut butter but loves all other cookies and gets annoyed when this ‘marker’ is not on them and he bites into them unawares!

  141. ellissajane

    What beautiful and tasty cookies! I have an issue with deflated cookies and ever since I laid eyes upon that picture of glittery chocolate-y seductive cookies I just had to try them myself. To my surprise, they came out perfectly (especially because I forgot to time them and they were done at the peak of the strong peanut aroma). Once again, Smitten kitchen has not let me down!

  142. Anne

    Just made my first batch and these are fabulous. So fabulous hubby is buying me a Kitchenaide stand mixer for Christmas :) Getting ready to make batch number 2.

  143. i made these cookies last night with a crunchy “just peanuts” style peanut butter and instead of the peanut butter chips and chocolate chips, i used chocolate covered peanuts.

    in short, they are amazing. even better today than they were last night.

  144. Jessika

    Just wanted to let you know, this recipe is magic.

    I can’t cook for anything in the world. I overcook or vaporize anything I make. I even burned a pot of water once. But I saw this and it looked so good that i had to try it, in spite of my lack of skill. And it came out delicious. I even burned the second batch, and they still tasted amazing!

    Thank you so much!

  145. Beth

    I totally am on the side of using real peanut butter, just make sure it is well beaten with the butter. This recipe works great with white whole wheat flour for the illusion of healthfulness.

  146. @Corinne – The speading likely came from using an ingredient with the wrong melting point. Butter has a lower melting temp than margarine or Crisco, so I would guess it’s your peanut butter. Did you use a standard grocery store peanut butter (Jif, Skippy, etc. – not low fat or anything) or did you use a natural (and perhaps looser) peanut butter?

    If not that, were you scooping your flour into the measuring cup with a spoon or scoop, or were you dipping the measuring cup into the flour bin and leveling it off? If it was the former, perhaps you didn’t get enough flour in the recipe.

    If neither of these were it, check your oven temperature.

  147. Sarah

    Thank you a million times for this recipe. I was craving peanut butter cookies, found this recipe, started daydreaming about them and had to make them. Luckily, I had an excuse this week in the form of a small football-watching party. I followed your recipe to a T, baked the cookies for 11 minutes, and oh. my. The only thing I forgot to do was the criss-cross design but I don’t think the cookies suffered for it! My husband claimed he had to “test” them before the guests arrived and all I heard from the kitchen was “These are AMAZING! Oh Wow!” This was echoed by one of my friends who informed me he was taking some home with him (after eating only one cookie) and smuggled a few into some tupperware. This recipe is ridiculously good! Thanks for figuring it out and posting it.

  148. kaitlyn

    I know you would advise me otherwise, BUT — how much shortening should I use if I am subbing for butter? I am right there with you on the all-butter tip, it’s just that someone gave me a tub of Spectrum shortening as an Xmas gift, loves PB cookies, and is coming for dinner tomorrow. I have no choice!

  149. kaitlyn

    Amazing recipe!! Came out great with chunky PB — sort of salty, mmm. But wish I had used butter for a chewier texture. Also, I used big chunks of chocolate cut from a block to press down the cookies, so they came out more like Magic Middles.

  150. Angela

    Just made these and they are to die for! I made them on the smaller side and they were perfect! Dough seemed a little crumbly, but the cookies came out great (maybe I should have used a scooper like in the picture). Sugar topping was a nice touch at the end. I will be making these again!! BTW: I’ve following your blog now for a couple of months and really have enjoyed how you tweak the recipes to make an ordinary meal into a gourmet experience–Thank you!

  151. Claire

    Hands down the BEST peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. I’ve made this recipe a few times now. THANK YOU! …for posting this and for your blog in general :)

  152. MJ

    un-effin-believable. cant wait to take them to work tomorrow.
    i used chunky pb and 3/4 c mini dark choc chips. other than that, followed the recipe to a T.

  153. Lydia

    Thank you for this recipe! Just made these today and they are wonderful!

    I could definitely get away with putting in less sugar and omit the PB chips If I wanted to feel less guilty! They are sinfully delicious! Much better than any of the cookies I’ve had from the nice bakery stores around.

  154. jean

    These are delicious. I cut the sugar using 1 cup with a tablespoon of molasses as I had read they were sweet plus am intending to give them to my toddler. They worked out well but ended up spreading more than in the picture above.

  155. Elizabeth

    Wow. I just made these tonight and I can’t stop eating them. Yes, they are sweet, but that’s what makes them soooo good. Thank you for this awesome recipe.

  156. Bev

    I have no milk at home and never use/buy milk. I do have some plain yogurt though. Can I substitute with yogurt, or just water even ?

    Thank you! Cannot wait to make these!

  157. Lisa

    Didn’t use peanut butter chips, and instead used 1 cup of semi-sweet chips. Used coarse sugar to roll the cookies and it was perfect! Next time I will use bittersweet chocolate chips, as semi-sweet chips were overpowering in their sweetness next to the creamy peanut butter.

  158. Kirsten

    These are amazing. They always are the perfect texture inside and the flavour of peanut butter doesn’t overwhelm. Thank you for sharing all these great recipes!

  159. Emily

    I love love love these cookies. I just made them again tonight. I used natural peanut butter (Mara Natha, which is less dry than some natural peanut butters) and added about a tablespoon of maple syrup since the dough was a little drier and less sweet than if I had used Jif/other peanut butter. Deeelish. Really, what isn’t improved by the addition of maple syrup? I also only used chocolate chips since I didn’t have peanut butter chips, and I upped the amount to 3/4 cup. I took them out of the oven very recently… I’ve already eaten 3 and probably about to go for one more…

  160. Aparna

    I made this recipe with some no brainer substitutions (i.e. didn’t have milk so used yogurt, and shifted the brown/white sugar ratio) — and excluded the peanut butter chips, on principle. The end result was incredible and tasty! Not crumbly/powdery like most peanut butter cookie recipes. Thank you SK!

  161. Kookster

    Delicious, all I can say! I didn’t add the peanut butter chips, but they were peanut-buttery enough! I’m a student in NYC, but haven’t tried Magnolia’s cookies myself. Probably won’t have to, though, after this. Thanks for the recipe!

  162. Lauren

    My 1st post, saved for my 1st recipe tried from the SK!

    The cookies are quite tasty and a nice side-step texture wise from what I consider the traditional PB cookie. I used natural, store ground PB from Whole Foods, no chips or sprinkling sugar, dare I say they are almost healthy! Good from the oven, better the nest day!

  163. totally good makes about 3 dozen,
    my husband doesnt eat peanut butter cookies,
    but he lovessssssssssss these cookies,
    he cant stop eating them!

    delicious try them =)

  164. Lex

    These are the best cookies I’ve ever had. I’ve made them twice now. The first time with semi-sweet chocolate chips and creamy peanut butter and the second with dark chocolate chips and crunchy peanut butter. The second batch turned out better because the dark chocolate cut the sweetness a bit. DELICIOUS!

  165. This is the BEST peanutbutter cookie recipe that I have ever used. I like most people have modified this recipe to my personal liking. I omitt the rolling in the sugar and peanutbutter chips and have found using Kirkland brand organic peanutbutter (Costco brand) to make the best tasting cookie. I also use Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate chips to add even more taste. What ever modifcations you make to this recipe it will always taste great with the 1 cup of peanutbutter and real vanilla extract.

  166. Symphonic Chef

    Just made these for a dairy-free friend. I subbed oil and more peanut butter instead of butter, used dark choc chips, and omitted the pb chips. They look just like your picture (LOVE it when that happens!) and they taste awesome. I always appreciate your tips such as taking the cookies out of the oven when they look not-quite-done. That’s what makes SK special- and what you can’t get in (most) cookbooks. (You do realise, Deb, that your archives in book form, complete with your drool-worthy photos, would sell BILLIONS…)

  167. Sarah

    Made these over the weekend, and they are excellent! Everything it says about crunchy on the outside while cakey inside is totally true. I didn’t have any milk on hand so I used a tablespoon of water instead. I figured it wouldn’t matter. Still turned out great.

  168. Elizabeth

    Deb- I just discovered these and made them.They were delicious, but I had a totally weird experience with them… After the dry ingredients went in the batter separated into a crumble texture. I had to press(hard) the dough into a cookie scoop in order to force the dough to come together and it was oozing oil while being pressed. Once they baked up they were delicious, but after about 30 minutes on the cooling rack they were quite crispy on the outside and downright chewy on the inside. I don’t think this is what was supposed to happen.

    The only thing that I can think of that I did “wrong” was I used natural peanut butter. Do you think my weird experience can be attributed to that?

  169. Chrissy

    I made them exactly to the recipe and they were awesome! Unfortunately my mom passed away without giving anyone her recipe and I have been looking for a recipe that was like my mom’s peanut butter cookies for a long time…and now I have found it. Thank you so have no idea how good these cookies made me feel!

  170. naomi

    I just made batch of these in my convection toaster oven. Due to the smaller size oven I can only bake 6 cookies at a time and there are LOTS of where the dough came from. I think I’ll be baking all night long. hahaha
    The cookies are of perfect texture. Soft and moist, just the way I like it. Not dry and crumbly like store bought cookies! They are so yummy but tad bit too sweet for my taste buds. Next time I will use dark chocolate chips instead of the semi-sweet I used, and use a bit less of the sugar! I don’t know much about cooking and this is the first time I baked cookies in over 5 years and I was surprised at how easy it was to make them! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!!

  171. Eric

    My Girlfriend is allergic to peanuts but would love to eat these cookies! So she and I made a batch without the peanut butter chips and using sunflower seed butter in place of the peanut butter. They turned out great! We even took them to a picnic and didn’t tell anyone that these Peanut Butter-ish cookie in fact had no peanut butter in them. Half of them never noticed and everyone enjoyed them. So for those with an allergy, give some sunflower seed butter a try.

  172. Julie

    Made these last night (with all natural peanut butter) and they are completely YUMMY! So good, such a great recipe ~ thanks!

  173. Meg

    A couple of questions: first, how many do you expect that this recipe would make? Additionally, if I were to add peanuts (I’m using smooth peanut butter), how many cups would you recommend adding? Thanks!

  174. Jess

    This is my go-to recipe for cookies to stun. After living without an oven for over a year (!) I finally made them today, and they were just as good as always. love love love.

  175. Michy

    Hey Deb! I’ve been lurking on your site for a year. I’m finally posting to say that these cookies were a hit with the Marines I shipped them to overseas. Thanks for all your great recipes.

  176. Susan

    Wow..this entry is from back in the day! Do you still make these? Well, they are new to me so I made these last night. They are probably the best PB cookies ever, according to my husband..and now me. He is always after me to add choc chips to my recipe, but they don’t blend in as well because of all the fat in the dough, so I leave them out. This cookie dough held onto them really well. I liked that it used more peanut butter than butter so it had a more assertive peatnut butter flavor. I like a crisp PB cooky, so I just baked some of them a little longer..and we are both happy! Good recipe pick, Deb!

  177. Lilly

    I just made these cookies yesterday and they were delicious! Everyone at work loved them. I omitted the the peanut butter chips and added a 1/2 cup chopped peanuts instead, and they turned out great. Thanks for the recipe Deb!

  178. Monica

    I made these last weekend without the chocolate chips. I had peanut butter chips and used the whole bag of those. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will only use the amount of peanut butter chips in the recipe instead of subbing more of them for the chocolate chips. I also rolled them in organic sugar which has larger granules than the regular sugar.

    These really are delicious and this recipe will be the new standard here.

    Thanx again for a great recipe! :o)

  179. Meg

    Answered my own questions when I made them, ahem. Didn’t get the peanut chips in time, so I used 1/4 cup of peanuts, 3/4 cup of chocolate chips, and made almost 60 (!!!!) cookies. Fortunately, we found people to give them to. Additionally, I used fresh ground peanut butter, so added a pinch more salt, and a bit more sugar as well, to account for the use of both of these ingredients in conventional PB.

  180. These cookies were divine! They are the IT peanut butter cookie, for sure. The sugar is almost like a crackly wonderful crust and hot from the oven it doesn’t get much better since they are soft and cakey, like Deb said they would be. I omitted the chocolate chips because, well, I’m a peanut butter purist sort of gal and I found I didn’t need them although, since these are sweet, I can see how it might cut through some of that better with the chocolate. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  181. SarahNZ

    Wow – These are amazing! I baked them on a whim (after buying the wrong kind of PB by mistake for my morning toast) in my tiny apartment kitchen, and only remembered after starting that I had no mixer or beater of any kind! Nevertheless, a set of forearms to shame Popeye later, I am well satisfied =) Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

  182. Courtney

    Even though it was another extremely hot day in NYC, I dared to turn on my oven and make these…delicious! I left out the chocolate, rolled my dough into little balls, and covered with sugar before cooking. Then afterward I put a scoop of strawberry ice cream between two cookies…et voila! Peanut and jelly ice cream sandwich, the perfect treat! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Deb. I turn to SmittenKitchen whenever I’m looking for the perfect treat and you have yet to fail me!!

  183. Hi Deb! I lost a bet to my husband this evening (I bet whoever could find my garlic press the baked good of their choice), so I had to find some peanut butter cookies to make. I made these since I always check Smitten Kitchen first when looking for a new recipe, and I have a bag of peanut butter chips in the freezer waiting to be used. Delicious! Although I had trouble with a greasy-feeling dough crumbling and not holding on to the chips, and generally breaking apart when I tried to scoop into balls. Baked up fine, but not as pretty or cakey as yours. Could be the heat, could be the TJ’s natural chunky peanut butter – I’ll try again since they taste sooo good. Thanks!

  184. Erin

    Alright . . . some days, I hate that I know about this site. My family and friends love it . . . but my waistline – not so much! Seriously, thank you for all of your recipes! These came out fantastic, and I expected nothing less.

  185. Bunny

    Deb, how many minutes should i bake the cookies if I am scooping the dough in a tiny ice-cream-scoop, diametered about 3 cm?
    Thanks in advance!

  186. Kayla

    I have been looking for the perfect PB cookie recipe for the longest time and I have finally found it! Just baked this 2 hours ago and they are DIVINE!!! absolutely delicious. instead of the 10-12 minutes i baked them for 14-15. they’re so soft, rich, and have the perfect amount of PB taste to it… i used crunchy jiffy PB for the recipe, i think that might make a huge difference in the recipe! wonderful.

  187. Taya

    Just made this recipe – it’s almost 11pm but I couldn’t resist trying them. They are absolutely fabulous: crispy on the edges but chewy and soft on the inside. Initially I thought I undercooked them (baked them 11 min) but when they cooled they were perfect!! Thanks for another fabulous recipe!

  188. Beth

    I just made these as well, have to agree they are exceptional and my new go-to PB cookie recipe! I was almost swayed by the many flourless PB cookie recipes claiming lusciousness out there, but these, with some white whole wheat subbed in, dark muscovado sugar and no peanut butter chips, were just…perfect, with or w/o chocolate bits. Thanks for sharing!

  189. Kathleen N.

    Wonderful cookies but I used Reeses Pieces instead of the peanut butter chips. These cookies are soooo good and they are also colorful and fun. Kids like to choose which cookie they will grab based upon the color of the Reeses Piece I place on the center of each cookie before baking.

  190. Kathleen N.

    Also when I made them the first time I didn’t have enought vanilla so I subed about a scant cap of dark rum into them. They were really fantastic too.

  191. Jacinda

    I’ve been looking for a good PB cookie recipe forever, this is it. Didn’t change a thing and they were perfect. I took them out at 9 minutes (my oven is old), 10 browned them too much. I may add crushed reeses PB cups next time. Thanks!

  192. AlaskanCook

    These cookies are fantastic! I’ve made them exactly as written, which is incredible–perfect amount of peanut butter, sugar, and chocolate. This time I added a box of instant vanilla pudding mix and the results were great–perfect cakey and chewiness that lasts for a few days. These cookies are wonderful. THANKS!

  193. picklepie

    For the peanut-allergic like me (hugely allergic, bad scene), these are AWESOME with almond butter … obviously skip the peanut chips too. I’ve tried them this way and it works beautifully and ooooohhhh sooooooo goooood! Give it a shot – or try hazelnut butter or whatever you can eat. Yum yum!!!! Thanks for the terrific recipe!!!

  194. nutsaboutbooks

    Sent these in a care package to my midshipman at the Naval Academy. My boy is a traditionalist -” why make a cookie if it is not a chocolate chip cookie?”, but once he got over that, he loved them. So did his roommate who sent me a thank you that very day! I rolled mine in cane sugar for a little extra crunch on the outside. Very yummy!

  195. A Southern Cousin

    OMG!! These are fantastic!! I used mini chocolate chips, as they were all I had on hand, and I wish I had the larger chips. Still, a fantastic recipe, and I will save the recipe for a reprise during the holidays in December!! Delish!!

  196. Kellie

    I know over 200 people have thanked you for this recipe, but I feel the need to thank you again. I appreciate good recipes with superb ingredients, and your blog flawlessly incorporates it all: beautiful photos, awesome recipes, humorous writing, and fresh ingredients.

    Thank you for this perfect cookie recipe. These are the BEST cookies I have ever made- hands down. You rock.

    My husband and I plan to eat your entire site one recipe at a time :)

  197. These are the best PB cookies I’ve had. They’re so good that I adapted them into breakfast cookies by cutting some sugar and butter and adding whole wheat. Even then, the cookies are awesome. (And don’t worry, we still eat them in their virginal, non-healthy form as well.)

  198. Niki

    my boyfriend doesnt have a huge sweet tooth, but he LOVES peanut butter cookies. will skipping the roll-in-sugar portion still make these taste alright?

  199. Missiey

    Holy Cow. I have already made so many batches of these! My favorite modification is putting a tiny little layer of grape jelly on the top, they taste so good like everyone’s favorite childhood sandwich!

  200. Cathy

    With a glass of milk, better than any drug out there! Comfort food fo sho!! OMG, I need another shot! Awesome recipe! I did make monster cookies though. I did not have a small scoop. No matter…I am hooked fo life:P

  201. Maria

    I tried these this evening and they are absolutely amazing. I am new to American baking and I have tried lots of cookies recipes but these are the best!

  202. Hermione

    Just made these tonight. Nice flavor, but the really spread, and were not at all chewy. I’d say more sandy. Which is ok, but I love chewy cookies. I’m going to add more flour first. It’s been raining for days.

  203. I’ve made this cookies a twice now. The first time I used almond butter instead of peanut butter and more brown sugar – splitting it up between light and dark. Came out great! The second time I made them I didn’t have any chocolate or peanut butter chips on hands so I cut up dark chocolate and milk chocolate bar – also came out great!

  204. Jessi

    Just made these to send with my husband to take along on his duck hunting trip. They turned out beautifully! I love butterscotch chips in mine pb cookies so I added them and some chopped up butterfinger and heath bars instead of the chocolate chips. I just can’t thank you enough for how grateful I am for your recipes. They’re tried true and tested. They’re classic and exactly the way I like to eat. Cheers! And thanks again! ~Jessi in North Florida~

  205. Moni

    Just made these!!! The result is 42 delicious little bites of heaven. I left out the chips and they’re still perfectly soft and chewy. This is a keeper!

  206. Kat

    Holy moly they’re good! And they get yummier! I made these 3 days ago and can’t stop eating them, it’s like they get better with each cookie!!! I will never look for another PB cookie recipe again, I’m convinced nothing can top this one.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  207. Katheryn

    I turned these into crunchy peanut butter hazelnut cookies by using chunky natural peanut butter, increasing the butter to 3/4 cups, and adding about 1/2 cup toasted hazelnuts I pulsed in my food processor. I also added a healthy pinch of sea salt. They were perfectly crisp along the edges and soft in the middle the first day and they are still soft and delicious on the 3rd. This is my new favorite cookie.

  208. Loved the recipe! I made them into bite sized cookies! Instead of peanut butter chips, i used butterscotch and dark chocolate chunks! Try it this way too! :)

  209. Rebecca

    I made these the other night following the recipe exactly. My dough turned out dry and crumbly… not at all good for scooping and dropping. I ended up patting it into a 9×13 baking sheet and making bars, which tasted delicious mind you, but the bars were also crumbly. Do you think it was the peanut butter I used, or possibly an issue with humidity (or lack there of)?

  210. Rebecca

    It was Laura Scudder’s All Natural Peanut Butter… and I think it might have been the peanut butter, because I tried it again with Jiff and they came out great.

  211. jocie

    these are amazing. i tried three different recipes for PB cookies before someone sent me this link. they are divine. like they are really addicting and crazy good. i’ve never tasted such good cookies ever!

  212. Lora @cakeduchess

    I saw these photos and was compelled to try these cookies. They are, in my opinion, the best peanut butter cookies. I can’t wait to make them again. Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

  213. I followed the recipe exactly, except the chocolate & pb chips. Didn’t have any on hand, so I tried cutting up a bar of dark chocolate and sticking chucks on top of the cookies. I made some plain, some with sugar and some with chocolate. Although the chocolate was delicious and sugar crunchy, I think I prefer them just plain. They’re perfect like that!
    I read some comments that the dough might separate if you use natural pb. I used Adam’s All-Natural crunchy PB and the dough turned out fine. I made 2 trays of big cookies (actually I ended up with 23 cookies).
    Next time I think I’ll cut down on the sugar a bit, but otherwise, I will never buy store made pb cookies again.

  214. Victoria

    Hi Deb,

    I’m a long time reader of your wonderful blog. This recipe is great. Only my husband (from Maine) complained that the cookies I made weren’t chewy. I didn’t cook them for any longer than 10 minutes and although they taste good, they don’t look the same as yours, they look crisper. Anyway, can you offer any advice on how to enure that they be chewy and not crisp? Would cooking them at a lower temperature for longer perhaps do the trick?

  215. deb

    They’re not the chewiest cookie, I suspect because of the high fat content. When I make them, they’re a little dry and slightly crunchy on the outside and moist and awesome on the inside. Eggs often add a chewiness to brownies, I wonder if you could experiment with an extra yolk or half a beaten egg…

  216. Marie

    I came to your blog looking for a PB cookie recipe after the one in my Martha Stewart cookie book failed.
    These are SO good. Perfect texture, perfect taste. I did teeny cookies too and used mini-chocolate chips because I am not a fan of lots of chocolate. It was a great mix. Thanks!

  217. toni

    These cookies spread much more for me than that (though I did swap out some of the peanut butter for butter because I didn’t have enough), but they were still crispy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside. Great recipe :)

  218. Zahra

    Wow I was tantalized by these pics and vowed to make these last night.
    Peanut butter-chocolate? Yes please!
    While they tasted wonderful and were crunchy and moist, mine spread out way more and were thin (like other commenters noted). Any clue how to have them look like yours-thick instead of thinned out? Maybe swapping out the baking powder and/or adding another cup of flour? Since I’m almost out of peanut butter, I thought I’d ask before experimenting with my last bit. I’m rubbish with baking chemistry.

  219. 420;)

    Made these cookies last night! They turned out AMAZING! Tweaked it just a bit by adding a second egg, Made it 2 c flour, used mini choc chips, canni-butter and canni-peanutbutter. 215 compliant! The taste… phenomenal! Crunchy outside, chewy inside, no running, fluffy and perfect! Plus, I cook on baking stones. Thank u for inspiring an amazing canni-peanut butter choc chip cookie!!

  220. Joni

    I searched on the google interwebs for a peanut butter cookie recipe, as my companies server will be down for the weekend and I wanted to make a treat for all of my employees… this recipe was a top pick. I just tried it… OMG, holy crap, hallelujah! This IS what I was looking for….. THANK YOU! deeeeelicious!
    I will now try several of your recipes (vegetarian family of 3… nice options). Thanks again! Cheers!

  221. Menaka

    Just made these for my boyfriend’s department party. Didn’t have any peanut butter chips, substituted more chocolate, and used natural peanut butter, and they still came out great! Best peanut butter cookies ever. Thanks for the recipe!

  222. These are hands down my new favorite cookie. I’ve tried a few different batches and thought I’d weigh in on the natural/not-so-natural peanut butter debate. I much prefer these with the natural stuff…to me it’s just the right sweetness with more of the peanut flavor showing through. I also took your advice and added an extra egg yolk, and the result was cakey perfection! Thanks for your endless amounts of inspiration.

  223. Sue

    Any suggestions on how to make these in larger form? I am making cookie packages to sell for a charity and the other cookies in the package are larger – about 3.5 inches in diameter. I imagine originally these are smaller, as the scoops are teaspoonfuls….

  224. Jo

    Hi Sue,
    Just saw your post and thought I would (try) and be helpful! Maybe use a larger scoop like a tablespoon, spread the cookies further apart and bake for a little longer?

  225. I just had one of those Homer Simpson, ‘Doh!’ moments making these cookies, because when I got to the very end, and the dough split into a greasy mess, I remembered that I had tried this recipe about a year ago, with exactly the same result. Must be the Costa Rican butter, it’s much wetter than North American butter. The baked result looks okay, though. I’m waiting for them to cool to try one!
    By the way, Deb, to give credit where credit’s due, I have your smashed baby potatoes with Romesco sauce on my menu, and people LOVE them. I call them ‘Papitas Bravas’, and I tell anyone who compliments me on them that I got the recipe from your blog :)

  226. Steph

    I’ve made these many times and adore them. I’d like to try them as bar cookies… should I use a 9×13? Have you ever tried them this way?

  227. I add my voice to the adoring hordes: GREAT COOKIES! I made mine with dark brown sugar instead of light, half smooth (Jif Natural) and half chunky (Peter Pan Honey Roast) peanut butter, half bittersweet and half semi-sweet chips (cut into smaller pieces), and chopped peanuts in place of of PB chips. I did not chill the dough for the first test batch, and at ten minutes, they were a pale golden color and had not spread unduly. DELISH!

  228. Di

    (one of) my husband’s dreams have come true! i can make peanut butter choco cookies!! not sure i can tell from your photos deb, but is there any point to criss crossing? they didn’t seem to come out regardless!

  229. Meg

    This recipe is phenomenal. I came across it a few months ago and it popped into my head again recently when I was crawling the net looking for a good Reeses cookie recipe. Instead of peanut butter chips, I substituted coarsely chopped Reeses and threw in a few Reeses m&ms.

    My boyfriend and company have dubbed them the “Crack Cookie”. Everything about them is perfect- their texture is absolute bliss. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  230. Claire

    I’m an absolute peanut+chocolate fiend – I made these today after much “should I, shouldn’t I” and they are AMAZING. In Australia we don’t have peanut butter chips so substituted finely chopped peanuts and it worked a treat! I love your blog and photography :)

  231. Jes

    These are fantastic! I did modify a bit to hanker my craving for a peanut butter and honey sandwich! So in place of sugar I used 3/4 cup of honey and had to add a bit more flour (as the honey makes it too wet) and omitted the chocolate chips. Awesome recipe :)

  232. Kim

    I don’t roll the cookies in sugar, too sugary for me, and I never seem to have peanut butter chips on hand so I tend to use a full cup of chocolate chips but the base recipe is absolutely the best chocolate chip peanut butter cookies I’ve ever made, and I’ve made a lot of different versions over the years. They bake up like the pictures and have a good peanut butter flavor. Thank you for sharing the recipe, I’ll be using it again and again!

  233. Sarah

    Stupid good! I used Tree of Life, a natural brand PB, chunky, and it came out just fine. Milk chocolate chunks. Will be making these again. Might have to give the honey sub a try. Bet these would be good served warm with a scoop of ice cream and slice of banana, drizzle of honey? Oh my!

  234. Shannon

    I just made these and substituted coconut oil for the butter! I as well that my recipe was really crumbly, so one had stated these would be good for larger cookies, and I agree!! Thanks for the great recipe!

  235. Diana

    Made these and they were the best I’ve ever had! Used PB chips , chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips. Added a little extra sea salt. AMAZING!

  236. elisa

    My 10 year old, cookie monster, took one bite and said “Mom, out of all the cookies you have ever made these are the absolute best” and there are!
    We are weathering the hurricane at my inlaws and they are almost all gone-

    Also-I can’t believe everything I have been thinking about those bakeries you had the b…s to say-I love it-you are my hero!!!

  237. Karen

    I made these cookies today. My 8 & 9 year old boys loved them along with my hubby. My boys are extremely difficult to feed. When they are willing to try something AND give it a thumbs-up, along with sounds that assure you they like it, that is a Hallmark moment at our house. Thanks for a great recipe.

    My question is; Is it possible to substitute the sugar in these cookies with Agave? I am trying to use more low glycemic items. Would love some input on this issue. Thanks

  238. Just pulled these out of the oven. I used your base recipe and made them 3 different ways. I did add a little extra flour to make them more chewy and I used a honey roast peanut butter. I made 1/3 of them plain and didn’t roll in the sugar. Then I only added chocolate chips to 1/3 of the others…then the piece de resistance! The remaining 1/3 of the dough I added the chocolate chips, chopped up some thin pretzel sticks, and caramel squares and mixed them in the dough! Ohhhhh EMMMM Goooossssssh! Best.cookie.ever!

    Thanks for sharing this delicious cookie recipe. :)

  239. Katy Belle

    Love these! I might have to bake another batch tomorrow! I made them with the intention of sending them with my son to the Tuba section of the Marching Band… But we’ve eaten too many!

  240. amy

    I’m late on the draw but just made this cookies with my 4 year old son. They are wicked. As a previous reader mentioned we substituted chopped reese’s pieces instead of peanut butter chips. Fortunately (unfortunately?) with all the peanut allergies out there we had to devour all of these at home. We didn’t share a one. THANKS!

  241. Lisa

    Absolute perfection, cookies turned out just as pictured! They are very filling so am going to distribute the calories and goodness between family and friends.

  242. so i was just over here reading what the comments had to say about the milk (a little low here and trying to make sure everyone has enough for their cereal) and was totally amused that you typed ‘i never have milk around’ and wondered if that was still true.

  243. I made these the other day. I was craving pb cookies and you are my go-to girl for classic recipes. I had these tiny little minature pb cups from Trader Joes in the fridge so I decided to do a bit of a variation. Instaed of the chocolate and pb chips I used these AND instead of mixing them in, I put 2 in the center of each cookie. It resulted in a ooey gooey surprise in the middle that prompted one neighborhood kid to exclaim, “These are the best cookies ever!” I have to say I kind of agree.

  244. L

    i try not to overbake my cookies as i prefer them soft and cakey/chewy- like and they do turn out soft but i notice that the middle is slightly damp-looking and a different colour, and probably not cooked through.
    With choc chips in the cookie, its hardly noticeable when you take a bite though.
    I use an ice-cream scoop to scoop the dough and when i tried baking them longer they start to burn.
    so i just make them smaller and flatten the dough before baking.

    By the way. this is not this pb recipe, its just a problem i have in the kitchen.

  245. Bee

    Hi Deb,

    I am such a big fan of your blog, your pictures and your stories, terrific. You have a follower in India. I tried these cookies, but felt there were too cakey. Meaning, I need to be extremely careful handling them or they would break. Is that how they are supposed to be? Pls reply.

  246. Lorri

    So amazing! I baked half of the cookies for 11 minutes and half for 12 and for some reason that extra minute made a huge difference with the chewiness. I would go for 11 (or 10!) next time. Thanks for another winning recipe!

    1. deb

      Hi L — I’m sorry, I didn’t follow your question. You said it wasn’t about this recipe but cookies in general? That they’re damp? It would sound like they need more baking time, but it’s very hard for me to say unless it’s a recipe I’ve made and gone into detail with here. Feel free to clarify if I missed what you were asking. I’d like to help if I can.

  247. Cicely

    Yum! In looking for a new peanut butter cookie recipe, I tried this one. It is wonderful — thank you! In addition, inspired by the great cookies of Crazy Susan’s Cookies, Ocean City, N.J., I added a peanut butter glaze and then a chocolate glaze on one end of the cookies.

  248. Bee

    Just made a second batch Deb and they are just too soft. I am in love with the taste, so badly want to get the firmness in this cookie. If I drop one cookie in a ziplock, it will crumble, it is that soft! Can you suggest something I can do to get this right please?

  249. L

    Hi deb –
    Thanks for replying.Anyway, just to clarify – my recipe is basically about chewy cookies in general. The recipe I made was actually Alton Brown’s The chewy cookie which was adapted from the Nestle tollhouse recipe.
    I use a pretty medium-sized ice-cream scoop to scoop the dough but when i broke them in half, i could see some dampness.
    The thing is – I’ve already baked them a few more minutes then the time stated in the recipe. and when i try to bake it longer, it starts to burn slightly.

  250. Megs

    i made these for charity bake sale and it was sold out… so much so that my family has asked me to make an entire batch for them :).. the recipe is a keeper!

  251. L

    Deb: So when I try not to overbake, how do I know I’m not underbaking? How reliable are the baking times stated in recipes? :)
    PS. and also, is there a need to flatten the scoops of dough?

  252. I made a variation on these last night. I was running out of granulated sugar, and wanted a chewier cookie, so I used dark brown sugar instead. So, 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 3/4 cup dark brown sugar. I skipped the peanut butter chips and used all chocolate. Also added 1/4 cup almond butter, for no particular reason other than I had it on hand.


    Only thing I wouldn’t do again is the powdered sugar. They were fine to eat at home because I knew they were fresh, but they almost looked moldy, so I wouldn’t share them out of the house. Granulated is the way to go.

  253. Ambar

    Is it possible to leave the brown sugar out and replace it with granulated sugar to achieve a crisp cookie…(I just dont have any on hand too) lol Thanks!

  254. Leslie

    10-12 minutes? Are you kidding? I knew these were too greasy after I got them all stirred up, but I had faith in the recipe and baked them for 11 minutes. NOT done, not even close. I let them cool, but they were still underdone and even after cooling completely, would bend and half the cookie would drop off when I picked it up. So, I put them each cookie sheet back in the oven for 5 more minutes. Not enough. Then 10 more, not enough. Finally 20 more minutes did it, but the cookies are darker and greasier in the middle and still bendy. It is impossible to burn these cookies because there’s so much grease. Too much butter or too much peanut butter or both. If I had it to do over again, I would add in more flour. But then again, I’ll probably just look for another recipe that isn’t as greasy and has a more realistic bake time.

  255. My wife and I love!!!! peanut butter cookies. They are so good to our tummies. Oh why cant the world eat more peanut butter cookies. If we all ate more peanut butter cookies then there wouldn’t be world famine or pestilence or even war. The answer to all of our problems are found deep within a creamy goody good freshly baked warm peanut butter cookie. Amen.

  256. Kaitlin

    Um, I made these for Christmas cookies yesterday. I’m pretty much crying about the fact that I have to give them away. AMAZING. DELICIOUS. EASY. Pure love (super rich, but oh so worth it).

  257. I love these cookies! I’ve made them several times. In anticipation of massive baking for a Christmas party, I rolled the dough into a log (and refrigerated) and sliced them the day of baking. They are a terrific cookie for slice and bake! I did leave out the peanut butter and chocolate chips but everything else was the same. So good & so easy to make. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  258. Ruthie

    Seriously… greatest. cookies. of. all. time.
    The entire process is easy and enjoyable, fills your kitchen with amazing PB aromas, and the finished product just melts in your mouth. Make sure you have milk or tea close by!

  259. betsyohs

    I have made these at least 4 times in the last 3 weeks. They are amazing! Also, the 3rd time I made them, I ran out of white flour halfway through and ended up with half white/half whole wheat. They were amazing – maybe leaning a little towards the wholesome end of things. I also used natural peanut butter in all of my batches (because I am ridiculously obsessed with the grind-your-own-pb machine at my grocery store), and they all came out great. I think it tones down the sweetness quite a bit, which I like. Deb, your site is my go-to site for cooking and baking. “oh, I have a lot of mushrooms in the fridge. What does SmittenKitchen do with mushrooms? That’s what we’re having for dinner!”

  260. Ruth welsh

    I made these with a medium size ice cream scoop. Ended with a good size 4″ cookie. used insulated pans and cooked for 16 minutes. best peanut butter cookie I have ever had, shared with 5 friends and they all agree. Making for annual cookie exchange this weekend.

  261. Tovah

    I just made these for the first time to send to my mom for her birthday, and they are delicious as everyone above says. I did have a problem with too many chocolate chips though (I didn’t know that was even POSSIBLE!)- they were preventing the dough from clumping together until I picked out about 1/3 cup of chips. Not a big deal, just a little tedious. Thanks anyway for another home run!

  262. April

    I’ve made these cookies several times and they are absolutely delicious!!! Thank you so much for posting. Do you have the gram or ounce equivalents for the recipe?

  263. Paula B.

    Hey Smitten, had to read a lot of the comments for this ever popular cookie. I followed the link here from a current post, was in the mood for pb cookies and I am sure your recipe is the one. You’ve never steered me wrong yet. Can’t wait to make these for New Year’s, what a great way to start 2012. And it was so entertaining to read how joyful everyone was with their cookie success. You must get a lot of gratification from reading all the positive feedback.

  264. Neelam

    These were quite simple to make and yet super yummy. I skipped the peanut butter cups and replaced half the flour with whole wheat pastry flour and yet they had a nice peanut flavor and nice texture. crispy on the outside and caky on the inside. Thanks for yet another amazing recipe.

  265. I made these with 1/2 C peanut butter and 1/2 C tahina (sesame seed paste) and they are quite rich and delicious. I had to cook them for two minutes longer, though. They have sort of a fluffy halva texture!

  266. Amy

    just made them and i CAN’T stop eating them. didn’t use peanut butter chips, just added more chocolate chips. they’re insane. thanks so much!

  267. Kym M

    I make these ALL the time! They are my go to cookie. I have friends and family who wont bring cookies if they know im coming because they love these soooo much!

  268. KayeRye

    In my exceptionally warm (83 degree) and humid kitchen, the room temperature dough looked quite greasy and kind of gross. It oozed little drips of oil while I was scooping/shaping it. But the cookies came out just fine.

    I halved the recipe, used smooth Jif peanut butter, accidentally used about 1.5 times as much egg as the recipe indicates (i.e. 3/4 of a beaten egg for my 1/2 batch), made half without any kind of chips, half with just chocolate. My cookies are tiny, chewy in the middle, and completely delicious!

  269. KayeRye

    And hey, I just realized I accidentally used less butter than I was supposed to. 1/4 stick (2 T. butter) for a half-recipe.

    Still the best peanut butter cookie I’ve ever had.

  270. Julie

    YUM. I actually liked using all-natural pb – it added extra peanutty flavor. I just dialed up on the salt a little bit to make up for the lack in the peanut butter.

  271. Jill

    Hi I had a question about the butter- I am on a non dairy diet and need to use non-dairy butter instead of the regular no salt that the recipe calls for. Would you suggest not using the additional salt since my butter is salted…..hmmmm….?

  272. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe! My son can’t eat peanut butter yet due to a sensitivity (a great sadness, since I LOVE it), so I thought I’d try soynut butter cookies. It worked very well with this recipe! The only changes I made were the soynut butter, using Whole Wheat pastry flour instead of all-purpose, and using 1 c. choc chips instead of a mix of chocolate and pb chips. Oh, and I was out of milk so I used a T. of homemade yogurt. The cookies turned out just as you said, and they are amazingly good considering they’re not peanut butter. Of course, I have no doubt the pb would be even better. :) Thanks again!

  273. Anat

    Tried them yesterday yum! Except I’de say that the extra dipping of sugar was a bit much for my teeth but otherwise fantastic :)

  274. Kristen

    These look wonderful — peanut butter cookies are my favorite. But I like straight PB, and I’d rather leave the chocolate out. If I wanted to adapt the recipe, would you suggest that I just omit the chocolate, or should I also up the PB chips to a whole cup?

  275. Nicole

    Made these with a fresh chocolate pb. Delicious. And a huge hit with the kiddos. I’m actually making them again – the 2nd time in a week.

  276. Justine

    I’ve made these twice now. The first time I made a double batch for my brother to take to his roommates, which gave me the impression that it made a ton of cookies, which I found out this time is not the case. They are perfect little cookies, peanut buttery, chocolatey and sooooo easy to just mix together. Mmmm, I love them.

  277. I made a double batch today. I had lots of peanut butter jars with bits in them so potentially I didn’t get exactly the right amount. They took 9 minutes to cook. YUM!

  278. jsl

    i probably shouldn’t have looked up peanut butter cookies on this website knowing that i didn’t have eggs or milk, but they looked so good, i improvised:
    -eggs= 1T cornstarch + 2T water
    -flour= 1/4c cake flour + 1c oats (coarsely ground)
    -sugar=1/2c brown sugar+1/2c bakers sugar (fine)
    -butter=1/2 stick of butter

    they came out delicious, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, perfection!

  279. Renee

    These were delicious!
    I did not have peanut butter chips, but I had these tiny chocolate peanut butter cups (like super mini reese’s pieces) so I used a cup of those instead of half a cup of each, and it was great! Thanks for the recipe and wonderful pics.

  280. Lauren

    I started making these this morning and I still have a batch in the oven. Baking is not my forte, but these are coming out amazing! I even got my grandmother’s seal of approval and that does not come very often. Thanks for the great recipe!

  281. Mame M.

    I forgot to tell you this back in December, and life has been crazy ever since (where have the last 4 months gone?!). We had a cookie exchange Christmas party. Mine took home the award for best cookie with this recipe. You got all the credit!

  282. Constance

    Hi deb!
    I’m french, and my parents don’t really like peanut butter (America forgives them!) but I found this cookies absolutely perfect : the texture, the appearance, the form, so I’d like to know : if I remove peanut butter and replace the peanut chips by chocolate chips, would it look the same ? Because I tried all of your chocolate chips cookies recipes and no one reached the beauty of this one !
    ps : sorry for the mistakes !

  283. The only substitution I made were a flax seed ‘egg’ and all chocolate chips. The texture was so good; so light and crunchy and short and rich. These are very good cookies.

  284. Reta & Laras

    This recipe is amazing. I used 1/2 cup sugar, smooth peanut butter and baked them plain without chips. Love both with or without springkling sugar. The best peanut butter cookies! Very tasty, not too sweet, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  285. KaylaR

    I just made these and they are delicious! But, mine turned out flat….they never poofed up and the criss-cross design spread out and disappeared. I re-checked the recipe to make sure I did it just as it said and I certainly did, and I didnt grease the sheets…I dunno what happened but they’re still good!

  286. Janel Champion

    I have tried to make these cookies several times and they have been very very greasy!! Any suggestions? I did use natural peanut butter…

    1. deb

      It probably the peanut butter. Sometimes, they can be more oily (say, if it’s from the top half of the container where the oil tends to rise). You might add another tablespoon of flour next time to try to compensate.

  287. Keely

    I have made these 3 times now and only once as originally written. The alterations were due to bad planning and not having peanut butter chips in the house, at least the first time. We used cut up Reece’s PB Cups chopped up and just yesterday with Trader Joe’s mini PB cups and oh lordy-these are the best yet! The original recipe is delicious, don’t get me wrong but the mini cups keep their shape and the insides are soo creamy.
    Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

  288. i was craving a pure peanut butter cookie and these did the trick. also used natural peanut butter — the batter itself was greasy and hard to form into balls, but if i handled them gingerly it paid off in the end with a chewy cookie. just couldn’t handle the batter too much or it’d sort of fall apart into a sandy pile. coulda been because i melted the butter? i also had to be very careful with the cookie right off the cookie sheet, but once it cooled, the texture held together and the cookie was chewy. and the flavor was so, so good — best pb cookie i’ve ever eaten. and i’m a pb snob.

  289. Marisol

    Oh wow so yummie. I just made these. My son is loving them saying how. They. Smell so deliciousness …I changed it up a bit. I added a table spoon of nutella also some white chocolate chips and receses pieces candy along with the chocolate chips. Can we say dangerously good. As my son says. Thanks for the recipe definitely a keeper.

  290. Hi again, Deb– I’d like to make pb oatmeal cookies. How much flour would you leave out if you added oats? I’m making them as a semi-nutritious treat for my toddler while traveling from SF>Upstate NY. All day deal. He loved your plain pb cookies, so I’m upping the healthy with the oats. Trying to convince myself they’re SUPER healthy for me too. Anything you’d alter for your toddler?

  291. Sophia Barone

    Hi, when i make these i get about 3 dozen, and i use peanut butter and milk chocolate chips…WITH the sugar dusting included, about how many calories do you think would be in one cookie? thanks!

  292. WhiskeyDaisy

    I’ve been making recipes from your site for years. And this time, I destroyed this recipe. DESTROYED. My butter was frozen, so I defrosted in the microwave and it ended up completely melted. Discovered that I didn’t have a cup of pb, so I used half natural pb and half natural almond butter. They barely held together and I had to squeeze them in my hand, so I sprinkled sugar instead of rolling. You know what? You can’t destroy this recipe. They were still fantastic. Thanks for this blog – can’t wait for the cookbook! XOWD

  293. Lucy

    Deb, these cookies are brilliant! Made them exactly as written & got 4 dozen PERFECTLY delicious, very short but not un-sweet cookies with the ideal PB:chocolate ratio. I’ll make these again & again & again. Thank you!!!

  294. Rike L

    Made this so many time now. All time favorites. Baked for myself, family and friends and everyone just love it. I have preordered your book, can’t wait for it (I live in Australia).

  295. Alyssa

    I just made these with fresh peanut butter, straight from the grinder, and they were still amazing. It might work better than the natural/organic etc brands because of the lack of oil, and fresh it’s still really soft and warm. Extra fabulous with some salted caramel :)

  296. Jessi b

    Cookies are amazing! I did half chunky pb and added 1 1/4 cup altogether, I also did three quarters of a cup of peanut butter chips and 1/4 cup chocolate chips. Heaven!

  297. Jessie

    I made a double batch of these today (~80 cookies). Used chunky peanut butter, slightly less butter, 1/2 cup each of brown and white sugar (and that was plenty sweet for a double batch, especially with the pb/choc chips and sugar coating), and baked for 12 minutes. They turned out beautiful and delicious!

  298. Diane

    (Please delete if the other post went through, it just disappeared.)

    My family loves these cookies so I have made them many times. The first few times they looked exactly as they do in the photo, but the last few times, the cookies have a different texture. The only thing I am doing differently is that I no longer roll them in sugar before I bake. Would not rolling them in sugar change the texture of the cookie? (I thought rolling in sugar just added sweetness.)

  299. Amy

    I made 2 batches of these last year for Christmas 2011. I made one batch w/both kinds of chips & the other batch w/just the PB chips. HUGE hit for both batches!!! The requests have been coming in for these this year for about a month now & I’m looking so foward to making them. For sure this will be in my annual cookie menu!!! Happy Holidays everyone

  300. I just made these for Christmas Eve. Instead of using chocolate chips, I left them out and used the hershey kisses to make peanut butter blossoms. They’re delicious! Thank you so much!

  301. Justin

    For UK metrics:

    160g all-purpose flour
    3/4 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    113g unsalted butter, softened
    227g chunky peanut butter at room temperature
    150g white sugar
    110g firmly packed light brown sugar
    1 large egg, at room temperature
    1 tablespoon milk
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    152g chocolate chips

  302. K

    I made these over the holidays and they were unbelievably good! I saw your comment about the Ghiradelli chips being kind of big so I used toll house (and threw in a handful extra because I love chocolate) and loved that I got a few chips per cookie. I loved how they have texture since some pb cookies seems kind of just like a pb cake. Delicious!

  303. EVERYONE LOVED THESE: I made them with crunchy almond butter and chocolate chips. I rolled them in sugar and salt because I like my sweets salty and my almond butter was not salted and I wasn’t sure if the recipe was made with salted or unsalted butter. Anyway, they turned out super amazing. I would like to add half butterscotch chips next time . . . then they really will be the perfect cookie.

  304. Katy Newton

    This is on course to make around 50 cookies for me (using roughly rounded teaspoons). I’ve omitted the chocolate chips and am now trying a batch not rolled in sugar. They are great. So very very peanut buttery. Don’t be freaked out if they look as if they’re going to disintegrate when you lift them off the tray, they toughen up as they cool.

  305. Hannah

    I just made this recipe, and I was left with flat cookies that were practically raw in the middle after 12 minutes! I do not have a mixer here, so I cut in the butter to the sugar. Do you have any ideas of where something may have gone wrong? I love your site!

    1. deb

      Hannah — Cutting the butter (so it was in minuscule bits and not whipped with the sugar/other ingredients) could easily cause the flattening. But I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be baked after 12 minutes. In the future, definitely take things out when they seem done — doneness is more important than an estimated baking time, which, in your oven, might be too low.

  306. Sophiee

    Wow i made this cookie.. and exactly 2 hours later i found out i forgot to add the egg… but my cookies taste delicious!! what wouldve happend if i added egg?

  307. Laura

    I tried these but substituted tahini for the peanut butter, no chocolate chips, of course, and then rolled them in sesame seeds before baking… wildly good!

  308. Jamie

    This is my go to peanut butter cookie recipe, and can’t stress enough how wonderful they are! I use chunky peanut butter, semi-sweet chocolate chunks instead of chips, and omit the peanut butter chips. They always turn out great; soft in the middle and are so delicious. Thanks, Deb!

  309. nat

    Hi Deb! I made these for people at work last week. A double recipe disappeared before the end of the day and so many people told me they were their favorite cookie they’d ever had. I can’t eat wheat, but I can tell they’re amazing. Thank you!!!

  310. Reta

    Deb, thanks for sharing this recipe–the best peanut butter cookies! My daughter loves baking and sharing these cookies for her teachers and friends. You make us feel happy and always think about others. Thank you!

  311. cookielover

    THE BEST PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES I have ever had! thank you for this awesome recipe. They taste just like those awesome peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s Kiss in the middle. I will definitely be making these again soon, only next time I will try spreading half in the bottom of a square baking pan, melting more chocolate chips and putting them over that, then spreading the rest of the dough on the top. :) I love experimenting.. Thanks again!

  312. Dawn Shaw

    Absolutely wonderful. The best Peanut Butter cookie EVER. I have been searching high and low for this wonderful cookie. My Husband thanks you too.

  313. ian

    I made these…. but I threw pretzel sticks in while the kitchenaide was rolling…. Kind of awes… Thanks for the recipe. It was a great guide:)

  314. Just made these, handing them out at work and the response.. Holy Moly. I’ve been a passionate baker (and sucked at it for a while now) and OMG these are a HUGE HIT!!! Yay, just wished I liked Peanut Butter cookies myself! Yay! Horray! and Thank you!!!

  315. Hazel

    Hi Deb, MUST make these ASAP, look amazing, love all of your recipes. From the recipe and all of the comments, I still cannot figure out the type of PB you used. You said you like natural, but think Jiff-type would be better? What exactly did you use for this recipe? THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  316. Trisha

    You should know that my husband calls these “Trisha’s-Amazing-Peanut-Butter-Cookies”. I know, they’re yours. I’ve told him this. Many times. It doesn’t seem to matter.

    On another note, your book is my one and only cookbook and is used at least weekly (I don’t trust other books – yes, it sounds like I have a few issues, doesn’t it?). I have yet to make anything that doesn’t taste amazing and for Valentine’s Day, my husband pulled it out and made a new recipe because he knows how fond I am of your dishes (and he knows that I’m not the greatest of chefs, which means that the recipes must be difficult to mess up). He chose to make the seared white fish with the veggie salsa and it was delicious.

    We have a tiny kitchen right in Toronto and happily spend our Saturday mornings mixing up batches of whatever you have shared recently (or old favourites). My husband hates when I read out loud to him, but seems to let me read your posts before we cook. Every good recipe needs context, I say. He agrees.

    You have truly become a part of our home. Thank you.

  317. krista

    i made these over the weekend and they were amazing and a HUGE hit with everybody. i used organic chunky no-stir peanut butter in the recipe as written. the first batch tasted perfect, but were way crumbly and hard to work with. i added another splash of milk and they were just right- they looked just like your photos. (they are wonderful straight out of the freezer too!) i haven’t read all the comments carefully, but this might be helpful to those using different types of nut butters. i am already thinking about making another batch. yum!

  318. Are the chips critical to the success of the recipe? I’m looking for a straight up peanut butter cookie. Do you have a weight for what your cup of flour usually weighs? I find KAF’s 4 oz. recommendation is usually a little light for most recipes.

    1. deb

      I used 4.4 ounces or 125 grams for most cups of regular flour. I always make these with chips, but many commenters have not and were happy with them.

  319. Saurs

    For folk like me who may not have precisely 1 cup of peanut butter to spare: I used about three-quarters, omitted the milk, and proceeded as Deb has directed, switching out the super-fine sugar dressing with that coarse raw sugar deal. Cookies spread a tiny bit more, but remained delightfully bendable and chewy.

    Thanks, Deb!

  320. Hillary B

    Wow is all I can say about these cookies! Made them last night and they were fantastic. I actually decided to make another batch after I finished the first batch just because they were that good (and I still had out all of the ingredients). I chilled the dough for about 10 minutes before rolling into balls and sugar. I also sprinkled a little sea salt on top as others have suggested. I made some dough balls rolled in sugar and froze them, so I hope to be able to make these quickly later this week from frozen. I did not flatten them out. Definitely worth making!!!

  321. Kaitlin

    Holy moly. So glad I followed the link from the waffles. These cookies do not mess around. They are delish! So easy to make and so pretty once baked. I didn’t have peanut butter chips so I just used all (mini) chocolate chips. I will definitely be making these again!

  322. Biscotti

    I was so very excited when I saw this delightful recipe I baked them straight away this evening! I too did not have peanut butter chips (had never even heard of them until the google gods told me – I live in Australia you see) so upped the choc chips and added some chopped unsalted peanuts. Truly wonderful. When the dough tastes that good you know you are in for a treat.
    Thank-you from the bottom of my now peanut-laden but very content happy heart.

  323. Just made these, very yummy, thanks for the recipe!

    I wonder if some people’s spreading/firmness issues have to do with not beating the batter enough after adding the flour. I mixed it in a stand mixer so there was no reason not to mix it a lot, and the dough definitely firmed up in the process.
    I used natural pb, from a fresh jar and well mixed, for the record.

    Next time I make these I’m using butterscotch chips in place of all others.

  324. Sima

    I made these with natural peanut butter (teddy’s organic) and they came out amazing. They did not spread or become hard like others had mentioned.

  325. Karen

    I followed the link to these after seeing your response to the super simple peanut butter cookies in one of your last blogs. I am glad I did. These are excellent! I just ate the first one, still a little warm from the oven. Wow! This is my first recipe prepared from this site. I will be making more. Thank you.

  326. I was going to make the gooey cinnamon snickerdoodle thingies from the book. BUT, I had NO cinnamon! I’ve been meaning to make these, so I thought I’d give them a whirl. I always want to like peanut butter cookies, but they never quite live up to the hype in my imagination. Well, even without the chips, these are amazing! Why are you such a genius??

  327. Jean M.

    O-M-G… DELICIOUS! I used the creamy peanut butter – but only added mini chocolate chips to about a dozen of the cookies… I like them both ways (with only peanut butter chips and the cookies with both PB and choco chips… yummy!) Thank you for a great and easy recipe!

  328. Monica

    I bought a bunch of cheap butter one year, at the holidays for my baking and all my cookies spread like crazy. The still tasted good but not as pretty as they normally would have been — also your butter may have been too soft or you may have beat the butter/peanut butter mixture too long. In these instances, like Deb said, chill the dough for an hour or two before baking. I have friends that now chill all their cookie dough overnight and prefer the results. Me, I usually can’t wait that long to have a cookie. This recipe sounds good and I like the idea of chopped peanut butter cups instead of the two kinds of chips.

  329. Made these again, but without the chocolate chips by spousal request. Half the batch I made with half butterscotch morsels. I think I prefer the bitter chocolate contrast, and the butterscotch version, while tasty, is a bit too sweet.

  330. Sarah H

    I made these for the first time last night thinking that they’d be great to take to the lake for a 4th of July long weekend. All I can say is WOW! These are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had.

    I did have one problem. Deb, perhaps you have some advice? The recipe makes so many cookies that I had to put them on three separate cookie sheets, and I only have one Silpat. The two cookie sheets that didn’t have Silpat were also slightly closer to the heat source (since they wouldn’t all fit on one rack), and both of those ended up burning on the bottom pretty badly.

    Is there a solution to this other than always using Silpat and not baking all the cookies at the same time?

    1. deb

      Sarah — Just rotate the pans around next time, and since your oven seems to be unevenly heated (most are) just keep an eye on the ones that have spent more time closer to the heat source.

  331. Layla

    I jut made these with just a few variations (didn’t roll them in sugar and used less sugar in the recipe; used freshly ground peanut butter made from only peanuts), and they still came out amazing. But the real reason for my comment is that I wanted to let you know that I sprinkled a few Maldon salt flakes (which you have me hooked on) on half my batch, and oh man! So good for that sweet/salty kick!! =)

  332. Anna

    Made these this morning – didn’t have PB chips so used all chocolate. Made them because I wanted to bring a present to a neighbor – they are DIVINE. Thanks Deb as always for the right recipe for whatever I need!

  333. Making this dough tonight for what I call (my own version of) “snickerdoodles”– peanut butter cookie dough wrapped around mini Snickers bars. When they bake, the bar melts into a center of chocolatey caramely goodness. When I was small, my mom would stick a popsicle stick into a Fun Sized Snickers (which are a bit bigger) then wrap the dough around– which made larger ones, which were great for parties. You should try!

  334. Nancy C

    Amazing! I didn’t have pb chips so tossed in some chopped dry roasted peanuts (unsalted) and was a bit short of peanut butter so made up the difference with nutella. Rolled in turbinado instead of granulated. So happy. Thanks Deb! Best peanut butter cookie EVER!

  335. Cindy T

    I’m sure the cookies are great but my what a smug article. Author goes on and on how bad these basic bakeries dont do anything amazing but then tries to figure out their recipe to duplicate. Very arrogant, and quite a turn off.

    1. deb

      Hi Cindy — I’m the author. There’s actually only one author here (also the photographer/cook and the person who responds to all comments). I’m sorry that you didn’t like the tone of the article but I was musing that I didn’t understand the cupcake trend as all of the bakeries at the time used very generic/unoriginal recipes for cake and frosting, things easily duplicated at home for way less than $2.75-and-a-long-line a pop. However, unlike the cupcakes, I noted, one of the cupcake bakeries had an astonishingly good peanut butter cookie, which I riffed on here.

  336. Erika

    I am about to go and tackle this recipe now!! So excited to make some awesome peanut butter cookies. And by the way, no need to explain anything to your critics. if they didn’t like what you had to say,at the end of the day it is all about the recipe… And what an amazing recipe! Stay true.

  337. Upbaking

    Hello Deb! I love these cookies so much, they came out great when I made them your suggested size. But my husband keeps wanting them bigger. S I tried but they fall apart when I make them bigger. Is there a way I can make them a bit bigger than palm size without them falling apart? Btwy we all understood your article about NYC bakeries :) if you have time to answer this, me and my husband will be soo happy!

  338. deb

    Thanks! I haven’t made them bigger mostly because they’re so fragile. Just use a gentle, gentle hand, give them a few extra minutes to set on the baking sheets after you take them out of the oven before transferring them to a cooling rack. I think it can be done; I think that they will firm up as they cool, at any size, they just need extra babying.

  339. Emily

    This is probably my 5/6th time making them and they are always such a delight. By far my favorite peanut butter cookie. I’m not allowed to make any others!

  340. Chasity Holbrook

    Amazing Cookie Recipe! I’ve looked in tons of books for the perfect recipe using all the ingredients that I wanted and nothing ever turned out right until I came across your recipe. You done an excellent job! I admire your skills!

  341. jenny

    I love pb cookies but I’m also extremely picky about them – this is definitely my holy grail recipe. I was out of normal sugar so I ended up using powdered in the cookies, and skipped the final roll-in-sugar step since I was afraid that powdered would make them look weird. It’s hard to imagine the extra sugar could make these perfect cookies any more perfect, but I’ll try it next time! FYI to other convection oven users: they were perfectly just-barely-cooked in 8 minutes.

  342. Tucker

    I love this blog. I discovered it 2 days ago, when I was on the hunt for a gingersnap cookie recipe. Amazing. My wife and I attend Desert Streams Lutheran Church in Surprise Arizona. I have decided to keep the cookie counter at the church stocked with home-made treats, instead of the store bought fare for people to enjoy. I make the treats, and quickly take 97% of them to the church and out of our house. A win win for everyone I believe. Arizona is a great place to bake, it is sunny everyday, so you never feel like you have to be out, capitalizing on every sunny day that comes around, and when it is 117° outside you can stay in the air conditioning and bake. Thank you for sharing your hobby and talents through this medium. I will be spending the better part of the fall working through your collection of recipes. JT

  343. Mash

    Hi fantastic recipe im the 480 comment haha if thats not crazy what is well one quick question I want to open freeze these and then put them in a ziplock now how do I bake these should I thaw them first

  344. Karen

    Whoa! We’re all going to bed with slightly sick tummies because we ate too many of these awesome, awesome cookies. My husband calls these the best PB cookies he’s ever had. I didn’t roll mine in sugar, and added no PB chips – only mini-choc chips. Used natural PB. The texture and flavor are amazing. Thanks Deb!!!

  345. Bonnie

    I’ve loved your site for a long time, but this is my first time commenting. I made these with some random modifications and they turned out great. I used 2/3 c. whole wheat flour, and used Adams natural peanut butter (crunchy), dark brown sugar instead of light brown, no milk, no peanut butter chips, and a Tbsp of honey. I was amazed that they held their shape nicely in the oven, and taste wonderful! Thanks for inspiration and great recipes.

  346. Sandy

    I just love the smell of freshly baked peanut butter cookies. Just made these and they are wonderful. Instead of the peanut butter chips and chocolate chips, I used chopped buckeye candies. I was looking for a cookie recipe that I could use this candy in and this one was perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  347. Maryam M

    Best pb cookie recipe ever. Once again, Deb astounds. I changed up the recipe a tad and was super happy with the results: I used 1/4 cp butterscotch chips, 1/4 cp white chocolate chips, and 1/2 cp semi-sweet chips. Absolutely decadent!

  348. frog

    Made these for a friend’s birthday present yesterday. Got a text saying she ate four of them as soon as she got home from her birthday dinner, so I think they were a hit! Roommate is already asking when I will make them again. Thanks for another great recipe :)

  349. Mame M

    I know this is so random, but I lost my print out of this recipe, so I came to re-print it, and though the recipe looked right I had to double check there was not another page because I swear this recipe used to have over 900 comments?! These cookies are SO DELICIOUS!!! I won I cookie swap bake off a few Christmas’s ago with them. Thanks Deb!!

  350. Daniela

    Deb- I absolutely LOVE your recipes.
    I want to try these cookies, and was wondering how long they keep for?
    They are for my bf, who loves PB and lives in London, where PB is not easily acquired. I intend to mail these to him for Christmas… Thanks so much!!

  351. Nicki

    Just finished making these – delicious! Hope they will stay soft until next Wed – that is if I can hide them. I got 50 small cookies out of the recipe.

  352. jeanerre

    Finally, after searching for the best of any kind of recipe I found this one. This cookie is wonderful, crispy on outside, chewy on inside. Not too cakey, just right. After who knows how many recipes I tried and always slightly disappointed. For those of you who said your cookie was flat, make sure you are using real butter, not margarine. Margarine will make cookie spread more. I used jif extra chunky and a little of an all natural great value brand cuz I ran out of jif. But the great value brand did have sugar in it. I also used my kitchen aid stand mixer. Made mixing a lot easier. Thank you so much for this great recipe. One thing to knock off my bucket list, now if I could only find that perfect white cake, or yellow cake or that perfect purse……

  353. angie

    Second time around with these delish cookies. I’ve used dark chocolate chips both times and they even go over with the kiddos. So easy, awesome cookies that even freeze well.

  354. Payal

    So this is my first peanut butter cookie ever – and I don’t just mean making one but also eating one. I realise that this may cause disbelief among the 494 commenters who have preceded me but peanut butter cookies aren’t commonly made in India where I live. Peanut butter on the other hand is easily available and I love it, so I finally decided that I needed to do something with it that didn’t involve jar, spoon and hidden refrigerator encounters. I made these this afternoon and while I have a few issues – the edges on my test batch browned too quickly while the centre seems slightly undercooked, the result of a toaster oven that tends to run hot – these are incredible. Like the best cookie I have ever eaten incredible. Like I would pay good money for these incredible. I used crushed roasted peanuts, slightly salted and dark chocolate chips, and would totally recommend this combination. My test batch had 6 cookies: two rolled in the sugar, two left plain and two sprinkled lightly with coarse sea salt. I wouldn’t do the salt sprinkle again because my cookie already seems to have a slightly higher salt ratio than intended – I used salted butter and my roasted peanuts were lightly salted – and with that combo the sweet-salt hit is absolutely perfect. Both the sugar-coated and plain are superb. I have frozen the remainder of the dough because this is cookie crack and there’s no way I can afford to have any more around right now.

    Deb, I find it remarkable that even your early recipes on this site are as flawless as the ones you put up now, when obviously time and experience must have made you a better cook than you were a few years ago. That speaks volumes about your commitment to testing recipes till they are perfect. Salute.

  355. Carol

    The cookies were delicious. The first batch however was creamy and easy to work with, but I can’t understand why forming the dough into cookie shape was harder with each batch. Could it be that the batter needed to be covered between batches so it wouldn’t dry out?
    I used reduced fat peanut butter. Could this explain why the batter seemed dry and crumbly? .

  356. Katy Belle

    I’m sure I’ve commented before….because these are awesome. I’ve made them MANY times and everyone loves them. I always double the recipe. I got nearly 5 dozen today. I have 3 teen boys, plus extra teen boys, these cookies disappear! Thanks Deb!

  357. Cat

    This is an amazing recipe! Love that I can change it up ( not that it needs it!): I Rolex them in powdered sugar. Yum! Thanks for finding this cookie of yumminess!!!

  358. Susanna

    I made the very wise choice of not baking them all at once and storing some in the freezer for those “Need a cookie NOW” nights. So good!

  359. SMum

    Delicious. Further confirms that your site is my first stop when looking for a great recipe for just about anything.

  360. Chella

    Wow, I just made these exactly as stated except adding M&Ms instead of chips and we all loooove them! I’m keeping this one on file for sure! Thank you :)

  361. CJ Quibble Legumeous

    Nearly a 1/4 cup shy of peanut butter, we embarked on a cookie adventure into the unknown by adding a tablespoon of walnut oil. Walnut oil I thought, well that’s a nut, so it should go well with peanuts, but then I remembered peanuts are legumes. In it went anyway and it blended well with the butter and peanut butter. After the alloted 12 minutes of baking, they appeared no different than before, but they were incredibly tender making it difficult to stop eating them.

    A note to natural peanut butter users/addicts: We’ve always used natural peanut butter (refridgerated variety) in peanut butter cookies and this tended to make the dough dry and crumbley. Incorporating the tablespoon of walnut oil and lessening the peanut butter a bit solved our crumbley conundrum.

    Thank you for bringing this incredible cookie into the world.

  362. Karen

    What a wonderful cookie. I was in the mood for a bit of salty and sweet. I added caramel bits and salted peanuts to the dough. Rolled in sugar as recipe suggested but when they came from oven I sprinkled with just a pinch of Flor de Sel and just loved the results.

  363. Simone

    Hi Deb (or any other bakers who can help me),

    I’ve made these cookies many many times. I recently bought a new oven and I’m now having issues. In my old, 90’s made terrible oven, the cookies cooked perfectly. They were stable, chewy on the inside but crunchy/crisp on the outer. Now, with my new amazing oven they’re extremely delicate and crumble easily.

    Any advice on how I could make these cookies more ‘durable’? I think my problem is that they are spreading too far in the oven and I need them spread less.
    At the moment I’m experimenting with adding more flour. But I’ve also tried cooking the dough from frozen which only slightly helps.

    Thanx in advance.

  364. Simone

    Actually I just read your tips on ‘why did my cookies spread’ and I think that maybe I’m beating the butter too long incorporating too much air. I’ll give that a try. x

  365. Vanessa

    Hi Deb,

    I made these cookies and while they tasted great, I experienced the flatness that others did. I read your post about why cookies spread and I think I creamed the butter and sugar too long, so I wanted to double check–when a recipe like yours says to cream but also mentions getting them “fluffy,” should the creaming still last only 30 seconds on a stand mixer?

    I’m hoping that the half of the dough I haven’t yet used will come out better since it’s been chilling in the fridge!

    Thank you.

  366. Colleen

    Hi Deb,

    I followed the recipe (except for organic pnut butter) and the dough was really crumbly. I formed them into balls but when pressed they would crack and fall apart. They taste good but are quite hard and dense. Any suggestions?

  367. Sarah

    Over the past six years, these cookies have been my go-to recipe when I have to contribute to a potluck, school, or work event. They’re always a hit, and have always turned out really well, whether made with chunky or smooth peanut butter. Tonight I made a gluten-free batch for an election day bake sale at my son’s school, and the GF version (with the Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour blend) turned out just as well as the regular recipe. (I did chill the dough in the freezer for 45 minutes before rolling in sugar and baking, as gluten-free baked goods have a tendency to spread.)

    Thanks for the recipe and the clear, helpful instructions!

  368. Paula

    Hey everyone! I was brainstorming how I could dress up this peanut butter cookie. I’ve never made these before, but I knew I wanted to stay away from adding peanut butter or chocolate chips. Someone had mentioned adding in fresh banana and then I thought about adding in banana chips.

    Banana chips seems to come in two varities in the “Hispanic food aisle”: the “young” banana chips, which are more salty and less banana tasting (to me, anyway) and the second being sweetened plantain chips. The latter is probably more common to people. I don’t know how sweet this cookie is, so one type of chip may work better than the other.

    So, I’m going to try both kinds with this recipe and see which one I like better. I’ll let you know what happens and post the results. Thanks, Deb, for all your wonderful recipes!

  369. frances

    i wanted peanut butter and jelly thumbprint cookies for my christmas boxes this year, and i needed a different peanut butter cookie for that than my usual. my first batch of these i made too big; they spread more and were flatter than i wanted. i made the next ones about half the size and they are perfect. size definitely matters with this recipe if you want them thicker. i didn’t need to flatten them at all, either. since i am putting jelly on them, i also left out the chips (which probably also didn’t help the spreading issue) and skipped the sugar rolling step.

  370. glenda

    great cookies, turned out perfect. Used Jif natural. and made them tonight for Christmas. I didn’t over cook them like you said, thanks for that tip, I tend to do that.

  371. Sara

    We had a debate of cookies in my house growing up. Flat and crunchy vs. fluffy and soft. I was on the yummy fluffy side. These cookies are exactly that. I have a wonderful peanut butter cookie recipe from my great grandmother but they offer flat and crunchy. Thank you for giving me a recipe I love equally as much as the rest of my family!Oh and I use your website for all my cooking needs. My polish christmas eve was made by that chocolate babka. Apparently, my polish ancestors should be proud so thanks. :)

  372. Janet

    Delicious! I made these using smooth natural peanut butter and dark brown sugar (which still didn’t make them very dark). I didn’t include any chocolate or peanut butter chips. I baked them for exactly 10 minutes and made 24 medium-sized cookies. They’re soft and chewy and melt in your mouth. Mmmm!

  373. Rebecca

    Love these cookies, making them today for the 100th time for a family member who is not feeling well – could not love these cookies/this website/your writing more! hope you’re starting to feel a little better and regaining your appetite (although, this late in the winter who isn’t sick of soup??)

  374. Nicole

    I’ve made these several times and love them. This time I didn’t coat them in sugar, but instead sprinkled a tiny bit of Maldon salt flakes on top and they were delicious. I also used chopped cinnamon dark chocolate, instead of the chips. Also great.

  375. Peanut butter cookies are a classic, I’m making them tonight for a french family—Of course I have to show them real American desserts! I’ve never made them with a sugar coating but sounds like a must!

  376. Julia

    Made these tonight. My freaking goodness they are the definition of perfection. Make them now! Instead of putting chocolate chips in dough I put a trader joes salted Carmel ball on top. Wow!!!

  377. Pinkpink

    Yum. I am obsessed with the King Arthur Flour chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe but felt like trying something new. These cookies were delicious. I used 3/4 flour and 1/2 of oats I ground in my vitamix. I rolled the cookie dough into balls and chilled it for a few hours before baking.

  378. Jessica H

    I continually make these cookies and they just keep getting better. Someone actually even told me these were “on fleek”- a term I had to look up.

    I found that the key is to not expect them to look fully baked because they bake a bit more on the sheet after I take them out of the oven. When I left them in a bit too long they get dry and crumbly, but when done right they are out of this world and moist and delicious (and apparently “on fleek”). They also don’t flatten out much so they’re a chunkier cookie.

    This recipe is such a crowd pleaser!!

  379. Sara Eagle

    This is such a great recipe—these cookies were a big hit!

    I used natural peanut butter and the dough was crumbly, but the cookies ended up coming together really nicely!

  380. Dani

    I stumbled on these years ago, but completely forgot about them until now!! I know they are addicting and go quick, but does anyone know how long these are counter stable? I want to take them to a mini family reunion – going to make them tuesday night, we flight out wednesday, most of family arrives 2 days later. Should be okay?

  381. SandyH

    It’s one of the main truths in life. Baked goods are better from a home kitchen. As a lifelong home baker, I have often dreamed of owning a bakery, but then, I realize, compromises would be made. Now of course, that’s not the only reason I haven’t opened my own bakery! But it’s one of them. I never fail to be disappointed in bakery baked goods ( with a few exceptions) and am very aware that saying ” I could make this so much better” sounds like the height of arrogance, so I don’t say it. Very often. Lol

  382. Polly

    Yikes. I think these will replace my Mom’s PB cookies! I used natural PB- a generous cup and the consistency was right on! Thanks.

  383. Elisabeth

    Hi Deb,
    I’ve been such a fan for years and have always has success w/ your recipes…so thank you! I made these tonight (I’m eating one, or five, right now) along w/ a batch of the s’mores cupcakes. I splurged on some chunky peanut butter from Whole Foods and dark chocolate chunks. They are perfect. Crisp and delicate on the exterior, moist and chewy inside. I was shocked how much that batter yielded…lot’s of cookies for the kitchen jar and enough to share at work tomorrow. New favorite pb cookie :)

  384. Penny

    Oh dear. I sooo wanted this recipe to work for me! (As most of yours do!!)

    I followed it to the letter – although somewhat flummoxed by ”beat the butter and peanut butter” and then later ”stir in the peanut butter”! – oven temperature checked by thermometer (spot on), and didn’t squish them down too much. 

    But the finished product was far too sweet for my palate, very flimsy and sandy, as though I could taste each individual grain of sugar. And not cakey in the slightest.

    I put them back in the oven for a second bake, to harden them up a bit, making them Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Not-Quite-Biscotti. That’s worked for other unsuccessful bakes, but not quite this time …

    Only for consumption with an espresso, I think :-(

    On the plus side, they’re going to last a long time! And I do love 99.99999% of your recipes!!

    All best wishes, 


    PS I used my smallest icecream scoop, and then cut the dome in half … I got 90 small cookies out of that (I don’t don’t like them too big either!)!

  385. Meghan

    Oh my god these are so good. I have been making them for a while, but now I’m making the salted peanut butter cookies to compare. So tonight I had to make both. For Science.

    I bought a #40 scoop for the other PB cookies and used it for these as well for consistency of size. I get about 2.5 dozen from one batch with that scoop, but not all of them make it to the fully-cooled stage. They’re just so good while they’re still warm. It’s unbelievable.

  386. Janet

    I just made these using Jif creamy, dark brown sugar, and no peanut butter or chocolate chips. They are absolutely delicious! A bit crisp on the outside and soft inside, with a real peanutty flavor–not too sweet. Just perfect. Will be my go-to recipe from now on!

  387. Deb, you are my cookie guru, and these are perfect. It’s a rainy day and I didn’t want to go to the store for peanut butter chips, so I made the first two batches with no chips and they were better than I hoped they’d be. Just out of curiosity i tossed a few semi-sweet chips and some leftover white chocolate chips into the last batch, which pushed them right over the top. These are now the official Martin Luther King, Jr. Day cookies of the Kennedy compound. Thank you.

  388. Neelam Goyal

    I have made these before with great success. But I forgot if I used sweetened or unsweetened peanut butter. It doesn’t say in the recipe. Sweetened is what I have on hand. Do I need to dial down the sugar then?

    1. deb

      Neelam — I make this with Skippy or another standard brand, so I’d say it’s sweetened (not labeled as such, of course). I haven’t made these with a natural peanut butter but several other commenters report doing so with success.

  389. Rose

    These are the all-time best cookies ever. We’ve made this recipe about a dozen times this winter just to be sure. Yep. They’re the best.

  390. Becky Thomas

    Thanks for the amazing recipe. I left out the chocolate chips and doubled the peanut butter because of a personal (and strange!) aversion to PB and chocolate together…
    I baked them exactly as long as you said and they turned out perfect! I was a little worried that they looked dry and in your recipe you used the term “cakey” so I was worried but they tasted DELICIOUS. Not dry at all, perfect balance. Nice work Deb!

  391. Emily Carly

    Wow! This is true deliciousness! You need not look elsewhere for any other peanut butter cookie recipe! Excuse me as I go enjoy another…

  392. Katy Belle

    I’ve made these often, and we love them. Today I made them with crunchy peanut butter for the first time! It made them even better!!

  393. Heather

    So delicious! I only recently discovered your blog. It and baking these cookies (er, plus your chewy granola bars…and chewy oatmeal cookies) were a welcome distraction on what would’ve been a difficult day. Thank you!

  394. Allison

    These cookies are absolutely delicious! I was looking for a new cookie recipe and once I saw these I knew that I had to make them. Deb’s recipes never fail me!

    1. Debby Flores

      Been making these cookies for years!!! They are the BEST !!!
      Friends ask for them all the time. Can’t go wrong with any of your recipes !!!

  395. Kina

    This is the best recipe ever! Please can you put the measurements in grams, I’ve seen your conversion chart but I always use this page as a go to.

  396. So easy and so yummy. I made these once before, and like some of the comments had said, mine were oily and very crumbly but came out of the oven just fine. It may have been from the TJ smooth peanut butter. I used all the same ingredients the second time I made these, but made sure to mix the TJ PB very well. The dough was much less oily and smooth. Very delicious and I will be making these again and again.

  397. Grace DeShaw-Wilner

    Made these today and they are absolutely amazing. I used a slightly bigger scoop and they baked and held together perfectly. This will be my “go to” PB cookie recipe from now on. Side note: I have made many SK recipies over the years and have not ever been disappointed. In fact, SK is my “go to” site as it has been reliable as well as entertaining. A sincere thank you Deb.

  398. tejaspenguin

    The perfect balance of a sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookie. I confess to making them with double the chocolate chips and no pb chips. Ten minutes baking time was perfect.

    1. Suzie Fromage

      This is exactly what I did–and I used JIF extra crunchy pb. I didn’t have any pb chips on hand so I put in 1-1/2 cups of choco chips. And after I made the little balls, I rolled the entire thing in white sugar before hitting the baking sheet. OMG!

  399. Suzie Fromage

    I’m calling these “love” cookies because everyone agreed they were better than love! I’ve never eaten a more delicious cookie than these!!! They’re not a 10–they’re a 20+ !! Thank you so much for this recipe!!

  400. so cal rose

    We were out of pb chips and I didn’t feel like running to the store, so I used the toffee chips I had on hand…. wow. Wow. WOW. Thank you!!!!!

  401. Kate

    These are the peanut butter cookies that I have dreamed of all my life! I loved the crispy edges, chewy center, and peanut buttery goodness, and I have to admit that I ate 6 right out of the oven… oops!

    I subbed chocolate chips for the peanut butter ones, and did not roll the cookies in sugar (the dough was sweet enough for me), and I can’t tell you how delicious these are. Definitely a recipe for the rotation!

  402. Grace Ninh

    I made these pb cookies a couple times and they are the best of all other recipes out there. I brushed coconut oil on top of cookies after they’re cooked.Thank you very much! God bless..

  403. I have been making these cookies for years and I have never gotten around to thanking you for this recipe! I have made my own tweaks over the years ( a little bit of molasses, making them bigger etc.) but these never fail to disappoint. My favorite cookie ever! I also have to say yours is one of the first food blogs I ever started reading and it really inspired my love of food and cooking. Can’t wait for your next book to come out!

  404. Abby

    So good! I followed the recipe but had to use all natural pb bc that’s what I had. Froze the dough after scooping and just baked a few last night. They were super delicious.

  405. April

    I’ve never been disappointed in a SK recipe! This one is amazing! I was craving peanut butter cookies and was happy I came straight here to make these. The extra work was worth it. I made a double batch and flash froze some dough so I could bake some up whenever I please. Thanks Deb! Yummm!

  406. Alice K.

    I made these cookies today. They are delicious. One thing though: They were SO soft at the 12 min. mark. Trusting Deb as I do, I took them out at 12 min., but they barely held together when I went to move them off the baking sheet. They did firm up when they cooled off, but I would still say they are more fragile than I would hope. That being said, we had no trouble eating two each, with longing toward tomorrow when we’ll have more. I will bring them to my son and his family when I visit this weekend. I carefully packed 2 dozen plus, and I’m sure they’ll love them.

  407. Alice K.

    Follow up to my comment of last week: FABULOUS! After these were in the refrigerator and firmed up, they are just fabulous! So dangerously good; I could eat them all! I will still worry at their initial fragile-ness, but I will make them again. My family thinks they are terrific, and I do, too.

  408. Kristina

    Hey Deb! I’m making these cookies now, and I think the gram conversion for the light brown sugar is off. It should be about 110 grams. Thanks as always for your amazing recipes!

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  410. Athena

    Wonderful taste and texture. Crispy edges and soft centers. I didn’t have PB chips so used half semi-sweet and dark chocolate (Ghirardelli). Also added approximately 1/4 c of cocoa nibs for a bit of a surprise texture and flavor.

  411. Christa

    Hey Deb, I really love these cookies, but after making them three times, I just thought that the weights listed for the sugar might be a bit off? The volume for both sugars was about half the weight listed on my scale. I tried it using the weights listed and it became sandy and dry (altho still edible). Still my favorite recipe now that I stuck to the measurements by volume. Thanks!

  412. Andrea

    Has anyone tried substituting wowbutter or similar? We have house peanut/treenut allergy and I wasn’t sure what the fat difference would do. Smitten Kitchen is my hands down favorite foodie site. Love you Deb!

  413. Bonnie

    For me Magnolia’s Peanut Butter cookies were good, but not great, too sweet. My favorite NY bakery’s favorite peanut butter cookie was from Birdbath, the BEST,,

  414. nonnawynne

    I’m just making these. It reads 1/2 cup brown sugar but to get 145 grams it is more like 3/4 cup. Which is it?

  415. Laura Lippman

    The perfect peanut butter cookie, chewy and rich. And the chocolate is an inspired edition. Bonus — incredibly easy to make.

  416. Stacey

    These are amazing. I added chopped peanuts and just dipped my fork in sugar when putting the criss cross pattern

  417. jjjeanie

    Like so many others, I love these cookies. I made the following changes.
    –decreased both sugars, to about 125 grams each of white and brown
    –used Trader Joe’s organic unsalted chunky peanut butter
    –omitted both kinds of chips
    –completely skipped rolling them in sugar (too much bother, and then too sweet, too)
    –added a handful of peanuts, at the end (didn’t measure). You might think this would be overkill after using chunky, but it’s not! (anyhow, most of the chunks disappeared as I used the food processor to cream my almost frozen butter)
    Since I started with super cold butter, I did the whole thing in the food processor, and even scooped from there!
    I absolutely will make these again! — and then take them somewhere. Way too easy to eat too many!!!

  418. Joanne

    Finally! These cookies are GREAT! Soft, chewy and just what I’ve been searching for for a long time! Definitely a keeper! Oh, I didn’t use the peanut butter or chocolate chips…wanted a plain ole peanut butter cookie. Yummy 😋.

  419. Melissa

    Is the weight measurement for the peanut butter chips correct? The chocolate chips and the peanut butter chips are both 1/2 cup, but the chocolate chips state 85g and the peanut butter chips state 120g.

  420. Diana Z

    I made this recipe and it was delicious!! I cooked them for 12 minutes exactly and they were super soft to eat once they had cooled down. I loved it so much, my wife asked me to make a second batch the next day! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  421. Beth

    accidentaly used two sticks of butter and they are still good!! Flatter and crumbly-er than the original, but no one’s complaining

  422. Kriste

    I follow this perfect recipe every year except today I accidentally picked up a bag of Reese’s pieces and mini cups instead of pb chips. I had to follow through, I was already baking in pajamas and the dough was made. All I can say is, I’m glad I went to the gym today because I can’t stop eating them!

    1. Emilie

      These are delicious. I’ve made them countless times!

      Happy to report that if you double the butter by mistake, and only figure it out at the very end when the dough seems way too soft… you can add half a cup of flour and they still come out edible. Not as amazing as usual, but, you know, still quite tasty! ^^

  423. Sumi Costello

    I’m going to make this over the weekend. Reading the method, you mention about ‘ drop by a rounded teaspoonful ‘ does this mean the measuring / baking teaspoon, it seems small. Do the cookies spread out quite a bit? Thanks Deb.

      1. Sumi Costello

        Thanks Deb, I just baked it tonight and it turned out superb! You are the best! Thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes. Have a Happy 2019!

  424. Alison

    Thanks for re-upping this on your social media the other day! Made the recipe as is tonight with a #40 scoop and they are absolutely perfect in every way.

    Everyone in my life thinks I’m a baking genius but mostly I just know where to go first for a good recipe- right here, or in my SK cookbooks. Thanks for existing and providing such a great resource.

  425. Finnie

    I made a double batch to take to a potluck. I used a small (2 TBS?) ice cream scooper and got 68 cookies. Delicious! A bit sweet, I may reduce white sugar next time. I used mini semi-sweet choc chips and regular size peanut butter chips. Thanks for delicious recipe!

  426. LLBR

    Oh yes, I made these and they will be added to the favorite cookies rotation. Subbed in chopped roasted peanuts for the peanut butter chips — a change I recommend.

  427. Sydney

    I have a batch of sort-of these cooling on my counter. Used 1/4 cup butter Crisco and 1/4 cup browned butter…because, browned butter. Crunchy Skippy, a shake or two of cinnamon, only a small amount of dark chocolate chips, and rolled in turbinado. No pb chips. So so so good! Thank you!

  428. amy

    BEST peanut butter cookies EVER – I’ve brought these to a group many times and have become famous for my amazing pb cookies. Some of the other girls have brought theirs in but general consensus is that mine (these) are beyond the best.

    The only changes I make are:
    more brown sugar than white sugar
    triple (or maybe quadruple….) peanut butter chips
    omit chocolate chips
    sometimes I add a rolo to each cookie if im feeling decadent and in the mood to unwrap candies

  429. Alexandria Taylor

    First: these cookies are AMAZING. However when I made them my dough was really crumbly, I had to take the dough out of the scoop, roll it around in my hands to get it to stick together, then dip it in the sugar. But when I pressed them with the fork they fell apart again and I had to do a bit of surgery to put them back together. Good news: they were delicious and made more than what your recipe said. Bad news: they weren’t uniform in size, a little on the ugly side, and some of them were too thick once I wussed out on squishing them down because the baby needed me and I just needed them to get into the oven. I clearly did something wrong! I wonder if it was the peanut butter? I used the natural organic stuff from costco (my mum bought it for us and my husband and toddler demand the kraft stuff so I’ve got waaaaay too much peanut butter in my pantry). Also, I didn’t have peanut butter chips so I just used 1 cup of chocolate chips instead (no regrets), otherwise I followed your recipe to the letter. To be honest I’ll make these again even if I can’t figure out how to make the dough less crumbly because they were that good, but if it’s possible to make the scooping bit faster/easier my kids would really appreciate it.

  430. Katie Murtha

    Deb I think I ruined them! :( they are so so crumbly I can barely form the cookie dough balls. I think the error of my ways was using melted butter (whoops).

    1. Katie Murtha

      I figured it out- the crumbly texture is from over Beating the dough in a stand mixture. The solution is to add small amount of water gently.

  431. PG

    I’ve made these in accordance with the recipe (except swapping 1/2 cup of peanut butter chips for another 1/2 cup of chocolate anytime I don’t have peanut butter chips on hand) at least a dozen times, and they’re consistently good.

    Today, for the first time, I made them with dark brown sugar because I had no light brown. The greater “wetness” of the darker sugar does make some difference. The first tray of cookies were not as good as usual — they were more craggy and spread out — whereas the second tray (which had had the chance to cool down in the fridge while the first tray was in the oven) looked and tasted more like the standard recipe. So I agree with the people above who say dark brown sugar works fine, but I recommend adding the step of chilling the dough for ~15 minutes before scooping it onto your baking tray.

  432. Aileen

    These cookies are absolutely the best recipe for unique chocolate chip cookies. They stay soft yet sturdy after baking and the peanut flavor comes through well. I made 200 for my wedding favors and they were a big hit! We plan to use this recipe for all family celebrations in the future.

  433. Kelly

    I have been making these for years! They are my absolute favorite peanut butter cookies and I always get so many compliments on them. Merry Christmas!

  434. Tylan Greenstein

    Yum! I cut the sugar down to 1/2 c and the brown sugar to 1/4 c (and used unsweetened peanut butter), and it was the perfect amount of sweetness. Rolled them in a combination of sugar and a little salt. I had to bake them for 14 minutes (they were barely more than hot dough at 12) and they are still quite crumbly, but delicious.

  435. Sarah

    I hope you two have so much fun in the sun! Thank you for all the delicious creations you share with us! Enjoy the break! ☀️🍹

    Also the timing of this recipe is perfect since I think my last thought before bed was- I want to bake pb cookies…

  436. Kathleen

    Love these! I made them as instructed, and was worried they were too undercooked when I removed them from the oven. However, they were perfect! Will definitely be making again.

  437. Claire

    I made these using all chocolate chips and accidentally ended up cooking three trays each slightly different times and even the well done ones were delicious. I ate four already. Wow!

  438. Jonathon

    These are PERFECTION! Thank you so much! I made the recipe almost exactly as written (my cookies were a little larger than teaspoon sized). They are delicious. Perfect distraction from everything going on in the world right now. Thank you!!!

  439. Alex

    Absolutely incredible! Love the idea of coating it in sugar at the end–gives it a nice look and crunch! Made these for my French grandparents who have only ever had cookies or peanut butter on a few rare occasions in their whole lives and they had seconds! It yielded about two dozen cookies so there will be plenty for everyone!

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  441. Jennifer Ott

    I hope you get notice when you get comments on old posts because I just came across this recipe and made them with my son and they are spectacular! Your recipes always work for me and are absolutely delicious. Thank you!!

  442. Roxanne E

    Hi there- I decided to freeze my cookie dough. I followed through the recipe right before popping in the oven. What would be the temp and time for frozen cookies?

  443. Emily Christmas

    Just made these for the first time. I’ve made other recipes before and I was a bit hesitant whilst rolling these in sugar as the dough just felt too soft to me. Almost exactly like toll house chocolate chip cookie dough, not a dough that would need flattening. As expected, the spread and flattened a lot more than your photos show. I’m a bit at a loss, though, as I measured per gram.

    Oh well, still tasty. I’m putting the last tray of cookie dough into the freezer. I expect they will be amazing baked from frozen.

  444. Lisa McLeod

    I made these peanut butter cookies just now and they are insane!!! So good!!! Thank you, all of your recipes have been outstanding!! Love from Brighton, UK.

  445. Sara

    We devoured these! My boyfriend loves all things chocolate and peanut butter, so I’ve been working my way through these recipes. We ate all of the cookies within three days, so I had to make another batch.

  446. Christine

    These have become possibly my favorite cookies and my college age son. He eats them by the handful. I have probably made them 4 times in corona quarantine. So good!!

  447. Leslie

    These are sooooo delicious!!! I am not even a peanut butter lover (made them for friends) yet i eat 2 with milk!!! Yummmmmmmm!
    I love, LOVE Smitten Kitchen !!! Every recipe i have made is simple outstanding!!!
    Thank you!

  448. Jesse

    Oh my god. Oh. My. God.
    I don’t even particularly like peanut butter cookies but these are just absurd. 5 stars a million times over. THANK YOU, Deb!!

  449. Eun

    I made the cookies without the chips and accidentally added probably about 1.5 cups of pb. To make the cookie dough stick together, I added an additional 4-5 T milk and that did the job. The cookies were so amazing, and I bet they would have been amazing with the chips too. Also, don’t skip the step of rolling the cookies dough balls in sugar. It makes a huge difference in the texture of the cookie. Thanks, Deb! It’s the best peanut butter I’ve ever had in my life. Crumbly on outside and so soft on the inside.

  450. Sammie

    OK the first time I made these, they spread like crazy; they were still yummy, but they were a little sandy and were dry and meh the second day. I just made them a second time and they turned out *perfect* and look just like Deb’s pictures. Here’s what I did differently: I bought new baking soda and baking powder (my baking powder had been expired for 3 years, HA), and used my electric mixer rather than just stirring with a wooden spoon. I also rolled the dough into more solid balls and dropped them in sugar before baking (I guess i didn’t want them that sweet the first time, but the sugar crust on top really does a lot for the texture!). I chilled the dough both times just due to other kitchen commitments going on, so that didn’t make a difference. SO YUM!

  451. Elizabeth

    Hi Deb! SO excited to try these. I understand you recommend Skippy over natural peanut butter for baking, but do you have any loose suggestions about what changes to might make if all you have on hand is natural? Seems like I should be quite sure it’s well-stirred, but would you also recommend reducing the butter at all? Seems like commenters who have used natural PB have had their cookies spread more than yours, so I’m going to give this a shot, but thought I’d see what direction your brain goes? Thanks!

    1. deb

      The tricky part of natural peanut butter is that no two are the same, and they’re not even the same within each jar, so there isn’t a way to adjust a recipe for it. Some parts of the jar will be more oily, some less, so it’s not as simple as adjusting the butter. Overall, however, they’re less emulsified and that oil that’s less mixed will make the cookies spread.

      1. Elizabeth

        Thank you! I just took these out of the oven and thought I’d report back… I did REALLY stir up my PB (which was pretty well-stirred to begin with) and I dialed back the butter by about 25%. I really whipped the butter and PB together for a long time to make sure it was all well-incorporated. The dough was a bit crumbly and so when I scooped, I pressed them together a bit and only pressed down slightly on the cookie sheet.

        Results: A) DELICIOUS, obviously. B) Spread looks similar to your photos! C) I ended up baking the full 12 minutes and pulled them so they wouldn’t overbake, but I think they may have been better off with just another minute (no idea whether less butter/more oil would cause this?) to set-up just a little more.

        So for me, using natural PB worked well by dialing back the butter somewhat. I could tell by eye that my well-stirred PB was much runnier than Skippy, so made a judgement call based on look. Not sure how much that impacted the flavor in the end, but these are delicious as they are.

  452. Kate Anderson

    This has become one of my absolute favorite cookie recipes! The first time I made them I forgot to flatten and they still baked up nicely. I froze half of the dough, which was good because I would’ve eaten the entire batch in 48 hours if I hadn’t, and the frozen dough also baked up well, though I did overcompensate on cooking time. But even overbaked the flavor was still irresistible! I have since left the empty ziploc labeled “chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough” in my freezer as I know that mixing up batches of this will be a go-to. My grocery store has been out of PB chips for a while, but I think I probably prefer the all chocolate option anyway!

  453. Mary

    Deb, can I use some Valrohna feves instead of the chocolate chips? I ask because I have some feves and I need to use them up soon. I know the feves melt and spread while the chips maintain their shape, hence the question. I do not mind any changes in appearance as long as they taste great.
    thank you!

  454. Cambria

    I have baked 3 batches of these so far and love them- they freeze well for mailing to family since we can’t see them right now. I added 2 Tbs of PB2 powder, as a test, to the dry ingredients for extra peanutty flavor with the second batch. Your baking time is spot-on. Another fantastic recipe Deb, thank you!

  455. Sara J

    These look amazing!! Can’t wait to try them! Would you recommend using an all-natural PB like Teddy or Smuckers brand, or a more “artificial” peanut butter like Skippy?

  456. Used gluten-free flour and I forgot they were gluten-free, that’s how amazing they were! Reduced white sugar content to about 1 cup, instead. Used more than 1-2 tbsp of caster sugar to roll the cookies in. End result? Worth it. I love peanut butter cookies, but they are often too savoury or roast-nutty. Not these! These are sweet PB with the bitterness of dark chocolate. 10/10 recommend.

  457. Leila Bdeir

    Hi Deb, I love this recipe. The only thing is that mine came out much thinner than yours. I put them in the fridge before rolling them because the dough was too sticky to manipulate. Do you think that’s why they spread out so much? I didn’t flatten them before baking.

        1. deb

          I’m not sure, then, what happened. :( Cookies can spread from too much butter (or another oily ingredient) or too little flour, but these don’t usually spread too much for me.

  458. maryann westfall

    Made these today for the first time because I really wanted a pb cookie with chocolate chips for some reason!?! Made my cookies between 24 and 26g – nice smallish sized cookie – and this recipe made 46 cookies for me. They didn’t spread when baking so I have a nice “thick” small cookie – which is what I wanted YAY! I did make the dough balls kind of tall and skinny (if that makes sense) and only lightly patted the top with a small spatula to flatten without squishing. (I don’t know that this made any difference but thought I’d share.). Yummy sweet peanut-buttery bite! Thank you for posting the recipe.

  459. Mary H

    I love it that you originally posted this recipe so long ago and we are still commenting! I have made this recipe SO many times, and always double it, and my children and grandchildren are very thankful. I am old school so I actually wrote the recipe on a piece of paper and wrote in capital letters across the top: BEST PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES EVER!

  460. leskap19

    i made these tonight. Everything exactly as written. They are as good as all the commenters say. My husband can’t stop!

  461. Jenn

    These were This Week’s Cookie. Arbiter of all Baked Goods (husband) pronounced them delicious. They spread nicely, and with the cross hatching look very “movie cookie”. Thumbs Up!

  462. Ilona

    Dangerously addictive. The first time I made them, they spread out a bit too much (although they were still delicious); this time, I added about a tablespoon more flour (which I weighed). Perfect.

  463. M

    Sorry, European here and I have no idea what peanuts butter chips are, but I don’t think I can get them here. Do you have any substitution ideas? Or an explanation of what they do in the cookie so I can think about substitutions myself? Thanks in advance!

  464. StevEagle

    These are great! And, yes, definitely UNDERbake these a little bit and they come out soft and chewy and perfect! My first batch I baked for 10 minutes and they were very good, if a wee bit dry, but I saved some of the dough in the freezer and yesterday I pullled it out and baked the cookies from frozen for 11 minutes and they were even better!

  465. One of my go-to cookie recipes. I keep the formed and slightly flattened balls in the freezer ready to bake almost all the time. Oh, but peanut butter chips? Please, I make these with all chocolate chips — much better that way. Oh, and Ghiradelli chips not Hershey.

  466. Nicole

    These are my favorite! How far ahead can I make and refrigerate the dough before baking? I have an event coming up that I would love to make these for, but I will be out of town for five days leading up to it. Can I make the dough ahead and leave it in the fridge for five days?

  467. Kelly

    No need to post this but just letting you know your grams for the brown sugar seem off.
    But thanks for adding the weights!
    This has been a go-to for more than 12 years!

  468. Kathleen

    Just made these and used half of the dough pressed into a round pan, sprinkled with 1/2 cup Reeses pieces, baked for 25 mins and they were, as the youth in London like to say, ‘Banging’! 🤤

  469. Rebecca

    Had a cookie craving hit, found this, and made it immediately. These are spectacular! Next time I might just try pure peanut butter dough, no chips, because the cookie part is so delectable. Thank you for another great recipe!

    1. Sophie

      I had made these once as written (delish), but today I experimented with Fiji Ginger almond butter (Big Spoon) and dice