fish tacos

[Guest Post] In honor of Deb’s vacation in Playa Del Carmen, I wanted to share this recipe I learned from friends that live there for fish tacos. My first trip down there was with my BFF Victoria and about 10 guy friends. I highly recommend this arrangement: the boys would scuba dive and spear fish while we sun bathed and then the boys would bring up their catch of the day to the Mexicans at a beach front cabana cook-out place. They would turn the catch of the day into the best fish tacos I had ever had. So I made them teach me how.

In a large pan or a wok throw together some white fish (I used tilapia), fresh cilantro, a small amount of oil (I use coconut oil), chopped onion and chopped red bell or poblano pepper. Squeeze fresh lime juice all over and simmer for approx 15 minutes. I usually flip the fish often and let it break up into small pieces.

Fish Tacos

When you are done scoop onto a flour tortilla and add toppings. You can use whatever kind of cheese is your favorite, I use the sharpest cheddar I can find, fat-free sour cream, fresh chopped cilantro, Santa Barbara Mango & Peach Salsa and mixed greens. Wrap up and enjoy!

Fish Tacos

Victoria & Jocelyn on the beach where all the fish taco magic happened!
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico:
Victoria & Jocelyn

Ciao foodies,

Jocelyn, Bloggysitter Extraordinaire

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32 comments on fish tacos

  1. Jelena

    I’ve never had fish tacos, I’m not a fan of fish or cilantro. Although I’d like to congratulate you on a meal well cooked! Go Jocelyn!

  2. Fish tacos look delicious and maybe even easy enough for me to try sometime! I got so jealous of your pizza from a couple entries ago that I had to go out and get some myself (and take way too many pictures) too.

  3. I love fish tacos – such a healthy alternative to some other kinds!

    A friend took me to a place called Cabo Fish Taco in Charlotte, N.C., not long ago and it was fabulous. I don’t know if it’s a chain, but if it IS. GO.

    Thanks for another cute post!

  4. Yippy! I was just thinking of making tacos, and I love fish: I will try tilipia. I made cilantro pesto for the first time and think I will use it on these tacos!

  5. Cris

    Ah, these are healthy fish tacos. Our favorites use deep fried white fish – coated in crispy batter, yum yum!

    It took me three years of living in San Diego to finally try fish tacos. Rubio’s made a convert of me with their batter fried fish, guac, and lemony dressing all wrapped up in a couple of corn tortillas and their yummy fresh salsa and a spritz of lime. Why do I live in Chicago now?

    Love the blogsitting!

  6. Kim

    My husband and I have taken to making corn tortillas by hand for fish tacos. They’re really easy to make and if you have two people, you can have one person cook the fish and one make the tortillas. They are much better when made freshly than when you buy them. Elise at Simply Recipes had a good recipe – we sprinkle in some chipotle powder, mostly for color. And don’t buy a cheap aluminum press- they warp and bend. We replaced ours almost immediately with a cast iron one.

  7. Fish tacos, now we’re talkin’. And I love it that Kim makes the tortillas. Maybe when deb gets back from her margaritas and mole in Mexico she can plant some corn in flowerboxes outside of her Manhattan apartment windows and make her own tortillas, like truly from scratch. That would be really cool, don’t you think?

  8. Ha! I just made fish tacos too! Although my recipe was not really much like yours–I mean, it involved a frying pan, and fish, and, uh, tortillas, and lime…ok, it was reasonably similar. But I am nonetheless interested in the cooking of all in the same pan. Also, red peppers. Yay!

  9. I’ve been wanting to move beyond the refrigerator pickles that I make and into the realm of true pickledom, but I was fearing just this sort of thing. Thanks so much for making the mistakes for us.

  10. MJ

    Just wanted to mention that I made these tonight and they were great! I used regular salsa instead and added extra peppers. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I just made these tonight, they were a great healthy alternative to the usual beef burritos we make at home. I followed your fish recipe exactly (except I had to use olive oil instead of coconut oil — I couldn’t find it at the grocery store) and I added some of our own favorite sides. Cheddar cheese, sour cream, arugula, chopped tomato instead of salsa, and guacamole. This was super easy to make and I think I will make it more often. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Patricia

    Thank you! I made it last night and it was the perfect light dinner. For the salsa I made my own (chopped, avocados, tomatos, onions, lettuce, and cilantro).

  13. Sunny

    Being a tree hugger, I’ve actually never had a fish taco before, although they look delightful. It’s interesting how the cuisine varies so much in different parts of Mexico. Living in San Diego, our idea of fish tacos is a beer battered fried hunk of fish served on a small corn tortilla with chopped cabbage, crema which appears to be pretty much just runny sour cream, spicy salsa, and a squeeze of lime. I’ve also seen them topped with cilantro and cheese as well. Your version is an interesting take, I love the mixed salad greens. ;) You should come to San Diego if you haven’t done so already. We have scallop and lobster burritos. :cry:

  14. Katy

    I made these with corn tortillas tonight, and threw in a few shrimp too! YUM! Also served with a mango salsa and a salad of avocado, corn, arugula and red bell pepper.

  15. Vera

    I have read through hundreds of comments but this is the only time I have felt compelled to write one myself. I made these tonight, using tilapia and followed the recipe to the T with the exception of adding some cumin, salt, and pepper while it was cooking. My two year old daughter, who will not eat tacos or fish, ate a whole fish taco! Also, my father-in-law who is not a fan of fish, ate two of them. I will be making these again and again.

  16. Chelsea

    First time commenter, long time baker of Smitten Kitchen baked goods. These were a cinch to make and were inhaled. Thanks for the easy, quick, and delicious recipe.

  17. Alice

    Tried these last night and I think I used a little too much coconut oil which gave the fish a funny taste. Might try to fry the fish first… I think my kids will like that better. i loved them though. Mango salsa was a great complement to this meal. Love the idea of adding cumin too.

  18. old Badger

    Very good! I drained the fish after it had cooked by itself for a few minutes, and added split grape tomatoes to the pan. Flounder worked well. My wife was skeptical as usual, but now she wants more. Perhaps, if she behaves herself.

  19. Maro

    This is such a fantastically easy, quick, and delicious meal! I am so happy with the result. I used cod, as that’s what i had in freezer. I didn’t have any bell/poblanos on hand, but i did toss in a smidge of minced serrano for some heat, definitely added the cumin as others suggested (so good!), and topped mine with a shredded “cruciferous mix” plus cilantro and chipotle salsa. i used corn tortillas that i quickly pan-warmed and the result was outstanding!

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