is that all there is?

be ye not discolored

oh, my precious hearts

awaiting the great bake

Well, yes, that’s all there is, for today. After the most perfect piece of brioche at Patisserie Claude this morning followed by the wholly unnecessary purchase of a few coveted pieces, all I’ve been doing is prepping, prepping, prepping for tomorrow’s dinner party.

This artichoke potato gratin has taken a surprising amount of labor, and better be worth its weight in gruyere. But we won’t know until tomorrow, now will we? Until then…

If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing
Let’s break out the booze and have a ball
If that’s all there is

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9 comments on is that all there is?

  1. Tricia

    Requests? hmmm..
    I had a lovely pistacio shortbread cookie in a restaurant recently, and it was very pretty with it’s green flecks, I would love to see a recipe for that…I could probably muddle one out on my own, but you did ask for requests.

    Second, I have been searching for a good sweet, cheesy scone recipe. I love the ones that are served with our coffees at the local coffee shop, but mine are never so sweet and perfect.

    These are both very high-calorie I’m sure, but it’s snowing here, and the sweet carb goodness always makes my days warmer…

    (I’ve been reading for a while, but I’m a first-time commenter…(delurking I guess!)

  2. The artichoke potato gratin sounds divine. Truly, truly divine.

    I hope it lives up to its promise. Nothing sucks worse than believing you have a great recipe for great ingredients on your hands only to find that it’s …eh, you know, ok.

    Although that can’t possibly be the case here. There’s no way that combination of ingredients can be anything but delicious.

    Waiting for tomorrow and your confirmation of its deliciousness.

  3. I wondered what those sickly looking green things were! Yikes! I wondered if by chance your potato had turned….i dunno…..evil or something!

    It does sound wonderful, and y’know, even if it is just ‘ok’ and you treat it like it’s divine, maybe no one will notice it’s mediocrity.

    I applaud your effort at NaBloPoMo…..and look forward to your results. At least I know for the next month I can count on you to have something refreshing and new each day.

  4. tammy

    I have to say, at first glance those artichokes really terrified me… I thought, “what went wrong?” “is that mushrooms?” then i continued to read… sometimes that really pays off!

    hope you have a wonderful dinner pah – tay!

  5. That’s funny – I too thought the potatos had gone bad!! This is an interesting recipe. I’m curious to try it. I would have guessed the artichokes would taste a little funny alongside potatos, but I’ve never tried it. These look like artichoke stems and bases only? I don’t see any thin leaves or anything. One thing I like to do is layer carrots and potatoes, or saute them together. I’ve never gratin’ed them, but I like breaking up potatoes with something a little more colorful. I wonder if you could also chop up the artichokes into small pieces, carmelize with some onion and garlic, and then pour it over a potato gratin like a sauce. mmmm. Now I want some potato gratin…

  6. deb

    Tricia – A while back I made these outstanding cookies and bet they’d be wonderful replaced with a variety of other nuts, like pistachio. Not a true shortbread, but a similar idea of a butter-based cooking. Cheesy scone? I’ll see what I can do. Also, welcome!

    Julie – Oh, it so did. But more on that later.

    Kate – Those sickly looking green things were so good, I hated sharing them with company, and even insulting their perfect goodness with a slathering of other ingredients. Not that they minded. As for NaBloPoMomomo, new? Definitely. Refreshing? Heh. No promises.

    Tammy – Heheh. I suppose they’re not exactly something you see every day, which is a shame, because I think my world, at least, would be a better place if I did.

    Rachael – They’re the hearts with a tiny part of the stem, leaves and choke removed, sniffle, so hard for me to throw away, too.

  7. diane

    im sorry but I clicked on the link and I got sent to a page no longer exists window. what happened? is the recipe posted somewhere else? I just love artichoke and potatoes and all things starchy/delicious and would be really happy to try this out!

    1. deb

      diane — Ugh, I’m sorry. The recipe must have been removed. I’ll see if I can get David Leite to dig it up for me so that I can share it here.